naliothSeveas: what happens to the Encyclopedia that makes ubot3 crash?00:01
Seveasno idea00:01
naliothit cored dumps often, but after i reload the Encyclopedia, it runs fine for days00:02
Seveaslocked db perhaps?00:02
naliothSeveas: have no clue00:03
naliothi just turn the bot on and let it run00:03
ubotuIn #ubuntu, soldats said: ubotu is gone it is now ubotwo00:06
Seveasit's still syncing00:07
LjLit's almost finished00:07
ubotuping: unknown host00:10
Seveasit's fully synced00:10
LjLSeveas: you know, one would expect at least the people in #ubuntu-motu not to be astonished at the possibility of a bot being down00:10
greg-ghi, I would like to request that the channel #ubuntu-upperpeninsula be forwarded to #ubuntu-us-mi (or de-registered all together).  The team contact is MIA (last seen 39 weeks ago) and it is a defunct team (never got off the ground, and is "super-seeded" by the Michigan Team)00:11
PriceChildnalioth, *ping* :)00:12
naliothPriceChild: poingy!00:12
PriceChildnalioth, greg-g above?00:12
naliothPriceChild: i'm not blind  :)00:12
PriceChildbut you might be away, or in a different channel00:13
greg-gI have sent an email to the team contact, waiting on a response00:13
PriceChildohhh after the ping00:13
mneptokgreg-g: "superseeding" happens on BitTorrent. you mean "superceded" :)00:15
greg-gmneptok: thats right! ;)00:15
greg-git has been a long day00:15
* greg-g needs a beer00:15
mneptokgreg-g: since you're standing by the coat rack, mind handing me my "Annoying Pedant" crown? ;)00:15
* greg-g hands mneptok a burger king crown00:16
greg-g(that might be a little bit of a US-centric reference there)00:16
LjLmneptok, i'm afraid you'll have to try harder.00:17
LjLSupercede has occurred as a spelling variant of supersede since the 17th century, and it is common in current published writing. It continues, however, to be widely regarded as an error.00:17
naliothgreg-g: emails to contacts of #*buntu* channels are not necessary (note for the future)00:18
greg-gnalioth: btw, I have requested the launchpad team assocated with that channel be removed also, for the same reasons (there is only 1 member to the LP team, they havne't done anthing, it is a possible confusion for people looking for michigan ubuntu teams)00:18
mneptokLjL: you can't have a "common" spelling that's a "widely regarded" error. there can only be one majority.00:18
greg-gnalioth: eh?00:18
LjLmneptok: mail m-w00:18
PriceChildmneptok, common doesn't imply majority?00:18
naliothgreg-g: if you have a question or statement or problem with an #ubuntu channel you come to #ubuntu-irc to enquire about it00:19
greg-gnalioth: ok, that's what I did (well, ops) ;)00:19
syntaxerror55What's op with ubotu? :|00:20
LjLnice lapsus00:20
PriceChildsyntaxerror55, its home is having routing issues. Its out of our control, backup bots will be brought back in if it doesn't come back soon.00:21
syntaxerror55PriceChild: okay.00:21
greg-gnalioth: do you have any questions about the channel situation?00:21
naliothgreg-g: nope00:21
naliothit'll be taken care of (pricechild promised)00:22
PriceChildand I never break my promises00:22
greg-gcool, thanks (sorry for delay, not-so-good wireless at the cafe)00:25
greg-gtake care!00:26
PriceChildxhhul... where do I know that from00:28
Seveasapparently still routing issues00:31
Seveasfun, and dns issues00:31
LjLno rats chewing on cat5?00:32
Seveasonly if you call the eweka crew rats00:33
LjLSeveas: have you found anything interesting in your quest for an irc proxy?00:37
Seveasexcept for a nice idea for ubotu v3 with which I'm now experimenting00:37
Seveasit does involve getting rid of supybot00:38
LjLugh, say that slower next time00:39
LjLi came back from smoking, i was alreay at risk of heart attacks00:39
Seveasit involves using dbus00:40
* LjL has quit IRC (death)00:40
Seveasthe dbus part is actually pretty easy00:40
LjLwait, you mean you're serious about dbus?00:41
LjLyou haven't smoked something else than i have have you00:42
Seveasthe 'bot' part would be rather small and only understand a few commands and a failover mechanism00:42
