jribkahrytan: please read what ubotu said00:00
Pelodrunkmuppets,  dmz is not a great idea to start with,   are you sure your static ip is still set properly in the comp and that it is still free in the router ? ie not part of the dhcp range ?00:00
bbcLjL: it gives some error on KDE library00:00
LjLbbc: pastebin the error (no, pastebin the entire output)00:00
Pelodimas_,  that looks like crap ,   do a little search on your hdd and tell me the path and name of the .exe to start the prog I'll try to make you a proper command to start it00:01
Pelodimas_, gimme a minute, I need a short break00:01
neverbluehey Tweek88800:01
blickdiff seems lousy at comparing English paragraphs for revisions. Is there a better alternative?00:01
Tweek888is there a guide for autologin on gutsy? I tried an old guide but it didn't work00:02
Tweek888actually it fubared everything00:02
LjLblick: well, define "lousy"00:02
bbc Couldn't find package Kdevelop00:02
bbc 00:02
LjLbbc: lowercase "k".00:02
bbcohh ok00:02
LjLbbc: package names are never uppercase.00:02
Tweek888autologin with no manager guide*00:03
* Pelo returns to the keyboard much releaved00:03
Gibbnickrud: I found what it was: the wifi card. I took out the wifi card, it booted fine. turned off the printer service under admin. now I can get to the login, but it hangs up right after login with no error00:03
Pelodimas_, when you are ready00:03
Gibb*with the wifi card in00:03
mdmkolbe|workneigther /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart nor reset worked.  Any other ideas about how to restart the sound?00:03
dimas_pelo:i dont know what you want me to look for...sorry00:03
Pelodimas_, I want you to get me the path to the .exe file that starts the prog you want to run00:04
muuddflapi have a printer00:04
Tweek888http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=152274 I have tried this but can not get it to compile autologin.c00:04
nemilarmdmkolbe|work: did you try restarting the machine?00:05
dimas_env WINEPREFIX="/home/dimas/.wine" wine "C:\ARCH~KTD\Jhoos\UNWISE.EXE" /W2 "C:\Archivos de programa\Jhoos\INSTALL.LOG"00:05
DrMuffinRequesting help with boot00:05
Pelodimas_, what is the name of that prog ?00:05
nemilar!ask | DrMuffin00:05
dimas_pelo i guess is unwise.exe00:05
nemilarubotu: wake up!!!00:05
soldatsubotu is gone it is now ubotwo00:05
Jangarigotta relogin00:06
tannerdoes anyone know of a way to turn a base system into a live cd/usb? allow it to load completely into memory (copy2ram) and be presistent?00:06
ChoushoDoes anybody know which printer brands are the best to get working on Linux without too much of a hassle?00:06
Pelodimas_, as far as I know , unwise is the standard file name for the unlinstaler of any progs in windows00:06
bbcI installed kdevelop, but when I start it, nothing happenes (I am in Gnome)00:06
nemilarChousho: HP is the best00:06
jribChousho: probably hp, but check what ubotu says:00:06
nemilarAlso, Epson works well00:06
jrib!printers > chousho (read the private message from ubotu)00:06
Pelobbc, how do you start it ?00:06
ubotuDrMuffin: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:06
Chousho:D thanks!00:06
dimas_pelo hold on let me see00:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wake up!!! - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:06
Tweek888be right back00:06
DrMuffin!ask There are multiple boot options when my computer boots up; one of them is my Ubuntu and it has a few other options like "ubuntu memtest" and then it still has windows. I would like to remove them.00:06
nemilarChousho: check out www.linuxprinting.org for a full list00:06
mdmkolbe|worknemilar: In the past I've restarted the machine and that works, but it happens often enough, that restarting the machine gets very anoying and I'd like a way that doesn't require me to save/close/restart/open/restore my work.00:06
bbcPelo: Applications > programming > kdevelop00:06
notjameshow do i set environment variables so that apache can use them? i tried adding them to apache2.conf but i don't think it's working00:07
nemilarmdmkolbe|work: there's probably some process not letting go of the sound device, that happens to me every once and a while00:07
Pelobbc, try typing kdevelop in the terminal see what happens00:07
PeloDrMuffin, why do you want to do that ?00:07
DrMuffinSo that it can boot straight into my Ubuntu?00:07
luc_Any images for putting Ubuntu on the PS3?00:07
nemilarmdmkolbe|work: you can use lsof | grep /dev/dsp or grep for /dev/snd to see what's using the sound device... you'll probably see some application hanging around that you closed a while ago00:07
bbcPelo: it just does nothing in terminal also00:08
nemilarmdmkolbe|work: flash and xmms seem to like to do it a lot00:08
luc_Pelo, bbc: I had trouble with Kdevelop, got it working, but it didn't compule. I used Anjuta instead00:08
PeloDrMuffin, ok try this instead,  hide the menu and shorten the delay to 3 sec or something ,  edit the menu.lst file to do that but do not remove the options,   gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst00:08
Pelobbc, open synaptic and reinstall00:08
bbcPelo: let me try00:09
Pelodimas_, how are we doing ?00:09
tannerare copy2ram/toram kernel options?00:09
DrMuffinHmm. Well, I just wish it would auto-boot into Ubuntu. That's all. And maybe remove the Windows option.00:09
dimas_pelo i dont know where is wine even00:09
PeloDrMuffin, if you don'T do anyting while it boots does it eventualy get to ubuntu ?00:10
DrMuffinYes. If I wait 20 seconds or so it will auto-select Ubuntu.00:10
Pelodimas_, .... , lets start from scratch shall we ?00:10
Jobiashas anyone tried to install flash on firefox on gutsy lately? the .tgz file it automatically downloads fails the md5sum check, so i can never install the plug-in00:10
dimas_pelo ok00:10
jribJobias: check the topic of this channel :)00:10
PeloDrMuffin, toward the top of the menu.lst file there is a delay line,  change it to 3 sec00:10
Pelodimas_,  what is the program you were trying to install using wine ?00:11
quitttthere is something wrong on my boot00:11
illuminariswhen i download a program from add/remove programs, and it doesn't show up anywhere in my menu, how do i find it?00:11
jribilluminaris: what program?00:11
quitttwhen I boot, do you know the Ubuntu logo? nothing appers, the monitor keeps down00:11
dimas_is call jhoos00:11
dimas_pelo is called jhoos00:11
quitttand when the boot finished, the monitor opens00:11
PeloDrMuffin, you might also want to tell ubuntu to loginto your user name at boot by default,  menu > system> ADMIN > LOGIN windows > 3rd tab I think00:11
quitttit is vey bizarre, what can be making this?00:11
jribilluminaris: what is the result of: dpkg -L ktimer | grep bin00:12
syntaxerror55quittt: when the boot is over you still get into Ubuntu?00:12
illuminarispackage ktimer is not installed00:12
quitttof course00:12
illuminarisshould i do apt-get install ktimer?00:12
quittteverything works perfecly00:12
DrMuffinOk. Thanks. In the menu.lst it has a lil paragraph called "hidemenu" How can I turn that on?00:12
dimas_pelo the think is all the programs i try to run on wine none of them work mean start00:12
jribilluminaris: yes, that means you did not install it00:12
Pelodimas_, ok , in your /home/username folder,  there is a hidden folder calleed .wine ( find it ) look in .wine/c/program files/jhoost for a .exe file00:12
syntaxerror55quittt: Could be a problem with the usplash. Have you changed it recently?00:12
illuminaristhat's weird, does that happen a lot with add/remove programs?00:12
compy_anytime i use apt-get i get this error The NetworkManager applet could not find some required resources.  It cannot continue.00:13
compy_any clues?00:13
dimas_pelo ok00:13
Pelodimas_, how did you go about installing this program to start with ?00:13
quitttsyntaxerror55, I've just installed Xubuntu00:13
Pelocompy_, do a search in the forum for the exact error msg , there is likely a simple solution , www.ubuntuforums.org00:13
dimas_pelo installed automatically after downloading00:14
syntaxerror55quittt: Xubuntu would have changed the usplash. I think I know how to fix it00:14
bbcPelo: I tried installing througn Synaptic also, but its the same, nothing happenes00:14
notjameswhats the best way of setting environment variables that apache/php can use?00:14
Pelodimas_, this might be a qeustion for #winehq , I'm getting a bit over my head right now00:14
Pelobbc, did you notice the msg from luc I  think it was ?00:14
dimas_pelo ok thanks00:14
illuminarisjrib thanks for your help00:14
compy_Pelo, dunno if your a bot but nothing comes up00:14
dimas_pelo i will ask them then00:14
bbcPelo: no, what was it?00:15
jribillovae: no problem00:15
luc_Pelo, bbc: I had trouble with Kdevelop, couldn't get it to compile, so I use Anjuta00:15
syntaxerror55quittt: type sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so00:15
mdmkolbe|worknemilar: thx, that fixed it after I killed the processes and did an /etc/init.d/alsa-utils reset.  Evince (the document viewer) and openoffice where holding the file open though neigher of them actually uses sound (!!).00:15
Pelo<luc_> Pelo, bbc: I had trouble with Kdevelop, got it working, but it didn't compule. I used Anjuta instead00:15
quitttsyntaxerror55, it is not this00:15
luc_bbc: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anjuta00:15
bbcPelo: ok, let me try Anjuta as well00:15
nemilarmdmkolbe|work: yeah, I donno...it's an annoying bug00:15
syntaxerror55quittt: huh?00:15
bbcluc_: thanks00:15
keithclarkIf I change a monitor on a currently running system, how do I adjust for it?00:16
Pelodimas_,  why are you trying to use windows program in ubuntu anyway ? can't you find a linux alternative to joost or whatever ?00:16
luc_bbc: No worries00:16
quitttit was a misconfiguration of the installer... actually is a bug... usplash.conf the resolution is not supported by my monitor00:16
drunkmuppet pelo - I changed my static to but still cannot access the router config. I can ping it but when I try and pull it up, it never connects00:16
drunkmuppet<drunkmuppets> Just sits at "Waiting for"00:16
drunkmuppet<drunkmuppets> I mean resetting it would fix it, but i'm trying not to anger my g.f and roomate.00:16
drunkmuppetwoops. sorry.00:16
syntaxerror55quittt: I thought you didn't know the problem. :|00:16
Pelodrunkmuppet,  what does ifconfig tell you your gateway is ?00:16
dimas_pelo...lol does has to be with a woman....am i bad?00:16
quitttsyntaxerror55, just discovered it, =P00:16
syntaxerror55quittt: ah, k00:17
Shadow6363is there anyway to get grub to rescan for os's and add them to menu.lst, i realize i could just manually add the entries, just wondering if theres a way for it to look for them00:17
Pelodimas_, are those porn things ?00:17
pawsmacke1(keithclark) try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg"00:17
DrMuffinOk. I got it all figured out. Thanks for the help Pelo.00:17
drunkmuppetpelo |
PeloShadow6363, not taht I know of00:17
Pelodrunkmuppet, and putting that in the browser gets you nothing ?00:17
Kalamarencuhello :)00:17
Pelodimas_, I just don'T get what the issue is ,00:18
dimas_pelo i found the path but they are two...jhoos.exe00:18
pawsmacke1shadow, try grub-install00:18
Kalamarencuwhat command do I need to run to get the driver version of my NIC ?00:18
iariSlart: Thanks for the help but my platforms don't run under wine, I guess I'll have to install qemu / virtualBox, any diff ?00:18
solexious[Q} Can any one help me with setting up mdadm?00:18
dimas_pelo thats the sourse i can ccontact her00:18
Shadow6363Pelo: thanks00:18
Pelodimas_, either one will do ,  in the terminal type  wine /path/to/jhoos.exe   replace /path/to wit the actual path00:18
drunkmuppetpelo - well see, I have xubuntu running through VMWare, my windows gateway is
syntaxerror55!hi | xazo00:19
ene_deneon KDE there is an option that you can change desktop background every x minutes, is there something similar in gnome?00:19
|-Hi people.....  nights00:19
dimas_pelo let me try00:19
syntaxerror55xazo: er, the bots gone. Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:19
Pelodrunkmuppet, oh,  this is a vmware issue , that might be a problem ,  try asking about it in #vmware00:19
Dr_willisene_dene,  theres some tools that can do that. or you could write your own script. and No i dont rember their names. :)00:19
Q-collectivePelo: actually, it is preferred to first cd to the dir with the .exe in it and then run wine, this to prevent possible failures.00:19
Kalamarencuwhat command do I need to run to get the driver version of my NIC ?00:20
Dr_willisene_dene,  i though kde had a Wallpaper-slideshow/changer feature. :) lets see00:20
pawsmacke1kala, try lspci00:20
drunkmuppetWell, the problem is in windows lol. Thats why I was asking or an active networking channel :P00:20
Hitm4nHi people... g nights00:20
PeloQ-collective, we are trying to make a working link00:20
basculeKalamarencu: modinfo <module for NIC>00:20
Pelodrunkmuppet, this try asking in ##windows then00:20
ene_deneDr_willis: yes, that's it, is there sometnig similar for gnome?00:21
Hitm4ni need some help with my Ubuntu 7.10 pleaseeeeeeee!!!!00:21
Dr_willisene_dene,  theres some little toolyou can run that does a similer task. check the package manager00:21
drunkmuppetpelo | thanks for trying :D00:21
PeloHitm4n, we need an actual question00:21
decipher7Hitm4n: whats the problem?00:21
ene_deneDr_willis: thanks00:21
Dr_willisene_dene,   wallpaper-tray - wallpaper changing utility for GNOME00:21
compy_anyone help with this i get this error The NetworkManager applet could not find some required resources.  It cannot continue.00:22
solexious[Q] Do i have to format the drives i want to raid with mdadm before i make them a raid or after?00:22
coldboot|homeI'm using evolution, and the stupid app won't display the time format correctly even when I execute it from a shell with LC_TIME=en_DK.UTF-8, any ideas?00:22
bbcPelo, luc_: Anjuta worked, but is there anything like MS Visual Studio where I can debug my code with variable watch and everything?00:22
syntaxerror55Hitm4n: and the problem is ____________00:22
=== projektdotnet is now known as projektdotnet|aw
Pelocompy_, did you do a search for the error4 msg in the forum like I told you ?00:22
=== projektdotnet|aw is now known as projektdotnet
Hitm4ndecipher7 i have a Compaq V2615LA notebook, i have installed Ubuntu 7.10, but my wireless device is not working00:22
compy_Pelo, yeah nothing came up00:22
luc_bbc: Not to my knowledge so far00:22
ene_deneDr_willis: ok, thaks, I'll try it now00:22
Pelobbc, this is not realy my feild00:22
Pelocompy_, try reinstalling network manager00:22
Dr_willisene_dene,  drapes - a desktop wallpaper management application for the GNOME deskto00:23
Hitm4ni load the windows controller for my BCM4318 broadcom device00:23
luc_bbc: Part of the reason I keep my multiple boot00:23
compy_Pelo, so i am using wicd... and it removed my initial one that came w/ 7.1000:23
decipher7Hitm4n: Go to System > Administration > Restricted Drivers Manager00:23
Pelo!wifi | Hitm4n00:23
ene_deneDr_willis: 1 at a time :)00:23
Hitm4ndecipher7 andddd ???00:23
decipher7Hitm4n: Does it say there is a restricted driver available for your hardware?00:23
Pelocompy_, I can'T help with that then00:23
Hitm4nand then?00:23
bad_cablesanyone using a WMP54g wireless Linksys card?00:23
bbcluc_: yea, I wanted to switch, but now I cant switch completely, also I cant live without MS outlook :(00:24
syntaxerror55!wifi | bad_cables00:24
PeloI'm off to eat super ,  g'night folks00:24
neverbluenite Pelo00:24
Hitm4ni dont know, let me see and come back again... i need swap WinXP to Linux00:24
user____Hitm4n: yeah tried the same thing00:24
bbcPelo: gn00:24
keithclarkThanks to whom helped me.  Worked like a charm!00:24
pawsmacke1bbc, look into getting zimbra working on your machine00:24
Scunizibbc have you tried the kde version of PIM?00:24
syntaxerror55decipher7: bad_cables: The bot is dead. D:00:24
bbcScunize: no, whats it?00:24
ubotuHitm4n: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:24
luc_bbc: Yeah, it's a pain. I triple boot Mac, Linux and Windows XP. Keep windows XP for Outlook and Visual Studio. Linux for general use and Mac for visual. Though Xcode on mac is pretty nifty00:25
bbcpawsmacke1: never heard of it00:25
user____Hitm4n: I've got the same card, and I never got it fully working00:25
Scunizibbc, hang on I'll get the name.. It's the default that's used in kubuntu.00:25
pawsmacke1bbc, it's a lot of work to get zimbra up and running, but it's SOOO worthed00:25
ubotubad_cables: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:25
bbcpawsmacke1: let me check that out00:25
Hitm4nUuser___ oh my lord.... but the failure is with ubuntu because with other distributions is fine like suse (sorr for distribution SPAM)00:26
Kalamarencubascule: mersi frumops :) THank You , Gracias, Danke schon :)00:26
basculeKalamarencu: welcome00:26
Phoenix92xhi, I'm running 7.10 and am trying to play a raw rip of a blu-ray movie but am having no luck. I tried the instructions here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD but they weren't too helpful. I already have the rip of the disc on my hard drive in a folder but I can't get it to play. Could anyone help me?00:27
Scunizibbc, kontact is the name... like pawsmacke1 said.. zimbra is COOL... but tough..00:27
Tygirhello all great ubuntu users!00:27
luc_Anyone know if there is a stable ubuntu release on the PS3?00:27
bad_cablesPhoenix92x: Piracy is illegal00:27
PriceChild!bug | Hitm4n00:27
whileimherehi. Can anyone tell me why it is when I boot into GNOME from the GDM I get an error that says in short that there was an error starting up the GNOME settings Daemon.00:27
Scunizibbc, you can sudo apt-get install kontact I believe to install it for a whirl.00:27
=== TC1 is now known as TCM
Tygiri wanted to know how i can make compiz stay up all the time....i know about the terminal>compiz &...but whenever i close the terminal i have the no titlebars problem and compiz isnt working...00:28
ubotuHitm4n: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots00:28
Dr_willisluc_,  http://psubuntu.com/  has forums. Other then that - You rarely see ps3 mentioned in this channel.00:28
tusseyis there anyway to change the power management feature to shutdown instead of sleep or hibernate? Both sleep and hibernate do not work properly on my desktop machine. The machine never wakes up00:28
Dr_willisTygir,  dont use the close button. use the 'exit' command.00:28
bbcScunize: k, just ckecking it before installing00:28
Decinogedoes anyone knows how to make a 8bit png on gimp?00:28
luc_Dr_willis: Cheers, got one and want to use it on there, bit of a cell fanboy00:28
Phoenix92xbad_cables: I backed up my copy of 300, please don't presume things00:28
TygirDr_willis: i did that as well...00:28
pawsmacke1tygir, which distro are you running, 7.10 have compiz-fusion pretty much out of the box00:29
ubuntuislovedi need help trying to login to see my desktop using vncserver but not having anyluck? i know i also setup vino but now im only able to ssh into my box remotely and i wanna get vnc working?00:29
K_NineDecinoge:  Should be in the file save as.00:29
Dr_willisTygir,  then you are not spawnign it proerly to the background. I use exit all the time.    and it works properly00:29
ScuniziDecinoge, I thought gimp defaulted at 8 bit.. am I wrong?  if I am what's the default?00:29
Dr_willisTygir,  you could use alt-f2 and run compiz --replace00:29
jeffMASTERflexPhoenix92x: what did you use to back it up? x.264?00:29
Tygirpawsmacke1: ahh i got it that time...the exit command worked...here is my other question..how can i ensure that it always starts with boot?00:29
Decinoge32bit as default, it has alpha and only 32 bit png has alpha00:29
bbcScunizi, pawsmacke1: can I open .pst in zimbra or kontact?00:30
Decinoge(and 24bit if i'm not mistaken)00:30
Scunizibbc, you00:30
Phoenix92xjeffMASTERflex:  VC-100:30
mohadibhow can i make crontab -e use vim and not pico?00:30
pawsmacke1bbc, zimbra is comparable to exchange, so it works with everything, import as well00:30
ubuntuislovedmohadib: export editor option00:30
bbcpawsmacke1: cool00:30
K_NineDecinoge: There is a dedicated Gimp IRC type /join #Gimp00:31
Dr_willismohadib,  check the crontab man page. You set an enviroment variable to be the editor you want.00:31
Decinogei did...00:31
pawsmacke1bbc, think zimbra as exchange on a browser00:31
Jangarican I add a sshfs mount to my fstab or something ot have it mount automatically?00:31
Decinogeno one awswers00:31
mohadibthanks both of you "_00:31
jeffMASTERflexPhoenix92x: not familiar with that. Have you tried using VLC or Mplayer to play the file?00:31
tumbleweed05i love compiz fusion.00:31
ubuntuislovedmohadib: export EDITOR=vim00:31
danc3mohadib: export EDITOR='/usr/bin/vim'00:31
Scunizibbc, your talking about the outlook file?  There are three ways to import for kontact or Evolution. Import first into thunderbird then the others or sync with something like Yahoo calendar/email then export or just do a csv export of contacts then import.00:31
bahadunnanyone know why some internet radio stations just seemed to stop working recently?00:31
mohadibnice :) thanks :)00:31
LetsGo67My time is constantly 6 hours late, can someone help me fix this please?  (I am using xubuntu)00:31
Phoenix92xjeffMASTERflex: it's not just one file, it's a directory. No compression.00:32
danc3LetsGo67: set your BIOS clock to local time00:32
ubuntuislovedLetsGo67: change to your region in timezone00:32
PaolinhoLetsGo67, change timezone00:32
bahadunnamarok and rythmbox will not play certain internet radio stations00:32
pawsmacke1bah, middle east and india have limited internet backbone atm00:32
Phoenix92xI've tried opening the folder with VLC/mplayer but that doesn't work00:32
bbcScunize: thanks00:32
syntaxerror55!timezone | LetsGo6700:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about timezone - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:32
syntaxerror55LetsGo67: oh, just type tzconfig00:32
mohadibdo i need to put that in my profile? i would like it to be system wide and not have to redo it00:32
Paolinho!ntpdate | LetsGo6700:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ntpdate - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:32
danc3mohadib: put it in   ~/.bash_profile00:32
Scunizibbc sure.. I had the same issues.  I found evo works ok.. kontact has more features like being able to add fields..00:32
LetsGo67syntaxerror55, I cannot launch tzconfig00:33
mohadibdanc3: ok , thanks00:33
GideanHello everyone...00:33
PaolinhoLetsGo67, tzselect00:33
bbcScunize, pawsmacke1: cool....I will be back after dinner, c ya all00:33
Klosshi does amarok recognize any mp3 player? and if yes, where?00:33
syntaxerror55Paolinho: it must have changed. o.o00:34
bbcScunizi: cool...I will be back after dinner..c ya00:34
astro76mohadib: sudo update-alternatives --config editor00:34
=== qmario_ is now known as QMario
mohadibahh , seems i need to link /usr/bin/editor to vim00:34
=== QMario is now known as qmario__
mohadibastro76: ahh nice :) ty00:34
jeffMASTERflexPhoenix92x: hopefully somone else knows more about VC-1 than I do. I've only used x.264 for HD rips00:35
=== qmario__ is now known as QMario
Phoenix92xjeffMASTERflex: thanks anyway, appreciate it00:35
crazy_busis there anyway to make kubuntu mount the sansa e200 player properly.  It sometimes allows write access and sometimes doesn't00:35
ubotuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX00:35
ene_deneDr_willis: I know that there is also an option in KDE to download wallpapers. People vote for best wallpapers and you can download them from some kind of database, do you know an aplication for gnome that does the same thing?00:35
seanhAnyone know an easy way to convert FLAC to OGG?00:36
Dr_willisene_dene,  seen somthing like that. it got wallpapers from gnome-look.org but i dont use it.  or rember its name.. search the package manager for 'wallpaper' perhaps.00:36
histoseanh: ffmpeg probably would do it.00:36
jeffMASTERflexseanh: install an app called soundconverter00:36
ScuniziDecinoge, did you find an answer?  I'm sure you have a reason for doing it. I'm curious why?00:36
histoseanh: ffmpeg -i whatever final.ogg00:36
K_Ninecrazy_bus:  I think you have to change the mode in sansa players. Maybe MTS?00:37
histoseanh: -i being the input file and then just type the output file after that.00:37
jeffMASTERflexseanh: it's a gui tool that is very easy to use00:37
ene_deneDr_willis: that will help, thanks00:37
LetsGo67syntaxerror55, thanks00:37
seanhhisto -- hmmm... what if there are lots of input files?00:37
neurostumitdoes anybody know if you can get gtkglext-1.2 in a deb file for ubuntu?00:37
jeffMASTERflexseanh: use sound converter. it can do entire directories00:38
histoseanh: and you want them all to one output file?00:38
K_Ninecrazy_bus:  Try this link http://www.howtoforge.com/sandisk_mp3_player_linux00:38
histoseanh: if you man ffmpeg or look around on google i'm sure you can find exactly what you want to do.00:38
rpj8Do I *need* avahi daemon?00:39
neurostumitdoes anybody know where I can find gtkglext-1.2 in a DEB file?00:39
seanhjeffMASTERflex - looks good, installing00:39
Sergo21how is possible to known how much RAM azureus consume?00:39
seanhhisto -- no one output file per input file. I'm gonna try soundconverter00:39
Dr_willisSergo21,  check output of the htop or top command is one way.00:39
alsadkwhats about gpg: no valid OpenPGP data foun00:39
Tygirhow do i change themes in emerald?00:39
Dr_willisTygir,   emerald-theme-manager00:40
TygirDr_willis: yes, but where inside the prog?00:40
jeffMASTERflexSergo21: the nice gui way is to use system monitor00:40
histoseanh: i'm sure it has a way of doing that.00:40
=== solid_liquid is now known as solid_liq
nikolaexcuse me00:40
nikolathis is where i can ask for some help00:40
Sergo21thanks for tips00:40
rpj8Do I *need* avahi daemon?00:41
lildunn34how do i figure out what server this is?00:41
Dr_willisTygir,  Hmm.. Mine has a list of themes.. You may have to read/run the commands it mentions on the first tab - to download the svn themes.00:41
LadyNikonlildunn34: the irc server?00:41
lildunn34is this the official irc.freenode.net00:41
danc3rpj8: no00:41
TygirDr_willis: i see what you mean...and i have the list of themes...but if i click on one how do i enable the theme to use it?00:42
theunixgeeklildunn34: yes00:42
lildunn34ok thanks00:42
drunkmuppetyes :D00:42
LadyNikonthere is an unofficial one?00:42
ubuntuislovedanyone know how i can remotely from command line activate vncserver it says starting but then even i cannot do a telnet 5900 or 5901 in ssh'd00:42
Dr_willisTygir,  you did run 'emerald --replace' ?00:42
lildunn34no just thinking it was a channel on a different server00:42
rpj8danc3: Then why bother including it with the default install of ubuntu? I never seem to use it ever00:42
GideanHi. I just installed command only 7.10 and then xorg and icewm...when I startx the screen goes black then returns the error: no screens found XIO: fatal IO erroe 104 *snip* and then returns to the cmd prompt...00:42
ubuntuislovednothing shows in logs00:42
Gideanany ideas?00:42
LadyNikonlildunn34: ah ok00:42
danc3rpj8: I don't know.00:42
Dr_willisTygir,  check  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion     for some troubleshooting tips00:42
danc3rpj8: you could ask that same question about many other apps/services.  It's a generic-use distro, they don't know what everybody wants.00:43
theunixgeekMy Dell with Ubuntu pre-installed just arrived and the sound is very faint. The volume is up to the highest. How can I fix this?00:43
lildunn34As a "noob" whats a good tutorial or guide on ubuntu...I'm looking for a good informative read00:43
TygirDr_willis: thanks man i appreciate your help!00:43
alsadkwhats about "gpg: no valid OpenPGP data foun", what can i do?00:43
GideanI checked /etc/X11/xorg.conf and all lokks ok..00:43
jeffMASTERflexrpj8: avahi is a zero configuration service for netwrok discovery. i don't think you absolutely need it, but it's what is used to automatically detect network shares and printers00:43
danbhfivetheunixgeek: I have heard complaints about the Dell preinstalls,  there maybe some config package on sourceforge?00:44
tokokhow you can control HDDs' caching strategy?00:44
rpj8danc3: True enough. I just wish that I understood what exactly is the use of avahi. I mean I'm reading from the main site and it's kinda written with a higher understanding of netwroking in mind that I just dont understand00:44
neurostumitlildunn34 - The Orielly series are good, but you mostly just need to play with linux00:44
rpj8jeffMASTERflex: Automatically detect network shares? Isn't that samba?00:44
danc3rpj8: it discovers other machines on the network, to assist with file and printer sharing00:44
neurostumityou need to find something you want to do and just google it.00:44
neurostumiti've been using linux for about 4 months (its been hard) but I have learned alot00:44
rpj8danc3: How do I *use* it00:44
jeffMASTERflexrpj8: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avahi_(software)00:45
rpj8danc3: Nevermind, that's a man question00:45
GideanAny xorg experts?00:45
tokokhow you can control HDDs' caching strategy? -- like disabling write cache00:45
lildunn34neurostumit: ive learned a lot playing around  but i want a cram course more so on terminal controls and overall structure00:45
danbhfivetheunixgeek: http://sourceforge.net/projects/lc4ul/00:45
danbhfivetokok: through fstab i believe00:45
ubuntuislovedanyone know how i can remotely from command line activate vncserver it says starting but then even i cannot do a telnet 5900 or 5901 in ssh'd00:45
rpj8jeffMASTERflex: Yeah I was reading that,I swear. but I have no idea what multicatst DNS/DNS-SD is, nor do I even know if I use it. I just know it runs in the background00:46
benanzoCan I download a file over HTTP directly to an FTP account I have on another server?  I don't have shell access on the FTP account, it's just a cheap hosting site00:46
rpj8jeffMASTERflex: And I don't want to remove it just in case it's some vital pillar keeping my network connection afloat00:46
benanzoI want to download a podcast from an RSS feed directly to the FTP account00:46
theunixgeekAny more information on the Dell Ubuntu sound problems?00:46
benanzocan curl or something do this?00:47
lildunn34neurostumit: i understand what you saying and google topics that interest me00:47
jeffMASTERflexrpj8: samba is used to communicate with windows network shares. avahi is a general system. i wouldn't remove it because apparently it integrated with gnomes VFS00:47
astro76lildunn34: these should get you started... http://www.tldp.org/LDP/GNU-Linux-Tools-Summary/html/index.html  http://rute.2038bug.com/index.html.gz  http://www.tldp.org/LDP/Bash-Beginners-Guide/html/index.html00:47
rpj8jeffMASTERflex: I don't use gnome, though. I installed a cli system and installed fluxbox on top00:47
danbhfivebenanzo: I dont think you can do that.  You would have to login to the ftp serve, right?00:47
Flannelbenanzo: curl would require you to have a shell account on the ftp account thing.  No amount of scripting will remove you from the equation, it'll just make it less visible for you.00:47
tusseyis there anyway to change the power management feature to shutdown instead of sleep or hibernate? Both sleep and hibernate do not work properly on my desktop machine. The machine never wakes up00:48
alsadkwhats about "gpg: no valid OpenPGP data foun", what can i do?00:48
jeffMASTERflexrpj8: then you probably don't need it. it's used by KDE and gnome, but if you use another system for network discovery (like manually adding network shares) then it doesn't really matter.00:48
benanzoSo I'm stuck downloading then uploading to FTP then?00:48
rpj8jeffMASTERflex: I don't even think I 'add network shares' at all.00:49
K_Ninetheunixgeek:  Check the volume in the mixer.00:49
jeffMASTERflexrpj8: here is a much better description of what exactly avahi does: http://avahi.org/00:50
DiAbLo19is there anyone here>00:50
DiAbLo19Hello chana_00:50
drunkmuppetDiAblo19 | yes.00:50
theunixgeekK_Nine: mixer?00:50
DiAbLo19why cant i register my nick?00:50
theunixgeekDiAbLo19: of course you can.00:50
DiAbLo19but lol...i tried00:50
theunixgeekDiAbLo19:  do a /msg nickserv register [nickname] [password]00:50
DiAbLo19i did but00:50
crazy_busK_Nine: I read that guide.  But kubuntu still isn't mounting it properly everytime00:50
DiAbLo19its just not doing ab=nything00:51
DecinogeScunizi: no i haven't found an answer :\ i've been googling it, but still no prevail. I need this because i am developing a homebrew for PSP, and i would like to set my game to 8bit, but for that i need the images to be 8bit otherwize he will be converting from 32 to 8 bit in real time (real slow down)...00:51
theunixgeekDiAbLo19: #freenode00:51
K_Ninetheunixgeek:  try this page https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-backports-modules-2.6.22/+bug/14768200:51
* solex1001 slaps solexious around a bit with a large trout00:51
DecinogeScunizi: just wanted to try, but still i find it somewhat ridiculous that i am not finding a way to do it :\00:51
NeanTwhat gtk based cd burner app can I use besides nautilus ?00:52
ScuniziDecinoge, try the gimp channel.. probably more fruitfull.00:52
DecinogeScunizi: sorry for the delay, i'm kinda absorved in my search00:52
rpj8jeffMASTERflex: I was reading that before, and it was just a tad over my head. I know it's for discovering computers on the network now, but I don't think I've ever done that outside of samba. I guess I can't imagine a situation in which it would be used00:52
alsadkwhats about "gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.", what can i do?00:52
DecinogeScunizi: i've tryed color index, but still it saves on 32 bit format :\00:52
Decinogeis there any image converting tool? i cant find any on the repository :\00:53
astro76Decinoge: Image > Mode > Indexed...00:53
Decinogeastro76: tryed it... still saves on 32 (no size diference)00:53
mnemonicaAfter I installed a wacom graphire4 tablet, my synaptics touchpad vert scrolled stopped working. Help?00:53
jeffMASTERflexrpj8: imagine you had a network attached printer to your router. avahi would be the one to recognize the printer automatically so that it can be added to CUPS. Same with a NAS deviced attached to your local network00:54
Skwid1what filesystem do you guys suggest ??00:54
LjLSkwid1: ext300:54
K_NineSkwid1:  Ext300:54
Dr_willisSkwid1,  for most people ext3 works fine.00:54
theunixgeekHow can I get a bigger screen resolution?00:54
rpj8jeffMASTERflex: I see. And how would the NAS device be recognized? If the printer is recognized with cups, that is... also avahi = dbus, just over the network?00:55
Skwid1alright, that's what i thought, it has been a while since i installed and i was wondering if there were any changes, thanks LjL, K_Nine and Dr_willis00:55
ePaxWhat is the command to extract .rar files? unrar -e? or x does not work.00:55
mnemonicaHey. After I installed a wacom graphire4 tablet, my synaptics touchpad vert scrolled stopped working. Help?00:55
jeffMASTERflexrpj8: basically. it's like dbus for the network. actually, i think it might pass to dbus, not sure. haven't buried deep enough to find out really00:55
histoePax: man unrar will show you all the options.00:56
Skwid1and on a 120Go HD, if i split up / and /home, how much should i leave for / for a confortable install ? 10go, 20go ?00:56
rpj8jeffMASTERflex: I read that it does, indeed, pass to dbus00:56
K_NineePax:  Do you have rar installed.00:56
ePaxhisto: It does but its kinda 100 options.00:56
onatsi think 10g is fine00:56
ePaxK_Nine: I do have it installed.00:56
histoePax: e is the first option listed for extract to current directory00:56
rpj8jeffMASTERflex: I apologize for my quizing. I swear I read these man pages, but sometimes the things in them are just over my head... I need like, a situation specific example for these programs in order to understand what they are haha00:56
iKap|Hey, Nothing i minimize to the "icon tray" shows up there, how can i fix it!?!?00:57
histoePax: or you just type unrar without options to see a display of them00:57
Kitar|stnice also http://wiresmash.com/amazing/an-amazing-sculputures-made-out-of-wax/00:57
histoePax: so unrar e filename.rar00:57
K_Ninehisto:  There is no entry for rar in the man pages on my terminal.00:58
ePaxhisto: Ok. Withouth - ? like -e?00:58
K_Ninehisto:  Without the  -00:58
Shadow6363are there any good guides on how one should partition their drives?00:58
histoePax: yeah that program is a little goofy comands don't need the dash only switches00:58
jeffMASTERflexK_Nine: install rar. "sudo aptitude install rar"00:58
ePaxhisto: Now it works. Thnx.00:58
phasegenanyone help with a quick problem?  Logging into gnome I get an error message that says user's " $HOME/.dmrc " should only be writeable by user, and permissions should be 644.  How do I fix it?  I tried on my own to no avail.00:58
histoK_Nine: do you have unrar installed?00:58
K_NineI have rar.00:58
