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astabenoI am trying to update a branch created for Brasero documentation to include a folder called figures that contains screenshots.  I can commit and push changes to the .xml file I am editing but I cannot figure out how to commit or push the new file and folder.  How do I do this?15:15
sommerastabeno: did you add the new files?15:22
sommersomething like bzr add foldername15:22
sommerbzr status will give you an idea of what bzr knows about the currrent state of your local repo15:23
astabenoI got it thanks Adam15:25
astabenoHow do you add "&" in doc book?16:10
sommerI think16:15
sommerya that should be it16:16
astabenothats in a pot file somewhere right.  The branch I am using doesn't have a pot file so its not working for me.16:27
jjesseyes & is the & symbol16:29
astabenoI am currently using that but it is not validating.  This is not in the Core-Docs but a repository Phil Bull created for Brasero which is going upstream to gnome docs.  It looks to me like in Ubuntu core-docs the & points to a .pot file that is not in this repository.16:49
sommerastabeno: I'm not sure what you mean when you say the & points to a .pot file?16:53
sommer& is an escape sequence for the & character16:53
sommersimilarly &lt; and &gt are sequences for < and >16:53
astabenoSorry guys I had a mistake somewhere else in my code, thanks for the help though.16:56
jjesse_nixternal: where are the release notes for gutsy kubuntu?20:01
nixternalon the website20:01
BertBertI'm new to ubuntu documentation and have found a an article to clean up.  The title is forum/software/OpenSource/MakeMoneyHowto.  It looks safe for a beginner to work on since it appears to have no complicated formatting.  However, the content is somewhat logically disjointed.  And the subject appears to have little relevance to ubuntu as an operating system?  Would this be an article that should be deleted?22:32

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