Seveasplugins move to external processes, communicating to the bot via dbus00:42
* mneptok quit smoking this weekend00:42
mneptoknot by choice. i was uber-sick.00:42
mneptoki realized on Tuesday i hadn't smoked in 4 days. so why start?00:43
LjLSeveas: except why?00:43
LjLmneptok: good question. you'll find out soon.00:43
LjLi mean, it's not that i've anything against dbus...00:44
mneptokLjL: honey, i smoked hand-rolled unfiltered cigarettes for 24 years. you? :)00:44
LjLwell nevermind, i do, still00:44
* PriceChild hugs mneptok 00:44
Seveasmneptok, 1) getting rid of supybot is a good thing 2) i need some dbus experience and dbus is good for interprocess communication 3) separating functions to external processes increases robustness00:44
LjLmneptok: i've been alive for 25 years, and smoked hand-rolled unfiltered cigarettes for 1400:44
Seveasit will stop the bugtracker plugin from grinding everything to a halt00:44
mneptokLjL: heheheh. i gotchya beat. i know what withdrawal is like.00:45
PriceChildand i guess this'll make pici's work obselete./00:45
SeveasPriceChild, it won't00:45
LjLSeveas, threading makes sense, but dbus? anyway... how does the failover mechanism work with that?00:45
SeveasPriceChild, for one, it's not at all certain that this is going to succeed00:46
Seveasand code is reusable, the supybot plugin interface sort-of makes sense00:46
PriceChildpfft I'm sure it will succeed.00:46
PriceChildgood good :)00:46
LjLSeveas, don't underestimate the work of writing a bot from scratch though. it's simple but pretty tedious00:48
Seveasnot if you don't want too much from it00:49
SeveasI'm not going supybot style00:49
Seveasit's called ubot, or micro-bot (compose key in hardy is broken so I can't type a proper mu now)00:50
LjLSeveas, if plugins have to work with it somewhat, you need a plugin interface, and that's already something. then you have throttling. then you have a case-insensitive-but-preserving protocol which i hate (try privmsg #channel blah and privmsg #Channel blah - they go through unmodified, i hate hate hate). and for a good bantracker you also need to be able to whois etc00:52
SeveasLjL, the only difficult thing there is throttling :)00:53
LjLSeveas: i'm not saying any of those is "difficult", just tedious and bug-prone00:53
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)03:15
* mneptok uses The Force ...03:25
mneptoki sense .... "iKap" in a PM with Pricey ...03:26
mneptok*cue theremin music*03:26
PriceChildmneptok, you have done well young padawan03:26
jdongand there we go. conclusive proof that freenode staffers and company can read our every movement.03:26
mneptokpadawan? ;)03:26
PriceChildjdong, :)03:26
* jdong screams conspiracy and runs in circles03:26
mneptokjdong: what will really melt your brain is that i'm nowhere *close* to Freenode staff. and 99% of Freenode staff feel that if i was, they'd be checking the horizon for flying horsemen.03:27
no0ticjdong, they joined a channel where I was kicking every second a user that rejoined every time, just for his fun03:28
PriceChildno0tic, were you getting chanserv to op you each time?03:28
no0ticPriceChild, no, I was op03:28
jdongmneptok: oh come on, I get that from PriceChild every other day ;-)03:28
no0ticPriceChild, they see kicks I suppose, at least03:29
PriceChildno0tic, they see everything03:29
no0ticPriceChild, every single character we are typing?03:29
no0ticPriceChild, apart from those in here :P03:30
jdongno0tic: and even what you are saying03:30
PriceChildno0tic, they're behind you03:30
naliothno0tic: no, but we see when you are having too much fun03:30
jdongno0tic: and I heard once they get past a certain hero level they can read minds too03:30
* mneptok kills another womp rat and levels03:30
naliothjdong: yeah, we got those folks, but we take away their keyboards so they don't scare the mere mortals03:30
PriceChildiKap claimed he thought he was in #ubuntu-offtopic03:32
PriceChildI'm not sure why that is an excuse to ignore what I'm saying.03:32
PriceChildI gave him guidelines and suggested he come back in a couple of days.03:32
