LaserJockanybody know how to tell what package a python lib comes from based on the import statement?00:00
goobsoftI'm looking at the changelog file for pwsafe to see how they do versions for multiple distributions.  How can it be that the changelog doesn't explicitly have a version for gutsy and yet I can find a pwsafe for gutsy when I search for packages on packages.ubuntu.com?  http://pastebin.com/m2edb6f5800:01
desertcslangasek: Do you think getting 1.2~beta Speex into Hardy is an open possibility over the next two weeks?00:01
slangasekdesertc: if someone does the work, sure :)00:01
desertcI will certainly see where I can add my assistance to the leg work.00:02
persiagoobsoft: The feisty archive was copied to gutsy as a start, including that package.00:02
tzafrir_homeI guess that the first thing to do is to update speex from experimental to beta300:02
tzafrir_homedesertc, =^00:03
desertctzafrir_home: Do you refer to the Debian packages or Ubuntu packages... or both?00:03
tzafrir_homewell, both00:03
desertcand if Debian, which repository00:03
slangasekthe Debian packages; Ubuntu has no 'experimental' :)00:04
tzafrir_homeThe experimental debian packages are maintained in the pkg-voip svn repo00:04
tzafrir_homesee the link at the bottom of http://packages.debian.org/source/experimental/speex00:04
desertcSo the Debian Experiemental to be brought to beta3, but not the stable?  or did we decide they were the same?00:05
* tzafrir_home wishes buildserver.net would be working again00:05
slangasekdesertc: do you mean unstable rather than stable?00:05
tzafrir_homeAt this point it is time to device how to split libspeex and libspeexdsp00:06
desertcyes, unstable00:06
desertcI will follow up with this task off-line.  Don't want to get in the way of continued discussion.00:06
* desertc marks down his action-item.00:06
goobsoftpersia: thanks00:08
slicerI'll have to leave, but I'll stay connected so just send me a message if there's anything I can do.00:16
slicerI'll see you all tomorrow :)00:16
desertcThanks for your time tonight, slicer.00:16
desertcslangasek tzafrir_home jmspeex : Seems to me, this conversation has resolved some issues - or at least brought some items to light.  I will follow up with tzafrir_home on the Debian package, and I think slicer and jmspeex have some things to discuss, in terms of opening a new library interface.00:19
desertcAlso, I will document the need for the Proprietary term to be removed from the Mumble documentation through the Ubuntu bug report00:19
desertcThanks everyone for your time in helping us discuss this topic that will allow increased Speex and voice functionality in Debian and Ubuntu.00:20
loshHello, where is the best place to get help building deb packages?00:21
persiaHere is a good place to get help, but one has to be around a while to get an answer sometimes :(00:25
goobsoftI'm using pbuilder to test my package dependencies and one of the dependencies is sun-java6-bin.  Is there an issue with this because the package requires an acceptance of terms before installing?00:30
goobsofthow would I dpkg-reconfigure debconf from within the pbuilder env?00:32
blueyedgoobsoft: you cannot use sun-java6 as build dependency, because it requires to accept a license.00:36
blueyedtry icedtea-java-700:36
goobsoftok, I'm really excited about this whole icedtea deal...00:37
blueyedyes, it's a good thing for java to have it "open".00:38
blueyedgoobsoft: about the distribution in changelogs: packages can also be synced, then there's no ubuntu version name in the changelog00:39
desertcblueyed: Isn't Java Free Software now, as of recently?00:43
goobsoftI didn't know icedtea was in gutsy.. dang.  I'll be interested to see how heavily java is used in the future for ubuntu software now that the license is open.00:43
LaserJockdesertc: it's called IcedTea00:44
goobsoftI think it's always been free and it's always been open source too, but now the open source license used is OSI approved now.00:44
goobsoftNot because OSI approved the license, but because they changed to an OSI approved license.00:45
ScottK2goobsoft: No.  Up until recently it was under restricted licensing.00:45
LaserJockFree vs free00:45
LaserJockit was free enough to be in Multiverse00:45
LaserJockbut no free enough to be in Universe00:46
blueyedit will be called openjdk in the end IIRC00:46
desertcwhy is it not free enough for universe?  I was wondering this00:46
blueyedicedtea is a temporary solution afaik00:46
LaserJockright now IcedTea is basically free Java700:46
ScottK2slangasek: I think I found the libdb4.x-ruby problem.  Upstream uses some long deprecated functions that were removed as of 4.5.00:46
slangasekI lose that bet then :)00:47
ScottK2Grep and upgrade documentation can do wonders, even when you are severly C impaired.00:48
dcorderothat is amazing00:53
ScottK2What's that?00:54
geserblueyed: building with sun-java-* on the buildds works for hardy00:56
ScottK2dcordero: What's amazing?00:56
dcorderoScottK, add a new language on the .desktop file of the bug that told blueyed00:57
jmspeexslangasek: Why is it you didn't care the 5 other times you released an incompatible libspeex1 then?00:57
ScottK2jmspeex: Currently we get speex unmodified from Debian.  Unless pointed to it, we wouldn't have a reason to notice.00:57
jmspeex(I've seen at least 1.1.6, 1.1.10, 1.1.11 and 1.1.12, all of which were incompatible when it came to the new features)00:57
ScottK2In the releases that are still supported it's just 1.11 and 1.1200:59
slangasekjmspeex: edgy, feisty, gutsy, hardy, and etch all have 1.1.12.  everything before that is in the past and not fixable after the fact; we /ought/ to have changed the package names between breezy/sarge and dapper, and between dapper and edgy, but that didn't happen00:59
jmspeexMy concern is that if you keep old versions around for "compatibility reasons", you're carrying bugs you don't have to01:00
jmspeexi.e. you'll end up breaking more stuff as the apps that only need the codec would still be using the old buggy stuff01:01
blueyedgeser: oh, really? it's a common FTBFS issue, as far as I know. Maybe only for packages in multiverse?01:02
slangasekjmspeex: huh? I said nothing about keeping old versions around01:02
jmspeexthen what does it change???01:02
blueyeddcordero: did you mean that I can add a language to your debdiff? I'm a bit concerned, because then it's not really sponsoring, but rather hijacking. But better overall, yes..01:03
slangasekjmspeex: it changes packages not being silently broken on upgrade.01:03
geserblueyed: it was solved with debconf preseeding so packages in multiverse can (and also do) use sun-java-*01:04
blueyeddcordero: I had /query'd you, so your "answer" was a bit out of context here.01:04
slangasekjmspeex: why do you care how we name our packages?01:04
blueyedgeser: but only in mutiverse then, yes?01:04
geserblueyed: yes, as sun-java is in multiverse, so everything build-depending is also there01:04
jmspeexslangasek: because then I'll get flooded with "WTF is speex 2 and is it compatible with my speex 1 phone?"01:05
jmspeexat least call it libspeex1.2 or something01:05
slangasekjmspeex: er, I already covered the reasons why "speex2" is wrong01:05
jmspeexdidn't see that01:05
dcorderoblueyed, i dont care if you add a language, is good for the package and is good for me. But i am not a MOTU, this package need be sponsored, althought i think that it just was synced01:05
slangasekI said libspeex1debian1, I never advocated libspeex201:05
minghuaSpeaking of which, do we have a universal policy for Debian-specific SONAME naming scheme?01:10
blueyeddcordero: yes, I've requested the sync. I'm only concerned, because it won't show up on your Launchpad +packages page (as "uploaded" by you), when I change it before uploading. But will do so. Might be a good idea for a new round of desktop translation for "Comment=Read and post to twitter" *g01:11
* minghua finds the libblas.so.3gf SONAME rather ugly.01:11
blueyedComment[de]=Lese und schreibe zu Twitter ?01:12
LaserJockminghua: yucky01:13
dcorderoblueyed, sure, add it. I am sure that i wont be famous by my packages uploaded  :)01:13
blueyedCan somebody translate "Comment=Read and post to twitter" to something other than ca, de, es, pt?01:15
ion_Does that mean {Read twitter} and {post to twitter}?01:16
nixternalComment[en_US]=Read and post to twitter01:16
dcorderois stupid, but i thought the same haha01:17
ion_Comment[en_BR]=Reade ande poste to twitter01:17
ion_Whoops, _GB01:17
nixternalComment[en_UK]=Read and post to twitter01:17
minghuablueyed: Are you sure you want a Chinese one?01:17
nixternalerr, GB01:17
nixternalion_: hahaha01:17
blueyedminghua: chinese would be different? ;)01:17
blueyedminghua: sure.01:17
slangasekblueyed: I'm not sure how to understand the description.  reading what?01:17
blueyedslangasek: twitter, it's a "webservice". you post short messages about what you are doing currently.01:18
slangasekso it's (read and post to) twitter?01:18
slangasek(I'm familiar with twitter, but ECONTEXT)01:19
blueyeddesktop file01:19
minghuablueyed: So it is like "read and post messages on twitter platform"?01:20
blueyedminghua: yes01:20
minghuablueyed: "在 twitter 上读取和发布消息" would be the simplified Chinese (zh_CN) one.01:21
dcorderohard language for learn01:21
ion_fi_FI: Lue ja kirjoita viestejä Twitter-palvelussa. (Direct translation: read and write messages in the Twitter service.)01:22
ion_Alternative fi_FI: Lue ja kirjoita viestejä Twitter-sivustolla. (Direct translation: read and write messages on the Twitter website.)01:22
blueyedI hope I got it correct, 上 looks too ascii.01:24
blueyedion_: I'll use the first one, thanks, for [fi]01:25
* ScottK2 ponders appropriate fates for upstreams that don't update their apps to not use functions that have been deprecated for FIVE releases....01:28
persiaScottK: Send them a patch :)01:29
FujitsuScottK2: How many releases have they made since it was deprecated?01:30
squentin(if it's not too late) fr: lire et envoyer des messages sur twitter01:31
ion_squentin: What about the capitalization?01:32
squentinYes, Lire et envoyer des messages sur twitter01:32
ion_(I’d also capitalize Twitter, since that’s what they do on their website.)01:32
squentinyes if you say so01:32
ScottK2Fujitsu: It was debricated in DB4.1 and removed in DB4.5 and upstream's current release still uses it.01:32
ScottK2So I guess that's 4, not 501:33
ScottK2Fortunately Oracle still have 4.0 on their web site so I could at least get the docs.01:33
ScottK2Actually it was deprecated in 4.001:34
ScottK2Undocumented in 4.1 and follow01:34
ion_But yeah, i just wanted to verify the capitalization of the other words, since they were all lower-case and i have no idea about French capitalization rules (e.g. they might have been like German for all i know).01:34
blueyedHow long does it take for sync'ed packages to appear? pitti had synced some packages 9 hours ago (gtwitter, haskell-html, ..), but they are not available yet in the archive. maybe some problem during the sync process?01:34
slangasekion_: they're not, Gott sei dank :)01:34
squentinTwitter is fine in french01:34
blueyedsquentin: not too late.01:35
FujitsuScottK2: Sorry, I meant how many releases has the upstream that still uses the deprecated stuff made?01:35
ScottK2persia: Yep.  Once I figure a patch.  It took long enough just to find the relevant API docs.01:35
ion_blueyed: I’d suggest capitalizing Twitter in all translations.01:35
ScottK2Fujitsu: Several.  I'd have to go look.01:35
Fujitsublueyed: Should be immediate (well, after a publisher run), unless slangasek is not being so soft with his freeze.01:35
blueyedion_: good point. also in  the original.01:36
joejaxxhell all i have a scenario :) lets say i am gonig to upload a package where someone has done a substantial amount of work and i want to give credit01:36
joejaxxhello all*01:36
blueyedFujitsu: ah, ok. might be the freeze then. I'll just wait some more then.01:36
FujitsuI thought it was unfrozen, but I might head over to LP to check..01:37
joejaxxdoes the  [ Person here ] in the changelog accept emails as well? or will it error out01:37
joejaxxor does anyone have an example changelog where this has been implemented?01:38
LaserJockhow do you mean01:39
FujitsuIs that part of the syntax actually enforced?01:40
minghuajoejaxx: No, the names in changelog has nothing to do with receiving emails.01:40
joejaxxminghua: not not that :P01:41
ScottK2Fujitsu: More releases than I have fingers and toes.01:41
blueyedjoejaxx, Fujitsu: not enforced, it's free text actually, but common sense to e.g. use stars for bullet point01:41
joejaxxminghua: i want the information to be there01:41
FujitsuScottK2: Oh dear.01:41
minghuaFujitsu: I think it's just a convention used by dch.01:41
Fujitsublueyed: That's what I thought.01:41
joejaxxminghua: it does not have anything to do with the transportation of email :P01:41
superm1joejaxx, Fujitsu that's why some releases people will give a title in quotes near the top before they start bulleting01:42
joejaxxor brackets01:42
joejaxxbut my question is01:42
joejaxxwill it error with01:42
joejaxx[ Person Lastname <account@server.tld> ]01:43
blueyedjoejaxx: no01:43
LaserJockoh, the question is if an email address will bork anything up?01:43