jeffMASTERflexK_Nine: make sure to install unrar also00:59
macgruberhi, suddenly, my gnome-terminal doesn't start.. the process is frozen, someone can helpme?00:59
histomacgruber: killall gnome-terminal then try again.00:59
ePaxhisto: I didnt know that unrar didnt need any dashs. Thnx again :D00:59
mnemonicaHey. After I installed a wacom graphire4 tablet, my synaptics touchpad vert scrolled stopped working. Help?00:59
histoePax: not for commands it doesn't but it does for switches00:59
jeffMASTERflexK_Nine: you should definitely have the man for both rar and unrar once installed00:59
histoePax: if you type unrar with nothing in terminal you will see what I mean.01:00
macgruberhisto, i already do that, and reboot several times..01:00
K_Ninehisto:  I found it, just type rar in a terminal. not unrar or man rar or unrar.01:00
histoK_Nine: yeah you don't have unrar installed01:00
Jay955i need help please01:00
orgthingycan someone explain why is ubuntu that complicated to use as "desktop_use" ?01:00
syntaxerror55how do I tell bash to move *.gif, *.jpg and *.png to a folder?01:00
orgthingywhy dont they simply make ubuntu like the simple "windows"01:00
syntaxerror55orgthingy: that's an easy one. It isn't01:01
overcluckersudo apt-get install rar unrar01:01
orgthingyi hate windows01:01
ePaxhisto: I did that but i just typed dashs kinda automaticly :D01:01
K_Ninemacgruber:  Typing in unrar No manual entry. Tying in rar did it.01:01
bad_cablesYAY! i think i fixed it with the ndiswrapper... we will see how long this connection stays up!01:01
ePaxNow another question. Where do i download playstation emulator bios and how do I start PBP games?01:01
mouseboyxCan someone help me with an ajax script i have http://pastebin.com/mc12f93b and it does nothing, it should alert the contents of http://www.google.com/01:01
macgruberK_Nine,  i have no idea how i can do that.. :S (yes i am newbie)01:02
syntaxerror55mouseboyx: #ajax01:02
smallfoot-i ABSOLTUELY LOVE the ubuntu servers, did they sneak some server with SAS RAID disks into my basement with optical fiber or what? today, when I used Update Manager, it downloaded 9300 kbyte/s01:02
jeffMASTERflexmouseboyx: wrong channel. try an ajax, ecmascript or javascript channel01:02
Jay955i just installed for the first time ubuntu, 1st i can see my secondary drive01:02
Rufus__mouseboyx, this is a ubuntu help channel, not a scripting help channel01:02
syntaxerror55smallfoot-: :D01:02
stumachow to make website in php with ubuntu?01:02
smallfoot-syntaxerror55, yeah thats CRAZY01:02
benanzoWhen I try to use wget I get this: "Error parsing proxy URL http://:8080/: Invalid host name."01:02
Kitar|sthttp://wiresmash.com/funny/female-vs-male-war/ lool01:03
benanzoI had been using a proxy in Gnome's proxy settings but have since disabled it01:03
Klosshi amarok is not working well. so has anyone another suggestion for an application able to move mp3s from my Hd to my mp3 player and vice versa?01:03
Tygiranother compiz question....i have wobbly windows enabled...but the window always appears to be "stuck" to the top of bottom of my screen....if that makes sense?01:03
syntaxerror55Kitar|st: Please don't do that in here.01:03
benanzoI wonder why wget is doing this?01:03
smallfoot-it said "update is 400 megabyte, it will take 50 minutes on high-speed internet or 50 hours on dial-up", and i clicked "next" and it said "1 minute remaining, 9300 kbyte/s downloading"01:03
Phoenix92xhas anyone had any luck installing the UDF 2.5 filesystem?01:03
phasegenanyone help with a quick problem?  Logging into gnome I get an error message that says user's " $HOME/.dmrc " should only be writeable by user, and permissions should be 644.  How do I fix it?  I tried on my own to no avail.01:03
LjL!ot > Kitar|st    (Kitar|st, see the private message from Ubotu)01:03
drunkmuppetOk, I am running xubuntu on vmware, and i can change the resolution but the text is tiny. Any way to adjust this?01:04
K_NineThe command to unrar is rar e <file name>01:04
Kitar|stok thanks01:04
Starnestommyphasegen: in a terminal, chmod 644 ~/.dmrc01:04
lanzellothwhat is super and hyper key?01:04
lanzellothi wanna use windows key for shortcuts01:04
syntaxerror55lanzelloth: It's the Windows key01:04
LjLdrunkmuppet: probably wrong DPI. do « xdpyinfo | grep dimensions »01:04
wyseurhowdy everyone01:05
alsadkwhats about "gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.", what can i do?01:05
jeffMASTERflexK_Nine: over here it's unrar -e <filename>01:05
wyseurgot a prob over here: can't mount my external firewire HD01:05
drunkmuppetreturned 800x60001:05
wyseurprob with sdp201:05
phasegenstarnestommy: thank you01:05
wyseuranybody has a clue?01:05
LjLdrunkmuppet: i care about the millimeters, not the resolution01:05
xenthroQ: I just got a linksys WUSB54G with ralink chipset. It works, but when I tell iwconfig to put it into monitor mode, it says the device is busy. any ideas?01:06
drunkmuppetLjL 427x267 mm01:06
Klossis there a tool showing me how much ink is still in my printers? (wind*wslike?)01:06
benanzoI have verified in gconf that there are no proxies set but wget still gives error01:06
DiAbLo19Hello some_dude101:06
jeffMASTERflexKloss: at least with my HP printer, it tells me when my ink is low01:06
LjLdrunkmuppet: widescreen?01:06
LjLdrunkmuppet: then it's probably right, i guess the cause must be somewhere else01:07
LjLKloss: which brand?01:07
mouseboyxNo one in ajax helps.01:07
some_dude1anyone here want to help me with my new project, I want to play movies and stuff and X and bla bla bla01:07
drunkmuppeti see.01:07
drunkmuppetwant me to screen schot what im talkign about?01:07
Jay955i just installed ubuntu for the first time, and i have a few problem can anyone help me please 1st i can see my secondary drive01:07
chris__when connecting to my server cups keeps saying forbidden ;(, why.........01:08
mouseboyxCan someone help me with an ajax script i have http://pastebin.com/mc12f93b and it does nothing, it should alert the contents of http://www.google.com/  ... I know ##ajax No one helps.01:08
overcluckersome_dude1: are you asking how to play viedeos on ubuntu?01:08
Starnestommymouseboyx: maybe #web ?01:08
some_dude1well I want to setup  a terminal server/client, but I'm going to want to play movies and music on the client01:08
smallfoot-there is google.com/linux, i wonder if there will be a google.com/ubuntu :p01:08
some_dude1you know you want to help01:08
LjLdrunkmuppet: if you want... not sure i can think of anything else than the DPI though01:08
jeffMASTERflexmouseboyx: you are in the wrong channel. this is ubuntu support. try an ajax, ecmascript or javascript channel01:08
KlossLjL: one brand is canon the other one is epson.01:09
syntaxerror55!attitude | some_dude101:09
ubotusome_dude1: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:09
ouroborousif anyone has a moment, i'm having a problem with clock drift in an intel quad-core 64-bit install01:09
LjLKloss: for Epson, you have "mtink" and "escputil". for canon, "ink" might work.01:10
overcluckersome_dude1: oh, heh good, when you find out, you can tell me, cause i had the same unanswered question not long ago01:10
=== livingtm_ is now known as livintm
some_dude1now hold on, there was no attitude what so ever01:10
syntaxerror55some_dude1: <some_dude1> you know you want to help and 'bla bla bla'01:10
some_dude1simply implying that your life would be more enriched and fun by helping me with a project does not convay attitude01:11
xenthroQ: how do i find out the name of the driver that my usb wifi is using?01:11
Tygiranother compiz question....i have wobbly windows enabled...but the window always appears to be "stuck" to the top of bottom of my screen....if that makes sense?01:11
chris__when connecting to my server cups keeps saying forbidden ;(, why.........01:11
DiAbLo19thats so funny01:11
syntaxerror55some_dude1: lol01:11
LjLDiAbLo19: don't spam please01:11
KlossljL: i will try them. thank you.01:11
DiAbLo19im not spamming01:11
benanzocan I pipe wget's stdout to curl's stdin?  I'm trying to download a file and simultaneously upload it to FTP01:12
LjLyes you are01:12
LjL!etiquette > DiAbLo19    (DiAbLo19, see the private message from Ubotu)01:12
=== zmcbb30 is now known as GundamZZ
jeffMASTERflex!enter | DiAbLo1901:12
ubotuDiAbLo19: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:12
chris__Ljl what i +z?01:12
K_NineYou guys are right. On my distro, unrar was not installed, only rar.01:12
LjL!modes > chris__    (chris__, see the private message from Ubotu)01:12
benanzo'wget http://www.someurl.com/file -O - | curl -T - ftp://ftp.server.com/directory'01:12
LjLbenanzo: wget ... -O - | curl ...01:12
some_dude1but I think what I want simply can't be done with the current level of techology.01:12
histoAnyone familiar with backtrack i'm trying to install to usb getting an error with the bootinst.sh script01:12
KlossljL: you also know an answer to this? hi amarok is not working well. so has anyone another suggestion for an application able to move mp3s from my Hd to my mp3 player and vice versa?+01:13
benanzoFor some reason it won't work though01:13
LjLKloss: uhm... any file manager? :)01:13
linxehKloss: itunes? songbird?01:13
lanzelloth_how do i mount cd images?01:13
linxehKloss: shell prompt?01:13
chris__i like +z lol01:13
LjLDiAbLo19: nobody's forcing you to stay. please abide by the rules or find somewhere else to be.01:13
overcluckersome_dude1: i think your best bet would be to ask in ##networking01:13
drunkmuppetheres a link to my problem. http://i26.tinypic.com/2074zte.jpg01:13
chris__ljl can u help me with my cups problem?01:13
Tygirnevermind...i got it01:13
overcluckeror whatever channel its called01:14
jeffMASTERflexKloss: if you have a regular uiversal mass storage device, use any file manager to transfer files.01:14
LjLchris__: "connecting to your server" you mean the web frontend?01:14
Klosslinxeh: shell prompt is no good for me. :) and file managers do not recognize it. i had a little application once installed.01:14
lanzelloth_how do i mount cd images? uif in particular01:14
gortbaDoes anyone know about dual booting?01:14
linxehKloss: what mp3 player is it ?01:14
linxehgortba: many people. ask your question :)01:14
Jay955i just installed ubuntu for the first time, and i have a few problem can anyone help me please 1st i can see my secondary drive01:14
K_Ninelanzelloth aren01:15
linxehgortba: I've had quadruple ad quintuple booting systems before now01:15
Klosslinxeh: it is a creative ZEN microphoto 8 GB.01:15
linxehKloss: ouch ;-)01:15
lanzelloth_K_Nine: aren?01:15
K_Ninelanzelloth aren't uif proprietary to "magic iso's" ?01:15
Klosslinxeh: why ouch?01:15
Jay955i just installed ubuntu for the first time, and i have a few problem can anyone help me please 1st i can't see my secondary drive01:15
thomas__whats new wih ubuntu?01:15
Klosslinxeh: you know a solution?01:15
lanzelloth_K_Nine: hmm, i think so01:15
jeffMASTERflexuif and daa are horrible proprietary image formats. sorry you got stuck with those01:16
overcluckerJay955: what are you doing to look for it?01:16
gortbaOk. Currently I have two HDD both with autonomous systems. One of them windows, the second is linux. I can't get grub to boot the windows disk. As of right now the only way for me to boot the windows disk is to change the boot order in BIOS each time.01:16
=== thomas__ is now known as TT
overcluckerJay955: sudo fdisk -l ?01:16
K_Ninelanzelloth go back to your bittorrent site and try to find a different file.01:16
gortbaHow do I get grub to boot the Windows disk? I've altered grub many times and can't figure it out.01:16
lanzelloth_uif FTL01:17
Dr_willisgortba,  where is the windows disk at? theres an example grub entry in menu.lst for  windows on hda101:17
K_NineWell, now i have unrar. Thanks.01:17
linxehKloss: I stopped buying creative stuff a long time ago. too many bad experience wrt drivers and their attitude to floss support01:17
exclampointy is ubuntu so hard to use01:17
Jay955i see it in the partion editor but i don't see it in computer folder in order to mount it01:18
linxehKloss: sorry I don't have a solution for you though. songbird might do what you need01:18
drunkmuppetI am running xubuntu in vmware and all of my system text is very small. Is there a way to change this. Here is a screenshot of the problem. http://i26.tinypic.com/2074zte.jpg01:18
Dr_willisexclampoint,  i dont find it hard to use at all. It pay to spend an hr or 2 and read up on linux basics.01:18
gortbaDr_willis It's hdc right now.01:18
linxehKloss: floss = free/libre/open source01:18
Klosslinxeh: ok. :-) i will let you know when i managed it. :-)01:18
overcluckerJay955: can you open a console?01:18
Dr_willisgortba,  you need to uncomment/edit that example entry  with the proper hd(#.#)  option. and it should boot it.01:19
Dr_willisgortba,  Grub is one of those tools that its worth while to learn all about.   It has a lot of neat features, and details.01:19
chris__ljl i only get the error when i try to do something...01:19
TTWhat do i need to do to put my home directory on /mnt/sdb101:20
chris__ljl i see the front end, but if i browse a page i cant do anything, it does not ask me to login :(01:20
LjL!cupsweb > chris__    (chris__, see the private message from Ubotu)01:20
gortbaOk. That's what I thought. So I think the problem is that I don't have hd(#.#) correct. How do I find out which drive Windows is on?01:20
gortbaI assumed since it was hdc that it would be (hd2, 0) right?01:20
Dr_willisgortba,  check -->  cat /boot/grub/device.map01:20
Dr_willisgortba,  grub ignores cdrom/dvd/optical drives in its numbering scheme01:21
benanzoOK I got 'wget http://www.url.com/file -O - | curl -T - ftp://www.server.com/file' to work.  I'm curious how this is working since my download speed is about 600KB/s but upload is only about 40KB/s -- does wget throttle down the speed?  Or does wget just stop while curl is uploading?01:21
Jay955open console ??01:21
gortbaok checking01:21
exclampointDr_willis: well it is. I also think it's a scamm, my friend said linux was great and that I should wipe windows for it, so I did but games dont work and he said try wine so I did but I dont get it01:21
Dr_willisif hdc is the only disk - it may very well be hd001:21
chris__LjL, cups is already a member of shadow...01:21
drunkwhy is my system font so tiny >_<01:21
edsonhi guys01:21
thesisi deleted my panel and now cannot get my madwifi panel icon back, only the network work manager panel icon which does not show my wireless networks, doh!01:22
Dr_willisexclampoint,  to each their own. I dont find games to be the end-all-thing for my needs.  If i want to game i reboot to windows. If i want to do work/videos/other stuff I use linux.01:22
linxehbenanzo: that depends on your internet connection. ADSL download will tend to die big time when uploading. here in the UK cable doesnt seem to suffer so badly unless saturated01:22
Dr_willisexclampoint,  no one is forceing you to use linux. But its so handy to know, i have rescued many a windows system by using my Linux skills.01:22
edsonWhich the file that I set the login screen?01:22
TTHi everyone01:22
Dr_willisI made $40 last week rescueing a windows system. :) using a Linux Live cd.01:22
exclampointDr_willis: how do I get back Windows!? i dont have the recovery disk :(01:22
Dr_willisexclampoint,  no idea. Depends on what you did.01:23
linxehexclampoint: contact your pc manufacturer and buy one. or take it back to the store01:23
LjLchris__: weird, it isn't for me.01:23
nat6138exclampoint: Get a windows disk and format.01:23
K_Nineexclampoint: you will have to call your machine vendor and pay for cd's.01:23
exclampointK_Nine: thats not fair01:23
linxehexclampoint: welcome to the evil world of microsoft01:23
nemilarYou will have to "obtain" a Windows CD, exclampoint01:23
gortbaDr_willis: sdc (window HDD) is not shown when I do cat /boot/grub/device.map01:23
linxehexclampoint: why is that not fair? thats what you get for buying a cheap pc01:24
gortbaWhat does that mean?01:24
K_Nineexclampoint:  if you have a windows sticker on your machine, a good repair shop can reinstall without the disc and make a copy.01:24
TTI need help moving my home folder to /mnt/sdb101:24
drunkOk, I changed my system font size and now window fonts are HUGE and task menu are normal :(01:24
benanzolinxeh: I'm on cable so I don't think the saturation is a problem.  I just curious how wget and curl are negotiating since wget downloads so much faster than curl can upload.  Is it just being cached?  I see the wget is only getting it at about 40KB/s which is about what curl should be uploading as, but I can't see where to look at that since I only see wget's output01:24
exclampointK_Nine: windows sticker? you mean the cereal number rite01:24
gortbaDr_willis: I know it's /dev/sdc because that's what fdisk tells me01:24
Jay955<overclucker> bare with me i'm new to this you said open consol ???01:24
drunkmuppetLoL im int mirc twice :)01:24
edsonWhich the file that I set the login screen from gnome?01:25
K_Nineexclampoint:  There should be sticker on your machine with your windows number.01:25
nemilaredson: you can set that up through the GUI01:25
nemilaredson: System - Administration - Login Window01:25
linxehbenanzo: it will only download as fast as your upload can go01:25
benanzoOK that makes sense01:25
usr13_exclampoint: K_Nine:  Or you can borrow a MS CD and do it yourself, but then, will needo to download or somehow acquire a bunch of driver software, etc. But it's doable, (if the sticker is there with the KEY.01:25
exclampointK_Nine: i have that sticker yes01:26
Klosslinxeh: yes. it is working with this software: gnomad2. see also: http://blog.sebastianboettger.net/2006/08/16/creative-zen-micro-photo-geht-doch-mit-linux/01:26
linxehbenanzo: :) I tend to download the file first, then upload it. saves pain when something goes wrong01:26
usr13_But, wait... this isn't a MS channel... Is it?01:26
linxehKloss: nice one :)01:26
K_Nineexclampoint: Then try one of the above.01:26
Klosslinxeh: BAM!!!01:26
linxehKloss: are you liking the ubuntu experience so far ?01:26
exclampointbut how come my friedn told me to use this he must have some sense right?? its like i just made more work for myself01:27
benanzolinxeh: yes I think I will do that instead of using the pipe -- I want wget to be able to -c the dl if it dies which I wouldn't be able to do otherwise01:27
breezznlHi- New user of Gutsy Gibben. Has anyon been able to install an Epson Stylus DX8450? I have downloaded the software for linux from epson site and have installed it in every which way I can figure. I still cannot scan. I can print B&W.01:27
Dr_willisgortba,  you may  want to put it in there then. as (hd2) /dev/hdc01:27
linxehexclampoint: I only use Linux or MacOSX now. Windows is too limiting for me01:27
Dr_willisgortba,  do you have an hda and hdb also?01:27
exclampointlinxeh: w/e01:27
K_NineDX8 Have you tried xsane.01:28
usr13_exclampoint: But if you have Ubuntu, you should not need MS any more.  Right?01:28
BlunterI just installed uBuntu, going to My computer, I had my secondary drive, but doubled clicked it and it wouldnt open01:28
gortbaDr_willis: yes I do. One is unallocated.01:28
Klosslinxeh: generally i like linux and also ubuntu. but compared to my former wind*ws system ubuntu lacks a lot of drivers.01:28
edsonInstalled Ubuntu now little, but the fields that I type login and password, the sources are enormous!  Somebody Help?01:28
BlunterIt said cant mount disk01:28
linxehexclampoint: bear in mind that linux is different than windows. it takes a while to get accustomed to it01:28
Blunterdoes anyone know why?01:28
nemilarwhat's the channel for portugese ubuntu ?01:28
linxehKloss: ah yeah, thats the hardware companies fault though. I've always tended to buy hardware that works on many operating systems deliberately01:28
exclampointusr13: i thought it was gonna be like a windows replacement :) except fater and w/o viruses. my friend said its a diff operating sys01:28
linxehexclampoint: w/e/ ?01:28
chris__ljl any other bright ideas?01:28
breezznlK_nine  Xsane can't find scanner01:28
usr13_Blunter: You talking about reading the Linux drive from MS Windows?01:28
K_Nineexclampoint:  Cedega wil allow you to play some Windoze games.01:28
linxehexclampoint: it is a windows replacement01:28
exclampointlinxeh: whatever01:29
benanzoAnyone have an idea what would be faster latency-wise: transfer over SSH with scp or over SMB -- I think both have quite a bit of overhead right?01:29
Blunterusr13: Yes01:29
Dr_willisgortba,  you may want to have entries for all your hds in there. hda = (hd0), hdb = (hd1), hdc=(hd2)01:29
exclampointlinxeh: it isnt without games, is it?01:29
BlunterIt is a secondary drive I used on windows as a backup.. with data etc01:29
benanzoThis is on a wifi-g LAN01:29
usr13_Blunter: MS Windows reads only a few different filesystems.01:29
Dr_willisTheres a great many games native to linux. Savage2 is comming out soon also.01:29
Blunterit was labeled "BackUp" I double clicked it on the file browser, and it said cant mount01:29
Klosslinxeh: i also bought a all in one hardware which should work, but it isnot, at least not completely. :(01:29
K_Ninebreezznl: Are there drivers for that machine on the HP site?01:29
Dr_willisOr is Savage2 allready out?01:29
exclampointDr_willis: can u help me with counterstrike01:29
BlunterNow it has disappeared in ubuntu01:29
Blunterit is a ntfs filesystem01:30
nat6138exclampoint: Just format and put XP on there.01:30
=== Jannitax is now known as Jannita
linxehexclampoint: look at cedega and Crossover if you want to run windows software - many popular programs will run just fine. there are often free alternatives though that are as good, sometimes better, sometimes slightly lacking, but I don't think I'd go back to windows full time. I have to use it at work sometimes, and without cygwin I find it awful01:30
Dr_willisexclampoint,  not really - i dont play games much with wine. theres #wine and the various wine web sites for game tips/tweaks for specific games and wine01:30
usr13_Blunter: Linux reads and writes many different types of filesystems, including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS etc. etc. etc.01:30
linxehexclampoint: counterstrike runs great with cedega apparently01:30
breezznlK_Nine: I haven't checked the HP site. It is an Epson. I have downloaded drivers from the epson site for linux.01:30
Dr_willisI have been playing TeamFortress2 On my windows box. :P01:30
linxehKloss: what hardare?01:31
Blunterusr13: do you know waht can be wrong?01:31
linxehexclampoint: what computer do you have ?01:31
exclampointlinxeh: there are actuallly many nice features, like the multidesktops lol but its hardd and ok illlook01:31
K_Ninebreezznl:  Then beyond me. Sorry.01:31
a3pmmm ... I accidentally removed a drive from my Desktop - now the drive does not get mounted automatically, till I reboote, for the UUID is still in use. Does anyone know a way to unlock the uuid (other than changing the devices UUID)?01:31
linxehexclampoint: anything worthwhile is always hard01:31
breezznlK_Nine: Thanx. I refuse to believe it is impossible. I will keep trying!01:32
usr13_Blunter: Wrong?  With what?  I may have missed the subject of your question.01:32
exclampointlinxeh: but i could have been fine w/windows but i guess i dont want to pay for pc repair and if cs works ok :)01:32
jicklesanyone using kde4?01:32
nemilarjickles: you'll probably have more luck in the #kubuntu channel01:32
KlossEPSON Stylus DX5000. According to this list: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrintersEpson it should work. but the scanning device isnot working.01:32
jicklesnemilar, ok01:32
linxehexclampoint: well, you dont need to pay for pc repair. I built my own PCs from the age of 13 (I'm 29 now)01:32
usr13_Blunter: Please explain the situation a little more clearly.01:32
nemilarKloss: you tried in Xsane?01:32
Blunterusr13: Private message or here?01:32
K_Ninejickles:  I am waiting for KDE 4.101:32
linxehexclampoint: do you mean CS or CS:Source?01:32
exclampointlinxeh: wow, ur a geek lol. anyway, i have a hp laptop01:33
exclampointand i mean counterstrike01:33
linxehexclampoint:  :)01:33
usr13_Blunter: Either way you like.01:33
Murrlinevening all01:33
Klossnemilar: sure.01:33
nemilarKloss: no-go?01:33
Murrlinafter the updates, will my logoff button no longer be broke?01:33
Klossnemilar: nogo01:33
usr13_Blunter: Here is ok.01:33
Dr_willisOften its a good idea with laptops to just have a  spare laptop hd. you can plug in, and test out linux on. :) then if you dont like it. You put the windows hd back in.01:33
xompcan someone explain how I have 2 battery notifications on my laptop, 1 says I have over 3 hours of battery left 99% charged, the other says I have 55 minutes left 97% charged?01:34
linxehDr_willis: or just a usb drive. most laptops will boot from usb etc01:34
Dr_willislinxeh,  ive seen/hear of toomany issues with installing to a usb hd lately.01:34
linxehDr_willis: shrug - works for me :)01:34
Blunterusr13: I wrote what happened in a Priv message01:34
Dr_willislinxeh,  But the usb-hd is what you do with the 'extra' hd :) whenyou decide to stay with linux. heh heh.01:34
linxehDr_willis: it depends on the machines though01:35
nemilarKloss: is it a DX5000 or a CX5000?01:35
gortbaDr_Willis: I'm confused now. My boot.conf boots linux from (hd0,0). From device.map, I get that hd0 is hdb. The linux image is on hda from according to fdisk. Should create the proper entries based on fdisk?01:35
exclampointlinxeh: cool ill buy cedega sounds awsome01:35
exclampointlinxeh: ty01:35
Klossnemilar: DX500001:35
Dr_willisgortba,  fdisk does not enumerate drives the same way as grub does.  If grub says hdb is hd0, then hdc would be hd1 most likely01:35
X-TREMEHi, I am having trouble with ubuntu, specifically using grub loader01:35
Decinogethis is shamefull... having to use photoshop on ubunto to convert 32bit png to 8bit png01:35
Blunterusr13_: Did you get my private message01:36
nemilarKloss: did you see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=330031 ?01:36
usr13_Blunter: I'm using irssi, and I guess I missed what-ever private message you may have sent. Sorry.  But.... just a sec.01:36
K_NineDecinoge:  I use Photoshop. But you can only install up to version 7. I did with CrossOver Office.01:36
gortbaDr_willis: thanks. I'm going to try to get everything right then.01:37
X-TREMEI am trying to dualboot windowsXP and ubuntu but winXP is not showing up in GRUB loader01:37
DecinogeCrossOver Office... thank you very much01:37
ubotuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot01:37
Decinoge(i also use 7, that's my favourite for pixel)01:37
solexious[Q] Hello all, how can I set up samba so any one on the network can connect and edit etc with out a password?01:37
nemilar!dualboot > X-TREME01:37
nemilarsolexious: yes you can01:37
xompcan someone explain how I have 2 battery notifications on my laptop, 1 (battery charge monitor) says I have over 3 hours of battery left 99% charged, the other (power management) says I have 55 minutes left 97% charged?01:38
X-TREMEBut its not that, my problem is a bit different, can I explain it to you in a pm? or should I do it here?01:38
Dr_willis!samba | solexious01:38
ubotusolexious: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:38
nemilarsolexious: if you google for setting up samba, you'll probably find a guide01:38
Klossnemilar: thanks. i will try so. :-) that is a little light at the horizon.01:38
nemilarX-TREME: do it here, so everyone can see01:38
usr13_Blunter: Just say what you need to say here.01:38
nemilarKloss: I'm sure you'll be able to get it working, Epson printers are pretty friendly .... usually plug-n-play01:38
Dr_willissolexious,   the book 'using samba' is in the samba-doc package. it is a 300+ Page HTML book that gives exaples/docs and info on that also.01:38
DFlamedDoes anyone know an open source alternative to something like say.... Dreamweaver or FrontPage?01:38
BlunterOk.. So I had Windows vista on 1 drive, and data on another drive. I installed Ubuntu on the windows vista drive. Now I boot up into uBuntu, and see my second drive which is NTFS labeled "BackUp"01:39
Blunter I double click it, it doesnt open.. Then after a minute or so it says it cant mount the drive01:39
solexiousnemilar: Have tried that mate, so far only setting it up with accounts :s01:39
Blunter Now under the file browser, the drive doesnt even appear anymore01:39
=== tomhap is now known as bpa
usr13_DFlamed: vim, bluefish, ....others I don't remember.01:39
nemilarsolexious: you _can_ set it up that way, but really... do you want to??01:39
DFlamedI'll look into both, ta :)01:39
nemilarDFlamed: bluefish is my fav01:39
solexiousnem: yes01:40
X-TREMEok I have a Laptop with a recovery partition (which loads Vista), a WindowsXP partition and another partition with Ubuntu. When I boot my laptop, grub comes up and I only see ubuntu and Vista loader but not WinXP, how can I boot into winxp? It is already installed on my laptop, I installed XP before installing Ubuntu.01:40
Milos_SDI have problem with Gutsy freezing. I have Core2Duo E6550, 2x1GB Kingston 800Mhz and Nvidia 7600GT (169.09 driver, bit freezing was on drivers from repositories).  And yes, I have Leadtek Winfast 2000/XP Expert TV card, if that helps. Does anybody know how can I fix this?01:40
nemilarX-TREME: if you try re-configuring grub, does it see XP?01:41
X-TREMEhow do I reconfig grub?01:41
nemilarX-TREME: worst comes to worst you can add it by hand01:41
X-TREMEi am new to linux.01:41
nemilarX-TREME: you didn't read the documentation about dualboot01:41
nemilar!dualboot > X-TREME01:41
X-TREMEok ill read it.01:41
Blunterusr13: did u get that?01:41
xompcan someone explain how I have 2 battery notifications on my laptop, 1 (battery charge monitor) says I have over 3 hours of battery left 99% charged, the other (power management) says I have 55 minutes left 97% charged? (x3)01:41
K_Ninexcomp I think this is the third time you asked. Maybe you should do a post on the forums.01:42
Cpudan80xomp: The 55 minute one is for the time remaining till full charge, ignore it01:42
Mixx<Nx> any amd64 users got mixx to run?01:42
Cpudan80It is NEVER accurate01:42
xompCpudan80, thanks :)01:43
Cpudan80xomp: The discharge meters are pretty accurate though01:43
usr13_Blunter: Yes.  And I DID missunderstand.  You are trying to read the NTFS filesystem on another drive, and I do not have an answer for that problem.  I do not know why you cannot read it.01:43
CodenutI have two workspaces now to choose from as a desktop, how do I get more using Ubuntu 7.04?01:43
xompCpudan80, I've been dealing with battery issues for several months now and got a 3rd replacement battery, was curious why ubuntu was reporting different times, thought maybe this battery was snafu too!01:43
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
Cpudan80xomp: Nah prob not01:44
usr13_Codenut: 7.10 is the latest version.  You should upgrade.01:44
xenthroQ: how do i find out what driver my wifi card is using? its a linksys wusb54g rev 401:44
xompCodenut, right click the workspace and choose 4 columns01:44
Get_A_FixCodenut: right click on the workspaces and increase the number of colums01:44
Cpudan80xomp: Your BIOS probably limits charging above a certain % too (why it says 55 minutes vs say 10)01:44
overcluckerLIMBOBlunter: are you having trouble mounting ntfs?01:44
xompCodenut, sorry, right-click workspace, properties and put 4 in columns for 4 workspaces :)01:44
X-TREMEthe documentation says the the recovery partition will cause me to have problems so is there anyway I can remove it now?01:45
xompCpudan80, I think it does, there is an option to "calibrate battery" in there that makes no sense to me.01:45
Blunteroverlucker: yes01:45
usr13_xenthro: I think  you need ndiswrapper01:45
overcluckerLIMBOBlunter: can you yes it to mount at all?01:46
usr13_xenthro: sudo apt-get ndiswrapper01:46
BlunterI dont know how?01:46
xenthrousr13_ I don't.01:46
xompCpudan80, would you know why I can't ping my workstation by netbios name when I connect over VPN?01:46
xenthrousr13_ It works.. i just cant put it into monitor mode01:46
xompCpudan80, I can ping the workstations IP, but not netbios name.01:46
usr13_Blunter: Have you finished doing updates on your Ubuntu 7.10 system yet?01:47
BlunterJust did them all01:47
usr13_xenthro: monitor mode?  What is "monitor mode"?01:47
Cpudan80xomp: Yeah, Ubuntu does the DNS stuff differently than windows, prob nothing you can do about it01:47
xompCpudan80, yeah, I was thinking ubuntu couldn't see the alt. dns names for our domain.01:48
Cpudan80xomp: you could add the DNS server to your list --- not sure what that would do if its not available (ie not connected)01:48
xenthrousr13_ long explanation...  suggest you google it01:48
xompCpudan80, the weird thing is I can ping.. say our MS Exchange server by netbios name, but not my workstation lol01:48
Cpudan80xomp: System --> Admin --> Networking --> DNS01:48
Cpudan80xomp: add the DNS server01:49
Jay955i just installed ubuntu for the first time, and i have a few problem can anyone help me please 1st i can't see my secondary drive01:49
Blunterjay: me either01:49
usr13_xenthro: Kismet may be what  you are looking for... but still not sure what monitor mode is.01:50
xompCpudan80, thanks, I'll give it a try now. My apologize if I disconnect from here (as it usually does when I connect to VPNc) Thanks so much for the help :)01:50
Jay955<Blunter> do you see it in my computer01:50
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: do you know how to open a console?01:50
usr13_xenthro: Are you wanting to snoop other people's networks?  Or... ?01:50
Jay955console = terminal01:51
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: Blunter: you may need to add a line to your /etc/fstab01:51
usr13_Jay955: What is on the second drive?01:51
X-TREMEHow do I format all my windows partitions on my laptop from ubuntu?01:51
nemilaruse gparted, X-TREME01:52
Jay955nothing it a 20 gig ntsf01:52
X-TREMEWhat about Gnome partition editor?01:52
Get_A_Fixjay995  Applications>Accessories>Terminal  to get a console window01:52
slyf_How do I mount cdrom as my user?01:52
Jay955ok i got that01:52
usr13_X-TREME: Depends on what type of filesystem you want to put on them.01:52
Tygiri have a dell inspiron 1525...what app should i be using to be using the camera on the laptop?01:52
usr13_X-TREME: mkfs01:52
slyf_I keep getting permission denied to get into /media/cdrom0 or any directory like that01:52
usr13_X-TREME: man mkfs01:52
X-TREMEwhat is mkfs?01:52
xenthrousr13_ yes, actually, but its more about getting a fully functional setup that i can use all 5 modes01:53
nemilarX-TREME: Gnome Partition Editor _is_ gparted01:53
usr13_xenthro: What are the 5 modes?01:53
X-TREMEok ty01:53
Jay955i see the drive in gnome01:53
usr13_memic: He wants to format.01:53
xenthrousr13_ managed, Ad-hoc, monitor, repeater and... i forget the last one01:54
usr13_nemilar: He wants to format, not re-partition.01:54
Tygirany ideas?01:54
lilythhow do I change my default sound devince, to that *everything* uses it, rather than changing each program.01:54
nemilarusr13: gparted can format01:54
usr13_xenthro: iwconfig01:54
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: does it can you mount it?01:54
usr13_xenthro: See:  man iwconfig01:54
lilythIve tried changing it in SWound Preferences01:54
Jay955no i can't01:54
xenthrousr13_ i am well familiar with it.01:54
overcluckerLIMBO'can you mount it?'01:54
nemilarusr13: formatting is a big part of repartitioning01:54
usr13_nemilar: Formatting and partitioning are two different tasks.01:55
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: from terminal, sudo fdisk -l01:55
Jay955i only see the drive in gnome01:55
slyf_How do I mount cdrom as my user?01:55
slyf_I keep getting permission denied to get into /media/cdrom0 or any directory like that01:55
nemilarusr13: yes, I know that.  But after you create a partition, you generally want to format it.01:55
nemilarusr13: and gparted can do both.01:55
usr13_nemilar: You are correct.01:55
thesisanyone using a eee?01:55
Jay955ok 1 sec01:55
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: that will list all disks/partitions01:55
thesishow do i get the ndiswrapper or madwifi panel icon back?01:56
lilythno one knows how to change my default soundd evice?01:57
Jay955all i get is invalid option --101:57
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: l is a lowercase L01:57
Jay955ok 1 sec01:57
tcpdumpgodHey guys, what could cause tcpdump to give this error "packets dropped by kernel"?01:58
Jay955ok i got the info01:58
thesisow do i get the ndiswrapper or madwifi panel icon back?01:58
Tygirhow would i use my camera installed in my laptop?01:58
tcpdumpgodBad CAT5 cable? Bad internet connection?01:58
kenani was trying to get my mic on my webcam working, i got it working partially but now i cant play music because it says my soundcard might not be configured properly or the right output device isnt selected, how can i fix this?01:58
smallfoot-is EDID broken in Ubuntu?01:58
