PriceChildLjL, http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/02/01/1555247&from=rss00:06
PriceChildno0tic, you might like that too00:07
Seeker`I suspect the lawyers will find a way round it00:10
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)00:13
ubotuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)00:13
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)00:13
Seeker`PriceChild: how was your early morning lecture thing?00:14
PriceChilduneventful as always00:14
nalioth.... and they keep trying new ways00:15
PriceChildwhat was different about that one?00:16
naliothlast few days, it seems they've (i think it's just one guy) been using non-alphanumerics00:17
Seeker`nalioth: how does that make a difference?00:18
naliothSeeker`: it doesn't00:18
naliothbut the fact that they are doing it, makes me think THEY think it does00:18
PriceChildor that they've been told that it does00:19
Seeker`maybe someone should start a story on whatever site that script kiddies use that tells them that every time they do a DCC exploit, they lose 100MB RAM00:21
PriceChildHey there ikonia.00:44
iKapsorry i had to go earlier00:45
LjLFYI: [23:30:42] <htns> your name is Lorenzo J. Lucchini00:46
LjL(that's 22:30 UTC)00:46
LjLi don't know what that should mean00:46
naliothLjL: means he can read and understands /whois output00:47
LjLyes, that's a sure thing it means00:47
iKapPriceChild, are you there?00:47
PriceChildiKap, I'm here yes.00:52
iKapPriceChild, yeah sorry i had to sing off earlier.. but yeah i messaged you.00:53
PriceChildSo how can I help you iKap?00:55
PiciI just got auto-hilighting working on my bantracker fork.01:48
PiciIt will hilight all the nicks in the associated event log by matching the ban or nick against the host of each logged line.01:50
Picis/all the nicks/the banned/kicked/whatever nicks/01:50
LjLPici: that was the easy part... not make the *nick* highlighted in a *ban* event, and the *hostmask* highlighted in a *kick* event :)01:56
LjLhow's this01:56
LjLi can understand consistently mispelling now as not01:56
LjLbut when i want to write now i write not, and when i want tow rite not i write now01:56
PiciLjL: If its a kick, it appends !*@* to the pattern to match against and runs it against whoever said each log line, if its a ban/mute no need to add that.02:13
PiciI need to add realname to the log table now, so it'll hilight for that too.02:14
LjLPici, for realname you need to /who or /whois though02:17
PiciYeah.. /me thinks02:18
jdongPriceChild: is tulroe out of the closet or did someone use the merge button too generously? :D03:22
PriceChildjdong, pardon?03:23
jdong22:22 -!- PriceChild [n=tulroe@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild]03:23
jdongL. O. L.03:23
* jdong watches PriceChild pull out the men in black flashy stick03:24
PriceChildI assume that was a death? the rejoins are pretty staggered.04:17
HobbseePriceChild: netsplit?04:25
PriceChildHobbsee, well some staggered back in, then netsplit rejoined, then a load more staggered04:26
PriceChildmaybe they just flooded off04:26
PriceChildFloodbots kept all out of -unregged woop woop.04:26
Cpudan80Morons in #ubuntu04:36
Cpudan80Didn't want to hit the !ops thing -- for obvious reasons04:37
ubotuCpudan80 called the ops in #ubuntu (WebCave)04:38
Cpudan80Not great when they "like to be evil"04:39
PriceChildCpudan80, obvious reasons?04:40
Cpudan80PriceChild: Well sometimes it makes people go haywire04:40
Cpudan80Was trying to avoid that04:40
PriceChildwho go haywire? us or the troll?04:40
Cpudan80No - I mean the users in #ubuntu04:41
Cpudan80They all start messing with the bot and what not04:41
ompaulis there a -fixconnection kind of channel?08:16
ompaulfor people who do things like crash out every two or three mins?>08:17
=== nixternal_ is now known as nixternal
Ash908this where i should report someone having an on-join advertisement message on one of the ubuntu channels?08:24
=== Ash908 is now known as Ashfire908
ompaulAshfire908, can you fix your connection?08:27
ompaulAshfire908, and who is doing the on join08:27
ompauland what is the onjoin08:27
Ashfire908Angelina27 in #ubuntu08:28
Ashfire908"I am in my W E B C A M enters and we spoke. Kisses! WWW.PUTA.COM.AR"08:28
ompaulback in a moment after this commercial break08:29
jpatrickguys: ali in #u10:42