joejaxxLaserJock: yes01:43
joejaxxor if that syntax is correct01:43
LaserJockusually it's just the name01:44
joejaxxwhen wanting to include an email along with the person's name01:44
blueyedjoejaxx: there's not syntax really.01:44
FujitsuIt's just convention.01:44
LaserJockwell, there is syntax/format in changelog, just not in that part01:44
joejaxxthanks :D01:45
minghuaLaserJock: Do you know if "two spaces at the beginning of line" is a required syntax for that part?01:49
LaserJockhmm, I'm not positive about that01:50
LaserJockI know the firs line and last have to be right01:50
LaserJockbut what's inbetween I'm not so sure01:50
joejaxxit would not look neat if it did not :P01:50
* minghua usually just relies on Vim's syntax highlighting.01:54
LaserJockjoejaxx: it just illustrates the power of peer-pressure and editor syntax highlighting01:54
joejaxxLaserJock: lol :P01:55
LaserJockdarn, I need a hardware guru or something01:57
LaserJockmy touchpad doesn't seem to respond to tap_to_click gconf setting since I upgraded to Hardy01:57
minghuaHmm, I didn't know there is a gconf setting for that.02:01
RAOFLaserJock: Synaptics touchpad?02:01
LaserJockI guess so02:02
RAOF(ie: do you need to make sure SHMConfig is enabled in xorg.conf?)02:02
LaserJockwell, I don't know02:02
LaserJockI didn't have to do anything in Gutsy02:02
RAOFHm.  Probably not, then.02:02
MHz128I'm having trouble installing U7.1. I've got 1 SATA and 1 IDE drives. When I try to manually partition the IDE drive, I get an error message telling me it can't do it. Any ideas???02:03
ScottK2MHz128: Ask in #ubuntu.  That's the support channel.02:04
LaserJockwhat is up with all the "I'm running version 7.1" lately?02:08
ion_% units 7.1002:10
ion_        Definition: 7.102:10
ubotuvalid types: mass, length, time, scheduling, temperature, temp. diff., current, charge, potential, resistance, conductance, capacitance, magn. flux, inductance, flux density, molecular qty, size of a mol, lum. intens., luminous flux, illuminance, luminance, angle, solid angle, data, data transfer, quantity, interest rate, concentration, force, area, volume, velocity, rot. velocity, fluid flow, gas flow, pressure, (1 more message)02:10
RAOFProbably the "trailing zeros aren't significant after the decimal point" idea.02:10
RAOFMaybe it should be Ubuntu 7.10x10^0 ;)02:11
ScottK2Maybe we need #ubuntu-1 for support questions on non-existant releases.02:11
ion_I’m running 8.04i. It’s imaginary.02:12
LaserJockcan I get the real part of that release?02:12
FujitsuDidn't some significant company say recently they were supporting their product on Ubuntu 7?02:16
HobbseeScottK2: *grin*02:22
LaserJockit just seems like I've only started seeing this 7.1 thing within the last week02:23
LaserJockI don't remember it so much wen gutsy first came out02:24
FujitsuI remember a lot of 6 and 6.1.02:24
minghuaI think I've even seen 7.0.02:25
ScottK2And 6.06.2 is a real release number.02:26
ScottK2So who knows02:26
minghuaSomehow people don't like the second digit after decimal point in version numbers.02:26
minghuaIt also doesn't help that a lot of people reference releases by code names (convention from Debian, I suppose).02:27
LaserJockScottK2: seems like LP should be smart enough to send a single email with like "You are receiving this email because you are a member of <team> and a direct subscriber"02:31
LaserJockScottK2: although, tbh I filter things different and probably would like both emails02:31
ScottKLaserJock: Smart and LP design aren't two things I routinely associate.02:45
ScottKWell fixing the obsolete API bits wasn't enough to fix the transaction hang in libdb4.6-ruby, so I'll have to dig some more.02:46
ScottKslangasek: Would there be any chance of you sponsoring Bug 187892 now that the Alpha release is done?02:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187892 in cyrus-sasl2 "cyrus-sasl2 build-dep on libdb-dev and not libdb4.6-dev" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18789202:47
=== asac_ is now known as asac
ScottKStevenK: Mind if I take a shot at merging Scribus?03:10
ScottKYou touched it last.03:11
jdonghow do you turn a "normal" interdiff back into a human-readable one03:11
* jdong cries03:11
ScottK2No such thing as human readable interdiff.  that's why we wanted to get away from it.03:12
ScottK2jdong: I suppose apply the diff and then make a regular diff.gz.03:13
jdongScottK2: ok, so just combinediff to generate the new diff.gz then interdiff -p1 between the two?03:13
jdongI guess that works :)03:14
jdongI was hoping for more magic (tm)03:14
ScottK2I don't have any better ideas, but I pretty much stay away from sponsoring recenly when people were using them.03:14
joejaxxis there a way to see if your upload to a ppa actually made it?03:16
ScottK2So I'm about to take the plunge and upgrade the old Xandros 3 box that the kids use.03:16
joejaxxScottK2: :D03:16
ScottK2Xandros 3 was a Sarge derivative.03:16
joejaxxScottK2: :P03:16
joejaxxyeap :D03:16
ScottK2So it'll be Xandros -> Dapper -> Edgy -> Fiesty --> Gutsy03:16
joejaxxlol that should be interesting03:19
ScottK2Yeah.  Here goes.03:19
joejaxxoh nevermind i just received an email about my source package being accepted03:20
joejaxxwoohoo first ppa upload03:20
joejaxxi guess that is my first taste of how it feels to upload a package03:21
joejaxxlol :P03:21
joejaxxi have to wait for this one to build to upload the next, of course that is if the ppa builders actually use the ppa in their source lists03:21
ScottK2If you need to build-dep on the first one, if your dependencies are correctly versioned it'll just go into dep wait.03:22
=== bmk789 is now known as bmk789_bed
joejaxxnice :D03:22
* joejaxx goes to upload another03:23
superm1ScottK2, i just did (what I think was the first) dapper->hardy jump for a server.  I backported update-manager-core and let loose last night :)03:26
joejaxxsuperm1: lol03:26
ScottK2superm1: In the tests I've done you definitely want to do dapper -> edgy.03:26
superm1ScottK2, well actually it went fairly smooth03:27
superm1i had a udev and evms hickup03:27
superm1but nothing that wasn't resolvable with aptitude03:27
ScottK2Well they've probably fixed stuff since I tried Dapper --> Gutsy03:27
* ScottK2 doesn't like aptitude.03:28
superm1i'm hoping that the dist-upgrade logs caught everything though03:28
superm1well i didn't have a choice since apt-get -f install wouldn't resolve it03:28
superm1and i was working off ssh03:28
superm1aptitude figured out the mixup03:28
ScottK2slangasek: Porting the libdb4.x-ruby upstream to work with is definitely beyond me.03:28
ScottK2lucas: ^^^ It's not compatible.03:29
ScottK2Over 900 package updates so far.03:31
superm1ScottK2, once you catch up to dapper, if you want to give the dapper->hardy a shot, i've put the update-manager-core in dapper-proposed03:37
ScottK2superm1: I want this one to end up on Gutsy.  My kids use it, so it's not something that should be on a development release.03:38
superm1and of course the normal GUI update-manager is already in dapper-proposed03:38
superm1ah i see03:38
ScottK2That and it's got a sufficiently tortured history that if I found problems, there's really no telling if it'd be a real bug or just a bogus config on the box left behind by Xandros.03:39
ScottK2So I discover that Xandros had force-overwrite and force-confold in their dpkg config.03:44
ion_Beautiful :-D03:44
ScottK2dpkg -P is my friend.03:57
ScottK2Of course it's a little scary when dpkg is one of the things that gets removed along the way...03:58
LaserJockhmm, I think reading the Distrowatch Weekly News comments is about as entertaining as the forums03:59
StevenKScottK: Go right ahead04:27
bddebianHeya gang04:39
bddebianHi persia04:49
bddebianpersia: Did you see Guillem's patch for survex?04:50
persiaNo.  I'll look now.04:50
LaserJockMr. deFreese!04:50
bddebianHeya LaserJock04:51
persiabddebian: That looks like the right patch to me.04:53
persiabddebian: Anything left at this point, or was that the last?04:53
bddebianStill CTSim but supposedly the maintainer is working on it04:53
persiaI thought upstream was opposed to the migration, and preferred a drop.  No complaints about keeping it.04:54
bddebianI think he's working with 2.804:54
persiaI didn't think the plan to add 2.8 had gotten anywhere.04:55
bddebianYeah I was a little confused by that04:56
persiaNo traffic to Debian bug #403237 since November.  Is there somewhere else I should be following?04:58
ubotuDebian bug 403237 in wxwidgets2.6 "wxwidgets2.6: new stable upstream version 2.8.3" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/40323704:58
persiaWhat do you think about dropping ctsim for hardy, and maybe picking it up later?04:59
bddebianWouldn't break my heart but I'm a cold hearted bastard :-)05:03
* LaserJock watches lang packs build05:05
LaserJockonly 300+ left to go05:06
ScottK2Do we have an alternative package that does what ctsim does?05:06
bddebianProbably not, it's a pretty specialized app05:11
LaserJockbddebian: does debian-med look after it?05:12
bddebianNo the maintainer is the upstream developer05:12
bddebianUnless maybe he's part of debian-med, I don't know05:13
LaserJockI see05:13
jdongryanakca: I think on your basic256 package, you meant to say LP: #foo instead of Closes: #foo? ;-)05:14
bddebianJesus, Standards Version 3.1.105:15
jdongbddebian: whee :)05:15
bddebianI think that's the oldest I've seen yet05:15
ScottK2Has anyone contacted him?05:18
bddebianScottK2: Who's him?05:29
ScottK2The upstream/maintainer of ctsim05:29
bddebianYes, I've had some correspondence with him05:30
ScottK2What's his view?  WX2.4 forever?05:30
bddebianNo, he has concerns about 2.6.  He would rather wait for 2.8 or 3.005:30
bddebianBut he understands he is the last hold-out at this point05:30
ScottK2So if he goes for 2.8, we can upload it here and we all win.  Debian will come around at some point.05:31
bddebianI think ron is waiting on 3.0 for Debian.  It was supposed to have been released already05:32
ScottK2I think his biggest thing is support no more than 2.05:32
bddebianHe mentioned something yesterday or today about API instability05:33
goobsoftOn the naming convention for packages on the PPA, the quickstart guide recommends appending ~ppaX to the version.  Is there any significance to the ~ or could a dash be used in it's place?06:10
ScottK2There is a significance06:10
ScottK21~ppa1 is lower than 1 in version ordering06:10
ScottK21-ppa1 is higher than 1 in version ordering.06:11
goobsoftThat that a special case with the ~ symbol only?06:12
goobsoftOr is there a pattern that I'm not seeing that makes that obvious?06:13
LaserJockno it's ~06:14
joejaxxoohhhhh NICE :D PPA uploads come up on /~user/+packages :D06:14
goobsoftYou mean that's the only symbol like that?06:14
LaserJockgoobsoft: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-controlfields.html#s-f-Version06:16
goobsoftThanks I've been looking for something like this.06:17
joejaxxanyone have an example of what a bzr branch url for launchpad looks like when it is not associated with a project?06:20
bddebianGnight folks06:21
goobsoftOk, I'm confused about the "Versioning" paragraph here https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart#head-eceb8e1fd9b5647b2f3127d112ce6ba7374a8f1b06:22
goobsoftIf someone wanted to make the PPA package be used unless the main ubuntu packages included an updated release, wouldn't ~ppa1 be the wrong thing to append to the existing version?  It would be less than the current ubuntu package version and wouldn't get downloaded right?06:23
joejaxxi use .1~joejaxx1 appended to the version06:24
goobsoftSay this is in main 1-1ubuntu106:24
goobsoftand I use 1-1ubuntu1~ppa106:24
goobsoftWouldn't it never be used?06:24
joejaxxi was just confused by this a couple of hours ago myself goobsoft :)06:24
joejaxxgoobsoft: yeah it would not be used06:24
goobsoftI think it would make sense then to use - instead so that your version only is used when there is no newer version.06:25
goobsoftBut it is used when there is NO newer version.06:25
joejaxxwell the thing is06:25
joejaxxwhat happens when there is a mainline update?06:25
goobsoftwhat would the version be?06:25
joejaxxoh nevermind06:26
* joejaxx goes to see something06:27
goobsoftyou're right.. that's a problem.06:27
goobsoftdpkg --compare-versions 1-1ubuntu2 gt 1-1ubuntu1-ppa1 && echo TRUE06:27
goobsoftthat does not echo TRUE and I thought it would06:27
* joejaxx must be confusing himself LOL06:27
minghuagoobsoft: You probably need "|| echo TRUE" then.06:28
joejaxx:P  *06:28
goobsoftDoesn't && mean only execute the second statement if the first returns 0?06:29
goobsoftjojaxx: I still don't think using ~ as it is documented works the way people would expect.06:29
joejaxxnot on that page anyway06:30
joejaxxthey way i have been doing it is06:30
joejaxxif the version is : 1-1ubuntu1 i have been doing 1-1ubuntu1.1~joejaxx106:30
joejaxxwhich works06:30
goobsoftWhen you update, do you updated the .1 or the x1?06:31
joejaxxthe joejaxx1 to joejaxx206:31
joejaxxdpkg --compare-versions 1-1ubuntu1.1~joejaxx2 gt 1-1ubuntu1.1~joejaxx1 && echo true || echo false06:32
minghuagoobsoft: Oh, I misread your question.06:32
joejaxxso they need to change that wiki page06:32
minghuagoobsoft: You can't use "-" in Debian version number.06:32
