effie_jayxno0tic, hey03:28
no0ticeffie_jayx, hey03:28
effie_jayxhow's botijo coming... any drops?03:29
effie_jayxno0tic, it was changed to another server03:29
no0ticeffie_jayx, I saw03:31
no0ticeffie_jayx, I didn't put an eye on -es till yesterday03:31
effie_jayxno0tic,  if you notice anything funky with botijo  let me know03:31
effie_jayxno0tic,  things have changed a bit safe to say...03:32
no0ticeffie_jayx, good, tell me.. has botijo a list of all his knowings?03:32
effie_jayxno0tic,  there is a site for him03:32
* effie_jayx checks03:33
effie_jayxI think ZoKeBeR mentioned it yesterday03:33
effie_jayxno0tic,  if we check the logs we will find our03:33
no0ticubotu is ubotu :)03:34
no0ticprobably labetty03:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is ubotu :) - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:34
no0ticeffie_jayx, it's empty03:34
effie_jayxno0tic,  well it must be there... we best ask jpatrick03:35
effie_jayxI'll push for that to happen03:35
no0ticeffie_jayx, great03:35
no0ticeffie_jayx, ah, put #ubuntu-es-ops in you autojoin list ;)03:36
effie_jayxno0tic,  freenode is complaining I can't join that many channels03:36
no0ticeffie_jayx, it's the right channel for these discussions03:36
no0ticeffie_jayx, ah :)03:36
no0ticeffie_jayx, you have still 2 free slots :P03:37
no0ticeffie_jayx, (I think)03:37
effie_jayxno0tic,  ohhhh is that so...03:38
botijoFacto btlogin no encontrado08:12
no0ticdanroj is ctcp pinging the whole -es channel08:17
no0ticbanned him08:17
no0ticI wonder how much will it take him to PM me :)08:19
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no0tichi jpatrick13:05
jpatrickhi no0tic, how's it going?13:06
no0ticjpatrick, well, I banned danroj from -es13:06
jpatrickerm, I men,why?13:07
no0ticjpatrick, he ctcp pinged the whole channel13:08
no0ticjpatrick, in greeting :)13:09
no0ticjpatrick, who's meisok?13:10
jpatrickno0tic: sorry, suffering slow ssh connection13:11
no0ticjpatrick, I can understand you13:11
jpatrickno0tic: well, too bad that's not a good enought excuse for me to ban him in all -es channels13:12
jpatrickno0tic: meisok is one of the admins of ubuntu-es.org13:12
no0ticjpatrick, ah oops :)13:13
jpatrickand the one who got me to work on botijo13:13
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=== notic is now known as no0tic
freepenguinI'm doing the Ubuntu Free Penguin Edition .. if somebody want see the live cd search in amule "Ubuntu Free Penguin Edition"13:31
no0ticbravo, e che sarebbe?13:32
freepenguinsono io virgola bravo?13:32
freepenguinuna versione modificata della 7.1013:33
no0ticin cosa differisce?13:34
freepenguin(sto caricando la iso sul server) e stasera metterò le differenze sul sito13:34
no0ticfreepenguin, ho letto in tutti i canali in cui l'hai scritto -.-13:35
no0ticfreepenguin, evita :)13:35
freepenguincomunque detto a grandi linee: aggiornamenti a ieri, già lingua italiana13:35
no0ticfreepenguin, lod dico per te13:35
freepenguinsoftware in più13:35
no0ticfreepenguin, puoi uscire di qua :)13:39
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effie_jayxjpatrick,  are you alive?14:20
jpatrickeffie_jayx: that's a rahter philosophical question...15:11
effie_jayxjpatrick,  heh15:12
effie_jayxjpatrick,  how's botijo comming15:12
effie_jayxjpatrick,  we need to set up a bank of factoids15:12
effie_jayxit helps op's nowing what stuff botijo  knows15:12
jpatrick@bot > ef15:12
botijoHola! Bienvenido a #ubuntu-irc !15:12
jpatrickeffie_jayx: as soon as my connection becaomes stable I'l do it15:13
erUSULjpatrick: yes; any advance on letting us edit/add factoids directly?15:13
effie_jayxjpatrick,  let me know if we can help you out15:13
