Riddellwolfger: you can add comments by e-mail00:05
mhbhmm, I guess it's not possible to launch an external app via systemsettings00:06
wolfgerRiddell: Is it? I never noticed that. I always click the link in the e-mail to go to the bug report.00:07
mhbbecause the first service .desktop file *has to* link to another .desktop service file, and the other .desktop service file *has to* be a kcmshell type with a library defined.00:07
Jucatodarn it.. nixternal beat me to the reply00:20
mhbaah, this simple task requires me either to do some intensive kcontrol editing (large patches nobody wants) or write a whole new kcm module for launching 3rd party apps (as if C++ isn't strange by itself)00:22
mhball in all, zero fun, a lot of work... not for me :o)00:22
Riddellmuch the same conclusion I'd come to :)00:25
mhbthat's too bad00:25
mhbyou shouldn't be counting on the diffusion of responsibility like I am :o)00:26
mhbwe kind of need this one00:26
mhbfor being able to launch KDE3 guidance modules from KDE4 at least00:26
mhbor anything in PyQt4 (desktop-effects, jockey...)00:27
Riddellthat's a temporary issue hopefully00:27
mhbit is00:27
mhbbut not likely to be fixed for Hardy.00:28
mhbwell, having a few apps accessible only from the menu is not that bad.00:28
* apachelogger_ is wondering whether aseigo is using opensuse because of canonical00:30
apachelogger_strange things are going on here00:30
mhbhmm, that's like adoring Hitler because you didn't like G.W.00:30
Riddellapachelogger_: yes (mostly)00:30
* mhb loves crazy analogies00:31
Riddellmhb: slightly harsh!00:31
apachelogger_Riddell: I honestly don't get it, Novell wasn't exactly KDE loving either in the past :S00:31
Riddellapachelogger_: no but suse is00:32
Jucato" i'm a little tired of the *buntu world these days and unhappy with some of their decisions. didn't help that on my last upgrade of my laptop, it rendered my system unusable due to a screw up in their evms packaging; this was doubly "humorous" as the system wasn't using evms at all. it was just installed and that was enough. this isn't the first time such a catastrophic update has come down those apt-get pipes,"00:32
apachelogger_Riddell: we aren't? :S00:32
mhbkind of defeats the purpose as suse is even less supported than Kubuntu00:32
mhbit's as much community effort as we are.00:33
apachelogger_don't think so00:33
apachelogger_novell is still having quite some KDE devs employed00:33
mhbapachelogger_: well AFAIK there's no support at all for opensuse00:33
mhbapachelogger_: they even market it for "enthusiasts"00:33
apachelogger_but I think it's not all about the support00:34
apachelogger_more the actual honoring of KDE as major desktop for linux00:34
apachelogger_Riddell: can you please add '-DKDE4_KDM_PAM_SERVICE:STRING=kdm-kde4' to 4.0.1's workspace?00:35
Jucatoprobably that's because they (Novell) have a commercial edition, which gets stuff from opensuse. Ubuntu doesn't. so there's nothing to market as "for enthusiasts"00:35
mhbI guess I should drop my crazy analogies (I apologize for the last one) and go back to making Kubuntu rock00:35
apachelogger_I suspect bug 184291 is caused by missing pam usage in KDM00:35
mhbwhich is what I care about00:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184291 in kdebase-workspace "Wrong encoding with kde applications using a kdm4 X session" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18429100:35
apachelogger_hence it doesn't read the lang var00:35
apachelogger_s/lang/LANG even00:35
Riddellapachelogger_: got a diff of debian/rules for that?00:35
apachelogger_not right now, can make one though00:36
apachelogger_as soon as I found my laptop00:36
Riddellapachelogger_: I can work it out00:50
apachelogger_Riddell: ok, I would have to wait for the filesystem check00:51
Riddelland I have to go to sleep :)00:52
nixternalsleep is for the weak :p00:56
nixternalI guess I am weak, I slept 80% or more of this entire week00:56
* Jucato .weak = true; // public data member. go figure00:56
Jucatoonly slept 3 hours today, so I guess I'm with Riddell on this one :P00:57
nixternalmemberK Jucato;00:57
nixternalahh, you made weak public00:57
Jucatoyeah, otherwise you guys won't have known about it :)00:57
nixternalsure we would of, you are open source, so we have all the code00:58
Jucatohahaha :)00:58
nixternalmutators rock!00:58
Jucatocan't argue with that :)00:58
Jucatomutants rock even more! :)00:58
nixternalI have been a mutant all week00:58
nixternalcurled up in the fetal position00:58
Jucatoand for the next 60 minutes, I'll be a mutant that has the ability to remain oblivious to the world :)00:59
nixternalor fatal position, as that is how I felt...dead00:59
JucatoI think you contaminated me slightly :)00:59
nixternaland laserjock00:59
Jucatomv Jucato $HOME/$ROOM/Bed/00:59
nixternalheh, Riddell had the same idea as I had...and easier way to move my settings around from computer to computer01:03
nixternalI have a svn server here, so my ~/ is in svn now :)01:03
Riddellug, svn01:04
nixternalat this point in time, I like SVN over Bzr01:04
Riddellgoodness, why?01:04
apachelogger_nixternal: I guess you don't run 2 machines at the same time?01:04
nixternalI have used it forever, and it is faster01:04
* apachelogger_ imagines lovely merge issues with svn01:04
nixternalapachelogger_: 5 running right now01:04
nixternalonly one machine (my laptop) is the committer01:05
nixternalthe rest I just svn export01:05
apachelogger_that's not very dynamic though :P01:05
nixternaldynamic enough for me01:05
* apachelogger_ is wondering how wine got in his glass01:06
nixternalafter that, I typically just scp stuff back and forth between machines if need be01:06
Riddellthat's a side issue obviously, the hard part if getting it as a part of KDE's configuration framework01:06
nixternalRiddell: you should be happy to know though that Kubuntu docs are now at least managed in Bzr :)01:06
apachelogger_I think I'm suffering from a paranoia01:06
Riddellnixternal: certainly am01:06
apachelogger_Riddell: the whole thing could go way bigger01:07
nixternalhehe, because of you and jjesse (who seemed to lose his svn password every other week)01:07
apachelogger_...have a freedesktop system for it01:07
apachelogger_defining configuration stoarge servers01:07
apachelogger_and merging stuff01:07
nixternalhrmm, something like that storage solution Cleversafe is working on would be quite cool01:07
apachelogger_then make it builtin in KDE and GNOME01:08
nixternaldistributed storage, quite fast, nice, and free software01:08
apachelogger_this also would resolve issues like podcasts in amarok01:08
nixternalplus I know all the people in the company...who just asked if I would be interested in working for them01:08
nixternalI take it that Kicker doesn't like to use transparent images for backgrounds01:09
apachelogger_btw, how are we going to do printer configuration in KDE 4?01:09
nixternalI have been using system settings to do printer configuration for me01:10
Riddellapachelogger_: system-config-printer-kde01:10
nixternaland ya, read our release notes that we pour our sweat, blood, and tears on for every release :p01:10
apachelogger_Riddell: one can manual configure printers as well?01:11
Riddellapachelogger_: once I've written it :)01:11
apachelogger_hehe, very cool :D01:11
* Riddell sleeps01:11
nixternalk'nite Riddell01:11
* apachelogger_ states: KDE 4 in hardy will rock the house01:11
apachelogger_Riddell: nini01:11
nixternalhere is one thing that blows my mind about KDE 4 right now01:12
nixternalwhen I go and do a presentation, my laptop actually works correctly with the projector01:12
nixternalwith KDE 3, I would spend to much time trying to get it to work before I ended up asking to borrow someone elses machine01:12
apachelogger_thanks to intel it worked quite well in KDE 3 as well :)01:13
nixternalI use Intel, and it never worked quite well for me01:13
apachelogger_so it's my lovely chip :D01:13
apachelogger_KDE 4 is going to be one awesome DE01:13
nixternalthat it is01:14
nixternalonce I can shrink my panel come 4.0.2 :)01:14
apachelogger_*cough* patch *cough*01:14
nixternal4.0.2 will be out before Hardy is complete anyways, so we don't need to patch01:15
apachelogger_nixternal: yeah, but I want that feature now, not when .2 gets released ;-)01:15