jpatrickofftopic and won't talk english10:42
ubotujpatrick called the ops in #ubuntu (ali - flood, spam, ot)10:46
jpatrickyou guys asked for it!10:46
jpatrickMadpilot: cheers10:47
jpatrickpronflake in #u - appropiate?11:30
* jpatrick wonders if he's the only one watching over #u11:31
jpatrickWarning: ** N0ob [n=werj@] has joined #ubuntu11:33
jussi01jpatrick: no, but I dont have powa's there either...11:36
jussi01hmmm does [13:34] *** etotheipi [i=bunnyrap@bunnyrape.com] has joined #ubuntu11:36
jussi01seem appropriate?11:36
jpatrickjussi01: god, seems only we #k ops are around :)11:37
jussi01jpatrick: yeah, fun...11:37
jpatricklooks like ompaul's back to fight crime :D11:52
ompauljpatrick, hehe11:53
ompaulespousing rape is not within the terms of the CoC as far as I am aware ban that one guys11:55
ompaulban forward it to here11:55
ompauljussi01, ^^11:57
ompauljpatrick, ^^11:57
jussi01ompaul: thats in #u, not my area11:57
ompaulack thought it was in k11:57
ompaulit be dead in u11:57
* ompaul thinks about having a #ubuntu-trollz channel and ban forward all the trolls there they are all muted and they get a greeting please see guidelines and CoC on the way in - with a comment that trolling stopped being funny in 199711:59
* ompaul grins in a most evil way11:59
ubotuIn ubotu, kirved said: what is mhat medibuntu (medicopter)13:07
jpatrick07:14 < nemilar> SUP BRO!?!?13:07
ompaulahh don't mind him - douglas adams as far as I can see - mostly harmless13:08
jpatrickompaul: mostly harmless?!13:08
ompauljpatrick, he is mostly answering in an ok fashion - that was just someone punching the right button "yo!"13:09
ompaulsee it two lines above the one you quote13:09
jpatrickyeah, I was just carrying on the joke ;)13:09
ubotuIn #ubuntu, metafoo said: !erisco esvn is a gui for svn written in Qt15:21
jpatrick!info esvn15:37
ubotuesvn (source: esvn): frontend for the Subversion revision system written in Qt. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.11+1-4ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 380 kB, installed size 1116 kB15:37
jendaheya, zenwhen16:01
zenwhenhow ya been jenda?16:01
jendabusy :)16:01
zenwhensitting around at this point in the morning?16:02
zenwhenwhat you busy with?16:03
jendait's 5 pm here ;)16:03
jendaand I'm working - translating16:03
jendatrying to make a few bucks :)16:03
ubotuScunizi called the ops in #ubuntu (Miller04)16:09
=== GazzaK is now known as Gary
zenwhenWho is it that manages the ops list in #ubuntu?16:19
LjLzenwhen: the list of !ops you mean?16:19
zenwhenI suppose that is what I mean.16:19
LjLzenwhen: what's the problem with it?16:19
zenwhenOh, no. I meant who is able to grant operator privs in the channel?16:20
LjLthe IRC council16:20
zenwhenHow does one apply?16:20
LjLone doesn't :)16:20
zenwhenThat seemed a bit blunt.16:21
LjLoperators are appointed by the council when a need for more operators is felt, and chosen by observing people's behavior and helpfulness in the channels16:21
LjLwell, better direct than lying16:21
Seveaszenwhen, asking for operator privileges is a sure way of never getting them :)16:21
LjLsee - *that's* a blunt way of putting it really16:21
LjLmine wasn't16:21
Seveasit's still true16:22
LjLnever said otherwise16:22
PriceChildzenwhen, when we need new ops, we usually invite those contributing most to the channel.16:22
SeveasLjL, can I be an op too please?16:22
Seveastime for some proper op abuse16:23
zenwhenExtending an offer of assistance is held against a person by the IRC council?16:24
zenwhenI'll be sure to remember that, I suppose. I have been opping for a long time in one of the channels, and thought I would see if I could be used elsewhere.16:25
SeveasExtending an offer of assistance is a different thing than asking for privileges16:25
mc44like they say about politicians, wanting to be one should automatically exclude you ;)16:26
Seveasmc44, so if I say, 'do you want to be kicked' and you say yes, then I shouldn't kick you16:26
zenwhenI apologize if I broke some unwritten rule. Also, the only worthwhile assistance I can provide to an IRC channel is op duties. This is the most standoffish situation I have experienced since being in the community.16:27
LjLzenwhen: nothing is held against a person really, the point is that we found that the best ops are the people who'd never think about asking for op status, and even initially refuse it when proposed16:27