PriceChildthesis, is this a different icon to "nm-applet"?01:59
nemilartcpdumpgod: ping something for a while, see what your network is like01:59
overcluckerLIMBO!fstab > Jay95501:59
usr13_tcpdumpgod: Firewall could be blocking, "dropping packets".02:00
Get_A_Fixkenan: System>Preferences>Sound  try looking there02:01
plen0x_How could compiz be any more awesome?02:01
nemilarplen0x_: by not being buggy :)02:01
Rufus__I downloaded compiz, how can I start the peel function? like compiz-fusion02:01
plen0x_nemilar, works fine for me :D02:01
usr13_tcpdumpgod: sudo iptables -L02:01
nemilarplen0x_: yeah I got it working great after a few days of playing with it...and then I turned it off02:02
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: cat /etc/fstab02:02
plen0x_nemilar, weee, beep fest! Anyway. I only use it for the expo feature. And the drawing with fire.02:02
plen0x_If you don't like some one, you can burn their window. It's like virtual hate.02:02
Rufus__does anyone know about that?02:02
kenanGet_A_Fix: all the sound playback tests work and sound on the internet works so im not sure how to fix this02:02
nemilarplen0x_: maybe you can help out Rufus__02:03
Dr_willisRufus__,  install the ccsm tool. run it, check out all the keybindings for what does what feature02:03
Dr_willis!ccsm | Rufus__02:03
plen0x_nemilar, to late. Dr_willis just gave him my answer as I typed it.02:03
ubotuRufus__: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion02:03
Get_A_Fixkenan: then what doesn't work02:03
kaz1nskyim having problems getting rtorrents port open to the internet, can anyone help?02:04
kenanGet_A_Fix: playing my mp3 files02:04
nemilarkaz1nsky: router forwarding?02:04
nemilarkaz1nsky: what's the exact problem?  do you have the port forwarded in the router?02:04
usr13_kenan: sudo apt-get install xmms02:04
kaz1nskyi have the port range forwarded on the router to my computer02:05
Tygiri do i use my laptops installed webcam?02:05
heartsbloodI know this is a really noobie question to ask but is it possible to sort by artiest in the Rhythmbox play que?02:05
kaz1nskydmz usually works too but i cant get it to now that ive installed ubuntu02:05
Dr_willis!webcam | Tygir02:05
ubotuTygir: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras02:05
kenanusr13_: thats the program im using for playing music but it suddenly stopped working after i tried to configure my mic02:05
kaz1nskyis there something i have to do in addition in linux?02:05
Dr_willisTygir,  first is tocheck to see if its even supported under linux.  Ive had bery bad luck with my webcams.. None had linux support.02:05
usr13_kenan: Mute mic02:05
=== Jannax is now known as Jannita
kenanusr13_: how02:06
usr13_kenan: Bring up the mixer and see what's on and off, down and up.02:06
usr13_kenan: Open Volume Control02:06
overcluckerLIMBOheartsblood: open rhythmbox and look02:06
usr13_kenan: gnome-volume-control02:06
heartsbloodovercluckerLIMBO, I'm looking, I see no 'sort by' option, and the colum for artists can't be manipulated02:07
usr13_kenan: or right click the speaker icon and choose:  "Open Volume Control"02:07
Jay955ok i got fstab open02:08
kenanusr13_: yeah im there02:08
usr13_kenan: Good :)02:08
compyhow do i tell the path to my cdrom or dvdrom?02:08
compyis there a command?02:08
tcpdumpgodnemilar usr13 thanks for the responce... I have ICMP disabled so I cant do ping -f tests...02:08
usr13_compy: ls /media/disk02:08
ader10freenx vs vnc? I have tried both. Freenx doesn't let me connect to my existing desktop session but is fast, and vnc does let me, but it is far slower02:08
usr13_compy: ls /media/02:08
tcpdumpgodFirewall could be doing it... but its @ a Datacenter so im doubting that is the culprit.02:09
compythanks ^^02:09
TygirDr_willis: when i try and use camorama...i get could not connect to video device (/dev/video0)02:09
compyso it would be /media/cdrom?02:09
nemilartcpdumpgod: if it's at a DC, can't you just ask the techs to take a look at it?  that's what you're paying for02:09
compyor atleast whats what it shows02:09
kenanusr13_: i tried disabling all the microphone settings02:09
kenanits still not working02:09
tcpdumpgodWell, its actually a snort box on a clients network at a datacenter.02:09
usr13_kenan: Is PCM turned down?02:09
tcpdumpgodI'd have to create a ticket, big pain in the hiney.02:10
tcpdumpgodSo i wanna make sure its that before I do so.02:10
nemilartcpdumpgod: yeah, dc's are known for their ticket-handling02:10
=== x506 is now known as daemon
tcpdumpgodYeah, NOT!02:10
usr13_tcpdumpgod: iptables -L02:10
nemilartcpdumpgod: sounds like something you'd want them to take a look at, though02:10
tcpdumpgodok usr13, doing that now.02:10
compyusing dd i get this error dd: reading `/media/cdrom': Is a directory02:10
demeHow do I install a gtk theme?02:10
tcpdumpgodI think all we have is spoofing protection, let me check usr1302:11
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: do you see the partition there?(remember it in fdisk -l)02:11
tcpdumpgodusr13, nope... its all open.02:11
Jay9551 sec02:11
codenameis there any programs for 7.10 that can make Power Points02:11
tcpdumpgodACCEPT across the board user1302:11
kenancodename: openoffice presentation02:12
kaz1nsky_got disconnected... can anyone help me with my port forwarding issue?02:12
ader10freenx vs vnc? I have tried both. Freenx doesn't let me connect to my existing desktop session but is fast, and vnc does let me, but it is far slower02:12
DanThirstcodename: 7.10 supports open office02:12
codenamethanks man02:12
demeHow do I install a gtk theme?02:12
tcpdumpgodI think i've figured it out user13, i did a "-c 10000" and I think its dropping everything but the 10000 packets i specified.02:12
DanThirstdeme what distro are you using?02:12
kenanusr13_: what do i do now02:12
=== salah_ is now known as salah
compywould /dev/hda be my dvdrom or harddrive?02:13
Jay955no i do not02:13
usr13_tcpdumpgod: Would have to look at what packets are being dropped for clues, may need to look from another machine, (preferrably the one where the packets are coming from).02:13
DanThirstdeme: go to system, preferences, and then appearances.  I'm assuming you'v already downloaded it02:13
GoldeNArXhey guys.  I'm doing a fresh install of 7.10 and my monitor goes out of range... its doing this on 3 different monitors and in normal install and safe graphics install02:13
demeYes, I have02:13
GoldeNArXany way to help me out?02:13
tcpdumpgoduser13 check this out02:13
tcpdumpgod10000 packets captured02:13
tcpdumpgod231037 packets received by filter02:13
tcpdumpgod217049 packets dropped by kernel02:13
DanThirstdeme: you can just chose to in stall the tar.gz from there02:13
tcpdumpgod231037 - 217049 does not = 10000 though.02:13
TygirDr_willis: what is weird is that it works in kopete...so doesnt that mean its supported?02:14
usr13_tcpdumpgod: If it is behing a linux firewall, go to that machine and do tcpdump |grep ip.address.here02:14
tcpdumpgodusr13, whats the easiest way in tcpdump to see dropped packets.02:14
demeDanThirst: It tells me the file format is invalid02:14
tcpdumpgoduser13, i think its behind a PIX.02:14
achillesHI , can someone give me a link to the gstream extra plugins .deb ? I need to install it manually since i dont have internet thanks:)02:14
=== pedro_ is now known as quittt
tcpdumpgodoh being, no its not being a firewall, its a snort box.02:14
crdlbachilles: try packages.ubuntu.com02:15
tcpdumpgodhi quittt02:15
quittthow do reinstall Grub after I install Windows?02:15
usr13_tcpdumpgod: Not sure, really...02:15
achillesok ill try02:15
tcpdumpgodi'll "MAN" user13 ;)02:15
ader10freenx vs vnc? I have tried both. Freenx doesn't let me connect to my existing desktop session but is fast, and vnc does let me, but it is far slower02:15
DanThirstdeme:  http://gnome-look.org/ try finding something you like here, and make sure its supported for your distro and release of that dsitro02:15
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: you need to add a similar line: /dev/sda2 /media/sda2mountpoint ntfs-3g defaults,user 0 002:15
demeOkay, thanks02:16
usr13_quittt: Boot the install CD and choose recovery mode, chroot to the Ubuntu root parition and do grub install02:16
Jay955ok i will try02:16
tcpdumpgoduser13, I think its probably because it's receiving so many packets that it can't keep up.02:16
quitttusr13, hmm, any install cd?02:16
usr13_tcpdumpgod: I doubt it...02:16
DanThirstdeme: sorry i made an assumption are you even using gnome?02:17
achillescrdlb its not on site:(02:17
achillesi need it to play mp3s ect...02:17
GoldeNArXhey guys.  I'm doing a fresh install of 7.10 and my monitor goes out of range... its doing this on 3 different monitors and in normal install and safe graphics install > anyone about to help me out?02:17
usr13_tcpdumpgod: without being able to look at it from the gateway machine, I just don't know...02:17
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: make a backup of /etc/fstab, first02:18
DanThirstGoldeNArX: restart it, in safe graphics mode on the start up02:18
GoldeNArXDanThirst : I've done that02:18
tcpdumpgodYeah user13... i think I may be right... because... they have a lot of machines on the network and its a 10/100 nic.02:18
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: then gksu gedit /etc/fstab02:18
DanThirstGoldeNArX: oh sorry i didn't read all of your message02:18
compy so if i were using dd would i use this command dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/compy/Mr_Woodcock.iso02:19
DanThirstGoldeNArX: try a different video card?02:19
usr13_tcpdumpgod: That's one realy nice advantage to haveing a linux [NAT] gateway. Or... is this machine actually the gateway?02:19
demeDanThirst: I am and the issue has been solved, thank you.02:19
usr13_tcpdumpgod: Is it dropping packets from outside the LAN?02:19
GoldeNArXDanThirst : lol I dont have an old agp card kicking around>?02:19
Jack_Sparrowcompy: if you invreease the bs= you can create it faster02:19
DanThirstpci ? heh02:20
tcpdumpgoduser13, yes.02:20
tcpdumpgodFrom outside to in, and inside to out.02:20
werswhat can you say about transmission bit torrent? is it better than deluge or azureus?02:20
compyJack_Sparrow, it takes about 10 second to do it... its only 368 MB so i have a feelign im not doing it right... does the dvd need to be unmounted before i run the dd command?02:20
wers'm looking for a ligh tone02:20
tcpdumpgodNo, its at a BIG datacenter user13.02:20
wers*light one02:20
tcpdumpgodI mean BIG.02:20
Jack_Sparrowcompy: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/YourUserName/Desktop/file.iso bs=4k02:20
nemilarwers: transmission is very light02:20
DanThirsti'm kinda stuck my self, i keep getting a copy error 5, when i try to install.  I had ubuntu running fine on this machine but i got a grand idea it would be good to format it and reinstall02:20
usr13_tcpdumpgod: O02:20
achillesanyone have the gstream extra plugins .deb download link?:)02:21
DanThirstnow it gets stuck at 24% and gives me a copy error :-(02:21
quitttusr13, good02:21
usr13_tcpdumpgod: Maybe there are ways that I don't know about... man tcpdump02:21
werswow. transmission looks really good. i  think, I would replace deluge with it02:21
DanThirstany suggestions?02:21
annienygmaHello, all!02:21
demeDanThrist: One more question: Where do I place a splash screen?02:22
bazhangalso no ports to open with transmission wers02:22
nemilarwers: transmission is going to be the default BT client in the next release of ubuntu02:22
usr13_tcpdumpgod: But dropped packets are dropped packets and I just don't think you'll be able to tell anything about them accept for how many get dropped.02:22
=== gordon_ is now known as gordon1986
ubotuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork02:22
jackfusionHi all02:22
jackfusionhow is every one tonight?02:22
annienygmajackfusion:  Hi02:22
DanThirstdeme:  if you want just go to admin and the sessions, and you can install spalsh screens that way02:23
thesishi can anyone help me with my panel icons?02:23
annienygmajackfusion: fine here.  u?02:23
DanThirsti find that other method just way to much work02:23
thesisi deleted my madwifi icon02:23
jackfusionwhat raid software dose ubuntu server use?02:23
achilleshelp please:(02:23
PriceChildthesis, nm-applet ?02:23
compywhen runmning dd i get this dd: reading `/dev/cdrom': Input/output error02:23
Tygirhow can i find out what webcam is installed on my laptop?02:24
PriceChildTygir, lsusb02:24
TygirPriceChild: whats that?02:24
bazhangachilles what is the issue02:24
PriceChildTygir, will tell you all usb devices02:24
Jay955it tells me i can't save file02:24
thesisPriceChild, no not the ubuntu network monitor, but the madwifi that shows the network signal strength02:24
nemilarcompy: are you just trying to copy a CD?02:25
Get_A_FixTygir:in a terminal window type lsusb02:25
WhoNeedszzzHey guys, when my computer idles overnight I come back to it and see that the process "X" is around 99%! I have no idea why this is happening. It never happened before02:25
compynemilar, dvd02:25
achillesbazhang i need to download the gstream extra plugins deb manualy from a windows box since i dont have internet connection02:25
Tygiri did...nothing comes up....02:25
nemilarcompy: use readcd02:25
Tygirits already pre-installed on my laptop...02:25
achillesi want a link to download the deb:)02:25
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: then gksu gedit /etc/fstab02:25
Tygirnot plugged in...if that matters?02:25
edjHow to tell the version of kubuntu installed?02:25
Jay9551 sec02:25
nemilarcompy: readcd dev=/dev/[device] f=output.iso02:25
compynemilar, k thanks02:25
nemilarcompy: won't necessarily work if the DVD is copy-protected02:25
Get_A_FixTygir:then I would look at the laptop manufacturer's web site02:26
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: you need the higher privilages of gksu02:26
PriceChildthesis, type in "madwifi" then press the tab key to see what commands there are02:26
compynemilar, it fails on k9copy... but every other dvd has worked with k9copy02:26
thesisPriceChild: command not foun02:26
compycoudl it be a wierd copy protection or are there other libs i should get02:26
nemilarcompy: are these movies?02:26
compyi have libdvdcss202:26
nemilarcompy: might be copy protection, yeah02:26
annienygmaovercluckerLIMBO :  N00b question:  what does gksu stand for?02:26
nemilarthere's lots of different copy protections, they changed after css was cracked02:27
compyits wierd how i own my own movies but cant access them02:27
annienygmaI know su is switch user02:27
compynemilar, is there a list you know of that i should download02:27
ubotuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)02:27
nemilarcompy: you can find workaround on the web...a lot of them are basically "have mplayer play it, but dump the video into a file" kind of things02:27
WhoNeedszzzSlart, you still here?02:27
jackfusiondose any one know any thing about ubuntu server?02:27
annienygmathx, ubotu!02:27
nemilar!ask > jack-desktop02:27
edjI need to install the libc development package on kubuntu amd64.  Is libc-dev-i386 the correct one?02:28
TygirGet_A_Fix: in the device manager it says OmniVision Tech...that it?02:28
ace4016hi all, i'm having a bit of a problem: when i try typing in "su root" it brings up the password, as expected, then when i enter in the correct password (there is only one password it can possibly be) it tells me authentication failure; anyone know what's going on02:28
TygirGet_A_Fix: how can i now if it's compatible? I'm looking at the list now...i dont see OmniVision anywhere02:28
TygirGet_A_Fix:  but the webcam works in kopete....so wouldnt that mean it works?02:28
achillesbazhang any luck?:)02:28
GoldeNArXhey guys.  I'm doing a fresh install of 7.10 and my monitor goes out of range... its doing this on 3 different monitors and in normal install and safe graphics install > can anyone help me out?02:29
Get_A_FixTygir: yea  it should02:29
TygirGet_A_Fix: well it doesnt work in camorama...02:29
overcluckerLIMBOace4016: the root password is randomly generated02:29
Jay955ok when i use gksu gedit /ect/fstab i see nothing in that file02:30
WhoNeedszzzace4016, and not to mention you don't su root you just su02:30
overcluckerLIMBOace4016: it is not the same as your sudo pass02:30
WhoNeedszzzace4016, actually there is no reason to su anyway02:30
WhoNeedszzzace4016, just sudo02:30
xenthroQ: I need help finding out what driver my wifi dongle is using02:31
Tygirget_a_fix: is there another prog i can try? or faq? forum?02:31
solex1001[Q] Hello all, how can I set up samba so any one on the network can connect and edit etc with out a password?02:31
overcluckerLIMBOace4016: but if you are absolutely set on su root ing, then you could sudo passwd root02:31
_Apple_*/throws wifi dongle02:31
WhoNeedszzz_Apple_, just use /me for that...02:32
* WhoNeedszzz chuckles02:32
ace4016overcluckerLIMBO, i meant to do sudo...bit of confusion on my part, thanks :)02:32
* _Apple_ throws cat off keyboard02:32
WhoNeedszzzceiling cat is watching you!02:32
compyshould mount /mnt/cdrom work in ubuntu?02:33
iKapis there a task manager in ubuntu like windows?02:33
bardyriKap, gnome-system-monitor02:33
gmcastiliKap: man ps02:33
WhoNeedszzzdoes anyone know about huge processor usage of the process "X"?02:33
gmcastiliKap: much more useful than task manager in windows02:33
iKapbardyr, how do i bring it up02:33
overcluckerLIMBOiKap: there is always top02:34
WhoNeedszzzovercluckerLIMBO, top sucks...02:34
gmcastilovercluckerLIMBO: top isn't really useful for much of anything02:34
bardyriKap, i dont think there are any shortcuts, System --> Administration --> System Monitor02:34
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
gmcastiliKap: you could try running gnome-system-monitor from the command line02:34
iKapi got it thanks guys02:34
WhoNeedszzzanother reason why xfce owns02:34
Jay955<overcluckerLIMBO> ok when i use gksu gedit /ect/fstab i see nothing in that file02:35
iKapxubuntu is too simple for me02:35
=== hdevalence`afk is now known as hdevalence
iKapi got decent specs on my laptop so went wit ubuntu02:35
gmcastiliKap: i would recommend learning the 'ps' command - its very helpful02:35
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: look closely at your spelling02:35
tcpdumpgodI think all we have is spoofing protection, let me check usr1302:35
WhoNeedszzziKap, simple...it is awesome02:35
WhoNeedszzziKap, KDE and Gnome are so bloated...02:35
iKapgmcastil, im trying to but couldnt find a good cheat/guide02:36
WhoNeedszzziKap, and you do realize xubuntu IS ubuntu...just with xfce02:36
gmcastiliKap: have you learned about man pages yet?02:36
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: the location is /etc instead02:36
iKapWhoNeedszzz, yes i do, i had xubuntu for a good month then upgraded to ubuntu02:36
Jay955ok got it lol sorry02:36
WhoNeedszzziKap, !!! you don't upgrade to ubuntu...02:36
iKapWhoNeedszzz, it was a bit too simple for me, which was in a way nice because it ran alot quicker/smoother02:36
WhoNeedszzziKap, simple is good02:37
iKapWhoNeedszzz, but i needed the eye candy just a bit lol02:37
WhoNeedszzziKap, simple means less problems02:37
WhoNeedszzziKap, that's what compiz is for02:37
andbrughello, im having a problem with ubuntu gusty on my hp dv6255us. ubunut not detect the pen-drive. someone can help me?02:37
iKapWhoNeedszzz, and plus i had decent specs and ram sitting there waiting to be used.. so i said why not?02:37
gmcastiliKap: man pages are a local documentation thats installed on everysystem02:37
WhoNeedszzziKap, true but KDE and Gnome overuse ram and processor usage02:38
hdevalenceWhoNeedszzz: I reject your statement02:38
achilleskde4 will use less ram02:38
iKapWhoNeedszzz, dont worry lol im putting xubuntu on a slower desktop comp that i am getting.. ubuntu is for the laptop :)02:38
gmcastilWhoNeedszzz: i suppose it depends on your machine....i have a 2.4ghz core2 with 4gb of memory02:38
hdevalenceachilles: kde4 *does* use less memory02:39
Jay955<overcluckerLIMBO> i typed it in a saved it now what?02:39
iKapmy laptop is 1.7ghz 1gb ram.. ubuntu works perfect.02:39
gmcastiliKap: that would run kde just fine02:39
achilleskdevalence i tried to say when he installs it02:39
ubotuKDE 4.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/ - Support in #kubuntu-kde402:39
iKapgmcastil, yes, but i prefer gnome.. just my taste.02:39
WhoNeedszzziKap, it works fine but it could work better, like i said, it is bloated02:39
* gmcastil really needs to find his .emacs file...02:40
WhoNeedszzziKap, one day you will see what i mean02:40
lex0how do i install a binary file?02:40
gmcastillex0: more explanatoin please02:40
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: ok, now a reboot should put things where they need to be02:40
hdevalenceachilles: ah i see02:40
Jay955ok brb02:40
lex0i have a file that ends in pkg1.run02:40
iKapthey are both equally stable, but i WILL admit one thing.. i love gnome but.. it has given me a few issues since i installed.02:40
gmcastillex0: where did you get it?02:40
iKapbut nothing big enough to make me go back to xfce. lol02:41
lex0the glx doesnt work02:41
gmcastillex0: are you building the nvidia drivers yourself?02:41
lex0for my 880002:41
WhoNeedszzziKap, just you wait02:41
gmcastillex0: you should be able to use the nvidia package from ubuntu02:41
WhoNeedszzziKap, i promise more problems will arise02:41
lex0when i use that my games crash on wine02:41
lex0my fps are terrible02:41
LjLlex0: what makes you think that installing it from nvidia site would fix the problem (rather than just, as seems unavoidable, mess up your system by overwriting files)?02:41
WhoNeedszzzlex0, aye use the nvidia run package02:41
iKapWhoNeedszzz, yeah i have a feeling.. then i will go to xfce if thats the case lol. but no really i did have a few issues with gnome.. or "ubuntu" that i didnt have when running xubuntu/xfce02:42
WhoNeedszzzlex0, mine works fine02:42
iKapkinda weird.. but nothing big.02:42
LjLlex0: what makes you think that WINE can run most or many games smoothly?02:42
gmcastillex0: if you're sure that you want to run it, open up a terminal window, cd into that directory, and then type "./filename"02:42
iKaplex0, wine isnt perfect my friend.02:42
lex0yes but ive seen it much better on other peoples computer02:42
WhoNeedszzziKap, ubuntu is the os. both use ubuntu; they just use diff window managers02:42
iKapWhoNeedszzz, yeah i know lol i was just trying to  be more clear.02:42
LjLlex0: what makes you think breaking your system will improve the situation?02:42
solexious[Q] Hello all, how can I set up samba so any one on the network can connect and edit etc with out a password?02:43
WhoNeedszzzLjL, LOL!02:43
gmcastillex0: if you have to ask how to run a binary, you probably aren't prepared to deal with building your own nvidia drivers02:43
lex0so how can i deal with crashes?02:43
iKapLjL, ahahaha02:43
gmcastillex0: depends on why its crashing02:43
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.02:43
lex0for example when i open wow and change the resolution to my 22 inch it crashes02:44
* gmcastil gives the ubuntu-bot a smack on the ass!02:44
LjLlex0, you might perhaps try using nvidia-glx-new rather than nvidia-glx.02:44
WhoNeedszzzlex0, here is an idea: stop using wine for games! Just boot to windows!02:44
LjL!nvidia > lex0    (lex0, see the private message from Ubotu)02:44
WhoNeedszzzlex0, they are not worth the trouble02:44
el_tacoI'm looking at buying a new board and was thinking about an amd chipset. anyone know if there'd be any compatibility issues with gutsy?02:44
WhoNeedszzzlex0, CONSTANT problems with wine and games02:44
annienygmasolexious : Check out this page:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20260502:44
J1n . ..... ..... .... ...... . ...... ..... ......02:44
J1n . ..... ..... .... ...... . ...... ..... ......02:44
J1n . ..... ..... .... ...... . ...... ..... ......02:44
J1n . ..... ..... .... ...... . ...... ..... ......02:44
J1n . ..... ..... .... ...... . ...... ..... ......02:44
WhoNeedszzzel_taco, not really02:44
FloodBot3J1n: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:44
gmcastillex0: i would really not try to do what you're thinking - you'll wind up breaking your install02:44
iKapanyone know of a nice.. maybe bluish looking gnome theme that is almost exact as the DEFAULT ubuntu 7.10 theme? i want something thats the same or close to the same but diff colors..02:44
annienygmasolexious :  it tells how to do it02:44
WhoNeedszzzel_taco, that is what i'm using02:44
sapperjanko1!flood |J1n02:44
sapperjanko1!flood | J1n02:45
ubotuJ1n: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:45
gmcastil!flood | J1n02:45
el_tacoWhoNeedszzz what chipset do you have?02:45
iKap!flood | j1n02:45
ubotuj1n: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:45
gmcastiliKap: uh...he's gone02:45
iKaplol oops02:45
PanzerMKZsapperjanko1 and iKap yall is late02:45
LjLhe spammed five lines02:45
LjLy'all spammed 802:45
sapperjanko1im having problems with user write access, and it turns out that is also y users cant write with samba02:45
iKapanyone know of a nice.. maybe bluish looking gnome theme that is almost exact as the DEFAULT ubuntu 7.10 theme? i want something thats the same or close to the same but diff colors..02:46
gmcastilhey, i'm going through /etc/apt/sources.lst and it looks like ubuntu enables restricted, multiverse, and universe repositories by default - is this correct?02:46
_Afknoob question: how do i create a new blank text file02:46
mercury_1900i was looking for a theme like that, too02:46
crdlbiKap: clearlooks?02:46
DoubleDewwhat process begins the ubuntu desktop environment?  better yet, what config file shows what process to start during boot and is it possible to eliminate all non-essential ones and call them on my own if i need them?02:46
mercury_1900based on that02:46
mercury_1900a background, actually02:46
gmcastilDoubleDew: its considerably more complicated than that02:46
overcluckerLIMBODoubleDew: init 402:47
annienygmagmcastil : I thought you had to manually enable them... Leastways I had to02:47
Jay955<overcluckerLIMBO> it locked up on reboot02:47
WhoNeedszzzel_taco, AM2 X2 4200+02:47
achillesmy friend from france uses ubuntu at school:)02:47
tritiumovercluckerLIMBO: no, ubuntu and debian only use 2 runlevels02:47
gmcastilannienygma: i don't see any of the those lines commented out02:47
Dr_willisLinux likes to make use of lots and lots of scripts that call other scripts that start other things.. and so on. :)02:47
gmcastilDoubleDew: windows != linux02:47
DoubleDewgmcastil: im aware, i should rephrase, basically i want to boot to prompt,02:47
overcluckerLIMBOtritium: good point, i'm always forgetting02:47
DoubleDewgmcastil: and start the desktop environment if necessary02:48
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about eeepc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:48
gmcastilDoubleDew: ah...typically, you tell it to switch to a different run level, but i've not figured out how ubuntu is configured...i only installed it this afternoon02:48
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: what did it say when it locked up?02:48
annienygma_Afk right-click on an empty space, select Create Document, and name it newfile.txt (or whatever)02:48
linuxishaw1Does anyone know if the tutorials for making Ubuntu join a 2003 Domain are still good, they're all referencing 5.04?02:48
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:48
Jay955i just got pass the logon screen and then nothing02:49
=== Aloha__ is now known as Aloha
WhoNeedszzz_Afk isn't here anymore...02:49
gmcastilDoubleDew: yeah...its different with ubuntu - i'm a redhat guy, so i'm still figuring out how ubuntu does things02:49
ScuniziWhen I try to load Inkscape it takes 45 seconds and processor usage goes to 55%  How do I discover what's happening so I can try to fix it?02:49
sapperjanko1how do i set a user to be able 2 write to /var/www02:49
mouseboyxIm looking for a good laptop that will run ubuntu nicely under $500 Can anyone recommend ?02:50
gmcastilsapperjanko1: chmod and chown change ownerships and permissions02:50
annienygmascan *gk*02:50
DoubleDewdoes ubuntu have technical info on there documentation...for such things as what I am asking02:50
el_tacoWhoNeedszzz I mean AMD/ATI southbridge.02:50
sapperjanko1gmcastil: also how can i view what permissions a user has02:50
mouseboyxls -l sapperjanko102:51
hdevalencemouseboyx: have you seen the eeepc02:51
gmcastilsapperjanko1: permissions and ownerships aren't the same in linux as they are in windows02:51
WhoNeedszzzel_taco, oh i have Nvidia north bridge02:51
mouseboyxIt, needs to have a cdrom drive at least.02:51
annienygmagmcastil hold on checking02:51
el_taconorthbridge.. whatever...02:51
Scunizimouseboyx, Dell Vostro 1400 intel core 2 duo might just do the trick for $49902:51
gmcastilsapperjanko1: you can use 'ls -l' to see the permissions/ownerships of files02:51
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: so, it goes blank after the logon screen?02:51
WhoNeedszzzel_taco, ? there is a diff02:52
gmcastilsapperjanko1: but, in general, linux file permissions and ownerships aren't as finely tunable as they are in windows02:52
Scunizimouseboyx, http://www.dell.com/content/products/category.aspx/vostronb?c=us&cs=04&l=en&s=bsd02:52
Jay955yes i just have the mouse and a blank background02:52
toresnsay i have a text file with the path to several videoes (one on each line)... how do i execute them with i.e. mplayer ?02:52
gmcastilsapperjanko1: (not that its all that big of a deal)02:52
gmcastilwow...this is a real newbie channel02:52
RyanPriorIs there any FOSS program that has syntax and capabilities similar to Maple?02:53
Scunizigmcastil, depends on the night and time02:53
sapperjanko1gmcastil: well what the problem is that i cant write files with samba server up n runnin, just read only, i was in the samba channel n then they ended up sayin its my user permissions, its got nuffin 2 do with samba\02:53
annienygmagmcastil : yeah... is this your first time here too?02:53
gmcastilScunizi: i don't mind contributing02:53
RyanPriorgmcastil: Lots of newbies come here, but there are lots of more experienced users here too. :-)02:53
danbhfivetoresn: thats an odd question, why dont you just browse to them?02:53
gmcastilannienygma: yeah, i installed ubuntu this evening...i'm leaving redhat for good02:53
Scunizigmcastil, me either.. can be fun at times.. most times.. except when I don't know the answer :)02:53
toresndanbhfive: well, maybe i want to use the text file as a playlist02:54
mouseboyxDoes this look legit? http://www.expressitoptions.com/t7100-p-162178.html02:54
annienygmagmcastil I left Suse for Ubuntu a while back... and I am totally new to IRC02:54
gmcastilScunizi: so far, i'm liking what i see...i doubt that i'll ever go back to redhat or any of its progeny02:54
danbhfivetoresn: still, players can do playlists02:54
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: is /etc/fstab the only file you changed, since your last reboot02:54
demehow do I fix the gnome-settings-daemon bug?02:54
Jay955yes it is02:54
toresndanbhfive: not mplayer on the command line... even so, that's the point :-)02:54
gmcastilannienygma: i think these lines are uncommented now because i installed the restricted nvidia drivers02:55
Jay955i just rebooted to see what will happen02:55
rycolehey guys, what params to "ls" allow me to see file permissions?02:55
AluminI'm looking for a generic way to install something that is packaged for Ubuntu, but that I have a patch that I'd like to apply beforehand.02:55
Aluminrycole: -l02:55
Scunizigmcastil, for the most part Ubuntu has been pretty easy for me.. nothing linux based prior to this for me. Started with breezy 4 editions ago02:55
* gmcastil is going crazy without the old .emacs file!02:55
Jay955same thing no change02:55
annienygmaThey may be.. I'm not up on nVidia, I'm afraid02:55
Alumincommand-line mplayer does a playlist in the sense that you can specify multiple files on the command line02:55
overcluckerLIMBO!paste > Jay95502:56
annienygmaIs anyone else here using BitchX?02:56
toresnAlumin: yes, i know... but still...02:56
el_tacoannienygma yes02:56
Aluminso, what I've got so far is 1) apt-get source <package>, 2) apt-get build-dep <package>, 3) apply patch, 4) something with dpkg-buildpackage...02:56
gmcastilScunizi: i really haven't gotten use to the extensive use of UUID02:56
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: are you able to alt-F2 ?02:56
Aluminannienygma: not for a while, but I have used it extensively in the past02:56
annienygmael_taco:  Did you find it hard to learn?02:57
Alumincompared to what?02:57
RyanPriorIs there any FOSS program that has syntax and capabilities similar to Maple?02:57
danbhfivetoresn: i well, I would just use a scripting language to do what you want.  like bash or perl02:57
el_tacoannienygma i've been using it off and on for 15years02:57
annienygmaAlumin: I heard it was one of the better IRC clients out there, so I d/l'ed a tutorial and gave it a try02:57
sapperjanko1gmcastil: so what would be the full command 2 make it 2 that folder... this is what i get with ls -l drwxr-xr-x 122 root bin 12288 2007-12-21 09:53 webmin-1.39002:57
Jay955box comes up but it will not let me type in it02:57
annienygmatonight, that is (grin)02:58
Aluminthat depends on your definition of better02:58
blbrownI have a user I setup with so much mail that it crashes when I login.  This is on a server.  How can I manually delete the mail box02:58
gmcastilRyanPrior: not really....but, you might try learning more about Python02:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about python - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:58
RyanPriorgmcastil: I know some about Python. It's different though. :-)02:58
Scunizigmcastil, yea.. that's a new one. blkid works good for identification.  Some things still work better with a label02:58
annienygmaIt has a learning curve, for sure02:58
Aluminannienygma: BX is basically EPIC with a bunch of functionality that EPIC would need scripts for, hardcoded into the client02:58
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: i forget which one is open, but try alt+ F3 thru F702:59
gmcastilRyanPrior: there are extensive libraries for python that give much the same (if not better) power than maple or matlab02:59
Aluminnow, if you're going to use all those features, then that's a bonus because binary code is faster than scripts02:59
SpookyETHow do you remove a user from a group using the command line?02:59
el_tacoAlumin no it's ircii.02:59
AluminSpookyET: check out usermod02:59
ubotuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview02:59
ScuniziAnyone know if a lot of fonts will slow some applications, like Inkscape, to a crawl when loading ?02:59
gmcastilScunizi: i understand the mentality behind it, i guess - i just don't necessarily agree with it02:59
RyanPriorgmcastil: Can you suggest a good math library?02:59
SpookyETAlumin: I did not see remove in it, only add02:59
gmcastilRyanPrior: numpy is the standard02:59
Aluminannienygma: if you're just getting started with a CLI client, I would check out irssi02:59
danbhfive!equivalents | RyanPrior02:59
ubotuRyanPrior: A comprehensive list of of Windows-equivalent applications in Linux can be found at http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WhatWindowsUsersWant02:59
Scunizigmcastil, I think it helped with a mix of ide and sata drives.. I"ve always had issues there.02:59
AluminSpookyET: you specify the new list of groups in its entirety, so you leave out the unwanted group03:00
gmcastilRyanPrior: python + numphy + matplotlib >> Maple or Matlab03:00
SpookyETAlumin: cool, thanks03:00
annienygmaAlumin: I have heard of it... is it any good?03:00
DurtDiggleris there a reason why the ubuntu firefox's font is almost twice as big as every other browser's03:00
Jay955nothing happining03:00
gmcastilScunizi: yeah...i don't see anything inherently bad about it (as long as there is a way to read UUID info from the drive)03:00
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: ok, now login, and sudo nano /etc/fstab, and remove the line you added.03:01
OmletteBecause someone messed up, DurtDiggler.03:01
el_tacoDurtDiggler have you installed the windows fonts?03:01
DurtDigglerwell Im jsut lookin at the live cd03:01
gmcastilScunizi: what worries me is if I need to modify the boot params or want to point to a different / fs03:01
DurtDigglerjust thought Ide check it out03:01
Jay9551 sec03:01
DurtDigglerand I design websites03:01
DurtDigglerand was quite disappointed03:01
gmcastilel_taco: windows fonts?03:01
Aluminannienygma: I like it :p03:02
jack-desktopnemilar, i know you didn't do it on purpose but "jackfusion" was the one asking to ask.03:02
DurtDigglermy sites use arial too03:02
AluminBX is friendlier out of the box because it's got a good color setup03:02
nickodam to many tools03:02
annienygmaAlumin:  I'll have to give it a whirl then :D03:02
nickonice baby03:02
