owhIn  case anyone is watching, it all worked as expected after the hoop-jumping, boots up, happy, all good.00:20
fooHm, what log files do you guys believe  needs to be checked? syslog and messages?00:31
owhfoo, checked, for what?00:36
foofor the sake of maintenance and making sure everything is running good00:37
owhfoo: Well, the answer, as usual, is: "It depends." - If you're running samba, then the logs for mysql will be of little use to you. Similarly, an ftp server maintains different logs from a print server. So really, depending on the services you're running, the logs differ.00:49
fooowh: hm, actually, fair enough - now I see how that question I asked isn't necessarily the greatest question I've asked :) Thanks.00:50
owhfoo, It happens to all of us at some time or other :)00:52
jackfusionhi all02:34
jackfusionhow is every one tonight?02:35
jackfusionIs there any one in here at all?02:35
faulkes-yes, there are people in here ;) some of us just got home though03:04
qmanI was wondering if anyone here had suggestions for setting up an extremely minimal X environment on ubuntu server03:27
qmanI tried just installing xorg and icewm with a few deps, and it runs03:28
qmanbut it won't shut down03:28
faulkes-what wont shutdown?03:28
qmanif I try to stop X by any method at all03:28
faulkes-not that I recommend using X on a server at all, however03:28
qmanI can't go back to a terminal, and the system won't shut down03:29
qmanwell, this isn't for a server03:29
qmanI'm just using server because it's stripped down03:29
faulkes-ctrl-alt-backspace doesn't kill X for you?03:29
qmanit does03:29
qmanbut X never comes back up03:29
qmanand my terminal never shows up03:29
qmanit just goes blank03:29
qmanmy goal in this03:30
qmanis to create the smallest install footprint I can03:30
qmanto run vmware server and the console on the same box03:30
faulkes-X will switch itself over to usually tty6 or 7, did you try going back to tty1 or whatever where you launched X?03:30
qmanwith X running, if I try to switch terminals03:30
qmanmy screen just goes blank03:31
qmanand I'm stuck again03:31
qmanI installed xinit to start X, and installed xfonts-base03:31
qmanother than that, just dependencies03:31
faulkes-how are you starting X?03:32
faulkes-anything being logged to dmesg or /var/log/Xorg.0.log?03:33
qmannothing helpful03:33
qmanthe last things in Xorg.0.log03:34
qmanare initializing the mouse03:34
faulkes-type of video card and driver?03:35
qmanvideo card is an nvidia GeForce 8600GTS, I didn't install any proprietary drivers03:35
qmandriver is "vesa"03:36
qmanI changed it to "nv"03:37
qmanand it all works03:37
qmanthanks for the hint03:37
* faulkes- nods03:37
fooHm, is there a way to save a file in vim when I piped something to it? from the man page:  s filename seems to do it... but I can't seem to get that to work. It just says "log file in use"04:14
faulkes-could you give a cli example04:21
faulkes-like vi | cat /tmp/file or somesuch?04:21
foodoh! I mean, less04:24
faulkes-again, can you show me a cli example?04:38
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ivoksi'm from doing changes in dovecot and installing full stack trough tasksel (including maildir)09:19
GargoyleMorning all09:22
faulkes-I am less than amused with the hour at which I am still awake and others considering "morning"10:51
faulkes-I must be getting old10:51
faulkes-good morning folks10:52
_rubenfaulkes-: that's what "gug" is for: Generic UTC Greeting10:54
_rubenso, gug ;)10:54
faulkes-see what I mean about old? I can barely manage a LOL10:58
Gargoylehowever, if it is a UTC greeting, then Morning would be accurate!11:01
faulkes-just past 6am here, I went to bed at like midnight, havent slept a wink so I've been trolling the support forums for unanswered posts to help with11:06
tjaaltonhuh, I sent an email to u-s@, but I got a bounce saying that I'm not subscribed which is not true11:09
Gargoylefaulkes-: You got a bit of insomnia or are you just a night owl?11:09
faulkes-Gargoyle: something like insomnia but not quite11:10
faulkes-I suppose if I really wanted to sleep I could just go read the opening chapter of the PMBOK which is enough to put even the most hardcore insomniac to sleep11:10
faulkes-(project management body of knowledge) for those not familiar with the term11:11
Gargoylebut project management is funnnnnnnnnnn                            Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz11:12
faulkes-actually, I rather enjoy project management, the actual application thereof11:12
faulkes-having to read about it, well, that's an entirely different story11:13
faulkes-I swear I've cut myself on sharper spoons the authors are so dull11:14
Gargoyleha ha ha11:15
faulkes-I should write a PM book so cutting edge and thrilling it would be the spork of the PM world11:16
Gargoyleget some sleep first...11:16
faulkes-probably not a bad idea, I'm getting punchy11:18
GargoyleAnyone know of any good webmail installs that work well with postfix+dovecott using both pop/imap email types?11:29
