roge1with gnome-games-data and gnome-cards-data00:00
roge1both contain /usr/share/gnome-games-common/cards/bonded.svg00:00
roge1any suggestions how to resolve?00:00
roge1nm - all working now, just needed to dpkg -r gnome-games-data00:07
innertruthi just installed hardy on free unformatted partition and during installation hardy deleted all files on other partition, it was called something like "deleting conflicting operating system files". it was data files, not os. very funny, dont you think so00:47
void^did you file a bug report?00:48
innertruthi'm using latest daily build00:49
innertruthohh... its not latest already )00:50
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ositoany other broadcom users that are now looking to a wlan0_rename interface?01:34
ositomy wlan now doesn't work, any suggestions?01:36
ositolooks like Bug #18396801:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183968 in udev "interface not completely renamed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18396801:39
NoelJBI also found https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/17849901:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178499 in linux "ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0_rename: link is not ready" [Medium,Triaged]01:41
NoelJBwhich points to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=64903801:41
ositoNoelJB, are you seeing the bug?01:46
ositoexperiencing it I mean01:46
NoelJBosito: nope.  Just found some info after you asked about it.01:47
ositothanks on the pointers01:48
ositoI'll try the workarounds and see where they get me01:48
chris062689How would I upgrade to Hardy from Gutsy?02:16
chris062689So.. how do I upgrade to Hardy then?02:17
PriceChildchange sources.list to hardy and upgrade, dist-upgrade I would support.02:18
PriceChildIf you don't know how though, you probably shouldn't be doing it.02:18
chris062689Ok so just change them manually?02:19
PriceChildIf you don't know how though, you probably shouldn't be doing it.02:20
chris062689Well, I need to learn how to then :)02:20
chris062689Let me see if this works..02:20
ToxinPowesame here, gutsy to hardy...02:22
chris062689I believe we can use sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -d or simply change the sources.list02:22
chris062689I'm changing the sources.list, I'll tell you how it goes.02:22
ToxinPoweIm excited for see if hardy alpha eat my dog when I reboot xD02:23
chris062689.... what? Lol02:24
chris062689Sounds like some kind of sexual implementation there.02:24
chris062689I'm excited about the new programs.02:25
chris062689And also the "Unlock" feature, I guess.02:25
chris062689Does Pulse Audio make the music quality sound better, or simply add more control overi t?02:25
ToxinPowenice, I only lost my DNS X)02:35
chris062689So you upgraded?02:37
chris062689I think I'm almost there, it's unpacking everything.02:37
chris062689this is taking forever.02:39
NoelJBChrononaut: I hope that you've a gutsy to go back to when necessary.  :-)02:59
NoelJBsorry, wrong chris.03:00
NoelJBdangers of <tab> completion03:00
ToxinPoweNoelJB, I have gutsy in other pc :>03:03
ToxinPowesomebody feel mouse with "warping" ?03:04
NoelJBAHA!   Alpha 4 is posted!03:04
wastreloh no!03:05
snadgeim trying to find some info on the new GVFS code03:17
snadge"Refrain from operating on valuable files with this version." :P03:21
DanaGBig annoyance in new gvfs:03:21
DanaGtry copying stuff to a nearly full volume, and then run into a "not enough space" error.03:21
DanaGNow try to browse the device to free up space.03:22
DanaGYou can't!03:22
DanaGAny new Nautilus window that opens on the same dir will be blocked by the modal dialog.03:22
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DanaGOh, gnome-power-manager is what's spinning up my hard drive.03:25
DanaGThat's odd.03:25
snadgeupon further reading i find there seems to be significant negativity towards including gvfs in hardy, since "not all applications will be ported to it in time" and its "lots of new lines of code"03:26
snadgebut thats not what im looking for, i just want to find out the advantages.. apart from some vague reference to supporting policy kit03:26
DanaGOh, and pidgin logs, too.03:26
DanaGIs there a way to make writes to fat32 not be immediate?03:26
snadgeback in the day, hdparm -W would turn write caching on for ide drives03:27
snadgeim not sure if theres a similar thing for scsi/sata devices03:27
KillerFlamingocan any one help me out with virtualization?03:28
DanaGActually, I think it is on, since not every line spins up the drive.03:28
DanaGI changed the ext3 commit interval to 15 minutes.03:29
DanaGThat lets my hdd spin down and stay down for a while.03:29
DanaGAnd when on AC, I just let it stay spun up.03:30
KillerFlamingoVBox status code: -1908 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED) is the code i keep getting03:32
KillerFlamingoany ideas03:32
NoelJBhave you tried putting VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED into Google?03:33
DanaGsudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup03:33
KillerFlamingonope thought i'd try here fist03:33
NoelJBtry google.  I found ansswers on the first two hits.03:35
KillerFlamingook thanks03:36
nomasteryodai had to use another vm copy i had to get it working... after upgrading to the latest virtualbox03:45
KillerFlamingoanother VM copy?03:46
nomasteryodaya i had a backup from a few weeks back03:46
KillerFlamingooh i see03:46
nomasteryodaalways pretty simple to do vs full reinstall03:46
nomasteryodanice to see the alpha 4 is out03:47
KillerFlamingothank you for you help03:58
KillerFlamingoall i needed was a simple permission change03:58
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DanaGHas the gnome-{session,control-center,setting-daemon} breakage been fixed in the repos?04:25
DanaGOh, and no changelog for gnome-control center.04:25
DanaGAnd no changelog for GCC or CPP or G++.04:26
DreadKnightanyone tried upgrading kubuntu to alpha4 ?04:32
DanaGWhy is it that hpijs and gcc and g++ and cpp never show changelogs?04:35
alex_mayorgaDanaG, gcc is mostly black magic :)04:43
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DanaGEEek, try to delete stuff in ".Trash-1000"04:46
DanaGit replicates!04:46
DanaGIt's like those magic brooms carrying water.04:46
alex_mayorgaDanaG, I do se changelogs over here04:48
DanaGIn update-manager?04:48
DanaGI never see them.04:48
DanaGHeh, "libmiracle".04:48
alex_mayorgaalmost everything is "- Regenerate the control file." whatever that means :)04:49
alex_mayorgathat better be a really good library :)04:49
* DanaG likes playing stuff to all audio devices.04:50
DanaGThen you get the odd sound of two mismatched pairs of speakers.04:50
DanaGI wish I had a networked sink to use.04:51
alex_mayorgawhoot! my battery applet says I have two batteries :S04:51
Gninethe single best thing i have done for my computer aside hardware upgrades, is to have put ubuntu in it04:51
alex_mayorgaDanaG, so do you recommend the latest 9 updates?04:52
* Gnine still waits for seahorse to work properly among other things 04:53
DanaGGaack, suddenly all my firefox tabs are just one favicon wide.  And no text.04:54
Gninesuddenly ...04:55
alex_mayorgaanyone seeing "double" batteries on Dell laptops?04:55
Gninemy 8.04 is very stable right now.. i also got no major issues on a tk-5304:56
DanaGDouble batteries are affecting everybody.04:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177570 in hal "[hardy] two batteries display when left clicking on g-p-m" [Medium,Confirmed]04:57
* Gnine has not seen the double battery issue yet04:57
DanaG....and why the heck do I have a "new tab" button if I've told it NOT to have a "new tab" button?04:58
Gnineam running 64bit version04:58
alex_mayorgaDanaG, thanks, just found it04:59
alex_mayorgaGnine, what are the pros/cons of the 64bit I have amd 64 x2 over here, but I've been running generic like forever04:59
alex_mayorgastill no 64 bit flash?05:00
Gninethats nifty is the double battery measurement is product of bios + battery-bay read out05:00
Gninei like it05:00
Gnineyet i have not seen it on my tk-5305:01
Gnineflashplugin-nonfree works for x86_6405:02
Gninegnash still has some ways to go05:02
alex_mayorgathe bug doesn't seem to relate to the BIOS battery tough05:05
alex_mayorgaseems like someone has already hacked a patch for HAL in SUSE05:05
alex_mayorgaGnine, so is 64 speedier/spiffier than 386 or generic?05:06
Gninea lot of people say it doesnt matter , my personal take is that i rather have 64bit system on a 64bit architecture05:08
* DanaG has merely a Yonah.05:08
Gninethat being said, my 64bit machine flies with the 64bit kernel as opposed to 32bit windoes vista05:10
ethana1...iiiis it out yet?05:13
ethana1alpha4 .iso?05:13
Nille02i think so05:14
ethana1i hope so.. checking the page..05:14
ethana1 /sweet/05:14
Nille02i have installed the new version for 30 min05:14
Nille02and he say is up to date so i think its the new version ;)05:15
EmmerP  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/alpha-4/ (Ubuntu)05:15
Gninewhat i do know is that kernel 2.6.24.-5 is out05:15
Nille02anyone know how to use hardy in vmware with more as 800x600 ?05:16
DanaGArgh, timidity through pulseaudio dies on lid close.05:18
ethana1oh hey, is there a changelog for this alpha release?05:19
* Gnine uses pulseaudio with gxine, mplayer, quodlibet and vlc . no issues05:20
ethana1yup, found it05:20
DanaGHow about timidity?05:20
DanaGEverything else is fine, but timidity dies.05:21
DanaGIt might not have anything to do with pulseaudio, though.05:21
DanaGOther things lag for about a quarter of a second on lid close.05:21
DanaGThat is, there'll be a gap and the audio will drop out or loop a sample, and then it'll get back on the right spot.05:22
Gninei did get an audio loop bug on an .mp3 file playback but nothing major05:23
Gninejust a 'hiccup'05:23
Gnineit was sort of weird. but i havent duplicated it again05:24
DanaGPerhaps part of it is still due to the scheduler.05:24
