electrofreaksherl0k, I might be able to help...00:00
sherl0kI'm trying to figure out why mysql won't spawn multiple processes00:01
sherl0kI have a debian server that does it00:01
sherl0kI checked both confs and compared, I didn't see anything on the debian server that would do it00:02
electrofreaksorry. I have no experience with that unfortunately00:04
electrofreakdid you restart the deamon, though?00:04
sherl0kYeah, every time I make changes to the conf I restart the daemon00:04
electrofreakok. Is there an extra package that needs to be installed, or is that functionality built into mysql?00:05
sherl0kI'm not really sure, honestly00:05
electrofreakWish I could help. Sorry.00:07
Cha0tixHello All01:51
Cha0tixI really need your help because I become mad due to samba01:51
zulwhat does the log files say?01:51
zulelectrofreak: what does the log files say?01:52
Cha0tixanyone can help me, i can't see my samba shares from my windows xp pc01:53
Cha0tixi have tested all that i can but that still don't work01:54
sherl0kDid you restart the samba daemon after making changes?01:54
Cha0tixyeah I did01:54
Cha0tixwhen i launch smbclient -L localhost from ubuntu-server01:54
Cha0tixthat works01:54
Cha0tixbut if launch "net view \\ipadress" or net view \\servername01:54
Cha0tixit says that it doesn't find anything01:54
sherl0kcan you do a net view \\ipaddress01:55
sherl0kand use the PC's ip instead of the server name?01:55
Cha0tixthat doesn't work too01:55
zulcan you ping the other machines01:55
Cha0tixyeah I can01:56
Cha0tixI use it by SSH01:56
Cha0tixso the connection between these two is good01:56
sherl0kis your windows firewall on?01:56
zulanything in the log files?01:56
sherl0kthat bugger likes to cause problems :P01:56
Cha0tixyeah i shut down the firewall but that doesn't work too01:56
sherl0kand on the Linux side? any firewall?01:57
Cha0tixmaybe the problem come from my switch01:58
Cha0tixmy windows pc has an ip like
Cha0tixand the other01:58
Cha0tixnot the same at all01:58
Cha0tixeth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:50:DA:06:7B:7101:58
Cha0tix          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
Cha0tix          inet6 addr: fe80::250:daff:fe06:7b71/64 Scope:Link01:58
Cha0tix          UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:101:58
Cha0tix          RX packets:134111 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:66 frame:001:58
Cha0tix          TX packets:937 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:001:59
Cha0tix          collisions:0 txqueuelen:100001:59
Cha0tix          RX bytes:8286662 (7.9 MB)  TX bytes:140525 (137.2 KB)01:59
Cha0tix          Interrupt:10 Base address:0xa00001:59
Cha0tixthis is my eth0 configuration under ubuntu-server01:59
sherl0kI think samba shares have to be done on the same network01:59
Cha0tixyeh but01:59
Cha0tixi can access to my windows shares from my ubuntu-server pc with smbclient01:59
Cha0tixthat's why it's really strange!02:00
sherl0kopen a terminal02:00
sherl0krun testparm02:00
sherl0kthat will tell you if there are any errors in your samba config02:00
Cha0tix        workgroup = MSHOME02:02
Cha0tix        server string = %h server (Samba, Ubuntu)02:02
Cha0tix        interfaces = eth002:02
Cha0tix        security = SHARE02:02
Cha0tix        passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u02:02
Cha0tix        passwd chat = *Enter\snew\sUNIX\spassword:* %n\n *Retype\snew\sUNIX\spa$02:02
Cha0tix        syslog = 002:02
Cha0tix        log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m02:02
Cha0tix        max log size = 5002:02
Cha0tix        dns proxy = No02:02
Cha0tix        panic action = /usr/share/samba/panic-action %d02:02
Cha0tix        invalid users = root02:02
Cha0tixyeah i now testparm02:02
Cha0tixthis my smb.conf [global]02:02
Cha0tixmaybe it's my interfaces line that is not good02:02
Cha0tixand my share test :02:02
Cha0tix        comment = Test02:02
Cha0tix        path = /tmp02:02
Cha0tix        guest ok = Yes02:02
Cha0tixwhat do you think about?02:03
sherl0kare there multiple interfaces on the server?02:04
Cha0tixjust lo02:08
Cha0tixand eth002:08
Cha0tixhow can i modify the broadcast?02:10
