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emgenthello there, in #ubuntu-hardened is avaiable a bot (nick ubuSecurity) that paste in realtime CVE advisory, bugtraq advisory and milw0rm POC. if someone is interested please join. :)02:24
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Hobbseeyouch.  broken gnome.05:36
TheMusoHobbsee: Its not so bad if you have the latest updates.05:37
TheMusoNot so bad, as in, working properly.05:38
TheMusoHowever, I don't know what you are meaning by broken.05:38
* Hobbsee is updating again, in the hope that it goes away05:38
ScottK2Gnome would go away if you'd switch back to Kubuntu ...05:39
Hobbseeheh.  there is that05:39
ScottK2Sorry.  Couldn't resist.05:40
ChipzzHobbsee: update gnome-session and logout05:42
ChipzzHobbsee: alternatively, unset G_DEBUG in a terminal and run the crashing application from there05:43
Hobbseegnome-session said it fell over05:43
HobbseeFetched 60.3MB in 7min47s (129kB/s)05:44
* Hobbsee prefers fetching at 3006kB/s05:44
ChipzzHobbsee: seb128 forgot to patch out what makes fatal warnings crash applications; it's fixed in the last upload05:44
Chipzzbut since it's an environment variable set by gnome-session you need to log out05:45
Hobbseethat's fine.  i have bip :)05:45
Hobbseebip irc proxy05:45
* Chipzz just uses screen/irssi :P05:45
Hobbseeterminal lover :P05:46
Chipzzyou betcha :)05:46
* Chipzz also uses mutt ;P05:47
* realist wonders if Chipzz also uses lynx05:49
Chipzzrealist: are you crazy? :P05:56
Chipzzat the very least, links :P05:56
Chipzzand even then preferable elinks :P05:56
Chipzzbut no, I do not, or allmost not :)05:57
Chipzzexcept when I need to download something on a remote server (like from sf)05:57
realistwget/curl :-)05:57
Chipzzwhich does not work for sf05:58
Chipzzjust gives you some nice html :P05:58
ChipzzI'm really sure tar will grok that :P05:58
realistI'd forgotten sf did that05:58
Chipzzwell I guess you *can* download directly from sf05:59
Chipzzexcept most links are links to the download.php pages and not direct links05:59
Chipzzwhich still leaves you nowhere05:59
Chipzzrealist: also, wget lacks a feature to save some downloads under the correct filename06:00
TheMusoIf you want text mode browsing, elinks is the only one worth considering.06:00
Chipzzie if you have a php page which adds information about the file name (forgot what the exact http header is), wget will not use that and save your download as bla.php06:01
realistTheMuso: reason being?06:01
Chipzzrealist: support for https for starters06:01
realistlynx has that doesn't it?06:02
Chipzzcompared to plain links, that is06:02
Chipzzbut lynx doesn't do tables. at all.06:02
Chipzzwhich... sucks. big time06:02
FrankQyou mean you don't use the Stallman method??06:05
realistFrankQ: we were joking about that at LCA yesterday06:05
FrankQI would get so agitated with a method like that06:07
Chipzzrealist: but really, mutt *does* have some extremely handy features which I have not found in any other mailer yet06:07
realistChipzz: such as?06:07
Chipzzrealist: do you know about link-threads and break-thread in vim?06:08
Chipzzvery convenient for people with broken mailers you'ld like to give a kick on the butt :P06:08
realistin vim?06:08
Chipzzin mutt06:08
* realist nods06:08
Chipzzyou can join threads which get broken by people with broken mailers which fail to add references headers06:09
realistI like the pattern tagging, and tag commands too06:09
Chipzzand you can break threads for those bloody morons who have to hit reply on a random message in a thread instead of just copy/pasting the to: and starting a new one06:10
realistIt does gpg out of the box too, these days06:10
Chipzzdon't really care about pgp atm though06:10
Chipzzmaybe at some point in the future06:11
Chipzzbut you don't happen to know another mailer that has these features?06:11
TheMusorealist: Customizable keyboard commands, tables, javascript thanks to libmozjs0d/xulrunner, https, bookmarks, cookies, and a lot more that I haven't thought of. :p06:11
realistTheMuso: nice, I'll have to try it out.06:12
ChipzzTheMuso: but regular links also has a lot of those features06:12
realistChipzz: no, I use mutt.06:12
ChipzzTheMuso: cookies, bookmarks, tables...06:12
realistChipzz: lynx doesn't :-)06:12
TheMusoChipzz: WHich links? links2, links, or lynx?06:12
TheMusoChipzz: But no javascript06:13
TheMusoChipzzOh thats right, elinks also allows you to use $EDITOR for editing multi-line form fields.06:13
ChipzzTheMuso: I don't use elinks *that* much ;)06:14
TheMusoChipzz: Well I do, so thats why I love what it can do compared to the rest of the text mode browsers.06:15
ChipzzTheMuso: anyway: 06:56 < Chipzz> and even then preferable elinks :P06:17
pittiGood morning06:27
Hobbseemorning pitti!06:34
pittiGood morning Hobbsee!06:35
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superm1is update-manager-core going to be entering dapper-proposed for testing dapper-hardy server upgrades, or is there a different plan?07:05
superm1well i guess i see bug 18669407:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186694 in update-manager-core "update-manager-core dapper backport" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18669407:11
warp10Good morning07:11
superm1i dont suppose it's been released into dapper-proposed yet then07:11
emgentwarp10, morning07:14
warp10hi emgent ;-)07:15
superm1yeah its sitting in the NEW queue yet. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/dapper/+queue?start=2007:17
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dholbachgood morning08:03
goobsoftDoes anyone know why I'm getting a 404 error on my PPA on launchpad?08:05
goobsoftI just set it up... is there a delay?08:07
pittisoren: hm, did you ever try virt-manager with compiz? they don't seem to like each other very well :/08:20
sorenpitti: Yeah, there's a bit of focus-oddness going on there.08:23
sorenpitti: I assume that's what you're talking about?08:23
pittisoren: by default the window title bar of a VM is invisible, then I have *two* mouse cursors, and fullscreen doesn't work08:23
