PengYikes, importing bzrlib.lazy_import imports 70 modules.00:08
DebolazDoes bazaar distinguish between author and committer?01:19
jelmerDebolaz: yes01:20
Debolazjelmer: So I could export a patch for someone to commit, and it would automagically credit me as the author even though they committed it? Emphasis on the automagic part here.01:24
jelmerDebolaz: No, you can use --author to specify a different author when committing somebody elses patch01:25
jelmeror you can use "bzr bundle" to create a patch that contains the metadata01:25
jelmerwhich somebody else can then "bzr pull"01:25
jelmeror "bzr merge"01:25
rollyHm, I'm testing push-and-update and I get an error:01:53
rollyrunning "ssh user@example.com:2233 bzr update /var/docs/example.com/trunk/"01:53
rollybzr: ERROR: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified01:53
rollyBut there's nothing in either the local .bzr.log or the remote .bzr.log01:54
rollyThe command "bzr update /var/docs/example.com/trunk/" works fine, if I run it in my remote shell. Anyone have a clue?01:55
rollyOops, maybe I need to install push-and-update on the remote side too01:56
rollyn/m, there is indeed an error in the .bzr.log02:07
rollyah... Windows doesn't have 'ssh'02:13
beunojelmer, it shouldn't depend on it04:34
beunowhere are you seing it does?04:35
jelmerbkc was saying he was worried upgrading bzrtools would cause bzr-xmloutput to break04:35
beunoah, well, it shouldn't04:36
muffinresearch_Can anyone point me in the direction of docs for the nested-trees functionality?12:08
bob2there's http://bazaar-vcs.org/NestedTreeSupport12:11
brink_Bazaar retains history when file is renamed.  Is there a way to retain history when a file is split?13:51
bob2not as yet13:58
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lifeless_don't you hate it when your brane won't quiesce14:58
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wingogreets! is there any way to get bzr.dev via bzr:// ?16:18
Odd_Blokewingo: I don't believe so, no.16:19
wingoOdd_Bloke: i was just updating a checkout from two or three months ago, and it was running really slowly16:20
luksthat's probably because bzr.dev was upgraded to packs and your branch is in knits16:23
wingoluks: probably so16:23
wingoi'm doing a fresh checkout and it's running much faster16:23
ubotuNew bug: #188684 in bzr-webserve "UI Improvement?" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18868417:56
alecw1How do I find out which version of bzr I'm using?20:14
luksbzr --version20:15
alecw1luks: thanks.20:15
wjlI'm switching a lot of my projects from mercurial to bazaar, but I really miss mercurial queues (gives quilt-like behavior, integrated with mercurial). Are there any plans for a mq-like plugin from bazaar? Or is there another way to get this functionality (besides hundreds of feature-branches) using bazaar that anyone can suggestion?22:20
mwhudsonthere's 'looms'22:21
mwhudsonbut i'm not totally sure what they do or how they work :)22:21
wjlI saw a mention of that somewhere, but couldn't find a link -- any idea where that is being developed?22:21
mwhudsonno, come to mention it22:22
mwhudsonmaybe it's not released yet22:22
mwhudsonlifeless should know22:22
wjlokay, maybe I'll do a little more searching, and if I don't find anything I'll ask on the mailing list22:23
mwhudsongood idea22:23
wjlokay, looks like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NoMoreSourcePackages was where I saw it mentioned22:23
wjlI can't tell from that page if it's just an idea, or a real project22:24
mtaylorwjl: I believe there is something like quilt coming22:24
mwhudsonit certainly exists22:24
wjlRight now, to port from Mercurial w/ MQ, I'm using Bazaar + Quilt, but it's a little clunky.22:25
wjllooms sounds like it would be / will be great, I just am not sure where it's development is at22:27
lifelessits basically a concept for now22:28
lifelesswe're hoping to have it be more in a few weeks22:28
lifelessbut there is other stuff to do first; like network performance22:28
wjlI'd love to help, once there is a first cut to try -- I have quite a few projects using MQ that would be interesting to try converting at some point22:31
wjlAnyway, I'll keep using mercurial and bzr+quilt for now, and keep my ears open for loom developments. =)22:32
rcohenfor something like quilt, i have written several tools in the past which do basically the same thing and come to the conclusion that patches are a horrible storage format23:15
rcohenmy latest attempt stores whole pre- and post-images and uses 3 way merge23:15
rcohenwhich is much easier on the user than having to deal with .rej files23:15
rcohenit's got some very basic integration tools for a VCS, but probably not enough23:17
rcohenanyway, whoever is working on loom, feel free to steal ideas, code or pick my brain on the subject23:18
fullermdWhat you really need to do is embed darcs to handle that stuff   ;)23:18
rcohenthat's certainly one approach23:19
simonyI killed a bzr process and it left the repo locked. Can I safely remove the lock directory?23:52
mwhudsonsimony: there's bzr break-lock for that23:54
simonybreak-lock seems to hang as well23:55
simonyat least breaking that didn't leave it locked23:55
mlhsimony: what sort of fs are you on?23:59

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