mcisbackukmatthijs_: OK, did you set the tag to needs-packaging, and put it in the bug report subject line? If so, then it's just a waiting game, someone will sort it out :)00:03
matthijs_yes, I added [needs-packaging] to the start and end of both summary and description00:04
mcisbackukmatthijs_: OK, what bug # is it?00:05
matthijs_the id is #18789400:06
mcisbackukbug #18789400:07
mcisbackukWhat's wrong with the bot?00:07
LjLit's not there?00:08
LjLbug #18789400:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187894 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] veejay-1.0 - http://veejayhq.net [needs-packaging]" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18789400:08
matthijs_it was doing *something* in it's corner.00:09
mcisbackukmatthijs_: Yeah that's fine, I edited the tags to needs-packaging so contributors can have a look, but yeah that's fine for now :)00:09
LjLit wasn't doing anything, it wasn't in the channel00:09
mcisbackuklol how did it suddenly come back then?00:09
LjLby rejoining the channel00:09
mcisbackukIt hasn't been here for about an hour lol00:10
LjLubotwo was.00:10
LjLand, networks sometimes have problems.00:10
mcisbackukIt didn't answer me an hour ago stupid bot lol00:10
mcisbackukOh well it's working now :)00:10
matthijs_I'm telling ya, he's been at it again, visiting those other channels, talkin' dirty00:11
matthijs_oh well, enough for this night. I should go to sleep now, long day ahead tomorrow00:11
matthijs_Thank you guys for the help, I wouldn't have figured this out using google I think.00:12
ryanakcacan someone please answer the questions I placed in reply to the comment on http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=basic256 ?00:25
LaserJockryanakca: the Debian menu has changed a bit00:30
LaserJockryanakca: you'd need a new enough lintian/linda to check00:30
ryanakcaLaserJock: ah, ok.00:30
* ryanakca tries upgrading hardy00:31
LaserJockApps has been replaced by Applications, that's why you get the particular warning00:31
ryanakcaaha, okies.00:31
LaserJockbut some categories were also moved around00:31
LaserJockso it's good to check00:31
* ryanakca wonders if the Debian people should be prodded to update http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ch-dother.en.html#s-menu00:32
nixternalLaserJock: feeling any better tonight?00:32
LaserJocknixternal: no way00:32
ryanakcaLaserJock: and, about the man page?00:33
LaserJockryanakca: I would say do it00:34
LaserJockeven if it's not that informative00:34
ryanakcaeh, ok... I guess it wouldn't matter too much if its 90% copy-paste from control/copyright?00:34
neurostumitHi, does anybody here know if there is a gtkglext-1.2 deb file?  the ubuntu repo only has version 1.100:35
superm1who was the one with wxformbuilder?00:41
superm1i was just revu'ing it but had a question for the packager00:41
ryanakcasuperm1: rjmyst300:45
superm1ah yeah he's not online00:46
superm1okay i'll just leave a comment on the revu then for him to take a look00:46
neurostumitHi, does anybody here know if there is a gtkglext-1.2 deb file?  the ubuntu repo only has version 1.100:47
ryanakcaneurostumit: Version: 1.2.0-0ubuntu100:50
ryanakcaneurostumit: in hardy, apt-cache show libgtkglext100:50
mcisbackukHey guys, I'm trying to build an upgraded upstream, but pbuilder keeps coming up saying that its depends: libgettext-ruby1.8, libgtk2-ruby1.8 and libxul-dev are virtual packages.00:56
neurostumitwill that work in gutsy?00:56
neurostumitryanakca: will a simple apt-get install libgtkglext1 work then?00:57
ryanakcaneurostumit: no01:00
ryanakcaneurostumit: you need to be running hardy01:00
ryanakcaneurostumit: unless gutsy also has 1.2.001:00
neurostumitno gutsy's repos doesn't01:00
mcisbackukIs there a way round this virtual package issue? Any help at all would be appreciated!01:02
neurostumitwell they didn't a couple of weeks ago01:02
neurostumitryanakca:  does apt-cache show libgtglext1 show if gtkglext is available?01:04
ryanakcaneurostumit: dunno, look on packages.ubuntu.com01:05
mcisbackukPlease help someone this pbuilder is doing my head in!! lol it keeps whinging about virtual packages, dependencies unmet, any ideas anyone please?01:06
neurostumitalso is there a way to download a deb file with apt and not install it?01:07
blueyedpersia: congrats! Can you add me to u-u-s, please?01:09
ryanakcacan someone please review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=basic25601:21
pochusorry for the duplicate mail on revu, I received a ProgrammingError and thought the comment wasn't posted...01:24
TheMusopochu: I've had that before.01:31
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cheguevaraping RAOF02:02
ScottK2TheMuso: Would you please add me back as a member of UUS?02:05
ScottK2TheMuso: My LP id is kitterman.02:05
ScottK2Heya bddebian.02:13
bddebianHeya gang02:14
bddebianHi ScottK202:14
bddebianScottK2: Hey, you never answered my /query window :-)02:15
ScottK2bddebian: I don't think I got it.02:16
ScottK2bddebian: /msg me again.02:16
bddebianIt was a day or two ago :-)02:16
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freakabcdhi all02:21
bddebianHello freakabcd02:21
freakabcdok, i've got pbuilder setup. and a source package from hardy02:21
freakabcdi want to build this in gutsy02:21
freakabcdi can make the necessary changes in the control/etc. files02:21
freakabcdi just want to know how to build it now02:22
TheMusoScottK2: Just a sec.02:22
ScottK2TheMuso: Thanks.02:22
TheMusoScottK2: have you applied?02:23
emgenthello there, in #ubuntu-hardened is avaiable a bot (nick ubuSecurity) that paste in realtime CVE advisory, bugtraq advisory and milw0rm POC. if someone is interested please join. :)02:23
ScottK2TheMuso: Do I need to?02:23
TheMusoScottK2: No02:24
ScottK2TheMuso: No.  I haven't.02:24
TheMusoDone. You should receive an email about it shortly.02:24
blueyedTheMuso: can you add me, too? (blueyed on LP)02:32
blueyedyou cannot apply there, btw.02:32
mcisbackukHey guys, I'm getting an error during pbuilder from my rules file: install -o0 -g0 -m 0644 LWP.pm debian/tmp/usr/share/perl5/LWP.pm02:33
mcisbackukinstall: cannot stat `LWP.pm': No such file or directory02:33
mcisbackukany ideas?02:33
TheMusoblueyed: People have done so, but I'll add you directly02:33
mcisbackukoops sorry scrolling02:33
TheMusoblueyed: done02:34
ScottK2mcisbackuk: Whatever package provides that file you need to build-dep on.02:34
blueyedTheMuso: thanks02:34
ScottK2TheMuso: Thanks.02:34
* Hobbsee waves02:34
ScottK2Heya Hobbsee.02:34
TheMusoheya Hobbsee02:34
mcisbackukScottK2: How do I find that out? Google it?02:35
ScottK2mcisbackuk: apt-file find LWP.pm02:36
ScottK2That'll narrow it down.02:37
mcisbackukScottK2: Brilliant thanks :)02:38
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ryanakcacan someone please review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=basic256 ?03:07
superm1ryanakca, i left you a comment on revu03:25
* jdong wonders if we can adapt REVU into a dating service03:27
ryanakcajdong: lol04:00
ryanakcasuperm1: thanks04:00
ryanakcasuperm1: if I upload, can you check & advocate please?04:01
ryanakcahmm... revu only scans every 10 minutes by the looks of it...04:07
* ryanakca wants time to move faster so he can go to bet04:08
bddebianpersia: You on?04:08
ryanakcacan someone please review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=basic256 ?04:10
* ryanakca => bed :)04:10
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ScottK2If anyone is looking for a security upload to do, Bug #174615 needs fixing in Dapper/Edgy/Feisty/Gutsy.05:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174615 in heimdal "[heimdal] [CVE-2007-5939] possible remote vulnerability of  unknown impact via an invalid username" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17461505:05
rjmyst3superm1: Thanks for the review! I just uploaded a wxformbuilder package with the versions fixed.05:09
superm1rjmyst3, great!05:09
superm1i'll take a look in a moment05:09
rjmyst3thank you05:09
superm1rjmyst3, so this is like an advance release upload :)?05:10
rjmyst3superm1: i am an upstream dev05:11
superm1cool.  okay i'll upload it to the archive then.  thanks a bunch :)05:11
rjmyst3thank you05:11
rjmyst3superm1: does this mean that it will be in hardy? - sorry, this is my first package, and I don't know if there are more steps or not05:12
superm1rjmyst3, this is it for steps on your end05:12
superm1archive admins need to look it over still05:13
superm1and if there are any issues they will contact both you and me05:13
superm1me since i'm sponsoring the upload05:13
superm1and you for the issues05:13
superm1but it should be in hardy yes.05:13
rjmyst3i'll keep my fingers crossed05:13
rjmyst3thank you for your help05:13
rjmyst3when will I know for sure?05:14
rjmyst3(or how?)05:14
superm1rjmyst3, you'll get some email if there are any concerns05:15
superm1otherwise you can keep an eye on the NEW queue05:15
superm1to see once it gets accepted05:16
superm1there are two stages to it getting accepted, first the source package05:16
superm1then it will build05:16
superm1and then they accept the binary packages that are generated05:16
superm1you can see its now at the top of the list on the queue05:16
rjmyst3i see that05:18
superm1those queues are processed on a regular basis, but they are only one of the tasks of archive admins, so it might be there for a week or so05:18
rjmyst3then it will move to accepted or rejected?05:19
superm1once it's accepted, it will automatically go into build mode05:19
superm1and the binaries will show up in there05:19
rjmyst3ok, i understand now05:19
rjmyst3thank you very much, i'm off to bed now05:20
superm1thanks for your contribution :)05:20
rjmyst3your welcome - good night05:20
ScottK2persia: I think we ought to add debmake to our list of packages to get removed from Hardy.05:53
ScottK2It looks like an easy enough one to knock off.05:53
joejaxxhaha apparently laserjock, persia and you ScottK2 talk the most in here :D05:54
superm1was there a scientific way you determined that?05:55
* superm1 wonders how persia is the in the top 10 for activity for all hours of the day05:56
joejaxxapparently his nick is the in the top 5 for said phrases05:57
Alohaplease review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=sadms :)07:00
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warp10Good morning07:11
Alohawarp10, morning!07:11
warp10Hey Aloha07:12
wastrelhi, i have a bug with a fix from upstream & needs someone to bring it into ubuntu07:12
desertcgeser: Heya, I was taking a look at a package you uploaded, OnScripter , and I was interested in possibly updating it.  I am not familiar with packaging yet, but I thought this might be a good way to learn about it.07:14
emgentmalone  18450507:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184505 in jppy "jppy fails to launch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18450507:15
desertcThere is a June2007 version out now, compared to the existing Oct2005 version in the Ubuntu universe repository.07:17
desertcWowz, there is even the original Japanese version that was updated just today.  It's still a very active project.07:27
desertcHeh - and the Japanese version is already in Debian repositories.07:28
superm1Aloha, i left you some comments07:29
Alohasuperm1, thank you07:29
Alohasuperm1, how do i prevent stuff from being installed into /usr/local?07:33
superm1Aloha, typically you have to pass --prefix=/usr07:33
superm1to your configure script07:33
Alohasuperm1, isn't that upstream?07:35
superm1Aloha, you can override lots of things with parameters07:35
superm1it is done at a packager level though07:35
Alohasuperm1, how so?07:35
superm1well this package of yours is a bit interesting07:37
superm1it doesnt have a configure script07:37
superm1well then what you will need to do is patch the Makefile07:37
superm1so your package will need to adopt a type of patching system to do that07:38
Alohasuperm1, i don't know how to do that. can you point me to the right place? :)07:38
superm1this will get you started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems07:39
Alohasuperm1, thnx07:42
LucidFoxsuperm1> Is a configure script required, though?07:45
superm1LucidFox, no its not07:45
superm1and in this case there isn't one07:45
superm1i was just generalizing that one normally is around for passing parameters07:46
LucidFoxor is the Makefile hardcoded to use /usr/local as a prefix?07:46
superm1the Makefile is hardcoded07:46
Alohaso i should send the patch upstream to help them out yeah?07:53
Alohasuperm1, so in my patch i'm changing /usr/local to /usr in the Makefile correct?07:53
superm1Aloha, your patch will remain local to the package07:54
superm1because upstream distributes it like that so that people can install without disturbing /usr07:54
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superm1it is bad that they dont offer a configuration facility07:54
superm1so if you wanted to provide them with a patch that did that, that would be of use to them07:55