Jucatonixternal: was it committed to branch or to trunk?01:24
Jucatothen that won't be in until 4.1 right?01:25
nixternalsorry, branch 4.0.201:25
Jucatooh ok :)01:25
nixternalI gotta quit confusing myself01:25
Jucatoyou gotta quit confusing me :)01:25
nixternalheh, PIZZA TIME!01:26
* Jucato wants pizza too01:26
nixternalHobbsee: who do you think you are? bddebian or something :p01:26
nixternalOK, pizza for real, have a large Chicago style with my name all over it! :)01:27
* Hobbsee is the almighty hobbsee01:27
* apachelogger_ starts crying and hides unter the table01:32
* Hobbsee eyes jono's blog post01:48
Hobbseeoh good, i'm glad people have pointed out what i was thinking01:50
ScottK2Which bit was that?01:56
Hobbseethe rubbish about gnome has 2 developers, and kubuntu has 101:58
Hobbseeyes, plus the bugsquad, etc, who go thru gnome bugs, the hug days, also for gnome bugs, compiz, primarily for gnome, printing, which goes to gnome first, and doesn't come to kubuntu unless Riddell writes a frontend...01:58
* Hobbsee could just blog her disagreements to planet ;P02:01
* Hobbsee comments02:06
* apachelogger_ would love a blog about that :P02:13
apachelogger_<-- too lazy to do it02:13
* apachelogger_ heads off to bed02:13
* ScottK2 commented just now.02:19
Jucatoif you guys commented on that blog post, I don't see it yet.. maybe moderated02:40
ScottKHmmm.  I could see my comment right away.  I never saw Hobbsee's though.02:47
HobbseeScottK: ditto02:55
HobbseeNow, if this really is true, with the idea of equal support for ubuntu and kubuntu, how come:02:56
Hobbsee    *02:56
Hobbsee      We never have canonical staff working on a KDE hug day - they’re either on something like ubiquity, for both distros, or for a part of gnome?02:56
Hobbsee    *02:56
Hobbsee      We don’t have full KDE support for compiz yet?02:56
Hobbsee    *02:56
Hobbsee      Riddell has to go and write GUIs for things that other people have put in, usually canonical staff, which only have frontends for gtk?02:56
JucatoScottK, Hobbsee: comments only go as far as #33 for me02:56
HobbseeI don’t have a problem with Kubuntu only being a community supported release, apart from Riddell - but you shouldn’t claim it gets equal, or almost equal, support and standing with Ubuntu, when it clearly isn’t true.02:56
ScottKI'd have thought Jono was smart enough not to stir things up about KDE right now.02:56
ScottKHobbsee: Also since Canonical sells support contracts for Kubuntu, it is by definition NOT a community release.02:56
JucatoScottK: if that's the case, then Kubuntu sucks as a commercial distro :)02:57
ScottKIf I'd been on Dapper Kubuntu with a support contract I'd be REALLY pissed off right now.02:58
Hobbseeapparently those don't exist02:58
Hobbseeas in, the people who are on support contracts are on feisty or above02:58
* Hobbsee asked about that...02:58
ScottKI see.  OK.  Well at least they haven't dissed paying customers then.02:59
Hobbseewhich, thinking of dapper kubuntu, and how far it's gone since then...isn't surprising02:59
JucatoHobbsee: right... I don't have problems with Kubuntu being a community distro. It just irks me that some Ubuntu/Canonical people advertise it as on par with Ubuntu, or that Ubuntu is a community distro in the same sense as Kubuntu...02:59
* ScottK is typing on a Dapper Kubuntu box right now.02:59
HobbseeJucato: yes, exactly02:59
HobbseeScottK: a wired box, i take it?02:59
Hobbseewell, taht's one thing you don't need to worry about then02:59
ScottKEdgy was the first time I got wireless to work on Kubuntu.02:59
Jucatohm.. there will be a major Kubuntu rollout here in the Philippines soon, on around 10,000 units. I wonder if they bough Canonical support contracts :)03:00
* Hobbsee got it to work with wpasupplicant and ndiswrapper for dapper03:00
ScottKMy problem was I'd already switched to WPA.03:00
ScottKWhich complicated things considerably back then.03:01
Hobbseewpa supplicant runes aren't that hard03:01
Hobbseethey tended to drop out a bit, though03:01
ScottKThey were too hard for me at the time.03:01
Jucatouh oh... troy barks back...03:01
* ScottK didn't start doing any development work until Feisty.03:01
ScottKJucato: Link?03:01
Jucato"To those users, don't believe that kubuntu is the only good KDE distro out there! There are many very popular KDE distros in the world that treat KDE as a first class citizen."  ouch... that's a bit harsh :/03:03
ScottKJucato: How so.  Sounds accurate to me.03:04
ScottKNone of them fit my requirements for other reasons, but still he's not wrong.03:04
Jucatowell, Kubuntu treats KDE as a first class citizen. ;)03:04
Hobbseesounds pretty accurate to me03:05
ScottKSure, if you view it that narrowly, but *ubuntu doesn't treat KDE even close to equally.03:05
HobbseeJucato: you're saying that canonical does treat kubuntu as first class?03:05
Jucatothe problem is with Ubuntu+Canonical :)03:05
JucatoHobbsee: yes03:05
Jucatohm... he forgot to mention Mandriva's partnership with TurboLinux...03:06
Jucatohahah! why does troy always use "virgin" instead of "vanilla"? :)03:07
Jucato"Jono and Canonical make a lot of money on KDE (kubuntu) deployments, support, and more, despite how little they put into kubuntu." <-- Hobbsee, is this accurate too?03:10
ScottK2For me my comment is supposed to be #34 on jono's blog.03:13
Jucatostill can't see it :(03:14
Jucatooh well03:14
nixternal_OK, now I am pissed04:43
nixternal_why the hell are KDE devs taking pot shots at Kubuntu now04:44
nixternal_this is the type of crap that caused me to switch to Windows in 200004:44
ScottK2nixternal_: I think they're taking shots at Canoncial.  Not the same at all.05:00
nixternal_I hope so05:01
ScottK2nixternal_: I assume you're talking about Jono's blog post and the responses.05:01
nixternal_man, I just reread Jono's post from earlier with a clearer mind...straight bs unfortunately05:01
nixternal_no, I am talking about Troy's post about Kubuntu05:01
nixternal_but after reading Jono's post a little more clearly, I understand Troy's response a tad bit clearer now05:02
ScottK2Yep.  Well you can't blame them for being a little reactive given what Jono wrote.05:02
nixternal_no doubt05:02
nixternal_wtf was he thinking?05:02
nixternal_ooh, responses...I gotta read those05:02
nixternal_Part of the problem is that KDE users had no big distro to go to after everyone jumped on the gnome bandwagon. So when Mark did his KDE patron marketing gimmick alot of people fell for it and still believe that KDE is supposed to be an equal player. It didn’t help that he promised more KDE developers and never obliged.05:03
nixternal_find me this Stuart guy, I owe him a cookie05:03
nixternal_Jucato: are you Stuart? :)05:03
nixternal_ahh, and then jono leaves a comment saying "well the neglect for kde users isn't as bad as Aaron made it sound"05:05
Jucatonixternal_: nope. but I have to thank him for being the scapegoat this time :)05:05
nixternal_you know what, it is great to see KDE and non-KDE people stand up and defend our treatment though05:05
nixternal_are we really 2nd class if our users are typically 1st class?05:05
nixternal_wolfger: hahahahhahaha, use fractional math! you slay me05:06
JucatoKubuntu treats KDE as first class... the question is how does Ubuntu/Canonical sees Kubuntu...05:06
nixternal_we know the answer to that, but I think it is unfair to Jonathan for us to bad mouth the company he works for05:07
ScottK2Unfortunately none of those other great KDE distros is Debian based and I'm not going back to RPM hell.05:07
Jucatooh well, I gave up on such talk. I left it behind December 31, 2007 :)05:07
ScottK2nixternal_: Not at all.05:07
nixternal_what would 1 more paid developer give us? honestly?05:08
Jucatomore reason to whine :)05:08
ScottK2He does a great job and I appreciate the Canonical pays for his time.  I wouldn't mind a bit if they flat out said Kubuntu is 2nd fiddle.  Too bad.  It's the pretending it's not so that gets to me.05:08
ScottK2nixternal_: LTS for 3.5.x05:09
nixternal_all it would really do is more than likely take one of our community members and pay them...so we will get the same amount of work done05:09
nixternal_we can do LTS for 3.5.x w/o a paid developer05:09
nixternal_we did it for 6.0605:09