Cha0tixbecause it appears that it's not the same between windows and linux02:10
incorrecthello, i am configuring bonding, and i don't know where i can put the module config options15:11
dendrobatesincorrect: look at /etc/modprobe.d15:13
incorrecti can't find the .local file :S15:13
incorrecti am sure a few revisions ago i used to put my custom options in their own file15:15
sorenincorrect: Just create it?17:43
incorrectsoren, yes i was being stupid, its a .d :) so all files would be loaded :) doh took me 30 mins to notice that17:44
incorrectsomedays you can't see the wood from the trees17:44
incorrecti am looking for X where is X i am not happy until i find it,  there is no spoon17:45
sorenincorrect: :)17:49
faulkes-not specific to u-s however, anyone dealt with MPM under apache vs. pre-fork17:54
incorrectisn't that a case of, do you want to run php or not17:55
incorrecthave they fixed that17:55
sorenIt's a case of whether you want to use mod_php5.17:56
sorenThere are other ways to run php, though.17:56
sorenfastcgi being the interesting choice.17:56
incorrectthat is more what i meant17:56
sorenWell, there might be other reasons, but that's the usual reason for resorting to prefork.17:57
incorrecti am going to try out one of those php accelerators soon17:58
* soren goes to dinner18:00
faulkes-unfortunately I'm tackling a multi-layered issue of 'suck' involving apache-mpm, ensim (yes, not my choice), php18:14
faulkes-all of which resounds to sites taking about 2-3 minutes to load18:14
faulkes-issue that it is't is cpu/mem (dual core, load 0.12 5min avg.), 200mb free (+buffers, etc), 0 swap in use18:17
faulkes-anyways, it's not u-s specific so I'll leave it out of here18:17
faulkes-feel free to /msg me if you ideas though18:17
incorrectfaulkes-, why don't you try out, one sec18:18
incorrecti am going to have similar issues,18:18
faulkes-well, I guess he incorrect had a bigger issue ;)18:35
* faulkes- whistles innocently18:35
faulkes-wow, my english and spelling are terrible this afternoon18:39
hypnus9What is the best way to add my Vista laptop to samba so that I might access my desktop?19:24
Alpha0606hi - installed 7.10 server - nic 8029 says unclaimed - can anyone advise plz?20:49
ivoksmore words would explain your situation much better :)20:53
Alpha0606fresh install of 7.10 server20:54
Alpha0606network card seems to be noticed20:54
Alpha0606but eth0 is not there from ifconfig20:54
ivoksifconfig show only configured interfaces, not all interfaces20:55
Alpha0606how do i configure the network card?20:55
ivoksso, dhclient eth0 should connect to your dhcp server20:55
Alpha0606static ip address20:55
ivoksif you don't have one, set it up manually20:55
ivoksifconfig eth0 netmask up20:55
Alpha0606static ip address is entered in interfaces20:56
ivoksthat would be a good start20:56
Alpha0606ill try that20:56
Alpha0606says no such device20:56
ivokstry eth120:57
Alpha0606yet lshw -C network lists the card20:57
Alpha0606no such device again20:57
ivoksif eth1 works, problem is most probably in udev rules20:58
Alpha0606eth1 gives same error20:58
ivokshow many nics do you have?20:58
ivoksall right20:58
ivoksgo to /etc/udev/rules.d20:58
ivoksthere is a file 70-persistent-net.rules20:59
ivoksis there anything in it?20:59
Alpha0606i see it20:59
ivoksdmesg | grep eth21:00
ivoksany strange info in output?21:00
Alpha0606no output21:00
ivoksthat's not nice21:01
ivokswhich network card is that?21:01
ivokslspci | grep Network21:01
Alpha0606rtl 8029 AS21:01
Alpha0606capital N in Network?21:01
Alpha0606no output21:02
Alpha0606im in su mode21:02
ivokslspci | grep Ethernet21:02
Alpha0606showing usage info21:03
Alpha0606ill try again21:03
ivoksthat's 10mbit card?21:03
ivokslike, very old card? :)21:04
Alpha0606shows 00:0B.0 Ethernet controller: Realtel Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8029(AS021:04
Alpha0606its an old card yes21:04
ivokstry this:21:04
ivokssudo modprobe 839021:04
Alpha0606on athlon 1000 system21:04
ivokssudo modprobe ne2k-pci21:04
Alpha0606do i type sudo when im in su?21:05
ivoksno need21:05
Alpha06069 I TRIED THAT BEFORE TOO )21:05
ivoksrun dmesg21:06
ivoksand check if card is recognized21:06
