superm1blkorpheus, were you talking about the broken weather applet?02:13
superm1its part of the clock now from what i just noticed02:13
superm1right click your clock and you can check and uncheck to have it show you weather02:13
blkorpheusthats different than the weather applet from gnome02:14
blkorpheusit still exists, and is now fixed as of today02:14
blkorpheusI should not have to click the time, calender, etc, just to see weather, nd thankfully, I don't have to now:)02:15
blkorpheusI like the change to the time/calender feature02:15
blkorpheusbut please don't remove the weather applet02:15
blkorpheussadly, its what pulled me to gnome to begin with02:15
blkorpheuskweather was a joke by comparison02:16
superm1well once you check/uncheck the box in the preferences, it shows up in your panel02:19
superm1that's all i ever needed from it02:19
superm1the temperature02:19
superm1anything else i can look out the window and see02:19
superm1OpenMedia, never got to ask you, did you end up switching?02:46
OpenMediaTo Mythbuntu?02:47
OpenMediaLab box is running it, but we have big issues with supporting DTT in NZ before we can release.02:47
OpenMediaLikely to release on Hardy.02:47
OpenMediasuperm1: Hows things? I'm at LCA in Melbourne this week02:47
superm1OpenMedia, pretty well right now02:51
superm1i've just finished moving to TX myself02:51
superm1what's LCA?02:51
tritiumsuperm1: you did?  You're only one state away now...02:51
superm1tritium, where are you at?02:51
tritiumsuperm1: NM02:51
OpenMediaI had a speaker slot.02:52
superm1neat, what about?02:52
OpenMediaCurrently in Keith Packards Talk on X changes02:52
OpenMediaI talked on developing products for Consumers.02:52
superm1pretty broad topic02:52
superm1go well?02:52
OpenMediaSee session 502:52
OpenMediaYeah went down well.02:52
OpenMediaYou can grab an OGG.02:53
OpenMediaTake a look at the Wednesday keynote as well02:53
superm1how was attendance?  I would imagine with competing to X acceleration that finally works was rough :)02:53
OpenMediaThere are 700 people at the conference. I got about 70-8002:55
OpenMediapossibly a bit more.02:55
OpenMediaMy miniconf session on Tuesday was about 140 in the same room02:55
OpenMediasuperm1: I take it that Hardy is keeping you busy02:56
superm1yeah about what i would expect for attendance i suppose.02:57
superm1OpenMedia, oh yeah it has02:57
superm1i was finishing up my last term at the end of last year, so a lot was on hold02:57
OpenMediaI was more than happy with my numbers.02:57
superm1from now before I start my job i've been doing Ubuntu stuff non stop02:57
tritiumsuperm1: were you in Iowa?02:57
superm1tritium, yeah I was02:57
tritiumBut you were from the Chicago area, right?02:57
OpenMediaSo have you started at Dell?02:57
superm1tritium, ^02:57
tritiumOh, Dell?02:58
superm1OpenMedia, i don't start until the start of next month02:58
tritiumSweet, superm1.  Will you hook up the NM LoCo with an official tour if you can?  :D02:58
superm1tritium, maybe some discounts, i dont know about a tour though :)02:59
tritiumsuperm1: thanks :)02:59
superm1we can come up with some sort of deal, patches for discounts.....02:59
tritiumNice!  I definitely intend to order a laptop once they offer preinstalls with 8.04 on them.02:59
blkorpheusone problem with myth02:59
blkorpheusI have no time to watch all the sheet I record03:00
tritiumsuperm1: maybe you can make sure the TV tuners Dell uses in their laptops (and desktops) work with mythtv ;)03:00
superm1tritium, well i'll see what influence I have within the company, but you can believe that will be something on my mind either way03:00
tritiumI'm glad to hear it.  Congratulations on your job!03:01
superm1thx :)03:01
superm1OpenMedia, you coming to ULive again this year?03:01
superm1haha blkorpheus yeah i know that feeling03:01
OpenMediasuperm1: Only if I get a speaker slot at OSCON.03:04
superm1OpenMedia, ah yeah.  i'm not sure yet this year for myself either03:05
superm1did you submit any proposals?03:05
superm1OpenMedia, ah its a little lengthy, i'll have to watch this sometime tomorrow03:06
