guillaume_ogra you there?00:42
stgraberguillaume_: it's 01:42 at GMT+100:44
LaserJockhe'll be on in the morning in Germany00:45
guillaume_hehe allright00:45
guillaume_I submitted the bug report00:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188223 in ltsp "CHROOT will not upgrade" [Undecided,New]00:48
LaserJockI saw it00:48
guillaume_i was wondering if it was good practice to use the pastebin in a bug report00:49
stgraberno, not really00:49
stgraberusually you create a text file, then attach it to the bug00:50
guillaume_is the pastebin reseted once in a while?00:50
stgrabersome pastebin doesn't keep the history for long00:50
guillaume_ok ill attach a text file then00:50
guillaume_ok while i am here00:54
guillaume_this bug was discovered while I was actually trying to make a LT2600 work with edubuntu00:55
guillaume_I managed to make my wyse s10 work but the lt2600 still isnt working00:55
guillaume_obviously like with most thin client, the xorg -configure doenst work00:56
guillaume_so I have to point to a xorg.conf file in the the lts.conf file00:56
guillaume_the wyse s10 and the lt2600 both use amd geode processor00:57
guillaume_so specifying the amd driver solved it for the s10 but not for the lt260000:57
guillaume_the lt2600 has a amd geode lx800 processor00:58
guillaume_it just hangs when trying to start the xserver on the client00:58
guillaume_screen goes black and keyborad stop responding00:58
guillaume_I feel like I am talking to myself...00:59
stgrabersort of :) I'm busy testing the remaining ISOs for Alpha4 (to be released today)00:59
guillaume_btw i tryed testing the alpha3 and it could not buil the ltsp chroot for some reason01:00
guillaume_I only tried the 64 bit version01:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 151503 in ltsp "ltsp scripts dont work properly if chroot basedir is a symlink" [Wishlist,In progress]01:09
guillaume_could my problem be this?01:10
stgraberis you chroot basedir a symlink ?01:12
IsleVeganis there an issue booting an ebox 3800 (via 800 mhz) from a dual processor amd64 x2 with edubuntu 7.10. the thin client gets an ip address via dhcp from one of the server's 2 ethernet cables then I get "pxe-t01: file not found" and then "pxe-e3b: tftp error - file not found" and then "PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM"03:23
IsleVeganthis might be relevant: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/edubuntu-users/2006-August/000214.html03:24
IsleVeganshould i do this: "sudo rm -r /opt/ltsp/amd64" and then this "sudo ltsp-build-client --arch i386"? does the amd64 folder need to be removed?03:38
LaserJockthat would create a i386 chroot03:40
IsleVegani'm new to ltsp / edubuntu03:40
IsleVegani use ubuntu / xubuntu at home03:40
IsleVeganbut this is new to me03:40
LaserJockand I don't do much with LTSP so I might not be much help :-)03:40
IsleVeganthat's what this room is for, right?03:41
IsleVegani have the ethernet cable going directly from the thin client to one of the server's ethernet ports, wasn't sure if that would work without a hub / switch or crossover cable between but if it gets a dhcp address i guess it's ok03:43
LaserJockactually, you could also ask the #ltsp channel03:57
LaserJockyou need a switch or crossover cable03:57
LaserJockit won't work directly over a regular ethernet cable03:57
LaserJockIsleVegan: I ran into that when I first tried LTSP04:12
LaserJockthen I got a crossover cable and it worked04:12
IsleVeganwell, it did get a dhcp address the way it is connected04:15
IsleVegani don't have a crossover cable or switch here, just a router, and i'm not sure if the router can do that04:15
IsleVeganso, i'm trying it this way for now, until i can get a switch / crossover cable, i guess04:17
IsleVeganit booted up to the spinning gnome cursor04:33
IsleVegansaw the EDUBUNTU graphic04:33
IsleVegannow there is just the spinning cursor in the middle of the display, then a flash and a brief moment of the login screen then repeat04:33
IsleVeganand it's repeating continuously, like there might be a gui / x / gdm issue?04:34
sickonnethow to make support for printer on ltsp gutsy04:44
LaserJockIsleVegan: that could be. You might want to email edubuntu-users (you can find it on http://lists.ubuntu.com)04:49
IsleVeganok, thanks, but you learned something too. that it is bootable when connected directly, possibly with the right hardware04:54