Jucatoimho it's not how many paid developers there are for Kubuntu, but rather the whole structure that Canonical has set up.05:09
nixternal_and 6.0.6 is still 3.5.2 or whatever05:09
* Jucato just continues watching anime...05:10
Jucatoand dreaming of lunch...05:10
ScottK23.5.2.  I'm actually installing Dapper right now.05:10
nixternal_I think if there is any one valid complaint against Canonical and their treatment of KDE/Kubuntu, it is definitely marketing05:10
nixternal_of course there are the bullet proof x, pritner config, and such05:10
nixternal_holy smokes, I actually remembered the version in Dapper05:10
ScottK2nixternal_: I'm in the midst of cross-grading an old Xandros 3 install to Kubuntu.  I think I'm just about there.05:11
nixternal_just as long as the power doesnt' go out :)05:11
nixternal_I do think there is a problem with those "other" Ubuntu developers and their target DE just being Gnome really..it would be nice if they came to us and said hey, here is what we are doing for this release, would Kubuntu be interested in something different, and if so, is there a community member who would like to be apart of the development team for project x05:12
* Jucato asked something like that months ago...05:13
nixternal_I think some communications like that would be stellar05:13
Jucatomaybe they just presume we don't have the resources to help? :)05:13
* Jucato whistles innocently05:14
nixternal_we really don't honestly, but it wouldn't be hard to find a budding developer and spark some interest05:14
Jucatoand at least the thought/consideration and offer would be there05:14
nixternal_budding developers don't feel like coming in here and worrying about wth goes into the debian/ directory, and how to effiectively use debuild or pbuilder05:14
nixternal_at least that is what I have been told by a few people who are in that position05:15
nixternal_they want to develop, they don't want to package05:15
ScottK2Well then we ought to pair them with someone who packages.05:15
nixternal_I keep trying to tell them it doesn't have to be that way05:15
* Jucato nods05:15
ScottK2I'd be glad to help out with that.05:15
nixternal_ScottK2: exactly what I have beent elling them05:15
Jucatonixternal_: that was what sort of discouraged me months ago05:15
nixternal_I told them we have the packagers to help you :)05:15
* Jucato indirectly blogged about it05:15
Jucatoer.. /me blogged "indirectly" about it05:16
Jucatooh well :)05:16
nixternal_just tell apachelogger__ or jpatrick you need a package made, and them 2 pitbulls are on it :)05:16
nixternal_Jucato: hehe05:16
Jucatonixternal_: my problem was that... well tbh, no one paid attention to what I was trying to do until I had a debdiff :)05:16
Jucatobut making a debdiff involves basic packaging :)05:17
nixternal_hehe...I have felt that a bit myself as well Jucato05:17
nixternal_but one thing I have learned, step up, take the lead, just do it...if they don't bite here, well that doesn't mean they won't bite elsewhere05:18
Jucatoluckily for me you and StefanS were around to offer help with the debdiff. I wonder if budding/interested developers would be as lucky :)05:18
nixternal_hah, I now take that cookie back from Stuart, or Jucato :p05:20
nixternal_he put the features created for Gnome by Canonical/Ubuntu into Gnome, and when they didn't happen for Kubuntu he said that KDE fell behind05:20
* nixternal_ now strikes everything he says from memory this point forward...he being stuart, or Jucato, of course :p05:21
Jucatoit's not me!!! give me back my kooka!!05:21
Jucatoer. .. kookie05:21
nixternal_My school math btw says that’s 100% more support for GNOME. And nobody changed there since the promises of Mark Shuttleworth at LinuxTag 2006. Only that he joined as supporting member to KDE e.v. - for the cheap rate for an individual person rather than as entity Canonical.05:22
nixternal_via anonymous...all I have to say is "OUCH!"05:22
Jucatoso you'd understand why Nokia promising to be a Patron of KDE doesn't really excite me much :)05:23
nixternal_ooh, sebas I love your comment on his blog05:24
ScottK2Speaking of developers, I got a little coding project.  I got to the part in the API change documentation where they said "rewrite your function to ..." and I fled the room.05:25
ScottK2That mean you're gonna fix it for me?05:25
Jucatowth? why can I only see 33 comments in jono's blog post?05:25
nixternal_you fled the room to get writing code, or you fled the room thinking "horsecrap!"05:26
ScottK2nixternal_: I fled the room thinking I can't do C, I'm doomed.05:26
nixternal_you know, for being considered 2nd class, we do have a ton of people supporting us, which is really special05:26
nixternal_ScottK2: LOL!!!05:27
nixternal_ya, a little project of ours at the university just took a similar roll05:27
ScottK2nixternal_: Please take libdb4.3-ruby source package and make it play nice with libdb4.6.05:27
nixternal_and it is funny you were talking about Ruby today, because that is the roll it took05:27
nixternal_holy smokes05:27
nixternal_are we working on the same project?05:28
ScottK2No.  I'd trying to kill libdb4.2/3/4 out of the archive for Hardy instead of having them left to Universe to support after they get demoted.05:29
ScottK2This is real roadblock on the master plan as the Ruby libdb stuff only works up through 4.405:29
nixternal_Jucato: by chance, do you think the guy who commented on jono's blog as 'eddie' is the eddie you and I know?05:31
nixternal_he does say 'outrageous' quite a bit :)05:31
JucatoI don't know :)05:31
Jucatothat's the first question that came to my mind when I saw the comment05:31
Jucatobtw, how many comments do you see in jono's blog?05:31
nixternal_if he would have listed Foresight as a distro to switch too, then I would have though it was that eddie05:32
ScottK2I see 34, but #34 is mine05:32
Jucatoah 33... ok. I'm not going crazy05:32
JucatoHobbsee and ScottK2 commented, but we can't see their "supposed" comments :)05:32
ScottK2I guess it's moderated or something.  I looked on another computer and also saw 33.05:33
Jucatoah maybe he moderated it afterwards :)05:33
ScottK2Gotta love Xandros.  "postrm called with unknown argument 'remove'"05:38
ScottK2Cause who would ever want to remove one of their core packages...05:39
* ScottK2 finally reboots and crosses his fingers.05:59
nixternal_ScottK2: did it work?06:30
ScottK2It rebooted, but it's got issues.06:33
ScottK2Looks like some old kernel modules got left behind.06:34
nixternal_those are always fun06:40
nixternal_howdy Lure06:40
Lurenixternal_: morning06:41
Lureprobably night for you ;-)06:41
nixternal_00:43, so that qualifies as morning06:44
* Lure starts daily kde trunk build...06:47
nixternal_are you using svnbuild, or the manual cmakekde way?06:47
Lurenixternal_: just some handmade scripts around cmakekde/make06:51
nixternal_ahh, I rebuilt my one desktop so I can start doing the same...been about 2 weeks since it went down, time to start working on it again06:51
* Lure is tired of reading counter-strike blog post on our "community" manager's post.... :-(06:52
nixternal_who is that?06:52
nixternal_oh, never mind06:52
nixternal_I thought counter-strike the game06:52
Lurenixternal_: I really like that kde4 packages in kubuntu are now good enough as backup - so I can work most of time on trunk and if something goes wrong, I am on 4.0.x06:53
nixternal_I just did the sucker punch reply :)06:53
nixternal_start out like ya, bite there head off, then oh wait a second, then ya bite there head off, and then...boom, wth! can't we all just get along :)06:53
Lurenixternal_: I explained my frustrations in private mail (even before reading his post)06:53
Lurenixternal_: canonical should just accept that they have messed it up this time and keep it low06:54
nixternal_they have to know they are treating us a tad bit less than they do the gnome side06:54
Lurenixternal_: this delayed response by jone does not help anybody06:55
nixternal_but even if they were to hire a new developer, which a lot of people think will get rid of the 2nd class stuff, it isn't going to change anything06:55
Lurenixternal_: it is more about the message than about the resources put behind06:56