sorenpitti: I'm not sure how much of that is compiz-specific?08:24
pittihm, and now the kernel just panicked again, darn08:24
sorenGuest, I assume?08:24
pittino, the host08:24
pittisoren: might also be bugs in the vnc viewer, not sure08:24
pittishould try with metacity08:25
pittisoren: (don't worry, that kernel panic happens to 2.6.24 about twice a week on my laptop, nothing kvm specific as it seems)08:25
* soren wipes the sweat off his brow08:27
pittisoren: FYI, xen-3.2 NEWed08:48
sorenpitti: Thanks.08:52
borschtypitti: hello, i have a short question about the esd-multiuser-patch you wrote some years ago (http://people.ubuntu.com/patches/esound.multiuser.diff)08:59
pittiborschty: hello09:00
borschtyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/esound/+bug/177072 i have described it in the last post09:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177072 in esound "AUDIODEV should be exported when using pulseaudio" [Wishlist,Invalid]09:00
pittiborschty: that bug is still on my TOOD list, haven't found time to look at it yet09:01
borschtywell the bug itself is closed now, but i think the patch might contain a small leak09:01
borschtynot really important stuff, if you have to smash some real bugs, this can wait09:03
TheMusopitti: What is involved to get that AUDIODEV environment variable exported? Does that have to be done within pulse itself?09:03
seb128TheMuso: why do you need that? looks like that was a workaround when libesd what broken but it's fixed now09:03
TheMusoseb128: pitti said its somethign that still needs doing, or so I thought...09:04
borschtyyes, it was a workaround, i guess i should have changed the description, but i did not want to spam the subscribers09:04
borschtythe actual bug is fixed, but i suspect the patch to introduce a small memory leak09:05
pittiok, if the AUDIODEV one was fixed with the re-applying of the libesd patch, great09:06
pittiborschty: ok, thanks for pointing out; I'll have a look and fix the memleak09:06
xivulonevand did you see my msg yesterday night?09:11
seb128soren: is kvm known to not install correctly?09:20
seb128soren:  * Module kvm_intel failed to load09:20
seb128soren: Operation not supported09:20
carlosseb128: is it known that latest evolution in Hardy crashes after sending an email? (I'm not sure it would be related, but I use SMTP + SSL). The email is not sent and it's lost09:21
seb128carlos: upgrade gnome-session and restart GNOME or unset G_DEBUG09:22
seb128carlos: that has been fixed yesterday, we had the warnings crashers code enable by mistake for a day09:22
carloshmm, I think I had that fix already installed... but let me restart it, just in case...09:23
* carlos restarts09:23
sorenseb128: Does your machine support kvm?09:25
sorenseb128: (grep vmx /proc/cpuinfo)09:25
seb128soren: I supposed so, that's a D63009:25
seb128I didn't enable the bios option most likely though09:26
seb128but the package install should not fail anyway09:26
sorenseb128: dmesg will tell you if that's the case.09:26
seb128what should I look for there?09:26
sorenkvm: Disabled in BIOS09:26
sorenor something like that.09:26
seb128$ dmesg | grep kvm09:26
seb128[ 1516.217209] kvm: disabled by bios09:26
sorenThere you go.09:27
seb128soren: that was expected, still the package should install?09:27
sorenShould it?09:27
seb128soren: well, I see no valid reason to break installations09:27
carlosseb128: seems like that's it. At least that also fixed pidgin :-P09:28
sorenWell, if you don't have the hardware, it can't be configured.09:28
seb128soren: if I install the intel video driver on a box using nvidia it doesn't fail ;-)09:28
pittithe package should always succeed to install09:28
seb128soren: you should display a warning but not break the install09:28
pittiand if it doesn't work, the init script would ideally point out why09:28
carlosalso, for some reason, all emails I sent appear in the outbox folder so I didn't lose data09:28
carlosseb128: thanks for your help09:28
seb128carlos: you are welcome09:28
sorenI'm certain there was a discussion about this at some point where the opposite conclusion was reached.09:28
pittisoren: I guess at some point you want to ship the package by default on the server image?09:29
mvoon a list or in a channel?09:29
mvoI have very strong opinions about failing maintainer scripts09:29
sorenmvo: Yes :)09:29
seb128is there anybody here who argued for breaking installation?09:29
sorenseb128: Come on..09:29
seb128me too, package installation should never break09:29
* mvo looks around to see if he can find his stick-of-doom09:29
seb128just add a || true in the postinst09:29
seb128and display a warning09:29
* Hobbsee offers mvo the Long Pointy Stick of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ™09:29
pittiwhoever proposed that should be sentenced to one week of triaging apport package inst failure bugs09:29
soren"So, guys, what do you think? I think we should break isntallation of stuff."09:30
sorenseb128: I'm perfectly aware of the mechanics involved.09:30
mvoand update-manager bug triage too09:30
seb128soren: I'm surprised you seem to argue that's not a bug09:30
sorenseb128: I'm surprised to see you argue the way you do. Can we please focus on the problem rather than resort to stuff like "is there anybody here who argued for breaking installation?"09:31
sorenOk, the argument, as I remember it, went:09:31
sorenIf the package will be unable to function after installation, it's wrong to have dpkg claim that it's configured, since.. well... it's not.09:32
davmor2Guys just to say that the nautilus-cd-burner patch has fixed only being able to burn one cd :)09:32
pittibut configuring a package just means that it's properly installed, not necessarily working09:33
pittiotherwise we could not install any printer or X.org graphics driver by default either09:33
seb128soren: well, as said you can install the intel video driver on a nvidia machine, it'll not work but that's alright09:33
pittithe init script should fail, sure09:33