minghuagoobsoft: You need something like "1-1ubuntu1+ppa1", then things work as you expected.06:33
goobsoftah ha!06:33
joejaxxminghua: wait06:33
joejaxxwhat does the +ppa1 do?06:34
goobsoftThat works06:34
* minghua seems to still be confused by && and || in bash. :-(06:34
minghuajoejaxx: Nothing special, just saying it's a version higher than 1-1ubuntu1, and is for PPA.06:35
minghuajoejaxx: While 1-1ubuntu1~ppa1 is saying it's a version lower than 1-1ubuntu1.06:35
joejaxxis that better than .1~joejaxx1?06:35
goobsoftwell it gets rid of the need for ".1"06:36
goobsoftYou could use 1-1ubuntu1+joejaxx106:36
joejaxxi wish i would have known about that before lmao06:36
joejaxxi just uploaded 8 source packages to a ppa06:36
joejaxxwith that versioning scheme06:37
joejaxxoh well06:37
goobsoftwell, yours works too and as long as it's consistent in your ppa, it shouldn't matter.06:37
goobsoftI just want to update the documentation for others...06:37
joejaxxhurry before someone makes a mistake like me :P06:38
joejaxxmake that 11 source packages06:38
joejaxxi cannot even switch to the better versioning scheme now06:40
goobsoftWhy not?06:40
* joejaxx plots removing those packages and re-uploading them >:(06:41
joejaxxdpkg --compare-versions 1-1ubuntu1+joejaxx1 gt 1-1ubuntu1.1~joejaxx1 && echo true || echo false06:41
joejaxxand it is because of the .106:41
goobsoftYeah, you can change, but you have to change all of them... doh06:41
joejaxxi can switch when it becomes ubuntu2 though06:42
joejaxxgoobsoft: luckily i did not upload my Xorg source06:42
joejaxxwith that versioning scheme06:42
* joejaxx thinks this is one of the reasons he is not going for motu yet LOL06:42
goobsoftI hope no one cares that I just update wikis.06:43
joejaxxyou have prevents generations of developers from torture06:43
goobsoftif only irc accepted vi commands06:44
minghuaHmm, you can simply just edit LP wiki?06:45
goobsoftI just did :)06:45
joejaxxi am going06:45
joejaxxGoodnight All06:45
goobsoftMaybe I don't know any better, but there was nothing technically stopping me.06:45
goobsoftIt's just a moin moin instance.06:46
goobsoftGood night joe, thanks for the help.06:46
minghuagoobsoft: You edit is not good.06:46
minghuagoobsoft: The -0ubuntu1 is kind of a special case.06:46
joejaxxso that is not good for all versions?06:46
goobsoftCan you provide a case in which it will fail?06:47
minghuagoobsoft: I think the original text meant that there is no -0ubuntu1 version existing in official archive yet.06:47
minghuagoobsoft: So you name it -0ubuntu1~ppa1, so that later the official -0ubuntu1 will have a higher version.06:47
goobsoftWell if there was no ubuntu case it would be 0ubuntu0 yes?06:48
joejaxxhmm so that means my original scheme fails as well06:48
goobsoft1-0ubuntu1 is higher than 1-0ubuntu0+ppa106:48
joejaxxenough with this confusion lool Goodnight All06:48
minghuagoobsoft: Case: There is 1.0-1 in archive, you are packaging 1.1, you can't use 1.1-0ubuntu1+ppa1 because the official version for first (Ubuntu-only) upload will be 1.1-0ubuntu1.06:49
goobsoft(I'm staying)06:49
goobsoftyes, I would use 1.1-0ubuntu0+ppa106:49
minghuaSo you probably need to discuss two cases, same upstream version, or new upstream version.06:50
minghuaI think -0ubuntu0+ppa1 is quite safe.06:50
goobsoftOk, but I think the paragraph talking about versioning is only talking about the case where the package exists as a ubuntu package.06:51
goobsoftMy point is that ~ does not yield correct results in that case but using + in it's place does.06:51
goobsoftDo you agree with that?06:51
minghuaNo, the paragraph is fine.06:52
goobsoftYou believe that the original version with the ~ is fine?06:53
minghuaTo make a PPA on top of 1.0-1ubuntu1, you can use either 1.0-1ubuntu1+ppa1 or 1.0-1ubuntu2~ppa1.06:53
minghuaI was talking about the former, the wiki page is talking about the latter.06:53
minghuaNote the "increasing the package's version" part on the wiki page.06:54
goobsoftAh, you are right06:55
goobsoftHmm, do you like using ubuntu2~ over ubuntu1+ ?06:55
goobsoftIt seems confusing to me.06:55
LucidFoxminghua> use the latter if you want the "real" version to override the PPA version06:55
LucidFoxfor example, if it's a mere backport06:55
minghuaLucidFox: Oh yes, for backport, I definitely prefer the ~ scheme.06:56
LucidFoxapt will upgrade from 1.0-1ubuntu2~ppa1 to 1.0-1ubuntu2, but not from 1.0-1ubuntu1+ppa106:56
LucidFoxbecause ~ makes the version number lower06:56
goobsoftOk, we need to vote on how the documentation should read.  Should I undo my change, or remove "increasing the package's version and"?06:57
minghuaWhy apt wouldn't upgrade from 1.0-1ubuntu1+ppa1 to 1.0-1ubuntu2?06:57
goobsoftI think it would06:57
joejaxxdpkg --compare-versions 1.0-1ubuntu2 gt 1.0-1ubuntu1+ppa1 && echo true || echo false06:58
minghuagoobsoft: The previous version of wiki is confusing, but correct, your change made it plainly wrong.06:59
goobsoftyes, I agree.06:59
minghuagoobsoft: I'm fine either way, but please don't leave it as it is now.06:59
minghuaGood. :-)06:59
goobsoftok, I vote for recommending the + usage06:59
* minghua likes agreement as persia.06:59
joejaxxi wish my brain could agree with my tiredness and shutdown -h now07:00
minghuaLucidFox: Why apt wouldn't upgrade from 1.0-1ubuntu1+ppa1 to 1.0-1ubuntu2?07:00
LucidFoxminghua> whoops07:01
LucidFoxI meant 1.0-1ubuntu2+ppa07:02
LucidFoxbut if the version in the archive is -XubuntuY, make the PPA version also -XubuntuY, not -Xubuntu(Y+1)07:02
minghuaLucidFox: That would make it proper to use 1.0-1ubuntu1+ppa1 instead of 1.0-1ubuntu2~ppa1 if the current archive version is 1.0-1ubuntu1, wouldn't it?07:04
LucidFoxminghua> If you want it to always replace the archive version, yes07:08
LucidFoxif you want the archive version to replace the PPA version, use 1.0.1-1ubuntu1~ppa107:09
minghuaLucidFox: Okay, glad we agree, then.07:09
goobsoftLucidFox, apt will always select the version that is greatest as returned by dpkg --compare-versions right?07:10
minghuaLucidFox: Oh you said 1.0.1-...?07:10
goobsoftLet's look at the case where the ubuntu package already exists as 1.0-1ubuntu1.  You need a version X that will be installed over 1.0-1ubuntu1 but not 1.0-1ubuntu2.07:10
minghuagoobsoft: I think LucidFox is more talking about backporting case, like gutsy has 1.0-1ubuntu1, hardy has 1.0-1ubuntu2, and you want to make a PPA for gutsy.07:12
minghuagoobsoft: In that case I agree 1.0-1ubuntu2~ppa1 is more proper (assuming your PPA package is based on the hardy version).07:12
LucidFoxminghua> in this case, I'd use 1.0.1ubuntu2~ppa107:12
minghuaLucidFox: I think changing upstream version is VERY bad.  And I don't agree at all.07:13
LucidFoxminghua> s/1.0./1.0-/07:13
minghuaWell, you've made too many typos... and when talking about numbers, typos are quite crucial.07:14
goobsoftminghua: Does your discussion of backporting relate to how people should version the packages on their PPA (i.e. the documentation I just changed)?  I don't want to leave it if it would be better the other way.07:15
minghuagoobsoft: Yes, it's related.  Like an unofficial, PPA-only backport.  Not the official ones like in gutsy-backports.07:16
minghuagoobsoft: The official ones use versions like 1.0-1ubuntu1~gutsy1 anyway.07:17
goobsoftIs that so when the user upgrade their system to the next dist, they get the non-backported version in the next distribution?07:18
minghuaYes, exactly.07:19
goobsoftOk, so that's a case where ~ is useful.  Do you agree that using + in the example in the documentation is a better recommendation?  I like it because from the ppa developer's perspective, it's better not to change the upstream package version which is "1.0-1ubuntu1".   It seems intuitive to me that your version of the package is 1.0-1ubuntu1 plus changes hence appending "+ppaN"07:23
minghuaWell, depending on how you define "upstream package".07:25
minghuaI've said, I'm fine either way, the important thing is to understand what each part of the version number mean.07:26
PackorHello, could someone help with a packaging question?07:27
goobsoftok, thanks.  I'm like a kid seeking validation because I'm a newb. :p07:27
minghuagoobsoft: If you really want to be perfect, I'd suggest discussing both cases.07:27
ScottK2goobsoft: It's generally the best thing to be using ~, I'd prefer that in the documentation.07:27
ScottK2Packor: Just ask.07:27
minghuaBut then you risk being too verbose.07:27
ScottK2StevenK: Perhaps you'd be willing to sponsor Bug #188266 so you'd no longer be TIL.07:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188266 in scribus "Please merge scribus 1.2.5.dfsg-5  (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18826607:28
goobsoftScottK2, can you tell me why it's best to increment the ubuntu version and use ~ rather than just using +?07:28
ScottK2Generally when you package something for a PPA you are testing something you hope will be published in the archive later.07:29
ScottK2So if the archive has 1.0-1ubuntu1, the official version will likely be 1.0-1ubuntu2.07:29
goobsoftbut that would still override 1.0-1ubuntu1+ppa107:30
ScottK2If I make my test packages for ubuntu2, ubuntu2~ppaX then when the official package comes out, people will upgrade to it.07:30
ScottK2Right, but you're packaging ubuntu2.07:30
goobsoftOh, so your saying in the case that my changes are in fact a test deployment of what will be ubuntu207:31
ScottK2Yes, so 2~ppaX is logically better associated than 1+ppaX07:32
ScottK2Here's my clamav update PPA as an example: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clamav/+archive07:32
goobsoftThat makes sense, I was thinking about it from the perspective of someone tweaking a package where the tweaks may never get integrated back into the official repositories.07:32
ScottK2All the packages listed for Dapper have recently been published in dapper-backports07:32
ScottK2goobsoft: Then you should be asking for help in #launchpad and not here would be my sense.07:33
ScottK2This channel is about packaging for the archives.07:33
ScottK2Packor: Did you have a question?07:34
minghuaHmm, I never thought about this problem from a IRC channel perspective. :-)07:34
ScottK2From my POV, PPA is a function provided by Launchpad.  Nothing to do with Ubuntu the distro except as it helps us with work on the distro.07:34
goobsofttrue, this starting by my just asking question about versioning and move to the launchpad documentation from that.  I'm in launchpad if anyone wants to make any further comments.07:35
PackorI'm trying to create a package that has syslog-ng as a dependency.  When the apt-get attempts to install the package, it refuses to install syslog-ng.  I think it's because syslog-ng needs to remove the packages: ubuntu-minimal, klogd, sysklogd.  How do I work around this, so that may package automatically handles this?07:35
ScottK2Packor: Do you REALLY need syslong-ng?07:36
FujitsuI suspect the best way to work around it is to realise you don't need it.07:36
Packortypo sorry. i mean syslog-ng07:36
ScottK2Packor: Take Fujitsu's advice.  Syslog-ng conflicts with sysklogd and so installing your package would change logging for the entire system.07:38
warp10Good morning07:38
FujitsuNot one package in the archive requires syslog-ng.07:40
ScottK2With that, I think I'm going to bed.  Good night all.07:40
FujitsuNight ScottK2.07:41
goobsoftGood night Scott, Thanks for the help.07:41
TheMusoDoes anybody know how to prevent nautilus in hardy from bringin up new windows whenever somethig is mounted?07:42
TheMusoI'm finding that when I use sbuild, nautilus brings up windows for every new mount for the chroot.07:42
FujitsuTheMuso: I noticed that too. It even does it for G(NOME-)VFS mounts, so I always get two windows open.07:42
FujitsuNot sure if there's a solution.07:42
ScottK2TheMuso: I think \sh had that problem a few days ago and figured something out.07:43
ScottK2minghua: Thanks for you mail to the MC list.  I appreciated it.07:43
TheMusoIts also annoying when I run my script to update my chroots.07:43
ScottK2TheMuso: Switching to Kubuntu also works.07:43
TheMusoScottK2: Yes, if I wish to have no accessibility, I might want to do that.07:44
ScottK2Ah, well more work to do there then.07:44
ScottK2Didn't know.07:44
ScottK2Good night for real this time.07:44
TheMusoYeah I know, its coming along, thanks to some of the framework thats used for GNOME being ported to dbus.07:44
minghuaScottK2: Oh sure, I was very surprised to hear that many people asked Daniel to investigate the ban.07:45
minghuaScottK2: and good night.07:45
* Fujitsu was too... it seems quite a reasonable thing to do.07:45
* TheMuso doesn't remember seeing minghua's mail...07:46
FujitsuI can't see it eithr.07:47
minghuaIt was about only an hour ago.07:47
PackorDoes anyone know how I can work around the problem of apt-get not installing a package, when its dependencies require that existing packages must be removed?07:48
FujitsuPackor: You don't depend on things like syslog-ng, as that is a very very big change.07:48
PackorFujitsu, this is an in-house developed package that requires syslog-ng, and we're OK with our servers having that change.07:49
minghuaTheMuso, Fujitsu: I believe some gconf key under /desktop/gnome/volume_manager/ would help, autobrowse maybe?07:49