OpenMediaI just need to hit send. I had problems with my login, and I wanted to see how well they went here this week.03:07
superm1OpenMedia, as for hardy though, i just switched everything over to trunk yesterday03:09
superm1they are freezing upstream in preparation for 0.21 by the end of the week03:09
superm1so things will be happening all together very shortly03:09
OpenMediaGotta go.. Session change coming up.03:09
superm1okay cu03:09
mythtv_hi when my setup launches the application bar of X stays on top , how can i fix this ?03:30
mythtv_must be sleepy for most part of the channel03:35
blkorpheusmost channels you just ask your question03:44
* blkorpheus "hello?", wait 2mins and leave..ppl baffle me03:45
galileoI may be in the wrong room, so feel free to point me in another direction.  I need some assistance setting up my tuner card.04:22
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martymoosemsg /motd09:34
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tom___is anyone here?09:55
baali have installed myhtbuntu but cant seem to get mythweb is there something i need to do to enable it12:00
lagais it installed?12:00
lagahow do you want to access it?12:00
baallags via a browser is the norm12:01
lagaand what do you type in your browser?12:02
baallaga the ip of the machine12:02
lagaand what do you get?12:02
baaljust an apache defaut page12:03
stowaway2hey whats a file browser in mythubuntu12:03
lagabaal: try <ip>/mythweb12:03
lagabaal: did you replace <ip> with the actual IP address?12:04
baalyes of cource12:04
lagathen mythweb is not installed or not enabled properly12:05
baalis there a way to reinstall the mythweb12:05
lagasudo dpkg-reconfigure mythweb12:05
lagato reconfigure12:05
baalit says "mythweb is broken or not fully installed"12:06
baalhow do i reinstall that package ?12:06
lagasudo aptitude reinstall mythweb12:07
baalok great mythweb seems to be working but has errors12:11
baalError at /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/includes/init.php, line 301:12:12
baalunlink(data/cache/9.png) [function.unlink]: Operation not permitted12:12
baalany idea what that means ?12:13
baalok thats my fault i havent reset the user and group on the images12:17
baalmaybe not12:20
baalits talking about the channel icons but I cant find any directory structure like its having issues with12:21
baaltheres no data/cache/9.png12:21
lagai'd suggest you purge mythweb, remove anything else that's left including your modifications and reinstall.12:22
lagamythweb, that is.12:22
baali might just reboot see if this cache issue can fix it self12:23
baalthanks for the help laga much aprecieated !12:28
kiwi_ukHi all, I'm having trouble finding out how to enable MPEG 2 encoding for Live TV13:48
kiwi_ukMyth only has options for RTjpeg and MPEG-413:48
lagathere's no such thing unless you use DVB/hardware encoder cards13:48
kiwi_ukOh :(13:48
kiwi_ukWell, thanks for answering :)13:49
kiwi_ukI'm trying to use a MediaMVP as my front end and it only plays MPEG or MPEG2 you see13:50
lagaa mediamvp with the original software?13:59
Shred00i'm wondering why ubuntu-mythtv-frontend needs gdm16:22
Shred00also, wondering what level of lirc support is in mythbuntu currrently?  can the frontend be stopped/started from the remote (i.e. irexec)16:23
Shred00i'm trying to decide if i want to "upgrade" my ubuntu custom rolled fe/be to a mythbuntu (proper) system and ubuntu-mythtv-frontend seems to want to add a lot to what is already a working installation for me.16:23
Shred00gnome-screensaver... why do i need/want that too?16:24
rhpot1991_laptopubuntu-mythtv-frontend does automagic logins and stuff, which is why it requires gdm IIRC16:25
rhpot1991_laptopthe rest of those are prob gdm requirements16:25
Shred00oh my, it seems mythbuntu uses a window manager (openbox) too.  why is a window manager necessary?  mythfrontend is a single X application.  there are no windows that need managing.16:25
laganot true16:25
Shred00why go through gdm though?  just start X and start mythfrontend on it16:25
Shred00laga: what's not true?16:26
