luc_Is there a xubuntu release working on the PS3 at all?00:11
quitttdo you know how do I edit Xfce menu?00:18
luc_quittt: http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2006/07/12/manually-edit-the-xfce-menu/ after a quick search...00:19
bad_cablesanyone using a Linksys WPM54G wireless card?00:23
quitttluc_, well, it is not I'm looking for00:24
soldatsquittt, thats the only way to edit the system part of the menu other than that you need to make some .desktop files or edit already made .desktop files00:24
LetsGo67My time is constantly 6 hours late, can someone help me fix this pleas?00:31
soldatsrclick the time app and set to your correct time zone00:31
LetsGo67I am unable to do that, soldats.00:32
soldatswell manually set the clock to the right time and save sassions and restart and see if it help. other wise the normal solution is rclick >> properties >> and set the time zone there00:33
LetsGo67It's Xfce, not Gnome.00:33
bad_cablesyes yes yes01:01
bad_cablesndiswrapper is the best01:01
zoredachebad_cables: I disagree.  I find that buying a supported network adapter is the best01:02
zoredachebuying cheap unsupported adapters just encourages the stupid vendors to keep making them.01:02
bad_cablesthey dont get paid to make drivers for linux do they?01:03
bad_cablesand this adaptor wasn't cheap and it was on the Ubuntu list of supported out of the box wifi nics01:04
bad_cablesi actually did get 2 cheap wifi nics trying to get them to work as well01:04
zoredacheno, but at least in some cases the manufacturers publish the full specs for the card, and don't require that your dirver includes prorprietry firmware01:04
bad_cableswell my nic is the Linksys WMP54G 4.1 with the rt61 driver01:05
bad_cablesthe rt61pci is what xubuntu installed01:05
bad_cablesthat worked but dropped connection on huge downloads, like... apt-get updates and things01:06
bad_cablesthen i worked from the threads and tried a new rt61 driver01:06
bad_cablesthat worked but, when it scanned i saw a 0% on the radio for all the networks01:06
bad_cablesfinally i saw a newer thread that advised the nidiswrapper01:07
bad_cablesuntill there is a better driver, that is what i am stuck with01:07
bad_cablesi dont mind, as long as it is stable01:07
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gmcastili'm still new to the way that Apt works and I'm trying to understand the difference between 'update' and 'upgrade'.  The description makes it look as if 'update' doesn't actually make any changes to local Apt database.  Is this correct?02:22
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nealdHey all, I'm trying to install xubuntu via a partion from another linux system.  I mounted the image, copied all the contents to a partition, set grup to boot to that drive, I get a boot, but I get an error (kernel panic) on the loading of scripts and it kills init.  Anyone know off hand what I did wrong?03:45
maxamillionneald: no, sorry .... can't say i have ever tried to install that way03:49
cookiemonster077Help my panel applets and menus have disappeared03:50
maxamillioncookiemonster077: but not the panels themselves?03:51
cookiemonster077yes panels to03:51
cookiemonster077help maxamillion left03:54
nealdOkay, I'll see if I can find help elsewhere03:56
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cookiemonster077is anyone here04:02
bytor4232Hit alt-f2, then type in xfce4-panel04:05
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whyking_I installed a debian package because I needed a newer version.. but now ubuntu caught up, but there is a conflict09:16
whyking_E: /var/cache/apt/archives/pyqt4-dev-tools_4.3-2ubuntu7.1_i386.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/qt4/plugins/designer/libpythonplugin.so', which is also in package python-qt409:16
whyking_I removed libpythonplugin.so but the conflict remains09:17
Ven]ntip for an ok e-mail app in xubuntu? :)13:46
Ven]ndidnt like thunderbird13:46
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gabkdll1Ven]n: I have gmail collect all my email, and then I read it through the web-interface15:08
