ScottK2nixternal: Gotta run out for a while. scribus is still building.  I'll ping you when I have something00:04
nixternalOK, I should be around for a bit...doing some book writing right now00:08
* dasKreech peeks over nixternal's e-shoulder00:10
tekteenI was wondering if kubuntu is also going to have a frontend for .apt files <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ThirdPartyApt?highlight=(apt)>00:11
* ScottK2 hopes not00:12
tekteenScottK2: why?00:13
nixternalsecurity issues00:15
dasKreech!find libspectre hardy00:15
ubotuPackage/file libspectre does not exist in hardy00:15
nixternalgiving something like this to a user who doesn't no any better, makes it that much easier for that new user to add a 3rd party repo that is dangerous00:15
tekteennixternal: true. But I think that the functionality is more important. Any way this is no different then someone telling someone how to add it themselves00:16
tekteenThis way it is more professional00:17
nixternalwell, if there is a .deb file easily available, all a person has to do is click on the link and they will be asked, do you want to save or do you want to install...00:17
tekteenthat does not have updates00:17
nixternalthere is no need for 3rd party repos imho00:17
nixternalhow many 3rd party repos are out there that people really need to have?00:18
nixternalin my honest opinion00:18
tekteenI like medibuntu00:18
tekteenAlso the wine one is good00:18
tekteenAnd it seems that there would be more of them for more specific purposes00:19
nixternalthe wine one was only good for a while because we had some slowness development wise on our part, but you see that guy \sh_away up top in the user list for this page, he is back and stronger than ever, which now makes the wine repo obsolete :)00:19
nixternalif applications are good enough to really be packaged and distributed, they should have no problem getting them into a distro officially, so they wouldnn't need a third party repo00:20
nixternalfor typical users, they will not have a need really for 3rd party repos..I would have to see a very strong user case supporting otherwise00:20
tekteenI still think we should give the option00:20
nixternalInstalling a third party Apt repository is too hard.  <- first sentence in that spec00:21
nixternaltells me it was written a while ago00:21
nixternalwith the documentation available, there should be no reason for the creation of an application to add one line to a file...my opinion though00:22
tekteenagain I want it to look more professional00:23
nixternalwell, it looks professional in Adept and Synaptic00:23
tekteenWe also do not want to fall (more?) behind compared to ubuntu.00:24
nixternalhaving someone click on a link and having it automatically do something for user who doesn't know any better, is the reason Microsoft is dealing with viruses, spyware, malware, tupperware, and have no underware :p00:24
nixternalscrew ubuntu and falling behind..I am sick of hearing about that00:24
Nightrosetekteen: not everything ubuntu does need to be done for kubuntu...00:24
nixternalactually, adding a repo in adept is easier than it is in synaptic last I heard00:25
nixternalbut I don't use any of those00:25
Nightroseespecially if it is a bad idea in the first place00:25
nixternalcli is much quicker :)00:25
tekteenI do not know how to use adept00:25
nixternalya, and I guarantee Ubuntu isn't doing it anyways00:25
Nightroseit is very easy in adept now00:25
tekteennever used it00:25
Nightrosewell then let me tell you: it is easy ;-)00:26
dasKreechtekteen: how can you say we need more apps if you don't know the ones we have?00:26
nixternalnot as easy as 'copy link' then 'sudo emacs /etc/apt/sources.list' then paste where I want it and then C-x C-s :p00:27
tekteenI guess you have a point there00:27
nixternalor is it f00:27
nixternaldamn, i forgot00:27
nixternalx s00:27
nixternalya, that's it00:27
dasKreechnixternal: learn to use cat :)00:27
tekteenSo far you have convinced me. There is one more thing left. Kubuntu will be incompatible with the file type00:28
nixternalor just do:00:28
tekteenubuntu will be00:28
nixternalecho "deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ hardy main restricted universe multiverse" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list00:29
Nightrosetekteen: according to nixternal it is highly unlikely ubuntu will be00:29
nixternalwhat file type are we talking about?00:29
Nightrosenixternal: the apt thingy00:29
nixternalI forget what it is called and I closed out that wiki page00:30
tekteenDevelopers are going to have issues if the need to give ubuntu packages and only parts of ubuntu use .apt files00:30
nixternalfound it00:30
tekteenNightrose: ubuntu is not going to be doing it?00:30
Nightrosetekteen: I said it is unlikely according to nixternal00:31
Nightroseand I trust him there00:31
nixternalholy smokes, Scott Richie of UNIX fame is the drafter of that spec :)00:31
Nightrosehehe well at the time of "copy that line into your sources.list" it made sense...00:32
Nightrosemore than it does now00:32
nixternalthere is no way in hell that Ubuntu would adopt this, especially after the HUGE complaints of "not supporting issues caused by 3rd party repos" last year00:33
nixternalahh, if you read Scott Ritchie's wiki page, the drafter of the spec, he would like to revive the idea as it is from Dapper00:37
nixternalJerome hasn't worked on it in a long time and can't do the code work anymore00:37
nixternalso something tells me this is a stale spec with comments keeping the date on the bottom of the page recent00:37
nixternaltekteen: I can honestly say that Ubuntu is going to be following that specification. There is definitely no code activity, and if there is, it isn't located any place readily available for review, and there hasn't been one comment on the spec from any TB/Canonical members at all00:42
nixternalthe spec was created in 2006, then 1 year, 7 months, and 2 weeks later, Scott Ritchie decided he would like to work on by making himself the drafter and having Jerome as the approver, with nobody as an assignee..that typically means, it isn't going anywhere fast00:43
* Nightrose thinks nixternal missed a "not" in that first sentence ;-)00:44
nixternalNightrose: good catch00:44
tekteennixternal: ok00:44
nixternalUbuntu is NOT going to be following that specification :)00:44
crimsunnixternal: err, surely you didn't mistake Scott for Dennis?00:44
nixternalImplementation: Needs Infrastructure00:44
nixternalcrimsun: I did00:44
crimsunScott is considerably younger, at least in appearance at UDS-Boston, than Dennis.00:44
nixternalmy buddy is Scott Richie00:44
nixternalbut this Scott is Ritchie00:44
nixternaland I got excited with my funny bone :p00:45
crimsunwe're talking a couple generations difference00:45
nixternaljust a couple00:45
nixternaland here is the funny part...when I worked for AT&T, you better know who Dennis, Doug, and Ken are, otherwise you will fail the employee tests they always sneak in00:46
crimsunthankfully I don't know who any of 'em are.00:48
nixternalthey are the 3 at&t employees who created unix00:48
crimsunwhat's unix?00:49
dasKreechhi hunger00:49
nixternalunix is the NT kernel00:49
nixternalnow it is what controls the mouse in vista00:49
crimsunI knew you'd know all about vista.00:51
