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jpatrickLjL: /msg botijo %register14:11
jpatrick%addeditor LjL14:11
botijojpatrick: The operation succeeded.14:11
LjLwell, i was already an editor in ubotu :)14:12
jpatrickI thought I messed ubotu somehow :)14:14
DRebellionCan I get an Ubuntu cloak?15:56
jpatrickDRebellion: are you an ubuntu member?15:56
DRebellionjpatrick: of launchpad, yes15:56
jpatrickand a link to your launchpad page15:58
jpatrickubotu: tell DRebellion about member16:00
DRebellionjpatrick: would I be eligible for membership because i am very active in #ubuntu ?16:04
jpatrickDRebellion: If you can get some people to back you up with testimonials, probably16:04
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* P3L|C4N0 saludos16:18
effie_jayxP3L|C4N0,  que mas16:55
DRebellionIs the ubuntu-irc channel on Freenode for ops only?17:02
erUSULDRebellion: see the topic ;)17:04
* DRebellion smacks himself on the head17:05
DRebellionSorry, I mean the ubuntu-irc _team_ on _Launchpad_ :P17:05
naliothDRebellion: yes17:06
erUSULDRebellion: no is for ops of ubuntu related channels such as the loco or language specific channels17:06
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