xivulonevand is wubi in the latest ISO?00:45
xivulondo not see it in the manifest00:45
evandI messaged you on jabber00:45
xivulondidn't see it00:45
xivulonwhat happened?00:45
evandwubi won't be on alpha 4.  You moved the location of the binary before I had a chance to realize it and we're already running late, so restarting the builds isn't a possibility.00:46
evandthat was over an hour ago though00:46
superm1that's a shame :(00:46
evandwe need to work something out with that.  I suggest making a wubi-stable symlink that never ever changes.00:46
xivulonquite annoying00:46
evandand then link it to the latest stable build.00:46
xivulonI'll change the build process so that is more debian friendly00:47
xivulondid you change the wiki?00:47
evandyes, I removed the references to it in the alpha4 release notes00:47
evandalso, it wouldn't be in the manifest file.  It would be in the list file.00:53
evandThe manifest file only lists debian packages installed on the live filesystem.00:54
evandwhereas the list file lists all of the files on the CD00:54
xivulonI checked both anyway00:55
xivulonbug #187601 is fixed01:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187601 in wubi "Wubi does not eject the CD when rebooting" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18760101:14
evanddoesn't that assume that the CDROM is the D drive?01:18
xivulonah yes01:38
xivulonsee the last comment01:39
xivulonhave a go, I cannot test it myself01:39
xivulonrev 396 is on the server01:39
evandah indeed02:14
evandwill do02:14
evandthanks for taking care of this02:14
evandxivulon: didn't seem to work (obviously it's not on the CD, I ran it off my desktop with a kubuntu CD in the drive).02:45
evandthe last two lines of the log are:02:45
evandEject CD02:45
evandEjecting CDHandle=-1 for drive=D:\02:45
xivulonis the drive correct?02:49
xivulonthe handle is wrong02:49
xivulonshould be >002:49
evandyes, it is drive D:02:49
xivulonI know the issue02:50
xivulonthe drive should not end with z02:50
xivulonwith \02:50
xivulonone sec02:50
xivulonredownload and try again02:54
evandwill do momentarily02:55
evandit got an appropriate handle and exited with code 1 (1==success)03:25
evandhowever, it doesn't look like the CD ejected, but this is VMWare03:26
evandI'm not sure if it can, as I can't seem to be able to from explorer03:26
evandthat is, I wonder if vmware is locking the drive03:26
evandnote that this is an emulated drive with a backing ISO file.03:26
xivulonexit 1 should be good03:27
xivulonI think it will work with a normal cd03:28
evandany objection to creating that wubi-stable symlink on wubi-installer.org?03:29
xivulonno problem03:30
evandfantastic, if you could create that and point it at revision 396 whenever you are able, I would very much appreciate it.03:31
xivulonI called it wubi-alpha03:34
xivulonnot to confuse other users03:34
xivulonby the beta hopefully we won't need anymore03:35
evandwhy wouldn't we need it by the beta?03:35
xivulonbecause I am rewriting the code so that it can be compiled without wine03:36
xivulonshould be possible to compile on standard servers03:36
xivulonit requires mingw though03:36
xivulonand scons03:36
xivulonmaybe I just call it wubi03:37
xivulonso we do not risk much03:37
evandI'd prefer that03:37
evandok, the build system now points to the wubi symlink03:40
xivulonevand there is another issue with groot19:55
xivulonthat too ignores loopinstallations (similar to kopt issue)19:56
xivulonnot sure whether it's a grub-installer task or update-grub20:03
xivulonthink the former but haven't looked at the code yet20:04
xivulonthe above is annoying since you always end up with groot=(hd0,0)20:04
xivulonit's update-grub, filing a bug report20:07
xivulonin syslog I have:20:26
xivulon /target/boot/grub/device.map: no such file or directory20:32
xivulonin update-grub if there is no device map groot->(hd0,0)20:32
xivulonnot sure how this device-map thingy works yet20:34
xivulonhints welcome20:34
xivulonI think that is because grub-install is not executed for loopinstallations22:22

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