DanaGI run folding@home in the background, niced to +19 and SCHED_IDLEPRIO, which means absolutely everything else should get priority.05:25
DanaGBut it somehow manages to bog down the system .... less severely than previously, but it's still annoying.05:25
DanaGAnd I was getting audio dropouts on Pidgin notification sounds.05:26
Gninemy audio loop bug occurred on my 32bit kernel05:26
Gnineand only on stored media05:27
DanaGStored media?05:27
Gninemedia files on disk05:28
DanaGI get dropouts on things such as ogg and mp3 in exaile.05:28
* Gnine does not use exaile05:28
Gninebug happened after file was done..05:29
Gnineanyhow i did not file bug report for it was not anything major. that will not survive official release date05:31
bernierwhat's the command to go from gutsy to hardy?05:50
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu05:50
EmmerPanybody using Cheese, webcam / video software?06:00
alex_mayorgabernier, update-manager -d06:01
DanaGGaack, I'm getting audio crackling.06:16
DanaGLike it'll be musicmusicmusicmusicPOPmusCRACKLEic06:16
underwatercowis ufw a frontend to iptables?06:18
underwatercowor is it replacing iptables?06:19
jscinozso i hear transmission is the new default bittorrent client?06:34
Nille02yes :(06:35
jscinozwhy not deluge :(06:35
Nille02my question ^^06:35
jscinozi can understand not choosing azureus as its bloated, but deluge is nice06:35
jscinoztranmission is just.. so empty :P06:35
Nille02maybe because this ^^06:36
Hammer89anyone have any idea why when I try to run 8.04 Alpha4 from a  liveCD on qemulator it gives me a CLI instead of the normal GUI?06:36
jscinozwait i just found out why06:36
jscinozdeluge crashes easily :P06:37
Nille02after klick on go to update site ? ^^06:37
Hammer89guess not =P06:39
FunnyLookinHatSo is there going to be an Alpha 4 release with KDE4??06:48
underwatercowI like deluge06:49
underwatercownot entirely stable yet perhaps?06:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 461834 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:50
DanaGbug 46183406:51
DanaGnot found.06:51
underwatercowit's a debian bug I guess06:51
DanaGdebian bug 46183406:51
ubotuDebian bug 461834 in gnome-art "gnome-art: Gnome-art conflicts with new Ruby 4.1" [Normal,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/46183406:52
underwatercowoh, I didn't know you could do that06:52
DanaGgnome bug 46183406:52
ubotuGnome bug 461834 in Tasks "crash in Tasks: Forwarding an email" [Critical,Resolved: duplicate] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=46183406:52
underwatercowyeah, it was the gnome-art one06:52
underwatercowcan't presently install gnome-art06:52
DanaGI wish changelogs would just say which bug.06:52
underwatercowso it's been fixed it says?06:52
underwatercowwill it be updated in Hardy?06:54
underwatercowDanaG: Do you know how the process works?06:55
greghey is anybody else having problems with install kde4-core?06:55
gregeverything was working fine until a couple of days ago06:56
DanaGI'd imagine the update from Debian will trickle down the pipe, so to speak.07:13
DarkMageZDanaG, i think you need to kick linus torval a bit over stuffing up the process priority system.07:18
DanaGYeah, the new scheduler seems worse than the old one, to me.07:19
DanaGI didn't used to get those dropouts in PulseAudio.07:19
DanaGAnd I /am/ a member of pulse-rt.07:19
DanaGbug 17771307:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177713 in boinc "CFS in 2.6.24 kernel needs cpu_share adjustment for "niced" processes" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17771307:20
DanaGFix reelased for that part, but not for the other parts.07:20
DanaGUbotu should state every assignment and state.07:20
DanaGAnd what about the underlying issue?07:21
DanaGIt's wrong to mark something "fix released" if it's only a workaround for one piece of software, and doesn't fix the underlying cause.07:21
GninewhinerWhiner Whin"er, n. One who, or that which, whines. [1913 Webster]07:23
DanaGOh, and what happened to the radiotap interface that used to be in ipw3945?  iwl3945 doesn't have the same feature.07:23
DarkMageZDanaG, it's hacked around in the bonic component. you should add another section for the ubuntu kernel component ?07:25
DarkMageZso since it's "fixed" in the bonic component then it's marked as fixed.07:25
rx4why no more xorgcfg/xorgconfig?07:30
rx4they were the only way to get ubuntu running in vmware with a resolution higher than 800x60007:31
rx4well except writing xorg.conf by hand07:31
DanaGI've added the assignment and note about linux-source-
rx4i understand the new xorg7.3 is better at autoconfiguring stuff07:31
rx4but that doesnt work for the vmware video driver07:31
rx4really lame, considering how many people run ubuntu in a vm07:32
DarkMageZyou can still write your video resolutions in xorg.conf07:35
rx4by hand?07:35
rx4why would i have to write em by hand07:35
rx4when i had tools to do that :|07:35
rx4all i see here is a regression07:36
* crdlb notes that alphas often have regressions07:36
kousotuanyone know what kernal Hardy runs?07:36
kousotuyou get the idea07:37
mtayloranybody know where nautilus support for network: urls has run off to in hardy?07:37
rx4crdlb: im sure final will still have that regression07:37
crdlb!info linux-generic | kousotu07:37
ubotukousotu: linux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel. In component restricted, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 25 kB, installed size 52 kB07:37
crdlbmtaylor: nautilus just switched to gvfs07:38
mtaylorcrdlb: ah...07:38
crdlbso the connect to server dialog is currently missing07:38
crdlbI believe manually entering the correct url into ctrl+L does work though07:38
kousotuGutsy runs 2.6.22-14-Gen.07:38
crdlbalthough I could be wrong07:38
kousotuunless it's been updated and mine refuses to find it07:39
rx4we are in 2008 and we still have to change screen resolution with cli. god. some alpha os i tried recently did better (ie, haiku)07:39
crdlbrx4: I'm glad to hear you're so confident07:39
DarkMageZrx4, i've heard osx & xp/vista do it better as well07:40
rx4sure they do07:40
Gninethere is the 'screen and graphics' option07:40
rx4it doesnt work07:40
Gninefor you07:40
DarkMageZit's actually broken07:41
crdlb(alpha regression again :D)07:41
DarkMageZalpha's are fun ?07:42
Gninealpha is right. some folks get into the game not knowing the rules i guess07:42
rx4ive nothing against the cli. in fact, i was happy with xorgcfg -textmode to handle that issue with the vmware video driver. but they removed it from xorg7.3/xserver1.4 because they "think" xorg can now handle that stuff without xorg.conf07:42
rx4but it cant.07:42
rx4and im pissed :\07:42
crdlbit's an alpha, they make mistakes!07:42
crdlband they're allowed to07:42
crdlbyou have no right to be upset07:43
Gnineunless you have a better alternative , which you obviously dont07:43
DarkMageZi suggest someone disassembles osx's or xp/vista's graphics code and figure out how they're doing an awesome job ?07:44
crdlbDarkMageZ: manufacturer support07:45
DarkMageZdisassembling will give us the secrets ?07:45
crdlband in the case of apple, they *are* the manufacturer :)07:45
Gnineyou're a mage.. figure it out07:45
DarkMageZactually. asus makes the laptops. i'm not sure about the desktops tho.07:45
rx4we are talking about the vmware video driver here. and 1- the vmware video driver emulates some standard adapter 2- i think they have the specs07:46
DarkMageZGnine, it's called a fireball at each developer who failed to deliver quality code in the release ;p07:47
Gninegood , wait in gutsy then07:48
DarkMageZGnine, you're obviously new around here. Ubuntu is based off a lot of other people's code. This causes the alphas/betas to reflect the quality of the release. by bitching early, then there's a chance they will get fixed. cause they don't fix stuff after the release.07:51
Gnine'bitching'? go to sleep07:52
DarkMageZit's only 7pm here07:53
shirishhi all, I just sudo aptitude update & sudo aptitude full-upgrade but grub2 hasn't come while it has been successfully built about 5 hrs. ago. Why isn't it showing up?09:02
Assidis the alpha4 discs out09:18
blaydei'm thinking yes. the announcement has been made...09:19
Assiderr.. how come we dont have i686 editions ?09:21
Assidwould like to take advantage of the hardware i have09:22
Assidi mean there is the amd64 edition.. but thats based on the AMD based processors and cpuflags09:23
AssidGnine: yep.. just found that09:25
Assidi wish tho they got an i686 edition tho09:26
Assidsucks to have a core2quad and not be able to use its full potential09:27
Assidquick question09:28
Assidwhy isnt LVM/Raid in desktop install disc?09:28
blaydeAssid, not sure but it is in the alternate install disk09:30
Assidblayde: yeah.. but would be nice to have that in the desktop disc too09:31
DarkMageZAssid, i686 isn't even fully optimal for your chip.09:31
blaydeAssid, i would imagine that's something they don't want the 'normal' people worrying about... but don't quote me on that09:31
Assidmaybe have "advanced" and then let people choose their partitions and choose raid/ lvm from there? instead of just ext3 ?09:32
blaydeAssid, ya and it bugs me that you _have_ to format the / dir09:32
* Gnine likes ext309:33
Assidim thinking of installing onto an external drive of mine (usb based)09:33
DarkMageZ... the desktop install cd is full. no more room. if you want advanced stuff you already have the alternative cd.09:33
AssidDarkMageZ: im sure modifying the installer a tiny bit like this and a package here and there wont cause too many problems09:34
Assidperhaps drop a few oddball packages out of the desktop cd instead?09:34
Assidwould be brilliant to have that.. im sure many people would appreciate it to have a nice gui doing what you need09:34
DarkMageZextra kernel or 2? 30/60MB...09:34
Assiderr.. hold up.. i need to login to another gateway to get faster speeds.. (*paying per hour)09:35