lagayou'll quickly run into focus issues if you use mplayer or xine16:26
lagaw/o a window manager, that is16:26
lagamight even happen with po-ups16:26
lagaand we use gdm so the user can swith between different sessions, eg mythtv and gnome16:27
lagaubuntu-mythtv-frontend is deprecated in mythbuntu and not used, FYI16:27
Shred00why would i use mplayer or xine?16:27
Shred00as for popups, i've been running a windowless mythfrontend since 0.18 and not had any popup focus issues.  i even ran mplayer with mythvideo before the internal player was supported with no window manager and never had focus issues16:27
lagaShred00: you're lucky then16:27
rhpot1991_laptoplaga its still used if you built on top of an existing ubuntu system I think16:28
rhpot1991_laptopwell I still use it at least16:28
lagai dont know why you would use mplayer or xine :)16:28
lagarhpot1991_laptop: i use it, too16:28
Shred00different sessions?  this is a standalone pvr!  why would i want to switch anything?16:28
rhpot1991_laptopxine works good for dvd/iso playback with menus16:28
lagaShred00: dude.16:28
Shred00maybe i should start from a different pov.16:29
lagaShred00: if you don't like the way we do things and if your current setup is working fine, then don't use mythbuntu16:29
laganot everyone has your exact needs and setup16:29
Shred00what meta package(s) should i install on a dedicated standalone FE/BE machine to make it a bona fide mythbuntu system?16:29
DavieyMany people have had focus issues, hence our current design16:29
lagapeople might want to use mplayer or xine for exotic formats16:29
lagaShred00: mythbuntu-desktop16:30
lagaShred00: that'll give you even more dependencies16:30
Shred00laga: sorry, don't mean to bash.  trying to be constructive.  apologies for not coming across that way.16:31
lagaShred00: you're right about gdm, though, it slows down booting by a few seconds. shouldn't be too much16:31
lagaShred00: yeah, sorry, i'm being a bit on the edge today16:31
lagaShred00: ubuntu-mythtv-frontend is the old way of doing thing. openbox is a minimal window manager and shouldn't hurt.16:32
Shred00mythbuntu-desktop?  is that really for a standalone pvr?  the name hints that it's a for a login-to-a-desktop-and-also-use-mythfrontend type of set up.16:32
lagaShred00: mythbuntu-desktop is a meta package that will pull in gdm and our configuration app, mythbuntu-desktop16:32
Shred00i don't see mythbuntu-desktop in the Packages file16:33
lagaShred00: are you running gutsy?16:33
Shred00for gutsy anyway16:33
lagaShred00: it's in universe or multiverse16:33
lagathose builds16:33
lagayes, it's in the multiverse or universe section of the main mirrors16:33
Shred00ahh.  is in my apt cache though16:33
Shred00ahhh.  got it.16:33
lagaShred00: maybe you want to go to www.mythbuntu.org and look at some screenshots. that'll clarify what mythbuntu-desktop is going to give you16:34
lagaeg a light-weight xfce desktop and mythbuntu-control-centre.16:34
DavieyIt used to be an even lighter vm, but demand wanted xfce16:35
lagamakes things easier even for hardcore mythtv users. unless you need total control, but there have to be trade-offs when doing a ready-made mythtv distro16:35
lagaDaviey: i don't mind xfce that much16:35
lagait justs means i won't upgrade my frontends which are low on memory16:35
Shred00i wonder if the use of a WM can be made easily optional16:35
DavieyShred00: do you use framebuffer with myth?16:36
Shred00Daviey: no, X on an nvidia 5200.  i'd love to use a direct framebuffer and kick X but myth just don't do that16:36
Davieyit _can_ do that16:37
lagaShred00: not with mythbuntu-desktop. ubuntu-mythtv-frontend: maybe.16:37
Shred00i used to do that with directfb and that other pvr project16:37
Shred00how can you get myth on a framebuffer?16:37
DavieyShred00: spend a weekend getting directfb to work16:37
lagayou'll have to build it yourself.16:37
Shred00'cause really, X is waaaaay overkill for a set-top-box16:37
lagaDaviey: i spent two weeks16:37
* laga does not recommend mythtv with directfb.16:38
Shred00and what toolkits sit between myth and the framebuffer?16:38
lagadirectfb and qt embedded.16:38
