xivulonevand I used the kubuntu ISO, but other than the rc2.d order being wrong, it works for me00:05
xivulonrebooting to play with eject00:42
xivulonevand did you see my msg yesterday night?09:11
xivulonbasically my test of kubuntu (via iso) was successful, did not experience any hang09:13
xivulonthe only glitch was that kdm starts before ubiquity in rc209:14
xivulonand there is an initial extra dialog09:14
xivulonevand if the image has to be rebuilt I'd have wubi rev 395 in there since it fixes the url issues10:06
xivulondiff here http://codebrowse.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/wubi/hardy/revision/ago%40nbago-20080131205313-z11nkblynk3fi1ux?start_revid=ago%40nbago-20080131205313-z11nkblynk3fi1ux#wubi/dist/install/metalinks/ubuntu-desktop-amd64.iso.metalink-s10:07
xivulonre eject got it half working10:09
xivulonevand I got the eject working now, but cannot commit until tonight11:09
xivulonlp crashes a LOT lately11:10
evandxivulon: so you were able to get all the way through a loop mounted install in kubuntu? Quite odd.12:26
evandI can definitely reproduce this though, which makes me wonder what could possibly be triggering it.  I'll have to learn how to get the necessary debug packages to get a full trace out of apport.12:27
xivulonI rebooted into kde fine12:27
xivulondid not try on real iron though12:27
evandme either12:28
evandI wouldn't dream of putting windows on a real disk12:28
xivulonI cannot think of any lib in use by loopinstallations othe than ntfs-3g and loop.c12:28
xivulonby the way if you are updating other packages you might just as well use rev39512:29
xivulonwhere exactly does it happen?12:29
evandwell this is happening in librt, if I remember correctly.12:30
evandI doubt there's a bug there though.12:30
evandin clock_gettime12:30
xivulonat what stage during installation?12:30
evandI imagine configuring hardware, but my laptop decided to go crazy when I was investigating that.12:31
xivulonI really do not see how loopinstallations could interfere withh librt/clock_gettime odd12:32
xivulonand I assume normal installation does work, correct?12:34
xivulonI mean using same preseed in automatic mode, but using a recipe targeting real partitions12:35
xivulonby the way I checked the code, do not find any hint that would lead to automatic-ubiquity disappearing from /ubuntu/install/boot/grub/menu.lst12:36
xivulonare you positive about that?12:37
evandNormal install works fine and I can reproduce this every time with Kubuntu.12:42
evandIt's very odd.12:42
evandI didn't say automatic-ubiquity was disappearing.12:42
evandI said that it has no effect on Kubuntu12:43
evandas kdm starts before ubiquity12:43
evandwhich I'm going to fix, just not today as it's my day off :)12:43
xivulonah I misunderstood12:44
xivulonwhat is happening with the releases of ubuntu/kubuntu then?12:45
evandalpha 4 is blocked on a few things, as far as I can tell (I know of one that's my fault).  I imagine it will go out today, wubi on the Ubuntu alpha 4 CD but not on the Kubuntu alpha 4 CD.12:46
evandwubi will go on the kubuntu daily CD builds as soon as I fixed the outstanding issues I mentioned12:47
evandand it will continue to be on the ubuntu daily CD builds starting immediately after the alpha 4 release12:47
xivulonsounds very good to me12:50
xivulonI have enough on the plate already until alpha512:51
xivulonis rev395 going in?12:51
evandare you confident that it's as stable at rev393?12:51
xivulonI cannot really test it since it's all url changes/filenames, and the urls in there are not up now (alpha-4)12:52
evandoh, we don't seem to have a choice as 393 has been deleted off of wubi-installer.org :/12:53
xivulonhere is the diff http://codebrowse.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/wubi/hardy/revision/ago%40nbago-20080131205313-z11nkblynk3fi1ux?start_revid=ago%40nbago-20080131205313-z11nkblynk3fi1ux12:54
evandshouldn't you be pointing to the daily builds?12:54
xivulonah sorry I did not want to confuse users with wrong url12:54
xivulonthought you were using a local copy12:54
evandotherwise it'll break the day after release12:54
evandnope, we pull it down from there12:54
evandwell, it wont break12:54
evandbut it will be out of date12:54
evandI guess this makes sense though12:54
xivulonI thought that for alpha-4 I should point for alpha-412:54
evandok nevermind12:54
xivulononce that is out I'll point back to daily12:55
evandok, that looks reasonable12:55
evandI've made the change12:55
xivulonmaybe it's worth giving it a quick run in windows (linux side did not change)12:55
xivulonand double checking the urls by hand12:56
xivulonin the diff12:56
evandI'd love to but my vmware machine is all sorts of broken at the moment.12:56
xivulonevand re kdm, can't we simply exit init.d/kdm if automatic-ubiquity is in /proc/cmdline?14:40
xivulonarguably not very elegant, but it will do14:40
evandno, there's a much cleaner solution14:46
evandI have to run though14:46
evandI'll be in and out all afternoon14:46
xivulonhave a good day14:47
evandthanks, you too14:50
CIA-23ubiquity: evand * r2430 ubiquity/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog):16:27
CIA-23ubiquity: * Automatic update of included source packages: partman-target16:27
CIA-23ubiquity:  52ubuntu4.16:27
CIA-23ubiquity: evand * r2431 ubiquity/ (configure configure.ac): Bump to 1.7.616:29
CIA-23ubiquity: evand * r2432 ubiquity/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.7.616:30

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