blaydewouldn't be perfect but maybe the installer could download special stuff for the advanced users. hmmm09:35
Gnineso my tk-53 am testing 8.04 on is not advanced enough.. bummer09:36
AssidDarkMageZ: but i686 would be better than plain ol i38609:36
DarkMageZbesides, switching your ketnel to i686 really isn't much of a performance improvement. might as well rebuild the entire system with the complete optimizations for your cpu.09:36
DarkMageZnow that is worth it ?09:37
Gninei say, compile it to your machine if you're so worried about ix86 whatever09:37
Assidwould be on gentoo then09:38
AssidDarkMageZ: not much difference?09:38
DarkMageZAssid, you can do an analysis with tools to show a slight difference. but real-life actually using the system. pff.09:39
Gninedress up accordingly .. ?  i say go ahead.. on a technicality09:40
DarkMageZseriously. if you're gonna worry about your kernel being optimized for your specific cpu. then you seriously should just recompile the whole system with the good optimizations.09:40
DarkMageZi'll be back soonish. got some work to do.09:41
Gnineif i was curious enough i'd do it.. but i run on 64bit alright09:41
Assidokay so just use the right kernel and i should be ok09:42
AssidGnine: what do you have?09:42
Gninetk-53 proc09:42
Assidthey should make atleast a c2d based like thy did for amd6409:42
Assidokay so if im installing on an external usb drive09:43
Assidwhat do i choose MBR based?09:43
Assidfor the boot option?09:44
Assidi dont want it messing with my windows setup hence the external drive. whenever i wanna run hardy.. i boot to it09:49
blaydeAssid, im not really sure - grub uses some weird naming scheme... i'd google it...09:50
Assiddidnt understand what to do09:50
blaydeAssid, if you can find a wiki for grub there might be some help with getting the right name09:51
Gninesounds too tricky09:52
Gninespecially on alpha sw09:52
Assiddont wanna install alpha sw on my main desktop otherwise..09:52
Assidbut it makes a great testing platform09:52
Gnineyou can make a new partition for it .. installing raid on usb? you need some leg work09:53
Assidnah no raid.. basic ext309:53
KonstigtI cannot logout on my hardy install. all panels & icons disappears but then I get 100% cpu usage and the only keys that works are ctrl-alt-del. not even ctrl-f1 works. any clues?09:53
Assidi just want to hit F8.. get the boot menu.. boot from the external drive09:53
blaydei installed hardy on a computer at my college w/o grub - i use a floppy disk to get to it09:54
Konstigtalso, on a newly created user, every window I open (nautilus for example) gets placed in the top left corner without any borders.09:54
Assidthe MBR is ON the drive you install right?09:54
blaydeAssid, i think it is the first thing on the first disk...09:55
blaydeAssid, so yes09:55
Gnine!hardy | Konstigt09:55
ubotuKonstigt: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu09:55
Assidfrst disk ? then no..09:55
KonstigtGnine: ?09:55
blaydewell if you're booting to the removable disk then it will be the first one09:56
Assidi could disable my sata drives during install09:56
Assidmake sure the damn thing doesnt touch it09:56
Assidthink of it as windows PE.. just put in the USB .. and boot from it09:56
Assidthat what i wanna do09:57
Gninei go blayde style , make a boot floppy for your usb install09:57
Assidexcept i have a USB->IDE drive09:57
Assiddont have a floppy drive09:57
Assiddont even want one of those ugly things.. to much failure rate09:57
blaydeya - i wouldn't mess with grub on a removable disk...09:57
blaydei forget what it is called but there is a nice floppy bootloader somewhere09:58
DarkMageZKonstigt, your second problem sounds like a composition problem. have you tried turning off compiz-fusion?09:58
Gninei think its more than that going on09:59
Gninebut 'i think' is a lame answer anyway09:59
KonstigtDarkMageZ: my laptop has an ati x1600 so I don't have the composite extension. also, in appearance, desktop effects is set to none.10:00
blaydeAssid, also - im not totally for sure but i don't think ubuntu has the right stuff in the initramfs to do usb stuff :/10:00
Assidi think it just might10:01
KonstigtDarkMageZ: but I got the problem after removing my user and creating it again so I'm with the default settings.10:01
Assidim gonna give it a whirl as soon as the disc finishes10:01
DarkMageZKonstigt, as the user with the border problem could you throw into a terminal "metacity --replace"10:01
blaydeAssid, good luck then - i'm gonna go get some sleep now10:02
Assidl8z m810:02
AssidKonstigt: i got compiz running on radeon 9000 mobility.. a super old dell d60010:02
DarkMageZAssid, radeon 9000 mobility is covered by xorg's ati yes?. neither xorg ati nor fglrx are working with composition on x1600 yet.10:03
DarkMageZfglrx works with xorg server 1.3 branch but not 1.4 (which is what hardy runs)10:04
DarkMageZfglrx's composition works*10:04
Assidi wonder how well the nvidia 8600gts would work10:04
DarkMageZi lack nvidia cards, so i don't absorb information about their status ?10:06
Assidfair enough10:06
Assid1 thing i did notice on my laptop however.. even tho avant is running when i shut down.. it never starts up next time on login.. i have to start it up again myself10:07
Assidwhich file do i edit to have it run automatically after compiz boots up10:07
Assidhrmm 50% done.. 1/2 hr to go10:08
DarkMageZAssid, iirc. system > preferences > sessions.10:08
Gnineat least is not ati10:09
AssidGnine: ?10:09
DarkMageZKonstigt, how did  "metacity --replace" go?10:10
Assidmy lappy is on ati.. desktop .. im gonna install on nvidia10:10
Gnineati cards. lots of issues10:10
Assidalpha4 boots a bit quicker i think10:10
Gninei run nvidia10:10
Assidthe login is still slow10:10
Assidoh the fun part is i have to use a DVD cause this stupid rom doesnt read/write to cd's10:11
Gninegood for you, entertainment tonight10:12
Assidentertainment ?10:12
Gnineyou dont like dvd's?10:12
DarkMageZcd's are cheaper to waste and smaller to download ?10:13
Gninei guess it depends on what latitude you are10:13
Assiderr.. thats on my desktop10:14
Assidmy lappy doesnt have a dvdrom10:14
KonstigtDarkMageZ: just did it and it worked out nicely. I just need to figure out why for example it took 2 minutes after login for NetworkManager-applet to appear and why it freezes on logouts.10:15
DarkMageZKonstigt, odd. so metacity isn't loading properly on login with a new user account... i think it's time for a fresh install of ubuntu.10:16
Gnineif you want to try that  ^^10:17
Assidokay.. i tried running avant.. and then saving the session.. didnt help10:17
AssidGnine: me ??10:21
Assiderr.. i need to make sure to have avant AFTER compiz.. the session preferances doesntlet me do that10:21
KonstigtDarkMageZ: guess so because on this computer i'm writing on right now I also have hardy but none of these problems10:21
Assidi dont see aant in there10:21
DarkMageZKonstigt, if the problems do persist after a format then i believe it's gonna be some nasty problem which will be no fun to track :(10:22
KonstigtI've had the install since Feisty Alpha and apt-upgraded it ever since so there are probably quite a few hacks lying around :)10:23
DarkMageZoh. that explains a lot :p10:27
Gninei've apt upgraded since feisty without any of that jambalaya10:28
Assidwoohoo 10 odd mins and i will have the disc10:30
Assidor rather the iso10:30
niekieAnyone know how to make a LUKS LVM be unencrypted again?10:30
niekieOther than format and reinstall?10:30
DarkMageZGnine, doing upgrades like that can sometimes result in some interesting breakages. also, please try and contribute positively.10:35
DarkMageZespecially if they've been having "fun" with their system10:37
Assidanyone wanan suggest me a good 20" LCD10:38
DarkMageZthe main factors to watch for is the latency & the warranty. tho some brands are just better than others ?10:39
Assid22" is like 100$ more expensive10:40
Assiddoesnt justify 2 inches10:40
DarkMageZlatency/response time10:40
AssidResponse Time  5ms white-black-white (typ); 8ms gray-to-gray (avg)10:41
Assidis that bad?10:41
Assidthey arent TN based10:41
DarkMageZ8ms will do10:42
Assidthe TN based are supposedly quicker10:42
nanonymeerm, isn't it that 8ms will do for gaming? :)10:42
nanonymeyou don't really need that much normally10:42
DarkMageZi was reading about some technology that was gonna provide 2ms.10:42
Assiderr.. im gonna be gaming on it10:42
DarkMageZyeah. 8ms will do for the adverage gamer.10:43
DarkMageZa friend of mine plays on one of the older 30" apple screens. i think it's got a 30ms response time as well =D10:43
Assidi plan to play games like crysis and stuff10:43
Assidthe TN based are much quicker.. like 2ms gray to gray10:44
DarkMageZAssid, can you pick the difference between 50fps vs 60fps?10:44
ethana3on alpha 4..10:44
ethana3colemak is still messed up10:44
Assidprobably could.. i feel the flicker on LCD if  its 72hz vs 75hz10:44
ethana3Caps lock can do lots of things.. try 'off'10:44
Assidon CRT's i cant stand less than 85hz10:45
DarkMageZAssid, hmm. you "might" notice 8ms.10:45
DarkMageZmost people can't, but i think you're one of the few who can.10:45
Davo_DinkumClose your eyes and you won't notice it at all.10:45
Assidits $100 difference between 20" and 22"10:45
BUGabundohow should/can I use grandr ?10:46
BUGabundodisplayconfig-gtk won't work on hardy....10:46
ethana3it got the idea my CRT was WIDESCREEN10:46
ethana3dang caps10:47
ethana3i wish they10:47
AssidDarkMageZ: if i sit on 75hz too long compared to 85hz.. i start getting a headache10:47
ethana3'd turn that off.. that's my BACKSCPacdangit10:47
ethana3if i just make no typos10:47
ethana3or use the old backspace..10:47
ethana3so far away..10:47
BUGabundoI loved displayconfig-gtk back on gutsy10:48
Assidi hope hes got the 2035 viewsonic10:48
ethana3yeah, caps lock-- needs an off10:48
BUGabundobut on hardy it won't work with the new X10:48
DarkMageZAssid, yeah. you sound like the type who might notice. you might wanna see if any of your friends have a 8ms response lcd and see if you're fine with it.10:48