Lurenixternal_: ubuntu is great ground for great KDE desktop, but not if all KDE devlopers will use other distros06:56
nixternal_and as Jucato, oh sorry, I mean Stuart said in one of Jono's posts, their (Canonical) actions are speaking louder than their words especially with what Mark said a little over a year ago about KDE06:57
Lureanyway, I will focus more now on how I can contribute to KDE and see what happens06:59
nixternal_oh no you won't...you will continue working your fingers to the bone here until we say you can work elsewhere :p06:59
* Jucato hands nixternal_ his whip07:00
nixternal_wait a second07:00
nixternal_why does Hobbsee have a stick and I get a damn whip?07:00
Lurenixternal_: sure, but only for my egositic pleasures (make my gadgets work out of box on the OS I use and love) ;-)07:00
nixternal_I can't even use a whip07:00
Jucatonixternal_: you already have a "stick"!! be satisfied07:01
Lurenixternal_: not scared about Hobbsee anymore, since she is running gnome these days (she has lost power in kde land by switching desktops) ;-)07:01
nixternal_hahaha, someone in #ubuntu-chicago is singing "domu arigato mr. ubotu"07:01
* Lure hides07:01
nixternal_wait a sec, you just said you didn't have to be scared anymore07:01
Lurenixternal_: I am just used to hide when mentioning here nick ;-)07:02
Lurenixternal_: it will take some time getting used too ;-)07:02
nixternal_but you are right, since we are using the stick with KDE, we have way more options than she does07:02
nixternal_Lure: hahahaa07:02
Jucatoeasy for you to talk behind Hobbsee's back when she's not here :)07:03
* Jucato hides07:03
nixternal_I say we have a KDS, where we work for 16, party for 6, sleep for 207:03
Jucatooooops... I just highlighted Hobbsee... baaad07:03
nixternal_one hell of a 24 hour day if you ask me07:03
Jucatosleep for 2 hours? slacker!07:03
nixternal_good point07:03
nixternal_first person to fall asleep, well lets just say we will feel sorry for that person07:04
Jucatoright... off to bed with me then :D07:04
* nixternal_ has dibs on painting ScottK2's fingernails when his old arse passes out first :p07:04
nixternal_Jucato: I am not going to bed with you!07:04
Jucatoat 15:00... 86.1F... I dream of nothing but sleeping through the humidity07:04
JucatoI'm off to bed I meant07:05
nixternal_sure you did :p07:05
* Jucato snatches the whip. *I* know how to use it >:)07:05
nixternal_I bet you do freaky boy07:05
nixternal_you need to stop hanging out with eddie man07:05
Jucatoof course, a whip is useless against such a big man :)07:05
nixternal_he is bad news07:05
Jucatoright... this coversation is getting weird07:06
nixternal_ya it is, especially that last line07:06
nixternal_wait until I tell eddie!07:06
Jucatoright... that probably means I should just leave you and Lure alone in the room again07:06
nixternal_he isn't around...possibly because our Chicago annoyer is in the channel07:06
nixternal_the channel always goes quiet when he joins07:06
nixternal_wow, you are preverted07:07
nixternal_whatever it is :)07:07
nixternal_this annoying guy totally blows my mind...he complains about cash so much it isn't even funny07:07
nixternal_but every LUG event, he shows up with a brand new super computer he built07:08
Jucatogood thing he doesn't know about !nixternal yet :)07:08
Lurenixternal_: sure that impacts his cash flow07:08
nixternal_he is always broke, yet he has NASA knocking on his door for spare computer parts probably07:08
Jucatoman... I wish I were broke like him.... maybe then I'd have a decent pc for dev'ing07:09
nixternal_he showed up right before Christmas, after he complained that getting gifts for his kids would be difficult, with a computer so insane I about died07:09
nixternal_quad core, 4gb of ram, 2TB of drive space, blueray/hddvd whatever the hell it is, SLI bad boys07:09
Jucatohm.... not insane enough.. you just *about* died...07:09
Lurenixternal_: he at least knows about his priorities07:09
nixternal_1000w power supply07:09
nixternal_where do you get one of those? that damn computer could power a nuclear power plant probably07:10
nixternal_Lure: hahaha07:10
Jucatowhere? hm.. in a nuclear power plant maybe?07:10
ScottK2nixternal_: I'm not asleep yet.07:11
nixternal_I never caught a glimpse of his car..probably one of those economical hybrids...you know, to offset the jiggawatts (thanks back to the future) he uses with his computer07:11
nixternal_ScottK2: d'oh, busted me in the act then07:11
Jucatooh... that makes you three07:11
Jucatosome in the room/channel07:11
* Jucato goes now07:11
nixternal_go figure, he is talking about another computer he is going to build right now07:12
nixternal_I should have that channel logged, but all of the derelects in there would get us banned probably07:12
Jucatowhile complaining he doesn't have $$$ to pay the electricity bill for his 1000w power supply?07:12
nixternal_actually, no he isn't complaining about money for once07:13
Jucatothat's a releif :)07:13
nixternal_he is talking about making #ubuntu-chicago kosher right now07:13
nixternal_he is a good guy though, I have known him for quite a few years07:13
nixternal_I dated his daughter actually in high school07:14
nixternal_ya, and he still likes me07:14
Jucatohe *likes* you? oh gawd...07:14
Jucatoright... luckily I'm being called... catch you guys later :)07:14
nixternal_I know they had a ton of money when we were younger07:14
nixternal_ya, your bed is calling you, bum :p07:15
* Jucato should probably start doing more for Kubuntu some time this week..07:15
Jucatono, bed is later. chores are now07:15
nixternal_01:14:00 [    eegore] is 500 gigs a good size for a home directory?07:15
nixternal_01:14:20 [ Spaceman3] Yeah...07:15
nixternal_01:14:46 [    eegore] and 3 tb raid for long term storage?07:15
nixternal_see, you thought I was joking07:15
nixternal_500 gigs? my ~/ is like 40GB if I am lucky :)07:15
Jucatono, 500GB is not a good size for /home.. it should be around 725GB07:15
Jucato700GB for torrents, 25GB for everything else...07:16
nixternal_they have 1TB drives already?07:16
nixternal_I don't pay enough attention to hardware07:16
Jucatolike I said.. maybe in the power plant :)07:16
Jucatoright... can here my gradma shouting... bye )07:17
nixternal_as soon as they come out with a decent priced solid state drive >80GB, I will buy one to replace my laptop hard drive07:17
nixternal_I must have missed something07:25
=== nixternal_ is now known as nixternal
gribeluwhen will kubuntu get KDE 4.0.1? I think it has already been tagged08:21
nixternalnext week08:21
nixternalwhen KDE 4.0.1 is released08:21
nixternalwe are already working on the packages for next weeks release08:21
gribeluso it's a wip08:21
nixternalwe can't release the packages before KDE officially releases 4.0.1 :)08:21
gribelui wonder what's new/fixed08:22
gribeluoh goody08:22
nixternalquite a bit actually from what I read in the changelogs08:22
gribelui just found the changelog.. i shall be reading it now08:23
nixternalhehe, have fun with that one08:23
nixternalI will go dream of it now :)08:23
Luregribelu: http://www.kde.org/announcements/changelogs/changelog4_0to4_0_1.php08:46
gribeluthanks Lure i finished reading it already08:48
gribeluseems to fix some of the stuff that annoyed me08:49
=== hunger_t is now known as hunger
=== seaLne_ is now known as seaLne
Jucato(btw nixternal, you might have forgotten that you're on planetkde too... bug you didn't tag your last post with KDE so...)09:15
jpatricknixternal: where?!09:42
jpatrickah, I see :)09:42
Hobbseenixternal: jono is thinking what he's been told to think.  have you asked him when the last time he actually ran kubuntu was?10:35
jpatrickHobbsee: I pointed him to the KDE4RC2 ISO before 4.0 was released10:36
HobbseeScottK2: it's a good question how good debian's KDE is10:36
wolfgernixternal: glad I could make you laugh ;-)10:37
jpatrickHobbsee: jono's online now, if you want to intrograte him..10:37
Hobbseejpatrick: this is true10:46
jpatrickHobbsee: and he's talking to me in #k10:47
Hobbseedarn, wish i'd been there10:47
* Jucato isn't either.... would have raised the !ot flag in there though :P10:49
jpatrickHobbsee moves in for the kill :p10:51
Hobbseejpatrick: can i have some backscroll? :)10:51
jpatrickHobbsee: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54442/10:52
