mohbanausr13, not open source and i dont like installing manually00:00
syntaxerror55KKSlider1337: no, you keep nickserv. you type it in this chatroom. Your only replacing 'password' with your password.00:00
KKSlider1337oh ok00:00
usr13_mohbana: It is not hard to install.00:00
mrthaggarI'll go and see if I can figure it out :) Thanks for the advice!00:00
linchapulinmrthaggar:: If you want to do it that way...just download and install vmware and it should work much better with Ubuntu00:01
Sakkathgmcastil: the cd is fine, i just donno how to get it to display on my monitor00:01
Andehhi. I need help on configuring XORG to use my retarded monitor at its full resolution.00:01
usr13_mrthaggar: You more than likely already have totem00:01
gmcastilKKSlider1337: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml00:01
mohbanaAndeh, what gfx card?00:01
gmcastilSakkath: umm...can you explain your problem again?00:02
usr13_Andeh: What resolution?00:02
usr13_Andeh: 800x600  ?00:02
Andehmohbana: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT, resolution 1680x1050@6000:02
bad_cablesSyntaxerror55: when i look, it sais... /interface/whatever.o not found, so i shell to /interface and i see only whatever.h... is that what i should change?00:02
syntaxerror55bad_cables: No. whatever.h is the source, whatever.o is the binary00:02
Sakkathgmcastil: the cd is fine, the boot menu is 1280x1024, so with default 'vga' or setting to 1280x1024x32, it doesn't show up, monitor just says no signal. i normally use 1440x900 on geforce 8800gts 512MB00:03
mohbanaAndeh, whats your current resolution? have u installed the drivers?00:03
Andehdrivers? "nvidia" driver?00:03
Andehi have the glx thing00:03
usr13_Andeh: cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak ; nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:03
AndehI already had this conversation. I looked at XORGS startup logs and it said something about the monitor not supporting the res, even though i was using it in windows ten minutes ago.00:04
Parsec300How can I update the restricted nVidia drivers when they come out?00:04
Andehusr13: i'm in GNOME now, but okay :P00:04
danbhfiveParsec300: wont they upgrade with the rest of your software?00:04
gpivansome know the name of the server in spanish?00:04
gmcastilSakkath: i think the boot image has to be 640x48000:04
Andehusr13: okay00:05
Sakkathgmcastil: i checked my monitor by pressin menu button and it said 1280x102400:05
themunkeecan anyone help me with drivers for ATI Technologies Inc Rage 128 Pro Ultra TF?00:05
mohbanaAndeh, are you using the nvidia drivers?00:05
gmcastilSakkath: you're trying to get grub to display graphics, right?00:05
Parsec300Haven't seen it happen yet danbhfive. Should it?00:05
Sakkathgmcastil: grub is there fine, but the os won't boot00:05
themunkeei was told that when running glxgears, it's supposed to be smooth00:05
Sakkathit won't show00:05
Andehmohbana: yeah, i ran reconfigure xorg and told it to use NOT nv, but nvidia.00:05
danbhfiveParsec300: yeah, usually00:05
gmcastilSakkath: is that a yes?00:05
Sakkathgmcastil: no00:05
danbhfiveParsec300: is this a new install?00:06
gmcastilSakkath: so...what are you trying to do? i don't really know00:06
mohbanaAndeh, tell me if you see nvdia x server settings under apps -> sys tools00:06
Sakkathgmcastil: i'm trying to install it, i'm talking about the cd, when i pres 'Start or Install Kubuntu' or do the safe gfx mode, it does something and then monitor says 'No Signal'00:06
Andehmohbana: strange. they used to be there00:06
gmcastilSakkath: ah...ok.  when you boot, you might try editing the boot parameters00:06
Parsec300danbhfive, well, not exactly new. I've been running it for over a month now, but there was a recent update of the drivers.00:07
gmcastilSakkath: i think you have to press F6 - that will let you edit the boot options that are passed to the kernel - try removing the words 'quiet' and 'splash'00:07
gpivanthanks for the answer :-@00:07
danbhfiveParsec300: how do you know there was an update?00:07
Andehmohbana: what is the command to run that? i don't see it in the menu00:07
mohbanaAndeh, is this a fresh install00:07
Ian00whats a good prog to view images?00:07
jhalsteadwhen I plug in my mp3 player rhythmbox opens.  how do I change this default app to say amarok??00:07
gmcastilSakkath: i had the same problem - the default install setup didn't work with my video card, so i had to remove those parameters00:07
soldatsIan00, GQView00:08
Ian00thx soldats00:08
Parsec300I regularly check a website which lists new versions of a lot of software and drivers and there was a new version of the nVidia Linux Dislplay Drivers.00:08
Fallenouhi !00:08
Parsec300danbhfive, how do I check the version anyway?00:08
soldatsIan00, gimp and inkscape can edit them GQView is just a viewer00:08
Andehmohbana: yes.00:08
Fallenoui'm some trouble, i just installed hardy heron beta 3 (by doing gksudo "update-manager -d") and i cannot launch apt-get anymore00:08
gmcastilSakkath: let me know if that works00:09
Fallenouapt-get: /usr/local/lib/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.9' not found (required by apt-get)00:09
danbhfiveParsec300: try synaptic, I dont know the cli commands for that00:09
Fallenoui had similar problem before upgrading , with konqueror or OpenOffice for exemple, but not with apt-get00:09
mohbanaAndeh, i am assuming you havn't installed the nidia drivers before? are yo running 800x600 right? are you on 64bi?00:09
Fallenouit seems that after the update it's getting worse :p00:09
Fallenoudo you know how to repare that ?00:09
Sakkathgmcastil: all right, be back later whether it works or not00:09
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu00:10
Andehmohbana: I have everything installed. I'm running at 1400x105000:10
gmcastilSakkath: later00:10
wigrenhow do i check the md5sum of an iso file00:10
abarbacciahello all, i just installed 4GB ram into my desktop but gutsy is only showing 2GB00:11
danbhfivewigren: md5sum?00:11
abarbacciaanybody know why? bios shows full 4gb00:11
=== gonzo_ is now known as |gonzo|
visofhow can i kill process?00:11
Gnine!md5sum | wigren00:11
ubotuwigren: To verify the integrity of a download, use the md5sum - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM for more00:11
soldatsvisof, killall appname00:11
wigreno well thats just way to easy. thanks00:11
soldatsabarbaccia, did you run memtest86 to check00:11
themunkeecan anyone help me with drivers for "ATI Technologies Inc Rage 128 Pro Ultra TF"?00:12
abarbacciasoldats: how will memtest help me here? im trying to get gutsy to recognize it - it shows up in the bios00:12
abarbacciaits a kernel problem somewhere00:12
abarbacciaor a module of some sort00:12
moon_bonsoire tous le mondes00:12
soldats!fr > moon_00:12
moon_excus soldats;00:13
Gninealso check system > admistration > system monitor for a list of running processes00:13
bob6938DCC SEND ^%$#^*($&%*#&%$*(#&*(#&%*(#%00:13
Andehmohbana: I found this in the log: (WW) NVIDIA(0): No valid modes for "1680x1050@60"; removing.00:13
soldatsabarbaccia, hmm, well im not the hardware expert but i had a similar problem. but i ran memtest and the mem wasnt fully detected00:13
abarbacciasoldats: thanks for the help though!00:14
mohbanaAndeh, is the nvidia x server settings under apps -> sys tools?00:14
ixian_hi, i'm looking for a program for linux that displays system info (cpu, battery, bandwidth, etc) on the desktop. i've seen some screenshots where someone is using this type of app but i don't know what it is called00:15
Andehmohbana: forget the menu, just tell me the command to run it00:15
paladin_ixian_ : hardinfo00:15
Maniahi i have problem with wireless connection00:15
hubso who sent Sonja to #gphoto for a mount problem?>00:15
paladin_ixian_ : but it has a bug in some platforms00:15
Maniai try this sudo iwlist eth1 scan00:15
mohbanaAndeh, that app allows you configure it00:15
hubbecause USB Storage camera are none of gphoto business00:15
Maniawith this result00:16
Maniaeth1 Interface doesn't support scanning : No such device00:16
Andehmohbana: Yes. what is the command for the app?00:16
Sonjait was syntaxerror5500:16
Sonjathe camera thingy00:16
hubsyntaxerror55: you sent Sonja to #gphoto because the mass storage device does not mount00:16
hubsyntaxerror55: while gphoto does not even deal with mass storage00:16
Sonjahow do i mount it then?00:17
hubit should be automatic00:17
syntaxerror55hub: He said his camera didn't work.00:17
shr1k3Mania: device might be another name, e.g. wlan0 -- check ifconfig00:17
mohbanaAndeh, sudo nvidia-settings00:17
hubif it is not, it is an ubuntu bug00:17
Parsec300danbhfive, thanks for the help. Gotto go get some sleep.00:17
Sonja(i'm a girl)00:17
hubSonja: I was about to point out ;-)00:17
Sonjashould it put an icon on the desktop00:17
Sonjaof the camera?00:17
hubit should00:17
syntaxerror55hub: I thought it had mounted, and he gave me a message. I don't know anything about gPhoto, so it confused me. Sorry.00:17
Sonjainstead it just opens the "import photos" window00:17
moon_est ce que quelqu'un peut m'aider a configuré ma web cam sur ubuntu00:18
hubyeah that's gnome-volume-manager that does that00:18
Sonjawhich says "no images found" even though winxp has no problem00:18
Sonjamoon_ #ubuntu-fr maybe?00:18
hubmoon_: y'a un channel en francais quelque part00:18
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.00:18
Sakkathgmcastil: progress--but stuck at the boot scripts thing00:18
Maniashr1k3: i try this to http://ubuntuusers.de/paste/32880/00:18
syntaxerror55hub: Sorry? D:00:18
hubsyntaxerror55: actually I even think it is an ubuntu bug... I couldn't tell because I no longer use ubuntu00:19
Sonjawhat should i do to mount the camera?00:19
Andehmohbana: I ran nvidia-settings00:19
Andehit says I'm not using the NVIDIA driver00:19
morphaticI used repository to install VMWare server, but I don't seem to be able to access the MUI...  does anyone know how I can tell if it is installed?00:19
hubSonja: I'd try this in the terminal: "pmount /dev/sda1"00:19
Sonjait's so much easier in winxp, but i'd rather keep trying in ubuntu00:19
Andehmohbana: and that i should run nvidia-xconfig as root and restart X, which I just did, and now it still says that!00:19
Sonjahub ok let me try00:19
syntaxerror55hub: Ah, okay. Because gphoto outputted something, I thought to blaim gphoto.00:19
hubsyntaxerror55: the dialog?00:20
Sakkathgmcastil: what about the -- at the end of the line? ('quiet splash --') or osmething like that.00:20
Sonjaok installing pmount00:20
shr1k3Mania: does iwconfig show another interface available?00:20
hubsyntaxerror55: it is not gphoto. gphoto does NOT have a UI00:20
SonjaError: device /dev/sda1 is already mounted to /media/windowsold00:20
Maniano that all00:20
hubSonja: oh00:20
Sonjathat's one of my hard drives00:20
hubSonja: dmesg should tell which /dev/sd it is00:20
gmcastilSakkath: yeah, delete the -- thing too00:20
syntaxerror55hub: she typed something in here, and I failed to realize it was a dialog. I use gphoto. I have a canon powershot a46000:20
mohbanaAndeh, althought this is for a 8800gts you could give it try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=679266 the url for the 64bit version is http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/169.09/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-169.09-pkg2.run00:20
Sonjausb-storage: device found at 600:21
Sonjais that it?00:21
Andehmohbana: So the glx-new drivers dont work?00:21
hubSonja: it should give a bit more than that00:21
gmcastildoes anyone happen to know what package 'convert' is a part of? i've found some man pages on google, but it's not easy to find the package that it comes from00:21
high-freqanyone know if there is a default firewall settings when u first install ubuntu?00:21
d03boywhen does the new version com eout00:21
mohbanaAndeh, mine is working fine on 169.09 release00:21
high-freqor do i have to install one00:21
astro76gmcastil: imagemagick00:21
Starnestommyd03boy: april?00:21
Sonjathe output of dmesg is huge00:22
Andehmohbana: so the solution is to use something else?00:22
Maniashr1k3: ?!00:22
shr1k3Mania: you don't show an eth1 device, thats why the error00:22
Gnine!firewall | high-freq00:22
ubotuhigh-freq: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).00:22
gmcastilastro76: yeah...thats what i thought, but convert isn't present on this installation00:22
Sonjathanks for trying to help me, hub and syntaxerror5500:22
gmcastilastro76: imagemagick is installed, but there isn't a convert command00:22
high-freqthx gnine00:22
Maniashr1k3: ok but what is your soultion?00:22
shr1k3find your wireless device name, check output of "iwconfig"00:23
danfgi tried upgrading to ubuntu 7.10 and a few things went wrong, ubuntu-desktop failed to be installed. i was able to boot ok though. now i tried "aptitude install ubuntu-desktop" and aptitude is asking if i should remove some 51 packages. why's that, why are packages being removed if i want to install ubuntu-desktop?00:23
mohbanaAndeh, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto00:23
Arceyestill got problems with wmv files ( specificaly windows media 9 audio codec ) the video plays fine but no audio ?00:23
astro76gmcastil: perhaps reinstall the package, it's definitely a part of it http://packages.ubuntu.com/cgi-bin/search_contents.pl?searchmode=filelist&word=imagemagick&version=gutsy&arch=i38600:23
gmcastilastro76: nm...i wasn't querying the apt-cache correctly00:23
high-freqproblem is...i have teamspeak server setup on this laptop and i just installed voip ata device to the network for my phone...now the ts server don't work and i dunno i didn't change any configs or anything on laptop and i also checked the router and still has ts port enabled for this laptop's internal ip addy so i dunno00:24
mohbanaAndeh, i didn't use that myself as i got mine working through the nvidia thing00:24
Maniashr2k3: http://ubuntuusers.de/paste/32881/00:24
gmcastilastro76: yeah, i was pretty sure that it was - i wasn't searching locally installed packages but the repos themselves00:24
Andehmohbana: oh screw this. I need to do a clean ubuntu install anyway, I'm going to install x64 instead of 32 bit00:24
Maniashr1k3: http://ubuntuusers.de/paste/32881/00:24
gmcastilastro76: been using rpm too long00:24
Andehmohbana: Might work by default in there00:24
mohbanaAndeh, if it does good for you00:25
mohbanaAndeh, but i think you have to install the drivers00:25
Andehmohbana: for what?00:25
Andehmohbana: for the monitor?00:25
Gnine!64 | Andeh00:26
ubotuAndeh: AMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/jv6tc for more information.00:26
branstromhttp://deb.wapper.ru/nginx/ Anybody know what it says in Russian here? :)00:26
Maniashr1k3: ?00:26
VvWolverinevVhi, can anyone help me with firestarter blocking samba file sharing?  i have posted the details here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68436600:26
Sakkathgmcastil: it was deleted when it stuck on the boot script thing. another question before i get ahead of myself, my windows partition is nvraid (raid0), the 'bios' (sw?) raid. can i read my windows files & can i install on this? i'd like to install ubuntu on the raid too00:27
Gnine!en | branstrom00:27
ubotubranstrom: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat00:27
branstromGnine: well00:27
branstromanybody know an up-to-date source of nginx packages, then?00:28
AndehWine doesn't work in 64 bit?00:28
branstromI hate having to build my own00:28
gmcastilSakkath: i don't really know...i'm not familiar with software raids like yours00:28
StarnestommyAndeh: it works for me in 64 bit00:28
gmcastilSakkath: installing on a raid is easy, if it's a hardware raid (like with a 3ware controller)00:29
Sakkathgmcastil: who can afford one of those controllers? :P00:29
shr1k3Mania: eth1 is your wireless device00:29
Sakkathi don't know what the difference from 'bios' raid and sw raid is00:29
Maniashr1k3: ok00:29
shr1k3Mania: checking...00:29
Sakkathif i could partition both disks fine, i could use a linux sw raid w/mdadm instead maybe00:29
Sakkathi would love to be able to read my windows files but if i can't... oh well00:29
Sakkathi just gotta make sure i can install w/out harming anything00:30
Gnine!raid | Sakkath00:30
ubotuSakkath: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto00:30
Maniashr1k3: how can i check it?00:30
jrgpVLC broke my ubuntu's sound when it crashed while playing a dvd. no sound at all in any programs on gnome, fluxbox, or kde. Please help!00:30
SakkathGnine: what is the point of the bios raid if linux can do it w/out it? is it required for windows?00:31
shr1k3Mania: i tried taking my wireless interface down to see if i got same result: nope, got this(wlan0     No scan results)00:31
erawfishGnine: basically yes00:31
Sakkatherawfish: was that supposed to be to me?00:31
shr1k3Mania: Are you using network manager?00:32
gmcastilSakkath: the bios raid is OS transparent00:32
Maniashr1k3: yes00:32
oldred`somebody can help me ?00:32
Sakkathbios raid is like 'hardware fakeRAID' and it's really a softraid and softRAID is the linux like mdadm and stuff?00:32
gmcastilSakkath: uh....and I DO have a 3ware controller00:32
danbhfiveoldred`: what help do you need?00:32
Sakkathi know linux raid is better.. but i couldn't do that with windows00:32
jrgp VLC broke my ubuntu's sound when it crashed while playing a dvd. no sound at all in any programs on gnome, fluxbox, or kde00:32
shr1k3Mania: does that show available wireless aps?00:32
Sakkathgmcastil: that's awesome :), i'm jealous00:32
gmcastilSakkath: network admin00:32
oldred`i need to know if there`s a soft like mIRC00:33
gmcastiloldred`: eh?00:33
Starnestommyoldred`: xchat?00:33
ubotuGoogle is a very popular search engine: http://www.google.com  -  Google also has a Linux-specific search engine: http://google.com/linux00:33
oldred`I`m new in ubuntu and it`s not easy for me with xchat00:33
gmcastiloldred`: i would try googling for linux irc client00:33
JAHUTEHASdoes ubuntu works on my 28600:33
yurimasterdo you know, how to customize mountain ghost?00:33
danbhfiveoldred`: I use pidgin00:33
Starnestommyoldred`: maybe konversation00:33
gmcastiloldred`: ERC is the best00:34
void^JAHUTEHAS: no.00:34
ubotuIrssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help.00:34
Maniashr1k3: you mean netork network setting left side from clock?00:34
Scunizigmcastil, saw your posts on Imagemagic earlier.. try typing "display" in terminal. You'll have a gui for IM..00:34
=== yurimaster is now known as pundipall
gmcastilScunizi:  i fixed it, it was something simple00:34
Scunizigmcastil, k..00:34
oldred`it works with Pidgin ?00:34
pundipallwhy does not firefox start in ubuntu00:35
CodenutGood eving all!!00:35
Sakkathanyways knowing about the raid doesn't help my gfx problem :(00:35
gmcastilScunizi: i thought that the package was installed, but it wasn't - i was grepping the wrong list of things00:35
shr1k3Mania: NetworkManager next to clock, when you click on it should show wired and wireless networks00:35
Sakkathapparently removing quiet and splash helped, but why was it stuck at that boot script thing?00:35
gmcastilpundipall: a more specific question will be more likely to get answered00:35
CodenutMy keyboard says IBM on it, so naturally a few keys don´t work.00:35
gmcastilSakkath: probably a problem with your video card - did it work with those options removed?00:35
Maniabut "no network connection" display me00:35
TUplinkhi all.... i have a prob... i lost my ubuntu cd... i have the image on the same box and have no more cd's......   im using apt-get to install somthing and it wants the cd    is there a way to make it use the image00:35
Scunizigmcastil, I dove into some docs on IM and found the gui. It's installed by default but many don't use it if they know the commandline syntax to do things.00:35
Sakkathgmcastil: yes "apparently removing quiet and splash helped, but why was it stuck at that boot script thing?"00:36
paladin_guys do you recommend any particular ftp server?00:36
gmcastilSakkath: the install should work just fine, though - it'll figure it out now00:36
Sakkathgmcastil: my vid card is fine i'm using it right now (:00:36
pundipallwell, when i extract firefox installlation file, which executable I have to run00:36
TUplinki mounted the image to /cdrom   but as soon as you hit enter in apt-get it unmounts it00:36
JAHUTEHASubuntu launch maybe hepls00:36
shr1k3Mania: does it allow you to do "Manual Configuration"?00:36
MicroHey guys, i have an issue with Compiz. My graphics card is 3d enabled, restricted driver installed, 3D enabled, but Desktop Effects just simply wont start00:36
gmcastilSakkath: yeah, just do the installation, and all will work fine - mine did the same thing - i figured it was a poorly supported video card00:36
CodenutI am running feisty, I hit something to do with my desktop areas on the lower right of my screen next to the trash bin.00:36
Microcant change the option in Appearance00:36
gmcastilScunizi: i prefer CLI00:36
Sakkathgmcastil: i said, it gets stuck at that boot script thing00:36
gmcastilSakkath: is it still getting stuck?00:37
Scunizipundipall, did you download FF?00:37
Codenutthe boxes went away and I can not find them.00:37
Sakkathgmcastil: i had no way of telling if/where it was getting stuck w/the gfx not working, now that i removed quiet and splash -- i can see, and it is at that boot script line. i guess i could retry though.00:37
Scunizipundipall, if you downloaded it there was no need.. It's already installed in Ubuntu00:37
gmcastilSakkath: which bootscript line?00:37
jrgphow can I fix broken sound?00:37
danbhfive!who > oldred`00:37
paladin_guys do you recommend any particular ftp server? what options do i have00:37
Sakkathgmcastil: ill find out, 1 min00:37
gmcastilSakkath: there are many bootscripts being run00:37
Sakkathi think it was about rc.local00:37
TUplinkhi all.... im using apt-get to install somthing and it wants the cd    is there a way to make it use the image00:38
Scunizipaladin_, proftpd00:38
gmcastilSakkath: rc.local is a directory in /etc - there are scripts in there that it's running00:38
pundipallyes, i downloaded, and extracted the firefox installation for linux00:38
Scunizipaladin_, gftp00:38
ubotuFTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd00:38
gmcastilSakkath: do you see lines with something like:    [OK]  ?00:38
Gninecheck system > preferences > appearance > visual effects  | micro00:38
Sakkathgmcastil: 1 sec00:38
pundipallbasically i want to get portable firwefox for ubuntu00:38
oldred`thanks guys!00:38
oldred`ubuntu rule!00:39
Microthats where im changing the option to turn them on, but it simply sits there, flickers twice, then says they can't be enabled00:39
Maniashr1k3: ?!00:39
Microcompiz --replace: http://www.pastebin.ca/88832400:39
Scunizipundipall, portable?  you mean to install into a usb key? or what?00:39
DSpairHey all...00:39
pundipallyes, run firefox from usb for example00:39
gmcastilpundipall: why?00:40
shr1k3Mania: can you do "Manual Configuration" from NetworkManager of your wireless device?00:40
DSpairCan anyone tell me how to change the saved settings inside of gnome-network-manager?00:40
Maniashr1k3: yes00:40
DSpairI have an old configuration for my home wireless saved, and I need to change it.00:40
pundipalltghe installation sucks!! i want portable software.  like portable apps for windows..00:40
jrgpcan anyone please help me with my broken sound?00:41
shr1k3Mania: if it is configured properly youshould be able to see a list of access points from the NM popup00:41
maxownzanyone have any guesses why my IEs4Linux looks like this --http://img220.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotot9.png -- the menus and toolbars aren't showing00:41
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:41
nemilarjrgp: what's the problem?00:41
magnetronVvWolverinevV: the netmask should be  <--- not 2500:41
JAHUTEHASi give info about world and anything other you ask like ubuntu and so, feel free to talk +3725598134900:41
Scunizipundipall, check out u3.com for portable apps.. also there are threads on ubuntuforums.org showing how to install ubuntu to a usb key. You can also use "Damn Small Linux" for that.00:41
stowawayHello, Im thinking about runing ubuntu and xp on the same system dual boot.. could i load winxp on say a 50gig partion leaving the rest spare. then install mythubunu on the rest.. then use some proggie as a menu to decide which partion to boot off?00:41
nemilarstowaway: yes00:42
jrgpI was playing a dvd with VLC. vlc crashed. I closed it with xkill and after that no sounds can be heard. when I use xmms or something it acts like its playing the sounds, but nothing is really coming out.00:42
nemilar!dualboot | stowaway00:42
ubotustowaway: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:42
shr1k3Mania: same results as using iwlist00:42
Scunizistowaway, that's exactly what the installer will do.. there are notes on hwo to do that correctly.00:42
stowawaythanks :)00:42
Maniashr1k3: that problem is diplay me nothing no error no dvice anything!1, i give netwrk name+network seurity+password00:42
Scunizi!dual | stowaway00:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dual - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:42
danbhfivemaxownz: i thought ies4linux was just for testing html and javascript, and that it wasnt about being a functional browser00:42
Gnine!xgl | micro00:42
ubotumicro: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:42
maxownzwell i can't even see where i'm typing in the URL00:42
Juzzy`!alsa | Juzzy`00:43
VvWolverinevVmagnetron: does open
nemilarjrgp: try running: killall -9 vlc       in the terminal00:43
stowaway!dvb | stowaway00:43
stowaway!dvt-t | stowaway00:43
maxownzdanbhfive: i'm not really concerned with the rest of the functionality00:43
magnetronVvWolverinevV: yes.00:43
Maniashr1k3: http://ubuntuusers.de/paste/32894/00:43
magnetron!msgthebot > stowaway00:43
pundipallno i wanto to use porable linux software on ubuntu, just like i use portable apps for windows. i dont waht the whole platform onto usb00:43
nemilarjrgp: vlc has a bug that, sometimes if it's killed via xkill, it will still remain as a running process in the background.  you can test this, if you run 'ps aux | grep vlc'00:43
jrgp it said "no process killed"00:43
danbhfivemaxownz: thats all I know, I've never actually used it00:44
nemilarjrgp: run that ps aux | grep vlc00:44
VvWolverinevVmagnetron: hmm, ill try it, thanks, i thought i read that /24 only opens a certain number of IPs (less than 100)00:44
jrgpnemilar: joe      13681  0.0  0.0   2972   764 pts/1    S+   19:44   0:00 grep vlc00:44
stowawaynp mag00:44
nemilarjrgp: huh.  try restarting alsa?00:44
jrgphow do I do that?00:44
bulmerMania iwlist eth1 scan00:44
jrgpI've already rebooted00:44
Scunizipundipall, would you be trying to run these programs only from a linux system or would you also try on a windows system?00:44
magnetronVvWolverinevV: it will open all adresses starting with
shr1k3Mania: try "ifconfig eth1 up" then try iwlist command00:45
Maniashr1k3:  iwlist eth1 scan00:45
Maniaeth1      No scan results00:45
nemilarjrgp: oh, in that case... check that nothing is muted or all the way down, in the mixer00:45
VvWolverinevVmagnetron: where can i read more about that notation?00:45
nemilarjrgp: sometimes that will happen for some reason00:45
VvWolverinevVmagnetron: or what is it called?00:45
shr1k3Mania: sudo ifconfig eth1 up00:45
Maniashr1k3:  ifconfig eth1 up00:45
ManiaSIOCSIFFLAGS: Permission denied00:45
magnetronVvWolverinevV: try the linux network administrators guide, search for "netmask"00:45
pundipalli dont like installing. i waNTO run program from only one location and the programs data would be stored on it's subfolders00:46
nemilarMania: you didn't sudo ;)00:46
bulmerMania-> you have an AP nearby that is owrking?00:46
jrgpnemilar: everything is up all the way00:46
nemilarjrgp: hmm this is very strange.00:46
nemilaryou said you rebooted, right?00:46
Maniashr1k3:  sudo ifconfig eth1 up00:46
ManiaSIOCSIFFLAGS: No such file or directory00:46
nemilarjrgp: you tried multiple applications, nothing plays sound?00:47
Scunizipundipall, check out http://www.linux.com/articles/59040 and http://www.linuxfortravelers.com/general/portable-apps00:47
JAHUTEHASwhat is ReactOS, has anyone checked it reactos.org00:48
jrgpnemilar: I didn't do anything involving root, could it be a config error in a hidden file in my home directory?00:48
shr1k3Mania: check http://linuxmafia.com/faq/VALinux-kb/siocsifflags-error.html00:48
VvWolverinevVmagnetron: i think the ubuntu community documentation is off, let me try to find it00:48
Scunizipundipall, the other thing I can think of is to designate /home as your usb drive.00:48
nemilarjrgp: I doubt it... if xmms is acting like it's playing sound00:48
nemilarIt usually gets grumpy if there's any config problems00:48
Gnine!ubuntu | JAHUTEHAS00:48
ubotuJAHUTEHAS: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com00:49
AndehIs flash plugin STILL broken?00:49
ere4siif I'm going to use the comp offline and don't turn my router on everything in gutsy is slow - I turn the router on and everything opens like it should - any ideas why?00:49
bulmerMania I think you may be coming across the infamous broadcom chip wifi hell00:49
jrgpnemilar: what if I apt-get purge everything sound related and then reinstall them?00:49
Maniabulmer: i dont now00:49
bulmerere4si-> what do you expect to do?00:49
Sakkath_gmcastil: it wasn'st stuck at the local boot scripts, it said [OK] so all i had to do was press enter. now i'm in console and how should i start up kdm?00:49
JAHUTEHASbut i heard that ReactOS is connected with wine00:50
bulmerMania-> which ubuntu version do you have?00:50
Gninethat reactos is not ubuntu00:50
Sakkath_gmcastil: apparently it's running... alt-f8 has nothing?00:50
ere4sibulmer: I can't understand why the router not being on should effect nautilus for example00:50
Maniaubuntu 7.1000:50
ScuniziSakkath, try alt + F700:50
shr1k3Mania: what wireless device to you have, you can check output of "lspci"00:50
Sakkath_Scunizi: that's regular console00:51
bulmerere4si-> it should not lest you told it to browse the network00:51
Sakkath_Scunizi: i meant f7 when i said f8 to gmcastil00:51
Sakkath_Scunizi: there's nothing there.00:51
RoxanneEDMhello boys,  i have a external USB hard drive, and i want to format it to fat32, could someone help me out for a few minutes?00:51
bulmerMania-> can you check your /lib/firmware/`uname -r`  and see if any of the broadcom chip firmware is there?00:51
Maniabulmer: http://ubuntuusers.de/paste/32895/00:51
ScuniziSakkath, ah.. ok.. how 'bout /etc/init.d/kdm start00:51
nemilarRoxanneEDM: use gparted00:51
ere4sibulmer: hence my question - everything is slow to open etc with no net connection - even terminals00:51
Sakkath_Scunizi: ps aux shows kdm, but ok00:51
RoxanneEDMnemilar:  i tried, but it will not format it00:52
jrgpnemilar: what the? I change a toggle switch in alsamixer and it got the sound back :) I really appreciate you trying to help. thanks00:52
nemilarRoxanneEDM: you have to be root00:52
shr1k3Mania: yup Broadcom00:52
nemilarjrgp: yeah I figured it would be something in the mixer00:52
nemilarjrgp: glad it works00:52
histo!broadcom > Mania,   Mania Read the private message from ubotu.00:52
RoxanneEDMok then that is what i need help with00:52
RoxanneEDMhow do i log in as root00:52
nemilarRoxanneEDM: you don't ;)00:52
Gnine!fat32 | RoxanneEDM00:52
histo!sudo > RoxanneEDM,   RoxanneEDM Read the private message from ubotu.00:52
ubotuRoxanneEDM: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE00:52
RoxanneEDMlol ok00:52
bulmerere4si-> how about rebooting? try reboot again just for kicks00:52
drrohini just in stalled ubuntu can some help me get java and flash installed and working00:52
nemilarRoxanneEDM: run 'sudo gparted'00:52
histo!flash > drrohin,   drrohin Read the private message from ubotu.00:53
histo!java > drrohin,   drrohin Read the private message from ubotu.00:53
Sakkath_Scunizi: it says that /etc/default/locale doesn't exist and it also says starting K display manager: kdm. but nothing happens :X00:53
nemilarhisto just loves ubotu messages00:53
ere4sibulmer: tried rebooting - and booting with router on and then turning it off - always with no router things are way slow00:53
drrohinthank you00:53
bulmerere4si-> also use "top" to get any kind of indication something is hogging your cpu00:53
ScuniziSakkath, ok.. and that's after checking again the F7 option?00:54
RoxanneEDMok i ran sudo gparted, it started up, but i still see the format option grayed out00:54
Sakkath_Scunizi: yes00:54
nemilarRoxanneEDM: are you selecting the correct drive?00:54
bulmerere4si-> also another is  try to run lsof -i  when you have your router up, and when the router down, compare the results or pastebin them so we can see00:54
Sakkath_Scunizi: ok, i killed the process it old you about before, the one that started by itself, then started the initscript. it flashes back buck goes right back to console.00:54
bad_cablesman, i just found the .deb to the source i was trying to compile with scons...00:54
ere4sibulmer: have gdesklets cpu monitor and the cpu use doesn't grow when there's no router00:54
Maniabulmer:  /lib/firmware/`uname -r`00:54
Maniabash: /lib/firmware/2.6.22-14-generic: is a directory00:54
histonemilar: nah just most questions have been asked already00:54
ScuniziSakkath, some of what you were discussing previously I missed.. is this a fresh install?00:55
Sakkath_Scunizi: this is after booting without 'quiet splash --' at the end of the boot line because it's not coming up00:55
nemilarRoxanneEDM: is it already mounted?00:55
=== StoneNote_ is now known as StoneNote
Sakkath_Scunizi: yes00:55
nemilarRoxanneEDM: which is to say, in the menu, can you unmount it00:55
ere4sibulmer: will do lsof -i thks00:55
ScuniziSakkath, ok.. hang on a sec.. I'll get another option for you.. Nvidia? or Ati?00:55
RoxanneEDMit mounts automatically00:55
Gnine!livecd | RoxanneEDM00:55
ubotuRoxanneEDM: The Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.00:55
Sakkath_Scunizi: the cd is fine and works fine, used vmware to test a startup and check integrity. fine. but on my system, geforce 8800gts 512MB, normally using 1440x900, grub displays fine (monitor reports 1280x1024, so i tried setting 1280x1024x32 with f4 but it still doesn't show up'00:56
bulmerMania I know its a directory of modules..so go see if any are broadcom related00:56
nemilarRoxanneEDM: yeah... you have to unmount it if you want to reformat it, though00:56
histoSakkath_: do you have grub vga codes in your menu.1st?00:56
RoxanneEDMgnine, wow thanks00:56
nemilarRoxanneEDM: you can right-click on the partition and select unmount, and then you should be able to select format00:56
RoxanneEDMok thank you nemilar , i thought it had to be mounted00:56
Scunizi Sakkath have you .. sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg ..yet?00:56
Sakkath_lol i haven't used console in so long i keep trying to do /win 1 instead of alt+f100:56
Sakkath_Scunizi: i'll try that now00:56
nemilarRoxanneEDM: can't change a filesystem while it's in use ;)00:56
Sakkath_a lil' dissapointed this doesn't have gpm00:57
RoxanneEDMi guess that makes sense00:57
ScuniziSakkath, are you irc'ing with this machine or a different one?00:57
Sakkath_Scunizi: this machine00:57
Maniabulmer: is more file in this directory, wich you mean?00:57
Sakkath_well.. techincally a different one, i'm sshing.00:57
RoxanneEDMsweet, i think its working00:57
nemilarRoxanneEDM: you know Fat32 has a lot of limitations on it, though, I hope00:58
ScuniziSakkath, ok.. after running that command and answering the questions you'll need to restart X by CTRL+ALT+Backspace. It will knock you off this channel and make you log back in..00:58