BUGabundoand the missing xorg.conf10:48
DarkMageZi'll be back later. more work.10:48
ethana3i need dual seat10:48
Assidno one i know does.. thats the problem10:48
ethana3so.. i can still use an xorg.conf, RIGHdangit10:48
ethana3this will drive me insane10:48
BUGabundoI have it too10:48
BUGabundobut a minimalist version10:48
BUGabundowith keyboard and mouse10:49
Assidyou know those samsung lcds' 749 or something like that 17" 4:3 .. i used it for 3 days.. gave it back10:49
Assidtoo sucky10:49
BUGabundoso I can use the touchpad scroll10:49
BUGabundoif I try to use an older version of xorg.conf (from gutsy) X won't start10:49
ethana3uh oh10:49
ethana3well, that's why i haven't installed it yet10:50
ethana3...as long as it's an /even/ NUMBER OF10:50
Assiderr brb10:50
ethana3characters i ERA10:50
ethana3ok, i'm going insane now10:50
BUGabundocan you try grandr on gutsy?10:50
ethana3who else here types using colemak?10:50
BUGabundoon my hardy it crashs when I click the monitor icon10:51
AssidDarkMageZ: so what think you?10:51
Assidif it was only 50 bucks difference between 20" and 22" id say ok.. but 100$ is a fair price for that difference10:52
DarkMageZAssid, i think 8ms may be just a little too high for you. but without proper testing. i can't say for sure. does the 22" have a lower response time?10:53
DarkMageZgo for the 22" then10:53
AssidResponse Time  5ms (typ)10:54
Assidthats all it says10:54
BUGabundothat's on gray... not colours10:54
BUGabundothe REAL Resp.Time got to be on those monitors 16 or 20 ms10:55
ethana3who handles keyboard/inpuT STUFF?10:55
DarkMageZAssid, you might wanna see if you can get more specific details out of them.10:57
ethana3on the topic of monitors, ignorE RANDOM C10:58
ethana3oh no10:58
ethana3i can't even hold it down10:58
BUGabundothe manufacturs don't want you to...10:58
ethana3how do we report bugs?10:58
ethana3please tell me10:58
BUGabundogo to launchpad.net10:58
BUGabundoagains what, ethana3?10:59
ethana3this alpha10:59
DarkMageZAssid, yeah. they're dodging details for some reason. odd.10:59
innertruthhow you can undelete files from ext3 partition?11:01
void^you cannot11:02
BUGabundoyou can11:04
BUGabundoits hard11:04
BUGabundobut you can recover most files11:04
BUGabundosearch for foremost and photorec11:04
porkpiehi guy's I have tried to join #ubuntu but it seems to be broken  :S11:06
innertruthBUGabundo: thanks ill try that11:07
BUGabundolet me try porkpie11:07
BUGabundoits there porkpie11:08
BUGabundojust do /j #ubuntu11:08
innertruthi was hoping for restoring file table, but its not the case for ext3, it seems11:08
ethana3so i can still use xorg.conf right?11:10
ethana3i just don't have to?11:11
ethana3filed bug on colemak keyboard layout11:12
ethana3i should have done that with the last alpha11:12
ethana3hey, i can do dual-seat with this, right?11:12
ethana3that's what i need11:12
ethana3got all the hardware here11:12
ethana3two gpus11:12
innertruththis bug wiped my data during install https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partman-target/+bug/18671111:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186711 in partman-target "The installer needs to remove operating system files from the install target, but was unable to do so. The install cannot continue" [Undecided,Fix released]11:14
innertruthlast comment11:14
ethana3is therE A way to uniquely identify a CRT over VGA?11:17
ethana3like, this is a gateway VX900-- can xorg tell?11:17
innertruthi think it was possible since monitores became PnP, but now also exists DCC, EDID protocols11:22
Assidi think i will pick this one up11:22
innertruthmine is vx2025wm11:23
Assidinnertruth: you like it?11:23
Assiddo you do any gaming?11:24
innertruthi never was able to recommend hardware cuz i think all hardware is broken. for example this monitor have broken EDID out of the box with max resolution set to 1680x168011:24
innertruthyes i was gamer11:25
Assidinnertruth: did you ever run into ghosting or anything11:25
Assid1680x1680 ? isnt that nuts?!?!11:25
Assiddont you mean 1680x1050 ?11:25
innertruthand, this monitor report it is support 75 Hz, and if OS tried to set that, i got "out of range error" in ubuntu installation, i was required to boot from live cd to manually fix xorg.conf to this monitor to work11:26
ethana3do we have graphical revert yet?11:27
Assidumm i thought 1680x1050 is @ 60hz only11:27
innertruthAssid: manual says 75 hz is supported11:27
innertruthand it works over vga but not over dvi11:27
Assidmanual is messed up.. i dont think any of these budget series can do 75hz with that resolution11:28
Assiderr.. isnt dvi > vga!?!11:28
Assidinnertruth: 75hz using vga works?11:28
Assidumm messed up11:28
Assidi dont know what to say11:28
BUGabundoAssid: DVI is better then VGA11:28
Assidso do you use the dvi or vga now ?11:29
Assidinnertruth: but do tyou like the monitor otherwise?11:29
innertruthwell i have another problem, 169.09 driver killed EDID of dvi interface, i spent 2 days to flash monitor, was able to recover dvi11:29
Assidand do you run into ghosting or anything?11:30
innertruthyes small ghosting exist, just like with all 16ms monitors i think11:30
innertruthbut that monitor was recommended for gamers on anandtech forum11:30
innertruthand generally i like it11:30
Assidhow long ago?11:30
innertruthyears ago11:31
Assidwell.. im buying one right now11:31
Assidim just baffled on what11:31
Assidtheres 100$ difference between 20 and 22"11:31
Assidthats the problem11:31
innertruthanother problem i was not able to set 1280x800 resolution under XP, monitor was not supported it. you need that resolution, if you dont own 8800 gtx to play at full resolution latest games11:32
innertruthbut this is fixed by custom resolutions in nvidia driver11:32
innertruthand in ubuntu 1280x800 works too11:33
Assidso you think i should go for the 22035 ?11:33
Assiderr 2035 ?11:33
innertruthand that monitor dosent support fixed aspect scaling, so if you play games in non widescreen resolution, 1024x768 will have incorrect proportions, if your video card not support fixing apect ratio11:34
innertruthnvidia had a bug in their driver for over a year i was not able to use fixed aspect ratio11:35
innertruthin windows xp11:35
Assidthey say the 2025 is better than the 203511:36
innertruthand, last comment. 60 hz over vga is blurred, and 75 hz have artefacts. use only dvi, but it may be corrupted. so like i said all hardware is broken11:37
AssidI would definitely recommend the 2025 over the 2035 (the 2025 uses a P-MVA and the 2035 a TN). The 2235 is also a TN, I'd also recommend the 2025 over that.11:38
Assid2025 recommended over 203511:38
Assidinnertruth: do you have any suggesttions?11:38
gribeluTN sucks.. color banding11:39
Assidcolor banding?11:39
Assidok so im outta ideas11:40
Assidand i have to leave right now if i plan to reach there in time and back11:40
affluxfirefox has some nice rendering issues: http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/4854/debdiffiuf4.png vs. http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/6844/debdiffifixedse0.png - especially note the words "debdiff" and "fix"11:57
rskso it's out? alpha412:33
atlefdo i ned to upgade my xubuntu daily build or is it enough to keep it up to date12:34
imaginalSee what you started?12:42
imaginalDoes anyone in here code for a living? Did you go to school?12:42
Dr_willis<jrib> !offtopic | imaginal12:42
Dr_willis:) what sort of answer are you really expecting anyway?12:42
Dr_willisNo i dont.. and Yes I did go to school...12:42
imaginalI was directed here from #ubuntu...12:43
Dr_willisThey told you it was an Offtopic sort of question and pasted the generic offtopic factoid.12:43
imaginalI wish to hear from people who actually program for a living12:43
imaginalDr_willis: so I wasn't supposed to listen to which channel to ask in?12:44
Dr_willisreread that factoid..  the last part.12:44
Dr_willis#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!12:44
imaginalAh... well played. I'm afraid to repeat this in channel 312:45
rski code for a living12:48
rskand i didn't go to school12:49
Dr_willisnot even kindergarten!12:49
imaginalThank you rsk. I appreciate your response. I'm sorry this found its way to the wrong channel.12:50
Assidokay.. i went there.. i was suggested to go for viewsonic12:56
Assiderr benq12:56
snadgei booted into a4.. theres smoke coming out of my power supply. should i shut down?13:13
lemonadeummm... maybe? ;)13:14
snadgeapart from that.. everything is working great :D very impressed13:14
lemonadehehe, it's the new compiz-fusion smoke-plugin ;)13:15
rskbriging interactions to a whole new level13:15
snadgei've actually booted into the livecd.. and am able to stream videos/mp3s off samba shares (after installing codecs) .. impressive13:16
Assidi didnt see no smoke plugin13:17
snadgei havnt been able to find much information about the new GVFS13:17
Assidokay.. im gonna try and install on this external drive13:17
Assidwish me luck13:17
ToxinPoweey, I set my DNS in Network seccion, but I lost them when reboot, why?13:17
flipstaryou probably used the wrong file ToxinPowe13:18
ToxinPowenot files, Network seccion13:18
snadgei want to know why gnome-vfs is being replaced with gvfs13:18
flipstarToxinPowe: try add your dns in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf13:18
bardyrdoes anybody know when linux-image-2.6.24-6 is coming down the pipe?13:19
snadgenever mind.. google finally answered the question13:20
snadgeit means finally you can browse network shares on linux, without having to mess around with mounting/unmounting for legacy applications.. excellent :)13:20
SpaceAviatorHow can I speed up kubuntu hardy?13:40
flipstaryou could give gpowertweak a try13:41
SpaceAviatoraye aye captain13:42
SpaceAviatorflipstar: what does it do anyways?13:44
flipstar!info powertweak hardy13:45
ubotupowertweak (source: powertweak): Tool to tune system for optimal performance. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.99.5-18build1 (hardy), package size 7 kB, installed size 36 kB13:45