minghuaTheMuso, Fujitsu: I'm currently under Debian and GNOME 2.20 though.07:50
FujitsuShouldn't it only display icons for removable media, and not every FS?07:50
TheMusoFujitsu: Yes, thats correct.07:50
TheMusominghua: GNOME 2.21 + hardy07:50
TheMusominghua: Turning off browse removable media etc was the first thing I tried.07:51
FujitsuI think somebody mentioned and filed a similar bug in #ubuntu-devel this morning (the unionfs or whatever appearing on the desktop of the desktop CD).07:52
TheMusoIt doesn't help also if network mounts are being displayed with the wrong icon.07:52
minghuaYes, yes, just a disclaimer that your gconf key may be different.  I didn't try here.07:52
TheMusominghua: Ah yes, just got your message. Thought it was on the MC list, but its not.07:54
minghuaGot to go to bed, goodbye everyone.07:57
goobsoftWhat does it mean to ping someone on irc?08:04
goobsoft"He pings people on IRC instead of waiting for his turn."08:04
TheMusogoobsoft: To ping someone, is to see if they are around, and get their attention.08:04
TheMusogoobsoft: Its better to simply ask the question and wait for their response.08:05
goobsoftis that a /command, or does that just mean:   "Hey TheMuso, I need to ask you a question"08:05
TheMusogoobsoft: Its basically this...08:06
TheMusogoobsoft: ping08:06
TheMusogoobsoft: Nothing more to it. No /command at all.08:06
goobsoftok, thanks08:06
goobsoftDoes that do something in some people's irc clients like play a sound?08:07
TheMusogoobsoft: Depending on how things are set up, yes.08:07
nixternal_TheMuso: ping08:20
* nixternal_ runs and hides in bed now08:20
=== nixternal_ is now known as nixternal
TheMusonixternal: hehe08:21
nixternalI had to do it08:22
LucidFoxNow that serpentine is in universe, shouldn't bug #159712 have u-u-s subscribed instead of u-m-s?08:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 159712 in serpentine "kde menu entry for 'Serpentine Audio CD Creator' has no icon" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15971208:22
Alohahow do i install custom made man pages? i'm going to do html2man but i don't know where i should store them in the package. anyone know?08:41
SeveasAloha, dh_installman :)08:43
AlohaSeveas, yes. but do i put the man pages in the <packagename> directory? or <packagename>/debian?08:43
SeveasAloha, if you created them and they're not part of upstream, then they're not in the orig.tar.gz so should be in debian/08:44
AlohaSeveas, ok gotcha. so im debian/manpages do i list the entries as "debian/<custom-manpage>" or "<custom-manpage>"?08:46
slangasekScottK2: sorry, was out all evening and no time for sponsoring cyrus-sasl2 right now; if you can shoot me an email I can have a look tomorrow evening08:47
slangasekScottK2: on libdb-ruby, do you have some sort of work-in-progress I might be able to take a look at?08:47
SeveasAloha, debian/custom-manpage.x08:47
AlohaSeveas, thank you08:48
lucasScottK2: the upstream maintainer told me that it was supported09:02
LucidFoxIf I'm modifying a dpatch for a new upstream version, should I strive for minimum changes (even if it means lots of "Hunk X succeeded with..." warnings) or regenerate it completely?09:15
AnAntHello, how much time does it take to get to get approval/denial for request of a new mailing list to be created ?09:28
AnAntanyone here ?09:37
LucidFoxAnAnt> I'm here09:38
LucidFoxjust can't answer your question :(09:38
AnAntI made a couple of packages for Ubuntu, does that qualify me to get ubuntu membership ?09:38
AnAntand few packages for Debian too09:39
gnudlesyou need to get approved...09:39
wattazoum Could someone please review the  Bug #188288 ? A patch is associated and a debdiff is available .09:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188288 in nautilus "NautilusMenuItemDetails not defined in header file" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18828809:49
=== Lamego is now known as getdeb
rulusI need advocates for gtkvd! (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gtkvd) Can someone have a look please? :) Thanks!10:21
sistpotymorning everyone11:13
gesermorning sistpoty11:14
sistpotyhi geser11:14
sistpotyhi Hobbsee11:15
geserHi Hobbsee11:15
Hobbseeanything blown up today?11:17
* Fujitsu spontaneously combusts.11:18
* Hobbsee warms up, with the heat11:19
* geser continues watching the snow outside11:20
* sistpoty still tries to wake up and gets another coffee11:20
* Hobbsee inserts the caffeine drip into sistpoty11:21
* sistpoty starts to shiver due to high coffeine levels11:22
zulive had 2 heartattacks from all of the snow im going to have shovel this morning11:30
* Fujitsu notes that it's annoyingly hot and humid here.11:30
zulFujitsu: switch?11:33
james_wFujitsu: hi. I'm trying to organise a couple of sessions for Developer week. DktrKranz has offered to do a session on SRU/Security updates, but he would like someone on the security side to help out to make sure he gets his information in that area correct. Would you be interested?11:45
Fujitsujames_w: I forget exactly when developer week is; I may be unavailable for most of it. Otherwise, sure.11:46
james_wFujitsu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep 18th-22nd Feb, 1500-2000 UTC.11:47
FujitsuAh, so not the week I thought it was. Good.11:47
james_wFujitsu: so you are available?11:47
james_wFujitsu: \o/ great. Do you have any restrictions on the day/time?11:48
FujitsuHm, damn, all of it's from my 2am-7am. I can probably do any if necessary, but a 7am would be best.11:49
james_wFujitsu: of course. If you like I can suggest to Daniel that we run late one night to at least make it 8am for you.11:50
Fujitsu7am is fine. I'm often up by them.11:50
james_wFujitsu: great, thanks. I'll suggest that to Luca.11:51
sistpotyhm... for a mere rebuild, I don't need to change the maintainer field, right (since it wouldn't have a -XubuntuY, but rather a -XbuildY version)?11:56
Fujitsusistpoty: Don't change it, as there will be no changes bar the changelog.11:57
sistpotyFujitsu: ah, k... seems like it won't get matched by dpkg-source then as well :)11:58
sistpotygeser: did you leave me any haskell packages? *g*12:04
sistpoty(/me just rebuilt a recent sync, due to mirror being one day behind *g*)12:04
gesersistpoty: there should still be some12:05
* sistpoty looks if missingh can be synced12:05
gesersistpoty: but most of them are missing build-deps12:05
gesersistpoty: iirc is missingh waiting on haskell-regex-compat (in NEW)12:05
sistpotygeser: in debian/NEW? (there is a 1.0.0)12:06
gesersistpoty: no, Ubuntu NEW12:06
sistpotyhm... now I'm confused... on releases in LP it says 0.18.6, and I can't find any (sync) bugs12:07
geserfor missingh? I didn't file one yet, as it currently can't be build in hardy (the last time I checked)12:08
sistpotyah, k... now I get it, haskell-regex-compat is in new12:08
gesersistpoty: gtk2hs has once again build problems in Ubuntu12:10
sistpotygrml... didn't have the time to fix this for gutsy, I'll take a look12:10
gesersistpoty: can you reproduce the listlike FTBFS? it builds fine here on amd6412:16
sistpotygeser: I've just started building the new debian version... (but I'm on amd64 as well, so *g*)12:16
gesersistpoty: it failed on the amd64 buildd but succeeded on i386 buildd12:18
sistpotygeser: hm? am I looking at the wrong thing again? 0.9.12-1 shows a successful i386 and amd64 build in LP12:19
sistpotygeser: the failed for me though12:22
gesersistpoty: gtk2hs 0.9.12 is for ghc6 6.6, I didn't requested a sync for for ghc6 6.8 as I couldn't successfully build it12:22
sistpotyyes, saw that... I guess I should first get another coffee to get less confused *g*12:22
geserHobbsee: please put an other caffeine drip into sistpoty :)12:24
sistpotyhm... this looks suspicious: cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-fno-toplevel-reorder"12:24
=== RzR is now known as rZr
sistpotyI guess, I can fix it :)12:27
gesersistpoty: any idea how to proceeded with the ghc6 transition as FF is nearing? sync everything now and deal with build failures and the right build order later or request a FF exception for the packages?12:28
sistpotygeser: how many packages do you think are left?12:28
sistpotygeser: imo it makes sense to request FF exceptions (or rather to request a general FF exception for all unmet haskell libraries)12:29
sistpotysince these aren't working anyway12:29
gesersistpoty: I've still 15-20 mails from d-d-changes for ghc6 packages, perhaps some more12:30
sistpotygeser: OTOH filing sync requests now might also be ok.. (I still need to make ghc6 build on sparc again, and have bootstrapping plans for hppa and lpia32 as well)12:32
sistpotyso there might still be some fun ahead12:32
geserbtw: I've looked what blocks the building of the haskell packages on the other archs: they are caught in a build-dependency loop12:32
gesersistpoty: good, does it involve some activity from a build admin?12:33
sistpotygeser: hppa/lpia definitely. sparc: not too sure. imho the build was prematurely killed by LP but would have succeeded, but I'll start a test build on sparky any minute12:34
effie_jayxcan one still help out with merges?12:41
sistpotyeffie_jayx: sure, but try to avoid big breakages (e.g. library transitions)12:45
sistpotyI guess I won't know before tomorrow, if ghc6 builds fine on sparky *g*12:46
effie_jayxsistpoty,  thanks12:47
=== psicus78_ is now known as psicus78
RainCTwhat would the German translation for "Emerald Theme Manager" and "Configure Emerald themes" be? (translations for other languages beside ca/es/fr are also welcome)12:51
=== txwikinger2 is now known as txwikinger
txwikingerRainCT: Emerald Motiv Manager and Konfiguriere Emerald Motiv12:53
txwikingeror better Konfiguration Emerald Motiv for the second12:54
gesertxwikinger: is "Motiv" a commonly used translation for "theme"? I'd probably translate it to "Aussehen"12:56
txwikingergeser: Aussehen is more individual12:56
geserI'm so used to the English names that I don't know how to translate it properly12:56
txwikingerTheme like a fashion theme, colour theme etc, is IMHO best translated as Motiv12:57
txwikingerWell... I always have to think to12:57
RainCTtxwikinger: Motiv or Motive for the 2nd? (it's the comment for a menu entry)12:57
txwikingerRainCT: yes12:57
txwikingerMotive I mean12:57
txwikingerfor more than one12:57
gesershouldn't comments start with a verb?12:57
txwikingerverbs are problematic in German because of the Sie/Du issue12:58
txwikingerYou maybe have to look how it is commonly done and stay in line with that12:59
gesertxwikinger: my first connotation with "Motiv" would be when taking pictures or in art but not a theme12:59
txwikingergeser: Yes that is a meaning of motiv too13:00
RainCTtxwikinger: "Konfiguriert Emerald Motive"? (Pidgin and OO.o have it like that)13:00
txwikingerRainCT: sounds good13:00
sistpotygeser: do you recall the haskell package, where you turned splitobj off?13:02
sistpotygeser: nevermind, found it13:05
tuxmaniacplease can someone review/advocate http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=alliance13:06
RainCTtxwikinger: thanks13:08
txwikingerRainCT: np13:08
RainCTanyone up for checking a package upgrade?13:09
LucidFoxRainCT> Which package?13:10
RainCTLucidFox: emerald13:10
RainCTI've a package for 0.5.2 ready13:11
* RainCT is happy he doesn't need a sponsor :P13:17
RainCTs/he/that he13:17
LucidFoxRainCT> well, I can only test it on Gutsy13:18
RainCTLucidFox: should work, no dependencies changes (I'm using it right now and my desktop didn't explode yet, but I'd like a second check :))13:19
txwikingerI think my test machine with hardy on it does not have a graphic card capable of compiz13:19
LucidFoxRainCT> May I have a link to the package, then?13:20
monstergodWould this be the place to suggest a package for inclusion in universe, or should I quietly kick myself out again?13:21
gnudlesfree speech!13:22
RainCTLucidFox: http://rainct.homelinux.net/emerald_0.5.2-0ubuntu1.dsc :)13:22
* LucidFox dgets13:23
RainCTmonstergod: you're right here, but you'll probably have more luck filling a needs-packaging bug on Launchpad13:23
LucidFoxmonstergod> search here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=needs-packaging if such a request has already been filed13:24
monstergodTa, willdo =)13:24
LucidFoxif not, file a new bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug?field.tag=needs-packaging13:24
RainCTbtw, anyone familar with python-launchpadbugs here?13:25
monstergodI assume if it doesnt show up after searching for the app name, it wont be there13:25
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: ping13:26
joejaxxGood Morning All13:28
monstergodah, I can see its already there. If I build a package, would the inclusion be speeded up? I assume you only take packages from trusted sources, though13:28
ubotuREVU is a web-based tool to give people who have worked on Ubuntu packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on in a structured manner. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU13:29
LucidFoxmonstergod> If you want to package it yourself, you can upload the package to REVU13:29
effie_jayxHobbsee,  pong?13:29
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: please fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/11026813:29