LjLbut that's just one parameter16:27
SeveasLjL fought for a month before accepting a +o16:27
mc44so there are exceptions to that rule ;)16:28
LjL!guidelines | zenwhen, they're written down16:28
ubotuzenwhen, they're written down: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines16:28
zenwhenI have always found that a person who is eager to help with help eagerly.16:28
* jpatrick was offered to become an op by Riddell16:28
LjLzenwhen: help != op status...16:28
LjL#ubuntu is mostly a support channel16:28
LjLthe main asset in the #ubuntu channel is someone who is able to help people well with support problems16:28
LjLops are mostly just a cleaner's role16:28
zenwhenGonna just go back to my corner now. never thought of "op" as a "status" role. :)16:29
LjLand with a lower wage16:29
LjLhe's the #ubuntuforums contact in case anyone's wondering16:29
LjLoh, and ...16:29
jpatrick|    . |16:29
Seveas|      |  .16:29
jpatrick|      |        '16:30
* LjL will go back in his cleaner's role16:30
PriceChild:( feel bad for zenwhen16:30
LjL/kick sevesa or /kick jpatrick, that is the question16:30
LjLi thought /cs lart16:31
jpatrick** zenwhen [n=zenwhen@ubuntu/member/zenwhen] has left #ubuntu []16:31
PriceChildjpatrick, hmm?16:32
jpatrickPriceChild: just saying that he /left #u :(16:33
PriceChildYeah he's really pissed off.16:33
naliothwhat's happened now?16:33
LjLnalioth: we're now officially in bad diplomatic relations with #uf16:34
Seveasnalioth, zenwhen wondered how to apply for ops in #ubuntu, we told him one doesn't and asking for ops is a sure way of not becoming one16:34
naliothoh? when did we get off of 'bad relations' to 'good relations' in the first place?16:34
LjLwell i dunno. pricechild is an op in both places16:35
LjLi guess we should drop him :)16:35
Seeker`LjL: What happened to make relations worse?16:35
LjLSeeker`: pissing off the contact?16:35
PriceChildSeeker`, see above.16:35
PiciI havent seen him enough in #ubuntu to ever remember him.16:36
naliothPici: exactly16:37
LjLyeah. the point really is that we hardly care who you are, we care about who you've been in #ubuntu16:37
naliothright, LjL16:37
PriceChildNext time could we be a little nicer? Explain how we usually pick ops after watching people in #ubuntu etc. ?16:40
LjLi did?16:40
Seeker`LjL: I think he means that instead of just a short, blunt reply when people ask how you apply to be an op, tell them that they are picked from watching #ubuntu  straight away16:42
LjLSeeker`: which i gave?16:42
Seeker`LjL: Only after zenwhen pointed out that it was a blunt reply16:43
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines16:44
zenwhenWell, I'll be darned, it is in there.16:44
LjLSeeker`: do you really think i can type a sentence like that in *one second*?16:45
Seeker`No, but you could skip the "one doesn't :)" statment, and just go straight for the longer, more informative version16:46
LjL1) it has a smiley 2) it's factually correct16:46
zenwhen3) you could have typed !guidelines just as quickly16:47
Seeker`simileys dont stop things being blunt, neither does being factually correct16:47
LjLzenwhen: and you'd have found *that* more polite?16:47
PriceChildLjL, the problem hasn't been with the facts you have given.16:47
zenwhenI could have read and been informed instead of being belittled.16:47
zenwhenI've NEVER been responded to like that by anyone in this community.16:48
naliothzenwhen: most of the cruft that was directed toward you earlier was just that.... cruft.16:49
zenwhenWhich is a big reason I have beens so happy to volunteer my time on the forums for the last two years, where I asked for staff privileges and was granted them.16:49
naliothzenwhen: we do watch folks in #ubuntu and see how they are with folks when we decide who we want to seek out16:49
LjL[Sat Feb 2 2008] [17:20:36] <zenwhen>   How does one apply?16:49
LjL[Sat Feb 2 2008] [17:20:41] <LjL>       one doesn't :)16:49
LjL[Sat Feb 2 2008] [17:21:18] <LjL>       operators are appointed by the council when a need for more operators is felt, and chosen by observing people's behavior and helpfulness in the channels16:49
LjLok, add !guidelines to that16:49
LjLbut sorry, i felt like being verbose at the time16:50
LjLnext time i'll just use the bot like i usually do16:50