gabkdll1I tried mutt, but it was a little overkill for my needs, even though it is pretty light weight15:10
gabkdll1some people really like sylpheed, and it certainly is light weight and fast15:11
gabkdll1I like having my email integrated with my chat though15:11
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pb_ee1i'm looking for a way to create my own keyboard layout, is there a way to do so with ubuntu or xubuntu?16:19
TheSheeppb_ee1: sure, just copy and edit one of the layout files, they are text files16:20
pb_ee1ho, nice to know that, but... where are those files? :p16:20
TheSheeppb_ee1: /usr/share/X11/xkb/16:21
TheSheeppb_ee1: you probably want to read some documentation on xkb first16:21
pb_ee1Thanks a lot TheSheep, i'm looking into it right now ;)16:21
ubotuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts16:22
pb_ee1thanks for this additional info ;)16:22
TheSheepthis link should get you started, I think16:23
pb_ee1i'll look at it ;p16:23
mynymli can't get my mic to work with skype, been researching for hours on google. any tip would be greatly appreciated16:27
TheSheepmynyml: does it work with other applications?16:32
mynymlTheSheep: i can hear my voice comming out of the speakers16:33
TheSheephmm.. then the problem seems to be with skype and its settings, I guess16:34
TheSheepI have no experience with it, it's proprietary software16:34
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mynymlTheSheep: i know, just that it's always worked before. and i really need to use it16:35
TheSheepmynyml: it's set to alsa?16:36
mynymlTheSheep: not sure ... you mean the skype settings? the sound in options are either default or a variety HDA intel (....)16:37
TheSheepmynyml: is there any other application running that might be using your microphone?16:38
mynymlnothing that wouldnt have been running on my previous laptop16:38
mynymlthere's pidgin but afaik it doesnt have an audio feature yet ...16:39
mynymlTheSheep: how do i add "model=ref" as a module option?16:46
TheSheepmynyml: in /etc/modprobe.d/options16:47
mynymlTheSheep: so i just add another line to it? options ??? model=ref   ?16:48
TheSheepmynyml: it's: options module_name model=ref16:48
TheSheepmynyml: where module_name is the module you want to add this option for16:48
mynymlTheSheep: unfortunatly kernel modules are beyound the realm of my limitted knowledge16:49
mynymlis alsa a module?16:49
TheSheepmynyml: but the hwto you're following does tell what module it's for?16:49
mynymlTheSheep: no, its just an entry towards the end of a long thread discussing a similar problem16:50
soldatsmynyml, have you seen this site http://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=448916:50
mynyml"Solved by adding model=ref as a module option. See Question #6414"16:50
mynymli found question 6414 through google, that might have it ..16:52
Ven]nhmm.. i need to install gtk-devel and glib-devel16:57
Ven]nwhere do i find the repositories for those?16:58
zoredacheVen]n: there should be packages in the main repository16:59
Ven]ncant find17:01
zoredacheit would probably be named something like libnnnnn-dev17:01
Ven]ni have the ubuntu supported packages and the ubuntu community supported pacakges17:01
zoredachefor example the gtk package might be libgtk1.2-dev17:01
zoredacheor maybe libgtk2.0-dev... depending on the version you want17:02
Ven]na bunch of them17:02
Ven]ni just need one to install sylpheed17:02
Ven]nfoudn libgtk2.0-dev yes17:03
zoredacheaside from disk space it probably wouldn't hurt to just install all of the possibilties17:03
Ven]nusing eeepc17:03
Ven]ni dont have disk space :D17:03
chris710who can help me for the configuration of compiz and emerald with xfce please?17:34
Ven]nwhats the difference between sylpheed and sylpheed-claws?17:37
chris710sorry i don't know...17:37
Ven]nchris710, is there a problem?17:37
chris710can you help me for compiz?17:37
Ven]nthen the normal way is to ask a question and wait for answers17:38
chris710ii only have the windows decoration of my theme with emerald....17:39
chris710and they have disparaten when i have on xfce...17:39
Ven]nis disparaten a word?17:40
chris710i don't know....xd17:40