Scunizigmcastil, a different / fs should have it's own uuid anyway.. so maybe not such a big thing afterall.03:02
Aluminalso it uses the ircII/EPIC scripting language, so there's a large pool of prior work done there03:02
gmcastilScunizi: right...but, how do i know what it is?03:02
Aluminon the other hand, irssi uses perl to script, so there's some libraries available for that I hear :P03:03
Scuniziannienygma, irssi and screen once you get use to it can really rock..03:03
annienygmagmcastil:  You can install Windows fonts on ubuntu... do a google on medibuntu and you will find tutorials on it03:03
nemilarjack-desktop: oh true...my bad.  darn nick-completion03:03
el_tacogmcastil the ones installed with medibuntu03:03
annienygmagmcastil: also tutorials on playing DVDs and mp3s and stuff...03:03
smallfoot-does anyone use ubuntu on a 386?03:03
Scunizigmcastil, blkid from the terminal will discover mounted partitions.03:03
gmcastilel_taco: is that just another package?03:03
Aluminirssi has much better support for multiple concurrent network connections, if you're into that03:03
werscan I have tabs in abiword?03:03
Scunizismallfoot-, if they do it's probably with xubuntu03:03
el_tacogmcastil www.medibuntu.org03:04
nickogo to youtube.com to watch tutorials03:04
wersi don't want my docs in separate windows03:04
Aluminthat's the main reason I switched from BX to irssi03:04
annienygmaScunizi: Can u install using synaptic?03:04
Scuniziannienygma, sure.. sudo apt-get install irssi or synaptic.. both work fine03:04
Aluminof course, I've since left the CLI IRC world completely...I'm a loyal KVirc user now :)03:04
gmcastilel_taco: reading...so..medibuntu is just a repository that isn't included by default in sources.lst?03:04
el_tacogmcastil correct03:05
mouseboyxWhy doesn't dell sell the cheap laptops with ubuntu, so that i don't have to pay for windows vista?03:05
annienygmathx, el_taco my brain went south and couldn't think of the site03:05
solexious[Q] Hello all, how can I set up samba so any one on the network can connect and edit etc with out a password or settng up users?03:05
el_tacomouseboyx how cheap are you talking? cause $600 is pretty cheap03:05
gvsa123any ideas why the ubuntu side on a p2p connection via crossover cables to an xp machine is slow on the initial access of shared folders on xp? after that, everything is pretty much the okay already.03:05
gmcastilel_taco: ah...was wondering how they did this stuff....i figured stuff like codecs and crap was in the multiverse repo03:05
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: are you having any luck?03:05
gmcastilsolexious: why would you do that?03:05
annienygmamouseboyx: those lappies Dell is selling are pretty cheap!  Cost less than the same machine with Windoze03:06
Gman99999Hey is there anyone that can help me resolve a WUSB54G V.4 Issue?  I need to black list some modules from loading at start up or find a proper driver that works03:06
smallfoot-Scunizi, then why is ubuntu released as compiled i386 instead of i486 or i586 or even i686?03:06
mouseboyxThe $399 one comes with windows vista annienygma03:06
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:06
Scuniziannienygma, mouseboyx I got a 1400 for my wife for xmas. Works good.03:06
annienygmasolexious: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202605  That should help03:06
solexiousgmcastil: as i want it to be acsessable to any one03:07
gmcastilsolexious: define 'accessible'03:07
solexiousannie: that doesnt cover this setup03:07
annienygmaScunizi :  I want one!  I had already bought this one when I heard Dell was selling them... but my next lappie will be an Ubuntu Dell!03:07
Scunizismallfoot-, the numbering does not really represent a 386 processor. The kernel recognized the chip and uses the appropriate "stuff" for the lack of a better word.03:07
gmcastilannienygma: get a thinkpad....much better than the dell's03:07
el_tacosolexious allow guest?03:07
annienygmasolexious :  sorry03:07
solexiousgm: read and write03:07
gmcastilsolexious: good lord don't do that...use ssh03:08
solexiousanne: ty tho :)03:08
mouseboyxhttp://www.dell.com/content/products/category.aspx/vostronb?c=us&cs=04&l=en&s=bsd only comes with windows03:08
Alumingmcastil: amen03:08
annienygmagmcastil :  they run Redhat - I much prefer ubuntu03:08
mouseboyxhttp://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?c=us&cs=04&kc=6W300&l=en&oc=bqcwi1s&s=bsd < this one should come with ubuntu...03:08
Jay955<overcluckerLIMBO> i will have to re-install it it will not let me do anything03:08
annienygmagmcastil: redhat and I have never gotten along for some reason (shrugs)03:08
gmcastilannienygma: my thinkpad came with vista....was gone in 30 sec03:08
solexiousgm: im not allowing acsess to any more than one emty folder03:08
AluminThinkpads rule03:08
Scuniziannienygma, mouseboyx check out http://www.linux-on-laptops.com/hosted/Dell-Vostro-1400-Ubuntu-Gutsy.html03:08
gmcastilsolexious: /etc <--- not an empty folder03:09
Aluminyeah, mine came with 2000 but... :)03:09
gmcastilsolexious: folder == directory03:09
overcluckerLIMBOJay955: from grub, there is a recovery console, or should be03:09
solexiousgm: i never said /ect ...03:09
annienygmagmcastil:  how did it work with the modem?  Did it recognise it?03:09
=== Ttech is now known as ashfaklsdfhasd
gmcastilannienygma: recognizes everything perfectly....modem support is a non issue - the 8250 and 16550 UART haven't changed in years03:09
mouseboyxWorks OUt of the box? Dell Wireless 1390 802.11g Wi-Fi Mini Card03:10
Aluminannienygma: what you can do, if you want to be sure, is boot it up in RH and make a note of all the drivers used for the hardware03:10
gmcastilsolexious: the solution is still SSH03:10
Aluminthen just install those drivers when you install whatever other distro you install03:10
Jay955ok i will work on it and let you know what happens03:10
Jay955thanks for all your help :)03:10
cry01 any expert here that would be willing to help me out with some problems I am having in getting my nova-s working? :/ im about to give up, i tried just about everything03:10
anathematichow do i set permissions for all the sub directories in a main directly? (without applying same permissions to files int here as well)03:10
solexiousgm: i dont see why, i want to use the inbult windows network to share space on my ubuntu box03:10
AluminI just like the Thinkpads because they're super sturdy...plus they have the ThinkLight which is surprisingly useful03:10
solexiousssh is not the answer03:10
annienygmagmcastil: good03:11
Aluminand the mount thing on top to connect external stuff like webcams03:11
norvsolexious: samba is the answer iff you must share with windows03:11
gmcastilsolexious: i misunderstood...thought you were trying to share /etc03:11
annienygmaGood point, Alumin ...03:11
annienygmaAlumin:  what is a thinklight?03:11
norvotherwise, ssh is always the best choice because it's 2 for 1.. you get file sharing and a way to login03:12
el_tacoanathematic find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;03:12
Aluminthey have this little LED light on the inside lip of the top of the screen03:12
solexiousgm: lol, no, just an empty folder that can be used to store stuff, hence samba for windows users03:12
Aluminyou hit a key and it turns on and shines down on the keyboard03:12
anathematicthanks el_taco :)03:12
Mr-LonelYhi...every time i want install tomcat5.5-webapps in gutsy..i got same error03:12
=== ashfaklsdfhasd is now known as ttech
gmcastilsolexious: ah....there are about a million samba walkthroughs out there, i'd try asking google03:12
gmcastilMr-LonelY: pastebin...please03:12
annienygmaAlumin : sounds nice.  What are they going for these days?  Last I checked they were around a grand03:12
Aluminthat, I have NFI03:13
gmcastilannienygma: mine was 1400...with 4 GB of ram03:13
humblerodentIs anybody here very good at knowing about DNS record types?03:13
AluminI still have my old T23 from back in the day03:13
solexiousgm: ive read about 1/2 of them ;) found one before but cant find it now :(03:13
=== ttech is now known as the_Doctor
solexious*that shows how to do this*03:13
xplI have i little problem that is as the time passes becoming a big one03:14
annienygmagmcastil : 4GB -- sweet!  Was that stock or did you upgrade?03:14
Aluminxpl: better get to the gynecologist soon, then :P03:14
gmcastilannienygma: don't buy it stock...buy a 1gb stock, then buy 4gb from newegg03:14
xplno really its kinda wierd03:14
Mr-LonelYmy connection here is s**t03:14
mouseboyxDell Wireless 1390 << ndiswrapper?03:14
xpli have a laptop, hp compaq nx611003:15
gmcastilmouseboyx: lspci?03:15
xpland i want to install linux on it03:15
Aluminman, if I had 4GB of RAM03:15
gmcastilwhere do these people come from03:15
gmcastilAlumin: yeah...its fast03:15
AluminRomania mostly03:16
gmcastilAlumin: i can build a kernel in about 3 min...including modules03:16
annienygmaI've got 2GB on my desktop, but only 750MB on this lappie03:16
cry01any expert here that would be willing to help me out with some problems I am having in getting my nova-s working? :/03:16
FloodBot3NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.03:16
Aluminno offense to any non-script-kiddie Romanians in channel03:16
cry01any expert here that would be willing to help me out with some problems I am having in getting my nova-s working? :/03:16
Mr-LonelYgmcastil: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54276/03:16
gmcastilAlumin: yeah...this is gay as shit...03:16
Aluminanyway, where was I03:16
Aluminif I had 4GB of RAM03:16
gmcastilwow...someone actually used the pastebin...thanks03:16
AluminI'd be like03:16
gmcastilAlumin: its pretty rad03:17
Mr-LonelYgmcastil: all ready use dpkg --configure -a03:17
Aluminwhat up Unreal Tournament 2004 memory-resident!03:17
mercury_1900is there a channel for networking problems?03:17
gmcastilAlumin: i gave up playing video games03:17
annienygmaI've got 2Gb on my desktop, but only 750M on this lappie03:17
gmcastilmercury_1900: depends on the problem03:17
Aluminmercury_1900: I think there's #networking actually03:17
norvI've a system with only 2GB HD03:17
Aluminor is that on OFTC03:17
coldboot|homeWhy does ubuntu not ask you any questions when installing programs like Debian used to?03:17
norvTo think it's actually modern03:17
annienygmadebating on a new video card for the desktop or more RAM for the lappie -- can't afford both :(03:17
coldboot|homeDebian would ask so many questions to configure programs you installed.03:17
gmcastilcoldboot|home: probably auto-detects a lot of it03:17
Alumincoldboot|home: dpkg-reconfigure debconf03:18
el_taconorv e3pc?03:18
gmcastilannienygma: more memory03:18
Aluminset the priority lower03:18
=== MaRRE[X] is now known as `
norvel_taco: yes03:18
annienygmanorv: that's one small hard drive.  What os do you run?03:18
Mr-LonelYgmcastil: last time i'm using feisty03:18
el_taconorv i'm close to getting the 4g but I want the 8g with the PCIe memory03:18
Alumincoldboot|home: if you want the questions during the OS install, you can pass a kernel environment variable03:18
coldboot|homeAlumin: Ah, thanks03:18
Mr-LonelYgmcastil: last time i'm using feisty..no problem at all..03:18
annienygmagmcastil: yeah, but the onboard video on that desktop really stinks!03:19
coldboot|homeAlumin: I'm just trying to get AFS setup...03:19
norvannienygma: Kubuntu (really xubuntu switched to Kubuntu)03:19
Aluminlike say at the installer bootloader prompt you type "install" because that's the "kernel image name"03:19
norvel_taco: wait, is 4gb the lowest model?03:19
el_taco2g is the lowest model03:19
baalhi im running mythbuntu when it starts up the x menu is still apearing at the top of the screen is there some way of making that disapear03:19
Aluminyou can type "DEBCONF_PRIORITY=low install"03:19
coldboot|homeWow that was fast.03:19
iKapget a life u f**king pathetic asses03:19
PriceChild!feedingthetroll | iKap03:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about feedingthetroll - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:20
emgentPriceChild, ++03:20
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!03:20
ubotuThe above mess was caused by someone who thought it was funny (they're gone now). Please ignore it completely, since discussing it and making a fuss will only make them think they've reached their "fun" goal.03:20
el_taconorv i'm concerned that the screen will be too annoying to me03:20
ToddEDMhey  how do i make a shortcut on my desktop to a program that i have to start in the terminal03:20
norvel_taco: err, the screen isn't the problem03:20
baalgees what was that all about ?03:20
Mr-LonelYanyone can help me..03:21
norvel_taco: graphics are actually quite commendable, Compiz works quite fast (though the memory cost...)03:21
cellofellowToddEDM: edit the launcher and put it as a "Terminal" program.03:21
cellofellownorv: compiz on an Eee?03:21
ToddEDMcellofellow:  you might have guessed.. im a newb03:21
baalhi im running mythbuntu when it starts up the x menu is still apearing at the top of the screen is there some way of making that disapear03:21
ScuniziCan anyone recommend a decent font viewer?  One hopefully where I can just arrow down and view the font>03:21
TallMikeThis is my first time trying out Ubuntu, it's pretty awesome.03:21
norvel_taco: the keyboard is where the real usability hits, as if you touch type it is hard to get used to it03:21
cellofellowToddEDM: let me check the exact proceedure.03:21
RyanPriorI asked a second ago whether there's a FOSS program similar to Maple, and I found wxMaxima, an excellent GUI to the GPL Maxima algebra system. If anybody asks in the future, please point them to it. It's awesome. :-)03:21
iKap!feed troll princechild03:21
ScuniziTallMike, I can see you getting taller from here :)03:22
iKaplmao nvm03:22
PriceChild!botabuse | iKap03:22
ubotuiKap: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.03:22
norvcellofellow: yes, it has intel integrated graphics, which is the only HW video that has not at some point failed me03:22
alsadkhow can i marage tow partitions with gparted03:22
RyanPrioralsadk: Tow partitions?03:22
PriceChildiKap, it needs no response. We need no "lol". This channel is ubuntu support only. This does not require a response either.03:22
el_taconorv you have the 2g?03:23
* mneptok watches PriceChild's 8K pound hint sail overhead03:23
cellofellowToddEDM: turns out to be a bit trickier than I thought. (Was easier in XFCE than GNOME, but I keep forgetting that I liked that desktop better.)03:23
TallMikeI could use some support, I'm trying to install a mud client I downloaded, how can I use the Add/Remove for it? Or that only works with things already listed?03:23
iKapPriceChild, thanks for your concern.. now go watch tv or something. thank you!03:23
Mr__Anyone will to give a quick review and or objective glance at my ubuntu website to help tell me what i'm missing or different ideas?03:23
norvel_taco: right03:23
ToddEDMohhh great03:23
mneptoktoo late03:23
cellofellowToddEDM: Applications -> Acessories -> Terminal03:23
cry01i'm having trouble getting my dvb card working. anyone can help me out?03:24
cellofellowTallMike: try tf03:24
norvel_taco: I also have a 4Gb (i think bits) card03:24
Mr-LonelYseem no one can help me solve my prob03:24
baalis there someway of stopping the application bar from apearing on top of mythtv03:24
ToddEDMterminal is up03:24
cellofellowTallMike: TinyFugue is a MUD client.03:24
norvel_taco: but that'll only add half a gig, right?03:24
el_taconorv 4gb SD card/03:24
TallMikeOh! Let me do a search for it, thanks.03:24
cellofellowToddEDM: cd Desktop/; ls03:24
norvel_taco: yes03:25
ScuniziTallMike, not sure what mud client is but cellofellow is probably pointing you to one that is in "System/Admin/Synaptic"03:25
el_tacoScunizi multi-user-dungeon03:25
sapperjanko1im tryin to change permissions here, but comes up with  Operation not permitted... how can i make a user using the sudo command... this is what im tryin atm; sudo chmod o+wx /var/www03:25
cellofellowToddEDM: Launcher files are *.desktop. They are similarish to *.lnk files in Windoze.03:25
Scuniziel_taco, ah.. ok03:25
cellofellowToddEDM: Open one with gedit thefile.desktop03:26
sapperjanko1but if i try without sudo comes up not permitted03:26
kelvinatorPlease forgive me if this questions has been answered before ... I have been googling this for weeks without results ... I have a desktop with a Suse distribution. I would like to replace this with ubuntu, but I am attempting to keep the contents of /home while migrating to ubuntu 7.10. Is this possible?03:26
norvScunizi: TallMike: MUD is a multi user dungeon, a type of old online game. clients give you a better interface03:26
ToddEDMhow do i make a launcher file?03:26
cellofellowToddEDM: they are just text files.03:26
ToddEDMi right clicked the desktop and making one03:26
cellofellowToddEDM: you can drag and drop them from the menu or panel to the desktop.03:26
Mr-LonelYsapperjanko1: try add user in /etc/sudoers03:26
gmcastilToddEDM: text editor03:26
Scunizikelvinator, sure if your /home is in a seperate partition.. if it isn't then you need to do that first.03:26
cellofellowToddEDM: that works too.03:27
cellofellowToddEDM: There is a line in it that should read "Terminal=false", change it to "true".03:27
foiblesi cant eject my cd tray03:27
cjoneshow do i make it so numlock is on by default03:27
=== Mr-LonelY is now known as L0L
ToddEDMok, in command, do i just put the command i would put in the term.03:27
baalok great just ignore me .. ill try getting some help from freenode03:27
foiblesit says a program is using it03:27
sapperjanko1Mr-LonelY: and how is that done now :S:S03:27
foiblescan i somehow override this?03:27
PriceChild!patience | baal03:27
ubotubaal: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:27
cellofellowToddEDM: yeah, that's Exec=command03:27
alsadki have two partitions i want to marage them by gparted so any one know how?03:28
gmcastilalsadk: try just using fdisk03:28
cellofellowalsadk: backup the latter one, delete it, extend the first, restore backup.03:28
Scunizibaal, that might be a mythtv channel support question.03:28
gmcastilalsadk: oh...you're trying to merge them?03:28
norvfoibles: close anything that might still have it opened. otherwise use the "hard" eject button03:29
TallMikeNorv: I know what they are, I'm just trying to find a good program to run them with in Ubuntu.03:29
ozzloywhen i print, i get two icons for the print job.  i think this might be because i upgraded from 7.04 to 7.10.  how do i fix it?03:29
cellofellowToddEDM: working out?03:29
gmcastilalsadk: then, backup one, delete it, then resize the other one03:29
foiblesnorv, it says that when i use hard eject as well03:29
norvfoibles: oh right, try to unmount it03:29
ToddEDMcellofellow:  its just asking me for COMMAND.. then there is a field to type in something03:29
foiblesim not sure what program is blocking it03:29
ozzloyso there's only one print job icon in the notification area?03:29
nemilarIs there any GUI program for mapping mouse buttons?03:29
L0Lsapperjanko1: sudo nano /etc/sudoers >> add name user below user privilege03:29
norvfoibles: errm, hard eject as in the 'pinhole'?03:29
Jangarianyone know if sox can concatenate more than 32 files in one hit?03:30
cjoneshow do i make it so numlock is on by default03:30
cellofellowToddEDM: ah, here's the easy way. Right click the desktop, create launcher. There is a drop-down box that says Application, in there select Terminal Application.03:30
=== L0L is now known as my-people
foiblesnorv, "device is busy"03:30
fprintfBummer about the flash install being broken. You guys must be getting hammered w/ questions to make it the #topic.03:30
foiblesi dont want to hvae to restart x for something simple like this03:30
cellofellowToddEDM: then there is Name, Command, and Comment boxes.03:30
cellofellowToddEDM: and you can click the icon to change it.03:30
norvfoibles: yeah, I used to have a customized version of slay for that very reason03:30
my-peoplesapperjanko1: more detail use man sudoers03:31
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , i am useing live cd right now03:31
ToddEDMwhen i type in googleearth, it automatically changed the icon, cool03:31
cellofellowToddEDM: for some reason I thought you wanted to terminal-ize an already existing launcher.03:31
cjoneshow do i make it so numlock is on by default when i start or reboot the box ?03:31
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , whats the possible choices?03:32
cellofellowalsadk: for what?03:32
Scunizicjones, numlockx in synaptic03:32
ToddEDMYES it worked, thank you very much cellofellow03:32
cellofellowToddEDM: you are welcome :)03:32
Scunizicjones, at least searching numlock in synaptic comes up with it.  Looks right.03:32
cjonesscunizi so can i apt-get it ?03:32
Scunizicjones, should be able to.03:33
gmcastilalsadk: it could be tricky...dunno if the livecd has the right tool on it03:33
cjonesscunizi  thanks03:33
nemilarI think there's a setting in the Admin panels somewhere for numlock, cjones03:33
Scunizicjones, np03:33
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , for marage two partisions03:33
cellofellowalsadk: you can't do that really, afaik.03:33
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow ,whats that tool03:34
cellofellowalsadk: you can delete the latter one, and then resize the former to fill the gap.03:34
yangernot sure if it's the right place to ask, but.. i'm a ubuntu user :D trying to edit a js file located in a folder that was created with firefox (using the save-as) using gedit... normally, files open fast, but this 21k js file takes a few minutes... is there a reason why it takes so long?03:34
ScuniziFont Viewer.. any recommendations?03:34
cellofellowalsadk: just use gparted, I never figured out fdisk.03:34
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , i can not do it03:34
norvyanger: that's strange, and even if it's not located on the network I've had lots of "IO Freezes"03:35
=== Cueball|Laptop_ is now known as Cueball|Laptop
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , i deleted both partisions03:35
norvyanger: never minutes, though, even with full RAM03:35
yangernorv, eh?03:35
cellofellowalsadk: make a new one then03:36
Scunizinorv, me too03:36
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , but i can't increase one of them more than03:36
yangerno i/o errors here...03:36
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow ,?03:36
el_tacoyanger might be a character set problem. what happens when you open it with nano?03:36
cellofellowalsadk: there may be a strange order of the /dev numbers. There is a fdisk trick I used once or twice that fixes that but I forget.03:36
cellofellowalsadk: involves expert mode03:37
yangerel_taco, a few seconds03:37
yangerwelll.. not even03:37
norvyanger: freezes, as a file open from a hard disk just stalls03:37
norvthen it's a problem with char sets, or gedit03:37
yangerso it maybe just a char set03:37
yangeroh... *smacks head* the coloring format i bet03:37
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , i want to install ubuntu03:37
yangerit is 21k... :|03:37
TallMikeIs there a place on the website to show you how to install things if you can't use add/remove?03:38
bruenigTallMike, man apt03:38
cellofellowalsadk: you didn't just nuke a Windows install you wanted to keep?03:38
tehmasswuts the extenstion you are trying to install?03:38
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , give me a keyword for search03:38
Scunizihow do you use the command line to start a .jar program?03:38
cellofellowTallMike: You hve no sudo rights?03:38
bruenigScunizi, java -jar whatever.jar03:38
jribScunizi: java -jar file.jar03:38
gmcastilalsadk: try the keyword 'ubuntu'03:38
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , i didn't have any os right now03:39
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
gmcastilalsadk: you can install from the livecd03:39
cellofellowalsadk: you should have at least two, preferably three partitions.03:39
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , i leaved win for now unless03:39
el_tacoalsadk if you are looking to dual boot windows needs to be installed first.03:40
cellofellowTallMike: If you do not have root rights you need to install software in your home directory.03:40
gmcastilel_taco: someone just shot their foot off03:40
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , i know about installing i want to increase the partision03:40
tehmassanyone have problems with mplayer? with a error MODULE 603:40
techgeek40Good Evening03:40
chimxI just installed ubuntu 7.10, and Flash will not install correctly.  Can anyone help me?03:41
alsadkel_taco i don't want win just linux03:41
tritiumchimx: from the topic. /msg ubotu flashissues03:41
Scunizi!flash | chimx03:41
ubotuchimx: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash - The Flash package is currently BROKEN, see « /msg ubotu FlashIssues »03:41
techgeek40techmass:  mplayer? with a error MODULE 603:41
gmcastilalsadk: then....install ubuntu from the livecd03:41
techgeek40tehmass: try http://www.debianadmin.com/install-mplayer-ubuntu.html03:41
chimxI've installed restricted packages03:42
el_tacoalsadk during install it asks if you wish to use the entire disk.03:42
chimxand that doesn't work03:42
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , i want to increase the size of partition before install03:42
chimxI've tried Adobe's flash installer03:42
chimxI've tried gnash03:42
gmcastilalsadk: you will have a really difficult time doing that, i think03:42
homecablehow should i part a shell server ?03:42
chimxGnash almost worked, in that flash was working -- but it was all messed up03:42
gmcastilalsadk: how large are your partitions?03:42
ScuniziAnyone looking for a font viewer... Opcion works well.03:42
homecablemuti user box03:42
chimxi had to uninstall it03:42
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , about 290003:43
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , MB03:43
cjoneswhere can i find the "stoped jobs"03:43
techgeek40chimx: try http://www.lazytechguy.com/2008/01/installing-flash-plugin-in-firefox-on.html03:44
techgeek40It's designed for Gutsy03:44
gmcastilalsadk: You aren't really making a lot of sense, so until you can clearly tell us the size of your hard drive, the number of partitions, and what size each is, no one can help you.03:44
homecableis /home a primary or logical part ?03:44
NICOI69how can i get VMWARE to work on my computer i keep getting a i386 error03:44
techgeek40Homecable: Primary03:45
gmcastilhomecable: its none  of those - its a mount point03:45
tehmassNICOI69: are u running a i386 distro?03:45
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow el_cato, i want to increase partition for additional apps after installing ubuntu03:45
cjoneswhen i try to get out of su by typing exit it says there are stoped jobs wher do i find the stoped jobs03:45
NICOI69i have no idea im pretty new to linux03:45
tehmasswhat distro r u using?03:45
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , ok let may try to put info03:45
tehmasswell of course :D03:45
NICOI69im using unbuntu 7.1003:45
tehmasswell did u download the x86 or amd03:46
Tuari!gparted | alsadk03:46
ubotualsadk: GParted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/03:46
drusepthI just compiled pidgin from source from my desktop (ubuntu gutsy), and it runs fine as long as I go to the folder on my desktop and type ./pidgin - but I want to install an addon now so I go to where I extracted the source and do the ./configure, but it doesn't find pidgin because it's on my desktop instead of /usr/bin or wherever..  Can I just symlink there, or do I need to move everything there, or recompile there?03:46
NICOI69^not sure lol03:46
tehmassyou need to find out :P03:46
cjoneswhen i try to get out of su by typing exit it says there are stoped jobs wher do i find the stoped jobs03:46
NICOI69how do i  do that03:46
tehmasslook at the file you downloaded03:46
techgeek40Nicoi69: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=67180203:46
mnemonicaHey. After I installed a wacom graphire4 tablet, my synaptics touchpad vert scrolled stopped working. Help?03:46
NICOI69looking now brb ty03:47
el_tacoalsadk you need the root partition and swap. swap should be 2x your ram. other than that use what you want.03:47
ridge-meisteris there a channel for Open Office?  i have a Spreadsheet question03:47
techgeek40mnemonica: are you also using a USB wireless mouse?03:47
alsadktuari i can not increase partition with it03:47
techgeek40ridge-meister: What's the question - I use both open office and MS Excel03:47
compyim trying to install firefox on 64 bit w/ flash and i need to do this output it to our rc file03:48
compywith this /etc/pango32/pangorc03:48
mnemonicaNo... I'm using the touchpad on my laptop03:48
compyanyone know what im taking about how to do that?03:48
cellofellowTallMike: to install TinyFugue, run `sudo apt-get install tf` in a terminal.03:48
ridge-meistertechgeek40: i need a way to total the values in a column without knowing in advance how many rows will have data03:48
nickrudlag sucks03:48
cjoneswhen i logout of root by typing "exit" it says there are stoped jobs how do i find out what jobs are stoped03:49
gmcastilcjones: man ps03:49
mnemonicatechgeek40: No, I'm using the touchpad on my laptop... It has a Vertical scroll on the sides. The mouse on the wacom tablet works perfectly. But the touchpad's scroll does work at all. It worked before I installed the graphire4 tablet.03:49
nickrudcjones: type   jobs   in the terminal03:49
=== alan is now known as speeddemon8803
Ububegincan any of u guys, pass my the startup script for Apache 2.003:49
cellofellowmnemonica: check the synaptics settings in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and man synaptics for info.03:49
techgeek40in the last column that you want info in type sum=(a1+d1) basically - you put the value in the first cell ---- highlight the last cell and type sum=  then left click on the first cell and then highlight the remaining cells you think you will use03:50
techgeek40hey nickrude03:50
techgeek40mnemonica: let me look03:50
TallMikeCellofEllow: It tells me it can't find the package.03:50
ridge-meistertechgeek40: appreciate the help, but that's  not what i am looking for :/03:50
compyanyone know why i would get a permissions denied thing when i type this command03:50
compysudo mkdir -p /etc/pango3203:50
compysudo echo " [Pango]03:50
compy&gt; ModuleFiles=/etc/pango32/pango.modules03:50
compy&gt; [PangoX]03:50
compy&gt; AliasFiles=/etc/pango/pangox.aliases " &gt; /etc/pango32/pangorc03:50
FloodBot3compy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:50
compyoops sorry ^^^^^^03:51
techgeek40compy type sudo su - enter then a password for root03:51
nickrudUbubegin: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54279/ , specific to the apache as released in ubuntu03:51
compytechgeek40, i tried that03:51
crdlbtechgeek40: sudo -i, not sudo su03:51
mnemonicatechgeek40: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54280/03:51
el_tacoor sudo -s03:51
mnemonicacellofellow: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54280/03:51
nickrudtechgeek40: hey back (and I try hard to not be rude ;)03:51
ridge-meistertechgeek40: what i need is to have a value at the top of the column that is the sum of all the values in the cells below in that column....that way i can continue adding rows of new data and the sum will adjust on its own03:51
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , Hdd =80GB ,5.19GB ext3, unlocated 1019,78 MB & 7.84MB & 2.90GB, ntfs 64.37GB, ext3 101.94MB,swap 1GB03:51
techgeek40heheh sorry - I just use the sudo su - makes life a tad simpler for me - my apologies03:51
norvcompy: crdlb: errm, sudo not working either means a corrupt sudoers or your user isn't admin03:52
el_tacoalsadk how much ram do you have?03:52
gmcastilalsadk: pastebin the output of fdisk03:52
gmcastil!pastebin > alsadk03:52
norvtechgeek40: su makes it a tad simpler for me, IMO it's always nice to have root available (because it's available at reboot anyway)03:52
techgeek40ridge: then do sum=(a1)+(a1000)  or higher - that way as you're adding cells it will climb03:52
compyno i am root in terminal and get this -bash: /etc/pango32/pangorc: Permission denied03:52
Cpudan80then you are not root03:53
Cpudan80There *is* no root03:53
techgeek40or a1+z1000 - which ever way you're going03:53
compyi seem to be03:53
alsadkel_cato 19203:53
Cpudan80compy: How did you log in as root?03:53
compyok im confused03:53
compyi su -i03:53
compylike you guys said lol03:53
crdlbnorv: yes I know that, I was just advising him not to recommenc 'sudo su' (which is completely evil)03:53
gmcastilCpudan80: sudo bash03:53
techgeek40<---woke up confused this morning03:53
nickrudcompy: if you're already root, you don't need the sudo echo. And sudo echo doesn't work, anyway03:53
Cpudan80gmcastil: bad!03:53
Cpudan80sudo -i03:53
cellofellowmnemonica: look for stuff about vscroll in the 'man synaptics' manpage.03:53
norvroot can get permission denied errors... just not often03:53
norvif something is 000 it will be denied for root.. but changing it to 600 or such will work03:53
techgeek40crdlb: yes it is - but has gotten me out of some installation messes03:54
jetscreamerjust change root's pw03:54
Ububeginnickrud: will this work for httpd-2.0.63.tar.gz package ..tks03:54
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , is it work while using live cd03:54
compyyes your right i dont need sudo but it still does not work03:54
nickrudUbubegin: probably not03:54
compyi have changed root password03:54
compyand thats what im using03:54
crdlbtechgeek40: sudo -i works just as well (not that you ever really need it)03:54
nickrudUbubegin: make that, certainly not03:54
gmcastilalsadk: yes...run fdisk /dev/<HDD device> and the press p to print the partition table.  paste its output03:54
norvcrdlb: what exactly does that do? uses superuser id to log in as root?03:54
cellofellowwhat's the diff between sudo -i, sudo -s, and sudo su? oh, and sudo bash works too.03:54
crdlbnorv: "interactive mode" for sudo03:54
gmcastilcellofellow: man su03:54
techgeek40crdlb: no arguments from me on that - just gave the quick one that I used a lot - but then I did reboot after each installing of process I was using it for03:55
Ububeginnickrud: Oh.. I actually installed apache or httpd from source.. thus I am now required to add a few lines to my Apache startup script... any ideas. tks03:55
cellofellowgmcastil: ah, well. I use sudo -s, and I don't know what sudo -i does.03:55
crdlbcellofellow: the first is like 'su' and the second is like 'su -', the rest were never intended to be used like that03:55
mnemonicacellofellow: I don't see anything like that in there.03:55
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , from where , terminal?03:55
techgeek40nickrud: long time no see, bud - how's it going for ya these days?03:55
gmcastilalsadk: yes03:56
nickrudUbubegin: not really. I used the packages so I didn't have to handle that stuff myself03:56
cellofellowmnemonica: try VertScroll03:56
nealdHey all, I'm trying to install xubuntu via a partion from another linux system.  I mounted the image, copied all the contents to a partition, set grup to boot to that drive, I get a boot, but I get an error (kernel panic) on the loading of scripts and it kills init.  Anyone know off hand what I did wrong?03:56
nickrudtechgeek40: good, all in all03:56
techgeek40nickrud: having fun with all the democrats there today? LOL03:56
cellofellowmnemonica: you can hit '/searchterm' to find stuff, and hit 'n' to go to the next match.03:56
nickrudcrdlb: only time I ever use sudo -i is to cd into a dir that's read only by root03:56
Tygirwhat is v4l2?03:57
gmcastilnickrud: i use it all the time03:57
Tygiris that video4linux2?03:57
cellofellowneald: is that a CD image you have copied to the hard drive?03:57
nickrudtechgeek40: politics are off topic, I'd have to kill you if I told you mine :)03:57
gmcastilnickrud: but, thats because i work from the cmd line primarily03:57
cellofellowTygir: yes03:57
techgeek40nickrud: deal03:57
godlygeekany chance that someone can point me to info on how the proc filesystem's permissions are set up?  i can't figure out why /proc/PID is owned me:me, but every file in it is root:root... :-/03:57
mnemonicaI used ctrl+f.... searched for both vscroll and vertscroll and Vertscroll. No results.03:57
nealdcellofellow yes, I copied the image, mounted it, then copied its contents to a ~750mb partition, then set grup to load that partition.03:58
gmcastilgodlygeek: because its not real03:58
mnemonicacellofellow: I used ctrl+f.... searched for both vscroll and vertscroll and Vertscroll. No results.03:58
el_tacoanyone here use a board with AMD northbridge? I'm looking for a new board and wonder if there's any compatibility issues03:58
Tygircellofellow: where can i get that? synaptic doesnt have anything...03:58