Shred00afaik qt doesn't support directfb16:38
Shred00ahhh.  embedded16:38
Shred00i tried that when i came over from freevo16:38
Shred00was a lot of pain back then.  around myth 0.18 days iirc16:39
Shred00i have a g400 which directfb has amazing support for16:40
Shred00the tv-out is impeccable.16:40
Shred00supports real interlace, unlike the nvidia 520016:41
lagagot one, too.16:42
lagatv-out is awesome, even over composite16:43
Shred00laga: indeed.  did you build .debs or did you do a much of make installs?16:44
lagait was three years ago. i don't use it anymore16:44
laganever got it working right16:45
Shred00oh.  lol.  i thought you were talking about a recent, good, experience16:45
lagathe directfb code is mostly unmaintained, too16:45
lagamplayer worked well :)16:45
Shred00really?  it was pretty well maintained a few years ago when i was using it.16:45
lagain mythtv?16:46
Shred00laga: no, with freevo16:46
Shred00oh.  i misuderstood16:46
laganever tried it with freevo :)16:46
Shred00you mean the myth directfb code16:46
Shred00i thought you meant directfb itself16:46
Shred00i'd love to see a more lightweight meta package that dispenses with gdm and gnome-screensaver, powers mythfrontend from the power button on the remote and boots directly to a running mythfrontend.16:49
Shred00i suppose even better would be to make the use of a WM and gdm optional in mcc.16:51
lagagdm: maybe16:51
lagaWM: not gonna happen16:51
lagaat least i won't do it16:52
lagagnome-screensaver is kinda important, too.16:52
Shred00perhaps even make the option of a WM "hidden" in that it is (de-)selected automatically based on whether mplayer or xine (or any other applications) are being configured16:52
Shred00why is g-s important?16:52
lagaburn-in on plasmas etc. we patched mythtv to support gnome-screensaver instead of xscreensaver.16:53
lagaWM: it's not gonna happen. mythbuntu uses a complete desktop environment which won't work without a WM16:53
Shred00interestingly though, my FE machine actually "blacks" out after inactivity which of course saves the screen.16:53
DavieyShred00: I really don't think mythbuntu is suitable for you16:54
lagamythbuntu is not a set top box :)16:54
Shred00Daviey: why not?  all i want is a "no-frills" ubuntu myth machine16:55
Shred00the mcc is nice.16:55
DavieyShred00: you seem unhappy with every aspect so far :)16:55
Shred00what makes mythbuntu so well poised to be a no-frills installation is that doing less is a lot easier than doing more.  :-)16:56
lagabecause mythbuntu is not a "no-frills" ubuntu mythtv machine16:56
lagaShred00: you want to remove gnome-screensaver and the WM. those are pretty essential to a mythbuntu box16:58
Shred00laga: i agree completely with you on g-s iff X didn't have it's own built-in "don't burn the screen" mode which seems to work just fine.  and really, in the case where you run no other apps but the mythfrontend, i don't see why a WM is necessary.17:01
Shred00i'm just trying to reduce bloat a bit for lower end systems.  i run myth on an athlon 800, and that's a recent upgrade from the PIII i used to run it on.  sadly it has 512MB in it.  that's overkill for what should be an STB.17:01
lagalet's try it again.17:02
lagamythbuntu is not a STB.17:02
Shred00laga: yeah17:04
lagaShred00: you obviously want a STB17:05
lagaShred00: mythbuntu is not a STB17:06
lagacan you see a pattern there? :)17:06
lagamythbuntu implies: desktop environment. no DE without a WM.17:06
Shred00why does mythbuntu imply desktop?17:06
lagaShred00: ubuntu-mythtv-frontend could be tailored to your needs.17:06
lagaShred00: because we did it that way.17:07
Shred00regarding the myth wiki Window_Managers link you sent... the first paragraph says it all17:07
lagai give up17:08
lagayou refuse to understand17:08
Shred00wow.  that was mature.17:08
Shred00i'm simply trying to expand the functionality of mythbuntu17:08
Shred00i don't refuse to understand what laga was saying.  i'm simply trying to expand on what mythbuntu has been so far.17:10
