BenCbdmurray: I'm pushing a change to enable usb persistent, which might help00:18
Kanohi, why are so many old ide drivers enabled? i prefer a config completely without CONFIG_IDE...00:53
Kanootherwise some new laptops dont boot at all00:54
BenCKano: i haven't seen evidence that an ide driver being enabled keeps a new laptop from booting00:54
BenCKano: and not all ide drivers/chipsets are replaced by libata-pata ones00:54
Kanoone new samsung laptop only boots with that specific config00:54
Kanothen the generic pata works in most cases00:55
BenCpoint me to a bug report or more information00:55
BenCKano: we can't work 'in most cases'00:55
Kanokanotix thorhammer rc7 used a kernel completly without config_ide and there are only very few bad reports00:55
BenCespecially if 'most cases' == regressions00:55
BenCoh well, every dist is different00:55
Kanoit is based on ubuntu git 2.6.24 kernel00:56
BenCi'd much rather find out why the samsung couldn't boot in our current config00:56
BenCKano: we are less than 3 months from release, too late to discuss now about disabling ide00:56
Kanowell i do that in my mod then. before you release i use etch as base and only a modified kernel00:57
BenCif you have specific information about the problem you are talking about, then i can look into it...otherwise this is a waste of time...again00:57
JanCI have at least one desktop system (P3 on an MSI mobo with Via chipset) that still has /dev/hd* devices in gutsy...00:57
ln-besides, you cannot expect ubuntu to run on every machine.00:57
Kanobtw. did you test the amd64 desktop iso?00:58
Kanoit does not show any splash00:58
JanCan from what I can see, this is not uncommon for older systems00:58
Kanoi386 does00:58
BenCKano: so you don't have information on this samsung/00:58
BenCKano: i tested it today, fresh install, and it has working splash00:59
KanoBenC: it is not my laptop,but when the user is online i can talk to him00:59
Kanowhy fresh install, i talk of the live cd00:59
BenCKano: uh, because i did an install of a live cd...was pretty sure that was cleae01:00
Kanoalso do you think disabling alsa in the kernel is a good move?01:00
Kanomaybe depending on your gfx card01:00
Kanothis was x700 se01:00
BenCthis was an ati as well, don't have the exact chipset, but it was mobility01:00
BenCKano: not sure what you mean by disabling alsa01:01
Kanoone of the last changes01:01
BenCif that's been done, it's because alsa will be moved to lum01:01
Kanoyes but lum does not contain all01:01
Kanoalso when you compile external modules which would provide alsa sound that will not work01:02
Kanoexpect the ones from alsa01:02
BenCwe know this, and are providing the headers for the lum modules separately01:03
Kanothis is the sound module for a video card01:03
Kanonot in alsa at all01:03
Kanosame for cx88-alsa (ok, maybe not so often needed as dvb)01:03
BenCwe know this, and are going to work on making sure everything is there01:04
Kanoyou could add then em8300 too01:04
BenCwe spent lots of time at uds discussing this exact situation01:04
Kanomaybe let it default to oss01:04
Kanodo you know that module?01:04
BenClook, without sounding too irritable, i have better things to do than answer a million questions from you right now01:05
Kano cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@dxr3.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/dxr3 co -P01:05
Kanoneeded for dxr3 and similar cards01:05
Kanomodules dir01:06
Kanoyou could add the firmware too01:06
BenCyou could spend a little time cloning our tree, adding it, and requesting a pull01:06
BenCwe do have lots of other things to tend to as well01:07
Kanothat and dmraid45 is missing, then you only need a cooler kernelconfig ;)01:08
Kanosaily there is no official dmraid patch against 2.6.24 yet01:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 97655 in linux-source-2.6.20 "dmraid45 target please" [Wishlist,Won't fix] 01:10
Kanothe changes for dmraid work, but i did it for dmraid rc14, rc13 is outdated01:10
ln-Kano: you are wasting your time.01:10
Kanoyou dont want raid5 ?01:11
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Kanortg: Blacklisted bcm43cc and prism54?15:17
Kanothe module is bcm43xx15:17
Kanoalso blacklisting would not help for discover15:18
maks_disabled in debian :)15:18
Kanoyes but not in ubuntu15:18
BenCI don't think we really use discover15:18
maks_BenC: you own me an initramfs-tools sync :)15:18
maks_Kamion dude did the klibc part15:19
KanoBenC: saidly it is installed by default by live-helper15:19
BenCmaks_: ah, we do need to sync that15:19
maks_xorg should no longer need that crap15:19
BenCKano: used and installed are two different things15:20
maks_discover usualy comes with an init script15:20
maks_BenC: yep, that be cool15:20
lagaany ETA on the new kernel upload to hardy?15:45
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rtglaga: been waiting for the Alpha stuff to thaw.15:48
lagaare there daily kernel builds on a ppa or something like that?15:54
lagaotherwise, i'll just do a local build and push to my repo15:54
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