sabotagekyleN_: after reading through the code for gtk-theme-switch, it seems to only update gtk rc settings and not in a system wide way, but only by users ~/.gtk-2.0/gtkrc file00:58
kyleN_sabotage: does it do it system wide for the current user?00:59
sabotageso its assuming a desktop env  with multiple users, not quite what we're trying to address, but could be adapted to our needs00:59
kyleN_sabotage: not sure the multiple users assumption is relevant for a MID though00:59
sabotagesettings in users home dir take precedence over system wide, so it *looks* system wide 01:00
sabotagealso, it's missing some key subsystem settings 01:00
kyleN_looking sys wide may be good enough01:01
kyleN_what's missing?01:01
sabotagelike matchbox, icons, gconf settings and backgrounds01:01
kyleN_matchbox and backgrounds strike me as critical01:01
sabotagenot if we don't have a "user" (we do now, but not sure if that will stay the case)01:01
sabotagebackground is actually quite /interesting/01:02
sabotagesetting the X background does nothing for us01:02
kyleN_why, on one ever sees that?01:02
sabotagethe background is HomeArea dependant01:02
sabotageso if the UI is flash based, then we need to get the flash plugin to change its bg image01:03
sabotageif it's HTML/Xul based, then we need to effect the DOM settings via CSS or some Javascript interface01:03
kyleN_well, the home plugin flash shows sometimes, then it reverts to the normal marquee + app when an app launches01:03
sabotageand if we use Clutter, well, I've no idea yet how that gets changed yet ;)01:04
kyleN_right, those are good points. our specific need is flash home ui, user changes it, then the rest of the UI gets the same fonts/colors/gtk theme01:04
sabotagebut when the app goes away, then the flash ui shows again and I assume you want the bg changes to be persistant, right?01:05
kyleN_the flash ui is full screen01:05
kyleN_so there is no bg01:05
sabotagemost of the rest is very doable...just not 100% sure how we'll tackle the background01:05
kyleN_where's the background if the flash ui is full screen?01:06
StevenKBehind the flash ui, I'm guessing01:06
sabotagethat's a misnomer...the HTML ui and the Clutter ui are also "fjull screen", but all of them have "background" like properties that users will want to alter01:06
kyleN_right - invisible, right?01:06
sabotageno, embedded in the flash SWF01:07
kyleN_ah, our short term need does not involve the user changing it01:07
kyleN_say, two flash movies, with two equivalent themes. not user configurables01:07
sabotagedoes your idea of changing the theme involve sending a message to the flash ui to change its colors. etc...?01:07
kyleN_actually, there are multiple flash movies, i believe01:07
kyleN_the user can switch between them01:08
kyleN_they have a different look and feel01:08
kyleN_when the user switches, we want all the rest to switch too01:08
sabotageok for now I suppose, but most users will expect to be able to set an image in their photo viewer/library to the screen background01:08
kyleN_that is, they switch, then launch an app, flash goes away01:08
kyleN_marquee and app are themes to match the flash move01:08
kyleN_yes, that will be nice but it is not a deliverable for the custom team right now01:09
kyleN_the other is01:09
sabotageah, you're switching the HomeArea applet then...that's a bit different, not really "theme" related01:09
kyleN_we switch, then the REST switches accordingly01:09
kyleN_where the REST is colors fonts and gtk theme01:09
kyleN_you think that is likely to be doable without too much mountain climbing?01:10
sabotageso then the "REST" you are refering to should be doable01:10
sabotagethe current tool is a bit insufficient but adaptable.01:10
kyleN_i figure when the flash switches, it uses out javasscript api to make the appropriate calls, whatever they turn out to be01:10
sabotageI've a running list of thing it needs to be adapted to do01:11
kyleN_this will be a big help01:11
sabotageI'm not promising to *DO01:11
sabotage* the changes ;)01:12
sabotagethough I'll probably take a stab at it as it relates to the rest of the theme work I am doing01:12
kyleN_right. whatever you can do, even if it is just invistigate and report, that will be a help01:12
sabotageit's just not on our POR to provide a theme switcher01:12
kyleN_cool. I'd like to stay in touch on this01:13
kyleN_but for now, our week in Hillsboro is just about OVER!01:13
sabotageI'll send my notes to the mail list once I get back on the Intel network01:13
kyleN_back to soggy massachusetts01:13
sabotagesoggy or snowy?01:13
kyleN_soggy, i hear. 01:13
kyleN_was snowy though. we had three snowfalls of 10-12 inches each earlier01:14
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feng_sorry for the mis-input, just tried  a new BT keyboard03:17
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Termy2007hi.. i want to ged rid of windows mobile 2003 se on my t-mobile pda... will ubuntu mobile be available for this device?23:09
Termy2007can anyone help me?23:10
ComradeHazEvening gent's. Pretty sure I know the answer, and pretty sure it's no - but has ubuntu mobile made it onto any HTC Kaisers yet?23:23

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