techgeek40I'll be afk for a few - I have to go yell at my 5 year old who won't go to sleep at 11 at night and about 100 emails I have to get out before my boss kills me03:58
Ububeginnickrud: maybe i will try to script .. what i shld i name it.. and I put it in the /etc/init.d directory rite03:58
cellofellowneald: ain't gonna work. That's a CD image.03:58
ridge-meistertechgeek40: that would help better, what you suggested, but it doesn't really scale.....is there not a way for Spreadsheet/Excel to figure out on its own which cell is the last cell with data in a column?03:58
nickrudgmcastil: personally I've been using sudo as self protection long before ubuntu made it their security model. I'm in complete agreement with them03:58
godlygeekgmcastil: i know it's a virtual fs...03:58
Ububeginnickrud: your script i mean03:58
godlygeekgmcastil: but it's info for a process that i'm running.03:58
godlygeekgmcastil: and it's only one process that i'm seeing it with, not all processes...03:58
nealdOkay, I followed a howto from the site, I suppose it is out of date?  Can you point me to an up-to-date one?03:58
cellofellowTygir: it's not a program, really, but an API and libraries. Provides /dev/video so that userspace programs can interface with video devices.03:58
cellofellowTygir: part of the kernel in other words.03:59
godlygeekgmcastil: in particular, i tested with 'slashem' and 'vim'... seems that it works as expected from vim, but not slashem...03:59
compyanyone have a tutorial to install flash on 64 bit ubuntu?03:59
techgeek40ridge: there is but it's a lot of scripting - and there around 1,000 web sites for that  some charge some don't - I just generally keep it easy and shoot the last cell as a high number and can add to it - because in the first cell I can change the last cell number to what I want03:59
compyevery tutorial i have followed has given me errors03:59
gmcastilnickrud: for beginning users, yes...it definitely helps keep people from doing something loony03:59
norvcellofellow: btw, I've easily installed linux by not even extracting/burning the CD image03:59
Tygircellofellow: well...how do i go about getting these libraries?03:59
godlygeekperhaps the permissions on /proc/$SLASHEMPID/* are tighter because slashem has its setgid bit set?03:59
cellofellownorv: I have in a VM, but never tried on a real machine.03:59
decipher7compy: i installed firefox32 havent tried installing flash.... but firefox works.... flash should03:59
Gman99999Anyone know how to check what modules you have loaded are?03:59
gmcastilGman99999: lsmod03:59
nickrudUbubegin: that's worth a try, reading it over I don't see anything that is truly ubuntu specific off hand, except maybe the paths at the beginning04:00
Gman99999more specifically what wireless driver modules?04:00
techgeek40ridge: mean if I put sum=(a1)+(a1000) I can change the a1000 to a1000004:00
techgeek40very easily04:00
compydecipher7, tried that you have the tutorial so i can try it again or see if its a different one than i used04:00
gmcastilGman99999: lsmod04:00
decipher7compy: do you hav e32 bit firefox installed?04:00
jwelcherQuick Question: how can I tell if my updates are working to get to 6.06.2 if I do an "apt-get update; apt-get upgrade" but I still see 6.06.1 when I look in /etc/lsb-release?04:00
gmcastilGman99999: you'll need to know what the module name is04:00
mnemonicacellofellow: I used ctrl+f.... searched for both vscroll and vertscroll and Vertscroll. No results.04:00
cellofellowTygir: There are a couple of packages in the repos, as far as I know. I haven't messed with it in almost a year.04:00
compydecipher7, yeah04:00
Gman99999ok I will find out04:00
gmcastilGman99999: so, lspci will tell you whats on your machine04:00
Ububeginnickrud: what should i name this file...  it cant be anyname right04:00
decipher7compy: all the libraries too?04:00
cellofellowmnemonica: try just Scroll, I got tons of stuff.04:00
nealdnorv can you help me get mine going? I want to have (x)ubuntu, currently have debian.  No CD or USB option.04:00
Tygircellofellow: what am i supposed to search for?04:00
nickrudUbubegin: anything you like, yes04:00
compydecipher7, yep04:00
cellofellowTygir: v4l04:01
ridge-meistertechgeek40: kind of sad, isn't it?  :D  i mean, crap, in python or something it might only be a couple of lines to figure out what the last line in a file with data in it is.....oh well, i'll just use your last suggestion.......didn't really want to have to do it, but at least it won't occur that frequently04:01
decipher7compy: flash just doesnt work?04:01
nickrudUbubegin: but apache2 seems a good name :)04:01
norvneald: errm, using the image was done through a USB thumb drive, so no04:01
alsadkgmcastil cellofellow , give me what i type exactly in the terminal04:01
Ububeginnickrud: :S really... k... thanks again04:01
gmcastilalsadk: fdisk /dev/<hard drive>04:01
compydecipher7, npoe04:01
nealdnorv should be pretty similar... or did you boot to usb?04:01
gmcastilalsadk: it'll be something like hda or hdb or maybe sda if you have newer drives04:01
decipher7compy: can't help ya there.  i havent tried it yet.04:02
* nickrud wasn't a beginner when he did the rm -rf in a root terminal by mistake ;(04:02
compydecipher7, hehe thanks04:02
mnemonicaThe only thing I'm finding is something about horizscroll. Did you even look at my xorg.conf? I gave you the pastebin link. I don't have anything about vertscroll anywhere. Maybe that's the problem.04:02
Gman99999is there an easy way to remove modules?04:02
norvneald: I booted from usb, which had a version of syslinux and the images04:02
Gman99999or is blacklisting a better option?04:02
alsadkgmcastil bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'04:02
gmcastilGman99999: rmmod04:02
cellofellowgmcastil: in gutsy all drives are sd** now.04:02
mnemonicacellofellow: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54280/04:02
nickrudGman99999: blacklisting is a much better idea than deleting them04:02
gmcastilcellofellow: he's using the livecd...and i think cd drives are still seen as hda04:03
Gnine!bug 104:03
ubotuFor discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubotu equivalents04:03
nealdnorv right, I can't boot usb on mine, grr04:03
norvnickrud: that's why I replaced rm with mv $* ~/.trash04:03
m55is there a copy command that shows a progress indicator?04:03
nickrudgmcastil, cellofellow and on my install, it's still hdX in gutsy04:03
m55(terminal command)04:03
cellofellowmnemonica: sorry, I can't figure this out :$04:03
nealdOkay, I'm just going to have to do this the hard way and follow the init chain until I see where it hangs.  I'll have it installed within a couple weeks I hope :)04:03
Gman99999what if you install two modules with the same name?04:04
julioHow to edit PDF files?04:04
Gman99999yet they are different04:04
Gnineand i thought it was offtopic to talk about removing root04:04
* cellofellow still has hd?? drives cause he upgraded from Feisty.04:04
mnemonicacellofellow: Do you use a graphire4 wacom tablet?04:04
techgeek40nickrud: I am depressed - NOTHING I have tried will get my NetGear PCMCIA card working :< (heavy sigh)04:04
norvnickrud: it was a little more sophisticated than that, though because you do have to be able to delete things eventually04:04
decipher7compy: did you try this one: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202537&highlight=firefox+java+flash?04:04
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
gmcastiltechgeek40: is it an older one?04:04
cellofellowmnemonica: no, but I do use a synaptics touchpad I had to configure.04:04
nickrudnorv: heh. Another decent safety net. I believe in multiple levels of preventing brain damage damaging my machine04:04
mnemonicacellofellow: Could you paste and send me your xorg.conf?04:04
cellofellowmnemonica: sure04:05
compydecipher7, yeah didnt work04:05
mnemonicacellofellow: :) Thank you.04:05
techgeek40gmcastil: it's the 54 Mbps Wireless PC Card (PCMCIA) WG511 v204:05
compyill keep on looking... thanks for the help though04:05
techgeek40I even did the ndiswrapper04:05
nickrudtechgeek40: I know little about wireless ...04:05
norvcellofellow: I've had feisty and upgraded to gutsy and the only hd?? drive was the cdrom04:05
gmcastiltechgeek40: that's probably the only way to make it work...and it still might not04:05
Gman99999nickrud do you know how to remove two modules with the same name?04:05
gmcastiltechgeek40: some of the older wireless pcmcia cards just plain sucked in linux04:05
Tygircellofellow: i have the 2.6.24 kernel...does that matter?04:05
nickrudGman99999: two modules with the same name? in use at the same time?04:06
Gman99999nickrud I installed two rt2570 modules one from the aircrack mainpage and one from the proper source04:06
alsadkgmcastil ,Unable to open /dev/sda804:06
techgeek40gmcastil: I'm noticing - but I even read the FAQ on netgear's site - got the lastest drivers for Windows 2000/XP and followed all the helpme / readme's I could04:06
lunaphytei have a machine that is making a ton of dns queries.  how can i determine which process(es) are causing this?04:06
Gman99999nickrud this could be why my wireless has not been working04:06
norvGnine: removing root? root's been "removed" by default already, right?04:06
cellofellowmnemonica: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54282/04:06
techgeek40nickrud; if you want to give it a shot - let me know I'll set up the laptop and do the commands to see if I can get you any info you need - I have the laptop with me tonight04:06
nickrudGman99999: myself, I'd uninstall the aircrack one with make uninstall and reboot. I'm into brute force04:06
gmcastillunaphyte: are they "whohas" queries?04:07
cellofellowmnemonica: the SHMConfig bit is so I could use gsynaptics to configure.04:07
gmcastilalsadk: /dev/sda04:07
gmcastilalsadk: sda8 is a partition...you want the actual device04:07
Gman99999nickrud ok how should I properly word that to uninstall that?04:07
cellofellowTygir: um, not sure...04:07
techgeek40gmcastil: I will say this for XP/Vista - installation of drivers is not as indepth as it is in linux04:07
Gman99999nickrud will that take care of both drivers?04:08
gmcastiltechgeek40: no one argues that linux requires the same amount of brain matter as windows04:08
cellofellowtechgeek40: normally you don't even /have/ to install drivers in Linux. That's what I like.04:08
nickrudGman99999: in the directory where you did the make install , do make uninstall (assuming it's a well made Makefile in there04:08
lunaphytegmcastil: whohas?  i don't think so.  they're primarily queries for ptr records.04:08
alsadkgmcastil  fdisk /dev/sda  Unable to open /dev/sda04:08
David37hi all04:08
* cellofellow waves to David37 04:08
nickrudalsadk: sudo fdisk -l  , you need sudo to read the device04:09
godlygeekgmcastil: hm.  nevermind.  it's happening because of the setgid bit.. it only happens on an old edgy kernel, and not a new gutsy kernel... i can't imagine that anything other than the kernel could be behind the different /proc perms...04:09
techgeek40gmcastil: the company I work for is asking me to get my linux running good (on my laptop that I take to work) so they can install their software with wine and sell it - but sadly - the application isn't working too well04:09
alsadknickrud thx]04:09
gmcastilgodlygeek: yeah, thats what i figured...i've enve worried about /proc04:09
David37<---- new to ubuntu and i cant install my display drivers i have a 8800gt video card04:09
gmcastillunaphyte: try 'netstat -pv'04:09
danielaxDavid37: what have you tried?04:10
techgeek40David: Nvidia?04:10
godlygeekgmcastil: well, if you still had a machine running edgy, you'd be bitten by this.  heh...04:10
gmcastiltechgeek40: and you've never used linux before?04:10
David37yes nvidia04:10
norvtechgeek40: apps that really use windows rarely work well in wine04:10
David37correct new to linux04:10
techgeek40gmcastil: I did about ten years ago - briefly - but mainly for 26 years been dos/windows guy04:10
norvtechgeek40: those which just end up writing half the api over again seem to work just fine04:10
danielaxis there something listed in System->adminstration->Restricted Drivers Manager04:10
gmcastiltechgeek40: yikes04:10
techgeek40david: 32 or 64 bit version04:11
David37no it says i dont have any restricted drivers04:11
gmcastiltechgeek40: i'd probably take the time that they're giving you to learn linux04:11
techgeek40gmcastil: it's not been bad - I've actually enjoyed it in a lot of ways04:11
gmcastiltechgeek40: yeah....take every opportunity to learn new skills04:11
techgeek40gmcastil: I am - trust me I am04:11
danielaxDavid37: in terminal, run lspci, and check it's listed there04:11
norvtechgeek40: so is it a Ubuntu problem or a Wine problem?04:11
danielaxDavid37: terminal is in Applications->accessories04:11
godlygeekgmcastil: 06:06:13 up 368 days, 10:31, 17 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 (I don't wanna dist-upgrade... heh)04:11
gmcastil 04:11:56 up 2 days,  2:27,  3 users,  load average: 0.09, 0.09, 0.0304:12
gmcastil 04:12
techgeek40norv: not really sure to be honest about it - the "splash" screen comes up - some what - but then closes out04:12
David37ill try that i can find terminal no prob04:12
warriorforgod22:12:12 up  5:36,  4 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.03, 0.0404:12
gmcastili had a mail server with an uptime of over 3 years04:12
David37so i type run lspci ?04:12
gmcastilwas running redhat 704:12
danielaxDavid37: just lspci, then hit enter04:12
godlygeekgmcastil: hehe, i'm thrilled.  this machine has been up for almost 5% of my life.04:12
warriorforgodJust installed a new biostar ta770 and an athlon 64 x2 5000+ Black Edition04:12
David37im dual booted let me try that04:12
warriorforgodRunnin smooth at 3.1 Ghz.04:12
alsadkgmcastil http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54284/04:13
David37thanks for the info ill be back im sure :P04:13
norvtechgeek40: um, Ubuntu.. OR the application04:13
techgeek40David37: also try http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_169.09.html - I have noticed that a lot more people are having luck doing the drivers from there - but follow the readme closely - but within about 30 minutes or less you can ahve the card workign04:13
gmcastilalsadk: press p to print the partition table04:13
norvtechgeek40: one or the other04:13
danielaxDavid37: no probs04:13
gmcastilDavid37: i wouldn't do that04:13
techgeek40norv: I can't really tell to be honest04:13
Gman99999Ive got this driver rt2570-k2wrlz-1.6.1 any idea about how to un-install it?  I found the directy but now Im trying to figure out the command, I tried this so far g@unknown:~/rt2570-k2wrlz-1.6.1$ make uninstall04:13
norvtechgeek40: um, yes you can. you invoke applications, you start up systems04:13
techgeek40I got it to install using wine - but the application just closes out (the app does - not ubuntu)04:13
=== ThirteenYearOld is now known as osxdude|linux
Gman99999Ive got this driver rt2570-k2wrlz-1.6.1 any idea about how to un-install it?  I found the directy but now Im trying to figure out the command, I tried this so far g@unknown:~/rt2570-k2wrlz-1.6.1$ make uninstall04:14
norvtechgeek40: okay, it's an application.. thanks04:14
nickrudGman99999: you would need sudo make uninstall (sorry about forgetting sudo)04:14
noodles12i'm trying to synce my WM5 smartphone so i can upgrade to WM6. i'm at http://www.synce.org/moin/SynceWithUbuntu but the repos for opensync shows fiesty on there. Is that safe if i have gutsy? or should i just change it to gutsy? or should i assume opensync isn't available for gutsy yet?04:14
danielaxtechgeek40: what does the verbose options in wine tell you04:14
TallMikeAfter I get install a program, what do I have to do after? make install doesn't do much04:14
norvtechgeek40: and I couldn't help you with AppDB the list of working Wine apps, because yours is likely in-house04:14
Gman99999nickrud this is what it says make: *** No rule to make target `uninstall'.  Stop.04:14
techgeek40norv: the programmers for the company are looking into it - we seem to think right now due to the applications voice processes that some of our customers use (netframe) may be responsible04:14
gmcastilwhy do so many people want to use WINE with ubuntu?04:14
alsadkgmcastil  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54285/04:15
danielax(i'd tell you what they are but it's been a while since I've used wine)04:15
gmcastilGman99999: then the Makefile doesn't have an uninstall option04:15
techgeek40danielax: Nto sure - never looked because I didn't think aobut it - but also because I wouldn't know how to get that information04:15
norvtechgeek40: pastebin the output as well, and no, customers can't be responsible for the code unless it's open source04:15
nickrudGman99999: then it's not a well made Makefile. You'll have to find the module in /lib/modules/$(uname -r) , figure out which is the one you installed, and delete it by hand04:15
usacomputertecI can't edit my GRUB04:15
gmcastilalsadk: uh...well, you're kinda screwed dude04:16
danielaxtechgeek40: i know it's an environment flag, or at least it was04:16
seacatusacomputertec, Then try editing menu.lst04:16
danielaxusacomputertec: have you tried editing /boot/grub/menu.lst04:16
alsadkgmcastil ??? explain04:16
techgeek40novr: No, I mean - we have a lot customers that use our software for voice (voice recognition) which uses an app called speechgate - SDK - and that links to viavoice or dragon -04:16
usacomputertecI went here http://www.gnome-look.org/usermanager/search.php?username=merlwiz79&action=contents but I can't compile the source code04:16
gmcastilalsadk: i'd try copying your stuff to an external hard drive or something, then reformat and reinstall04:16
bulmerusacomputertec-> are you  root when editing?04:16
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:16
seacatusacomputertec, What is your problem?04:16
usacomputertecI want to edit the graphics04:16
deahtihsi got compiz and enabled desktop cube but i dont know how to get it working04:16
alsadkgmcastil i there wrong ?04:17
seacatusacomputertec, The splash screen?04:17
techgeek40danielax: I can fire up the laptop and if you want - give me some insight to what I should look for or commands I can type to get the information and I'll paste it for ya if you want04:17
usacomputertecseact I can edit the spash screen04:17
usacomputertecit's the graphics on the first screen04:17
usacomputertecthe GRUB menu04:17
nemilarDoes anyone know the name of the command, that shows you the codes for the keys and mouse buttons?  you press a button and it generates the info...04:17
deahtihsi got compiz, enabled the cube thing but i dontk now how to get it working. is there any way i can see the buttons that do what, like rotate etc. i got the rotation thing enabled too04:18
nickrudusacomputertec:   You used   gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst as your main user?04:18
norvtechgeek40: well, does the app fail to run on Windows without speechgate/viavoice/dragon installed?04:18
danielaxtechgeek40: (you're the wine guy,right? - I loose track :) - umm - let me check on the wine web site04:18
techgeek40LOL might even be a chance to see if nickrud would be very very nice and help me with the PCMCIA issue - he's pretty good so I have the utmost confidence he could get me on the right track (is kissing butt allowed in here? LOL)04:18
Gman99999nickrud Ive got a list of directories which one would hold the driver I seek?  madwifi?04:18
techgeek40norv: nope - it can run without04:18
alsadkgmcastil i there something wrong?04:18
norvdanielax: errm, it's not an app you can just get, so it wouldn't be on appdb04:18
techgeek40danielax: LOL I have NO idea about wine - I just read and read and read04:19
danielaxdeahtihs: run the GL Desktop program in System->Pref..s->GL Desktop04:19
norvdanielax: or it's very unlikely to be, at first I thought it was inhouse now i'm not sure04:19
norvtechgeek40: okay, then the problem is not that04:19
nickrudGman99999: no clue, really. you could try   find /lib -iname rt257004:19
techgeek40norv: but the settings I have (for want of a better word) is used for testing for both - since I support/do speech writting with a lot of our customers04:19
seacatusacomputertec, http://ruslug.rutgers.edu/~mcgrof/grub-images/#1.104:19
danielaxnorv: techgeek40: Im just looking for the flags to get it to be really really verbose04:19
norvtechgeek40: well, unset the requirement that speech recognition be used first, to rule that out04:20
nickrudtechgeek40: two problems there: I've never used pcmcia , and my wireles Works for Me™ :)04:20
techgeek40norv: I wouldn't say that - only for the fact that the settings I have right now would be for netframe that is calling for it - but I never did just create a new user and go that rough (duh me)04:20
chuckfhas anyone else gotten any spam from ourbuntu.com?04:20
techgeek40let me fire it up04:20
techgeek40Nickrud: please - i love you for long long time (LOL - j/k)04:20
Gman99999nickrud is there a way to make a better uninstall for the make file?04:21
usacomputertecI edited that file04:21
techgeek40brb - let me get my lapt top going (gotta log off here to use the internet because my #(&#*(& nick won't work GRRRRR)04:21
usacomputertecbut it didn't change the picture file04:21
Gman99999nickrud Ive got the make file open right now lol04:21
usacomputertechow do I do that?04:21
decipher7IndyGunFreak: Good to see you again04:21
nickrudGman99999: not without already knowing where it was installed :)  The make file will tell you where it got installed, but I'm not good at reading them04:21
mon^rchhello... how can I get a program to always start maximized?04:21
Gman99999nickrud I guess Im proabbly looking at wiping ubuntu and re-installing from scratch04:22
danielaxtry WINEDEBUG=+all,-relay wine program_name04:22
decipher7indygunfreak: I reinstalled Ubuntu, this time i went with amd64 and worked out some kinks with firefox and usplash04:22
norvmon^rch: I think only devilspie or the app's own remembered settings (if it has any) can do that04:22
IndyGunFreakdecipher7: well, thats good...04:22
decipher7indygunfreak: i'm flyin' high now04:22
=== overcluckerLIMBO is now known as overclucker
mon^rchty norv04:23
seacatGman99999, What is your problem?04:23
Gman99999seacat IVe got two modules installed witht he same name for the same device one of which I dont want installed anymore04:23
Gman99999seacat both of which are rt257004:24
alsadkgmcastil thx04:24
Gman99999seacat I found the module in lib/modules/ its in the extra directory04:24
seacatGman99999, That's not much of a problem.04:24
Gman99999seacat I checked the make file and it said its installed in that directory04:25
nickrudGman99999:   do the find command I gave you earlier, you should get two files back. One of those is the new one. ls -l  each, the newer is most likely the new one. If you can't tell, delete both and do sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-$(uname -r) (will reinstall the ubuntu module)04:25
seacatGman99999, Not worthy of needing to reinstall04:25
usacomputerteclooks like I opened that link in the wrong system04:25
Gman99999nickrud that command didnt work but I found the module in extras04:25
nickrudGman99999: then sudo rm <file>  in extras, if you're sure04:26
Gman99999nickrud its called rt2570.ko04:26
chrisovwho can help me with nvidia 8600m GS drivers?04:26
seacatGman99999, What command did  nickrud   give you?04:26
techgeek40you may now scream in terror (hhehehe)04:26
* danielax screams04:26
techgeek40danielax: I do that every morning I have to look at myself in the mirror04:27
nickrudseacat: find /lib -iname rt257004:27
Gman99999seacat he gave me  find /lib -iname rt257004:27
techgeek40okay - any luck with the verbose ???04:27
Gman99999seacat when we were trying to find the modules04:28
seacatGman99999, Yea, or:  sudo updatedb ; locate rt257004:28
techgeek40nickrud: what's the best way to see if gutsy is even seeing my nick card?04:28
nickrudGman99999: doh. 'rt2540*' should have been the last one, brain damage on my part04:28
danielaxtechgeek40: so what does the last few lines of WINEDEBUG=+all,-relay wine program_name say?04:28
techqbertscrew transmission, we should make deluge official.  posters on ubuntu forums even wrote the software.  its brilliant.04:28
gmcastilhmmm...the man page for dpkg sucks04:28
seacatGman99999, Is the module actually loading?    See:  lsmod |grep rt257004:29
nickrudtechgeek40: I'm not even sure where pcmcia cards show up.04:29
norvnickrud: techgeek40: lspci04:29
techgeek40danielax: ahhhh - not sure I could even find that04:29
danielaxgmcastil: maybe that because you're supposed to use apt-get or aptitude04:29
danielaxtechgeek40: ? you're the guy with the wine question, righ?04:30
David37i typed in terminal lspci it had vga comp. contr. unknown device 0611 (rev a 2)04:30
gmcastildanielax: yeah...god forbid i actually use the programs on my system04:30
* nickrud needs to get a pcmcia card, just for kicks someday04:30
danielaxDavid37: hmm04:30
compyif i have a folder named DVD Decrypter/  with the space between the two words... how do i access it in the terminal....04:30
techgeek40norv: one sec04:30
techgeek40danielax: let me look04:30
compyit wont let me tab to complete it because there are multiple items04:30
techgeek40I'll see if I can find04:30
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)04:30
gmcastildanielax: besides....apt-get won't tell you what packages own a file04:30
Alyxanderor really stupid question, How do i get the windows that are not in focus to become transparent?04:31
Gman99999seacat ok I tired the command and nothing happened04:31
nickrudDavid37, danielax the 8800gt isn't supported by the nvidia drivers in ubuntu I don't think.04:31
danielaxDavid37: you can try to configure it as a vesa or vga card04:31
danielaxDavid37: although you won't get any acelleration04:31
David37anyone have a link to a step by step nvidia display driver for an 8800gt?04:31
techgeek40norv: here you go04:31
danielaxgmcastil: umm - apt-cache?04:31
gmcastilDavid37: the nvidia instructions are pretty good...and i'm sure there are a ton of faqs04:31
Gman99999seacat i got a long list when used the locate rt257004:31
gmcastildanielax: dpkg -S <filename> is different04:32
danielaxtechgeek40: I have exactly the same pcmcia ethernet card04:32
techgeek40danielax: i'm not finding a winedebug file anywhere04:32
nickrudGman99999: locate rt2570 | grep /lib/modules , that will skip all the stuff in the directory you compiled it in04:32
zachalinkhow do I connect to a leopard mac using samba???04:33
techgeek40danielax: and your's is working04:33
zachalinkmy dad can connect to mine but I can't figure out how to connect to his imac04:33
norvtechgeek40: okay, it detects the ethernet controller and the broadcom wireless04:33
gmcastildanielax: i think you're referring to apt-file04:33
seacatGman99999,  locate rt2570 |grep lib04:33
techgeek40norv: but ----???04:33
Gman99999nickrud this seems to be the only place its installed /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/extra/rt2570.ko04:33
Gman99999seacat this is the only place its installed /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/extra/rt2570.ko04:34
tamnguyenantbody here?04:34
zachalinkso... how do I?04:34
nickrudGman99999: if that's the only one, that's the one to delete then.04:34
=== ajmorris_ is now known as ajmorris
Gman99999nickrud ok so what command would i type in to delete it?04:34
tamnguyensomething wrong here04:34
nickrudnorv: 03:xx.x implies pcmcia ?04:34
tamnguyencan i help me04:35
nickrudGman99999: sudo rm /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/extra/rt2570.ko04:35
seacatGman99999, sudo rm /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/extra/rt2570.ko04:35
zachalinkafter you're done helping him, can you help me nickrud?04:35
norvnickrud: I don't know, but it really doesn't matter, does it?04:35
danielax_dodgy net connection *grr*04:36
nickrudnorv: no, but someday I may see that, would be nice to know for next time04:36
techgeek40HOLY COW: I type  WINEDEBUG=+all,-relay ecl.exe and the terminal window looked like it was receiving stuff from mars04:36
Gman99999nickrud ok its done04:36
russtamnguyen by all means!04:36
nickrudzachalink: possibly04:36
Gman99999seacat ok its done04:36
norvnickrud: it's probably system dependent, may be true for all04:36
Gman99999seacat do you know a good guide to installing a proper rt2570 driver?04:36
danielax_techgeek40: yeah. it does that04:36
Gman99999nickrud do you know a good guide to installing a proper rt2570 driver?04:37
danielax_can you pastebin it?04:37
nickrudzachalink: I'm batting only so so tonight and have a shallow but narrow knowledge base I work from :)04:37
nickrudGman99999: no, sorry04:37
techgeek40danielax: where would I find the debug report?04:37
Carbonfluxdid the signal from mars seem intelligent techgeek40 ? ;)04:37
seacatGman99999, Not really, would just need to search for one.  But first off, is that the correct module?04:37
norvtechgeek40: the only way to get your networking is use ndiswrapper, it appears, because they only have a windows driver for it04:37
techgeek40Carbonflux: yeap - i think I understood some of it too :>04:37
danielax_techgeek40: the signal from mars was the debug report04:37
danielax_techgeek40: I'm using the same card on ndiswrapper atm :)04:38
russyeah techgeek40, how can you be sure it's not from uranus?04:38
techgeek40danielax: where would I find the debug report that the  WINEDEBUG=+all,-relay wine program_name spit out?04:38
Alyxanderor really stupid question, How do i get the windows that are not in focus to become transparent?04:38
techgeek40russ: i can't04:38
Gman99999seacat well Ive got a linksys wusb54g v4 and it says its chipset is an rt257004:38
=== Jewsus_ is now known as Jewsus
techgeek40danielax: how'd you get it working?04:38
Carbonfluxfocus trail plugin in compiz-fusion Alyxander04:38
techgeek40<--would love for his nic card to work -04:38
gmcastilSettings > Window Manager Tweaks04:38
Gman99999seacat when i loaded ubuntu it preinstalled rt2500 but that didnt work04:38
danielax_techgeek40: to save the report, run WINEDEBUG....blah 2>&1 > debugreport04:38
Alyxanderthank you Carbonflux04:38
gmcastilAlyxander: Setttings > Window manage Tweaks04:38
nickrudGman99999: but this may help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=10684604:38
lee_hey nikrud, just wanted to say hi04:38
Carbonfluxah or that04:38
seacatGman99999, Are you on a fully updated Ubuntu 7.10 system.04:39
nickrudzachalink: what's up?04:39
nickrudlee_: hi.04:39
gmcastilAlyxander: you'll need to click the Compositor tab and then enable transparencies04:39
nickrudlee_: things working well then, eh?04:39
Gman99999seacat yes04:39
seacatGman99999, You did all updates?04:39
lee_been a while, i can't use ubuntu, but i havnt fergotton the ones that helped me lol04:39
Gman99999seacat I installed it from a gutsy cd a few months ago04:39
gmcastilAlyxander: you also have to have hardware acceleration too04:39
Gman99999seacat yes all of them04:39
lee_I updated ubuntu and it broke04:39
zachalinkwell I would like to connect to a leopard imac using ubuntu 7.1004:39
zachalinkand samba04:40
lee_so i went to another distro04:40
zachalinkthe problem is, the mac can connect to me, but not vice versa04:40
seacatGman99999,  You installed what from Gusty CD?04:40
techgeek40danielax: and when it's done - where does the "file" for the bugreport get saved? so I can paste it04:40
danielax_techgeek40: you can install the ndiswrapper driver it with from the terminal - you need the original windows driver cd04:40
Gman99999seacat ubuntu?04:40
lee_nickrud hehee I een learning alot04:40
techgeek40danielax: did that - ndiswrapper -04:40
oxeimonso, I've got a t61p thinkpad, running gutsy, and for some reason suspend *sometimes* doesn't work. Any ideas?04:40
nickrudzachalink: ah, one of those things I don't know much about at all, samba is04:40
norvzachalink: okay, so your server is set up properly, that's good04:40
techgeek40I get the msg that the inf file has already been installed04:40
danielax_lee_: can you be more descriptive than "it broke"?04:40
zachalinkya, I'm just having problems c onnecting with the mac04:40
norvzachalink: is the mac running a samba server?04:41
nickrudlee_: cool, any distro is better than no distro04:41
lee_let see, I down loaded  the up grade  and was left with a screen taht had nothing on it04:41
zachalinkI thought mac runs it by default. any idea on how to configure it on mac?04:41
apparleActually I am a kubuntu user but right now I am installing a Gnome software so I thought I would ask here. 'libbonobo2-common' and 'libbonobo2-0' both depend on each other what should I do ??04:41
seacatGman99999, Is this a USB device?04:41
Gman99999seacat yes it is04:41
danielax_techgeek40: debugreport04:41
lee_with something of an error message by the baoat load saying failed to fetch04:41
nickrudapparle: install them both with the same apt-get command04:42
lee_also found out that my intell chip was considered proietary04:42
gmcastilapparle: let the package manager sort out the dependencies fo ryou04:42
seacatGman99999, Tell me again what the make and model is?  Linksys?04:42
techgeek40danielax: okay - remember --- i don't have all the brains here today (LONG day with VERRY brain damaged customeers) do I type debugreport or is it a log file some where? if a file - where????? or how do I get to it?04:42
GibbI just got xubuntu installed - how do I get the cool toolbar that ubuntu has? xubuntu is just like a desktop with some icons on it04:42
danielax_techgeek40: ndiswrapper -i /your/driver/here?04:42
Gman99999seacat linksys wusb54g version 404:43
techgeek40danielax: did that - (ndiswrapper04:43
norvzachalink: might want to ask on #macosx, I don't really know how04:43
danielax_techgeek40: it's in the directory you ran the program from, it's a plan text file04:43
regulatemy media keys stopped working , what gives?04:43
danielax_techgeek40: what did ndiswrapper say?04:43
apparlenickrud: and gmcastil: I donot have net at home and hence I download packages on an XP box and take them home through pendrive?? Now what should I do04:43
Gman99999seacat Ive tried it on ndiswrapper but it wont join networks that are encrypted04:43
Gman99999seacat im guessing its got a bad ndiswrapper driver04:43
techgeek40that it was already installed - tried both xp and 2000 inf files04:44
norvGibb: xubuntu is also supposed to have a toolbar and doesn't look any different, that is the default desktop Xfce04:44
nickrudapparle: put all the packages you downloaded into one directory with nothing else in it, then   sudo dpkg -i *04:44
oxeimonso I'm running gutsy on my t61p, and even after editing my /etc/acpi-support, I still can't get suspend to work all the time. Sometimes it resumes correctly, but other times I just get a blank screen. Any ideas?04:44
gmcastilapparle: uh.......read the man pages and figure out the right options for apt-get to tell you what packages need to be installed04:44
danielax_techgeek40: ah. well i dunno then :(04:44
seacatGman99999, Yes, ok.  I plugged one into my Laptop last month and it worked fine.  A friend of mine had it at our local LUG.  It worked just fine. I did not download anything, It just worked.04:44
gmcastilapparle: or...take your box to work or something04:44
techgeek40danielax: no debug report in there :<04:44
Tensophmm, come across an interesting issue with ALSA + hda-intel04:44
norvGman99999: lots of ndiswrappered driveres have no ability to handle encryption, some can't do WAP, some can't even do WEP04:45
Tensopive compiled the 1.0.16rc2 into alpha3 using snapshots of the latest libs+utils off the suse FTP04:45
nickrudapparle: and for the future, look into  apt-zip , it's designed to help with that04:45
Tensopfiring up alsasound reports no soundcard detected, but sound is working04:45
Gman99999seacat ok I plugged it in too and well it didnt work I dont know why04:45
nickrud!hardy | Tensop04:45
ubotuTensop: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu04:45
Gman99999seacat no wait it did work my bad04:45
seacatGman99999, And a week later, I installed drivers for it on another friend's Slackware Laptop and that one worked ok too.04:45
Gibbnorv: uh oh. I dont have the toolbar - is there a trick to accessing it?04:45
Gman99999seacat but then I loaded the other driver stopped working04:45
Tensophehe, the issue would still apply to gutsy gibon release ;)04:46
Gman99999seacat how do i get the original driver for it to work again?04:46
danielax_techgeek40: so from the terminal, you ran wine, then type ls04:46
seacatGman99999, Well, don't load another driver when it's already working...04:46
apparlenickrud: This is a differentt query. I f I have 2 packages with 1 depending on other in a folder and I use 'sudo dpkg -i *' will the dependencies get resolved04:46
norvGibb: can you start terminal?04:46
danielax_techgeek40: you should see debugreport listed04:46
seacatGman99999, sudo apt-get install rt257004:46
techgeek40danielax: mmm no - I used the "explorer" window and just went to the folder that the exe is in and doubled clicked04:46