rhpot1991_laptopmythbuntu is meant for people who want to throw a cd in their computer install and have a working mythtv box without needing to configure everything by hand, you should just do it yourself if you want it that customized17:12
Shred00rhpot1991_laptop: i agree exactly with your first statement.  nothing about that statement implies that you need gdm, gnome-screensaver, a window manager, etc.17:13
Shred00what laga describes sounds more like it's meant for people who want a mythtv box with all sort of other "desktop switching" stuff too.17:14
rhpot1991_laptopits what users want, has developed into that over time17:15
rhpot1991_laptopa bit late to go back and change all that now17:15
Shred00more like what i have in the bedroom than the living room.  bedroom is a desktop pc with e-mail, browsing, etc. and is also a myth FE.  living room is a FE only17:15
rhpot1991_laptopif it was your way then it would be a pain for me to go and use xine or mplayer for my movies17:15
Shred00rhpot1991_laptop: ahhh.  but i don't think there is any need to "go back" and undo anything.  nothing that has be done so far precludes the "dedicated FE" type set up17:15
Shred00rhpot1991_laptop: indeed, i'm not looking to make that any more difficult.  i just want to reduce the bloat for those who don't want any of that.17:16
Shred00if users want to switch to a desktop, i don't want to prevent that, nor do i want to prevent using xine or mplayer.  i just want them all to be choices and the required extra bloat needed to support them only added if they make those choices.17:17
rhpot1991_laptopthats beyond most users, so its easier for you to just go and do that for your box on your own17:18
Shred00clicking checkboxes is beyond most users?  you must have had to choose to use xine or mplayer didn't you?17:19
rhpot1991_laptopwell its meant for an average user, so its a lot easier to have it ready to add xine to than have to instruct them as to how to do so in a more complicated process at a later point17:20
rhpot1991_laptopI don't understand why you don't just go make your setup how you want it, instead of complaining how mythbuntu does it in here?17:21
Shred00ahhh.  perhaps that's where the confusion is coming from. i think what i propose is more behind the scenes stuff17:21
Shred00i don't think the user should have to choose whether to use a wm or gdm, etc.  the users choices to use xine or mplayer or have a switchable desktop, etc. should make those choices for them.17:22
Shred00sure, i could just make some changes, but i'm trying to contribute.  i am sure i'm not the first person to want a strictly-stb type of ubuntu based mythbox and probably won't be the last.  i'm just trying to make it easier for the next guy.17:23
rhpot1991_laptopthe problem with that methodology is its a lot harder for them to add xine support at a later point to their system17:27
rhpot1991_laptopif someone shows up in here and says "my dvd menus don't work"17:27
rhpot1991_laptopI am gonna point them at a wiki for how to setup xine in mythvideo17:27
rhpot1991_laptopwith your method then I have to get them a working WM first, or some other way of controlling xine properly17:27
rhpot1991_laptopits really a case of supply and demand, what you want has a lower demand, so you get a WM if you use mythbuntu17:28
Shred00ahhh.  i would see a choice to use xine as an mcc thing, that then configured a wm for them as well as configuring myth to use xine.17:28
jawilany reason why I can't download the Mythbuntu iso or the torrent from the website?18:42
superm1jawil, of 7.10?18:43
superm1not working?18:43
superm1that's not good.18:43
jawilnone of the links of the downloads page work for me18:43
superm1try a second time and you should be given another mirror18:43
superm1do you know which one wasn't working?18:43
superm1yeah works for me (tm)18:44
jawilI get to here: http://mythbuntu.org/download/?file=mythbuntu-7.10-i386.iso and nothing happens, blank page...18:44
superm1turn off adblock plus if you've got it on18:44
superm1it may filter the javascript18:44
jawilthere we go18:45
jawilNoScript was the problem18:45
superm1maybe a warning is appropriate on that page18:45