davmor2What causes two windows to open when ever you insert a cd or pen drive though.  Is there anything I can do to track it down or is it already being worked on?09:34
seb128davmor2: that's a feature, nothing to track down, go to nautilus preferences, media tab and uncheck the option if you don't want it09:34
sorenIt's not something I feel very strongly about.09:35
seb128davmor2: ah, the duplicate window, that's known09:35
pittiseb128: two windows for one driver?09:35
seb128pitti: I read too quickly09:35
pittiah, ok09:35
davmor2seb128: okay cool :)09:35
pitti118 sync bugs? ugh09:35
seb128basically gvfs mount drivers on first access now09:35
sorenWhere is the dpkg status semantics documented? I can't seem to find it.09:35
mvosoren: I see your point, but I think with the tools we currently have we can not follow that for practical reasons. we have no good recovery mechanism for package failures, we can not do rollbacks and a package failure during a complex upgrade causes cascadigng errors or stop of the upgrade09:35
seb128pitti: I didn't do syncs because of the freeze ...09:36
pittisoren: ... that, and it would forbid us to install that package by default09:36
mvoI think even if we wanted to follow that definition we would first have to fix the tools09:36
pittiseb128: np; you've been busy enough09:36
seb128but we have too many sync requests I agree09:36
seb128we should really consider this automatic sync new revisions for universe packages09:37
davmor2I'm just happy I can burn all the iso's again without resorting to rebooting the machine :)09:37
seb128davmor2: you can use brasero now if n-c-b is broken09:37
seb128you should not need to reboot09:37
sorenIIRC, it was iwj that was making the point I'm trying to make now, so it's not entirely inconceivable that it was more of a "this is how things are supposed to be" rather than "this is how we should actually do it" :)09:38
seb128soren: right09:39
seb128soren: the current situation is not nice because it'll let apt in a broken state you can't resolve with graphical tools easily09:39
sorenseb128: True.09:39
seb128and will prevent you to install anything else09:39
seb128which will lead to pretty bad users comments09:40
seb128anyway, rebooting to set the bios option now ;-)09:40
* soren has amd hardware now for testing kvm.09:41
mvowell, it let you install stuff, but you always get the error and stuff. I think that the package level is the wrong layer for this kind of tests09:41
davmor2seb128: brasero didn't work for the same reason as n-c-b as far as I could figure.  It would burn one cd perfectly but the next cd you put in would fail.  Not sure if it was the n-c-b fix or gvfs but it is working now which is the good news :)09:41
pittisoren: yay new toys!09:42
sorenmvo: I think the argument could be made both ways. However, as the tools are now, I can see why making the install succeed makes sense.09:42
stgraberI'm going through the bugs reported on the tracker, we have bug 187898 and bug 186711 looking quite similar, can some confirm that I can set bug 187898 as dupe of bug 186711 ?09:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187898 in ubiquity "Stuck on "Removing conflicting operating system files"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18789809:42
sorenpitti: Yeah, and it's on a decent pipe, too :)09:42
soren09:26:05 (9.67 MB/s) - `hardy-desktop-amd64.iso' saved [721704960/721704960]09:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186711 in partman-target "The installer needs to remove operating system files from the install target, but was unable to do so. The install cannot continue" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18671109:42
pittisoren: WANNAHAVETOO09:44
mvosoren: woah!09:45
sorenIt's not that expensive, really. €59/month.09:46
sorenDeductible, even :)09:46
seb128soren: better now ;-)09:47
mvoI get a bit agitated about failing maintainer scripts, they just come up way too often in failed upgrades where it could have been avoided09:47
sorenI hear you, I hear you. It's changed in the next upload.09:47
* mvo hugs soren09:48
* soren eyes netcat-openbsd in Debian09:52
seb128soren: waouh, kvm is very easy to use once installed, good work ;-)09:55
seb128current hardy image booted correctly09:56
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pittiseb128: you used virt-manager?09:56
seb128pitti: I did what is written on the wiki page09:56
seb128it's on my D630 and work like charm, out of usplash which is not displayed09:57
seb128but it took less than one minute to boot and I've the standard desktop usuable now09:58
seb128the virtual network thing might not be what I want, I've not internet access from the image10:00
stgraberWe have very little results on the tracker, so when you guys are doing testing please think of reporting your results : http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/all/all10:01
pittiseb128: argh, syncbugbot gets this "AssertionError: Wrong XPath-Expr in InfoTable.parse()" exception10:06
pittiseb128: was it that one which you recently fixed in the retracers?10:06
seb128pitti: somebody should upload a new python-launchpad-bugs10:06
seb128pitti: yes, that's fixed in bzr for some time now10:06
pittidholbach, thekorn: any plans for uploading a new p-lp-bugs?10:06
seb128that's a one line change10:06
pittiseb128: ok, I'll dig into the bzr10:07
pittiI need to manually roll it out to drescher anyway10:07
seb128pitti: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11477436/184594.diff10:07
dholbachpitti: I asked bdmurray he said "today or tomorrow"10:07
sorenseb128: usplash will work when the new kernel lands, by the way.10:07
pittidholbach: thanks10:07
pittiseb128: merci!10:07
seb128soren: good10:07
seb128pitti: you are welcome10:08
sorenseb128: What type of networking did you choose?10:08
sorenseb128: Virtual (the default)?10:08
seb128soren: the one you recommend, virtual, it's not on the right network though and the preferences dialog doesn't let me edit that10:08
seb128I need to change the .12210:08
sorenseb128: I don't quite follow..10:09