LjLi think the above is a factually correct and not impolite description of how the process works.16:50
Seeker`LjL: Both lines together are fine, its the fact that there is a time lag while you are typing the second line, which makes it seem like you are only responding with "one doesn't", which comes across as being blunt16:51
LjL!enter | ljl then16:51
ubotuljl then: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!16:51
LjLbut if the difference between a polite and reasonable answer and a "way you've never been responded to in the community" is a newline character...16:52
zenwhenWell, I disagree. That matters very little though. I'll be over in the forums channel. I can see that I am not needed as a volunteer for that channel now. I just had to find out in a way that gave me a very bad taste in my mouth.16:52
LjLwell, if that's the difference, i really need to be more careful when i type16:52
zenwhenHave a wonderful day.16:52
Seeker`LjL: Very small changes in what you type can totally change the meaning of what you say - especially when you dont have visual clues etc. to see what people actually mean16:54
LjLzenwhen: you're needed as a volunteer, like everyone else who is able to offer support. but... i don't see a single message from you in #ubuntu in the last 300000 lines of my logs16:54
LjL(just grepped that many because my grep is slow)16:55
LjLso, what stopped you from volunteering? i'm really unsure that +o is needed to help in the channel (actually i think it can easily make it harder)16:55
zenwhenI am not arguing that I am worthy of ops based upon your guidelines. I  obviously am not.16:56
zenwhenI just did not know them.16:56
LjLwho cares about the guidelines16:56
LjLi'm saying16:56
LjLif you can offer technical support in the channel, then go ahead and offer it16:56
zenwhenI am certainly cpable and am on IRC a lot. I figured as an ubuntu project it was my duty to offer help where I think I am capable.16:56
mc44Seeker`: on irc, it's hard to convey tone. Sometimes something may seem offensive, but part of being a good community is being able to see that things are said with good intent and not meant to be insulting16:57
LjLhaving +o but not following the channel isn't generally very useful16:57
zenwhenI offered it in a manner that obviously is not acceptable, and I perhaps should have read the guidelines.16:57
zenwhenhaving +o would mean I would follow the channel. I was offering purely administrative assistance.16:57
Seeker`mc44: I understand that, but it also means that you have to think about what you are typing and how it could be interpreted16:58
zenwhenIf that is not needed, I am not worried about it. My only issue is that I had two people being pretty rude to me in my opinion for asking to help. I dont think thats a good way to handle a volunteer based support effort.16:59
LjLzenwhen: ah, i think i understand now. yes, there is a difference between your view and the view we give in the guidelines: our view assumes that, to be a good op, one must have been a good "support-helper". so "administrative-only help" is not contemplated. now, your view may well have merits, but it's different from ours16:59
Seeker`mc44: For example, a single capital letter is the difference between "I helped my uncle Jack off a horse" and something rather more unpleasent16:59
zenwhenThat is certainly fine.17:00
mc44Seeker`: what a helpful example. No one can make sure everything they say isn't misinterpreted. Everyone here is human.17:00
LjLzenwhen: and to try and defend ours, i'll say that it has the advantage that people are only judged by what they've done in the relevant channel, not by hearsay or by what they've done somewhere else (which may work in a different way). those are IMHO advantages. it certainly does have disadvantages too (and your view certainly does have advantages)17:00
LjLno scheme of things is perfect, that i know of :)17:00
zenwhenThe job description doesn't fit my skill set. :) I never was a tech support guy unless I was able to be hands on with people.17:00
zenwhenLike I said, my ONLY goal was to see if there was a place I could be helping more than I am.17:01
naliothzenwhen: tech support in #ubuntu is "hands on" (you can't do it from #ubuntuforums, for instance)17:01
