oem__what controls automounting in xubuntu? cause it doesnt seem to be working for me00:13
soldatshal afaik00:14
oem__wouldnt that not being functional screw other stuff up?00:15
soldatswhat are you trying to automount00:16
oem__anything i put in the dvd drive00:28
oem__the drive works i installed from it and i can mount stuff from the cli00:29
oem__automount is inop though00:29
oem__well lets see if the gnome volume manager being installed fixes things00:38
oemwell installing gnome volume manager didnt fix anythign00:55
soldatsdo you have anything else mounted where the cdrom0 should normally be mounted ie. another hdd00:56
oemand it works if i manually mount it00:57
soldatswierd, i wonder if somehow it was removed from .hal.mtab00:57
oemand it seems to only effect the cdrom because usb devices show up00:58
oemso any ideas on how to fix automounting01:36
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XcrissCan I seek help for ubuntu here?02:24
XcrissIs there someone here that can help me witht he installation02:26
roflmaoxxwhat do u have problems with?02:28
Xcrissafter you hit02:29
Xcrissinstall/load or what ever the first option is02:29
Xcrissis it supposed to take 5+ minutes before you see anything after that?02:30
Xcrisswhen you load off disk02:30
roflmaoxxnope :O02:31
Xcrisshow long is it supposed to be at the screen with the moving bar02:32
roflmaoxxdepends on ur pc i guess02:32
roflmaoxxbut not 5 minutes =p02:32
Xcrissill check to make sure my files aren't corrupted02:32
roflmaoxxeven my p2 200mhz or something starts in 1min or so02:33
Xcrissim running an amd 64 bit 2.01ghz02:34
roflmaoxxhmm no idea then :(02:38
speedcoreyo... anyone who has experience with vnc-server..  ultravnc won't connect03:59
ere4siyeh - I use vnc to connect to my server04:04
ere4sihave you got the right comp name and ip address?04:04
speedcoreand it's LAN04:05
speedcoreJust trying to set it up04:05
speedcoreseems tricky on Xubuntu04:05
speedcoreBeen flowing this thread:  http://grumpymole.blogspot.com/2006/12/xubuntu-remote-desktop-with-vnc4server.html04:06
sugardrunk...but I would like to ask if I can edit the menu of applications etc. of XUBUNTU via [gedit] or [leafpad] ???05:13
sugardrunkbecause the menu editor is useless!05:13
ere4siI agree sugardrunk  - it needs work!05:20
ere4sisugardrunk, I'm not on my xubuntu bow atm - can you type in a terminal -   locate menu*   - and we'll see if we can't edit it05:21
sugardrunki would just like to know if xfce4 stores the menu somewhere05:29
ere4sigotta find it first05:30
sugardrunkcan it be a anywhere :D05:32
ere4si/usr/share or /usr/bin I think05:34
sugardrunkok, and is there a name fot the file?05:34
ere4siI would try    locate menu05:35
sugardrunki cannot edit it that way...05:37
sugardrunkbut thanks05:38
sugardrunkmaybe i'm too tired...05:38
sugardrunkneed to go to sleep :D05:38
ere4sithat finds it then sudo mousepad /path/to/file05:38
sugardrunka new trial tomorrow... or maybe the day after...05:39
sugardrunkthanks anyways05:39
sugardrunkthat menu would not give me edit anything05:39
sugardrunkthere was nothing usefull05:40
sugardrunkbut that is for another day05:40
sugardrunksorry :D05:40
sugardrunki am too epic05:40
sugardrunkbye :D05:40
ere4sican you right click an entry you want to move?05:40
sugardrunk... so im looking for the applications memu of the panel... but im drunk...05:43
sugardrunkand there is nothing if I locate it05:44
sugardrunkor in the "menu editor" ... which is useless :D05:44
ere4siyou open applications and there isn't any applications?05:45
sugardrunkthere is / are05:45
sugardrunkbut cannot edit them05:45
sugardrunkfrom where?05:45
sugardrunkyea the menu editor...05:46
sugardrunkthere is no apps05:46
ere4sitry this - open the applications menu - right click an option you want to remove or whatever - and you should get a drop down menu giving you choices05:47
sugardrunkno way05:47
ere4silike I said earlier I'm not at my xubuntu box atm...05:48
sugardrunkthanks anyways05:48
sugardrunki am also NOT in my full sense right now :D05:49
sugardrunkbut nice05:50
soldatsdont spam05:50
sugardrunki wont, no more05:50
sugardrunksoldats, and was not for you either... so no offence05:51
sugardrunksoldats, or "your matter"05:51
sugardrunksoldats, but sorry05:51
sugardrunksoldats, no really05:53
sugardrunksoldats, dont take it so serious :D I lost the track my self (had a question that went...)05:54
sugardrunk[07:29] <sugardrunk> i would just like to know if xfce4 stores the menu somewhere05:55
sugardrunkand how to edit it by gedit / leafpad / mousepad or such05:56
soldatsyou mean for the system part of the menu05:56
sugardrunkall of them.... menu editor wont work05:57
sugardrunkthe whole menu05:57
sugardrunkwhere is it stored05:58
sugardrunkwhere are the files for it?05:58