IsleVeganYAY :-)04:58
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Erik1i installed ubuntu desktop from a cd i burned from the dowload site of ubuntu. it installed ok and I added some stuff with synaptic. All this yesyerday evening. Now I boot up and my installation shows I have EDUBUNTU. what's the deal here ???10:44
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NubaeI have a silly question (maybe)... If I have a fat client environment (ltsp with whole edubuntu environment in it) can I update that environment via synaptic from the fat client itself... or does it have to be done in the chroot on the server?13:22
lagaum. if you're using squashfs, you can't update it from the client13:27
Nubaeyeah am, so how could I change it to so that is possible?13:31
lagayou can change your client to boot from the chroot iself, eg export it over NFS. i think you can do that by setting an environment variable somewhere..13:32
lagabut to be honest, i wouldn't do that13:32
Nubaewhat I'm ideally looking for is, start up via ltsp from server with full ubuntu environment (local apps, devices, etc) but still be able to centrally manage...13:32
lagaa) NFS doesn't work well with unionfs13:32
lagab) NFS is slower for booting13:33
lagawhat do you want to manage centrally?13:33
Nubaeof apps, user management, etc... as much as possible really13:34
Nubaewhat about loading a generic part via squashfs and then the rest via nfs?13:35
lagawell, why don't you just do that on the server and run ltsp-update-image?13:35
Nubaethe machines are all the same13:35
lagahow do you save files on the fat client, btw?13:35
Nubaememory stick, nfs mounted home13:35
Nubaebut its not ideal yet... it works, but with many issues13:36
lagaif my patches are accept for hardy, you'll be able to have a writable layer on top of the squashfs. well, actually, that's what's happening currently, but the changes are discared as soon as you reboot13:36
Nubaewow, that is cool indeed13:37
lagais does have its issues, too. eg you shouldn't run the package manager on the fat client or you'll run into issues as soon as you update the squashfs.13:37
Nubaeyeah, its all new territory...13:38
lagaNubae: my suggestion for you right now is that you just chroot into the chroot, apply your changes, exit, and run ltsp-update-image13:38
lagathat's cumbersome but the cleanest way i can think of13:38
Nubaethats what I currently do ;-)13:38
lagadisclaimer: i have never really used LTSP, i just hack it for fat client support13:39
Nubaeoh cool, well I'm testing fat stuff a lot at the moment...13:39
NubaeI tried a full edubuntu-desktop apt-get but that didnt work out in the startup phases.... the init scripts freeze the startup13:40
Nubaeso I tried a minimal install with a xfce desktop, and taht worked13:40
Nubaeauthenticating via ldap13:40
lagaldap? cool, never used that13:40
lagai suggest you search the wiki, there's a switch that'll let you use NFS13:41
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NubaeI'm just working on a fat client howto... I'll show you when its done, maybe you can advise me on what should be changed13:42
lagabut be warned, it's likely that it'll break unionfs with the current gutsy kernel. it should be fixed in the kernel that currently is in gutsy-proposed.13:42
NubaeI'll do that...13:42
lagaNubae: um13:42
lagaNubae: never mind. even if you use NFS; you'll still not be able to commit changes. i think13:42
laganot with unionfs on top of that13:42
Nubaeits not that important... I was just wondering...13:42
Nubaeapt-getting the chroot is easy enough13:43
Nubaei just hate having to build the image every time13:43
Nubaesometimes teh changes are so minimal13:43
lagaNubae: my "fat clients" are really just media centre pcs (mythtv frontends for mythbuntu), so it's a lot less complicated13:43
lagaNubae: i hear ya.13:43
lagai love it when i run ltsp-update-image instead of ltsp-update-kernel, too :/13:44
Nubaeso how are your clients fat, just kernel and module changes?13:44
lagaNubae: "fat" means, by my definition, that the client does all the work13:45
lagaeg video display13:45
Nubaeyeah right, local apps and local devices13:45
Nubaeso you installed the entire edubuntu-desktop successfully in the chroot?13:46
lagano. i installed mythbuntu-desktop. :)13:46
lagai created a plugin for ltsp-build-client13:46
lagabased off the kiosk mode13:46
Nubaeah ok, I'm not sure what mythbuntu is13:47