DG19075a question for you all: has anyone noted problems with ubuntu-art and gnome-look? Neither site is responding here...00:58
ubotuext3 is the default filesystem on Ubuntu, and the most popular on Linux. You can read/write from Windows to ext3 via http://www.fs-driver.org00:58
bulmerMania-> you have to kind of figure out which of those is for broadcom, maybe 43xx is a clue?00:58
RoxanneEDMyeah, i just need it for my FTA reciever00:58
Sakkath_Scunizi: i'm in console . . . so i will be here00:58
Sakkath_because x didn't start right, that's the problem.00:58
ScuniziSakkath, I forgot about that.. console won't disconnect.00:59
Sakkath_Scunizi: :P00:59
Sakkath_Scunizi: does the same thing ):00:59
Sakkath_Scunizi: Xorg.0.log has helped a lil' bit00:59
bulmerRoxanneEDM-> just for my curiosity, how is that FTA working for you? you get I8 channels? which pci card works for you?00:59
Maniabulmer : is more than 100 file and directoy in this, wich you mean?00:59
Sakkath_Scunizi: is there anything i can get like 'nopaste' in gentoo portage? i will paste these for you00:59
ScuniziSakkath, I think it's an issue with the 8800.. I'm googling now to find the answer.01:00
bulmerMania you have to do some leg work, go see each one if you have to...check them each01:00
Sakkath_Scunizi: that would be very gay. make sure you say 512MB or g92, cause it's the newer core.01:00
Maniabulmer: sorry but check for What!?01:00
bulmerMania-> you proly can narrow it down to something that has 43xx on it01:01
bulmerMania->  for a firmware,  see if any of the broadcom is on that directory01:01
ScuniziSakkath, that make it almost for sure..  hang on on phone01:01
Sakkath_Scunizi: ok, grabbed nopaste off a gentoo box. let me paste my log for you, maybe i can install gpm (:01:01
bulmerMania-> if none, then you dont have the firmware to make that chip work then01:02
VvWolverinevVmagnetron: according to this page: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/faq.php#ranges will allow connections from through
Sakkath_'gpm has no installation candidate' :(((((((((01:02
Maniabulmer: i dont seen any file with name broadcom! and no 43xx,01:02
BaD-Laptopgpm                             - General Purpose Mouse Interface01:02
arooni-mobilewhats the best program to get smooth sexy graphics like: http://betterexplained.com/wp-content/uploads/rails/mvc-rails.png01:02
BaD-Laptopit's there01:02
jason_hay im trying to get Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller runing full speed some one drected e to make sure the package was installed and then to run a sudo command ... will any one tell me what that command is please?01:02
Sakkath_even typing 'gpm' says to use sudo apt-get install gpm01:02
bulmerMania-> if none, then you dont have the firmware to make that chip work then01:03
Sakkath_BaD-Laptop: this is amd6401:03
Sakkath_Scunizi: this is amd64 by the way, would i be better off with i386?01:03
bulmer!broadcom | Mania01:03
ubotuMania: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx01:03
* Pelo hasn't been able to get anyone to try ubuntu/linux for a year, he's a failiure01:03
ScuniziSakkath, if you're running the 64 bit version of ubuntu .. yes you might be better off with i38601:03
ScuniziSakkath, I'm going to be on the phone for a minute talking to a client. back shortly.01:04
GninePelo: ubotu does not know anything about failure. check the !factoid01:04
Sakkath_Scunizi: ok. i guess i'll have to get i386. i'm sick of no good amd64 support, linux or windows.01:04
Sakkath_will be here under nickname 'Sakkath' in a minute01:04
stephen-masonis there a version of counterstrike for linux?01:04
jason_hay im trying to get Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller runing full speed some one drected e to make sure the package was installed and then to run a sudo command ... will any one tell me what that command is please?01:04
WorkingOnWisehas anyone compared Tracker to Google Desktop?01:05
Pelostephen-mason, sound familiar did you try google ?01:05
Pelojason_, was it sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ?01:05
jason_the person was named soundray01:06
jason_i think so01:06
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:06
jason_ty pelo01:06
* Pelo grabs the gratitude and runs 01:06
stephen-masonare there any other good free multiplayer fps? for linux?01:06
Sakkathwow, not used to the small font01:06
Sakkathso much diff than the console i was just on (:01:07
Sakkathwell it's gonna take a long time to d/l this file.01:07
Sakkathtorrent faster?01:07
Kevin`stephen-mason yeah01:07
Pelostephen-mason, go to digg and do a search for linux gaming  there were a couple of artiles over the last few monts01:07
Gnine!games | stephen-mason01:07
ubotustephen-mason: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php01:07
PeloSakkath, it varies,  torrents aer usualy steadier01:08
stephen-masoni was thinking of recomendations? any games you guys play that you would recomend?01:08
SakkathPelo: i'm guessing that was a recommendation for a torrent?01:08
* Pelo doesn't game , he just supports01:08
PeloSakkath, I prefer torrents myself, it also helps support the original seeder/maker01:08
Sakkathok (:01:08
Sakkathapparently the amd64 won't work for me01:09
Sakkathso i need the i386, DAMN i do not wanna wait for this d/l again.01:09
PeloSakkath, get the i386 then01:09
Sakkathi'm sick of the no good amd64 support - win or linux01:09
Maniabulmer: i use yet broadcom, and use the wireless but have signal 0%01:09
PeloSakkath, just get the cd not the dvd01:09
ere4sibulmer: the difference is alltray - http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54401/01:09
SakkathPelo: how many cds is it?01:09
PeloSakkath, just the one01:09
Sakkathusing mirrors.kernel.org01:09
Sakkathis that good mirror?01:09
SakkathPelo: omg, if i knew it was only one i wouldn't have wasted a dvd for amd64!01:10
PeloSakkath, are you looking for the live cd or just a kernel ?01:10
SakkathPelo: an install cd (:01:10
bulmerMania-> is it your access point? is it up?01:10
Maniai dont know what is that?01:10
Sakkathi can't believe i wasted a dvd. well i guess i'm glad to know i don't have to waste a 2nd dvd.01:10
PeloSakkath, get the live cd in torrent format from the www.ubuntu.com site ,   the cd is just the basic install,  the dvd contains all of themain and univers repos01:10
ferdoseHello, my friend is having trouble using the comma comand 'iwconfig'... it tells her the command is not found.01:11
gmcastildoes anyone know if framebuffer support is built into the ubuntu 7.10 64-bit kernel?01:11
ferdosecommon command*01:11
SakkathPelo: http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu-releases/kubuntu/gutsy/ that was a listed mirror on kubuntu website.01:11
Maniabulmer : i dont know!01:11
ScuniziSakkath, sounds like you're downloading the i386 version and things will remain status quo until you install that.. am I correct?01:11
SakkathPelo: http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu-releases/kubuntu/gutsy/kubuntu-7.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent downloading that, is that fine?01:11
bulmerere4si-> do you have that user 9u ?  who is that?01:11
Jangariopenoffice seems to paginate things very differently than word, for .doc files that is. Is there a bug fix for that?01:11
SakkathScunizi: 'status quo'?01:11
PeloSakkath, looks about right01:11
ScuniziSakkath, nothing left to try to configure until after the next install?01:12
SakkathScunizi: yeah.01:12
bulmerMania-> I certainly do not know, if your access point is up, so which of us two will have to do the checking?01:12
jason_how do i know Amount of memory (kB) to be used by the video card: ?01:12
SakkathPelo: that's 697MB, is that the dvd?01:12
ScuniziSakkath, frustrating on 64 bit.. another few years and that won't be an issue.. i hope.01:12
Sakkathcds are how big?01:12
SakkathScunizi: better hope before 2038, lol01:12
cwillu650mb or so01:12
bulmer!AP |Mania01:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ap - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:12
ere4sibulmer: fd = 9u fd = 22u with router - what's fd?01:12
Sakkathyou gotta be kiddin me i have to use a dvd again?01:13
Maniabulmer: yes mania i blue01:13
Pelojason_, in the reconfigure command ? if you don't know the answer just leave blank, or the default or auto01:13
Sakkathcause't it's 47MB OVER01:13
ScuniziSakkath, that sounds like my drop dead date.. I'll be 88 by then01:13
=== u^A is now known as u^A_
jason_ok thanks01:13
bulmerere4si-> file descriptor01:13
PeloSakkath, cd are  700 meg or just about01:13
KaiForceok, there has got to be some modern way to set up an external monitor for my laptop in Gutsy - what am I missing?01:13
SakkathScunizi: xD. jeesh. i'm 17 :P01:13
tazhello.. please any one can help  me with wobbly or cube please01:13
SakkathPelo: i hope, lol. 697 is a close stretch01:13
bulmerMania-> did you read that link and followed the instructions?01:13
ere4sibulmer: have removed alltray and am going to reboot without the router and check brb01:13
PeloSakkath, do you have the correct torrent ?01:13
Sakkathdoes kubuntu come w/kde4 now01:13
ScuniziSakkath, the iso will fit fine on a cd01:13
Juzzy`get a 700mb cd01:14
SakkathPelo: it said 697MB, should be fine.01:14
PeloSakkath,  no, only in two relaases,  kde4 was not ready to meet the deadline for the next release01:14
IndustrialHow do I get my package manager not to list any xfce/kde programs? Kthis Kthat..01:15
Mania_bulmer: thanx very very very much and your support chanel is worked fine:)01:15
Juzzy`Industrial, just use the search function and put in KDE01:15
PeloIndustrial, you can'T01:15
IndustrialJuzzy`: NOT list them.01:15
tazany one can help me ??01:15
jomasecuI'm trying to install Ubuntu dual booting with XP, but after I install it and reboot, I just go straight into Windows, no bootloader comes up.01:15
IndustrialPelo: too bad :<01:15
Juzzy`oh well, use search to find what you want and thus you won't have to see as many :P01:16
PeloIndustrial, just avoid  packages begining with K01:16
Juzzy`jomasecu, did you install XP or Ubuntu first?01:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about iwconfig - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:16
Industrialthat 'strategy' doesnt work while browsing for packages01:16
Jangariare & allowed in filenames?01:16
benanzoUnder the terms of the LGPL are projects that use the code required to give credit either in the License or code headers?01:16
jomasecuXP first. It's been on here for a while.01:16
Pelojomasecu, is this a two hdd system and did you install ubuntu on the second hdd ?01:16
SakkathPelo: good, heard bad things about it so far01:16
Sakkathand i can't find any cds, only dvds. always seems to be the opposite, meh.01:17
benanzoGOMPlayer for Windows doesn't seem to credit FFMPEG in their license01:17
jomasecuTwo HDD. Ubuntu is on the primary IDE.01:17
Pelojomasecu, are both xp and ubuntu on the same hdd ?01:17
xompcan someone tell me how to change the color of the "highlighted" thingy in gnome? I don't know the proper name of it, but it's the gold colorish thing when you click and hold and drage across the desktop and such...01:17
Mania_ubotu: thank you very very much:)01:18
Pelojomasecu, make sure that the hdd with ubuntu on it is set as the boot hdd in the bios01:18
Wistesodoes anyone know if there is a way to login via ssh to a live CD without changing the password? sshd doesn't seem to like the default blank pass01:18
Gninecheck system > administration > screen and graphics preferences to adjust/add/modify display options01:18
jscinozHey guys, got a compiz query. Compiz runs at a nice 300fps at desktop, 85 when rotating cube and such. and i can run 3d apps at the same time as it. But my problem is as follows, if a 3d app is running and something appears above it (i.e. pidgin guification, rhythmbox notifactions) my entire system either slows to a crawl or hangs completely, both requiring a hard reboot to fix (sometimes not even a sysrq can reboot it when thi01:18
gmcastilis there a simple way to use apt-get to determine what packages are available from the repos listed in sources.lst?01:18
jscinozs happens), what can i do?01:18
Pelo!who | Gnine01:18
ubotuGnine: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:18
jscinozgmcastil apt-search?01:18
Pelogmcastil, sudo apt-cache search package name01:18
Pelojscinoz, try asking in #compiz01:19
gmcastilPelo: i didn't see the search option...i'll read the details in the man page, thanks01:19
jscinozpelo, #compiz or #compiz-fusion?01:19
Gnine!compiz | jsc01:19
ubotujsc: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion01:19
gmcastilPelo: it does it all from the cache though right?01:19
=== KnifeHat_ is now known as KnifeHat
Pelojscinoz, either  #compiz will get redirected01:19
=== marcelo_ is now known as ILivreI
Pelogmcastil, yes , just sudo apt-get update first01:20
jason_ok all is do pelo so gonna try a screen saver see if it helped01:20
gmcastilPelo: right, figurd as much01:20
gmcastilPelo: i miss rpm :)01:20
Pelojason_, whut ?01:20
xompcan someone tell me how to change the color of the "highlighted" thingy in gnome? I don't know the proper name of it, but it's the gold colorish thing when you click and hold and drag across the desktop and such...01:20
jason_i finished the configurer01:21
jomasecuThanks, Pelo. That was it.01:21
shermvhey now01:21
jason_and now im gonna try to see if it works01:21
Mania_histo: thank you very much01:21
Peloxomp,  that is determined by the theme you are using01:21
gmcastilPelo: it doesn't seem to like *01:21
Shuggledoes anyone here know of a good usenet binaries ripper that supports nzbs and ssl?01:21
xompPelo, any way to change it?01:21
Pelogmcastil, no need for * , it will check the name and desrictpion for what ever string you put it01:21
gmcastilPelo: i want to pipe the output to less or grep01:22
iKapmy ubuntu just totally crashed, and ended up on the login page.. and i had to log back in, where can i check for errors??01:22
Peloxomp,  change theme    menu > system> prefs > appearance,  1st tab,  some themes have colors you can change in the properties button01:22
snorkeliKap: /var/log01:22
xompPelo, thanks, I'll give it a try :)01:22
gmcastilPelo: i just want a raw list of all the packages available from the repos in sources - i'll peruse or grep through it myself01:22
Gninexomp: check system > preferences > appearance for options01:22
Pelogmcastil, you have reached the limit of my habilities01:22
fouadzguy , I think we have an issue with lua5.1 ,,,, once installled pkg-config is not able to find it01:23
iKapsnorkel, which file is the log? im the /var/log directory/folder.01:23
Pelogmcastil, try this,  in FF , there is a you can search the repost from the search tool in the tool bar just leave blank and hit enter, it will return a list of all the packages01:23
marion__Can someone help me with sharing a folder?01:23
snorkeliKap: try syslog01:24
snorkeliKap: u can also use the dmesg command01:24
Pelomarion__, you need to use samba , that is all I can personnaly tell you , I'm not familiar with this issue01:24
nemilarmarion__: be more specific with your question and someone will be more able to help01:24
iKapsnorkel, i just want someone to see the error log and tell me what might have went wrong, because i dont have the slightest clue.01:24
gmcastilPelo: i'm looking for a way to directly interact with the cache using apt-get, not a frontend01:25
Jewfro-Macabbimarion, samba is for sharing w/a windows machine - NFS is for sharing w/a linux machine.01:25
snorkel!paste | iKap01:25
ubotuiKap: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:25
marion__I have samba working. I have shared a folder. I browse to the machine but I get a message that it can't show contents. I never prompted for a password.01:25
Pelogmcastil, man apt-cache01:25
=== Stargazer is now known as Rezagrats
iKapsnorkel, which log should i put in there? the syslog or "demsg" command..?01:26
Jewfro-Macabbimarion, yes you have to set your samba password, hold on I'll get you a link to info01:26
Pelomarion__, maybe the ppl in #samba can help01:26
marion__Jewfro-Macabbi that helps. I am connect 2 linux machines.01:26
LibertyShadowDoes disabling ipv6 have a negative effect? I like speed/01:26
gmcastilPelo: yes, i've been reading the man page for apt-cache - i don't see a way to just get all the package names from the cache01:26
snorkeliKap: syslog01:26
RezagratsHow do i setup a BNC ?01:26
Jewfro-Macabbimarion, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba?highlight=%28samba%2901:26
ascarterI have a server setup with Ubuntu 7.10 server. I want to attach 3 large USB hard drives and share them via Samba. How can I properly setup fstab/smb to share these since a reboot could map the USB drives to different device depending on boot order?01:26
daniel_bergaminiI've been a faithful ubuntu user for years. Started with 6.04 -> 6.10 -> 7.10 on my Dell M60/D600, hibernate worked fine. I just got a new laptop, m4300 (d830 on steroids) and can't for the life of me get Hibernate to work (suspend to ram is fine). The screen blanks, goes to console, backlight goes out and the system hangs (no disk IO) after the first hibernate attempt. Tons of references to it in the forum but can't find any solut01:27
marion__I need to use NFS for sharing between two Ubuntu machines?01:27
gmcastilmarion__: SSH is a lot easier01:27
Pelogmcastil, http://packages.ubuntu.com/01:27
mouseboyxyou could use FTP.01:27
marion__gmcastil: what is SSH?01:27
daniel_bergaminiascarter: you could mount by /dev/by-uuid01:27
gmcastilPelo: thanks, but that's not exactly what im looking for01:27
daniel_bergaminiascarter: I think01:27
nemilarmarion__: if you are only using linux machines, check out www.techthrob.com/tech/sshfshowto.php01:28
Pelogmcastil, I know but it's the best I can do for you01:28
gmcastilmarion__: secure shell - also has secure copy01:28
iKapsnorkel, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54402/01:28
KaiForceanyone know how to set up external monitors on laptops?01:28
gmcastilPelo: i might just have to figure out where the package cache file is at and then just grep through it01:28
Jewfro-Macabbimarion, I think you can use samba01:28
gmcastilmarion__: nfs is a little more complicated than you probably want to deal with at this point - i would just use scp01:28
vbabiyHey can any one help me fix my scroll on my touch pad mouse, it is extremely slow at scrolling.01:29
Pelogmcastil, try looking in /var/cache/apt ...01:29
gmcastilPelo: yeah01:29
ascarterdaniel_bergamini: Thanks. Do you know how I can find the uuid for the drive?01:29
marion__vbabiy: What is scp?01:29
gmcastilJewfro-Macabbi: samba is for making linux partitions available to a windows box01:29
vbabiyI have tried many xorg hack but I can't seem how to make the scroll speed up01:29
* Pelo is totaly useless today 01:29
gmcastilmarion__: scp == secure copy01:29
snorkelhere's the error message iKap: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :001:29
vbabiymarion__: Secure copy01:29
nemilarmarion__: if you're using scp you will have to copy the file over, edit it, and then copy it back, however.  SSHFS takes care of all this for you.01:29
gmcastilmarion__: ssh allows you to remotely log into the box, and scp allows you to remotely copy from one box to another01:29
daniel_bergaminiascarter: ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid01:30
snorkeli'm not sure of that error may have to search for it01:30
RequinB5how does the search function work in nautilus?  Is it just a front end for 'find'?  Does it search for just file types?  all directoreis?  I ask because i'm consistently unable to find the files i need using the search function in a branching dir01:30
Jewfro-Macabbigmcastil, I'm aware but is that a strict limitation? I though it was *possible* to use it for FS's between lin machines also?01:30
gmcastilmarion__: it depends on what you're trying to do01:30
ere4slibulmer: removing alltray didn't change the situation - with th router off all progs take 5-10secs to open instead of one - watching top while they take their time opening doesn't show anything???01:30
nemilarRequinB5: I know, I hate that...it's useless01:30
bulmergmcastil->  you guys are providing solutions without asking the exact requirements :)01:30
RequinB5file names*01:30
gmcastilJewfro-Macabbi: no idea, samba is really overkill for something that simple01:30
Jewfro-Macabbigmcastil, true - I use SSH01:30
gmcastilJewfro-Macabbi: i'd either use nfs (which is a bit mor complicated) or ssh01:30
RequinB5would 'find' in console be more useful?  because i could just use that01:30
marion__gmcastil: I just want to see a folder on a remote machine and then drag files to and from it.01:31
nemilarI've got SSHFS drives mounted over the 'net, I can stream video and music off them, and it's all encrypted :)01:31
gmcastilbulmer: i know, i should just not answer until people actualy ask sensibly worded questions01:31
Jewfro-Macabbimarion, SSH would be easier for that task01:31
nemilarmarion__: use sshfs, it's easy to setup and will give you exactly that01:31
bulmerere4sli-> i dont know, that is a weird problem..01:31
ere4slibulmer: yep - been searching for something similar but have got nowhere - tried chkrootkit but it drew a blank01:32
xompPelo, that did the trick, cheers!01:32
marion__I am searching for sshfs right now.01:33
bulmernemilar-> how far is the remote end? different ISP's ?01:33
MyiasiaAnd now everyone here is going to hate me! XD01:33
Peloxomp, glad I could help01:33
KaiForcenemilar, sshfs looks nifty01:33
gmcastilI want to produce a raw listing of every package available from /etc/apt/sources.lst from the command line using apt.  Does anyone have info about how to do this?  the man page for apt-cache doesn't seem to have an option for anything exactly like this.01:33
nemilarbulmer: I've got a mount that's about 2 or 3 miles away, and another halfway across the country (NY to Texas)01:33
nemilarKaiForce: it's _awesome_01:33
daniel_bergaminiascarter: did that help explain it?01:33
bulmernemilar-> thats is indeed awesome, across the country..nice01:34
daniel_bergaminiascarter: sorry, got pulled away01:34
mularhey guys, gnome menu I want to reinstall wine but the old wine application menu is still there.. how do I remove it and reinstall it - I tried removing it via gnome menu editor then went to reinstall but wine didn't make a menu item for itself01:34
RequinB5Ok, since no one knows about nautilus search function, does anyone know of a very good search program?  Not just file names01:34
KaiForceit would be even more awesome if i could see it on my external monitor01:34
nemilarbulmer: I just like that it's encrypted :)01:34
ascarterdaniel_bergamini: sort of. I think my drive is on sdc1. What would the exact ls command be?01:34
nemilarascarter: you want to see the partitions?01:34
daniel_bergaminils -l /dev/disk/by-uuid01:35
daniel_bergaminiwill show you all the uuids and what they are currently linked to01:35
ascarterdaniel_bergamini: Ok yeah, I see that. I can use those in an fstab entry then?01:35
LeechzillaI pulled out my USB cable when my external drive stopped responding. Now it won't mount. Can someone help me troubleshoot this?01:35
darkfrogWhat is the Ubuntu (console-based) alternative to the Red Hat / Fedora "chkconfig" command?01:35
daniel_bergaminiif the hdxy id's change in a reboot01:35
bulmerere4sli-> just out of curiosity, can you paste your  pstree and  also "mount" results01:36
Pelogmcastil, see if you can do someting with  sudo apt-cache dump01:36
iKapanyone know what this error means "ome-laptop gdm[5226]: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :0 "01:36
gmcastilPelo: tried it already01:36
gmcastilPelo: i'm looking for a replacement for: rpm -qa01:36
daniel_bergaminiascarter: yes, that should work in a fstab entry, YMMV01:36
lufisI can tunnel http requests through ssh to another computer right, and use it as sort of a proxy?01:36
RequinB5Ok, since no one knows about nautilus search function, does anyone know of a very good search program?  Not just file names01:36
flexusflexusbit torrent client for ubuntu?01:36
* Pelo is starting to get annyed at gmcastil for having already tried all his suggestion01:36
gmcastilPelo: wait...nm, not that01:36
ere4slibulmer: k01:36
nemilarRequinB5: find is good01:36
bazhangtransmission flexusflexus01:36
Jewfro-Macabbiflexusflexus, transmission, azureus, there are hundreds...01:36
* gmcastil thinks thats what normal users should do instead of spam #ubuntu with aquestions that the man pages can answer01:37
nemilarRequinB5: beagle, locate, and tracker are all good01:37
ascarternemilar: I want to find a consistent id I can use in an fstab entry to make sure my USB drive comes up in the same mount point each time (and then I can share it via smb)01:37
RequinB5nemilar - find apparenly doesn't search the files, just the names01:37
flexusflexusok what about deluge?01:37
unagi_anyone know how to convert a sequence of .jpg to a .mov01:37
flexusflexusany good?01:37
nemilarRequinB5: than beagle or tracker01:37
nemilarascarter: UUIDs, yeah01:37
RequinB5no manuel entries for those, are they in the repos?01:37
PeloJewfro-Macabbi, deluge is nice and getting better,  but I personnaly prefer running utorrnet on wine01:37
bulmerascarter-> look into udev, read some tutorials on it..im still trying to learn it01:37
iKapsnorkel, do u kno what it means01:37
Peloflexusflexus,  deluge is nice and getting better,  but I personnaly prefer running utorrnet on wine01:37
flexusflexusok thanx01:37
nemilarRequinB5: yeah...tracker is installed by default in 7.10 though01:38
ascarterbulmer: Thanks - I'll check that out.01:38
snorkeliKap: ur X window system is dying for some reason01:38
nemilarRequinB5: you might want to see if trackerd is already running01:38
=== saritor is now known as Saritor
snorkeliKap: check the logs for X01:38
Jewfro-MacabbiPelo, wine? what's that special about utorrent?01:38
BigstoneHi, newbie on Xubuntu here.. How do I get Xubuntu to find my 3c5098-c (ISA) Networkcard? Tried lspci but it's not listed.01:38
RequinB5'tracker' does nothing, i'll look at running processes nemilar01:38
nemilarRequinB5: I prefer Beagle, but I think it's mostly just because of the name (<3 bealges)01:38
iKapsnorkel, which log should i check?01:38
PeloJewfro-Macabbi, utorrent is for windows,  wine is a compatibility layer for runing windows apps in linux01:38
bulmerBigstone-> well you know ISA is not pci right?   try  dmesg01:38
nemilarlol ISA01:39
Jewfro-MacabbiPelo, I know what wine is - I was just wondering what was that cool about utorrent you'd go through running wine to use it?01:39
nemilargood ol' ISA01:39
lufisJewfro-Macabbi: Ktorrent is quite nice01:39
Bigstonetried dmesg with no result..01:39
RequinB5trackerd is running, nemilar, how do i accessit01:39
daniel_bergaminiBigstone: that is probably a 3c509B (not 8)?01:39
PeloJewfro-Macabbi, well I was a utorrent fanboy to start with01:39
BigstoneNope.. it says 3c5098-c...01:40
jscinozGnome system monitor seems to use ~40% of the first CPU core when it runs, changing the update frequency has no affect on its cpu usage, and i can confirm it really is using this much cpu, and not just incorrectly reporting its own usage, top reports g-s-m using the same cpu amount.01:40
snorkeliKap: check the /var/log directory for any logs for X server they should start with X i'm not on linux right now not sure01:40
Jewfro-Macabbilufis, I like azureus - just because I'm used to it, and it offers encryption/I2p/tor networks.01:40
gmcastilis there an ubuntu package that has kernel documentation?01:40
Jewfro-MacabbiPelo, I can dig it01:40
nemilarJewfro-Macabbi: you're really not supposed to be using bittorrent on tor01:40
lufisJewfro-Macabbi: ok. just suggesting... didn't see your question, but ktorrent supports all of that01:40
Pelojscinoz, don't use system monitor then ,  open a terminal and type top01:40
Jewfro-Macabbinemilar, that's true - but should I need that option for some reason - I like that it's there.01:41
nemilar_stop using bittorrent on the TOR network!!_ (OT)01:41
snorkeliKap: check Xorg.log i think01:41
nemilarJewfro-Macabbi: true ...01:41
iKapsnorkel, okay01:41
ReconstitueKleanIs there a way to roll back the default ubuntu fonts?01:41
gmcastilnemilar: no one has any sense of courtesy or anything - leeches01:41
PeloReconstitueKlean, would you like me to list them for you ?01:41
snorkeliKap: check gdm.log also01:41
ReconstitueKleanPelo: Unless you know a quick fix?01:42
ReconstitueKleanthen sure01:42
nemilarTOR is used by chinese refugees fighting for freedom of speech.... and by 16 year old boys downloading the newest punk rock album.01:42
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
PeloReconstitueKlean, sans 10 for the first 3 , sans bold 10 for the fourth,  monospace 10 for the last01:42
jscinozpelo, i know, but still this kind of thing is a bug that should be addressed, it appears to be https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-system-monitor/+bug/9384701:42
jscinozso its a known bug at least.01:42
Jewfro-Macabbinemilar, or by anyone looking for some anonymity01:42
tazhi any one can help me to get cube 3d ? i couldnt find..01:42
nemilarJewfro-Macabbi: yeah, but some are more deserving than others01:43
ReconstitueKleanPelo: I have windows like fonts, I want to switch back to the 'cleartype' fonts.01:43
nemilarthis is all OT anyhow01:43
Pelojscinoz, it 's not a bug, when starting , the gnome system monitor just asks for a lot of cpu to get up to speed with allt he prcesses , then it settles down01:43
ReconstitueKleanPelo: I think it's the fonts themselves01:43
drrohinneed help installing azureus01:43
lufisdrrohin: what's the issue?01:43
Jewfro-Macabbinemilar, I avoid that debate entirely - free speech is free speech - I won't decide who deserves what.01:43
jscinozpelo, mine stays like that for the entire time its running, doesn't decerase01:43
PeloReconstitueKlean, what is the issue exactly ? I thought you jsut messedwit the defaults and wanted them back01:43
drrohini am really new to this and i am clueless01:43
LeechzillaI pulled out my USB cable when my external drive stopped responding. Now it won't mount. Can someone help me troubleshoot this?01:44
lufisdrrohin: sudo apt-get install azureus   will install the azureus package01:44
Pelojscinoz, I think that is specific to your system , not sure why, it's not  problem on mine01:44
ReconstitueKleanPelo: My fonts have a windows-like scheme to them.01:44
drrohinthank you01:44
daniel_bergaminiLeechzilla: are you sure the drive isn't dead? Have you tried fsck'ing it?01:44
iKapsnorkel, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54403/01:44
lufisdrrohin: there's multiple routes of installing software: 1) from the "Add/remove" in the applications menu, synaptic, and the command line thru apt01:44
PeloReconstitueKlean,  help me out pleas, what is the issue you are trying to solve ?01:45
=== zoom_ is now known as zoom
Leechzilladaniel_bergamini, it's an NTFS drive. I don't know if the drive's dead01:45
lufisdrrohin: "add remove" is the easiest for beginners01:45
mopflitelufis: and also the command line using aptitude :-)01:45
jscinozpelo, going by the bug i linked, although people have it settle to ~10% after its initial high usage, 10% is far too much for it to be using, especially when top, which performs much the same function uses ~1%01:45
evil_techwhat program controls automounting?01:45
ReconstitueKleanI want to change the ubuntu fonts to a more polished-default like state.01:45
Bigstonedaniel_bergamini -- I also having trouble to find the ISA SOUNDCARD... An ISA bus issue?01:45
ReconstitueKleanPelo: http://www.sharpfonts.com/images/comparison.png01:45
lufismopflite: well, don't want to confuse them too much.01:45
ReconstitueKleanPelo: I want to change the ubuntu fonts to a more polished-default like state.01:46
Pelodrrohin, add/remove will show you available programs only,   synaptic will show you all the packages available progs, libs etc,   and when you know exactly what you want you can use the command line01:46
tazany one can help me ??01:46
evil_techso how would i fix hal if cd/dvd are not automounting01:46
daniel_bergaminiLeechzilla: you might try rebooting into windows and running a checkdisk. I had an unclean NTFS volume that wouldn't mount (resize the partition actually) under Linux until I cleaned it in Windows01:46
mopfliteI also find apt-cache search useful for finding available packages01:46
PeloReconstitueKlean, lcd screen ?01:46
daniel_bergaminiLeechzilla: I do not believe there is a fsck.ntfs in Ubuntu01:47
snorkeliKap: nothing wrong in that log01:47
Pelotaz,  jsut state your problem if someone can help they will try01:47
drrohinwhere can i find more info on the sudo command01:47
snorkeliKap: try the gdm.log01:47
Gnine!ntfs | Leechzilla01:47
ubotuLeechzilla: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE01:47
dennyman sudo01:47
lufisdrrohin: google, thru the manpages, etc.01:47
tazhi pelo  im try to find where to get cube ?01:47
dman!sudo | drrohin01:48
ubotudrrohin: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.01:48
lufisdrrohin: or type sudo --help01:48
Pelodrrohin,  sudo is jsut a prefix to a command to let the comp know you are running the command with admin priviledge01:48
Pelotaz,  you need to enable desktop effects ( compiz) ,  ask in #compiz for more info01:48
dennyit's a bit more versatile than that, that's just how ubuntu users tend to see it01:48
cwilluLeechzilla, ntfsprogs has a utility, but I don't think they consider it stable01:48
LeechzillaGnine: I know.01:48
iKapsnorkel, in /var/log/gdm there are like 4 diff files.01:48
Leechzillacwillu: Risky to use it then?01:48
gmcastilPelo: hehe...here's how you do it: apt-cache search "" | grep ...01:48
BigstoneHi, newbie on Xubuntu here.. How do I get Xubuntu to find my 3c5098-c (ISA) Networkcard? Tried lspci but it's not listed. W'ont find the soundcard either. (Also ISA!). Anyone?01:49
Pelodenny, we are dealing with a beginner here,  that explainaiton was enough01:49
snorkeliKap: which one is the latest one?01:49
drrohinsuper user something right01:49
Pelogmcastil, congrats01:49
cwilluLeechzilla, somewhat;  I doubt it'll cause problems, but you won't get much sympathy if it does01:49
Pelodrrohin, super user do or smeting01:49
dennyswitch user01:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about automount - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:49
iKapsnorkel, they all have the same time.01:49
cwilluevil_tech, look up hal01:49
dennyyou can use it to impersonate other users as well as root01:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hal - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:50
dennyit's just not something you'd want to do very often  :)01:50
Pelo!fstab | evil_tech01:50
ubotuevil_tech: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions01:50
LeechzillaOkay, I'll try fixing it in Windows when I reboot next time01:50
jason_hey pelo the screensavers when i run the ther still jerky some of them run slow what do you recomend i do?01:50
tazdone then next what ??01:50
cwilluPelo, that's not the automounter though :p01:50
snorkeliKap: i'm not sure which one but one of them should have some error message related to your X crashing01:50
Pelojason_, I don't use screensavers myself,  I jsut set it to turn off the monitor01:50
Pelocwillu, automount can mean so many things to so many ppl01:51
jason_yeah well how can i tell if my graphics are working properly01:51
gmcastiljason_: glxgears01:51
Pelojason_, , is your video card integrated ?01:51
jason_i think so01:51
jason_its a chipset01:51
iKapsnorkel, Fatal server error:01:51
iKapCaught signal 11.  Server aborting01:51
Pelojason_,  check in your bios setting to see how much memory you have allocated to the video card and then change that in xorg.conf01:51