Seeker`mc44: I'm not saying people should be perfect all the time, but if someone points out something is too blunt etc., they should accept that it came across wrong and take it into account in the future17:02
mc44Seeker`: and perhaps people should accept it wasn't meant as being blunt and take it into account too17:02
Seeker`mc44: I agree with that too17:02
zenwhenblunt isnt what you mean. its how you come across.17:02
LjLzenwhen: some forms of support are pretty easy to give, though. a good percentage of the questions are asked over and over, and we have bot factoids, and learning to know those factoids is an asset. everyone can also help "administratively" by calling the !ops factoid in emergencies, and although that's not the same as *being* an op (it's bound to be slower, obviously), it certainly tends to alert the ops pretty fast17:03
mc44zenwhen: "didnt mean to come across as blunt"17:03
zenwhenmc44: "wasn't meant as being blunt "17:03
zenwhentwo different things17:03
mc44yes, the point is the same though. No ill intent was meant. IRC isn't the best form of communication in the world.17:04
mc44No one was trying to belittle you17:04
zenwhenWell, they certainly could have done a better job of not appearing to be doing so.17:05
zenwhenLook, I don't want to cause some big stink. I just wanted to help. I'm not holding grudges here. Don't worry about it.17:06
* LjL removes Enter from his keyboard17:08
LjLand also has to go away for a bit17:08
zenwhen(think he had to hit enter to do that last line?)17:09
=== crd1b is now known as crdlb
PriceChild<Edsadsasdadack> My bots19:10
PriceChild<Edsadsasdadack> no19:10
PriceChild<Edsadsasdadack> not ban19:10
PriceChild(also at same location)19:10
PriceChildHey there Edsadsasdadack, what's happenning?19:11
EdsadsasdadackMy bots19:11
EdsadsasdadackI killd them19:11
EdsadsasdadackUbuntu same as other distro's doesnt work on my laptop19:12
EdsadsasdadackHP compaq 6715s19:12
PriceChildYou haven't killed them, they are still there.19:12
EdsadsasdadackSome stupid integrated graphic card19:12
PriceChildEdsadsasdadack, why did you join all those bots? What are you doing?19:12
PriceChildEdsadsasdadack, why did you join all those bots? What are you doing?19:12
PriceChildEdsadsasdadack, Please answer my question.19:14
EdsadsasdadackI was just testing19:14
Edsadsasdadackmy Java IRC program19:14
PriceChildtesting what?19:14
jribinteresting series of quits in #ubuntu, about 10 n=javabot@
Edsadsasdadacki killed them anyway19:15
PriceChildAnd instead of random nicks, you chose ubuntu sucks things?19:15
=== no0tic_ is now known as no0tic
PriceChildjrib, see the discussion above.19:15
PriceChildjrib, see also my ban in #ubuntu on the joins19:15
EdsadsasdadackWas i banned?19:15
PriceChildEdsadsasdadack, you are still banned.19:15
EdsadsasdadackI am??19:15
EdsadsasdadackI am not19:15
* jrib catches up19:15
EdsadsasdadackI am not banned :)19:16
PriceChildEdsadsasdadack, you are banned. The channel is +z so only people who are +o can see what you say.19:16
EdsadsasdadackCan you remove ban?19:16
PriceChildCan you answer my questions?19:16
PriceChildEdsadsasdadack, why did you join all those bots? What are you doing?19:16
EdsadsasdadackHmm, I was programming that program in java for my school, and i am listeing some internet radio, and typing this here19:17
EdsadsasdadackI just tested, to see if it works19:17
LjLand while you were at it, you gave them nick such as "UbuntuSux"19:17
PriceChildYou tested a program to join lots of bots in #ubuntu with trollish names?19:18
LjLtell me, does this channel topic say "The ops are idiots, who will believe anything you tell them?"19:18
EdsadsasdadackOMG, i was bored, i am trying to start ubuntu 5 days now19:18
LjLmaybe someone changed it but the server was out of sync19:18
PriceChildYou were bored of trying to get ubuntu to work... so you decided on a whim it'd be cool to join troll-named bots?19:18
PriceChildWhat's to stop you doing it again?19:19
EdsadsasdadackJesus, they were on server 1 min19:19
EdsadsasdadackI killed them after Dave2 asked me to19:19
PriceChildWhat's to say you won't join a whole lot more next time... or make them all speak "ubuntu sucks"?19:19
EdsadsasdadackI dont have anything good for doing that19:20
EdsadsasdadackI can only get ban, like i did19:20
PriceChildwhich is why you're testing>/19:20