techgeek40<---bows head - that's the wrong way to do it, ain't it :<04:46
danielax_well you won't get a debug report that way04:47
seacatGman99999, Or   sudo apt-get install rt2570*04:47
Gibbnorv: I only have icons on the desktop and nothing else - my two hdds, a floppy, the trash can, file system, examples, and install04:47
gmcastiltechgeek40: there are more things than i can count wrong with that04:47
danielax_ok, so go to Applications->Accessories->Terminal04:47
norvapparle: dpkg has about as much dependency resolution as pkg_add in slackware/etc04:47
techgeek40gmcastil: me too04:47
nickrudapparle: yes, dpkg will handle that fine. The * matches all files in that directory. If you have other ones, you can do  sudo dpkg -i  <deb1> <deb2>  by name04:47
techgeek40terminal open04:47
norvnickrud: apparle: sorry, thought it couldn't04:47
Gman99999seacat yea I shouldnt mess with those, Ive loaded those before too04:47
danielax_now, type cd path/to/where/your/program/is04:48
norvlast thing I installed failed due to missing dependencies even though it was in aptitude.. that's a bit different04:48
zachalinknorv: yes, it's running on a samba server04:48
Gman99999seacat I'll try the original driver and see if things work04:48
apparlenorv: I am new to linux and don't know anything about Slackware04:48
ePaxI'm getting message in Vbox that usb device is not found or not installed on this system. Do i need to add my account to some group or? i'm allready in vbousers group. I read that i might have to create on group called usbusers or something?04:48
nickrudnorv: yeah, a bit different. I'm impressed that apparle got all the dependencies first try :)04:48
Tygirdoes anyone know why i would get a X Window system error on cheese?04:48
norvzachalink: any particular error message when you try to connect?04:48
apparlenickrud: I cannot use apt-zip as the other box has WinXP on it.04:49
gmcastilcan someone explain how apt-get manages GPG keys for different repositories?04:49
zachalinkwell, no, but the thing is: the mac network doesn't show up in "Networks"04:49
TygirThe error was 'BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)'.04:49
danielax_techgeek40: how's that going?04:49
Tygir  (Details: serial 41 error_code 11 request_code 140 minor_code 19)04:49
=== taka is now known as adhek^baek^
techgeek40I'm there04:49
seacatTygir, Not sure, but most of the errors I get just show up on the screen.04:49
zachalinkOnly what's called a "Windows Network".04:49
apparlenickrud: I get all the dependencies as I have made a list of what all is installed on my pc and compare it while downloading dependencies04:50
danielax_techgeek40: so if you type ls<enter>, do you see your program listed?04:50
yangeregads! i have a partition in jfs format, somehow it crashed just a moment ago, and now all my files are missing.. did a fsck and now i have files in lost+found ... is there an order to how they are thrown into the lost and found?04:50
gmcastilapparle: wow...thats crazy04:50
techgeek40danielax: wwell, I do dir - but yes - I see the program(s)04:50
norvGibb: very likely xfce4 stuff just outright didn't install, or there was something wrong during installation. can't suggest reinstalling really, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was more critical stuff missing04:50
danielax_so now type the WINEDEBUG cmd above, and hit enter04:51
nickrudapparle: apt-zip creates a script that uses wget to download the files; easily translated to a msdos script04:51
techgeek40<---did as danielax asked - did ls (I know that one too - but dir is old hate holdover :>)04:51
Tygirseacat: the program genius!04:51
seacatGman99999, Did you ever check to see if that driver was being loaded in the first place?  lsmod |grep rt257004:51
zachalinknorv: I have a problem with the mac network showing up in "Network", no error messages though.04:51
Gibbnorv: its booting off the cd if that makes any difference04:51
techgeek40zachalink: you got bootcamp running?04:51
zachalinknorv:  Is there a way to manually connect to the mac network?04:51
norvGibb: oh, slightly better but I wouldn't do an install off of that cd..04:51
apparlegmcastil: When all odds are against you, then to get things done you have to becomne crazy04:51
zachalinktechgeek40: No, they're two seperate computers running.04:52
Gibboh no. it was my last blank04:52
zachalinkOne is a linux box and one is an iMac.04:52
techgeek40zachalink: otay - :>04:52
vecnahi how do I report a Bug with BOINC on Hardy Heron?04:52
russIs anyone aware of a linux program that can convert an mp3 to apple aac format?04:52
Gman99999seacat that command does nothing04:52
norvzachalink: you can try connecting with smbclient, if you know the mac's ip address04:52
apparlenickrud: Could you come oftopic and please explain it in more detail as I am new user04:52
nickrudvecna: bugs.launchpad.net . You should discuss it on #ubuntu+1 first though04:52
seacatGman99999, Then the module was not loading and that is the problem.04:52
danielax_techgeek40: so after you run wine (through command line, like i said), you can type gedit debugreport &<enter>,04:52
nickrudapparle: it's been a few years since I used it, but sure04:53
zachalinknorv: And how exactly would I do that?04:53
Gman99999seacat hmmmm I know the rt2500usb module was loading04:53
danielax_russ: yess, iTunes. Oh sorry, did you want linux software? sorry :)04:53
seacatGman99999,  sudo insmod rt257004:53
Gman99999seacat which did bother me04:53
Gman99999seacat I got this for an output insmod: can't read 'rt2570': No such file or directory04:53
seacatGman99999, or:  sudo modprobe rt257004:53
russdanielax_ yeah, some free software to convert to a non-free format - maybe an oxymoron04:54
techgeek40danielax: did I miss something - I'm not even sure how run the ecl.exe (that' the program) via a termial for wine - I'm suppose to run that or the WINEDEBUG stuff first?04:54
VoiceOfApollois there a common reason that I wouldn't be able to chat on other networks?04:54
seacatGman99999, You deleted the object file?04:54
Gman99999seacat says it cant find the module04:54
danielax_russ: yeah - just joking with you04:54
Gman99999seacat yes its the bad one we uninstalled remeber?04:54
Flughafencan anyone recommend an mp3 player that supports .ogg?04:54
russdanielax_ i understand iTunes will run using wine though04:54
nemilarFlughafen: they pretty much all do04:54
seacatGman99999, You deleted rt2570 ?04:54
wimshow do i change compiz theme ?04:54
seacatGman99999, You deleted rt2570.k0 ?04:54
nemilarFlughafen: as long as you have the libraries instealled04:54
VoiceOfApollomp3 player for linux?04:55
Flughafennemilar, ipod doesnt04:55
seacatGman99999, You deleted rt2570.ko ?04:55
Gman99999seacat yes that's the one04:55
danielax_techgeek40: umm - so at terminal, type WINEDEBUG=+all,-relay wine <program_name> 2>&1 > debugreport<enter>04:55
hsystemxX.ogg?  XMMS.  sudo apt-get install xmms04:55
nemilarFlughafen: oh, sorry - I thought you meant software, haha04:55
danielax_russ: try to avoid that :)04:55
Flughafenhaha, sorry, i mean portable mp3 player04:55
apparlenickrud: Please explain it as I am becoming crazy doing all this >>[ATI graphic card], [sound card not working with ALSA], [lastly its very difficult to install simple softwares04:55
seacatThat is why it's not loading, or trying to load, because you have deleted it.04:55
russdanielax_ my feelings exactly04:55
crdlbwims: compiz itself doesn't have any themes, it has decorators which have their own theming support04:55
wims!compiz < wims04:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about compiz < wims - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:55
zachalinknorv: can you tell me how to use that smbclient?04:55
nemilarFlughafen: you can find a list of them on the web04:55
Gman99999seacat Ive got the good one to re-install if i want to04:55
wims!compiz | wims04:55
nemilarFlughafen: cross-reference that with reviews on cnet or somewhere04:55
norvzachalink: looking up the man page as I no longer ever touch samba04:55
techgeek40it's running it's geekspeak LOL04:56
Flughafennemilar, im reading some reviews but im just seeing if anyone here uses a non apple one that supports .ogg04:56
seacatGman99999, Ok, so install it and it should load up and work for you.04:56
crdlbwims: if you're using gtk-windoew-decorator, then it uses your metacity theme; if you use emerald, then it uses the emerald theme04:56
danielax_wims: you can also do /msg ubotu compiz04:56
nickrudapparle: the bottom line for ubuntu is you really need internet for it to be useful04:56
cbquickIf i have basic quetions about linux and c programming where should i go?04:56
apparlenickrud: But i want to make it usable without internet04:56
nickrudcbquick: #linux and ##c04:56
gmcastilapparle: you can't - go home - go to sleep04:57
danielax_cbquick: possibly google too04:57
Gman99999seacat ok, its funny though that even when i did load it, that module would never load at startup, this other module called rt2500usb would load up and when i tried to unload it it would freeze and cause all sorts of problems04:57
hsystemxXFlughafen, recommend you to buy an ipod, and install in the ipod "iPOD Linux" "http://ipodlinux.org/"04:57
nickrudapparle: get it to the net, install the stuff you want, then disconnect04:57
wweaselI'm having trouble with my rsync include/exclude statements. Any rsync guru who can spare a minute to help me figure out why I'm not managing to exclude a folder and include one of its subfolders?04:57
danielax_apparle: you can use it, you just have a hard time installing new programs04:57
cbquickthanks, tried google04:57
Carbonfluxhas anyone here used wine from a XP ( NTFS ) partition ?04:57
FlughafenhsystemxX, ive had many ipods and i kinda wanna try something different for a while04:57
danielax_cbquick: than nickrud's advice :)04:57
Gman99999seacat I could never get rid of this rt2500usb module04:57
norvzachalink: okay, smbclient //SERVER/share04:57
russcbquick an oldie but goodie book is "the unix programming environment" by kernighan and pike04:57
hsystemxXor try ROCKBOX on those ipod (Y)04:58
norvzachalink: where SERVER is the mac's NETBios name and share is the shared dir04:58
seacatGman99999, Well, I wonder what was causing your computer to freeze ....?04:58
Gman99999seacat trying to rmmod the rt2500 one04:58
nickrudruss: kernigan and richie , I learned from the first edition :)04:58
FlughafenhsystemxX, ive tried rockbox, and liked it04:58
apparlenickrud: Immpossible as it is a not a laptop and moreover I don't have enough permissions at home  to move the box as I am young (17)04:58
danielax_Carbonflux: I've tried to compile it off an XP partiton - it doesn't work (symlinks)04:58
Gman99999seacat my network manager likes to freeze alot04:59
zachalinkwhere do I type that in? terminal?04:59
norvzachalink: btw, can you access any other systems via samba through your Ubuntu box?04:59
FlughafenhsystemxX, a few days after installing it my ipod died though04:59
cbquickthank you all04:59
Gman99999seacat and has been very buggy04:59
Flughafenso i dont think im gonna mess with the firmware this time04:59
zachalinknot sure, the mac is the oly other system04:59
russnikrud kernighan is a coauthor of many interesting books I had K&R too04:59
nickrudapparle: then you're kinda stuck, really. Linux is fundamentally a networked os04:59
gmcastilK&R...yeah...kinda important04:59
seacatGman99999, What is your kernel version?     uname -a04:59
techgeek40daniellax: well, the terminal window goes batty - but hangs at the end - I have to type exit but it doesn't save the report04:59
danielax_techgeek40: how's it going?04:59
zachalinknorv: but do I type that in terminal?04:59
norvzachalink: yes04:59
apparlegmcastil: If you can't help at least donot discourage people  ;)05:00
Gman99999seacat Linux unknown 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Sun Oct 14 23:05:12 GMT 2007 i686 GNU/Linux05:00
norvzachalink: and the linux server can be thought of as another system... if THAT doesn't appear locally something's really up05:00
danielax_can you just copy-paste the stuff on terminal to pastebin?05:00
gmcastilapparle: you're asking for something that isn't practical05:00
gmcastilapparle: not being discouraging...just stating the obvious truth05:00
zachalinkwhat does the mac's netbios name mean? the ip address?05:01
techgeek40yeah - the last dozen or so lines - but I'll get ya what I can - maybe the "end" section will show you what you need05:01
gmcastilapparle: get a job and a network connection05:01
nickrudapparle: I do know what you're talking about, I lived at the bottom of a 3k pipe for over a year, it was excruciating even with that05:01
danielax_apparle: it also depends on what you want to do. if you just want to do default stuff, you can just install off the cd without updates05:01
nickrudgmcastil: ohhh, that was harsh05:01
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:01
danielax_apparle: on a 56k modem, that was what Idid05:01
gmcastilnickrud: i'm a little buzzed...and a lot tired of noob questions :) sorry05:01
danielax_techgeek40: sounds good :)05:01
norvzachalink: it could be the ip address, and I think that IP address will invariably work. Whatever is the case, if the systems aren't on the same subnet... well that's ruled out05:02
nickrudgmcastil: true, but harsh more correctly05:02
techgeek40danielax: here you go: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54287/05:02
nickrud'true but harsh' that is05:02
kaz1nskymy monitor loses signal after being in tty1-6 for a little bit, and then i cant switch back to tty7 any ideas?05:02
apparlegmcastil: I am practically using it for 6 months and will keep using it whatever may be the odds. Because the other option is Windows and it s***s05:02
gmcastilnickrud: i know....05:02
wweaselCan someone who understands rsync exclude/include statements help me fix the fact that this does not work (I think you'll see my intent):  --exclude="/media/*/" --include="/media/data"05:02
gmcastilwweasel: man rsync05:02
gmcastilfor god's sakes people use the freaking man pages!!!05:02
ubotuAcronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.05:03
wweaselgmcastil: I've read the relevant man page. It's more helpful than you, but not helpful enouhg.05:03
WGGMkcurious as to what jfgi is05:03
danielax_techgeek40: hmm. not sure - I can see it's crashing though :|05:03
danielax_WGGMk: just f google it05:04
wweaselWGGMk: just f***** google it05:04
hsystemxXhaha nice answer wweasel05:04
danielax_now you know :)05:04
WGGMkthnx, havent seen that one05:04
danielax_techgeek40: does it use stuff like COM objects?05:04
edjuInstalled amd64 kubuntu.  Anything special to install firefox?05:04
wweaselSo does anyone here know how to exclude a folder and include one of its subfolders in rsync?05:05
hsystemxXerm edju, have you tried sudo apt-get install firefox05:05
nickrudgmcastil: lol, take a break, spend some time on #debian and come back to the gentler side :)05:05
norvedju: make sure to get the 32-bit firefox if you care about flash and such plugins working05:05
apparlegmcastil: It seems that kubuntu people are more helping bye05:05
techgeek40danielax: yea - it uses comports and usb ports05:06
danielax_techgeek40: ah05:06
techgeek40BUT they are not brought into play unless the customer starts what we call a real time session for the writers05:06
wweaselapparle: Anyone is more helpful than gmcastil at the moment. Take my word for it, jerks like him are fairly rare on this channel. You generally find some pretty helpful people.05:06
edjunorv, Thanks, that's what I needed to know.05:06
norvgmcastil: it's surprising Kubuntu actually works out of the box more often.. at least for every system I've tried it on05:06
samadhello all, i just installed Ubuntu 7.10 running an ATI Radeon x600 with the Proprietary fglrx driver.  When I go into appearances -> visual effects and choose anything but 'none' and an error tells me that "The Composite Extension is not available"  anyone have any ideas how i can fix that?05:06
techgeek40Otherwise the comports just sit there wihtout being called05:06
danielax_might i suggest trying an alternative to wine.05:06
apparlenickrud: I am extremely thankful for your help. I will look into apt-zip thing. Thanks05:07
apparlewweasel:  :D05:07
norvdanielax_: there isn't one except for true virtualization and actually running windows inside05:07
techgeek40danielax: here is what the software is for - you know the people that sit with their little writers in court - taking down what the lawyers, judges and witnesses say?05:07
kaz1nskyanyone know why my monitor loses its signal in tty1-6?05:07
WGGMkIm haveing trouble starting DansGuardian on my server (Gutsy amd64).. when using "sudo /etc/init.d/dansguardian start" it just hangs forever.. Another question, a .pid file? is this process id? if so, does this only exist when its running05:07
apparleAnybody knows a GUI frontend for Mencoder05:07
danielax_techgeek40: hmm05:08
norvtechgeek40: court reporters, yes05:08
danielax_techgeek40: there's a vertical market for you05:08
danielax_techgeek40: if it's commercial, codeweavers might be the best bet05:08
nickrudapparle: wweasel gmcastil has been very helpful to many already. Everyone has their bad moments05:08
danielax_techgeek40: it's way way beyond my expertese :)05:08
danielax_norv: yeah - you're right05:08
gmcastilnickrud: thanks....i'm drunk right now05:08
norvdanielax_: aren't codeweavers and cedega just forks of the old BSD Wine?05:09
apparlenickrud: We are joking05:09
techgeek40Okay - the software takes what they write (which is phonetics - like fplt would mean a period) and would translate that into english words - now the "real time" is ONLY used if a write is connected and writing - other wise the ports are NEVER brought into play05:09
CarbonfluxHas anyone tried running Wine off a XP drive in 7.10? with NTFS write working etc.05:09
wweaselnickrud: Alright, that's fair. Still...well, i was about to say that he must be drunk jokingly, but apparently he is :P05:09
lufisI'm trying to set up sshd on ubuntu to serve putty on windows on a remote box. Can someone walk me thru creating crypto keys, etc.?05:09
techgeek40yeah we get a TON asking if linux would be best to use - and my view -  yes - it's FAR more stable than windows05:09
nickrudgmcastil: been there, done that, been embarrassed. Took a year off. Don't do the same :)05:10
gmcastiland...u'll ignore the mena things someone said earlier...i've had 1/2 a bottle of wine in the past hour05:10
apparlegmcastil: I am joking don't take it seriously. I know you people are helpful05:10
danielax_norv: codewavers does commercial support/development for wine. It seems to get code integrated into the main wine frequently05:10
techgeek40Carbon: I did - not a pretty site lol05:10
danielax_anyway, all, I'm off to eat lunch05:10
groovingsoul ¿anyone knows what to do on singularity:endgame? they allways catch me, even if i destroy my servers, stop researching, or even if i dont build anything05:10
wweaseloh god...my only issue with rsync include/exclude was order of statements.05:10
danielax_at 10 past 2, anyway :)05:10
gmcastilapparle: i've been using linux as an admin and user for about 5 years now...just siwtched to ubuntu and this is the first time i've been on these forums05:10
norvtechgeek40: sounds like something that basic GNU userland can do05:10
gmcastilapparle: i don't mind helping newbies...i was one once too05:10
techgeek40I take it the codeweavrs is like wine???? and built for ubuntu/linux?05:10
danielax_cya all05:11
naffy-duckoh good gmcastil, u might help me then05:11
techgeek40Take care daniel - thanks for the help05:11
apparlegmcastil: Don't worry, I will not remain a newbie for long05:11
gmcastilapparle: but, you'll probably get an earful every now and then - i have high standards05:11
Jangarican someone help me modify a brief bash script so as to word on a specified directory rather than the working directory?05:11
gmcastilnaffy-duck: yes?05:11
norvtechgeek40: err, what you described is something like text replacement, which looks like regexps could do the job05:11
pawsmackeris there a dump of ubotu i can download and add to my own supybot?05:11
nickrudtechgeek40: codeweavers is for any linux05:12
wweaselgmcastil: Telling them to rtfm in a few more words isn't going to help them much. Having been around linux for a few years it didn't bother me too much. but I can imagine i wouldn't appreciate it if I were new to this05:12
naffy-duckgmcastil, can i run vista and ubuntu from one disk on my pressario laptop?05:12
gmcastilwweasel: ...and i'm buzzed as shit05:12
techgeek40norv: for simplistic reasons - yea  text replacement on the lowest level - but trust me - NOT on the upper levels -05:12
wweaselgmcastil: Fair enough :)05:12
southroad 有说中文的马05:12
gmcastilnaffy-duck: yeah..as long as you have at least one free partition05:12
hsystemxXnaffy-duck, Yes.05:12
nickrud!cn | southroad05:12
ubotusouthroad: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:12
norvtechgeek40: upper levels?05:12
techgeek40nickrud: I'll read up on it - I've saved the chat window so I can look into it05:12
techgeek40norv: yeah - it also uses audio - video and voice recognition05:13
nickrudtechgeek40: oriented towards office stuff, like cedega is oriented towards games05:13
jazzleshello there05:13
naffy-duckgmcastil k, so i must create one partition soley for ubuntu05:13
jazzlesis there some sort of problem with jackd in the gutsy repos?05:13
techgeek40norv: it is replacing text - but it's a lot more indepth than that05:13
hsystemxXnaffy-duck, divide your disk in 2 partitions, then install vista in 1 partition, and ubuntu in the other. (easiest way).05:13
gmcastilnaffy-duck: actually, at least 205:13
techgeek40nickrud: I'll have to check out cedega too - I have a few windows games I'd like to play on here05:13
naffy-duckgmcastil ??05:13
techgeek40butttt - for now - I have to get it's late and I have work tomorrow05:14
hsystemxXnaffy-duck, divide your disk in 2 partitions, then install vista in 1 partition, and ubuntu in the other. (easiest way).05:14
gmcastilnaffy-duck: you'll need a swap partition and then a filesystem for the OS05:14
techgeek40you all have a good one and thanks for the help05:14
norvtechgeek40: voice recognition is the more problematic aspect, and I doubt you'd ever find a replacement for that because of the hard cash in the industry05:14
techgeek40Night all05:14
gmcastiltechgeek40: later05:14
commonlyUNIQU3anyone here any good at configuring X?  I'm trying to run multiple sessions on multiple monitors, but can't quite get it right...05:14
gmcastilnaffy-duck: do you have free space on your drive?05:14
naffy-duckgmcastil yes, plenty05:14
gmcastilnaffy-duck: sorry....i meant a free partition05:15
hsystemxXnaffy-duck, delete the entire vista :D hehe.05:15
hsystemxXjoke* sorry.05:15
gmcastilnaffy-duck: hard drives can be divided into several partitions05:15
deahtihsis there some sort of way i can type in terminal something like 'say woopie'05:15
deahtihsor just type and it says while i'm typing05:15
deahtihsand that i can disable when i want05:15
naffy-duckgmcastil no, no free partition, so this is the scarey part :(05:15
gmcastilnaffy-duck: yeah, you'll need to reinstall windows, then05:15
gmcastilnaffy-duck: i don't know of a reliable way (i'm sure there is one) of resizing an existing NTFS partitoin05:15
levanderWhere can I configure how my workspacs work?  Like, if I want four workspaces instead of the default two?  Or, if I just want 1 workspace?05:16
deahtihsis there a text to speech thing here on ubuntu05:16
hsystemxXgmcastil, tell him to use partition magic...05:16
naffy-duckack, i have a vista home edition restore disk, but vista came installed - do i have a problem?05:16
hsystemxXit seem that he only read your messages.05:16
gmcastillevander: right click on the desktop pager thingy in your taskbar05:16
naffy-duckgmcastil im running an amd64 processor too05:16
apparlenaffy-duck: It's your laptop isn't it?? I f yes then why do you worry about installing windows again05:16
nickrud!install | naffy-duck this page has some info, you can resize the windows partition during install05:17
ubotunaffy-duck this page has some info, you can resize the windows partition during install: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate05:17
gmcastilnaffy-duck: if you really want to keep vista (not recommended) you'l need to resize the partition using something like partition magic05:17
levandergmcastil: Thanks, but I was hoping for a few more options.  Like, when I move my mouse off the screen towards another workspace, I was hoping I would switch to that workspace.  I've had that behavior in the past.  Although, I'm not sure if I've had it with GNOME.05:17
gmcastillevander: i don't think you can do that...there's an option that will let you use the mousewheel over the background to go from one workspace to another05:18
naffy-ducknickrud k, tks, and a few other questions..05:18
nickrudlevander: install brightside , it can be configured to do that05:18
iNTRONIXHas someone tested Steam on Ubuntu?05:18
hsystemxXiNTRONIX, no, but there is some guide at google.05:18
gmcastillevander: the sort of behavior you're talking about would drive me nuts, though05:18
hsystemxXabout that...05:18
hsystemxXlike installing CSS or half life 2 stuff...05:18
levandernickrud: thanks05:18
iNTRONIXYes counter-strike 1.605:19
commonlyUNIQU3can anyone point me in the right direction for some support configuring X for dual monitors?05:19
commonlyUNIQU3I would like to run multiple sessions on multiple monitors...05:19
naffy-ducknickrud i need to keep vista, and ur basically saying something like QTparted will do the job, is it an easy job?05:19
levandercommonlyUNIQU3: Xinerama05:19
gmcastilcommonlyUNIQU3: http://www.google.com/search?q=configure+x.org+for+multiple+monitors&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a05:19
commonlyUNIQU3levander- I've already configured my xorg.conf for xinerama05:19
Tensopguys, this is a bit of an odd one - but i need to modprobe ath_pci after every reboot05:20
apparlenaffy-duck: I don't recommend resizing the partition as it takes a lot of time and moreover it is a NTFS partition. Better go to the dealer and ask him to reinstall Vista with lot of partitions if you don't know much about windows installation05:20
levandercommonlyUNIQU3: Well then, that's not what you want?05:20
Tensopis there a way to make the modprobe process for ath_pci automatic? :)05:20
gmcastilcommonlyUNIQU3: usually you have to screw around with xorg.conf05:20
commonlyUNIQU3levander- but I can't figure out how to run separate sessions on each monitor05:20
levanderTensop: /etc/modules05:20
naffy-duckapparle is amd64 an ntfs partition?05:20
commonlyUNIQU3levander- yeah, I don't want the "one big screen" mode05:20
gmcastilnaffy-duck: NTFS is a windows partition05:20
nickrudnaffy-duck: pretty easy, yes. Although you can do the partition shrinking in vista ahead of time. See http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/tutorial133.html for some info on that05:20
levandercommonlyUNIQU3: Then you don't have Xinerama setup right yet.  That's the whole thing Xinerama does.05:20
naffy-duckapparle, also seeing the dealer isn't an option, i bought this laptop in India, and am back in Aus05:21
gmcastilcommonlyUNIQU3: what window manager are you using?05:21
commonlyUNIQU3levander- maybe I'll have to keep trying05:21
naffy-ducknickrud k, tks for the url05:21
commonlyUNIQU3gmcastil- gnome05:21
levandercommonlyUNIQU3: If you were more specific about where you are, maybe someone in here could help you?05:21
Tensopnaffy-duck: prolly not the best move buying a laptop overseas :P05:21
RasterBurnerhey - anyone know how to install WoW on on Ubuntu?05:22
naffy-duckTensop, in someways, yeah, but the price was right :)05:22
nickrudnaffy-duck: I try to do all my windows manipulations with microsoft tools, they don't say enough about how they do things for me to trust reverse engineered tools05:22
gmcastilnaffy-duck: i would probably just use the livecd to partition the thing the way i wanted and then reinstall vinsta05:22
seacatTensop, Over what seas?   :)05:22
Tensopthe indian ocean? :)05:22
commonlyUNIQU3levander- where I am?05:22
norvRasterBurner: you may have luck running it in Wine or a commercial derivative05:22
gmcastilnickrud: partition magic seems to have a pretty good track record resizing ntfs partitions05:22
pawsmacker!42 > me05:22
gmcastilRasterBurner: a lot of people have run wow under wine05:22
pawsmacker!42 | me05:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 42 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:22
RasterBurnerthanks norv! ill check that out05:23
nickrudgmcastil: heard both ways myself. gparted destroyed my windows install, but since I'd only owned the laptop for about an hour, no harm done05:23
seacatgmcastil, With any luck?05:23
naffy-duckgmcastil i can't reinstall vista, was preinstalled, only gave me restore disk05:23
MegloAre there any good guides on how to do encrypted LVM on top of a software RAID 1 array with the debian installer on the altinstall CD?05:23
Tensophmm, not much activity in the ubuntu+1 channel, so ill pop this question up here05:23
joedjanyone care to suggest how i would install ubuntu without a bootable optical drive? i have an optical drive, it just isn't bootable05:23
gmcastilseacat: wow? yes05:23
seacatgmcastil, My son is a wow player....05:23
Tensopis heron going to go the 2.6.24 release for the kernel or will it stay with the RC05:23
apparlenaffy-duck: Funny I am an Indian. People in India think of bringing laptops from ther countries, You are the first person I know who has done the reverse05:23
gmcastilseacat: its a real hack...and slow05:23
gmcastilseacat: real slow05:23
naffy-duckTensop ,??? Indian ocean?05:24
nickrud!install | joedj one of the links on the installation page will have a method you can use05:24
ubotujoedj one of the links on the installation page will have a method you can use: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate05:24
gmcastilseacat: tell him to quit playing WoW...he'll thank you later05:24
Tensophttp://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=9429 < WoW info05:24
gmcastilseacat: that game robbed me of a year of my life05:24
hsystemxXnaffiduck, partition your disk right now, then do a restore with the cds it shiped with your laptop, it is supposed to leave the partition you created intact..05:24
hsystemxXthen try installing ubuntu.05:24
seacatgmcastil, I did, I did!  :)05:24
Meglojoedj, look into making a boot floppy05:24
Tensopnaffy-duck: are you in australia or austria :)05:25
gmcastilhsystemxX: i'd imagine the restore disk will repartition it for him and make it just as it left the factorty05:25
nickrudseacat: he'll outgrow it (hopefully)05:25
gmcastilnickrud: i wish i'd never played05:25
DWSRWhat's the quickest way to remove xubuntu-desktop and all of it's dependancies?05:25
gmcastilDWSR: reinstall?05:25
Tensopit's a big long command05:25
naffy-duckapparle , namaste, kaiser hain? ;) I needed a laptop there after 6mths05:25
iNTRONIXHas Someone tested PacSteamT on Ubuntu? It might work if ordinarry Steam works.05:25
naffy-duckTensop Aussie05:25
DWSRgmcastil: No, I was thinking since I don't have physical access to the box in question, I would do it via SSH.05:25
hsystemxXgmcastil, right, but some restore disk, leave the partitions intact, at least with a ntfs working partition. If there is NO partition, it will re-create them.05:26
Tensophttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=576111 < removing xubuntu05:26
DWSRTensop: There's no way to get apt to remove a package and all of it's dependancies?05:26
hsystemxXand sorry for my english , im not american :)05:26
gmcastilDWSR: there are a LOT of things that are probalby tied together by dependencies...i'd probably not mess with it05:26
nickrudDWSR: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome05:26
gmcastil...but apparenty, others have taken the time to do it :)05:26
nickrudgmcastil: some of the things people do to their ubuntu, there's gotta way to escape kde and xfce05:27
gmcastila lot of the libs are still used, though...k3b for example requires the KDE stuff05:28
apparlenaffy-duck: namaste main achha hoon. from which place are you05:28
nickrudhsystemxX: it worked that way for me, just used the ntfs partition I provided05:28
naffy-duckapparle im back in Melbourne05:28
DWSRthanks nickrud.05:28
DWSRgmcastil: I'm going for SSH only.05:28
DWSRI don't care about anything graphical or gnome or X.05:28
ivanhoehello evrybody05:29
naffy-duckapparle which country r u in?05:29
ivanhoehow can i download from megaupload05:29
ivanhoein ubuntu05:29
Tensophmm, ive got a heap of "pid: xxxx comm: modprobe tainted: p xxxxxx" in /var/log/messages - ignorable?05:29
bazhangivanhoe: download what05:29
timandtomI'm trying to install Ubuntu 7.10 from CD that I know works onto an older computer. When I go to boot Ubuntu and so I can install it, after the initial loading screen, it just goes black, and stays like that for a while. Is it just really slow, or is there a problem?05:29
gmcastilDWSR: well, then i'd probably just pick a distro that let me be more selective in what i installed - centOS comes to mind05:29
ivanhoedownload  files from megaupload05:29
gmcastiltimandtom: you'll probably need to modify some of the boot params when the livecd starts05:30
cubetimandtom download the alternative install cd05:30
hsystemxXivanhoe, i have the answer but05:30
DWSRgmcastil: I was going to use the Ubuntu server disk, but I figured that I can use the LiveCD to recover Windows systems, so why not just go with that and remove all the crap that I don't need?05:30
cubetimandtom and if the computer is really old get xubuntu05:30
hsystemxXsend me a pv, because it is on spanish and i have to traduce it for you.05:30
gmcastilDWSR: cuz it sounds like its a pain05:30
DWSRgmcastil: There a command written down somewhere to remove all of X?05:30
gmcastilDWSR: unless there is a way to pick what yo uwant to install05:31
timandtomgmcastil: How hard would that be? Or would cube's suggestion of downloading the alternative install cd work better?05:31
DWSRgmcastil: It's not really. It just uninstalled all of Xubuntu in the time between now and when I got the command.05:31
gmcastiltimandtom: fixng the boot params takes a few seconds05:31
nickrudDWSR: you can just leave all that stuff there, and use rcconf to disable gdm. X won't start05:31
DWSRnickrud: I want to free up the extra space though.05:31
gmcastilDWSR: if someone has already figured out the command to run, then thats a differnet story05:31
cubeyeah but if its like a pIII or something shouldn't he use xubuntu?05:31
timandtomcube: like, 96mb RAM, 8gb hard drive, crappy motherboard and onboard video... I don't know how old really. Small case, purple faceplate, Explora brand, if you happen to know it :P05:31
hsystemxXivanhoe my bad, cant receive pm.05:32
hsystemxXivanhoe pay attention:05:32
ivanhoei cant send05:32
timandtomgmcastil: Ah :D Any idea what I would need to change though?05:32
cubeanything VIA I would use xubuntu!05:32
ivanhoei put atetion05:32
matt__i have a question05:32
gmcastiltimandtom: remove the 'quiet' and 'splash' options05:32
naffy-duckgmcastil what is/is there an issue with amd64 bit and ubuntu?05:32
cubetimandtom what kind of CPU is it05:32
gmcastiltimandtom: try that and see how it works05:32
hsystemxXDownload this extension for firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5905:32
nickrud!ask | matt__05:33
ubotumatt__: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:33
gmcastilnaffy-duck: there are a few difficulties with running 64-bit - namely the availability of 64-bit binaries from the outside world (namely Flash)05:33
norvtimandtom: you won't be running any DE with 96mb05:33
timandtomcube: Pentium 2 I THINK, but I'll double check05:33
matt__um i need a vurtal machine but i dont know one05:33
timandtomgmcastil: How do I do that?05:33
matt__well i do bu tit did not work right05:33
ATG /server irc.7chan.org05:33
ivanhoewell  i have this extenioo05:33
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
norvmatt__: VirtualBox05:34
ivanhoeand dont works05:34
nickrudmatt__: add   deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu gutsy partner   to your sources.list, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get  install vmware-server05:34
naffy-duckgmcastil k, so, inet browsing is affected, anyone know of any other 64-32 bit software issues?05:34
gmcastilnaffy-duck: acrobat reader probably isn't available in 64-bit linux version05:34
hsystemxXivanhow then in firefox after you install that add on, you must go to TOOLS->user agent->options->options->user agent->add05:34
timandtomnorv: Meh, well, I figure I'll try it. Worst case, I lose a coupla hours of time I would have spent otherwise on my Gamecube :) If this doesn't work, I'll try a different distro05:34
cubetimandtom http://xubuntu.org/ get xubuntu but click on a mirror and get the alternative install cd of xubuntu05:34