jason_ok ill try that01:52
dmanjason_: probably just not a very good graphics card. some of the scrensavers are very demanding.01:52
Pelojason_, that mgiht help a bit with speed01:52
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:52
BigstoneIs ISA a problem for Xubuntu?01:52
gmcastilok....the Xfce terminal sucks hardcore01:52
gmcastilBigstone: no01:52
Pelojason_, what graphic card /chipset is it ?01:52
daniel_bergaminiis 2800fps+ good in glxgears?01:52
gmcastilBigstone: but, you may not have support for it if it's really strange01:52
cellofellowPelo: last time I checked the video ram thing in xorg.conf is ignored by most drivers, nvidia in particular. They just auto-detect it.01:52
jason_umm ..01:53
bluefox83i have a network machine that's basically a headless server, it's running ubuntu 7.04 on it, earlier today the power went out and it turned it off, now i'm having trouble initiating an ssh session or getting the nfs shares to mount properly, can anyone tell me what i can do to fix it?01:53
jason_i think but not sure i saw nividia on windows01:53
Bigstonethe same with my soundcard to then... ISA as well..01:53
snorkeliKap: i'm not sure about that error perhaps something to do with accessing memory incorrectly check with others here or online01:53
Pelojason_, my intel 856g chipset can do most screensavers with relatively good speed, it's not so hot in compiz stuff however,  some ofthe effects get a bit choppy and I can'T enable all of them , just so you know01:53
jason_i still have windows xp installed im trying t replace that with linux soo..01:53
iKapsnorkel, okay thanks.01:54
gmcastiljason_: replace meaning actually replace?01:54
ere4sibulmer: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54404/ - pstree and mount commands - /dev/shm is a file server that hasn't been on today01:54
cellofellowPelo: I wouldn't try rss-glx's Hyperspace on an 856g.01:54
dmanjason_: soooo..?01:54
bluefox83how can i connect to my headless server to see whats going on during bootup?01:54
jason_cool me?01:54
daniel_bergaminianyone have the solution to the hang on hibernate problem under 7.10?01:55
dmanbluefox83: put a head on it? i don't think you can during bootup.01:55
snorkeliKap: i'm thinking its a memory issue01:55
gmcastiljason_: run the installer, delete your windows partition, repartition it according to your preference01:55
jason_oh i will just gota make sure i dont need it01:55
dmandaniel_bergamini: disable hibernation? =P that's what i ended up doing...01:55
gmcastiljason_: windows?  no, you don't need windows to install linux, but you'll lose everything on it01:55
jason_i know that lol01:55
gmcastiljason_: so, back up everything you want to take with you01:55
daniel_bergaminidman unacceptable ;)01:55
gmcastiljason_: well, then get to work :)01:56
daniel_bergaminidman suspent2ram works fine... it's something01:56
jason_i just used to use windows before01:56
lnsIs OPENBSD-INETD installed on gutsy by default?01:56
Gninethere is no standard solution for hibernation issues01:56
gmcastiljason_: run the installer and when you partition the drive, make sure you put /home on a differnet partition - you'll need 3 at the least01:56
dmandaniel_bergamini: i see. i couldn't get suspend to work either though. i think it's jus tmy laptop. good luck!01:56
Starnestommylns: I don't think any inetd is installed by default01:56
jason_i alredy installed linux so all i gota do is get rid of windows part01:56
stefkohello people can somebody help me about Apache/2.2.4 http server?01:56
RequinB5what do i put as the directory in 'find' to use the current directory01:57
lnsStarnestommy, thank you, i thought it was01:57
daniel_bergaminidman: well I guess I'm better off than some01:57
gmcastiljason_: yeah...but, you might want to absorb that partition into something else01:57
MHz128I'm having trouble installing U7.1. I've got 1 SATA and 1 IDE drives. When I try to manually partition the IDE drive, I get an error message telling me it can't do it. Any ideas???01:57
* lns edits his ubuntu forums post01:57
gmcastilstefko: you might try an apache channel01:57
jason_i will do as soon as ubuntu is runing proplery01:57
stefkoi make the server from my box01:57
Pelostefko, that is too broad a quesiton,  you need to be more specific01:57
gmcastilstefko: unless its ubuntu related, you'd probably have better luck01:57
xthegoat121xUbuntu detects my single-core processor as a dual-core, and I have no idea why.01:57
gmcastilMHz128: what command are you using and what's the error?01:57
stefkogmcastil: look my server its
jason_i still gota connected ,y laptop to the network01:58
gmcastilstefko: uh...no?01:58
jason_with linux01:58
stefkogmcastil: how i can upload a files on it ?01:58
dmandaniel_bergamini: exactly ; ]01:58
RequinB5 what do i put as the directory in 'find' to use the current directory01:58
BigstoneBigstone has left the building...01:58
Starnestommyxthegoat121x: it might eb because it's a hyperthreading processor, but I've never used one01:58
gmcastilRequinB5: find defaults to .01:58
dmanstefko: try #apache for people who know what they're doing...01:58
MHz128gmcastil: im using the gui install. it doesn't give specific error information01:58
RequinB5gmcastil - sorry, . is ?01:59
MHz128it recognizes the IDE as a slave, even tho its on a primary channel01:59
phoenixzBuenas dias, tengo un problema con synaptics, alguien me puede ayudar?01:59
RequinB5!es | phoenixz01:59
ubotuphoenixz: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:59
cellofellow!es | phoenixz01:59
Pelo!es | phoenixz01:59
gmcastilphoenixz: aqui es para solamente ingles01:59
jason_well brb pelo im gonna changed the vram setting then try outglxgears01:59
bulmerere4si-> i have to pickup someone right now..sorry, be back in 10mins01:59
phoenixzok ok ok!! :)02:00
VvWolverinevVmagnetron: did you get my message before about netmasks?02:00
ere4sibulmer thnks02:00
gmcastilMHz128: so, what exactly won't the installer let you do?02:00
xthegoat121xStarnestommy, Lovely.02:00
jason_i hope this works hopefully it will and if it does that will be wonderfull02:00
MHz128gmcastil: install u7 to the IDE drive with a custom partition02:00
Pelojason_,  intel graphic card should hve been recognised from the get go , you should not hve had to tweak it02:01
dmanPelo: what is a good fps for glxgears, anyway? i got ~600002:01
iKapsnorkel, do you think ill be fine in the future, or will this be a reoccurring error? because i had alot of tasks running at once, pidgin, xchat, firefox(5-6 tabs open including youtube) and couple other small things.02:01
mirakis there a away to relaod the partition table as it is in /proc/partitions ?02:01
tom2002i can't seem to log in as root02:01
RequinB5gmcastil - sorry, . is ?02:01
Pelodman, no idea, I'm not the one who recommended glxgears, I think it was cellofelow02:01
tom2002is there sum sort of default root password?02:01
gmcastilRequinB5: current directory, sorry02:01
dmantom2002: did you enable root account?02:01
tom2002i'm not sure02:01
RequinB5thx :P02:01
Pelotom2002, there is not root in ubuntu02:01
Starnestommytom2002: there is no root password02:01
tom2002how do i do that02:02
StarnestommyPelo: but there is root02:02
unagi_anyone know how to convert a sequence of .jpg to a .mov02:02
RequinB5!root | tom200202:02
ubotutom2002: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo02:02
gmcastiltom2002: if you want to log in as root, just type: sudo -i02:02
Pelotom2002,  run your command with sudo02:02
Gnine!user | tom02:02
nemilartom2002: you can set the root password by "sudo passwd root"02:02
ubotutom: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo02:02
tom2002k thx02:02
dmanPelo: well... (concerning root account)02:02
Skwid1hey guys, i set up ubuntu yesterday on a somewhat old computer with a CRT screen, everything worked fine. Today, i try to plug in an LCD screen, and I get the error 'Video mode not supported' on the screen when X starts. What should i do ?02:02
gmcastiltom2002: the root passwd is randomized upon installation - ubuntu enforces the sudo thang02:02
nemilargmcastil: no it's not02:02
nemilargmcastil: it's not randomized, it's disabled02:02
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo02:02
LiraNunaanyone knows how can I know the name of the makefile used (given to 'make' with -f switch) inside a makefile?02:02
jason_so no need to run glxgears02:03
* Myiasia must now reboot! Oh great Windows demands it of her. *rolls her eyes*02:03
dmantom2002: getting around it is possible, but HIGHLY not recomended.02:03
Skwid1anyone ?02:03
PeloSkwid1, it's probabaly a refresh issue or someting like that,  you'll probably need to tweak the device monitor settings in xorg.conf02:03
gmcastilnemilar: i'll take your word for it, but /etc/passwd seems to indicate that root does indeed have a passwd02:03
BodOmLaWwill i decide not to go with dmraid02:03
PeloSkwid1, anyone what ?02:03
BodOmLaWto much work02:03
nemilargmcastil: there are no passwords in /etc/passwd ;)02:03
Skwid1Pelo: what should i set the refresh to ?02:03
nemilargmcastil: passwords are kept in /etc/shadow02:04
Skwid1Pelo: it's a 15'' samsung lcd02:04
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash - The Flash package is currently BROKEN, see « /msg ubotu FlashIssues »02:04
gmcastilnemilar: the passwd field is replaced by shadow, i'm aware of that02:04
vbabiy /msg ubotu FlashIssues02:04
PeloSkwid1, the horz synk and vert ref or what ever of your monitor, check the label on the back02:04
Skwid1ok thanks !02:04
noahthere is a great thread for flash on the forums02:04
nemilargmcastil: you can disable a password in the shadow file by giving it a char that isn't allowed in the hashes, "*" for instance02:04
xthegoat121xAny other ideas out there regarding a single core being detected as a dual core?02:04
LiraNunaxthegoat121x, hyper threading02:05
noahif you are having problems with 64bit flash, install the older version02:05
snorkeliKap: it may be memory related too try checking memory for errors02:05
nemilarxthegoat121x: you sure it's not just hyperthreading?02:05
gmcastilnemilar: ...i see, is that what the ! is all about?02:05
LiraNunahyper threading is great02:05
Pelog'night folks02:05
nemilargmcastil: exactly02:05
dmanxthegoat121x:  sorry. my core2 is definitely identified as 2 core....02:05
gmcastilnemilar: thanks for explaining that, then - i was mistaken02:05
RequinB5why is it that 'find term' only looks at file names and 'find . term' searches the files?  What is the syntax to alias the second with the first?02:05
iKapsnorkel, i found this, seems like a firefox/browser related error: atal server error:02:05
iKapCaught signal 11.  Server aborting02:05
gmcastilnemilar: that being said, enabling a root password isn't really all that hard02:05
iKapsnorkel, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96068&page=2 sorry.02:05
gmcastilnemilar: i don't see why its not recommended either02:05
nemilargmcastil: yeah, it's just sudo asswd root02:05
corianderI need help with syntax for a chmod command... For a given directory, I want all subdirs to be 755 and all regular files to be 744.  Any suggestions?02:05
gmcastilnemilar: yeah :)02:05
nemilargmcastil: because the thought is people will then login as root02:05
gmcastilnemilar: well, yeah - su -02:06
xthegoat121xLiraNuna, nemilar, I know it is a HT processor, the only thing is, the CPU usage never spikes above 50%... and there's a folder at /proc/CPU2.... would that still be there with hyperthreading?02:06
phoenixzcoriander, you could use find to look for directories and use chmod on the results02:06
nemilargmcastil: I mean from the GDM login screen02:06
gmcastilnemilar: yeah, i know what you menat - but, people should be smart enough to not do that02:06
nemilarxthegoat121x: cat /proc/cpuinfo02:06
nemilarwill show you your CPU's info02:06
snorkeliKap: maybe a firefox add-on is causing it too02:07
LiraNunaxthegoat121x, I have a hyper threading processor, and it's being detected as dual CPU, that's all I know - and it works :D02:07
nemilarif you have a modern single-core, there should be two processor entries02:07
phoenixzcoriander,  find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} I believe02:07
gmcastilnemilar: i understand the paranoia thats extended for ubuntu users - there are a lot of ways to shoot your foot off and a lot people using ubuntu are really really green, if the irc channel is any indication02:07
nemilaryeah that's exactly it, gmcastil02:07
phoenixzcorbbuli, Not entirely sure about the syntax, CHECK THE RESULTS before you try that please! :P02:07
gmcastilnemilar: super green02:07
mirakis there a way to reload devices02:07
dmanLiraNuna: xthegoat121x : i'm pretty sure hyper threading just shows to the os as two processors.02:07
gmcastilmirak: what are you tyring to do?02:07
LiraNunadman, that's what I read too,02:07
Ericl80427My desktop is 800x600 when i want it to be 1207x768 or whatever that demension is.. can anyone help?02:07
gmcastilLiraNuna: xthegoat121x yes, it does - assuming its been compiled for it02:08
=== chryss_ is now known as chryss
MHz128gmcastil: any ideas?02:08
dmanLiraNuna: i know it is that way on my windows comp (p4 w/ ht). no ubuntu there yet, unfortunately =[02:08
mirakgmcastil: I am not trying to find an alternative way to something02:08
xthegoat121xdman, nemilar, LiraNuna, cat /proc/cpuinfo/ shows TWO processors, identical.02:08
corianderphoenixz, I get "find: missing argument to `-exec'"02:08
gmcastilMHz128: need more informtation about your setup - i have no idea what your partition table looks for it02:08
RequinB5Ok, i rephrase my question.  'find . term' gives me every file regardless of term and 'find term' gives me nothing02:08
mirakgmcastil: I want to reload devices for one drive, that's all02:08
gmcastilmirak: what do youmean by reloading devices again? are you referring to kernel modules?02:08
jason_ok its up 128 vram but i fogot that sudo comand agen pelo02:09
dmanxthegoat121x: that is correct. it is detecting the ht02:09
xthegoat121xand in XP, it's detected as a single core.02:09
nemilarxthegoat121x: if it's showing two processors, that's hyperthreading02:09
gmcastilnemilar: not necessarily02:09
LiraNunaXP is lame ;D hyperthreading is dual core basically02:09
nemilarif it was a duelcore it would show 402:09
mirakgmcastil: no the devices accorging to parition map, so /dev/hdaX etcetera02:09
phoenixzcoriander, mmmm, check google on find syntaxis for find and execute on results02:09
dmanjason_: pelo left a bit ago02:09
nemilargmcastil: yeah, I know...but most likely02:09
MHz128gmcastil: its a totally blank IDE drive......02:09
gmcastilnemilar: my core2 shows as 2 procs and it doesn't use HT02:09
LiraNuna"In order to use the Hyper-threading capability of a Hyper-threading capable CPU, the operating system must be able to support Hyper-threading. Mere multiprocessor support is not enough to properly make use of Hyper-threading on a Hyper-threading capable system. "02:09
dmanxthegoat121x: that's xp's problem. all xp i've seen detct ht as two processors02:10
Codenutsqiud and dansguardian will not install on my system properly, tells me to manually edit dansguardian.conf02:10
phoenixzcoriander, in any case, you FIRST want to do find . -type d and see if the result is what you want.. if its wrong you don't want to have executed that command already :)02:10
gmcastilmirak: are you trying to remount something?02:10
LiraNunaread as: XP doesn't support it, linux is greater then XP02:10
Ericl80427My desktop is 800x600 when i want it to be 1207x768 or whatever that demension is.. can anyone help?02:10
RequinB5'find . term' gives me every file regardless of term and 'find term' gives me nothing02:10
gmcastilMHz128: you need to create a partition in the empty space02:10
dmanLiraNuna: lol02:10
nemilarRequinB5: find . -name02:10
jason_dman: maby you can help me my vram is upto 128mbs should that run most the screensavers at full speed?02:10
corianderphoenixz, ok thanks, just needed a place to get started02:10
nemilarRequinB5: example: find /home/nemilar -iname "*.txt"02:10
gmcastiljason_: yes02:10
xthegoat121xgmcastil, you said something about "being compiled for it," should I have specially compiled something?02:10
dman!xorg.conf | Ericl8042702:10
ubotuEricl80427: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto02:10
nemilarRequinB5: find is really powerful....man find for more options02:11
gmcastilxthegoat121x: no...i was being a technical git - i'm sure everything is just fine02:11
* gmcastil agrees with nemilar02:11
phoenixzcoriander, I think this link might help: http://www.google.com.mx/search?q=find+exec+howto&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:official&client=firefox-a02:11
MHz128gmcastil: thats what im trying to do, but it wont let me02:11
Ericl80427thank you dman02:11
gmcastilMHz128: define "won't let me"02:11
gmcastilgoogle and man pages are pretty spectacular02:11
dmanjason_: some, yes. all, no. my ati mobility radeon 2300 (256 physical ram) can't quite run all at full speed.02:11
dmanEricl80427: np02:11
xthegoat121xgmcastil, I sure hope you're right.  It just freaks me out to have CPU load never spike above 50%02:11
RequinB5nemilar - so 'find . -name hello' searches for files with name including hello in current directory?02:11
dmangmcastil: agreed. man especially02:12
gmcastilxthegoat121x: well, you aren't running a bloated OS anymore02:12
mirakgmcastil: don't ask what I want to do I already told you, I want to reload the device so cat /proc/partitions for this drive and device in /dev/ really match the current state of the drive02:12
jason_gmcastil can you remind me of the sudo comand for configuring my graphics card?02:12
jason_or dman:02:12
xthegoat121xgmcastil, amen brother!02:12
Sonjahow do i convert .idx and .sub to a normal .srt file in ubuntu?02:12
jason_or anyone lol02:12
dmanxthegoat121x: that doesn;t happen often in linux in my experience. less freezes02:12
dmanjason_: i don't know that, sorry. try 'man xorg.conf' at the terminal02:13
unagi_anyone know how to convert a sequence of .jpg to a .mov02:13
jason_i so apreceate the help guys when i understand ubuntu more i will help others oo02:13
BodOmLaWmy internet is sluggish when going to new sites on ubuntu, why is that?02:13
gmcastilmirak: umount /dev/<partition>02:13
zikkeri've just upgraded to gutsy, and drive mapping seems to be messing up. I get errors like "mount: /dev/sdb1 already mounted or /boot busy" when trying to mount any of my drives, but using /dev/mapper/sdb1 for the device seems to work. My fstab is by UUID, so it seems to be grabbing the wrong device...02:13
gmcastilmirak: mount /dev/<partition>02:13
MHz128gmcastil: "can not create partition to IDE"02:13
dmanjason_: it goes quick. i only started using full time 3 months ago.02:13
chris062689Is there a way to upgrade to Hardy from Gutsy?02:13
chris062689How can I upgrade to the new alpha3?02:13
chris062689Without burning a new CD-R.02:13
gmcastilMHz128: i would try using fdisk to see what the partition table actually looks like - pastebin a copy of your partition tables02:14
ositofor the record I found a workaround for Bug #18396802:14
gmcastilchris062689: man apt-get02:14
PriceChild!hardy | chris06268902:14
ubotuchris062689: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu02:14
gmcastilmirak: what partition are you trying to umount anyway? is it / ?02:14
MHz128gmcastil: should i just reformat the drive and try again?02:14
LiraNunaxthegoat121x, "Hyper-Threading works by duplicating certain sections of the processor—those that store the architectural state—but not duplicating the main execution resources. This allows a Hyper-Threading equipped processor to pretend to be two "logical" processors to the host operating system, allowing the operating system to schedule two threads or processes simultaneously"02:14
dmanchris062689: i don't recommend you upgrade a main system to hardy... still alpha02:14
BodOmLaWmy internet is sluggish when going to new sites on ubuntu, why is that?02:14
BodOmLaWmy ping is 5002:15
tazwhere i can find wobbly02:15
BodOmLaWand my speed is 428kB just like normal02:15
dmanLiraNuna: fake dual-core! i have a real one too =P02:15
LiraNunadman, I got quad core, your point is? :)02:15
dmantaz: wobbly windows?02:15
gmcastilMHz128: yeah, that's what i'd do...but, if it's empty, its not formatted yet02:15
xthegoat121xLiraNuna, Wow.  I never realized that about my PIV02:15
chris062689I know it's still alpha.  And I'll deal with any problems I have.. :)02:15
dmanLiraNuna: awesome. just saying how hyperthreading is pretty pointless...02:16
LiraNunaxthegoat121x, cause linux is superior to it02:16
zikkerok. I think I got it working by regenerating my initramfs02:16
dmantaz: try #compiz02:16
chris062689How would i upgrade to the alphas though? I tried dist-upgrade >_>02:16
mirakgmcastil: I am not trying to mount anything02:16
chris062689Didn't work.02:16
MHz128gmcastil: what filesystem should I format it to?02:16
LiraNunadman, back then there were no "dual cores"02:16
PriceChild!hardy | chris06268902:16
ubotuchris062689: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu02:16
gmcastilMHz128: ext302:16
LiraNunathis is a pretty old technology02:16
mirakI want to refresh the devices in /dev/ for a particular drive02:16
PriceChildchris062689, read the whole factoid and stop sighing.02:16
dmanLiraNuna: true, the reason i have ht on my old computer.02:16
gmcastilmirak: if you're trying to remount it, you'll need to unmount it, and then mount it again - whats the filesystem on the device?02:16
MHz128thanks gmcastil02:16
chris062689Fine I'll ask on ubuntu+1 :P02:17
xthegoat121xLiraNuna, superior to my Pentium IV?02:17
=== hoarycri1ple is now known as hoarycripple
dmanchris062689: there's a good idea...02:17
tazdman  done it said pass02:17
gmcastilchris062689: RTFM02:17
LiraNunaxthegoat121x, ;)02:17
PriceChild!rtfm | gmcastil02:17
ubotugmcastil: Acronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.02:17
LiraNunathe linux kernel is far more advanced then the XP one02:17
mirakgmcastil: I don't CARE about mounting02:17
dmantaz: go to System > Preferences > Appearence > Visual effects02:17
mirakgmcastil: I want to refresh the devices in /dev02:18
WorkingOnWisehow can I change the lable of a usb flash drive?02:18
tazok let me check02:18
xthegoat121xLiraNuna, :P02:18
gmcastilmirak: i'm trying to help you - you aren't listening or answering my questions, so i can't help you02:18
gmcastilmirak: try rebooting02:18
tazdman it not there visaual effects02:18
LiraNunaxthegoat121x, suggestion: stick with ubuntu02:18
jscinozhey guys, i've got a centrino duo cpu, /proc/cpuinfo shows that both cores support hyperthreading, i've added ht=on to the kernel's commandline in /boot/grub/menu.lst but i still only have the two physical cores rather than 4 logical cores, any ideas?02:19
dmantaz: are you using gutsy?02:19
dmanThatGu1: hey02:19
mirakgmcastil: rebooting would help, but I would rather not reboot and force a device detection or something02:19
gmcastilPriceChild: sometimes, the answer is to read the manual...02:19
PriceChildgmcastil, that's not an acceptable answer here.02:19
ThatGu1does anyone know how to network a winblows computer and ubuntu i.e. to share folders?02:19
stefkohello how i can create a folder on the desktop when i'm on terminal ?02:19
gmcastilmirak: then, unmount and remount the partition02:19
PriceChildgmcastil, either be helpful or don't say a thing.02:19
dmantaz: odd. no luck in #compiz? they are much more knowledgeable.02:19
tazyes it odd02:19
K_NineI downloaded a HTML file for the book Grokking the Gimp. In a forum I found that you are supposed to burn it to a CD to read it. Is there a way to read it from the file?02:19
dmanstefko: mkdir <foldername>02:19
xthegoat121xLiraNuna, oh trust me, I plan on it.  I only have the dual-boot for customer purposes.02:19
AndehHi. The resolution for the login screen is 1680x1050, which is good, but every time it logs me in, it changes the res to 1400x1200. Why?02:19
PriceChildThatGu1, depends which you want to share the files02:19
stefkodman: thank you02:19
mirakgmcastil: I killed the parition bloc, I just want to have the old paritions disapear and just have hdb left02:19
Klosshi how can i activate that cube on the desktop?02:20
Tuaristefko mkdir /home/username/new folder02:20
gmcastilmirak: you aren't making any sense - you need to describe your problem better02:20
mirakgmcastil: I told you I don't care about mounting02:20
WorkingOnWisePriceChild: That is an acceptable answer..."either be helpful or don't say a thing." ty :)02:20
wease|hello folks02:20
mirakgmcastil: I don't have a problem02:20
gmcastilmirak: ...02:20
mirakgmcastil: I ask how to refresh the devices02:20
dmanwease|: hey02:20
hw194dBodOmLaW  /join #temp4bod02:20
xthegoat121xgmcastil, just out of curiousity, I read something about a -smp kernel.... might that be more appropriate?02:20
dman!cube | Kloss02:20
ubotuKloss: Compiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubotu compiz » and « /msg ubotu effects »02:20
gmcastilmirak: no idea what you're talking about then02:21
tazmaybe videocard need new one02:21
ThatGu1PriceChild: thanks, I have it all networked and stuff, but when i try to access it from my winblows computer, it asks me for the username and password. of course i know them both, but i guess something is wrong since the login box keeps coming up when i try to login :S02:21
gmcastilxthegoat121x: yeah, smp means symmetric multi procesing02:21
wease|dman, how is it goin?02:21
dmantaz: quite possible. what is it?02:21
gmcastilxthegoat121x: on my P4, i used an SMP kernel02:21
dmanwease|: not bad. you?02:21
PriceChildThatGu1, samba users are different to the system's users02:21
tazmy videocard geforce 64 mb02:21
gmcastilxthegoat121x: the installer should notice that and install that02:21
jason_man i can;'t figure that command02:21
PriceChildThatGu1, you can either set security = share, in the smb.conf, or you can set up samba users using smbpasswd (or a similar command)02:21
xthegoat121xgmcastil, I'm going to check that out right now.02:21
tazdman which best videocard for my pc ??02:21
wease|dman, not bad at all. thanks for asking02:22
ThatGu1PriceChild: okay well then thanks!02:22
jason_ xserver-xorg-video-intel (source: xserver-xorg-video-intel): X.Org X server -- Intel i8xx, i9xx display driver. In component main, is optional. Version 2:2.1.1-0ubuntu9 (gutsy), package size 173 kB, installed size 476 kB (Only available for alpha amd64 arm armeb armel hppa hurd-i386 i386 ia64 kfreebsd-i386 lpia m68k mips mipsel netbsd-i386 powerpc)02:22
jason_does taht help you any with the cmd dman:?02:22
dmanjason_: try this at your own risk: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg02:22
jason_ok ill try it02:23
dmantaz: my best advice is to find one in your price range, then search the name on ubuntuforums to see if people have issues with it.02:23
tazdman  ok what website so i will look at nvidai feforce to match for this ubuntu02:23
WorkingOnWisehow can I change the disk label of a usb flash drive?02:24
compwiz18WorkingOnWise: it depends on the filesystem on said usb flash drive02:24
ReconstitueKleanPelo: yeah, it's an LCD02:24
K_NineI downloaded a HTML file for the book Grokking the Gimp. In a forum I found that you are supposed to burn it to a CD to read it. Is there a way to read it from the file?02:24
dmantaz: nvidia is a good idea. better drivers than ati. go to a site like newegg.com, find a card that looks good in you price range, then search for it on ubuntuforums.com. good luck102:24
WorkingOnWisecompwiz18: IT'S FAT3202:25
dmanK_Nine: can't you just open the file with your web browser?02:25
Jewfro-MacabbiK_Nine, you should be able to launch an html file in your browser02:25
tazthanks dman i will look at it02:25
dmantaz: np02:25
K_Ninedman: I tried that and it didn't work.02:25
vbabiydoes any one have the link to ubuntu form for the fixed flash package02:25
tazok im wondering should be work with 128 mb with videocard ??02:25
K_NineIt is full of files.02:25
Jewfro-MacabbiK_Nine, you would only need to burn a cd of an iso image - well even then you could loop mount it instead02:25
dmanK_Nine: it is an html file? for sure? do you have a link to where you got it?02:26
compwiz18WorkingOnWise: http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2006/03/01/editing-fat32-partition-labels-using-mtools/02:26
K_Ninedman: It is a file full of HTML files.02:26
dmantaz: should be good for most basic effects, i think.02:26
stefkohello people how i can copy file from desktop when i'm on terminal and paste the file in to /var/www ?02:26
stefkocan somebody tell me?02:26
WorkingOnWisecompwiz18: thanks02:26
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
compwiz18WorkingOnWise: no problem02:26
gmcastilstefko: use the cp command02:26
tazok thanks dman i will look at website .. bye02:27
dmanstefko: cd ~/Desktop, then cp <filename> /var/www should work02:27
compwiz18stefko: sudo cp ~/Desktop/file /var/www/02:27
stefkook let me try02:27
gmcastilstefko: you'll need to fiddle with permissions a bit02:27
K_Ninedman this is where I got it. http://gimp-savvy.com/BOOK/02:27
stefkocpk1: missing destination file operand after `ts.tar.gz'02:28
stefko~/Desktop$ cp bots.tar.gz02:28
stefkocpk1: missing destination file operand after `bots.tar.gz'02:28
K_Ninedman:  Yes I did extract the tarball.02:28
stefkodman: whats the error?02:28
=== root_____ is now known as soldats
dmanK_Nine: still downloading. big file.02:29
compwiz18stefko: you have to cp <filename> /var/www otherwise it doesn't know where to put <filename>02:30
dmanK_Nine: it works fine for me. if you extracted, just open Grokking the Gimp.html02:30
ReconstitueKleanI hosed my fonts, is there a way to reconfigure them back to defaults?02:30
gmcastilstefko: if you don't know how to copy files, you might try reading some basic linux tutorials before launching into an apache installation02:30
LiraNunadman, that "book" is OLD02:30
dmanLiraNuna: i kno. i'm trying to help K_Nine  open it though...02:31
stefkothank you02:31
stefkoit works now02:31
theshadowWhat do I do if my SD card some how became unwritable and says its a read only disk?02:31
K_Ninedman: Thanks, I didn't know which file to try to open. Much thanks.02:31
LiraNunathechitowncubs, sudo umount /dev/YOUR_SD_DRIVE02:31
LiraNunaerr, theshadow*02:31
dmantheshadow: look at the disk. it might have a read-only switch that could have gotten pushed over.02:32
theshadowdman: I checked that its not02:32
mirakgmcastil: man partprobe02:32
* gmcastil thinks that people should start at www.google.com before unleashing hell in the IRC channel02:32
LiraNunatheshadow, then mkfs.vfat /dev/YOUR_DS_DRIVE02:32
dmanK_Nine: no problem. that book is **really** old tho.02:32
K_Ninedman:  Do you know of a newer one?02:32
gmcastiloh god02:32
gmcastili hate elitespeak02:33
compwiz18theshadow: sudo umount /dev/<sddrive>; sudo fsck /dev/<sddrive> to unmount and check the filesystem on the card02:33
dmantheshadow: i don't know then. ubuntu doesn't usually mount read-only unless there is filesystem damage.02:33
dmanwhat compwiz18 said...02:33
Juzzy`Problem: I've had sound working in my ubuntu 7.1 before, I remember it being something like upgrading to a newer ALSA driver or some such, I have the snd-hda-intel sond chipset02:33
K_Ninedman: Supposedly it was going to be updated to Gimp 2.02:33
dmanK_Nine: try http://docs.gimp.org/en/02:34
theshadowcompwiz18: how do I tell which is the sd drive?02:34
dmanK_Nine: the docs tell most everything. other than that, look for tutorials on the internet. and make something.02:34
dmanK_Nine: wow, gimp is on like 2.4 already...02:35
K_Ninedman:  Thank you again.02:35
dmanK_Nine: no problem. make something cool.02:35
mirakgmcastil: I found what I was searching02:35
ReconstitueKleans there a way to reconfigure fonts to default in ubuntu?02:35
compwiz18theshadow: that's the tricky part.  is the drive built in to the computer, or is it usb?02:35
ReconstitueKleanis there a way to reconfigure fonts to default in ubuntu?02:35
dman!fonts | ReconstitueKlean02:35
ubotuReconstitueKlean: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer02:35
K_Ninedman:  I do photo editing.02:35
dmanK_Nine: cool. i do a bit with gimp when i need to. school stuff, wallpapers, some photo stuff too. it's a good prog.02:36
sybarite1i'm in localization hell02:36
jack-desktophow can i figure out if /dev/sda1 is my flash drive or not02:36
K_Ninedman: But I also have Photoshop 7 on this Linux distro. I just like to experiment with different editors.02:36
sybarite1cause i'm using putty02:36
bulmerere4si-> that swift-firefox, could that possibly affect it?02:36
K_Ninedman: I have CS3 Extended on my Windoze machine.02:36
overridexanyone know if there's a way with alsa to pipe my line in through pcm or something so that it plays out all my speakers instead of just the front?02:36
dmanK_Nine: i've never had photoshop. i prefer to work with something easy, free, and hassle free (at least in  install). btw, gimp works *way* better in linux than windows.02:37
WorkingOnWisecompwiz18: woeked perfectly. ty again02:37
sybarite1does anyone know what things i could compare, between two servers? I SSH to both of them via putty, on the old one things look great, putty is set for ISO8859-1. In the new server, i cant get swedish chars allrigth ant curses apps look like hell. How can i find out how to set up the new server just like the old??02:37
theshadowcompwiz18: built in02:37
ere4sibulmer: swiftfox is just an optimised firefox - been using it for a year roughly with no dramas...02:37
jack-desktophow can i figure out if /dev/sda1 is my flash drive or not02:37
K_Ninedman: I have Gimpshop on my Windoze.02:37
xthegoat121xTo all those i was speaking with... I just checked my kernel (after a freeze and reboot, LoL), and apparently I'm running generic, not smp02:37
compwiz18theshadow: hang on let me fix my keyboard, the usb hub is acting up02:37
pr3d4t0rQ. Is there a MOTU-specific channel?  A group of us have several packages/additions/fixes for various things and would like to contribute them to future releases of (K)Ubuntu.  We all have launchpad.net accounts and/or the enhancements are to software already present in Ubuntu distributions.  Thanks in advance.02:37
gmcastiljack-desktop: check the logs after you plug it in02:37
sybarite1jack-desktop: you could try connecting it and then running dmesg02:37
* pr3d4t0r continues reading the wiki.02:37
theshadowcompwiz18: I found it02:38
gmcastiljack-desktop: or just ls /dev/sd* before and after02:38
ubotumotu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU02:38
cwillu#ubuntu-motu I think02:38
dmanK_Nine: get rid of that! GimpShop is a buggy piece of junk. it doesn't work nearly as well as regular 'The Gimp'02:38
compwiz18theshadow: ok good02:38
xthegoat121xgmcastil, did you catch what I just said?02:38
gmcastilxthegoat121x:  i didn't...but i see it now02:38
dmanall: brb02:39
gmcastilxthegoat121x: ls -l /boot/*02:39
gmcastilxthegoat121x: pastebin the output02:39
K_Ninedman: I know. I already went back to Gimp. But I also have Elements, Paint Shop 12 and Corel Draw.02:39
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:39
Paddy_EIREhow difficult would it be for me to remotely connect to another computer elsewhere also connected to broadband and also running ubuntu02:39
gmcastilxthegoat121x: i need to see something in that output, but i'd wager it'll be really easy to take care of02:39
gmcastilPaddy_EIRE: it's easy - use SSH02:40
jack-desktopgmcastil, when i do that, two appear, sde & sde1, which one do i use02:40
xthegoat121xgmcastil, k02:40
gmcastiljack-desktop: sde is the device, sde1 is the partition02:40
Paddy_EIRE!ssh > Paddy_EIRE02:40
gmcastiljack-desktop: so, you want to mount /dev/sde1 /mountpoint02:40