Alpha0606ran straight off screen :D21:06
alefterisany control panel that is available in the repos for managing a lamp ubuntu server? I was looking for webmin, seems i am a bit behind on the news about server staff :) thanks21:06
Alpha0606pause function? switch?21:07
ivoksAlpha0606: you need only last couple of lines21:07
ivoksif there's something about nic, then you are on a good track21:07
Alpha0606NET: registered protocol familt 1021:07
ivoksalefteris: iirc, nothing :)21:07
ivoksthat's not it :/21:08
Alpha0606lo: disabled privacy extensions21:08
Alpha0606nothing else related on screen21:08
Alpha0606i looked in boot log earlier.......21:09
ivoksthat's everything i know about rtl802921:09
ivoksi know it's was problematic when it was released21:09
Alpha0606found..... ne2k-pci probe 000:00:08.0 failed with error -1621:09
Alpha0606does that help?21:10
Alpha0606ive got an 8139B and 8139D here too21:10
ivoksyeah... well, it doesn't help, but we might found where the problem is21:10
ivokswell, those cards are 100mbit, iirc21:11
ivoksyou should use those21:11
Alpha0606but they wont detect during install21:11
ivoksdo you have any other PCI slots in computer?21:11
Alpha0606is it possible to shut down , change card, then install nic only ?21:11
Alpha0606yes i do21:11
ivoksof course it's possible21:12
Alpha0606well yeah - sorry - daft question ur right21:12
Alpha0606but is it fairly eaasy? :)21:12
ivoks_you shouldn't do a thing21:13
Alpha0606i googled but all i could find was references to network manager :/21:13
Alpha0606will auto detect on startup?21:13
ivoks_are we talking about server or desktop?21:14
ivoks_it will auto detect on startup21:14
ivoks_there's no network manager on server21:14
Alpha0606machine restarting now with 8139B in it21:14
Alpha0606screen full of segmentation fault?21:15
Alpha0606whats that mean?21:15
Alpha0606k - ive restarted with the 8139D in anyway21:16
Alpha0606i dont tend to panic ;)21:16
ivoks_segfaults aren't caused by nic21:16
Alpha0606im looking to replnld oblrver21:17
Alpha0606replace an old       cobalt server     that was :)21:17
Alpha0606machine restarted21:18
Alpha0606if i do /etc/init.d/networking restart i get no such device still on eth021:18
ivoks_dmesg | grep eth21:19
Alpha0606no output21:19
ivoks_dmesg | grep 813921:19
ivoks_sudo modprobe 8139too21:20
alefterisivoks, it sucks not having an easy to install web interface for admin by default, is it a todo thing for future versions?21:20
ivoks_alefteris: yes21:20
ivoks_search for ebox21:20
alefterisok thanks21:20
Alpha0606done the modprobe 8139too21:21
ubotuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See the plans for Hardy at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EboxSpec21:21
alefterisok cheers21:21
ivoks_Alpha0606: now run dmesg21:21
Alpha0606still cant see any reference to nic21:22
ivoks_try with other PCI slots21:22
Alpha0606lp:      ?21:22
ivoks_i'll be back later21:22
Alpha0606lp: driver loaded but no devices found21:22
=== ivoks_ is now known as ivoks
Alpha0606i think i try to get a different nic21:31
Alpha0606this is a brand new belkin on an 8139D and it wont see it21:32
ivokschange PCI slot21:33
ivoksthose cards work perfectly under ubuntu21:33
Alpha0606ill go for slot 1 this time21:33
Alpha0606just says no such device21:36
ivokstry with 8139cp21:37
ivoksmodprobe 8139cp21:37
Alpha0606no such device21:37
Alpha0606any other 8139 drivers?21:38
Alpha0606reinstall tomorrow then looks like :)21:39
ivoksit won't help21:39
Alpha0606damn :/21:39
ivokscheck out bios21:39
Alpha0606ur sure 8139D are ok?21:39
ivokslook for IRQ settings21:39
Alpha0606what in BIOS?21:39
Alpha0606oaed ll defaults21:41
Alpha0606slot 5 ethernet irq1021:42
Alpha06068139cp tried on startup - it suggests try 8139too21:44
Alpha0606no good21:45
Alpha0606still no such device21:46
Alpha0606probe of ..... failed with error -16   again21:48
Alpha0606i wonder what error -16 is21:48
Alpha0606ivoks - thnx for all ur time - i think its time to rest the brain ;)21:49
Alpha0606i appreciate ur help21:49
TrickFinlay2hey guys is there a command to show all mounted volumes?23:01
TrickFinlay2hmm nevermind lol23:03

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