SpaceAviatorall right I got it installed13:45
SpaceAviatorit started13:45
SpaceAviatornow what do I do?13:45
flipstarjust go trough the options.. i dont know what you want to tweak13:45
snadgewill network:// be fixed in the next hardy alpha.. whats the go with that?13:45
SpaceAviatorwhat options? it doesnt give me anything13:46
snadgefsck kde ;)13:46
flipstarSpaceAviator: i thing you have to run as root like kdesu gpowertweak13:47
innertruthSpaceAviator: must be a bug, i'm sure it should contain one big button called "enable maximum performance"13:47
SpaceAviatorinnertruth: nothing at all mate13:47
SpaceAviatorflipstar: its powertweak-gtk now13:47
SpaceAviatorand runs by powertweakd13:47
SpaceAviatorit runs wait13:48
flipstarhm seems like he hit the wrong button ..13:50
snadgenobody wants to talk about gvfs :(13:51
bardyrsnadge, gvfs is in the middle of the merge/migrate period until its finish somethings wont work14:04
Emme_NKI just went from gutsy to hardy, now my keyboard does no longer work...14:10
Emme_NKwhenever I hit a key, just the title bar flashes14:10
bardyrEmme_NK, do you use the correct keyboard layout and what kind of keyboard is it?14:11
Emme_NKan USB keyboard14:11
Emme_NKI just kept a key holding....14:11
Emme_NKand after ca. 1 second it starts to work14:11
Emme_NKvery strange14:11
Emme_NKso to type something I now have to keep every key hit for ca. 1 second and release it quickly oO14:12
Emme_NKusing "xev", I see that the keyPress event is generated after this second, probably when autorepeat kicks in14:13
Emme_NKon the login screen, it worked fine.14:14
Emme_NKargh, somehow the upgrade enabled some accessibility feature.... "Only accept long keypresses"14:14
Emme_NKnow it seems to work normally14:15
=== lan3y is now known as Laney
UrbanFlashhi guys14:29
UrbanFlashthe nvidia-glx-new driver refuses to load on my newly updated hardy14:30
stefano_file a bug report then14:30
UrbanFlashfirst i wanted to check for any common knowledge issue14:31
affluxthat's definetly better, yes14:31
flipstarthen try launchpad ;)14:31
UrbanFlashit seems i have to14:31
affluxUrbanFlash: -glx-new works fine for me, does it give any useful information in syslog or Xorg.0.log?14:31
flipstarim using the binary driver from nvidia website..14:31
UrbanFlashit says the kernel module is incompatible14:32
UrbanFlashbut only sometimes14:32
affluxare you running 2.6.24-5?14:32
UrbanFlash-rt, yep14:33
affluxhm, -rt might be the problem14:33
willie_just tried to install Hardy Alpha 4  - clean install over freshly formatted ext3 partitions with /usr and /var pointing to clean LVM ext3 partitions   --- failed installing the base partition14:33
willie_any hints?14:33
willie_reroduced this twice btw -- Sempron26000 and 1Gb RAM14:33
willie_err Semperon 260014:34
flipstarhaha sempron 26000 would be great14:34
affluxUrbanFlash: could you please pastebin "modinfo nvidia_new"?14:34
willie_flipstar: yeah - we can but  dream14:35
willie_I verified the CD before I started so it wasnt that14:35
flipstarno its probably your raid..14:35
UrbanFlashlink for a bin plz?14:35
flipstar!pastebin | UrbanFlash14:36
ubotuUrbanFlash: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)14:36
UrbanFlashafflux, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54474/14:36
innertruthwillie_: !hardy14:36
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu14:36
BUGabundothe bot is at lunch14:37
willie_err -- I thought I was in #ubuntu+114:38
stefano_you are14:39
BUGabundoyou are, willie_14:39
innertruthlololol i just discovered this IS ubuntu+114:39
BUGabundohen innertruth14:39
willie_and Im expecting to find problems - just hoped I might get a little further bbefore I found them :-)14:39
innertruthwillie_: hardy installer wiped my data14:39
BUGabundodid It or did YOU?14:40
willie_innertruth: I'd demand my money back then14:40
BUGabundodid you check the proper options?14:40
BUGabundoor did you select to wipe your disk?14:40
willie_define proper options14:40
bardyrformat drives options?14:40
affluxUrbanFlash: what's your version of linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-5-rt ?14:40
willie_ah right correct partitioning config for your own particular situation14:41
BUGabundoI have installed hundreds os machines (even with betas) and never had that happen to me14:41
willie_dozens for me and I havent accidently wiped /home for some years now14:41
UrbanFlashafflux, Version:
willie_once was enough :-(14:41
innertruthBUGabundo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partman-target/+bug/18671114:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186711 in partman-target "The installer needs to remove operating system files from the install target, but was unable to do so. The install cannot continue" [Undecided,Fix released]14:42
UrbanFlashit should contain the correct nvidia-kernel which is 169.0914:42
affluxUrbanFlash: nvidia-glx-new 169.09+
UrbanFlashVersion: 169.09+
affluxUrbanFlash: hm, that looks good14:43
UrbanFlashthat's what i thought14:44
UrbanFlashbut still, it won't load14:44
UrbanFlashi tried reconfiguring xorg.conf14:44
UrbanFlashand deleted it for a test14:44
affluxlsmod | grep nvidia14:44
UrbanFlashand everything works with nv14:44
UrbanFlashisn't runngin14:44
UrbanFlashhoellp@scotty:~$ sudo modprobe nvidia14:45
UrbanFlashNot loading nvidia_new module; not used in /etc/X11/xorg.conf14:45
affluxwell, that sounds like an error14:45
UrbanFlashbut it doesn't show up when i add nvidia to xorg.conf14:45
UrbanFlashjust now, because i use nv14:45
affluxah, I see14:46
UrbanFlashi could load nvidia normally14:46
affluxUrbanFlash: did you have nvidia-glx installed before?14:46
UrbanFlashi kill X and give you the correct error14:46
UrbanFlashnormally and with envy14:46
UrbanFlashbut i purged everything14:46
UrbanFlashbefore the upgrade...14:46
UrbanFlashi had this error before, but usually it was solvable with un- and reinstalling everything14:47
affluxUrbanFlash: I guess that's a problem then, because lrm-video loads the wrong module14:47
affluxUrbanFlash: could you try setting driver "nvidia" in Xorg.conf and running sudo modprobe -v nvidia14:48
UrbanFlashcan i debug lrm-video somehow?14:48
=== geser_ is now known as geser
UrbanFlashi'll join again via irssi14:48
affluxUrbanFlash: did modprobe give you anything?14:51
UrbanFlashafflux: it says: install /sbin/lrm-video nvidia14:51
affluxUrbanFlash: hm, alright. sudo bash -x /sbin/lrm-video nvidia14:51
UrbanFlashthat's a bit much14:53
UrbanFlashfor my bash skills ;)14:53
UrbanFlashany specific detail you're looking for?14:53
affluxUrbanFlash: If you have "pastebinit" installed, you can pastebin that via: sudo bash -x /sbin/lrm-video nvidia | pastebinit -i -14:53
UrbanFlashnot yet, but soon14:54
affluxUrbanFlash: oh. Surprisingly, pastebinit currently doesn't work for me.14:54
affluxUrbanFlash: anyway, important is the line beginning with "+ modprobe"14:55
UrbanFlashme too, it seems14:55
affluxUrbanFlash: what does it read?14:55
UrbanFlashmodprobe --ignore-install -Qb nvidia_new14:56
affluxUrbanFlash: that looks good. is nvidia_new loaded? (lsmod)14:57
UrbanFlashlsmod |grep nv : nothing14:57
affluxsudo modprobe --ignore-install nvidia_new14:58
UrbanFlashnow it's running14:58
UrbanFlashi'll try x14:58
UrbanFlashmuch better14:59
UrbanFlashresolution and virtual size is crap, but the driver works14:59
UrbanFlashi think i'll redo my xorg.conf14:59
UrbanFlashthe gui tools tend to mess things up with modelines...14:59
affluxgood luck. I wonder why the lrm-video command didn't insert nvidia_new15:00
UrbanFlashme too15:00
UrbanFlashbut i doubt this is permanent now15:00
UrbanFlashthanks for the great help afflux15:02
affluxUrbanFlash: could you please do: grep -Hr 'blacklist.nvidia' /etc/modprobe.d15:02
UrbanFlashnvidia_new is there15:05
UrbanFlashin blacklist-restricted15:05
UrbanFlashcould i just delete the blacklist entry?15:08
UrbanFlashor is that unwise?15:08
affluxI think that's a good idea15:09
affluxthat could be a leftover from envy15:09
affluxUrbanFlash: ^, sorry for delay15:09
UrbanFlashno problem15:10
UrbanFlashi think this is very likely, as it dates about a week back15:10
UrbanFlashthat was the last time i messed with envy on gutsy15:10
affluxUrbanFlash: Envy is evil, at least for those who get the bug-reports.. poor ubuntu-devs ;)15:11
UrbanFlashit was the first time i used it15:11
UrbanFlashfor i hoped my vent would get quieter15:12
UrbanFlashthanks for the help again i'm off for reboot15:13
affluxyou're welcome15:13
porkpieguy, anyone here use pptpd15:24
porkpieI have a problem with the ip address allocation ...15:24
porkpieDoesn't seem to want to allocate the correct  ip addresses15:24
oskudehow do i show all bugs in a specific package ? (with launchpad)15:32
oskudeforget that one...15:34
Oli```In firefox (v3b2) type "fi" in either the search or address bar. Does it show up as "ffl" for you too?15:37
Orfeoushello :)15:39
flipstarOli```: no..15:40
Orfeoustrying to get latest nvidia-drivers to work with hardy and latest kernel 2.4.24-515:40
Orfeousbut with no success :D15:40
Orfeoustried both envy and nvidia installer15:40
mguneswhy do we not have Xubuntu images for this alpha?15:40
flipstarOrfeous: with latest you mean 165.33.09 ?15:41
Orfeousflipstar: NVIDIA-Linux-x86-169.09-pkg1.run15:41
Orfeousflipstar: i had it up and working with previously version of kernel and nvidia15:42
Orfeousbut its not working when i updated kernel.15:42
flipstarerrm i mean 171.0515:42
Orfeouswhen i boot computer i got to the console login nothing more15:42
Orfeousand then i need to tell xorg.conf to use driver "nv" to get X working.. without 3d and it feeeeel soooo slooooow :D15:43
flipstarwhats the error message when you try to start X ?15:43
alex_mayorgawhat's now the "official way" to configure compiz?15:45
alex_mayorgaflipstar, thank you15:46
Orfeousflipstar: X is staring automaticlly with KDM15:47
flipstar<Orfeous> when i boot computer i got to the console login nothing more15:47