nixternalI am using it right now in order to help with writing the "Official Ubuntu Book"00:51
nixternalwe are required to write it in Microsoft Word00:51
nixternalmakes me dislike the book even more00:52
nosrednaekimnixternal: writing the kubuntu chapter?00:52
nixternaland the entire chapter is "LTSP" which isn't even a part of Edubuntu00:52
* ryanakca wonders if any open source projects typeset their printed books with LaTeX00:52
nixternalI am writing/rewriting the Edubuntu chapter of all chapters00:52
dasKreechnixternal: what? LTSP always gets installed with Edubuntu00:53
nixternalseeing as I created a big majority of their documentation a couple of years ago, I was "highly recommended" by mako00:53
nixternaldasKreech: not any more00:53
nixternalEdubuntu is going to be an add-on CD for Ubuntu00:53
nixternalLTSP will be a part of the Ubuntu Alternative CD00:53
ryanakcahey vorian00:54
nixternalwasabi vorian00:54
vorianhowdy ryanakca, nixternal00:54
voriancongrats btw :)00:54
nixternalumm, me or ryanakca? and if so, for what?00:55
ryanakcanixternal: I don't know00:55
voriancongrats nixternal on your election00:55
ryanakcanixternal: I haven't done anything noteworthy lately :)00:55
nixternalryanakca: heh, didn't know if you became president again00:55
ryanakcanixternal: lol00:55
nixternalryanakca: like I have? all I do is upset people obviously00:55
nixternalvorian: ahh, thanks00:55
ryanakcaoooh, contest closed 55 minutes00:55
* ryanakca checks the mockups00:55
vorianIt's been a crazy week00:55
ryanakcaappend ago to that minutes line00:56
ryanakcanixternal: you win, congratulations :D00:56
nixternalumm, no votes or what?00:56
nixternalplus, I think we need a real "artist" to work on a mockup00:56
* dasKreech blames nixternal00:57
ryanakcanixternal: well... we haven't had any mockups in a week... since we last talked about it... the only mockup other than yours is a copy of the Ubuntu site in blue00:58
nixternaldasKreech: you don't have to blame me anymore, it just comes naturally now00:58
ryanakca... which we were informed wasn't desired even before the beginning of the contest00:58
ryanakcanixternal: do you know any?00:58
nixternalk to the w to the w to the i to the i00:58
dasKreechnixternal: I've started listening to Lupe Fiasco. He's really good00:59
* ryanakca wonders if we should ping k^w^w^i^i to ask him for a mockup, and act as if he submitted it before the contest ending...01:00
ryanakcakwwii: ?01:01
vorianI packaged a nifty little ditty called Lemon POS.01:01
vorianits a point of sale frontend01:01
ryanakcakwwii: since you're the only real artist we know, if you wanted to submit a mockup or two for the website some time this week, we'll act as if you submitted it before the contest end :)01:01
nixternalyou gotta love IP recording in wordpress01:01
nixternalwhen you get those "Anonymous" posts, it is easy to find them on IRC01:02
ryanakca /who i.p.ad.dress01:02
vorianmost of the anonymous posts were mine01:03
* vorian hides01:03
* ryanakca wonders how he could s/~ryan@d235-228-172.home1.cgocable.net/~ryan@ryanak.ca/01:03
nixternalno, but you can easily figure them out when their distro is also attached to their comment01:03
ryanakcanixternal: you have upload/sponsor/maintainer access to Debian?01:04
nixternalmaintainer yes, upload depends, and sponsor no01:04
nixternalso, that means I am not a DD, in which you are looking for :)01:05
ryanakcaany idler in here have sponsor access/perms / is a DD ?01:05
ScottK2nixternal: My debian/rules change worked on i386 for scribus.  I'll have a .dsc for you in a moment.01:05
nixternalthanks for the warning01:05
nixternalguess that means I need to reboot from vista into kubuntu :p01:05
nixternaljust when I was having fun doing a disk defrag01:06
nixternalooh, I heard 'open source' on tv01:06
* nixternal goes and see01:06
nixternalOPEN SORES! yuck01:06
ryanakcahmm... one thing about Vista that I dislike is having to hit 'Alt' to see the apps menubar01:06
nixternalthat's how you see the menubar? I will be damn01:07
nixternalI thought it was the new thing to just keep clicking color icons that mean absolutely nothing until you find what you are looking for01:07
ScottK2nixternal: http://www.kitterman.com/test/scribus_1.3.3.11.dfsg-1ubuntu2.dsc01:08
nixternalwho has Office 2007 on their machine?01:08
ryanakcaMy mom's does, why?01:08
nixternalgo into an Office 2007 app and hit alt, you will see what happens01:08
ryanakcaokies, /me runs up to check01:09
nixternalScottK2: rebooting into kubuntu now01:09
ryanakcanixternal: alt, and then letter to select option?01:10
nixternaljust tap alt01:10
nixternalyou get those similar little squares with the letters in them like you do with Konqi when you tap the ctrl key01:10
ryanakcadid, and then a letter to select the menubar's submenu showed up...01:10
nixternalthat was never like that before01:11
nosrednaekimmenubar--- submenu? what?01:11
nixternalwell <0ffice 200701:11
nixternaltoday was the first time I used 200701:11
nixternalerr, really used 200701:11
ryanakcamy mom swears by it...01:11
nixternalshe needs to be popped one, along with jjesse...ribbon lovers!01:11
dasKreechMy mom swears at it01:11
ubotuOh no!  The pointy-clicky Vista lover has arrived!  He's rumoured to be giving out free money, too!01:12
ryanakcaoooh, free money?01:12
nixternalI do think that Vista > OS X01:12
* ryanakca is saving up to buy a coffee grinder... Mazzer Mini ;)... and then I'm saving up for Uni...01:12
mhbmuch like 3 > 3i01:12
nixternalI have a brand new Mac Pro, and I haven't even booted it up in 2 weeks01:12
nixternalOS X is the most annoying OS ever01:12
ryanakcaOS X... never used. Vista? I only use it when I have to fix my mom's computer.01:13
mhbsay what?01:13
mhbit's pretty cool, IMHO.01:13
nixternalcrack is cool, os x isn't01:13
dasKreechmhb: What if i=0 ?01:13
* ryanakca debates between doing some bzflag server admin work and C++01:13
mhbI mean it's still proprietary, but you can connect via ssh to your linux out-of-the-box01:13
nixternalwhen I click a RED X, I expect it to close out the app, not shrink it and bounce it at the bottom of the screen01:13
vorianmac os - liger01:14
vorianthat's next, mark my words01:14
mhbnixternal: I could hear the Windows user on Linux01:14
ryanakcahmm... one of my favorite keyboard shortcuts has to be ctrl-alt-esc01:14
mhbnixternal: "when I double click the icon I expect it not to open twice!"01:14
nixternalmhb: no, hear this! and Vista and OS X stink because they don't have a bouncing icon to notify me that something is happening :p01:14
ryanakca... except that that prehistoric skull & cross-bones really needs a make-over01:15
nixternalwho uses icons anyways? :)01:15
nosrednaekimryanakca: ha.... thought I recognized you :)01:15
ryanakcanosrednaekim: wadda?01:15
nosrednaekimryanakca: bzFlag01:15
* ryanakca runs the bzflag servers on bzfmaps.net from port 6200 to 6300 ;)01:16
mhbnixternal: but I have never run Vista, I cannot compare.01:16
mhbnixternal: every OS has some cool stuff01:16
nixternalthat it does01:16
dasKreechvorian: I was going for macOSX Cheetara01:16
mhbnixternal: for example the composite char input on OS X is awesome01:16
nixternalOS X has a bit more of a prestigious look to it honestly01:16
vorian^5 dasKreech, that's a winner :)01:17
nixternalbut usability is garbage01:17
mhbwhen you press say ", the cursor turns yellow and you see what accent you typed01:17