pittiseb128: hm, that didn't help10:10
seb128soren: the virtual network use, shouldn't it be on the same network than my router if I want to go on internet?10:11
seb128pitti: weird, that did the trick for the retracers10:11
sorenseb128: No, it's separate. It sets up nat by default, though.10:11
seb128pitti: maybe you have a pyc?10:11
* pitti pokes it harder10:11
sorenseb128: If you install dnsmasq, dhcp will be enabled in the virtual network.10:12
soren(install dnsmasq and restart libvirtd, that is)10:12
seb128soren: doing that10:12
soren(I'm adding dnsmasq as a dependency of libvirt-bin real soon, by the way)10:12
sorenWhose archive day is it?10:13
seb128soren: I get a non bootable device error in the vm now10:14
sorenpitti: Will you be able to look at bug 187983 and bug 187986 today? And do the subsequent binary new for netcat and source+binary new for netcat-openbsd?10:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187983 in netcat "Please sync netcat (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18798310:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187986 in ubuntu "Please sync netcat-openbsd (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18798610:15
pittisoren: yes, I'm currently processing sync bugs10:15
sorenseb128: Right. The CD is only attached when you run it the first time, and it will only boot from CD the first time as well.10:15
pittisoren: and as soon as I fix that python-launchpad-bugs thingy, I'll be able to commit the syncs10:15
seb128soren: so I need to recreate the machine every time?10:15
sorenpitti: Cool. It's the final piece of the puzzle to enable remote libvirt management.10:15
sorenseb128: You can tweak the xml by hand.10:16
sorenseb128: Otherwise, yes. There's a bug open about it upstream.10:16
sorenseb128: If they don't get around to it soon, I'll be looking into it myself.10:16
seb128ok, thanks10:16
pittithekorn: hm; on p-lp-bugs main head I still get "Wrong XPath-Expr in InfoTable.parse()" for bug 18685610:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186856 in apache2 "Please sync apache2 2.2.8-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18685610:17
seb128soren: can you point me to what to change exactly?10:17
sorenseb128: I'm writing it for you already. Hang on :)10:17
seb128good ;-)10:17
sorenseb128: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54315/10:19
davmor2what's jockey-gtk?10:19
seb128davmor2: restricted manager renamed10:21
seb128soren: where is the xml? .virt-manager only has a .log10:21
davmor2seb128: ah okay so the fix released will be effective after the release of alpha4 then?10:23
sorenseb128: /etc/libvirt/qemu10:23
seb128davmor2: what fix released?10:23
davmor2seb128:  bug 18713910:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187139 in jockey "jockey-gtk crashed with AssertionError in __init__()" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18713910:25
thekornpitti: ok, can reproduce this, will have a closer look at this in about an hour10:26
pittithekorn: thank you muchly!10:30
seb128virt-manager doesn't play nicely with compiz10:31
pittiheh, just what I said above :010:31
sorenIf any of you have any clever hints about that, please don't hesitate to enlighten me.10:32
seb128soren: bug mvo until he fixes compiz? ;-)10:32
sorenseb128: Sounds like a plan :)10:33
pittiseb128: ok, I prepared the current syncs as syncbugbot list in ~pitti/s; not committing, since (a) we are still in freeze, and (b) we need a fixed p-lp-bugs10:34
seb128pitti: ok10:34
pittiRiddell: why did you remove the ((qApp) && (qApp->type() == QApplication::Tty)))10:38
pittiRiddell: in the gtk-qt-engine SRU?10:38
Riddellpitti: which distro release?10:39
pittiRiddell: gutsy10:39
Riddellpitti: looks like an error, please reject and I'll upload a fixed one when my machine is done with this test install10:40
pittiRiddell: ok10:40
pittiRiddell: also, it would be helpful to describe the "why" of that patch in the changelog10:41
pittiRiddell: stl. like 'nspluginviewer crashes when using the gtk-qt engine' or whatever the reason is10:41
Riddellpitti: ok10:41
Riddell(it stops it freezing)10:41
pittiRiddell: rejected10:42
pittiRiddell: gutsy's kdelibs update has a vast debdiff, mostly just +X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain and a changed files list; that's confirmed to not hurt, or break the .desktop/other files?10:50
pittiRiddell: I don't think that the X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain tags make sense in most of the .desktop files10:51
Riddellpitti: hmm, sorry, they should all get cleaned out, reject it and I'll take a look in a minute10:52
pittiRiddell: the patch itself looks reasonable10:52
pittiRiddell: will do, thanks10:52
pittiwow -- kdebase b-deps on libglib2.0-dev now?10:55
pittiseb128: I wasn't aware that gnome world dominance was that close already :-P10:56
ograevolution ... the app that has a new exciting bug for you every day ....10:56
Riddellpitti: mm, well it's a workaround for flash requiring it10:56
pittiRiddell: (just kidding)10:56
* ogra sighs ... and installs the evolution-dbg package to provide something useful to seb128 10:57
seb128pitti: joke aside glib has no gnome depends and is nice, KDE could be using it for other things ;-)10:57
seb128ogra: what happens now?10:57
ograseb128, chrashes while sending10:57
seb128ogra: that's so yesterday's, did you update gnome-session and restart GNOME?10:58
ograit bumps up to 100% CPU usage for a while and then crashes10:58
seb128ogra: is G_DEBUG set?10:58
ograhmm, i had to update 25 packages this morning, let me restart the session (even though i think i did that yesterday evening)#10:58
seb128ogra: look if G_DEBUG is set10:59
ogradoesnt seem like11:00
pittiRiddell: ugh, heavy patch; there's no way I can eyeball this for correctness; I think we just need to test it very thoroughly11:00
seb128ogra: env | grep G_DEBUG?11:00
seb128k, weird11:01
seb128so maybe you have an another bug11:01
seb128get me the backtrace ;-)11:01
seb128a non debug one will do for a quick glance11:01
ogrameh, apport didnt have it :/11:01