Juzzy`!ssh | Paddy_EIRE02:40
ubotuPaddy_EIRE: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/02:40
TheBlackOutHey ya'll, I am wondering, what is a good virtual drive program? Like to mount isos, etc on ubuntu?02:40
jack-desktopgmcastil, i'm trying to "sudo mkswap /dev/sda1"02:40
gmcastiljack-desktop: might need to do it as rot02:40
jack-desktopgmcastil, i should use *1 right?02:40
gmcastiljack-desktop: yeah02:41
dmanK_Nine: paintshop 9 was my first real editor. still have it on windows.02:41
gmcastiljack-desktop: wait...not sda1, though02:41
jack-desktopgmcastil, of course ;p02:41
gmcastiljack-desktop: ok :)02:41
gmcastiljack-desktop: yeah, mkswap is the command to format a partition as swap02:41
gmcastiljack-desktop: if you want to confirm it, you can run fdisk /dev/sd? and look02:42
gmcastilxthegoat121x: you get that pastebinned?02:42
jack-desktopgmcastil,  i just ran cat /proc/swaps =/, and it's there.02:42
dmanTheBlackOut: loom on the internet. you don't need a seperate program, just a couple of scripts.02:42
xthegoat121xgmcastil, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54409/02:42
gmcastiljack-desktop: that's another way to do it.. did it work?02:42
StargazerI need to disable a button on my keyborad, how do i do it ?02:42
=== Stargazer is now known as Rezagrats
jack-desktopgmcastil, it showed the device, idk if it's working though.02:43
TheBlackOutdman: Thanks, I'll search. I remember a friend saying something to that effect!02:43
dmanTheBlackOut: np02:43
RequinB5ok, i've so far been able to find specific files using 'find -iname term' but i need to be able to search for a part of a file name...02:43
wease|rezagrats, just pluck it from the board.... :P02:44
gmcastiljack-desktop: you'll need to go: sudo swapon -v /dev/<swap partition> to use it02:44
jack-desktopgmcastil, already did.02:44
gmcastiljack-desktop: then it's using it :) glad it worked for you02:44
jack-desktopgmcastil, "sudo swapon -p 32767 /dev/sde1"02:44
RezagratsWeasel, can't do that, i cleaned my keyboard one too many times, all the screws are stripped, and it's not a regular button it's one of the "extra buttons"02:45
gmcastilxthegoat121x: looks like you only have one kernel installed02:45
jscinozhey guys, i've got a centrino duo cpu, /proc/cpuinfo shows that both cores support hyperthreading, i've added ht=on to the kernel's commandline in /boot/grub/menu.lst but i still only have the two physical cores rather than 4 logical cores, any ideas?02:45
gmcastilxthegoat121x: apt-cache search "" | grep kernel | grep smp02:45
K_Ninedman: I started with 6.02:45
RequinB5ok, i've so far been able to find specific files using 'find -iname term' but i need to be able to search for a part of a file name...02:46
gmcastilxthegoat121x: pastebin it if it's large or just paste a few lines in here02:46
jack-desktopgmcastil, i used "cat /proc/swaps" and it says Used: 002:46
dmanK_Nine: cool02:46
xthegoat121xgmcastil, I got NOTHING02:46
gmcastiljack-desktop:  i think that refers to usage amount, not to # of swaps in use02:47
AndehI have 15 GB of music on my windows partition in an iTunes library02:47
gmcastilxthegoat121x: hm... lemme check on something - while i do that, pastebin your /boot/grub/menu.lst02:47
Andehhow would be the best way to get it running in amarok?02:47
RequinB5ok, i've so far been able to find specific files using 'find -iname term' but i need to be able to search for a part of a file name...02:47
mneptokAndeh: get it off NTFS02:47
xthegoat121xgmcastil... will do02:47
jack-desktopgmcastil, i figured that, but sde & hdb5 are both using 0, so i was just confused02:48
DanThirsthow do you restart samba?02:48
gmcastiljack-desktop: yeah, i've never used that method to check... i just ran swapon with -v and looked for errors02:48
mneptokDanThirst: sudo invoke-rc.d samba restart02:48
xthegoat121xgmcastil, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54410/02:49
ere4siRequinB5, try part of the name with * e.g locate fire* to find firefox , firewall etc02:50
Andehmneptok: You mean don't use NTFS for it?02:51
RequinB5ere4si: i get no true values.... 'find -iname econ*' returns nothing02:51
gmcastilxthegoat121x: i might be wrong, but it looks like your kernel might have SMP built in02:51
bulmerere4si-> that swift-firefox, could that possibly affect it?02:52
gmcastilxthegoat121x: i have another idea02:52
Andehmneptok: I was going to get a new hard disk for my music, but I'll need it to work from windows as well. So to get my music on linux in Amarok i should basically drag and drop the entire folder into it?02:52
Nozyhi all02:52
xthegoat121xgmcastil, ok02:52
ere4siRequinB5, try -   locate econ*02:52
Paddy_EIREgmcastil, what details from the remote ubuntu machine do I need in order to connect to it?02:52
deadlylife$ sudo mount /dev/sda1mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1,02:53
deadlylife       missing codepage or helper program, or other error02:53
deadlylife       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try02:53
deadlylife       dmesg | tail  or so02:53
FloodBot1deadlylife: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:53
RequinB5ere4si: definitly an improvment, where do i put the directory to search?02:53
RequinB5!paste | deadlylife02:53
ubotudeadlylife: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:53
ere4sibulmer: it's just an optimised firefox - been using it for a year with no dramas02:53
gmcastilcd /02:53
ere4siRequinB5, I did it from /home dir and got all dir searched02:53
iKapwhere is gnome config filed located??02:53
RequinB5ere4si: Yes, i want to only search one directory tree02:54
ere4siRequinB5, try for eample -  locate /home/you/econ*02:54
gmcastilxthegoat121x: here, try this:02:54
deadlylifehelp me please02:54
gmcastilxthegoat121x: cat /boot/config-2.6.22-14-generic | grep -i smp02:55
gmcastildeadlylife: 'help me please' ?02:55
RequinB5ere4si: nothing =02:55
gmcastildeadlylife: http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html02:55
xthegoat121xgmcastil, shoudl I paste that?02:55
Dr_willisdeadlylife,  you may be using the wrong mount syntax. what is the EXACT command you are using.. and you have an entry for sda1 in your fstab allready? If not you need to  make one. or use more mount options02:56
gmcastilxthegoat121x: yeah, it should only be a couple lines02:56
Dr_willisBye akk02:56
gmcastiljust stick it into the channel02:56
ere4siRequinB5,  is it a new file? - try   -   sudo updatedb && locate /home/you/econ*02:56
RequinB5'locate /home/me/mydir/econ*'nor 'locate ./econ*' nor 'locate .econ*'02:56
RequinB5no, its an old file02:56
xthegoat121x# CONFIG_X86_BIGSMP is not set02:57
RequinB5its my sintax i think02:57
FloodBot1xthegoat121x: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:57
IndustrialHow do I disable the pc speaker module? I'm used to blacklisting it in the /etc/rc.conf in archlinux but don't know where exactly to look on ubuntu02:57
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:57
gmcastilxthegoat121x: your kernel was compiled with SMP support02:57
xthegoat121xgmcastil, yeah, I was gathering that.02:58
sybarite1does anyone know what things i could compare, between two servers, in terms of character coding /localization?  I SSH to both of them via putty, on the old one things look great, putty is set for ISO8859-1. In the new server, i cant get swedish chars allrigth ant curses apps look like hell. How can i find out how to set up the new server just like the old??02:58
xthegoat121xgmcastil, that makes me feel better, though I don't think I'm squeezing as much performance out of this beast as I should.02:58
gmcastilxthegoat121x: it looks like ubuntu builds its kernels with smp support standard - some distros (namely redhat) still keep them esparate (one smp and one not)02:58
iKapwhere is gnome config filed located??02:58
gmcastilxthegoat121x: for what reason?02:58
deadlylifeSorry, I am trying to mount a partition of my laptop's HDD by using $ sudo mount /dev/sda102:58
ere4siRequinB5, your syntax looks ok - update the db02:59
deadlylifeHere is the error: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54412/02:59
gmcastildeadlylife: you need a mount point02:59
gmcastilthanks for pastebin02:59
xthegoat121xgmcastil, it seems that I'm only pulling off half as much as I could on my laptop when I had an equivalent amount of RAM02:59
deadlylifegmcastil, I have one02:59
gmcastildeadlylife: no, your command is wrong02:59
iKapgmcastil, where can i find the gnome config file?02:59
ere4sideadlylife, you need to give somewhere for it to be mounted to02:59
pawanany software to burn mp3 to dvd so as to play in car audio03:00
gmcastilxthegoat121x: hardware, ram, other deices make things differnet03:00
RequinB5ere4si : sudo updatedb works but then locate /home/me/econ* doesn't give anything03:00
deadlylifeere4si, In fstab?03:00
john__Can anyone help me figure out how to build GCC 3.0.4 from source?03:00
ere4sideadlylife, like -  sudo mount -v /dev/sda1 /media (your file name for it)03:00
xthegoat121xgmcastil, yeah, exactly.  Which brings me to my next point, how difficult is the change to the new drivers from AMD for ATI devices?03:00
gmcastiljohn__: www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs03:00
deadlylifeere4si,  what is the -v for?03:01
gmcastilxthegoat121x: for what device?03:01
ere4sideadlylife, verbose - so you know what it did03:01
xthegoat121xgmcastil, ATI Radeon X130003:01
Paddy_EIREhow do i find out my IP address03:01
deadlylifeere4si, output?03:01
shinda_was hoping someon can help me in converting ac3 audio to aac, any utiltiies that could do it would awsome03:01
ere4sideadlylife,  that should have been /media/(your file) - make the dir first03:02
ere4sideadlylife, it will say it mounted it or not03:02
=== john__ is now known as anothrguitarist
deadlylifeere4si, I have the dir, I have the entry in fstab, should it not mount it to the directory I set in fstab when I mount the dev?03:02
xanderhello,. im looking for some help regarding my nvidia drivers and making sure i have the correct ones ,,,,03:03
ere4sideadlylife, if the fstab entry is right it should mount on boot03:03
IndustrialHow do I disable the pc speaker module? I'm used to blacklisting it in the /etc/rc.conf in archlinux but don't know where exactly to look on ubuntu03:03
deadlylifeIt's a fat32, not ext3! I thought I formatted it to ext3, sorry for your time and thanks for you help ere4si.03:03
ere4sik deadlylife :)03:04
pawanany good audio burning software03:04
PriceChildIndustrial, /etc/modules, blacklist the module there03:04
PriceChildIndustrial, whoops not that one03:04
xanderi can't seem to pull the same performance on video as i could on windows:( for example my refresh rate is only 50 and i have a horizontal flicker when i run videos03:04
xanderif i could get over this hurdle , i would have one less reason to never go back haha03:05
mr_robotohi, i need some help to recover my gnome-terminal (doesn't start)03:05
=== bruenig|laptop is now known as bruenig
gmcastilxander: have you loaded the video drivers yet?03:07
xanderyes ...03:07
xanderbut im not exactly sure if they are the ones i should be using03:07
pawannero for ubuntu03:07
Mr-LonelYhi..i already install flash but firefox cannot play it..how to fix it?03:07
xanderi used envy to set that up ...03:07
ere4siRequinB5, are you sure that's where the file is - just tried it several times03:07
IndustrialPriceChild: any idea? I couldn't find it :P03:08
gmcastilxander: perhaps your xorg settings aren't correct?03:08
xanderlonley , if you run 64 bit linux , install 32 bit firefox03:08
xanderhmm xorg .. ok i try to find that03:08
Mr-LonelYrun 32bit..03:08
xanderhmm i dont' know then sorry hah i tried03:08
Mr-LonelYat 1st time it view file from youtube..and then cannot..03:09
gmcastilMr-LonelY: i would suggest searching the 64-bit ubuntu forums - that issue has been well documented03:09
Mr-LonelYgmcastil: turn my 32bit machine into 64bits?03:09
=== freeksh0w86 is now known as the_darkside_986
gmcastilMr-LonelY: no...getting flash to work on firefox03:10
gmcastilMr-LonelY: there isn't a 64-bit linux flash binary yet03:10
xanderhes runnin 32 it hink03:10
the_darkside_986hi everyone. does anyone know of a guide for using mdbtools-g... to export mdb files to openoffice database?03:10
Mr-LonelYbut i'm alreay runnning in 32bit03:10
gmcastilMr-LonelY: oh..well, then, it's even easier - go read the forums, using flash on firefox is explained pretty well in there03:11
PriceChildIndustrial, nope sorry... can't believe i can't remember03:11
Mr-LonelYok..thanks gmcastil and everyone03:11
yamanhello every one i can't get my modem work on my ubuntu and knoppix and i have dell inspiron 6400 my modem card is (conexant hda d110 mdc v92 modem) this under windows name any easy way to get the driver for this modem ?03:12
Industrialkey np03:12
Gnineopen synaptic and search for flash-nonfree, Mr-LonelY , install if necessary03:12
Mr-LonelYconnection to asia got problem when undersea cable damage again..so slow when doing updating03:12
the_darkside_986is it possible to run sql statements like CREATE and UPDATE inside of OpenOffice Base? i'd really like to do that.03:12
gmcastillspci | grep 496503:13
the_darkside_986i'm using the version of OO that came with Ubuntu03:13
Mr-LonelYGnine: no result at synaptic03:13
the_darkside_986I just got a new LCD screen today so that Ubuntu would work without xorg.conf hacking. it looks so beautiful.03:13
IndustrialI have another question; when I in Appearance Preferences > Visual Effects select Extra I get an error; The Composite extension is not available. I know that it installed compiz and I have restarted since. I am also running a 3d enabled driver (ATI)03:13
gmcastilIndustrial: http://www.google.com/search?q=%22composite+extension+not+available%22&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a03:14
pinguihi people03:14
gmcastilIndustrial: i'd suggest the first one :)03:14
Industrial.. ofcourse :p03:14
gmcastil:) google is your friend03:14
Industrialyeah its my irc reflex03:15
Gninepackage name 'flashplugin-nonfree' , Mr-LonelY03:15
jason_gmcastil do i neeed to edit the xorg.config.txt file?03:15
gmcastiljason_: uh....?03:15
jason_to change the graphics card up to 128 mmb03:15
jason_you know?03:16
xanderhere is what i found in the xorg.conf03:16
gmcastiljason_: if you installed a new graphics card, you'll need to install new drivers and probably hack on xorg.conf some03:16
xanderSection "Device"03:16
xanderIdentifier"Generic Video Card"03:16
Thurin1xander: You should ask someone about the pastebin ;)03:16
jason_this is a laptop and its not a new graphics card03:16
jason_the same one from when i bought it03:16
gmcastili don't care about pastebin :)03:16
jason_linuc dident detect it03:16
gmcastilxander: pastebin is an extern place to paste large text buffers03:17
Thurin1jason_: Is it ATI?03:17
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:17
gmcastilxander: some people in here get all bent about it03:17
xanderoh i didn't think that was large03:17
jason_thruin its a intel03:17
Thurin1ATI is a pain in Linux, especially ATI's with tv-outs.03:17
xanderwell they should find better things to do then lol03:17
gmcastilxander: it wasn't...people just start spamming that pastebin warning03:17
Thurin1jason_: Ah, I see - and what is the problem now?03:17
xanderi just want help determining what the proper driver is and how to get it on hah03:17
Gnine!enter | xander03:17
ubotuxander: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:17
gmcastilxander: so, you get 4 lines of pasted text, and then 5 people try to act cool by spamming that thing03:17
Thurin1It does not detect the right card, or there are problems with the screen etc?03:17
jason_its not running fully03:17
Thurin1jason_: Fully as in hardware accel?03:17
ComputerHermithi all03:18
gmcastiljason_: i'm not really sure at all what your problem is - please restate it03:18
pinguihow can i chage my opera  lenguage03:18
jason_1 sec03:18
Mr-LonelYGnine: still cannot view file from youtube03:18
Mr-LonelYi hate this03:18
xanderok , i think i have the wrong driver installed03:18
Thurin1Intel's are slow.. slow in Linux and to get hardware accel you have to specify the proper driver in 'device'03:18
ShuggleI came in earlier asking about a good usenet binary grabber. alt.bin is a freeware client for windows, and it runs flawlessly (so far) under wine03:18
Gnineany extra plugins installed in your firefox, Mr-LonelY03:18
xandervideo performance is poor03:19
Mr-LonelYThurin1: i agreed with..My machine faster when using AMD03:19
Mr-LonelYGnine: nop03:19
pinguihow can i chage the  lenguage of my opera03:19
jason_i have a intel Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller and i dont think ubuntu deteced it when i installed the os ot my hd03:19
Thurin1Mr-LonelY: Yah, in general the best video card for Linux is probably Nvidia.03:19
gmcastilShuggle: http://www.techtalkz.com/ubuntu-linux/64016-dedicated-usenet-binary-grabber.html03:19
gmcastilThurin1: agreed03:19
jason_the screensavers are not running fully speed03:19
Thurin1jason_: Probably not but you should look at what is under your 'device' - in /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:20
estethHey all, how do i disassociate .sh files from everything? At the moment the want to run in wine, so i can't do ./build.sh, for example03:20
xanderim lookin at that file03:20
Mr-LonelYGnine: i got headache to solve this flash player issue03:20
xanderbut its not really tellin me much hah03:20
Thurin1If the device says 'vga' or something similar it was not, but if it says 'intel' either your client is slow or something is messed with Mesa.03:20
Thurin1jason_: Open a console window/Terminal and type 'glxinfo' check at the top for 'direct rendering'03:20
jason_ok 1 sec03:20
Thurin1pingui: hey03:21
gmcastilglxinfo | grep -i direct03:21
KaiForceok Ubuntu-ites, can someone point me to a page that explains how to configure Gutsy to work with both the internal and external monitor on a laptop?03:21
ere4siMr-LonelY, install the shockwave plugin from here for youtube - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/browse/type:703:21
Mr-LonelYlast time i'm using feisty..no problem with flash player..and i upgrade to gutsy03:21
pinguican you help me  qhit  little problem03:21
gmcastilKaiForce: i'd google for dual monitor ubuntu03:21
jack-desktopwhats the !command for mouse help?03:21
jason_direct rendering: Yes03:21
Mr-LonelYere4si: i'll try now03:21
keram`anyone know how to get the w32codec package?03:22
=== bmk789 is now known as bmk789_bed
jason_i guss it tell me that direct rendering is enabled03:23
KaiForcegmcastil:  roger wilco, thanks pard.03:23
keram`cool, thanks03:23
mneptokMr-LonelY: the problem is not with Gutsy, but with Adobe and their changes to Flash03:24
Thurin1jason_: Well then it's enabled. ;)03:24
gmcastilkeram`: sed 's/t/d/'03:24
Thurin1jason_: Intel's are slow.. that's all03:24
KaiForcegmcastil:  wow, the state of dual monitor support on ubuntu seems pretty weak.03:24
Mr-LonelYmneptok: i see..i already have libflashplayer.so in mozilla plugin03:24
gmcastilKaiForce: it isn't03:24
iambernieHas anybody had this weird thing that all windows only fill about 3/4 of the screen even though it's Maximized?  (looks like this: http://home.planet.nl/~plau/Screenshot1.png )03:25
Gnineopen synaptic and search for w32codecs . apt-get should work too , keram`03:25
keram`i didnt find it when i searched03:25
Thurin1Intel video cards onboard are sort of like the lombatamized modems of the past called 'win-modems'03:25
gmcastilKaiForce: actually, you'd probably have better luck just searching for 'dual monitor xorg'03:25
Gninei did03:25
gmcastilThurin1: OH GOD!!!!03:25
keram`using gutsy?03:25
Thurin1gmcastil: You loved it03:25
gmcastilThurin1: NO03:25
KaiForcegmcastil:  ok will do03:25
Thurin1Mr-LonelY: Are you trying to get flash going in Opera?03:25
gmcastilThurin1: i'm having hot flashes03:25
jason_oki then i guss on to the next step in the setup process03:26
Thurin1The new flash version does not work in Opera, Adobe even mentions it on their website - keep that in mind.03:26
Thurin1gmcastil: haha03:26
Mr-LonelYThurin1: opera?meaning?03:26
Thurin1jason_: :)03:26
keram`Gnine, its not showing up03:26
gmcastilThurin1: i hated those fucking things03:26
Thurin1Mr-LonelY: Ah, nothing, it's a browser - www.opera.com03:26
Thurin1gmcastil: Yeah they were bad, even in Windows they were bad.03:26
gmcastilMr-LonelY: a terrible browseser03:26
jason_yeah im thinking about stuff now03:26
gmcastilThurin1: amazing how just about everything with 'win' means it sucks03:27
Thurin1gmcastil: I love Opera it's been my fav since version 3 haha03:27
Thurin1gmcastil: haha03:27
gmcastilThurin1: sed 's/win/lose/'03:27
Thurin1gmcastil: Except for the two things which excel on that system, music production and games.03:27
gmcastilThurin1: it's trye03:27
Thurin1jason_: If you can try to update your videocard.. or find some tweaks via - google.03:27
Thurin1jason_: Sometimes a few 'options' lines under device'' can make a world of difference.03:28
unstableI have this crappy emachine desktop, and X won't start from the ubuntu livecd03:28
Thurin1I took a Radeon 7000 and with enough tweaking had it running Compiz Fusion like a pro.03:28
unstableso I can't install ubuntu03:28
Thurin1unstable: Any error messages?03:28
jason_compiz runs ok03:28
Industrialgmcastil: okay so I got it working. Is there any panel/option window where I can play with compiz settings? its not in the notification area :< (I only used beryl once before so i don't know how it works exactly)03:28
jason_i can get the cube to work fine and the wobbles03:28
unstableThurin1: no, it just hangs and doesn't work03:29
jason_wobbles of the screen03:29
unstableThurin1: It's some intel 845 graphics, probably very cheap03:29
jason_i like makeing the big cube affect03:29
jason_i got this on back in 0603:29
gmcastilIndustrial: uh....i'm pretty much a CLI guy only, so i won't be much help with that kinda thing, sorry03:29
jason_its a hp03:29
Industrialnp :>03:29
jason_hp pavaillon notebook03:30
jason_i konw03:30
jason_i konw03:30
Scunizi!ccrm | Industrial03:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ccrm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:30
Thurin1unstable: And you have 256MB's of ram yes?03:30
sixpenceHeya, does gutsy = gutsy gibbon?03:30
Starnestommysixpence: yes03:30
RequinB5How can i get locate to search a directory tree03:31
Thurin1gmcastil: So am I, but a BSD man ..FreeBSD - Ubuntu' is my other machine ;D03:31
Scunizi!ccsm | Indust03:31
ubotuIndust: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion03:31
Mr-LonelYThurin1: i just use firefox only03:31
Thurin1Mr-LonelY: Whatever works03:31
Industrialmeh, ok03:31
Industrialthanks Scunizi03:31
ScuniziIndustrial, sure.. took me a sec to find the right acronym03:32
Mr-LonelYThurin1: just try install opera right now03:32
Industrialwonder why it isnt installed by default .. would imagine anyone would want to play with it right away :P03:32
ScuniziIndustrial, CD space on the live cd probably.03:32
unstableThurin1: I don't know how much memory it is03:32
unstableThurin1: o on the computer itself, I don't know how much memory. but probably at least 256 yes03:32
Thurin1unstable: Well that may be the problem - you need 'at least' 256mb's of RAM but on a slower Emachines system I think you would be better with 512mb.03:33
Thurin1unstable: Ok... so what happens you boot and it just freezes up?03:33
RequinB5can anyone help me use locate to search an entire directory tree03:33
Thurin1It takes a few minutes for the LIVE-CD to load soo....03:33
Jangarianyone use sshfs to mount servers? Is this syntax right? "sshfs user@server.com: /mount/point/"03:33
mneptokRequinB5: locate doesn;t work like that03:33
Thurin1Ubuntu is one of the slowest live-cd's actually03:33
mneptokRequinB5: locate searches all files and directories by referencing a precompiled database03:34
Thurin1Jangari: I think you need to add type, and method - ro,rw etc03:34
vbabiyhey where can i get the fixed flash package?03:34
Jangarii keep getting "/mount/point is a directory"03:34
ScuniziRequinB5, sometimes before using "locate" you have to "sudo updatedb"03:34
Thurin1vbabiy: Fixed flash package?03:34
jack-desktopis it safe to hide the "Examples" folder?03:34
Jangarino, sshfs doesn't need type03:34
Jangariit is the type03:34
RequinB5mneptok: Ok, got that.  I need a way to search an entire directory tree for a given phrase in teh title03:35
vbabiyyeah ubotu use to give me link03:35
Scunizijack-desktop, delete it if you want03:35
vbabiyits not working any more03:35
RequinB5yeah, i updated, that isn't the phroblem03:35
Thurin1Jangari: True03:35
mneptokRequinB5: ls -R /path/to/dir | grep filename03:35
vbabiyit was on the Ubuntu form03:35
Thurin1I don't use it myself - just swinging ;)03:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about flashissuese - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:35
mneptokRequinB5: or use find.03:35
bruenigRequinB5, find . -name "*phrase*"03:35
Scunizi!flash > vbabiy03:35
* Thurin1 sighs03:35
vbabiyScunizi: thanks i got it03:36
deahtihsMy internet is unbelievably slow on Ubuntu, which is wireless, when on Windows it is unbelievably sexy. I'm on ethernet now.. what's wrong with this? broadcom 54 maxperformance something03:36
deahtihsworked fine before03:36
Thurin1FreeBSD ports are cool - but god could I use some apt-get goodness right about now :[03:36
mneptokdeahtihs: the problem is that "Broadcom" bit03:36
deahtihsso it's always a problem on ubuntu?03:36
RequinB5i was having problems with find, why i switched to locate... i tried ls -R /path/to/dir | grep filename didn't work03:37
mneptokdeahtihs: Broadcom is probably the worst possible vendor in terms of support for open source OSes03:37
jason_jason sighs03:37
bruenigRequinB5, use the find method above, full proof03:37
deahtihsmy wireless worked finer before03:37
gmcastilmneptok: linksys is about as bad03:37
jason_donset know ware to go from hear03:37
mneptokRequinB5: you need to replace /path/to/dir with the actual directory path. and "filename" with the name you're looking for03:37
RequinB5mneptok, yeah, thanks :)03:37
mneptokgmcastil: Linksys does not make wifi chipsets03:37
RequinB5mneptok, i mean i got that03:37
gmcastilmneptok: i know...broadcom makes the chips for linksys03:38
RequinB5bruenig - permission to sub -name with -iname?03:38
mneptokgmcastil: which explains why Linksys has issues.03:38
bruenigRequinB5, if you need case insensitive, then use iname03:38
deahtihsi have a linksys router...03:38
RequinB5bruenig: k03:38
gmcastilmneptok: yeah, dunno about the newer ones...i remember the w54g bein a real pain03:38
gmcastildeahtihs: its not so much the router...its the nics03:39
Jangarithis is what i get from sshfs: fuse: missing mountpoint, bash: /media/Azoulay: is a directory03:39
RequinB5bruenig - thanks, works prefectly03:39
mneptokdeahtihs: is this a wireless card, or embedded?03:39
Jangariam i putting in the wrong syntax somewhere?03:39
deahtihsoh uhm03:39
deahtihsi have a laptop03:39
RequinB5Can i omit the .?  isn't current dir find's default path03:39
ositojust for the record I've had a rather solid experience with Linksys hardware03:39
BDhey whats the code i need to add to add windows to grub and what file do i add it too?03:40
* mopflite reads man dconf and laughs03:40
heartsbloodHas there ever been a good RTS released for linux?03:40
malcom2073I heard some guys got TA working03:40
deahtihsso i'm pretty.. fucked?03:41
bruenigreclaim the streets?03:41
mneptokheartsblood: Savage03:41
RequinB5heartsblood: A great TBS is Battle for wesnoth03:41
mneptok!ohmy > deahtihs03:41
deahtihsi see03:41
BDwhats the line i have to add to grub for windows???03:41
BDi cant seem to find it on google03:41
gmcastilBD: google03:41
gmcastilBD: yes its on there03:41
mneptokdeahtihs: is this a wireless card, or embedded?03:41
heartsbloodMalcom2073, TA?03:41
deahtihsembedded i guess since it's a laptop03:41
malcom2073Total annihilation03:41
Napoleon_Dynamitbleep bleep, bop bop03:42
Napoleon_Dynamitsee yall03:42
mneptokdeahtihs: is it built-in to the laptop, or a Cardus/PCMCIA card?03:42
heartsblood<-- dumbass03:42
malcom2073Nah its an old game, not too many people know of it03:42
heartsbloodMalcom2073: was that through wine/winex (or whatever it's called now)?03:42
ositoBD, can you try dpkg-reconfigure grup maybe?03:42
Optimus55ubuntu fonts are really big.... how to get them regular small size?03:42
deahtihsbuilt in03:42
mneptokdeahtihs: that Broadcom will be nothing but a nuisance in anything but Windows.03:43
gmcastilBD: http://www.google.com/search?q=windows+linux+dual+boot+grub.conf&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a03:43
deahtihsoh god03:43
mneptokdeahtihs: i suggest a better supported Cardbus card03:43
new_linux_beeHi, I want to inbound redirect all traffic on port 53 to http://mysite.com03:43
malcom2073Heartsbane: I'm not sure, I dont completly remember it was a few years back that they did it heh03:43
new_linux_beehow can i make it happen using iptables?03:43
deahtihscan i use something for usb then03:43
malcom2073might've been due to the fact it uses d3d03:43
ositodeahtihs, try Hardy, it has been working rather good with my broadcom card03:43
heartsbloodmneptok: I'm having trouble finding a game called save, got a link?03:43
heartsblood /cry03:44
Heartsbanemalcom2073: what?03:44
heartsbloodI love people, why does everybody call me a bane!03:44
deahtihswhat does hardy do03:44
Jangariah, figured it out, I had the alias in my bashrc over two lines, so the first line was missing a mount point, and the second line, the mount point, was being interpreted as a new bash command,03:44
Heartsbanemalcom2073: nice job on the tab completion03:44
JangariEven though I swear I made it a single libe03:44
ositoit uses b43 insteac of bcm for broadcom chips03:44
RB2J2RE 1.6 isn't in the repos, correct?03:44
roshanfor some reason every time i enable restricted drivers my computer boots back up in safe mode with 800 x 600 resolution. I was wondering if anyone could help me troubleshoot this problem.03:45
heartsbloodmneptok: wait I think I found it03:45
gmwHow do I get to be able to write to the usr/share/fonts file?03:45
deahtihsi don't know much about wireless03:45
mneptokheartsblood: "Save?"03:45
mneptokheartsblood: wuzzat?03:45
deahtihsis there like something i could connect to USB to act like.. a wireles card or something03:45
heartsbloodRequinB5, What is a TBS?03:45
Nutubunturoshan, I thought I was the one and only one with an issue like that ; was about to reinstall03:45
Jangarigmw, sudo it03:45
mneptokdeahtihs: yes03:45
deahtihswhich one should i get03:45
mneptokdeahtihs: not all are supported03:45
deahtihswhich one is03:46
badkittyGood day mates03:46
mneptokdeahtihs: no idea. i'd use Cardbus03:46
roshanNutubuntu: previously, my computer wouldnt even boot up03:46
heartsbloodmneptok: I meant savage, sorry03:46
heartsbloodmneptok: but I'm pretty sure I found it03:46
ositodeahtihs, do you know what exact card do you have?03:46
roshanroshan: i'd get this error saying no input signal. go to safe mode03:46
mneptokheartsblood: http://www.notforidiots.com/SFE/03:46
deahtihsbroadcom 54g maxperformance03:46
Nutubunturoshan, I went through an almost successful upgrade to 7.10 ... and found myself Gnomeless and stuck in 800x60003:46
gmwJangari, ok, I get terminal and sudo, but how do I tell it to do that?03:46
ositodeahtihs, as I said I've had a rather good wireless experience in Hardy03:47
roshanNutubuntu: what kind of graphics card do u have?03:47
Nutubunturoshan, onboard Nvidia - I think a 615003:47
ositodeahtihs, what lspci | grep etworking tell you03:47
Dominowoot I got irc working on my blackberry03:47
RyanPriorWhat determines whether something shows up in Add/Remove Programs?03:47
deahtihsi dunno how to do that03:47
roshano, i have a 8600 gt. really upsetting that these restricted drivers do not work me03:47
deahtihsand i installed ubuntu 7.10 using wubi03:47
osito802.11 is rather a wide concept03:47
Kevin`Domino now get linux working on it :)03:48
bullgard4Why does 'smbclient -L localhost -U%' print different values for domain, server and master compared with 'smbclient -L Amilo7600'? (http://ubuntuusers.de/paste/32673)03:48
Hammer89I just uninstalled vmware-server from my computer... and then ran apt-get autoremove... and it fed me this warning: http://hammer89.pastebin.com/m6e0de6e anyone know if I should be concerned/what I should do about it?03:48
ositodeahtihs, Applications -> Accesories -> Terminal type the following "lspci | grep etworking" no quotes and hit enter03:48
Yggdrasilhello, can somone help me mount an smbfs drive , i mounted it but i can only write to it as root, here is my fstabe line : //   /media/storeage   smbfs,username=yggdrasil,rw,uid=vdr,gid=vdr,user  0 003:49
RyanPriorHammer89: doesn't look like a problem for me. You don't need init scripts for stuff you're uninstalling.03:49
Yggdrasilserver username is yggdrasil the cient user is vdr03:49
CentHOGGhi, anybody here set up a NAS server?03:49
Hammer89RyanPrior: I don't even know what an init script us03:49
badkittyCentHOGG: I had one set up a while ago03:49
deahtihsi typed it in.. got a blank line03:49
RyanPriorHammer89: An init script is something that is run when your computer boots up in order to initialize a service.03:49
roshananyone got an xfx 8600 gt with restricted drivers working correctly?03:50
deahtihsi'm on ethernet atm btw03:50
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:50
CentHOGGbadkitty: hi03:50
badkittyCentHOGG: Hi03:50
ositodeahtihs, check out what ubotu just "said"03:50
BDok i looked on google for the stupid code to add to grub but it tells me the disc doesnt exist how do i edit the code to make it work03:50
Hammer89RyanPrior: what's the netkit-inetd package for then? is it vmware specific?03:50
deahtihsokay i'm there.. i dunno what to click on03:51
deahtihsi mean what to look at. i have wpa personal03:51
BDwindows in on the third partition, its an ntfs partition, what code do i add to grub?03:51
RyanPriorHammer89: Not being a VMware user myself, I'm not sure. I suggest reading documentation and using Google to find out.03:51
Mr-LonelYwhere to put flash plugin in opera?03:51
ositodeahtihs, read it from start to end :) not much else to do03:51
deahtihsmakes sense03:52
Hammer89RyanPrior: http://linux.about.com/cs/linux101/g/netkitinetd.htm still think it's nothing to be concerned about?03:52
RyanPriorHammer89: I don't know - it doesn't look VMware specific, though.03:53
QharosI have a question about BlueZ, if anyone would know. :/03:53
ositodeahtihs, as I said in Hardy the broadcom chips "just work"03:53
Hammer89RyanPrior: yeah... that's what I was thinking... do you think I should reinstall it? (just to be on the safe side)03:53
BDcan anyone help, i cant figure out how to add windows to grub all the codes i can find on google are for first partition or slave drive and i cant figure out how to edit it03:53
deahtihsisn't hardy alpha03:53
Ericl80427how do i use custom desktop effects?03:53
deahtihsisn't hardy alpha03:53
RyanPriorHammer89: perhaps make a Tomboy note of the package that would install it03:53
deahtihssaid it twice03:54
nomasteryodaQharos, !ask03:54
PriceChild!hardy | deahtihs03:54
ubotudeahtihs: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu03:54
Ericl80427or is it only 7.10 where you get more than bending of the boxes03:54
zachalinkmy emerald theme is malfunctioning: whenever I close the terminal, the very top of window part (where you close and minimize and stuff) disappears. a fix would be...?03:54
RyanPriorHammer89: or just a text file. Then if things screw up, you can reinstall stuff.03:54
nomasteryoda!ask Qharos03:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ask qharos - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:54