mhb" as in ö as in Böhm01:17
mhbhard to appreciate when you're named John Smith, I guess :o)01:18
nixternalor Rich Johnson :p01:18
dasKreechhe is giving out money!!01:19
* nixternal lost his money card today for real though01:19
nixternalso I can't give out anything01:19
nixternalnot until next week at least :)01:19
mhbnixternal: also try launching their "system preferences" and using the quick search01:19
nixternaltheir system preferences look like our system settings01:20
ryanakcamhb: I do wish we had that in KDE... the "o for ö, 'e for é, etc.01:20
nixternalor our system settings look like their system preferences01:20
Jucatothe latter...01:20
mhbnixternal: that is one fancy effect, also they have the keywords worked out really well, so you can input "change the background" and it shows which module to click01:20
ryanakcamhb: I ended up creating my own keyboard layout... instead of having to relearn a whole new layout for french dvorak, I just added a pile of deadkeys to the english layout01:20
* Jucato wonders why he butt in.. goes back to be.d...01:21
mhbryanakca: well we do have keyboards that can combine those chars01:21
mhbryanakca: like mine (Czech), can do the composite input, but it is not visible01:21
ryanakcamhb: like you have a keyboard with keys dedicated solely to 'é' or 'ö' or something?01:21
mhbryanakca: nope01:22
mhbryanakca: just have that " sign and standard o,u,a,e,i01:22
ryanakcamhb: yeah, well, thats what I did to the dvorak layout... alt-"-[aoeui], etc.01:23
ryanakcalike, the Dvorak-fr layout ( http://www.algo.be/ergo/imprime/dvorak-fr.pdf ) looks nothing like the Standard Dvorak layout...01:24
* ryanakca considers publishing his layout to planet or contributing it to X1101:24
mhbryanakca: that is logical, because the layout is based on character frequency01:25
ryanakcanot that X11 would take it ;)01:25
nixternalI could never in my life figure out how to do those characters...I always copied and pasted them, or did "Insert Symbol" :)01:25
mhbryanakca: which is different in English and French01:25
ryanakcamhb: yeah, but then I'd have to use three layouts... qwerty at school since they wont let me use Dvorak, then Dvorak-en and Dvorak-fr at home.01:25
ryanakcaTwo is challenging enough... my qwerty skills plumetted now that I use Dvorak01:26
dasKreechmhb: can't we do that with descriptions?01:26
ryanakcanixternal: you use dvorak or qwerty?01:26
nixternalI have used it for almost 30 years, I can't even try something else01:26
dasKreechYeah there was some dvorak hate at the release party :)01:27
ScottK2nixternal: Scribus building OK?01:27
nixternaland I am not into that "you can teach an old dog new tricks"01:27
nixternalScottK2: 56%01:27
nixternalerr, 54%01:27
ryanakcaheh, 30 years, I guess its ingrained too deeply into you to change01:28
* ScottK2 goes back to the movie with the kids.01:28
* nixternal has the dog show on01:28
=== bddebian2 is now known as bddebian
dasKreechold dogs?01:28
dasKreechdoing new tricks?01:29
nixternalold dogs do old tricks01:29
nixternalsit, laydown, rollover, play dead01:29
nixternaloh wait, he is to old, so he isn't playing dead01:29
mhbla petite mort01:30
mhbthat's what I should be doing right now01:30
mhbcurse this emotional instability01:31
* ryanakca cracks open Accelerated C++ and tries to stop procrastinating01:31
ryanakcamhb: lol01:31
* ryanakca pulls out comfy feather bed and a feather pillow and pushes mhb into it01:31
mhbryanakca: I'm in it, it's the emotional instability (also known as "I'm down") that keeps me awake01:32
ryanakcaah, bummer01:32
nixternalI have a dream!01:33
nixternalit is to create a groovy app from scratch01:33
nosrednaekimto do what?01:33
nixternalhowever I have a block! I have no idea what that app is :)01:33
* Jucato refills nixternal's meds01:34
nixternalya, I am totally out01:34
nosrednaekimI want a pictureflow kioslave!01:34
nixternalran out this morning01:34
nixternalthat would be kool nosrednaekim01:34
ryanakcanixternal: you could finish writing/porting KCipher to C++/KDE4/Qt4 for me if you want :)01:34
nixternalI actually wrote a little python app that did picture flow of whatever images I told it to use01:35
mhbnosrednaekim: I want a systemsettings module that launches external apps!01:35
nixternalwth is KCipher?01:35
nosrednaekimnixternal: really? could I have the code?01:35
nixternalnosrednaekim: not right now, it is GPL vDeleted01:35
nixternalit wasn't much of an app actually01:35
nixternal50 lines of code maybe01:35
ryanakcanixternal: lol, its a little educational app... I'm trying to do something similar to Kalzium... Basically, it teaches people about historic ciphers...01:35
nixternalI was messing around with trying to learn Python01:35
* dasKreech puts Jucato to bed01:36
* Jucato goes to bed01:36
nosrednaekimyeah.... I wanted to build something to do that.... didn't really try very hard to figure it out though01:36
ryanakcaselect the cipher, input, and it outputs, I'm also looking at having a small dictionarry/encyclopedia plugin (thats the part similar to Kalzium) that gives a brief history of the cipher01:36
nixternaloh shoot, I didn't even see Jucato hiding amongst us slackers :)01:36
ryanakcanight Jucato01:36
* Jucato keeps a low profile01:36
dasKreechnixternal: gardenSkape01:36
Jucatoryanakca: it's actually 09:36... but I woke up very early soooo... :)01:36
nixternalwhy does that sound familiar dasKreech?01:36
dasKreechJucato: don't gz your .profile that makes it useless01:37
ryanakcaJucato: AM?01:37
Jucatoryanakca: yeah01:37
dasKreechnixternal: cool app from skratch :)01:37
ryanakcalol, early being? 11 last night, after an hour sleep?01:37
nixternalbut the name sounds very familiar01:37
Jucatowoke up at 5:00 AM... too early for me :P01:37
dasKreechnixternal: you made it I think01:37
nixternalwas that you and I talking about that like 20 years ago?01:38
nixternalahh, OK..I couldn't remember01:38
* ryanakca feels young... 20 years ago?!?01:38
nixternaltook way to many drugs this week01:38
dasKreechryanakca: the drugs and liker age him beyond us mortal01:39
nixternalbbiaf, going to go eat some musical fruit01:40
* ryanakca goes to get a glass of water and really gets to C++01:40
* dasKreech goes back to jot notes on moinmoin and gardensKape01:40
dasKreechJucato: still not sleeping?01:51
ryanakcanixternal: heh, shooting in Chicago? *keeps listening to the news on BBC Radio2*02:03
nosrednaekimdon't talk to me about shootings...just watched runaway jury :)02:03
ryanakcaany good?02:04
nosrednaekimgreat... it was anti-gun which I didn't like, but otherwise it was a great movie02:05
* ryanakca wishes you could ssh into your 'Linux' godaddy hosting account...02:05
nosrednaekimthought godaddy was Windows?02:05
ryanakcasupposedly they have Linux hosting too02:06
ryanakcasome teacher / "professional signer" at school is releasing a CD towards the end of the month and asked me to setup a website for his CD... wordpress + mandigo should do it :)02:06
dasKreechJust they get the large breasted woman to stand by the windows servers02:06
nixternalScottK2: if [ -f /home/nixternal/work/ubuntu/pkg/scribus/tmp/scribus- ] ; then02:16
nixternal/bin/sh: Syntax error: end of file unexpected02:16
nixternaladding \ after then and then adding ; \ after the statement fixes it, however back to the chmod issue02:26