flipstarquote 6 minutes ago15:48
Orfeousthe error for X is that it couldnt find a kernel module15:48
alex_mayorgaflipstar, I've read what you provided, but I'm more looking for a GUI to configure, I've got the effects turned on in Appearance15:50
flipstaralex_mayorga: check ccsm the compize settings manager15:52
flipstarOrfeous: envy probably added the nvidia driver in the blacklist try grep -Hr 'blacklist.nvidia' /etc/modprobe.d15:53
Orfeous/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer:blacklist nvidiafb15:56
Orfeous/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-restricted:blacklist nvidia15:56
flipstarfirst is the framebuffer but you probably know that15:57
Orfeousyes i know16:01
Orfeousflipstar: any suggestion what to try?16:01
flipstardelete that entry16:01
flipstarnot the fb of course16:02
Orfeousok, then reboot?16:02
flipstarmaybe restart X will be enough but im not sure16:03
Orfeousi will try.. brb..16:04
alex_mayorgaflipstar, compizconfig-settings-manager seems to be it, right16:04
flipstarthemes can be edited and changed in emerald-theme-manager if you use emerald like i do ;)16:05
alex_mayorgaI use whatever is turned by default on the Settings->Preferences-Apearance16:06
alex_mayorgaI used GL Desktop in the past, but that is giving me errors now16:07
porkpieguy's how do I rotate the syslog  .....16:10
porkpiedo I need to install logrotate ???16:10
flipstarim out byebye16:11
alex_mayorgabye and thanks16:11
Orfeousback again..16:16
Orfeousit didnt helped to remove that blacklist line16:16
Orfeousmy card is supported by driver if i check on nvidias page..16:20
Orfeousmy logfile..16:22
Konstigtcan I start apport manually? I have a crash report which I want to submit16:31
Konstigtah there was apport-gtk installed but it was not in the path16:35
mattikHello, How can I get wireless network applet back, I closed it16:43
mattikin hardy16:43
RyanPriorHey there. My USB subsystem keeps dying in software. Is there a way to reset it, other than rebooting? And is there something I can to do find out why it's dying and report that as a bug?16:48
Orfeousi give up :D16:51
Konstigtjust added bug 188387 on launchpad. very strange...16:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188387 in ubuntu "Can only do double clicks" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18838716:54
hyper_chhow can I rename a bug?16:55
hyper_chin launchpad I mean... a bug that I submitted ;)16:55
RyanPriorhyper_ch: On the left hand bar, there's an option like "Edit bug"16:56
RyanPriorhyper_ch: That'll let you change the name, description, and so on.16:56
hyper_chRyanPrior: ok, that was too simple ;)16:56
hyper_chI looked above and below the bug submission ;)16:56
RyanPriorhyper_ch: Launchpad is often simple, but not always obvious. :-)16:56
hyper_chjust used from forums to look above/below the posting16:57
hyper_chhardy doesn't like my benq dvd drive17:01
l3onhi all!...17:01
FunnyLookinHatAnyone know if there is a KDE4 Alpha 4??17:01
hyper_chFunnyLookinHat: #kde+1 maybe or ask in #kde17:02
hyper_chnow I need somebody to confirm my bug :)17:02
l3onI've some problem with Hardy on 64bit.... I'm unable to see ttys... they work fine, but not show... someone can help me?17:02
l3on03:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc R430 [Radeon X800 (PCIE)]17:05
innertruthhow i can install kde/kde4/xfce17:05
l3onand Xorg.conf -> http://tetrafarmakon.org/l3on/misc/xorg.conf.2008020217540917:05
hyper_chsudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop xubuntu-desktop17:06
hyper_chand for kde4... you need some more repos17:06
KonstigtAnyone else having problem about missing top panel? I just added #188389 on launchpad about this.17:11
mattikKonstigt: I missed wireless network panel17:11
Konstigtmattik: Ok, I miss all top panels on all applications I start (except for Konsole which is qt)17:12
Konstigt(I run konsole in Ubuntu because gnome-terminal is useless)17:12
mattikKonstigt: Did you close it17:13
Konstigtmattik: The bug or what?17:18
Konstigtmattik: When I created a better xorg.conf and restarted X the problem was gone.17:19
mattikKonstigt: I had same problem when I used compiz17:19
KonstigtOk.. I have desktop effects turned off.17:20
mattikI will try17:20
mattikI tried to install ubuntu in finnish before this, but It's not possible. I download image and I install it in english17:21
KonstigtWhat is the correct way to get a proper xorg.conf? I'm using the fglrx driver.17:21
Konstigt'sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg' doesn't produce much.17:22
innertruththey forget about alpha4 of xubuntu17:25
gilster4hello. I just did distupgrade from gutsy to the alpha4 release. I cant get X to start after login screen. Do i need to reconfigure it or what?17:28
hyper_chgilster4: you know what hardy is still alpha?17:29
gilster4hyper_Ch: i know that. I am not sure why you are telling me this.17:30
hyper_chwell, just because you upgraded17:30
hyper_chwith alphas I'd doe a second install first17:30
gilster4hyper_ch: i asked a pretty straight forward question. I know all about alphas my friend.17:31
gilster4i am asking how to get X to load up? Do i need to depkg xserver17:31
hyper_chwell, there are a lot of people that don't my friend17:31
hyper_chif you get to the login screen it doesn't seem to be a problem of the xserver17:32
gilster4hmmm. right.17:32
hyper_chthat's my 2 cent but then you could backup your xserver-xorg and reconfigure it... maybe I'm wrong17:33
gilster4ok i will give it a go. i just wanted to see if this was a standard issue people were getting here. I didnt know if it was an xgl error from compiz17:34
void^"after login screen" means X already runs, if you use gdm/kdm/xdm/*17:35
innertruthis it just me or xfce faster than gnome?17:37
hydrogenit is17:37
hyper_chxfce is also cooler than gnome17:40
=== crd1b is now known as crdlb
zokewhat is the big diff between xfce and gnome ?17:48
hyper_chxfce rules gnome drools ^^17:49
hyper_chxfce is "lightweight" and its straight forward...17:49
bardyrdoes anybody that has firefox3 want to confirm a bug for me, if you type staff in the address bar, it will display as staffi18:01
Oli```arlg1 my shift/alt/control/super/num-lock/print-screen buttons have stopped working again... third time this week. is there anyway to reset the input without killing x/18:01
Oli```i was using vmware this time... i think it's reserving them somehow because the keys witll work fine inside the vm18:02
FunnyLookinHatAnyone know if a KDE4 Build of the latest alpha will be released?18:09
PriceChildFunnyLookinHat, I'm sure it will18:10
cdm10The LiveCD is offering to install updates... this is a bug, right?18:16
bardyrcdm10, why is it a bug?18:19
Andre_Gondimif I installed hardy in us language, may I change it?18:20
cdm10bardyr: well, the LiveCD shouldn't be offering to install software updates.18:23
cdm10bardyr: it never has in the past, and it shouldn't be...18:23
mendredhi i am planning to update my gutsy machine (amd64) to hardy...is there anything majorly broken in the repos currently ?18:25
cdm10mendred: bad idea if it's your main machine.18:25
mendredcdm10 : wouldnt be the first tme :)18:26
bardyrmendred, sftp and some other nautilus is broken18:26
cdm10mendred: I run it in a VM to avoid issues.18:26
mendredcdm10: oh that bad huh18:26
mendredcdm10: how about the kde part?18:26
mendredany diea18:26
mendredbardyr: noted thanks for the info18:27
cdm10mendred: haven't used KDE much.18:29
cdm10mendred: I'd install it on an old machine or a VM if you want to test it.18:29
cdm10mendred: be patient!18:29
mendredcdm10: ok :)18:29
bardyras long as VM's due not have 3d, they are useless :/18:31
bardyrfor testing ubuntu stuff18:31
KonstigtSigh... getting Xorg to work good isn't that easy if you're not allowed to edit xorg.conf (which you shouldn't have to do)18:34
KonstigtI added bug 188409 on Launchpad about it being impossible with Alpha 4 to get a working setup.18:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188409 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "xorg.conf generated by fglrx doesn't work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18840918:35
cdm10this is really strange... the Ubuntu login sound plays multiple times during the install process.19:12
cdm10I'm not sure if it has something to do with the VM I'm running Hardy in...19:12
cdm10it just played for a third time...19:12
cdm10it plays at seemingly random stages in the process.19:12
Konstigtcdm10: i noticed that too :)19:24
Konstigtcdm10: I actually got it during a desktop session maybe 5 minutes after logging in19:25
Konstigthehe, this is one of those things you think you're the only one to experience.19:25
cdm10Konstigt: ouch.19:26
cdm10Konstigt: yeah.19:26
holzmodemhi, i have a problem with the keyboard layout, after starting X the keyboard layout is broken, some keys are have wrong functions, like ALT-GR works like ENTER, oder DEL like PRINT Screen. the keyboard layout is correct configured in xorg.conf,.... so whats wrong?19:29
innertruthit seems layout is broken19:29
Assidinnertruth: im thinking of benq now19:30
generalj__I had the ubuntu login sound play multiple times during install too19:30
Assidin a fresh install of alpha4.. i keep getting that the updatemanager needs to get the new list19:31
Assidhowever.. this even happens when you just update.. and reopen update manager19:31
generalj__well, i gave up alpha-4, i am putting gutsy back on as i type on my other pc, way to buggy for me and i dont know where to start or have time to help troubleshoot,19:32
generalj__biggest problem so far with alpha-4, network problems, policykit interfereing with me changing network configurations etc.19:33
generalj__i need network to get updates, and report bug fixes yet it is broken19:33
mikedep334hey, I am running hardy in vmware server 1.0.x. I know that X auto detects everything now. It is auto-detecting the screen as only going upto 800x600 and I want 1280x960 or so. "Screen Resolution" only takes me upto 800x600 and "Screen and Graphics" does not work. How do I increase the res?20:01
