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killermachhow come I annot move a window up on the screen so the title bar goes off the screen?00:16
killermachI have I window that I sized about 3 screens tall, now I need to see the bottom00:17
gameplayerepimeth: i just installed xine-ui and it solved my problem...00:17
gameplayerit's a bit strange...00:18
killermachtypically you can click the border and mouse drag the window up no issues.. but kubuntu seems to have broken this feature that I"ve used for over a decade00:19
maybeway36killermach? maybe it's kwin00:19
maybeway36killermach: do you have metacity or somnething?00:19
killermachI've only ever used KDE since 199900:19
su-hoens`rZanyone know how to install gcc-2.95 on kubuntu?00:20
maybeway36and it only stopped working now?00:20
jussi01!info gcc00:20
ubotugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.59ubuntu2)): The GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.1.2-9ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 4 kB, installed size 64 kB00:20
killermachonly noticed it not working since I moved from Mandrake to kubuntu00:20
maybeway36killermach: not working in debian lenny either it seems00:20
su-hoens`rZjussi01 that helps me how?00:21
jussi01su-hoens`rZ: I was checking version...00:21
jussi01!info gcc-2.9500:21
ubotugcc-2.95 (source: gcc-2.95 (2.95.4.ds15-24)): The GNU C compiler. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.95.4-24 (gutsy), package size 926 kB, installed size 2344 kB00:21
jussi01su-hoens`rZ: sudo aptitude install gcc-2.9500:22
killermachmaybeway36: hmm.. I'll have to go ask in #kde maybe there is an option I can turn back on00:22
su-hoens`rZjussi01 doesn't work00:22
killermachmaybeway36:  this deficiancy is one that drove me away from MS windows00:22
jussi01su-hoens`rZ: what error does that give then?00:24
su-hoens`rZNo candidate version found for gcc-2.9500:24
ere4sitried pressing alt then left click and hold and slide mouse up screen killermach ?00:24
killermachere4si: that's it  alt-drag00:25
jussi01su-hoens`rZ: do you have the universe repo enabled?00:25
su-hoens`rZjussi01 i believe so, it's not commented out in the list00:26
jussi01su-hoens`rZ: it works here..00:26
su-hoens`rZjussi01 hmm00:27
jussi01su-hoens`rZ: tried updating?00:27
su-hoens`rZjussi01 maybe cause i'm on 64 bit?00:27
su-hoens`rZjussi01 yeah00:27
jussi01su-hoens`rZ: not sure then00:28
su-hoens`rZjussi01 what repositories are you using?00:29
jussi01su-hoens`rZ: all standard repos, plus medibuntu00:30
jussi01su-hoens`rZ: could you pastebin your sources.list?00:30
su-hoens`rZjussi01 http://pastebin.com/m24c6225500:32
jussi01!info gcc-2.95 feisty00:33
ubotugcc-2.95 (source: gcc-2.95 (2.95.4.ds15-24)): The GNU C compiler. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.95.4-24 (feisty), package size 926 kB, installed size 2344 kB00:33
jussi01su-hoens`rZ: Im not sure about this one. I would 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade' one more time, but no idea why its not there for you00:36
Farnesktrying to reinstall kubuntu 7.10 i am going from 64bit to 32bit and everything works fine untill i update it for the first time it tells me that some updates did not install properly i restart my comp and i cant even get to the login screen no text comes up and ive let it sit there for 30min any ideas?00:37
FrauHansendoes anyone know why kde-look.org, gnome-look.org and kde-apps.org are down?00:46
jussi01no idea, could be cause of the cable breakage in the med...00:48
TannMy keyboard is having problems. It won't work when I am in KDE, but it will work when I an in gnome00:49
TannMy keyboard is having problems. It won't work when I am in KDE, but it will work when I an in gnome. is there a way to fix that?00:50
Dr_willisFarnesk,   can you get into the console with the rescue mode?00:50
Dr_willisTann,  thats very odd.00:50
Dr_willisTann,  try some other window manager? Like icewm, or xfce see if it works there? Does it work in the KDM login screen?00:51
xen_Hey there i cant seem to browse the net with konquerer, but i can with firefox, is there some setting i should be enabling to browse the www with konqurer?00:51
nosrednaekimDr_willis: slow keys00:51
xen_btw ff has crashed and it wont start again so i dont actually have a working browser atm00:51
TannDr_willis: What is really odd is that It was working and a few moments later, it wasn't I restarted my computer and it still didn't work.00:51
jussi01xen_: try killing the ff processes00:51
xen_no, its not running00:52
TannDr_willis: I don't use KDM as my default WM00:52
xen_the process or anything00:52
xen_its just dead lol00:52
xen_but, im not worried about that, i just would like to use konquer, but it wont connect to the net :S00:52
xen_anyone? :S00:53
xen_is there something i should be enabling in Konqurer to browse?00:54
Dr_willisNot that i know of.00:54
Dr_willisso http://google.com just does what exactly?00:54
xen_An error occurred while loading http://google.com:00:55
xen_Could not connect to host http://google.com/.00:55
Dr_willistry http://localhost00:56
Dr_willis:) sounds almost like a proxy setting is set.00:56
nosrednaekimxen_: you uing knetworkmanager?00:56
TannDr_willis: I don't use KDM as my default WM00:57
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intelikeythis old p3 system boots in less than 5 seconds.  only 22 processes and 17 lines of startup dialog http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d79ab70a0    (i consider that a "nice clean system startup")00:57
intelikeyTann what do you need ?00:57
Dr_willisTann,  kdm isent a wm ;) its a login manager.     Does the keybaord work in the console?   alt-ctrl-f1 ?00:57
xen_norsednaekim sorry im using a wireless adapter, i can use the internet fine with ff, but ff is dead i dont want to use ff anyhow00:58
intelikeyDr_willis he may need to reset the keyboard    alt+sysRQ+r00:58
xen_norsednaekim not using knetworkmanager btw00:58
intelikeyDr_willis sorry if that's off base.  i just got here.00:58
Dr_willisintelikey,  im vague on his exact issues also. keyboard dont work in kde, but it does in gnome is the Gist of it all.00:59
intelikeyDr_willis hmmm ok that sounds like a misconfigured kde i18  or something   possably need to set his language again ?01:00
xen_Dr_willis i tried the localhost, but it says it cant connect to that either01:00
xen_i have konquere set to connect to net directly01:00
xen_and am not using a proxy01:01
xen_but still doesnt connect :S01:01
Dr_willistry making a new user. see if it works for them.01:01
nosrednaekimxen_: ok01:01
Dr_willisI dont use Konqueror as a web browser. So cant really say what may be wrong.01:02
intelikeyi have see that issue described in here before xen_   you can irc from the box but not browse ?     there should be something on the forums about that01:02
xen_one problem, i dont have a working browser lol01:02
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xen_my system crashed earlier on today, ever since that firefox doesnt work anymore01:02
xen_and theres no firefox process to kill either01:03
intelikeyxen_ ummm well maybe one of us can find you a url and you can wget the page and read it locally01:03
xen_yup, tyvm01:03
Dr_willissudo apt-get install opera01:03
Dr_willisthen crash it!01:03
xen_seems to be my luck today01:03
xen_i dont like opera so much though, i cant find a good adblock plugin or anything01:03
xen_though i havent really had a good look as yet01:03
|Tann|Dr_willis: Yes, the keyboard works in the terminal01:04
Dr_willisi use so many extensions for firefox :) i cant stand any other browsers01:04
xen_yeah i love firefox, but it just doesnt work anymore :S01:04
xen_even after reinstalling it and everything01:04
xen_no crash log about it either :S01:04
Dr_willis|Tann|,  -->  <intelikey>  that sounds like a misconfigured kde i18  or something   possably need to set his language again ?01:04
|Tann|Dr_willis: How would I go about doing that?01:05
Dr_willisno idea :) I just use english01:05
Dr_willisI would guess in the settings menu, some keyboard setting tool.01:06
mixedhow can i update to gutsy gibbon from feisty?01:06
Dr_willissystem settings -> region/language  perhaps |Tann|01:06
Dr_willis!update | mixed01:07
ubotumixed: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes01:07
mixedDr. Willis, thank you01:07
|Tann|Dr_willis: k01:08
Dr_willisUpgrading to  The Next release right now. :) lets see how Hardy does.  heh01:08
mixedDr. Willis, how do I update feisty using command line?01:08
Dr_willisthat guide disent say so? I just ran update-manager -d  here.01:09
Dr_willisWhich i think is the 'proper' way.   apt-get dist-update  i think MAY not get all the stuff correctly01:09
Dr_willisI rarely upgrade,  :)  i normally do clean reinstalls.01:09
mixedDr. Willis, before I update to gutsy gibbon feisty needs to be updated.  How do I update feisty?01:09
mixedDr. Willis, I have a spanking brand new installation of feisty, I just installed it a few days ago, didnt realized it was so old01:10
xen_i hate to sound like a critic, but ubuntu has really gota do something about smoothing out upgrades, ive never been able to succesfully upgrade without problems01:10
Dr_willisGiven the total disaster ive seen with windows and their upgrades...... :)01:11
Dr_willisOf course with windows a reinstall is a 'fix' for broken systems. So  its all relative.01:11
Dr_willisOften its the users installing 3rd party apps, or using tools like envy/automatix/so forth that cause the upgrade issues.01:11
mixedcorrect!  and the things that are wrong with redmond isn't a defficiency, it's a  "feature"01:12
Dr_willisI always do a clean reinstall - since that way i know what the other 'users' are starting with - from a tech support point of view01:12
mixedDr. Willis, sorry for all the noob questions, I am still not familiar with the utilities in ubuntu, I used to use SuSE01:12
xen_yeah but i mean c'mon, how many people have 3rd party apps, just about everyone i know, in otherwords, you cant upgrade without a problem01:12
TannDr_willis: That didn't work01:13
Dr_willismost of the upgrade issues ive seen are  from the nvidia/ati , and wireless, and other drivers also.01:13
Dr_willisevery 6 mo with a new release the channel is full of upgrade-issues :) then it calms down.01:14
intelikeyxen_ google hates me.   i did look for that issue and an easy fix   no can find.  but i'm sure that someone here or in #ubuntu can point you to one.       and yes if you use linux then you have all third party apps or a third party kernel    one of the two.01:18
intelikeyi guess i posted that just a little too late01:20
Dr_willisHmm.. Update manager - 'there are 995 packages to be upgraded' :)   Hardy here I come!  - Lucky this is a test pc.01:24
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:25
bfrogI installed valgrind-callgrind, but there's no callgrind binary01:38
stunatraAnyone know of a program to edit .avi files?01:38
jussi01!info kdenlive | stunatra01:39
ubotustunatra: kdenlive (source: kdenlive): A Non-Linear Video Editing Suite for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5-0.0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 648 kB, installed size 1992 kB01:39
stunatraThanks jussi0101:40
bfrogvalgrind --tool=callgrind, of course the kcachegrind docs are probably old01:40
secleinteerhi, does anyone know if it's possible to use video chat with aim in kopete?01:56
nosrednaekimsecleinteer: I was not awareAIM HAD video chate01:58
nosrednaekimAFAIK, it is not01:58
nosrednaekimMSN video chat works though01:58
secleinteernosrednaekim: it does01:58
secleinteerbut i guess msn would work01:58
nosrednaekimsecleinteer: ask in #kopete01:59
secleinteernosrednaekim: i asked there too ;p01:59
nosrednaekimok :)01:59
adz21cin kde3 yes u should be able to01:59
adz21cwell, web cam, not audio01:59
huhligquestion, I just tossed on a copy of kubuntu 8 alpha 402:02
huhligis there a known bug in the libpython02:02
nosrednaekimhuhlig: #ubuntu+102:03
huhligahh thank you02:03
hexchcan somebody help, my problem is that my kde is laggy...?02:10
NickPrestahexch, what are you system specs?02:13
hexchyou mean hw?02:14
NickPrestahexch, yeah. Processor, graphics card, RAM, etc02:14
hexchamd x2 6000+, 3gb ram, nvidia 8600gt02:15
NickPrestahexch, it definitely should not be laggy. It should be smooth. Has this always been an issue or just recently?02:15
hexchwell i used ubuntu before worked fine, just gut kubuntu this week02:16
intelikeydid i hear that kde4 with some affects is always laggy ?02:16
NickPrestahexch, which nvidia driver are you using?02:16
hexchlet me check02:17
NickPrestahexch, so the proprietary nvidia driver?02:18
hexchwell the system automaticly loaded the driver02:18
internat85Hi, with kde, how do i setup vnc so that i can connect to the existing session?02:18
hexchwhat should I change it to ?02:18
GerrySlyhey guys, how would I check information like if any windows managing system is installed (kde, gnome)02:19
NickPrestahexch, well, the 'nvidia' driver should be working well. However, I don't think the system automatically installed it for you (due to licensing restrictions). What does: grep Driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf output?02:19
GerrySlyI am running a server and I want to VNC into it, but I dunno if it has KDE or Gnome installed02:20
hexch Driver          "kbd"02:20
hexch        Driver          "mouse"02:20
hexch        Driver          "wacom"02:20
hexch        Driver          "wacom"02:20
hexch        Driver          "wacom"02:20
hexch        Driver          "nvidia"02:20
Dragnslcrinternat85- K Menu -> Internet -> Krfb -> Configure -> Allow Uninvited Connections02:20
Dragnslcrinternat85- though you way want to also look into using a VNC server that has SSL support02:21
NickPrestahexch, okay. Fair enough. That is rather strange that things are laggy.02:21
internat85does it always run on display 0?02:21
yao_ziyuanwhat are console ways to change screen resolution?02:21
Dragnslcrinternat85- if you enable it from the Krfb settings, yeah02:21
hexchI think so to :(02:21
NickPrestahexch, you can try disabling effects like transparency, etc, if they are turned on.02:22
yao_ziyuanHardy 4 has a bug in changing screen resolution. i have to use a console way02:23
yao_ziyuanlike XFdrake?02:23
NickPrestayao_ziyuan, hardy support in #ubuntu+102:23
yao_ziyuani know02:23
hexchok i try that02:23
Dr_willisthres a dpkg-reconfigure SOMTHING command02:23
Dr_willisor you an manyally edit the xorg.conf02:23
yao_ziyuanbut this is a general question: how to change screen resolution in console?02:23
NickPrestaYou can try manually editing your xorg.conf or you can do: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:23
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto02:23
mixedwhat's the app that I can use to burn gutsy-gibbon image to a CD and make it bootable?02:34
NickPrestamixed, k3b can burn an ISO image02:34
mixedk3b works on gnome as well, right?  im going to have to install it02:35
NickPrestamixed, if you need support for Ubuntu, ask in #ubuntu. This is for Kubuntu and KDE02:36
mixedNickPresta, sorry, I usually use kubuntu, I installed feisty in this lappie from an old CD I thought had kubuntu02:37
NickPrestamixed, ah okay. gnomebaker is for the GNOME desktop.02:38
mixedNickPresta, I'm going to reinstall gutsy then ubuntustudio and then off course kubuntu02:39
sparr_what should i use to watch a dvd?03:02
Dr_willisI tend to use vlc03:03
Dr_willisbut thers other players03:03
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs03:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about medibunto - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:04
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org03:04
ubotuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs03:04
sparr_ugh @ drm03:05
sparr_yay @ mpaa for making it harder to play a legit disc than to download a rip03:05
intelikeydrm is evil03:05
val0how do you reconfigure X from console (command?)03:05
sparr_sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:06
NickPrestaval0, sudo dpkg-reconfig xserver-xorg03:06
intelikeysudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:06
intelikeyquick draw beet me to the typo....03:06
sparr_i win either way :-p03:06
intelikeywin ?    was it a contest ?03:07
* intelikey packs up his dolls and goes home.....03:07
sparr_if only the people with the answers to MY questions felt the same way  :)03:07
intelikeysparr_ thought the doctor did answer you.... ?03:08
Dr_willisActually i get better dvd playback with linux's  'may not be legal' methods then legit dvd player software. :)03:09
Dr_willisI can skip those Idiotic Comercials at the start of these dvds03:09
sparr_i mean in general.  thank you Dr_willis03:09
sparr_sure, but i have to find and install libdvdcss203:09
sparr_this is more work than ive done to install anything in linux in at least a year03:09
Dr_willisenable the medibuntu repo03:09
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org03:09
sparr_which is not to say that its much work...  debian just sets the bar so low  :)03:10
intelikeysparr_ well i called the !players infonode for you.   and i also agree with Dr_willis,  i use vlc03:10
Janet1hi all03:10
Janet1take a look03:10
Janet1exotics.heavenforum.com :)03:10
sparr_mplayer is generally my player of choice03:10
Dr_willisSpamm Queen. :)03:10
intelikeythat's not the same ip as all the other times is it ?03:11
intelikeywhy can't the ircops kline that ?03:11
intelikeynever mind, it's a tor ip.03:12
Dr_willisI though they had tor blocked.03:12
intelikeyinetnum: -
intelikeynetname:        TurkTelekom03:13
Darkrift412anyone know if 7.10 has built in drivers for the bcm43xx wifi card?03:14
val0how do you get back to the kde desktop from command line after console login?03:15
Darkrift412try "X"03:15
sparr_val0: how did you get to a console login?03:15
Darkrift412upper case, i believe03:15
val0sparr_: i installed the Nvidia driver, and now can't get back in :D03:15
Darkrift412i remember that03:16
intelikeyif it was me.  i'd nail down the b class, kline *!*@88.232.*.*    however, i do realize that that's probably not an option for the ircops here.    "niceness has it's drawbacks"03:16
sparr_sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart03:16
val0yep, :`(03:16
AMcBainIf dolphin says "hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 1000" what does that mean? I'm trying to connect my Seagate FreeAgent drive (and it has nothing on it except files I put there, so no "autoload" softare)03:16
Darkrift412nvidia screwes up linux every time03:16
sparr_im not in a gaming mood this month, so i havent had to deal with nvidia lately...  always dread it03:16
Darkrift412took me weeks to get kubuntu setup on my laptop.... ran nice for like 6 months then my wife was on it, and wifi died03:17
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Darkrift412sent it in, they replaced mobo, wifi, kb and hd to fix it...... now im stuck with vista again03:17
Darkrift412and im afraid to start back into that hellish crap to get kubuntu back on here03:18
AMcBainOr at the very least, can anyone direct me to a channel than can help with the drive problem? It would be very bad for me to redo all the partitions and start over not knowing whether Kubuntu can even read my backup ...03:18
intelikeydid they replace the os as well ?   or was that your doing ?03:18
Daisuke_Laptopi would really like some empirical evidence for "nvidia screws up linux every time"03:18
Darkrift412what do you mean03:18
Darkrift412it comes with vista03:18
DragnslcrnVidia hasn't screwed up my system yet03:18
Daisuke_Laptopbecause, you know, it really sounds like you're talking out of your rear end with that statement03:18
Daisuke_LaptopDragnslcr: nor mine03:19
Darkrift412oh, sorry, i was talking out of my ass03:19
intelikeyDarkrift412 oh yeah you did mention "HD" sorry i overlooked that one.03:19
Darkrift412please excuse me03:19
val0X only started "X" :( kdm doesn't do anything03:19
Darkrift412it will never happen again comment nazi's03:19
Daisuke_Laptopjust remember that absolute statements generally aren't03:19
=== matrii is now known as fideas
Darkrift412ooooh, you just made one03:20
Daisuke_Laptopand just because *you* have an issue with it doesn't mean it's "teh sux0rz"03:20
o_evenin' folks, if I were looking to dl some torrents, what program do you guru's recommend?  for ubuntu..03:20
Daisuke_Laptopno i didn't.  i said "generally"03:20
Darkrift412you are generalizing03:20
Dragnslcro_- KTorrent worked well for me when I used it03:20
Daisuke_Laptopbut i'm not stating it as absolute truth03:20
* Darkrift412 writes a script to add -generally to the end of every sentance he types so as to not piss off the comment nazi's again03:21
Daisuke_Laptopktorrent is your best bet for a qt-based client03:21
Daisuke_LaptopDarkrift412: stop trolling03:21
o_thats 2 for ktorrent :) TY03:21
Dr_willisI use ktorrent all the time.03:22
Daisuke_Laptopthat's three :)03:22
NickPrestao_, make that 3 for KTorrent. *Is using it right now*03:22
Dr_williswine utorrent.exe03:22
intelikeyDarkrift412 careful.  you'll get the language nazi's after you too...03:22
Darkrift412i use ktorrent all the time - generally03:22
Daisuke_LaptopDarkrift412: again, stop trolling.03:22
o_thanks guys..03:22
o_I'll prolly be back :P03:23
o_pretty new at this :)03:23
Darkrift412how about if you arent offering usefull help, you just dont reply?03:23
Darkrift412i never once specifically directed anything towards you03:23
Daisuke_Laptopyou should really learn to heed your own advice.03:23
NickPresta!coc | Hey guys03:23
ubotuHey guys: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/03:23
intelikeyhow about if you don't have a ubuntu help question....    never mind.03:23
Darkrift412i did have a question03:24
Darkrift412never got a reply03:24
Darkrift412someone got me stuck on another topic03:24
Daisuke_Laptopokay, what was the question?03:24
Darkrift412over a simple comment that i made without sitting for 2 minutes thinking about it first03:24
Darkrift412anyone know if 7.10 has built in drivers for the bcm43xx wifi card?03:24
Dr_willisone normally uses the fwcutter tools for the bcm cards to download the proper files/drivers03:25
Darkrift412thats what i was afraid of03:25
NickPrestaDarkrift412, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx?highlight=%28WifiDocs%2FDriver%2903:25
Daisuke_Laptopouch...  afaik, broadcom support is still not built in, *but* the...  what the good doctor said03:25
Daisuke_Laptopis it a mini-pci wifi card?03:25
Darkrift412dell card in a compaq laptop03:26
Dr_willisSome of the cards require different drivers also. depending on the exact chipset03:26
Darkrift412with a broadcom chipset....03:26
Dr_willisbroadcom makes a lot of chipsets.03:26
Darkrift412i wonder if gateway designed the carbon that the chipset is made out of :S03:26
Darkrift412i remember a 2-3 week fight to get my wifi working last time03:27
Darkrift412without wifi, my internet consists of me sitting behind my daughters dresser on the floor with my laptop trying to download drivers and other tools for hours at a time03:27
intelikeywhat's an opensource wifi chip ?        or are there any?03:27
Dr_willisWith the release of gutsy my wireless in my laptop started working fine. :)  had a friend with a new hp 2000?? somthinglaptop - we had to isntall the latest wireless stuff for his to work03:27
Daisuke_Laptopralink is probably the closest03:28
Daisuke_Laptopintel has great support as well03:28
NickPrestaralink is the best, by far03:28
Daisuke_Laptopatheros isn't as great, but isn't bad by any means03:28
intelikeyralink    k.03:28
Daisuke_Laptopi *found* a mini-pci g card on newegg for $3203:28
Daisuke_Laptophowever, i don't know the chipset...  yet03:28
Darkrift412im about to get a belkin usb stick wifi card and try that out03:29
Daisuke_Laptopit's atheros03:29
Darkrift412or better yet, illl look into those dlink media center wireless hubs03:29
Daisuke_Laptopmadwifi to the rescue!03:29
Daisuke_Laptop'ello huhlig03:31
AMcBainCan I please get some help on my ext hdd + dolphin issue? I'm trying to start my whole PC over, but that's kinda hard when your intended main OS when you are done can't even read your back up hdd now!03:31
huhligI just tried both hardy and gutsy and neither work03:31
Daisuke_Laptophardy isn't for general use yet03:31
NickPresta!doesn't work | huhlig03:31
ubotuhuhlig: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.03:31
huhligubotu, ok, when it switched graphics mode the screen goes black and never comes back03:32
huhligswitching to a console doesnt work03:32
NickPrestahuhlig, did you try booting in safe graphics mode?03:32
huhligsame black screen03:32
huhligsafe mode worked in hardy03:32
NickPrestahuhlig, which graphics card?03:32
huhlignvidia FX 360M03:33
huhligNickPresta, any ideas?03:34
AMcBainKubuntu: Dolphin: "hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 1000": Seagate FreeAgent Drive (external hardrive). How much simpler can I make it!?03:35
AMcBainI just want to be able to access my data103:36
NickPrestathe 100.14.23 nvidia display driver supports the Quadro FX 360M. That was released back in October 2007. I'm not sure how to go about fixing the LiveCD issue but if you can install the system in "safe graphics mode" and then install the proprietary nvidia driver, things should be fine03:36
Darkrift412odd that console doesnt work though03:37
Darkrift412console shouldnt care about your display drivers03:37
NickPrestaagain, he just said "Doesn't work". I don't know what that means :)03:37
huhligok, I finally got myself to a console03:39
Dr_willisAMcBain,  install the ntfs-config tool, run it. check  the enable check boxs  - worked for me.03:39
huhligwhat copmmand do I need for console installation03:39
huhliglike the old debian installer03:39
AMcBainDr_willis: but Kubuntu can read my other NTFS partition that is already on the PC ... so why not an external HDD with NTFS?03:41
intelikeyyou need the alternate install cd03:41
intelikeyhuhlig the live cd has no text based install03:41
doobehHmm, I just resized my monitor down to 800x600, and now I'm trying to put it back up to normal, but the Okay/Apply button is hidden behind the bottom bar03:43
AMcBainDr_Willis: I got it by hand, creating the folder I wanted it to be on /dev and then mounting it.03:44
doobehanyway to... hide the bottom bar temporarly so I can change the res ? :)03:44
AMcBainBut it was rather silly that I even had to do that.03:44
intelikeyso move the window03:44
intelikeyalt+click drag03:44
ubuntui need help installing kubuntu 7.1003:45
Darkrift412doobeh see if you can drag the window up and resize it from the bottom, normally works for me03:45
ubuntui am in the prepare partitions of the install process03:45
doobehalt-drag worked, thanks03:45
ubuntuand i have already setup an ext3 and swap partition03:45
ubuntui am able to select the ext3 partition but cant select the swap partition03:46
Darkrift412select it for what03:46
ubuntuso that i can set it as the swap03:47
Darkrift412oh :S03:47
ubuntuwill kubuntu automatiocally do that?03:47
Darkrift412is it labeled swap?'03:47
Darkrift412then yes03:47
ubuntuand i want it to be used as swap03:47
Darkrift412i mean, not a drive label03:48
Darkrift412but in the partitioning util, does it say swap03:48
ubuntuyes in the "Type" coloumn03:48
Darkrift412i havent used the 7.10 installer yet, but in the other versions, thats how it worked03:48
Darkrift412then you should be good03:48
Darkrift412i dotn believe it will let you go forward without a swap partition setup properly03:48
ubuntuok thankyou i am continuing with the install :-)03:49
Darkrift412can you install stuff on the live cd?03:49
ubuntui dont think so the changes will be lost when you reboot03:50
intelikey<Darkrift412> i dotn believe it will let you go forward without a swap partition setup properly <<< sorry i can't say about 7.10 but earlier ubiquities will let you.03:50
intelikeyDarkrift412 yes you can install on the live CD if you have the ram for it03:51
Darkrift412i can deal with that, but i just want to test run the bcm43xx driver installation from a live cd before killing my windows partition03:51
Darkrift412my problem would be getting the driver installers and stuff to the live cd :S03:51
Darkrift412unless the livecd can read ntfs nativly03:51
* intelikey doesn't use swap nor partitions.03:52
Dr_willislive cd has ntfs read support.03:52
Darkrift412ok, how about this.... anyone know how i would find my wifi's chipset in vista?03:53
tyson_Darkrift412: is it a laptop?03:54
tyson_u know the model number?03:54
Darkrift412its a bcm43xx, but i need the specific version03:54
tyson_go to the manufacturer's site03:54
Dr_willisi would google for that exact make/model laptop and linux.03:54
Darkrift412compaq v6210us03:54
tyson_they should list it03:54
intelikeyDarkrift412 maybe  ##windows03:54
Darkrift412i have, but i find lots of useless/wrong info03:54
tyson_then download a program called everest home (its free)03:55
tyson_it will tell you also03:55
tyson_i expect it will be broadcom or intel03:55
tyson_...and i would think that kubuntu will support that03:55
Darkrift412i know its broadcom 43xx03:56
Darkrift412PCI/AGP 14E4-4311: Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN [NoDB]03:58
Darkrift412does that mean its the 4311?03:58
tyson_most likely03:58
o_evenin' folks.. trying to install ktorrent. synaptic returning an error03:59
Rominasomething terrible happened,  please help me04:00
o_E: /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-2.6.20-16-386_2.6.20-16.33_i386.deb: subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 104:00
o_I'm lost??04:00
Rominawe had a power outage  (electricity failure)  WHILE  I was running a DIST-UPGRADE04:01
Rominaso the PC crashed down since it got no electricity04:01
tyson_o: does it give the same error when you use 'add/remove/ programs?04:01
Rominawhat shall I do?04:01
RominaI used  "adept_manager",  the GUI  by the way04:01
Rominathe cut came when the  dist upgrade tool was already getting packages04:02
o_add remove in terminal?04:02
Rominao_, me?04:03
tyson_o: in the k menu04:03
tyson_o: above help04:03
o_no romina..sorry04:03
tyson_can anyone recommend amarok alternatives?04:04
tyson_(good ones)04:04
mkquisto_: have you tried sudo apt-get update and try it again?04:04
Darkrift412wow, there is a broadcomm wifi channel on this network04:05
mkquisttyson_: rhythmbox?04:05
Darkrift412#bcm-users incase anyone didnt knwo04:05
hgarciahas anyone used kaffine to play dvd's?04:06
tyson_another thing. i like using joost and tvuplayer in windows. is there linux alternatives?04:06
=== mi is now known as todo
intelikeytyson_ sox is an alternative.    but you wont want that.04:06
o_tyson ..found it..brb :p04:06
Daisuke_Laptopmkquist: he said good :P04:06
mkquistDaisuke_Laptop: hey, i like it... =(04:07
intelikeytyson_ vlc04:07
Daisuke_Laptop-xmms +audacious04:07
Daisuke_Laptopmkquist: it really isn't a bad piece of software04:07
Daisuke_Laptopi just find it unbearably ugly :(04:07
tyson_vlc? does that play tv channels?04:08
Darkrift412i doubt there is a linux joost04:08
Darkrift412its fairly new still04:08
Darkrift412its an internet tv program for windows04:08
Darkrift412was (might still be) invite only04:08
todovlc 0.9.004:08
Daisuke_Laptopah, neat04:08
Darkrift412lets you watch certain tv channels/movies etc04:08
Daisuke_Laptopcould try running it in wine :D04:08
Darkrift412was kinda cool, but liek i said, it was new, so there werent many channels when i last used it (6+ months ago)04:09
tyson_Daisuke_: good idea04:09
Darkrift412wine is getting pretty damned awesome04:10
tyson_joost is ok, but i like tvu player04:10
Darkrift412it seems to run anythign ive thrown at it fairly well04:10
Darkrift412mirc, wow and lots more04:10
sayersDoes hardy haron release 4 have KDE4 yet?04:10
Darkrift412finally ditched mirc and started learning perl to replace it with xchat04:10
todomess here with themes...xfce,gnome,kde,kde4....lol04:10
tyson_joost acts like ondemand, whereas tvuplayer simply streams whatever the cable channel is showing at the time04:10
Daisuke_LaptopDarkrift412: oooor, you can use konversation and use simple shell scripts for all of the extending :)04:11
Darkrift412oh wow04:11
Darkrift412i might have to look that up04:11
Darkrift412whats teh quality?04:11
=== bmk789 is now known as bmk789_schlafen
Darkrift412let me know if it works in wine also04:13
sayersDoes hardy ship with kde4?04:14
todoalpha 304:14
adrock358does anyone know if you can save youtube videos?04:16
tyson_use the firefox extensions to do that, i think04:17
adrock358tyson_ any idea which extensions?04:18
tyson_i forget exactly which ones04:18
intelikeyi think i'm lagging.   -:- CTCP PING reply from intelikey: 111.081 seconds04:18
Daisuke_Laptopthere's also a monkey one04:18
tyson_just google 'firefox extensions', then browse the multimedia ones04:18
Daisuke_Laptopit would appear so...04:19
Daisuke_Laptop33 seconds04:20
intelikeyDaisuke_Laptop full pipe.04:21
intelikeyyou realize that if i ping myself it is two round trips, as opposed to your ping of one round...04:23
o_Errors were encountered while processing:04:24
o_ /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-2.6.20-16-386_2.6.20-16.33_i386.deb04:24
o_E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)04:24
o_WTH does that mean??04:24
Daisuke_Laptopit means something isn't right04:24
o_hee he04:25
Dr_willisTechnicaly speaking... 'it broke' :)04:25
o_too deep for me...04:25
organixwhat were you trying to do o_04:25
Daisuke_Laptoptry sudo dpkg --configure -a (i believe)04:26
intelikeyo_ you need the error message that is above that one04:26
o_apt-get -f instal04:26
organixif you -f it, make sure to upgrade after04:27
o_You shouldn't call /sbin/update-grub. Please call /usr/sbin/update-grub instead!04:27
o_that one?04:27
o_Your /etc/kernel-img.conf needs to be updated. Read grub's NEWS.Debian[104:28
o_er that one?04:29
intelikeyyes.   hehhe  it's another "totally stupid" absolute path error in the postinst.sh script for that package.04:29
o_wher do i find "grubs new debian...04:29
o_hem NOT my error??04:30
o_I'm trying to install ktorrent..04:30
crazy_busis there a free software font replacement for MyriadMM  Because kpdf is displaying every letter next to each other with no gaps in between with dejavu (the replacement font)04:31
intelikeyo_ if you wish you can edit /var/lib/dpkg/info/<package-name>.postinst  and change the /sbin/  to /usr/sbin/      should fix it.  then run  sudo dpkg --configure -a      to finish setting up the package.04:31
intelikeyand do file a bug against that package04:31
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots04:31
o_itell..lol.."I" can't edit ..04:32
o_i'm GREEN04:32
o_I'll file the bug04:32
intelikeyo_ that is one of those " oh, <by_word> ! "   things that "packagers"/"script writers" do from time to time.04:35
o_thanks intelikey :)04:36
ahmosI need a little help!04:37
organixspeak ahmos04:38
o_intelikey.. is there a torrent program that I can dl, that will work ?04:38
ahmosI've installed x sensors but when I start it ,it opens a blank window!!04:38
intelikeyo_ welcome.    and i don't normally lag this badly.   sorry for such long delays04:39
intelikey!ask | ahmos04:39
ubotuahmos: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:39
ahmosso how to mae it work?04:39
organixahmos: blank white window perhaps?04:39
ahmosit don't contain any data04:40
jontecokay, guys... I just apt-get source'd a package whose source files I need to edit (ruby1.8) a.) where can I find them  b.) should I make the fixed files into a new deb to install? c.) how do I know what flags are normally set in the install?04:40
organixin a terminal can you type 'sensors-detect' please04:40
organixmake sure you're sudo ahmos04:41
intelikey!torrent | o_  i really don't know.   i can't say that i have ever used any torrent.  but the bot may know...04:42
ubotuo_  i really don't know.   i can't say that i have ever used any torrent.  but the bot may know...: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P04:42
=== gp is now known as gp2you
ubuntuI just poped in the hardy haron cd and there is no KDE404:43
User2341_hi everyone04:43
gp2youhelp kded is taking 100% cpu04:43
gp2youi cant kill it also04:43
User2341_could anyone tell me howto make full filename visible on kde desktop ?04:43
o_kool thanks..theres some readiin for me.04:43
User2341_for my long filename i have only part of the file names visible followed by ...04:44
gp2youhelp kded is taking 100% cpu Not able to kill it also04:44
ahmoshang on ,It keeps asking me for scanning my devices and I answer with yes..04:44
gp2youhelp kded is taking 100% cpu Not able to kill it also04:45
gp2youhelp kded is taking 100% cpu Not able to kill it also04:45
gp2youhelp kded is taking 100% cpu Not able to kill it also04:45
jontecgp2you: your last message is still visible in my window04:45
organixahmos: keep answering yes, afterwards reboot04:45
jontecgp2you: wait 5 minutes before the same question04:45
organixgp2you quit spamming04:45
gp2yousorry my cpu is running 100%04:45
jontecgp2you: well, if someone knows how to help, they'll answer you04:45
ahmosok I will reboot now ,hang on04:45
organixhave you tried 'ps aux' and killing?04:46
intelikeygp2you  sudo killall -9 kded     or ctrl+alt+backspace04:46
tzangergood evening...  I just installed 7.10 on a toshiba u300; most everything is good... the display is 1280x800 though and the taskbar is acting as if the screen is 1024x768..  the video is intel gm965/gl960, is there a particular package I need to help that out?04:46
mkquistnow why is a cpu running at 100% such a fuss? =/04:47
intelikeygp2you if you really want to kill kill kill things.   alt+sysRQ+E04:47
gp2yousudo killall kde -> NOT working04:48
gp2youwhe restart X and logon again it takes 100% cpu04:48
ahmosorganix:nothing ,the same problem04:48
gp2youkded is taking 100% cpu04:49
organixno good ahmos, one momento04:49
gp2youkde sucks !!04:49
gp2youkde sucks!!!!04:50
ahmosby the way when I first type sensors-detect i see this message04:51
ahmoshis program will help you determine which kernel modules you need04:51
ahmosto load to use lm_sensors most effectively04:51
ahmosso is that lm-sensors another pro.I should intall instead04:51
organixsensors-detect is a graphical frontend to lm-sensors ;)04:52
Agent_bobintelikey is dead.   long live intelikey !04:53
ahmos!! so?04:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about so? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:53
=== bj_ is now known as p903
organixahmos: try 'sudo sensors-detect' again and answer no to the last question. Reboot once again.04:54
Agent_bobif h2o is on the inside of a fire hydrant, what's on the outside ?     k9p ?04:57
=== brian__ is now known as JoeyJoeJo
ahmosI'm back again04:58
JoeyJoeJoI just installed kde4 and I have 2 of each program in my menu (2 konqueror, 2 kopete, etc)... how can I get rid of all my kde3 junk?04:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about purekde4 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:00
ahmosorganix:what I can do now? :D05:02
organixahmos: still not working?05:02
Agent_bobi don't have any sensors, i'm a p3...    does he have sensors ?05:03
Agent_bobda' mother                   board05:04
organixAgent_bob: I guess that would have been a good question to begin with.05:04
ahmosyes...nvidia 7300 LE graphic card...motherboard gigabyte ga-p31-ds3l and cpu p4 3.0GHz05:04
Agent_boband the cpu provide the sensors05:05
Agent_boband i'm sensa'less05:05
ahmosof course for the tmp. and fan speed sensor05:05
ahmosha ha :D05:05
Agent_bobjus' thought i'd make sho'.05:06
=== damavandi is now known as mohammad
mohammadhi. how to run vnc?05:09
ubotuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX05:10
Agent_bobif i do >>> for Q in `cut -d':' -f1 /etc/passwd` ;do /bin/echo -e "`passwd -dl $Q`\b for account, \"$Q\"" ;done <<< what's my password now ?05:14
Agent_bobwb vicky05:15
Agent_bobwb = welcome back     but i should probably refrain from such shorthand05:17
TheWhiteRooksorry, :yeah" is to the "wb-welcome back"05:18
TheWhiteRookwhat does "idk" mean? (I don't usually get abreviations...)05:18
Agent_bobidk = i don't know05:18
Dr_willisidk what idk means.. :)05:19
Agent_bobmodestymaster_: yw.  asl?   errrr crap i'm now an aol geek.  some one shoot me.05:20
tzangerhmm, what was the name of the codec package for all the various audio and video codecs?05:20
Dr_willisHmm..  need to track down a way to moitor both cpus' to see what my real load is.05:20
TheWhiteRooklol. I remember I saw "asl" EVERYWHERE for about 2 months, and then it disappeared05:21
todohttp://img222.imageshack.us/img222/4006/snapshot1gk1.png ....:)05:21
Agent_bobTheWhiteRook took us that long to track all the aol geeks down and shoot them.     now   no more "asl, asl, asl, asl?"05:22
Agent_bobjoke ^  of course.05:23
TheWhiteRookyay! thank you, Agent_bob05:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about loop - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:25
TheWhiteRookthat asl had been getting on my nerves.05:25
ubotuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.05:25
Agent_bobi really liked the doggy joke better though.05:25
Agent_bobTheWhiteRook oh you missed it.  i'll repost.05:25
TheWhiteRookwhat did I miss?05:25
Agent_bobif h2o is on the inside of a fire hydrant, what's on the outside ?     k9p ?05:25
TheWhiteRookI don't quite get it...05:26
mohammadhow to define virtual host?05:26
mohammadi defined some but don't work05:26
tzangerhmm, what was the name of the codec package for all the various audio and video codecs?05:27
Agent_bob!codecs | tzanger05:28
ubotutzanger: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:28
Dr_willisthey are at the medibuntu repo. i think05:29
tzangeraha, thank you05:29
Agent_bobw32 and w64codecs doc05:30
Agent_bobmohammad sorry, i'm network illiterate,  can't help ya' there.    maybe someone else05:31
Agent_boband i can't spell my name apparently05:32
alakhiahad a question about auto-mounting in kde05:33
alakhiai have two usb mass storage devices ... and they get mounted as /media/disk and /media/disk-105:34
alakhiadepending on which one I mount first05:34
Agent_bobremovable or internal alakhia ?05:34
alakhiaremovable, Agent_bob05:34
Agent_bobah ok.  usb.    sorry.  i'm lagging real bad05:35
alakhiaproblem is that my sym-links don't work unless I get the order right05:35
alakhiano problem, Agent_bob05:35
alakhiaanyway I can name the dir created in /media based on device ID or something like that?05:35
Agent_bobalakhia hmmm   what do the links point at ?     ls -l /media/disk /media/disk-105:36
alakhiaI have symlinks like ~/Pictures -> /media/disk/Pictures05:36
alakhiabut if the drive that has pictures is mounted first, this works05:37
alakhiaotherwise, the drive shows up as /media/disk-1 and my Pictures symlink points to the first drive05:37
Agent_bobyeah you can't mount on /media/disk/Pictures unless /media/disk is mounted05:37
alakhiawhich doesn't have the Pictures dir05:37
alakhiaI'm not trying to mount another dir within a mounted dir05:38
alakhiai'm basically mounting /media/disk and /media/disk-105:38
Agent_bobthe mountpoint for disk 2 is actually on disk 1     unless you change that you'll always have that issue.    OR! you could make the same dir on the other disk, and let it mount in reverse order.05:38
alakhiawell, in my case, kde is05:38
alakhiano no, the two mountpoints are separate05:39
alakhiathe order doesn't matter05:39
Agent_bobclue_by_four*** a symlink is not a mountpoint.  it only points to one.05:39
alakhiaright ... the symlinks are in my home dir05:40
alakhiai juse need a consistent way to point my symlinks ...05:40
Agent_bobok.   again   ls -l /media/disk /media/disk-105:40
Agent_boblets see what is happening?05:41
alakhiaright now, my /media/disk has Pictures dir05:41
Agent_boband if you hadn't noticed, i'm lagging.05:41
Agent_bobwait.   i think i see what you are trying to say.     and "you can't"    a symlink can not point to more than one destination"05:43
alakhiai want the symlink to always point to the same drive05:44
dick-richardsonhow do I compile source code that I wrote?05:44
dick-richardsoncpp myfile.cpp something.exe?05:44
Agent_bobnow.  if you want to make them manually mounted you can setup fstab and make symlinks that will work every time that the fs is mounted.05:44
alakhiabasically, i want the thumbdrive usb to be /media/thumb ... and my backup drive to be /media/backup05:45
Dr_willisyou dont need to name it .exe :)05:45
alakhiais there a way for the auto mounter to do that?05:45
Dr_willisalakhia,  you could set the thumbdrives label to be thumb?  that may  let it get automounted to /media/thumb05:45
alakhiahow do I set the label?05:46
dick-richardsonDr_willis: right, but the output of the cpp command should be executable?05:46
Dr_willisTheres a bit of voodoo magic in how ithe stuff picks names.05:46
Dr_willisalakhia,  depends on its filesystem :)05:46
alakhiait's fat3205:46
Dr_willisproberly safest to set its label in wndws if its vfat/ntfs05:46
alakhiahmmm, ok05:47
Dr_willisIt might not even have a Label if its just being called 'disk'05:47
alakhiaright ... that's why my symlinks always break05:47
Agent_bobdick-richardson executable is not determined by name but by permission05:47
alakhiaboth devices want to be called /media/disk05:47
Dr_willisYou could always set up a specific fstab entry based on label - also.05:47
Dr_willisor uuid,05:47
Dr_willisbut that overrides the automounting stuff at times.05:48
dazzahi, what's the channel for kubuntu+1?05:48
Darkrift412alakhia, try pointing to the drives id, not the drive type05:48
dazzaie the hardy channel05:48
Darkrift412yes, like he said, uuid05:48
Darkrift412the id will always be the same for that device, no matter what else is plugged in05:48
dick-richardsonAgent_bob: yes i know...what I'm saying is that running cpp on my source code results in a compiled binary, correct?05:48
alakhiauuid ... what is that?05:48
stdindazza: #ubuntu+105:48
Darkrift412so if you point at that uuid, it will always point at the same drive no matter what05:48
dazzathanks stdin05:48
Darkrift412under your mount points, you have devices sorted by uuid05:48
Darkrift412im not at a *nix box right now, so i cant give more details05:49
Dr_willisI find the LABEL option looks nicer in fstab then using UUID :)05:49
Darkrift412but there shoudl be a path that says something about "device by uuid" or something05:49
ubotuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)05:49
Dr_willisls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid05:49
Dr_willisis another way to see  the uuids05:49
Dr_willis ls -l /dev/disk/by-label/05:50
Dr_willislrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 2008-02-02 16:50 VistaBoot -> ../../sda205:50
Darkrift412check each device and see which one has the uuid you want, and then point your "shortcut" to that uuid path instead of /disk05:50
Dr_willisshows my disk is label VistaBoot :)05:50
Dr_willisLABEL=Vistaboot /media/VistaBoot ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 005:50
Dr_willisis my fstab entry for that.05:51
Dr_willisOR i could use the UUID=#########  /media/VistaBoot ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 005:51
Dr_willisfor example.05:51
tzangerwhat is the package I'm interested in if I'm trying to get a useful backtrace out of twinkle (a sip softphone for KDE) ?  there's the kde debug info, but I forget what the name of the packages are that provide that05:51
Agent_bobfstab for usb drives tho05:52
Agent_bobDr_willis will that fstab line mount when you plug in the device ?05:54
ahmosHi everybody,my computer keeps hanging..and I discovered that my craphic card temprature becomes too high so it hangs...so any ideas05:56
LinNewbHello People05:57
alakhiaahhhh, thanks Dr_willis ... I'll try /dev/disk/by-uuid05:58
ahmoshi Dr_willis,06:00
LinNewbanybody who can help me with cedega?06:00
Dr_willisAgent_bob,  nope. a line in fstab overrides the automounting. BUT when you go to access the device in konquer - i think it will mount then.06:00
Dr_willisat least thats how it seems to work. :)06:00
=== sam64 is now known as Goop2
Agent_bobDr_willis hmmmm ok.  so they have a kio calling a mount command now ?     nice    (if you like that kind of thing)06:01
Dr_willisits been in there for ages.  I think.06:01
Goop2I'm having an audio problem.. it sounds like there's way too much gain or something06:02
Agent_bobwell i probably never noticed it because users can't mount here...06:02
Agent_bobGoop2 alsamixer   adjust it ?06:02
Goop2I would, but I have no idea what to adjust06:03
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=== Hilary is now known as huhlig
ahmoswhat is the command for closing the x server please06:03
Agent_bobinput gain?  mic ?   line in ?   recording level ?06:04
Agent_bobahmos sudo /etc/init.d/?dm stop06:04
Dr_willisahmos,  rstart the kdm service or hit alt-ctrl-backspace to kill it NOW. :)06:04
Goop2Agent_bob: I muted all 3D sound, and anything else just affects the volume itself06:05
Agent_bobalt-ctrl-backspace != command for closing the x server06:05
Agent_bobGoop2 you do see there is both "input" and "output" settings?06:06
Goop2Agent_bob: yeah06:06
Agent_bobso use the app you are using to record and turn down the recording volume06:07
Goop2that isn't even on06:07
Goop2actually turning down PCM helped06:07
Goop2it had a huge effect on the volume, but it got rid of the gain sound06:08
Goop2it wasn't input I was having trouble with06:10
Goop2my output was buzzy06:11
val0I have a weird error, when I click on my kde panel I get a "Malformed URL. system:/" error any ideas?06:11
tzangerwhat is the package I'm interested in if I'm trying to get a useful backtrace out of twinkle (a sip softphone for KDE) ?  there's the kde debug info, but I forget what the name of the packages are that provide that06:11
Agent_bobtzanger you could try searching in a package-manager    apt-cache search bug    or debug   or what ever...06:26
Agent_bob!info kbugbuster06:27
ubotukbugbuster (source: kdesdk): a front end for the KDE bug tracking system. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 436 kB, installed size 1220 kB06:27
Agent_bobthat's all i see in dapper that even comes close06:28
hydrogenthats not at all what he's asking06:29
hydrogenhe's asking about the -dbg packages06:29
hydrogennot how to interface with kde's bugzilla06:29
=== ebq is now known as qbe
Agent_bobthat's still all that looks remotely close in dapper.    and i knew that wasn't what he wanted,   would pointed at it long ago if it was.06:30
hydrogenthat isn't remotely close..06:31
tzangerAgent_bob: yes, but someone had told me about a "secret" repository that had debug packages for WAY more packages than what normally showed up... I can't remember what the heck that was though06:31
hydrogentzanger: It doesn't appear that there is a package with the debug symbols for twinkle06:31
jessieyou ppl in here?06:48
kiefer_we are06:50
kiefer_Well, I am :)06:50
=== kiefer_ is now known as kiefer
=== kiefer is now known as kiefer_
jessiehey kiefer_06:51
kiefer_Hello :)06:51
jessiegood to see you on again06:51
kiefer_Haha, always on06:51
jessiehaha.... nice!06:53
kiefer_Lol, Ty06:53
jessiekiefer_: so did you get whatever problem it was sorted out?06:54
kiefer_I had lots of problems/questions, most got sorted06:54
jessiekiefer_: did you get the one you asked me about sorted out? i cant remember for the life of me what it was06:54
AMcBainAny idea why Amarok has a problem with multiple albums with the same name? I gave two Gold [Disc 1] and Gold [Disk 2] for Aerosmith and Joe Cocker. It insists when I choose an album cover that I am doing it for the Aerosmith album (as it comes first alphabetically) even when I distinctly click on the Joe Cocker image06:55
AMcBainOkay, I admit that since Albums are composed of songs, it might be a bit hard to keep them apart (as albums have no affinity towards a certain artist)06:56
FunnyLookinHatnixternal, So what are the chances you could point me towards a good list of packages to install for getting KDE4 on Hardy?  I saw the gutsy stuff with the special PPA repo but nothing for Hardy06:57
=== u^A_ is now known as u^A
TheWhiteRookhow do I set Dolphin to be the default file manager in KDE4?06:59
travkinhow to resize a panel in KDE4? :D07:00
anitravkin: http://techbase.kde.org/index.php?title=Projects/Plasma/FAQ#How_can_I_change_the_height_of_the_panel.3F07:01
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AMcBainHow do you do anything in something. That's the ultimate question. Solve it and you have the answer to anything. (though I think 42 already takes that cake)07:01
FunnyLookinHattravkin, How did you get KDE4 installed?  With Gutsy PPA or on hardy?07:03
hydrogentravkin: you can't until 4.0.2 at the earliest07:07
hydrogenwithout some fairly adventuresome config file changes07:07
jmuthi. where I can see list of packages of kubuntu. So I see what are latest versions of some I am interested.07:10
AMcBainugh, found a new album with the same name as another. This is getting fairly annoying.07:10
kiefer__jmut: packages.ubuntu.com07:10
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=== kiefer is now known as kiefer__
jmutkiefer__: mmm.thats lovely. Now only need to find what each name stands for :D . thanks07:14
kiefer__Lol, No problem :)07:15
AMcBainCan Amarok rip CDs?07:21
AMcBain(well, I'm pretty sure it can, I just wondered how)07:21
kiefer__(exactly what i thought when you asked)07:22
AMcBainI'm around enough people that pretend to be literalists that I watch out for it too07:22
ahmosHi,I need a little help for choosing wich nvidia driver I should Install(X.org legacy driver,x.org driver,x.org new driver) I have geforce 7300 LE07:24
MilhousePunkRockAMcBain: It definetly can.. By means of the kio slaves...07:25
MilhousePunkRockCan't remember how you do it exactly...07:25
MilhousePunkRockAMcBain: Just as you would simply open an audio cd in Konqueror and copy the wav/mp3/ogg files it offers you...07:25
ol_dude67i dont know i always use k3b07:26
AMcBainThat works? It never worked under Windows ... (though that could be the OS)07:26
AMcBainIt always ended up giving me links ..07:26
MilhousePunkRockAMcBain: KDE >> Windows07:26
AMcBainOnly one > unless you meant to bit shift ...07:26
Daisuke_Idowebilder's turned out to be a neat little program07:26
MilhousePunkRockAMcBain: It works, I have done it, it will start copying and you will notice it's slower than it should be, that's when the encoding takes place07:27
ol_dude67well i like k3b, cause if i down load say like the new ubuntu, it almost always burns it as an iso.07:27
gundam_rx78nt1where do I go to change the default login image/background?07:27
ahmosanybody help me please!!07:28
gundam_rx78nt1what is wrong ahmos?07:28
ol_dude67gundam_rx78nt1, did you look in systems?07:28
MilhousePunkRockahmos: nvidia-glx-new07:28
kiefer__AMcBain: http://docs.kde.org/userguide/audio-cd.html --Not sure if that will be helpfull, IM on wireless so its taking time to load, so I havnt read it07:28
ahmosI need a little help for choosing wich nvidia driver I should Install(X.org legacy driver,x.org driver,x.org new driver) I have geforce 7300 LE07:28
MilhousePunkRockahmos: If you have problems with that, just go for nvidia-glx07:28
MilhousePunkRockahmos: nvidia-glx-new, like i said a minute ago07:29
kiefer__Anyway Im off to watch some good old fashioned TV, Bye all, BBL.07:29
Daisuke_Ido7300?  install new.07:29
AMcBainkiefer: Yeah, I found an article one it, but it wasn't really telling me much, and if I go MilhousePunkRock's approach I can't get mp3s ...07:29
gundam_rx78nt1ol_dude67, I did change it in the kcontrol but it doesn't work.  I get the "defaul" login screen and then the image I selected for a split second.07:29
ahmosaha because my graphic card is overheated after a while so that the system hangs07:29
MilhousePunkRockAMcBain: Lame installed?07:29
Daisuke_Idoand the audiocd: kioslave is awesome07:29
MilhousePunkRockahmos: That's not a driver issue, that's an hardware issue07:29
gundam_rx78nt1I would like to have the image I want as the default background.07:29
Daisuke_Idoahmos: that's not a driver issue, that's a "get some forking ventilation" issue07:30
ahmosok so is there any solution07:30
ol_dude67oh left click on desktop and go to configure07:30
AMcBainAh yes lame. the item nobody can bundle with anything because they don't want to get in any trouble yet it ends up being the most useful ...07:30
Daisuke_Idoif the card's overheating, it's not an os problem07:30
Daisuke_IdoAMcBain: you got it :)07:30
Daisuke_Idowhile i like the idea of using free formats like ogg vorbis, i have 177gb of mp3s that say otherwise07:31
MilhousePunkRockAMcBain: I rip my CDs with the good ol' KaudioCreator though...07:31
ahmosok thank's pople for help..;)07:31
Daisuke_Idokaudiocreator offers the most flexibility07:32
travkinFunnyLookinHat: on 7.10 - gutsy ppa07:32
Daisuke_Ido*but* it's still no EAC07:32
MilhousePunkRockDaisuke_Ido: If my mobile player and my car stereo would play ogg, I would re-rip my ~300 CDs07:32
travkinFunnyLookinHat: on hardy - hardy ;)07:32
travkinit's working stable07:32
MilhousePunkRockDaisuke_Ido: Funny, that's one thing I miss from Windows too07:32
travkinwithout any problemz07:32
travkinjust 2 things missing07:32
Daisuke_Idocdparanoia just isn't up to par07:33
shindahey guys anyone know of any file recover apps ?07:33
travkinprogram hotkeys + panel resize07:33
Daisuke_Idoit's good, don't get me wrong07:33
Daisuke_Idobut it's not EAC07:33
AMcBainApparently Kaffeine rips CDs but it doesn't recognize that I just installed lame.07:33
Daisuke_Idofortunately, EAC works under wine07:33
* AMcBain wonders where lame really installed, as Kaffeine looks in /usr/lib/codecs07:35
Daisuke_Idodid you restart kaffeine?07:35
MilhousePunkRockAMcBain: You did restart Kaffeine after installing lame, did you?07:35
MilhousePunkRockDaisuke_Ido: Seems like I am a bit faster this morning ;P07:36
AMcBainI opened if *after* I isntalled lame07:36
Daisuke_IdoMilhousePunkRock: that's twice.  i'm watching you.07:36
Daisuke_IdoAMcBain: now that lame is installed, you can use the audiocd:/ kioslave07:36
AMcBainuh ... okay07:37
MilhousePunkRockUnfortunately system settings do not allow you to specify a bitrate, only a "quality", IIRC07:37
Daisuke_Idobut if you've noticed, lame has gone to a "quality" based set of presets07:37
Daisuke_IdoV0 - V807:37
Daisuke_IdoV0 being the former alt-preset-extreme07:38
MilhousePunkRockDaisuke_Ido: I encode - CBR 19207:38
Daisuke_IdoV8 being barely adequate for spoken-work07:38
Daisuke_IdoAPX for me07:38
MilhousePunkRockOr however that was done, can't remember, been a while since I set it up...07:38
shindaanyone know of any utilities avaiable that can recover data deleted on fat32 disk?07:39
JoeyJoeJohow do I change the settings of the taskbar (or whatever it's called in KDE)?07:40
gundam_rx78nt1how do I chang the kdm theme?07:40
gundam_rx78nt1change, sorry it's been a long day.07:41
AMcBainmp3's now show up in dolphin07:42
sub[t]rnlJoeyJoeJo➜ right click on the tasbar -> configure panel07:42
sub[t]rnl!kdmtheme | gundam_rx78nt107:42
ubotugundam_rx78nt1: To customize your !KDM theme, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu - However, see http://subtrnl.homelinux.com/kdmtheme.html for working around bug #132723 (http://tinyurl.com/2prhgc)07:42
gundam_rx78nt1thanks sub[t]rnl07:43
AMcBainDang. I hit the "Dolphin-Tooltip Segfault" error again.07:44
AMcBainSeems weird to have a segfault related to a Tooltip. That would be the last thing I would expect to crash an app.07:44
AMcBain(yes I can reproduce it, that's why I gave it a name)07:45
TheWhiteRookGRRRR I've got that weird bug in KDE 4 that I've seen in Com piz, in which the system tray icons are all opened in their own mini windows...07:45
TheWhiteRookdoes anyone know how to fix the system tray icon bug?07:48
AMcBain1) Get steps to reproduce it 2) Check them again 2a) get someone here to verify 3) Post to "bug repository"07:49
AMcBain2a is optional, I suppose07:49
JcklAnyone know why i only get 2 desktops when i have it set for 4?07:53
AMcBainHow can anyone really manage more than 1? Multitasking really doesn't exist. You are only doing one thing at a time.07:54
AMcBainat any given time*07:54
MilhousePunkRockAMcBain: I just hooked up a second screen two days ago... :D07:55
AMcBainMilhousePunkRock: URandR07:55
Jcklever code a website that has multiple files... it clusters up your desktop.. having more than 1 is an easy way to keep the clutter down and easy to switch between the desktops07:56
AMcBainThough when it asks you the first time to restart the X-Server ... click no, and restart the PC manually yourself.07:56
Jckli use to have 2 monitors on my pc but not anymore07:56
AMcBainAs when it does it, it doesn't quite shut down right,.07:56
AMcBainYou get a blank screen with a blinky cursor and anything you type does nothing. Kubuntu never restarts.07:56
AMcBainSo, just do it yourself. Other than that, URandR is a very nice program.07:57
AMcBain(oh, and before you try it ... it doesn't show up via apt-get/adept. Use Google, first hit.)07:57
AMcBainnick__: wrong window :P08:02
TheWhiteRookI asked this in #kubuntu-kde4, but no one's there: does anyone know how to get the system tray icons to stop appearing in their own little windows when the desktop effects are enabled?08:03
AMcBainPeople don't usually answer things here or in #kde (etc) unless it's interesting, they are interested or the answer is quick ... so you could be here/there a while and get no reply or just plain ignored :-/08:04
TheWhiteRookheh. thought so. Worth a shot though...08:05
=== solid_liquid is now known as solid_liq
AMcBainI kinda thought people would answer anything on IRC, but then again, I hang out on ##java and almost anything gets a response there, if only a bot spam to rtfm08:06
* AMcBain wonders why FF's settings are under the "edit" menu ...08:07
sub[t]rnlmost anyone here will answer your question if they know it, your just around at the wrong time.  Most are idle.08:07
jessiehey guys and gals08:07
AMcBainHey, while I'm thinking about it ... how do I make FF the default browser?08:07
joheyThe linuxdcpp package for Gutsy Gibbon is 0.698, while there has been 1.01 out there quite some time. Is this package no longer maintained? Is there any third party repository with a newer version?08:07
jessieoh.. i read about this somewhere. its something like debian-default....08:08
MilhousePunkRockAMcBain: The always used to b there... The just changed it to extras for the windows version08:08
sub[t]rnlAMcBain➜ kcontrol -> kde components -> default applications08:08
AMcBain?? There is no kcontrol08:09
sub[t]rnlalt + f2 and type kcontrol08:09
AMcBainnevermind. found it under system settings.08:09
ol_dude67AMcBain, open firefox and set it in preference under edit.08:10
AMcBainThat doesn't do it.08:10
AMcBainI tried that last time. Seems to be broke,.08:10
ol_dude67ah ok,08:10
* AMcBain remembers he has to install Thunderbird ...08:10
jessiesudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser08:11
jessiethere it is!08:11
AMcBainOh no!08:13
jessieAMcBain: sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser08:13
AMcBainI can't find my files for Thunderbird ... I know I grabbed them ...08:13
jessiethat'll do it for you...08:13
jessieAMcBain: thats no good!08:13
AMcBainThat means I've lost ZILLIONS of e-mails forever.,08:14
AMcBainHow do you explain that to others? Please resend? :P08:14
jessiehahaha.... ummm... you cant? haha08:14
val0running vmware server on kubuntu, trying to add a serial number but get the "need to be an administrator to enter serial number error". what's the solution? thanks08:14
jessieval0: run vmware as root?08:15
ol_dude67sudo then the number08:15
jessieaka using sudo08:15
val0ol_dude67: sudo vmware ####-####?08:15
ol_dude67no just sudo and the number08:16
AMcBainI know I went into the folder at least ... so why didn't I copy it? Since the install had to reformat the partitions to ext3 ... that means I lost them forever, unless they are on the disk somewhere that I don't see.08:16
val0ol_dude67: in the console?08:16
jessieol_dude67: that dont make no sense. it should be something like... sudo vmware-register08:16
jessieAMcBain: .thunderbird?08:16
val0jessie: that's what i am confused about08:17
ol_dude67well when i installed it i just had to put sudo the number in consol,when it was installing08:17
AMcBainjessie: My previous OS was Windows.08:17
jessieval0: no joke, shouldnt be just the number.08:17
AMcBainSo it doesn't start with .thunderbird ...08:17
val0jessie: i know that i can run config vmware again and enter it there, but i don't remember how to enter in manually08:17
jessieAMcBain: ohhhh....... hmm... thats not good at all. yeah, i dont know what you could do. try using a file thingy ma jigger..08:17
TheWhiteRookAMcBain, I rebooted and the problem fixed itself08:18
AMcBainOh weird. ls sees some folders I don't.08:18
AMcBainI did copy it.08:18
TheWhiteRookwhen google fails... reboot...08:18
AMcBainOh. they show up as red on ls. that's bad.08:19
AMcBainIs there anyway to get Linux to see folders with *spaces* in their names!?08:20
AMcBainOr at least let me rename them?08:20
AMcBainIt won't even let me cd there even if I use ''08:21
jessieAMcBain: i have spaces in em08:21
jessieahh..... use the tab08:21
jessieie, if you have a folder named "Jessie Morris", type in "cd Jessie" click tab... waula!08:22
sub[t]rnlAMcBain➜ what makes you think linux doesn't recognize spaces?08:22
AMcBainls shows them in red and won't let me ls or cd there.08:22
Dr_willissub[t]rnl,  :) lack of  experience :)08:22
AMcBainAnd Dolphin won't show them either.08:22
AMcBainSo by process of elimintation ...08:22
Dr_willistry a ls -l08:23
Dr_willisred often means broken links08:23
Dr_willisin ls at least. :)08:23
Dr_willisor was that flashing red? i forget.08:23
AMcBainls -l shows them as ??? Which they shouldn't be, as they copied themselves nicely ...08:23
Dr_willisI gotta find a 'what all the colors in ls mean' web site someday08:23
Dr_willisshows what as ??>? the owner?08:24
AMcBainI think this is a side affect of having to manually mount this ..08:24
jessieDr_willis: what does one have to do to get colors on ls?08:24
AMcBain?? for everything. owner , mod etc.08:24
Dr_willisjessie,  its the default.. ls --color can force it.08:24
Dr_willisls -l Firefox_wallpaper.png08:24
Dr_willis-rw-r--r-- 1 willis willis 1047890 2008-01-29 07:50 Firefox_wallpaper.png08:24
AMcBainEverything but the name is a ?08:24
Dr_willis??? for the mode ? instead of -rw------ ?08:24
Dr_willisThats dont soubnd good.08:24
jessiehmmm.... not the default on mine. but thats good to know!08:25
Dr_williswhat filesystem are these files on?08:25
Dr_willis alias ls='ls --color=auto'08:25
Dr_willisis the default on ubuntu i thought08:25
AMcBainI could visit a lab PC and see if they are really there or what-not.08:25
AMcBain(all labs are PC, except one or two mac ones somewhere ...)08:25
AMcBainLet me go and come back and see where I get.08:26
jessiethank you!08:26
AMcBainIf they are truly gone I will be very angry.08:26
jessiehey, Dr_willis how do i make that alias change perminate?08:27
* AMcBain runs off to go try his 'experiment'.08:27
Dr_willisedit your .bashrc or .bash_profile08:27
jessiei dont seem to have one.... :S08:28
AMcBainYou can always create one.08:28
AMcBainUsing a text editor.08:28
Dr_willisthats weird.08:28
AMcBain(nano is installed by default, I think)08:28
Dr_willisI got a rather complex one by default08:28
jessieDr_willis: you're telling me. and yeah, would you pastebin it for my convinence?08:28
Dr_willisdoes all sorts of nice things. :)08:28
jessiehaha.... like what?08:29
kieferHow do I change my screen res. ? lol08:29
Dr_willisreads a .alias_settings file so you just add your alias's there.. sets a nice prompt.. sets other things08:29
mixedDr_willis, you know how to install KDE3 from ubuntu?08:29
jessiehmmmm... sounds quite nice. and im just gonna copy mine over from another user08:29
* solid_liq waves to Dr_willis 08:30
jessiewow.... much better!08:30
Dr_willishttp://pastebin.com/m234320f5   - .bashrc file08:30
Dr_willismixed,  install ubuntu-desktop package08:31
jessiethanks a million!08:31
Dr_willishttp://pastebin.com/m203cbf82  .bash_profile08:31
Dr_willisYou Might want to look in /etc/skel and see whats in there.08:31
Dr_willisYou may of just deleted your default ones from your users home dir08:32
mixedDr_willis, you mean maybe "kubuntu-desktop" package?08:32
Dr_willismixed,   proberly :) thats on the Kubuntu faq by the way. :P08:32
Dr_willisheck install xubuntu-desktop  for more fun! :)08:33
Dr_willisI dont think thers a fluxbuntu-desktop yet.08:33
Dr_willis!find -desktop08:33
ubotuFound: E:08:33
Dr_willis!find desktop08:34
ubotuFound: desktop-base, desktop-file-utils, edubuntu-desktop, edubuntu-desktop-kde, gobuntu-desktop (and 45 others)08:34
Dr_willis!info gobuntu-desktop08:34
ubotugobuntu-desktop (source: gobuntu-meta): The Gobuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3 (gutsy), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB08:34
Dr_williswhat the heck is that one. :P08:34
jessieDr_willis: i get this error using your .bashrc08:34
jessielsbash: lsbytesum: command not found08:34
Dr_willisjessie,  you WILL need to edit my bash prompt08:34
ubotuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE08:34
Dr_willisUnless you want my lsbytesum utility. ;P08:35
jessieDr_willis: very good point. haha..... its a bit late where im at, so thats my excuse!08:35
jessieDr_willis: what does that do? haha08:35
Dr_willisshows the bytes used in the current dir.08:36
Dr_williswillis@mint:~(93.644 Mb)$ gedit .bashrc .bash_profile08:36
jessiethanks! but where do i stick it? /usr/bin?08:36
Dr_willisfor Examplke08:36
Dr_willisI got a bin in my home dir. You could put it in /bin or /usr/bin if you want08:37
Dr_willisi got lots of little scripts/tools like that. :)08:37
Dr_willisstart a collection!08:37
jessiehaha... thats awesome!08:38
Dr_willisCheck out the advanced bash scripting guide. and the bash prompt howto for more.08:39
jessiewill do! hey, how would i change it so its recursive? -R?08:39
Dr_willisyou want all subdirs? that may take a lot of cpu time08:40
jessiewhoops... now its butt slow... haha08:40
AMcBainOkay, the folders do exist, but now I'm going through the whole "mount causes error" shit agian.08:41
jessieAMcBain: what is the exact error?08:41
AMcBainWell, it says the directory doesn't exist, while Dolphin says it does, but says "hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 1000"08:42
jessieAMcBain: try force mounting it by hand08:43
AMcBainI did. I had to do that to override my idiocy at unplugging it from the Windows PC and not removing it nicelty.08:43
jessieie, sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 ...08:44
jessieyou did it like that?08:44
AMcBainSays /media/sdc1 doesn't exist ...08:45
AMcBainwhich it does ...08:45
jessieyou sure it does?08:45
jessieAMcBain: ls -l /dev/sd*08:45
jessiepastebin it08:45
AMcBainI know. You wouldn't want that pasted to the channel.08:46
jessieAMcBain: meh... you never know. people do it all the time!08:46
jessieAMcBain: ok, do "sudo umount /dev/sdc1"08:48
jessiethen, sudo mkdir /media/sdc108:48
AMcBainmounting straight "sdc" doesn't work ... one sec.08:48
jessieAMcBain: well, yeah, you have to mount partitions, not disks08:48
AMcBainIt says it wasn't mounted in the first place ...08:49
jessieAMcBain: ok, thats fine then. so do the sudo mkdir /media/sdc108:49
AMcBainNow what?08:50
jessieAMcBain: alright, now "sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc1"08:50
* AMcBain rejoices.08:50
jessieAMcBain: better? haha08:50
AMcBainAnd my "bad" folder is there now too.08:50
jessieAMcBain: you may need to use sudo to copy things over. file permissions may be all funky08:51
AMcBainSeems to work08:51
AMcBainShows up green under ls08:52
jessieAMcBain: awesome. glad i could help. btw, that mount command is pretty general08:52
jessielike, it goes "sudo mount -t "file_sys" "/device/to/mount" "/place/to/mount/to"08:52
AMcBainNow I just have to figure out why Thunderbird only gives me the option on first start to not import anything. It's a radio button with only one option. So dumb.08:53
jessieAMcBain: it does? hmmm...08:53
Dr_willishal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 1000" - can be  fixed by installing/running the ntfs-config utility and checking the box;s :) but that just adds a proper fstab entry  for the devices mainly08:53
AMcBainI tried that.08:54
AMcBainBut the program installs, and when I run it, I get no window.08:54
jessieAMcBain: that is quite retarded!08:54
AMcBainI can try again.08:54
Dr_willissudo ntfs-config08:55
AMcBainjessie: yes, well, I'll just have to follow their steps to running the profile manager.08:55
Dr_willis oh you are talking about Thunderbird08:55
AMcBainOh lovely. The Thunderbird FAQ doesn't have a category about migrating from itself to itself (different platforms or a reinstall)08:57
mixedDr_willis, thank you for the 411, I think, I just updated ubuntustudio with kde, don't know how I did it but it worked, kinda drunk right now but it's all good, cheers!08:57
jessieAMcBain: ok, just take the folder08:58
jessieand move it to your home dircectory08:58
jessierename it to .thunderbird08:58
AMcBainWait ... I do see a thingy for it.08:58
jessieAMcBain: thats good!08:59
AMcBainOn their webpage.08:59
jessieAMcBain: i would guess its something like what i suggested, right?09:00
AMcBainWell, sorta. I gotta fix some pathing stuff, as it came from XP ...09:01
AMcBainExcept the profile.ini checks out ...09:01
Cavallitowhy package should I install to play quicktime movies in FF ?09:01
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:02
jessiehaha.. thanks ubotu, not me09:02
Cavallitoto you jessie and mr. ubotu :)09:03
jessiehaha..... nice! hope you find what you're looking for09:03
JoshOvkihi stilo09:09
Stiloi have a problem with katapult and xgl. when i press ALT+Space it wont appear. Anyone knows a solution?09:10
Stilowhen i start a session without xgl, then it works fine09:10
JoshOvkitry reinstalling katapult09:11
mixedgo giants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!09:19
AMcBainIt appears that no on in #thunderbird on the mozilla server cares right now. Maybe if I try again tomorrow after I've had some sleep. It's 3:21 am here09:21
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:21
TomasuI'm having trouble getting kde4 svn to start up: http://pastebin.ca/889904 (.xsession-errors), and running dolphin standalone leads to a QMutex deadlock error.09:24
surgy! kde4 | Tomasu09:27
ubotuTomasu: KDE 4.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/ - Support in #kubuntu-kde409:27
Tomasudoes that include kde svn? or just 4.0.x ?09:27
stdinTomasu: we can't support kde svn, ask in #kde-devel09:28
Tomasudid, they said check here09:28
surgyhi stdin09:28
stdinTomasu: you aren't running the kubuntu builds, so we don't know what you're running09:28
Tomasubase kubuntu and the latest svn09:28
stdinTomasu: if we didn't package it, then we can not support it09:29
Tomasunobody can even say they've seen the issue?09:31
TomasuI'm attempting to get started with a little kde 4 development09:32
stdinread the getting started guide and ask people in #kde-devel, that's all I can tell you09:33
stdinthis is a Kubuntu support channel, no a *.* support channel09:33
TomasuI am running kubuntu.09:34
nuxilread topic :p09:34
stdinbut you're using unstable software from SVN which we can not control or predict in any way09:34
Tomasustarting to understand where aaron got his oppionion from...09:35
kieferWe can predict software?09:35
kieferIn my experience, No software can be predicted :)09:35
stdinthis is getting offtopic, and I won't continue09:35
Tomasuway to stuffy...09:35
ahmedanyone could help me here?? i have proplem in my pc i have kubuntu 7.1009:36
JoshOvkikiefer, hell yeh. like i predict allsoftware has bugs09:36
nuxil!ask | ahmed09:36
ubotuahmed: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)09:36
JoshOvkiahmed whats the problem?09:36
kieferAhmed: Whats the problem?09:36
JoshOvkihey i just said that09:37
ahmedyesterday i was playing any movies regular but today when i play any one all pc hang i ahve to restard it to resolve this by the way thanks for helping09:37
JoshOvkiahamed:  what program are you using to play them?09:38
kieferAwesome, 150 BYTES Per second, I sure love wireless :) *Sarcasm*09:38
ahmedim new to linux09:38
kieferHave you tried any other players?09:39
JoshOvkithats me out, i have never used it. I would reccomend VLC09:39
ahmedno i didnt try any other programs09:39
ahmedbut i alwayts use this09:39
kieferIm pretty new to Linux, But common sense plays a role in tech help ^_^09:39
kieferahmed: try another player09:40
ahmedok i'll try it now if it hang i'll restart and baxcjk ok09:40
kieferahmed: as you need to find out whether its the files or the player (or the codecs)09:40
nuxiltry one of thise ones .. mplayer | xine | kaffine09:40
Frekuvlc player09:40
kieferahmed: Sure thing, let us know :)09:40
nuxilor that one09:40
JoshOvkii agree with freku09:41
ahmedi'll try vlc these programs support arabic subtitles for me09:41
ThecksOh, somebody might know.. it's a rather vague problem but...09:41
ThecksI was fiddling around with KNetworkManager and now all of a sudden, it doesn't see any wireless networks.09:41
kieferDid you 'fiddle' a manual configuration?09:42
ThecksI've tried with another app KWifiManager which sees them fine.09:42
Frekurty unfiddling  :-)09:42
Theckskiefer: I think so :p09:42
ThecksFreku: I've tried, it doesn't make sense.. put it back to how it was09:42
ThecksNo go. Changed the network file, no go.09:42
kieferThecks: Hehe, I had a similar problem, I set a manual configuration by accident, then the wireless networks wouldnt show, cant remember how I fixed it...09:43
JoshOvkiThecks, copy your /etc/network/interfaces    clear out the oroginol and restart09:43
ThecksJoshOvki: I did that.09:43
JoshOvkiok, your buggered then09:43
nuxiluse iwconfig :p09:43
Theckseth1 (wireless) shows up without a problem, just doesn't detect anything.09:43
kieferThecks: does any interface starting with 'wlan' show when you do 'ifconfig' ?09:44
ahmedthanks everybody vlc worked fine09:44
Theckseth1      unassociated  ESSID:off/any09:44
Thecks          Mode:Managed  Channel=0  Access Point: Not-Associated09:44
kieferNp ahmed :)09:44
Theckskiefer: Nope.09:44
ahmedi think i have to reinstall smplayer09:44
Theckslo, eth0 and eth109:44
kieferThecks: sudo iwconfig eth1 essid YOUR_ESSID_NAME09:45
kieferTry that, and then do 'iwconfig' whhat does it say?09:45
JoshOvkiin terminal run sudo iwconfig    what does mode come back as?09:45
Thecksmode: Managed09:45
kieferIm trying to remember what I did to solve it when that happened to me lmao09:45
ThecksKiefer, same as before, now just with an ESSID09:46
kieferThecks: Alrighty, What wireless model/brand is it?09:46
kieferThecks: and has your wireless worked before?09:46
Theckskiefer: Yup, before I messed with the Manual config :p09:46
nuxiltry iwconfig ethX  essid "ROUTER-MAC" key "yourkey" or iwconfig ethX ap bssid "wifiname" key "yourkey"09:46
ThecksIntel PRO2000 or something?09:46
Thecksnuxil: But that will tie it to that router no?09:47
=== ahmed is now known as aharoon
ThecksI want it to detect them so I can tell it which one to connect to :p09:47
JoshOvkithecks: have you double checked that file?09:47
kiefernuxil : isnt it sudo iwconfig ethx ap MAC_ADDRESS ?09:47
Thecksauto eth109:47
Thecksiface eth1 inet dhcp09:47
Thecksiface eth0 inet dhcp09:47
nuxilyes sudo first09:47
kieferBrb, I need a smoke :)09:48
ThecksI'll try delete it all and see what happens I guess09:48
kieferbackup first09:48
ThecksIs it OK to just restart x? or do I need to restart the system?09:48
JoshOvkiso it reloads all the modules09:48
nuxiliwlist eth2 scanning to find wifi nets09:49
Thecksnuxil: That works fine09:49
ThecksJust why doesn't KNetworkManager see them?09:49
nuxili dont know.. i have same problem..09:50
nuxili have to use cli09:50
ThecksMaybe it wasn't messing with config - perhaps an update? :o09:51
kieferThecks: Im sure there would be a way to reset to defaults in KNetworkManager, Tried google? :)09:51
kieferI would try for you, but im on slow wireless09:51
JoshOvkinuxil: whats in your  /etc/network/interfaces   file?    thecks did you try clearing out and restarting?09:51
Theckskiefer: I am Googleing at the moment, now that we've narrowed it down to only KNetworkManager09:52
ThecksJoshOvki: Googleing :)09:53
nuxilJosh0viki right now its empty. cos i set it up manualy. been trying all sort of stuff to get the gui configuration to work,, but i gave up.. i dont realy need it. i manage fine in cli :)09:53
kieferThecks: Let me know if you find anything. as i wouldnt mind using KNetworkManager again :)09:53
nuxili just use a script to set up the wifi09:53
kieferOkay, Now I have a problem lol, Whenever I try to play a .ogg/.mp3/Audio CD, All i get is some sharp feedback, an ear peircing sound, any suggestions?09:53
JoshOvkidont listen to music09:54
kieferSo,,, Dont live? lol09:54
gundam_rx78nt1Ok, I have been trying to change my kdm theme for the past 2 hours and looking on the web for help.  Can someone help me with this?09:54
JoshOvkikiefer: wat program?09:55
gundam_rx78nt1changing it with kdm theme manager doesn't work.09:55
kiefergundam: www.kde-look.org09:55
kieferJosh: Kaffene and Amarok09:55
gundam_rx78nt1kiefer, they only tell you to use kdm theme manager.  It doesn't work with Gutsy.09:55
ThecksAnybody tried Hardy yet?09:55
JoshOvkikiefer, probly audio driver09:56
kiefergundam: by 'doesnt-work' what do you mean? what exactly happens?09:56
ThecksIt's not just us..09:56
ThecksYeah, basically KNetworkManager is crap - as soon as you try "Manual Configuration", wireless will never work for you again. Handy, eh?09:56
ThecksAnyway, you can get it back to auto-config by doing:09:56
gundam_rx78nt1kiefer, if you read what I posted, I have tried to change the theme with kdm theme manager and nothing changes, it stay with the default loging page.09:56
gundam_rx78nt1I believe that it is a bug.09:57
gundam_rx78nt1Now, does anybody here have managed to change the kdm theme?09:57
gundam_rx78nt1On gutsy?09:57
kieferThecks: lmao, awsome *sarcasm*09:57
kiefergundam: yep, me09:57
AMcBainI made my Windows look green. That count?09:58
gundam_rx78nt1only if you are a leprachaun. LOL.09:58
AMcBainI LIKE green.09:58
gundam_rx78nt1I noticed.09:58
sandhyaI have onboard audio which I had trouble configuring for mic usage. So I've added in a PCI sound card and disabled the onboard audio in the BIOS.09:58
sandhyaMy PCI card is being detected fine as a YAMAHA. But I don't get any audio, leave alone test the mic.09:59
sandhyaAny idea how I can reset things?09:59
kieferjosh: do you know where i can track down any linux audio drivers?09:59
giguiGOED MORGEN10:00
nuxilgod morgen10:01
gundam_rx78nt1gutten morgen gigui10:01
AMcBainI think it was supposed to be "good morning" but it's too early for that ...10:01
JoshOvkikiefer, no sorry. worked out of the box did it?10:01
AMcBain(I really want to go to bed, but this thing won't work right)10:01
giguiwet iemand hoe kan ik een fout van adept maneger repareren?10:02
kieferJosh: worked with ubuntu 7.10, when i switched to kubuntu it stopped working10:02
giguisignaal: 6 (sigabrt)10:02
gundam_rx78nt1kiefer, I found that there is a bug in the kdm theme manager, now if I can find a way to change it... what did you do?10:02
AMcBainsegfalt? uhoh10:02
sandhyaThe sound card is a Yamaha YMF740 chipset10:03
JoshOvkihmmm, did you reinstall to kubuntu or just   apt-get install kubunti-desktop?10:03
JoshOvkiwithout the spelling mistake10:03
kiefergundam: it worked without change for me10:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kdm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:03
gundam_rx78nt1!kdm theme manager10:03
kieferjosh: used live cd to install kubuntu 7.10, over entire Hdd10:03
travkinJoshOvki: not kubunti but kubuntu ;)10:03
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP310:04
JoshOvkitravkin, i did say without the spelling miskae :P10:04
gundam_rx78nt1!kdm theme10:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kdm theme - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about travkin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:05
kieferwb thecks.10:06
ThecksCleared out my interfaces file, works!10:06
ThecksHave to restart your system though, restarting x doesn't do it.10:06
JoshOvki:) i said that ages ago10:06
ThecksYeah, thought I might try it just to be certain though :)10:06
kieferThecks: Awesome, I might try that when i get sick of configuring my wifi through konsole lol10:06
JoshOvkiif all else fails listen to me10:07
kieferlistening to you is what causes all else to fail10:07
kieferlol jk :)10:07
ThecksYakuake rules kiefer, so you have to do it through that =p10:07
gundam_rx78nt1Thecks, wouldn't sudo /etc/init.d/network restart work?10:07
Thecksgundam_rx78nt1: Don't know :)10:07
JoshOvkiha ha ha ¬¬10:07
gundam_rx78nt1Yakuake rules10:07
gundam_rx78nt1Thecks, I do believe so.10:08
Thecksgundam_rx78nt1: I know you'd need to restart KNetworkManager as well10:08
ThecksAlright, BRB. Adding this laptop to wireless network :)10:08
mark__is there a way to clone my install onto a pen drive?10:08
kieferugh, when i play an audio file, it plays fine for 10-15 seconds then makes that sharp feedback sound that hurts my ears10:09
JoshOvkikiefer: what are you listening to?10:09
JoshOvkior not as the case maby be10:10
kieferJosh: just tried a cd - happens with all audio files though, works for 10-15 seconds then just the hurting sound (lolll)10:10
JoshOvkiodd to play at start then thats it.  what music is it?10:11
kieferTrance? lol10:11
JoshOvkithat explains it :P10:12
nuxilThecks install kommander and make your own simple gui configuration.. kommander "kmdr" is super simple for this kind of stuff10:12
JoshOvkiits screaming in pain10:12
kieferHappens with Rap also10:12
JoshOvkii agree with ur system still :P10:13
kieferhaha wiseguy10:13
JoshOvkidoes it happen with films?10:13
kieferHavnt tried10:13
mark__how do i list my attached drives in terminal?10:13
kieferHavnt had a chance to download any por... uhhh.. movies :)10:13
JoshOvkidoes youtube videos sound work ok?10:14
kieferHavnt had a chance to install por.. uhh.. flash player :)10:14
JoshOvkitry playing the cd in vlc10:15
kieferKk, 1 sec10:15
JoshOvki(my answer to nearly everything)10:15
kieferWhere do i find vlc?10:15
JoshOvkitwo options:    a. empty out your /etc/network/interfaces    b. try vlc10:16
JoshOvkisudo apt-get install vlc10:16
JoshOvkiand it should show up in multimedia  when its finished10:16
kieferE: Couldn't find package vlc, Any other names the package may be under?10:17
JoshOvkithecks_ would have bee sorted ages ago if u had listened10:17
kieferThecks: sucess?10:17
Thecks_JoshOvki: I did listen :)10:17
Thecks_kiefer: Yup.10:17
kieferThecks: nice :D10:17
JoshOvkikiefer what repositorys you got enabled?10:17
kieferjosh, im a linux noob, i have no idea :)10:18
nuxilThecks_ do you know bash scripting ?10:18
JoshOvkikiefer:  read      http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-ubuntu.html10:18
AMcBainKubuntu should enable multiverse and universe (gee ... I wonder) by default.10:18
kieferJosh: will do, cheers :)10:18
Thecks_nuxil: Not really - I know a guy who's great at it though. Why do you ask?10:20
nuxilTheck if you know a bit bash and have kommander installed you can get your own knetwork manager up and running in 30 min..10:21
nuxilby using iw***** tools10:21
Thecks_nuxil: I roam quite a bit, so having a GUI based approach is what I prefer :)10:22
nuxilThecks if your online later and have not gotten it to work,,. i'll see if i have time to make a kdmr script so you and me can get gui config for wifi.10:24
kumbathis is interesting10:27
kumbai just installed this os10:27
JoshOvkicant you just type on one line?10:28
JoshOvkiits harder to read line by line sorry10:28
kumbaso what kind of chatting room is this?10:28
kumbai see...10:28
JoshOvkiits a support room10:28
jussi01!guidelines | kumba10:28
ubotukumba: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines10:28
JoshOvki#kubuntu-offtopic   is the offtopic room10:29
kumbaThanks Josh10:29
jussi01!it | andrea_10:29
ubotuandrea_: Vai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!10:29
andrea_oh, sorry.thanks10:30
JoshOvkigod its cold here10:33
JoshOvkihow does vlc work?10:34
=== Thecks_ is now known as Thecks
JoshOvki(no sarcastic answers from anyone)10:34
kieferJust updating my repositorys now10:35
jpatrick!vlc | JoshOvki10:35
ubotuJoshOvki: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs10:35
* JoshOvki slaps jpatrick10:35
ThecksAhh got a question for you guys...10:35
ThecksSometimes when trying to play music, I'll get a error saying that the audio is already in use..10:36
JoshOvkijpatrick: i said no sarcastic answers ;) i know how it works, i was asking kiefer is it working :)10:36
kieferand is it?10:36
ThecksWell, nothing else will be playing, but doesn't mean it's not in use.10:36
ThecksBut then why should it matter if an application is making a sound, they should both be able to use the audio right?10:37
JoshOvkiThcks which media player?10:37
JoshOvkiVLC? ;)   (jk)10:37
ThecksNaw, I love Amarok10:37
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.10:37
JoshOvkiThecks same here, im using it now. Ummmm, do the files work some times but not others, or do the same files always fail?10:38
ThecksI don't think it's a case of the files failing10:39
ThecksAs if I kill Amarok restart (sometimes have to do it twice) it will work again10:39
ThecksSo maybe it's just Amarok10:39
ThecksBut then it never used to either10:39
ThecksNow I can't get it to make the error come up hah10:40
JoshOvkisods law10:40
JoshOvkiyou check the error on amarok's site?10:41
ThecksNo, it didn't seem to be an Amarok error though10:42
JoshOvkioh ok10:42
JoshOvkiwhat version of amarok you using?10:43
steffSystem sound (warnings etc) has disappeared. I had disabilited all of them in control panel and know there's no way back. On the other account they work fine. Anybody knowes where kde store this config? Thanks for help.10:43
ubuntuhello guys10:43
ubuntutesting kubuntu , i love it at the first try10:44
JoshOvkisteff its in   /home/USER/.kde10:44
ubuntuwho can help me making a dual boot?10:44
JoshOvkiright my girlfriend is pulling my leg to make me go to hers, so i will be back soonish10:45
steffI know but I searched the entire folder without results10:45
kieferbye bye josh10:45
kieferhave fun ;)10:45
ubuntucan smoeone help me?10:45
kieferubuntu: what are you looking to duel boot with?10:46
kieferlike, what other OS?10:46
Thecksubuntu: It was simple for me, just installed it on a separate partition and let grub do the rest.10:46
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto10:46
ubuntuI have windows xp on C partition , and 2 more partitions10:46
ubuntuand i want to installkubuntu too10:46
ubuntubut without harming other partitions10:46
jpatrick!dualboot | ubuntu10:46
ubotuubuntu: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot10:46
JoshOvkiinstall kubuntu onto one of the empty partitions, grub will do the rest10:46
kieferkubuntu installer offers the option of installing on a paticular partition10:47
ubuntuI dont have other partition10:47
ubuntuempty partition , that is10:47
kieferjosh, goto your gf's you loaner >_>10:47
JoshOvkikiefer im not a loaner she is here with me. who are you with?:P10:47
kieferhaha, wise guy aye10:47
ubuntuwhat can i do10:48
JoshOvkibye all. bye kiefer (you loaner ;) )10:48
kieferjosh: lmao, peace loaner boy10:48
kieferubuntu, have you ran the kubuntu installer?10:48
kieferit should ask you which partition you wish to install kubuntu on :)10:49
kieferBbs all, Im going to watch a movie :)10:50
=== ggg is now known as gukk_devel
bitmonsterhi, can anyone help me setting up my display drivers, the ubuntu channel was not helpful unfortunately11:18
bitmonsterthey are always reset to low res11:19
jussi01bitmonster: are you on ubuntu or kubuntu?11:19
bitmonsterI'm on ubuntu11:19
jussi01bitmonster: which graphics card do you have?11:19
bitmonsterati mobility 750011:19
jussi01!ati | bitmonster you have read this?11:19
ubotubitmonster you have read this?: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto11:19
ubuntu_Hey again11:20
ubuntu_can someone help me?11:20
ubuntu_on PM please11:20
jpatrickubuntu_: why not here? :)11:21
Dr_willisWhy do we need a PM>11:21
ubuntu_i already clicked ok lol11:21
ubuntu_so i want dual boot11:21
ubuntu_kunbutu - linux11:21
ubuntu_and now i selected my 100gb paritition11:21
ubuntu_and im resizing it to11:21
ubuntu_thats 92gb11:21
ubuntu_then iwill have ~10gb left11:21
bitmonsterah cool thanks11:22
ubotuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:22
bitmonsterthe primary problem however is to get a higher resolution11:22
bitmonsterwill this driver solve this issue already?11:22
ubuntu_so no one can help me?11:22
Dr_willisive totally mised what the problem really was...11:23
ubuntu_So.. I have a 250 GB HDD , with 3 partitions11:23
Dr_willisInstall the proper video card driver for your video card.11:23
ubuntu_C : Windows , D : Games , E : Apps.11:23
ubuntu_And now i want to install Kubuntu too , but i don't have unpartitioned.11:23
ubuntu_And i want to make Dual boot.11:23
jussi01bitmonster: it should, yes11:24
ubuntu_What can i do?11:24
Dr_willisYou will need to do some moveing around of your partitions ,11:24
jpatrick!dualboot  | ubuntu_11:24
ubotuubuntu_: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot11:24
Dr_willisand resize them some11:24
jussi01!fixres > bitmonster11:24
ubuntu_Jpatrick , i already read that11:24
jussi01bitmonster: that page may alo be helpful11:24
ubuntu_but i still can't do nothing11:24
ubuntu_I am at my first kubuntu install11:25
ubuntu_wanted to dual boot...11:25
ubuntu_but i cant ..11:25
_Angelus_guys i have a problem about power saving11:25
Dr_willishaving 3 partitions allready. make installing a litlte harder also.11:26
sjckHey, can I somehow set the viewmode detailed list view add as standard view in konq?11:26
Dr_willisYou might want to move your apps over to  the other drives. to free up a partition.11:26
_Angelus_fwhats the differece beetween suspend and standby and hibernation. and why i only have the option to switch of the monitor in the power saving tab...11:27
ubuntu_my partitions are ntfs11:27
Dr_willisubuntu_,  of course they are. :) linux goes on its own partitions. which are ext3.11:27
ubuntu_now i tryed to edit a partition11:27
ubuntu_the apps one11:27
ubuntu_it locked at scanning disks...11:28
Dr_williswhat locked up?11:28
jussi01ubuntu_: it takes a minute or 2 to scan the disks11:28
ubuntu_a minute or 2?11:28
ubuntu_i think 5 minutes +11:28
Dr_willisvista can resize ntfs paritions. also.11:28
ubuntu_i don't have vista11:28
ubuntu_Xp sp 211:28
_Angelus_somebody answers me11:29
ubuntu_im going to reboot11:29
jussi01ubuntu_: also, be sure you have defragmented a few times be for partitioning - other wise you may have data loss11:29
ubuntu_im gonna reboot brb11:29
JoshOvki_Angelus_ : Demanding someone to answer you wont make people answer you11:29
Dr_willis_Angelus_,  powersaving can be a very big hassle.   thats about all i know about it. :)11:29
JoshOvki_Angelus_: whats the problem (as i wasnt here for the question)?11:29
_Angelus_JoshOvki:  when  i go to System Settings, and monitor and display, and power saving, the only option i have is to set the time when monitor turns off, but i dont havethe option to set the timer when computer goes in standby mode .11:32
_Angelus_when i go to K menu , logout, i have the option to suspend , and to hibernate, which i dont know  what suspend is if its the same as sleep or standby11:33
XcellAmerica needs help: http://youtube.com/watch?v=3MzShg7yXik no pun intended, play it loud.11:34
JoshOvki_Angelus_ : Unforinutaly kubuntu doesnt support power saving aswell as windblows11:35
_Angelus_JoshOvki:  on Archlinux i had the options to set when my computer goes to standby , when to hibernate, and when to turn off the monitor, i dont think that kubuntu doesnt have this, RIGHT? :?11:36
Dr_willisit may be due to some kernel differeances that the same power saving features are not enabled11:37
kieferJosh: Installing vlc now :)11:38
JoshOvkiIt is a feature that has never been built into kubuntu. its available in ubuntu11:38
Dr_willisoften powersaving features can be  limited depending on the bios features.11:38
JoshOvkikiefer: cool, took a looktime11:38
kieferjosh: lol, i was wathcing bruce almighty11:38
* Dr_willis is watching Astro Boy...11:38
kieferoooh nice11:39
Dr_willisIts... weird in ways. :P11:39
_Angelus_kubuntu has the option to put to computer to standby/suspend/sleep JoshOvki , its from Kmenu > logout > suspend. but what i need is the option to set a timer for it.11:39
kieferGirls Ahoy - Best anime ever :)11:39
Dr_willisNot seen that one.. I proberly would get in trouble with the wife for watching that one.11:39
kieferLmaoooo, Its a tad racey, though most japanese anime is (trying to stay on topic lol)11:40
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!11:40
kieferhow subtle.. :)11:40
Dr_willisAstro boy runs Ubuntu! I just know it! :P11:41
kieferOkay, back on topic now, dont wanna get in trouble ^_^11:41
kieferbut yeah willis, i recomend it :)11:41
JoshOvki_Angelus_ it cant find anyway of getting it to run when your system is idle sorry11:42
_Angelus_i didnt understand JoshOvki11:43
Lynoure_Angelus_: it's in power manager: "When the system is idle for more than X min"11:46
Lynoure_Angelus_: Do you need more detailed help in finding it?11:48
JoshOvkii could google this but i would rather get your recommendations. Whats the best program for burning DVD's?11:48
JoshOvkias in film DVD's11:49
_Angelus_yes Lynoure where the power manager?11:49
Lynoure_Angelus_: click on the battery icon11:49
_Angelus_i dont have a battry icon in system settings :/11:49
jussi01JoshOvki: my preference is vlc11:50
Lynoure_Angelus_: it has separate options for Mains powered and battery powered.11:50
Lynoure_Angelus_: tray, not system settings11:50
JoshOvkijussi01, you can burn with VLC?11:50
_Angelus_Lynoure:  im not using a laptop11:50
jussi01JoshOvki: oops, sorry, read worng11:50
JoshOvkijussi01: dont worrie about it. human error an all :P11:51
jussi01!info devede11:51
ubotudevede (source: devede): program to create video DVDs. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2.13-0.0 (gutsy), package size 741 kB, installed size 1700 kB11:51
Lynoure_Angelus_: hmm, then I'm not sure but you could install kde-guidance-powermanager and see what happens11:51
jussi01JoshOvki: ^^11:51
Dr_willisi was using devede earlier today. :) works decently well. the menus it makes are not al that fancy but it works11:52
Lynoure_Angelus_: I have never tried it on desktop, myself11:54
_Angelus_Lynoure: does suspend stand for standby in kubuntu? causei have to options when im logging out, suspend and hibernation11:54
solid_liq_Angelus_, you can set it this way:  sudo echo "runlevel 0" | at now + 4 min11:56
Lynoure_Angelus_: suspend stands for suspend to ram11:56
Lynoure_Angelus_: hibernate is suspend to disk11:56
Lynouresolid_liq: that does not take idle vs active into account11:57
solid_liqit will11:58
_Angelus_Lynoure: but is suspend to ram and standby mode the same thing?11:58
Lynouresolid_liq: hmm, I don't see how it would.11:59
solid_liqno, standby is suspend to disk11:59
Lynoure_Angelus_: I'm not sure what standby mode you mean...11:59
_Angelus_Lynoure: well on some distros and windows, there is an option to go to standby mode12:00
Lynoure_Angelus_: Tell me what it does, and I can tell you if it is the same. :)12:00
_Angelus_thats the problem Lynoure, i dont know if its the same12:00
_Angelus_uhmm , did you ever put your television in standby mode?12:01
Lynoure_Angelus_: ok, tell me what you'd want it to do, then :)12:01
_Angelus_i think its similar12:01
Lynoure_Angelus_: no image and still responds to remote... no idea how that would translate to computers12:01
LynoureNever used one with a remote12:02
Lynoure_Angelus_: hibernate writes the situation on the system onto the disk, it takes about as long as boot to recover. suspend to ram writes it to ram, takes couple of seconds to recover.12:03
Lynoure_Angelus_: Staying in hibernation takes no electricity, staying in suspend to ram take a little, as the memory takes some electricity to keep. You can decide which one you want, or even experiment.12:04
Lynoure_Angelus_: on many systems neither work out of the box, so you want to be careful about having files saved when experimenting12:06
_Angelus_Lynoure: both worked here, i just tried them 2mins ago12:06
Lynoure_Angelus_: good :)12:06
_Angelus_Lynoure: windows has standby mode if im not wrong, and even archlinux12:07
_Angelus_not sure dough12:07
Lynoure_Angelus_: I don't use Windows much, nor Archlinux, sorry12:07
Lynoure_Angelus_: but the descriptions of what these do should be enough to let you choose.12:07
_Angelus_i'll just use suspend to ram then12:07
_Angelus_its faster, and saves energy , and components life.12:08
Lynoure_Angelus_: all good reasons12:09
_Angelus_yeah :)12:09
JoshOvkiis it really that difficult to find a program to burn a film to DVD :S12:13
jussi01JoshOvki: what was wrong with devede?12:14
JoshOvkitryed it, but something missing, i could go hunting for the missing file but im lazy12:14
Dr_willisi used that devded program just earlier today. :)12:14
Dr_willisit dosent 'burn' it makes the dvd iso image ready for you to burn. technically. :P12:14
jussi01Dr_willis: I dont remember, do you need dvd2css for burning dvds?12:14
Dr_willisjussi01,  not tthat i know of.  I instgalled a bunch of packages.. so its hard to tell heh.12:15
JoshOvkijussi01: ive not got 7gb of disk space free for it to make the iso to :P12:15
Dr_willisJoshOvki,  sucks to be you then. :)12:15
JoshOvkiDr_willis sucks to be me when im trying to burn to DVD anyway12:15
Dr_willisFree up some space.12:15
Dr_willisI only got 4gb dvd disks - dual layer is to expensive.12:16
benji_y as des francais12:16
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.12:16
JoshOvkii could boot into windblow nd use nero12:17
benji_snif y a pesonne sur kubuntu fr12:20
benji_y a quelqun  ici12:21
andreihe guys12:23
andreii am back:)12:23
andreiinstalled kubuntu12:23
andreii still have some  questions..12:23
andreiwho can help?12:23
mauis there a way to import my ratings from an ipod to amarok?12:24
benji_plzzzzzz y as qqq112:26
jussi01andrei: ask!12:27
jussi01benji_: type: /join #kubuntu-fr12:27
andreii installed it12:27
andreiand restarted from the button12:27
andreinow i can't see the ntfs partitions12:27
andreiand i got admin rights..got into the control panel12:27
andreitryed to enable partitions12:27
andreiand it says there wasnt clean shutdown12:27
andreiso this is why..12:28
ubotuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:28
andreiok sorry :)12:28
jussi01andrei: so go back into windows, and shut down correctly :)12:28
JoshOvkiyou will have to boot into windows12:28
JoshOvkishutdown proply (via   Start > Shutdown12:28
JoshOvkithen boot back into linux and all should be well12:28
andreiok, thanks:) brb then12:29
JoshOvkiis my IRC sending messagesprobly?:P12:29
holasome one knows how to share ppp0 connection between host and client created with virtual box12:31
=== ubuntu is now known as leszek
jussi01JoshOvki: they look fine to me12:39
JoshOvkijussi01: thanks :)12:41
holajussi01: ciaoo12:42
avviehello everyone12:48
avviecan someone tell me how to install the xlibs-dev package?12:48
jussi01!find xlibs12:49
ubotuFound: xlibs-static-dev, xlibs-data12:49
avviestatic-dev doesn't work for i what i need it12:50
avviei am trying to install baghira12:50
jussi01avvie: baghira is in the repos12:51
jussi01!info baghira12:51
ubotuPackage baghira does not exist in gutsy12:51
jussi01!info kwin-baghira12:52
ubotukwin-baghira (source: baghira): KDE theme for Apple junkies :). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-1 (gutsy), package size 750 kB, installed size 2132 kB12:52
avviethank u very much12:52
avviei have tried install baghira12:52
avviebut I didn't think of kwin12:53
avvie!info baghira-sidebar13:08
ubotuPackage baghira-sidebar does not exist in gutsy13:08
benjikubuntu fr13:09
benji#kubuntu fr13:09
bjwebbhi there13:19
bjwebbive added various repos to install things13:19
bjwebbbut then rmoved some again13:19
bjwebbif there a way to list software installed through apt-get but is not in one of the currently added repos?13:19
nosrednaekimbjwebb: no.. but you can installl it using Gdebi13:20
nosrednaekimbjwebb: oh wait...NM, wrong answer13:21
bjwebbno, i mean software i have already installed13:21
bjwebbbut removed the repo from my sources.list13:21
nosrednaekimbjwebb: yeah... I think you can do itin synaptic (the GTK frontend)13:21
bjwebbhmm, i was wondering about a cli way, but ill try synaptic13:22
Problems_Installhello! i need some help installing kubuntu13:22
=== rendy is now known as d123am
nosrednaekimProblems_Install:whats wrong13:22
Absurdocall 91113:22
Problems_Installthe problem is that wubi says i need a cd13:23
bjwebbnosrednaekim: thanks for that, thats just the list i want13:23
nosrednaekimProblems_Install: i'm not familiar with Wubi13:23
Problems_Installthe windows based intaller13:24
nosrednaekimI know what it is, but I don't remember how it works13:25
nosrednaekimand never knew in the first time.13:25
Problems_Installo ok so how do you install it anyway?13:25
nosrednaekiminstall what?13:26
Problems_InstallI want to get rid of windows to intall kubuntu13:26
avviei instaled kwin-baghira but how do i activate the sidebar?13:26
bitmonstercan anyone help me to install an ati radeon mobility 7500 for dual monitor use?13:26
bitmonsteri just can't get it working ...13:26
nosrednaekimProblems_Install: then download the live installer CD13:26
Problems_Installi think i did but im not sure13:27
Problems_Installthe one's i downloaded said kubuntu 7.10 alternate cd and desktop cd13:27
andreihello again.13:28
andreiI have another question , how to install Compiz?13:28
nosrednaekimProblems_Install: you downloaded both of them?13:29
nosrednaekim!compiz | andrei13:29
ubotuandrei: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion13:29
avviehow do i activate the sidebar in baghira?13:30
nosrednaekimProblems_Install: use the desktopCD13:30
Problems_Installok what do i do in there? what program do i run?13:31
andreiE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. - what this means?13:34
nosrednaekimProblems_Install: once you rebbot into that liveCD, you need just need to run the installer program13:34
Problems_Installi reboot and open that live cd?13:35
Problems_Installalright thanks a mil!!13:35
andreii get that message when i try to run sudo apt-get update13:35
andreidoes anybody know?13:36
sveriandrei: this means that somethin went wrong on installation process13:37
nosrednaekimandrei: did you try running dpkg --configure -a?13:37
sveriandrei: thats what i wanted to say :D13:37
sveriandrei: and dont forget sudo13:38
andreiyep and nothing happens.13:38
sveriandrei: what often helps me is a sudo apt-get -f install on broken installations13:39
andreilol im new linux user..take me slow:)13:39
sverisimply try to enter it in console: "sudo apt-get -f install" without the "13:40
andreimanaged to do something..now it says13:40
andreiThe following packages have unmet dependencies:13:40
andrei  compiz-kde: Depends: compiz-plugins (= 1:0.5.2+git20070918-0ubuntu5~ppa1) but it is not going to be installed13:40
andreiE: Broken packages13:40
andrei/bin/sh: compizconfig-settings-manager: not found13:40
sveriandrei: oh, the compiz things, there i am out of knowledge13:40
sveriandrei: do you have kde4 installed?13:41
ForgeAushmmm... looks like I probably won't need Kubuntu if I get OSX13:43
ForgeAusbut if I do say goodbye it will be with fond memories :)13:44
nosrednaekimandrei: don't install compiz-kde, just install compiz, all the compiz plugins, and emerald13:44
nosrednaekimForgeAus: :)13:44
ForgeAusthe only problems I had with it were ones I created myself :)13:44
ForgeAuswhats compiz-kde?13:44
ForgeAushmm it'd be nice to see compiz put in fluxbox support too :)13:45
sverihm, a friend of mine bought himself a macbook, i13:45
sveri'd say its nice, but not linux :D13:45
nosrednaekimForgeAus: its the compiz-fusion version of aquamarine13:45
ForgeAuswell I guess I chould just get Yellowbox for NT but I don't think theres much software for it13:46
lokpesthi, I made kmplayer go into minimal mode, how do I reset?13:46
=== gregor_ is now known as gflash2
lokpestfound it13:46
kieferThat was easy :)13:47
lokpestanother thing about kmplayer though; when I say thats it should dock in the kde tray and close the window, the program quits, I want it to do like other programs and go to dock13:50
ForgeAushehe I thought Aquamarine was just a theme for the windowdecorator13:50
andreiback..<nosrednaekim> are you here?14:05
slnoffпривет всем14:08
jussi01!ru | slnoff14:10
ubotuslnoff: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke14:10
andreiwho can help me again with compiz?14:10
slnoffs kodirovkoj chto-to?14:11
slnoffOoops! com <> ru :)14:13
slnoffjussi01: are you russian?14:14
squid0hi. ctrl+alt+f1 doesn't open a tty terminal, but rather goes to workspace 1, and ctrl+alt+backspace doesn't kill X. I suspect this is kde keyboard settings. Can someone help me, please?14:18
sascha_jemand der mir helfen kann14:20
jpatrick!de | sascha_14:21
ubotusascha_: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de14:21
laslavicI can't seem to be able to make it so that Firefox starts maximized. Does anybody else have this issue, or know how to get Firefox to start maximized?14:21
sascha_niemand da?14:21
=== moggy is now known as mogggee
bitmonstercan anyone help me to get an ati radeon mobility 7500 card running on my ubuntu system ... nobody in the ubuntu channel seems to know how to solve this issue14:28
shampoowhats the mater?14:29
bitmonsternot only ... that's a minor issue - i want something above low resolution14:30
bitmonsterand dual monitor usage14:30
bitmonsterit's no fun to google for solutions with 800x600 resolutions14:31
shampoolol did you use ati oder flglx14:31
bitmonsterit always goes back to vesa14:32
bitmonsterwhat should i use?14:32
shampoooh i mixed up14:33
shampooyou should use radeon free drivers14:33
bitmonsterwhere can i download them?14:34
tzangerI've downloaded the source to the flash9 package, and edited it so it does nto check the md5sums... how do I now create a new deb from this "source" dir and install it?14:34
shampoohttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver?highlight=%28radeon%29 try this bitmonster14:39
steffNo deb needed I guess: open a terminal window in the folder and type  ./flashplayer-installer14:39
bitmonstercool thanks shampoo14:41
shampoogl ;)14:42
bitmonsterwould you recommend ati or fglrx then?14:43
ForgeAusfglrx mostly14:43
ForgeAusI think14:44
shampoodoenst upport the mobility thing animore afaik14:44
shampoodoes not support the mobility video card anymore afaik14:44
bitmonster lspci -nn | grep VGA displays:14:44
bitmonster01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility M7 LW [Radeon Mobility 7500] [1002:4c57]14:44
shampooWell what i did to solve that problem14:45
shampooib ouht myselv a nvidia card ,)14:45
bitmonsterthat's not too easy with a laptop14:46
shampooon my other pc with ati card i use the raedon drivers14:46
shampoothe drivers from the url i gave u14:47
bitmonsteryes, but they talk about "ati", "radeon" as well as "fglrx"14:48
bitmonsterhere i have the choice between "radeon", "radeon(fbdev)", "radeon(fglrx)" and radeon(vesa)"14:51
shampoodo you?14:51
shampoothe url is about the free radeon driver14:51
bitmonsteri can select it in the "screen and graphics" menu in gnome14:52
sputnickhi there. where can I find Kubuntu files ( images ) for PXE net booting ?15:04
dangbwhat's the difference between the "desktop" and "alternate" iso files?15:05
holahow is possibile to share ppp0 connection between host and client15:06
=== SSJ is now known as SSJ_GZ
jussi01dangb: desktop actually boots kubuntu (live cd), where alternate is a textbased install15:07
dangbis there a graphical installer, too ?15:08
dangbjussi01: does the live cd have installation capabilities?15:11
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zizzfizzix[16:00] *** shampoo quit (Client Quit)15:12
tzangeris there a way to test the binaries from all installed packages installed in my system?  twinkle was corrupted (reinstall fixed it), now I'm seeing openoffice is doing the same15:12
Lynouretzanger: yes, but I cannot remember if offhand...15:14
Jasmin_hi any one knows about airtel edge modem i hav to connect in kubuntu15:14
Jasmin_how do i do15:14
Lynouretzanger: with debsums, I think15:14
BluesKajdangb, yes ,the live cd is usually the easiest way to install kubuntu15:15
dangbBluesKaj: thanks15:15
dangbjussi01: thanks15:16
Lynouretzanger: but all packages do not necessarily have checksums, those you might want to reinstall just in case.15:17
BluesKajdangb, if you intend to dual boot windows/linux , then partition your HDD first with windows first then linux, and linux swap and the end. I recommend using GParted Live CD partition editor. It'simple and effective15:18
dangbBluesKaj: ok, thanks15:19
tzangerLynoure: ok, thanks15:21
dangbis it "safe" to install debian packages on a  ubuntu system?15:28
Arwendepends on the package15:29
Arwenthey'll install correctly if that's what you mean15:29
Arwenwhether or not they work though...15:29
Lynoureat worst they might pull dependencies from debian repos, if you went and added those repos, and that sometimes might mess things up for you.15:30
Arwen*cough*, I didn't like Dolphin so I switched back to using Konqueror... Only, I can't even copy things by dragging them across tabs?15:32
Signilis there an app which i culd use to convert mp3 to 3gp format?15:33
Arwen3gps are MP4 files...15:33
ForgeAusArwen use 2 windows or copy-paste instead15:34
Arwenyou want to use MP4Box and neroAacEnc (the second one is proprietary)15:34
ArwenForgeAus, yeah, I know15:34
ForgeAusI don't know if konqi is meant to copy that way15:34
LynoureArwen: hmm, when I use konqueror, I still can do that. Takes a bit of aim and patience, though15:34
ahmedhi anyone here to help me with klamAv15:35
Signili see15:35
tekteenahmed: sure. what is the problem15:35
ahmedi want to enable autoscan it says u have to enable dazuko15:36
tekteenLet me look at the program15:37
ahmedwhen ii say ok upload it i get meesage it was not successfully uploaded15:37
Jasmin_tekteen: hi15:37
tekteenahmed: just click load module15:38
tekteenthen enter your password15:38
tekteenJasmin_: hi15:38
reivilo78i have a problem15:38
ahmedi do this then i got message dazuko was not loaded successfully15:38
reivilo78in building the proprietary ati drivers15:38
reivilo78i follow the method here : http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Gutsy_Installation_Guide15:39
tekteenopen a konsole <ahmed>15:39
reivilo78and when i try to install the deb packages15:39
holahow can i share my ppp0 connection between host and client15:39
ahmedok i opened it15:39
reivilo78i get this error : Error!  Build of fglrx.ko failed for: 2.6.22-14-generic (i686)15:40
tekteenahmed: nm I fount the problem. You do not have the module15:40
Jasmin_tekteen: can u help me i hav airtel edge modem how do i connect in kubuntu15:40
Arwenreivilo78, which version of fglrx are you trying to install?15:40
reivilo78the last one15:40
ahmedi tried to install it by apt-get it failed15:40
reivilo78envy method didnt work15:40
tekteenJasmin_: sure. As soon as I finish with ahmed15:40
Arwenaside from recent ones having terrible performance and absolutely no vsync....15:40
Arwendid you remember to install the linux-headers-whatever?15:41
tekteenahmed: give me a sec. I will try to figure it out15:41
reivilo78no i didnt but i think theyre already there let me check15:41
Jasmin_tekteen: ok i waiting for ur msg15:42
reivilo78i used the ones in the repository are the recent ones worse?15:42
Arwenrecent ones are built from the Windows drives. Thus, they have the same OpenGL-related issues.15:42
tekteenahmed: we need to compile the module15:42
holahow can i share my ppp0 connection between host and client15:42
Arwenand for some reason, they can't run at 1680x105015:42
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ahmedok how is that?15:43
reivilo78so i just checked15:43
=== marco is now known as marco__
=== ToNiOo is now known as tonio_o
=== marco__ is now known as marco_
reivilo78is installed15:43
jpatrick!nickspam > tonio_o15:43
Arwenhmm, and when you tried to install fglrx-kernel-source, what did it return?15:43
jpatrick!es > tonio_o15:43
ahmedhow we compile this module?15:44
tekteenahmed: I am looking it up15:44
reivilo78problems occured when parametring xorg-driver-fglrx15:45
ahmedok take your time15:45
Arwenreivilo78, what problems?15:46
Arwena log would be nice15:46
tekteenahmed: I found this. http://allyourtech.com/content/articles/15_01_2006_installing_antivir_with_on_access_scanning_in_ubuntu_linux.php15:46
ahmedok im with you15:47
tekteenfirst do sudo apt-get install module-assistant debhelper j2re1.415:47
tekteenin the konsole15:47
sebastian^hey all15:47
tekteenahmed: then sudo apt-get install dazuko-source15:48
Arwenreivilo78, what does the make.log the error references say?15:48
tekteenahmed: then sudo module-assistant prepare15:48
tekteenthen sudo apt-get install build-essential15:48
tekteenahmed: sudo m-a a-i dazuko15:49
reivilo78says nothing interesting15:49
reivilo78then in the same directory15:50
reivilo78i found make.sh.log15:50
tekteenahmed: the next step is weird15:50
tekteenI am going to pastebin it15:50
ahmedwhat is the next step?15:50
reivilo78which says that : http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54610/15:51
tekteenahmed: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54611/15:52
tekteenahmed: tell me when you have done it15:53
ahmedok this link i have to open it?? or put in the console when ask?15:53
tekteenopen the link15:54
Jasmin_http://www.airtel.co.in/level2_t3data.aspx?path=1/106/179 i hav this modem n how do i connect in kubuntu15:54
tekteenand put the stuff in the link in the konsole15:54
ahmedok thanks it still download jre when i finish i tell ok15:54
holasomeone know how to share ppp0 connection between host and cleint using a bridge15:55
tekteenahmed: ok. Why are you downloading jre?15:55
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de15:55
mondschatten_i've some probs with my sounddriver, may its an known prob ... can't install the alsadriver for realtek alc88015:56
=== MasterShrek` is now known as MasterShrek
reivilo78j'ai un problème lors de l'installation des driver proprétaire ATI15:56
reivilo78J'ai essayé la méthode envy qui n'a pas marché15:56
reivilo78maintenant j'essaye par la méthode de génération des paquet et j'ai un problème lors du dépaquetage des paquets15:57
Jasmin_tekteen: r u free now15:57
tekteenJasmin_: I think so15:58
BluesKajreivilo78, essayer les default restricted drivers en system settings/advanced15:58
Jasmin_http://pastebin.dylanhq.com/104 and Bus 007 Device 003: ID 05a9:2640 OmniVision Technologies, Inc. this is my modem15:58
ahmedyou said this to me  <tekteen> first do sudo apt-get install module-assistant debhelper j2re1.415:59
BluesKaj!fr | reivilo7815:59
ubotureivilo78: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.15:59
tekteenahmed: ok nm then15:59
reivilo78yeah sorry i spoke in the wrong channel :)15:59
ahmedok sould i have too canel it??15:59
ahmedi opened yuor link15:59
BluesKajreivilo78, you got my drift eh?16:00
reivilo78what do you mean16:00
reivilo78try the restricted drivers16:00
tekteencopy the install dazuko modprobe -r capability;\ modprobe -i dazuko; \ modprobe -i capability16:00
tekteento the konsole16:00
tekteenJasmin_: what is your problem?16:01
tekteenJasmin_: It should work16:01
BluesKajthe ati proprietary drivers don't work well with games and 3D/ DRI  requirements so the restricted driver on low end ATI on board.16:01
BluesKajreivilo78, what graphics card do you have ?16:02
reivilo78so the open source drivers work better16:02
reivilo78i have Mobility Radeon 970016:02
Jasmin_i dont know n i hav airtel edge modem n i hav to connect in kubuntu now i m using internet with my Motorola PCS E398 GSM Phone16:02
reivilo78I have successfully tried the open source drivers with compiz fusion16:02
reivilo78but i wanted to give a try to the proprietary drivers16:03
ahmedhere is what i got16:03
ubotuJasmin_: Unless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officier, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..16:03
ahmedinstall: invalid option -- r16:03
ahmedTry `install --help' for more information.16:03
ahmedCommand 'modprobe' is available in '/sbin/modprobe'16:03
ahmedbash:  modprobe: command not found16:03
ahmedCommand 'modprobe' is available in '/sbin/modprobe'16:03
ahmedbash:  modprobe: command not found16:03
Jasmin_tekteen: http://pastebin.dylanhq.com/10416:03
ahmedi try this16:04
ahmed install dazuko modprobe -r capability;\16:04
ahmed> modprobe -i dazuko; \16:04
ahmed> modprobe -i capability16:04
tekteenahmed: sudo apt-get install module-assistant16:04
tekteenthen try it again16:05
Jasmin_tekteen: Bus 007 Device 003: ID 05a9:2640 OmniVision Technologies, Inc. this is my modem16:05
tekteenJasmin_: what is the problem? is it not working?16:05
BluesKajreivilo78, the Radeon proprietary drivers on gutsy don't work very well . You'll have to uninstall them first in order for the restricted driver to work properly : https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/674/9206/0/www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/linux_cat81-inst.html16:05
reivilo78but what do you mean restricted16:05
reivilo78i know16:05
Jasmin_tekteen: yes i can not connect in kubuntu16:05
reivilo78the proprietary drivers on the repository16:06
reivilo78the proprietary on the ati site16:06
reivilo78and the open source ones16:06
tekteenJasmin_: you have tried to use kppp?16:06
reivilo78what are the restricted drivers16:06
BluesKajreivilo78, the restricted driver default can be found in system settings/advanced16:06
ahmedand i got16:06
ahmedE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)16:06
ahmedE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?16:06
tekteen!adeptfix | ahmed16:07
Jasmin_tekteen: yes but i cant16:07
ubotuahmed: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »16:07
Jasmin_tekteen: tel me how do i config my modem in kubuntu16:07
tekteenahmed: sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a16:07
bjartywhat dows the different colrs mean when i type ls16:07
tekteenJasmin_: open kppp16:07
reivilo78BluesKaj: ok well they are"not used"16:08
tekteenJasmin_: go to configure16:08
tekteenmodem name=I do not care16:08
Jasmin_tekteen: then16:09
BluesKajok reivilo78 , follow the uninstall instructions in the URL I posted above, if you're using the proprietary radeon driver16:09
tekteenIs it a hardware or soft modem?16:09
BluesKajreivilo78, then install the restricted driver in 'advanced' ...you'll need to be in admin mode to do so16:10
Jasmin_tekteen: it is hardware16:10
tekteenJasmin_: nm16:11
tekteenJasmin_: pastebin the output of /dev/usb16:12
Daisuke_Idodo you know the difference?  i hate to be patronizing, but....16:12
Jasmin_tekteen: Bus 007 Device 003: ID 05a9:2640 OmniVision Technologies, Inc.16:12
tekteenls /dev/usb16:12
reivilo78but that way16:12
tekteenJasmin_: pastebin... ls /dev/usb16:12
reivilo78it will not install the most recent ones16:12
reivilo78i already did that16:12
Daisuke_Idothat omnivision technologies piece is your modem?16:13
Daisuke_Idobecause...  it isn't.16:13
Jasmin_tekteen: ls: /dev/usb: No such file or directory16:13
tekteenJasmin_: how about ls /dev/ttyACM*16:14
BluesKajreivilo78, uninstall the "most recent ones". They don't work very well.The default restricted one does work well.16:14
Daisuke_Idoam i not getting through?16:15
reivilo78well i already tried them16:15
reivilo78the open source ones work better16:15
Jasmin_tekteen: /dev/ttyACM016:15
reivilo78at least with compiz16:15
BluesKajyes, the restricted one is open source16:15
Daisuke_Idothere's your motorola16:15
tekteenJasmin_: setup the modem to use /dev/ttyACM016:15
Jasmin_but now i am using my internet with my Motorola PCS E398 GSM Phone16:16
Daisuke_Idookay, so that makes sense16:16
Jasmin_tekteen: i connect both modem16:16
Daisuke_Idothat's your modem interface.  05a9:2640 is not a modem16:16
tekteenJasmin_: ?16:16
Daisuke_Idoit is a webcam16:16
Jasmin_tekteen: http://pastebin.dylanhq.com/10416:17
Daisuke_Idobit of a large difference there16:17
BluesKajreivilo78, if the default restricted one doesn't work , then reinstall the proprietary drivers ...it's up to you16:17
Jasmin_tekteen: Bus 007 Device 003: ID 05a9:2640 OmniVision Technologies, Inc.16:17
tekteenJasmin_: I get it16:17
Daisuke_IdoJasmin_: THAT is a webcam that is NOT a modem.16:17
Jasmin_tekteen: this modem i hav to connect16:17
tekteenJasmin_: http://www.ovt.com/products/16:18
reivilo78no they do work16:18
reivilo78i already tried them16:18
reivilo78i wanted to try the most recent ATI ones16:18
Jasmin_tekteen: sorry this one Bus 004 Device 007: ID 10c4:ea60 Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc.16:19
holaow can i share my ppp interface with a client16:20
tekteenJasmin_: setup kppp16:20
tekteento use the modem /dev/ttyACM016:21
Jasmin_tekteen: http://pastebin.dylanhq.com/10516:21
tekteenJasmin_: do not show me that again16:21
adrock358Anyone know how to get FREE textbooks online?16:21
tekteennm it is new16:21
lupulhi. is there something like cleartype on linux?16:22
Jasmin_tekteen: http://pastebin.dylanhq.com/105 see this one16:22
tekteenJasmin_: setup kppp to use the modem /dev/ttyACM016:22
Jasmin_tekteen: Bus 004 Device 007: ID 10c4:ea60 Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc.16:22
holaow can i share my ppp interface with a client16:22
Jasmin_tekteen: this modem i hav to connect16:22
tekteenJasmin_: please just do it16:22
adrock358what is cleartype Lupul?16:23
Jasmin_tekteen: can i use both the modem together16:24
adrock358So no one knows about free textbooks for school?16:24
lupulin windows xp was an option to make the fonts clearer. i mean in high res the fonts are so thin and barely visible16:24
tekteenJasmin_: no16:24
adrock358lupul.  i bet you there are.  have you checked gimp and other programs?16:24
tekteenJasmin_: setup  /dev/ttyACM0 as the ONLY modem16:24
adrock358lupul you don't know about free online textbooks so you?16:25
tekteenJasmin_: here is what I think. It is setup and ready we just need to figure out which device it is (not the same as is said in lsusb)16:26
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Jasmin_tekteen: you didnt understad me see now i m using kubuntu n i connect my internet with my Motorola PCS E398 GSM Phone and one more modem i hav that one i hav to connect16:28
tekteenJasmin_: is the modem plugged in now?16:29
Jasmin_tekteen: yes16:30
tekteenJasmin_: we need to figure out what the "device file is"16:30
Jasmin_tekteen: how do we do16:31
tekteenJasmin_: It could be called /dev/USB0 what is the output of ls /dev/USB*       ?16:32
ScorpKingtry sudo wvdialconf. it will detect en setup most of the modem settings16:32
tekteenScorpKing: thanks16:32
ScorpKingyw :)16:33
Jasmin_tekteen: i did that one also but its not working16:33
ScorpKingyou have to edit /etc/wvdial.conf and fill in the missing parts. after that run sudo wvdial16:33
tekteenJasmin_: did you plug the phone line into the wall16:33
xenobiushey, is the device /dev/fb0 hardware specfic ? like if I have a driver for my video card, and am not using VESA., is there a way to enable the device ? freeorion keeps spitting out an error saying it doesn't exist (which it doesn't), how do I enable framebuffer support ?16:34
ScorpKing!audio > me16:35
ubotuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto16:37
tekteenI need to go16:37
ScorpKingJasmin_: is it a usb modem?16:37
Jasmin_ScorpKing: yes16:37
ScorpKingJasmin_: it could be /dev/ttyACM0 or /dev/ttyUSB0. most phones are ttyACM016:38
ScorpKingJasmin_: here's my wvdial.conf - http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54624/16:41
Jasmin_ScorpKing: yes i know now i m using my internet with my Motorola PCS E398 GSM Phone its setting ttyACM0 but i dont know that modem i could not connect atall16:41
ScorpKingJasmin_: look on google. you should be able to find all the setting online16:42
ScorpKingJasmin_: when you plug in the modem run dmesg | tail .it should give some usefull info16:44
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto16:50
jpatrick!msgthebot | ForgeAus16:50
ubotuForgeAus: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.16:50
ForgeAusum I did that to get a link to paste to someone16:51
ForgeAuswasn't a joke16:51
ForgeAusjust that they weren't in here thats all16:51
jpatrickah, right16:51
ForgeAus(from ##windows someone lost their grub boot manager and wanted it back16:52
ForgeAusand since mostly the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows link can be used with other Linuxes I sent them there)16:52
ForgeAuswell the important bits should work with most Linuxes using Grub anyway...16:53
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_Shade_which development iso image should i get to be able to use kde4 by default?17:05
dean__hello all17:06
BluesKaj!kde4 | _Shade_17:16
ubotu_Shade_: KDE 4.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/ - Support in #kubuntu-kde417:16
_Shade_BluesKaj: but is it a default desktop environment in hardy?17:17
=== Darkemo is now known as Scrounch
BluesKaj_Shade_, hardy will still be using KDE 3.5.8 when the official distro is released , kde4 isn't quite up to std yet , altho it does work with a few glitches even on gutsy17:19
Raleskhi all -- I can't seem to get the "gtk styles and fonts" to work :(  it always shows that ugly default engine in gtk apps.17:24
ArtimusI'm having trouble with Network Manager (Gutsy).  When I (re)start the networking init script, I get this: "Configuring network interfaces...Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0".  My /etc/network/interfaces has "auto eth0" in it, and eth0 is really my ethernet card.  Any ideas?17:30
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ScorpKingI've made some changes to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy and added "Boot a floppy image without a floppy drive" to the bottom of the page. Please check if everything I've added is correct and feel free to fix any mistakes. Hope it's helpfull to someone. :D17:34
HidekiI cant get a crontab job to run, anyone can help me?17:34
HidekiI used sudo crontab -e -u root and it does show when I do a -l but It just wont run17:35
Hideki25 18 * * * root  /home/server/Backupscript17:35
ScorpKingArtimus: did you change your network card or motherboard?17:35
ArtimusScorpKing: A while ago...  What file has the MAC address -> interface mapping?17:36
ArtimusI'm pretty sure I deleted the old entry and set my new ethernet card to eth017:36
Artimushere we go.  /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules17:37
ScorpKingArtimus: check in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules if the mac address for eth0 is correct17:37
Artimuseth0 is my onboard, eth1 is my other ethernet card17:38
ScorpKinghmm.. i had the same problem on a few boxes last week17:38
ArtimusI'm not 100% sure how I'm on the internet right now anyway...  Hibernate has issues with my box17:38
ArtimusWell, the KDE Network Manager does...  My interfaces disappear from it upon resume...17:39
ScorpKingArtimus: run ifconfig and see what's configured17:39
ArtimusIt's right.17:39
ArtimusI rather like the KDE network manager.  This box is a desktop, so I let the little KDE tool manage my interfaces.  "auto eth0" is all I should need in /etc/network/interfaces for that, right?17:40
AMcBainHow do I install Java jdk 6.0 via apt-get?17:40
Silouckanyone using kubuntu x86_6417:41
ScorpKingArtimus: i've had a lot of problems with knetworkmanager in the past so i just do it manually now.17:42
sveriAMcBain: sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jdk17:42
ScorpKingArtimus: you need auto eth0 and then iface eth0 inet dhcp below that17:42
sveriAMcBain: replace the 5 with 6 and youre done, my fault :-)17:43
ArtimusScorpKing: As far as I know, that's if I want the system to manage it.  If I add that, the knetworkmanager won't even show the interface17:43
RaleskI can't seem to get the "gtk styles and fonts" to work :(  it always shows that ugly default engine in gtk apps.  <-- anyone?17:44
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AMcBainOkay, I got it, time to see if Eclipse likes it ...17:44
mrdlouisdis there a good guide i can follow to install kubuntu on my 4 gig pen drive?17:45
mrdlouisdi am running off a livedvd atm17:45
ScorpKingArtimus: ah. i see now.17:45
Silouckanyone using kubuntu x86_6417:45
ahmedhi i still need help with17:46
* AMcBain watches his hdd space tick away as Eclipse installs a zillion and one packages.17:46
ArtimusScorpKing: It worked great for quite a while, now it's just suddenly started doing this...  I'm not 100% convinced this isn't an update's fault.17:46
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ahmedanyone help me here with klamAv17:47
sveriAMcBain: theres also an eclipse version with integrated jdk available17:47
ScorpKingArtimus: yeah. you'll have a lot less trouble if you do it manually and it's not that dificult. ;)17:48
AMcBainMaybe, but the last time I installed Eclipse via Adept, it required a JDK. ..17:48
ArtimusScorpKing: It's more for the fact that this box often goes places where DHCP isn't available17:48
sverioh, ok, i always downloaded it from eclipse.something17:48
AMcBainAnyways, it seems to work. I can now get my Workspace files off my ext hdd.17:48
AMcBainafter I remount it :-/17:49
ScorpKingArtimus: so the ip address has to be something else all the time?17:49
ArtimusScorpKing: It's often DHCP.  Sometimes it's static.  I rather like the network applet.  Also the "Now Unplugged" notifications17:49
ahmedanyone help me with kalmAV17:50
=== ahmed is now known as aharoon111
aharoon111please could nyone help me with kalmAV?17:51
ScorpKingArtimus: oh ok. it should be possible to make eth0 static and add eth0:1 as a virtual device and make it dhcp btw. other than that check the knetworkmanager bug reports17:51
ScorpKing!ask | aharoon11117:51
ubotuaharoon111: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)17:51
aharoon111sorry i want to enaple autoscan it say u need to load ,odel dazuko when i said ok load i get the message u can not load dazuko successfull17:52
ArtimusScorpKing: Those aliases are ugly.  I'll keep messing with it...  Thanks.17:52
ArtimusWell, I'm off...  My cable modem needs to be rebooted, it's dropping packets.17:54
aharoon111i installed kalmAV and  i want to enaple autoscan it say u need to load model dazuko when i said ok load it i get the message u can not load dazuko successfull17:59
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unagican someone help me troubleshoot why kopete hangs on startup18:06
pagunagi, are you using a fresh gutsy install?18:07
Raleskunagi: it locks up for a few seconds, right?18:07
unagifairly fresh kubuntu-desktop install pag no it locks up for good Ralesk18:07
Raleskah, for me it's just temporary -- recovers after 10 secs or so18:08
pagunagi, does 'fairly fresh' mean you've already ran all the updates?18:08
unagifairly fresh meaning 4 or 5 days ago i ran sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop18:08
unagiand from day 1 kopete hangs18:09
aharoon111 i installed kalmAV and  i want to enaple autoscan it say u need to load model dazuko when i said ok load it i get the message u can not load dazuko successfull18:09
pagunagi, hmm.. try running ' sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade '18:09
BluesKajunagi, try it from the konsole ..then post the ouput in pastebin18:09
Silouckanyone using kubuntu x86_6418:09
unagither is no error18:10
pagunagi, removing ~/.kde/share/config/kopeterc  might also help18:11
unagidist upgrade isntalls nothing new18:11
rdwhello, anybody has resolved Failed to initialize nvidia kernel module error in X?18:11
unagirunning so far18:11
unagiits hanging18:12
unagiim gonna let it sit for a minute18:12
Silouckwhere can i download the lastest kubuntu build?18:12
unagithough when i run kopete in konsole.......the konsole goes back to $ even though kopete is running18:13
Raleskmany kde programs seem to detach themselves18:13
unagiwhats the command to see the vendor and product ID of my webcam18:13
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu18:13
unagixxxx:xxxx is vendor:product?18:14
unagikopete now hangs when i try to add my msn account18:14
Raleskfor me, kopete locks up on loading the jabber accounts.  then it becomes fine... seems to be a bit laggy with 1000+ contacts though :)))18:15
Raleskespecially doesn't like when someone changes his/her name.18:15
unagiis there a way to add it via command line?18:19
rdwhello, anybody has resolved Failed to initialize nvidia kernel module error in X?18:20
BluesKajunagi, is it a USB cam ?18:22
aharoon111i installed kalmAV and  i want to enaple autoscan it say u need to load model dazuko when i said ok load it i get the message u can not load dazuko successfull18:24
BluesKajwell, time to do some errands , BBL18:25
ScorpKingdoes kdevelop support qt4.x?18:35
agrumanHeya i get horizontal tearing when playing video, i have tried: different players, different driver versions, analog / dvi / hdmi "-vo gl, gl2 aso" but nothing seems to help :( please some help here, im using a ati hd2600xt18:41
xenobiushey if your 3d card is working well, what kind of framrate should glxgears be hittings ?18:42
JoeyJoeJoThe clock isn't showing up at the bottom right hand side of my screen.. how can I get it back?18:42
ScorpKingJoeyJoeJo: add applet to panel --> clock18:43
agrumanxenobius depends on card, mine give aprox 8k18:44
xenobiusa second ?18:44
xenobiuswhat graphics card are you using and does it have any bugs or incompatabilities ?18:44
agrumanxenobius ~8k FPS yes18:45
JoeyJoeJoScorpKing: where do I find panel --> clock?18:45
agrumanati hd2600 xt18:45
ScorpKingJoeyJoeJo: right click on the panel18:46
xenobiuseveryone hass been telling me that ati and ubuntu aren't a good mix...18:46
ScorpKingheh. my nvidia drivers don't work - again! :(18:47
ahmedhi i installed kalmAV i want to enaple autoscan it say u need to load ,odel dazuko when i said ok load i get the message u can not load dazuko successfull18:47
JoeyJoeJoScorpKing: if I right click on the panel, all I see is task manager settings18:47
ahmedwhat i do?18:47
Sbucatxenobius: and...so18:47
ScorpKingJoeyJoeJo: click where there's nothing18:47
agrumanxenobius well perhaps not, i dont have that much experience, still struggling with my own install18:48
JoeyJoeJoScorpKing: thats what I did18:48
xenobiusjust surprised your's works well for you thats all18:48
JoeyJoeJoScorpKing: something tells me I didn't install something when I upgraded to KDE418:48
ScorpKingJoeyJoeJo: ah. no kde4 here18:48
agrumanxenobius well apart from tearing when playing video its ok, but that realy sucks .. realy gotta get it fixed18:48
JoeyJoeJoScorpKing: ok, that must be it then.. thanks for your help anyway18:49
xenobius GIGABYTE GV-N52128DS-RH GeForce FX 5200 128MB 64-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card - Re18:49
xenobiussee that ?18:49
xenobiusthe fact that it has geforce in it means its an  nvidia driven card right ?18:49
ahmed hi i installed kalmAV i want to enaple autoscan it say u need to load ,odel dazuko when i said ok load i get the message u can not load dazuko successfull18:49
agrumanxenobius yes18:49
jussi01!repeat | ahmed18:50
ubotuahmed: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience18:50
xenobiusexcellent, so nvidia just sells it chipset to random manufacturers who integrate it into their cards ?18:50
agrumanxenobius well thats how the market works18:51
xenobiuscool, so whats the benefit of using these nvidia designed motherboards ? faster frame switching ?18:53
AMcBainWhat is the hotkey to get Dolphin to show hidden folders/files?18:53
thoreauputicAMcBain: no idea, but have you tried ctrl+h ?18:53
AMcBainctrl+h doesn't cut it. to Google I guess ...18:54
sigma_1234where do i get additional cup printer drivers from?18:56
maduserthere are some in adept18:56
AMcBainGot it. It was a view property18:56
thoreauputicAMcBain: so what is the key combo?18:57
sigma_1234maduser: where about?18:57
AMcBainYou just go to the view menu, then down at the bottom adjust view properties ...18:57
AMcBain(there is a key, but this is easier)18:57
AMcBainI didn't bother looking specifically for the key18:58
thoreauputicAMcBain: ummm.... OK.18:58
ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows19:01
unagivirtual machines are great19:03
unagii just wish i didnt have to use it for somethign as simple as making a .jpg image sequence into .mov19:03
* travkin is online.19:04
* unagi is impressed19:04
jpatrick!away > travkin19:04
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abcdDoes anyone know how to refresh a collection in Amarok 3.5.8 ?19:09
jpatrickabcd: it's in the menus :)19:09
draikHello all19:10
ahmedok does anyony how to display arabic id3 an xmms19:11
draikWhen I try to run some apps, I get "Segmentation Fault (core dumped)". What is this and how do I fix it?19:11
Midtronicdraik: that's a program crashing, and without more info, we probably can't do anything19:12
thoreauputicdraik: it's a segfault - a bug is making it crash19:12
sensaeI just moved from OpenSuSE to Kubuntu because I need better support for restricted drivers / the like. It's working well, but OpenSuSE autodetected my NTFS drives and automounted them, whereas taking a peek at my fstab, Kubuntu didn't. Anyone know the flag for mounting NTFS partitions read-only?19:12
draikMidtronic: What do you need?19:12
Midtronicseg faults are generally in the program though, if you can replicate it you should send a bug report to the authors19:12
Midtronicdraik: app name, core dump, any errors that the program may spit out before it dies19:12
draikthoreauputic: Is there a way of knowing which bug?19:12
ahmedsensae try to use ntfs-config19:12
sensaeahmed: Thanks, I will19:13
draikMidtronic: When I run Uplink in CLI, it only says                    Segmentation fault (core dumped)19:13
thoreauputicdraik: not really - unless it's been reported - or you can try various things like "strace', "gdb" etc.19:13
sensaelol, I still can't get used to the fact that the root pass is scrambled in Ubuntu.19:14
ahmedhi i installed kalmAV i want to enaple autoscan it say u need to load ,odel dazuko when i said ok load i get the message u can not load dazuko successfull19:14
thoreauputicdraik: to get a decent trace though, you would need an unstripped binary :)19:14
Midtronicdraik: I don't know the program, but maybe see if it has a verbose output mode19:14
draikMidtronic: Uplink is a game. I don't think I have many options with it.19:15
thoreauputicdraik: if it's proprietary, you probably have no recourse but to complain to the supplier ;)19:15
sensaeArgh, the NTFS partitions are marked as in use. I guess I didn't get a clean shut down in Windows. BRB19:15
draikthoreauputic: Midtronic: Would a re-install fix this issue?19:16
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thoreauputicdraik: almost certainly not19:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ntfsfix - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:16
tzangerquick question.  I am trying to uninstall toshutils and toshset packages (my laptop can't use them) -- so sudo apt-get remove toshset toshutils.  apt tells me it's going to also remove kubuntu-desktop, powermanagement-interface and acpi-support.  I'm 99% certain I want those other packages... what's going on?19:16
kadamI just did an adept update, and it says there's a new distro version available.  I'm using gutsy 7.10; what would this upgrade be?19:16
thoreauputicdraik: reinstalling stuff in linux really doesn't change anything19:17
SlimeyPetetzanger: you do want them. Kubuntu-desktop is marked as depending on the things you are trying to remove.19:17
tzangerit's the toshset package that's doing it19:17
tzangerSlimeyPete: weird, why would kubuntu-desktop depend on toshset?19:17
SlimeyPetetzanger: dunno... kubuntu-desktop dependson tonnes of stuff without any apparent reason19:17
thoreauputicdraik: unless it's a config problem, but then you would need to purge the config, and in any case it would be fixable with an editor19:18
tzangerSlimeyPete: ok, I will leave it the hell alone then :-)  thank you :-)19:18
SlimeyPeteseems like a silly way to do things, to me, but I guess thekubuntu devs have their reasons.19:18
gizkaguyhello everyone19:18
draikthoreauputic: Ok. Good to know.19:18
Mediapiratehi gizkaguy19:19
kadamif I have 7.10, why would adept ask me to upgrade to 7.10?19:19
draikI think there may be a deeper issue, though, because Kaffeine doesn't respond too well as a user; kdesu makes it respond a bit better. As a user, it lags and crashes. Would there be an underlying issue here?19:19
gizkaguykadam: did you install kubuntu as 7.10 or upgrade?19:20
MediapirateAnyone know a good program to extract rars in linux?19:20
draikMediapirate: unrar19:20
Midtronicdraik: my immediate guess is that there's some permissions issues... normal user can't get stuff that root can19:21
kadamgizkaguy: as 7.10.  It actually went through a unch of stuff and said I was already up to date 8)  Scared me for a sec,tho...19:21
Midtronicbut what they might be... you should look at the logs and see if you can glean anything useful19:21
draikMidtronic: How/where do I begin?19:23
sensae.. o.o19:24
sensaeHow safe / mature are the write drivers for NTFS now?19:24
SlimeyPetereasonably safe.19:24
SlimeyPeteok for personal use, but don't rely on them for important work19:25
sensaeHeh alright, that makes me feel safe using them. I don't think I'd ever put anything terribly important on an NTFS partition.19:25
ubotuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs19:25
sensaeI guess that brings me to my next question. I have a second system running as a file server. It's sharing the home directories via samba password-protected. What would be the easiest way for me to mount my home directory on my computer, so both computers "share" a home and it resides on the file server?19:27
ahmeddo u know anymediaplayer support arabid id3? i cannt display them in xmms and in amarok it shows 50% of files19:27
Midtronicnfs, probably19:27
sensaeMidtronic: Was that directed towards me?19:28
killboxI recently installed KuBuntu on my Hewlett. I am having program update problems, does anyone have advice?19:29
BluesKajkillbox, pls be more specific19:30
killboxLike I tried to update Amsn19:30
BluesKajupdate with adept or apt or ... ?19:31
killboxI will try that. thx19:31
guardiani'm testing the kde 4.0 live cd i downloaded on kubuntu.com19:32
guardianis the desktop install icon supposed to work ?19:32
killboxWould my systems hadware specs be an issuse?19:32
Shadowfx22I've got a problem... :(19:33
killboxme too! :(19:33
Shadowfx22Anyone on that understands, wireless issues/19:33
killboxwhat kind of issuse?19:33
Shadowfx22My wireless isn't working, only when I use the LiveCD does KNetwork Manager see my network.19:34
Shadowfx22I went into the Terminal and it definately sees the network, I gave it the needed information to connect.... But it's not connecting.19:34
Shadowfx22Right now I'm hooked up wired with my laptop, but I'd like wireless back.19:34
killboxis your laptop all you have?19:35
Shadowfx22No, I have my desktop.19:35
Shadowfx22Running Windows currently for gaming purposes.19:35
killboxok. Are you using a router or hub?19:36
Shadowfx22My desktop is able to hook up wirelessly.19:36
killboxis your router wireless?19:36
Shadowfx22I'm not completely stupid, just new to Kubuntu and linux in general.19:37
killboxWindows connection wizerd?19:37
killboxme too19:37
Shadowfx22The problem isn't on Windows.19:38
Shadowfx22It's on Kubuntu.19:38
BluesKajShadowfx22, you can't be stupid , you chose kubuntu :)19:38
killboxI can't help srry.19:38
BluesKajShadowfx22, I'm not a wireless type guy but I've seen ppl successfully enable wireless by manual congiguring the knetwork manager.19:40
BluesKaj!wireless | Shadowfx2219:40
ubotuShadowfx22: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs19:40
BluesKajerr configure19:40
jmichaelx could someone possibly tell me how a person can (or if one can) import an entire dir of photos into OO.o Presentation?19:42
Shadowfx22BluesKaj,  I've done that, but not success.19:42
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BluesKajShadowfx22, not really knowledgeable about wireless :(19:44
=== Arwen is now known as atomicpotato
guardianis the install icon on the desktop supposed to work when using the kde4 live cd found on kubuntu.com ?19:45
jmichaelxdoes anyone here use OO.o Presentation/Impress?19:47
emilsedghi never tried it but im sure thats not for fun!19:47
=== stephen_ is now known as techbw
jmichaelx could someone possibly tell me how a person can (or if one can) import an entire dir of photos into OO.o Presentation?19:57
techbwhi all19:58
jan__Hi, i try to install kde languagesfile (dutch) but get by configure the message ..checking for dcopidl  ....not found19:58
jan__configure: error: The important program dcopidl was not found!19:58
jan__Please check whether you installed KDE correctly.19:58
jan__i can not find a solution in google19:59
techbwcould anyone help with installation of wifi card ... senao 2511 cd plus...found that you need to install hostap, which I did but seems kernel needs to be rebuilt or at least everywhere I look that is what they say (what is kernel rebuild, and how do I do it)19:59
BluesKajtechbw, no suggestions about installing linux drivers for the card ?20:04
Agent_bobi have a strange error from a script.   the script opens a new tty or switches to an open one,  but the new tty only displays >>> /bin/bash: Illegal option -l <<< if user runs the script, and works correctly for root.  script is at http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d523d0a12  if anyone has insight20:06
Agent_bobthe fact that i don't have bash installed might be an issue.  but that hardly explains why it works for root and not for bob20:06
bfrogis there a script thats called when the fn keys are run20:07
bfrogits not working right so I was going to see if I could fix it20:07
techbwBluesKaj-->Hi, can I even check if the pcmcia card has been detected, very new to linux, so don't know how to do this20:08
Agent_bobtechbw   dmesg | grep -i pcm20:08
techbwok will quickly try20:09
techbwforgot have to disconnect from internet...will be back shortly to let you know if it detects the card20:09
boggystudioswhen I try to copy to an nfs share on my media server it seems to stall out every once in a while, does any one here know why this might be?20:10
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=== Timster is now known as TimS
techbwAgent_bob -- > This is what it says20:12
techbw[4294701.347000] pcmcia: registering new device pcmcia1.020:12
techbw[4294844.781000] cs: pcmcia_socket1: time out after reset.20:12
techbw[4295274.187000] cs: pcmcia_socket1: time out after reset.20:12
techbw[4295915.865000] pccard: PCMCIA card inserted into slot 120:12
techbw[4295915.865000] pcmcia: registering new device pcmcia1.020:12
techbw[4297488.953000] cs: pcmcia_socket1: time out after reset.20:12
techbw[4297492.654000] cs: pcmcia_socket1: time out after reset.20:12
techbw[4297949.986000] pccard: PCMCIA card inserted into slot 120:12
techbw[4297949.986000] pcmcia: registering new device pcmcia1.020:12
techbw[4298798.317000] cs: pcmcia_socket1: time out after reset20:12
techbwdoes this mean it does not detect20:12
Agent_bobmeans it does.20:12
techbwwhat's the timeout after rester??20:13
jontecI need to make a patch... a copy/paste of the output from diff (-wur) into a .patch file will work, right?20:13
Agent_boblooks like you need to insert a module for the card maybe20:13
techbwwhen u say module...what's that??? lol drivers??20:13
BluesKaj!pastebin | techbw , before you post more data20:14
ubotutechbw , before you post more data: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)20:14
Agent_bobyes in M$ terms it's a driver.   kernel module = peace of code that can be inserted into the running kernel to add support for additional hardware.20:14
techbwI have been looking for info on how to do this, but have not been able to find it...apperently hostap needs to be added to kernel, but don't know where a howto is20:16
techbwbeen searching...evrywhere has download link for source, but no howto20:17
techbwgot to to wget -nc source-image-2.6.22-14-generic20:19
vellakdokay, this is weird. I get AIM. I get email. I even get IRC (hence why I'm here), but I get no webpages that will load on firefox. I can even ping them too, and get responses. Should I blame the ISP at this point?20:19
techbwdoes this sound correct20:19
techbwhow do I check which kernel i am using??20:19
dthackervellakd: do you get an error?20:19
vellakddthacker: nope. Just a timeout. But thats only on a browser. ping responds alright.20:20
max-pHi, how can I do a DHCP renew (command line) ?20:20
sensaevellakd: And you can ping sites, like ping www.google.com ?20:20
vellakdsensae: first thing I pinged. Had responses20:21
sensaevellakd: Hrm, sounds like it isn't a DNS problem then.20:21
vltHello. I have an IBM Laptop running Ubuntu 7.10 with a cdrom drive in a docking station. Sometimes when connecting the laptop to the station the cdrom is recognized and I can access it, sometimes it's not -- and rebooting is the only way I know to enable it. Any idea how to access the drive w/o rebooting?20:21
dthackervellakd: what was the last thing you changed?20:21
sensaevellakd: Go into firefox, go to Preferences, Advanced, Network, and check if it's set to "Connect directly to the internet"20:21
vellakdNothing, until this started coming up. I did the usual 'unplug and reset everything'20:21
vellakdsensae: it isn't set to that.20:22
sensaevellakd: What's it set to?20:22
vellakdsensae: manual proxy port configuration20:23
sensaevellakd: Switch it over to direct connection and see if you can get it to load20:24
nunoHey how can i install JRE on Kubuntu so that it works with Firefox?20:24
vellakdsensae: doesn't appear to be working20:24
draikI am trying to change the owner of the USB drive to "draik". It is currently root:root. I want it to be draik:root. "sudo chown draik /media/disk" does not work. "chown: changing ownership of `disk/': Operation not permitted".20:25
Pentarexhello kubuntu users :P20:25
nunoHey how can i install JRE on Kubuntu so that it works with Firefox? help please? :o20:25
sensaevellakd: Ah drat, well it was worth a try. It was probably part of your problem anyway, unless you usually tunnel your network connection20:26
atomicpotato!java | nuno20:26
ubotununo: To install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.20:26
Pentarexcan anyone tell me why skype is bugged20:26
atomicpotatoyou might want sun-java6-plugin package20:26
Pentarexits only black and white colors when i start it20:26
nunoThat bot rules xD20:26
vellakdsensae: Nah. Just a typical residential setup. I think I'm gonna call this one against the ISP. Seems like it, considering everything else works.20:26
BluesKajtechbw, in the terminal : uname -a20:26
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!20:26
Pentarexcan anyone tell me ?20:27
techbwBluesKaj --> Thnx20:27
sensaevellakd: Mh, it could still be some odd setup on your system, but I'm at a loss to what it might be, so I'd give em a ring.20:28
MiraiWarren0_0Is downloading an ubuntu cd image with bittorent on a 28Kbs modem foolish?20:28
sensaeMiraiWarren0_0: Depends on how much patience you have20:29
tekteenMiraiWarren0_0: I would say yes20:29
vellakdsensae: eh... I can deal with no internet for a while. Good bit of patience never killled anyone.20:29
MiraiWarren0_0I've very much.20:29
=== vellakd is now known as redshadowhero
MediapirateWhats the equivelant to /hop for Konversation?20:30
sensaevellakd: Hah, then that's where we differ. I'd go insane, lol.20:30
sensaeMiraiWarren0_0: Nothing wrong with it if you're willing to wait a month or more for that CD, but at that point, personally, I'd just order one20:30
redshadowherosensae: maybe... but, I hate talking on the phone. Discomfort from loss of internet is lessened when you have aim, irc, and email....20:31
MiraiWarren0_0sensae: How long does that take?20:31
redshadowherosensae: wait.. I wonder if I could VPN to work and see if webpages load that way...... :\20:32
sensaeredshadowhero: Very true, but I'd be on the phone in 10 minutes if the internet went completely dead.20:32
redshadowherosensae: I had to rule out me as the error though. All the 'good IT mumbo jumbo': always blame the user.20:32
bootsmorrisi need some help with wep cracking20:33
Mediapirateget backtrack20:33
Mediapiratei think20:33
sensaeMiraiWarren0_0: They're about $7 from the canonical store and I couldn't imagine them taking more than a week or two tops to arrive20:33
tekteenMediapirate: you are correct20:33
tekteenMediapirate: backtrack is a life saver20:34
bootsmorrisi just want to d/l the apps but i cant install it it says it needs a dapendency but i already have it installed20:34
tekteenbootsmorris: Get backtrack. It is a live cd with more tools then you will ever use20:34
sensaeredshadowhero: Yeah. That drives me crazy. I double check I'm not having a problem here, then call in, and then do everything I already did, again, before they'll check on their end.20:35
MediapirateReally?  tekteen how come?20:35
redshadowherosensae: well, VPN-ing to work seems to work, because I can remote desktop there and use internet. "Muahahahah" and all that good stuff. Besides, I'20:36
redshadowherosensae: I'll let the person who pays for the internet call them.20:36
tekteenMediapirate: I use backtrack as part of my job20:36
Mediapiratewhat for?20:36
tekteenMediapirate: Reseting passwords and other fun stuff20:37
Mediapiratehehe cool20:37
sensaeredshadowhero: Yup, in a pinch, a VPN or SSH tunnel will work wonders.20:37
tekteenMediapirate: Sometimes I play with kubuntu and lock myself out so I use it then too20:37
Mediapiratetekteen: what is your job may I ask?20:37
tekteenMediapirate: 15 year old computer help.20:38
tekteenI want to be a security professional20:38
sensaeIs there any relatively easy way to get HDA Intel audio working? If not, I'll just throw in my Audigy.20:39
redshadowherono you don't20:39
Pentarexcan anyone tell me why skype is black and white ?20:39
tekteenredshadowhero: is that directed at me20:39
Pentarexcan anyone tell me why skype is black and white ?20:40
redshadowherotekteen: yes, but it was a joke ;)20:40
sensaeDoes anyone know of an easy way to get HDA Intel audio working? I really don't want to recompile alsa / my kernel20:40
g2g591sensae: hmm, my hda intel worked out of the box .....20:40
Pentarexc'mon is there anyone that can help me with skype ?????????20:41
sensaeg2g591: I'm out of the box right now, and it's completely silent. I've checked the mixer.20:41
Mediapiratetekteen:  do you know a command like /hop for konversation?20:41
Mediapirateor do you just have to /leave then /join #*?20:41
tekteenMediapirate: try /help20:41
BluesKaj /join works20:41
Pentarextekteen: do u have skype20:42
tekteenPentarex: no. I could install it though20:42
tekteenhow did you install it?20:42
Pentarexi download it then isntall it20:42
Pentarexits simple20:42
Pentarexbut the problem is20:42
Pentarexthat the screen goes black and white20:43
Pentarexi start it20:43
tekteen!enter | Pentarex20:43
ubotuPentarex: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!20:43
Pentarexubotu:  ok20:43
Pentarextekteen: what ?20:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ok - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:43
tekteenubotu is a bot20:43
ubotuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots for all information.20:43
nunoubotu is not a bot20:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is not a bot - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:44
nunoubotu JRE20:44
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.20:44
tekteenPentarex: !something commands the bot20:44
tekteenand the | name tells it to talk to you20:44
nunoubotu shutdown :D20:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about shutdown :d - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:44
g2g591nuno: please play with ubutu in private chat20:44
tekteen!msgthebot |nuno20:45
ubotununo: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.20:45
nunobtw i need help xD20:45
nunoi cant install JRE20:45
sensaePentarex: I just installed Skype. I don't have audio to test the calls, but I'm logged in, I see my contacts and there are no drawing errors20:45
Pentarexits debian version right ?20:45
g2g591nuno: any errors youd like to tell us about?20:46
Pentarexsensae: its debian version on skype right20:46
sensaePentarex: I got the Ubuntu Feisty version.20:46
tekteennuno: why not? what have you tried? The more info we have the more chance we can help you20:46
draikg2g591: my money's on build-essential20:46
Pentarexsensae: aaa20:46
Pentarexsensae: see  i have it work on feisty fawn20:46
sensaePentarex: There are two Debian versions, one for Debian Etch and one for Feisty Fawn. http://www.skype.com/download/skype/linux/choose/20:47
Pentarexsensae: but on kubuntu there is eror20:47
nunotekteen: I've downloaded it from the java's site20:47
sensaePentarex: Really? I'm on Kubuntu 7.1020:47
tekteennuno: what the easy way?20:47
Pentarexsensae: me 220:47
Pentarexsensae: i choose feisty fawn version20:48
Pentarexsensae: but there is the problem20:48
nunotekteen: i ran it on sh and i installed it sucessfully BUT firefox is still not detecting it...20:48
sensaePentarex: That's the one I chose. I downloaded it to my desktop, simply clicked it and hit install. I've logged in and it all works20:48
tekteennuno: why didn't you install it in adept20:48
Pentarexsensae: and there is no graphic problems ?20:48
nunotekteen: I tried it too20:49
sensaePentarex: Nope20:49
tekteensudo apt-get install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-fonts sun-java6-plugin20:49
Pentarexsensae: ok how to delete previus skype ? i am new on linux :)20:49
sensaePentarex: Did you upgrade or something?20:49
Pentarexsensae: no20:50
Pentarexsensae: i want to reinstall it20:50
g2g591nuno: downloading from sun = not easy20:50
sensaePentarex: Go to the K menu, system, adept package manager20:50
nunotekteen: ill try it from apt-get too20:50
Pentarexsensae: 10nx o will check it out20:50
tekteen!info sun-java6-bin20:50
ubotusun-java6-bin (source: sun-java6): Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 (architecture dependent files). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 6-03-0ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 25795 kB, installed size 77224 kB20:50
g2g591nuno: if you want the browser plugin install sun-java6-plugin too, like tekteen is saying20:51
Mediapirate!info backtrack20:51
ubotuPackage backtrack does not exist in gutsy20:51
atomicpotato!info kmplayer20:51
ubotukmplayer (source: kmplayer): media player for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.4a-0ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 185 kB, installed size 600 kB20:51
nunoI did not installed the plugin xd20:51
draiknuno: sudo update-alternatives --config java         choose   /usr/lib/jvm/java-[version]-sun/jre/bin/java      It should be about version 620:51
tekteenMediapirate: why would ubotu know about backtrack?20:52
* Mediapirate is gonna crawl into a hole20:52
sigma_1234whats a good pdf printer? like pdfcreator for windows20:52
tekteenI can tell you more then ubotu anyway20:52
atomicpotatosigma_1234, Kubuntu ships with one20:52
tekteencan you pm?20:53
sensaeHow can I get mouse4 and mouse5 to work?20:53
Mediapirateerr hang on let me register20:53
sensaeThey do weird things in Firefox and nothing in Konqueror / Dolphin. I want them to go back / forward20:53
atomicpotatocups-pdf iirc20:53
Mediapiratebrb need to re-join the server20:54
sigma_1234openoffice cannot print to it20:54
Mediapirateno i can pm i think20:54
nunoIt worked!20:55
sigma_1234actually no program can print to it20:55
ubotupdf is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe; viewable in GNU/Linux with xpdf/kpdf/evince, and also adobe reader (free download, but closed source)20:56
SpeSHi, I've been trying KDE4, but my icons are completely messed after some time... is that a known issue?20:56
Pentarexsensae: ok same problem but i will try to change my graphic card properties ot something20:56
SpeShow can I fixed without restoring my .kde4 configuration?20:56
adam_How can I find out how much swap I have?  KSysGuard says 0! =O20:56
sensaePentarex: Alright20:56
ubotuKDE 4.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/ - Support in #kubuntu-kde420:56
Dragnslcradam_- System Settings -> Advanced -> Disks20:57
Pentarexsensae: what is your target gama on monitor and display settings20:57
Odd-rationaleadam_: Try opining a terminal and type top20:57
sensaePentarex: 1 for all20:58
sensaePentarex: 2 for Gamma20:58
sensaePentarex: Sorry, 1 for Gamma Correction for all of them, 2 for the Gamma itself20:58
adam_Ok, I have swap 8)  Phew!20:59
Pentarexa ok main is 0.90 for the first and 0 for the others and 2 for gama20:59
Pentarexsensae: ahhh same problem21:00
Pentarexsensae: c'mon what i do wrong ? :(21:00
Pentarexi think i will go again on ubuntu21:00
bfrogis 4.0.1 coming soon?21:00
bfrogto kubuntu that is21:00
Pentarexhehe they just release 4 i think21:01
Pentarexalpha 4 or something21:01
sensaePentarex: Sorry, I'm not sure what else to suggest, I'm not sure what's causing it.21:01
Pentarexok np 10nx21:01
bfrogthey tagged 4.0.1 a few days ago actually21:04
bfrogso I dunno what your talking about Pentarex :-P21:04
bfrogoh your talking about hardy21:04
bfrogsorry :-D21:04
Pentarexok anyone else can help me with skype ?21:07
Pentarexso nobody21:08
draikI am trying to change the owner of the USB drive to "draik". It is currently root:root. I want it to be draik:root. "sudo chown draik /media/disk" does not work. "chown: changing ownership of `disk/': Operation not permitted".21:09
jhutchinsUm, we could have helped with that.21:14
sub[t]rnlhelped with what21:15
jhutchinsdraik's problem21:15
sub[t]rnlno one saw it in time21:16
sub[t]rnlhe'll be back, he's in here pretty regular21:16
kiefer_Hey all, Any wireless experts around?21:17
kiefer_well, wireless/interface experts21:17
sub[t]rnl!wireless > kiefer_21:17
kiefer_already read, to no avail :(21:18
kiefer_Ive already set it up, its not that21:18
sub[t]rnlk, whats the problem?21:18
kiefer_its that about an hour ago-21:18
kiefer_my wireless signal got weak for some reason and attemped to re-connect21:18
kiefer_and my pc froze. no biggie21:18
kiefer_then when i re-booted, a new wireless interface had appeared, i usually just have wlan0, now i have that and wlan0:ava21:19
kiefer_and now it keeps dropping out and freezing my pc21:19
kiefer_any idea's? :)21:19
sub[t]rnlwhats in your /etc/network/interfaces21:19
kiefer_lemme have a peek21:19
kiefer_6 relevant lines of info, worth paste-boxing ?21:20
sub[t]rnlpastebin it21:20
kiefer_or just paste here?21:20
kiefer_kk, 1 sec :)21:21
kiefer_(might take a min, slow connection lol)21:21
akhenatonhi; can anybody, please help me? i just installed hardy and couldn't find the restricted drivers manager. thanks21:22
akhenaton(i want to install nvidia driver)21:22
sub[t]rnlakhenaton➜ try #ubuntu+121:22
akhenatonthanks sub[t]rnl; i'll do that21:23
=== Flare is now known as Flare183
kiefer_sub: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54638/21:23
sub[t]rnlthat interfaces file is odd, why are you trying to purge network manager in the file21:25
kiefer_i dont use knetworkmanager, i use konsole to connect to wifi, plus a guide told me to, lmao21:25
kiefer_want me to pastebin my 'ifconfig' results also? so you can see what i mean by my 'new' interface?21:25
sub[t]rnlhehe, no need to add it to the file, running it once will remove it and any configuration files21:25
kiefer_ohk, cheers21:25
* ScorpKing waves to everyone..21:25
Mediapiratew00t its sub[t]rnl again21:25
kiefer_Hiyo Scorp :)21:26
sub[t]rnlkiefer_➜ just a sec, is the ip assigned to the interface wlan0, or the wlan0:ava21:26
* BluesKaj waves to ScorpKing21:26
ScorpKinghiya guys :)21:26
kiefer_nothing is assigned to wlan0:ava21:26
MediapirateHiya ScorpKing21:26
kiefer_well, not that ive done anyway21:26
sub[t]rnlbring it down, if you think thats the cause of your troubles21:26
sub[t]rnlsudo ifconfig wlan0:ava down21:26
kiefer_aight, will do21:26
kiefer_Now we wait, and see if anything odd happens again.. Thanks for your advice :)21:27
sub[t]rnlk, give a shout if something comes up21:27
kiefer_Will do, Thanks :D21:27
kiefer_I need a smoke, brb :)21:28
mani213when i make a youtube video screen full it doesnt seem to be working smooth what should i do?21:29
mani213but it works proper when im playing it on windows xp media center21:29
MediapirateHi Warrior21:32
Mediapiratehows you mate?21:32
WarriorHello I am good21:32
Mediapiratewell this is the place to ask your questions if you have any21:32
Mediapirate360ppl to ask21:32
WarriorI forgot how to register nick21:34
sub[t]rnl!register > Warrior21:35
Mediapirate /msg nickserv register (password)21:35
Mediapiratewithout brackets21:35
MediapirateA pie walks into a bar and asks the bar owner if he can have a pint of beer and a packet of crisps. The bar owner replies and says, sorry we dont serve food.21:35
foibleshi there21:37
sourcemakerthis question is off-topic...  but does somebody know... how I can export openoffice document to pdf via command line?21:37
sourcemaker=> open document => update ALL => export to PDF21:38
sourcemakerI did't find a working macro for this stuff21:38
mani213whats the compiz chat room?21:39
sensaeBah, my xorg.conf got horribly messed up, so I renamed it. Now the display control panel won't let me change my settings21:40
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion21:40
foibleswhats the command to extract something from command line?21:40
foiblesfor bz221:40
foiblestar -blah?21:40
foiblesi forget21:40
tyson_how do i have a program run each time i login / startup?21:40
sub[t]rnltar -jxvf whatever.tar.bz221:40
Artimusfoibles: tar -jxvf21:40
NickPrestafoibles, tar should automatically detect it. tar -xf should be fine.21:40
foiblesNickPresta, thanks21:41
MediapirateI'm off21:41
Mediapiratebye ppl21:41
sensaeHow do I make my system write another xorg.conf, and how do I get my display control panel working again? It complains it can't be loaded21:41
sub[t]rnltyson_➜ when you start kde? or when the system boots?21:41
sub[t]rnlsensae➜ sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg21:41
tyson_kde starts21:42
sub[t]rnl!autostart > tyson_21:42
tyson_so i have to create a link in there. is that like a symlink?21:45
kiefer_Sub: Do you know how I can disable vertical mouse scrolling? its rather annoying lol21:45
NickPrestahi, Jack11121:45
Jack111does somebody know how i add a stream in streamtuner?21:46
sub[t]rnlkiefer_➜ duct tape21:46
sub[t]rnlkiefer_➜ might be able to change the protocol of the mouse in your xorg.conf21:47
sub[t]rnlnever heard anyone that wanted to disable scrolling though. :p21:48
[ka]killeris there any comand line command to view network traffic (in/out)21:48
=== ubuntu_ is now known as mrdlouisd
mrdlouisdanyone have any experience with installing kubuntu 704 on a pen drive?21:49
NickPresta[ka]killer, netstat?21:50
NickPrestaI wanted to suggest Wireshark but okay...21:51
sub[t]rnlhehe, wireshark > *21:51
sub[t]rnltraffic, packets, meh, he wasn't very specific21:51
sub[t]rnl!usb | mrdlouisd21:52
ubotumrdlouisd: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick21:52
the-ermIs there a command out there that's faster than rm -fR ./directory for removing a directory quicly?21:58
the-ermI'm backing up my entire drive using rscyn & hard links every day, and it takes a while to remove old backups.21:59
NickPrestathe-erm, why not package up your stuff after?22:00
kiefer_Thanks for the reply sub, sorry I was watching TV lol, "kiefer_➜ might be able to change the protocol of the mouse in your xorg.conf" where can i find said .conf? :)22:00
the-ermYou mean tar them afterwards?22:00
NickPrestathe-erm, yeah.22:00
the-ermThat kinda removes the whole reasoning behind using hardlinks.22:00
=== ubuntu_ is now known as scott_
sub[t]rnluse rsync to remove them after it transfers?22:01
=== scott_ is now known as scott25
the-ermNo, not quite sub[t]rnl   that would remove the originals.22:01
NickPrestathe-erm, check out: http://www.mikerubel.org/computers/rsync_snapshots/22:01
sub[t]rnlas far as actual speed of "removing" thats up to the filesystem.22:01
the-ermI want to keep the originals.22:01
scott25can someone help me with installing it keeps saying "The ext3 file system creation in partition #1 of IDE1 master (hda) failed" when it starts to install22:02
=== __max_ is now known as _max_
ScorpKingkiefer_: /etc/X11/xorg.conf22:05
sub[t]rnlwoop missed his post.  thanks sk22:06
kiefer_Scorp: Thanks :)22:06
kiefer_okay, so im looking to disable vertical mouse scrolling, it has "Option"HorizEdgeScroll""0"" can i add "VerticEdgeScroll and set it to 0 to disable it?22:08
ScorpKingif i run /etc/init.d/networking restart all my nfs drives gets mounted. how can i stop that?22:08
sub[t]rnldoes it mount them if you havn't mounted them before the network restart?22:09
kiefer_can someone link me to a tutorial on what bash-scripting is? sounds interesting lol22:10
sub[t]rnlScorpKing➜ hrm, try stopping nfs-common then restarting network22:10
sub[t]rnlkiefer_➜ http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-HOWTO/Bash-Prog-Intro-HOWTO.html22:11
ScorpKingsub[t]rnl: ok. will do.22:11
kiefer_sub: thanks :)22:11
NickPrestakiefer_, http://linuxcommand.org/ too22:11
ScorpKingNickPresta: thanks for that link. very usefull :)22:13
scott25i keep getting i/o errors when i boot the livecd and i can't create partitions when i install...22:15
NickPrestaScorpKing, :)22:15
ScorpKingNickPresta: do you know if there's a pdf for that link?22:15
kiefer_Nick: Thanks :)22:16
ScorpKingscott25: create the partitions before you start the install. i think qtparted is on the livecd22:17
NickPrestaScorpKing, I don't know for sure. You could email the author and ask if he has one (or ask if you can mirror his whole site)22:17
ScorpKingNickPresta: i'll ask him. thanks22:17
NickPrestagreetings, matisse22:20
Bizzehhey, why does the kubuntu livecd just lock up when i try and boot it up?22:21
tyson_is there a way to have the kmenu list items alphabetically instead of (seemingly) randomly ?22:21
scott25ScorpKing: i keep trying qtparted but when i open it and click on the drive it opens a blank window titled progress and just freezes22:21
ScorpKingscott25: try sudo cdfisk /dev/<yourdisk> in konsole22:22
ScorpKingscott25: hope you made backups22:22
scott25ScroptKing: did you mean cfdisk?22:22
ScorpKing:) sorry22:23
kiefer_How do I execute a BASH script ive written through konsole? and what file extension should a bash script have?22:26
kiefer_figured it out :)22:26
Dr_willisYou dont need an extrension at all.22:26
Dr_willischmod +x whatever22:26
sub[t]rnlchmod u+x whatever (good form to end it in .sh)22:27
kiefer_i typed 'bash <filename>' lol, not cool?22:27
Dr_willisthats another way to do it.22:27
kiefer_lol ^_^22:27
scott25ScroptKing: how do i make a swap partition22:27
Dr_willisin theory the first line of your bash script should be #!/bin/bash22:27
kiefer_Dr Willi's, Girls Ahoy! i was watching it earlier :)22:27
Dr_williskiefer_,  shame shame! :P22:28
kiefer_why did iput a ' in ur name? lol22:28
kiefer_lolz, dont tell ur wife :D22:28
tyson_is there a way to have the kmenu list items alphabetically instead of (seemingly) randomly ?22:28
kiefer_speaking of which, i need to call the gf, brb.22:28
scott25ScorpKing: how do i make a swap partition22:28
Dr_willisuse fdisk or gparted, and make a new partition, set its type to swap22:29
=== sorin is now known as sorin7486
ScorpKingscott25: it's type 82 in cfdisk22:29
scott25ScorpKing: what about the type for ext322:31
ScorpKingscott25: 8322:32
scott25ScorpKing: it says no primary partitions do i make bootable, was i supposed to make the swap partition bootable?22:34
Dr_willisyou dont boot swap.22:34
Dr_willisYou need to make a partition for / and one for swap.22:34
ScorpKingscott25: you have to make the primary partition bootable, nothing else22:34
matisseis it possible to use to different audio programs and select their volume independently ? (f.e. watching a quiet video in kaffeine and hearing music in xmms)22:35
ScorpKingscott25: make hda1 (for /), hda2 (for /home), and hda3 (for swap)22:35
crimsunmatisse: yes, e.g., using PulseAudio22:36
scott25ScorpKing: how big should /home be22:36
ScorpKingscott25: how big is your disk?22:36
ScorpKingscott25: make / 10GB, /home 30.5GB and swap 500mb22:37
scott25ScorpKing: both hda1 and hda2 will be ext3?22:38
scott25ScorpKing: how do i set hda1 as / and hda2 as /home22:40
ScorpKingscott25: when you install it22:40
Dr_willisyou tell it to mount hda1 as / and hda2 as /home22:40
tyson_whats better to use, synaptic or adept manager?22:41
scott25so i dont need to do anything in cfdisk to set its path22:41
matissecrimsun: seems to be difficult to use... any hints ?22:41
ScorpKingscott25: correct22:41
PorcoRexYeah babe22:41
=== emonkey-t is now known as emonkey
crimsunmatisse: it's not very difficult to use.  Make sure you have pavucontrol installed.22:42
Dr_williscfdisk dosent set the mount point does it? it just fdisks the partitions, then you tell the installer which one ot use for / and for /home, the installer then formats / and /home22:42
scott25ok i wrote it... do i have to reboot or can i just go ahead with the installation22:43
* ScorpKing agrees..22:43
matissecrimsun: I first installed pulseaudio. Do I need that too ?22:43
ScorpKingscott25: just install it now22:43
matissecause, it seems to be a port opening service22:44
crimsunmatisse: yes, you need pulseaudio22:45
jhutchinsScoYoucan also edit /etc/fstab to change after install22:46
jhutchins:info pulseaudio22:47
jhutchins!info pulseaudio22:48
ubotupulseaudio (source: pulseaudio): PulseAudio sound server. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9.6-1ubuntu2.1 (gutsy), package size 293 kB, installed size 1028 kB22:48
sensae Anyone know how I can get my mouse working right? ie Mouse4 and Mouse5 go forward/back and I can middle click and move to scroll?22:49
smerilhow can i get a driver update for Hda-Intel (hv:0)?22:49
matissecrimsun: do I have to close all progs using output devices, before it can work ? got an error:    Connection failed: Connection refused22:49
atomicpotatosmeril, I assume you'22:50
atomicpotatoyou'd get an updated kernel source and build it22:50
crimsunmatisse: you need to configure it, at least.   e.g., if you plan to use it as a system-wide daemon, you need to enable it, and you need to add your user to the pulse-access group and log out and back in22:50
ScorpKing!hdaintel | smeril22:50
ubotusmeril: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto22:50
crimsunmatisse: see /usr/share/doc/pulseaudio/22:50
matisseok, thanks22:50
crimsunmatisse: of course, you also need to switch all audio apps to use pulseaudio if available/applicable22:51
smerili got it working temporarily but it stopped22:51
matisseFor more information see http://pulseaudio.org/22:51
matisseREADME (END) :-)22:51
crimsunmatisse: are you on gutsy?22:52
ScorpKingNickPresta: i found this - http://linuxcommand.org/script_library.php :D22:52
crimsunmatisse: heh, it has been changed for hardy.22:52
tyson_is there a way to have the kmenu list items alphabetically instead of (seemingly) randomly ? (im not using the new v4)22:52
=== torje is now known as cybrhuman
sensaeDoes anyone know how to get all my mouse buttons working?22:53
Dr_willisdepends on the mouse. Theres dozens of guides/howtos on differnt mice22:53
ubotuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto22:53
scott25ScorpKing: does it usually take a long time to scan and detect the disks during installation22:54
ScorpKingscott25: it depends on the size of your box22:55
scott25ok it finally did it, so im guessing i go to manual... then do i check off the format boxes for each of them?22:55
sensaeAlright, thanks Dr_willis22:56
cybrhumanis there a way to set konqueror or dolphin to sort numbers differently? To make it put 2 before 10 and not opposite.22:56
sensaeNext up. I have a 7.1 sound card, but I'm only getting sound out of one of the jacks.22:56
scott25ScorpKing: is there a mountpoint for swap or do i just set the type as swap then leave the mount point blank22:57
ScorpKingscott25: there's no mountpoint for swap22:57
scott25ScorpKing: do i need to check off format for swap22:57
ScorpKingscott25: no need22:58
paule118New/media:/hda5//paule118-desktop/home/ Folder23:02
ubuntuMedia you there23:03
ScorpKingpaule118: don't do that23:03
paule118oh sorry23:03
scott25ScorpKing: "The ext3 file system creation in partition #1 of IDE1master (hda) failed" it gave me the same error but it went further then last time23:04
ScorpKingscott25: does dmesg | tail say anything?23:05
Dr_willisif you are using the whole HD for your Ubuntu install. You can just fdisk the drive and delete ALL the partitions. leaving it all unallocated. and the installer can then partition/format it as needed  automaticially23:06
scott25ScorpKing: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54646/23:06
ScorpKingDr_willis: it fails everytime23:06
Dr_willisI would fdisk, delete all parittions, reboot, let the installer try again. If that still fails.. well theres something serious going on.23:06
ScorpKingDr_willis: see that paste23:07
sensaeI don't even care if I get surround on the jacks. Is there any way to get my system to output audio multiple times on the different jacks?23:07
Dr_willislooks to me like hda is going bad.23:07
scott25is my hard drive failing?23:07
ScorpKingyeah, or the BIOS settings23:08
ScorpKingscott25: usually if the disk fails you'll get I/O errors23:08
ManadI need help playing encrypted DVDs. I tried running the install-css.sh script as people said I should (googled it before coming here), but it says "command not found"23:08
Manadcan anyone tell me what I can do?23:09
scott25ScorpKing: so i need to buy a new hard drive... but it is possible that something else could be messed23:09
ScorpKingscott25: you can reset the bios settings to the defaults and try again. if that doesn't work try 'badblocks /dev/hda' or get a new disk23:10
scott25i have never changed bios settings23:10
ScorpKing!dvd | Manad23:11
ubotuManad: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs23:11
scott25would it be possible for something to change it?23:11
kieferDrWillis: Could you take a look at this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54647/ and tell me why it took all that before my wireless would connect?23:11
kiefer(excuse my noob-ish attatude in konsole :] )23:11
ScorpKingscott25: sometimes yes. try another disk and see if it works23:12
Dr_willisI dont do much at all with wireless..23:12
kieferOhk lol23:12
Manadthanks scorp, but those are the instructions I followed. The first line they tell you to do, sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples/install-css.sh  , returns "command not found"23:12
kieferCan someone tell me why it took all this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54647/ before my wireless connected? :)23:12
fyrmedicI just installed 64bit Kubuntu. How do I know that both processors are working?23:12
Dr_willisI think the path to that script has changed recently23:12
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Dr_willislocate install-css.sh23:12
ManadI did23:13
Dr_willisis where mine is at.23:13
ManadI went there manually23:13
ManadI found the script23:13
Dr_willisdo a sudo bash /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh23:13
Manadand typing "install-css.sh" at the console doesn't work, it gives me the same error.23:13
Dr_willisYou need to do ./installwhatever23:13
Dr_willisif in the same dir23:13
scott25ScorpKing: im using this badblocks thing and it is just printing random numbers... what do they mean?23:13
Manadthat worked...23:13
Manadwhat does "bash" do?23:13
Dr_willistells it to run the script. :)23:13
Dr_willisyou really SHOULD be uysing the medibunti repo to install the stuff. Not that script23:14
Manadthe google results don't mention it. I was copying and pasting23:14
sensaescott25: If badblocks is printing random numbers, IIRC it's printing the sectors that are bad23:14
ScorpKingscott25: can you pastebin some of it?23:14
Manadthank you23:14
ScorpKingscott25: nevermind23:14
Dr_willisif the script was not executable , then you need the bash command.23:14
Manad!medibuntu | Manad23:14
ScorpKingscott25: if you didn't run it with the -s switch then it's badblocks like sensae said23:15
scott25ScorpKing: can i do something to fix these sectors that are bad23:15
scott25so far it printer 0 and now its listing the numbers 28 and on (in order), right now it is at 8423:16
Manadit works now :P23:16
sensaescott25: Not really. If there are only one or two then you can get tools that hide those sectors23:16
sensaescott25: So it's printed 28-29-30-.. all the way to 84?23:16
scott25yes and its still going23:17
scott25now it is at 10023:17
Paddy_EIREhey I installed kde4 from this repo deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu gutsy main I installed it using 'sudo aptitude install kde4-core'  Is it just me or is this extremely barebones?23:17
ScorpKingscott25: not that i know of. strip the disk (it makes very nice things to put your coffee cup on) an get a new one23:17
ubotuKDE 4.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/ - Support in #kubuntu-kde423:17
sensaescott25: Then all those sectors are bad. That pretty much means that whole section of your drive is bad, which means the entire drive is screwed.23:17
* ScorpKing nods..23:18
Paddy_EIREJoshOvki, that does not explain or answer the question23:18
JoshOvkibut it points you were to get the answer23:18
sensaerofl, I got my mouse situation half fixed23:18
sensaeNow the scroll wheel goes back / forward23:18
sensaebrb, messing with xorg.conf some more23:19
scott25ScorpKing: is there a certain type of hard drive that i need to buy23:19
Dr_williseither ide or sata - depending on your machine. :)23:19
Dr_willisand of fourse laptops use  the smaller laptop sized ones.23:19
ScorpKingscott25: i've found that seagate last very long for some reason. they also have a three year gurantee i think23:19
scott25well i have never bought a hard drive since i haven't had to... so how do i know if i need ide or sata?23:20
Dr_willisBrand wise. Ive never noticed much of a differance. Ive had different brands die -  Of course in 3 years time i will be on my 3rd pc and have updated the hd's 2x :)23:20
Dr_willislook at the hd you got and the cables its connected to.23:21
sensaescott25: Technically, Maxtor are just rebranded Seagate drives, so they're a good bet too. Personally I've had good luck with Western Digital (I have 3 in my system now that have been going for years) but I've heard mixed things about em23:21
FaiDillinGerhi there23:21
sensaescott25: You need to look inside your computer. If the drive is connected with this kind of cable: http://www.gshop.com.au/images/ide_133_cable.jpg You need IDE23:21
* kiefer is on his way to becoming a BASH expert - hoorah :)23:22
ScorpKingscott25: western digital is good as well ;)23:22
sensaescott: Also known as PATA. If it's connected with this kind of connector http://www.macgurus.com/ccp51/media/images/category/sata/eSATA_TypA_lrg.jpg you need SATA23:22
sensaebrb, restarting X23:22
Dr_willisamazing how cheap HDs are these days  :)23:22
Dr_willismore amazing how fast i fill them up23:23
kieferLmao, I remember buying a PC back in the day with a 500mb Hdd.. DOS used to pwn..23:23
FaiDillinGerhas anyone got a clue on how activating numlock when Xorg starts ??? please ?23:23
sensaeDoes anyone know what command in xorg.conf binds the back / forward buttons?23:23
ubotuTo enable Number Lock by default, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NumLock23:23
FaiDillinGerthx Dr_willis23:24
ScorpKingsensae: i wouldn't go for maxtor. it makes up for 85% of the failed disks i get23:24
* kiefer will brb23:24
Dr_willisi must be the only person that uses the extra mouse buttons for stuff OTHER then forward/back in the browser. :)23:24
sensaeScorpKing: Really? Maxtor are literally Seagate drives. They both come from the same shops.23:24
sensaeDr_willis: What do you use em for?23:25
Dr_willissensae,  grenades and medpacks in games. :)23:25
Dr_willisive never used them for forward/back in any os. heh23:25
Dr_willisactually on windows i got one set for teamspeak chat also.23:25
ScorpKingsensae: i didn't know that. most maxtor drives i see are a lot thinner that seagate so i don't think it's that much the same. ;)23:25
sensaeDr_willis: lol, well of course. I'm just used to it in Firefox23:26
Dr_willisone wonders wher the parts for the hds come from..23:26
Dr_willisand how these different companies can do that much differently.23:26
kieferDrWillis i couldnt care less, my mate works in a dell warehouse, hehe :) free stuff ftw!23:27
sensaeScorpKing: Well, I may be off about being in the same shops, but that's what I had heard working in a computer shop, and they generally looked exactly the same. I know for a fact Seagate owns Maxtor.23:27
scott25would it be bad to open my computer case while it is on23:27
Dr_willisscott25,  not if you are carefull.23:27
kieferscott25: yes it would be bad :)23:27
sensaescott25: You just have to be very careful23:27
Dr_willisBut if its never been open befor.. i would power down. and UNPLUG it from the wall23:27
kieferscott25: always remember to wear a static electricity bracelet when opening a PC :)23:27
Dr_willisif its never ever been opened befor.. you proberly are due for a good dusting out also.23:28
SlimeyPeteI know people who run PCs with the case permanently open23:28
sensaescott25: If in doubt of yourself, turn it off23:28
SlimeyPetethey tend to wind up full of biscuit crumbs and tobacco23:28
scott25well if i randomly disconnect you will know i wasn't careful enough23:28
Dr_willisI find dead flys and moths in mine. :)23:28
kieferSlimeyPete: my desktop hasnt had its case on it since the day i got it lol23:28
sensaekiefer: I've never found an absolute need for an anti-static wristband. You just have to ground yourself on the case first23:28
ScorpKingsensae: well, that's just my opinion. i still work in a computer shop ;)23:28
kiefersensae: true, i got one for free, so i wear ir anyway lol23:29
SlimeyPeteyeah, no need for a bracelet, just touch the case.23:29
Dr_willisstick your tounge to the power supply for 20 sec! :)23:29
kiefer...at a M$ convention believe it or not..23:29
sensaekiefer: If I had one I got for free I'd wear it23:29
mefisto__this is driving me nuts. what determines the kdm login screen resolution? I've edited xorg.conf to only have 1280x1024, but kdm still displays at 1024x76823:29
kieferSensae: Hehe, Yup :)23:30
Dr_willismefisto__,  you did restart the X server after changing that file?23:30
mefisto__of course. I even did a full reboot23:30
Dr_willisstand on your head while rebooting? ;)23:30
sensaeSo, does anyone know how I can change what mouse buttons do back / forward?23:30
ScorpKingmefisto__: in /boot/grub/menu.lst there's a kernel option vga=xxx that you can change that i think23:30
ScorpKingsensae: i've seen mounse button config options on google when i searched for the settings of a ten button mouse once23:31
kieferDrWillis: ive found standing on my head solves nothing.. except for what my pc looks like upside down :)23:32
mefisto__ScorpKing: and it would be vga=1280 1024 ?23:32
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ScorpKingmefisto__: one sec. i might have bookmarked the link23:33
scott25the hard drive is maxtor... does that tell me which type i need to buy23:33
ScorpKingscott25: now you know why it doesn't work anymore ;)23:33
scott25but it doesnt tell me if it is ide or sata23:34
* kiefer will bbs, (Need to goto uni office to pay some fee's tee-hee)23:35
ScorpKingscott25: ide will be a 40pin connection and sata a thin red or black connection23:35
scott25can i unplug it while in livecd23:35
matissecrimsun: "Audacity doesn't support PulseAudio, nor Esound for the moment. You'll have to kill pulseaudio before you use this application."   this cant be the solution ...23:35
PsycoshotHey, Kubuntu has problems detecting my Logitech USB headset. Does anyone know why?23:36
ScorpKingmefisto__: http://wiki.antlinux.com/pmwiki.php?n=HowTos.VgaModes23:36
mefisto__thanks ScorpKing23:36
ScorpKingscott25: no23:37
FaiDillinGeryo. i got an external usb harddrive that is constantely pluged in to my computer. but it is not mounted automatically when i boot kubuntu. (the auto option is set in fstab). anyone got a clue on how to solve this problem ? thx23:37
sensaeYes! I got my mouse working23:37
ScorpKing:) hehe23:37
sensaethe only thing wrong is that when I middle lcick it will load random URLs instead of giving me a scrolling orb23:37
scott25i guess i will turn off my computer and take it out and ill come back here on a laptop if i can't figure out the type23:38
ScorpKingi have to go. the weather is getting bad and i don't feel like having my box struck by lightning. nite guys. have fun23:38
FaiDillinGergood nite23:38
matissecrimsun: thanks for the help, but at the moment I won't try pulseaudio. it really has nice feature, but "never change a running system" :-) Would be to much patchwork I think23:41
sensaeDoes anyone know how I can change what my middle mouse button -does- in Firefox?23:41
matissesensae: it was possible to choose, but now in Vers. 2.x it isn't possible23:44
matissesensae: but you can change the behavior in about:config23:44
matissesearch for "middlemouse"23:44
sensaeAh, that should work. Thanks23:44
sensaeFor some reason it redirects to a different page, it's rather random and I'm not sure wtf it thinks it's doing, lol23:44
matisseabout:config redirects you ?23:45
sensaeNo, middle mouse23:45
matissei know23:45
sensaeI'm not sure what it does. Right now middle mouse goes to bash.org, lol23:45
matisseit does a google lucky search with your clipboard content23:46
sensaemiddlemouse.contentLoadURL is what controls it23:46
matissechange middlemouse.contentLoadURL23:46
sensaeIs there any way to set it so I get a scroll ball?23:46
matisselike in Iexplore ?23:47
sensaeYes, and in Firefox on Windows23:47
Mach3I finally got the official nvidia driver installed on my system (thanks to envy), now i want to try out some of these "desktop effects" that i should be able to use now.   How do I actually get the effects to work? I see a config utility for them, and under the "Actions" tab there are lots of keyboard shortcuts, but none of these work.  What needs to be done?23:47
matissei dont think that its possible23:47
sensaeBah, I was afraid of that. Oh well, I can live without it I guess23:47
mefisto__sensae: in preferences, advanced, general tab > "use autoscrolling23:47
sensaeThanks much, that works.23:48
rkviraniI got my BT mouse working on my powerbook in kubuntu :D23:55
rkviraniright click!!!23:55
atomicpotatoa bittorrent mouse? awesome23:56
rkviraniatomicpotato: no lol23:56
atomicpotato(that was the sound of a joke going over your head :-P)23:57
rkviraninohey mhey man, I've heard worse alright, there are some users that are clue less23:58
rkviranikonqueror i s soo slow23:59
rkviraniactyually my entire computer is slow running linux23:59
rkviraniisays the CPU is running at half all the time23:59

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