* ogra sends another mail to reproduce11:02
ograsend/recieve worked this time ... it crashed before11:03
pittiRiddell: flashplugin-nonfree isn't updated yet in hardy, right?11:03
seb128ogra: did you restart your session between?11:03
seb128ogra: so that was the G_DEBUG issue11:03
ograthe mail that made it crash was sent but also still sitting in oubox11:03
Riddellpitti: yes it is11:04
seb128ogra: unstable gnome-session set G_DEBUG to turn critical warnings to crashers, we usually disable that but the patch was not in the series11:04
pittiRiddell: nothing obvious in the changelog11:04
ograwell, seems to work now11:04
seb128ogra: I fixed that yesterday, that took only effect after you restarted the session though11:04
seb128ogra: yeah, likely that was due to it11:04
seb128you are welcome11:04
asacbryce: are there still known dpi issues in X (if so, what would be the right X bug for bug 178558)?11:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178558 in firefox-3.0 "Firefox 3.0 makes everything annoyingly huge" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17855811:04
Riddellpitti: it's version 9.0.11511:05
pittiRiddell: ah, thanks; marking as fixed then11:05
pittiRiddell: gtk-qt-engine> dapper looks fine, edgy and feisty have the same problem; I'll keep track of it in the bug11:08
ograhmm, why did nautilus stop to display the gartoon icons :/11:13
seb128ogra: where?11:14
ograon my recently upgraded laptop11:14
seb128I meant what icons?11:14
seb128are the menus using correct icons?11:14
ogra(the one that just had the evo issue)11:14
ograplaces shows the gartoon folders11:15
ograpanel icons are fine as well11:15
ograin a nautilus window everything above the location bar is correct11:15
ograbelow it shows the fallback icons11:15
ograhman theme seems to work ... i bet gartoon is missing a change11:17
tjaaltonasac: dpi issues don't increase the size of the images afaik :)11:21
asactjaalton: hmm ... reading the bug it appears that setting the dpi value explicitly in firefox fixes this11:22
tjaaltonasac: ok, maybe it's because 3.0 uses cairo for everything?11:23
asactjaalton: maybe it was true in the past that dpi issues didn't affect firefox, but now they zoom images as well.11:23
asacs/firefox/firefox images/11:24
thekornpitti: py-lp-bugs is broken, parsing of bugreports in edge.launchpad.net is impossible,11:24
thekorndue to a change in edge.lp.net (bug 137448)11:24
asactjaalton: maybe; but i think they calculate a scaling factor in firefox itself. most likely cairo just does what they tell it to do11:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 137448 in malone "New UI is confusing and counter inuitive for changing affected package" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13744811:25
tjaaltonasac: sure. if other apps look normal then I'd say it's indeed an issue with xulrunner11:26
pittithekorn: you mean Bjorn's recent fix changed the HTML?11:26
tjaaltonreading the upstream report11:26
asacthekorn: do you know the page of maybe duplicates you get when reporting a bug. i couldn't get a similar search result using the standard search form, so i wonder whether that search facility is already supported in py-lp-b11:27
thekornpitti: yes11:27
thekornasac: no such a search is not implemented in py-lp-bugs11:28
xivulonOT microsoft tries to buy yahoo11:32
Riddellpitti: gtk-qt-engine and kdelibs re-uploaded11:33
xivulonnow on bloomberg11:33
pittiRiddell: hm, I just accepted kdelibs/feisty, that looked goo11:33
Riddellpitti: kdelibs for gutsy only11:34
pittiah, good11:34
pittiRiddell: bug tasks states are up to date ATM11:34
pittiRiddell: argh, queue tool fooled me; can you please reupload gtk-qt-engine for edgy with bumping the version number?11:43
pittiRiddell: ok, now we have everything except gtk-qt-engine for edgy (the fixed one, see above) and kdebase for edgy and feisty11:52
Riddellpitti: what's wrong with kdebase for edgy and feisty?11:56
pittiRiddell: feisty: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/dapper/+source/kdebase/+bug/184149/comments/2211:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184149 in kdelibs "[hardy]xembed and flash support patches doesn't work for konqueror" [Undecided,Fix committed]11:56
pittiRiddell: and for edgy it is not in the queue11:56
emgent!info wordpress12:34
ubotuwordpress (source: wordpress): an award winning weblog manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.2-1ubuntu1.2 (gutsy), package size 783 kB, installed size 4196 kB12:34
thekornpitti: I added a fix to Bug 18801812:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188018 in python-launchpad-bugs "Latest changes in edges.launchpad.net breaks py-lp-bugs" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18801812:35
pittithekorn: \o/12:35
pittithekorn: I get a bit further now:12:43
pitti  File "/home/lp_archive/python/launchpadbugs/lptime.py", line 59, in __new__12:43
pitti    raise ValueError, "Unknown date format (%s)" %time_str12:43
pittiValueError: Unknown date format (2008-01-29 00:39:09 CET)12:43
* soren has a cunning plan..12:44
dholbachMOTU Q&A session in 15 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom12:45
thekornpitti: oha :(12:45
thekornhi dholbach12:45
dholbachhey thekorn12:46
* pitti hugs thekorn12:46
pittiRiddell: can you please re-upload edgy gtk-qt-engine with bumping the version number?12:55
Riddellpitti: done12:55
pittiRiddell: thanks12:55
Riddellpitti: working on kdebase, sorry for the delay, it would help if ubiquity would stop deleteing my hard disk12:55
HobbseeRiddell: well, it would help if you stopped running windows, i'm sure..12:57
RiddellHobbsee: hmm?12:58
HobbseeRiddell: you were talking a while ago abotu a feature of ubuntu deleting your windows for you, during the install12:59
Hobbseethe last time that some people's data got wiped out, iirc12:59
_MMA_seb128: Did TheMuso contact you re: GDM sound issue? He figured out why the little drum noise wasn't playing on new installs.13:01
seb128_MMA_: no he didn't13:02
_MMA_ /usr/lib/gdmplay was not executable.13:03