ositodeahtihs, yes, I've been using it since alpha1 without much of a hitch whatsoever03:54
QharosI can't figure out how to upgrade to the newest version, for the life of me.03:54
nomasteryodamy alpha 3 has been good03:54
deahtihswell i dont have a working cd drive and dont know how to install anything with a usb flash disk thing so i installed with wubi03:54
ere4sizachalink, you could type  exit  to exit the terminal03:54
RyanPriorQharos: Ubuntu doesn't upgrade you to the latest versions of things by default.03:54
gmwWhat command would I use in sudo to move a font from my desktop to the usr/share/fonts folder?03:55
nomasteryodaQharos, edit your /etc/apt/sources.list replacing gutsy with hardy, then apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, repeat then apt-get dist-upgrade...03:55
jribnomasteryoda: please don't recommend that03:55
jribQharos: that's likely to break your install and not what you want03:56
nomasteryodaits my personal preference...03:56
zachalinkyes, but after I type emerald --replace, it goes to a blank line and no commands ork03:56
Hammer89RyanPrior: done. Thing is... it looks like if anything goes wrong it'll be my network/internet connection... which means I don't have access to support (part of the reason I'm hoping to catch it before it's an issue :) )03:56
nomasteryodait can break installs for sure03:56
RyanPriornomasteryoda, Qharos: That's extreme. You probably don't need to upgrade to Hardy just to get the latest BlueZ.03:56
QharosI could download it off the site, but had troubles installing it. :/03:56
zachalinkwhen I hit new tab or new terminal window, it does the same thing with the top of the window03:56
ositoQharos, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Alpha4#head-c05717375385113f65f9cfba992f832f0cdcda4d03:56
RyanPriorHammer89: Good point. Perhaps to be on the safe side you should download those DEBs and have them sitting around for awhile?03:56
niuqhow can i test if my video card it's supporting 3d?03:56
BDwhy wont anybody freggin help its not that hard of a problem i just need someone who knows their way arround grub03:56
jribnomasteryoda: keep in mind you are in #ubuntu, not #ubunut+1.  Even then, that is not how you upgrade03:56
CentHOGGYggdrasil: hi03:56
jrib!helpme > bd (read the private message from ubotu)03:56
Yggdrasilare you talking about making al inux box a nas03:57
Hammer89RyanPrior: definitely03:57
deahtihsi saw firmware for broadcom bcm43xx which the last time i checked was what i had03:57
deahtihsso should i install it03:57
soulfly_420hi peoples03:57
CentHOGGYggdrasil: is there something pretty quick03:57
Yggdrasilcenthogg not really03:57
soulfly_420can somebody help me with my sound problem ?03:57
zachalinkso... a good fix to this theme issue would be...03:57
BDsorry but no one seems to give a rip, i just need a lil help with grub, do you know how to add windows to grub03:57
Hammer89RyanPrior: http://hammer89.pastebin.com/m55ff8be1 it's giving me two package options... do you know which I'd use?03:57
Yggdrasili think the closest thing is jsut setup samba ser ver03:57
Yggdrasilwith a stripped out config03:57
nomasteryodajrib, actually its not the Ubuntu way, ... its the traditional method from debian... and yes it is what "I" do... disclaimer to all who tread there... it might/will break things03:58
CentHOGGYggdrasil: yeah, never had any luck with samba03:58
RyanPriorHammer89: No clue.03:58
Yggdrasilno ?03:58
ositoBD, that would greatly vary depending on how your HD is partitioned03:58
roshanis the glib-2.0 package installed by default with ubuntu?03:58
niuqhow can i test if my computer is supporting 3d?03:58
CentHOGGhaven't tried nfs yet03:58
jribnomasteryoda: fine, I'm just asking that you do not recommend it to people here03:58
Yggdrasilcenthogg working on samba right now as a mtter of fact03:58
Hammer89RyanPrior: alright... I'll download both then03:58
Qharososito: so upgrade to distro 8.04?03:58
BDjrib: ok then can u help me with adding windows to grub, i tried looking on google but none of the codes work03:58
Yggdrasili have a .conf file that grants guests privelige03:58
ositoBD, is tricky business IMHO, have you tried to help yourself with man grub ?03:59
nomasteryodajrib, ok03:59
ositoQharos, been there since first alpha, hasn't been bad at all03:59
heartsbloodhow do I get the exact size of a folder in mb/gb from the cli?03:59
zachalinkplz, I need help. this theme demonstrates the awesomeness potential of ubuntu gui, and I need it fixed. =(03:59
BDosito: i dont know much about grub, i just gotta add windows, ive done it before but i forgot the code to add to boot/grub/menu.lst03:59
ositoQharos, YMMV though03:59
jribheartsblood: du -sh04:00
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LKCmy ISP has just made some ubuntu reps can anybody tell me how to make tham my defult?04:00
CentHOGGYggdrasil: did you get my message?04:00
Qharososito: Alright. So should be good and stable? ^^04:00
ositoBD, and no one here know your HD partitions but yourself04:00
jribLKC: system -> administration -> software sources04:00
RyanPriorLKC: what ISP? That's really cool.04:00
Yggdrasilholdo n04:00
heartsbloodjrib, ty04:00
LKCTelstra in Australia04:00
BDosit: windows is on an ntfs partition, its the third partition on the only hd04:01
Yggdrasilyou need to ident on this server04:01
ositoQharos, what's your hardware?04:01
CentHOGGYggdrasil: can you dialog me?04:01
tazwhere i can get anti virus or firewall ??04:01
LKCJrib my ISP isnt on the list04:01
Qharososito: Running a Dell Inspirin e1405. Integrated video, but 1gb RAM and a 2ghz processor, iirc.04:01
RyanPriorLKC: that's a benefit of open software and architecture. It lets people help without having permission from on high. :-)04:01
Yggdrasiljoing centhogg04:02
Yggdrasiluh joing# centhogg04:02
jribLKC: hmm, edit /etc/apt/sources.list directly then04:02
RyanPriorWhat determines whether something shows up in Add/Remove Programs?04:02
ositoQharos, check out the "Caveats" section on the link I sent and if you don't see anything really scary, go for it, or not :)04:02
LKCRyanPrior yeah its cool seeing im almost at my limit04:02
CentHOGGYggdrasil: brb ok04:02
jrib!virus | taz04:02
ubotutaz: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2104:02
jrib!firewall | taz04:02
ZirodayBD: ill try to help you, please open /boot/grub/menu.lst04:02
ubotutaz: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).04:02
onexusedIf I want a network drive to mount on boot, do I need to put a script somewhere, of do I just add it to /etc/fstab?04:02
tazi see04:03
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Qharososito: Okay, last question on it (and many thanks!). It's unable to access CD-ROM devices; just during install?04:03
LKCjrib http://mirror.gamearena.com.au/ is where the info is at what do i add04:03
RyanPrioronexused: You could create an init script, or add it in fstab. It's up to you and your needs.04:03
astro76onexused: the normal way is just fstab04:03
CentHOGGYggdrasil: i got your message, did you get my response?04:03
jribLKC: “mirror.gamearena.com.au” dropped the connection for me04:03
Yggdrasiljoin #centhogg04:03
ositoQharos, I don't use it that often, but I've ripped a CD to flac not long ago on hardy04:04
onexusedOkay. So: "   /mnt/Shared   nfs   defaults   0 0" or whatever?04:04
QharosAlright. I'll give it a whirl. Thanks again. :)04:04
ositoQharos, just make sure your 7.10 is fully updated prior to the upgrade04:04
QharosYeah, everything's updated and I've added a few apps here and there.04:05
ositoQharos, not a problem and see you in #ubuntu+1 :)04:05
gmwwhat is the basic syntax for moving a file using sudo? All I get is "cannot stat..."04:05
LKChttp://mirror.gamearena.com.au/ubuntu/ jrib maybe that will work for you?04:05
QharosWoot! :D04:05
onexusedastro76: Okay. So: "   /mnt/Shared   nfs   defaults   0 0" or whatever?04:05
jribgmw: what are you trying to move?04:05
gmwA file from my desktop to usr/shares/fonts04:05
jribLKC: nope, but any way open /etc/apt/sources.list and it should be fairly obvious to you what you need to do.  Pastebin your results and I will check04:05
hobbzillahow can I enable the remote desktop for the login screen? It seems it is currently only working after a user has logged on to the console.04:05
jribgmw: why?04:06
ositoBD, got the GRUB thing sorted?04:06
RyanPriorWhat determines whether something shows up in Add/Remove Programs?04:06
gmwI'd like to add another font.04:06
jrib!fonts > gmw (read the private message from ubotu)04:06
onexusedRyanPrior astro76: thanks for the help.04:06
jason____can some one help me connect to my windows network?04:06
jason____i havent set it up yet04:06
osito!grub | BD04:06
ubotuBD: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:06
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RyanPriorjrib: What is the point of sending PMs to people who ask questions in the channel?04:06
RyanPrior!pm | jrib04:06
ubotujrib: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.04:06
Vad1Why does Ubuntu start lagging -a lot- when it's reading from the disk, and is that fixable?04:07
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jribgmw: easiest way is to just drop it in ~/.fonts for your user04:07
jribRyanPrior: so ubotu does not spam the channel04:07
john__oh my name04:07
ubotuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer04:07
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ukufUh-oh! I attempted to install the firmware and now I don't see the wireless at all, all i see is wired networking!!04:08
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ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:08
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gmwjrib, that folder doesn't exist in my user. All I have is .fontconfig04:08
jribgmw: create it04:08
gmwOh, cool.04:08
ukufoh boy, netsplit04:09
osxdude|linuxI love the sounds when netsplits happen04:09
ukufme install broadcom firmware and me dont see wireless me only see wired connection04:09
Vad1Does anyone know why does Ubuntu start lagging while reading from the disk?04:09
Jangarii like a good netsplit04:09
hobbzillais enabling remote desktop available for Gutsy from the login screen (when no other user has a console session started) ?04:09
ukufi dont know much about irc04:10
* osxdude|linux checks out the other side of the netsplit on his mac04:10
soulfly_420could somebody please help me with my sound not working ?04:10
osxdude|linuxlol there is like nobody04:10
Jangarihit it, soulfly_42004:10
* Scunizi disconnects xchat to check out irssi for connectivity04:10
ukufI'mma rephrase what I said. I installed the Broadcom Firmware, restarted, and now I don't see 'Wireless Connection' on the list, I just see 'Wired connection'.04:10
ukufThere you go04:10
gmwI like a banana split.04:10
Jangarionly kidding, you probably shouldn't04:10
gmwjrib, you made my life easier tonight. Thanks.04:10
soulfly_420hit what ?04:11
shenronhi, is there any reliable and direct way to burn a .dmg file in ubuntu? I have three .dmg files for installing Mac OSX Panther on some imac g3s I have and other than those I have no apple computers that could be used to burn discs04:11
Scunizishenron: i would think burning them as data could be read by a mac04:11
shenronya but they wont be boot discs then04:12
ukufI'mma rephrase what I said. I installed the Broadcom Firmware, restarted, and now I don't see 'Wireless Connection' on the list, I just see 'Wired connection'.04:12
Sakkath_Scunizi: i'm on i386, cd is fine, don't need to remove 'quiet splash --' but xorg/kdm doesn't start. tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and set it up, driver:nv (is that right?) and i can't find 1440x900@60 only @100 wtf (if i select 'medium')04:12
Scunizishenron: true.. not sure what to do to make them bootable.04:12
zachalinkwhat's the command to go to a directory in the terminal?04:12
shenronya, so right now I have one of the G3s converting them to .cdr files04:13
ukufI guess imma uninstall linux until i get a decent wireless card04:13
jrib!cli > zachalink (read the private message from ubotu)04:13
Sakkath_Scunizi: forgot -phigh04:13
jribzachalink: cd04:13
shenronI dont know how well .cdr is supported in linux though either04:13
ukuftry and stop me04:13
jinho326_is there an alternative to split() such that the order of the items is preserved?04:13
ScuniziSakkath_: nv should be the right generic driver.. kde can be a different animal sometimes.. there's also #kubuntu to check out.04:13
Sakkath_Scunizi: ok04:14
Sakkath_Scunizi: just assumed this channel would be bigger04:14
soulfly_420i have a weird sound problem.  no sound :(04:14
Flanneljinho326_: For which language? (you probably ought to ask in that particular language's channel)04:14
hobbzillahttp://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Edgy#Remote_Access states for Edgy: "Remote Desktop will only work if there's a GNOME login session"04:14
ScuniziSakkath_: this channel has typically 1200 users.. #kubuntu much less..04:14
jinho326_Flannel: oo dang sorry i thought I was in the python room04:14
Jangarisox, shenron04:14
hobbzilladoes the same hold true for Gutsy?04:14
Flannelhobbzilla: You can connect remotely to any X client.  Not just gnome.04:15
jinho326_soulfly_420: do you have an NVIDIA mobo?04:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sox - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:15
Sakkath_Scunizi: it says 'no screens found' -- how do i set refresh rate in xorg.conf by the way04:15
ScuniziSakkath_: looks like #kubuntu is pretty active tonight.. do a /join #kubuntu04:15
Sakkath_Scunizi: ok04:15
tigranHow can I start a new X session?04:15
Jangarishenron: what are you doing with .cdr?04:16
Sakkath_Scunizi: ImPS/2 is default? it's a usb wireless mouse.04:16
shenronI want to make a boot disc Jangari04:16
Jangarioh, okay, sox won't help then04:16
tigransherl0k: When I'm running compiz and do that, and switch back to the one I was on, system hangs04:16
Jangaribut it'll very easily convert any bunch of audio files to cdr,04:17
sherl0kdoes it work with compiz disabled?04:17
ScuniziSakkath_: not sure what ImPS/2 is.. or why it's default04:17
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
hobbzillaFlannel: okay, but can I connect when a user doesn't have an active console session?04:17
Sakkath_Scunizi: vs ExplorerPS/2--i chose /dev/input/mice04:17
tigransherl0k: Let me try, I'm guessing it should, one sec04:17
hobbzillaFlannel: I would like to be able to use VNC to connect when there is no one logged in and begin at the login window.04:17
sherl0kremember, compiz is still somewhat in beta04:17
ScuniziSakkath_: sorry I"m lost on this one.04:18
Flannelhobbzilla: What?  No.  Users can login simultaneouslt with no problem.  VNC is different than X forwarding, I have no idea how it works.04:18
Sakkath_Scunizi: 'no devices detected' - 'no screen found'04:18
sherl0khobbzilla, you can do it with x11vnc, I've done it before04:18
kenanhow come when i downloaded openoffice off the oo website, int he word processor, i dont have the minimze, maximze, and exit buttons at the top, it kinda goes full screen but i checked and its not set on that, why is that bar gone?04:18
sherl0kwhoa joinflood04:18
Jangarihaha, sweet04:18
danopiawho just hung for about 5 seocnds during netjoin?04:19
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:19
Jangarikenan: check that you have window decoration enabled in compiz04:19
Sakkath_wtf i'm on i386 and i still can't get gpm!04:19
hobbzillaFlannel: Isn't VNC the server responsible for Ubuntu's "System->Preferences->Remote Desktop"04:20
kenanJangari: emerald works fine in everyting, even the oo presentation and spreadsheet but its just the word processor thats weird04:20
arthusI need to reset Apache to default config04:20
tigransherl0k: No, it doesn't04:20
arthusand haven't been able to do so04:20
sherl0ktigran, still not working eh?04:20
Jangarihold on, kenan, can you alt+click-drag and move the window down? maybe it's opening too high on the screen, i had that problem with heaps of apps04:20
Flannelhobbzilla: I have no idea04:20
Zirodayarthus: what about the instructions I gave ypu?04:20
sherl0kyou could just switch users :)04:20
hobbzillaFlannel: I have tried to get XDMCP setup, but it won't ever give me a login. It just sits there with the Gray screen.04:20
tigransherl0k: It works without compiz04:21
arthusZiroday: I ran uninstall with purge04:21
tigransherl0k: Compiz, nope04:21
arthusand then reinstalled04:21
Optimus55is gnome-look.org down?04:21
Flannelarthus: remove apache2.2-common completely.  ("compete removal" in synaptic or via apt-get with --purge)04:21
arthusstill no config files04:21
arthusFlannel: already did04:21
shenron< Jangari> oh, okay, sox won't help then04:21
sherl0khobbzilla, x11vnc lets you access the PC from the login screen04:21
Flannelarthus: you need to do the apache2.2-common package, not just apache204:21
shenron< Jangari> oh, okay, sox won't help then04:21
shenron< Jangari> oh, okay, sox won't help then04:21
shenron< Jangari> oh, okay, sox won't help then04:21
jribshenron: stop04:21
shenron < Jangari> oh, okay, sox won't help then ---- what is sox?04:21
zachalinkokay, something is SERIOUSLY wrong with emerald themes: whenever I close terminal, no matter what, the top bar of windows goes away. how can I stop this from happening (other than closing the terminal)??04:21
BodOmLaWi cant put my asus sata drivers on a floppy in ubuntu what do i do?04:21
Flannelhobbzilla: Are you on the same subnet as the other box?04:22
shenronI'm sorry04:22
BodOmLaWeven in wine it wont work04:22
shenronirssi was being weird :p04:22
BodOmLaWhelp please04:22
kenanJangari: i cant alt+click+drag and i cant resize it either, it even overlaps my top panel on the desktop04:22
Ziroday!ask | BodOmLaW04:22
ubotuBodOmLaW: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:22
badkittyhmm what happened...04:22
zachalinkso... is there a fix for this?04:23
arthusFlannel: THANKS! it worked :)04:23
Jangarikenan, if you right hold alt and click anywhere in the window, you should be able to drag it around04:23
ZambeziHow many characters in a filename can EXT3 and FAT32 (on my USB-memory) handle? I have a filename with 105 characters. No complain from EXT3, but where's the limit? And what about FAT32?04:23
Jangarishenron: sox is the swiss-army knife of audio manipulation04:23
kenanJangari: i honestly cant do that04:23
StarnestommyZambezi: I think 255 or 25604:23
sherl0kZambezi, 25604:23
Jangarisound exchange04:23
BodOmLaWi cant put my asus sata drivers on a floppy in ubuntu. I tried with wine, cause it gives me an .exe.  it says the drive deos not support image. What do I do?04:23
kenanJangari: i also have wobbly windows on and i cant bend the window or anything04:24
Jangarikenan, what if you right click the tab in your lower panel?04:24
Jangarido you get the move option?04:24
ScuniziSakkath: have you done any updates since reinstalling?04:24
sherl0kkenan, click the window you want to move. hold alt, hit space04:24
mroci'm having a horrible time trying to get this monitor (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16824222011) configured.  choosing the generic lcd panel 1280x1024 option isn't working.  is this going to require editing xorg.conf by hand?  if so, could someone help walk me through it?04:24
hobbzillasherl0k: does x11vnc allow multiple interactive logins? i.e.if someone is already logged in at the Ubuntu box and I connect via x11vnc am I going to get an entirely new session? Or am I going to share KBM with the console user?04:24
ZirodayBodOmLaW: running drivers through wine does not work, the hard drive however should work out of the box, how is it formatted?04:24
hobbzillaFlannel: yes same subnet04:24
zachalinkso is a fix just to not close the terminal?04:25
Sakkath_Scunizi: dude, this is the install cd. kdm/xorg never starts.04:25
sherl0khobbzilla, no. what you're thinking of is an RDP session like Windows' Remote Desktop04:25
Sakkath_Scunizi: i never had ubuntu installed on this computer.04:25
arthusok, now back to what I was trying to do in the first place04:25
th0rhobbzilla it is possible to connect either way04:25
arthushow can I change documentroot in apache?04:25
kenanJangari: well i only have one panel which is at the top and that shows my open applications but the word processor overlaps it and i also have awn and i set it on auto hide but i cant bring it up when im in oo word processor04:25
ZambeziStarnestommy: sherl0k Thanks to both of you. No worries then.04:25
BodOmLaWive tried unallocated nfts, just the sata drive but window still says the partition is not compatible with windows04:25
FlannelZambezi: filename is 255 chars, but path total has no real limit.  With FAT32, its either 8.3 or 255, if you have unicode with LFN.04:25
arthusI tried doing it, but gave me a 403 error04:25
hobbzillasherl0k: yes similarly. But I think freenx or xdmcp is it's alternative for linux, no?04:26
ZirodayBodOmLaW: windows cannot read linux partitions without special drivers04:26
sherl0kjust apt-cache search for rdp04:26
Flannelhobbzilla: You just need to make sure your UDP packets are getting through.  I had that grey screen issue before, and its because my UDP was being blocked.  You can tunnel it through ssh, and it'll work without the UDP issues.04:26
sherl0kthere's probably a daemon for it04:26
hobbzillath0r: I understand it is possible to connect either way, but can you do it simultaneously.04:26
BodOmLaWit isnt a linux partition, it is another drive04:26
BodOmLaWwith no partition04:27
kenansherl0k: that doesnt work i cant even minimze it04:27
BodOmLaWubuntu is on the other sata drive04:27
Flannelarthus: Those are set in the sites-available/ folder's contents.  Since its a virtualhost specific configuration04:27
Jangarii don't know, kenan, can you do anything with the oo word window at all?04:27
BodOmLaWziroday can i pm?04:27
sherl0koh, it's oo. well it's a bloated java app, that would explain it :)04:27
arthusFlannel: that's where I changed it, but gave me a 403 error04:27
hobbzillaFlannel. the only thing that was weird when I enabled the xdmcp server is that netstat reports it "udp6       0      0 *:xdmcp                 *:*"04:27
sherl0karthus, chmod the folder to 77704:27
Flannelarthus: where did you change the folder to?04:28
kenansherl0k: the weird thing is that its only on oo word, everything works fine when i open oo presentation and spreadsheet04:28
arthussheri0k: I did that already04:28
hobbzillaFlannel: but then so does ssh and I can ssh just fine.04:28
arthusFlannel: /media/DOVE/public04:28
tigransherl0k: How would I start a app in a new X session?04:28
Flannelarthus: you just need to make sure www-data has read permissions to that folder04:28
hobbzillahow would i know if my UDP packets are getting through?04:28
ZambeziFlannel: Maybe I'm going to format my USB-memory to EXT3 later. I have long filenames, but not as long as hundred and no complain so I think it's activated by default.04:28
sherl0knot sure tigran, i haven't worked with multiple sessions much04:28
tigransherl0k: Ok04:29
tigranAnyone else...ow would I start a app in a new X session?04:29
Jangariis oo java? of course, it's sun!04:29
Jangarithat bites04:29
Cpudan80hobbzilla: You don't04:29
Cpudan80hobbzilla: There is no guarantee with UDP04:29
Cpudan80hobbzilla: The best you could do is monitor outbound and endbound traffic with wireshark -- but the internet can drop UDP packets anywhere04:30
jscinozhehe i got shockwave working in the linux firefox :D04:30
Flannelarthus: sudo -u www-data ls /media/DOVE/public04:30
hobbzillaCpudan80: This is through my local home LAN with both machines on the same switch..04:31
Flannelarthus: Does that work?04:31
arthus1 sec, gotta ssh in04:31
Yochanani just installed Ubuntu 7.10 PPC Alt. on a iMac G3, but when i rebooted after installation it said: check root= bootarg cat /proc/cmdline or missing modules, devices: cat /proc/modules ls /dev ALERT! /dev/hda3 does not exist. Dropping to shell!04:31
Cpudan80hobbzilla: Still doesnt mean they are guaranteed to transmit --- though the probably of transmission is probably close to 100%04:31
hobbzillaso XDMCP operates over UDP?04:31
SindaciousCookies plz04:32
Cpudan80hobbzilla: Look at an output from wireshark04:32
arthusFlannel: "ls: /media/DOVE/public: Permission denied"04:32
hobbzillabut you can't guarantee UDP packets will get through..04:32
hobbzillawhy even use UDP for XDMCP then?04:32
Cpudan80XDMCP ?04:32
Cpudan80I dont know what that is04:32
arthusFlannel: and a 403 error04:32
Flannelarthus: exactly.  Its unreadably by www-data04:32
hobbzillaXDMCP allows me to run an x server on my windows machine04:32
Flannelarthus: Once that command works, you'll no longer get the 40304:33
Cpudan80The main advantage UDP has over TCP is that UDP has lower startup costs04:33
Jangarifar out man, ssh'ing a 50MB file over a flakey wireless connection is really slow, and is fully consuming all my upload04:33
Cpudan80hobbzilla: Are you sure its using UDP?04:33
Flannelhobbzilla: Yes, XDMCP is over UDP.04:33
hobbzillaand perform x forwarding and interactive /remote admin04:33
hobbzillanetstat -l : udp6       0      0 *:xdmcp                 *:*04:33
foibleshello there04:33
Cpudan80Well but you have to SSH to the machine first right?04:33
Flannelhobbzilla: You may try X forwarding over ssh.  Its pretty simple, and there are some pre-fab tools out there (xming)04:33
foibleswhat would i use to mess with my iphone04:33
FlannelCpudan80: no.  Its just over UDP04:33
billseyhow can I get ArdourGTK to install under Gutsy?04:34
Cpudan80Flannel: Then I would ditch it04:34
monsoon_kinghi anyone ever tried using airtel gprs wit ubuntu???04:34
Cpudan80You probably want a TCP socket for this04:34
Optimus55can anyone recommend a good dock that can snap to the screen side? unfortunately avant doesn't do this :(04:34
FlannelCpudan80: Its over a home network, presumably safe.04:34
Jangaria hammer, foibles04:34
foiblesJangari, hah04:34
arthusFlannel: I did chmod 777 /media/DOVE/public04:34
foiblesJangari, its my sisters, not mine04:34
Cpudan80Flannel: OK, but I dont the XDMCP people are too smart for programming the thing to use UDP only04:34
FlannelCpudan80: XDMCP has been around forever (well, not forever, but still), its not going away.  Then again, ssh tunneling has been out there forever too.04:34
arthusFLannel: still 403 error and no change04:34
hobbzillaFlannel, isn't x tunneled thru ssh overkill?04:35
=== Rodolfo_auei is now known as Rodolfo
Yochanandid anyone see my post?04:35
Cpudan80hobbzilla: no?04:35
Cpudan80hobbzilla: Its how most people do it04:35
NahalingamYochanan: please send your quey again04:35
hobbzillacpudan80: didn't you just say you didn't know what xdmcp was?04:35
Yochanani just installed Ubuntu 7.10 PPC Alt. on a iMac G3, but when i rebooted after installation it said: check root= bootarg cat /proc/cmdline or missing modules, devices: cat /proc/modules ls /dev ALERT! /dev/hda3 does not exist. Dropping to shell!04:35
Cpudan80hobbzilla: Yes04:35
WebCaveIts Pc Gamma Yo04:35
Flannelhobbzilla: Not really.  You're guaranteed a connection (TCP), and you can also connect from outside your LAN too.  Over a LAN, the overhead regarding the encryption won't be really noticable04:35
Cpudan80hobbzilla: I meant that X via SSH was how most people did it04:35
roshanI tried to use dmesg after i got booted into low-graphics mode. I get a lot of acpi exceptions. I was wondering if anyone could look at these messages. I tried using pci=noacpi but it did not work04:36
Jangarii don't think it's easy to hack yet, foibles04:36
SindaciousWebCave :D04:36
WebCavehey bro04:36
WebCavewhats up04:36
FloodBot2WebCave: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:36
foiblesJangari, im testing with some cliche programs right now04:36
Cpudan80The flood bot axed him04:36
foiblesdoes itunes install on linux?04:36
WebCaveis the fuck!04:36
Cpudan80WebCave: Play nice this go round04:36
astro76!language | WebCave04:36
ubotuWebCave: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:36
WebCavehad to do that04:36
sherl0kyeah FAMILY FRIENDLY04:37
WebCavefam frienly04:37
kapacemy video card isn't DRI, what do i do?04:37
WebCavewhat the hell ya talkin about?04:37
Jangarithey've managed to prevent people loading rockbox onto all new ipods, for instance, and rythmbox doesn't recognise my brother's itouch while it recognises my 5.5 video no worries04:37
WebCaveno parents come here04:37
SindaciousWere all hugging and what not right?04:37
WebCaveyell at me if your parents04:37
hobbzillaFlannel: I'm pretty sure UDP is getting through. I use xming with an XDMCP session when connected to my work via their VPN.04:37
Flannel!offtopic | WebCave04:37
ubotuWebCave: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:37
hobbzillaI'm not doing any ssh tunneling then..04:37
SindaciousHey Look at me04:37
NahalingamYochanan: you have installed ubuntu in /dev/hda3 partition or what ?04:37
Jangarifoibles, no it doesn't04:37
SindaciousI know some commands04:37
Jangarii don't think04:37
WebCaveno one cares about ubuntu u cant play games on it!04:37
Sindacious!cookies PLZ04:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cookies plz - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:37
WebCavei need FEAR!04:37
foiblesJangari, not even, er, in wine?04:37
Flannelhobbzilla: xming would be through ssh, which is tcp.  More robust than UDP04:37
Cpudan80WebCave: Come on now, read the topic04:38
WebCaveFEAR PLAYA!04:38
Cpudan80Ok - that's enough04:38
=== billsey is now known as billsey_
* Cpudan80 brings out a cannon04:38
Cpudan80!ops | WebCave04:38
ubotuWebCave: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Jack_Sparrow!04:38
arthusFlannel: what command would I run to fix that. I already tried chmod 777 public04:38
foiblesan apple program, for windows, then run in wine for linux?04:38
Jcink2krofl wow.04:38
foibleswhat a work around04:38
billsey_how can I get ArdourGTK to install under Gutsy?04:38
Jangariwell, foibles, wine sucks in any case,04:38
WebCaveHi guys04:38
naliothWebCave: please be civil04:38
YochananNahalingam, i only have one 10 GB hard drive on it. i had Mac OS 8.6 on it, and i let Ubuntu takeo over04:39
hobbzillaFlannel: I don't believe by default xming is tunneled thru ssh...04:39
PriceChild!guidelines | WebCave04:39
ubotuWebCave: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines04:39
WebCavei like being evil!04:39
Flannelhobbzilla: It is04:39
bgt421umm... noobish question -- how do I find the file a program installed to? I've looked by hand in several directories, but can't find it04:39
Yochananooh! i just typed modprobe ide-core at the Busybox shell and it booted!04:39
[mando]i am running metacity under dapper, what would be the best way to change settings, if there are any?04:39
Jangaribut try apt-cache searching for terms like ipod, etc., i got my ipod working better on rhythmbox than it ever did on itunes, i can even drop music onto my machine which itunes disallows04:39
PriceChildbgt421, things install in more than one locatino04:39
Flannelhobbzilla: UDP doesn't work well over the internet.  which is why ssh tunneling came into usage. (well, one of many reasons)04:39
arthusFlannel: I did chmod 777 public, still no change04:39
badkittybillsey_:  Download the source and makefile04:39
PriceChildbgt421, its binaries will go in one place, its documentation in another, is configuration in another etc. etc. etc.04:39
NahalingamYochanan: Is the installation went fine. It was occupied the whole 10GB ?04:40
hobbzillaFlannel: from xming site: "It is totally secure when used with SSH"04:40
foiblesJangari, yeah thats what im going for at the moment04:40
badkittybillsey_: I think it is in ine if the repos too.. did you try a google search?04:40
billsey_badkitty: I am one of those rare bird Linux users that knows nothing about programming. :-)04:40
hobbzillawhich would reason that it doesn't require it to be.. which more than likely means it is not the default..04:40
YochananNahalingam, yes04:40
bgt421PriceChild: Thanks, how would I find the configuration file for a particular package? Specifically OpenVPN, if you might be familiar with it04:40
Jangaribut maybe steve jobs has put some preventative measures in, i don't know, i just know that my brothers itouch isn't even recognised by my machine whatsoever.04:41
badkittybillsey_: Hah, no there are many of us like that .. hang on04:41
PriceChildbgt421, no idea04:41
NahalingamYochanan, Installation of grub is over. Is it prompting you to choose ubuntu ?04:41
Jangaribut foibles, while you're there, see if you can install a pda version of skype, and use the wireless to connect to the internet for free (if possible), and don't bother with the phone bit04:42
badkittybillsey_: Check this thread04:42
[mando]i don't know if my last message got lost of if no one can answer my question, but here it is again.04:42
[mando]i am running metacity under dapper, what would be the best way to change settings, if there are any?04:42
Flannelhobbzilla: You don't need to use it with ssh, but thats the default, and really the only way they could.04:43
YochananNahalingam, no. i just got a Busybox prompt04:43
=== JSharp_ is now known as JSharp
Yochanani looked at the FAQ, and i tried modprobe ide-core and it booted, and i just logged in04:43
nickrud[mando]: you can see all the metacity settings under   gconf-editor /apps/metacity04:43
Flannelarthus: What are the permissions on it though?04:43
[mando]thank you, i will see what comes up.04:44
arthusowner: arthus04:44
Pandab34Ranyone have a clue why i might only be seeing squares instead of text?04:44
Flannelarthus: permissions (rwxr-xr-x, etc)04:44
Sindaciouspr0n cave04:44
SindaciousOkay i'm working again04:44
arthusFlannel: how do I find?04:45
arthussorry, I'm a noob04:45
Yochanannow it says it had an error loading the Gnome Settings Daemon04:45
Flannelarthus: ls -al /media/DOVE04:45
arthusFlannel: "drwx------ 17 arthus root   16384 2007-04-28 14:57 public"04:46
hobbzillaFlannel: so after enabling this on Gutsy, I just looked at /etc/gdm/gdm.conf and [xdmcp].. Enable=false04:46
[mando]ok new question. what would be the easiest way to get some sort of transparent windows on a machine running dapper with a sub par video card?04:46
hobbzillaFlannel: wouldn't this need to be true? :)04:46
Flannelarthus: Right.  That means its not readable by everyone.  What command were you running with the chmod?04:46
Flannelhobbzilla: I believe so, yes.04:46
thQOWindows ftw04:47
thQOWindows ftw04:47
thQOWindows ftw04:47
OlbOpVjqBlsVWindows ftw04:47
thQOWindows ftw04:47
OlbOpVjqBlsVWindows ftw04:47
OlbOpVjqBlsVWindows ftw04:47
OlbOpVjqBlsVWindows ftw04:47
OlbOpVjqBlsVWindows ftw04:47
thQOWindows ftw04:47
thQOWindows ftw04:47
arthusFlannel: chmod 777 public04:47
OlbOpVjqBlsVWindows ftw04:47
FloodBot2OlbOpVjqBlsV: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:47
FloodBot2thQO: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:47
Flannelarthus: That was the full command?04:47
arthusFlannel: yes04:47
sherl0kis the windows flooding a common occurance here?04:47
Flannelarthus: what directory were you in when you did this?  and what did it say when you tried that? anything?04:47
dmansherl0k: no04:47
badkittyNo first time Ive seen that04:47
jaynope but who cares, that person was stupid04:48
Flannelsherl0k: when it does happen (rarely) it seems to all happen at once04:48
arthusFlannel: I was in /media/DOVE and it didn't say anything04:48
iKapis there a command to delete all temp/garbage files out?04:48
Flannelarthus: and what are the permissions on /media/DOVE? (ls -al /media)04:48
arthusFlannel: "drwx------   13 arthus root 16384 1969-12-31 19:00 DOVE"04:49
sherl0kchgrp to arthus04:49
sherl0kre-chmod to 77704:49
=== Paul_Elrick is now known as pelrick