lagaNubae: a HTPC distribution based on ubuntu and mythtv13:47
lagaNubae: think tivo on steroids13:47
Nubaeah, and you autologin so no need for authentication?13:48
lagakind of13:48
lagai created a --mythbuntu-copy-user-credentials switch which just copies user and password from the user running ltsp-build-client13:49
lagayou can also just pass in a password using --mythbuntu-user-credentials user:pass13:49
Nubaehmmm... you're script is a good base for other fat environments13:50
lagathanks. as i said, i just added stuff to the kiosk mode :)13:51
lagaNubae: what's still missing are the changes i mentioned earlier to have a persistent copy-on-write branch to preserve files over reboots13:51
Nubaeso on startup, what do you not boot from ltsp-client-core?13:52
lagayou mean what i'm not using from it?13:52
Nubaeyeah, did u blacklist anything?13:52
lagai don't remember what it does, i just remember i don't need it13:53
lagai think it sets up stuff like sound and local devices13:54
NubaeI run into problems with ltsp-client-core on startup... system freezes bootup process, but cant pin point exactly where13:54
Nubaejust know its around the ltsp-client-core setup phase13:54
lagaremove it temporarily and try again13:55
lagaas you can see i removed it completely13:55
NubaeEARLY_PACKAGES="ltsp-client"  - what does that do?13:56
lagait tells ltsp-build-client to install ltsp-client before most of the other packagres i assume13:57
lagai also added RC6_WHITELIST="reboot alsa-utils" because i don't want to be yelled at when volume settings are not preserved across reboots13:59
Nubaeyeah, guess that makes sense... well, I'm doing this at the moment: sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/fati386 apt-get install edubuntu-addon-light gdm network-manager gnome-mount firefox openoffice.org13:59
Nubaethat and ldap14:00
lagayeah, that works as well i suppose14:00
lagayou just have all the ltsp-specific stuff still in there14:00
Nubaebut somewhere between that and apt-get install edubuntu-desktop something breaks14:00
lagado you get a error message when booting or when installing?14:00
Nubaenot installation wise, but trying to startup... I cant get to the error messages14:01
NubaeI took out quiet and splash from pxelinux.cfg14:01
Nubaegoes through, almost to the end, and then just sits there... can't even login with root...14:01
lagaremove the ltsp-client-core startup links in /etc/rc2.d/ and try again.. not sure if it helps. also get a backup so you don't break anything :)14:02
Nubaehehe, I have 3 fat chroot at the moment, all in various stages14:03
NubaeI tried moving the rc2.d ltsp-client-core startup up after gdm14:04
Nubaethat didnt help14:04
lagado you actually need ltsp-client-core?14:04
Nubaewell, haven't really thought about it, maybe, maybe not14:04
NubaeI'm gonna take a look at it... but still, I think its stopping before it gets to that14:04
Nubaewhats the best way to test this, take out startup scripts from the runlevels?14:09
lagarm :)14:09
Nubaeu mean mv ../someplaceforbackup/14:09
Nubaewell, you're script has given me some ideas... I'll start with a howto though... then move to a script :-p14:13
lagai'm glad it's helping you14:13
lagai hope i can submit my initramfs patches this weekend so you (I ;)) can have persistent directories for changes14:14
Nubaeso what's your audience for this mythtv thing?14:14
lagaeveryone who uses mythbuntu ;)) heh14:15
lagait's for everyone who has a TV card and wants to have a powerful PVR to record things for him14:15
Nubaeah mythbuntu is a distro?14:16
lagait's also for people who want to have a complete media centre solution, eg it also has a UI to put on the TV14:16
* Nubae is a little slow today14:16
Nubaehmmm, I just took out ltsp-client-core and system freezes at Starting up log daemon14:17
NubaeI don't get it... I'm gonna have to document every detailed change and then rebuild the image until I get to what is doing this14:18
lagamaybe you can install a sshd14:19
lagaand log in14:19
NubaeI've tried that, I can't even ping the machine when it gets to the freeze point14:19
lagai wonder if that's caused by unionfs14:20
Nubaeif I could log in as root i could check the logs14:20
* laga tends to blame unionfs for everything14:20
Nubaemaybe, but why?14:20
Nubaehehe, yeah skapegoat is always good14:20
Nubaeif there is a solution on the horizon14:20