_MMA_After a "sudo chmod 755 /usr/lib/gdmplay" things worked fine on a Ubuntu and Studio install.13:03
seb128_MMA_: ok, good, thanks, i'll fix that with the next upload13:05
_MMA_seb128: Cool. And he found that Studio's login/out, caching error is specific to us. But we're not sure why we get the error on this one file. Maybe there's a play length or file size limit now. I don't know. Worked in Gutsy. :-/13:08
cheguevarabryce, hi, are you around?13:10
thekorn_pitti: I'm looking at your last date/time error, can't reproduce this for the given date,13:10
thekorn_can you give me a bugnumber of a bug where this error occurs13:11
pittiok, hang on13:11
cheguevaraor tjaalton13:12
pittithekorn_: it's indeed bug 18685613:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186856 in apache2 "Please sync apache2 2.2.8-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18685613:12
pittithekorn_: it seems to fail on    print b.reporter13:13
pittithekorn_: where b is a Connector.ConnectBug().Bug() instance13:13
pittithekorn_: the actual tasks seem to be ok13:14
thekorn_pitti: let me check...13:14
davmor2Xubuntu alternative installs are failing :( bug 18803013:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188030 in pkgsel "xubuntu hardy alternative alpha 4 cd fails to install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18803013:36
stgraberbroken deps for libxine1-ffmpeg13:46
pittithekorn_: ok, I updated bug 188031; I think I'll just hack around it on drescher; sorry for the noise14:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188031 in python-launchpad-bugs "crashes with "ValueError: Unknown date format" on .reporter property" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18803114:02
pittioh noes, another p-lp-bugs exception14:09
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mvoAPIs ftw14:10
=== superted_ is now known as superted
ScottKpitti: If you have a few minutes today, I'd appreciate a chance to discuss the amavisd-new MIR.  There's some tasksel integration work that's blocking on it and with FF two weeks away... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportAmavisd-new14:17
pittithekorn_: another one for you, sorry: bug 18804414:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188044 in python-launchpad-bugs "AttributeError: 'change_obj' object has no attribute 'change_obj__action'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18804414:18
pittiScottK: alright; please give me some minutes for this sync wreckage, then I'll do some MIR14:20
ScottKpitti: No rush.  It's still early morning here.  Thanks.14:20
pittithekorn_: ok, another workaround later I could now circumvent above bug and syncs are finally running \o/14:25
* thekorn hugs pitti 14:28
* pitti hugs thekorn, master of LP14:28
thekornpitti: If I would be the master of LP, then ... ;)14:29
pittiargh, more of the above; there's another place that uses change_obj__action14:36
pittithekorn: you don't happen to have a quickfix for that? I guess it's something trivial, but I can't figure it out without reading the entire code14:38
thekornpitti: I'm sorry, this is code from the very beginning of my python experience, let me check the code14:38
tokokare you accept mono based d-bus?14:39
pittithekorn: if I change "change_obj__action" to __action, I get "AttributeError: 'change_obj' object has no attribute '_Attachments__action'"; hmm14:50
thekornpitti: give me a second, testing a fix14:55
pittiStevenK: libosso reviewed, bug updated14:58
pittiRiddell: so, only kdebase for feisty-proposed is missing now, rest is in -proposed14:59
pittiRiddell: what an update, that must have cost you ages to prepare *hug*14:59
=== alleeHol is now known as allee
thekornpitti: added patch to Bug 18804415:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188044 in python-launchpad-bugs "AttributeError: 'change_obj' object has no attribute 'change_obj__action'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18804415:06
thekornpitti: I have to leave now, I will have a closer look at the bugs over the weekend15:07
pittithekorn: you rock15:07
pittithekorn: thank you! and enjoy the weekend15:07
thekornyou too15:07
zulpitti: ping15:29
pittizul: pong15:29
zulfor ibmasm there was no source for it so it is sitting in new15:29
pittizul: ah, I see; let me take a look at it then15:30
zulpitti: thanks15:30
zulill file a MIR after you have a look15:30
Riddellpitti: kdebase for feisty-proposed uploaded now15:33
pittizul: NEWed15:36
zulpitti: thank you15:36
zulill do the mir report right now15:36
geserpitti: Hi, please give-back aspectwerkz2. It failed to upload. Thanks15:40
pittigeser: done15:42
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davmor2guys I've just tried an encrypted lvm install of Ubuntu it's been 2 hours and it's still erasing the drive16:00
pittidavmor2: don't you have a cancel button there?16:01
pittiyou should be able to skip this16:01
stgraberpitti: why has this setting been changed ? wasn't it set not to entirely erase the disk on Gutsy ?16:02
davmor2pitti: The gutsy version takes no longer than a normal install.16:05
pittistgraber: it was; but since it's still useful for paranoia reaons, adding a 'skip' button seemed better16:06
pittidavmor2: right; my Q is, do you actually have a cancel/skip button there and does it work?16:06
davmor2pitti:  I've hit cancel now yes.  Maybe change cancel to skip might be better.  I didn't want to cancel the install16:07
pittidavmor2: that's a good point; can you please file a bug about this?16:07
davmor2pitti no probs16:07
pittidavmor2: thanks a lot for testing16:08
davmor2well can't code, the bug reports are getting too technical it's about the only way left for a dyslexic to help out :)16:09
davmor2pitti: what do you want the bug filing against d-i16:09
pittidavmor2: hm, not sure; evand? partman-something?16:10
pittidavmor2: d-i is fine as a default target16:10
pittidavmor2: thorough testing and bug reporting are a great contribution, so no need to be shy about it :)16:11
pittidavmor2: (my wife can't code either, and I still love her :-P)16:11