superm1but probably more effort than its worth after looking at their build system07:55
Alohasuperm1, heh07:55
superm1Aloha, but yeah you need to change any instance of /usr/local to /usr07:55
superm1and it looked like you might need to define prefix =07:55
superm1you'll have to experiment and see what works out07:55
Alohasuperm1, how do i debhelper the changelog?08:03
LucidFoxAloha> dh_installchangelogs changelog_file_name08:03
dholbachgood morning08:03
Alohadholbach, morning!08:03
AlohaLucidFox, thnx08:03
emgentheya dholbach08:03
LucidFoxgood [insert time of day here] :)08:04
dholbachhey Aloha, emgent08:04
Alohasuperm1, my debianrules file has a debhelper for the changelog08:11
superm1well dont worry about that right now then08:12
Alohasuperm1, ok08:12
Alohasuperm1, i created the patch for the Makefile08:12
Alohasuperm1, i don't know how to fix pam_parse.awk failing syntax checks. i don't know what that means08:13
superm1Aloha, you will probably have to make patches for the other things i've listed too08:13
superm1either that or modify that behavior in debian/rules08:13
superm1i got several of those things i listed from running linda or lintian on the resultant deb08:13
Alohasuperm1, that other stuff was in the Makefile also08:13
superm1after you build it08:14
superm1which tells you a lot about what is wrong with the build and needs to be improved upon08:14
superm1and in some cases points you at how to work on those types of things08:14
Alohasuperm1, cool. what arguments do you give them?08:15
superm1Jan 25 04:56:08 <persia>superm1: I use lintian -iIv and linda -v -f long -t E,I,W,X, but those are only a subset of my review checks.08:16
superm1those are quoted from persia08:16
Alohasuperm1, thnx08:16
Alohaits times like these i love the xfce notes plugin ;)08:17
Alohasuperm1, how do you build the packge to run lintian and linda on it? dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot?08:18
superm1Aloha, i build my packages in a pbuilder08:18
superm1and then i run linda /lintian on the .changes file08:18
superm1that is created08:18
superm1that runs it on all of the debs that are produced from the pbuilder run08:19
Alohasuperm1, oh i didn't know builder creates .changes file. whats the syntax for that? sudo pbuilder build <filename>.dsc?08:19
superm1Aloha, yeah it does create .changes files08:20
superm1depending on how you configure your pbuilder that would be a possible command to run08:20
isaachi there09:01
isaaccan any REVU admin re-sync the REVU uploaders keyring? :)09:02
isaacfoolano: yo09:02
Hobbseeisaac: doing09:02
isaacHobbsee: thanks09:02
Hobbseeer, attempting to do09:02
Hobbseehm, would help if i ran the right script, i'll bet...09:06
foolanohi isaac09:06
isaacHobbsee: I reckon it might help ;)09:06
Hobbseethis output looks more promising :)09:06
Alohaits helps to debuild before you run pbuilder hehe..... /me smacks forehead09:07
Alohano wonder why it didn't update09:07
Hobbseethis si why i used to like pdebuild09:08
Alohai don't want to repartion my disk just to build packages. especially when i don't know what i'm doing ;)09:09
AlohaTLE, hi :)09:09
Alohaivoks, hihi :)09:09
ivoksbuahahaha to you too :)09:09
sorenHi, TLE :)09:10
ivokssoren: virt-manager in hardy got special attention from phoronix :)09:12
ivokssoren: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=983&num=109:12
isaacHobbsee: so I should be able to upload to REVU already, right?09:12
Alohaisaac, welcome to REVU :)09:13
isaacAloha: thanks09:13
sorenivoks: Oh, nice.09:13
Hobbseeisaac: it's still not finished09:13
isaacHobbsee: I still have some work to do in the package09:13
isaacso it's ok :)09:13
isaacAloha: I am hoping for a "quick" welcome to MOTU ;)09:14
Alohaisaac, are you an experienced packager?09:14
isaacAloha: I have been a debian developer for three years IIRC09:14
isaacAloha: but I have switched to ubuntu now09:14
Alohaisaac, cool glad to have you on the right side ;)09:14
ivokssoren: thinking about dovecto/postfix, i think we should give up on modifing main.cf trough init script09:14
isaacAloha: haha09:15
isaacAloha: both sides are right ;)09:15
ivokssoren: no one likes that :/09:15
Alohaisaac, thats what i said ;)09:15
sorenivoks: I think it's kind of sexy.09:17
ivokssoren: ...and wrong :D09:18
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Alohaif upstream has a debian based tarball do we do <packagename>-0ubuntu1? i couldn't find the actual upstream in debian repos09:50
LucidFoxAloha> Debian-based tarball?09:53
AlohaLucidFox, yeah its a tarball of the source with a debian directory in it09:53
LucidFoxAloha> Then repackage the tarball and remove the debian/ directory from it09:54
LucidFoxnote it in debian/copyright, and add a get-orig-source rule to automate this09:54
AlohaLucidFox, ok i'm thinking i shoulda started with that since the main tarball tries to build based on distribution09:54
Alohaits getting really complicated heh09:55
LucidFoxThat's one really borked upstream build system10:03
Alohait tries to build a package of itself and then install the package10:06
Alohawhat if upstream doesn't include man pages for their binaries? how do i solve that?10:15
superm1write one :)10:19
Alohayay ;)10:19
Alohaall the docs are html files... blah10:19
* Aloha looks for html2man10:20
Hobbseehi jono10:27
jonoheya Hobbsee10:27
huatsmoring everuyone10:28
Hobbseejono: taken over the world yet?10:28
jonoHobbsee: nearly there :P10:28
Hobbseeheh, nice work10:28
* Hobbsee should do something useful, like cook dinner and write email.10:29
AlohaHobbsee, or chat ;)10:29
Hobbseeno, tha'ts nto really useful :)10:29
AlohaHobbsee, it stimulates your need for artificial interaction ;)10:30
Alohathats kinda useful10:31
Hobbseeyeah well, there is that10:31
* Hobbsee has always been somewaht of a hermit anyway10:31
* Hobbsee used to only say around 20 words a day, at all.10:32
* jono starts on the packaging guide again10:34
Alohajono, rewriting it?10:35
jonoAloha: nope, learning it :)10:35
Alohajono, oh. :) its fun :)10:35
Alohajono, i learned how to patch today. woohoo10:35
jonowicked :)10:36
Alohai still can't get over this build system10:37
Alohaits like a self replicating robot. it finds what system you're running and it packages itself to that spec and then installs the package10:38
* persia rings the bddebian gong10:40
persiasuperm1: The trick is being absent for spans across sampling periods.10:41
persiaScottK: I completely agree.  There's actually a few packages that lintian recommends we purge that I think are achievable.10:41
emgentehm people..10:41
emgentsee this.10:41
Alohathe only problem with this build is that the resulting package totally violates debian policy in like every way possible10:42
jonoquick question10:51
persiajono: Just ask (and I doubt I will provide a short answer)10:51
jonocan someone be a packager and not have programming experience? as in...could I look at bugs with patches attached and apply the patch and do an upload without having to hack on code?10:52
jonoor do MOTUs need programming experience?10:52
persiaYes, very much so.10:52
jonogood stuff :)10:52
persiaThere are several classes of bugs.  Some just require a little investigation as to what happened, and a set of rebuilds in the right order.10:52
ograjono, note that experience with diff and patch is rare without programming (at least scripting) experience10:53
persiaSome require small adjustments to packaging: perhaps the build-dependencies, the description, patches to correct spelling, file installation locations, etc.10:53
jonoI am thinking of new MOTUs who have never coded10:53
jonosorry, new "potential" MOTUs10:53
persiaHaving experience with make or shell scripting is a big advantage, as it allows one to start working on bugs with maintainer scripts, debian/rules, etc.10:53
persiaFrom there, it gets more complicated, either code integration issues (local coding) or bugfix patches (which likely should be pushed upstream).10:54
jonothanks :)10:54
jonois it clear with the bug what kind of fix it needs?10:54
persiaIn many cases, upstream already has a fix, and some discussion with upstream, and the application of the patch, and some testing is enough to resolve the bug.10:54
jonoor do I need to check the patch?10:54
persiaIt's not always clear.  Bugsquad processes about 1000 bugs a week, but those don't always reach a state of sufficient triage to be obvious.10:55
persiaYou should always check the patch to see if it makes some sense.  Even if you don't know the programming language, there should be some relation between the patch and the bug (and if there isn't, ask the patch author for some explanation).10:56
jonois there a triage label or tag that indicates the complexity of the fix?10:56
jonogood stuff10:56
persiaThis is more because you want to know what you signed: kind of like reading contracts before you sign them.10:56
jonothanks persia10:56
Alohayou read contracts? ;)10:57
persiaThere's not really such a tag.  Bugs that appear obviously easy get the "bitesize" tag, but there's lots of easy bugs that aren't tagged.  Well understood bugs are usually status: triaged, but that doesn't mean they are easy to solve.10:57
persiaAloha: Are you free next wednesday?  I have a business proposition.10:57
Alohapersia, heh10:57
Alohapersia, i'd almost be tempted to take up your offer just to see where i end up ;)10:58
persiaAnyway, about bugs, my recommedation is that people interested in helping with development get involved with bugsquad (in #ubuntu-bugs: there are people there despite the bot) to get a better handle on how the bugs are organised, etc.10:58
persiaAlso, this often gives a first chance to grab the easy ones, and get a good list of fixes in the archive, which can be satisfying.10:59
persiaAloha: Please send me private email with details of a hotel reservation near you, and information regarding with whom I should arrange for transportation.  I'll present the opportunity, and bring along some paperwork.11:00
Alohapersia, which hotel do you want? Theres like 1000 here11:01
* persia puts away the bait & tackle11:02
Hobbseeso, apparently slicing your fingers open is a bad idea.11:15
isaacsoren: I have uploaded a package called unblock-signals to REVU, which is needed to fix a problem in ebox related to apache2 blocking some signals , I am not sure if foolano has told you about it11:18
persiaHobbsee: Generally.  Lots of nerves and stuff.  If you're just curious about the contents, someone else's fingers are recommended.11:18
sorenisaac: He hasn't.11:18
isaacsoren: thing is that apache2 blocks some signals11:18
isaacsoren: and then sometimes gconfd2 is spawned from inside apache2 by libgconf11:19
isaacsoren: and it doesn't unblock these signals so it's impossible to terminate it gracefully11:19
foolanoi filed a bug in gnome's bugzilla11:19
isaacthis is the only workaround we have managed to think of that doesn't involve modifying any other package11:19
sorenModifying other packages is not out of the question.11:20
sorenAt all :)11:20
isaacsoren: the thing is the package we would need to modify is gconf11:20
isaacsoren: and I guess that's quite an important part of ubuntu11:20
isaacsoren: foolano already provided a patch to upstream11:21
=== Ibalon is now known as zakame
isaacsoren: but gconf is unmaintained by upstream11:21
isaacit's in a kind of "it works for us so nobody needs to touch it"11:21
Alohaif a script needs permissions changed do i patch that or just change  it?11:21
isaacAloha: what do you mean? you are a shipping a script in a package that needs to have its permissions changed?11:22
sorenisaac: gconf is unmaintained? This is news to me.11:22
isaacsoren: by upstream11:22
isaacsoren: we joined the #gnome-hackers channel some days ago11:22
isaacsoren: to ask about the issue11:22
isaacand we were told that there were no current maintainer for gconf11:22
Alohaisaac, lintian complains about file not being executable11:22
isaacif something breaks there I am sure they will fix it11:22
isaacAloha: just add a chmod in your debian/rules11:22
persiaAloha: That often means it's not supposed to be executable.11:22
sorenisaac: Well, if the patch is good, we can apply it in Ubuntu.11:23
isaacpersia: if lintian is complaining it's because the script has a shebang11:23
Alohaisaac, it does11:23
Alohaisaac, should i just patch it out? all of his files have shebangs and it complains about all of them heh11:23
persiaisaac: Right.  In many cases, this happens where it shouldn't, e.g. random python snippets in /usr/share11:23
isaacAloha: you can't patch that11:23
isaacAloha: just make sure to set the right permissions after you install your files in debian/tmp/ or debian/package-name/11:24
Alohaisaac, ok. i was gonna just remove the shebang but i guess thats a bad idea11:24
isaacpersia: yes, in that case just adding a lintian override should be ok11:24
persia(or, if they aren't actually executed, just remove the #! lines)11:24
persiaisaac: No, better to drop #!.11:24
isaacpersia: uhm, if it's an example it's ok for it to have the #~11:24