soldatsit isnt, the xfce menu is restrictive in that you need to either edit the xml files or you can create .desktop files in order to edit the menu. a quick reference to the xubuntu xfce wiki should give you all the info you need05:59
soldats something like /.config/xfce/menu or similar to that i cant remember05:59
sugardrunkok thanks05:59
soldatsgo to the wiki for xubunut though05:59
sugardrunki will look for them tomorrow and figure out (don't even know why I was bothering tonight... sorry :D)06:00
soldatsits alright well now you know where to look :)06:00
sugardrunkyea :D06:01
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lewdvanityI just installed ubuntu I'm pretty much a newbie to this os, and I am trying to get my sound card to work, Im using a dell MT3705 that had vista on it07:03
TeslaTonyQuestion: I'm currently running Ubuntu, and have added KDE, and want to add XFCE as well. ANy suggestions of how I should go about that?07:37
aandersesudo apt-get install xubuntu would work07:39
aandersemight install more than you want, though07:39
aandersewhen you say you're running "ubuntu", do you mean "kubuntu" or "ubunu" ?07:39
TeslaTonyUbuntu, the one that defaults to Gnome. My girlfriend prefers KDE, and I run a number of KDE apps, plus I wanted to play with KDE more, so I installed KDE07:40
aanderseyeah so you could probably just type "sudo apt-get install xubuntu" with no problems then07:41
TeslaTonyI was considering messing with some older hardware, and just generally wanted to see more of XFCE07:41
ere4sisudo apt-get install xfce407:42
ere4siit's in synaptic if you want GUI07:42
TeslaTonyere4si: Why that command over aanderse's suggestion?07:42
ere4sixubuntu is a distro - xubuntu-desktop installs xfce4 + apps - xfce4 installs the window manager and uses installed apps07:43
TeslaTonyGotcha. Would installing the xubuntu apps cause any trouble for me?07:44
ere4sinot at all - you would just double up on some things is all07:45
TeslaTonyMultiple word processors, media players, browsers, etc?07:45
ere4siif you've got the space...07:45
TeslaTonyActually, I'd kinda like to try some of them07:45
ere4sigo ahead with xubuntu-desktop for the experience :)07:46
ere4siwhen you install it you will see the extra apps as dependencies07:47
TeslaTonyCool. The command line spat back "package xubuntu not found," but Synaptic had it07:56
TeslaTony...which I thought I had looked at previously...07:57
soldatswierd it should have been there07:57
TeslaTonyBTW, how well does xfce handle KDE and Gnome applications? I recall some time ago that the different platforms didn't always play nice07:58
freepenguinnow I've finally the page of ubuntu free penguin edition: http://www.freepenguin.it/ubuntufp-download-en.html08:26
ubotuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!11:41
quittthow do I edit 'system' menu?11:41
ere4siquittt, what os do you have?11:42
quittt(what a question!)11:43
ere4siyou just asked on #ubuntu quittt  - which is why I checked...11:46
ere4sithere's a menu entry   applications - settings - menu editor   tried that?11:47
quitttbut everything is inside 'system'11:48
quitttPeckaH, and where is the menu entries that are located in Others in XFCE?11:52
quitttbecause they are NOT in those places11:52
quitttPeckaH, actually they are "lost" in other place11:53
PeckaH$ locate *.desktop11:53
PeckaHI had the same problem a while back and those are the main things I did11:54
quitttargh hehe11:55
quitttthanks =]11:55
quitttPeckaH, how do I restart it?12:00
quitttrestart the XFCE menu?12:00
PeckaHor restart X, I don't really remember12:02
siggjeni can't get my 2 soundcard setup work functionally ):12:11
siggjeni want standard sound in soundcard 012:11
siggjenand i want to play music in soundcard 212:12
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EpicenterHello :) I am trying to put Ubuntu (Xubuntu to be specific) on a laptop with no CDROM drive. It can ONLY boot the HDD, no FDD or USB Devices. I am trying to install it from another machine, with the HDD attached to a USB adapter. But it seems to want to detect all hardware from the installing machine.14:51
EpicenterIs there a way to get it to detect the hardware of the machine I install it in next?14:51
EpicenterOr to otherwise get an installer ON the hard disk to install from the proper machine?14:52
LaneyEpicenter713: Does this help? http://www.ubuntugeek.com/install-ubuntukubuntuedubuntuxubuntu-without-cdrom-drive.html15:53
Epicenter713Fully updated Xubuntu. Everything is fast and responsive when I first am logging in, or when I click "log out" in XFCE. but once XFCE finishes loading everything is sluggish and horribly choppy, even mouse movements are badly delayed. Any ideas what may be wrong? :(16:36
nikolamEpicenter713, if hard disk activity is huge try to look for gam_server process and kill it.17:07
nikolamalso if you have slower gr. card, uninstall compiz fusion17:07
Epicenter713It's a Silicon Motion Lynx3DM+, really really low end17:10