nixternalryanakca: you still around?03:05
ryanakcanixternal: yes03:05
Hobbseenixternal: succeeded at world domination yet?03:05
nixternalHobbsee: no, it seems my world is being pulled from underneath me...need to put on some cleats I guess to help stop that :)03:06
nixternalryanakca: I have a gift for you to try out03:06
Hobbseenixternal: well, you have to suceed at MOTU first...03:06
nixternalhttp://www.nixternal.com/~rj/flow.tar.bz2  <- download, untar it, and then just run ./flow03:06
nixternaltell me what you think03:06
nixternalHobbsee: I need to keep my foot, hands, and ass out of my mouth first I guess03:07
ryanakca... am I supposed to see anything?03:07
nixternalyou should see something I would think03:07
nixternalare you on amd64?03:08
ryanakcai386 :)03:08
ryanakcathe machine is a 64... I'm just running the 386 kernel03:08
nixternalit should work though03:08
nixternalwhat does it do?03:09
ryanakcaoh, nevermind, the window opened minimized ;)03:09
nixternalis that what you were after?03:09
nixternalwas that you that was even asking now?03:09
ryanakcanixternal: no, but thats fricken awesome :D03:10
nixternalI think nosred* wanted it actually03:10
nixternalthe source is in google code already03:10
* ryanakca nods03:11
nixternalso having it read a stream is all it needs added to it03:11
ryanakcawasn't someone blogging intensively about in on planet KDE last summer?03:11
nixternalthe code is unbelievably small too03:11
ryanakcaor two summers ago?03:11
nixternaljust last week03:11
nixternalthat's how I remembered it03:11
ryanakcawell, someone was blogging about it some summer ago :)03:11
ryanakcahave a link to last weeks blog post?03:11
ryanakcaMy kde3 apps don't seem to like my KDE4 environment...03:12
ScottK2nixternal: Urgh.  Thanks.  That doesn't fix the chmod issue?03:12
nixternalno it doesn't03:12
nixternalit still gives the same error on chmod saying it cannot access, no such file or directory03:13
nixternaland that I can't figure out...I have tried different things, but it still does it03:13
blueyedDo you also experience bug 188498?03:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188498 in kdebase "konqueror opens new window" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18849803:18
dasKreechhi hunger_t03:20
nixternaloh man, I found an even better cover flow03:22
* claydoh has a few extra moments on his hands, now that he doesn't have to go through all those clicky-clicks to set up his printer :)03:24
dasKreechHa ha :)03:26
ScottK2nixternal: What do you think about debuilding scribus so that when it dies, you can see what the layout is?03:27
nixternalthat is what I am doing03:29
nixternalthe layout is the same, there is no lib/03:29
nixternalso maybe the test is failing?03:29
nixternaleven though it shows it run through the test03:29
nixternalnot run through, but prints out that section of the rules file to the screen03:29
ryanakcaanybody know if utnubu has a channel?03:30
ScottK2ryanakca: Not any that's real active03:31
ScottK2nixternal: Maybe we need to make usr/lib first?03:33
ryanakcaScottK2: okies03:34
nixternaltried to create the directory, same thing03:34
ScottK2ryanakca: What are you trying to get sponsored?03:34
ScottK2nixternal: ????03:35
nixternalthought I seen something03:35
ryanakcamy biggest hurdle is everybody going "EEEW! BASIC! Why would we want basic in OUR repos?"...03:35
nixternal-e works!03:35
ScottK2Sorry about that.03:35
nixternalI didn't even see that03:35
ScottK2The dir, of course, isn't a file.03:35
ryanakcahttp://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/b/basic256/basic256_0.9.2-1.dsc :)03:36
ScottK2ryanakca: Are you on #debian-mentors on OFTC?03:36
ScottK2Did you send a mail to the mentors ML?03:37
* ryanakca is now being patient :)03:37
ScottK2How long ago?03:37
* ryanakca points to the part about being patient03:37
ScottK2It's taken me a couple of days there, but I've always gotten stuff sponsored.03:37
* ryanakca nods03:37
ScottK2nixternal: Since you've got the copy that is tested to work, would you please debdiff it for me.03:39
nixternalya, double testing it from scratch really quick03:39
ryanakcawhat package has the debugging symbols for amarok?03:41
* ryanakca is trying to run gdb against amarokapp, but all I'm getting are '(no debugging symbols found)'...03:42
ScottK2nixternal: When you get it done, shoot it my way and I'll test it again on 32bit, just to make sure.03:54
nixternalno problem03:55
* nixternal goes for an icecream bar while it goes03:55
blueyedryanakca: amarok-dbgsym ?04:18
blueyed(from "deb http://ddebs.ubuntu.com hardy main universe restricted multiverse" - there)04:19
blueyed's a page on the wiki somewhere, too.04:19
* ScottK2 waits for nixternal to show up on a dark windy corner with his debdiff.05:07
dasKreechhi Hobbsee05:25
Hobbseeheya dasKreech05:25
dasKreechhow areyou ?05:26
dasKreechIce cream headache?05:29
nixternalno, I wasn't paying attention and my dog unplugged my desktop05:30
dasKreechMy dog hits the power button on the laptop when she wants attention05:32
* Hobbsee i splaying with drupal05:33
* Hobbsee is stunned at the amount of content there is05:33
nixternalif you are stunned with the amount of content, try joomla05:33
nixternalit will make your head exploid with unwanted difficulties05:34
nixternalbut it is the superior platform05:34
Hobbseeit's not packaged, though :P05:35
dasKreech!info joomla hardy05:35
nixternalit is somewhere, because the .debs are used at dreamhost05:35
ubotuPackage joomla does not exist in hardy05:35
dasKreech!info mambo hardy05:35
ubotuPackage mambo does not exist in hardy05:35
nixternal!info mamba05:35
ubotuPackage mamba does not exist in gutsy05:35
dasKreech!info seamonkey hardy05:36
ubotuseamonkey (source: seamonkey): The Seamonkey Internet Suite. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.7+nobinonly-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 25 kB, installed size 92 kB05:36
dasKreechIt made it!05:36
nixternal!info nixternal05:36
ubotuPackage nixternal does not exist in gutsy05:36
dasKreechthats an Exe everyone knows that05:36
nixternal.msi foo05:37
ScottK2nixternal: Did the dog get the desktop before or after scribus got done building?05:37
nixternal51% now :(05:37
* ScottK2 searches for patience ...05:38
ScottK2Well I think the kids computer is finally switched over to Kubuntu Gutsy.05:49
nixternalw00t :)05:49
ScottK2Doing the last bit now.  A little chmod so they can't read each other's home directories.05:49
ScottK2Damn.  Out of chocolate.05:55
nixternalsame here05:56
* Hobbsee still has chocolate, hidden away05:56
ScottK2Now that you mention it, I do too.  Back in a few.05:57
ScottK2Time to go celebrate the last of the Xandros machines gone forever.05:57
ScottK2So if my kid tells me they have no candy left, does that mean if I find some of theirs it's fair game?06:02
dasKreechI have M&M I don't know if that counts06:02
ScottK2If it's singular, not really06:02
nixternalScottK2: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/5457506:03
nixternaland it works06:03
ScottK2nixternal: Cool.  Thanks a bunch.06:06
nixternalno prob..sorry it took so long06:06
ScottK2nixternal: Would mkdir $(INSTALL_DIR)/usr/lib ; \ be better as [ -n /usr/lib ] mkdir $(INSTALL_DIR)/usr/lib ; \ ??06:08
nixternalhrmm, that would work as well I think06:08