PriceChildI feel bad,03:33
=== Hobbsee_ is now known as Hobbsee
htnsCan somebody unban me from #ubuntu?04:45
htnsI really need help04:45
htnsAnd an OP banned me unjustifiably04:46
htnsI have appealed for him to unban me, but he ignores me04:46
ubotuIn #kubuntu, marcelol_ said: ubotu : nor is it in Feisty....I had to dload it too04:49
Picihtns: Please hold, let me take a look at our logs.04:54
htnsuh oh04:55
=== Hobbsee` is now known as Hobbsee
no0ticHobbsee, great quit message04:58
Picihtns: I don't feel comfortable reviewing this ban without the operator present who banned you.04:59
PiciLjL: ping, re: htns's ban.04:59
htnsPici: LjL was acting up on me04:59
htnsPlus, I was on ativan at that time05:00
htnsSo my head wasn't straight05:00
jussi01morning all06:56
no0ticjdong, morning07:02
jussi01no0tic: jdong ?07:03
no0ticjussi01, :)07:06
no0ticjdong, sorry :)07:07
ubotuePax called the ops in #ubuntu ()07:15
bod_is anyone here?08:02
jussi01bod_: How can we help?08:05
bod_i was banned form #ubuntu-offtopic and was told that it would be a 24 hour ban,.,. this was a few weeks ago,. im still banned,.,. i was wondering when it would be lifted jussi01 ?08:09
jussi01bod_: Im sorry, I dont have the ability to lift that ban, you will need to wait for the person that banned you08:10
bod_i dont remember who that was,. although tritium was there08:11
jussi01bod_: a moment please08:12
jussi01bod_: I cant see who it is at the moment. Please com back another time, possibly in ~6-8 hours when the other side of the world has woken up.08:16
bod_jussi01, ok,. thats just enough time to go to school,.,. What do you mean by "Cant see who it is" ? who what is?08:17
jussi01bod_: who banned you.08:17
bod_oh,. ok,. I will ask tritium later,. Thankyou for your help08:17
stdin<AngelinaJolie26> I am in my W E B C A M enters and we spoke. Kisses! WWW.PUTA.COM.AR < /msg on /join to #ubuntu08:19
jussi01stdin: yay, you got lucky :P08:21
bod_with Angelina Jolie (lucky sod)08:22
stdinwell, she's not really my type :p08:22
bod_u wouldnt say no tho08:22
jussi01bod_: Please see the topic and come back in the time I said. :)08:23
bod_sorry,. cya08:23
stdin!staff | please kill our spammer AngelinaJolie26 :)08:29
ubotuplease kill our spammer AngelinaJolie26 :): Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)08:29
DavieyMight wanna watch lollo in #ubuntu09:19
=== no0tic_ is now known as no0tic
ikonia DemonX> fuck12:12
ikonia11:54 < DemonX> )12:12
emgenthello there12:35
emgentit's possible join ubot in #ubuntu-hardened?12:36
emgentwe need it to control with !info package when ubuSecurity report Advisory.12:36
hk2999how do i get unbanned from ubuntu-offtopic?12:57
hk2999it's a mistake! i never said anything offensive....12:58
hk2999there wasn't even a warning.13:01
jrib"i think sabdfl is the next hitler!" might have done it?13:02
hk2999i dont know13:02
hk2999whats so bad about that?13:02
ikoniaooh he's hear13:02
hk2999i mean he will change the computing world...13:02
ikonianext revolutionary is different to next hitler13:03
hk2999hahaha... i really dont know...13:03
hk2999i didn't have a warning...13:03
hk2999can i be unbanned?13:03
hk2999promise won't do it again.13:03
hk2999will follow the !coc to the letter.13:03
hk2999so, what do i do to remove the ban? (i really enjoy offtopic)13:08
jribyou'll have to wait for the op that banned you13:08
ikoniahk2999: sit patiently and wait for someont to get to you13:08
hk2999ok... thanks.13:08
=== no0tic_ is now known as notic
=== notic is now known as no0tic
hk2999Pici: when can i get unbanned?13:18
Picihk2999: I suggest that you think about what you say before you say it.13:22
hk2999actually, i was just experimenting on what would happen if i said it13:22
hk2999i wasn't like that from the start, you know me, right?13:23
hk2999so please i will never do it again. please unban me.13:23
PiciExperimenting huh. This ban will not be lifted at this time.  Come back in at least 24 hours and it will be discussed again13:24
hk2999ok. thanks.13:24
PiciI dont even know what to say about that.13:26