NahalingamYochanan: did you refered this thread "http//ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=500160"04:50
roshanI have now tried all the things on the forums but i still cannot get rid of this. Low-graphics mode error. When i boot, i get not connected to IO-ACPI error. Also my dmesg is filled with ACPI errors. Any helps is appreciated04:50
jootsherl0k, does 777 give max permissions read write and execute????04:51
LockesRabbhey, i know this might be a stupid question04:51
jootsherl0k, ty04:51
nickrudiKap: what temp/garbage files are you thinking of?04:51
Flannelarthus: do: chmod a+r /media/DOVE/public && ls -al /media/DOVE and give the perms for public again04:51
LockesRabbbut what's the term for a letter-based combination that'd be short for a term?04:51
NzbAecTZWindows ftw04:51
rIJyjWindows ftw04:51
vvjUetDWindows ftw04:51
vvjUetDWindows ftw04:51
NzbAecTZWindows ftw04:51
NzbAecTZWindows ftw04:51
NzbAecTZWindows ftw04:51
rIJyjWindows ftw04:51
rIJyjWindows ftw04:51
rIJyjWindows ftw04:51
rIJyjWindows ftw04:51
NzbAecTZWindows ftw04:51
FloodBot2rIJyj: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:51
NzbAecTZWindows ftw04:51
vvjUetDWindows ftw04:51
rIJyjWindows ftw04:51
FloodBot2NzbAecTZ: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:51
vvjUetDWindows ftw04:51
LockesRabbfor example04:51
diabolixis it possible to install developement and documentation packages along with normal packages by default?04:51
LockesRabbMIT = Mass. Institue of Tech04:51
foiblesLockesRabb, what about mit04:52
jscinozhas acroread been removed from the repos?04:52
arthusFlannel: "drwx------ 17 arthus root   16384 2007-04-28 14:57 public04:52
LockesRabbno, im not referring to mit, im talking about how we use mit for short for mass institue of tech04:52
nickrudjscinoz: yes04:52
LockesRabbwhat's that term?04:52
jscinoznickrud, would there be a 3rd party repo somewhere i can get it?04:52
LockesRabbnet is short for internet, m$ is short for microsoft, stuff like that04:53
LockesRabbwhat's that called?04:53
Flannelarthus: alright (obviously) somethings not right here.  Is media a separate partition that you've mounted?  Is it perhaps mounted read only? (you should still get an error message htough, which is the oddest bit)04:53
nickrudjscinoz: not that I'm aware of.04:53
diabolixis it possible to configure apt to install recomended packages without asking?04:53
FlannelLockesRabb: abbreviation04:53
nickruddiabolix: it already does04:53
arthusFlannel: yes, it is a seperate partition mounted04:53
LockesRabbthanks flannel04:53
LockesRabbit was on the tip of my tongue, it was driving me crazy04:53
arthusFlannel: but I can write to it04:53
Flannelarthus: Then you can't change the permissions04:54
Flannelarthus: er, nevermind.04:54
diabolixnickrud, it installs dependancies, not recomendations.04:54
nickrudjscinoz: I prefer evince myself nowadays anyway04:54
alex654hi guys, I'm trying to build a small program using make, but it fails to locate the *.h file (it's located in ../include relative to the cpp), I'm stuck, is there a wayI tellt he makefile to look in that directory04:54
GibbHow do I access the windows network file share of a windows computer through xubuntu?04:54
jscinozaye, but i'd prefer a firefox plugin for pdfs, and i know i can use mozplugger with evince but its ugly as heck :P04:54
billsey_badkitty, I looked through the thread, tried the code that it lists, but it can't find the repos that should be there. ArdourGTK remains ghosted in my add/remove. :-(04:54
zamaraxanyone know if it's possible in compiz-config to how workspaces show the their number when switching between them?04:54
zamaraxsorry, to SHOW04:55
nickruddiabolix: yes, it's set for installing recommends. see /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01ubuntu04:55
PKdoRI need help I think i just majorlly screwed up my GURB I get Error 15!!04:55
jootGibb, I think samba04:55
billsey_badkitty: I looked through the thread, tried the code that it lists, but it can't find the repos that should be there. ArdourGTK remains ghosted in my add/remove. :-(04:55
Gibbjoot. oh weird. how do I access that?04:55
badkittybillsey_: You have to add the repo yourself04:55
Cybermatt!grub | billsey_04:56
ubotubillsey_: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:56
diabolixnickrud, but i just installed xchat, and it recomended  libnotify-bin, but did not install it.04:56
nickrudjscinoz: you still using mozplugger? I haven't messed with that since I can't remember when :)04:56
LockesRabbi dunno if anyone has heard of it, but what's the abbreviation for wireless electricity? i know of "WiTricity", but im referring to the even more shorter term04:56
ParsiTuxi want  to force epiphany to open files in new tab, not window04:56
nickruddiabolix: do you have that 01ubuntu file?04:56
ParsiTuxit must be posible by about:config , no?04:56
jscinoznickrud you have another way of getting a pdf plugin into firefox?04:56
diabolixnickrud, yes04:56
jootGibb, you may have to dl it if it is not already on your system04:57
diabolixnickrud, does that only apply to official packages tho?04:57
Gibbjoot, it doesnt come with xubuntu?04:57
BELKINZEDUbuntu doesn't start on login, I tried reconfiguring X, no sucess.Could anyone help me?04:57
JLappydoes anyone know of a good trip planning software? something comparable to M$ streets and trips04:57
Cpudan80Google maps?04:58
* Cpudan80 ducks04:58
nickruddiabolix: probably, the file only talks about main, universe, mulitiverse and restricted04:58
ParsiTuxdoes Epiphaniy has any IRC channel?04:58
jootGibb, not sure I am running ubuntu with a gnome desktop04:58
badkittyJLappy: hmmm did you try searching on  sourceforge?04:58
nickrudjscinoz: no, I am just glad I don't need it anymore. I don't mind separate windows for pdfs04:58
billsey_badkitty: I just looked in Synaptic, and the repos are added there. What else need I do?04:58
JLappyyes, i'm looking at several but just asking for opinions of preferred apps here04:59
anabelleis LSD dangerous when mixed with antibiotics?04:59
sherl0kanabelle, try #lsd04:59
sherl0kthey might know more :)04:59
nickruddiabolix: but on first blush I'd expect it to work for any file from a repo04:59
badkittybillsey_: Well did you check the packages and and perform the installation?04:59
nickrud!o4o | anabelle04:59
ubotuanabelle: Some things are inappropriate for #ubuntu. Controversial topics, which always turn into flamewars: war, race, religion, politics (unless related to software licencing), gender, sexuality, drugs, questionable legal activities, removing of oneself from the planet (except by space or time travel) are not for here, perhaps #off-topic or ##politics. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy) - Thanks.04:59
diabolixnickrud, so, when installing build-essential, it suggests manpages-dev, but it won't install it.05:00
billsey_badkitty: It said something about a broken pipe. It failed to create a directory or something un ./etc05:00
jscinozmozplugger is nice, lets me run the windows version of shockwave in linux firefox :D05:00
jootGibb, just run apt-get install samba it will not install twice05:00
Jangarihow does one download more visualisation files for rhythmbox/movie player?05:00
Gibbjoot, I found it on the add/remove thing05:00
BELKINZEDCould someone help me troublehsoot with an seemly xserver problem. I'm a new ubuntu user, so try to bare with me. I look over at ubuntu forums, reconfiguring X does no good. I could post logs upon requests.05:00
jootGibb, cool05:00
badkittybillsey_: Did you use the script method or go throughsynaptic?05:01
nickruddiabolix: suggests is not the same as recommends , but you can configure apt to install suggests as well. See /usr/share/doc/apt/examples/configure-index.gz05:01
RequinB5BELKIZED - what seems to be the problem?  Typing that usually helps more :P05:01
billsey_badkitty: I think it was GDebi05:01
kapacehello, why can i add a root of a drive as a smb share, but not a path within a drive?05:01
nickrudjscinoz: really? do you have a link to a howto?05:01
jscinozyes one sec05:01
jootGibb, windows sometimes take forever to show the network files you have to be really patient :-)))05:01
[mando]how do i switch to xcompmgr from metacity?05:02
BELKINZEDRequinB5: Well, upon GDM login, ubuntu just has the cursor loading wheel, and nothing loads, after that it displays that X is corrupted. I don't quite remeber. I tried reconfiguring x, but no sucess. It might've been due to something I did with the fonts. I changed them to bitmap05:02
jscinoznickrud argh cant find it, ill pm you isntructions, its like only a 5 step process05:02
badkittybillsey_: Hmm I think best way might to be install it from source...05:02
nickrudjscinoz: takes wine I figure. Sounds promising05:03
RequinB5BELKINZED : error before or after login prompt05:03
BELKINZEDRequinB5: before05:03
billsey_badkitty: I just tried Synaptic, and I think it might actually work. It's not ghosted there, but only in Add/Remove. I'll check back later to let you know.05:04
RequinB5BELKINZED: Then you're right, its most likely x.  Can you type what the exact error msg is?05:04
badkittybillsey_: ok05:04
badkittybillsey_: I noticed the repo for the link was actually a feisty repo so that could be an issue...Perhaps there was another one I didn't see though05:05
=== ParsiTux is now known as Mortezajs
BELKINZEDRequinB5: I can't quite acess it now, but i do have acess to the drive and i can post logs and whatnot05:05
ryansmithI configured Mythbuntu and it asked me to log out. Once I did that, gdm just hung. Restarts don't seem to cure it, either. What am I missing here?05:05
fritsy4what the minimum for the root partition on an ubuntu install (with a separate /home)?05:05
RequinB5BELKINZED : ok, you said you tried 'sudo dkpg-reconfigure xserver-org'05:06
billsey_badkitty: Well, right now, Synaptic is starting to download the packages. It'll be a while since I'm on dial-up.05:06
arthusFlannel: will I be able to fix this?05:06
RequinB5BELKINZED : If so, try it one more time and use the VESA drivers.  see if you can't get some kind of GUI05:06
badkittybillsey_: Wow, that sucks05:06
billsey_badkitty: LOL I've survived so far. :-D05:07
Flannelarthus: Its definately fixable (well, its not broken, so you don't really need to fix anything per sey), I just don't know whats going on.05:07
arthusFlannel: hmmm.... I have been running your commands exactly as you wrote them05:08
gmcastilmmm....wireless works now05:08
arthusFlannel: any other info which would help you figure it out?05:08
nickrudfritsy4: about 10-15 gb is plenty05:09
nickrudfritsy4: you can get by with about 6-7 though05:09
fritsy4nickrud, i have 705:09
badkittyfritsy4: I was thinking minimum was ~ 3 ...05:09
badkittyfritsy4: But its always better to provide more space, you can always resize right?05:10
kamanashisroyHi, anyone know where to find details about serial devices ?05:10
fritsy4fritsy4, i would like Gnome05:10
nickrudfritsy4: 7 will do fine, leaves you plenty of room. If you are using lots of databases and stuff that might show up in /var , you can consider moving them to /nome05:10
DG19075anyone have trouble getting into ubuntu-art or gnome-look?05:10
fritsy4nickrud, no database just a small HDD05:10
kamanashisroyWhen my mobile connects to PC it gives multiple choices .. and my computer select the #1 choice ..05:10
kamanashisroyI want to change this mode ..05:10
badkittyDG19075: I had trouble going to gnomelook yes05:10
jlulian38Is there a way to pipe an audio input(mic or w/e) to your speakers without tying up the device(ie, through ALSA)05:10
kamanashisroyany hints of who maintains this driver ?05:11
DG19075both of those were down05:11
kapacehello, why can i add a root of a drive as a smb share, but not a path within a drive?05:12
zelrikriandomy desktop ^^05:12
RequinB5hello abdoreza05:13
DG19075at least this tell me I wasn't the only one trying to get to those sites05:13
ryansmithcmon, I can't boot gnome and no one can help?05:13
DG19075and having trouble05:13
ryansmithit can't be that difficult05:14
* nickrud runs from mythubuntu05:14
RequinB5!patience | ryansmith05:14
uboturyansmith: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines05:14
RequinB5what is the problem05:14
ryansmithI installed mythbuntu and ran the configuration05:14
ryansmithit prompted me to log out05:15
ryansmithwhen it did, the login manager wouldn't even boot05:15
abdorezaI have parsix05:15
ryansmithX was still running though05:15
BELKINZEDRequinB5: I use ATI drivers. but okay, any other diagnostic steps/troublehsooting steps?05:15
fritsy4one more question - on my desktop i have gutsy with the root partition taking almost 20GB, i do have a lot of stuff but is there a way to trim it down?05:15
KaiForceit is official, Ubuntu multi monitor support is weak.05:15
BELKINZEDBELKINZED: Need any logs pasted? Xorg logs?05:16
KaiForcei'm saying this as a fan05:16
badkittyfritsy4: It is possible to resize disk partitions using gparted05:16
KaiForcewhat does it mean when the desktop background and items placed on the Desktop are blacked out05:16
badkittyKaiForce: Why is that?05:16
RequinB5BELKINZED: VESA is *almost* guarenteed to give you stuff.  If it is a driver problem, then at least you'll be able to boot and hopefully get the restricted drivers05:16
badkittyKaiForce: I think it is actually very decent05:16
abdorezaI have parsix05:16
abdorezaver 105:17
KaiForcebadkitty:  I had a heck of a time getting a multiple monitor setup with my Vaio laptop...05:17
BELKINZEDRequinB5: I doubt it though, it's not a driver problem. I think it's something I modified in font.conf absent midnly05:17
BELKINZEDRequinB5: Drivers for ubuntu work flawlessly 'out-of-the-box'05:17
BELKINZEDRequinB5: for my Vcard05:17
badkittyKaiForce: Hmm... setting my twinview was a breeze, compiz and everything just went easy for me..05:17
KaiForcei ended up creating two xorg.confs and scripting so I could switch between the external monitor and the laptop05:17
KaiForcebadkitty:  you had the right hardware for twinview05:17
fritsy4badkitty, thats not what i mean, i mean my / i using 20GB i want to delete some unnecessary files , i already went apt-get autoclean but that didnt do much05:18
Flannelfritsy4: do a real clean05:18
Flannelfritsy4: (apt-get clean)05:18
fritsy4Flannel, what the difference between apt-get autoclean and apt-get clean?05:18
badkittyKaiForce: True05:18
=== GodTodd_ is now known as GodTodd
badkittyKaiForce: I could see how using a laptop with twinview could be a little trickier05:19
Flannelfritsy4: autoclean only gets rid of old stuff, clean gets rid of everything.05:19
Agiofwssomeone  how do i disable  from loading X automatically ?05:19
josiahany joomla users in here?05:19
Agiofwsfrom boot ?05:19
RequinB5BELKINZED: I don't know as much about the fonts, so if you're sure its because of that, I don't know what to say.  if its a problem with X, reconfiguring x should fix it unless you reconfigured it incorrectly05:19
badkittyI've used joomla05:20
fritsy4Flannel, "everything" in this case means unnecessary files ,right?05:20
BELKINZEDRequinB5: I've reconfigured x countless times, and it has never failed me. I stick with the set defaults(without framebuffer)05:20
RequinB5Also might help to ask when it isn't 12:20 AM on the east coast05:20
badkittyjosiah: PM me though cause its off-topic05:20
Flannelfritsy4: all the deb files in your cache, yes.05:21
=== josiah is now known as josiahw
wick2o_hello, i just did a debootstrap to my cfcard, im tring to do a chroot /media/cfcard however i keep getting "command cannot run '/bin/bash'"05:21
wick2o_ive tried edgy and gusty and not having any luck05:22
j2daoshhow do i mount NTFS drives?05:22
fritsy4Flannel, my /var/cache/apt?05:22
Flannelfritsy4: yes05:22
j2daoshwhats the command to see the connected drives?05:22
fritsy4(i'm a bot thick,sorry)05:22
josiahwbadkitty: ok05:22
fritsy4Flannel, THANK YOU05:23
j2daoshis mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/hda0 /mount/point correct?05:24
KiD_ChAoSdoes compiz run on Suse?05:24
heartsblooddoes anybody know where the user prefs are stored for deluge?05:24
jootGibb, Did you get samba to work??05:24
PKdoRi need to fix a broken raido grub pleaswe help05:27
shekharhello is anyone aware of a strange ailment where my caps lock key becomes a num lock and then eventually hitting caps lock restarts X?05:27
j2daoshwhat the command to find out what drives are attached05:27
KaiForcej2daosh try -t cifs05:27
ere4sij2daosh, I don't think it will be hda005:27
j2daoshits a ntfs drives05:27
j2daoshthats what i thought but it didn't work05:27
KaiForcej2daosh yes i know, cifs05:27
JewsusHow do I see what process is using the playback device "hw:0"?05:27
KaiForcewhat does 'it didn't work' mean.05:28
KaiForcewas there an error05:28
KaiForcedid it say "i refuse"05:28
j2daoshwell im on the phone with the guy and his cell keeps utting out lol05:28
j2daoshgimme a sec05:28
wick2o_any clue why a chroot /media/blah would return "chroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash:...05:29
wick2o_googleing isnt much help at the moment05:29
Brewsteranyone had the WSOD with nvidia restricted drivers on gusty?05:29
Brewsterwhite screen of death when enabling compiz etc05:31
JLappyi installed an app from the repos but now i can't find it in the menu's or with autocomplete in the commandline, reinstall didn't help, what would cause this?05:31
travisatBrewster: well I have had no problems with those drivers05:31
KaiForcewhat app JLappy, i had that happen also05:31
KaiForcein my case it was a bug05:31
toresndo anyone use the dillo web browser here?  i installed it just now, but it's rendering pages wrong...05:32
KaiForcei would google it05:32
templariowhere stay a paste of a eggdrop?05:32
ere4sisudo updatedb && locate routeplanner JLappy05:32
toresn(i installed it with sudo aptitude install dillo)05:32
travisattoresn: dillo has some problems, it doesn't support a lot of stuff05:32
jootwick2o, see if this helps... http://www.google.com/linux?hl=en&q=%22chroot%3A+cannot+run+command+%60%2Fbin%2Fbash%3A&btnG=Search05:33
KaiForcedillo?  whiskey tango foxtrot05:33
ere4sitoresn, dillo hasn't been worked on for a while I believe - mabye it doesn't do java well05:33
Azrael_-i just downloaded the ubuntu amd64-version and am in the live session-user. how can i install it now encrypted?05:33
templariotravisat how install eggdrop in ubuntu?05:33
travisattemplario: no idea05:33
KaiForceAzrael isn't there an install link on desktop05:33
travisattemplario: sudo aptitude install eggdrop?05:34
templarioapt-get install eggdrop05:34
templarioi made this but05:34
ricardo0oUBUNTU IS FOR LOSERS05:34
KaiForcei'm a loser05:34
toresntravisat, i understand... i use opera primarily, but thought it would be nice to try it out...  i see on some of the screenshots that it should be able to render "normal" web pages correctly05:34
templarioim a loser too05:34
Azrael_-KaiForce: there is but it doesn't offer me the option for an encrypted installation05:34
sor8786is anyone there05:34
zylstra555I need to install a .deb file, "avaststuff$ avast4workstation_1.0.8-2_i386.deb" How do I do this?05:34
Starnestommyzylstra555: sudo dpkg -i filename?05:35
zylstra555Starnestommy: Thanks05:35
Scunizizylstra555, or double click it05:35
KaiForceAzrael right sorry, I'm not sure, you want a fully encrypted disk like for a laptop?05:35
zylstra555Scunizi: Using Terminal05:35
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
Scunizizylstra555, no gui.05:35
templariowho know about eggdrop in ubuntu pls help me05:35
travisattoresn: as was mentions it hasn't been updated in a while and only really works for plain webpages and doesn't always render them right05:36
tritiumtemplario: what about it?05:36
RB2zylstra555, use Starnestommy's command above.05:36
templariotritium i made this apt-get install eggdrop05:36
ztkzubuntu is for loosers!05:37
ztkzubuntu is for loosers!05:37
arthusApache is not interpreting php files05:37
tritiumtemplario: you need to precede that with "sudo", templario05:37
templarioyes tritium05:37
RB2tritium, you're quick. :D05:37
tritiumRB2: :)05:37
templariobut .conf?05:37
=== Nyle is now known as stoned
templariotritium .conf how i make?05:38
arthusanyone know why Apache would not be using php to interpret php?05:38
KaiForceAzrael this is out of date but try it:  http://www.cs278.org/blog/ubuntu-configuration/feisty-debootstrap-encrypted-install/05:38
tritiumtemplario: did you look under /etc?05:38
Jospehhello I am trying to recover my windows mbr through sgd, cause I'm getting grub error17. I can't boot either ubuntu (on slave) or windows (on master)05:38
templarioin /etc/usr/lib05:38
arthusI ran "sudo aptitude install php5 libapache2-mod-php5"05:38
templariobut have modules05:38
RB2tritium, when you kicked ricardo0o, I thought you were a bot for a moment. ;)05:38
=== stoned is now known as Nyle
templarionot have .conf05:38
tritiumRB2: nope05:38
KaiForceJospeh - if you boot to the recovery console in windows you can recreate the MBR05:39
* RB2 means that as a compliment hehe05:39
badkittyarthus: you tried restarting and all that stuff?05:39
tritiumRB2: thanks!05:39
shekharhello is anyone aware of a strange ailment where my caps lock key becomes a num lock and then eventually hitting caps lock restarts X?05:39
arthusbadkitty: yup, restarted a couple of times05:39
JospehKaiForce-  I can't remeber the admin password for my computer05:39
shekharon a thinkpad runny gutsy05:39
tritiumtemplario: I've never used eggdrop.  Check the docs in /usr/share/doc/eggdrop05:39
templarioxit brazilian guy .adsl.gvt.net.br ?05:39
KaiForceshekar - yes I  think i've heard of that... some chap was just having the same issue not 5 minutes ago in here05:39
badkittyarthus: Hmm I had that issue before.. and the modules are loading??05:39
arthusbadkitty: I don't know. I assume so, how can I check?05:40
badkittyarthus: Dont know off hand05:40
Jewsusseriously how come I can't make sound anymore because hw:0 is already in use or something ?05:40
KaiForceJospeh:  then google "offline nt password" and click first link05:40
templariotritium: made this apt-get install eggdrop in your console pls05:41
tritiumtemplario: no, I don't intend to install eggdrop05:41
badkittyarthus: Maybe php5-mysql??05:41
templariomy english is not good tritium05:42
arthusbadkity: hmm?05:42
tritiumtemplario: that's okay05:42
JLappyere4si, thanks, that found it05:42
badkittyarthus: PM me05:42
ere4sihappy for you JLappy  :)05:42
K-Foxwhat does it need to install xterm? i cannot install it osso-xterm_0.13.mh24bora1_armel.deb05:43
JospehKaiForce-  Thanks.  I'll do that as soon as I can get to my computer05:43
K-Foxusing n80005:43
[mando]hmm. i set xcompmgr to startup with simple drop shadows, then i logged out, then back in, and now my panels are gone05:43
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
KaiForceJospeh:  np05:44
travisat[mando]: xcompmgr has to be set to autostart when you log in05:44
travisat[mando]: also it isn't entirely bug free05:45
jlulian38does anyone know why video output turns B&W all the time05:45
[mando]it was working when it was set up for regular drop shadows =\05:45
[mando]so, what is my next plan of action?05:45
jlulian38Using any renderer, the video just goes B&W randomly05:45
jlulian38and is stuck like that until I reset X05:45
travisat[mando]: if you have it set up for startup remove it05:45
travisat[mando]: from start up05:45
[mando]i can't access any menus05:45
travisat[mando]: alt-f2 should open up a run menu05:46
david_JI am having difficulty deciding how I am going to set up a small network.  I am working in Iraq, and the Iraqis have 2 choices of internet.  A wireless unsecure network, and something running from a satellite.05:46
rampeltilskenhi all05:46
travisat[mando]: how did you set it to run at start up05:46
JewsusI have a quick question, how do I find and kill any processes that are using "the playback device 'hw:0'"?05:46
[mando]that was before i logged off, when i had menus05:46
david_JI trust neither...But it is all I have.  I can't download all the stuff I want from a government computer...05:47
KaiForcedavid_J is cost a factor?05:47
rampeltilskenhow to convert a pdf file to doc file in ubuntu?05:47
rampeltilskenhow to convert a pdf file to doc file in ubuntu?05:47
tritium!repeat | rampeltilsken05:47
uboturampeltilsken: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience05:47
david_JI want to make it as secure as I can get...05:47
travisat[mando]: I know but what method did you do to make it run at startup, or if you didn't05:47
david_JWith little money as possible..05:47
[mando]travisat: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=73101&postcount=2105:48
tritiumrampeltilsken: there is no utility for converting PDF to Word documents.05:48
[mando]i used that05:48
templarioow xit tritium nice docs05:48
david_JI can buy a cheap computer right and ip forward stuff to the router right?05:48
KaiForcedavid_J if you have access to a secure remote host, you can use VPN or SSH to have complete security on the wireless or satellite05:48
tritiumtemplario: good05:48
rampeltilskenhow to convert a pdf file to odt file in ubuntu?05:48
david_JKaiForce: I don't05:48
tritiumrampeltilsken: same answer05:48
travisat[mando]: what ubuntu version are you running?05:49
Jangarican someone tell em if this bash snippet makes any sense? The normal sox command is "sox input-file output-file", and I have the following:05:49
Jangarifor file in *.mp3; do sox -t .wav $file -t .ogg ${file%.mp3}.ogg; done05:49
KaiForcewell with tor you can have good security, except in your case over the first hop05:49
david_JKaiForce: and I don'05:49
Jangarioh i see where i buggered it up,05:49
david_Jt know of anyone that does...05:49
travisat[mando]: ok does the alt-f2 open a run dialog?05:49
foiblesanyone tried any other cool distros lately05:49
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
foiblesim downloading mint linux05:50
travisat[mando]: ok type in gnome-session-manager and if that doesn't work try gnome-session-properties I don't know what it was called in dapper05:50
foiblesand the new sun OS05:50
rampeltilskenhow to convert pdf files to open office format?05:50
templariotritium: file:///usr/share/doc/eggdrop-data/html/index.html05:50
david_JKaiForce: I thought it would be a good idea to put a computer in the way of my laptop with a good firewall, or you really don't think it'll matter?05:50
templarionice job05:50
[mando]oh, ok, i got it now travisat , i think i can do it from here05:50
tritiumtemplario: good :)05:50
travisat[mando]: gl05:50
KaiForcewon't matter, because unless you are using SSL that first hop over unencrypted wireless is wide open05:51
rampeltilskenhow to convert pdf files to open office format? please veryone....i need urgent on this issue05:51
david_JKaiForce: I am going wired05:51
KaiForceit will help keep people off your laptop however05:51
bernierwhat's the command to go from gutsy to hardy?05:51
Jangariyou copy the text out of it rampeltilsken, then you paste it into openoffice05:51
tritiumrampeltilsken: I already told you!05:51
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
david_JKaiForce: I'll be paying $159 for one of those satellites today..05:51
travisat[mando]: also xcompmgr has always been buggy in the session manager you might try a higher order setting, I think if it runs at the wrong time it messes up the panels if I remember right05:52
david_JKaiForce: They win lol05:52
KaiForcehehe ok05:52
travisatBerto: why do you want to05:52
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu05:52
Jangarirampeltilsken: a pdf is for all intents and purposes an image,05:52
badkittybernier: sudo apt-get install dist-upgrade .. i think05:52
badkittyMan Im rusty05:53
david_JKaiForce: But I know nothing about what they have as far as the router they use and firewalling from the router back.  It is Iraq after all...05:53
travisaterr bernier05:53
E_Datais AMD64 vs. i386 architecture designed specifically for amd processors?05:53
KaiForceright, choices are limited05:53
ryansmithI tried using the setup dialog for Mythbuntu and now Gnome's login manager won't boot. Does anyone know what's going on?05:53
ushimitsudokiE_Data: no ... amd64 is fine on intel 64-bit procs05:53
Kevin`E_Data almost all 64bit processors you will use are amd64. intel kind of abandoned ia64 and switched to the amd spec for it05:54
david_JKaiForce: http://rafb.net/p/Tnpyic44.html is this a stupid idea or am I understanding this wrong?05:54
E_Dataso anything 32 bit is i386?05:54
iambernieHi guys, if I installed "sudo apt-get install compiz", have I installed Compiz-fusion or just regular Compiz if there is any difference between the two?05:54
tritiumryansmith: try asking in #ubuntu-mythtv05:54
Kevin`E_Data well, anything PC that isn't a mac, yes05:54
ushimitsudokiE_Data: yes, but you can run i386 on a 64-bit proc as well (but not the other way around)05:55
badkittyAny new ubuntu users, may want to check this site. It's a reference of linux equivalents of windows software: http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html05:55
gmcastilcan someone please pastebin their /etc/profile for me05:56
Nephyriniambernie: Compiz is the 3D display system itself, and it comes with a set of basic plugins. Fusion is a more feature-rich set of plugins for compiz that most people use, hence Compiz Fusion05:56
david_JThis stuff gets confusing...05:56
gmcastila new one05:56
Mr-LonelYanybody knows default username n pass for tomcat admin?05:57
gmcastilcan someone with a 7.10 please pastebin their /etc/profile?05:57
iambernieNephyrin: Thanks05:57
david_Jhttp://rafb.net/p/bezf5v38.html whoever wanted a copy of /etc/profile05:58
Jangari3 whole months until 8.04!!05:58
gmcastildavid_J: thanks05:58
KaiForcedavid_J sorry my keyboard and mouse are going insane.  i'm looking now05:58
jootgmcastil, hang on I will go have a look for you.....05:58
gmcastiljoot:  i got it, thanks anyway05:58
badkittyMr-LonelY: You can assign this role to a username/password combination of your choice in the /conf/tomcat-users.xml file.05:58
david_JKaiForce: cool... I prolly wont need the bridge...05:58
Nephyriniambernie: Also, you'll probably want to install 'emerald' which is a window-decorator (draws borders on windows) that is used with compiz fusion, as opposed to the more basic gtk-window-decorator that comes with compiz by default05:58
jootgmcastil, no prob :-)05:58
PKdoRso it looks like i need to re install mu ubuntu cause I screwd with it to much05:59
KaiForcebridge looks useless05:59
tritiumPKdoR: that's doubtful05:59
gmcastiljoot: i'm not sure that i like how ubuntu deals with user settings05:59
david_JI thought so.... But I could use 2 nics and ip forwarding to the router... And try to set up a good firewall right?05:59
jootgmcastil, why not???06:00
PKdoRif I reintall without reformating the home partition will my settings be safed for compiz-fusion, fiirefox, thunderbird?06:00
travisatPKdoR: yes06:00
KaiForceor a nat/firewall combo06:00
gmcastiljoot: lots of little things...06:00
david_JKaiForce: would it really make a difference?06:00
EmmerPanybody using Cheese, webcam / video software?06:00
gmcastilPKdoR: major reason for putting /home on another partitoin06:00
jootgmcastil, you can change them in the gui if you need to06:01
KaiForcewell if you are assigned only 1 ip address from the provider yes06:01
gmcastiljoot: i hate guis06:01
PKdoR In runnung it in fake raid 0 to dual boot with windows and now it gives me an error 15 with grub and the live cd tells me that the mount point does not exis when i try o fix it06:01
jscinozhey guys, i've got a core2duo cpu, /proc/cpuinfo shows both cores support hypertherading, after adding ht=on to the kernel command line in /boot/grub/menu.lst, i still only have the two physical cores rather than 4 logical cores, any idea how i can enable hyperthreadign?06:01
david_JKaiForce: That aint goin to happen DHCP and they won't give me static06:01
jootgmcastil, you can change them in the terminal too :-D06:02
fireb0xhey guys06:02
travisatPKdoR: its a grub problem06:02
david_JKaiForce: the act like they don't speak English06:02
iambernieNephyrin: Is Emerald some kind of plugin for Compiz?06:02
PKdoRani ideas? i much rather just fix it hen reinstall06:02
KaiForcethen you should set up a nat'ing firewall06:02
KaiForcehave the external interface take their ip and internally have it hand out rfc1918 addresses06:03
KaiForceto the laptop06:03
PKdoRas my installation wasalready just like i wanted it exept for a grub them and tthats when it all went wrong06:03
travisatPKdoR:  boot up the ubuntu live cd that you installed with and on the selection screen choose repair06:03
david_JKaiForce: I'll google it... I really don't what the heck you are talking about.. But it is going to happen..06:03
travisatPKdoR: go through the questions and choose to reinstall grub06:03
travisatPKdoR: now here is the tricky part before you do this you need to know where your boot is installed06:04
KaiForceok good luck06:04
Nephyriniambernie: Its a separate program - compiz only enables 3D rendering, so you need something to draw borders on windows and handle window positioning and title bars and stuff. Compiz comes with the gtk-window-decorator program which does this, but emerald is a more feature rich replacement for that program used with compiz-fusion06:04
KaiForcei've lost shift, caps lock etc on this freakin keyboard06:04
PKdoRtravisat even if im running in raid 0? its in /dev/mapper/nvidia_fafjibci306:05
PKdoRi gues i'll give it a go thanks06:06
kasansweatstrange problem - trying to get wireless working -- 'iwlist scan' picks up my network, but I can't get dhcp to get me an address. Am using the broadcom + bcm43xx. Any ideas? thanks.06:06
KaiForceugh why would shift stop working06:06
travisatPKdoR: yes in order to boot a kernel it needs to know where the kernel is.  you can actually edit the options in the grub menu.  I have had this happen when I moved my hard drives around in my case hda went to hdb so grub would not boot my linux partition because my /boot went from (hd0,1) to (hd1,1)06:06
david_JKaiForce: the IP forwarding stuff I just type in and never really understand06:06
david_JKaiForce: I'll try harder this time06:07
PKdoRtravisat thank you much06:07
KaiForceare you going to run your firewall on a pc with 2 network cards/06:07
david_JKaiForce: yeah06:07
KaiForceif so, look at one of the distros that accomplish that... the only one that comes to mind right now is leaf bering uclibc, but loook around because there are easier ones.....06:08
KaiForcemonowall maybe06:08
iambernieNephyrin:  Ok thanks, I think first need to have to look more into it. I'm a bit confused about the differences between Compiz, Compizfusion..06:08
david_JKaiForce: can't all distros do it?06:08
mroci cannot, for the life of me, get my graphics set up properly.  i have an ati radeon x800 and i know the specs for my monitor but i keep falling into failsafe mode when i restart x.  any help?06:09
jscinozhey guys, i've got a core2duo cpu, /proc/cpuinfo shows both cores support hypertherading, after adding ht=on to the kernel command line in /boot/grub/menu.lst, i still only have the two physical cores rather than 4 logical cores, any idea how i can enable hyperthreadign?06:09
KaiForceif you go with a non-dedicated firewall, i urge you to look at shorewall06:09
Tuariwhat terminal command to pull up Login Screen Setup06:09
KaiForceshorewall has examples on shorewall.net that should make this easy06:09
templariotritium: im confused06:10
templarioroot@rodrigo-fera:/home/rodrigo# wget ftp://ftp.eggheads.org/pub/eggdrop/source/1.6.17.tar.gz06:10
templario--03:05:59--  ftp://ftp.eggheads.org/pub/eggdrop/source/1.6.17.tar.gz06:10
templario           => `1.6.17.tar.gz'06:10
templarioResolvendo ftp.eggheads.org...