PriceChildYou don't have anything good for doing what i've described "yet", which is why you're testing what you have so far?19:21
EdsadsasdadackI dont understand, anyway i tested bots only to see if they are operational19:22
PriceChildwhy do you have bots in the first place?19:22
EdsadsasdadackIt is for my school project19:22
EdsadsasdadackAnd they can't talk in channel or anything, just join19:22
PriceChildYour school project is to make a mass join of bots in a channel?19:23
PriceChildI thought it was because you were bored trying to get ubuntu working so did that?19:23
Edsadsasdadackmy school project was to make an IRC bot19:23
PriceChildOk fed up of this conversation... so here's a new question.19:23
Edsadsasdadacki made feature to run more than 1 instance of bot19:23
PriceChildEdsadsasdadack, did you not think to ask the owners of the channel for permission to join bots?19:24
Edsadsasdadack??? i thought taht it is a public channel19:24
LjLEdsadsasdadack: can you smoke in a public place?19:24
LjLin many public places here, you can't19:24
PriceChildWould you ride a bike inside a library?19:24
EdsadsasdadackI my country you can, but i dont smoke19:24
EdsadsasdadackNo i wouldnt ride a bike19:24
Edsadsasdadackin lib19:25
LjLEdsadsasdadack: why?19:25
PriceChildbut its a public place?19:25
EdsadsasdadackThat would be stupid, to ride a bike in a library19:25
PriceChildbecause it would annoy other people in there if you hit them by acciadent?19:25
EdsadsasdadackBecause every1 would look at me like I am crazy19:25
PriceChildbecause it distracts them from their work?19:25
LjLEdsadsasdadack: i think they would kick you out from the library, too... wouldn't they?19:26
PriceChildbecause it gets the floor dirty?19:26
LjLEdsadsasdadack: and if you claimed that you "didn't know you couldn't ride a bike in the library", would they let you back in?19:26
EdsadsasdadackAfter some time they would, like one day19:27
Edsadsasdadackthey would let me in if i dont go in there with bike19:27
PriceChildThey'd have signs on the wall about what is allowed wouldn't they?19:27
PriceChildLike being quiet, and how long you can borrow books19:27
EdsadsasdadackYes, of course19:27
LjLPriceChild: perhaps they wouldn't have sign for obvious things though - such that you can't ride bikes19:27
PriceChildthey wouldn't have the bike thing... because that should be *common sense*19:27
PriceChildLjL, exactly19:27
LjLbut they'd throw you out anyway if you do.19:28
PriceChildif we apply this analogy to #ubuntu19:28
LjLand yes, i suppose they *might* allow you back some day19:28
LjLsame here19:28
PriceChildyou might notice on our wall (/topic) there is some guidelines19:28
PriceChildand in those guidelines... it says a few things19:28
LjLsome day is not today, so don't hold your breath, have fun, see you in some time19:28
PriceChildEdsadsasdadack, go read those guidelines please.19:28
Edsadsasdadacki read them19:29
Edsadsasdadackjust link to some wiki page19:29
PriceChildEdsadsasdadack, go read them again, properly19:29
PriceChildread the wiki page19:29
PriceChildthen come back in a few days when the librarian has calmed down19:29
* ompaul is in a funny humour19:55
Seeker`oook ooook19:58
Garybaaaa :-)19:58
ompaulPriceChild, think terry pratchett19:58
PriceChildstill not with you19:59
ompaulPriceChild, search for diskworld  librarian19:59
Seeker`PriceChild: The librarian in the university in the main city in discworld is an orangutan, and says "oook" a lot19:59
Seeker`in fact, almost exclusively20:00
ompaulFull name: The Librarian20:00
ompaul(possibly formerly Dr. Horace Worblehat)20:00
ompaulwoops it is discworld20:01
ompaulHe speaks an elaborate language whose vocabulary consists of the single word Ook (and its antonym "eek" - where "ook" means yes, "eek" tends to mean no). Nonetheless, most people seem to be able to understand him. Both his language and his reaction were used separately and together as jokes in the first Discworld game.20:01
ompaulPriceChild, I will stop quoting wikipedia now20:01
ubotuIn ubotu, kippy said: why is swap usage on my system always zero?20:37
naliothubotu: tell kippy about bot20:38
ubotuIn ubotu, Gary said: ubotu, is this a good way to annoy the ops?20:42
* Gary hides20:42
* Seeker` prods Gary 20:42
* Gary runs away20:43
* jussi01 thinks about /ak Gary 20:43
jussi01but doesnt cause gary is staff...20:43