ikoniaseemed odd13:27
ikoniaperhaps just asking "is this acceptable as a joke"13:27
ikoniawould be better13:27
ikoniawhois jk299913:29
ikoniawhat language is -ph ?13:29
ikoniathat maiks sens13:32
ikonia(not sure how phonetic that was)13:33
no0ticin my phonetic "det meics sens"13:34
ikoniasounds german13:35
=== no0tic_ is now known as no0tic
ubotuDaviey called the ops in #ubuntu (Karlo)13:55
ubotuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)13:56
Seveas<Karlo>  Best girls in the world - http://lostworlds.lv/go.php?113965544013:56
DavieySeveas: Faster than a speeding bullet13:56
emgentubot master heya :)13:58
emgentit's possible join ubot in #ubuntu-hardened?13:58
emgentwe need it to control with !info package when ubuSecurity report Advisory.13:58
Seveasemgent, I need approval from the channels owner for that13:58
emgentSeveas, oh ok13:59
ubotuBluesKaj called the ops in #kubuntu (Blizzy)14:33
Mez!staff | Blizzy14:34
ubotuBlizzy: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)14:34
Mez<Blizzy> Hellow fellow ignorant Pedophiles, have any child porn to share today?14:34
Mezrepeated spamming of14:34
LjLin several channels likely14:34
LjL(#freenode at least, aside from #ubuntu)14:35
LjLand #kde14:35
Mez* [Blizzy] #css #suse #emacs #wowace #maemo #vim ##windows #centos #defocus #freenode #math #bash #ruby-lang #archlinux #kde #mysql14:36
Pici09:36:08 >>>> Blizzy (i=Blizzy@gateway/tor/x-e6c7442fee77cf15) has quit [Killed by denny (Please read and abide by our network rules and policies.)]14:36
Picihes on tor.. so a kline is useless.14:36
Mezyeah :(14:37
LjLi was thinking though, couldn't the first node in tor (which possesses the originating IP, for obvious reasons) generate a (non reversible) hash of it and sent it along?14:39
LjLthen of course it would be put in the hostmask (what is the hash that's currently put there?)14:40
LjLthat way, they'd still be anonymous because no one would see the actual IP, but the numbers we'd see on the hostmasks would be unique to that IP14:40
* LjL hates adept14:41
LjLwhy haven't i used apt-get dist-upgrade like i always did14:41
* LjL files bug14:41
MezLjL, simply because the first node isnt always the same, so they'd all have to use the same hashing alogorithm, meaning we'd easily be able to find the IP....14:43
MezI mean - it's only 255^4 IPs that exist14:43
Mez4 billion...14:43
LjLMez, uhm yeah, brute forcing is easy14:44
Mezhow long would it talke to make a loop make 4 billion, and then a lookup table ?14:44
LjLvery short14:44
LjLit's like a 4 characters password14:44
LjLit can be brute-forced in a moment14:44
LjLwell, force them to use ipv6 :)14:45
DavieyI suspect making it possible to track tor uses activity would go down like a sack of spuds14:50
LjLwell it might well be optional14:52
Mezwould spammers really use that option?14:53
LjLif you want to be anonymous *but* not banned from channels (and/or other places), you allow your IP to be hashed14:53
Mezisnt there already something like that14:53
LjLMez: no, but channels would feel more comfortable banning all non-hashed masks14:53
LjLMez: yes, tor-gpg, bit of a hassle though i think14:53
Mezstill - kinda the same thing really ..14:54
LjLMez: and IIRC it involves contacting freenode and stuff... i'm thinking more a plug-and-play thing, where you're just identified by an IP hash as i said (but you're right it isn't feasible with IPv4). yes, it's the same thing in the end, just harder for people to do14:54
LjLbut if all channels knew that there is an *easy* way to do it, which involves no more work than using tor "normally", i think very few of them would think twice about banning the rest14:55
* Mez shrugs14:55
LjLit's not like i particularly care, mind, just thinking aloud. we have them banned in #ubuntu anyway :)14:56
usuario_como vas?15:53
usuario__como estas15:54
usuario__que pasada15:54
jpatrickusuario__: #ubuntu-es-ops15:55
LjLjpatrick: they're redirected from #ubuntu actually15:56
Mez!pt | usuario__15:56
jpatrickLjL: ah well :)15:56
jpatrick!es | Mez, usuario__15:56