Epicenter713Isn't compiz crazy GPU intensive?17:10
Epicenter713Xorg is using 96% of CPU17:10
nanbudhin xubuntu one can set the screen resolution in settings>screens and graphics as well as settings>display settings. whats the difference? and if by chance anyone is using samtron 55v 15inch crt could you suggest what is the best resolution to work and the herz too?17:17
nikolamnanbudh, zou need to find EXACT specification for horizontal and vertical refresh ranges for zour monitor. And zou need to run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and set all frequencies right. If zou dont set frequencz right, zou can damage zour monitor if frequencz is out of range17:19
nanbudhnikolam: my monitor is quite old and i donot have its manual or anything with me. how can i find out the specs?17:22
nikolamnanbudh, on internet. I can trz to find it17:30
nanbudhi am searching..17:32
nikolamnanbudh, it is samsung monitor, is it not?17:32
nanbudhyes samsung samtran 55v 15 inch CRT17:32
nanbudhthe thing is there is a samtron 55v mentioned in the screen and graphics. but one can change the resolution too. which resolution to choose is the question17:33
nikolam30-55 horizontal, 50-120 vertical17:38
nikolamSamtron; Samtron 55v; sam12b7; 30-55; 50-120; 117:39
nanbudhnikolam: can i set these in settings>screens and graphics? or shold i use dpkg xorg server command u told me earlier about?17:40
nanbudhand which resolution should i use?17:41
nikolamtry 1024x768 that will work for shure17:41
nikolamand 60hz and 70 and 75hz refresh rate.17:41
nikolamcheck other specifications for higher refresh rate, if it can work17:42
nanbudhi just checked that there is no place to set the horizontal and vertical refresh rates anywhere. and yes its working at 1024x76817:43
nanbudhthanks for the help17:44
nikolamthere is place to set if you run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, and restart, like you should do.17:44
nikolamsamtron 56V(15") with max resolution @ 800x600@85Hz or 1024x768@60Hz17:44
nikolamrefresh rates are stated in /etc/X11/xorg.conf17:45
nanbudhcan i simply do sudo mousepad /etc/X11/xorg.conf and make changes over there? that way i wont have to reboot just now. they would take effect the next time. would that be okay?17:46
nikolamYes you can. sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg does just that. But it is safer to run a command then to do it yourself. You can always use command line sudo nano to make changes if X wont start.17:50
nanbudhokay thank you very much17:51
nikolamnp :)17:53
PsynoKhi0Hi, is it possible to create a Xubuntu/DeLI dual boot?18:14
Ven]ni was just wondering.. why is totem player being the default movie app and not mplayer or vlc?19:05
pmjdue to the legal issues with mplayer and vlc. Also, Totem is a simpler and more integrated player19:12
pmjmaking it the superior choice up until you actually want to use it to watch a movie, where it all falls down ;)19:13
TheSheepshame it doesn't have subtitle support19:14
TheSheepbut well, all the world speaks English19:14
pmjit does, if you place the subtitles in the same directory as the movie. Not all formats are supported, though, and it has no support for styled subtitles either19:15
TheSheepI have them in the same directory19:16
Ven]npmj, ah, i see19:16
TheSheepsorry for bitching :)19:16
pmjmake sure the subtitle file has the exact same as the movie file, except the extension19:17
pmjexact same name19:17
pmjor just use a better player, which I'm pretty sure you already did :)19:18
yannick_lmhi all20:58
misterblonde2517can anyone reccomend a good chess program21:32
TheSheepgood as in nice looking, or good as in well playing?21:33
TheSheep!info 3dchess21:34
ubotu3dchess (source: 3dchess): 3D chess for X11. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.1-12 (gutsy), package size 31 kB, installed size 132 kB21:34
misterblonde25172d is fine, id be playing on my not so powerful eee21:34
TheSheepI think I've seen pychess21:34
TheSheepbut I don't know how well it plays, I think it uses gnuchess under the hood21:34
misterblonde2517do you know if it has somethign to help me improve, or is it simply something to pay against21:39
cookiemonster077I am looking for a transparent terminal app. Any suggestions?21:42
Ven]nthe xfce4-terminal can be transparent22:00
Siegfriedanyone knows if it's possible to install linux from a ntfs windows partition, no-cd, no-floppy22:18
Siegfriedinstall xubuntu*22:18
Siegfriedif the iso is on the windows partition22:18
TheSheep!install | Siegfried22:23
ubotuSiegfried: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate22:23
Siegfriedthx TheSheep22:30
GERD_MDI just DWNL'd the new ALSA files, having some trouble installing23:13
ere4sido they come with a readme file?23:14
GERD_MDWait, yes they do.23:16
GERD_MDare you going to tell me to do the obvious.23:16

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