Seeker`Gary: wimp20:43
Seeker`jussi01: Do it anyway - we do it all the time in -uk20:43
Garyif I deserve it, don't let my cloak stop you20:44
jussi01Seeker`: I wish I could... but no access in here20:44
* nalioth thinks about /kline Gary 20:44
naliothis that better?20:44
jussi01ooh, nice! :P20:45
Jack_SparrowAnd I thought I was punchy this week20:46
LjLGary: and if you don't deserve it?20:46
LjLwait, don't answer that20:46
nalioth$500 USD to my paypal, and Gary goes bye-bye  :020:47
LjLi think i'll pass20:47
jussi01nalioth: Id give you 50c :P20:48
jussi01Martian: how can we help you?20:51
MartianI've need some advice about moderating in general. Since the ubuntu moderators are (or at least seem to be) very good, may I ask here?20:51
jpatrickoh my god, this Crysis is dumber than I thought20:51
MartianYou seem to be busy. Sorry.20:52
jussi01heh, I go away for 1 sec..20:53
* jpatrick bring him back20:53
jpatrickMartian: what's up mate?20:54
jussi01Martian: what was your question?20:56
* jpatrick wonders what nal.oth did to Gary20:56
MartianHow can you tell if someone is really a troll or just a dumb arrogant person with bad manners?20:57
Jack_SparrowAn d/a person will listen... a troll will not.20:58
MartianSo give him a warning and if he stops he isn't a troll?20:58
Jack_SparrowOne way.. yes20:58
naliothMartian: it is hard to tell at first20:58
naliothMartian: the truly new users and trolls are sometimes very hard to tell apart20:59
MartianThat makes a lot of sense. Thanks.20:59
naliothnew users may act trollish due to not being aware of any guidelines or expectations.  if they are sent !guidelines and such, and spoken with, the moral person will attempt to conform21:00
naliothtrolls, however, are devout non-conformists21:00
naliothwtf is it with people leaving while they're being spoken to?21:00
jpatricktroll maybe?21:01
jpatricklearning how to avoid being detected..21:02
LjLwouldn't surprise me *too* much21:02
nalioththe joke is gonna be on him, if he is a troll leaning camouflage21:05
m0nkLjL: you around im actually going to do this, this time with out being a jerk21:07
PriceChildm0nk, how many days has it been?21:08
PriceChild(Since you last spoke in here)21:08
m0nkwell....the day before yesterday i was tlaking like a smart aleck21:08
m0nkand yesterday i didnt come by *fought the urge*21:09
m0nkso two21:09
ubotuIn #ubuntu, radioman said: ubotu flood is detected, try flood again !!! ;D21:09
ubotudanbhfive called the ops in #ubuntu (radioman)21:09
m0nkbut if anything came out of being banned...the boredom convinced me to clean my room...entirely21:10
Seveasm0nk, how many rooms are in that house?21:12
m0nkSeveas: its an apartment...theres 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms21:12
m0nkbrb my mom is calling me21:12
Seveasok, so 3 rooms to go21:12
Seveasthat's 6 more days21:12
m0nkSeveas: thats just evil man21:13
SeveasI think it's an excellent idea21:14
Seveasbanning people until they've done something useful21:14
m0nkSeveas: ive been learning C too tho!21:14
m0nkwhile (ban!=lifted)21:15
m0nkprintf("Seveas ownz! ");21:15
Seveasmakes no sense21:15
Seveasban isn't a variable21:15
Seeker`neither is lifted21:16
Seeker`and there certainly isn't an int main() {21:16
Seveaslifted could be a constant21:16
Seeker`well, a ban could be constant :P21:16
m0nki didnt wanna flood the op room with a joke code21:16
m0nkSeeker`: i thought Seveas was gonna say taht:|21:16
SeveasI'd say: while(mask_search(list_search(channel_list,'#ubuntu'), me.prefix) { puts("I'm still LjL's bitch\n"); }21:17
m0nk:| ouch21:18
Seveasand I still forgot a bit21:18
m0nkyour C is superior to mine21:18
m0nkeven still lol21:18
SeveasC's a bitch if you want to write dense code21:18
m0nkSeveas: yeah...i know but i wanted to learn it because just about everything has C in it somewhere21:18
Seeker`m0nk: Apart from Java programs.21:19
SeveasC is fairly simple21:19
Seveasbut you've gotta now your glibc/susv3/posix and other libs relevant to your project21:19
m0nkSeveas: yep:) just gotta know how to smash if statements loops and so on into a useful program21:19
Seveasif statements and loops are for monkeys21:20
Seeker`GOTO ftw21:20
Seveasprogramming is all about specifications, documentation, algorithms, datastructures, protocols21:20
* PriceChild scratches his armpits21:20