LjLMez: it's spanish...15:56
Mezyou sure ?15:56
ubotuusuario__: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.15:56
ubotuMez, usuario__: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.15:56
usuario__de donde sois?15:56
LjLMez: pretty much15:56
LjLusuario__, #ubuntu-es para soporte Ubuntu, #ubuntu-es-15:56
Mezcomo vas is portuguese15:56
PiciOh, sorry. its: olaaaa15:57
LjLMez: you just discovered that portuguese and spanish can be pretty similar, congrats15:57
MezLjL, no need to be sarcastic.15:57
jpatrickMez: como vas = how's it going (es)15:57
LjLMez: i do many things there's no need for15:57
Mezjpatrick, and I'm actually thinking como voy ;)15:58
LjLanyway FYI usuario*!*@* is redirected from #ubuntu to hear15:58
LjLhere even15:58
jpatrickLjL: why not redirect to -es?16:00
LjLjpatrick: we could, if you're ok with that... generally speaking i don't find redirected big hostmasks to other channels is a polite thing to do16:01
jpatrickLjL: well, if their Spanish, they'd want Spanish16:01
LjLjpatrick: reasonable enough - but would you want us to do that with the 83.230's too? :)16:02
jpatrickhmm, good point16:03
sparrwI'd like to get back into #ubuntu16:08
sparrwthe automated test in -read-topic fails16:08
LjLsparrw: try again now please16:10
LjLsparrw: wait, you weren't redirected to begin with...16:12
sparrwmy presence in -read-topic seems to differ from that point of view16:14
sparrw[kubrick.freenode.net][470] sparrw #ubuntu #ubuntu-read-topic :Forwarding to another channel16:14
LjLsomewhat... but you aren't in the banlist nonetheless16:15
LjLsparrw: ah, sparr* was banned16:16
LjLshouldn't be any more though16:17
LjLsparrw: you probably weren't an exploit victim to begin with, but just caught by another one who liked to change nicknames into sparr<something>16:17
LjLsparrw: anyway if you want to take the test in -read-topic, you should be able to do that now16:17
ompaulthere is no ping just a faint noise17:41
ubotuping: unknown host17:41
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore17:42
* nalioth looks at ompaul 17:42
ompaulnalioth, I have no idea17:43
ompaulI declare myself clueless17:43
* ompaul calls ompaul a liar17:43
ompaulnow either I am telling the truth or a lie or is there a third way17:43
* ompaul wanders off to -ot to confuse the masses :)17:44
naliothompaul: you've got very fast reflexes today or you're having elective surgery in the back room of intel17:44
jpatrickheads-up: N0ob in #u17:45
ompauljpatrick, watch the fireworks17:46
jussi01bot is _very_ slow atm17:49
jpatrickompaul: seem to have controled it17:50
ompauljpatrick, the problem is the wiggle room factor - leave any and people will try to troll close it down they can't do anything17:51
jpatrickompaul: I know prefectly how that feels17:52
* jpatrick glares at #ubuntu-es17:52
jussi01jpatrick: could you watch xbehave for me in #k, i need to run out17:59
jpatrickjussi01: sure thing17:59
jussi01thanks :)17:59
Mezis it me, or has there been less ops calls lately ?18:01
jpatrickMez: it's you18:02
jpatrickhmm, lag18:02
MezI used to get ops calls at least 3 times a day at work, now I only get once a day at most18:02
ompauljpatrick, that one is now banned from -offtopic18:20
jpatrickompaul: woah18:20
ompauljpatrick, if they come here to plead their case I will have them read coc and guidelines18:21
* Pici reiterates his thought that /cs lart is overkill18:21
ompaulPici, perhaps18:21
ompaulPici, bnut then trolling is overkill18:21
jpatrickhey Gary18:22
NOobWho are you people18:22
ompaulNOob, you were removed from #ubuntu-offtopic18:22
NOobAnd the reason is?18:22
jpatrickNOob: read the /topic :)18:23
ompaulNOob, I am now going to put several urls in this channel18:23
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines18:23
ubotuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/18:23
NOobFIne I will read them all but please let me back to offtopic, I will just sit there, its just that you guys had really interesting conversation and I'd like to listen to it quietly please18:23
ompaulNOob, your repeated references to cracking18:23
ubotupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o18:24
NOobwhats cracking18:24
ompaulhacking is something different18:24
ubotuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu-ops. Controversial topics, which always turn into flamewars: war, race, religion, politics (unless related to software licencing), gender, sexuality, drugs, questionable legal activities, removing of oneself from the planet (except by space or time travel) are not for here, perhaps #off-topic or ##politics. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy) - Thanks.18:24
ompaulNOob, read all that stuff18:24
ompauland do it now18:24
NOobwar race religion18:24
PriceChildNo need to repeat it, we've already read it all.18:24
NOob- Thanks.18:24
NOobOk I'm done18:25
ompaulyour not18:25
NOobI'm on adsl dial up18:25
NOobwith 14 kbs downloading18:25
NOobI have 18 hours to go18:25
NOoband my sister is forcing me to give her the modem18:25
NOobSo she could play world of warcraft18:25
NOobwhat should I do18:25
PriceChildNOob, the ban will not be lifted at this time. Please read those links again and come back another time.18:25
ompaulhave fun then - come back when you have read that18:25
ompaulPriceChild, out for food - later18:26
ompaulI will18:26
PriceChildNOob, lets not get banned in #ubuntu too.18:28
jpatrickPici: ah, thank god your back18:33
Picijpatrick: busy in #ubuntu?18:34
PriceChildNOob, anything else we can help you with in here?18:36
* Pici keeps an eye on FunnyLookinHat18:41
Garyvead them very carevully, I vill say this only vonce19:06
jpatrickPici: noone appeared to be around so PC op-ed me19:07
PiciI did?19:07
PiciOh.  the other PC19:07
danbhfiveis flash fixed?  I got a new package today.  If it is fixed, maybe the topic for ubuntu should be changed.19:48
PriceChilddanbhfive, /topic19:49
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. Fixes have landed in -proposed for testing, but most most users are advised to wait until packages are approved and released in -updates.19:49
danbhfiveah, ok19:49
* PriceChild checks where its up to19:50
* jussi01 walks in19:52
PriceChildIts all still in -proposed19:52
* Pici hopes it makes its way into -updates19:53
PriceChildwell they've arrived at a fix for konqueror as well so should do19:53
PiciOnly because its been long enough and I'm tired !flashing people.19:53
Piciyah yah, twss.19:53
jussi01on the note that its possible a lot of people will be enabling -propsed repos for flash, is it worth our while to create a dedicated !proposed factoid?19:58
PriceChildsilly people19:58
jussi01one that warns of the danggers etc?19:58
DavieyOr just modify !flash to be - you can use -proposed but it's generally recommended you wait etc19:59
ubotuIn ubotu, BelkMoose said: !konsole is Konsole is the terminal program for Kubuntu.  Konsole is located in the 'System' menu.19:59
PriceChildHaven't I already put that in there?19:59
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal19:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about konsole - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:59
* Daviey suprised19:59
jussi01bot dead20:00
Davieyjussi01 killed it20:00
ubotuterminal aliases: shell, bash, cli, commands, rm, ln, ls, sed, awk, grep, cat, lsof, kill, symlink, sh, chown, nice, console - added by Madpilot on 2006-06-24 13:07:5320:00
PriceChild!konsole is <alias> cli20:00
ubotuI'll remember that, PriceChild20:00
Pici!no konsole is <alias> terminal20:00
ubotuYou are editing an alias. Please repeat the edit command within the next 10 seconds to confirm20:00
Pici!no konsole is <alias> terminal20:00
ubotuI'll remember that Pici20:00
Seveasdennis@mirage:~/ubot$ ./ubot-send.py -n ubotu join \#ubuntu-ops ''20:17
SeveasCalling join with arguments ['#ubuntu-ops', '']20:17
Seveasbot-control via dbus \o/20:17
jpatrickSeveas: is it in bzr? :D20:21
Seveasjpatrick, neh, it's too new20:21
Seveasit's not ubotu but a new bot20:21
PiciStill a supybot?20:22
Seveassomething I'm writing from scratch with very specific ideas about separation of funcitons20:24