templarioConectando a ftp.eggheads.org||:21... conectado.06:10
bad_cablesyo, i have this problem where i buy new machines and i don't read the manual... can linux help?06:10
templarioLogando como anonymous ... Logado!06:10
FloodBot2templario: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:10
gmcastilcan someone with an unmodified /etc/profile from Xubuntu 7.10 please pastebin it?06:10
LeechzillaI have an XviD file where the audio/video's not in sync. What options should I use with mencoder to fix this? I tried -audio-delay 10 but it didn't do anything06:10
david_JKaiForce: I have a copy of ubuntu... I'll just won't install a graphical interface.. Doubt it'll need a download of another distro..06:10
gmcastildavid_J: your /etc/profile was broken06:10
Mr-LonelYbadkitty: thanks06:10
templarioi need help tritium06:10
david_Jgmcastil: I dont care06:10
tritiumtemplario: with what?06:10
templarioi need made this?06:11
david_Jgmcastil: everything seems to work06:11
templariowget bot06:11
drewgrange1My xorg is crashing when i try to start it.. here is my log file: http://rafb.net/p/odedMF86.html06:11
templarioapt say my eggrop stay install06:11
templariobut where have .conf?06:11
tritium!enter | templario06:12
ubotutemplario: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:12
gmcastilcan someone please pastebin their /etc/profile?06:12
KaiForcedrewgrage1 sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:12
Danaman5I can't open the program that lets me change my printer settings (e.g. default printer).  The program won't start and I get a glade error if I try to start it in terminal06:12
david_JWell I need to do some PT.. Thanks for the help KaiForce06:12
tritiumTake care, david_J.06:12
david_JI have 15 months to make it work...06:12
ushimitsudokigmcastle: you can search the ubuntu distro for files and packages that come by default: see: http://packages.ubuntu.com/06:12
KaiForcedavid j take care, sorry i can't do underscores because of my kb06:12
KaiForcekeep me posted06:13
gmcastilushimitsudoki: i just need to replace the text06:13
david_JI'll be back when I have some freetime...06:13
tritiumgmcastil: what did you do to yours?06:13
zylstra555What is the terminal command to change folder permissions?06:13
gmcastiltritium: long story....i rewrote a new one and when I logged back in, gtk+ crashed06:13
zylstra555I need to change all the permissions of /home/user/public_html to 77706:13
templariozylstra555: chmod folder 77706:13
zylstra555(Only temporary, I realize leaving it like that would be a security risk)06:14
Danaman5can anyone help me with the printing program problem I described above?06:14
ushimitsudokigmcastil: it says there is a example in /usr/share/doc/sysprofile/examples/etc/profile ... would that work for you?06:14
zylstra555templario: Thanks06:14
tritiumgmcastil: see my query06:14
gmcastilushimitsudoki: i'm not sure what package that comes from, but i don't hav eit06:16
gmcastilushimitsudoki: if yours is still the original - can you just pastebin it?06:16
tritiumgmcastil: I /queried you with mine06:16
ushimitsudokigmcastil: I"m not on kbuntu06:16
jscinozhey guys, i've got a core2duo cpu, /proc/cpuinfo shows both cores support hypertherading, after adding ht=on to the kernel command line in /boot/grub/menu.lst, i still only have the two physical cores rather than 4 logical cores, any idea how i can enable hyperthreadign?06:16
=== brandon is now known as Bluewraith
gmcastiltritium: yeah, i got it - thanks06:17
gmcastiltritium: some guy earlier gave me one from a differnet distro....grrr06:17
tritiumgmcastil: also, /usr/share/base-files/profile is the original06:18
templariojscinoz: i help you06:18
tritiumgmcastil: .postinst for base-files installs that into /etc/profile06:18
aaronpI'm trying to install Ubuntu on an existing partition, and the manual partitioning option doesn't show any partitions... what should I do?06:19
jscinoztemplario any ideas how to get ht to actually enable06:20
templarioaaronp: install ubuntu from cd?06:20
tritiumgmcastil: did you see my last message to you?06:20
aaronptemplario: Yes06:20
gmcastiltritium: yeah, not sure what you menat by .postinst06:20
templarioinstall with fdisk aaron06:20
tritiumgmcastil: a .postinst is a script that is run after a package is installed06:21
whabohello is anyone here that can assist? with networking ? or sharing folders between computers?06:21
jfkdsljioWhen I try to run the Setup.exe file for Photoshop CS2 with wine .9.54, I am told that the software requires Windows XP SP2 or later. What can I do?06:21
aaronpI'm getting messages from the kernel: 'program parted_devices is using a deprecated SCSI ioctl, please convert to SG_IO'06:21
tritiumgmcastil: if you'd like to see for yourself: cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/base-files.postinst06:22
gmcastiltritium: yeah, i know what you mean - thanks for showing me where they are, though06:22
tritiumgmcastil: no problem06:22
gmcastiltritium: debian does some wierd stuff06:22
gmcastiltritium: i'm a redhat vet06:23
TheBlackOutHello, I run a ssh off of my computer to access from school, etc and create and allow other people to connect to. A friend told me the "who" command works to see who is online, but what if I want to see who has been online in the last 24 hours or so? Is there any command for that?06:23
tritiumgmcastil: I was too, until i saw the light.06:23
gmcastiltritium: i'm not sure that i like how much is hidden06:23
tritiumgmcastil: nothing is hidden.  What do you mean?06:23
underwatercowIs there a reason everyone seems to love Transmission? I haven't used it much, but it doesn't seem any better than deluge...06:23
templarioTHEBLACKOUT: made w06:23
templarioin console06:23
gmcastiltritium: maybe it just seems that way since nothing is in the same place06:24
TheBlackOut"made w"?06:24
templariow in terminal of ssh06:24
tritiumgmcastil: yes, you're just used to where redhat puts files.06:24
ushimitsudokiunderwatercow: deluge works fine for me as well, personal preferences I think - I wouldn't say either one is superior (at least not in any area I need)06:24
templarioyou see who connect in your ssh06:24
gmcastiltritium: and rpm...i'm really fighting with apt-get - i miss the simple syntax that rpm had06:24
lewdvanityCan anyone in here help me out with a sound card issue?06:25
ushimitsudoki!ask | lewdvanity06:25
ubotulewdvanity: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:25
underwatercowushimitsudoki: Transmission is being included by default in Hardy Heron, so I was curious why... maybe it's basic enough to be usable by everyone, but functional enough to be useful?06:25
tritiumgmcastil: you'll quickly find that Debian's package management is a step-up from .rpm06:25
tritiumgmcastil: you may find this useful: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-reference/06:25
lewdvanityOk. I just Deleted Vista from my laptop and installed Ubuntu, and my sound isn't working. Any suggestions06:26
gmcastiltritium: i like the look of that....does ubuntu differ substantially from debian underneathe?06:26
jootgmcastil, I think the package management is heaps better than the  rpm06:26
tritiumgmcastil: nope, not much06:26
bytecolorwhy would I be able to connect to a given wifi with Win2k but not Ubuntu, drivers?06:26
jclewdvanity: what brand laptop?06:27
lewdvanityIts's a dell.. horrible06:27
ushimitsudokiunderwatercow: I don't know why they picked one over the other - might be interesting to read the discussion if it's out there, but again I think it's just preference. Deluge can be a bit buggy if you don't close it explicitly sometimes (like if you CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE and it's running, sometimes it won't re-launch), but that's the only problem I've had with it06:27
templariobytecolor:  ubuntu have wifi06:27
bytecolorI mean both operating systems 'see' the connections, but Win2k, _always_ connects06:27
gmcastiltritium: well thats good to here...i was starting to wonder if ubuntu was an attempt to mask all of the inner workings of linux to wean people off of windows06:27
underwatercowushimitsudoki: True, but it's getting better with each release. ;-D06:27
tritiumgmcastil: not at all.06:27
jcbytecolor: wifi drivers can be really tricky to get working, I had to try three different ones on my desktop before I got mine working06:28
badkittyHAHA winxp just crashed06:28
gmcastiltritium: thats good to here - i was considering going back to redhat06:28
tritiumgmcastil: I hope you'll stay with it for a while.06:28
gmcastiltritium: there are things about it that i like06:28
bytecolorjc, I can connect, but the connections are horrible compaired to what I get on the same lappy rebooted to Win2k06:28
jclewdvanity: what sound chip are they using? I know that Dell just started supporting linux on some of their computers06:29
tritiumgmcastil: good :)  Idle here, and ask as many questions as you need to.06:29
gmcastiltritium: but, some of the little things are driving me nuts - like wireless.  no idea where the configuration files for network interfaces are stored06:29
gmcastiltritium: hehe...i've been answering questions in here all evening :)06:29
underwatercowDoes anyone in here understand what ufw is? Is it like iptables? or does it manage iptables?06:29
lewdvanityBytecolor: I'm having the same problem 30% now and 90% with win2k.06:29
bytecolorlewdvanity: nod06:29
tritiumgmcastil: System -> Help section would help there, so would a search on wiki.ubuntu.com.   help.ubuntu.com has great documentation as well.  Finally:06:29
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:29
gmcastilunderwatercow: google says its a management for iptables06:30
TheBlackOuttemplario: w showed what the current users that are on are doing, I looked and asked a friend that came online and he said the 'last' command. It seemed to display the data I wanted06:30
underwatercowgmcastil: Really? I tried googling and I didn't see anything that said specifically...06:30
templariobytecolor:  in linux internet is 10% more fast06:30
mohadibit "internets"06:30
gmcastilunderwatercow: http://www.google.com/search?q=ufw+iptables&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a06:30
Mr-LonelYhow to add to host in ddclient? any idea?06:30
jcI'm getting this error every time I install or update anything:06:31
tritiumgmcastil: note that the network interfaces are configured in /etc/network/interfaces.  If you want Network Manager to manage a particular connection, *don't* configure it in /etc/network/interfaces.  Also, "man wireless"06:31
jcsorry the error is:E: cupsys: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit staus 106:31
gmcastiltritium: the wierd thing was that ifup/ifdown didn't work, even when the connection did06:31
underwatercowgmcastil: so then would it be like firestarter? but terminal based?06:31
gmcastiltritium: like right now, interfaces doesn't have wlan0 in it, even thought i'm using that nic06:32
tritiumgmcastil: ifup/ifdown only work for connections configured in /etc/network/interfaces.06:32
tritiumgmcastil: right, because Network Manager has auto-configured it.06:32
bytecolorbeen wanting to dist-upgrade, but I'm afraid I'll hose my system06:32
gmcastilunderwatercow: sure, i guess - i wrote my own firewalling scripts to manage iptables06:32
TheBlackOuttemplario: how is the internet faster in linux than windows or mac? I do like ubuntu and linux a lot but I do not think the OS affects speed heavily06:32
gmcastiltritium: so, interfaces is only for manually-defined interfaces?06:32
tritiumagain, you _don't_ want to configure an interface in /etc/network/interfaces if you want NM to configure it06:32
tritiumgmcastil: right06:32
gmcastiltritium: ah..and ifup/ifdown only deal with interaces configured in interafaces?06:33
jcok lets try this question again this time all as a single post :)06:33
jcI am getting this error every time I install or update anything:06:33
jcE: cupsys: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 106:33
jcAny ideas how to fix this?06:33
tritiumgmcastil: yes06:33
Hammer89is there a channel for 8.04 questions?06:33
templariotheBlackOut: yes internet is 10% more fast in linux06:33
jscinozhey guys, i've got a core2duo cpu, /proc/cpuinfo shows both cores support hyperthreading, after adding ht=on to the kernel command line in /boot/grub/menu.lst, i still only have the two physical cores rather than 4 logical cores, any idea how i can enable hyperthreading?06:33
tritiumgmcastil: there are "wireless" and "interfaces" manpages that are worth a read06:34
underwatercowHammer89: #ubuntu+106:34
jfkdsljiotemplario was that a joke?06:34
gmcastiltritium: i'll check those out, then06:34
aaronpWhat the???  The partitioner uses 1MB = 1000000 bytes???06:34
gmcastilunderwatercow: pretty much all firewalling uses iptables - iptables is the kernel's packet filtering setup06:34
TheBlackOuttemplario: how so? explain how linux fastens the internet06:34
TheBlackOutif anyone was to control the speed, it would be your ISP06:34
jfkdsljioI think it was a joke.06:34
=== monkey_ is now known as monTree
TheBlackOuthopefully, but you never know. :P06:34
tritiumgmcastil: I never touch it, as I let NM do everything06:34
templariobecause stack of linux06:34
templariothe "Stack"06:35
templarioof linux06:35
gmcastiltritium: yeah...i'm a little leery of handing the keys over to gui tools - i prefer to know what they're doing first06:35
templariois more fast06:35
underwatercowgmcastil: So... If I'm using firestarter, then there's no reason to use ufw, right?06:35
lewdvanityJc: I'm an idiot. Its not even a dell. Its a gateway my old one was a dell. Um, its a sigmatel 920006:35
scguy318templario: in what way? i'm curious06:35
TheBlackOuthave any reading material on that?06:35
TheBlackOutI have never heard such claims06:35
gmcastilunderwatercow: unless you prefer the UFW interface to firestarter06:35
gmcastilunderwatercow: they'll be different functionally, but they'll stil setup up rules in iptables06:36
underwatercowgmcastil: firestarter is GUI... but then, I seldom use the interface since I have the the rules I want in /etc/firestarter, and I always just back them up and restore them...06:36
gmcastilunderwatercow: i wrote scripts that configure my firewalling rules on bootup the way that i want06:36
templariois a reason of implemantation of servers linux in internet06:36
tritiumgmcastil: I hope to see you around.  Good night.06:36
sunnybghi, i have copied (with dd) whole disk from one device to another (from /dev/sdb to /dev/sdc). now do I refresh so the proper device nodes for the "new" partitions on sdc will become visible?06:36
templariois a stack of linux06:36
gmcastiltritium: yup - thanks for the help06:36
jfkdsljioWhen he says "more fast" he loses credibility.06:37
templarioone of reasons06:37
gmcastilunderwatercow: yeah, from what i've heard, firestarter is realy good06:37
TheBlackOutso do you have any cited sources that validate your claims or reading materials? i just want to know and verify for my own benefit06:37
templariosorry theblackout my english is poor06:37
jclewdvanity: have you checked out http://www.linux-on-laptops.com/06:37
jcthey might be able to help06:37
gmcastilunderwatercow: now, it's possible that ufw comes with a set of firewalling rules that the ubuntu developers think is most useful for users06:37
blbrownis there some tool that will pick up my video card configuration and set it for me; I have two geforce cards; 5300 and 5200, trying to do dual monitor config.  It picks up one card in the xorg.  But, I can see it in the hardware information06:38
templarioim from brazil theblackout06:38
TheBlackOuti understand english is not the native language of everyone, but i would like cited reading material on your claims. ive never read faster internet as an advantage of linux06:38
templarioi have material in portuguese theblackout06:38
underwatercowgmcastil: I've only ever needed to unblock 2 ports... can't imagine the devs would need to unblock too many06:38
templarioof comunity Debian BR06:39
lewdvanityJC: Yes, my model isn't on there. I have an MT 3705 it's fairly new.06:39
gmcastilunderwatercow: no idea what the developers are doing06:39
underwatercowgmcastil: lol, well... thanks for the insight anyway... I think I'll just keep using firestarter... seems less complicated than uncomplicated firewall anyway ;-D06:40
gmcastilunderwatercow: i prefer easily modifiable and tunable firewalling rules, so i've never really found anything that i liked, so i just wrote my own scripts to set it at startup06:40
underwatercowgmcastil: is it not easy enough to open a gui and block or unblock ports? what more do you need?06:40
gmcastilunderwatercow: iptables isn't that hard to learn - it's real simple, if you have a knowledge of tcp/ip06:40
gmcastilunderwatercow: i want to be able to limit what ip addresses are able to connect on certain ports06:40
templarioand unix pure is better of hardware theblackout06:41
gmcastilunderwatercow: for example, even though port 22 is open, only certain IP addresses (or a range) can connect to it06:41
underwatercowgmcastil: like ip addresses from your country?06:41
templariogmcastil is a port of ssh 2206:41
jclewdvanity: not sure it this will help or not but have you read: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=597215&page=206:41
gmcastilunderwatercow: no...like ip addresses from my workplace :)06:41
speedhunt3rcan anyone help me with file sharing? I can see my pc on the computers running XP, but they can't access my pc, and I can see "windows network" in Network but when I open it, I don't see any pcs in smb:/// ...06:42
underwatercowgmcastil: that's what I was getting at :-p I see your point, though I'm not sure I'm paranoid enough to restrict ip ranges06:42
levanderHas anyone here gotten xfishtank to work in GNOME?06:42
templarioRodolfo: sabe configurar os eggdrops no ubuntu man?06:43
gmcastilunderwatercow: some of my machines are on a windows network and i got really tired of watching my firewalling logs fill up with all the netbios packets spewed out by the windows machines, so i configure the rules to drop those packets06:43
Rodolfotemplario: nao, amigo06:43
lewdvanityJc: thanks I didn't look there but it looks like I'm going to give it a go.06:43
templarioRodolfo: tentei apt-get install eggrop06:43
templarioele instalou06:44
templariomas nem sei como fazer o resto06:44
gmcastilunderwatercow: i also have the option (in a config file in /etc/firewall) to drop incoming ICMP requests06:44
Rodolfotemplario: do q se trata o eggdrop?06:44
templariobot irc06:44
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$ LANG=C apropos apt-check; apt-check: nothing appropriate." My laptop's hard drive just heavily worked. top told me, it's 'apt-check'. What is the function of the apt-check process?06:44
=== xt|away is now known as xt828
speedhunt3rfellas, can anyone help me? I know you guys volunteer to help around here, I would much appreciate it.06:44
gmcastilunderwatercow: iptables is super configurable, i'm not sure how much of that makes its wya into the gui frontends06:44
underwatercowgmcastil: I believe firestarter does support that, though I don't recall... either way, I can see how using iptables directly would make it much more versatile...06:44
Rodolfotemplario: antes de vc instalar, tentou satisfazer as dependencias dele com apt-get build-dep eggdrop?06:45
gmcastilspeedhunt3r: http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html06:45
bullgard4!ask speedhunt3r06:45
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ask speedhunt3r - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:45
underwatercowgmcastil: speaking of which... my assignment in my networking class is to right a ping client in Java, lol... should be easy enough06:45
gmcastilunderwatercow: plus, most mission critical machines dont have X or even a monitor06:45
templariotem que sempre fazer isso Rodolfo?06:45
speedhunt3rcan anyone help me with file sharing? I can see my pc on the computers running XP, but they can't access my pc, and I can see "windows network" in Network but when I open it, I don't see any pcs in smb:/// ...06:45
underwatercowgmcastil: no monitor? How do you get output?06:45
gmcastilunderwatercow: most of my work is done using ssh06:46
Rodolfotemplario: nao, mas ao fazer isso e vc nao conseguir executar o programa, vc pode ter certeza de uma coisa: não é problema com as dependencias dele.06:46
gmcastilunderwatercow: hell, a lot of my boxes don't even have hard drives06:46
ushimitsudokispeedhunt3r: I read this blog entry and things work for me: http://note2.industriousone.com/mounting-windows-shares-ubuntu06:46
underwatercowgmcastil: well what do they have? lol06:46
gmcastilspeedhunt3r: read that link i sent you before asking questions - you'll have better results if you do06:46
underwatercowgmcastil: running from RAM?06:46
jcanyone getting cupsys errors when they install or update anything with synaptic?06:46
gmcastilunderwatercow:  nothing, they boot off the network06:46
speedhunt3rthanks guys.06:46
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Rodolfotemplario: nõ posso te dar uma ajuda mais avançada porque eu nunca o usei =/06:47
TheBlackOutdoes anyone know a good site for emerald themes? gnome look seems to be down06:47
underwatercowgmcastil: interesting... so you use a network drive then?06:47
gmcastilunderwatercow: it's a cluster - most clusters don't have local drives06:47
gmcastilunderwatercow: yeah, a large raid 5 array NFS mounted and shared by all the nodes06:47
templarioRodolfo:  é osso man instalei ubuntu aqui mas o suporte é todo inglÊs06:47
templarioRodolfo: você usa o Ubuntu?06:48
underwatercowgmcastil: Interesting... anyway, thanks for the information. I'm going to hit the sack.06:48
gmcastilme too - later06:48
Rodolfotemplario: sim. 7.1006:48
templarioeu também uso06:48
templarioinstalei essa semana06:48
Rodolfotemplario: bem vindo.06:48
templarioinstalei o ssh sshd06:48
templariomas não sei como faço pra rodar uns eggdrops06:49
cvdhow to know if firestarter is running?06:49
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
templariocvd: enter system monitor and see06:50
cvdnever see it and its installed06:50
Rodolfohey folks! I am running into trouble. I can't watch neither .avi format video files nor Xvid. I already have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed on my machine but it still does not work! What should I do?06:51
cvdits like when i start it its shutdown automatically06:51
cvdthe firestarter06:51
templarioRodolfo: instala os repositórios do ubuntu06:51
ere4siRodolfo, try installing vlc06:51
templariofaz a atualização do sistema06:51
The_Jokervlc can play almost anything06:52
Rodolfotemplario: instalei os repos do ubuntu e do edubuntu mas nenhum deles resolveu o problema06:52
templarioo meu consigo ver tudo06:52
cvdfirestarter its not in the system monitor06:52
cvdany help06:52
dgeorgehello anyone here at the moment06:53
templariocvd you need configure firestarter?06:53
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dgeorgehow do i add an icon for a wireless connection to the menu bar06:54
Rodolfocvd: try starting it up on the terminal. if the terminal returns some error msg, ust google for it and then look for further info.06:54
cvdno but how i know is running?06:54
ubotuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:55
heartsbloodHas anybody ever tried to run Age of empires (yes the one that says Made for windows 98 ><) will work in wine?06:55
ushimitsudokiheartsblood: WineHQ's AppDB is really the place to look for that06:55
heartsbloodwasn't aware they had such a thing06:55
ushimitsudokiheartsblood: http://appdb.winehq.org/06:56
Rodolfotemplario: teu player tbm roda avi?06:56
templarioroda tudo fio06:56
heartsbloodyea i'm looking at it now06:56
templarioeu instalei os codecs que vem no ubuntu06:56
templariodepois de atualizar os repositórios06:56
templarioaquele gstream06:56
templarioque tem no reprodutor de filmes06:57
jfkdsljioI got photoshop cs2 working well on wine .9.5406:57
Rodolfotemplario: o problema eh q eu ja fiz isso tudo que vc me flw06:57
templarioRodolfo: você usa o reprodutor de filmes do ubuntu?06:57
Rodolfotemplario: sim. tentei com o gxine e com o totem...06:57
dgeorgecan someone help me06:58
templarioabre o reprodutor aponta no vídeo .avi06:58
ushimitsudoki!ask | dgeorge06:58
templarioele vai dar um search06:58
templarioe vai instalar 2 codecs06:58
templarioque reproduz todo tipo de filme06:58
ubotudgeorge: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:58
dgeorgehow do i add a wireless network montior to the menu bar?06:59
dgeorgeubotu... I did ask awhile ago06:59
ushimitsudokidgeorge: I don't know what you mean - on my machine with the wireless (not this one), the icon appears on the gnome panel automatically. Is that not what you want?06:59
Rodolfotemplario: aki tem todos os comandos que eu fiz no terminal pra rodar praticamente todos os formatos: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54430/  lá tem todos os comandos que eu instalei na minha maquina.06:59
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dgeorgeI am using Kde07:00
tucciis there a way to make all files of a certain type (i.e. with a particular extension) use a certain icon?07:00
dgeorgeit doesn't show up automatically07:00
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templarioRodolfo: cara você só precisava ter instalado 2 o gstream07:01
templarioque vem no reprodutor de filmes07:01
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templariosó ele já bastava Rodolfo e pelo synaptic07:01
ushimitsudokidgeorge: srry then, I use regular ubuntu07:01
Rodolfotemplario: eu vou tentar desinstalar todos com apt-get remove --purge e instalar somente a primeira linha07:01
templarioo meu não tava pegando Rodolfo então forcei o synaptic a instalar o gstream07:02
dgeorgehow do u add gmail to the menu bar/?07:02
templariopega todo tipo de avi aqui agora07:02
templariompeg e outros07:02
nickrud!en | templario Rodolfo07:02
ubotutemplario Rodolfo: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat07:02
ushimitsudokidgeorge: maybe you can get better KDE-specific help in #kubuntu ?07:03
Rodolfotemplario: vm la no ubuntu canao dos br senao esse mala vai continuar enchendo...07:04
templarioé idéia07:04
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GERD_MDnewbie here. I am trying to install alsa files, how do I do that after they are dwl'd and extracted07:07
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$ LANG=C apropos apt-check; apt-check: nothing appropriate." My laptop's hard drive just heavily worked. top told me, it's 'apt-check'. What is the function of the apt-check process?07:08
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travisanyone have any great terminal irc clients?07:09
PKdoRsomebody here just recomended that I Run the live cd and choose repair to fix my broken grub in raid ) but I cant find the "repair" option07:10
nickrudbullgard4: it's part of update-notifier07:10
overcluckerircii bitchx irssi are a few popular ones07:11
nickrudtravis: many regulars here recommend irssi07:11
travisnickrud: thx ^_^07:11
ushimitsudokibullgard: apt-check is a script in /usr/lib/update-notifier, you can check it out and see what it does (checks for updates)07:12
PKdoRtravisat: I cant find the repair opion and im now in the live cd07:13
PKdoRcan sone one help rearing grub with a live cd for a raid007:14
PKdoRI mean repairing07:15
fouadzPKdoR: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/reinstall-ubuntu-grub-bootloader-after-windows-wipes-it-out/07:16
GERD_MDCan anyone help me out with a sound issue?07:18
arooni-mobilehow can i take a screenshot07:19
arooni-mobilein ubuntu07:19
ushimitsudokiarooni-mobile: Applications > Accessories > Take Screenshot07:19
bullgard4nickrud: "detlef@MD97600:~$ man update-notifier; No manual entry for update-notifier." Wher will I get information about apt-check?07:20
ouellettesrhello, how do I set timing frequencies for a monitor?07:20
S_hi everyone07:20
K-Foxwow it did update n800 to os 200807:21
CibrongI have a problem with ubuntu; after a fresh install on a blank hdd ubuntu will not boot up the, grub menu does not even come up. can anyone help me out?07:21
S_Anyone know if their is non-official  mesa-7.0.2 for gutsy?07:21
travisouellettesr: /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:21
orbisvicisanyone know of a program that can act like gnome's window list; you know... show all the open windows in some tray/dock type thing?07:21
S_Cibrong set the boot from your master HDD as the one you selected it07:22
ushimitsudokiorbisvicis: avant window navigator is one, there are many07:22
orbisviciswell, its for vnc use only, it cant be composited07:22
Cibrongbios is set to boot from the harddrive, but it hangs after the bios like if there is no os07:22
bashcahi there  all07:23
orbisvicisushimitsudoki, im not really looking for a dock, im looking for a window list bar/tray thing07:23
S_Anyone know if their is non-offical mesa-7.0.2 for gutsy?07:23
Daisuke_Idois there a way to specify what rendering mode to use in totem?07:23
S_hi bashca07:23
mercury_1900can anyone help with a low mem ubuntu server install?07:23
Daisuke_Ido(xv, x11, etc)07:23
S_orbisvcis , you tried blackbox or it was whitebox ? (i think its the one you need)07:23
bashcaS_, please i need help .. how can run mdsl cdma usb on ubuntu07:24
S_Daisuke_Ido you might be able to do it using Dri_Options program (Try to find it) its allready existed07:24
mercury_1900the alternate install cd takes me to a weird command prompt, and I'm really not sure what to do from there07:24
Daisuke_IdoS_: so there's no option *in* totem...  i think i'll stick to vlc then :)  thanks07:25
mercury_1900the live cd loads through the splash screen, then the screen goes dark07:25
S_errrrrrrrrrrr , I am n00b stop asking me :P07:25
travismercury_1900: did you try the safe graphics mode?07:25
mercury_1900no.  could you tell me how to do that?07:26
travismercury_1900: Do you get a menu right after booting the cd?07:26
S_bashca , i really dont know what is mdsl or cdma , but usually ubuntu would be able to mount it for you , and if mdsl is windows program you would be able to  use wine for it07:26
mercury_1900travis:  no07:26
mercury_1900travis:  the live cd runs the splash and then the screen goes dark.  the alternate goes directly to a command prompt07:27
bashcathanks S_07:27
S_Anyone know if their is non-official mesa 7.0.2 for gursty?07:27
S_np :) , but sorry i couldnt help you more then this07:27
ushimitsudokimercury: you have NVIDIA graphics card?07:27
travismercury_1900: And to check, 7.10?07:27
ushimitsudokimercury_1900: you have NVIDIA graphics card?07:28
crdlbS_: what's missing in 7.0.1?07:28
cvda command to monitor network?07:28
orbisviciscvd, bmon07:29
S_The support for intel x3100 , as running 3d programs might cause 50% X to crash and 100% of any directX/3d that used in winehq would tottaly crash it07:29
orbisviciscvd, netwatch07:29
mercury_1900travis:  7.10, the compy has an nvidia card,yes07:29
S_Its not almost 4 months without using any 3d , i am kinda boring here ;-)07:29
orbisviciscvd, speedometer07:29
mercury_1900travis:  i tried plugging in to the onboard video, but I can't get a signal in windows or linux07:29
cvdbut something istalled by default?07:30
crdlbS_: eh? you'd need to upgrade the intel driver and the kernel DRM too presumably07:30
orbisvicisS_, blackbox is a window manager ... arg i know of one too but for my life i cant remember07:30
crdlbS_: and that would be crazy; wait for hardy (or upgrade now if you're feeling very adventurous)07:30
S_I already did , But strange after doing it , its not working (No DRI) as it says in glxinfo07:30
travismercury_1900: Onboard video sounds like a problem, but not your problem. I'm sorry, I can't help much with nvdia07:31
ushimitsudokimercury_1900: with my NVIDIA 8800 GTS I had to do an alternative install, use the default vesa drivers long enough to get the drivers from the nvidia site, and then manually install them myself. Restricted drivers manager did not help me07:31
S_Crdlb in these 3 days i almost installed 10 distros (including hardy , fedora 8 , and many others) non-working fine with me07:31
S_also hardy got mesa 7.0.2 but its not supporting my wifi07:31
crdlbcompiling mesa is extremely difficult and quite invasive, so I really wouldn't recommend attempting that on gutsy btw07:32
S_orbisvicis , i think you could find a list for window mangers in google (as i saw one before few years) try checking them as i am sure you would remeber :)07:32
yassinehi to all07:32
mercury_1900travis:  that's alright.07:32
S_i tried mesa on my old intel driver , it works fine with me , but i really dont know whats happening with x3100 as it says its not working07:33
mercury_1900ushimitsudoki:  i've tried the alternative install, but how do i install from the command prompt?07:33
yassine any body ???07:33
S_old intel gfx card*07:33
crdlborbisvicis: fbpanel is a very light gtk-based panel07:33
S_hi yassine07:33
ouellettesrtravis, when I boot my pc, my monitor says change input signal timings to h 64.2 v 60.2 I set xorg.conf to be h 60-65 and v 57-61, that didn't work, any ideas?07:34
ushimitsudokimercury_1900: it will install in text mode ... do you not get to the installer stuff? (been a while so I don't remember), but basically it's the ASCII-graphics style installation process07:34
yassinesee you later !!!07:34
eshaasemy computer randomly turns off if i actively use it, however if i don't use it but keep it on, it wont' randomly turn off... also, in order to turn the computer back on i have to unplug the power supply and re-plug it back in in order to power on the system, anyone have any idea whats going on?07:34
mutablehello, i found that when i add something like that: "JDK_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun [newline] JAVA_HOME="${JDK_HOME}" to /etc/enviroment, the variable JDK_HOME won't expand in defintion of JAVA_HOME. is there any workaround?07:34
mercury_1900ushimitsudoki:  i don't know the codes, couldn't find them on google.  it doesn't give me any options, just goes straight to the prompt, and the "help" command gives a list of available commands, none of which look like installer07:35
orbisviciscrdlb, pheww thanks been searching for that for a few 1/2 hrs07:35
travisouellettesr: try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8397307:35
ushimitsudokimercury_1900: that doesn't sound right ... when you boot from the alternatice install CD you should still get a menu that has obvious options - one of which is installation07:36
S_Anyone think that's i should recompile my kernel + getting mesa 7.0.2 on it? Or their would be a new update for gutsy , If their isn't i will do it07:36
brizbenhi need help with sed I need to find all the occurances of the word "babies" and replace it with the word "families" in a file called "familes.html" I got: "sed s/babies/families/ ./families.html" and it doesn't work. Can someone please help?07:36
Daisuke_Idoeshaase: sounds like possible overload or heat problems07:37
mercury_1900ushimitsudoki:  yeah, doesn't sound right to me.  the only thing i wonder is that when i load the cd, it get the live cd loader screen that asks me if i want to run windows or ubuntu-linux.  i pick linux, then i get the command prompt07:37
internat85Hi, with kde, how do i setup vnc so that i can connect to the existing session?07:37
S_internat85 you are seeking help in #kubuntu07:37
dessnrok what am i doing wrong, i hold ctrl-alt and left mouse.  an effect does work, but it is not a cube even though i have cube turned on in the prefs...  it's more like a page flip to the next desktop...  i can turn the desktop around as slow and as fast as i want with left mouse held, but there is no cube.07:37
ushimitsudokimercury_1900: I can't say then because that doesn't match my experience ... strange07:38
orbisvicismutable, type it all out? Also usually jdk_home isnt necessary even all the websites ive been to say to put it in07:38
ushimitsudokibrizben: maybe try #sed for that?07:38