ScottK2errr [ -n $(INSTALL_DIR)/usr/lib ] mkdir $(INSTALL_DIR)/usr/lib ; \06:09
ScottK2I'm just thinking if the build system ever changed to put stuff in both places...06:09
ScottK2nixternal: Of course I can't really test that.  Any chance you've got time to build it again?06:10
ScottK2nixternal: This version FTBFS in Debian too, so we can send them a patch.06:12
nixternalbuild started06:13
ScottK2nixternal: Did this way leave behind an empty usr/lib64 we need to remove?06:47
nixternallet me see if I kept that06:47
nixternalI didn't06:47
ScottK2How close are you?06:48
nixternalI just finished building this one06:48
nixternalin pbuilder though06:48
nixternalI don't think we should use mv06:48
dasKreechScottK2: How long have you been waiting on this?06:48
ScottK2Why not?06:48
nixternalcp -r maybe, because mv doesn't cause anything to get installed into /usr/lib6406:49
ScottK2Waiting on getting this fixed?06:49
nixternalit installs everything into /usr/lib/ now06:49
ScottK2Right, but don't want anything in /usr/lib64.06:49
nixternalwell scribus currently installs to /usr/lib64/ and /usr/lib/06:49
nixternalthe previous version that is06:49
nixternalif we want it going to just /usr/lib/, then all that needs to be done is removing /usr/lib64/ blank directory06:50
ScottK2nixternal: In http://launchpadlibrarian.net/10858617/scribus_1.3.3.10.dfsg~svn20071109-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb I only see usr/lib06:51
nixternalthen the copy happens after the install?06:51
* ScottK2 doesn't own any amd64 gear so knows zippo about it.06:52
nixternalwell, I have all of the scribus libs in both /usr/lib64 and /usr/lib06:52
ScottK2dasKreech: I've been doing other stuff too.  I'm not just sitting here waiting for nixternal to compile stuff for me.06:52
nixternalthe same exact files with the current version06:52
ScottK2K.  Look at the .deb though.06:52
dasKreechScottK2: oh good caue he got ice cream06:53
ScottK2dasKreech: Since this started I've picked up one kid from the mall, had dinner, watched a movie with the kids, put a 4 year old to bed, finished upgrading the kids computer to kubuntu, and now I'm cleaning the kitchen.06:55
dasKreechI had dinner06:55
dasKreechbut it was a lot of dinner06:55
ScottK2I take it you don't have kids?06:55
dasKreechNot in that sense06:56
ScottK2Oh?  What sense?06:56
nixternalI am building the previous version and this new version to see what the directory structure looks like06:58
nixternalit is obviously CMake though that is causing our headache right now06:58
ScottK2The amd64 FTBFS is already reported in Debian with no solution, so we get to mke it easy for them.06:59
=== ani is now known as abattoir
ScottK2nixternal: You getting close?07:20
nixternalchecking now07:41
nixternaland the answer is yes07:41
ScottK2OK.  Please pastebing me the right answer.07:42
nixternalthe old package creates 'bin, lib, lib64, and share' in debian/scribus07:42
nixternalthe new package creates 'bin, lib, and share' in debian/scribus07:42
ScottK2When you say old, which do you mean?07:43
nixternalso, do we follow the old package and provide both lib/ and lib64/?07:43
ScottK2I don't see the sense in it.07:43
nixternalI don't totally follow that whole lib/ and lib64/ thing..I know there have some changes recently on where certain lib files are being installed07:44
ScottK2OK.  Well you wanna look into the right amd64 answer a bit?  I'm clueless on 64bit.07:44
ScottK2It's not critical if we upload this in the next day or so...07:45
nixternalthat works07:45
ScottK2K.  Maybe I just settle for "works" and move on.07:45
nixternalI will install the new and see if anything sticks out07:46
nixternalhey, if we keep this way, make sure to have /usr/lib64 removed before the .deb is created07:46
nixternalor just add an rm -rf to that if statement07:47
nixternalit is still installing to both lib and lib6407:48
nixternalbut if you look at the .deb, the /usr/lib64/ directory is empty, nothing is installed to it07:49
nixternalthere is a rogue postinst or something07:49
ScottK2nixternal: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54577/07:50
nixternalmaybe what I am witnessing is something done automagically by the system now? I am totally freakin' clueless07:50
ScottK2I'm going with that07:50
nixternalya, that will work07:50
nixternalthis is totally odd07:50
nixternaljust so you know, scribus isn't installing with an icon07:51
nixternalbut it seems fine07:51
nixternalit is installing the icon though to /usr/share/pixmaps as it should07:52
ScottK2nixternal: I fixed this all I plan to now.  Your turn.07:53
nixternalone sec07:54
nixternalhey, patch the .desktop file in the new scribus07:54
nixternalIcon=scribus instead of Icon=scribusicon07:54
nixternalthat fixes it07:54
ScottK2nixternal: I GOTTA get to bed.  Here you go http://www.kitterman.com/test/scribus_1.3.3.11.dfsg-1ubuntu2.dsc07:55
nixternalI need to crash myself07:55
ScottK2nixternal: Add your stuff to that07:55
nixternalI will take a look at it in the morning, or later today if you don't get it before me07:55
ScottK2You're an hour behind me.  OK07:55
nixternaltomorow is super bowl day, so I know what I am doing for the 2nd half of today :)07:56
nixternalwatching commercials!07:56
ScottK2Fair enough.  Thanks for all your help.07:56
nixternalno problem07:56
nixternalglad I could be of some assistance07:56
ScottK2OK.  Sent the patch to Debian and kicked off one more test build.  Off to bed.07:58
ScottK2Good night all.07:58
=== hunger_t is now known as hunger
dasKreechhi hunger08:11
hungerdasKreech: good morning!08:13
dasKreechhow are you?08:14
hungerdasKreech: fine.08:16
=== uga_ is now known as uga
=== luka74 is now known as Lure
ScottK2nixternal: Have a look at Bug #188516 - It seems the scribus upstream is on LP and they read Ubuntu bugs.14:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188516 in scribus " FTBFS on AMD64" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18851614:13
ScottK2They had a much simpler suggestion.14:13
ScottK2They also wrote more bugs ....14:15
mican i install kde3 in gutsy with sudo apt-get install kde4....try in hardy and kde4 install great with this?15:56
misorry kde4 i mean15:56
mhbmi: if you enable the KDE4 PPA, then you can15:56
mhband please use other channels for support questions15:57
mhbnext time15:57
jpatrick@kde4 > mi15:57
miin hardy u don't need this repo15:57
mhb#kubuntu or #kubuntu-kde415:57
mimhb: tq15:57
Riddell"thank q"16:24
jpatricktq => te quiero == I love you (in spanish)16:25
Riddellaww, sweet16:25
jpatrickmhb: you got another fan :o)16:25
mhbjpatrick: wow, a first fan of mine16:28
ScottK2nixternal: Around?17:40
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
nixternalScottK2: yo yo17:53
nixternalScottK2: ya, that is much much easier :)17:55
nixternalScribus devs rule for that one17:55
RiddellI so want to write a blog called "Alternatives to Troy"17:55
nixternaldid he write another one?17:55
Riddellno, I'm just working on my response17:55
Riddellnixternal: infact what did you think of that url I sent you?17:55
nixternalahh, carefully crafted I am sure17:55
nixternalooh, looking now17:56
Riddell"There's lots of disenfranchised KDE marketing readers who are fed up of his hurtful rants..."17:57
nixternalthat is great! absolutely brilliant18:00
nixternalone typo, Venzalia I am guessing should be Venezuela or something like that..hell I can't even type it18:01
nixternalI really like the "we use KDE to the fullest", no firefox here..that is why I love this place :)18:02
ScottK2I don't think his post had anything to do with Kubuntu as a distro.  I think it was about Canonical.  I'm not sure replies are really going to help.  OTOH, most any reply from a Canoncial employee with improve on Jono's.18:03
Riddellactually one of the few specific reasons I've got out of him was because it didn't work with some of his hardware18:05
RiddellScottK2: http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/325618:05
* ScottK2 lloks18:05
ScottK2looks even18:05
Nightrosegood one Riddell18:06
RiddellScottK2: I had to add the word "marketing" to that first sentence because jono was feeling hurt that I was too critical of him.  bless18:07
nixternallet it out Riddell!18:08
nixternalone thing that is starting to bother me with this LTS stuff, is some people think we are imcompetent and couldn't handle bug control for KDE 318:10
* nixternal looks up the definition of twonkle18:11
ScottK2If Jono doesn't want to feel hurt, he ouht to think before he blogs18:11
ScottK2Riddell: Good positive post.18:11
Riddellnixternal: pst, there isn't one, it's the perfect insult18:12
nixternallovely, did you patent it yet? :p18:13
Riddell"a method for insulting people without causing offence"18:13
ScottK2nixternal: I should have a new scribus package in ~30 min.18:13
ScottK2Gotta go read a bed time story before nap time.18:14
nixternalScottK2: you are showing your age if you are taking naps early in the afternoon :p18:17
nixternalunless of course you are preparing for a superbowl party :)18:17
toma"Oh and the 6 monthly release schedule we've switching to, great stuff but why are people embarrassed about where that idea came from?"++18:19
tomaRiddell: i never understood that part either18:19
=== Lure_ is now known as Lure
tomanice article18:20
mhbRiddell: is there a reason why your blog is not up on dot.kde.org?18:27
Riddellbecause dot is a news site not a dot site18:28
Riddellbecause dot is a news site not a blog site18:28
mhbRiddell: well they have this side bar called planet developer18:28
mhbRiddell: which is what I mean18:28
Riddelloh that doesn't update very often18:29
nixternalmhb: it will aggregate there eventually18:29
mhbah, cool.18:29
Riddell< an hour I think18:29
mhbno problem then.18:29
mhbnice post.18:29
nixternal"We are a pure KDE distro" <- one of my favorite things about Kubuntu18:30
mhbperhaps a bit too much poking into what "other distros" do18:30
nixternalalthough not 100% true, because of OpenOffice.org and not KOffice18:30
nixternalbut hopefully that will all change with KOffice 218:31
Riddellyes that aspect might sound a bit critical, I don't mean to be critical of other distros since they have good reasons for how they work, just that we do our way and I think that helps KDE the most18:31
Riddellnixternal: yep, although I doubt koffice 2 will be ready for hardy18:31
Riddellbut hardy+1 could be interesting18:31
nixternalya, that was what I was thinking18:32
nixternalthe only distro I know of that has KOffice and not OpenOffice, and I haven't been following it to closely of late, is Foresight..but there are only 2 developers working on that release currently18:32
nixternalbut they have firefox too..eww :)18:33
ScottK2nixternal: Not me, the 4 year old.18:33
nixternalnice try :p18:33
nixternala couple of more months ScottK2 and I should be out in your neck of the woods..so find us a happy hacking spot :)18:34
nixternalcrimsun: you are welcome to visit as well, just as long as ScottK2 says it is OK :p18:34
ScottK2Is MS Office file format compatiblity in KOffice 2 going to be comparable to OOO's?18:35
nixternalof course I am going to attempt to build a package that takes more than 4 hours to build18:35
ScottK2For me that's probably the most critical feature.18:35
nixternalwell, that depends...is MS going to be compatible with ODF18:35
nixternallast I heard, they were thinking about it18:36
crimsunnixternal: there are lots of hacking spots in the area18:36
nixternalif MS supports ODF then that will be great, but don't expect KOffice to support MS's stuff..I think they made a clear stance on that not to long ago18:37
ScottK2I'm talking about the legacy formats, not the XML thingy18:37
nixternalthat I don't know about18:37
ScottK2All my customers are on Office 2000/XP/2003 so it's pretty critical for me.18:38
Riddellit'll be much the same as currently18:39
smarterIIRC, they said that they will use the openoffice parser for the mso docs18:39
nixternalinteresting, KOffice 2 you can save as a "Word" document..don't know the versioning though18:41
* nixternal tries something18:41
nixternalwell, trying to open a .doc file crashes KOffice 2 :)18:42
ScottK2I'll be stuck on ooo for about the next 10 years then.18:43
nixternalOK, and saving as .doc doesn't work just yet18:45
smarteris there something that work with KOffice2? :P18:46
nixternalwell I will be damnged...KOffice 1.x just opened a .doc file with no problem, wrote to it, saved it, and it works fine in MS Office 200718:46
nixternalwhy was I thinking that KOffice couldn't do that?18:47
_StefanS_Riddell: hey did you get my message on kwin-style-crystal+18:47
ScottK2nixternal: It's not that it can't, but that the compatibility level is much lower.18:51
nixternalI thought that it couldn't to be honest18:52
nixternalheck, a lower compatibility level is more than I gave it18:52
nixternalwell, for legacy MS Office, isn't 2003 the legacy now as they dropped support for everything < 2003?18:52
ScottK2For me most of my customers have 2000.  I don't care what they say in Redmond.18:54
nixternalmaybe it is 2000 then18:56
nixternalI can't remember...I seen it recently on tv I think18:56
nixternalhiya jjesse18:56
jjessehello nixternal18:56
nixternalthanks for telling me to buy the book for the screenies you turkey18:56
nixternalbut I got a better idea!18:57
nixternalI will take my lappy to the book store, grab a latte and the book, and get to work :p18:57
jjessei thought that was a funny idea18:57
jjessefound my wedding ring which i thought i lsot shoveling snow 3 weeks ago18:57
jjessefound it oustide this mornning while iwas walking the dog18:57
nixternalya, all married men use the "I lost it while shoveling" excuse18:57
nixternalwhile living in San Diego I even tried it18:58
nixternalto bad we didn't have to shovel there :p18:58
jjessemy wife saw it go flying18:58
jjessebrb heading out side w/ dog :)18:58
Riddell_StefanS_: "Subject: kwin-style-crystal: patch to disable shadow on inactive windows" I'll try and get to that shortly19:00
nixternalRiddell: you should incorporate your backup app into konqi for the bookmarks...would be great if we had something like Foxmarks or the Google Sync stuff19:02
_StefanS_Riddell: yep. thats the one .. i know you're busy, sorry for bothering you like this19:04
nixternalRiddell: your last bullet in your post is so strong...I mean really really strong, almost marketer like :)  is there a little marketer Riddell we don't know about? :D19:05
Riddell_StefanS_: oh keep bothering me, it can be the only way to have it not drop off my vision19:09
Riddellnixternal: that backup tool is just a mockup application, it's unlikely to work for anyone who doesn't know it's insides.  but I believe others are working on solving the problem properly (in kconfig)19:10
Riddellnixternal: who do you think has done most of the Dot articles for the last three years?19:11
nixternalRiddell: that is pretty much hands down19:11
Riddell/the/ Jonathan Riddell :)19:11
nixternalhow do I know this? because I went back in time looking at old posts to get an idea on how to work mine out, and your name was there more than anyone elses19:11
nixternalI think all of the "Quick Posts", well at least a solid 95% or more as well19:12
* Riddell hands toma a tissue19:12
toma;-) Just kidding, you are doing a great job there19:12
nixternalI would love to try and do the same, but everytime I wake up, Riddell has done all of the Dot work already :)19:13
Riddellhang on, got to medicate a parrot19:13
tomais there a little doktor inside Riddell too ?19:14
ScottK2Wear gloves ...19:14
ScottK2nixternal: You ready to build scribus again?19:16
* nixternal fires up the desktop19:16
nixternalgotta medicate a parrot19:17
ScottK2nixternal: http://www.kitterman.com/test/scribus_1.3.3.11.dfsg-1ubuntu2.dsc19:17
ScottK2Turns out there was even a bug on the icon thing.19:18
jjesseis there any way to specify the console session in krdc when connecting to a windows server box?19:19
Nightrosenixternal: haha if you want I will save our next dot story for you ;-) (there will be ne tomorrow probably)19:19
jjessein windows i do mstc /console to specify the console session19:19
nixternalwoohoo, sounds good Nightrose :)19:20
Nightrosewill see what I can do19:20
ScottK2nixternal: You got that pbuilder cranking yet?19:20
nixternaljust dgot it :)19:20
Riddelltoma: an occational nurse (my girlfriend is a vet)19:20
_StefanS_kwwii: ping+19:21
tomaRiddell: ah, cool, ask her how to get rid of mice19:21
nixternaland we are off to the buildds19:21
Riddelltoma: her job is to keep the mice alive19:21
ScottK2I have a cousin who got a Parrot in his 20's thinking it'd be cool.  He's in his 60's now and still has the Parrot.  Parrot's are a bit of a commitment.19:22
nixternalthat they are19:22
nixternalthey live forever, which my buddy found out19:23
nixternalwhen I was about 6, we got a parrot, but it got to the point where my parents got annoyed with it, so we gave it to my buddy, 25 years later the parrot looks and acts the same19:23
nixternalOK, this amd64 box is going to cause me to go ballistic19:26
nixternalit is starting out the day with gcc segfaults again19:26
nixternalit is like it has to warm up first before you can start hammering on it :)19:26
jjesse /join #ubuntu-server19:27
ScottK2Riddell: Would you be up for doing a test build (amd64) for scribus since nixternal's machine isn't under control?19:27
nixternalit is back up and running ScottK219:28
nixternalI have to slap it like an old jukebox19:28
nixternalerr, :)19:28
ScottK2OK.  Thanks.  Nevermind Riddell.19:28
RiddellScottK2: preferably not but I can happily give you ssh access to do it yourself19:28
nixternalit is just scribus too that does this19:28
Riddelloh toma, is anyone down to do a dot article for that kdepim meeting?19:29
tomai heard them talk about it, but that was in german, so i did not catch the details19:29
tomamaybe cornelius, not sure19:30
_StefanS_kwwii: ping :)19:39
Riddell_StefanS_: it's a weekend, he's probably not around19:41
_StefanS_Riddell: ah ok, its just because we've got the okay to use that CC licensed wallpaper for hardy..19:42
_StefanS_Riddell: http://djmattricks.deviantart.com/art/Aquapattern-4651638019:42
_StefanS_Riddell: well if people like it19:42
mhbisn't it too light?19:43
* mhb checks it out19:43
_StefanS_mhb: well actually we could adjust it slightly19:43
nixternaldunno about it honestly..but ya maybe with some adjustments it might look good19:43
nixternalI really like the one we got now, but I guess some people don't19:44
nixternalI am actually using it in KDE 4 too19:44
_StefanS_it actually looks nice, if you set it as wallpaper19:44
Riddell_StefanS_: I like it but I think it should be darker (especially if it's used with kde 4 too)19:46
_StefanS_Riddell: yes, I agree19:46
_StefanS_Riddell: but I think it has a nice freshness to it and all, but lets see what kwii can do about it19:47
mhbIMVHO the colours are a bit XPish19:48
mhbthe colour scheme reminds me of Luna19:48
mhbI very much like the colours on the Vladstudio wallpapers, those dark blue tones are really good-looking here19:48
_StefanS_Riddell: he promised to make some new buttons aswell based on edgy, so with the patch in kwin-crystal i think it will look nice19:48
_StefanS_mhb: well, if the image got adjusted it might be okay19:50
_StefanS_mhb: got some links on those vladstudio wallpapers you like?19:50
Riddell_StefanS_: do we have it in a large enough size?19:50
_StefanS_Riddell: 1900x144019:51
Riddellsounds big19:51
_StefanS_Riddell: a tad bit low, but maybe he can make some in the size we want ( I can ask him)19:51
_StefanS_it is :) haven't you got 1920x1200 on that new r61 ?19:51
_StefanS_or is it on the r60p ?19:52
mhbthis one has really nice colors.19:53
_StefanS_mhb: yes, but then we're back at this dull blue kinda thing.. I think it would cool to have something lighter19:54
mhbdull blue?19:55
_StefanS_mhb: well i think the colors are depressing in that wallpaper :)19:55
mhbI find them "futuristic"19:56
Riddell_StefanS_: jings no19:56
_StefanS_Riddell: jings what? :)19:56
mhbthe resolution maybe19:56
mhbI've got 1280x800 but my blackbook is a tad smaller.19:57
_StefanS_mhb: probably a 14"?19:57
ScottK2nixternal: Mine built.  How's your's looking?19:58
nixternalfunny you should ask19:58
nixternalit segfaulted in pbuilder this time19:58
nixternalrestarting it19:58
nixternalnot even a minute before you asked19:58
nixternalbut it is segfaulting in different areas19:58
nixternalit isn't always in the same file or location19:58
nixternalholy shite19:59
nixternalit did it again19:59
nixternalthis time at 36%20:00
_StefanS_mhb, Riddell: it could look something like this: http://www.enhance-it.dk/Aquapattern_by_DJMattRicks2.png20:13
_StefanS_Riddell: could we add kolourpaint-kde4 to the kubuntu-desktop-kde4 metapackage aswell? Its very nice app, and useful for small image edits20:16
_StefanS_Riddell: thats on https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo20:16
Riddell_StefanS_: I'd rather add krita-kde420:17
_StefanS_Riddell: well isn't that hard to fit on a cdrom ?20:18
_StefanS_Riddell: I mean together with all the other stuff that needs to be there20:19
Riddell_StefanS_: no idea, we don't know how large a KDE 4 CD will be20:20
_StefanS_Riddell: ok then, we can always decide that later20:20
jpatrick_StefanS_: without OpenOffice, hell no20:20
_StefanS_jpatrick: err, what ? :)20:21
* ScottK2 taps his fingers while nixternal fiddles .... (how's it going)?20:21
* dasKreech chuckles20:21
_StefanS_jpatrick: I thought we were going to ship koffice2, but maybe its not too mature yet20:22
dasKreech_StefanS_: define ship20:22
jpatrick_StefanS_: I hope so too, but without OpenOffice = lots more space no?20:23
nixternalstupid computer locked up...wth is up with our amd64 stuff?20:23
nixternalthis is a fresh install, so nothing goofy has been done20:23
_StefanS_jpatrick: ah yes OOo is quite big20:23
dasKreechCan I turn off XDG ?20:23
_StefanS_dasKreech: as put it on the kde4 cd20:23