monstergodThank you, very helpful =)13:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 110268 in gweled "gweled does not record high scores" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:29
LucidFoxmonstergod> Also, you can search if it's in Debian, and if it is, file a sync request13:29
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: if you fix it, i'll sponsor it :)13:30
effie_jayxHobbsee, which... the one with the manpage error in kdepim?13:30
RainCTmonstergod: (http://packages.debian.org)13:30
effie_jayxHobbsee,  I still haven't gotten it to build, I did fix a smaller one... I am looking for a more interesting bug just now13:31
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: no, the gweled one13:31
effie_jayxHobbsee, ok13:31
Hobbseekdepim is always a pain13:31
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: thanks :)13:32
monstergodits not in the debian repo (tuxcap), but I can see its been filed on launchpad and is in progress13:32
LucidFoxmonstergod> Link, please13:33
monstergodapplication:  http://sourceforge.net/projects/tuxcap13:33
LucidFoxno, not that13:33
monstergodlaunchpad:   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/18711013:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187110 in ubuntu "tuxcap needs packaging" [Undecided,In progress]13:33
LucidFoxso, it's on REVU13:33
monstergodyes it looks that way13:34
monstergodthanks for pointing me where to look for all this, never thought about another package Id like before13:34
monstergodwell, I have, just never bothered with trying to find out how to suggest it ;)13:34
* sistpoty needs to buy food, cu later13:35
* LucidFox looks13:35
effie_jayxHobbsee,  I checked the bug... but what persia suggests is there... as far as I can see13:40
effie_jayxchown root:games /var/games/$FILES13:40
effie_jayxchmod 664 /var/games/$FILES13:40
effie_jayxwhere $FILES is SCORE_FILES="13:41
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: clearly it's not working13:41
effie_jayxHobbsee, there must be some logical mistake there... let me check futher13:42
* Hobbsee wonders if the whitespace makes a difference or something13:43
RainCTeffie_jayx: wouldn't that end up as "/var/games/gweled.easy.scores gweled.timed.scores" ?13:45
effie_jayxRainCT,  mmm13:45
RainCTeffie_jayx: instead of "/var/games/gweled.easy.scores /var/games/gweled.timed.scores" what it should be13:45
HobbseeRainCT: erm, why would it be?13:45
effie_jayxshall I paste the .postinst file for us to beeter see?13:46
* Hobbsee glares at command not found13:47
Hobbseehow do you set variables in bash now?13:47
LucidFoxby the way, RainCT, what happened to  smplayer-themes? I saw that you assigned and then unassigned yourself...13:48
RainCTLucidFox: is it that one with the interdiff?13:48
RainCTLucidFox: couldn't get the source :$13:49
RainCT(I mean, apply the interdiff to it)13:50
effie_jayxRainCT,  well there is a for that states that for each FILE in SCORE_FILES, create the file , chown root:games /var/games/$FILES and then chmod 664 the file created13:51
LucidFoxDid you try the readable interdiff, or the full one?13:51
RainCTLucidFox: full13:52
RainCTeffie_jayx: ahh ok13:52
jpatrickHobbsee: thing="Boo" ?13:53
RainCTeffie_jayx: then it should be ok13:53
LucidFoxhmm, strange... then you should have had no problems following the instructions on the wiki...13:53
LucidFoxnever mind then :)13:53
Hobbseejpatrick: ahhh. too much whitespace.13:53
jpatrickHobbsee: I had the same problem before13:54
RainCTLucidFox: does emerald work?13:55
effie_jayxHobbsee,  I'm trying whitespaces and see13:57
effie_jayxthe problem file is easy.scores and it has one space13:57
LucidFoxwhoops, I forgot13:58
LucidFoxbuilding now13:58
lagahello. i've just uploaded mythbuntu-diskless to REVU. it's a simple package which just creates three meta packages (one of them installing a config file, too). it'd be cool if someone could take a look :)13:58
LucidFoxlaga> I don't see the package on REVU, must still be processing13:59
lagaLucidFox: i just uploaded it a minute ago13:59
LucidFoxlaga> looking14:01
lagaLucidFox: thanks14:02
LucidFoxlaga> commented14:04
* RainCT is checking too14:04
effie_jayxHobbsee,  I am building the package with a fix and see if it works14:04
RainCTlaga: why is there an empty debian/docs file? :P14:04
lagaLucidFox: i totally need to grep my stuff for FIXME:14:05
LucidFoxRainCT> I mentioned that :)14:05
LucidFoxWe really should patch dh_make to be more Ubuntu-friendly.14:05
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: :)14:06
RainCTLucidFox: ah right, didn't see the comment :)14:06
yamalAny motu willing to review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=sabnzbdplus please? Should be in pretty good shape.14:06
LucidFoxAnd mok0 left six minutes before I was going to inquire him on bug #11982114:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 119821 in dh-make "dh_make does not follow blueprint" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11982114:07
lagago easy on me, it's my first package ;)14:10
lagaif i want to do a new upload to revu, do i have to bump the version number?14:12
RainCTlaga: no, just remove the .upload file and dput again :)14:12
RainCT(or use dput --force)14:12
lagacool, thanks.14:12
lagaRainCT: this basically is a ubuntu native package. i do have a get-orig-source rule however. am i suppose to do a native package or should i upload a orig.tar.gz as well?14:13
LucidFoxlaga> since this is a native package, there's only one tar.gz14:14
LucidFoxno orig.tar.gz or diff.gz14:14
joejaxxif source packages are uploaded to a shared ppa do all members receive notification that a package was uploaded?14:14
* joejaxx hopes not14:14
LucidFoxand per RainCT about consecutive uploads - I use dput -f instead of dput --force, as it's faster to type14:15
lagawhere can i get that "standard GPL header"? /usr/share/common-licences/ seems to have the full version only14:15
Hobbseejoejaxx: no, but any build failures will go to all members of the team14:15
LucidFoxlaga> it's _inside_ the text of the GPL14:15
ryanakcajdong: no14:15
LucidFoxin the portion where it says how to apply the GPL to your software14:15
ryanakcajdong: I intended Closes: #foo, since it was originally intended for Debian14:15
joejaxxHobbsee: yeap lol i noticed that14:16
joejaxxtwo of the packages i uploaded failed on amd64 and lpia and i received to two notices: one to my personal email and one from the mailing list14:16
ryanakcajdong: I'm just having a bit trouble getting it into Debian ATM because they're all going "AAAAAAH! BASIC! Why would we want BASIC?!?!? NOOOO!"14:16
* ryanakca nods14:16
lagaLucidFox: thanks, just found it. helps to have your eyes open14:16
jpatrickryanakca: they have a point..14:17
* jpatrick hides14:17
RainCTlaga: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4099/plain/14:17
* ryanakca growls at jpatrick 14:17
ryanakcajpatrick: cause we're all going to teach C++ or asm to our 8 year old kid14:18
jpatrickryanakca: why, yes of course14:18
RainCTyamal: the packages mentioned in TODO won't have the same source package, or?14:20
yamalRainCT: some will, but not all, upstream includes 3 themes/templates in their standard release14:21
=== lan3y is now known as Laney
lagaRainCT, LucidFox: ok, i've just uploaded a version which is hopefully better14:24
frafuCould anybody please help me with dh_gconf in a package debianized with debhelpers (not cdbs). What else do I have to do, apart adding dh_gconf in the binary-arch target?14:28
dcorderoi dont know what means a bug status "Triaged" :/14:28
LucidFoxdcorcero> It's basically a flashier version of Confirmed :)14:28
ploumI want to open my own ppa archive14:28
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: have you won yet?14:29
ploumCan someone point me to a documentation14:29
RainCTyamal: commented14:29
Hobbseeubotu: ping14:29
ubotuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.14:29
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore14:29
joejaxxHobbsee: :P14:29
* Hobbsee renames ubotu "Marvin the paranoid android"14:30
yamalRainCT: tx14:30
jpatrickwith his job, I wouldn't be surprised if he already was..14:30
RainCTyamal: looks good otherwise :)14:31
lagawow. lintian was yelling at me because my standards version is too old. now linda is complaining because it's too new. :)14:32
effie_jayxHobbsee,  lol... nah ... had som problems with mu pbuilder... almost done14:32
LucidFoxlaga> that's normal14:32
LucidFoxlinda is outdated14:32
lagaLucidFox: thought as much14:33
yamalRainCT: by 'indenting' you just mean like a tab at the beginning of a line?14:33
laga(unless i'm supposed to use fractions)14:33
jpatrickhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54472/ - ideas anyone?14:33
LucidFoxRainCT> emerald has built successfully and works on my Gutsy machine14:33
RainCTyamal: yes. (usually for spaces are used in debian/control, but tabs are also ok)14:34
RainCTLucidFox: thanks for checking :)14:34
LucidFoxjpatrick> You have an install rule in debian/rules that tries to install to /usr/share14:34
RainCTjpatrick: install -p -m664 debian/dragon.xpm $(CURDIR)/debian/dragonplayer/usr/share/pixmaps/     or use dh_install14:35
jpatrickah, yes14:35
LucidFoxjpatrick> RainCT beat me to it :)14:35
LucidFoxjust replacing "install" with "dh_install" should be enough14:35
LucidFoxjpatrick> By the way, why don't you just try building the Ubuntu dragonplayer package on your machine, or installing from PPA?14:36
LucidFox(assuming you use Gutsy)14:36
jpatrickLucidFox: I'm putting it into Debian14:37
=== geser_ is now known as geser
jpatrickhmm, where should .menu files go?14:49
LucidFoxjpatrick> in debian/14:50
LucidFoxwhere else? :)14:50
pochujpatrick: /usr/share/menu/14:50
jpatrickLucidFox: and installed?14:50
jpatrickaha, there14:50
jpatrickso: /usr/share/menu/app14:50
LucidFoxdh_installmenu will automatically take care of installing them there14:50
LucidFoxyou don't need to manually work with this directory14:51
pochujpatrick: dh_installmenu will automatically install them I think.14:51
jpatrickdidn't here14:51
jpatrickdh_installmenu debian/dragon.menu14:51
LucidFoxmaybe you have it named wrong?14:51
ion_Look at dh_installmenu’s man page.14:51
LucidFoxjust dh_installmenu14:51
LucidFoxno arguments14:51
LucidFoxand it should be (packagename).menu14:51
LucidFoxso, in this case, dragonplayer.menu14:51
jpatrickLucidFox: dh_installmenu -pdragonplayer - package runs that and does not put the file into the right place (or anywhere)14:52
LucidFoxjpatrick> it should be named dragonplayer.menu and not dragon.menu14:52
LucidFoxor just "menu"14:52
jpatrickLucidFox: here's to the 8th pbuild of the day of the same package!14:53
bddebianHeya gang14:54
bddebianHello pochu14:55
pochubddebian: how is it going?14:55
bddebianFair to midland, thanks.  You?14:55
* laga going out for a while. if someone could take a look at the new version of mythbuntu-diskless in revu it'd be much appreciated :)14:55
ion_jpatrick: Also, cdbs automatically calls dh_installmenu, so if you’re using it, all you need to do is to put the file to debian/14:55
pochuPretty well, thank you :)14:55
jpatrickion_: that's what I was wondering about14:56
effie_jayxHobbsee,  I have an issue14:57
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: oh?14:57
geserHi bddebian14:57
effie_jayxthe package builds fine but I can't test it... I seem to have lost my virtual machine with hardy :S. I may have to reinstall it to test14:58
bddebianHeya geser14:58
effie_jayxthough I could just check if once isntalled the two files get the permision settings right...14:59
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: that's what i'd do14:59
effie_jayxHobbsee,  I am going for that then14:59
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: install it in a pbuilder, then check the file permissions14:59
effie_jayxHobbsee,  great14:59
* tuxmaniac wonders when he will be kicked for spamming this channel. But still.. http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=alliance is up for review/advocation again!! 14:59
* Hobbsee will have to make the supreme sacrifice and test it herself14:59
effie_jayxHobbsee,  let me15:00
Hobbseei meant the playing of it :)15:00
emgentheya people15:01
Hobbseehi emgent15:02
frafuCould anybody help me with how to use dh_gconf in order to install schemas?15:02
emgentHobbsee, :)15:02
=== jelmer_ is now known as jelmer
RainCTlaga: commented15:05
RainCTlaga: ping me once it's fixed and I'll advocate15:05
effie_jayxHobbsee, it doesn't do it15:10
effie_jayx-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  0 Feb  2 14:36 gweled.easy.scores15:10
effie_jayx-rw-rw-r-- 1 root games 0 Feb  2 15:11 gweled.timed.scores15:10
Hobbseeugh :(15:10
effie_jayxHobbsee,  I'm on to it... I have all day15:12
ScottK2frafu: Did you read man dh_gconf?15:12
frafuScottK2: yes15:13
frafuScottK2: but it is not very helpful about how to use it15:14
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
frafuScottK2: apart adding dh_gconf to the binary target in the rules file, what else do I have to do?15:16
ScottK2frafu: From reading the man page, I think nothing, but I'm not at all familiar with gconf (I use KDE).15:16