persiaisaac: Yes.  Examples are special cases.11:25
sorenisaac: I recommend you file a bug against gconf2 in Ubuntu and attach the patch.11:25
isaacAloha: so what's exactly the case here?11:25
isaacsoren: ok11:25
Alohaisaac, its an actual script. the build system is wack so its hard to tell what it does exactly11:25
Alohai can create a patch to remove the shebangs and see if it still builds11:26
persiaAloha: Where is the offending file installed?11:26
Alohaif not i'll just remove the patch11:26
Alohatheres a bunch of python scripts11:27
Alohaactually they're expect and awk scripts11:28
Alohapython is different error. i fixed that one11:28
persiaAloha: It's generally safe to strip #! lines from everything in /usr/share.  Note that some packages rely on internal executables, and may need patching to include, source, or otherwise call out to those, rather than relying on a system call to be policy compliant.11:29
=== Allan is now known as Hit3k_
=== Hit3k_ is now known as Hit3k
persiaErr, with the exception of /usr/share/doc/$package/examples, as isaac rightly pointed out previously.11:30
mok0Does feature freeze include merges?11:31
sorenmok0: Depends..11:32
sorenmok0: Merging stuff is fine if it's for the sake of fixing bugs.11:32
mok0soren: ok11:32
sorenmok0: If it's to get new features and stuff, you need to ask.11:32
persiamok0: Only as much as DIF included merges.  We still like bugfixes, but new upstreams and new features require FFe.11:32
mok0persia: thx11:32
mok0starting to feel the stress...11:33
persiamok0: That's a good sign :)11:33
mok0persia: yep. I tend to get things done only when I'm stressed :-)11:33
Hobbseepersia: heh :)11:36
* persia encourages someone looking for a quick upload to review and test the patch for bug #66623. Seems to be wide user interest, and a candidate fix already extracted from upstream.11:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 66623 in ruby-gnome2 "warning: GRClosure invoking callback: already destroyed" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6662311:39
Nafalloany german guys around?11:54
Nafallopersia: you speak german, don't you? :-)11:55
isaacsoren: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gconf/+bug/18800711:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188007 in gconf "gconfd does not unblock signals properly" [Undecided,New]11:55
dholbachNafallo: I do11:55
persiaNafallo: Nur ein bisse11:55
isaacsoren: we would need either that fixed or the package I uploaded in the archive11:55
Nafalloyay! I have something I can't understand :-)11:55
Nafallo    *  Grund: Es wurde ein FastCGI-User mit UID und GID <1000 angegeben. Dies ist nicht erlaubt.11:56
Nafallo    * Lösung: User und Gruppe mit UID/GID >=1000 angeben. Ändern des Besitzers des Skripts nicht vergessen.11:56
Nafallowhat does that say?11:56
isaacsoren: well, it's just a corner case that shouldn't happen "often", but it could biete some users11:57
dholbachNafallo: "a fastcgi-user with uid and gid < 1000 were submitted - that's not allowed - solution: use user and group with uid/gid>=1000, also don't forget the owner of the script."11:57
persiaNafallo: You shouldn't try to do things like that.  Use a UID/GID > 1000 for normal system users.11:57
* persia notes that translation is better than gloss11:57
Nafalloaha. thanks :-)11:57
Nafallopersia: what can I say... it's CentOS and cPanel ;-)11:57
dholbachMOTU Q&A session in 15 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom12:45
norsettohowdy all13:33
pochuhi norsetto13:36
norsettohey pochu13:36
warp10hi norsetto!13:37
norsettohey warpie!13:37
norsettocongrats RainCT, welcome in the team :-)13:38
highvoltagehey norsetto, long time no see13:38
warp10how are you doing, norsetto? :)13:38
RainCTnorsetto: thanks :)13:38
norsettowarp10: pretty busy, and you?13:38
norsettohighvoltage: hi jonathan!13:38
warp10norsetto: fighting against flu. And flu is winning13:39
norsettowarp10: perhaps you should see a doctor ....13:39
norsettowarp10: ( I know, that was an easy one ....)13:39
warp10norsetto: indeed! Do you know one? :P13:39
warp10norsetto: (eheh)13:39
alleesiretart: hi.  thx for fai 3.2.4.  rebuild without change on gutsy.  Btw. you remember which pkgs was 'broken' short before gutsy release that left fai PXE  unusable?13:44
ryanakcaRainCT: Mind giving the last advocate? http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=basic25613:46
RainCTryanakca: have you add a manpage?13:48
RainCTryanakca: ok :)13:49
ryanakcaRainCT: thanks :)13:52
* ryanakca goes back to cooking breakfast13:52
RainCTryanakca: the manpage says "ComicBook was written by Ian Larson <drblast@users.sourceforge.net>, Tony Dann <supertony007@googlemail.com> and Ferry Hendrikx <ferry.hendrikx@gmail.com>.", otherwise it looks great :)13:53
RainCTryanakca: tell me what that should be and I'll upload13:53
=== bmk789_ is now known as bmk789_brb
cyberixOnly one revu day left before Hardy?14:09
sistpoty|workhi folks14:11
ryanakcaRainCT: sorry, I copied it over from my old package and modified :)14:16
ryanakcaRainCT: wait to upload, rexbron gave me some things to work on in #ubuntu-ca14:19
* ryanakca will reupload in a few minutes14:19
norsettoheya sistpoty14:22
RainCTryanakca: reading the log, you can use dh_*'s14:22
sistpoty|workhi norsetto14:22
RainCTryanakca: but you don't need dh_desktop as cdbs calls it automagically14:22
RainCTryanakca: and instead of dh_install I recommend you using a debian/install file14:22
* ryanakca nods14:23
rexbronryanakca: as RainCT said, you could do away with teh extra lines in debian/rules as CDBS handels that behind the scenes14:26
ryanakcarexbron: :)14:29
ryanakcaRainCT: ping, ok. 'dh_install cannot rename files or directories, it can only install them with the names they already have into wherever you want in the package...'14:33
ryanakcaso, would I need to put a 'postinstall' to move usr/bin/BASIC256 to usr/bin/basic256 ?14:33
RainCTrexbron: does using cp instead of dh_install  make any difference?14:36
ScottKryanakca: IIRC that's how I've done it.14:41
ryanakcaScottK: thanks14:44
ryanakcaRainCT: I'll run it threw my sbuild and if it doesn't complain, I'll upload to REVU14:45
RainCTryanakca: okay :)14:46
* norsetto -> afk14:46
norsettoah ....14:46
=== bmk789_brb is now known as bmk789
jdongsuperm1: thanks for the advocating vote :)14:51
jdongMOTU's only need one advocate right? After that what's the next step in the procedure? To upload?14:52
sistpoty|workjdong: MOTU's are only encouraged to have it reviewed, but may upload entirely w.o. a review14:53
jdongsistpoty|work: oh, ok, I was under the impression that MOTU's needed to have an ACK on REVU before uploading. But in any case, a review is always a good idea :)14:54
sistpoty|workwtf... someone wrongly updated the developer reference again... grml14:55
ryanakcahmm.. is it .postinstall or .postinst ?14:55
jdongryanakca: postinst14:55
Lutinis there a problem with qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs ?14:55
sorensistpoty|work: Er... What?14:56
sistpoty|worksoren: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages14:56
sorensistpoty|work: New packages need to be OK'ed by two MOTU's.14:56
pochusoren: not now14:56
sistpoty|worksoren: the link to the new packages policy decision for MOTUs is even correct, but the text is wrong14:56
sorenWhat? Since when?14:56
sistpoty|work23 Feb 0714:57
pochusoren: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Council/Meetings/2007-02-2314:58
* soren is deeply surprised.15:00
* sistpoty|work always had the feeling that many people weren't aware of this15:00
ryanakcacan I use $(CURDIR) in .postinst?15:00
=== alleeHol is now known as allee
sistpoty|workryanakca: nope, $(CURDIR) is only valid in a Makefile15:01
ryanakcasistpoty|work: ok, so instead of say "s15:01
ryanakca"mv $(CURDIR)/debian/basic256/usr/bin/BASIC256 \", I would use "mv debian/basic256/usr/bin/BASIC256 \" ?15:02
jdongryanakca: postinst runs after installation, not during build15:02
jdongryanakca: I'm quite sure debian/ won't exist :)15:02
ryanakcajdong: ok. So, during build, if I wanted to move usr/bin/BASIC256 to usr/bin/basic256, where would I do so?15:02
sistpoty|workryanakca: in debian/rules15:03
jdongryanakca: probably as a part of the install target in rules15:03
RainCTwhat is X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain (.desktop) for?15:03
* ryanakca puts it back into debian/rules.15:03
* jdong uploads his advocated clutch to NEW and crosses his fingers :D15:04
ryanakcaRainCT: ok... so I guess the dh_install part was only for the .desktop file, and I could've left my magic for installing the binary?15:06
RainCTryanakca: yes. I think that cp is also fine for .desktop files, but I'm not sure about this..15:08
ryanakcacan you have something other than 'file dest' in a .install file?15:09
sorenryanakca: Er..15:10
sorenryanakca: Why?15:10
ryanakcasoren: example "debian/basic256.desktop usr/share/applications/15:10
ryanakcasoren: because dh_install doesn't support renaming files15:11
* ryanakca is looking to move "usr/bin/FOO" to "usr/bin/foo"15:11
amarillionryanakca, I had the same problem15:11
sorenSo the real question is: "How do I install foo as bar?"15:11
amarillionI couldn't find a way to do ith with dg_install15:11
ryanakcathere's also the problem that upstream has no "make install", so I have to copy the file from the root of the sources to usr/bin/15:12
ryanakcasoren: exactly15:12
amarillionYou just have to add a line like this in debian/rules: "install -m 755 FOO /usr/bin/foo"15:13
amarillionor rather debian/pkgname/usr/bin/foo15:13
sorenryanakca: I don't think dh_install will do that.15:13
ryanakcasoren: no it won't15:13
sorenFrom dh_install:                                 doit("cp", "-a", $src, "$tmp/$dest/");15:13
ryanakcaamarillion: hmm.. I had that, but was told I should use dh_install http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/basic256-0802011520/basic256-0.9.2/debian/rules15:14
ryanakcaamarillion: oh well, I'll just keep what I have15:14
amarillionyeah, the MOTU's are not always right15:14
amarillionand often disagree amongst each other. Just take it with a grain of salt :)15:15
* ryanakca reruns it threw sbuild...15:15
amarillionryanakca, what is the name of your package? That link doesn't work for me15:15
amarillionah I see. Yeah andrew said it would be "preferable" but in this case you have a good reason to do otherwise15:16
sorenryanakca: Upstream has no "make install"?15:16
sistpoty|workbtw.: what I find a good practice for reviewing is to differentiate between stuff that's a must or stuff that's merely aesthethic (e.g. dh_install vs. cp in debian/rules)... maybe this can help?15:16
sorenryanakca: Then why "DEB_MAKE_INSTALL_TARGET  := install INSTALL_PREFIX=$(CURDIR)/debian/basic256/usr" ?15:17
ryanakcasoren: nope15:17
ryanakcasoren: I took that out15:17
* ryanakca just hasn't uploaded it yet :)15:18
sorenryanakca: Oh, ok.15:18
* ryanakca nods15:18
RainCTryanakca: btw, running lintian on the .deb says:  W: basic256: wrong-name-for-upstream-changelog usr/share/doc/basic256/ChangeLog.gz. If there is an upstream changelog file, it should usually be installed as /usr/share/doc/<pkg>/changelog.gz15:19
ryanakcaRainCT: took care of that :) maybe have a two reviewer comment boxes or string over them suggesting to seperate the "You must fix this" and "If you want an A+ package, you'll probably want to do this"15:20
ryanakcalol, I stuck two messages together15:20
voriancan someone be so kind as to review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=guake  :)15:20
ryanakcasplit the line at the ':)'15:20
ryanakcaRainCT: ... or thought I did... according to 'mc', its called changelog.gz... but according to sbuild, its '-rw-r--r-- root/root      1851 2007-03-01 13:18 ./usr/share/doc/basic256/ChangeLog.gz'15:22
ryanakcaRainCT: I guess I need to add an install line in rules to fix it?15:22
ryanakcaion_, soren thanks :)15:24
bddebianHeya gang15:26
sistpoty|workhi bddebian15:27
bddebianHeya sistpoty|work15:27
ryanakcahey bddebian15:27
bddebianHello ryanakca15:27
bddebianHi RainCT15:30
ScottK2Bashism check please.  cp {index,category}.rhtml $(DESTDIR_)/share/dhelp/ is a bashism, right?15:33
RainCTScottK2: yes15:33
ScottK2RainCT: Thanks.15:33
* RainCT just found an easily reproducible crash in desktop-file-validate.. :/15:35
jpatrickhey bddebian, do you do mentor.debian.net sponsers? :)15:35
RainCTIs any bored C guy around? :P15:35
ryanakcaRainCT: uploaded...15:36
ryanakcafrom the looks of it, REVU was changed to only scan every ten minutes on the tens, instead of every five minutes?15:37
ScottKryanakca: AFAIK it's always been 10.15:38
sistpoty|workryanakca: iirc yes, but I could also look at the cron entry if you want definite numbers ;)15:38
bddebianjpatrick: I upload lots of shit to mentors if that is what you mean.  IANADD. :-)15:38
jpatrickbddebian: ah, ok :)15:38
bddebianRainCT: So fix it ;-)15:39
RainCTbddebian: I can't :)15:39
ryanakcasistpoty|work: lol, no need :)15:39
* ryanakca just gets impatient :)15:39
effie_jayxfor changelogs is (LP: 1234567) or is it (LP: #1234567)15:41
geserHi bddebian15:41
bddebianHeya geser15:41
mok0 (LP: #1234567)15:41
jpatrickeffie_jayx: later15:41
effie_jayxjpatrick,  cool15:41
geserScottK: check also if SHELL is not set to /bin/bash in /debian/rules15:41
jpatrickbddebian: you're not the first guy I've pinged today thinking of a DD :)15:41
geserRainCT: what C problem do you have?15:42
ScottKgeser: Thanks.15:42
bddebianjpatrick: Well I'm in the NM queue now but I'll probably be dead and buried before that ever happens ;-)15:44
RainCTgeser: bug #188073 :P15:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188073 in desktop-file-utils "Reproducible segfault in desktop-file-validate" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18807315:46
RainCTryanakca: "Comments for upload of February  01  15:20"   it isn't this or?15:48
ryanakcaRainCT: wrong one...15:48
geserRainCT: nice, I can reproduce it and will see I what I can do to fix it15:49
ryanakcaRainCT: I uploaded the fixed copy to the wrong place... :)15:49
ryanakcashould up up in a few minutes :)15:49
RainCTgeser: cool :)15:49
ryanakcaRainCT: its up :)15:50
RainCTofftopic, anyone here uses openbox?15:51
mok0I have a question about writing changelog entries in a merge15:59
mok0I was told earlier to duplicate all the entries from earlier ubuntu merges and put them at the top16:00
mok0However, I have worked with DD to backport some of the ubuntu changes, so I am not sure how much ubuntu custimization is actually left in the merged package16:01
wastreli've got a bug that has an upstream fix that needs to be updated in hardy16:01
wastrel184505   if a kindly motu would take a look16:03
jdongbug 18450516:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184505 in jppy "jppy fails to launch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18450516:03
sistpoty|workmok0: I usually strip off all old changelog entries, because I take the debian package and redo every ubuntu customization that's present (i.e. I don't really merge it *g*)16:03
sistpoty|workmok0: however if doing so, make sure to not drop any info (lp bugs numbers, who submitted what patch, why was a patch applied etc.)16:04
mok0sistpoty|work: I got things from DaD16:04
gesermok0: in such cases, I ignore the changelog at first, create a debdiff, check what's in the debdiff and write then the changelog entry16:04
mok0geser: that seems doable16:04
gesermok0: of course check if the other changes in the old ubuntu delta are really included in the debian package16:04
jdongwastrel: I'll take a look when I get home this afternoon, if nobody else has taken care of it by that time16:05
ScottKThen there are the fun undocumented changes you discover that way and wonder if they should really be there or not.16:05
mok0I'd think that unless the changes are really important, it would be better to get as close as possible to the debian version16:06
geserScottK: I check then if there are in the old ubuntu delta and drop any undocumented changes to .po files usually (when working with MoM)16:06
sistpoty|workmok0: that depends... if you get almost close, you still have a merge instead of a sync. Nonetheless it's worth trying to do that.16:07
mok0sistpoty|work: how do you change a merge to a sync?16:08
ScottKgeser: That's about what I do too.  One of my recent main merges had some undocumented debian/rules trickery that it took quite some time to sort out.16:08
sistpoty|workmok0: if there are no changes left, it's a sync16:08
ScottKslangasek: Is killing off old DB versions an official release goal for Lenny (I don't see it documented)?16:09
sistpoty|workScottK: iirc killing duplicate code in the archives is (and I guess that would include old DB versions)16:09
sistpoty|workduplicate library code even16:10
zoli2kHi! I write a howto for the compilation of some source code on ubuntu. How can I track, all the dependencies of compilation and calculate which packages are necessary to compile a source. Do I need a fresh installation?16:11
zoli2kI strongly apologize if I m asking this on wrong channel.16:11
geserzoli2k: try&error16:11
ryanakcacan someone please review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=basic256 ?16:12
wastrelzoli2k: one trick is  apt-get build-dep <packagename>16:12
geserzoli2k: reading INSTALL or README for requirements often helps16:12
wastrelif the thing you're compiling is also packaged in the repos16:12
geserwastrel: that only works if there is a package already :)16:12
sistpoty|workzoli2k: if it does compile in your system, you could do a objdump -p <executable_or_library> | grep NEEDED and try to see what the build-dependend libraries could be16:13
sistpoty|workzoli2k: if not, I usually look at upstream's README to find some hints16:13
geserzoli2k: an other help is to check which libs configure tries to find16:13
zoli2kI am trying to write a compiling howto for l7 filter.16:13
=== keffie_jayx is now known as effie_jayx
zoli2kthanks, I this will help a lot. I just want to be sure that a step-by-step howto will be correct if the user apply it on a fresh installation.16:15
dcorderoif someone has report a sync request from Debian. And the only change is to change the maintainer to motu. is that the right way send a debdiff to launchpad?16:16
sistpoty|workdcordero: no, then it's really a sync request and should get synced by the archive admins16:17
mok0So I open an LP bug and attach the debdiff, and subscribe u-u-s, right?16:19
RainCTsuperm1: does your advocation for basic256 still apply?16:19
sistpoty|workmok0: right16:20
mok0sistpoty|work: any particular tag needed?16:21
sistpoty|workmok0: no idea... haven't looked at the sponsors queue for ages myself and am not up to date on policy there :/16:22
ScottKmok0: No particular tag needed for a merge.16:23
mok0ScottK: ok thx16:23
RainCTryanakca: great, advocated :). If superm1 agrees, I'll upload it16:23
ryanakcaRainCT: thanks :)16:24
RainCT@now europe/berlin16:26
ubotuCurrent time in Europe/Berlin: February 01 2008, 17:26:18 - Next meeting: MOTU in 3 hours 33 minutes16:26
sistpoty|workryanakca: out of interest: did you try to build base256 on an amd64?16:26
jpatrickRainCT: /msg ubotu thing16:27
slangasekScottK: dunno, honestly; it's a goal of mine for lenny, and I haven't hesitated to file bugs and NMU :)16:27
ScottKslangasek: I've got an NMU for dhelp almost ready to fix a bashim and bump them to a later libdb4.xruby.  Would you sponsor it for me then?16:28
RainCTjpatrick: btw, where is the meeting? #ubuntu-meeting?16:29
nxvl_workdholbach: around?16:29
jpatrickRainCT: yeah16:29
dholbachnxvl_work: yes16:29
slangasekScottK: oh, there /is/ a later libdb4.x ruby?  sure, I could have a look at that16:29
nxvl_workdholbach: i have just read your mail about the Developer week16:30
dholbachnxvl_work: cool16:30
nxvl_workdholbach: and i was thinking on a session about the DCT, and how to colaborate back to debian16:30
nxvl_workdholbach: about best practices and stuff16:30
ScottKslangasek: Yes.  libdb4.4-ruby got added to the archive late in December.  I've asked to have it sync'ed into Ubuntu so we can kill libdb4.2-ruby and libdb4.3-ruby.16:30
dholbachnxvl_work: sounds good - make sure you talk to james_w about it - he was interested in doing that too16:31
dholbachnxvl_work: you have his email address?16:31
slangasekScottK: ah, so "newer" but still lagging :)16:31
ScottKslangasek: Yes.16:31
nxvl_workdholbach: nop, but i think it should be on LP16:31
dholbachnxvl_work: hang on, I'll give it to you16:31
slangasekScottK: in that case it might be better to push for a libdb4.6-ruby first, since db4.4 should actually be a "lower-hanging" target than db4.2 (thanks to openldap :/)16:31
ScottKslangasek: But I think killing off db4.2 and 4.3 would be a good achievement for Hardy.16:31
nxvl_workdholbach: ok, thanks16:31
rexbronRainCT: In answer to your question, using .install files instead of cp or calling dh_install on the files directly is far cleaner and allows one call to dh_install in the rules file to install files for multiple binaries16:32
=== tmarble2 is now known as tmarble
ScottKslangasek: But you're going to get the openldap thing sorted, so it'll go away in the end, right?16:32
slangasekScottK: I'm not actively working on sorting openldap; it blocks on bdb upstream resolving openldap upstream's performance concerns16:33
RainCTrexbron: right, but not really if there's just one or two files or if it needs to be renamed :)16:33
ScottKslangasek: It was more of a royal you.16:33
rexbronRainCT: that is up to the packager then16:33
slangasekScottK: ok :)16:34
rexbronRainCT: in ryanakca case, since he is using cdbs, it makes more sense to just use .install files and let cdbs take care of it16:34
RainCTrexbron: in his case, he needed to rename16:35
slangasekScottK: in any case, I think it's unlikely that we'll see db4.2 gone for hardy; so in terms of priorities I think db4.4 might be the better target16:35
rexbronMoot point, I prefer .install files rather than explicit calls16:35
rexbronIMO, it is better to teach the practices that are useful for more complex packages when applicable to simple ones.16:36
=== bmk789 is now known as bmk789_brb
sistpoty|workwell, you can also use cp for multiple packages...16:37
sistpoty|work(and I don't find using .install files much cleaner actually)16:37
effie_jayxI have the debdiff ready for launchpad... I change the bug to fix Commited and subscribe main-sponsors? or I just subscribe main-sponsors16:37
sistpoty|workhowever I think it's not so nice to mix both install files and using cp somewhere16:37
ScottKslangasek: OK.  At a glance making a new db4.x-ruby package appears trivial.16:39
CoperIt how do I do for lintian should more errors?16:41
Coperwhen I run it it's says nothing but on review I got alot of warnings.16:41
ryanakcaCoper: lintian -I foo      iirc16:41
nxvl_workscottK: thanks for sponsoring my packages16:41
* nxvl_work HUGS scottK16:41
RainCTeffie_jayx: just subscribe16:42
ScottKnxvl_work: Thank you for contributing.  According to slangasek (see above) DB 4.3/4.4 might be better ones to be working on killing off.  Just watch for packages that use transactions in BDB.16:42
effie_jayxRainCT,  thanks16:43
=== spec-x is now known as Spec
slangasekScottK: hmm, this discussion may have just led me to the fix for Debian bug #463397 in php :)16:43
ubotuDebian bug 463397 in php5 "dba_open fails" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/46339716:43
RainCTCoper: if you aren't doing so, check both the .dsc (or source) and .deb16:44
sistpoty|workryanakca: nevermind my previous question... (I just remembered a basic interpreter that was far from 64bit clean, but that was a completely different one)16:44
ScottKslangasek: My recommendation for php bugs is always removal, but no one listens.  What's the fix?16:44
mok0Before Christmas, I did some changes to xtide-data, which should be scrapped, the packaged should be a straight sync. How do I do that?16:44
CoperI got a problem that the package is not installed in /usr/games how can I change install dir?16:45
RainCTmok0: request a sync on launchpad explaining why the changes can be dropped and subscribe u-u-s16:45
slangasekScottK: the fix is to lart my comaintainer for overriding the build-dependency on libdb4.6-dev when building ;)16:45
ryanakcasistpoty|work: hmmm?16:45
* ryanakca scrolls back16:45
mok0RainCT: ok sounds simple16:46
* ScottK smiles16:46
sistpoty|workryanakca: /me asked if you tried building basic256 on amd6416:46
ScottKslangasek: Except there is not libdb4.6-dev in Debian.16:46
ryanakcasistpoty|work: ah. Nope, haven't tried... feel free to try if you want... *isn't running an amd64 / 64bit kernel*16:46
sistpoty|workryanakca: heh, well, need to get work done atm... but I took a quick glance at the code and it looks very clean (and very different from the basic interpreter I once tried)16:47
sistpoty|workryanakca: so I guess there shouldn't be issues ;)16:48
ryanakcalol, okies ;)16:48
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slangasekScottK: libdb4.6-dev is a Provides: of libdb-dev; and it's what you have to build-depend on if you want to have control over which version of libdb you're building against16:54
slangasek(this is the "libdb-dev is ill-advised, etc., etc." from yesterday)16:54
ScottKslangasek: OK.  I guess I got the wrong impression then from reading debian/changelong in the latest Ubuntu revision.16:55
ScottKI thought only Ubuntu has that now.16:55
CoperI have some problem to find a way to change install dir from /usr/bin to /usr/games17:09
geserRainCT: bug #188073 fixed17:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188073 in desktop-file-utils "Reproducible segfault with desktop-file-validate" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18807317:15
RainCTgeser: great :)17:15
ScottKslangasek: I did my bit on the libdb4.x-ruby thing by making a 4.6 package.  If you'd push it on through NEW, then we could get on with killing off BD 4.3/4.4.17:28
slangasekScottK: ok, I'll have a look in a bit17:29
slangasekare you wanting a reverse-sync to Debian too? :)17:29
ScottKslangasek: Thanks.17:29
ScottKslangasek: Yes, but I figured I'd hit lucas up for that so it gets into the right team in Debian.17:30
rexbronCoper: Have you looked at dh_install?17:32
slangasekScottK: fair enough :)17:33
RainCTI'm off for a while.. cya17:33
smarterHey (:17:41
smarterCould someone please review some of my packages? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=extremetuxracer and http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=kde4-style-bespin thanks!17:41
* sistpoty|work heads home17:42
jpatricksmarter: you seem to be... upside down17:42
* smarter likes upside down smileys17:44
lucasScottK: yup, that would be appreciated.17:51
ScottKlucas: I just filed the ITP.17:51
lucasScottK: are you sure that 4.6 is actually supported by upstream? I think it wasn't last time I checked17:51
* ScottK goes and checks some more.17:51
ScottKslangasek: I think I need to do some more testing before you new that package.17:53
lucasScottK: bdb-0.6.2.tar.gz doesn't really say that it works with 4.617:53
slangasekI'd be surprised if it didn't, fwiw17:54
slangasekbut I won't discourage you from testing :)17:54
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ScottKlucas: The changelog doesn't say much as all (several versions not mentioned at all).17:54
lucasI'll mail the upstream17:55
LaserJockhot doc, I upgraded to Hardy and tracker actually works17:55
LaserJock*hot dog17:55
ScottKlucas: Thanks.17:55
ScottKLaserJock: I'm sure someone's working on fixing that.17:55
LaserJockScottK: fixing it to not work again? :-)17:56
CyberMattcould someone please advocate this http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=jailkit17:56
ScottKLaserJock: Yes ;-)17:56
lucasScottK: you packaged it using libdb4.4-ruby as a basis?17:57
ScottKlucas: Yes17:57
lucasScottK: ok17:58
lucasScottK: I mailed the upstream. wait and see :)17:58
CyberMatttwo people if your feeling nice (:17:58
ScottKlucas: I even changed your credit in debian/copyright to credit you in libdb4.4-ruby17:58
lucasheh ;)17:59
LaserJockScottK: quite possible. In gutsy it wouldn't actual index much of anything but my email18:00
LaserJocknow that I'm working on my dissertation indexing journal articles is a  big plus18:00
effie_jayxthe package is in multiverse .. who do I subscribe to the bug18:01
ScottKeffie_jayx: For a bugfix/merge it's still UUS18:02
effie_jayxScottK,  for a bug fix18:03
effie_jayxScottK,  ok18:04
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tuxmaniacLaserJock, hello18:12
LaserJockhi tuxmaniac18:12
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ryanakcais it normal that you can apt-cache show <foo>, but not apt-get source <foo> ?18:33
ryanakcaex, http://blog.ryanak.ca/topal18:34
ScottKryanakca: The first foo is a binary package name.  The second one wants a source package name.18:34
ryanakcaScottK: okies18:35
ryanakca!info topal18:35
ubotutopal (source: topal): Links Pine and GnuPG together. In component multiverse, is extra. Version (gutsy), package size 222 kB, installed size 660 kB (Only available for i386 sparc powerpc)18:35
ryanakcaScottK: same binary/source package name according to that...18:36
ScottKNext question would be do you have multiverse turned on.18:36
superm1ScottK, actually you can use binary or source package name in the second case18:36
superm1i just tried18:36
ryanakcaScottK: nvm :)18:36
ryanakcaScottK: might be interesting to update the package... it can now go into universe since its GPL :)18:37
ryanakcaScottK: ... and yes, multiverse is enabled18:38
ryanakcaoh well, I'll just dget18:38
blueyedryanakca: try apt-cache madison <foo>, which works for both foos.18:44
LaserJockshowsrc is also good18:48
ion_Awesome news for people maintaining packaging in a git repository: http://kitenet.net/~joey/blog/entry/generating_pristine_tarballs_from_git_repositories/18:57
LaserJockion_: ah, that is nice18:58
nixternalafternoon :)19:00
LaserJocknixternal: how ya feelin'?19:02
nixternala tad bit better today19:02
nixternalbut looking outside and seeing nearly a foot of snow makes me sad...I sure hope it doesn't melt quick, I need to hurry up and get well, I have some snowmobiling to do! :)19:03
slicerAnyone have time to go through http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=mumble with me and get the final pieces in place?19:11
jdongryanakca: apt-cache source foo only works if you have deb-src lines to match the binary repo in question19:22
jdongryanakca: if that's met, apt-cache source foo even works if you specify a binary package name corresponding to some available source package19:23
jdongryanakca: some of us have dirty little HTTP scrapers that directly locate and retrieve source packages from launchpad ;-)19:23
superm1jdong, you want to take a stab at my revu on there too needing an ack?19:30
ScottK2Anyone thinking their about ready to apply for MOTU is welcome to take a stab at the pending Courier merge.19:31
LaserJockhuh, MS wants to buy Yahoo19:34
ScottK2So I've got this box that I should have upgraded two years ago and didn't.  It's got Xandros 3 (based on Sarge) and I'd like to see if I can cross-grade it to Kubuntu.  My current plan is upgrade to Dapper and then follow the releases from there.  Comments?19:34
ScottK2LaserJock: Yes.  Old news :-)19:34
LaserJockScottK2: well *I* just read it so it's new news to me ;-)19:35
ScottK2Yeah.  There is that.19:35
LaserJockScottK2: that upgrade plan sounds sort of reasonable. Is is a desktop machine?19:36
LaserJock*is it19:36
smagounHi all, I'm looking for a sponsor to get an update to the moblin-applets package into universe: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/moblin-applets/+bug/18718119:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187181 in moblin-applets "Upgrade to moblin-applets 0.27" [Undecided,In progress]19:36
ScottK2LaserJock: Laptop.19:36
LaserJockwhy not wipe it?19:37
LaserJockor are you just wanting to experiment19:37
ScottK2Wanting to experiment and it's got a bunch of accounts on it and I'd rather not have to recreate them all.19:38
ScottK2I'll back everything up first, so it's no great trouble if it doesn't work.19:39
ryanakcajdong: lol :)19:46
LaserJockbah, I think I found a nice little regression in Hardy19:46
LaserJockin the mouse setting for a touchpad the "Tap to click" check box doesn't seem to do anything19:47
LaserJockhow annoying, perhaps I can find the code for it19:48
jdongsuperm1: what do you have on REVU? I need to look at lucidfox's tovid package too. I have both planned for later after I finish packing, and lucidfox will need two ACKs too19:53
zulsmagoun: you might have an easier time in the -mobile channels19:53
superm1jdong, gmyth19:53
superm1i can take a look at tovid after i finish packaging baracuda19:53
jdongsuperm1: ok, sweet. What a busy day huh :D19:53
smagounzul: thanks. I'm at the mobile sprint right now, in fact. Trying to do this the 'right way'...19:54
superm1jdong, yesterday all i did was revu stuff :)19:54
superm1that and watch lost19:54
superm1but you know19:54
nixternalumm, meeting time?19:58
ScottKnixternal: Thanks for the reminder19:59
nixternalheh, only reason I remembered is because I fixed my script to grab the ical file from the fridge and import it into Kontact for me :)19:59
nixternalI just got the warning19:59
vemonany motu's who are interested in linux audio production? http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=lashwrap (LASH wrapper for non-LASHified audio/midi apps) http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=ghostess (dssi host)20:03
desertcAnyone familiar with the discussions with Thorvald from the Mumble project?  I am trying to work with him and coax him in the right direction to get his software packagable.  The discussion seems to have stalled out on Launchpad.20:05
desertcHe says he has been in this channel trying to work with people, but he doesn't remember who, but he feels like the Speex issue has been resolved.20:06
hellboy195hoi jono, our well known community manager :)20:07
jonohey hellboy195 :)20:07
joejaxxhas anyone seen Zelat?20:10
desertcIt would obviously be awesome to have voice conferencing software integrated into Ubuntu by Hardy, so I have been trying to track the progress and help where I can.  Persia, I hate to tap you again, but Thorvald said he had talked with you about the packaging.20:11
* desertc gives praise to the superstar persia.20:12
frafuHello, I am trying to use dh_gconf in a package using debhelper, but I don't know how to do it. What else do I have to do apart adding dh_gconf to the binary-arch target?20:13
superm1hm if an export from cvs/svn/hg/git doesn't have autogen.sh, how are you supposed to build configure/Makefile20:17
frafuIf I got it right, I can remove  --with-gconf-schema-file-dir=/usr/share/gconf from the configure command in debian/rules, but the schemas always end in /usr/etc/gconf (report from lintian)20:17
gesersuperm1: ask upstream how they do it20:18
superm1geser, yeah that's what i was thinking i was gonna have to do20:18
superm1geser, it appears that autogen.sh from http://buildconf.brlcad.org/ works, so i'll add that to get-orig-source and let upstream know they need to start shipping it too then20:20
desertcgeser: Do you have any recollection of the OnScripter package?  Wondering if it is worth updating.20:22
geserdesertc: no, from looking at the debdiff I guess it was a fix for a build-failure.20:24
* blueyed also cheers persia :)20:24
desertcgeser: I talked with the developers who release graphic novels with OnScripter, and they said they typically package whatever versions with each release, so it's probably not imperative to have Ubuntu's OnScripter up-to-date, even though our version is 3 years old.20:26
desertcgaser: Just wanted to get your opinion on it, since your name was associated with the package.20:27
blueyedWhat's the best method to get *.ogg from a http path in the current directory?20:28
geserdesertc: if you think it should be updated that go on, I've no opinion on it20:29
desertcBack to the Mumble topic again, I just learned *wave* that slicer is the lead developer and is perma-idled here in #ubuntu-motu .  He's very eager to resolve any remaining issues.20:44
ScottK2desertc: Reading the description ... Why do we need a package for yet another proprietary VOIP protocol in the archives?20:47
leonelthe patches fixed in ubuntu  get back to  debian  ??20:49
desertcScottK2: Mumble is similar in function to Teamspeak and Ventrilio, where multiple users join a channels on a server.  It is often used for online games.  To my knowledge, there is nothing available for Linux like Mumble.20:49
ScottK2leonel: Sometimes20:49
ScottK2desertc: Fair enough.20:49
ScottK2leonel: Did you have something specific in mind?20:49
leoneljust to clear  a discussion overhere ..20:49
leonelnot a real patch to send to debian20:50
frafuSomebody knows a package using debhelpers and dh_gconf, so that I can look how to set it up?20:50
ScottK2Where there is an ubuntu change, it shows up on the Debian Package Tracking System.20:50
ScottK2So Debian maintainers know about it.20:50
desertcScottK2: Also, worth mentioning quickly, Mumble is open source software, unlike Teamspeak or Ventrilio, which may support or plan to support Linux versions.20:51
ScottK2leonel: Good Ubuntu developers will file bugs with patches in Debian.20:51
ScottK2desertc: OK.  I'm convinced.  I'll go back to looking.20:51
leonelScottK2:  thanks20:51
ScottK2desertc: Since we already have speex in the archive, can the package use that instead of it's own copy?  Code duplication is hell for maintenance.20:53
geserand for security updates20:54
desertcScottK2: This is the information I gathered through my discussion with the Mumble developer: http://pastebin.ca/88805920:55
desertcIt is his opinion that this issue has already been resolved through discussions he had in this channel (user name: slicer ), however, he does not have logs on with whom he discussed this topic.20:57
ScottK2desertc: It wasn't resolved with me, so I ask.20:59
desertcAnyway, any resolution we can come to on the topic of Mumble / Speex should be documented on the launchpad page, imho.20:59
desertcSince, right now it looks like an open issue.20:59
desertcEven if there can be a decision made that this is not acceptable.  At least the specific roadblock would be documented.21:02
ScottK2Would it make sense to update the current speex version in the archive to the one Mumble is using?  Would that cause problems with other packcages?21:03
desertcYes, I asked about this too, which generated the response that I pastebin'd: "The problem really is that there is no modern and stable version of Speex;"21:03
ScottK2Right, so let's pick one21:04
desertcSounds good to me, at least.  " slicer " told me he had to go afk for company who visited his house.21:05
desertcSounds like we could choose the version he is presently using in his latest stable, and see what conflicts would arise from using it.21:05
ScottK2Nevermind.  I just looked and speex has a LARGE number of packages depending on it.21:06
ScottK2It'd take some testing.21:06
desertcRight.  Which is surely why Ubuntu is using an old version.  But eventually, that will need to get updated anyway.  I wonder about the processes in place to test that functionality.21:07
desertcAs the developer mentioned, with Speex, you can choose the 1.2 which is beta, or the 1.0.5 which is not even recommended by the Speex team: http://www.speex.org/downloads/21:09
slangasekor, apparently, you can choose 1.1.12 which is what we have in hardy21:09
desertc... and also in Gutsy21:10
slicer1.1.12 is one of the alpha versions of the 1.2 betas.21:11
ScottK2slicer: Then it'd at least make sense to update that to a later beta.21:11
desertcSo, perhaps this Mumble package needs to wait until Speex 1.2 stabilizes and we can all formalize on that standard?  He is planning on adopting 1.2 as soon as it is available21:11
desertcoh, welcome back slicer - I can stop putting words in your mouth now.  ;-)21:12
slicerScottK2: That will probably break a few packages. Any package which uses any of the more advanced functionality of speex will not compile with 1.2b.21:12
slicerScottK2: Nor will it compile with earlier versions of 1.121:12
slicerAnd it still will not include any of the changes we've made to speex.21:13
ScottK2OK.  Fair enough.  Don't be suprised to have this conversation a few more times before it's all over.21:13
slangasekwell, "we've changed the library" is not a great reason to accept embedded copies in the archive.  why are those changes not integrated upstream?21:14
slicerslangasek: Because we use a LOT of the internal functions in speex.21:14
slicerslangasek: Things that you normally would never, ever want a end-developer to touch.21:14
desertcMay I summarize (or someone more knowlegable do it) the results of this discussion on the bug page?  I think it will bring the future people in this discussion up to speed faster21:14
ScottK2Which is not a recipe for long term success.21:15
slangasekslicer: fine; why does *your* app warrant special treatment? :)21:15
slicerslangasek: Because you currently do not have the code we include?21:15
slangaseki.e., if everyone else should be at arm's length from these internals, why should Mumble be allowed to be different?21:15
slicerslangasek: Ah.21:15
ScottK2slicer: FYI, in case you didn't know ^^^ is the Ubuntu release manager21:15
slangasekmeh, why can't I ever just be an anonymous IRC person? :)21:16
slicerslangasek: We basically had a choice. Cut&paste most of the functions we need into our own code, or keep the "library" separate.21:16
slicerslangasek: Since keeping it separate allows us to get the functionality updates much cleaner, we went with that route.21:17
slangasekslicer: hmm, maybe I should rephrase. You've made local changes to libspeex.  have those changes been pushed upstream, and are they on track for inclusion?  If not, why not?21:18
slicerslangasek: Most of the "globally interesting" changes have been applied upstream a long time ago. What remains is exposure of internal data structures.21:19
slangasekand why is your app special in needing those data structures exposed?21:19
slicerslangasek: We expose the audioframe analysis. Without this, we'd have to duplicate all the code for the statistics and automatic tuning in the GUI.21:20
slangasek(that's not something that would block inclusion in an Ubuntu release in universe, but it does lead me to think that some piece of code in this puzzle is not yet as mature as it ought to be)21:20
slicerslangasek: Which would mean doing the entire analysis *TWICE* (once in libspeexdsp, and once in our app), and we'd be back with a large chunk of code being cloned from libspeexdsp.21:20
slangasekslicer: right; so why would it be wrong to expose that as part of the API?21:20
slicerslangasek: Well. First of all, the data structures are highly platform dependant. Which fields are available, and their type, depend on the platform you're running on.21:22
ScottK2slicer: I'm also curious about your proprietary VOIP protocol.  Is it free for others to implement?  What's proprietary about it.21:22
slicerScottK2: Absolutely free.21:22
slicerScottK2: Well. "BSD-licensed" to be exact.21:23
ScottK2The package description describes it as proprietary.21:23
ScottK2That probably ought to be changed then.21:23
ScottK2desertc: ^^^ Comment for you on the packaging.21:24
ScottK2hi dcordero21:24
slicerScottK2: Hm. Probably true. Thing is, it's not H323 or SIP, so what's a good word?21:24
ScottK2slicer: Is it patented?21:24
slicerScottK2: Nope.21:24
slicerScottK2: Only patent issue I'm aware of is the one for the crypt; but that's been openly licensed to any and all opensource projects.21:25
desertcscottK2: right.21:25
slangasekmm, "crypt"?21:25
ScottK2slicer: You might look at http://www.openpatents.org/ then.21:25
slicerScottK2: It's not my patent :) I'm strongly opposed to patents.21:25
slangasekslicer: "non-standard" would be better21:25
slangasek(maybe not "good", but "better")21:26
ScottK2slicer: openpatent doesn't require you have one.21:26
* ScottK2 likes non-standard.21:26
slicerslangasek: We encrypt all the voice communication. Some gamers are paranoid.21:26
DarWin_vcchall :)21:27
slangasekslicer: and you're not just depending on one of the opensource crypto libraries for this? (gnutls, openssl)21:27
paasHi, Could someone please review my package http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libtuxcap, thanks!21:27
slicerslangasek: No. It's mostly usefull for stateless protocols, and I found no opensource implementation. See http://www.cs.ucdavis.edu/~rogaway/ocb/grant.htm for the GPL-exception grant.21:28
slangasekwell, ok - I guess I don't know if gnutls or openssl implement anything suitable for udp21:30
slicerslangasek: Thing is, if you want both encryption and authentication, you can do the classic two-pass implementation (which is patent-free). However, it uses twice the space for the authentication header (more bandwidth) and a little more than twice the CPU.21:30
slangasekit's a deficiency if they don't though21:30
slicerslangasek: They implement crypt. But not "crypt+auth". It's an active field of research :)21:30
slicerslangasek: It's basically HMAC and OFB rolled into one.21:31
slicerslangasek: It's built around AES though, and I do use the AES128 implementation from openssl.21:31
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=== darwin is now known as DarWin_vcch
ScottK2slangasek: On libdb4.6-ruby, everything except transactions works.  Those hang.21:36
slangasekslicer: DTLS is an RFC, and appears to be implemented in OpenSSL; and DTLS appears to inherit auth support from TLS.  But it's somehow unsuitable?21:36
slangasekScottK2: mm, fun21:37
vemonwhat's this tarball.mk cdbs include?21:37
slangasekvemon: for handling tarball-in-tarball packaging; run as far away as you can21:37
vemonit seems to totally mess thing up21:38
vemonthere's this package (jack-rack) i'm trying to upgrade to new upstream version and the original debian package uses tarball.mk21:38
vemoni had to remove the tarball.mk include from rules to get dpkg-buildpackage working. before the removal it seems the source wasnt unpacked to build-tree at all21:40
ScottK2slangasek: What do you think about NEWing the package as is and I'll file a bug on it that says don't use this with transactions.?21:40
vemoni wonder how the package even worked before21:40
slangasekScottK2: could probably do that, yes21:40
LaserJockoh man, compscibuntu21:41
slangasekLaserJock: ?21:41
slicerslangasek: We do the key exchange over the secured TLS link, we also don't need any retransmission, and we have lower overhead.21:41
LaserJockslangasek: just found a new "derivative"21:41
LaserJockfirst there was scibuntu, now we get compscibuntu21:41
ScottK2slicer: Are you going to be around to help out with a patch if a CVE comes up on this package?21:42
slicerScottK2: Absolutely.21:43
desertcslicer scottk2 slangasek : I brought in isforinsects who represents the Speex project.  He has deployed the protocols in the OLPC project and OGG/Theora+Speex.  He is also doing the documentation.21:43
slicerScottK2: Well, barring physical injury, world war 3 or something similar at least.21:44
* slangasek waves21:44
desertcI know you weren't asking for them, but I thought he might want to listen in on the discussion.21:44
isforinsectsSo someone mind catching me up?21:46
desertcI can provide you some links in a PM21:46
vemonis running pdebuild any different from first creating the source package and then building it using (sudo) pbuilder build?21:46
ScottK2The biggest question that touches your area of interest is that mumble ships it's own copy of speex.  We'd like to avoid ducplicate copies of libs in the archive.21:46
dcorderowhere can you found icons for a package without icons in his .desktop files?21:47
RainCTdcordero: project homepage, google (but check licensing)..21:48
RainCTdcordero: or ask someone to create on..21:48
vemonif you create one then you should probably also send it upstream then21:49
dcorderoand another question :)21:49
dcorderoimagine that the same package has 2 different versions on debian and ubuntu21:50
dcorderofor example package-1.0-5 and package-1.0ubuntu8 in ubuntu21:50
dcorderoif a bug appear on launchpad for package-1.0ubuntu8 for a bug solved on package-1.0-3 in debian...21:51
dcorderohow can you solve it?21:51
dcorderothe are a merge protocol or something?21:51
slangasekdcordero: I think one of your version numbers is missing something21:51
isforinsectsHrrm, let me find out *why* he's requiring it.21:52
slangasekdo you mean 1.0-0ubuntu8? 1.0-1ubuntu8? 1.0-5ubuntu8?21:52
desertcslicer: So, if I understand this correctly, one change required in the packaging on the VOIP protocol needs to have the Mumble description changed from using the word 'Proprietary' to 'Non-Standard'.21:52
ScottK2desertc: Yes, although personally, I'm still in the air about the library duplication.21:53
ScottK2Others may feel differently.21:53
desertcslicer and slangasek : Do you feel the issue of the TLS is resolved?21:53
sistpotyhm... maybe we should take a look at the security history of the duplicated lib21:54
slangasekdesertc: well, I don't feel it's /resolved/ on my end, but I don't have time to get into a long discussion about why the statement "we don't need any retransmission" is either incorrect or a big warning bell, and I don't think the crypto would necessarily be a blocker for letting it into the archive21:54
desertcslicer: So, indeed, the library duplication remains a stumbling block here.  Sounds like slangasek is not convinced the TLS protocol needs to be duplicated, either.21:55
slicerdesertc: But I'm not duplicating TLS.21:55
slicerdesertc: It's an entirely different protocol.21:56
slangasekwell, I'm not asking that the protocol be changed as a condition of including it in Ubuntu ;)21:56
slicersistpoty: As far as I know, there hasn't been any vulnerabilities reported in speex.21:57
desertcisforinsects: Do you have any insight into the issue from what you've read so far?21:57
dcorderoi mean for example a program named dcordero-1.0. Named dcordero-1.0-8 in debian and dcordero-1.0-3ubuntu4 in ubuntu. In the same case21:57
desertcisforinsects: of course, when we talk about duplicated libraries, we are talking about Speex and the different functionalities of different Speex versions21:57
sistpotyslicer: (haven't followed closely)... so mumble duplicates libspeex, right?21:57
isforinsects1.2beta2 seems to be universally preferred over the 'stable' release.  It's quality issue more than a vulnerability issue.21:58
slangasekdcordero: thanks, that makes it clearer.  Yes, generally we handle those by way of merging21:58
vemonis there an easy way to clean up the debian/ dir after running dpkg-buildpackage? there seems to be some new (probably temp) files after the build but i can't tell for sure what they are21:58
Coperrexbron: I check dh_install and create a console-freecell.install file in debian/ and put usr/games in it but that didn't work.21:58
slicersistpoty: It includes a slightly changed version.21:58
sistpotyvemon: there shouldn't be (maybe a missing dh_clean call?)21:58
slicersomerville32: Or, to be exact, it exports a lot more functions and data structures than the original library does.21:59
slicersomerville32 sistpoty: Er, tab-expansion bug.21:59
vemonsistpoty, ok well it can be a result of an unclean build then. the source doesn't build yet so maybe dh_clean doesn't get to run properly22:00
Toadstoolgood evening everybody!22:01
sistpotyvemon: then you can of course just call dh_clean in the top src directory22:01
sistpotyhey Toadstool22:01
Toadstoolhi sistpoty22:01
sistpotyslicer: to a quick search, I've found no CVE's, so I wouldn't say it's an absolute blocker, but it'd be much better to not have duplicated code in the archives though22:01
vemonsistpoty, thanks! it worked :)22:01
Coperahh my ears... the are using singstar and singing Basshunter - Boten Anna.22:04
slicersistpoty: Well, if you update the libspeex and libspeexdsp (which is new) in Hardy to 1.2b3, and I make my package use that, it would break horribly when you update to 1.2 final.22:05
rexbronCoper: link to the package?22:05
slicersistpoty: As 1.2.0 will have API incompabilities with 1.2b3.22:05
sistpotyslicer: well... I just wanted to write that it were an absolute blocker for inclusion if libspeex did have a track of vulnerabilities so far. It's not nice to not use the one from the archive, but there may be reasons to do so, which will hopefully get resolved sometime ;)22:07
slicerWell, that would be the absolute authority on all things speex :)22:09
desertcI invited Jean-Marc to the discussion, jmspeex , who is the lead developer of Speex.  He is curious why the latest version is not the desirable solution here.22:09
slicerjmspeex: Hi :)22:11
slangasekslicer: and any updates to a new, ABI/API-incompatible version of libspeex should be accompanied by some sort of transition plan, as we would have to work out already to move from 1.1.12 to 1.2~beta3...22:11
jmspeexAny reasons Ubuntu wouldn't ship 1.2beta3 instead of 1.1.12?22:11
slangasekjmspeex: I'm not sure anyone here has the expertise to answer that question, honestly.  The version currently in hardy comes unmodified from Debian, where it's maintained by the Debian VoIP team22:12
jmspeexslangasek: The codec part of the API has not changed since 1.0 (except for stuff that got added)22:12
slicerjmspeex: It breaks API compatibility with anything using the libspeexdsp functions.22:12
jmspeexThe new features in the unstable branch have had minor changes to the API, including the library split.22:13
jmspeexslicer: big deal, it's just a matter of adding a library. Not many packages use that.22:13
slicerjmspeex: Mine does, and it uses the 1.2b3 (or rather, svn) ones. Which is the source of this discussion.22:14
jmspeexslicer: what features are you using?22:14
slicerjmspeex: Preprocessor (AGC, noise filtering), AEC.22:14
slicerjmspeex: And the jitter buffer..22:15
slicerjmspeex: And the resampler.22:15
slicerjmspeex: Hm. All of them, I think.22:15
jmspeexhmm, all those were OK in beta2 except for the resampler, which was badly broken (and didn't exist at all in beta1)22:15
slangasekjmspeex: are you in communication with any of the Debian folks maintaining that package currently?22:15
vemonare patches in debian/patches dir only meant to be source code patches or is it ok to patch anything outside the debian directory using those patches?22:15
jmspeexslangasek: I've had a few exchanges with the VoIP team about 1.2beta322:16
slicerjmspeex: I also peek directly at SpeexEchoState and SpeexPreprocessorState to visualize the noise floor and current echo path; which means I've exposed those as well from libspeex.22:17
sistpotyvemon: it's ok to patch anything oustide of debian as long as you don't also add a patch system with patches in debian/patches22:17
sistpotyvemon: as in either use a patch system, or don't, but don't mix these ;)22:17
slangasekjmspeex: and, did they say they have any plans to update soon?  It's always nice when we can avoid having to do double-duty on packages22:17
jmspeexslicer: You mean you break the abstraction of those? That's bad! Really bad!22:17
slicerjmspeex: .. which is one of the many reasons I bundle a complete library.22:18
slicerjmspeex: Or rather, "a floating-point subset" version of it.22:19
vemonsistpoty, patching without a patch system means just modifying the files and building the source package?22:19
sistpotyvemon: right22:19
vemonactually i didn't even know that was possible :)22:19
jmspeexThey were fine with upgrading, though they haven't done so yet22:20
sistpotyvemon: then everything you modified (incording the added debian-dir) will end up in .diff.gz22:20
jmspeexThe only issue that was left to resolve was what to do with the development packages that share one of the includes. But it was a minor point anyway.22:20
slicerjmspeex: Without peeking, there is no way to get st->noise[] and st->ps[], meaning I'd have to duplicate the entire code.22:20
vemonsistpoty, ah.. a moment of enlightenment :D22:20
jmspeexslicer: define "a floating point subset"22:20
jmspeexslicer: why do you need st->noise and st->ps directly?22:21
slicerjmspeex: I only included the files I actually use for compilation + the COPYING etc.22:21
slicerjmspeex: To visualize the preprocessor. It's very helpfull when people are wondering what's up with their audio; if they have a high noise around the 50hz area, it's time to get a grounded power supply.22:22
slicerjmspeex: And similarily for the echo, my end users love the ability to see the echo paths. One of them found that closing the door really helped his echo, something which would not be possible by simple trial and error.22:23
jmspeexslicer: there *may* be a way to export those cleanly through the ctl() interface. The reason it's bad to peek is that I keep changing the content of that struct (and that's why I made it opaque to the user).22:25
jmspeexslangasek: I really suggest moving to 1.2beta3. It's not wasted effort because 1.2-final will be quite similar.22:26
slicerjmspeex: I know. I have a script which syncs my speex-svn with my own header, and presents both as unified diffs just to be damn sure.22:26
slicerjmspeex: No more API changes? (re: the TODO file which says "For 1.2: Stabilise all APIs")22:26
jmspeexslicer: No more library split, but I might make some minor changes to the API, mostly on the AEC side (speex_echo_capture and speex_echo_playback)22:28
slicerjmspeex: BTW, thanks for an excellent library!22:28
jmspeexcodec API is frozen, I don't expect to change the resampler API, jitter buffer *might* change, but not that likely.22:28
slicer.. again?22:28
slicerAh well, I'll live :)22:29
jmspeexwere the last changes that bad?22:29
slicerNo, they were good, but they broke my code :)22:29
jmspeexIs the new jitter buffer working better?22:29
jmspeexIt's been nearly completely rewritten22:29
slicerBut, "better libspeex" is more important than "my discomfort".22:29
slicerjmspeex: I've done some really compelling tests with 20% packet loss and +/- 40ms latency.22:30
slicerjmspeex: That test-feature wasn't there while the old buffer code was there though.22:30
jmspeexyou mean +/- 40 ms jitter?22:30
slicerjmspeex: It *does* seem to handle DTX much, much better.22:30
slicerjmspeex: Yes :)22:30
jmspeexCool. I'm always interested in that kind of data.22:31
ScottK2slangasek: libdb4.5-ruby would have the same threading problem in transactions, so I guess I'll just work on fixing 4.622:31
slicerjmspeex: I have a "server network simulator", where you can basically set the packet loss and latency range :)22:31
jmspeexThe only thing it's still missing compared to the old jitter buffer is the early detection of condition changes22:31
slicerjmspeex: I cut transmissions hard when there's end-of-voice, and the old one had some problems coping when transmissions continued several seconds later.22:32
jmspeexyeah, it's tough to do both re-syncing and preventing junk packets to corrupt your state22:33
jmspeexwhat's your project again?22:34
slicerjmspeex: Speaking of which, is there some way to tell it that "I know this isn't junk"? All the packets are encrypted and hashed, so they're guaranteed to be intact.22:34
slicerjmspeex: Mumble :)22:34
jmspeexslicer: why would you want to tell it that? Does it do anything silly.22:34
jmspeexBTW, "junk" also includes horribly delayed packets and bugs on the sender side22:35
yamalMOTUs, http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=sabnzbdplus is in need of reviewing; package should be in pretty good shape - thanks22:36
slicerjmspeex: It doesn't do anything silly that I've detected :)22:37
slicerjmspeex: I.. er.. you're not going to like this. I actually also use it for the AGC on Linux. Since "buffer is full" notification is asynchronous, I can't guarantee I'll be able to read the speaker-input at the same time as mic-input. But stuffing speaker-input in a jitter buffer and fetching it when doing cancellation in mic-input works really, really well.22:38
slicerjmspeex: And when I say AGC, I mean AEC.22:38
dcorderoi have a dude with a bug. Bug #8458922:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 84589 in feisty-gdm-themes "[needs-packaging] High contrast GDM theme" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8458922:40
RainCTgood night :)22:40
slicerRainCT: Good night.22:40
ScottK2dcordero: Is there a question?22:41
dcorderoI dont know if it's good thing add this themes to feisty-gdm-themes. I think that i am nobody for include a theme in the default themes22:41
persiadcordero: According to rmadison, feisty-gdm-themes is in the repo.  That bug looks like it needs someone to review the changes from the branch, and prepare a debdiff.22:41
ScottK2Although I suspect feisty-... isn't where we'd want it.22:41
slicerAnyway, back to "getting Mumble into Hardy". To avoid shipping our own version of speex, we'd need for libspeexdsp to add ctl()s for the data we need (I can write a patch), we'd need a source release of speex with this functionality, that release to be packaged into debian/ubuntu and a new version of Mumble uploaded to REVU. I consider it "somewhat unlikely" that this will happen in the next 14 days.22:42
persiadcordero: Once the work is done, you would submit the patch, but you might want to check the ubuntu-gdm-themes package or the gdm-themes package first.  Might be best to just drop feisty-gdm-themes, as it is not required for either of the supported upgrade paths to hardy.22:43
dcorderobut feisty-gdm-themes if for default themes :/ I think that this new themes should be included in a new package22:43
persiadcordero: No.  ubuntu-gdm-themes is the default themes.22:43
slicerjmspeex: Oh, yes, I belive I've requested this before, but could you pretty please add a '#define SPEEX_VERSION 0x020000' or something similar to the headers? At the moment it's impossible to detect at compile time which version of the APIs to use.22:43
ScottK2slicer: If that was going to happen in a certain timeline, we could add the package with the bundled lib and then unbundle it when the time comes.22:44
dcorderoW: Unable to locate package ubuntu-gdm-themes22:44
crimsunit's only in hardy.22:45
slicerScottK2: I have no narcisstic need to bundle my own version, so if the Ubuntu-shipped one suddenly has all the functionality I need, it would be just silly of me to bundle it :)22:45
dcorderoi see22:45
ScottK2slicer: Sure.  I'm just saying that if you and jmspeex could agree to get this done, we could proceed on reviewing your package on the assumption that it'll happen.22:47
dcorderobut the people here use hardy? :)22:48
ScottK2Some do, some don't.22:48
persiadcordero: Some people use hardy (some use Dapper).  Most have at least a hardy chroot for testing.22:48
dcorderoi am all the time in package.ubuntu.com checking hardy package, all the time, allll22:48
persiadcordero: rmadison will be your new best freind22:48
LaserJockpackage.ubuntu.com isn't the best place for hardy22:48
LaserJockit can be decently out of date at times for the development release22:49
* ScottK2 needs to go play Daddy for several hours. See you all later.22:49
LaserJockrmadison is very nice22:49
slicerScottK2: But would acceptance into Hardy be blocked until the unbundling was done?22:49
LaserJockScottK2: good luck with that :-)22:49
nxvl_workpersia: congratulations! finally found you :P22:49
slicerScottK2: Enjoy ;)22:49
ScottK2slicer: I'd say no.  I'd say an agreement to work it out would likely be adequate, but I certainly am not the final word.22:50
dcordero:/ i'll search about rmadison22:50
persiadcordero: Try running @rmadison ubuntu-gdm-themes` at a shell prompt.22:50
persias/@/`/ (me wants mind-controlled shift keys)22:50
dcorderodont tell me anything22:51
dcorderodcordero@vaio:~$ rmadison ubuntu-gdm-themes22:52
LaserJockdcordero: you might need to install devscripts22:53
persiaOdd.  It ought report something.  Try `rmadison -u ubuntu ubuntu-gdm-themes`.22:53
slicerjmspeex: Does adding the necarry ctls seem acceptable to you? I can write a patch and have it sent to speex-dev by tomorrow afternoon.22:53
StevenKIf it's Gutsy, you need -u ubuntu22:53
persiaLaserJock: Wouldn't that generate a command-not-found error though?22:53
StevenKIn Gutsy, it defaults to Debian22:54
LaserJockpersia: well, depends on his version22:54
dcorderook -u was the problem ;)22:54
persiaStevenK: Right.  Thanks.22:54
LaserJockStevenK: really? I thought it worked fine for me. Maybe I was looking up a bunch of debian stuff22:54
dcordero-u ubuntu -s hardy interesting utility22:54
StevenKLaserJock: It will list Debian stuff by default in Gutsy.22:55
StevenKLaserJock: ubuntu-gdm-themes isn't in Debian, for obvious reasons.22:55
desertcslicer: jmspeex is connecting from work, so he may have been pulled away for a moment.22:58
Coperhmm when I try to change bin dir from /usr/bin to /usr/games it result to /usr/games/bin23:02
jmspeexdesertc: no, I'm from home and handling two kids...23:05
desertcjmspeex: That sounds like work to me!  ;)23:06
jmspeexslicer: Can you make the ctl() call expose something more useful and less algo-specific23:06
jmspeexdesertc: haha23:07
desertcJust FYI, no one has touched the Debian package of "speex" since Dec 27, 2006... (hey, my birthday!)23:08
slicerjmspeex: I was thinking of adding SPEEX_PREPROCESS_GET_POWER, _GET_NOISE(_FLOOR?), _GET_SNR. The first two would SPEEX_COPY the relevant data.23:08
persiaCoper: Pastebin the makefile?23:09
desertcslicer: Is it your opinion that a newer version of speex will need to be included with Ubuntu for the Mumble package?23:10
LaserJockgoobsoft: if you've got questions about MOTU feel free to ask23:11
slicerjmspeex: For the echo, .. hmm. SPEEX_ECHO_GET_MODULUS, which does a sqrt(real*real+imag*imag) of st->W[]. I'd also need a SPEEX_ECHO_GET_WINDOW_SIZE.23:12
slicerjmspeex: I currently have visualizations for the phase of st->W as well, but users are just confused by it so I can remove that.23:13
goobsoftOk, I will once I've made another stab at my package for my ppa23:14
slicerdesertc: For the unbundling, we'd need a newer-than-currently-exists version in Ubuntu. As long as it can stay embedded it's not an issue.23:15
jmspeexslicer: keep in mind that 1) the length of the spectra is implementation-dependent and 2)the data needs to be in int3223:15
slicerjmspeex: Er, I thought it was pretty fixed in libspeexdsp?23:18
jmspeexslicer: that what was fixed?23:19
slicerjmspeex: The sizes of st->W (echo) and st->ps/echo for preprocessor?23:19
slicerjmspeex: Anyway, that can be addressed by adding suitable _GET_SIZE calls.23:20
jmspeexno, they at least depend on the frame size, but also on implementation details23:20
CoperDo anyone know how to move /usr/bin/package to /usr/games/package ?23:20
desertcI invited tzafrir_home to the discussion, he is a maintainer of the Debian VOIP packages which includes Speex23:21
sistpotyCoper: either patch the upstream build system or do a mv in debian/rules23:21
tzafrir_homeI'm one of the maintainers in the pkg-voip team23:21
slicerjmspeex: Frame size I knew; but I thought beyond that it was fixed in the current implementation. Ok, a proper _GET_SIZE it is then.23:21
desertctzafrir_home: you were saying we might consider the experimental version ?23:21
tzafrir_homeGenerally there's a version of speex in experimental that uses 1.223:22
jmspeextzafrir_home: what do you call 1.2?23:22
ScottK2It might be reasonable to provide a new speex1.2 package.23:22
jmspeex(note that 1.2beta1 is just 1.1.13)23:23
tzafrir_homespeex v. 1.223:23
jmspeexScottK: no, it's the same lib23:23
jmspeextzafrir_home: then 1.1.x should have been labeled that way23:23
tzafrir_homeIt's 1.2  beta, not 1.1, IIRC23:24
jmspeexnorging special happened between 1.1.12 ans 1.2beta123:24
ScottK2jmspeex: Understand, but if there are API differences and we can't migrate all the packages, then some will still need the current speex.23:24
tzafrir_homechecking list archives...23:24
ScottK2So we've already crossed the rubicon.23:24
desertcfyi: http://packages.debian.org/unstable/sound/speex23:24
jmspeexI'm using the Linux naming, so 1.1.x was just the devel branch for 1.223:24
desertcand: http://packages.debian.org/experimental/speex23:25
jmspeexand 1.2 is fully compatible with 1.023:25
goobsoftDoes launchpad PPA support building and hosting packages for debian?23:26
goobsoftOr is it limited to ubuntu?23:26
tzafrir_homeThe unstable package is 1.1 . The 1.2beta package is in experimental23:26
jmspeexthe split in library only affects apps that were using *unstable* features in 1.1.x, not 1.023:27
Coperwhen I make mv on the file in usr/bin I get a warning in lintian that packare-contains-empty-directory usr/bin/23:27
ScottK2The 1.2 package has a soname bump so at the very least packages will have to be rebuilt.23:27
jmspeexreally, there's no reason to keep two versions at all23:27
ScottK2Coper: remove the dir then.23:28
tzafrir_homeI see that SONAME was bumped - libspeex2 vs. libspeex123:29
jmspeexno, this is *not* libspeex2!!!23:30
tzafrir_homeThe last thread about it was a few monthes ago:23:30
ScottK2jmspeex: That's Debian library numbering23:30
jmspeexbasically, I added to the API, but never removed anything compared to 1.0.x23:30
jmspeex1.2 is a drop-in replacement for 1.023:31
ScottK2jmspeex: Next time the soname gets bumped it'll be libspeex3.  Independent of the upstream version number23:31
jmspeexthe soname bump was an error23:31
=== Skiessl is now known as Skiessi
tzafrir_homebut there is an ABI change vs. 1.123:32
jmspeextzafrir_home: 1.1 was a development version!23:32
tzafrir_homeubuntu has shipped 1.1.2 for quite some time, so it is 1.1.2 vs. the new beta23:33
tzafrir_homejmspeex, this is the current version in ubuntu23:33
tzafrir_homeFrom what I recall, when we asked Jean-Marc Valin at around 2005 what version should be used, he recommended 1.1.223:34
jmspeexif you had to bump the soname every time I broke the ABI/API in 1.1, it would be libspeex1523:34
jmspeextzafrir_home: I *am* Jean-Marc Valin23:34
* slangasek grins23:34
slangasekin that case, since speex 1.1.2 is packaged, the package name needs to be changed from libspeex1 even if the soname is not23:35
slangasek(packaged, and shipped in various releases)23:35
tzafrir_homeI now see that even Debian Sarge got an 1.1.x package23:35
jmspeexslangasek: debian broke the libspeex API for every 1.1.x version it shipped.23:36
tzafrir_home1.1.12, not 1.1.2 .23:36
jmspeexBut then again that's only for *experimental* features that weren't in 1.0.x23:36
LaserJockgoobsoft: ubuntu only at this time23:36
jmspeexIf you look at the codec API (libspeex), it's still the same and never got changed.23:36
tzafrir_homeIIRC there were also some useful bug fixes and such23:36
jmspeexThe only sane thing to do is call this libspeex123:36
slangasekjmspeex: uhm, experimental or not, if it breaks the library ABI, we have a duty as distributors to not break packages that are in the wild using those ABIs23:37
jmspeexAll the apps using the 1.1.x experimental stuff were using their own copy anyway because of API changes23:37
* slicer whistles innocently.23:37
jmspeexslangasek: how many times do you think gtk broke their API in the development that led to (e.g.) 2.0?23:38
slangasekjmspeex: that's irrelevant to my point23:38
slangasekwhich is, that Debian and Ubuntu have shipped libspeex1 with a particular ABI23:38
goobsoftthanks, I'm reading through the ubuntu packaging documentation and the debian packaging documentation and I'm trying to figure out what the algorithm is to determine if a version is more recent than another.  Since there are characters in the version like "ubuntu0" it can't be strictly numeric, but it doesn't make sense to me that it be strictly string based either.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?23:38
slangasekso even if the soname remains the same upstream, we should still change the package name23:38
jmspeex1.1.x was worth tracking instead of 1.0.x because the codec was better (with the same API). I always made it clear that the experiemntal stuff could not be relied on.23:38
jmspeexThen you should call it libspeex9 (or libspeex15) to reflect the fact that the API got broken more than just once.23:39
tzafrir_homejmspeex, not every app with a private speex copy managed to keep it when packaged in Debian23:40
slangasekjmspeex: um, that's argumentum ad absurdum.  The reason we care is because *libspeex1 is a released package in the wild*.  That's the only thing we need to avoid incorrectly claiming compatibility with, not every other version of the ABI ever23:40
sistpotygoobsoft: debian package version is comprised of upstream version and debian version (e.g. 1.0-1).. the debian version is after the -23:41
slangasekgoobsoft: I believe it's documented in Debian policy. dpkg --compare-versions also lets you test out particular comparisons to help your understanding23:41
sistpotygoobsoft: if ubuntu modifies that very package, and ubuntu1 is added to the version23:41
slangasekjmspeex: the natural package rename here, if you aren't planning to bump the soname upstream, would be to 'libspeex1debian1' or the like23:42
sistpotygoobsoft: and the last number is increased for every new version ubuntu ships as long as debian doesn't ship a new version23:42
sistpotygoobsoft: if debian ships a new version, that would be 1.0-2 (and then ubuntu could modify it as 1.0-2ubuntu1, 1.0-2ubuntu2 etc. again)23:42
sistpotyslangasek: with bumping the soname locally for debian, or just renaming the binary package?23:43
goobsoftok, If I'm making a ubuntu package for software that has no debian equiv, should I bother with the "ubuntu1" part?23:43
slangaseksistpoty: just renaming the binary package23:43
ScottKgoobsoft: Then it's -0ubuntu123:43
goobsoftah ok23:44
sistpotygoobsoft: then (because debian might package it some day), you'd start with -0ubuntu1 (which would always be lower then the initial debian versoin -1)23:44
sistpotyslangasek: ah, thanks23:44
slangaseksistpoty: bumping the soname locally would mean being incompatible with upstream's soname for the remaining life of libspeex.so.1, which is often a greater evil23:44
vemoni just updated a package to new upstream version. what files should i attach to the launchpad bug requesting the update?23:44
CoperCan someone review my new package http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=console-freecell23:44
goobsoftthat makes sense23:44
ScottKslangasek: Looks like Debian already bumped it in Experimental.23:44
vemoni've seen debdiffs used there but are they only for ubuntu revision changes and not upstream version changes?23:44
sistpotyslangasek: yes, this was one of the things I wasn't too sure at the library packaging sessoin (part 2) ;)23:45
ScottKvemon: For a new upstream attach the .diff.gz for your new package.23:45
slangasekScottK: mm, doh23:45
slangasektzafrir_home: well, per the above I think it's a bad idea to name a package "libspeex2" if upstream hasn't bumped their soname to libspeex.so.223:45
vemonScottK, isn't the .orig.tar.gz also needed?23:46
slangasektzafrir_home: I'd advise that you treat the libspeex<k> namespace as reserved for upstream use, and if you can't come to an agreement that the soname should be bumped upstream for the 1.2 release, to use a name such as libspeex1debian1 instead23:46
sistpotyvemon: no... either you provide a watch file, or a get-orig-source rule, or the sponsor will grab it via the address listed in debian/copyright23:47
desertctzafrir_home slicer: But getting back to the Mumble functionality... If I am understanding this correctly, Mumble and Ubuntu can use the Debian Experimental Speex package as a dependency, in order to get the 1.2 Speex library functionality.  Is this about correct?23:47
slicerdesertc: I still need the additional data, which currently is not exposed.23:48
vemonsistpoty, ok. luckily i started the update by creating the watch file :)23:48
sistpotyslicer: btw.: I just advocated the package, as I believe that the library issue will either get fixed in time for hardy, or you'll take care for the local copy (in case there would be problems with it)23:49
desertcslicer: other than that data you need exposed for echo cancelation, would you expect the Debian Experimental Speex to handle the functions in Mumble?23:50
slicerdesertc: Yes.23:50
desertcSo it really comes down to that one function that can be improved later, just want to make sure there's not anything else you expect will be problematic.23:50
slicersistpoty: Thanks :)23:50
sistpotyslicer: thanks for your great application :)23:51
tzafrir_homejmspeex, have you any idea when the final 1.2 is expected?23:53
desertcunfortunately, jmspeex did a "be back later" -- hopefully he is back soon23:54
slangasektzafrir_home: note that from the standpoint of the Ubuntu release cycle, having 1.2~beta in would be beneficial, as we're at feature freeze for hardy in 2 weeks23:55
slangasekand all testimony indicates that 1.2~beta is an improvement over 1.1.223:56
tzafrir_homeThis is what I also read23:57
tzafrir_homeI wonder if breaking it to libspeex and libspeexdsp would reduce the problem23:57
* sistpoty is off to bed now23:57
tzafrir_homeThe core libspeex is very unlikely to change till the final version23:57
sistpotygn8 everyone23:57
slangasektzafrir_home: that would help some to split the packages, yes23:58
vemonok. i uploaded the diff. anyone care to take a look at new version of jack-rack?: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jack-rack/+bug/18719023:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187190 in jack-rack "[update] jack-rack" [Undecided,In progress]23:58
isforinsectsMuch of this conversation is well above my knowledge of speex.  But if it's any consolation I'm having plenty of issues getting speex into the OLPC distro's.  And getting MIME types etc.23:59

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