mikedep334I would edit xorg.conf, but I thought that it was ignored now.20:01
DanaGxorg.conf isn't ignored.20:03
DanaGBut dpkg-reconfiguring xorg no longer gives choice of resolution and such.20:03
mikedep334I'll try to edit xorg.conf20:06
mikedep334it is very minimal now20:06
Assidwassup DanaG20:06
mikedep334and I gotta go so I'll do it later20:06
DanaGdisplayconfig-gtk isn't working?20:07
DanaG(I don't use it myself -- I need stuff for touchpad that can only be done manually.)20:07
AssidDanaG: any idea if they fixed that external drive ntfs - recursive delete?20:08
mikedep334yeah, like none of the fields (or whatever you call them) have any text or icons20:08
mikedep334and you cant put stuff in them20:08
DanaGTry running displayconfig-gtk in console.20:09
Gnineissue: no resume from suspend. must do ctrl-alt-backspace to bring system back up. athlon64 x220:13
Gnineissue: dual battery status bug spotted. confirmed.20:15
crimsunGnine: suspend to what?20:16
crimsunram? disk?20:16
yao_ziyuancan hardy support chinese display and input now?20:16
crimsunand the "dual battery" bit is a simple /proc and /sys duplication.  It's known.20:16
bardyryao_ziyuan, yea20:16
yao_ziyuanbardyr: if i change system language to chinese, chinese input methods can automatically be made available on the system tray?20:17
bardyryao_ziyuan, should be20:17
yao_ziyuanbardyr: can you do a simple test for me?20:18
yao_ziyuanbardyr: switch your system language to chinese20:18
Gninesuspend unusable in any state...20:18
bardyrGnine, gfx card?20:19
bardyrand driver20:19
__-osh-__Is there a known java error in hardy? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54506/20:20
bardyryao_ziyuan, i can switch but i dont have a chinese keyboard20:20
yao_ziyuanbardyr: ... no joke...20:20
yao_ziyuanbardyr: if successful, you should see a "scim" or "skim" input method manager icon on the system tray20:21
Gninenvidia geforce go 6100, bardyr20:21
bardyryao_ziyuan, its there20:22
yao_ziyuanbardyr: unbelievable... are you using a freshly installed hardy?20:22
Gninerestricted driver20:22
bardyrGnine, suspend works here on a nvidia gfx go 760020:22
bardyryao_ziyuan, nope20:22
yao_ziyuanbardyr: but, if you left click or right click that icon, there should be a list of input methods20:22
yao_ziyuanbardyr: then what os are you running?20:23
Gninebardyr seemed to have lucked out20:23
bardyrbut its not freshly installed20:23
bardyrGnine, i due have a problem sometimes with a brown screen, but typing in my pw works20:23
Gninei dont get nothing. blank screen. tried typing user psswrd just in case. negative results20:25
Gninedesktop works fine though..20:25
hyper_chwhy does Hardy have problems with my dvd drive... this just elludes me20:31
LT_Tuvokppl need details to even take a accurate guess20:45
flipstar!bug 17917920:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179179 in ubuntu "Hardy doesn't like BENQ DVD DD DW1620 drives" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17917920:46
hyper_chLT_Tuvok: I'm just surprised because dapper - gutsy it was no problem at all20:47
hyper_chand I'm further surprised that - au contraire to alpha 3 - I could install from alternate without problems but then after reboot the problems arise....20:48
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
LT_Tuvokhyper_ch, curious20:56
hyper_chmy hardy fstab:   --> /dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec 0       020:56
hyper_chcould that be an issue?20:56
LT_Tuvokbest to use pastebin20:56
hyper_chLT_Tuvok: for 1 line?20:57
LT_Tuvokwell if I have to max my window then ...20:58
hyper_choh :)20:58
LT_Tuvokthe whole fstab may be more revealing20:58
LT_Tuvoklet me check mine20:58
hyper_chwell, it's the /dev/scd0 that is different from my gutsy one20:58
hyper_chin gutsy it's /dev/hdc20:58
LT_Tuvokmy cdroms are hda20:59
LT_Tuvokno sda20:59
hyper_chgutsy or hardy?20:59
LT_Tuvokhdx not sdx20:59
LT_Tuvokthey are not scsi20:59
hyper_chhmmm, interesting20:59
LT_Tuvokmake that adjustment20:59
DanaGMust be an old chipset, or something.20:59
hyper_chsata drives are listed as sdX in gutsy20:59
LT_Tuvokproblem solved20:59
LT_Tuvokyes you have sata cdroms?20:59
LT_Tuvokok then21:00
hyper_ch2x ide hds and 1x ide dvd-drive and 2x sata hds21:00
LT_Tuvokchange the fstab to reflect hdx instead of sdx \21:00
hyper_chok, rebooting now into hardy21:01
LT_Tuvokreboot for what?21:01
LT_Tuvokmount -a21:01
hyper_chLT_Tuvok: cause I'm in hardy ^^21:01
hyper_chLT_Tuvok: in gutsy ^^21:01
LT_Tuvokthink I'll just watch from now on21:02
LT_Tuvokhelping ppl is stressful21:02
LT_Tuvokespecially when they refuse to "get it"21:02
=== hyper is now known as hyper_ch
hyper_chLT_Tuvok: didn't help21:07
hyper_chthe cd-drive is just dead21:07
hyper_chcan't be ejected or something21:07
LT_Tuvoksounds like user error at this point21:09
LT_TuvokI would hold off on blaming hardy for now21:10
LT_Tuvokstill don't undestand why you rebooted?21:11
flipstari fully agree with you LT_Tuvok with what you just said before21:11
LT_Tuvokwhat are you dual booting hardy and gutsy21:11
LT_Tuvokflipstar, I've said alot, what part?21:11
flipstarlike 9 minutes ago :P21:12
flipstar10 now21:12
DreadKnightwhat file do i have to edit to disable the kde4 effects? i've activated them and i don't see anything in my kde4 session21:21
gilnfldhello all.21:25
gilnflddoes compiz work in the latest alpha release?21:26
DreadKnighti heard so21:26
gilnfldany suggestions on how to get it going21:26
DreadKnightwell i'm not sure21:27
DreadKnightgot problems myself :(21:27
DreadKnightwhat file do i have to edit to disable the kde4 effects? i've activated them and i don't see anything in my kde4 session21:27
LT_Tuvokgilnfld, read21:28
LT_Tuvokthey are not called suggestions, but directions and FAQs21:29
LT_Tuvokuse them, please21:29
zokewhat is the difference between the Remote Desktop tool and the VNC tool ?21:29
LT_Tuvokor /join #ubuntu21:29
LT_Tuvokzoke, google21:29
LT_Tuvokread up on what a RDP actually is21:30
DreadKnightzoke: with one you can see somebody else's desktop, with the other you can have people seeing your desktop..21:30
LT_Tuvoknot exactly, but whatever21:30
DreadKnightzoke: well, if you meant those 2 apps in kde, but as you asked, it's pretty much the same thing, about remote desktop connection :)21:31
LT_TuvokDreadKnight, /join #kubuntu21:31
DreadKnightLT_Tuvok: already there...21:31
RyanPriorCan anybody help me get my graphics card working? I have an ATI Radeon Xpress 200M21:46
bardyrRyanPrior, System -> Administration -> Driver Setup21:47
innertruthRyanPrior: whats wrong?21:49
RyanPriorryan@ryan-laptop:~$ gksudo /usr/bin/jockey-gtk21:49
RyanPriorWARNING: /sys/module/fglrx/drivers does not exist, cannot rebind fglrx driver21:49
innertruthwhats up with that flood21:50
RyanPriorI don't mean to flood - that's exactly what happens when I try to use jockey-gtk to install the driver.21:50
Javidmy install (alt cd) seems to have hung at "scanning the cd-rom" while configuring apt, is that common?21:53
Gninei thought emerald was dead; just got an update for it21:53
innertruth!bug 18156121:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181561 in linux "Hardy alpha 3 daily-live i386 don't boot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18156121:54
LT_Tuvokyou'll get updates so long as you have it installed21:54
Gninegood to know21:55
Gninemaybe that'll fix the flickering (sometimes)21:56
RyanPriorTry alpha 421:56
RyanPriorI'm really disappointed that they aren't calling them flocks.21:56
RyanPriorWe had herds and tribes, why "alphas" now?21:56
innertruthdo you downloading from cdimage.ubuntu.com? what speed you get?22:00
innertruthi'm getting 10-40 kbytes/s right now22:01
LT_Tuvokuse the torrents please22:01
innertruthnot for daily builds22:02
innertruthbut i agree22:02
__-osh-__Is Java6 broken in Hardy? I get this output when trying to start a GUI. The console part seems to work ok though. -> http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54506/22:13
=== crd1b_ is now known as crdlb
yao_ziyuani'm running Hardy Alpha 4 Live CD as a virtual machine22:17
yao_ziyuani let the system install a new language: Chinese22:17
yao_ziyuannow it's downloading related packages22:17
yao_ziyuanmy question: it may require a reboot or logout/login. after logout, does the Live CD preserve what is already installed?22:18
bardyrbut login/logout should do it22:18
yao_ziyuanso trying to installing a new language on a Live CD is no hope?22:18
bardyryao_ziyuan, just logout/login afterwards22:19
Gninelivecd runs from ram22:19
innertruth... where it is written do you think to persist22:19
yao_ziyuanas long as logout does not clear the ramdisk22:19
yao_ziyuanif installing chinese to hardy alpha 4 means a good chinese display and input environment, i will use it..22:21
RyanPriorI'm having trouble with my graphics card. When I try to use the driver manager to enable ATI's driver, it renders X unstartable - my computer seems to crash when X tries to start. If I fix X, it will start again, but it reverts to the Mesa driver.22:21
yao_ziyuani also found that distros using an older KDE version than 3.5.8 support chinese display and input out-of-the-box22:22
yao_ziyuan3.5.8 is not as mature in this aspect22:22
yao_ziyuanthe distro i mean is PCLinuxOS 200722:22
RyanPrioryao_ziyuan: I was under the impression that more Chinese users liked Red Flag.22:23
innertruthwell i not tested that much but from what i seen ubuntu 7.10 having loads of asian languages support22:23
yao_ziyuankde IS the future, but not anytime soon as long as it doesn't solve the chinese problem22:24
yao_ziyuanRyanPrior: or Red Dragon...22:24
SeveredCrossDoes anyone know if a fix for python-nautilus's breakage with libeel2-2 2.21.90 is going to be fixed soon?22:25
yao_ziyuaninnertruth: yes, ubuntu supports chinese better. after you enable the chinese language and check "support input of complex scripts", chinese input methods will be on the desktop22:25