Hobbseejpatrick: thanks :)10:52
HobbseeLure: i'm still scary :)10:52
HobbseeLure: i still have upload rights10:52
Jucatojpatrick: that's it? O.o10:53
Hobbseeoh, that was all.  right10:53
Jucato<jpatrick> Hobbsee: and he's talking to me in #k <--- I sort of expected something a bit more :)10:53
HobbseePCLinuxOS uses what, i wonder..10:54
Hobbseefor package management10:54
jpatrickJucato: heh :P10:54
* Lure pretends that he is not here11:00
* Jucato pretends he couldn't see what Lure said11:00
* Lure hopes that Jucato will shut up11:01
* Hobbsee spears Lure and Jucato with the Long Pointy Stick of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ™11:02
* jpatrick gets yet another Kubuntu package into debian11:03
Jucatohm.. barbeque...11:03
* Hobbsee should run kubuntu again, around the time of 4.0.111:03
Jucatowhich is next week?11:03
LureHobbsee: 4.0.1 is for lusers, you should run kde4 trunk ;-)11:03
* Hobbsee isnt' that desperate11:04
* Lure knows what got Hobbsee back into kde land: http://aseigo.blogspot.com/2008/01/lca-and-fluffy-bunnies.html11:04
* Jucato nods11:04
LureHobbsee: kde4 trunk includes some ponies too11:05
HobbseeLure: i'm not there...11:05
Hobbseebut mm...fluffy bunnies11:05
Lureanyway, have to take my daugthers to Maskenball, bbl11:06
mhbaah, I missed the discussions :o)11:09
mhbnixternal: to be fair, pitti asked me whether I wanted to do the KDE frontend for jockey (the new restricted manager), and he's very open and communicative about it11:10
mhbnixternal: so there are canonical developers who discuss things with us11:10
mhbmy question is: do we have enough volunteer coders willing to actually do a KDE frontend each cycle?11:20
mhbmeaning: if a Canonical dev ABC works on a tool GtkFoo this cycle, do we have someone who would actually follow what he's doing and do the KDE frontend for it, peaking into the backend code and suggesting better GTK-independence in the process?11:21
Hobbseeerk, someone's asking about kubuntu and bugs11:32
mhbHobbsee: what do you mean by "KDE support for compiz"?11:42
mhbHobbsee: we now have an easy way to install compiz on both KDE3 and KDE4 ... there may be quirks in the relationship (especially virtual desktop-related, as Compiz does some ugly stuff there), but otherwise the KDE support is fair enough11:44
mhbRiddell: those meany users say you're not a superman!11:46
mhbRiddell: that's so untrue, you are Superman, aren't you?11:46
mhbRiddell: it's just that fighting crime takes too much of your time, so you can't use your superfingers to fix all KDE/Kubuntu bugs11:47
Hobbseemhb: that was the stuff i meant11:55
mhbHobbsee: so what's the problem behind the compiz KDE integration?11:59
mhbHobbsee: the small desktop applet quirks?11:59
Hobbseemhb: yeah, i think so11:59
mhbwell it's a bug in either KDE3 or compiz11:59
mhbone moment11:59
Hobbseeback when i tried it, which was a while ago, kwindeco sucked.11:59
mhbwell, yes12:02
mhbour dearest troy again making a rant12:05
Riddelloh jings12:34
Riddelland crivvens12:36
mhbI wish I knew what you are talking about :o)12:38
mhbI am so tired of all this Kubuntu bashing...12:43
=== emonkey-t is now known as emonkey
mhbI guess people have forgotten what community means and they just complain instead of helping.12:43
mhbToo bad those are often the high-profile users, which are heard well.12:44
Riddelltroy was even complaining about negative KDE blogs recently...12:44
Hobbseeyay, crivvens!12:45
=== txwikinger2 is now known as txwikinger
mhbwell, all this bashing makes me want to triage bugs12:55
mhbRiddell: do you remember this new initiative from Mozilla Labs to have the Mozilla settings saved on a remote server?13:25
mhbRiddell: Mozilla Weave I think13:25
Hobbseeah yes13:26
mhbRiddell: it seems people would love to have the same thing for KDE, judging by the responses from your blog post.13:26
Hobbseedoes it work?13:26
mhbnot sure yet.13:26
mhbbut Riddell hacked something similar for KDE, and people dig it13:26
mhbJucato: does it have a server side?13:27
Jucatothat I don't know... looks like it didn't take off...13:27
Jucatobut that name crossed my mind upon reading Riddell's blog13:27
smarterIs system-config-printer-applet-kde supposed to work?13:29
mhbmethinks yes13:29
smarterWhen I try to launch it, nothing appears on the screen and I have to manually kill it13:30
mhbsmarter: the way I understand it, something should appear only after you plug in your printer13:31
smartermhb: and for network printers?13:32
mhbthose should be detected automagically, this applet applies for non-network ones13:32
mhbtruth is mine isn't13:32
smarterreally? even SMB printers?13:33
* mhb shrus13:34
mhbsmarter: I don't really print much in Linux13:35
buzapropos printing, is there anyway to print 2up from okular?13:35
buzi would love to retire kpdf :)13:35
mhbit's funny when I have to "won't fix" my own bug reports14:35
ScottK2Hobbsee: My comment really wasn't about how good Debian's KDE is, but about the Debian packaging system.  I do have one associate who very happily lives on KDE in Testing, so it's at least usable.14:38
HobbseeScottK2: i realise that, my question then was, seeing as there are relatively few debian-based distros that do kde - how is debian's version of it?14:39
ScottK2I see14:39
ScottK2Good question.14:40
ScottK2Put differently, how good a job are we doing of giving back...14:40
ScottK2I recently did python-qt3/qt4 merges and our packages are VERY similar.14:41
jpatrickScottK2: getting our packages into debian you mean?14:41
Hobbseeno, that wasn't my intention.  but that's also a good point14:41
ScottK2jpatrick: Or feeding patches back to Debian on packages we already have in common.14:42
jpatrickah, well, I've already started to bug them -> http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=jpatrick@kubuntu.org14:42
mhbthat's superb14:43
ScottK2Those of us who haven't (raises hand) should also join the KDE team on alioth.14:44
mhbjpatrick: you're close to winning my "Kubuntu Hero of the Year 2008" award14:44
HobbseeScottK2: was thinking "is there a good debian-based kde distro out there?14:44
Hobbseewhich isn't kubuntu14:44
ScottK2I don't think there is.14:44
mhbwhich is why I'm still here :o)14:44
* ScottK2 too14:44
jpatrickScottK2: I applied but they need to "know me better"14:45
ScottK2Hobbsee: You're in the Debian KDE group, right?14:45
jpatrickmhb: :) bit to early for that no?14:46
HobbseeScottK2: yes14:47
HobbseeScottK2: that doesn't mean i've run it though14:47
mhbjpatrick: sure14:47
mhbjpatrick: but you're in the lead now14:47
ScottK2Hobbsee: No, but maybe you could do some vouching for jpatrick.14:48
JucatoSidux? MEPIS?14:49
Jucato(just throwing in names...)14:50
ScottK2MEPIS was Kubuntu based, right?  Then they switched?14:51
JucatoDebian -> Ubuntu -> Debian14:51
Jucatosomehow they weren't happy with Ubuntu... don't know the details14:52
ScottK2IIRC they were suprised that it wasn't completely painless to rebase themself on a new Ubuntu release.14:53
JucatoI also thought that they based their first Ubuntu-based release on Dapper, and said they weren't satisfied with how frequent the updates/fixes were coming in...14:54
* Jucato shrugs14:54
ScottK2Hobbsee: Who is/are the people in charge of KDE in Debian?14:57
Hobbseeer, those in #d-qt-kde14:57
Hobbseeie, ana, pusling14:57
jpatrickyeah, those14:57
ScottK2So what is #debian-kde then?  Both channels exist.14:58
jpatrickScottK2: https://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-kde/14:59
Hobbseei think that's old?14:59
jpatrickHobbsee: got the list14:59
ScottK2jpatrick: Thanks.14:59
mhbRiddell: bug 175597 sounds like a pretty nasty one15:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 175597 in kdebase "KDE: Error - KIOExec: error messages when opening links from system menu" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17559715:01
mhbbasically the trash icon, the media link, all that cannot be selected via kickre15:01
=== jelmer_ is now known as jelmer
* ScottK2 just asked to join.15:07
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
Riddellmhb: I've seen that, I tend to leave such issues to after feature freeze15:23
ScottK2Hobbsee or Riddell: Either of you up for sponsoring a scribus merge?15:28
ScottK2Riddell: ?15:28