PiciHeh.  So much for 'i want someone else to take over ubotu development'20:25
Seveasoh no that still stands20:26
SeveasI'm not touching ubotu because I got tired of supybot20:26
Seveasthis is a fun new project which isn't sure to succeed :)20:26
PiciOkay :)20:26
PiciI've been working on a new bantracker, you may have seen the branch on the ubuntu-bots page.20:27
Seveasheard about it, very cool20:27
mneptoki want dbus hooks to the hrdware volume keys20:27
jpatrickSeveas: btw can you join -irc for a sec?20:27
jpatrickno0tic: 'round?20:32
jussi01jpatrick: I think he is sqare... :P20:33
jpatrickjussi01: hehe20:33
jussi01stupid u key20:33
jpatrick!u > jussi0120:33
jussi01hmmm, both ubotu and ubotwo ...20:34
no0ticjpatrick, here20:40
jpatrickno0tic: see -irc :)20:40
jpatricknalioth: can you help us in #teensonlinux - we have a rough user with no ops around20:55
jpatrickgrr, he seems to have stopped (after been asked ~10 times)20:56
naliothjpatrick: is staff on the access list there?20:58
naliothnot much i can do then  :(20:59
naliothcan you have staff put on the access list?21:00
jpatrickI'll ask the owner21:01
jpatrickbut he isn't around21:01
no0ticjpatrick, could be useful in -es also21:01
naliothno0tic: all #ubuntu channels should have staff on the list21:02
jpatrickno0tic: I don't have access there21:02
naliothno0tic: if they don't, it can be made so very easily21:02
jpatrickwell, access to access lists21:02
naliothno0tic: unfortunately, #teensonlinux isn't #ubuntu*21:02
jpatrickhehe :)21:03
no0ticnalioth, indeed. I was wondering.. also LoCo workgroups' channels should have staff in acl?21:04
naliothno0tic: having staff on the access list doesn't hurt at all21:06
no0ticIn staff we trust21:07
naliothunless staff is needed, you'll never see them (in the smaller channels)21:07
ompaulno0tic,  all others must have ops21:07
no0ticompaul, yes, certainly21:07
LjLno0tic, having staff in every channel ensures that if there's serious issues and no op is around, they can be fixed.21:08
LjLotherwise all that everyone (including staff) can tell people is "sorry, you need to wait for the ops"21:08
LjLwhich people usually don't particularly like21:08
no0ticoh, LjL, good evening21:08
LjLgood afternoon21:09
LjLi'm not here yet though, /me disappears :P21:09
PriceChildjpatrick, are you affiliated with tol?21:13
jpatrickPriceChild: no21:13
ubotuikonia called the ops in #ubuntu (umair constant bad language)21:27
ikoniaPriceChild: thank you21:28
ompaulPriceChild, shall I invite them here?21:30
ompaulor leave it out21:30
ikoniaompaul: caught you at last21:30
ompaulikonia, ack21:30
ikoniadidn't see you login /notify must not be up to speed21:30
ompaulI have a spare ticket for the N gig and a request from Alan Cotton to find him when I am there21:31
PriceChildompaul, meh they'll live21:31
* ompaul is a great ligger21:31
ikoniavery cool !21:31
PriceChildompaul, they could be talking about worse things21:31
ompaulikonia, you need a good gig call me21:31
ikoniayour the tout !21:31
ikoniaback in 5 just need to check on an few installs21:32
* Pici wonders what point Flare183 is making..21:33
ompaulikonia, bad news it is a Sunday night21:36
LjLPici: point?21:45
LjLPici: you need to stop assuming people have a point21:46
ompaulLjL, leave Pici alone, Pici gets the idea that points matter cos of all of them in the factoid factory ;-)21:49
LjL!point is <reply> Do you have any?21:51
ubotuI'll remember that, LjL21:51
ompaul!point | LjL vis that factoid?21:52
ubotuLjL vis that factoid?: Do you have any?21:52
LjL!no | ompaul21:52
ubotuompaul: Hvis du vil diskutere Ubuntu paa norsk, venligst gaa til #ubuntu-no. Takk!21:53
ompaulthe powar to hehe21:53
ubotupici is stuck in a factoid factory! Send help!21:59
htnsHi I am still banned from #ubuntu22:12
htnsI would like to join so I can get some real-time help22:13
LjLi'd unban but my client is busy sending ping replies, sorry22:14
htnsLjL: Dude I'm really sorry...22:14
htnsI was on drugs at the time22:15
htnsAnd ... yeah22:15
htnsunban me plox22:15
naliothhtns: how long were you banned for? a day for every maliciously sent ping?22:17