evandd-i is fine though, it'll get moved where it needs to be16:13
davmor2evand: pitti: bug 18808516:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188085 in debian-installer "debian-installers encrypted erase disc cancel button should read Skip" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18808516:16
davmor2is that okay?16:16
evanddavmor2: looks good16:18
davmor2okay cool leave it with you then :)16:18
davmor2Is it safe to start testing the Live cd's or is ubiquity being updated?16:32
slangasekubiquity is being updated16:32
davmor2okay thanks I'll check back latter then :)16:33
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pittiah, seems I fixed the i386 retracer to properly process duplicate checks for python bugs again16:53
pitti(I applied a p-lp-bugs which made them throw exceptions)16:54
jwendellHi, seb128. Vino installs its executable in /usr/libexec. Why does ubuntu package install it in /usr/lib/vino/ ?17:03
slangasekbecause libexec is not part of the FHS17:03
seb128jwendell: because on debian and ubuntu libexec=/usr/lib/binary17:03
slangasekit's subsumed into /usr/lib according to the standard17:04
seb128binary being the name of your software17:04
slangasek(I wish we /did/ have a separate libexec, but it's a little late to change our minds now :)17:05
seb128jwendell: is that an issue?17:05
jwendellseb128, no, I was just trying to debug vino and noticed that I was looking at wrong directory17:07
seb128ah ok17:07
tjaaltoncheguevara: yes?17:13
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cheguevaratjaalton, sorry was away wanted to talk to you about the intel driver17:26
LaserJockpitti: do you have an ETA on the next lang pack update?17:28
sorenpitti: Please let me know if there's any problem with the netcat-openbsd package.17:28
pitticarlos: ^ for gutsy you told me it would be better to do a full export, right? can you trigger this over the weekend?17:28
carlospitti: yes, I told you that17:29
pittiLaserJock: next Monday would be the next regular update17:29
pittisoren: it's in the sync buffer, I just need to flush; flushing needs to happen after alpha-4 release, though17:29
carlospitti: you are able to do it, although I cannot force Gutsy export, it will happen in its next scheduled time (I think it's tonight)17:29
LaserJockpitti: will they go up on the PPA before?17:29
pittiLaserJock: they are already17:29
pitticarlos: ah, right; I'll flip that checkbox17:29
LaserJockoh, ok17:29
LaserJockI checked a day or two ago17:30
carlospitti: do you remember the page to do it?17:30
sorenpitti: Oh, ok. I just noticed the netcat package getting synced, so I thought you had specifically skipped the -openbsd one.17:30
pitticarlos: yes, already done17:30
pitticarlos: I just keep forgetting that I'm now able to do that myself :)17:30
carlospitti: ;-)17:30
pittisoren: hm, indeed17:31
tjaaltoncheguevara: ok, what about?17:31
pittisoren: right, I didn't process new package syncs yet (need to flush first)17:32
pittisoren: if it's very urgent, I could cowboy it, but otherwise I'd just do it on Monday17:32
sorenpitti: No, it's not *that* urgent :)17:33
sorenpitti: Monday it is.17:33
pittiok, great17:33
carlospitti: confirmed, full export will happen tonight17:34
mvodoes anyone has a idea what https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/187889 is about (is that polish?)17:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187889 in update-manager "Nové návrhy na překlady v balíku upgrade-manager" [Undecided,New]17:41
gesermvo: not polish, from the look and the timezone of the submitter I'd say it's czech17:41
slangasekyes, it's czech.  "New suggestions for the translation of the upgrade-manager package"17:45
slangasek... and then a link to a page that mentions no Czech translations being available, so, er17:47
slangasekoh, apparently you have to click to see all the translations, n/m :)17:48
geserslangasek: which language do you don't understand? :)17:51
slangasekgeser: Xhosa17:52
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cheguevaratjaalton, abot exa and xaa thing18:17
=== Kopfgeldjaeger_e is now known as Kopfgeld|eee
cheguevarai really think switching to xaa is a bad idea18:18
cheguevarathe drm modules are getting merged in .25 they can be backported18:18
superm1pitti, are you still going to go through the new queue again today?  we (mythbuntu team) were hoping to roll new live disks at some point this weekend (preferably with those builds)18:21
slangasekstgraber: I've failed at getting builds disabled in a timely manner when we knew we'd be rerolling, but FYI I'm pushing a full set of new images because of the partman "eat my old OS" bug identified yesterday18:34
* mathiaz just finished testing 18 test installation of the isos. Now he can start over.18:39
tjaaltoncheguevara: well, it's a tough decision..18:42
cheguevaratjaalton, yeah i understand, what does the kernel team say?18:43
tjaaltoncheguevara: it was discussed at UDS and turned down, I'm not sure anything has changed since18:46
cheguevaratjaalton, i see, is there any possibility of it happening though? xaa is deprecated, has video problems and doesn't support compiz on 965 (i am sure you know all that though)18:48
cheguevaracompiling mm sources right now to see the diffference18:48
Amaranthbut isn't EXA still slower than XAA even with ttm?18:48
tjaaltoncheguevara: I watched the presentation by cworth at lca, and while they have been able to get the performance better, rendering text is still maybe 40% slower18:48
tjaaltonAmaranth: ^^18:49
MacSlowAmaranth, depends18:49
AmaranthThe only thing EXA is really better at is large fills or whatever18:49
MacSlowAmaranth, following Carl Worth's blog regarding his work with EXA and related bits of the i965 driver is always very interesting18:49
cheguevaratjaalton, when was that?18:50
tjaaltoncheguevara: a sec18:51
tjaaltoncheguevara: http://mirror.linux.org.au/pub/linux.conf.au/2008/Wed/mel8-167.ogg18:51
tjaaltonslides from http://linux.conf.au/programme/wednesday18:51