Seveasand standards, unless you're microsoft21:20
m0nkSeveas: lol21:20
* Seeker` hates specs / docs21:20
m0nkSeveas: microsoft doesnt have to follow a standard because other companies will conform to them because most people use windows21:21
Seveasm0nk, not really21:21
Seveastcp/ip is something they do follow21:21
PriceChildAnyone see Stephen Fry's prediction?21:21
Seveasotherwise they'd fall off the internet21:21
Seveas(which imho would be a good thing though)21:21
m0nkwouldnt hear about nasty hackers writing viruses all the time21:22
m0nkor those nasty hackers reading people's email and stealing credit cards21:22
Seeker`PriceChild: The "everyone will be running something from GNU / Linux in 5 years" quote?21:23
Seveasm0nk, your credit card number is 3749-1465-8393-3145 expiration date 08/2012 cvc code 34121:23
m0nkSeveas: fascinating being i dont have a credit card:P21:23
Seeker`m0nk: that you know of ;)21:24
Seveasintercepted it before it got to you21:24
m0nklol not 18 yet either21:24
SeveasI can see in the future21:24
m0nkthere is one thing i cant dis prove21:24
m0nkyou win:(21:24
PriceChildSeveas, indeed21:25
SeveasPriceChild, Seeker`*21:25
Seeker`Seveas: ?21:26
Seveas<PriceChild> Seveas, indeed <--- I assumed you meant Seeker` there21:26
Seveassince he replied to your question21:26
PriceChildah whoops sorry :)21:26
PriceChildtab completion strikes again21:27
* Seeker` takes PriceChild's tab key away from him until he can learn to use it properly21:27
no0ticPic.i, always does21:27
PriceChildHmm tempted to update to hardy.21:56
m0nkPriceChild: is hardy stable? or is it still in beta?22:02
PriceChild!hardy | m0nk22:03
ubotum0nk: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu22:03
m0nkahh ok....22:03
m0nki wonder if they fixed what they broke in gusty22:03
PriceChildthis isn't the place for that...22:03
naliothm0nk: "if you have to ask"22:03
PriceChildI don't think there's any place for that...22:04
m0nki shouldnt talk like that....ubuntu is community based so im insulting directly22:05
PriceChildthere is no place for insults22:05
PriceChild!coc > m0nk22:05
PriceChildm0nk, see you again in a few days.22:05
m0nklemme rephrase that **i wonder if hardy will be more like feisty22:06
m0nkPriceChild: be nice i caught myself and fixed my statement22:06
PriceChildNope, you phrased it the way you meant it.22:06
PriceChildSee you :)22:06
m0nko cmon i am usually a nice guy22:07
m0nkyea...i did violate the CoC at first which was respect...however i did rephrase into a way that was more constructive22:11
m0nkall though then again it was still a very subjective statement22:11
m0nkno i just really want the ban lifted right now because for the next two weeks im probably gonna be hanging out around the house being a loner more22:13
=== crd1b_ is now known as crdlb
m0nkPriceChild: even tho this isnt the room for it...im trying to burn disc images *in iso* that the default cd burner in ubuntu wont burn because they are for a dreamcast...do you know of a burner app in ubuntu that wont care and will just burn what it sees?22:16
PriceChildm0nk, read what you just said please.22:17
m0nk:| thanks22:17
m0nkoh well i get what i get22:17
ompaulm0nk, read the topic for this channel please22:25
m0nkompaul: i know:|22:27
ompaulThis channel is for operator/abuse questions in the IRC Team domain only - so I think you are far outside of that domain, do you agree or not, a one word answer would be nice.22:29
m0nki am in the process of chilling here and trying to get a ban lifted22:30
ompaulwell you have been told they will see you again in a few days22:30
ompaulI now draw your attention to the rest of the topic22:30
ompaulat the end of it there is one small statement22:30
ompaulI am asking you nicely22:30
ompaulplease go22:31
m0nkall right i dont wanna get people too mad at me...take it easy22:31
ompaultoo mad22:31
ompaulpfft - just a certain amount is what they all want22:31
* ompaul builds the worlds biggest bridge and puts it in a corner of freenode - the rest is classified22:32
PriceChildTrying to test an upgrade of an ubutnu system with encrypted root to hardy... virtualbox has decided it doesn't want to let me install ubuntu and vmware won't start *grrr*22:37
ubotuFlannel called the ops in #ubuntu (baner_)23:20

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