superm1i'll add one in18:45
jawilfor some reason google-analytics.com is necessary...18:45
superm1we need to track bandwidth usage on the mirrors18:45
jawilbecause mythbuntu.org was already allowed18:45
jawiloh, ok gotchya18:45
superm1that's how we do our load balancing18:46
jawilI'm a security freak, so don't like tracking ;)18:46
jawilbut that makes sense18:46
superm1there we go added a warning18:47
MythbuntuGuest93Hi, I just got an HD Cable box and I was wondering how to configure the firewire to record the content off of the box.18:47
MythbuntuGuest93is the info in the manual?18:47
jawillooks good18:47
superm1there's a howto on help.ubuntu.com18:47
MythbuntuGuest93thanks superm1, i'll take a read.  Is there anyway to tell if your firewire port is disabled before you configure everything?18:48
superm1yeah but it depends on the cable box18:48
superm1most motorola ones you can hit the power button (to turn it off ), followed by select/ok18:49
superm1on the remote18:49
superm1and then its in one of the menus that show up18:49
MythbuntuGuest93i have comcast with a motorola DCH 320018:49
superm1other cable boxes you'll have to Google18:49
MythbuntuGuest93the online documentation is only for the Motorola DCT-62xx and Scientific Atlanta SA3250HD/SA4200HD18:51
MythbuntuGuest93can i use the same information for the DCH 3200?18:51
superm1most likely yeah18:51
MythbuntuGuest93ok, sweet, thanks for the info.18:52
jawildamn, I'm going to have to use ndiswrapper for my wireless card, how depressing18:55
superm1well at least functional though18:56
MythbuntuGuest93superm1; right now i have a SD lineup that I use with my pvr-500 connection.  Should i make a new lineup, that has all the channels for the STB?  or should i just add it to the existing old one?18:57
superm1MythbuntuGuest93, before doing anything with a line up, see if it works18:58
superm1just set it to "no lineup"18:58
superm1you will eventually need another one though18:58
MythbuntuGuest93k. thanks18:59
MythbuntuGuest64hello i want to know how shutdown the pc with the remote control19:59
Shred00MythbuntuGuest64: the whole PC or the mythfrontend?20:00
superm1oops my bad, wrong window20:00
superm1MythbuntuGuest64, there is a thread on the forums that talks about it i believe20:01
MythbuntuGuest64in with forum?20:01
MythbuntuGuest64where is the dorum? i mean20:02
superm1see /t20:02
superm1mythbuntu.org/support has a link to the forums20:02
DavieyMythbuntuGuest64: Use the thread for guidance, otherwise you'll need to SUID "halt" (ie, allow any user to exec a command root normally needs to execute), then have lirc execute halt20:02
MythbuntuGuest64ok thanks i search fr it20:02
Shred00MythbuntuGuest64: the tool you want is irexec.  i'd be interested in seeing how/if mythbuntu use it20:02
superm1Shred00, there is nothing that we have automated for it, but some users have written a howto20:03
Shred00superm1: ahhh.  i'd like to see irexec used in mythbunutu, and perhaps configurable to either restart the whole machine or mythfrontend20:03
Shred00i use it for the latter quite successfully, but i don't have the whole mythbuntu desktop stuff on my FE20:04
Shred00i launch X and then put mythfrontend directly on top of that.  nothing else.20:04
superm1well our scripts do check for irexec in lircrc20:04
superm1if it is mentioned in there, irexec -d gets started20:04
superm1so it would just be a matter of properly adding support to mythbuntu lirc generator20:05
superm1which can be feasibly done20:05
Shred00so irexec just calls a script that checks if mythfrontend is running and stops it if it is and starts it if it's not20:05
superm1well what irexec does is configured in your lircrc20:05
Shred00superm1: which package does the script that does that checking live in?20:05
superm1but to at least start the daemon is automatically done20:05
Shred00i'd like to inherit that start daemon from mythbuntu20:06
Shred00superm1: thanx!20:06
superm1Shred00, if you have any improvements to it, i'm very open to patches20:07
superm1just let me know20:07
Shred00ugh.  depends on xfce4-utils20:07
superm1its the xfce4 session startup script20:07