protonchriseffie_jayx: I just wanted to say thanks for your MOTU journey wiki page.  I'm finding it very useful and it inspired me to start my own :)15:18
effie_jayxprotonchris,  get started... If I can ... anyone can15:19
frafuScottK2: maybe you know some simple packages that uses dh_gconf that I could use as reference; unfortunately, all the packages i downloaded with apt-get source use cdbs :(15:19
protonchriseffie_jayx: My MOTU wiki page is: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/protonchris/MOTU15:24
protonchriseffie_jayx: Any suggestions are appreciated.15:24
effie_jayxprotonchris, great.. I'll give it a kick look :D15:25
pochuprotonchris: from a quick grep in debian pkg-gnome: ekiga, epiphany-browser, totem, gnome-screensaver, gnome-utils15:26
ScottK2frafu: No I don't, but that's a good idea for how to figure it out.15:26
pochuand that's only in desktop, haven't grep'ed the rest of the packages...15:26
protonchrispochu: ?15:27
ScottK2protonchris: I think that was meant for frafu15:27
pochuRight. frafu ^15:27
pochuprotonchris: sorry15:27
pochufrafu: and software-properties, gnome-app-install, update-manager, libgnomedb{,3} from the rest of the packages15:28
pochufrafu: I hope that's enough ;-)15:28
frafupochu: thanks; how did you get the list?15:28
pochufrafu: emilio@pochu:~/dev/deb/pkg-gnome/desktop/unstable$ grep -R dh_gconf */*/rules15:29
protonchrispochu: no problem.  I thought I must of missed something :)15:29
pochufrafu: and same on packages/unstable/15:30
joejaxxthe meta field for the Debian Maintainer field is XSBC-Original-Maintainer right?15:31
frafupochu: thanks again :)15:31
ScottK2joejaxx: Yes15:31
joejaxxScottK2: ok great thanks :D15:31
=== DRebellion is now known as DRebellion_
=== DRebellion_ is now known as DRebellion
effie_jayxHobbsee,  it seems like the .postinst is fine16:12
* effie_jayx checks debian/rules for any other clues on what may happen16:14
=== rZr is now known as RzR
lagaRainCT: thanks, will do16:20
lagaRainCT: silly mistake, i'd already fixed that before i accidentally blew away my working copy16:23
effie_jayxanyone sharp in debhelper around?16:32
sistpotyeffie_jayx: what's your problem?16:32
effie_jayxI want to know exacly what this line is doing16:32
effie_jayxchmod u+w $(CURDIR)/debian/gweled/usr/games/*16:33
sistpotyeffie_jayx: but that's not debhelper specific ;)16:33
effie_jayxnot that one sorry16:33
effie_jayxDEB_DH_FIXPERMS_ARGS := -X/var/games/.*scores -X/usr/games16:33
pochuThat's CDBS :)16:33
effie_jayxohhhh noooooo16:34
sistpotyhm... that's cdbs again...16:34
effie_jayxhere we go again :D16:34
effie_jayxit cdbs calling debhelper16:34
sistpotyeffie_jayx: I'd look at the debhelper.mk rule, where the variable DEB_DH_FIXPERM_ARGS is used (most probably to a debhelper command)16:34
sistpotyeffie_jayx: but my guess (w.o. looking) is that it's dh_fixperms -X/var/games/.*scores -X/usr/games16:35
Lutinit prevents dh_fixperms from acting on the specified files16:35
sistpoty(or dirs=16:35
effie_jayxI am looking for some section that may alter permisions to a file in /var/games/16:37
sistpotyeffie_jayx: you could try to set DH_VERBOSE=1 in debian/rules... this will give you lots of output from the debhelper commands (even if called through cdbs)16:39
sistpotyincluding what the system commands executed by these are16:39
effie_jayxsistpoty,  I'll try that16:40
Lutingeser: is it you who added the DaD comment on flowscan ?16:42
tuxmaniacLaserJock, any possibility of alliance package review? have closed some of bddebian 's review comments.17:05
tuxmaniacoh bddebian is also here!17:05
LaserJocktuxmaniac: k, I'll have a look17:10
effie_jayxsistpoty,  I installed and it doesn't show anything related to asigning permissions17:17
effie_jayxand the bug remains17:18
sistpotyeffie_jayx: what's the problem/what gets changed?17:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 110268 in gweled "gweled does not record high scores" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:18
effie_jayxit's a permissions issue17:18
effie_jayxthe file for highscores is set to root17:19
effie_jayxthe file is created in debian/gweled.postinst17:20
effie_jayxboth score files should get the same permisions17:20
effie_jayxbut somehow it does not happen17:20
sistpotyeffie_jayx: ah, then it won't have to do anything with debian/rules (which only affect *build* behaviour)17:21
effie_jayxsistpoty,  I have tried the logics of the bash script in postinst and it is fine17:21
* sistpoty takes a look17:21
effie_jayxlet me show you17:21
effie_jayxI did it manually17:21
effie_jayxand it works17:22
sistpotyeffie_jayx: have you tried a fresh install? (without having any highscore file there)?17:23
* effie_jayx tries pbuilder17:23
sistpotyeffie_jayx: what are the permissions then?17:23
geserLutin: no17:23
effie_jayx-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  0 Feb  2 17:04 gweled.easy.scores17:24
effie_jayx-rw-rw-r-- 1 root games 0 Feb  2 17:16 gweled.timed.scores17:24
sistpotyeffie_jayx: hm... strange, it *should* work on a fresh install (i.e. no file there), but not, if a file is already there17:25
* sistpoty tests17:25
sistpotyI guess I'll better test the functionality of gweled as well *g*17:25
albert23effie_jayx: the problem is probably that gweled.easy.scores is included in the package, and therefore is skipped in postinst17:27
effie_jayxalbert23,  what do you suggest I do...17:28
albert23effie_jayx: In my opinion both files should be created in postinst.17:28
effie_jayxalbert23,  ok I'm going to see if the file is indeed included.17:29
albert23effie_jayx: I think if a highscore file is in the package, it will be replaced when you upgrade the package, so you would loose yyour highscores17:29
effie_jayxalbert23,  I see your point17:30
effie_jayxalbert23,  I am looking for the place where the file might be created prior to postinst17:34
albert23effie_jayx: I have touch /tmp/buildd/gweled-0.7/debian/gweled//var/games/gweled.easy.scores in my buildlog17:35
albert23effie_jayx: and that is done in the Makefile17:36
=== zachy is now known as zakame
effie_jayxalbert23,  thanks for the heads up17:48
albert23effie_jayx: no problem17:49
vemonwhich state should a [needs-packaging] bug move to when a package is uploaded to REVU?17:49
vemonif it was previously in "In Progress"17:49
sistpotyvemon: yes, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Spec/ReviewProcessConvergence17:51
LaserJockvemon: In Progress is good17:54
effie_jayxalbert23,  I just saw MakeFile.am and the file is created and chown'ed 64417:57
albert23effie_jayx: That's right.17:58
effie_jayxalbert23,  should I remove that then?17:58
albert23effie_jayx: That would be one solution17:59
albert23effie_jayx: Alternatively you could remove the file in debian/rules17:59
albert23effie_jayx: I don't know what is best practice though17:59
sistpotyboth are equally good imo ;)18:04
lagaRainCT: i've uploaded a new version of mythbuntu-diskless to REVU. it should show up in a few moments.18:08
vemonis there any other ways to get the attention of MOTUS's for REVU-packages than asking here? :) compared to actual bugs which can be subscribed to "ubuntu-universe-sponsors"18:08
sistpotyvemon: nope, there isn't18:08
lagavemon: send them flowers or cookies. </silly advice>18:08
* sistpoty also accepts beer *g*18:09
StevenKNo, beer and chocolate18:09
effie_jayxsistpoty,  If I erase would that cause trouble?18:09
* effie_jayx tries18:09
sistpotyeffie_jayx: what do you mean with erase?18:09
vemonso this actually involves being social. damn :)18:09
effie_jayxsistpoty,  modify makefile to change the creation of the file and leave it all to postinst ...18:10
tuxmaniacif there is a bug needs to be reported upstream, what changes do I have to make to LP after reporting the bug upstream?18:10
albert23effie_jayx: gweled uses simple-patchsys.mk, so you need to make a patch to keep the sponsors happy18:10
effie_jayxoooohhhh lord18:11
sistpotyeffie_jayx: this is autotools, right? (with configure), if you just change it in the makefile, configure will screw that. if the autotools boogie is done (aclocal, autoconf, automake etc) during build, Makefile.in's will also get recreated18:11
lagaRainCT: oops. i uploaded it to main accidentally :)18:11
wolfgerHey all. Is there any way to get Kopete to use Firefox instead of Konqueror to open URLs?18:11
sistpotyeffie_jayx: others then knowing which makefile's are getting recreated, it won't cause problems I guess.18:11
LucidFoxwolfger> Is Firefox registered in KDE as the default web browser?18:12
wolfgerLucidFox: probably not...18:12
effie_jayxsistpoty,  sorry ... I have not the knowledge to fully understand. but Modifying the makefile won't do is what I understood18:14
sistpotyeffie_jayx: let me try to explain18:15
sistpotyeffie_jayx: gweled uses autotools18:15
wolfgerlol... I just realised I joined #kopete but then asked my question here. Sorry about that18:15
sistpotyeffie_jayx: in an upstream project that uses autotools, you've just got a number of Makefile.am's lying around18:15
sistpotyeffie_jayx: if you run aclocal, autoconf, automake, for each Makefile.am a Makefile.in gets created18:16
sistpotyeffie_jayx: that's usually what you are distributing as upstream (sources together with Makefile.in's)18:16
sistpotyeffie_jayx: if you then run ./configure, Makefiles get created from Makefile.in's18:17
sistpotyeffie_jayx: and that's what's usually gets done in debian/rules, to run configure first18:17
sistpotyeffie_jayx: so if you modify a Makefile, it will get overwritten during build because configure is executed18:17
sistpotyeffie_jayx: so you'd want to fix the Makefile.in here18:18
sistpotyeffie_jayx: and another side note: this package uses a patch system, so it would be nice to have it around as a patch ;)18:18
* effie_jayx knows nothing of patches :S18:19
effie_jayxsistpoty,  "have it around as a patch :)" have what as a  patch?18:20
paasLucidFox:  Thanks for reviewing my package. I've just uploaded an updated version which fixes for all your comments.  http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libtuxcap cheers18:20
sistpotyeffie_jayx: if you directly modify any source file and then build the source package, the difference will land in .diff.gz18:20
sistpotyeffie_jayx: some maintainers prefer to seperate different changes they do to upstream sources though18:21
effie_jayxyep, that I know18:21
sistpotyeffie_jayx: hence they use a patch system (there are quite some out there)18:21
LucidFoxpaas> Excellent. It's better to seek different reviewers each time, though, as they rend to catch different things.18:21
sistpotyeffie_jayx: most ship with a command to create a patch which will then land in debian/patches18:21
sistpotyeffie_jayx: gweled uses cdbs' simple-patchsys, so the command is cdbs-editpatch18:21
LucidFoxso it's better to direct your REVU-pimpings to the entire channel rather than a specific person18:22
effie_jayxsistpoty, I see.18:22
sistpotyeffie_jayx: so if you type cdbs-edit-patch nameofthepatch, you'll get a copy of the sources, where you can modify to your liking18:22
sistpotyif you exit that shell, cdbs-edit-patch will take care to put the difference into debian/patches/nameofthepatch18:23
sistpotythat way you can separate individual changes...18:23
sistpotywhich of course will also be in the .diff.gz (because it's in the debian dir)18:23
effie_jayxok... so first make a patch, edit what I need to edit18:23
sistpotyeffie_jayx: first cdbs-edit-patch agoodnameofwhatyoulldo18:24
sistpotyeffie_jayx: then edit files to your liking18:24
sistpotyeffie_jayx: then exit this shell and you'll have your patch ;)18:24
paasLucidFox, ok thanks for the tip. I was under the impression that you seek another reviewer once the current one has advocated the package.18:24
effie_jayxsistpoty,  then I generate a debdiff to post with the bug in LP?18:24
LucidFoxpaas> Well, I'm not a MOTU, so I can't advocate it anyway18:25
LucidFoxand no, this is not how REVU works18:25
sistpotyeffie_jayx: first you shoul test-build and test your changes, then attach the debdiff ;)18:25
LucidFoxpaas> commented, by the way18:25
effie_jayxsistpoty,  I am still a bit unsure of the steps I need to take. 1) generate patch. modify what I want... at this stage when I build a source package, where do I do it... in the patch I made?18:26
sistpotyeffie_jayx: no, you'll exit the cdbs-edit-patch shell, so that you have your patch in debian/patches18:27
sistpotyeffie_jayx: then you build the package as usual18:27
sistpotyduring building, cdbs (or rather the simple-patchsys rule) will take care to apply every patch lying in debian/patches to the sources18:27
effie_jayxsistpoty,  about the change in the MakeFile.in you suggested that I didn't modify it18:27
effie_jayxit gets regenerated18:28
effie_jayxthen how should I tackle it?18:28
sistpotyeffie_jayx: no, not during package build18:28
sistpotyeffie_jayx: during package build Makefile's (*not* Makefile.in's) will get generated18:28
sistpotyupstream would (usually) recreate the Makefile.in's from Makefile.am's (though there are some packages which in fact do this during building as well)18:29
effie_jayxsistpoty,  how then?18:30
sistpotyeffie_jayx: for gweled, you can modify the Makefile.in's18:30
RainCTlaga: :)18:33