smarternixternal: you may have hardware problems20:23
smarternixternal: check your ram20:23
ScottK2nixternal: I'd be tempted to blame hardware (maybe cooling).20:24
nixternalisn't hardware problems, as there are 4 other os's that work flawlessly20:24
_StefanS_Riddell: is there any other todo's other than the stuff on the wiki?20:24
nixternalScottK2: 38c while compiling...brand new zalman 9500 heatsink in the system20:24
_StefanS_nixternal: what are you doing when it crashes? compiling stuff?20:24
dasKreech_StefanS_: ah Right. have they shipped an alpha yet?20:24
nixternal_StefanS_: yes20:24
_StefanS_dasKreech: hmm well maybe not..20:25
_StefanS_nixternal: overclocked?20:25
dasKreechI didn't think they had20:25
ScottK2Anyone else have an amd64?  Otherwise I'll take R!ddell up on his ssh offer.20:25
smartermmh, the /usr/bin/*-kde4 files have disappeared after my gutsy->hardy upgrade20:25
nixternalScottK2: I have another one, but it is building opensg20:26
dasKreech!info opensg20:26
ubotuPackage opensg does not exist in gutsy20:26
nixternalshould have 2.5 hours of building left according to the 4 hour build warning I was given :)20:26
_StefanS_ScottK2:  I have a quad running amd6420:26
ScottK2_StefanS_: Have you got a Hardy pbuilder or equivalent?20:26
smarterfor those running hardy, do you still have the /usr/bin/*-kde4 wrappers?20:27
_StefanS_ScottK2: nope its not installed, you would have to do that yourself, so maybe Riddell offer is more straightforward anyways20:27
_StefanS_smarter: only for klipper it seems20:27
_StefanS_smarter: sorry khelpcenter20:28
dasKreechhow many ppas do we have available to us?20:28
ScottK2nixternal: I don't think this is a huge rush.  Would you mind firing of scribus on the other one once opensg is done?20:28
smarterIs that a known issue?20:28
nixternalScottK2: sure20:29
_StefanS_smarter: donno, but i can still launch kwrite in its kde4 version20:29
smarterlooks like nobody's testing hardy :}20:30
_StefanS_smarter: cant you use kde4?20:30
_StefanS_smarter: maybe the wrapper scripts were changed in a recent update20:31
_StefanS_smarter: because it still works here20:31
_StefanS_Riddell: any plans to use kde 4.0.1 for hardy?20:32
_StefanS_Riddell: there's some really nice bugfixes/features the went in20:32
smarter_StefanS_: I can, but I have to manually export LD_LIBRARY_PATH, PATH and stuff20:32
smarter_StefanS_: for gutsy, we upgraded to kde 3.5.8 one week before gutsy release20:33
smarter_StefanS_: so I think we have plenty of times for kde 4.0.x releases :)20:33
mhblaugh joke and good-bye for tonight20:34
_StefanS_smarter: I dont need export anything.. i can launch /usr/lib/kde4/bin/ark just like that20:34
_StefanS_smarter: would be really nice to have that 4.0.120:34
smarter_StefanS_: if you do that, it will use your ~/.kde20:34
_StefanS_smarter: and?20:35
smartermixing kde3 and kde4 setting is not a good idea imho20:35
_StefanS_i dont understand20:35
dasKreech_StefanS_: If we can we will ship with 4.0.3 :)20:36
_StefanS_dasKreech: hehe sounds good20:36
_StefanS_dasKreech: who was packaging kde4 for us.. ?20:37
_StefanS_dasKreech: cant remember his nick20:37
dasKreechthe same people who always pacakge it. us20:37
_StefanS_dasKreech: I know, but someone make the packages just after Riddell stopped on the betas20:38
dasKreechah I wasn't around for that I just know they are on a PPA20:39
_StefanS_yes, oh well. Not that important anyways20:39
_StefanS_oh gotta sleep..20:41
_StefanS_night fellas20:41
Riddellaww, more goodness from seele21:09
* seele hugs Riddell 21:09
* dasKreech grins21:11
tekteenRiddell: I finally got the book21:11
Riddelltekteen: which book?21:11
tekteenRapid Gui Programing21:12
tekteenwith PyQT21:12
Riddellah, the pyqt one21:12
Riddelllet us know if you get stuck21:13
tekteenI will21:13
nixternalScottK2: builds fine21:28
ScottK2nixternal: Cool.  Does the icon work?21:28
* nixternal looks21:28
nixternalyes the icon works21:30
ScottK2nixternal: Cool21:31
nixternalupload and call it fixed hoss :)21:31
MezTm_T, ping21:34
ScottK2Riddell: Would you please sponsor my debdiff in Bug #188516.  nixternal has tested it on amd64.21:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188516 in scribus " FTBFS on AMD64" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18851621:34
ScottKHobbsee: Maybe you would have a look at Bug #188516, since Riddell isn't answering.21:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188516 in scribus " FTBFS on AMD64" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18851621:57
Riddellhi sc22:02
Riddellhi ScottK222:02
RiddellScottK2: how come this didn't affect debian?22:02
nixternaljcastro: fighting that bug ey?22:18
nixternalI feel ya brother...I did this whole week...the flu and cold symptoms are gone, but today I have a sore throat, and my glands are swolen and hurt bad22:19
jcastronixternal: yeah, I think it's hit everyone22:19
* seele coughs and holds in a bad joke22:19
crimsuneven I was under the weather for a day.22:20
jcastronixternal: I tried all sorts of pills and fluids, but apparently this vaporizer/vaporsteam is the way to go22:20
crimsunI took a sick day and did Ubuntu stuff :P22:20
nixternalcrimsun: hahaha, only 1 day...see you are a superfreak22:21
jcastronixternal: I have the temptation to pour beer in it and see if I can get drunk via the vapor cloud.22:22
nixternaljcastro: zicam is a miracle!22:22
nixternalalcoholic vapor cloud22:22
crimsunnixternal: taking a sick day during shift work is a big deal, as you probably know.22:22
nixternaltrying to think if I ever took a sick day at AT&T22:22
nixternalthat was the only shift work that I can remember22:23
nixternalI know I was late once because of a snow storm, and that in itself was a big deal22:23
RiddellScottK2: uploaded22:23
nixternaljcastro: theraflu cold & cough isn't to shabby either22:23
jcastronixternal: day/nyquil seems to do the trick, only real problem has been the stuffed sinuses and sore throat22:24
nixternalstuff sinuses + zicam == love22:24
jcastrobut having that vaporizer poison me all night while I slept seems to have done the trick.22:24
crimsunI found warm water with lemon and honey is nice22:25
jcastroI hear the lemon/water is the best22:25
dasKreechseele: You'll get sick holding in those bad jokes ;)22:27
nixternalI did tea with lemon and honey22:27
nixternalI did a whole box, like 100 tea baggies this week22:27
seeledasKreech: ive been sick for a while, its just that none of you have noticed22:27
nixternalya, kind of hard to notice it on irc :)22:27
dasKreechMe too22:28
nixternalcan't hear you sniffling, coughing, or the scratchy voice from the congestion22:28
dasKreechsince last wednesday22:28
jcastroseele: I use twitter for things like that, I can't seem to figure out what else it's useful for22:28
nixternalsounds like me22:29
nixternalHello! I am in San Francisco. Offers of beer, entertainment and marriage will be given appropriate consideration.22:36
nixternal^^ hahaha Matt Garrett is hillarious22:36
=== emonkey-t is now known as emonkey
ryanakcahmm.. just my imagination or does the KDE4 switch user icon on the locked session unlock dialog look a lot like the launchpad logo?23:09
nixternalsuperbowl time...later!23:13
* dasKreech chuckles as he monitors #kubuntu-kde423:49

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