Gninegnome forever!22:25
innertruthso... whats a problem?22:25
yao_ziyuaninnertruth: problem is with kde22:25
RyanPriorCan't KDE use SCIM for complex scripts?22:26
yao_ziyuanRyanPrior: if i install ubuntu first and add chinese and then install kubuntu-desktop,22:27
yao_ziyuanthen in a kde session i can activate scim successfully22:27
yao_ziyuanwithout involving skim22:27
yao_ziyuankde generally uses skim as a input method manager front-end22:28
yao_ziyuanand skim talks to scim for the real functionality22:28
RyanPriorBut skim isn't working for you?22:28
yao_ziyuanskim is very poor22:28
yao_ziyuani ruined it in a kubuntu 7.10 virtual machine22:29
yao_ziyuanRyanPrior: with kubuntu 7.10, after i install the chinese language, it doesn't mean chinese displaying and inputting are immediately ready22:29
yao_ziyuanRyanPrior: a chinese user has to follow some third-party "instructions" to manually set up everything22:30
yao_ziyuanfrom fonts to scim22:30
RyanPriorThat's unfortunate, and probably a result of the fact that only a very small portion of Ubuntu developers use Chinese on the desktop.22:31
yao_ziyuanRyanPrior: kde developers22:31
innertruthwell i dont know about input, but displaying is working out of the box without chinese language even installed, i mean displaying it on irc22:31
innertruthuseing utf-822:31
innertruthi mean ubuntu22:32
yao_ziyuanRyanPrior: the chinese user community #ubuntu-cn already has an instruction. kubuntu just should commit this instruction into the chinese language installation script22:32
yao_ziyuaninnertruth: in ubuntu, when the current language is english, some chinese characters will be displayed in a different font than other chinese characters22:33
yao_ziyuaninnertruth: it's a conflict in font config22:33
bardyrwhy not just use ubuntu instead of kubuntu, gnome ftw ;)22:34
Gninegnome forever!22:34
yao_ziyuanbardyr: i do22:34
yao_ziyuanbardyr: i also run a kubuntu virtual machine where i set up everything manually22:35
yao_ziyuanproblem with ubuntu is it needs more pretty themes built in22:35
bardyrwe have gnome-look.org for that22:36
innertruthi switched to xfce22:36
RyanPriorIt would be neat to have a tie-in with Gnome that let you download and preview gnome-look themes via a specialized browser.22:37
yao_ziyuanyes yes22:37
yao_ziyuanand wallpapers like kde22:37
Gninetoo lazy22:38
yao_ziyuanin this Hardy Alpha 4 Live CD virtual machine i requested Full Upgrade and then Apply,22:38
yao_ziyuanit raised an error while installing the downloaded packages22:38
yao_ziyuani think it was because the ram disk had run out22:38
flipstaryou can easily raise the availible ram in vmware ..22:39
yao_ziyuani set to 512 mb22:39
yao_ziyuancan anyone successfully Full Upgrade a Hardy Alpha 4?22:40
yao_ziyuani mean Kubuntu 822:40
RyanPriorI'm having trouble with my graphics card. When I try to use the driver manager to enable ATI's driver, it renders X unstartable - my computer seems to crash when X tries to start. If I fix X, it will start again, but it reverts to the Mesa driver.22:42
ubotuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.22:43
bardyrand xorg.log would be great22:43
innertruthmy md5 is wrong... again22:46
innertruthis it wget?22:46
innertruthdoes X crash + resuming doing download corrupted?22:47
yao_ziyuanmy v-22 is started and its rotors running22:48
yao_ziyuanbut it does not take off22:48
yao_ziyuani pressed:22:49
underwatercowDid they remove the icons on the desktop in hardy?22:49
SeveredCrossunderwatercow: Nope...22:51
SeveredCrossI still have icons on my desktop.22:51
SeveredCrossIs your nautilus dead?22:51
SeveredCrossAlso, does anyone know anything about python-nautilus and libeel?22:51
underwatercowSeveredCross: It works, though it behaves a little strangely22:51
underwatercowWhy is there no "Filesystem" option in some areas, such as search?22:53
DanaGGaack, damn nvidia.22:55
DanaGNow my GPU has gotten stuck in 2D mode.22:56
flipstar171.05 is out ..22:56
DanaG[  917.612000] NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 13, 0002 beef3097 00004097 0000036c 0000000e 0004000022:56
DanaG[  917.616000] NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 6, PE0002 1a18 00200020 001cfc20 000000ff 0000fff022:56
DanaG[  917.616000] NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 36,  L0 -> L022:56
DanaG[  917.624000] NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 36,  L0 -> L022:56
DanaGIt is?  Where?22:57
bardyrw00t, new drivers :D23:00
DanaGIt's supposedly only for the Tesla GPGPUs.23:01
flipstarits BETA btw23:01
DanaGIt's not linked to from the nvidia web site, even under beta.23:02
DanaGI hope that by summer, ATI/AMD drivers will be good enough that I can jump ship from NVIDIA.23:03
DanaGI'm sick of my nvidia issues, but ATI/AMD is currently worse.23:03
blueyedintel seems the way to go.23:04
blueyedDanaG: you should add your irc nick on your lp page (https://launchpad.net/~danagoyette) :)23:04
blueyedI've tried to find you because of the CFS linux issue (niceness in process groups and such)23:04
Gninesuspend to disk is working properly now23:06
blueyedGnine: This is always nice.. :)23:06
Gninesuspend to ram is still faulty (laptop)23:07
blueyedThat's bad (for a laptop)23:10
blueyedDanaG: I've pinged in #ubuntu-kernel about the bug, let's see.23:10
* DanaG uses suspend just fine, except when suspending on AC and resuming on battery.23:11
DanaGIn addition, it seems like "the third time's the charm" at NOT resuming -- it'll resume twice, but not a third time.23:11
Gninei just have to watch not to leave any important stuff running unattended .   ;-P23:11
DanaGI don't leave autosuspend on idle set.  I just use manual suspend, or autosuspend on critical battery, in which case I'll know not to resume on battery.23:11
crimsunguys, please bisect between mainline (kernel.org) and ubuntu-hardy.23:12
bardyrwhy and for what?23:13
crimsunfor suspend issues.23:13
flipstarthe ubuntu kernel isn the original one23:13
flipstarso this may *ubuntu specific23:14
crimsunflipstar: that's why bisecting is useful.23:14
crimsunand yes, it is Ubuntu-specific23:15
crimsunboth stock/mainline and tuxonice fare much better suspend-to-*- and resume-wise23:15
DanaGFor me, I just had to muck around in /etc/default/acpi-support for a while.23:15
DanaGThat should be documented somewhere.23:15
crimsunDanaG: on your laptop model's wiki page.23:15
DanaG(It's hard to know to do that.)23:16
crimsunDanaG: unfortunately, it means it's still not working properly.23:16
DanaG(started typing before your response).23:16
DanaGCLosest thing is this page, which is the precursor to this model -- all that changed is the CPU socket and video card, I believe.23:18
DanaGOh yeah, anything new about my audio capture issue?23:21
DanaG(None of my friends use ekiga or such, so I don't actually _need_ working capture.)23:22
SeveredCrossSuspend and hibernate work for me with the Ubuntu kernel...23:22
DanaGCan anybody offer input (personal experience) on how ATI is nowadays, especially with recent cards?  Once summer rolls around, I'm likely going to find myself a new laptop -- and I'm sick of NVIDIA.23:24
SeveredCrossDanaG: fglrx sucks.23:25
SeveredCrossActually, it just doesn't play nice with 2.6.24 and Xserver 1.4, at least not for me.23:25
SeveredCrossCompiz is broken, and suspend and hibernate didn't work as promied.23:25
SeveredCrossRadeonHD is a much better driver compatibility-wise, if you don't care about Compiz or 3D acceleration.23:25
SeveredCrossSuspend and hibernate with RadeonHD work great.23:26
DanaGHmm, I don't want to go without Compiz.  I guess the best thing to do is just to wait until summer and check again then,23:27
crimsunI wonder if the current intel X driver in hardy has massive xv issues.23:28
SeveredCrossfglrx should be improved by then.23:28
jscinozwhat kernel does hardy use?23:28
crimsunas a base, yes.23:29
jscinozis CFS in .24?23:29
DanaGI actually don't greatly care whether the good drivers by then are open or closed.23:29
DanaGJust as long as either is good, I'll be happy.23:29
jscinozalright thanks23:29
* DanaG goes to reboot to unwedge his GPU from 2D mode. 23:32
DanaGOr perhaps I should just stop X and reload nvidia.23:32
DanaGNope, had to reboot.23:38
DanaGModule "still in use" even after stopping X.23:38
ZambeziIs there a bug in screen? I can't start a window within it.23:38
crimsun4.0.3-7ubuntu1 works fine here.23:39
DanaGHmm, can you apply the "Simultaneous Output" to networked sinks without using pacmd?23:40
DanaGI'm curious to see how well synchronized stuff is when done over the network.23:40
innertrut3does "check cd" live cd function check crc of files or just readability?23:41
SeveredCrossMD5 I think.23:43
innertrut3strange... md5 of iso was wrong, but live cd check not found any problems... and X not loading23:44
SeveredCrossHmm. No idea then.23:44
innertrut3no... loading but hang23:45
innertrut3at load23:45
blueyedDanaG: do you have folding@home running, when you experience the pulseaudio dropouts? (bug 177713)23:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177713 in boinc "CFS in 2.6.24 kernel needs cpu_share adjustment for "niced" processes" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17771323:47
DanaGLet me try without it running.23:48
DanaGYes, it's only with folding running.23:48
blueyedDanaG: so it's just because of missing performance and the assigning of cpu_shares.23:49
DanaGThe easiest way to test is to install Timidity, leave not enabled as ALSA synth, then just do 'timidity -in -Os some_file'23:49
DanaGI'll get timidity dying on audio dropout, upon closing lid.23:49
DanaGOther apps just keep going after the dropout.23:49
crimsunlet's eliminate PA from the equation.23:51
crimsunloop, several dozen times using for and $(seq), an aplay23:51
crimsun(obviously you'll need to kill PA)23:51
crimsunattempt to reproduce the dropout23:52

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