TuxCrafterhello guys how can I see which ubuntu packages depend on libgnomevfs2-0 ?18:34
effie_jayxthanks sistpoty for the very detailed explanation18:35
paasLucidFox: thanks, will fix it right away18:35
sistpotyTuxCrafter: apt-cache rdepends is your friend18:35
TuxCrafterthanks looking into it18:35
sistpotyTuxCrafter: just add the packagename (apt-cache rdepends libgnomevfs2-0)18:36
TuxCraftersistpoty: thanks indeed i just looked it up in the man page18:36
lagaRainCT: great. thanks18:38
TuxCrafterapt-cache rdepends libgnomevfs2-0 | grep gtk18:39
TuxCrafterwhy is libgtkhtml depending on gnome libs?18:39
sistpotyTuxCrafter: maybe it uses symbols from it? objdump -p /usr/lib/libgtkhtml-2.so | grep NEEDED will show you dependencies based on symbol usage18:48
sistpotyTuxCrafter: mine doesn't show any needed thing from libgnomevfs2-0 though... strange18:49
sistpotyTuxCrafter: and it doesn't have a dependency (though I'm not sure, if I'm up to date)18:51
sistpotyoh, I was looking at libgtkhtml2-018:52
effie_jayxsistpoty,  I changed MakeFile.in how do I get out ot th shell for cdbs18:56
sistpotyeffie_jayx: either type exit or use ctrl-d18:56
effie_jayxsistpoty,  Should I have done the edit of the changelog there as well :S?18:57
sistpotyeffie_jayx: heh, no... you don't want a patch for anything under debian/ ;)18:58
sistpotyeffie_jayx: you could ask pitti about that though :P18:58
effie_jayxsistpoty,  I'm buidling source and test building to see18:59
paasI've removed DEB_DH_INSTALL_SOURCEDIR = debian/tmp from the rules file but now it fails during pbuilder. Should it be in the rules file and should it look like this DEB_DH_INSTALL_SOURCEDIR = $(CURDIR)/debian/tmp19:00
superm1hey folks, looking for another MOTU to take a look at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=gmyth19:01
sistpotysuperm1: just read a revu comment from you... the Xs-Vcs-* fields are nowadays accepted AFAIK, so these don't need the Xs- prefix any longer19:01
superm1sistpoty, ah was not aware of that.19:01
sistpotyheh, I wasn't aware of 3.7.3 before a few days *g*19:02
paasby the way I'm using cdbs19:02
ion_An alternative to a patch system is making the changes as commits to the packaging branch, which has been forked from the upstream branch.19:02
superm1sistpoty, surprised that linda/lintian isn't telling about that then.  that's how I learned of 3.7.3 in the first place, but didn't explore its details yet :)19:02
LaneyHey guys, I'm trying to work on my first bitesize bug and coming across a problem. Can someone take a look? Output here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4105/19:05
LaneyI guess it can't show the image in the diff file, but what can I do about that?19:06
ScottK2Laney: Did you modify debian/alsa-tools.png19:06
LaneyScottK2: That's one of the files that I added, yes.19:06
ScottK2Laney: Did you make a debian/changelog entry and increment the revision number?19:06
StevenK.png files are binary, and diff doesn't like binary files19:06
LaneyScottK2: No, not yet. I'm just trying to test-compile it. Could that cause the problem?19:07
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
ScottK2Laney: You need to convert it into another format.19:07
* ScottK2 is blanking on what.19:07
LaserJockor is that xbm19:08
LaneyI have the xpm, but I saw on the wiki that I can optionally provide a png icon too.19:08
LaserJockLaney: on what wiki?19:08
LaneyLaserJock: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/SupplementaryFiles19:08
Laney(it doesn't actually say what to do with the png :()19:08
LaserJockhmm, that is a little unfortunate19:09
LaserJockyou can use a .png if it's already in the upstream source19:09
superm1either that or depend on sharutils19:09
superm1and uuencode/uudecode it19:09
LaserJockbut you can't diff a binary file in the .diff.gz19:09
LaneyHmm, would it be best to just leave the png out then?19:10
LaserJocksuperm1: but that's a little silly if you already have an .xpm19:10
superm1well in some cases you can't do that though.19:10
LaserJockLaney: you only need one19:10
superm1say if the app can't read the xpm19:10
superm1depends what the purpose of the png is19:10
LaneyLaserJock: Right then19:10
LaneyI was just following the docs ;)19:10
LaserJocksuperm1: we're talking about .desktp files19:10
LaserJockLaney: I know19:10
superm1i should read comments 8 comments before me.  carry on then :)19:11
sistpotyyou can also convert it to a sng and convert it back during build from that one19:11
* Laney removes19:11
effie_jayxsistpoty,  fixed19:12
LaneyWell that seems to work fine :)19:13
=== _stefan_ is now known as sistpoty
effie_jayxsistpoty, now I just generate a debdiff and the rest is just like normal... ?19:14
sistpotyeffie_jayx: yep19:15
effie_jayxthe only difference was using cdbs-edit-patch to make the changes...19:15
effie_jayxgreat learning today :D19:15
luisbglibvte-doc package description seams to be wrong... it says development where it should say docs19:25
luisbgI'm looking at gutsy's version19:25
luisbggoing to check hardy's19:25
luisbgsame... who should I poke to get this changed?19:26
luisbgit's so small it doesn't even need a bug report :P19:27
LaserJockluisbg: poke Debian?19:33
luisbgLaserJock, I'm going to call him on the phone :P19:34
pochuluisbg: I'll fix it, thanks19:34
luisbgpochu, no problem19:34
LaserJockpochu: fix it where?19:35
pochuLaserJock: Debian pkg-gnome, where it's packaged19:36
LaneyCan someone check out my patch on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-tools/+bug/159727 ?19:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 159727 in alsa-tools "all desktop files in alsa-tool-gui package do not specify icons" [Wishlist,Confirmed]19:39
LaneyI used the icon that someone posted on that bug, hope that's ok...19:39
* RainCT wonders why 3/4 of all the packages I reviewed so far had all "priority: extra" :P19:39
lagaRainCT: dh_make :)19:40
pochuluisbg: done19:40
luisbgpochu, that was quick!19:41
crimsunLaney: a lot of cruft in that debdiff19:41
LaneyYeah, I wondered where that came from and if it would be a problem.19:42
crimsunit's created when you autotoolised again.19:42
crimsunyou can use filterdiff to remove it from the debdiff19:42
luisbghey crimsun19:42
crimsunhi luisbg19:43
luisbgdoes somebody know in which package glib/gchecksum.h is?19:43
luisbglibglib2.0-dev is already the newest version.19:43
luisbgmd5.c:20:28: error: glib/gchecksum.h: No such file or directory19:43
crimsunluisbg: for which glib version is it looking?  Check config.log.19:44
Laneycrimsun: So would it be fine if I just got rid of the Makefile stuff in the debdiff?19:45
crimsunluisbg: how is configure checking it?  Is it generated correctly from configure.{ac,in}?19:45
crimsunLaney: ld10k1/*, according to diffstat.19:46
luisbgcrimsun,  glib-2.0 >= $GLIB_REQUIRED dnl19:46
Laneycrimsun: Yeah, I've zapped that19:46
crimsunluisbg: please post the source package.19:47
luisbgdid you say source package? :P19:48
luisbgshouldn't it be able to compile from svn source?19:48
crimsunluisbg: I have no idea in what shape SVN trunk is.19:48
luisbggoing to try from source package19:49
luisbgapt-get source gnome-terminal... on it's way!19:49
luisbgthere should be a cool way of doing... apt-get source (and installa all build dependencies) package19:50
luisbgis it?19:50
Laneyapt-get build-dep?19:50
crimsun`apt-get build-dep gnome-terminal && apt-get -b source gnome-terminal`19:50
* luisbg feels stupid now19:51
Jack_Sparrowcrimsun: HEy, I had a question for you..  I was told you had a good cli command for diagnostics?19:51
Jack_Sparrowcrimsun: It may have been priceChiled or ljl19:52
crimsunwhat sort of diagnostics?19:52
Jack_SparrowJUst to try and sort out video or sound issues19:52
crimsunvideo -> no idea.  What specifically for audio?19:53
Jack_Sparrowmay have been networking..  I wrote some new modules for upstreamdev and I was collecting the best cli commands querries I could get19:53
crimsunAre we referring to open fds?19:53
crimsunaka "what's using sound"?19:53
Jack_SparrowI have been so busy, I dont know.  I had a note to ask you about some cli command you had people download?19:54
luisbgcrimsun, a little off topic but it would really impress me if you know the answer to this one...19:54
crimsunoh, alsa-info.sh?19:54
Jack_SparrowThat sounds like it19:55
luisbgin a typical ,/configure; make; make install ... where can I define it I just want it to build the binary executable in my working directory? I don't want it to clash with my stable install running version19:55
crimsuna prelim version hacked up by the #alsa folks is at http://trilug.org/~crimsun/alsa-info.sh19:55
crimsunit's being cleaned up and incorporated into alsa-utils upstream proper.19:55
crimsunluisbg: provide [a different] --prefix19:56
Jack_SparrowAh, cool...19:56
Jack_SparrowThanks, going to go look it over now19:59
luisbgcrimsun, to the configure or the make?19:59
pochuluisbg: configure19:59
luisbgpochu, ./configure --prefix (?)19:59
crimsunyes.  See --help19:59
luisbgnice! :)20:00
luisbgI always forget how bash uses the -- for long and - for short20:00
luisbgshell is different20:00
TuxCraftermr_pouit: hello20:12
LaserJockdoes the LiveCD work to install onto LVM?20:15
crimsundunno, but I normally use the alternate for LVM.20:15
LaserJockyeah, I wonder if it can't use them at all, or just can't create LVM partitions/volume groups/etc.20:16
LjLJack_Sparrow, no, i told you that crimsun might be able to give you some good hints about commands that can be used to troubleshoot *sound* problems specifically20:18
luisbgok if I ./configure --prefix=$HOME ; make ; make isntall20:19
luisbgwhy isn't it in $HOME?20:19
crimsunwhat isn't in home?20:19
crimsun~/bin/gnome-terminal or whatnot should exist20:20
crimsunwhat precedence does ~/bin have in $PATH?20:20
luisbg~/bin was the key20:20
* luisbg can feel dumber and dumber every second20:20
luisbglong time I haven't touched automake stuff, besides my own work code :P20:20
Jack_SparrowLjL: Thanks...20:21
Jack_SparrowThe script is very good... lots of good ideas in there...20:21
Jack_SparrowLjL: We have had the baby this week so , not much sleep for me.20:22
Jack_SparrowFeeling very punchy.. didnt mean to make waves..20:23
sistpotysuperm1: still around? just looking at gmyth...20:30
sistpotysuperm1: debian/copyright: the copyright holder (e.g. Copyright (C) 2007 INdT - Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia.) is missing, years would be nice as well20:32
sistpotysuperm1: also I'd point back to gpl, as it is gpl 2 or any later version, but that's just a matter of taste20:32
superm1sure i can do that20:32
sistpotyothers than that, I'll first need to take a closer look ;)20:33
crimsunLaney: thanks, uploaded.20:34
Laneycrimsun: Great! Thank you!20:34
superm1sistpoty, okay thanks.  i'll avoid uploading another upload in case you see anything else, but if you don't can you just mark it as acked, and i'll just upload to the archive with the copyright update?20:35
sistpotysuperm1: sure... anyways MOTUs don't need to go through revu, (but are greatly encouraged to do so)20:35
sistpotysuperm1: oh, I saw s.th. else, but first need to build the package: the hardcoded dependency of gmyth-utils to libgmyth0 seems strange to me20:37
sistpoty(while it's arch:any, but doesn't come with shlibs:Depends)20:38
superm1sistpoty, it wasn't coming in from the shlibs:depends, but that could have been a mistake on my part20:38
sistpotysuperm1: that would be the dh_shlibdeps -L<librarypackage> -lpath_to_shared_objects_during_build thingy (not too sure how you can do it via cdbs)20:40
sistpotysuperm1: but it doesn't have any shlibs:depends, which seems wrong for an arch:any package to me ;)20:40
superm1sistpoty, let me pop them back on and see if I can finagle some more luck out of it then.20:41
goobsoftIf I'm building a new package based on a custom program and I want to make a man page for it, does anyone recommend using something other than groff source files?20:41
sistpotysuperm1: please also run lintian on the binary packages (says s.th. about debian/changelog file being a symlink)20:42
ScottK2goobsoft: Many people use docbook and docbook2man20:42
superm1yeah i did run it on the binaries, but I saw that as a mistake with lintian20:42
superm1because there shouldn't be any problem with the changelog being a symlink20:42
superm1since they get installed together20:43
sistpotysuperm1: afaict it's best practice to either symlink the entire /usr/share/doc or not symlink anything in that directory... not too sure if I that's policy though20:43
ScottK2superm1 and sistpoty: It's more a question of an Ubuntu optimization that lintian hasn't been taught about20:43
ScottK2pitti added some magic for space saving with symlinks20:44
ScottK2Not sure if that's what's up with your package or not.20:44
sistpotyScottK2: no idea actually... it's cdbs *g*20:44
sistpotyanyway, you don't save that much with the changelog, but OTOH I don't mind it being a symlink if the packages have a hard dep on the package providing the file20:45
superm1sistpoty, yeah libmyth0 is the one that provides it, so i won't worry there20:46
sistpotyas I wrote... no blocker for me ;)20:47
sistpotysuperm1: gmyth.h is 26Mb big? wow20:48
=== jekil2 is now known as jekil