mercury_1900ushimitsudoki:  yeah, really strange.  well, thanks anyways.07:38
S_i guess i am going to do what i have to do07:38
S_Thanks everyone for your time07:38
brizbenushimitsudoki, ok thanx07:39
mutableorbisvicis: what is the purpose of /etc/environment ? there is already /etc/profile isn't it ?07:39
orbisvicismutable, also no idea but try JAVA_HOME=$JDK_HOME07:39
mercury_1900thanks everybody.  i'm sure i'll be back.07:39
orbisvicismutable, /etc/environment is system wide07:39
mutableorbisvicis: /etc/profile also07:39
dessnrdoes anybody have knowledge on how to get the cube working please?07:39
mutableorbisvicis: i googled but i cannot find any documentation on it07:40
Daisuke_Idodessnr: apparently compiz is only doing two viewports, which is why it's more like a spinning panel rather than a cube07:40
mutableorbisvicis: i'll try put that variables in /etc/profile07:40
mutableorbisvicis: hope it will expand07:40
orbisvicismutable, ok then I wont try googling ; )07:40
dessnrstrange Daisuke_Ido, because i seen the cube in action on google vid...07:40
* Daisuke_Ido tries to remember the advanced compiz settings thing07:41
Daisuke_Idodessnr: oh, it works07:41
crdlbdessnr: please join #compiz-fusion07:41
Daisuke_Idothere ya go07:41
orbisvicismutable, environment variables are in form of VAR=$VAR:data07:41
dessnrcrdlb: and Daisuke_Ido:  thank you.07:41
julio_peHi there07:41
julio_peFolks, I wanna insert subtitle in a movie. How I do it?07:42
orbisvicismutable, my best guess is that .profile only applies to bash07:42
mutableorbisvicis: you path enviroment variables, i know what they are, but they should expand07:42
mutableorbisvicis: yeah i had them in .profile07:42
St0n3-C0lGuys I need urgent help I am sick of Ubuntu's network problem07:42
julio_peI've subtitle and the movie07:42
mutableorbisvicis: but if i want to start IntelliJ IDEA from gui07:42
orbisvicismutable, ok so /etc/profile is the same .. system wide bash07:42
orbisvicismutable, i had same problem with openfire an some tomcat stuff07:43
mutableorbisvicis: yes, me too :)07:43
mutableorbisvicis: but with tomcat and IDEA07:43
orbisvicisi just stuck the java_home line in /etc/environment07:43
St0n3-C0lPreviously it used to detect my correct IP and all. Now a days it doesn't recognize my IP and when I manually configure afterwards my hostname and domain and dns ips...It 1-2 times has worked otherwise it just resolves the dns but net doesnt work :( I have LAN!07:43
orbisvicisit worked07:43
mutableorbisvicis: hmm, it looks i must restart, or kill some process that reads it07:44
mutableorbisvicis: thx for assistance07:45
orbisvicismutable, just to be on same playing field, the line should read: JAVA_HOME="/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun"07:45
orbisvicisok np07:45
pengoany recommendation for a disk cloning (ghosting) software?07:46
abdullagreetings all07:46
abdullawhats wrong with youtube guys>?07:46
St0n3-C0lguys no help ?07:46
St0n3-C0lregarding network manager?07:46
PKdoRI need help fixing grub please im now on the live cd07:47
abdullaSt0n3-C0l, whats wrong?07:47
pengoabdulla: maybe you need adobe flash07:47
bert_manYo Yo...  I need a app that will convert a .AVI to DVD07:47
kajeDoes anyone know what package provides curl/curl.h in Gutsy??07:47
abdullayou say that their is a new update?07:48
St0n3-C0lPreviously it used to detect my correct IP and all. Now a days it doesn't recognize my IP and when I manually configure afterwards my hostname and domain and dns ips...It 1-2 times has worked otherwise it just resolves the dns but net doesnt work :( I have LAN!07:48
abdullapengo, i got adobe but is an update necessary ?07:48
kousotuwhat is the latest kernel for gutsy?07:48
pengoabdulla: no idea sorry07:48
ushimitsudokikousotu: 2.6.22-1407:49
Daisuke_Idotoo quick :\07:49
Daisuke_Idoanyway, bed for me07:49
julio_peHow to insert subtitles in a movie? On UBuntu???07:49
orbisvicisKaja, looks like kaje, that right probably libcurl ?07:49
ThreeFingerPetejulio_pe: you want to add some to a movie by hand?07:50
kousotuany way to update it to something newer?07:50
ThreeFingerPetejulio_pe: or you want to activate existing ones07:50
kousotuor add another on?07:50
julio_peThreeFingerPete, yep07:50
orbisvicisum why cant i autocomplete kaje?07:50
orbisvicistype kaje [tab] nothing ?07:51
ThreeFingerPetejulio_pe: to add subtitles the gimp animation package might work07:51
julio_peThreeFingerPete, i've the movie and subtitle..07:51
julio_peThreeFingerPete, and i want send it to youtube07:51
bert_mananyone know of an app that will convert avi to dvd on ubuntu or under wine???07:51
Daisuke_Idowell, if you're looking to hardcode subs into a video, you're asking for all sorts of fun issues07:52
julio_pebert_man, use ffmpeg07:52
Daisuke_Idonone of which are actually fun07:52
ThreeFingerPetejulio_pe: GAP will take a video, reduce it to frames. add the text and save and upload to youtube07:52
ere4sijulio_pe, you make a .srt file which is a text file that has a time stamp on one line then the text on the next and repeat07:52
bert_mandoes ffmpeg have a GUI?07:53
ThreeFingerPeteere4si: i didnt know that07:53
PKdoRi cant sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/mapper/nvidia_fafjibci3 /target07:53
PKdoRit says that the mount point does not exist07:53
Daisuke_Idothen create the mount point.07:53
ere4siThreeFingerPete, I found out from torrents07:53
julio_peThreeFingerPete, what's GAP?07:53
ThreeFingerPeteere4si: thanks for that info07:53
kousotuany way to update it to something newer or add a newer one?07:53
ThreeFingerPetejulio_pe: GAP is "gimp animation package"07:54
julio_peere4si, i did it07:54
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$ man update-notifier; No manual entry for update-notifier." Where will I get information about apt-check?07:54
Daisuke_Idokousotu: sure, you probably could, but then you wouldn't be able to get any support07:54
ere4sialready? -short film julio_pe07:54
julio_peThreeFingerPete, I can insert subtitles in a movie with gimp?07:54
St0n3-C0lGuys I've wireless roaming mode in Network Manager!!07:54
Daisuke_Idois there any reason you NEED the new scheduler?  (which is the only significant change)07:54
St0n3-C0lHelp me out :(07:54
kousotuDaisuke_Ido: The problem with this one is that Secondlife is runnign so slow it's barely usable07:55
julio_peere4si, yep, i clip of maroon 507:55
ThreeFingerPetejulio_pe: yes, but it adds them as pixels instead of overlaying them like a proper subtitle07:55
Daisuke_Idothat's not a kernel problem07:55
Daisuke_Idoare you using the proper video drivers?07:55
julio_peSt0n3-C0l, whats you wanna know?07:55
kousotuI have intel 945GM07:55
ThreeFingerPetejulio_pe: there are lots of tutorials on gimp and GAP on the web07:55
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$ update-notifier; ** (update-notifier:18616): WARNING **: already running?" Wie kommt diese Warnung zustande?07:55
julio_peThreeFingerPete, Man! Thank you! Where i can down it?07:55
Daisuke_Idouh...  and you're wondering why it doesn't work well?07:56
kousotuI am using whatever is natie to linux07:56
julio_peThreeFingerPete, I know GIMP.07:56
St0n3-C0ljulio_pe: Julio My net doesnt work and on Windows it does07:56
ThreeFingerPetejulio_pe: try sudo aptitude install gimp-GAP?07:56
ThreeFingerPetejulio_pe: or go to gimp.org07:56
Daisuke_Idoyeah, that's about as fast as secondlife is going to get.  but take my word for it, you're better off not wasting your first one on the second one.07:56
kousotuis there another driver I should install?07:57
St0n3-C0ljulio_pe: It used to before easily but now-a-days it doesn't detect my correct IP and when I go in network settings and setup hostname and dns ips...it starts doing DNS but still net doesn't work! only once or twice it worked correctly07:57
julio_peThreeFingerPete, THANK YOU!07:57
julio_peSt0n3-C0l, wait...07:57
chabalI'am so happy i finally got my dailup working in ubuntu:)07:57
pr0nGuyI just installed PhpGedView, but when I type it in the terminal, it doesn't open.07:58
julio_peSt0n3-C0l, see, i had a wireless net too...07:58
julio_peSt0n3-C0l, in my case, i need confing manually IP DNS etc07:58
St0n3-C0ljulio_pe: I use LAN but it's on Roaming mode.07:58
kousotuDaisuke_Ido: is there another driver I should install for intel 945gm mobile?07:59
julio_peSt0n3-C0l, so i beboot and it work07:59
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
ThreeFingerPetewoo! i feel less of a newbie. i actually helped someone in here! good luck julio_pe07:59
julio_peSt0n3-C0l, roaming it's search and don't find anthing08:00
Daisuke_Idokousotu: probably not, intel's drivers are pretty good08:00
=== root__ is now known as soldats
kousotuDaisuke_Ido: well then, what ELSE could be the problem08:00
Daisuke_Idobut you're not going to get much performance out of the bloated poorly conceived and even more poorly coded pile of tauntaun droppings that is second life.08:00
julio_peThreeFingerPete, thank you, thats open-source spirit08:01
julio_peThreeFingerPete, i'm brazilian i'm learn english yet08:01
kousotuDaisuke_Ido: this is what SL says my GFX card is, see if you cn make anything of it08:01
Daisuke_Idothe 945 is not a powerful chipset08:01
ThreeFingerPetejulio_pe: your english is great08:01
kousotuGraphics Card Vendor: Mesa project: www.mesa3d.org08:01
kousotuGraphics Card: Mesa GLX Indirect08:01
kousotuOpenGL Version: 1.4 (2.1 Mesa 7.0.1)08:01
kousotuGraphics Card Vendor: Mesa project: www.mesa3d.org08:01
kousotuGraphics Card: Mesa GLX Indirect08:01
kousotuOpenGL Version: 1.4 (2.1 Mesa 7.0.1)08:01
julio_peThreeFingerPete, so if u see me doing a mistake, alert me ok?08:01
Daisuke_Idoindirect rendering08:02
kousotuyea, but beryl works on it08:02
ThreeFingerPetekousotu: I play SL in unbuntu. what grx card?08:02
ompaulkousotu, please don't - use paste.ubuntu-nl.org08:02
kousotuThreeFingerPete:  Daisuke_Ido just said it08:02
kousotuompaul: double was on accident08:03
julio_pei gotta go guys... but i'll be hire08:03
jetseRnHi folks! Got a very simple question, is it the AMD64 version of ubuntu i should dl w an intel centrino duo processor?08:03
ThreeFingerPeteyes, thats not enough for SL and compiz can take too much from your machine. i removed it and run SL ok with an ATI 960008:04
ThreeFingerPetejetseRn: no, get the i38608:04
jetseRnokay, thanks : )08:04
kousotuDaisuke_Ido: is there another driver I should use, or does the native one work well enough? and what else could slow SL down so badly?08:05
E_Dataim running gutsy gibbon with firestarter and every 5-30 minutes the firestarter icon disappears from the tray, how can i stop it from doing that?08:05
E_Dataanyone here?08:07
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$ man update-notifier; No manual entry for update-notifier." Where will I get information about apt-check?08:08
PKdoRdamn1 looks like i'll just have to reinstall08:08
=== gouki_ is now known as gouki
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$ LANG=C apropos apt-check; apt-check: nothing appropriate." My laptop's hard drive just heavily worked. top told me, it's 'apt-check'. What is the function of the apt-check process?08:09
freepenguinnow I've finally the page of ubuntu free penguin edition: http://www.freepenguin.it/ubuntufp-download-en.html08:10
St0n3-C0ljulio_pe: Thanks a ton bro :)08:12
St0n3-C0ljulio_pe: Now I am on Ubunutu :D08:12
jacky_salut a tous08:12
jacky_y a un french?08:13
kousotu!fr | jacky_08:13
ubotujacky_: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.08:13
* kousotu can't think of the french word to save his life08:14
ArthurArchnixde rien, je pense08:15
mutablethis is very great article: http://wooledge.org:8000/DotFiles08:18
ArthurArchnixmutable: Take it to #ubuntu-offtopic08:18
toresni have a music collection that is organized as artist_dir -> album_dir   ... i would to find out how many albums i have, using the command line08:18
mishashi all =)08:19
=== nixternal_ is now known as nixternal
josh__is it possible to install flash on 7.10 on the page that ubotu tells me about 7.04 is the newest, is there a difference08:21
kousotujosh__: none08:22
ArthurArchnixjosh__: ? I installed on 7.1 using the link from ubotu08:22
kousotuthat I have noticed anyway08:22
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash - The Flash package is currently BROKEN, see « /msg ubotu FlashIssues »08:22
ArthurArchnixAh... I see. They used to link to the thread in the forum with the fix.08:23
josh__yeah i remember that thread aswell08:23
josh__i might try and have a look for it08:23
=== Ash908 is now known as Ashfire908
lesshasteanyone know how to convert from xvid to mpeg-ts?08:24
ArthurArchnixSeems to work fine for 7.1 gnome with firefox. Anything else, probably not. josh__ see this and above.08:25
josh__thankyou ArthurArchnix, and yeah im using all those :)08:25
ere4sitoresn, http://www.webmasterworld.com/linux/3087663.htm - might help08:27
josh__ArthurArchnix, which fix do you suggest to use ?08:27
ZambeziIsn't a kernelchange from 2.6.22-14 to 2.6.24-5 a huge jump?08:27
neetoamarok won't play mp3 files. What library do I need to download for it to work?08:28
procrastinatorhow does one untar a certain file from an archive via terminal?08:28
Enselicneeto: try opening it with Totem, then it should ask for the right library08:29
Enselicneeto: when installed, try Amarok again08:29
Zambeziprocrastinator: tar -xzvf if it's tar.gz08:29
neetoAlright cool08:29
ArthurArchnixjosh__: What do you mean?08:29
fallore_i open a program by navigating to it's directory and then running it via a terminal command (./XboxMediaCenter). is there any way i can make a shortcut for this?08:29
procrastinatorZambezi: i meant one file within x.tar.gz08:30
fallore_nevermind on my last question]08:31
Zambeziprocrastinator: Oh. That's not something I've done ever. Can't help you there. Sorry.08:32
jetseRnrunning ubuntu through vmware, will it give the same speed as dualbooting it with windows? Thanks for answer! : - )08:33
regulatejetseRn: vmware workstation?08:33
jetseRnsry.. regulate08:34
regulateabout 80% of physical i think08:34
regulateyou wont really notice it as a casual user08:34
regulateyou'd have to be running benchmarks08:35
=== E is now known as Eynoh
toresnere4si, i think the way go is something like this:   find . -type d | wc -l   (except i only want to go through one subfolder (namely the album_dir))08:35
toresnere4si, familiar with the find command?08:35
ere4sireasonably toresn08:36
jetseRnthanks regulate08:36
toresnere4si, do you understand what i want?08:36
regulatejetseRn: for me, running vmw workstation in linux and running windows in a vm works best08:36
regulatein fact thats what i've been doing since '9908:37
ere4sitoresn,  yeh I understand but have never had the need to do something like it08:37
neetoalright so, I am starting amarok, it gives me an error saying that it has no mp3 support, I click install mp3 support, it says that it's successfully installed, and needs to be restarted, I restart amarok and it tells me that it doesn't have the capability to play mp3 files again08:37
toresnthe command i provided will list the subfolder of album_dir as well, which i don't want... because then folders like "Disc 1" and "Disc 2" will be counted as well08:37
jetseRnhm, okay.. its just that i don't have a vista cd, it just came with my comp, and i loose all my warranty and insurance if i remove vista :/08:38
josh__ahhh ok i worked it out, i just ran the .deb file instead of doing all the terminal stuff. I hope that was the correct one to fo08:38
jetseRni could ofc download it but i dont know if they will check it or not08:38
jetseRnim not sure if i am willing to risk that.. : )08:38
regulatejetseRn: you have the system restore cds tho08:38
bashcahow can install new kernel  2.6.24 on ubuntu Gusty08:39
regulatebashca: download the source, make menuconfig, time sudo make-kpkg --initrd kernel_image kernel_headers modules_image08:40
jetseRnnot system restore cds, but i do got this restore disk tho.. i guess that would work... : )08:40
eggoCan someone help a newbie out? I was configuring my wlan card (netgear PCMCIA with a rtl8180 chipset) on a compaq notebook under gutsy, and when I try to save the configuration (using the GUI network tool) I got a kernel panic (flashing Scroll/caps lock). I restarted and tried again, with the same result, only now it won't boot at all. how can I go about fixing this without losing all my work?08:40
jetseRnand i can also keep my drives right, since linux can operate on ntfs on read only, ait?08:40
ere4sitoresn, from the look of that script I linked you to you don't want an easy thing - it is not straightforward08:40
regulatejetseRn: you can try resizing the vista partition, to make room for linux, then install workstation in linux, and configure a virtual machine to use a "psysical disk" (which is is your vista paritition) to emulate vista.08:41
ompaulbashca, that kernel is in the beta of the next release so unless you really need it I suggest you don't bother08:42
regulatei personally haven't tried that08:42
regulatebut i think it would be a great exploratory endevour08:42
ompaul!kernel | bashca (just in case you want to break your machine ;-))08:42
bashcaompaul, ok thanks for you advice  i will wait  until the release version come up08:42
ompaulthe bot is slow08:43
neetoWhat's an alternative to xine?08:43
bashcaompaul, nope  am trying to  use  mdsl usb  with it but  i can't08:43
bashcacan you help me08:43
ubotubashca (just in case you want to break your machine ;-)): The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages08:43
carpediemneeto: vlc, mplayer,08:43
josiahwI dont suppose someone would be able to help me with a joomla issue :)08:44
lesshastehow do I redirect stdout and stderror?08:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mdsl - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:44
neetodoes anyone know how to get amarok to use the mplayer engine?08:44
ompaulbashca, ^^ that is as good as my kelp gets see the message from the bot08:44
jetseRnhm.. yea.. that might work.. i just shrinked one of my partitions so i have the opportunity to install ubuntu if i feel the urge of doing so...08:44
Erik1why isn't there a www.ubuntu.org ?08:45
carpediemneeto: eh, xine our gstreamer is your best bet for amarok08:45
jetseRni think that will be my project for tonight... i'll let u know if i get it to work :)08:45
jetseRnbut im starting of slow with a vm partition.. i might just stay with it...08:45
bahmanHi everybody08:45
neetocarpediem: thanks man08:45
bahmanCould I write a DVD from my Ubuntu .iso CD?!08:46
regulateneeto: what is the mplayer engine08:46
eggoany help with my kernel panic problem?08:46
ere4siErik1,  .org is for charities or non profit - ubuntu.com08:46
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$ LANG=C apropos apt-check; apt-check: nothing appropriate." My laptop's hard drive just heavily worked. top told me, it's 'apt-check'. What is the function of the apt-check process?08:46
Erik1ere4si: so ubuntu is commercial in some way ? what way ?08:47
carpediemere4si: well, sort of, though its not a rule.  my personal website is .org08:47
regulateeggo: the description sounds bizarre08:47
ere4siErik1, sells support to corps etc08:47
eggoI found the same proble in the ubuntu forums, with no response08:48
regulateeggo: to recover your data, you can boot with a live cd, and mount the partition your data is on, and copy it somewhere safe08:48
ushimitsudokibullgard4:  the apt-check script is in /usr/lib/update-notifier you can read it as see exactly what it does. It is part of the process that checks for updates to packages. You have been told this already by a couple of different people. Do you need more information than that?08:48
Erik1ere4si: how would that affect non-commercials like most of us ?08:48
eggois there a command to repair it in place?08:48
bahmanCould I write a DVD from my Ubuntu .iso CD?! In which way?!08:48
ere4sidoesn't really Erik108:49
regulateeggo: not a general "repair my computer" option08:49
regulateeggo: i think we'd have to know how exactly its failing08:49
ouellettesrhow do I figure out what tty a device is running on?08:49
eggono, I mean to repair ubuntu from the live cd without overwriting my home folder08:49
carpediemouellettesr: ps aux08:49
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
carpediemouellettesr: acutally, simple "ps" is enough08:50
eggoAt the moment grub doesn't even start08:50
carpediemouellettesr: no, i take that back, I was right the first time08:51
bahmanIs there anyone here?!08:51
carpediembahman: no08:51
bahmanthanks carpediem :D08:52
carpediembahman: yes, i think the live cd has serpentine, but not 100% sure08:52
eggobahman: you will need a secondary drive to burn with08:52
bahmaneggo thanks, but could I add some directory's in Ubuntu CD live .iso?!08:53
JouvaI'm having issues using my bluetooth dongle. Seems like Ubuntu detects it's inserted, but even with "visible and connectable for other devices" checked, I can't find any other devices and other devices can't find my computer.08:53
bahmanThanks carpedim, I really the philosophy of carpediem ;)08:54
eggoyou'll need to build a new ISO, and unless your ramdrive is big enough to handle it, you'll need to store it on HDD08:54
bahmanThanks carpedim, I really LOVE the philosophy of carpediem ;)08:54
bahmanThanks eggo :)08:55
nexyonwhy the hell does my pcmcia soundcard not work for more than a few seconds? :-S08:55
fybixWhere are cookies stored for firefox?08:56
Zambezifybix: ~/.mozilla/ Then tab to next folder. It should be there in a textfile.08:57
ushimitsudokifybix: ~/.mozilla/firefox/yourprofile/cookies.txt08:57
fybixThank you!08:58
ZambeziSorry. Forgot firefox-folder.08:58
eggoI think gutsy killed my laptop :(08:59
bashca[ 7440.672000] usb 1-1: device not accepting address 15, error -7108:59
bashcahow can resolve it ???08:59
Marcosestá aí?08:59
eggoNow it won't boot at all...09:00
bullgard4ushimitsudoki: You said: " the apt-check script is in /usr/lib/update-notifier ." This is not true. /usr/lib/ does not contain update-notifier. (Ubuntu 7.10). What do you mean?09:01
* hfsdo is now away - Reason :09:02
ushimitsudokibullgard4: on my system (ubuntu 7.10 amd64), the apt-check script is in the /usr/lib/update-notifier/ directory. A search on packages.ubuntu.com confirms this is the default location for the script09:03
ushimitsudokibullgard4: you can try "locate apt-check" at the command prompt to see if you have the file and its location09:04
julio_peMarcos, agora me vê09:04
julio_peMarcos, agente não pode falar em portugês aqui se não o pessoal manda ir pra o #ubuntu-br , entendeu?09:05
julio_peMarcos, por isso eu não estava aqui09:05
Madpilotubotu, es | julio_pe09:05
ubotujulio_pe: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.09:05
SliMMthere seems to be a problem with some monitors after installing ubuntu/kubuntu; it works well from the live cd, but not after it is installed09:06
julio_peJerks! It's Portuguese HAHAHAHAHHAHA09:06
wadehow do you uninstall programs in ubuntu09:06
eggowhew, HDD had come unseated. (heart beating again)09:06
eggowade: under the aplications menu click add/remove09:07
bashcaany 1 help me usb 1-1: device not accepting address 19, error -7109:07
bashcalsusb show me Bus 001 Device 031: ID 05c6:6000 Qualcomm, Inc.09:08
eggoIs there a place to submit a bug? I can reproduce it reliably...09:08
ushimitsudokieggo: launchpad perhaps ... depends on the application though09:08
julio_peeggo, isn't there09:08
eggowhich version are you using?09:08
SliMMyou have too manually edit the xorg.conf file to set the vertical refresh/horizontal sync rate in order for these monitors to work09:09
SliMMi think this would scare new users away09:09
RootHack_hi there09:09
RootHack_i need help on my usb mdsl modem09:09
eggoushimitsudoki: my problem is with the ubuntu network config gui09:09
SliMManyway, i didn't know where to post this bug report, so i typed it here09:10
ompaulSliMM, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and launchpad.net for bug reports09:10
ushimitsudokieggo: try to figure out exactly what app or package and then you can probably figure out where to report the bug09:10
julio_pei gotta go guys09:10
ompauleggo, ^^ launchpad.net09:10
regulatejulio_pe: ok peace be with you09:11
SliMMompaul: i'l keep that in mind next time i get to an ubuntu pc09:11
SliMMi'll* and for* i think09:11
regulateyou and i both knew what he meant09:11
jscinozhey guys, i've got a core2duo cpu, /proc/cpuinfo shows both cores support hyperthreading, after adding ht=on to the kernel command line in /boot/grub/menu.lst, i still only have the two physical cores rather than 4 logical cores, any idea how i can enable hyperthreading?09:13
glickexcuse me im trying to install build-essential but when i select the packages it says please insert the disk labled Ubunu 7.1009:14
ushimitsudokijscinoz: are you sure it should show 4 logical? I have the Core2 quad, but it only shows 4 procs, not 809:14
abbyzgreetings! would this be a good place to ask a question about *WUBI* ?09:14
jscinozushimitsudoki, with hyperthreading yes it should show 2 logical cores for every physical core09:15
bullgard4ushimitsudoki: Thank you very much for your help.09:15
ushimitsudokibullgard4: np, glad you found it09:15
jscinozso 4 logical cores as i  hvae two physical09:15
glickim cnected to the net09:15
glickbut for some reason it wont see it online09:15
ushimitsudokijscinoz: Hmm, can you point to a screenie or something that makes you think that? It's not what I think, so I'd like to read about it09:15
eggoHave you tried putting in the cd?09:15
glickeggo, no because i dont have it anymore and im talking to you online09:16
glickso the net works09:16
abbyzI have a home.disk file, which I recovered from a NTFS partition. How do I mount it in ubuntu?09:16
eggosounds like you don't have the repositories set up09:16
KarhutonI have a HFS+ partition with some broken files on it. If I try to remove the file, it says 'No such file or directory'. 'ls' gives odd info:  ?--------- ? ? ? ?  foobar09:17
ntoloHi all09:17
hilkathi ntolo09:18
ntoloI have a .mov  video  and when i try to open it with Movie  player it just flashes and closes.Can anyone help me please.09:19
bullgard4ushimitsudoki: Can you please tell to what Ubuntu project do bedong apt-check and update-notifier?09:20
drui need someones help09:21
bullgard4dru: Just ask.09:22
ushimitsudokibullgard4: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-notifier ... is that what you are looking for?09:22
eggoglick: try here: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-530687.html09:22
drui have 2 hdd, both are 250gb, i am using the first one for linux, but everytime i try to access the second one it says unable to mount09:22
buzzsawwhat is the file system on the second hd?09:23
drui have files and such on the second hard drive, and would also like to eventually put windows on that one as a dual boot09:23
drubuzzsaw: i do not know09:24
BananaMonHey guys, I have alittle trouble running TC:elite the game, any here know about that?09:24
drubuzzsaw: it says it is an ATA samsung, firmware VT10, connection SCSI09:25
Gokee2Hello all, Can anyone tell me if xubuntu is just ubuntu with xfce installed or if something more it done to is?  Eg if you install xubuntu and install ubuntu-desktop will you end up with the same system as if you install ubuntu and install xubuntu-desktop?09:25
ntolohow can i play "something.mov" video in ubuntu?09:26
drubullgard4: can you help me?09:26
BananaMonntolo: I believe mplayer can handle .movs09:26
ntoloIts just flashes and then close.09:27
ouellettesrhow to I set horizontal and vertical refresh rates for boot time?09:27
ouellettesrlike before xorg.conf is loaded?09:27
blaydentolo, have you run it from the command line to see error messages?09:27
ntoloblayde:No, i dont know how to run that from the commandline.09:28
BananaMonyeah....when I try to run TC-elite, I get an error about the file ui.mp.i386.so which I do have09:28
blaydentolo, just open a terminal, go to the directory w/ the .mov and type totem <filename here>09:28
overcluckerdru: so what you want to do firstly is mount your other disk?09:29
bashcaBus 001 Device 031: ID 05c6:6000 Qualcomm, Inc.      please  help  .........09:29
bullgard4dru: I do not know if I can help you. But I can try. First: What command did you execute? What was the exact response?09:29
druoverclucker: yes09:29
drubullgard4: it said unable to mount then a bunch of code when i went to details09:29
blaydentolo, just ask if you still don't know what to do09:29
TyraeL_seek team dod 1.3 pv me09:30
bullgard4dru: You did not tell me what exact command you did issue. You did not tell me what exactly was the beginning of the response. Please be more exact.09:30
overcluckerdru: sudo fdisk -l09:31
coincoin169hello everybody09:31
ntoloblayde: I got this errors "The program 'totem' received an X Window System error.09:31
ntoloThis probably reflects a bug in the program."09:31
BananaMonwow, there's like 200 ppl in this room, very very quiet!09:31
druoverclucker: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54437/09:32
incorrecti found a really good ldap howto a few days ago, i was stupid and didn't book mark it09:32
coincoin169does someone know a recovery tool to get all the data of a usb key because i cannot mount it ?09:32
incorrectah found it09:32
fredlhi. I just connected a USB camera and the kernel sees it, says sdb: sdb1 in the syslog, but I have no clue how to mount it, /dev/sdb1 isn't there and udev didn't make it (should udev do that?)09:32
incorrectthat didn't take long :)09:32
FlynsarmyIs it possible to have both gcc 3 and 4 installed at the same time?09:32
overcluckerdru: so you other disk is ntfs09:32
blaydentolo, i've seen something like that when the desktop effects are enabled. are yours on?09:34
bullgard4ushimitsudoki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/FindRightPackage: "Finding the right source package for a bug, when submitting or triaging, is essential to ensure that the right people will see the bug." What is the right sourcepackage for 'apt-check' and 'update notifier'?09:34
ntoloYes they are on.I will just turn them off.09:34
overcluckerdru: ntfs-3g --help09:35
coincoin169does someone know a recovery tool to get all the data of a usb key because i cannot mount it ?09:36
ompaulincorrect, what is it - maybe we should include it in the bot09:36
ushimitsudokibullgard4: that is the link to report a bug for update-notifier, of which apt-check is a part. Here it is again: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-notifier09:36
druoverclucker: i dont get how that helps me09:37
incorrectthere is a nice set of instructions for 7.10, as there are tools include that help you manage ldap client config09:37
incorrectrather than manually editing09:37
ompaulincorrect, can I have a link please -09:38
ushimitsudokijscinoz: It appears no Core2 Duo procs support hyperthreading according to http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2795 and many other sources.09:38
tehdaveSay I want to have a program run at boot (i.e. the wallpaper switcher -_-) where do I put that (either gui or command line)?09:38
overcluckerdru: you are trying to mount sdb1? ntfs-3g mounts ntfs09:38
baselinehi, i need help for fstab. i want mount a dir on a XP-Computer but sbmfs dosen't work? http://nopaste.info/02517bc186.html <- here my fstab09:39
blaydetehdave, System > Preferences > Sessions is where you want to look09:39
tehdaveblayde: bwahahaha thanks -_-09:39
quittthow do I mount an ISO?09:41
huebluranyone on?09:42
hueblurI am in a real pickle.09:42
chazcoAnyone syncing a HTC TyTn2 with Gusty? If so... how09:42
ubotuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.09:42
hueblurso -- my gnome session won't start. It says it can't mkdir tmp, well *doh* I think I removed that dir in my profile on accident09:42
hueblurwhat should I do???09:43
hueblurgnome won't start now09:43
fyrestrtrhueblur: did you play with the permissions in your home directory?09:43
hueblurI screwed up09:43
hueblurhow can I fix it?09:43
=== co_pGn_ml is now known as [she-uchuld-15]
hueblurfyrestrtr what should I do?09:45
hueblurAll I altered was tmp09:45
hueblurhow do I restore it?09:45
blaydehueblur, press ctrl+alt+f109:45
fyrestrtrwhere was it?09:45
hueblurblayde, I'm in an emergency xterm session.09:46
hueblurSo -- your funny joke won't work.09:46
ihmSelbsthi all09:46
blaydeso anyways, then go the the dir you changed...09:46
root__that's so much better09:47
=== root__ is now known as hueblur_2
hueblur_2sorry, I thought you were pulling my leg.09:47
hueblur_2now I have a full term screen -- which is better then than emergency shell by far.09:47
=== |OzoNe is now known as membrive
hueblur_2so -- what should I do about tmp? can I just create a new one?09:48
Jordan_UWhat is a very light weight browser that has ( if only basic ) javascript support?09:49
nemilarJordan_U: how light?09:49
nemilarOpera is pretty light09:49
nemilarEpiphany is pretty light, too, Jordan_U09:49
DOOM_NXgood morning :)09:49
nemilarbut if you wanna go _crazy_ light, you can use something in the terminal, like links09:50
Jordan_Unemilar, Dillo light, but not terminal based09:50
pctrasherhy to all09:50
hueblur_2how do I recreate my tmp directory? I removed itlike an ass and now gnome won't start.09:50
nemilarJordan_U: take a look at Epiphany09:50
overcluckerwikipedia has a pretty good list of browsers09:50
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.09:50
pctrashersomeone can explain me if it is possible to load some addons into XChat?09:51
Jordan_Unemilar, The gecko rendering engine is a bit much09:51
nemilarpctrasher: yeah it has plugin support09:51
nemilarJordan_U: yes that's true09:51
ushimitsudokiJordan_U: Really light? Links: http://links.twibright.com/09:51
nemilarJordan_U: Opera is too heavy?09:51
Jordan_Unemilar, Yeah09:51
nemilarlol, yeah, there's always Links09:51
Jordan_Uushimitsudoki, I'd prefer something that is not terminal based09:51
ushimitsudokiJordan_U: links has graphics mode ... check the site09:52
nemilarJordan_U: it has graphics09:52
Jordan_Uushimitsudoki, nemilar I know09:52
debasyshow do i report a website problem in ubuntu site?09:52
Jordan_U!bugs | debasys09:52
ubotudebasys: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots09:52
nemilardebasys: a problem with the ubuntu site?09:52
debasysThis URL is broken, i mean the stylesheet is broken http://fridge.ubuntu.com/user/309:52
debasysJordan_U: including website issues?09:53
debasysnemilar: yes http://fridge.ubuntu.com/user/309:53
jpatrickdebasys: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website09:53
buzzsawif i wanted to install icedtea with apt-get    how would i find out what the package name i need to put into    apt-get install09:53
nemilarbuzzsaw: apt-cache search [string]09:53
kimmey2k3Any way get back from megazoom? i made to press wrong combination on my keyboard and no its VERY small09:53
buzzsawok :-)   thanks09:53
debasysnemilar: so should i fill a bug or someone is here?09:53
nemilardebasys: file a bug at launchpad09:53
debasysnemilar: ok :)09:54
pctrashernemilar but it ask me if i should install pyton or perl plug in?09:54
pctrasherwhere can i take this plugs?09:54
nemilarpctrasher: plugins for xchat are written in python and perl09:54
nemilarpctrasher: http://xchat.org/cgi-bin/script_list.pl/09:55
ihmSelbstcan somebody help me with smbfs/fstab? I want enduring mount an XP-Directory but in my fstab is an error. http://nopaste.info/02517bc186.html09:55
pctrasherthey have to been in perl or pyton ... if they are in mirc scripting i cant load? Its right?09:55
nemilarpctrasher: correct...I sent you a link to the xchat plugin page09:56
Chris7maswant to load a mirc script in xchat?09:56
pctrasheri see, thx a lot09:56
nemilarihmSelbst: what's the error it gives you?09:56
NeanTChris7mas: copy the script in ~/.xchat2/ then from the menu bar choose XChat -> Load Plugin or Script09:57
ihmSelbstnothing - /media/stefanmp3 is empty09:57
nemilarihmSelbst: did you try mounting?09:57
nemilarmount /media/stefanmp309: