Ubulettelol "Upgraded the NSPR tag to NSPR_HEAD_20080129_PLUS_414997 for the fix for bug 414997. [a1.9b3=beltzner]"00:00
cheguevaraooh new icons in ff3 :P01:01
[reed]yes :)01:09
Ubulettewhere ?01:10
Ubulettei'm sick of seamonkey. it runs fine from dist/bin but not after make install: Error: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80040154 (NS_ERROR_FACTORY_NOT_REGISTERED) [nsIDocShellHistory.useGlobalHistory]"  nsresult: "0x80040154 (NS_ERROR_FACTORY_NOT_REGISTERED)"  location: "JS frame :: chrome://global/content/bindings/browser.xml ::  :: line 647"  data: no]01:11
cheguevarain options01:11
Ubulettecheguevara, which build are you using ?01:14
cheguevarayour latest one01:14
cheguevarathe live rss icon is different as well i believe01:15
cheguevaraand loads of other ones01:15
Ubulettedoes it look nice on kde now ?01:15
cheguevaralooks the same really01:17
cheguevaraand the new icons are very gtkish :P01:17
[reed]there's zero KDE/Qt code01:18
[reed]in Firefox01:18
[reed]all because nobody wants to step up and own it01:18
Ubulettei know but before, there was no icon at all making it look primitive to me01:18
Ubuletteat bit like mosaic 12 years ago01:19
cheguevara[reed], yeah, novell were gonna work on it, but they were never gives cvs or gave up or something like that01:19
[reed]their fault01:19
[reed]you don't need CVS access to contribute01:20
[reed]it's easy to get your patches checked-in01:20
[reed]just got to write them!01:20
[reed]and get review01:20
cheguevaraheh true01:20
cheguevarawith gtk-qt on kde 3 it works more or less acceptable01:20
cheguevaraon kde 4 its just plain old ugly01:21
cheguevaravery gray :P01:21
Ubuletteyeah, very gray is what i meant with mosaic. I should have said 15 years old, not 12. damn, it passes so fast.01:40
cheguevarakonqueror is still inferior though01:45
cheguevarawe'll see what happenes when its webkit :P01:45
[reed]any gnome people you know?01:49
[reed]that are familiar with moz code01:50
[reed]where does chpe hang out?01:50
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[reed]asac: new NSPR branch03:11
armin76[reed]: what about me!? :P10:06
asacarmin76: you can stay behind :)10:20
asacmozilla bug 41499710:21
ubotuMozilla bug 414997 in NSPR "PR_NewThreadPrivateIndex contract is violated by PR_CreateThread impls" [Major,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41499710:21
asacyay ... mozilla did a last minute landing for mozilla bug 413250 a few hours ago10:22
ubotuMozilla bug 413250 in General "chrome directory traversal (local disk access via "flat" addons)" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41325010:22
asachow unfortunate that i had the release bits ready :(10:22
asacbug 17590410:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 175904 in firefox-3.0 "Firefox-3.0 window moves to current workspace" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17590410:26
asac[reed]: know a bug in bugzilla that matches bug 186771 ?10:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186771 in firefox-3.0 "use more GTK stock icons." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18677110:27
asacfrance is behind :)12:11
Ubulettei don't count, i block xiti12:15
UbuletteFIREFOX_2_0_0_12_RC3  rc3... last minute fixes ?12:18
UbuletteSEAMONKEY_1_1_8_RELEASE, no rc ?12:18
Ubuletteand no FIREFOX_3_0b3_RC1 yet :(12:19
asacUbulette: yes ... they landed another patch yesterday12:19
asaci have to re-roll my QA packages and all12:20
asacUbulette: they moved all 3 beta 3 QA resources to get 2.0 fix out quick12:22
Ubuletteoh, ok, makes sense12:22
Ubulette[reed], do you know if the <video> patch from Chris will land in ff3 before final ?12:29
cheguevarascreen corruption in ff312:37
cheguevara... and its gone after minimize maximize12:38
asaccheguevara: compiz enabled?12:45
cheguevaracompiz and kde are not great friends12:46
asacwhich win manager does kde use btw?12:46
asacis it metacity as well?12:46
cheguevarano kwin12:46
cheguevarai think its a driver issue12:51
cheguevaraxchat has occasional corruption as well12:51
asacbut exa vs xaa doesn't make a difference, right?12:52
cheguevaranot sure12:53
cheguevarai got Option          "AccelMethod"   "xaa"12:53
cheguevarabecause exa decreases performance for me12:53
asacxaa is legacy though12:54
cheguevarayeah but .24 kernel's drm doesn't have the bits to make exa work nicely12:57
cheguevarathey are in -mm to be merged for .2512:57
cheguevaraUnfortunately, to make EXA performance better it needs the new memory manager upstream is working on (TTM). It's too intrusive for hardy, so we'll probably switch back to XAA after alpha3.13:01
cheguevarai was so hoping it would be merged for ubuntu13:01
asachave you asked on kernel ML? or our X maintainer about this particular issu?13:06
asaccheguevara: ?13:06
cheguevarayeah i think i should talk to someone, because leaving people with XAA in an LTS release is just wrong13:07
cheguevaraasac, whos the best to poke on irc13:07
asacno idea ... start in user-space: bryce is the X maintainer13:08
asacthen on ubuntu-kernel i am not sure who currently does graphics driver stuff ... maybe mjg13:08
cheguevaraor BenC i guess13:08
asacyes. but i think he isn't doing graphics on his own13:09
asacbut he should probably know13:10
cheguevarayeah i'll try talking to X people first though13:10
asacthank! keep me updated plz13:11
cheguevarai will13:11
cheguevaraasac, do you have any machines with intel cards yourself?13:11
asacunfortunately not13:12
asacsoonish i will, but not right now13:12
asacbut there should be plenty around in dev community13:12
asacif youneed someone to confirm something13:12
cheguevarayeah loads of laptops have them13:13
cheguevarathats another reason i am so concerned about this13:13
asachmmm ... yhoo + msft .. letts see13:59
asaci am almost offline now pushing allsec balls again13:59
Ubuletteincremental changelog is too difficult to script because of merge conflicts14:32
Ubuletteit's not worth it14:33
asacwhat are you talking about?14:35
Ubulettei'm scripting my ppa uploads14:36
Ubuletteasac, I guess you now want mozclient to do an embedded tarball for xul, right ?15:41
Ubulettei don't understand why you used DEBIAN_MOZCLIENT_EMBEDDED while I've defined MOZCLIENT_EMBEDDED for that purpose15:44
Ubuletteoh, you set it afterwards.15:45
Ubulettebut why is it conditional ? it's a 1 line change in mozclient that I can add anytime15:46
Ubuletteand it's better to do your test the other way around, ie test if MOZCLIENT_EMBEDDED is set.. but that means really depends on mozilla-devscripts15:47
asacUbulette: i thought about those options. for me the contract of the package rules should be explicil and not implicit by what is included15:50
asacusually it shouldn't be conditional ... i just want to build xulrunner for real uploads to use embedded layout because i now have lots of pain with those firefox tarballs15:51
asacso adding  automagic to detect whether a package is embedded or not should not be done in mozclient (e.g. dirty)15:51
Ubulette? I thought you preferred embedded tarballs15:51
asacyes, but you don't... so i want to allow both options for those packages that have a huge amount of data15:52
asacfor small packages i don't care15:52
Ubulettei don't care embedded or not, my pc is fast ;) if you want xul to be embedded, ok, no problem15:53
asac(i see that non-embedded is better for development so i like to be able to change this for a single upload)15:53
asacwell ... for development not embedded is better ... we could make it embedded by default ... i don't care. i think we can keep it like its now. but if you have NIHS, go ahead and make it beautiful for your eyes;)15:57
UbuletteNIHS ?15:58
asacmaybe we should just consolidate this ... e.g. use embedded everywhere, but allow to use not-embedded easily/explicitly15:59
asacnevermind ;)16:00
rajiasac: you there? I have some input about adhoc network creation16:08
asacraji go ahead16:09
asacraji: will be outinj about 10 minutes for today ... you can write here ... or send mail then16:15
asac(i will read this channel backlog when coming back)16:15
armin76asac: Ubulette you guys use glitz?16:40
shirishUbulette: hi16:44
rajiasac, in network manager code, nm-device-802-11-wireless.c , in nm_device_802_11_wireless_set_mode()  method ,  iw_set_ext() is always returning errno 22, mode passed to that method is always 2 .  I made the wpasupplicant use wext instead of madwifi. but when I look in the wpasupplicant code driver_wext.c, there is no iw_set_ext function, it is only available in driver_ndiswrapper.c, My...16:45
raji...question is what code this iw_set_ext executing, where it is found.  ( I added the adhoc patch you suggested me to try, but the code is not hitting that path).16:46
shirishUbulette: did u give any thought to updating kazahakese (the browser) ?16:47
rajiasac, I used network-manager 0.6.5 , wpasupplicant 0.6.0+0.5.816:47
Ubuletteshirish, i didn't have time and as i'm not using it, it doesn't help :P16:48
shirishUbulette: how about giving a shot at elinks?16:49
shirishUbulette: i tried links2 the other day & that too is pretty sexy.16:49
Ubulettelinks2 ? the text mode browser ?16:50
shirishyup, do links2 -g & see the difference16:50
shirishI dig it, although if it had javascript support it would be a scream.16:52
Ubulettescreenshots ?17:02
shirishUbulette: you want screenies of links2 in action?17:04
Ubuletteyou said it's worth the look, show me :)17:04
shirishok here goes nothing17:04
shirishknow any good image-sharing site?17:08
shirishwhich doesn't need a sign-up17:09
shirishsorry for that pidgin closed unexpectadly17:14
shirishand now links2 -g does the same.17:15
shirishUbulette: i hope its ok if I send the screenie by mail17:17
shirishUbulette: you up buddy?19:02
shirishor asac for that matter?19:02
shirishI have filed a bug https://bugs..launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/188140 can somebody have a look at that?19:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188140 in firefox "firefox crashed while surfing" [Undecided,New]19:03
asacshirish: can you reproduce this?19:22
Ubuletteff3 crashes a lot in the addons UI20:19
Ubulettealso in the bookmarks ui20:19
[reed]how up-to-date are you?20:40
armin76Ubulette: http://patches.ubuntu.com/by-release/extracted/ubuntu/s/seamonkey/1.1.7+nobinonly-0ubuntu2/12_fix_ftbfs_with_nss.patch <- did you submit that upstream?21:29
Ubuletteno, last time i did for a similar patch, they told me they don't care about fixing that in the stable tree21:31
armin76[reed]: ^^ fix21:33
Ubulettegood, I've completed my script to update my ppa in a blink of an eye, merging branches, solving conflicts, rewriting deps and all automatically.21:49
Ubulettelet's see if it builds correctly now21:49
Ubuletteasac, do you install dom and venkman ? they are broken for me now. dom reports b2 instead of b3pre (strange) and venkman is not even listed21:52
DarkMageZhey guys, under firefox 3 (ubuntu hardy build). have any of you run across the issue where random parts of the gnome menu will be rendered inside the page? it's not malicious code at play.22:09
Ubuletteyes, several times22:09
DarkMageZis there an open bug?22:09
Ubuletteit seems to depend on the X driver22:09
Ubulettemaybe also on the AccelMethod, xaa vs exa22:10
DarkMageZi've been told (by a reliable source) that it happens under xorg's ati. i've personally just replicated it with fglrx.22:10
DarkMageZi'm using xaa (not that i have much choice). i'm not sure what he was running on ati22:11
Ubulettei've got it too with fglrx; never with (non free) nvidia. people are reporting nv too22:12
Ubulettewe've got bug 182038 but it may be different22:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 182038 in xorg-server "Black rectangle instead of image in FF3 [Hardy]" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18203822:14
DarkMageZna, that's different22:15
DarkMageZi can replicate that one as well ?22:15
Ubulettei can't find a dedicated bug for the corrupted display using part of the background, yet asac and me reproduced it easily before for sure22:18
Ubulettei can't reproduce at home so i can't help. did/can you try with a nightly from mozilla, just to be sure it's not ubuntu's fault ?22:22
DarkMageZit takes a fair amount of effort for me to replicate22:24
DarkMageZlike switching it to my primary browser and using it for everything for 2 weeks style.22:24
Ubulettethe corruption ? or the black rectangles ?22:24
Ubulettehm, the corruption we know is easy to trigger22:25
DarkMageZi don't know the trigger22:27
DarkMageZthe black rectangles is easy to replicate ?22:27
UbuletteJan 31 12:13:15 <asac>  http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/corrupted.png22:28
DarkMageZtho the rectangles doesn't appear to happen on fglrx. only ati22:28
DarkMageZlooks about right ?22:28
Ubulettei've never seen the black thing myself on fglrx22:29
Ubuletteas for the corruption using the background, this site shows it 100% of the time: http://www.topachat.com/accueil/index.php22:30
Ubulettei mean, for me with fglrx22:30
DarkMageZyour testcase doesn't work here oddly enough22:31
[reed]Ubulette: submit it upstream; cc me on the bug22:32
Ubulette[reed], i can't right now (nvidia box). must do that from work (my ati box)22:33
DarkMageZUbulette, something slightly interesting for your testcase. if it has already been replicated on another tab, then you open your testcase up in a tab then it doesn't happen.22:34
[reed]Ubulette: I'm talking about http://patches.ubuntu.com/by-release/extracted/ubuntu/s/seamonkey/1.1.7+nobinonly-0ubuntu2/12_fix_ftbfs_with_nss.patch22:51
[reed]of course22:51
Ubulettei have this one more complete: http://patches.ubuntu.com/by-release/extracted/ubuntu/x/xulrunner/
[reed]file a bug on bmo22:54
Ubulettepart of it was fixed in trunk mozilla bug 39958922:57
ubotuMozilla bug 399589 in Security: PSM "PSM + tip of NSS, error ‘SECAlgorithmIDTemplate’ not declared" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39958922:57
[reed]then file a bug on the other part22:57
Ubulettebut it's not fixed in the branches22:58
Ubulettethe issue starts when you use a recent nss with an old ff2/xul1.8/sm1/...22:58
[reed]did the branches pick up a new NSS version?22:59
[reed]ah, so, it's just a Linux problem22:59
Ubulettesystem nss22:59
[reed]well, you could attach a branch patch, get review, and get it on the branch22:59
Ubulettesame bug ?22:59
[reed]don't include the not-fixed part22:59
[reed]just the SECAlgorithmIDTemplate stuff23:00
[reed]but on the branch23:00
[reed]check if the patch in the bug applies first23:00
[reed]if it applies on the branch without conflict, you can just request approval on it23:00
[reed]if it doesn't apply, make a new patch, attach to bug, get review from kaie, and then request approval23:00
Ubulettejust tested against ff, still perfect23:09
Ubuletteshould I say 1.8 or 1.8.1 for the branch ?23:12
Ubulette[reed], ^^23:13
[reed]so, you should request approval1.8.1.1323:13
[reed]on the patch23:13
[reed]and explain why you need it23:13
Ubuletteoops; too late23:15
Ubulettekaie didn't pass.23:17
Ubulette:kaie ?23:17
Ubuletteor what?23:18
Ubulette[reed], ^^23:22
[reed]wait, what?23:22
[reed]the patch in the bug applies on the branch fine, right?23:22
[reed]or are you attaching a new bug?23:22
Ubulettereview is empty, i used kaie23:22
[reed]s/new bug/new patch/23:22
ubotuMozilla bug 399589 in Security: PSM "PSM + tip of NSS, error ‘SECAlgorithmIDTemplate’ not declared" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]23:23
[reed]use kengert@redhat.com23:23
Ubuletteso it's kengert now23:24

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