jpatrickerUSUL: no, not yet15:14
jpatrickeffie_jayx: it's just a couple of syslinks ()[DI think15:14
* jpatrick moves upstairs15:14
effie_jayxjpatrick,  no problem dude... I don't mean to bug you with little things like these.15:15
LjLjpatrick: it would help if you had a DB dump somewhere though, as in cases like the past days when the bot is down for a prolonged time, a replacement can be brought up very quickly if the DB is available15:16
jpatrickeffie_jayx: doing it right now :)15:18
jpatrickZ0K3B3R: estas?15:23
jpatrickeffie_jayx: behold http://www.labetty.info/~botijo :O15:24
jpatrickgot to fix that 403 tho15:24
effie_jayxjpatrick,  cool...15:26
effie_jayxjpatrick,  a stick in time... ;)15:26
jpatrickI thought to link another file15:27
effie_jayxjpatrick,  fixed?15:29
jpatricknot yet15:29
* jpatrick has no experience with cgi15:29
jpatrickthat explains it15:33
jpatrickZ0K3B3R: ^^ :)15:33
effie_jayxjpatrick,  I can't reed Z0K3B3R15:42
jpatrickeffie_jayx: he hasn't said anything15:43
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fetovabuenas :)16:43
jpatrickfetova: #ubuntu-es-ops16:44
Z0K3B3Rjpatrick. saludos17:09
Z0K3B3Reffie_jayx. hey!17:11
effie_jayxZ0K3B3R,  que mas viejo17:11
effie_jayxZ0K3B3R,  jpatrick necesitaba una libreria pa los factoids e botijo17:12
Z0K3B3Repa, por aca17:12
Z0K3B3Rok, entiendo ya mire el enlace que me envio17:13
jpatrickZ0K3B3R: hmm, no encuentro la paqueta..17:13
jpatrickZ0K3B3R: grrr17:21
jpatrickahora se donde esta :)17:21
jpatrickZ0K3B3R: sabes como hacer funiconar a cgi?17:24
Z0K3B3Rjpatrick. si17:32
erUSULPriceChild: hi; a fixed flash plugin has landed in proposed i tried it and after a remove reinstall cycle it works here on amd64. Should we change the factoids for ubotu? or it is better to wait untill it lands (hopefully) on updates?18:46
PriceChilderUSUL, I'd assume its still broken in konqueror *reads latest bug comments*18:47
PriceChilderUSUL, ah seems like they've updated konqueror for it!18:47
erUSULPriceChild: i do not use kde but yes everything seems ok now18:48
PriceChildI don't think its a good idea to suggest people use gutsy-proposed18:49
PriceChildperhaps indicate fix is about to appear18:50
erUSULPriceChild: but people on normal ubuntu can fix the issue installing a deb file (people using konqueror need more stuff from proposed so it is not as safe)18:51
erUSULPriceChild: but it's just my opinion of course ;)18:52
PriceChilderUSUL, but aren't they all still in proposed?18:52
erUSULPriceChild: yes afaics18:52
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. Fixes have landed in -proposed for testing, but most most users are advised to wait until it the fix is released in -updates.18:53
erUSULPriceChild: they have to wait and get positive testers reports iirc to move it to update18:53
erUSULPriceChild: the new factoid seems ok to me ... i guess that most people will just enable proposed...18:55
PriceChildon their heads be it18:55
Seveasjpatrick, hi20:27
jpatrick%addeditor erUSUL20:27
botijojpatrick: Error: Usario erUSUL no registrado20:27
jpatrickSeveas: do you know what's wrong here?20:28
SeveaserUSUL, should do %register20:28
jpatrickno0tic: %register20:41
no0ticjpatrick, done20:41
jpatrick%addeditor no0tic20:42
botijojpatrick: The operation succeeded.20:42
no0ticthanks :)20:42
jpatrickthanks Seveas20:42
no0ticjpatrick, I'll check my spanish before adding/editing factoids :)20:42
botijoerUSUL: Error: That operation cannot be done in a channel.21:27
erUSULjpatrick: ping21:28
jpatrick%addeditor erUSUL21:28
botijojpatrick: The operation succeeded.21:28
erUSULjpatrick: thanks ;)21:29
jpatrickde nada21:29

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