htnsIt wasn't malicious....22:18
htnsI just pinged him a lot, and I stopped22:18
naliothif it wasn't malicious, what purpose was it for?22:18
htnsI was posting offtopic stuff in #ubuntu-offtopic22:18
htnsI guess it offended LjL and he started picking a fight with me22:18
naliothright, so after that, you sent constant pings for 12+ hours22:19
htnsI thought he was just some twerp that was trying to screw with me, but then he opped himself and banned me from both #ubuntu-offtopic and #ubuntu22:19
htnsUh no....22:19
naliothif the pings weren't malicious, what were they for?22:19
htnsI sent constant pings for less than an hour22:19
htnsI quit my client after like 35 minutes22:19
nalioth1201904118 16:15 < htns> I was on drugs at the time                    <<< are you sure?22:19
htnsnalioth: I was on ativan22:20
naliothok, and?22:20
htnsLjL's banned me for personal reasons, not official reasons22:20
htnsI was posting in #ubuntu-offtopic22:20
htnsWhich is like /b/ I presumed22:20
htnsBut then LjL got all fessed up with me and banned me22:21
htnsBecause I guess it offended him or something22:21
Seveasso you irc while on drugs, send a flood of pings to somebody and thin it's ok to annoy people who are not ops?22:24
Seveasnot likely that you'll be unbanned soon, or ever for that matter22:24
htnsLjL banned me for something stupid that was personal to him22:25
ompaulhtns, IRC is not a democracy22:25
htnsThen I got pissed off and started acting up22:25
htnsLjL started it22:25
ompaulhtns, you had no right22:25
naliothhtns: so that made it ok for you to ping him for 12 hours?22:25
Seveaspersonal attacks are a good reason for a ban22:25
ompaulto escalate22:25
htnsompaul: Then how come 99% of your IRCers are all about Ron Paul or the Democrat party?22:25
htnsMight as well practice democracy you hypocrites22:25
ompaulhtns, excuse me22:25
ompaulIRC is not a democracy22:26
Seveasthat was going nowhere22:26
SeveasI can take 12 hours of ping :)22:26
ompaularrrgh I was going to have revenge on location based assumption22:26
ompaulbrain crushing22:26
* Seeker` doesn't have a clue who Ron Paul is22:26
naliothRon Paul is a US presidental candidate22:27
Seeker`a Democrat?22:27
* Seeker` doesn't know a huge amount about the US system22:27
* Seveas neither22:28
naliothhe ran as a Libertarian last time, and this time he's running Republican22:28
ompaulguess that makes me wrong22:28
Seeker`The UK system is easier to understand imo22:28
ompaulSeeker`, just cos you live there methinks22:29
naliothyeah, Seeker`.  You come to the US and mention 'tory' and you'll get strange looks22:30
Seeker`the way people are elected in the US is too complicated22:31
Seeker`in the UK its all over in 1 day22:31
ompaulSeeker`, what they are excited about is polling to see who will be in the real election22:34
naliothSeveas: your ban was just made moot.  htns caught a train22:34
Seeker`nalioth: The k-line train?22:35
Seeker`ompaul: It seems like they drag it out unnecessarily22:35
ompaulSeeker`,  someone has to spend money to win an election they just make it a year long event22:36
naliothSeeker`: yes22:36
mc44Seeker`: sure, but they get to actually elect their leader, unlike us ;P22:36
ompaulmc44, one queen for all eh?22:37
ompaulor are you referring to the Gordon guy?22:37
mc44both, either :)22:38
ompaulhey mc44  yeah that just occurred to me as I started to type22:38
ompaulmc44, unlike us, we get to choose the gangster who runs the banana republic :)22:39
Seeker`they should be forced to call an election if a PM leaves22:40
PriceChildWth was that about 99% ops being ron paul or whatevers? madness.22:42
ompaulPriceChild, someone looking for a kline22:49
ubotusyntaxerror55 called the ops in #ubuntu (_Mercury_)22:52
ompaulguess that was him again ...22:53
ompaulwhat you call a vague assumption22:53
PriceChildHello there iKap, how can I help?23:22
PriceChild(talking in pm)23:24
PriceChildah well23:34
PriceChildstarted talking to ikap in pm but left before i reviewed logsg23:50

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