chris710i live in france(paris) and i'm only 13 so....17:41
chris710ah yes disappeared17:41
Ven]ntry following this guide: http://wiki.eeeuser.com/ubuntu:eeexubuntu:compiz_on_eeexubunto17:41
chris710do you know if it's possible to change the text color in the panel?17:42
chris710i have a radeon 7000 but in the terminal,hi writes xgl is not present,but the 3d works on compiz17:43
chris710and how can i change it?17:43
Ven]ni dont understand your sentences17:44
Ven]nit doesnt matter if it says xgl not present17:44
Ven]nit doesnt have to be17:44
Ven]nand these are really questions for compiz.. which you should ask in #compiz17:44
chris710i have an ATI RADEON 7000 and 3D works good on compiz but it writes xgl is not present...17:45
chris710but i think there is AIGLX17:45
Ven]nits common that it writes xgl not present17:45
chris710sorry..what means common?17:46
chris710i don't remember...17:46
chris710ah ok17:46
chris710and do you know how to change the resolution cos i have 1280x1024 and i want 1024x768...17:47
chris710and in the settings,there is only 640x480,1280x1024 and default...17:47
hepekhey, can anyone help me, I have a GTK+ problem in xubuntu 7.10, Ctrl+A is not bound to select all  in textboxes, but only moves cursor to the beginning of the line, also, sometimes, Alt+A sometimes does the job... Problem occured yesterday and I still can't figure out why... Any ideas?17:51
chris710no sorry...17:52
hepekthanks anyway17:52
chris710do you know how install a deklet with compiz?17:53
chris710i have gdesklets...17:53
Ven]nwhy do you ask here?17:55
chris710ok...ok...ok i go to #compiz...17:56
cookiemonster077Help all of my panels have disappeared18:10
chris710tape alt+f2 and write xfce4-panel18:11
zoredachetry pressing alt-fw, then running xfce4-panel18:11
chris710how can i change text color on the panel?18:11
cookiemonster077thanks but now I feel like an idiot haha18:12
chris710do you know how to change the panel text color18:13
chris710are you here?18:16
cookiemonster077my fusesmb has lost my network folders nothing has changed in the network. anyone know why18:55
BronxAngelhello xubuntu users. i need tips on making xubuntu even faster on older machines19:08
TheSheepBronxAngel: the first tip: use some lighter distribution, like archlinux or even gentoo with proper flags19:11
BronxAngelthe oldest machine i have is 333mhz+256ram19:12
BronxAngelthe installer for archlinux doe snot look too userfriendly for a noob like me19:15
TheSheepBronxAngel: well, if you're not an advanced user, then better stay with xubuntu19:16
TheSheepBronxAngel: you can disable the printing daemon (cups) if you don't use it, and a number of other unused services (like bluetooth)19:17
BronxAngelcool, thanks TheSheep, plus i already installed xubuntu and it is a blessing to this old pc. win98 never ran like this b419:17
BronxAngeli heard that reducing the workspace desk to 1 reduces memory. is this true?19:18
TheSheepBronxAngel: you can also remove some of the autostarted applications, like update notification, crash reporting, etc.19:18
BronxAngelawesome. where is there a nice tutorial with all these goodies?19:19
TheSheepBronxAngel: I don't know any, but I'm sure there are some on the forums19:34
TheSheep!forums | BronxAngel19:34
ubotuBronxAngel: The Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.19:34
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roflmaoxxanyone know if ubuntu has a torrentflux-b4rt package anywhere? cant find it with synaptic and its a pain in the ass to setup manually :S22:32
poccyI'm trying to setup my wireless wpa connection by terminal, what are the commands I should use?22:34
poccyit works well with the gui version22:35
speedcoreI got problems with VNCSERVER... on Xubuntu... anyone who has experience?23:23
soldatsare you connecting to linux or windows23:25
soldatsi only have little experience with it23:25
roflmaoxxive had problems with vnc myself its a pain in the ass :s23:35
themunkeeanyone here?23:43
speedcoreroflmaoxx: did you get it to work?23:46
soldatsspeedcore, what was your problem. if we dont know we cant read your mind23:46

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