ZnuffHello. My Asus Mainboard has 2 Marvell SATA controllers but my fresh ubuntu install only sees the disk on the 1st one, not the second one. These is what lspci returns:11:47
Znuff02:00.0 RAID bus controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88SE6121 SATA II Controller (rev b1)11:47
Znuff04:00.0 RAID bus controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88SE6121 SATA II Controller (rev b2)11:47
ZnuffAnyone knows what's wrong? :-/11:48
ivokswhich ubuntu is that?12:09
Znuffivoks, 7.1012:09
Znufffound that, but it doesn't say anything on how to fix it12:12
ivokstry disabling raid functions in bios12:13
ivokslet them be, what they are - just sata controllers12:13
Znuffuhm :-|12:13
Znuffok, I'll try that too12:13
ivokslinux software raid is better than those fakeraids12:14
Znuffivoks, that's what I'm trying to do12:15
Znuffivoks, got 5 hdds and an optical drive on the sata controllers12:15
Znuff1 hdd for the OS, 4 for RAID512:15
lamontScottK: 2.4.712:56
ScottKlamont: Then I'd say let's go with the original plan, get that in and then backport it.12:57
Znuffany ideas if there's a 2.6.23 or 2.6.24 kernel backported to 7.10? :-/12:57
zulno there isnt12:58
zul2.6.24 is for hardy you will have to compile the kernel yourself if you want to run 2.6.23 or 2.6.2413:04
Gargoylewoo hoo snow.... rain... hail the size of marbles!13:16
GargoyleDamit... I need to go out - letters to post, banking to do, blah blah blah... I am going to get drowned, blown away and frozen.13:16
GargoyleAnd that means I'll miss hollyoaks! ;)13:17
Gargoyleback later...13:18
coolbhaviCan we use drivers of desktop edition in server edition13:54
ScottKcoolbhavi: Please ask a more specific question.13:55
ScottKWhat exactly is it you are trying to do?13:55
coolbhaviMy wireless driver failed on server edition13:55
coolbhaviso i am thinking to use desktop drivers..13:56
coolbhaviIs it possible?13:56
pepperjackworst case you apt-get the generic desktop kernel13:58
ScottKcoolbhavi: I suspect they are the same.13:58
ScottKAs pepperjack says, you could install the generic kernel and try that, but I'd be suprised if it made a difference.13:59
coolbhaviOK.. I ll get the desktop kernel.. and try.....13:59
faulkes-I would have to agree, I would first look at what wireless card you are using and why those drivers are failing, if it is a driver issue at all14:00
coolbhavithanks for the info..14:01
ikoniayou can't use the restricted device manager package onthe server package14:03
ikoniaif your intalling the ubuntu desktop and the ubuntu-generic kernel, you may as well install the desktop CD14:03
* soren hugs nealmcb for raising the sanity level in that pointless Samba bug thread17:25
sommerheh... that one was going into crazy land17:39
nealmcbsoren: :-)18:18
nealmcbsoren: thanks for working hard to keep the tone of that conversation civil.  not easy!18:19
nealmcbespecially when that isn't even the place for a conversation....18:19
_DraxIve just recently joined the ubuntu community by installing the server edition on my standalone computer, first reason I did was I needed a webserver and the LAMP solution was perfect. Im now interested in suggestions on what more I can use it for. I will join the NTP pool project and if you know more things like those please let me know.19:05
telexiconI am running ubuntu server on a dell poweredge 2650.. I have 4GB of ram but it is recognizing only 256MB. Is there a way to fix this?20:05
ivoksinstall mode?20:07
ivokssome servers have bios option 'OS install mode'20:07
telexiconoh, let me check that20:07
telexiconyes it was20:12
telexicon:S ... thanks20:12
mathiazbug #17990520:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179905 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "Bus Error when attempting to access MySQL Server using host name" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17990520:31
mathiazzul: did you find a reference in mysql upstream bug database ?20:33
zulnot yet..20:33
mathiazzul: it seems that it's a problem in libnss20:34
mathiazzul: it may be better to get gethostbyname_r fixed in there rather than adding a workaround in mysql-dfsg20:35
zulill get more information from the user20:37
electrofreakI need help with apache on ubuntu 7.1023:26
leonelelectrofreak: and the error or help you need is ??23:26
electrofreakleonel, Well... It's kind of a problem on most distros by default... permissions. How can I make it so that scripts and what not get executed by the owning user?23:27
electrofreakphp, for instance. If it wants to write a while.... it isn't actually able to unless the directory gives write permissions to apache23:28
electrofreak*write a file23:28
electrofreakthis can certainly be done by vhosts, correct?23:29
sherl0kanyone have a good grasp on mysql configs?23:45
leonelelectrofreak: you can use apache-prefork  and configure  so the  apache fork runs  as the user you want23:53
leonelsherl0k: sorry  PostgreSQL here ;-)23:53

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