troy_s<FrankQ_> it could be higher res08:02
troy_s<_MMA_> 2560x1600!?08:02
troy_sGreat candidate for SVG really.08:02
troy_s<Toma-> it sounds like the author wont encourage any development08:03
troy_sThe author is Who -- and he has been around for a while.  He would encourage development.  The 'take it or leave it' is probably a "this is my take, don't bother commenting because it is pointless"08:03
troy_sToma-: Not in a negative way.08:12
Toma-yeh ive been following the list since08:12
troy_sToma-: More in a 'I have read far too many pointless ramblings about colour crap and other crap' kind of way (much like a few others out there including myself)08:12
FrankQ_I quite like the idea of SVG wallpapers08:14
kwwiihappy birthday to me, happy birthday to me....all pending artwork issues might not get answered until (late) Sunday10:42
kwwiioh, and regarding the wave files...that was my fault as coz said that he was having a hard time posting I allowed his emails through without checking the size of the attachment (duh). There is a reasonable limit set, I simply should have been paying more attention :-)10:47
kwwiiif I'd only have known he had resent the email 4 times10:48

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