hsystemxXivanhow, then fill the blanks with:05:35
hsystemxXDESCRIPTION: Internet Explorer 6 + Alexa Toolbar05:35
hsystemxXUSER AGENT: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; Alexa Toolbar)05:35
hsystemxXAPP NAME : Microsft Internet Explorer05:35
hsystemxXAPP VERSION : 4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)05:35
hsystemxXPLATFORM : Win3205:35
FloodBot3hsystemxX: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:35
gmcastiltimandtom: try editing the boot options first - your problem of having a blank screen after booting is pretty common05:35
DWSRgmcastil: Does Ubuntu server simply have Ubuntu-base installed?05:35
nickrudnaffy-duck: you don't need adobereader for ubuntu, it has it's own pdf reader05:35
naffy-duckgmcastil so basically what ur saying is most multimedia 32 bit opensource apps - equiv to what's available on windows?05:35
FlannelDWSR: Its got a little more than that, but yes, its just the CLI apps05:35
gmcastilnickrud: i was just saying that if you really wanted the adobe version, you're out of luck05:35
hsystemxXivanhow then in firefox after you install that add on, you must go to TOOLS->user agent->options->options->user agent->add05:35
norvtimandtom: oh right, alternate install and make sure not to specify any packages like Xubuntu Desktop. then apt-get install "blackbox" or some such05:35
timandtomcube: Ah, k, thanks. So xubuntu is basically ubuntu for slow computers? Are there any major differences?05:36
gmcastilnaffy-duck: i'm saying that 64-bit binaries in linux are rare05:36
gmcastilDWSR: i didn't see one05:36
DWSRI'm watching my server load drop past 0.205:36
nickrudgmcastil: ah, missed that part.05:36
hsystemxXivanhoe, then fill the blanks like this: DESCRIPTION: Internet Explorer 6 + Alexa Toolbar05:36
naffy-ducknickrud k, tks for that05:36
DWSRI love removing X.05:36
ubuntu_IM NOW05:36
hsystemxXivanhoe, USER AGENT: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; Alexa Toolbar)05:36
Flannel!caps | ubuntu_05:36
ubuntu_im new05:36
ubotuubuntu_: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.05:36
hsystemxXivanhoe, APP NAME : Microsft Internet Explorer05:36
gmcastilnickrud: sorry, wasn't clear - you can read pdfs, just probably not with adobe's thang, unless they have released a 64-bit version (unlikely as hell)05:36
nickrudnaffy-duck: there's no pressing reason to use the 64bit version yet anyway05:36
hsystemxXivanhoe, APP VERSION : 4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)05:36
drgebis there an audio player that can play PCM 16 bit raw audio files ?05:36
hsystemxXivanhoe, PLATFORM : Win3205:36
gmcastilnaffy-duck: personally, I disagree with nick, but thats me05:36
DWSRgmcastil: As root, how can I log users out remotely?05:37
gmcastilnaffy-duck: i'm also not exactly a novice user, either, so i'm willing to deal with some of the consequences05:37
DJAdmiralis it just me, or are the current updates broken?05:37
hsystemxXivanhoe, anyway, http://www.ubuntu-es.org/index.php?q=node/24884  after the step 2 (paso 2)05:37
gmcastilDWSR: kill the process that they've logged in on05:37
naffy-duckgmcastil , nickrud, excuse my ignorance, but there are plenty of 32 bit equivalent multilmedia software to use in abuntu?05:37
DWSRgmcastil: It's tty1.05:37
cubetimandtom: yeah the major difference is your session instead of gnome or kde you would use05:37
Gnine64bit version available since feisty05:37
gmcastilDWSR: kill the proces id05:37
cubetimandtom: Xfce405:38
nickrudnaffy-duck: yep.  About the only thing you can't play is drm protected stuff05:38
naffy-ducknickrud k, tks05:38
gmcastilnaffy-duck: there are some - things like Maple, Flash, a few others that i can't seem to remember that you won't be able to find for 64-bit linux05:38
DWSRgmcastil: Doesn't work. Process is still there. kill -9 it?05:38
gmcastilDWSR: yeah05:38
gmcastilnaffy-duck: there are several threads on this in the forums and mailing lists05:38
timandtomgmcastil: How do I edit boot options? And what do I change?05:39
timandtomcube: Ah, cool. I'll use that if this doesn't work05:39
gmcastiltimandtom: when it boots, i think yo upress esc or whatever05:39
naffy-duckgmcastil , nickrud, yeah, i'm suffering reading overload atm, funny tho, i find I can chat easily :)05:39
cubegood choice...i like gnome05:39
gmcastiltimandtom: then, you can edit the boot options05:39
nickrudnaffy-duck: you must be young, have the interactive disease ;)05:39
timandtomgmcastil: Oh, THOSE options... What do I change?05:39
sslashesi created an array using mdadm on a current Gentoo box - the drives were then moved to an ubuntu box - if i use "mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1", and mount md0, the directory is empty (i can assure you, it was not before) - but if I run "mdadm --create /dev/md0 --level=0 --raid-devices=2 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1", it warns me about an existant array created on Sep of 2007 (which is when I made the array on Gentoo) - any ideas?05:40
DJAdmiralGuys, I just installed ubuntu 7.10 and loads of my updates aren't installing05:40
gumby600mmsg nickserv ident05:40
cubeDJAmiral: what do you mean not installing? does it show the updates and then you don't see the effects?05:40
naffy-ducknickrud I'm basically trying to weigh up the install/run annoyance factor with the benefits of not having all my resources svcked up by windows05:40
gmcastiltimandtom: remove the 'quiet' and 'splash' options05:40
gmcastiltimandtom: you might try safe mode, too05:41
=== temagic is now known as Temagic
Tensopdunno about you, but with ubuntu vs xp... ubuntu guzzles the memory :)05:41
DJAdmiralttf-opensymbol, the entire openoffice.org package, and python-uno didn't update05:41
cubetimandtom: and if it is a p2 i would give it awhile when it seems as things have stopped05:41
hsystemxXguzzles mean?05:41
naffy-duckeeeew, Tensop throws in a curve ball :(05:41
TemagicHi everybody! I just have a quick question re ubuntu linux05:41
Tensopuses alot05:41
DJAdmiralit tells me that "An error occured" after updating05:42
cubeTensop: i tried out vista and used double to three times as much average memory for same usage05:42
nickrudnaffy-duck: for years I ran linux exclusively with the exception of one app for work ... now I don't at all05:42
gmcastiltimandtom: i agree with cube - and having those options gone will let you see whats actually going on a lot easier05:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ncurses - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:42
ubotuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", the "apt:/" URL in KDE, or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!05:42
DJAdmiralI'll go give you the results in the pastebin05:42
Temagicis it possible to use another theme in ubuntu than the standard brown? i.e. a blue theme?05:42
hsystemxXXP sucks. its win32, and take more memory than any linux... remeber it depends on what processes are you running in ubuntu.05:42
Tensopyeah, vista uses alot of memory too05:42
nickrud!find libncurses5 | DWSR05:42
ubotudwsr: Found: libncurses5, libncurses5-dbg, libncurses5-dev05:42
Tensopbut that belongs in the bin :)05:42
DWSRAh, that's what I'm looking for.05:42
TensopXP boots up with ~95-120mb in use05:42
timandtomcube: Ok, will do05:42
DWSRncurses is still referred to by some packages, which is why I thought I needed to update.05:42
Tensopubuntu boots up with ~200mb or so05:43
nickrudTemagic: sure, system->prefs->appearance , hit the custom button05:43
timandtomgmcastil: Ok, thanks, I'll try that.05:43
TensopXP boots faster too05:43
Tensopbut thats only because its 7 years older :)05:43
gmcastiltimandtom: good luck05:43
Tensopim sure a 7 year old nix distro would boot quite fast05:43
Temagicnickrud: will it be consistent in all programs, windows etc?05:43
nickrudTemagic: all the gnome apps, yes. Not any kde apps you may install05:43
cubeTensop: offtopic might be better for you05:43
Temagicok, thanks05:43
hsystemxXtensop if thats the way, then try ubuntu 6.06 ...05:43
hsystemxXor ubuntu 5.X05:43
WGGMkIm having trouble trouble starting "DansGuardian", it just hangs on the server (Gutsy amd64) any thoughts?05:44
Tensopnah :P05:44
DJAdmiralcube, take a look: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4063/05:44
Tensopim running xp on the desktop and ubuntu 8.04 on the lappy05:44
naffy-ducknickrud , Tensop , gmcastil apparle , i think this is a job for an real world linux/ubuntu user group, which I'll probably find here in melbourne and save myself alot of grief:)05:44
Tensopim in melb, there are no user groups ;)05:44
Tensopexactly what's the problem naffy-duck05:45
nickrud!loco | naffy-duck05:45
ubotunaffy-duck: Information on Ubuntu Local Community Teams is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams05:45
hsystemxXit seems that there is more documentation in spanish for ubuntu than in english.05:45
biouseris there no GUI process manager in Gutsy?05:45
TemagicI'm currently sitting on a dell m1330 and installed opensuse, but the distro doesn't quite work with my laptop, then I googled and found out that ubuntu was 100% compatible with my machine:) I just didn't like the look of the distro. But if this is easy to change, I'll be downloading ubuntu now (actually I allready am...) So, soon I'll join the community:) Thanks for the quick reply05:45
nickrudnaffy-duck: the one in melbourne is pretty active I hear05:45
bod_hey guys,. how do i stop a ackage from showing up in the update manager? i dont want compiz05:45
gmcastilTemagic: there are several flavors which use different window managers05:45
biouserTemagic, you will like the look05:45
naffy-duckTensop 1/I've never used linux os 2/ My vista laptop has only one drive and two used partitions05:45
David37can anyone help me install nvidia display driver for an 8800gt i've downloaded it to the desktop but i have no clue what to do next05:46
gmcastilTemagic: for an older machine, you might try xubuntu05:46
Tensopwhat laptop naffy-duck05:46
cubeDjadmiral are you installing the updates through update-manager?05:46
naffy-ducktks obotu05:46
hsystemxXbiouser, with GUI: System Monitor, interminal:  ps -ef|grep YOUR-USER05:46
sk8deamonhi got a question how to modify ubuntu so i can create a os derived from ubuntu like xubuntu or kubuntu how  to package wut software do i need for this05:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lista - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:46
sk8deamoncan someone help05:46
naffy-duckTensop compaq pressario v600005:46
TemagicI hope so, it was just that the whole brown thing didn't quite make the cut... But I've heard ubuntu is the easiest and most supported distro, so I'm really looking forward to trying it out05:46
DJAdmiralsk8deamon, you could use a tool such as reconstructor.05:47
apparlenaffy-duck: I suggest you to seek someone good in Vista (Windows chatrooms) and ask how to resize the partition in Vista itself and then install ubuntu on new drive.05:47
cubeDjadmiral: if all you are having problems with is openoffice why don't you look for any needed files and if it doesn't work remove then install open office05:47
biouserthanx hsystemxX05:47
naffy-duckapparle k, good idea for starters05:47
Tensopnaffy-duck- i dont use vista, but try this05:47
gmcastilnaffy-duck: partition magic is a program made to resize partitions - its likely about the only choice you have05:47
Tensopstart > run > diskmgmt.msc05:47
David37can anyone help me install nvidia display driver for an 8800gt i've downloaded it to the desktop but i have no clue what to do next05:47
Temagicgmcastil: Nah, 2,2ghz C2D with 4GB RAM, running Vista, so I'm sure ubuntu will be just fine:)05:47
DJAdmiralcube, you're not getting me05:47
Tensopthat should open up the diskman snapin in vista05:47
gmcastilTensop: that won't work05:47
sk8deamondjadmiral how to change basic code of ubuntu05:47
Tensopwhat, doesent exist in vista gmcastil?05:47
gmcastilTemagic: yeah, that's a little less than what i have - it runs just fine05:47
gmcastilTensop: mt, srry05:48
fallore_can anyone help me get digital audio working on my ubuntu box? i can get it to work just fine with the same set up on for example my cable box but when plugged into the linux box it doesn't work.05:48
DJAdmiralsk8deamon: how experienced are you with linux?05:48
sk8deamonnot much thats why all the questions05:48
hsystemxXDavid37 , i would help you, but some people may critize the way I install nvidia drivers (envy script).05:48
DJAdmiraland why would you want to change the basic code?05:48
Temagicyeah, but it's a laptop, so I really don't expect too much from it...05:48
cubeDavid: before you try installing the downloaded driver try getting nvidia-glx (new driver) within your package manager05:48
sk8deamonnever used it infact05:48
hsystemxXso, wait for other hehe.05:48
gmcastilTensop: no...right guy - yeah, windows doesn't have a native way to do it05:48
David37pm me please05:48
gmcastilTemagic: as is mine - it works awesome05:48
sk8deamontrying to get into it now05:48
RiantheBearhey im an apple user looking for some help with my ubuntu, cant figure out my booting issue05:48
sk8deamonthats why05:48
DJAdmiralsk8deamon, then don't bother making a custom version yet.05:49
alanbshepard70how do I empty the trash when it contains files I don't have permissions for? I downloaded a package and it contained files with root permissions, once I deleted the file I can't get it to be completly trashed05:49
gmcastilTemagic: linux isn't anywhere near as harsh with system resources as windows is - 4 GB is way overkill05:49
hsystemxXDavid37, wait, let me register my user .05:49
naffy-duckgmcastil i was just reading about a partmagic clone called QTparted, anyone know this?05:49
Tensoptheres probably a few partition resizers around for vista05:49
DJAdmiralmodifying the "basic code" isn't necessary at all.05:49
sk8deamonwut do u mean05:49
sk8deamonif its opensource05:49
gmcastilnaffy-duck: i'v enever heard of it - i would be leery of something new05:49
DWSR!find libtcl05:49
ubotuFound: libtcl-chiark-1, libtclap-dev, libtcltk-ruby, libtcltk-ruby1.8, libtcltk-ruby1.905:49
David37ive been messing with this for like 8 hours off and on since last night05:49
Tensopwhen i bought my laptop(acer 5315) i just wiped the vista+restore partition, put xp+ubuntu on05:49
sk8deamonwell i want to see wuts going on behind the scenes05:49
DWSR!find tcl05:49
ubotuFound: expect-tcl8.3, expect-tcl8.3-dev, libdb4.2-tcl, libdb4.3-tcl, python-dictclient (and 76 others)05:49
cubedavid: but you need to enable proprietary drivers in system-admin-software sources05:49
David37reading the forums and cnat get it to work05:49
sk8deamonlike wut it was built on05:49
fallore_can anyone help me get digital audio working on my ubuntu box? i can get it to work just fine with the same set up on for example my cable box but when plugged into the linux box it doesn't work.05:49
seacatsk8deamon, sudo apt-get install kbuntu-desktop05:50
TemagicI found an iso image for ubuntu, preconfigured with all drivers and everyting for my laptop from the dell website, so I won't have to configure and solve issues and such... opensuse was a nightmare... used the whole day just to get internet and my bluetooth mouse working (I have no linux skills, so it took awhile...)05:50
DJAdmiralIf you're making a new derivation of ubuntu, then you don't need to modify the basic code05:50
KuroachiaDoes anyone know how I can get my gdesklets to run on startup?05:50
hsystemxXerm a noob question: cant remember how to register my nick... how it was?05:50
TtechTemagic,  got a link?05:50
sk8deamonbut can i05:50
DJAdmiralyou just modify what you need to.05:50
naffy-duckTensop what do u lose in going back from vista to xp?05:50
gmcastilDavid37: there are a ton of google references about installing the drivers for an 8800 card05:50
fallore_hsystemxX: /msg nickserv register password email i think05:50
KuroachiahsystemxX: /msg nickserv identify <password>05:50
fallore_hsystemxX: you might not need email05:50
gmcastilWGGMk: PASS05:50
TtechTemagic,  thansk05:50
Tensopnaffy-duck: i removed the vista partition+restore partition and put XP on05:50
fallore_Kuroachia: thats to identify after being registered, just fyi05:50
seacathsystemxX, /msg nickserv identify passwordhere05:51
WGGMkgmcastil: acctually fail, im having issues with my sound.. its on/off05:51
Tensopi didnt want vista at all - laptop only has 512mb and vista has a sucky gui05:51
gmcastilWGGMk: FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!05:51
DJAdmiralsk8deamon, that's really not recommended for inexperienced linux users. You'd only end up having a broken system.05:51
sco50000what is the root password for the fiesty 7.04 live cd?05:51
cubegmcastil: there are tons of google references for fixing most things we all get help for :005:51
WGGMkgmcastil: but thnx05:51
Kuroachiafallore: yessum05:51
fallore_hsystemxX: /msg nickserv register password email i think05:51
gmcastilTensop: 1/2 a gig? my god, i'm surprised that it boots05:51
sk8deamoni know but got any books05:51
sco50000what is the root password for the kubuntu fiesty 7.04 live cd?05:51
fallore_can anyone help me get digital audio working on my ubuntu box? i can get it to work just fine with the same set up on for example my cable box but when plugged into the linux box it doesn't work.05:51
Tensopheh, it hardly booted up vista with 512mb gmcastil :)05:51
sk8deamonor any software to start with05:51
naffy-duckTensop yes, i mean in performance and security tween vista and xp, xp isn't 64 bit is it?05:51
sk8deamonso  ican learn05:51
norvsk8deamon: compiling your own kernel (i.e. Linux) is one thing, modifying it is a whole different story05:51
gmcastilcube: lol...some of these questions....grrr05:51
Tensopnaffy-duck what's your laptop specs05:51
hsystemxXthanks fallore (Y) it worked, without email.05:51
DJAdmiralthe best way to learn is to be a bash guru.05:52
Tensopx86-64 isnt *real* 64bit processing05:52
qarlI've tweaked my .bashrc command prompt (PS1), but now when the shell wraps onto itself when I type a really long command. Any ideas on how to fix this?05:52
gmcastilTensop: it must draaaaaaaaaag05:52
Tensopits merely an extension of the addressable memory space05:52
hsystemxXthanks the other for the replys.05:52
bod_!repeat > fallore_                    please read the private message from ubotu05:52
sco50000what is the root password for the kubuntu fiesty 7.04 live cd?05:52
wsguedehelp! ok, so i was looking to connect to my desktop version of ubuntu from an off IP site. What is the best way to do this?05:52
TemagicTensop: x86_64 isn't real 64-bit? please elaborate...05:52
czrTensop, with 64-bit registers and other 64-bit stuff. how exactly isn't it real 64-bit?05:52
gmcastilwsguede: SSH05:52
WGGMkHaving an issue with my sound, it decides when it wants to work.. When running a music player it will sometimes just lock up the application05:52
poningruwsguede: what do you mean connect?05:52
DJAdmiraldo you have any programming/development experience, though?05:52
gmcastilczr: the OS has to be written to take advantage of it05:52
hsystemxXDavid37 im PM you.05:52
wsguedegmcastil: and what do i need to install05:52
czrgmcastil, linux is.05:52
naffy-duckTensop amd 64 1.9ghz , 1gigdram, 120gig hd, nvidia,05:52
jwelcherwhere does Dapper (6.06) rotate for syslog (i.e /var/log/messages) get set?05:52
gmcastilczr: 64-bit versions of linux are - most people aren't using 64-bit linux05:53
poningruwsguede: just downloading files? or controlling the entire desktop (like opening applications etc.)?05:53
jwelcherNot in /etc/logrotate.conf apparently or /etc/logrotate.d...05:53
gmcastilwsguede: nothing - ssh is part of a standard linux install05:53
wsguedeponingru: well, my computer here has all my music, i want access to it, from off the IP05:53
czrgmcastil, that doesn't make x86-64 any less 64-bit as an arch.05:53
TemagicSo, do you guys recommend 32-bit or 64-bit ubuntu... my processor is a 64-bit C2D?05:53
sco50000what is the root password for the kubuntu fiesty 7.04 live cd?05:53
sk8deamoni do vb, c, c++, java, html, php, css, oracle, sql05:53
czrTemagic, how much memory do you have?05:53
poningruwsguede: you just want access to your music?05:53
wsguedegmcastil: so how would i putty in?05:53
hsystemxXsco500000, password =  livecd05:53
sk8deamonwant to something like bumptop but for fox chase cancer center05:53
wsguedeponingru: sure05:53
seacatTemagic, 3205:53
poningruthen ssh is probably the best05:53
czrTemagic, if you have less than 3 GiB and are a "regular desktop user", go with 32-bit.05:53
sk8deamoni am working there as a student05:53
ubotuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/05:53
DWSR!find zlib05:53
ubotuFound: libcompress-raw-zlib-perl, libio-compress-zlib-perl, libio-zlib-perl, libruby1.8, zlib1g (and 9 others)05:53
sk8deamonand i want to get into this05:54
Tensopx86_64 was introduced to get around the 4gb memory issue05:54
sk8deamonfor research laptops05:54
gmcastilwsguede: putty is the right thing to use on windows, just make sure that port 22 is open on your firewall, then connect05:54
sk8deamonfor nurses05:54
poningruwsguede: see that guide ubotu pointed to regarding ssh05:54
Tensopits an extension of the addressable memory space - its not capable of executing a 64bit long string05:54
jwelcherIs there some other configuration for /var/log/messsages or other log rotator than logrotate?05:54
gmcastilwsguede: i prefer to use cygwin myself, but its a matter of preference05:54
norvsk8deamon: err, something like a Beowulf cluster huh?05:54
Temagici'm a regular laptop user... will ubuntu work with 4gig memory (3.2 or whatever) without hangups or instability?05:54
DJAdmiralI see05:54
gmcastilTemagic: mine works fine05:54
WGGMkHaving an issue with my sound, it decides when it wants to work.. When running a music player it will sometimes just lock up the application05:55
wsguedegmcastil: will do, one last thing... how do i go about making different users to log in via ssh?05:55
poningruTensop: uh...05:55
gmcastilTemagic: stability isn't much an issue with linux, software is usually the only problem05:55
gmcastilwsguede: useradd05:55
DJAdmiralseriously though, don't get round to modifying a system you don't even know yet05:55
gmcastilwsguede: useradd <newuser>05:55
gmcastilwsguede: passwd <newuser>05:55
naffy-duckTensop , tougher question, once ubuntu is installed, will my machine be able to switch back and fro between the two os?05:55
poningruTensop: not true at all, only in old intel em64t is thats true05:55
Temagicvista doesn't work out-of-box with 4 gig, needs some patch from winupd, then you can insert the last mem module...lol05:55
gmcastilwsguede: easy as pie05:55
jwelcher# grep messages /etc/logrotate.conf /etc/logrotate.d/*05:55
DJAdmiralyou should be completely comfortable with it first, and know what to modify :)05:55
gmcastilwsguede: you can even log into your own machine from itself05:55
bod_WGGMk, are you using alsa throughout your system?05:55
Tensopnaffy-duck: you need to sort out the partition issue before proceeding with installing ubuntu05:56
David37hsystem can you read me in the pm box i can read you05:56
poningruwsguede: just go to system->admin->user and add user05:56
WGGMkbod_: as far as i can tell yes05:56
jwelcherBut something is rotating it weekly...05:56
gmcastiljwelcher: check if cron has something going on05:56
norvsk8deamon: or just a standard 'internet application'05:56
norvgmcastil: graphics cards can seriously hit stability, and networking.. those are the only things that ever hard locked the system or paniced the kernel05:56
naffy-duckTensop sure, no probs with that, just want to know if i can dual boot?05:56
bod_WGGMk, i dont suppose you've found a definate trigger, anything that will definately kill the sound?05:56
gmcastilnorv: is this for a server?05:56
Temagicso, a more diffucult question folks... I have opensuse and vista installed on my computer and want to replace opensuse with ubuntu... is this straight-forward in the installer or do I need some wizard skills?05:57
wsguedeponingru: what does an unprivileged user get to do?05:57
gmcastilTemagic: yes, its straightforward05:57
WGGMkbod_: no I have not, sometimes restarting the system will fix the issue, but sometimes it will stick around05:57
jwelchergmcastil: thx. there is a logrotate in there kicked off daily, but in /etc/cron.daily, there is also a sysklogd that does it's own thing.05:57
seacatTemagic, Just put the Ubuntu CD in and do the install.  Nothing out of the ordinary.05:57
WGGMkbod_: i previously had Pidgin set to automatic (sound) but just changed it to ALSA and it did not make a difference05:57
bod_WGGMk, does it ever die out of the blue, while listening to music or something?05:57
wsguedeponingru: what does an unprivileged user get to do?05:57
gmcastilTemagic: if you haven't already, i'd recommend making multiple partitions (one for /home, /, /boot, and swap)05:58
David37hmm i could read hsystemx but i guess he couldnt read me05:58
WGGMkbod_: not that I recall no05:58
Tensopnaffy-duck: grub will let you dual boot, as long as you dont destroy the other o/s during install05:58
Temagicgmcastil: I have on opensuse, but I recon the ubuntu setup will do this for me, or?05:58
gmcastilnaffy-duck: you typically need to have windows installed first so that grub can squeeze it off to the side05:58
naffy-duckTensop grub being/05:58
bod_WGGMk, ok,. can you pastebin your output for     lspci05:58
sk8deamonhow do u create somethign like ubuntu from scratch05:58
Tensopgrub is a boot loader05:58
procrastinatordoes anyone know how to resolve this error: http://img82.imageshack.us/img82/2622/screenshotgnomemountmm7.png  (trying to mount an onboard raid)05:59
WGGMkbod_: sure, gimme 205:59
naffy-duckk, tks05:59
gmcastilTemagic: yeah, the ubuntu instlaler will ask you if you want to do your drives manually - say yes, then sort out the linux partitions the way you want to05:59
seacatsk8deamon,  you want to roll your own distro?05:59
czrsk8deamon, google for 'linux from scratch' and reverse endless amount of time and patience.05:59
gmcastilTemagic: just don't delete the nfs pratitoin05:59
czrsk8deamon, reserve even :-)05:59
jwelchergmcastil: Thanks for your help. Ha ha, there is a perl script: /usr/sbin/syslogd-listfiles that parses /etc/syslog.conf.... oh man... well, that answers my question.05:59
gmcastilczr: i ran LFS for about a year....i liked it, but its HARD05:59
naffy-duckscuse me, i need to take a break and weep a little, tks for ur help mighty ones :)05:59
gmcastiljwelcher: :)05:59
Temagicok,so then I delete the old linux partitions, and create new ones... will grub or whatever bootloader recognize that vista is installed and opensuse removed?05:59
WGGMkbod_: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54289/06:00
czrgmcastil, it's an educative experience :-)06:00
gmcastilTemagic: if the partitions you want to have already exist, you'll just format over the old ones06:00
gmcastilczr: Yes. It. Is.06:00
DJAdmiralsk8deamon: ubuntu's not made from scratch.06:00
wsguedegmcastil: so if i wanted to ssh into my desktop from an outside ip, i would... ssh to (myIP)  ???06:00
gmcastilTemagic: pastebin fdisk if you like, i'l look at it06:00
seacatsk8deamon,  you want to roll your own distro?:  http://lifehacker.com/software/featured-linux-download/roll-your-own-ubuntu-live-cd-with-reconstructor-276092.php06:00
gmcastilssh gmcastil@my.ip.address06:00
DJAdmiralsk8deamon: it's based on debian, and it's worked on by both a community and a full list of professional workers.06:01
bod_WGGMk,  how many lines are given as the output for this      lspci | grep audio06:01
Temagicgmcastil: please elaborate? I'm running off linux now, so no fdisk? Where do I find this information in linux, and where do I post it for you to see?06:01
sk8deamonthanks seacat06:01
gmcastilTemagic: you'll post it in the pastebin06:01
sk8deamontahnks djadmiral06:01
gmcastil!pastebin > Temagic06:01
WGGMkbod_: i dont get any lines06:01
DJAdmiralHowever if you still insist on making your own distro from scratch with zero linux experience whatsoever, then feel free to try out www.linuxfromscratch.org06:02
gmcastilTemagic: su to root and run fdisk /dev/<hard drive> and then 'p'rint the partition table06:02
bod_WGGMk, do the command again with a capital A for Audio06:02
Temagicthanks, didn't know... I'll post in pastbin06:02
sk8deamondjadmiral can u talk privately06:02
DJAdmiralbut be warned, there's a high chance of your system breaking if you don't know what you're doing >_<06:02
gmcastilLFS is madness if you've not used linux for a while06:02
WGGMkbod_: it only returns 1 line06:03
czrDJAdmiral, one could even say that if the system doesn't break, then LFS is a failure. failure = learning :-)06:03
DJAdmiralgmcastil: aye06:03
gmcastilit took me about a month of building to get a system that was usable06:03
seacatsk8deamon, Want to build  your own custom Linux  system, entirely from source code?: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/06:03
bod_WGGMk, ok next question, why is your graphics card delivering you sound?06:03
gmcastilTemagic: yeah...you know how to use fdisk?06:03
gmcastilTemagic: you'll need to be root06:03
DJAdmiralczr, not to the extent when your machine becomes completely inoperable.06:03
DJAdmiralbut yes, I agree with you up to a point06:04
WGGMkbod_: im not sure I have an answer for that, could it have anything to do with the fact that my machine is a laptop?06:04
gmcastilczr: well, actually, you'll probably not be able to boot the first time - you'll forget to build in IDE support06:04
Temagicunable to open /dev/hda06:04
czrgmcastil, plural you yes. not me :-)06:04
DJAdmiralsk8, I initiated a private chat with you06:04
seacatTemagic, sudo fdisk -l06:04
gmcastilTemagic: what device is your hard drive?06:04
gmcastilTemagic: and yeah, as root :)06:04
sk8deamoni am talking06:04
sosus_Has anyone ever had a problem with video playback in skype? The person I am talking to tells me that they can see me on my webcam, but I can't see their webcam, nor the image of my own webcam (although ekiga works fine)06:05
sk8deamonbut guess i have to register or something06:05
DJAdmiralI'm not getting any replies.06:05
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration06:05
Temagicahhh... sda:)06:05
bod_WGGMk, yer,. but no,.,. lol,.,. ok,. type this in a terminal      alsamixer06:05
DJAdmiralyes, you have to register.06:05
FlannelDJAdmiral: you can /msg nickserv set unfiltered on06:05
WGGMkbod_: and then?06:05
* czr hopes that soon one will not see /dev/hd* anymore06:05
bod_WGGMk, make sure none of those bars are muted06:05
DJAdmiralThanks, Flannel06:06
biouserI lost my downloads in firefox.  They always came to the desktop now the download window doesn't come up and I can't find the file06:06
gmcastilczr: i really hate the whole UUID thing that ubuntu is hooked on06:06
gmcastilbiouser: probably in ~/Desktop06:06
WGGMkbod_: how would I be able to determine that? is this the same as double clicking on the volume indicator in the taskbar?06:06
czrgmcastil, I like it personally. labels would have been better for desktop use, but UUID is technically more elegant. but that's just me :-)06:07
gmcastilbiouser: or, you can just open a terminal and do: find | grep <filename>06:07
biouserI lost my downloads in firefox.  They always came to the desktop.  Now, the download window doesn't come up and I can't find the file.06:07
seacatbiouser, Edit -> Preferences ->06:07
Temagicgmcastil: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54290/06:07
gmcastilczr: yeah, i agree with the elegant bit, but it frustated me a lot when i first installed this weekend06:07
czrgmcastil, heh, I know that feeling :-)06:07
biousergmcastil, thanks, not in /Desktop though.  THanks fo the grep syntax06:07
gmcastilTemagic: yeah dude - you'r ein good shape06:07
gmcastilbiouser: not /Desktop - ~/Desktop06:08
gmcastilTemagic: just make sure that yo udon't format the NTFS or /home partitions06:08
biousergmcastil, yeah, that's what I meant06:08
bod_WGGMk, this is gonna sound weird,.,. copy and paste the screen after youve typed alsamixer into pastebin06:08
biouserseacat, I'm listening06:08
hsystemxXkubuntu channel is patetic...06:09
seacatbiouser, Edit -> Preferences -> Main tab.... change as needed...06:09
Temagichmmm... /home ? is that a linux partition? which is currently occupied by opensuse...?06:09
gmcastilTemagic: one little warning, before you instal - rename your home directory something else, say...  "mv -v /home/Temagic /home/Temagic.old"06:09
WGGMkbod_: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54291/06:09
jscinozHey guys, im runing 7.10 with compiz, and it seems to be fine, ie fast and stable, except for one thing. When im running a 3d application, if something causes that application to lose focus, ie a pidgin guification or a rhythmbox bubble thing, my entire system hangs and needs a hard reboot, what can i do?06:09
biouserseacat, supposedly going to ~/Desktop and show downloads06:09
gmcastilbiouser: open firefox and press Ctrl-Y06:10
Temagicgmcastil: I have absolutely no files on opensuse that I need to save... is renaming home still apllicable?06:10
seacatbiouser, To the Desktop is the default setting, but change it to how-ever you want.06:10
gmcastilTemagic: yeah, the .X...  files can sometimes screw things up06:10
gmcastilbiouser: it'll show you in the dialog box where files are being downloaded06:10
bod_WGGMk, increse the first bar and the second to last bar to over half way up06:10
biousergmcastil, thanks for the tip.  so, it's not downloading recently for some reason06:11
Temagicwhere do I put in the command: mv -v /home/Temagic /home/Temagic.old06:11
WGGMkbod_: the master and PCM? they are both at 10006:11
gmcastilTemagic: the terminal06:11
gmcastilTemagic: you'll need to sudo it06:11
Temagicwhile running opensuse?06:11
gmcastilTemagic: plus, you want a clean home directory - then just change the permissions and get what you want06:11
gmcastilTemagic: yeah06:11
biousergmcastil, seacat 'open with' works but not save to disk06:11
seacatbiouser, Did you understand the instructions I gave you?06:11
bod_WGGMk, oh, ok,. hang on im just looking for another command,. gimme a sec06:12
biouserseacat, yes, I did all that06:12
WGGMkbod_: k06:12
gmcastilTemagic: what would be better is to just reformat /home, if you don't need anything on it06:12
=== rob_ is now known as r0bby_
kylix13hello, all. I am a new user for Ubuntu, It doen't have manual for the function fread(). How can I get it ? It doesn't have all libc user manuals and system call user manuals.06:13
Temagicisn't it possible to completely wipe the linux partitions during the install of ubuntu? or should I do it from windows first, and restore the mbr, and then install ubuntu? Yeah, I don't need anything from my linux partitions, I only tried to get opensuse to work, and failed:) so, I'llbe starting from scratch06:13
Guest56221yo got a quick question, I have irssi running right now but I got out of the terminal program where it was running in, how would I go about opening a new terminal and bringing the program back to the front06:13
=== verselet_girl_ is now known as cEw_eSemP_niEzZ
biousergmcastil, when I 'open with' the file goes to ~tmp and I can view it fine and it shows up in the downloads.  But, if I 'save to disk' nothing happens06:13
gmcastilkylix13: hehe06:13
FlannelTemagic: yeah.  Just reinstall, and slash and burn06:13
seacatbiouser, Did you check the option:  "Show the Downloads window when downloading file" ?06:13
biouserseacat, yes, and that works if i choose to open the file06:13
kylix13gmcastil: would you help me ?06:13
TemagicFlannel: will the bootloader of ubuntu pick up that opensuse has been cast to hell?06:14
gmcastilTemagic: ubuntu will take care of everything06:14
Temagicok, thanks06:14
FlannelTemagic: It may, it may not.  It won't be a problem if it still has the SuSe stuff06:14
gmcastilTemagic: just make sure that you assign the mount points correctly06:14
bod_WGGMk, type this          asoundconf set-default-card MCP5106:14
seacatbiouser, If you right-click on a link, you will get context menu with several options06:15
ldrebs_5is anyone here familiar with apollon?06:15
Temagicok, I think Iæ'll be able to do that... 24% of ubuntu downloaded... I'm getting excited:)06:15
WGGMkbod_: should it return anything?06:15
seacatbiouser, One being "Save Link as..."06:15
gmcastilwow....i'm trashed06:15
bod_WGGMk, if the command is succesfull,.,.no06:15
biouserseacat, right06:15
gmcastili drank a whole bottle of cote de rhone06:15
seacatbiouser, Ok, that should do it, right?06:15
ldrebs_4is anyone familiar with apollon06:15
Flannel!offtopic | gmcastil06:15
ubotugmcastil: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:15
WGGMkbod_: then it was successful i suppose06:16
BodOmLaWright now im on the running ubuntu live cause i cant get dmraid to work, can anybody help me?06:16
bod_WGGMk, good,. 1 sec06:16
gmcastilFlannel: i'm not in the mood for a reprimand06:16
BodOmLaWright now im on the running ubuntu live cause i cant get dmraid to work, can anybody help me?06:16