tjaaltonwe have linux-backports-modules package now.. maybe the new versions could be shipped there?18:53
tjaaltonum, new drm modules18:53
cheguevarayeah that would be better then nothing18:54
cheguevaraand may be specifiy somewhere that if you wanna try experimental drm modules install this package for increased performance etc18:54
tjaaltonbut compiz would still be disabled by default18:55
tjaaltonfor i96518:55
tjaalton(i have one)18:55
MacSlowgee... intels GPU docs were released to the public18:55
cheguevaratjaalton, new_exa is the batchbuffer git branch right?18:56
MacSlowLCA seems to be growing and growing... some major conference... not that it was small before.18:57
tjaaltoncheguevara: yep. I tried that two weeks ago, but something went wrong and the driver failed to load. Now that anholt has pushed more stuff to master things should be easier..18:58
tjaaltonhm, maybe I'll pull all the trees now18:58
cheguevarathere seems to be some minor screen corruption with the current hardy driver as well19:01
tjaaltonwith exa?19:01
cheguevarano xaa19:01
tjaaltonmine works fine..19:02
tjaaltondinner, bbl ->19:02
cheguevarai had to put xaa in my xorg.conf, 'cause exa is just that crap atm lol19:02
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oojahI'm filling out a MainInclusionReport and I don't know what to put for "Packaging system (debhelper/cdbs/dbs) ?  Patch system ?  Any packaging oddities ?". Any suggestions where I can find information about that?20:02
jpatrickoojah: in the source package20:03
jpatrickoojah: apt-get source packageName and take a look in the debian/ dir20:03
oojahjpatrick: I'm not on ubuntu ;)20:05
oojahBut that's fine, I know where to look now. Thanks.20:05
slangaseker, you're requesting a package's inclusion in main but aren't running Ubuntu?  That's seems a bit strange to me20:06
StevenKAnd if you're unsure about how to fill out a MIR, you shouldn't be, IMO20:07
oojahWell that's a fair point, but you've got to start somewhere, right?20:08
davmor2bug 173130 still affecting alpha 420:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 173130 in xserver-xorg-video-nv "edubuntu hardy 64bit live cd issues" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17313020:08
jpatrickoojah: what exactly is the MIR for?20:08
StevenKoojah: Sure, but don't start with MIRs20:08
oojahjpatrick: libggz, a build dep of gnome-games.20:09
slangasekoojah: libggz is already in main20:09
oojahWell that certainly shows me up...20:09
oojahDoes everything that goes into main remain in universe?20:10
slangasekno, each package is in one or the other for each given release20:10
oojahFair enough. I checked universe on archive.ubuntu.org and as it was there assumed it wasn't in main.20:13
sistpotybtw.: motu-meeting in #ubuntu-meeting now... for anyone interested20:14
slangasekoojah: right, it'll still be in universe for past releases20:14
oojahWell that certainly makes life easier. I was asked to look at the gnome-games ggz deps last week when they weren't in main and now they all are as of a few days ago.20:18
stgraberslangasek: Are all the ISOs on the tracker ready for testing (I finally managed to have my test computer back so I'll be able to do some tests now) ?20:42
slangasekstgraber: desktop images are not rerolled yet, just disabled those; alternate images are ready for testing20:47
Chipzz11:12 < soren> (I'm adding dnsmasq as a dependency of libvirt-bin real soon, by the way) >> sounds wrong to me?21:54
soopurmanstgraber, which tracker were you referring to? when slangasek mentioned that the alternate images are ready for testing22:23
stgrabersoopurman: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com22:24
slangasekdesktop images are also back up by this point, for all but xubuntu22:24
soopurmanso the contents of 20080201.1 are candidates for the alpha4 release ?22:27
soopurmanalright! i'm about to perform the install (manual partitioning) of the 20080201.1 image of hardy-alternate-amd64.iso... i'll report my results on the tracker in about half an hour23:03
soopurmansee you then :-)23:03
slangasekoh how nice, 3 new updates.23:07
slangasekpresented to me after booting into my newly-installed hardy, which was rolled mere hours earlier. while still in a freeze.23:08
LaserJockslangasek: "soft" ;-)23:11
slangasekright... maybe I should try different language for the next one, maybe call it a "retaliatory freeze". :)23:13
StevenK"If you upload, I'll retaliate."23:14
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stgraberslangasek: first result from Ubuntu desktop i386 : Jockey crashing at session opening (why is it starting on the livecd ?), rofs and cdrom shown on the desktop, ubiquity missing its icon, update-manager showing an update available icon when no updates are available + hovering it shows a "A package maanger is working" label23:46
superm1slangasek, would you be able to release mythtv binaries from NEW at some point before the end of day?  we were looking to roll our alpha this weekend with them and do some testing over the weekend23:46
slangasekstgraber: yes, similar to my own experience.  But I don't think any of those are blockers, so I guess it'll just be a little rough around the edges23:47
stgraberslangasek: I'm installing now, those are not blockers though really annoying bugs (especially when the first thing you see is an apport report :))23:48
slangasekoh, I didn't see any apport reports here :/23:49
slangasekwell, so be it though23:49
stgraberI have a nvidia graphic card in my test computer23:49
slangasekyeah, I'm testing in a VM, no hardware to manage ;)23:49
stgraberhehe, solves a lot of problem :)23:49
slangasekstgraber: 188221 for the generic install icon issue23:56
slangasekI'm fairly certain the rofs icon is a gvfs issue; I haven't checked for open bugs23:58
stgraberdoes it disappear when you start ubiquity ?23:58
slangaseker, I didn't pay attention23:58
stgraberit did here and I didn't really understand why23:59
slangasekthe update-manager bug has also been reported as #18820123:59

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