Nubaethats why I thought, startup with unionfs, then move over to nfs14:21
lagaif it was unionfs, the new kernel in gutsy-proposed would likely help14:21
lagadon't blame me if it doesn't help, though :)14:21
Nubaewhats gutsy-proposed?14:22
lagaif you check your /etc/apt/sources.list14:22
lagayou can see it says things like http://some.mirror/ubuntu gutsy main restricted14:23
lagaif you add another line saying "gutsy-proposed" instead of just "gutsy", you get stuff from gutsy-proposed. it contains packages which might eventually come into gutsy-updates once they're deemed stable enough.14:23
lagahint hint: they might break  stuff :)14:23
Nubaerighto, ok, didnt know that repository existed14:24
lagai'm assuming you're running gutsy.14:24
NubaeI'm gonna install alpha4 now anyway, so I'll test with that14:24
Nubaeyeah I am14:24
laganot sure if alpha4 is fixed yet14:25
Nubaefixed? whats wrong with it? I have a recent daily build ogra told me is stable enough14:26
lagawell, with regards to unionfs. if that ever was your problem, that is14:26
* laga ponders14:26
* laga thinks hard14:26
Nubaeyeah sure gonna try it, I need a solution, because I have 21 dual core intel pcs with 2 gigs of ram sitting here running as ltsp thin clients14:27
laganot, that really shouldn't be the problem. unless you boot from nfs instead of squashfs14:27
lagahaha :)14:27
laganice setup14:27
Nubaeyeah, the school has been moaning at me for a while now about this14:27
Nubaebandwidth lockups with multimedia, flash, shockwave14:27
Nubaeah, and they are laptops, lol14:28
lagalaptops.. school..14:29
lagalet me guess, they're chained to the desks?14:29
lagathey computer lab at my school were a bunch of durons on VIA boards running win 98 or ME14:30
lagai often wished i could just raid the place with some ltsp ninjas14:30
Nubaeyep chained indded14:32
Nubaethey spent over 1000 euros per laptop, just to see them used as thin clients chained to desks14:33
Nubaebought because the 'looked good'14:33
lagait's not much better if they're fat clients chained to desks14:33
lagaa used thin client + new LC display  is like 300€ i guess..14:34
NubaeI just bought 20 old p3 500mhz for 200 euros14:34
Nubaesorry 40014:34
Nubaein total14:34
Nubaemany companies are just trying to get rid of their older stuff and will even pay people to do it... I fantasised about starting a ltsp based company that did something with that14:35
Nubaeu know, took from the rich and gave to the poor :p14:36
Nubaecall it robinhoontu14:36
lagai think there's something like that in the US...14:37
Nubaer u in the US?14:38
Nubaeah, I'm in Spain myself... think it will be some time before something like that is possible here14:39
lagaspain. </jealousy>14:44
* laga goes out a bit :)14:44
NubaeSouth of Spain even ;14:47
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Guil-Ti have a thin client with a geode gx processor, it suport good rez and all but graphics are extremely slow20:15
Guil-Tare there some tweeks i can try to boost performance20:15
Guil-Teven the desktop is slow and choppy20:16
markvandenborreI have a bit of trouble with undisciplined users not closing down their sessions23:11
markvandenborreand load going up to > 1023:11
markvandenborrethe human approach doesn't seem to be working yet23:11
markvandenborreI wonder if it would be useful to kill all processes with uid > 999 every night23:12
markvandenborreno one is ever doing anything late at night23:12
markvandenborreor would you suggest other, more gentle stopgap solutions23:12
stgrabermarkvandenborre: you may want interested in xterminator, haven't used it though but it looks like what you are looking for23:20
stgrabers/edge\.// if you are not beta tester23:21
markvandenborrestgraber: will have a look23:31
markvandenborrethe thing is it doesn't need a lot of idle users23:33
markvandenborreto make the load go up incredibly high23:33
markvandenborreidle or logged out ones23:33
markvandenborreso if 2 or 3 are still there, this one is not a solution23:33
markvandenborre2 or 3 nautilus instances, I mean, because the load will go up to > 3, 4, 10 sometimes23:34
markvandenborrebut thanks for the suggestion anyway23:34
markvandenborre(btw, this is rather beefy hardware, dual quadcore xeon with 4Gb of ram and 15k rpm hardware raid 5 disks23:35
markvandenborreso that's not the problem either23:35

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