superm1sistpoty, that seems like a bit of mistake on upstream's part.  i'll contact them before uploading.  it looks like a lot of whitespace in gmyth.h20:50
sistpotysuperm1: heh, yeah20:50
superm1only applicable parts are the last 32 lines and the first 1020:50
ion_A 3.25 MiB header? Nice. :-)20:51
sistpotyheh, so I guess that's where we really could save space instead of the symlinks *g+20:51
ion_-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2.1M 2008-01-16 20:33 /usr/include/boost/typeof/vector200.hpp20:52
ion_That’s the winner on my system. :-)20:52
=== Kopfgeldjaeger is now known as KGJ|will_nen_eee
lagaKGJ|will_nen_eee: buy one20:59
KGJ|will_nen_eeenice idea :-)20:59
KGJ|will_nen_eeegive me the money... although in 3 months i will have enough. but i wanna buy a new desktop pc in 1 year... hmn21:00
eddyMulI'm trying to make some changes to git-core_1.5.2.5-2build1. For Launchpad PPA, is git-core_1.5.2.5-2build1-0ubuntu1+ppa1 the right version string?21:05
ScottK2eddyMul: Why git-core?21:06
eddyMulScottK2: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/git-core/+bug/18821821:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188218 in git-core "git-core doesn't install bindings for emacsen" [Undecided,New]21:07
crimsun1:  makes more sense IMO.21:07
eddyMulcrimsun: is hardy. I'm building the gutsy package21:07
eddyMulcrimsun: https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart just changed ~ to +, I think.....21:08
crimsun1:, right.21:08
ScottK2Eventually you'll want to build a package for Hardy so your fix can get into the official repos21:08
ScottK2What's the current state of the art in Gutsy for resizing partitions?21:09
eddyMulScottK2: hardy: I'll do that after I tested the gutsy version    :)21:09
eddyMulcrimsun, ScottK2: so replace "build" with "ubuntu"?21:10
ScottK2and then ~ppa121:10
minghuaIn any case, is rather wrong.21:11
minghuaErr... Should have read everything first.21:11
eddyMulScottK2, crimsun, minghua: thanx, everyone.21:12
ScottK2You're welcome.  Thank you for showing up to help out.21:12
yamalrevu offline?21:24
sistpotyyamal: looks like it... probably it got DoS'd again, I'm just trying to login to sparky21:26
=== ivoks_ is now known as ivoks
* yamal wonders over a beer why people fancy ddos'ing something a service like revu21:28
sistpotyyamal: last time it wasn't an intended DoS, but rather a spider not obeying robots.txt, which looked at the debdiff links as well (and that caused very much load on sparky)21:30
minghuaBad, bad spider.21:30
mgunesshould I mark debdiffs as patches when submitting for review for sponsorship?21:32
ScottK2mgunes: Yes21:32
mgunesdone, thanks (my first) :)21:32
sistpotygrml, grml... still hanging in ssh login, and I already drank a beer, so I cannot drive to uni and hit reset at sparky (at least not before tomorrow *g*)21:34
pochusistpoty: lukily it isn't REVU day ;)21:34
pochumgunes: and subscribe u-u-s (or u-m-s)21:34
desertcWhat is a SVN browser package that I can install?21:34
mgunespochu, I did that, thanks21:34
sistpotydesertc: as in gui for svn?21:35
ion_sistpoty: A single beer? You shouldn’t have too much alcohol in your blood.21:35
sistpotyion_: well... *g* s/single/multiple/ ;)21:36
desertcsistpoty: sigh .. uh, what do I mean.. do I download the branches and look at them locally?21:36
desertcsistpoty: you'll let me know when I start getting warmer to the terminology I am supposed to use, right?  :-)  this is all a bit new to me21:37
sistpotydesertc: I'm just not sure what you want to do/what you're looking at ;)21:38
ion_The first lesson: stay far away from SVN if you have any choice in the matter. :-)21:38
desertcto interface with svn:// what application is required?21:38
desertcis it subversion?21:38
sistpotydesertc: just from the shell: subversion (e.g. svn co http://some/place/to/the/repository)21:38
desertck - need to install that  :)21:39
ScottK2ion_: Unless the other choice is CVS21:39
sistpotydesertc: but there are gui's as well (e.g. rapidsvn package)21:39
desertcwhich do you recommend?21:39
sistpotyion_, ScottK2: I'm forced to use cvs at work :/21:40
ion_sistpoty: Look at the bright side: you’ll die within a century.21:41
* minghua thinks SVN is still the best choice if you have a relative large team, and many members are not computer experts and use Windows.21:42
ion_Also, if nobody ever needs to merge anything and everyone likes slow software.21:43
minghuaWell, it's almost a given that merge is not a frequent thing when most team members are not computer experts...21:45
yamalsistpoty: seems it's alife again21:47
sistpotynot completely... but at least I could login in the meantime21:48
* sistpoty wisthles21:49
lopezleanHello. When i upload a package to my PPA it fails... can anyone help me ( sorry for stupid question )21:54
lopezleanlog message says:21:54
lopezleandpkg-buildpackage: host architecture i38621:54
lopezlean /usr/bin/fakeroot debian/rules clean21:54
lopezleandebian/cdbs/cmake.mk:30: /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/buildcore.mk: No such file or directory21:54
lopezleandebian/cdbs/cmake.mk:45: /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/makefile.mk: No such file or directory21:54
lopezleandebian/cdbs/zmviewer.mk:5: /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk: No such file or directory21:54
lopezleandebian/cdbs/zmviewer.mk:6: /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/simple-patchsys.mk: No such file or directory21:54
lopezleanmake: *** No rule to make target `/usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/simple-patchsys.mk'.  Stop.21:54
lopezleandpkg-buildpackage: failure: /usr/bin/fakeroot debian/rules clean gave error exit status 221:54
pochu!paste | lopezlean21:54
ubotulopezlean: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)21:54
geserlopezlean: did you list cdbs in Build-Depends?21:54
lopezleanok, sorry21:54
desertcI need a crash course in building debian packages.21:54
lopezleanlog is here: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11734932/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-i386.zmviewer_0.1.6-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz21:55
pochu!packagingguide | desertc21:55
ubotudesertc: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports21:55
geserlopezlean: add cdbs to Build-Depends21:56
lopezleangeser: nop... thanks... and sorry21:56
desertcpochu: thank you21:56
superm1sistpoty, yeah adding the shlibs back in is working this time around.  wasn't in a very early version of the package.  i've got everything cleaned up and let upstream know about that problem on the header file (with a local fix), so i'll get this into the archive now.  Thanks for looking it over.21:58
lopezleangeser: yes :). thanks a lot21:59
jdongryanakca: so you uploaded into Ubuntu to close a Debian bug? :D22:04
desertcI checked out a debian svn and there was no source code within22:05
desertc... does that make sense?22:05
crimsunmeaning a svn snapshot of a source package?  If so, which?22:06
desertccrimsun: I just checked out svn://svn.debian.org/pkg-voip/speex/22:07
pochusuperm1: is libgmyth-dev in the archive? I can't find it.22:07
desertcLots of files which describe the program, but no program.22:07
superm1pochu, its in NEW22:08
superm1pochu, so gstreamer's plugins will go into depwait22:08
pochusuperm1: that explains it :)22:08
minghuadesertc: Only a debian/ directory?22:08
superm1pochu, i talked to seb128 about it, and after gmyth-dev enters, gonna get it into main as soon as i can, and then totem will get gmyth support too22:09
desertc^ minghua:22:09
minghuadesertc: It seems svn://svn.debian.org/pkg-voip/speex/ is a svn-buildpackage layout.22:10
crimsundesertc: were you expecting upstream source?22:12
crimsunit's the packaging infrastructure, to which minghua alluded.22:12
pochusuperm1: the only "bad" thing is that it will mean we can't be in sync with debian... unless you package it in debian too ;-)22:12
superm1pochu, yeah i want to get into debian too22:13
minghuaI think maybe desertc should just start from a source package, instead of trying svn checkout.22:13
superm1and that's the feel for upstream after talking to them22:13
desertcminghua crimsun: I expected the program code to be in there... is that not how it is done?22:13
pochusuperm1: that would be super22:13
superm1but this late in the game, this is the best way22:13
pochusuperm1: yeah, I agree with you22:13
minghuadesertc: It's not in this case.  You also need released tarballs from upstream.22:13
pochusince you need to do the MIR...22:13
superm1pochu, should I just do it before it clears NEW you think?22:14
desertcminghua: upstream being debian, or being speex ?22:14
superm1and see if i can convince ubuntu-archive to just bring it right into main instead22:14
pochusuperm1: submitting to debian? the sooner, the better.22:14
pochusuperm1: oh, writting the mir!22:14
crimsundesertc: upstream upstream.22:15
pochusuperm1: I'll write it up, but won't ask the archive admins until it's new'ed22:15
superm1pochu, okay great thanks :)22:15
minghuadesertc: speex.22:15
desertcupstream upstream?  ... I am going to take a break for a while and get some air.22:15
pochusuperm1: s/I'll/I'd/ ... I won't do it for you as I don't know the code ;)22:15
superm1pochu, hehe, i thought that was a little too nice, but wasn't going to complain :)22:16
superm1pochu, i've got a few things to bring up to debian, so i'll have to touch bases with one of the DD's that hangs out here22:16
jmspeexminghua: what do you need from upstream?22:25
minghuajmspeex: I don't need anything, desertc needs the released speex tarballs from speex upstream.22:27
sistpotyhm... now I know who's DoS'ing revu...22:29
ion_Sorry, i forgot a ‘ping revu.tauware.de’ running in a terminal.22:30
sistpotyI guess I shouldn't have started the ghc6 build on sparky, it takes enourmous amounts of memory, and that's what sparky doesn't have22:30
sistpotyshould be back to normal in a few seconds22:30
ion_How much memory does the box have?22:31
sistpotyMemTotal:       125000 kB22:31
ion_Ouch :-)22:31
sistpotyhrmpf, so I guess I'll need to setup spooky this week to debug the ghc6 build failure *g*22:32
sistpoty(build failure on sparc i.e.)22:33
ion_I really should get around to actually studying haskell some day.22:34
sistpotyit was really hard for me to learn haskell, and I guess I've forgotten half of what I learned by now22:34
desertcWill I be able to run CDBS (common debian build system) from within Ubuntu ?22:36
ion_I know the basics of how a functional programming language works, but i’d need to study the haskell syntax and libraries. Probably best to start some project using the language.22:36
ion_Yes, CDBS works in Ubuntu just like in Debian.22:36
minghuaIf I don't know about functional programming language at all and want to learn one, should I try lisp or haskell?22:38
sistpotyI haven't programmed lisp yet, only scheme so far, but I'd tend to haskell22:39
ion_Lisp is a good starting point to learn any kind of programming. :-)22:39
ion_That is, a dialect of Lisp.22:39
ion_Some awesome video lectures: http://johan.kiviniemi.name/blag/2007/02/13/structure-and-interpretation-of-computer-programs/22:40
minghuaWell, too late for starting point, I suppose. :-)  I learned programming from basic.22:43
sistpotywelcome to the club, minghua22:43
* Fujitsu admits to that too.22:43
ion_My first language was Basic as well, unfortunately. :-)22:43
ion_It could have been worse, though: http://tnx.nl/php.jpg ;-)22:43
sistpotywell, I did quite some php programming back then, which is why I really hate that language now *g*22:44
FujitsuI still have to deal with PHP quite a bit at work (and of course loathe it).22:45
ScottK2I've never done PHP, but my first programming on a microcomputer was BASIC on a Radio Shack TRS-80 model 1.22:47
ScottK2It'd give almost random results that I was convinced was my programming, but it was just the computer being flaky.22:47
sistpotyheh, if my programs didn't work, it was always my fault *g*22:51
minghuaHmm, somehow the news of alpha 4 release makes to slashdot front page.22:52
FujitsuHm, indeed.22:53
jdongminghua: any jokes about the release name yet?22:53
* Fujitsu waits for the comments complainting about it.22:53
Fujitsu`Still doesn't work properly. But 8.04, it's bloody nice.' Uh, right.22:54
jdongFujitsu: http://linux.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=440100&cid=22276728 found one22:54
=== lando__ is now known as lando
minghuajdong: It's "from the that-bird-can-take-a-beating dept."  Don't know if it counts as a joke or not.22:57
jdongminghua: sounds like one to me :)22:58
james_wFujitsu: I have moved the session to Wednesday at the request of Luca. I hope this still suits you.23:07
FujitsuThat should be fine.23:07
* sistpoty is off to bed23:12
ryanakcajdong: no, I was going to upload to Debian, then sync to Ubuntu, so I ran out of time, so I uploaded a copy to each, and then we'll get a sync from debian at hardy+123:27
pochuryanakca: you can still request syncs23:33
ryanakcapochu: yes, but it still needs to get sponsored, threw NEW, and then have the sync processed into Ubuntu23:44
ScottK2ryanakca: If it's been newed already, it won't need newed again when you sync it23:46

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