superm1*we use xfce4 for a balance with usability to people and lightweight)20:08
Shred00yeah, this goes back to the earlier discussion of wm or no-wm20:08
superm1ubuntu-mythtv-frontend (the even more lightweight  and less usable route) has a similar way of starting irexec20:10
Shred00(without having looked at the mythbuntu-default-settings package) would you be open to separating out the lirc bits and depending on a new package?  i don't think ubuntu-proper's lirc package(s) have irexec support20:11
Shred00i understand ubuntu-mythtv-frontend is deprecated20:11
superm1the lirc packages are where irexec comes from20:11
superm1this is just a way of starting it for the user at login20:11
Shred00do you repackage the lirc packages in any way or use them from ubuntu as is?20:12
superm1the same packages are used for both20:12
superm1i've improved the lirc packages in the interest of ubuntu and mythbuntu20:12
DavieyWhich is the ethos of the mythbuntu project :)20:12
Shred00i do see that the lirc startup script does start irexec20:12
Shred00yes, i like that goal20:13
CygnetI just moved, and now I'm only getting static on my mythtv box (cable is on and working, and I had the mythtv box working in a different apartment in the same building)20:22
CygnetI've tried switching out the coax cable I'm using, and restarting mythtv20:23
LT_TuvokPossible that wall outlet is damaged20:29
CygnetI have a TV and a cable modem plugged into the same outlet (with splitters) and they both work20:31
LT_Tuvoksplitters degrade the signal, perhaps try another outlet?20:32
LT_Tuvokdepends how many times its split of course20:32
Cygnetwe only have the one cable jack, unfortunately20:33
CygnetI'll try plugging it in directly to the jack and see if that works20:33
Cygnetthat will take me offline, so brb :p20:33
LT_TuvokI await the results20:33
Cygnetno joy, I get noisy static instead of silent static :p20:37
Cygnet(well, I guess that would be partial joy)20:38
Shred00Cygnet: have you tried simply moving the coax cable from your mythbox to a tv to "see" for yourself what the tuner in the mythbox is seeing?20:40
CygnetI did try switching the cables for the TV and the mythbox to see if the cable was bad, but I'll try switching the cable again20:41
Shred00Cygnet: no, i don't mean swapping cables.  i mean taking the connection off the tuner and moving it to the tv.  so that the tv is exactly where the myth tuner was in the cable equation20:42
CygnetI just did that20:43
Shred00did the tv see snow?20:43
CygnetI had only been looking at the one channel on the TV, I just tried channel surfing and got a whole lot of nothing20:44
Cygnetso looks like the problem is with the cable20:44
Shred00or jack, or anything downstream from the tv20:44
CygnetI'm going to try plugging the tv in directly to the wall, I might go offline20:45
CygnetTV still gets nothing20:47
Cygnetwe just moved in and we had trouble getting the (cable) internet turned on, so we may be having problems with the cable TV too :p20:48
Cygnetwell, I'm off -- thanks for your help, guys.20:51
astylerhow would I unstinstall mythtv?22:23
astylersudo apt-get remove  mythtv did something, but I can still run mythtv22:23
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LT_TuvokRead the documentation please23:01
LT_Tuvokthere have been hard work to comppile documentation, that some don't bother to read23:01
LT_Tuvokmost curious23:01
LT_Tuvokmore than likely a FAQ23:01
LT_Tuvokbut at the elast, you should know how to install and remove software23:02
superm1astyler, apt-get remove mythtv-*23:12
superm1will take it all out23:12
astylerthanks superm123:14
astylercouldn't find anything in the documentation23:15
stowaway2hello.. I dont suppose there is some sort of device manager program i can install for ubuntu ?23:47
=== stowaway2 is now known as Stowaway
Stowawaycant seem to get my damn dvico dvb tuner to work23:48
superm1best to check dmesg and see if its just missing firmware23:49
superm1or if there are any drivers loading for it whatsoever23:49

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