RiddellScottK2: could do15:29
* ScottK2 wished the Tech Board would get on with it so maybe he could just upload it.15:29
ScottK2Riddell: It's Bug #18826615:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188266 in scribus "Please merge scribus 1.2.5.dfsg-5  (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18826615:29
ScottK2I asked StevenK and he said I could take it.15:29
RiddellScottK2: uploaded15:36
ScottK2Riddell: Thanks.  I looked earlier in the week and I think that was the last KDE merge for Main that was a new upstream release.15:37
RiddellScottK2: great!15:41
smarterwhere can I find the latest version of kde.mk for kde4?15:45
Riddellsmarter: http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/kde.mk15:46
mhbRiddell: is there a way to mark bugs that badly need fixing?15:46
smarterRiddell: thanks15:47
mhbRiddell: marking them High?15:47
mhbor is there a tag we use for stuff like this? regression maybe?15:47
smarterRiddell: can I use /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/cdbs.mk with it?15:47
ScottK2mhb: High is the normal way.15:48
Riddellsmarter: no grab cdbs.mk from current kde4libs15:48
mhbScottK2: but even high bugs get lost, especially when you're not subscribed to them15:48
smarterRiddell: ok15:48
Riddellmhb: yes, High15:48
ScottK2mhb: Yes, so subscribe.15:49
mhbit might be worth it to use tags for that, so even other people can find them15:49
ScottK2We've got too many tags people ignore already.15:51
mhbwell, I'll tag them anyway, it makes it easier for me to find out what badly needs fixin15:51
ScottK2My own little project right now it to make python-qt3 a sync from Debian.15:52
mhbcan aynone add tags to a bug report?15:53
ScottK2Riddell: I'm not seeng the Scribus upload?  Did you get a reject maybe?16:02
Riddell"The program 'dput' is currently not installed."16:03
Riddellok, there it goes16:03
sistpotyhi, I've got a little problem: I've set a shortcut to launch konsole via kcontrol to <win+q>, which nowadays only works from time to time. Which package could I search bugs/report one for this?16:18
ScottK2Hello sistpoty.16:19
sistpotyhi ScottK216:19
ScottK2sistpoty: What happens when it doesn't work?16:19
* sistpoty tries16:19
sistpotyScottK2: nothing at all (at least not visibly)16:19
sistpotyxev at least does show that I press some keys, so I guess it's not down in xorg16:20
ScottK2sistpoty: Anything in .xsession-errors16:20
jpatricksistpoty: which over to KDE have we? :)16:20
ryanakcaanother shortcut problem I've been noticing, ctrl-shift-w is supposed to close a konsole tab, but it makes kopete cycle between "Away" and "Online"16:21
fdoving /names16:21
sistpotyScottK2: yeah, I'll pastebin it16:21
fdovingnixternal: nice blog. :)16:21
sistpotyjpatrick: kde3 (hardy, seems not outdated yet, though I'm one day behind through mirror)16:21
sistpotyScottK2: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4102/16:22
sistpoty(beginning stripped)16:22
* ScottK2 isn't sure. Looks around the room.16:23
jpatrickScottK2: woohoo, looks like we have acc3ss16:23
JucatoI'm only sure about the issue with konsole and kopete. kopete's global shortcuts override any local app shortcuts16:24
ScottK2jpatrick: Yep.  Now go fix sistpoty's problem....16:24
ScottK2Yet another reason not to use kopete16:24
sistpotywell, what package would take care for handling shortcuts in general? kicker? or kdelibs4c2a? something else? *g*16:25
Jucatonah. they just need to choose more sensible shortcuts :)16:25
Jucatohm. don't know about that :(16:26
sistpotythe strange thing is, that it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't for different sessions, so it smells a little bit like a race, which I guess makes debugging it even harder :/16:29
sistpotybug #188385 reported, thanks16:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188385 in kdebase "custom shortcut for <win+q> works now only from time to time" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18838516:40
mhbsistpoty: is it a regression?16:41
mhbsistpoty: has it worked better before?16:41
sistpotymhb: yes, it worked flawless since 1.2 (or s.th., don't remember that from almost 10 years ago) ;)16:41
mhbsistpoty: well I mean last Kubuntu release for example16:41
sistpotyeven though it was a real pain to get shortcuts working back then16:42
mhbdid it work?16:42
sistpotymhb: it last worked flawless in gutsy16:42
mhbhmm, interesting16:42
mhbso it is a regression16:42
mhbthose are relatively easy to fix16:42
sistpotymhb: I'm not 100% sure if early hardy versions worked as well :/16:43
mhbsistpoty: okay, thanks16:45
ScottK2Someone have a minute to help me understand something between kde-guidance and python-qt3?16:59
* ryanakca wonders if he should refer ScottK2 to !ask ;)17:00
ScottK2Currently we "Move pyqtconfig.py to python-qt3, it is needed for mountconfig from kde-guidance", but near as I can tell, mountconfig doesn't use it.17:02
ScottK2Moving that from the -dev package to -qt3 means that other stuff has to be merged instean of synced (I ran across this trying to update eric).17:03
ScottK2So I'm trying to figure if it's really needed or not.17:04
RiddellScottK2: if it's not needed, that's all good17:06
ScottK2Riddell: that's what I'm hoping.17:06
ScottK2Anyone here running Hardy willing to run a test for me?17:07
ScottK2I've got i386 debs prepared.17:07
smarterScottK2: sure17:09
ryanakcaScottK2: sure17:11
* claydoh just realized he has been using Kubuntu since the hoary preview 17:14
claydohwhich puts it almost to the longest use of an OS for me next to Win95/9817:15
* buz nods17:15
buzbut i have used 2K longer than that i believe17:15
buznot by much though17:16
buzactually scratch that, i've used freebsd on servers far longer than either :P17:16
* claydoh has never really felt 'second-class', but I chose Kubuntu partly because it wasn't as huge a thing as Ubuntu17:16
buzwell there certainly is not feature parity17:16
buzbut many of the features are rather useless to me so...17:17
claydohi don't really care about some of those17:17
ryanakcahmm... *originally chose linux because it was a "challenge"*...17:17
buzi chose linux because my 2K box blew up and i knew 2k would be EOL soon17:17
ryanakcabut all the devs strive to make it as user friendly as possible... and everything "just works" now a days17:17
buzand i sure as hell did not wanna go XP17:17
claydohI chose linux after BeOS ceased to be viable option :)17:17
claydohand did not want to be pirating XP17:18
buzoh i had access to school site license17:18
claydohtho i did purchase mandrake 7.217:19
buzonly linux i ever purchased was suse 5.217:19
claydohwhich somehow was worse than the free 7.0 cd I got from maximumlinux magazine17:19
buzand a bunch of bsd cds17:19
buzback when freebsd was useable17:20
* ScottK2 is back17:20
claydohI did buy a cheap suse, but don't remember which17:20
ScottK2smarter and ryanakca: Give me a sec to post the debs17:20
claydohthen I used some of the origianl 'alternative" and 'user-friendly ' distros (ELX and , um Redmondlinux)17:21
mhbIMHO we need more bug triagers17:21
claydohthen chose redmondlinux, nee Lycoris17:21
mhbthere's so many unconfirmed bugs out there17:21
mhbwe need people to sort them out and tell us "look, we really need this and that fixed, there's so many duplicates of that"17:22
mhbhardly anyone is doing that, is he?17:22
ScottK2Someone ought to talk to bdmurray then about how it can be better focused.  Maybe ask him for a KDE bug day.17:22
buzhow can i see bugs relating to kubuntu specifically?17:22
mhbbuz: bugs reported to KDE packages are kubuntu's17:23
mhbbuz: also kubuntu-meta is a meta-package for all Kubuntu bugs17:23
buzdoes that aggregate kde bugs?17:23
mhbjust our17:23
mhbwe need people that sort them, find the ones that we have created and tell us to go fix them17:24
claydohhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage <-- is this good info?17:24
claydohI have done a small amount of duplicate-marking, but not much else17:24
jpatrickclaydoh: http://tinyurl.com/33c98817:26
* buz looks at some of the new bugs17:26
claydohnice, thanks17:26
ScottK2Riddell: I'm going to need another Scribus upload once I figure it out.  It FTBFS on AMD64.17:28
buzhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-meta/+bug/157875 that one has been bugging me for a while17:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 157875 in kubuntu-meta "KDE will not show media on the deskop that was inserted before KDE init" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:28
mhbbuz: ah, no wonder I find that report familiar17:30
buzi think it applies to kde4.0 as well17:30
nixternalScottK2: gotta amd64 box to build it on? if not I can test build it here for you17:33
ScottK2nixternal: I don't.17:33
nixternallink me to a .dsc if possible and I will do an amd64 test if you need it17:33
ScottK2nixternal: Should Scribus be stuffing things in /usr/lib64 or /usr/lib?17:33
ScottK2nixternal: Will do.  Thanks.17:33
ScottK2The problem is it's putting stuff in /usr/lib64 and then installing from usr/lib and not, of course, finding it.17:34
nixternalI do know it tends to look for stuff in /usr/lib64 when it was moved to /usr/lib by us17:34
ScottK2So we want it to land in /usr/lib, right?17:35
nixternalit not necessarity being scribus, but other 64bit packages in building17:35
nixternalI can't remember the whole thing exactly to be honest... but it was communicated recently about some lib changes17:35
ScottK2Anyone?  Riddell?17:36
RiddellScottK2: usr/lib17:36
ScottK2Riddell: Thanks.  I'll go figure how to shove it in there.17:36
RiddellScottK2: I can give you ssh access to my amd64 too if you need it17:37
Riddellnixternal: "apart" is quite different from "a part"17:37
ScottK2Riddell: Thanks.  I hope this'll be easy.17:37
nixternalapart as in separated, a part as in did you buy a part for your car17:37
nixternaldid I fubar 'apart' somewhere?17:38
Riddellnixternal: your blog, I'm pretty sure that should be "a part"17:38
* nixternal looks17:39
buzhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-meta/+bug/163685 ever seen an os do that? i dont think its even possible17:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 163685 in kubuntu-meta "PS2 connectors not compatible with "Live" operation" [Undecided,New]17:41
nixternalRiddell: thanks, fixed it...if you were speaking about the ShipIt paragraph of course17:42
smarterAny MOTU here willing to review my package of the Bespin Qt4 style? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=kde4-style-bespin thanks ;)17:44
nixternalhow much money do you have?17:45
nixternalI am looking at it now smarter :)17:45
smarternixternal: thanks ;)17:45
ScottK2smarter and ryanakca: The .debs are at http://www.kitterman.com/test/ - Please install those and then see if the kde-guidance mountconfig works.  They've got a lower version number than the current Hardy packages, so you'll be able to just 'upgrade' back to the official debs when we're done17:53
smarterScottK2: works fine here17:58
ScottK2smarter: Thanks18:07
ScottK2ryanakca: Are you testing this?18:07
ScottK2nixternal: How are you with CMake?18:09
nixternaldepends I guess...I can fix it after playing with it, or breaking it :)18:10
ScottK2Scribus 'improved' their build system with the new release.18:10
ScottK2I'm not sure if it's better to force config to shove the build into /usr/lib or to mv it there after the build in debian/rules.18:11
nixternalwell, scribus can't be the only package we have to pushes stuff into /usr/lib18:12
nixternalwith KDE 4, we install libs to the lib directory18:13
ScottK2Would you be willing to look at the current Hardy source package and look at CMakeLists.txt and offer an opinion?18:14
ScottK2nixternal: ^^^18:17
nixternalScottK2: sure18:17
ScottK2nixternal: Thanks18:22
smarternixternal: did you had time to look at my kde4-style-bespin package?18:22
nixternalbuilding it now18:22
nixternalin pbuilder18:22
nixternalI built it once and tested it...it does everything it is supposed to...so after this pbuilder build, I will upload it, unless of course it fails in pbuilder :)18:23
smarternixternal: cool :)18:27
ScottK2ryanakca: You there?18:30
mendredhi i was thinking of updating my gutsy install to current hardy..is there anything majorly broken in the repos currently ?18:31
ryanakcaScottK2: back, sorry18:31
ryanakcaScottK2: *tests*18:31
ScottK2ryanakca: No problem.  Thanks18:31
ryanakcaWhat do you want me to test exactly?18:31
mhbmendred: no18:31
ScottK2mendred: Wrong question.  If if there isn't now, there's no guarantee there won't be tomorrow.18:31
mhbmendred: but who knows... perhaps you uncover something18:31
mendredhehe...if its tomorrow i can handle it18:32
mendredafter i do the update18:32
nixternalsmarter: uploaded! thanks18:33
mendredthanks for the info18:33
smarternixternal: thank you too :)18:33
nixternalno problemo18:33
ryanakcaScottK2: wget all the .debs, dpkg -i and then?18:33
ScottK2ryanakca: Install the .debs at http://www.kitterman.com/test/18:33
ScottK2ryanakca: Then see if mountconfig in kde-guidance works.18:33
ScottK2ryanakca: Yes18:33
ryanakcaScottK2: sorry, my dads bugging me to leave, mind if I test in a couple hours, if you haven't already uploaded?18:36
smarternixternal: I've also packaged the kepas plasmoid if you're interested ;) http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=kepas18:37
ScottK2ryanakca: No problem18:38
ScottK2smarter: You still around18:39
smarterScottK2: yep18:39
ScottK2smarter: Have you still got those packages installed?18:39
nixternalScottK2: scribus or scribus-ng?18:39
ScottK2nixternal: scribus18:40
smarterScottK2: yes18:40
nixternalScottK2: ^^?18:40
ScottK2smarter: remove python-qt-dev and then see if mountconfig still works18:40
nixternalwhere is that source located?18:41
smarterScottK2: doesn't work: "ImportError: No module named pyqtconfig"18:42
ScottK2smarter: OK.  Thanks.  I guess we still need it.18:42
ScottK2smarter: That's all I need then.18:42
ScottK2ryanakca: No further testing needed.18:46
ScottK2jjesse: Hello18:47
jjessehello ScottK218:49
ScottK2nixternal: The other weird thing is it build on ia64, but not AMD6418:52
nixternalhiya jjesse18:52
jjessehello nixternal18:53
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soldierboyAm I able to ask support questions in here when it couldn't be solved by other channels?20:33
coreymon77the general rule here is no support20:33
coreymon77but i dont know20:33
ScottK2Welcome back nixternal.20:40
ScottK2nixternal: Did you get a chance to look at scribus?20:40
nixternalI am looking at it right now, and as a matter of fact, it just blew up at 57%20:46
nixternalComcast stopped by to work on the cable boxes out back, so I went ahead and disconnected until they finished their work20:47
nixternalhrmm, gcc segfaulted20:49
nixternalScottK2: this is interesting..it builds fine on i38621:17
nixternalon amd64 it crashes, or shall I say that GCC gives and internal compile error: Segmentation Fault in various locations on adm6421:17
nixternalhrmm, wonder if the latest gcc updates are borked?21:18
ScottK2Well it's built find on the buildd for AMD6421:22
nixternalI thought it didn't21:22
ScottK2nixternal: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11733137/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-amd64.scribus_1.3.3.11.dfsg-1ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz21:22
ScottK2It got through the compiling.  It was installing the bits in the package that failed21:23
ScottK2So your GGC segfault is something that didn't happen on the buildd21:23
nixternalI am going to build in pbuilder, but doing debuild -nc wouldn't build it21:25
mhbis there an (emerging) media player for KDE4's konqueror?21:28
mhbfor the videos embedded in websites21:28
Nightrosedragon player resently got a kpart21:28
Nightroseif that is what you mean21:28
nixternalwhat do we use now? kmplayer?21:28
nixternalfor KDE 3 that is21:28
mhbNightrose: which means that it can be embedded in konqueror via voodoo or that building it will make the videos run OOTB?21:31
Nightrosewell if I am not mistaken dragon player should be able to do that21:31
mhbNightrose: I hope you're not mistaken :o)21:32
Nightrosemhb: no idea - best ask eean (he is the developer now - was formerly known as codeine)21:32
* mhb is going to test it21:32
Nightroseand besides: there is no video player besides dragon player for kde4 so far21:33
smarterthere's smplayer and vlc which are in Qt421:41
mhbNightrose: I just built kmplayer from extragear21:41
mhbnot that it works :o)21:43
jpatrickNightrose: and there's kplayer too21:54
Nightrosejpatrick: ported to kde 4? last I talked to eean about it he said dragon player was the only one so far21:55
mhbI think he meant the only one using the phonon backend21:56
mhbkplayer is in KDE4, but it uses mplayer, it seems.21:56
ScottK2nixternal: How's it looking?22:01
nixternalbombed the same place as you in pbuilder22:01
nixternalI wonder why it won't build on my box though22:01
nixternalI need a coding project or I am going to go insane I think22:02
ScottK2nixternal: Wanna try the ruby/bdb one I had yesterday?  It's an API migration thing I'm pretty sure, but you may get to play with pthreads.22:03
nixternalno thanks...would like to code around somethng I at least like and understand right now :)22:03
nixternaland *ruby* doesn't fall into either of those categories :)22:03
ScottK2The coding isn't actually in Ruby, it's Ruby bindings for libdb.  Coding is in C or C++22:04
nixternalshouldn't I at least understand Ruby though?22:04
nixternalor at least the problem at hand22:05
nixternalruby shouldn't be to difficult to learn...my buddy learned it fairly quick actually, and he has never written 1 line of code his entire 30+ years on this earth22:05
ScottK2No need for Ruby.  You just run the Ruby examples to see if you integrated it right22:05
nixternalis there a link to further info for the job at hand at all?22:06
_StefanS_kwwii: hey, DJMattRicks is okay about us using that wallpaper22:06
ScottK2Get the source package for libdb4.3-ruby22:06
_StefanS_kwwii: just got a note on deviantart22:06
ScottK2-ruby1.8 is the binary22:07
mhb_StefanS_: meaning? he allows us to commercially use it?22:07
_StefanS_mhb: in kubuntu, yes.22:08
ScottK2nixternal: Then anywhere is says 4.3, you change it to 4.6.22:08
ScottK2nixternal: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54540/ for how you test it.22:08
ScottK2nixternal: Without modification, it'll hang on the ruby txn.rb test.22:09
nixternalOK, that kind of lost me...explain why you need to go through the 4.3 package, and s/4.3/4.6 when there is a 4.6 package?22:15
ScottK2The 4.6 package I made doesn't work.  I can give you that, but it's just about as fast for you to 4.3/3.6 yourself22:15
ScottK2It works for everything but that transaction test22:16
_StefanS_Riddell: did you upload that kwin-style-crystal patch i did ?22:16
nixternalso I am guessng I should change '#if BDB_VERSION >= 40300' to '#if BDB_VERSION >= 40600' and so forth?22:16
nixternaloh well, nothing to lose I guess, sounds easy enough22:16
ScottK2That I could do.22:16
ScottK2The tricky part is when you get into the API migration.  That's where I got lost22:17
ScottK2nixternal: Look in docs/ref/upgrade.4.5 for the relevant API discussions (doesn't work with 4.5 either)22:17
nixternalOK, I don't see that upgrade.4.5 in docs22:26
nixternalI don't see ref22:26
* ScottK2 looks again22:27
ScottK2nixternal: That's 'cause I'm a muppet22:27
ScottK2nixternal: Sorry.  That's from the db docs.22:28
nixternalwhere do I get those from?22:28
ScottK2apt-get source db22:28
nixternalroger that22:29
ScottK2Current db is db4.622:29
nixternalholy smokes man22:36
nixternalthere is a ton of work with this22:36
ScottK2You said you wanted a project22:43
ScottK2It'll help us kill off dbd 4.2/3/4 for Hardy and be a major help with a Lenny release goal if we can get this done22:44
Riddellhas kbabel been fixed in that respect?22:51
dasKreechnixternal: How many people got shot in Chicago?22:53
dasKreechYahoo was flashing something about a shooting spree in Chicago22:55
* ScottK2 is fairly sure the answer is not so many considering the number of people that live there.22:58
Buzz_i hope you will forgive me for saying, but I do not think the new hardy kubuntu wallpaper is a great choice for a default. It is very busy, and giev s a look/feel  (imho) to a time where people used to use backgrounds like this on webpages.22:59
Buzz_it is a beautiful image.. but as a wallpaper? I think it would make a good "optional" one. but22:59
RiddellBuzz_: it's what happens when nobody makes a decision on artwork, me and kwwii just pick something that looks nice and wait for people to complain22:59
RiddellI think it's nice but I agree it's more distracting than it should be23:00
Riddellso find us something better23:00
Riddelland we'll ponder it23:00
Buzz_i thought there was an artwork team ? i mean, im not the best graphics person ;-)23:00
ScottK2Buzz_: Welcome to the team23:01
Buzz_im a boring, gradient with a simple watermarked logo type person :-)23:01
Buzz_when it comes to a background.23:01
Buzz_ScottK: hah ;-)23:01
dasKreechBuzz_: Make it look nice and gradiented enough and welcome to the art team23:02
nixternalScottK2: ya, that is totally beyond me23:03
nixternaldasKreech: quite a few people were shot and killed from what I can hear on TV from my desk23:03
ScottK2nixternal: OK.  Me too.23:03
Buzz_dasKreech: i actually really like the gutsy artwork ;-)23:03
nixternaldasKreech: it happened at the mall by my brother's house23:03
nixternaldasKreech: 5 women were shot and killed23:04
dasKreechThat's bad.23:04
dasKreechrandom or not?23:04
nixternalthey don't know yet, they are looking for the gunman23:05
dasKreechWait a mall and he got away?23:05
nixternalwell it was one of those strip malls23:05
nixternalScottK2: OK, what exactly changed since the previous version of Scribus? There is nothing that sticks out and smacks me with a "here you goofball, don't set me like this" or "don't install me here after the fact"23:16
ScottK2nixternal: It looks like they are dealing with 64 bit arch different in CMakeLists.txt23:19
nixternalwell, with debuild -nc, it installs to debian/scribus/usr/lib64/scribus/23:20
ScottK2nixternal: I'm inclined to just [ -e '/usr/lib64' ] ; cp -R /usr/lib64/* /usr/lib or something like that23:21
ScottK2That's where it went on the buildd too.23:21
nixternalin rules I see:  chmod 755 $(INSTALL_DIR)/usr/lib/scribus/plugins/*.so23:21
nixternalthat would be a problem since there is nothing in usr/lib23:22
ScottK2That's where it died23:22
ScottK2all the /usr/lib64 stuff needs to go to /usr/lib23:22
nixternalScottK2: that's exactly what the old package installs to23:23
nixternalit is a direct copy from /usr/lib64 to /usr/lib23:23
nixternalI just installed it on a fresh hardy desktop install23:23
nixternaland all of the same exact files are located in /usr/lib/scribus/ and /usr/lib64/scribus23:24
ScottK2nixternal: Let me look at debian/rules again.  I'm kind of multi-tasking here23:24
nixternaland doing a du on both directories, all the numbers are equal23:25
ScottK2I think some of their Cmake magic has fubarred this up23:26
ScottK2But I think rather than mess with the upstream build system, it's better to just shove it where we want it with debian/rules23:28
Nightrose*rofl* @ picture for flash in the release announcement for alpha 423:32
Buzz_Riddell: i did have a nice idea for a background. i just tried drawing it but my art skills. something like a light blue to darker blue gradient vertically, and then a mountain range sillouette as a transparency mask, so that there are different levels of opaqueness. like this http://optics.kulgun.net/Blue-Mountains/blue-mountain1.jpg but more artificial23:37
Buzz_Riddell: i can show you something i just made if you want though.23:40
mhbBuzz_: we're coders, we cannot really decide whether an idea is good or not...23:40
ScottK2nixternal: I'm trying something here.  If it doesn't mess up when I build it, I'd like for you to give it a shot.23:40
mhbBuzz_: we can decide whether a wallpaper is shiny enough or not :o)23:40
dasKreechBuzz_: are those my blue mountains?23:42
Buzz_should get some demo sceners to do something. i asked for a logo recently from a demo scener and he came up with : http://images.romkids.org/exo_update.jpg23:43
Buzz_dasKreech: ?23:43
dasKreechThe view from my uncle's house looks a lot like that picture in the evening23:44
dasKreechWe have a set of mountains here named the Blue Mountains23:44
nixternalroger that ScottK223:44
dasKreechI should do what to ScottK2 nixternal ?23:45
ScottK2dasKreech: How's your C?23:46
dasKreechb right back :)23:46
nixternalthat good23:47

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