ldrebscan anyone help me with apollon06:17
Flannelgmcastil: Then go to #ubuntu-offtopic and be belligerent06:17
biouserI need to change the permissions on ~/Desktop for some reason06:17
bod_WGGMk, type this        cat /proc/asound/cards                 and pastebin the output06:17
seacatBodOmLaW, It works like this:  You ask specific questions, you get specific answers.06:17
biouserthe owner is root and I think I need to give myself access06:17
BodOmLaWlol right06:17
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gmcastilbiouser: open a terminal, then: "chown biouser:biouser -Rv ~/Desktop06:18
ldrebsMy apollon will not connect to the networks, all it ever says is connecting.... What could be causing this?06:18
gmcastilFlannel: go die in a fire06:18
seacatbiouser,  Access to what?06:18
PKdoRWhat foldr are my apps installed to?06:18
astro76!coc | gmcastil06:18
ubotugmcastil: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/06:18
gmcastilbiouser: how did it get root ownership/06:18
WGGMkbod_: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54294/06:18
bod_gmcastil, please keep it polite06:18
gmcastil<sigh> no good deed goes unpunished06:18
gmcastilPKdoR: file structure in linux is very different than in windows06:19
biousergmcastil, I don't know how that happened.  But, changing the ownership did work just now06:19
ldrebsMy apollon will not connect to the networks, all it ever says is connecting.... What could be causing this?06:19
gmcastilbiouser: you go it?06:19
wershow do I edit the properties of the SLAB/gnome-main-menu?06:19
Guest56221so there is no way to bring a program back to the front of the terminal after exiting the terminal?06:19
gmcastilPKdoR: programs aren't installed in a direcory like in windows - different types of files go to different places06:19
biousergmcastil, brilliant!  thank you so much!06:19
=== Guest56221 is now known as GerrySly
gmcastilbiouser: yup06:19
seacatbiouser, What are permissions now?    ls -l ~/Desktop06:19
bod_WGGMk, do you have sound atm?06:19
ldrebsgmcastil....are you familiar with apollon?06:20
biousergmcastil, that is pretty strange06:20
gmcastilldrebs: no...i'd just google it if i wanted to know about it, i've never heard of it06:20
crdlbGerrySly: use screen06:20
sosus_does anyone know how to get incoming video in skype to work? my webcam is working, but I cant see who I'm talking to06:20
ldrebsI did....i've come to the end06:20
BodOmLaWwhen doing the manual partition setup in ubuntu what kind of partitions am I supposed to have?06:20
gmcastilPKdoR: binaries go to /bin and /usr/bin, libraries go to /lib and /usr/lib, etc....06:20
gmcastilPKdoR: is there something more specific you were asking?06:20
PKdoRI need to manuallu remove a en extencion from fire fox but cat find the folder06:20
GerrySlyyeah but how do I open a screen when I have closed the terminal06:20
ldrebsand all is working accept it just won't finalize its connection06:20
BodOmLaWwhen doing the manual partition setup in ubuntu what kind of partitions am I supposed to have?06:20
gmcastilldrebs: firewalling?06:20
biouserseacat, my user06:20
crdlbGerrySly: that irssi is gone06:20
WGGMkbod_: negative06:21
ldrebsno I have a forwarded port06:21
ldrebsthrough the router06:21
GerrySlybut the user is still logged into the irc06:21
gmcastilldrebs: iptables?06:21
gmcastilldrebs: linux has kernel level packet filtering06:21
biouserBodOmLaW, you need an ext for / and a small linux-swap partition06:21
seacatBodOmLaW, You should do auto partitioning.06:21
crdlbGerrySly: if irssi somehow stayed running, you could manually kill the process, otherwise you'll just have to wait for it to time out (or ghost the nick if you registered it)06:21
ldrebsyea....so how do I fix that06:21
gmcastilBodOmLaW: i don't agree with auto-partitioning06:21
BodOmLaWbut i want raid06:22
GerrySlyyeah so there is no way to open back the program06:22
gmcastilldrebs: sudo iptables --flush06:22
crdlbGerrySly: unless you run it in screen06:22
BodOmLaWif not my xp partition will have 250gb and that is useless06:22
ldrebsand what should I expect with that06:22
gmcastilldrebs: you should expec it to work06:22
Temagiccan ubuntu read and write ntfs partitions?06:22
gmcastilTemagic: yes06:22
ldrebsdo I apt-get that06:23
bod_WGGMk, this is odd,.,. in the top right corner, theres a pic of a speaker, is it muted? right click on it and open volume control then go-->File-->change device,.,. how many choices have you got?06:23
ldrebsthe sudo command itself said not found06:23
seacatldrebs, It will flush out all iptables rules06:23
GerrySlygod damn it06:23
gmcastilldrebs: if it works after that, then reconfigure your firewall - that command i gave you is just a temp06:23
seacatGerrySly, That's not His last name.06:23
WGGMkbod_: no its not muted, 2 options.. Alsa Mixer & OSS Mixer06:23
BodOmLaWwhat would i do to get a partition that both xp and ubuntu could r/w?06:23
gmcastilTemagic: more accurately - the linux kernel supports ntfs reads/writes...whether ubuntu's kernel does, i don't know06:23
gmcastilBodOmLaW: fat32 works pretty well for that sotr of thing06:24
bod_WGGMk, which one is it using?06:24
gmcastilwow...i'm pretty hammered right now06:24
WGGMkbod_: Alsa06:24
BodOmLaWhow many gigs can fat32 support?06:24
gmcastila lot06:24
gmcastilBodOmLaW: lemme google...hang on06:24
PKdoRI need to manually remove the FEBE and CLEO Extencions from firefox cause if I uninstallthem trhou fire fox it still leave the setting for them06:24
jdh6403god firestarter is easy to use06:24
BodOmLaWas long as its over 10gb06:24
faridcould somebody help me with a sound problem06:24
gmcastilBodOmLaW: ....oh, well, yeah, it is06:24
* jdh6403 huggles his ubuntu06:24
PKdoRso I need to RM the extencions06:25
bod_WGGMk, well im stumped,.,. you seem to have a nVidia sound card, but no sound,.,.hhhmmm,. sorry i dont hink i can help much more,. try asking about again06:25
ldrebswith the command nothing happened on the surface, just started another line in terminal06:25
Alohai just spent 2 hours trying to configure my ISA sound card. I'm giving in and buying a PCI06:25
BodOmLaWshould i be using ext2 or 3?>06:25
gmcastilPKdoR: move .mozilla .mozilla.org06:25
gmcastilPKdoR: err.....   mv -v ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.bak06:25
BodOmLaWshould i be using ext2 or 3?06:25
seacatBodOmLaW, For what?06:25
BodOmLaWfor my primary06:25
seacatBodOmLaW, ext306:25
Temagick... last question (for a while...) I'm thinking of a setup of four partitions: 1. Vista 2. Linux, ubuntu 3: Linux, Swap, 4: UserData, NTFS. So, how much space should I allocate to the ubuntu partition, that will contain all the ubuntu programs, but no userfiles (pictures, spreadsheets, videos, mp3s etc.) ?06:25
gmcastilBodOmLaW: ext306:25
flybackn #electronics06:25
cvdfirestarter alert me when something wanna out/in?06:26
WGGMkbod_: thanks for the help, im thinking about possibly reinstalling because ive come across some other issues that just "shouldnt" happen as well, i appreciate you assistance06:26
darth_chatrihow do i get rid if the splash screen during bootup?06:26
gmcastildarth_chatri: remove the splash option in the boot params06:26
bod_WGGMk, ok,.,.no probs,. sorry i couldnt fix it06:26
darth_chatrii've got rid of the splash screen, but i cant see the boot messages06:26
seacatdarth_chatri, Esc06:26
BodOmLaWso i need root, swap, and main?06:26
WGGMkbod_: its all gravy baby lol06:26
cvdlike 'Firefox is trying to connect to the internet, allow it"?06:26
Alohais there a supported hardware list?06:26
* bod_ smiles ;)06:26
gmcastilBodOmLaW: no...you typically want /home on a different partition06:26
bod_cvd, yes allow firefox to connect to the internet06:27
darth_chatriseacat, ok thanks, i'll try that06:27
gmcastilBodOmLaW: then, the rest doesn't really matter that much06:27
Mike__what room should I ask about nvidia driver problems?06:27
gmcastilMike__: google06:27
seacatBodOmLaW,  swap    /     /home06:27
Mike__gee gmcastil, that is so helpful06:27
bod_Mike__, if its nvidia drivers on ubuntu, you can ask in here06:27
gmcastilTemagic: i prefer to have 4 partitions - a /home, swap, /, and a /boot06:27
ldrebsgmcastil you're brilliant06:27
gmcastilldrebs: did it work?06:28
ldrebsalthough it still won't connect06:28
gmcastilbut, you got different results?06:28
seacatBodOmLaW, or:    swap   /     /home   /usr    /var      etc. etc.06:28
Temagicgmcastil: could you please explain the functions of those four partitions?06:28
j_humphreyis it possible to make a live usb on vista without a cd?06:28
ldrebswhen I entered the command nothing really happened06:28
* gmcastil motions everyone to listen up!06:28
cvdcuz i have firestarter but never alert me of nothing06:28
ldrebsI put in my system password, but a new line of of command in terminal popped up06:28
Mike__thanks bod, I have 7.10 ubuntu, geforce 6600, when I load the Nvidia Drivers, I get API number mismatch, until i run modprobe -r nvidia, but it doesnt hold over between boots06:28
BodOmLaWwhy are the others optional?06:28
gmcastilTemagic: /boot - around 32 MB, the kernel, boot config files, and some other small stuff are here06:29
cvdWHere is the ubuntu default usplash located?06:29
ldrebsby the way, I'm using Gutsy06:29
seacatj_humphrey,   /  is root directory    swap  is swap       /home   is home    etc...06:29
gmcastilTemagic: / - the root filesystem, /bin, /var, /root, /usr, /lib will all be on here - this is where 'the system' is stored at06:29
sapperjanko1hey all, im back, i think i stuffed something up here... was told to go into sudo nano -w /etc/sudoers, and put the user in under permissions.. but now im gettin this line...>>> sudoers file: syntax error, line 24 <<< - sudo: parse error in /etc/sudoers near line 2406:29
j_humphreygmcastil, so if i unzip the iso image onto a usb, it should boot?06:30
gmcastilTemagic: swap  -  just what it sounds like, the swap partition - should be 2X the amount of physical memory you have - yes, mine really is 8 GB06:30
gmcastilj_humphrey: no, it won't - you have to make it bootable06:30
FlannelTemagic: Make boot 500MB06:30
Mike__sapperjankol: were you not just suppose to add the user to the admin group?06:30
j_humphreygmcastil, how do i do that on windows?06:30
FlannelTemagic: 256 is probably fine too, but 32MB is too small.06:30
BodOmLaWseacat say i have 400gb how big should all those partitions be (/ /home swap)06:30
gmcastilj_humphrey: no idea, i don't use windows06:30
sapperjanko1Mike_:yea thats what i did06:30
gmcastilTemagic: /home - the home directory - where all your pictures, moves, music, pr0n, will go06:31
Mike__sapperjankol, pastebin your sudoer?06:31
ldrebsgmcastil: Where should I go since the iptables didn't work?06:31
seacatBodOmLaW, That's up to you.  If you only need 3 or 4 kernels,  /boot can be 200MB or less.06:31
gmcastilTemagic: the reason you want home separate is so that, after a reinstall and upgrard, you don't have to wipe out your /home directory06:31
sapperjanko1Mike__: its not letting me get back into it06:31
Temagicso, can I live without the /home partition, if I will be using a ntfs partition to share files between linux and windows?06:31
gmcastilgood god - /boot should be a MAX of 32 mb06:31
Flannelsapperjanko1: when you type "groups" on that user, are you part of admin?06:32
gmcastilTemagic: you _can_, but its not recommended06:32
gmcastilBodOmLaW: swap - 2X your available memory06:32
seacatBodOmLaW,   /home   can be as small or large as you see fit, depending on what you will do with your computer, what files you might or might not save.06:32
BodOmLaWwho said to make a /boot partition i was just told i only needed root home and swap06:32
Temagico.k. can I have /home and / on the same partition then?06:32
gmcastilBodOmLaW:  you odn't have to06:32
FlannelBodOmLaW: You really don't need a /boot06:32
BodOmLaWok ok06:32
gmcastilBodOmLaW: and, i wouldn't do it for you06:32
crdlbTemagic: yes you can, that's how ubuntu does it by default06:32
gmcastilBodOmLaW: i do it becuase of old habits06:32
j_humphreygmcastil, if i make the usb bootable, and unzip the iso to the usb drive, will it boot then?06:32
BodOmLaWand the root should be?06:33
seacatBodOmLaW,    /     should be no less than 3 gig, (less than 2 gig and you'll fill it almost up upon install)06:33
Mike__thats a pastevin of the error06:33
gmcastilj_humphrey: no - the iso is an image of some sort - you need to burn the iso to the media06:33
sapperjanko1Flannel: im pretty sure i am apart of the adm group :S06:33
gmcastili made my / 10 GB06:33
ldrebsanyone else familiar with apollon?06:33
Flannelsapperjanko1: not adm, admin06:33
BodOmLaWthank you06:33
Mike__not adm, admin06:33
Mike__different groups06:33
Temagicok... so I'll have a SMALL /boot, another partition containing / and /home, and a third (ntfs) for storing files...06:33
BodOmLaWim sure ill have more questions in a moment06:33
seacatBodOmLaW, Just portion it out as you see fit, depending on the size of the drive(s).06:33
gmcastiltemagic BodOmLaW: i'll pastebin my drive06:33
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)06:34
seacatBodOmLaW, How bid is the drive?  How many partitions are you going to use?06:34
bod_guys,. i accidently removed the volume control icon from the taskbar,. i added it again but i cant move it back to the original position,.,.any ideas?06:34
Flannel!language | gmcastil06:34
ubotugmcastil: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:34
Temagicso, the question remains, how much space does a typical ubuntu setup use, with all good programs installed... will I be fine with 10 or 20 GB?06:34
sapperjanko1well when i log into webmin, under that user the Primary group is travis, n the Secondary is adm (4)06:34
drgebwhat program can I use to make a blind copy ?06:34
Mike__ubuntu kernel module problems?06:34
seacat  BodOmLaW   Ask yourself  ^^^06:34
Flannelsapperjanko1: 10GB should be fine.  20GB is definately sufficient06:34
DJAdmiralthe flash install still broken?06:35
drgebthat was dumb sorry. what program can I use to make a blind copy of a CD to a harddrive ?06:35
bod_DJAdmiral, yes,. but there are now fixes&workarounds06:35
sapperjanko1Flannel: i think ya meant Temagic there LOL06:35
Temagick... 10GB then06:35
seacatdrgeb, "blind copy"?06:35
Flannelsapperjanko1: You're right.  You were just real close to each other.06:35
Temagicthank you all for all your help... greatly appriciated!06:35
Temagic33% downloaded now...06:36
drgebseacat an exact binary copy06:36
bod_drgeb, do you mean an iso image?06:36
seacatdrgeb, Do you want to make an ISO image of the CD on your hard drive?  So that you can burn a CD later on?06:36
VvWolverinevVhi, can anyone help me with some gutsy-to-xp networking troubles?  i posted details here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68436606:36
BodOmLaWok root 10gb, home 460+, swap 4gb06:36
BodOmLaWsound right06:36
qarlcan anyone recommend a lightweight IMAP mail server?06:37
drgebseacat these cd's are all audio files. so I have a backup06:37
gmcastilthat's after a pretty standard xubuntu install (no KDE)06:37
drgebseacat I just played with cdparanoia and then created a raw file. I ran in 4 times and then did an md5sum of the 4 files and compared them and they were equal but06:37
seacatBodOmLaW,   460+ ?   Is that 460G?06:37
gmcastilDisk /dev/sda: 100.0 GB, 100030242816 bytes06:37
gmcastil255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 12161 cylinders06:37
gmcastilUnits = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes06:37
gmcastilDisk identifier: 0x0006f2ec06:37
gmcastil 06:37
FloodBot3gmcastil: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:37
gmcastil   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System06:37
Mike__do i have to run modprobe -r nvidia on every boot?06:38
bod_drgeb, im confused what do you mean by a "blind copy"??06:38
m0dYhey, how can i know the number of bytes per inode of a certain partition or a certain hard disk ?06:38
seacatBodOmLaW, What size is the HD?06:38
bod_!pastebin | gmcastil06:38
drgebbod_ an exact binary replica of the CD06:38
sapperjanko1does this make any sence 2 you guys..... ubuntu : Feb  1 17:31:45 : travis : parse error in /etc/sudoers near line 24 ; TTY=pts/006:38
BodOmLaW2x 25006:38
sapperjanko1; PWD=/var/www ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/nano -w /etc/sudoers06:38
Flanneldrgeb: you want to create an iso from your CD06:38
drgebseacat then I found out about k3b and tried this but when I compared the raw file with that off cdparanioa they were different06:38
bod_drgeb, you want to make an exact copy of a cd?06:38
seacatdrgeb, What is on the CD?06:38
BodOmLaWbut it adds up to 46606:38
ubotugmcastil: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)06:38
BodOmLaWi got ripped off like 33gb06:38
drgebseacat alll the CD's are audio cd's06:39
BodOmLaW34gb i mean06:39
gmcastilBodOmLaW: 33gb is probalby in a hidden pratition06:39
Temagicgmcastil: cool. thanks06:39
gmcastilTemagic: yeah, does that help?06:39
BodOmLaWhidden by who?06:39
gmcastilBodOmLaW: manufacturer06:39
FlannelBodOmLaW: GiB vs GB06:39
sapperjanko1the boggy man :P06:39
bod_drgeb,  but you want an axact copy of them? i think you mean an iso06:39
m0dYhow can i know the number of bytes per inode of a certain partition or a certain hard disk ?06:39
seacatdrgeb, Then you want to rip the CD and put .wav files on your HD?06:39
BodOmLaWwhy would they do that?06:39
BodOmLaWwhat purpose?06:39
Temagicrecon I'll be using / and /home on the same partition though, as I doubt I can mount /home on a ntfs partition?06:39
gmcastilBodOmLaW: system restore information is often put there06:39
VvWolverinevVhi, can anyone help me with some gutsy-to-xp networking troubles?  i posted details here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68436606:40
bod_seacat, do you understand his question?06:40
seacatdrgeb, Use CD ripper:  like sound juicer or...06:40
bod_!repeat | VvWolverinevV06:40
ubotuVvWolverinevV: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience06:40
BodOmLaWi think this is actually working this time06:40
FlannelBodOmLaW: HDD mfcs measure in GB (1000000 Bytes), your OS uses GiB (1048576B)06:40
drgebseacat yes step 1 from cd to (raw or iso) step2 from (raw or iso ) to mp3 or flac or whatever. step 3 get a slingbox so I can stream this to my highend fidelity audio system06:40
seacatbod_,  He wants to rip music CDs I think.06:40
Mike__do i have to run modprobe -r nvidia on every boot?06:41
BodOmLaWno gigabytes?06:41
gmcastilMike__: no06:41
Mike__gmcastil, what will make it hold?06:41
gmcastilBodOmLaW: what he's sayings is that 1 GB != 100000000006:41
bod_drgeb, just explore the cd, copy the files onto your drive, then use a converter to get them to the correct format06:41
gmcastilMike__: man modprobe.conf06:41
FlannelBodOmLaW: Gigabytes as far as HDD is concerned is 10^6, GibiBytes is 1024*1024 bytes.  One is binaryish, one is decimal.06:41
drgebseacat soundjuice immediately goes to mp3 so I don't have an exact image backup copy of the cd itself06:41
bod_seacat, confusing way of saying that,.,.lol06:41
seacatdrgeb, Applications --> Sound Juicer06:42
BodOmLaWok i see06:42
drgebbod_ what ISO copy programs are there for linux ?06:42
* VvWolverinevV apologizes to bod_06:42
* bod_ says thankyou, and just be patient ;)06:42
drgebseacat I know about sound juicer but this is not exactly what I am looking for06:42
gmcastilwow...3 wisemen are evil06:42
seacatdrgeb, Is that what you want?06:42
BodOmLaWso now that i have my partitions i install?06:42
seacatdrgeb, sudo apt-get install grip06:42
gmcastilBodOmLaW: actualy, the installer will elt you do all that stuff yourself in it too06:43
FlannelBodOmLaW: You actually create the partitions in the installer, usually.06:43
imaginaldrgeb: is wav exact enough for you?06:43
BodOmLaWyes, but i found it a little easier with gparted cause ive been playing with it all night06:43
rctmcland practice sodomy06:43
seacatdrgeb, grip - GNOME-based CD-player/ripper/encoder06:43
gmcastilBodOmLaW: with a little bit of time, you'l find that command line utilities like fdisk are a lot faster and easier06:43
PKdoRmk is the make directory command right?06:44
seacatPKdoR, mkdir06:44
mazevPKdoR: mkdir06:44
josephusing ubuntu for my first time!06:44
bod_BodOmLaW, the command line is your bestest friend ;)06:44
josephlove it06:44
gmcastilPKdoR: mkdirasdfasdf06:44
gmcastilBodOmLaW: its true...you'll never really statr understanding linux until you use the comand line06:44
seacatjoseph,  congradulations!  :)06:44
BodOmLaWim a newb!06:44
Mike__gmcastil, should I blacklist it then?06:44
PKdoRsudo mkdir /usr/lib/firefox/searchplugins06:44
PKdoRis that right06:44
gmcastilPKdoR: what are you doing and why?06:45
bod_BodOmLaW, so,. he's still your friend   ;),.,.06:45
seacatPKdoR, Yes that is right syntax06:45
josephi have one question though... i don't see like half the applications that are checked off in the add/remove applications in the applications folder06:45
* gmcastil abhors the word 'folder'06:45
PKdoRI have previouslly saved seach pluggins that I would like to import to ubuntu firefox06:45
bod_BodOmLaW, as you learn how things work you will realise that the command line is indispensable06:45
BodOmLaWi do use terminal for sudo dmraid -ay06:45
Mike__gmcastil, the people at #nvidia say its a ubuntu kernel module bug, I am not sure what I am looking for06:45
BodOmLaWto refresh06:45
gmcastilPKdoR: you can do it in your home directory - that would be wizer, i think06:45
seacatjoseph, What is your question?06:46
PKdoRthey are in really>?06:46
PKdoRhow would I go about that then./06:46
bod_BodOmLaW, which program do you use to listen to music?06:46
gmcastilMike__: yeah, the ubuntu module is broken - you'll need to compile your own from source or wait until a patch comes out (which outht to be soon)06:46
BodOmLaWin xp it was itunes06:46
BodOmLaWnow im gonna switch to songbird06:46
gmcastilBodOmLaW: i use xmms, but there are a lot of other choices06:46
BodOmLaWsome good mozzila stuff06:46
tinmanI am getting a large number of errors after I had a boot problem ( i ran e2fsck through live cd) one of the error Failed to execute program /usr/lib/gnome-control-center/gnome-settings-daemon: Permission denied06:46
bod_BodOmLaW, i suggest trying amarok,.,. do you have songbird installed atm?06:47
seacatBodOmLaW, xmms  mpg123    etc. etc.06:47
gmcastilBodOmLaW: mpg123 is for kings06:47
BodOmLaWim on live right now06:47
gmcastilbash + mp3 ftw06:47
PKdoRI think I just found out how06:47
Mike__gmcastil, which module are we talking about here, I compiled the nvidia module from source06:47
josephseacat- i don't see like half the applications that are checked off in the add/remove applications in the applications folder06:47
BodOmLaWso if i did install my music is on a bunch of disks beside me06:47
gmcastiljoseph: quit spamming06:47
bod_BodOmLaW, try typing     totem      in a terminal,.,.06:47
BodOmLaW? why06:47
PKdoRthe settings are in ."folder name" right?06:47
tinmanI am getting around 12 errors in total06:48
BodOmLaWwhat is totem?06:48
gmcastilPKdoR: yeah, usually06:48
bod_BodOmLaW, it will load a music/video player06:48
seacatBodOmLaW, Totem is a video player06:48
gmcastilPKdoR: thats the normal place for applications to stash user level stuff06:48
BodOmLaWcan i stream music?06:48
gmcastilBodOmLaW: yeah06:48
BodOmLaWor do i have to have my own06:48
BodOmLaWoff the internet?06:48
BodOmLaWor off disk06:48
seacatBodOmLaW, Sure...06:48
sosus_does anyone know how to get incoming video in skype to work? my webcam is working, but I cant see who I'm talking to06:49
gmcastilBodOmLaW: there rreally ain't much you can't do in linux that you can do in windows, it just takes a little more effort and understanding06:49
gmcastilhey guys...i have to apologize if i'm being a dick....i'm completely trashed06:49
* imaginal writes on gmcastil with a sharpee06:49
gmcastili've no idea what i've told anyone tonight...hopefully, i'm being helpful06:49
bod_gmcastil, please control your urge to tell us things like this,.,. just be polite and we'll have no problems06:50
seacatgmcastil, BodOmLaW   Actually, just different app names is all, it's not any more difficult really.06:50
BodOmLaWi have no music on here and the dvdrom is using the ubuntu disk, i cant play music06:50
gmcastilbod_: i like telling things like this...get over youself06:50
Temagicgmcastil: you're not being a dic*, you're actually helpfull, besides, tomorrow you can read the log:)06:50
BodOmLaWfakeraid is a lot more difficult06:50
seacatgmcastil, It that is the case, maybe you should just hide and watch.06:50
gmcastilTemagic: i finally found my .emacs file, so now i can actually work again06:50
bod_BodOmLaW, im just trying to show you that anything you can do in the graphical interface, you can do from terminal,.,. such as typing    firefox &        to load mozilla firefox06:51
gmcastilTemagic:  i had to pull it off of my work computer06:51
tinman fastfinger was kicked from #xyz by ChanServ [You can not create new06:51
gmcastilBodOmLaW: oh yeah dude....i'm using IRC from a text prompt06:51
tinman          channels.]06:51
tinmanSohuld I link to the screen shot of my errors?06:51
Mike__can someone tell me how to make modprobe -r nvidia survive reboots06:51
Temagicgmcastil: don't know what an .emacs-file is, but, good that you found it:)06:51
BodOmLaWhow long should i expect it too take to resize my partition?06:51
seacatgmcastil is an irssi user  Yes?06:51
gmcastilTemagic: .files are config files06:51
gmcastilseacat: no...emacs06:51
imaginalBodOmLaW: depends on the size06:52
gmcastilTemagic: dot-files are config files for programs06:52
BodOmLaWi installed xchat with terminal06:52
gmcastilTemagic: open up a terminal, and type 'ls -al' and you'l see a  bunch of hidden files06:52
BodOmLaWi had to google how06:52
Temagicso what is the .emacs a config file for?06:52
gmcastil.bashrc, .bash_profile are bsah files06:52
BodOmLaWbut thats not the point lol06:52
gmcastilTemagic: emacs06:52
Temagicand emacs is what program?06:53
Temagictype of program..06:53
bod_BodOmLaW, cool,.,. have you tried loading xchat from terminal?  by the way,. if your loading a program from terminal make sure to put a & after the name of the program eg   xchat &     so that you can still use the terminal after opening the program06:53
gmcastilTemagic: its a very extensible text editor...stands for Editor MACroS06:53
BodOmLaWgood tip thanks06:53
Temagiclike a spiced up notepad:)06:54
gmcastilits basically a lisp interpreter that is used by a lot of programmers and some system admins06:54
gmcastilTemagic: not really06:54
BodOmLaWwhat time is it?06:54
gmcastilTemagic: text editing is only a minor function06:54
BodOmLaWlol nevermind06:54
BodOmLaWyou are who know where06:54
Temagicwhat are you programming gmcastil?06:54
seacatTemagic, emacs is a very powerful editor06:54
bod_BodOmLaW, what?06:54
gmcastilTemagic: as your time in linux progresses, you'l need to start learning to use a text edirot, and you'll learn to use emacs or vi (the other commonly used txt editor)06:55
BodOmLaWits taking forever!06:55
bod_BodOmLaW, patience,.,.,.lol06:55
Temagicas in, me giving back to the community? :)06:55
gmcastilTemagic: there are basically two major divisions in the linux world concerning text editors - 44.5% use Vi, 44.5% use Emacs, and 1% use everything else06:56
seacatTemagic, emacs  vim  pico  joe    (Editors)06:56
gmcastilTemagic: people hold PASSIONATE beliefs...more than a few flame wars have started over it06:56
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as kwitschibo
gmcastilTemagic: programmers tend to prefer emacs, while system admins prefer Vi, though exceptions are common06:56
=== kwitschibo is now known as Kwitschibo
gmcastili myself am an exception....i started using Emacs as a systems admin06:56
seacatTemagic, And vi users don't talk to pico users  etc. etc. etc.06:57
gmcastilyeah, basicaly, half and half use vi and emacs, very few use the others06:57
BodOmLaWgmcastil 44.5+44.5 = 8906:57
bod_Temagic, editors like vim or emacs are essential for modifying critical files if something goes wrong,.06:57
gmcastilBodOmLaW: shit....06:57
BodOmLaWwhat about the other 10%?06:57
Temagichehe, well, I LOVE notepad that comes with windows:) Guess I'll check out emacs when I install ubuntu then. Vi I've tried before... on Fedora... for some config file or something06:57
BodOmLaWim considering fedora now06:57
seacatTemagic, You'll like gedit06:57
bod_BodOmLaW, why?06:57
BodOmLaWcause it is raid compatible06:58
gmcastillearn to use Vi at least a little bit - its required on a linux installation, so you'll always have it there06:58
seacatTemagic, But the others we discussed are CLI06:58
TemagicBodOmLaW: nah, poor translation and confusing menus...06:58
bod_Temagic, true, you may prefer gedit or nano, but remember that emacs and vi are the more powerfull ones06:58
* mopflite loves vi (well, vim)06:58
gmcastilTemagic: it's important to be able to use Vi a little bit, since if you need to fix your system without X, you can use it06:58
BodOmLaWso you guys are hardcore Ubuntu eh?06:58
* gmcastil thinks Vi is important to know a little bit about, since it isn't linked against X06:58
gmcastilBodOmLaW: no...just linux06:59
seacatTemagic, nano is a good one to start with, it's very simple and easy to learn.06:59
jscinozHey guys, im runing 7.10 with compiz, and it seems to be fine, ie fast and stable, except for one thing. When im running a 3d application, if something causes that application to lose focus, ie a pidgin guification or a rhythmbox bubble thing, my entire system hangs and needs a hard reboot, what can i do?06:59
bod_gmcastil, although vi has a non-newb friendly way of using it, you can still use nano without X06:59
Temagicsure, I don't doubt it... I'll get to learn all those programs in due time... right now, I'm forgetting all the names of text editors:)06:59
detgarcould someone go to System->Preferences->Sessions and let me know the command used to start NetworkManager, please?06:59
gmcastilbod_: nano isn't required on a linux installation - Vi is06:59
seacatjscinoz, uninstall compiz06:59
BodOmLaWholy shit! its working finally fuck06:59
mopfliteTemagic: it's worth learning vi or emacs since either can be used remotely when ssh'ed into a linux machine - as you progress in your linux adventures you will probably want to be able to maintain and administer machines remotely, without being sat at them with a keyboard, mouse and monitor06:59
bod_gmcastil, no, what im saying is, vi can be difficult to use if you dont no what your doing07:00
TemagicBodOmLaW: I'm sitting on OpenSUSE now as we speak. I like it, but my hardware isn't 100% compatible with it, which it is with ubuntu07:00
bod_!language | BodOmLaW07:00
ubotuBodOmLaW: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:00
BodOmLaWin two hours07:00
gmcastilbod_: agreed....but, you can be an expert at nano, and if it ain't there, you be fawked07:00
ePaxHow do i get .PBP files to run whith PSX emulator?07:00
BodOmLaWlol for all those 8 year all developers right?07:00
seacatBodOmLaW, Easer than MS Windows, right?07:00
gmcastilTemagic: all the verions just blend together at this point...linux is linux, although Ubuntu does some really wierd shit sometimes07:00
BodOmLaWlol kk sorry07:00
bod_gmcastil, true,.,.lol,.,.07:00
mopfliteTemagic: I started out with suse in 2002 but they've lost their way a bit imho - I tried opensuse 10.3 the other day and really didn't like it too much07:00
ePaxOr how do i reverse .PBP files to .ISO files with CUE?07:00
corporealanyone here use funionfs?07:00
BodOmLaWwhat is easer?07:01
gmcastilmopflite: i was redhat for life.....bastards  blew it07:01
gmcastilBodOmLaW: ubuntu would be real easy for a neophyte to start learning the way linux works07:01
mopflitegmcastil: I've heard that yes07:01
BodOmLaWdefine neophyte07:01
gmcastilseacat: it really takes the edge off of the learning curve07:01
mopfliteubuntu is actually easier to learn than windows, for a complete newbie to computing in general07:01
gmcastilBodOmLaW: if you've asked any of the questions that i've ansewred tonight, your a neophyte07:01
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BodOmLaWya its not to bad07:02
gmcastilBodOmLaW: its not bad or antynhg - we all start at the beginning07:02
BodOmLaWneo means new07:02
BodOmLaWim aware im a newb07:02
gmcastilBodOmLaW: i feeli like a noob when i start asking questions in #python07:02
BodOmLaWim fine with that07:02
seacatgmcastil, Yes, you are correct07:02
bod_mopflite, unless you have no idea what your doing,.,. the annoying thing is kids are taught windows alll there school life,. then come out of school knowing of nothing else07:02
gmcastilseacat: no ide awhat you're referring to, but i'll take your word for it07:02
ePaxmopflite: Ubuntu is not easier than win. But its kinda close.07:03
seacatneophyte -  A new convert or proselyte; -- a name given by the early07:03
seacat Christians, and still given by the Roman Catholics, to07:03
seacat such as have recently embraced the Christian faith, and07:03
seacat been admitted to baptism, esp. to converts from heathenism07:03
seacat or Judaism.07:03
BodOmLaWdepends what area07:03
FloodBot3seacat: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:03
bod_BodOmLaW, theres nothing wrong with being a n00b,.,. as long as your willing to learn and accept advice07:03
Temagicme too, and I'm a complete newb (though I got fedora working... lots of text editing and googling for command lines... like DOS lol...) I like the idea of opensoftware, so I'm sure BigbRother doesn't record my webcaam and screen my files and check on everything I type and do and say. I do NOT trust Microsoft, for the simple reason that Microsoft and Bono are working together:)07:03
ePaxBut its one of the easier linux distros and its easy to get help as well.07:03
gmcastilePax: i disagree - linux is harder to learn that windows simply because there's more to learn and the answer is never "its broken"07:03
BodOmLaWthat is why i am here not spending hours google the same stuff over and over07:03
gmcastilBodOmLaW: learn to use google07:03
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BodOmLaWi can07:03
gmcastilBodOmLaW: most of the questions people ask me, i answer by googling for it07:04
seacatBodOmLaW, google is your friend07:04
gmcastilBodOmLaW: google and man/info pages07:04
BodOmLaWand i got to the point that i knew fakeraid dmraid how to use the gparted07:04
seacatBodOmLaW, www.google.com/linux    is also your friend07:04
BodOmLaWbut i got stuck07:04
BodOmLaWI have always loved google07:04
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BodOmLaWand the best part07:04
bod_BodOmLaW, google is definately one of your best frineds,.,. many people on this channel figure out the answer to peoples questions just by googleing it07:04
BodOmLaWgoogle is canadian07:04
BodOmLaWone canadian thing to be proud of07:05
BodOmLaWand our beer07:05
gmcastilBodOmLaW: too bad your beer sucks07:05
BodOmLaWlol whatever07:05
gmcastilits nast07:05
gmcastili live in the colorado front range....all we have is good beer07:05
bod_gmcastil, belgiums are one of the best for beer,.,. they dont bother with 4% lager,. its all 6-10% wickedness07:06
gmcastilbod_: 12%....gotta love the 155407:06
gmcastilwell, i'm off to bed unless there are any last questions07:06
Temagicyeah belgian beer, I second that!07:06
bod_gmcastil, haha,.,. night07:06
lolmausHi ^_^07:06
gmcastilTemagic: new belgium brewing is just up the street from my house07:06
BodOmLaWyes the and the belgium chocolate is the best07:06
Nylehttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54301/ <-- this is my dmesg|grep ata .  Sometimes while using my system, my compter freezes up for like half a minute to a minute and then starts working ok.  I have recently started to see some of these messages while booting up that were not there before regarding ata.  Could someone please look and possibly help me figure out if it is my disk that is going bad07:06
gmcastillolmaus: this had better be good07:07
Temagicgmcastil: good "night"07:07
NyleThank you very much07:07
BodOmLaWdeos anyone here overclock?07:07
seacatGennis Extra Stout   rocks!  (actually, I like half & half best)07:07
Temagicgmcastil: good night and thank you for your time and effort07:07
BodOmLaWcause i restored my bios today07:07
BodOmLaWbut before07:07
BodOmLaWit was beeping before it would boot07:07
bod_BodOmLaW, do you mean overclocking your processor?07:07
gmcastili'll be baack on tomo=rrow night - i've onlhy been using ubuntu about a day or so :)07:07
Temagic45% downloaded....07:08
seacatBodOmLaW,  I see little need for overclocking.07:08
bod_BodOmLaW, why would you want to overclock it? dont do it without allot of reading first07:08
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BodOmLaWi know what im doing07:08
bod_seacat, its generally used for gaming computers07:08
BodOmLaWi just wondered about what message the beeps were giving me07:08
TemagicBodOmLaW: do you play a lot of 4d games?07:08
Nylecan I get some help with my problem?07:08
seacatI would rather have