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eddyMulwhat is a good interface to search irclogs.ubuntu.com besides googling for `site:irclogs.ubuntu.com "#launchpad"`?03:25
Hobbseewget it all, then grep it?  :)03:25
HobbseeeddyMul: what do you want to serach for?03:26
eddyMulwell, I'm pretty sure someone before me had asked this question: how to have PPA build packages from 'main'  (in my case: git-core)03:26
Hobbseeas in, how do you get them to build against main?03:27
eddyMulHobbsee: yes.03:28
eddyMul... well, maybe... Ubuntu Installer emailed me "Signer is not permitted to upload to the component 'main' of file 'git-core_1.5.2.5-2build1+ppa1.dsc'"03:28
Hobbseethey will build against main, universe, and restricted by default now03:28
eddyMulHobbsee: I feel like Ubuntu Installer is telling me to change my git-core package to another component03:32
HobbseeeddyMul: ahhh.  are you actually uploading to ppa, or you uploading to archive.ubuntu.com?03:33
eddyMulHobbsee: PPA. (me no Ubuntu-dev)03:33
HobbseeeddyMul: i didn't ask where you had permissions to upload to - i asked where you were uploading to.03:33
eddyMulHobbsee: I'm trying to upload to PPA03:34
Hobbseedid you use dput ppa foo_source.changes03:34
Hobbseeor just dput foo_source.changes03:34
eddyMulHobbsee: I might've missed the "ppa" argument..... will try....03:34
HobbseeeddyMul: i think you did03:34
Hobbseeor whatever you named your ppa section in ~/.dput.conf to be03:35
eddyMulI guess I can be lazy and rename the suggested ~/.dput.cf:[my-ppa] to ~/.dput.cf:[DEFAULT]03:37
AlgorithmicContrsomeone ping me03:37
HobbseeAlgorithmicContr: ping03:38
HobbseeeddyMul: actually, you can chuck it all into /etc/dput.cf, and then change the default= line in there03:38
Hobbseethe guide doesn't say that, as not everyone has root access03:38
Hobbseebut that's the standard, easiest way of doing it03:38
eddyMulHobbsee: I don't see 'default=' in `man dput.cf`. Did I just find a documentation bug?03:40
Hobbsee       default_host_main03:41
Hobbsee              This  defines  the default host for packages that are allowed to03:41
Hobbsee              be uploaded to the main archive.  This  variable  is  used  when03:41
Hobbsee              guessing the host to upload to.03:41
Hobbseei suspect it's that03:41
Hobbseeyeah, it is.03:41
eddyMulHobbsee: so, my /etc/dput.cf should look like: http://dpaste.com/33536/ ?03:43
Hobbseelooks good to me03:45
Hobbseeunsure if you ened the default_host stuff in the higher section, though03:45
eddyMulHobbsee: can I peek at yours?03:48
eddyMulHobbsee: can you show me your /etc/dput.cf?03:49
HobbseeeddyMul: give me a sec03:49
eddyMulI noticed PPAQuickStart now suggests appending ~ppa instead of +ppa. Do I need to re-submit my packages?03:50
HobbseeeddyMul: see http://wedontsleep.org/~sarah/dput.cf03:51
Hobbseeno, i wouldn't bother03:51
Hobbseebut you do need to use ~ normally, as that makes it lower than the package without the ~.  + will make it higher03:51
eddyMulHobbsee: thanx for showing me your dput.cf03:53
HobbseeeddyMul: no problem03:53
Hobbseeargh, that documentation is *still* out of date, adn therefore wrong.04:06
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FujitsuOh dear.09:54
goobsoftIf I've got man pages in an upstream package that are nroff formatted and uncompressed, should the debian/rules file compress those?  Why doesn't dh_installman have the option of doing that?10:04
goobsoftSurely I don't understand how this is normally done.10:05
FujitsuUmmm, can anybody really modify a question's summary and description without record or special permissions?10:07
goobsoftIf that was a reply to me, I don't understand what you're saying.10:09
FujitsuIt wasn't, sorry.10:09
FujitsuI believe that dh_compress should do that compression.10:12
goobsoftThat did the trick for the man pages.  Thanks!10:16
goobsoftI have a problem, I don't fully understand, so I may not ask the right question.  I have a orig.tar.gz file that my package uses.  It's listed in the dsc file, but when I build, it's not listed in the changes file.  As a result dput isn't sending the orig.tar.gz file to my ppa.10:33
goobsoftWhy is the orig.tar.gz not listed in the changes after a build?10:34
FujitsuYou need to run debuild -S -sa10:36
Fujitsu-sa includes the .orig.tar.gz10:36
goobsoftah ok.10:36
goobsoftLintian is returning the error: E: worklogproc_0.4-0ubuntu0+8.04+ppa1_source.changes: bad-ubuntu-distribution-in-changes-file hardy11:06
goobsoftIs that just because my version of lintian doesn't know about hardy?11:07
goobsoftIs the error safe to ignore?11:07
gesergoobsoft: yes, you can ignore that or update lintian11:07
goobsoftok, thanks11:07
thekornhi, I have one question:11:10
thekornIf I add two comments to a bugreport with the same subject and same text only the first one is added to the bugreport,11:10
* Fujitsu watches Hobbsee fall to the floor.11:10
thekornis this intended, perhaps as a kind of spam protection?11:11
FujitsuAnd to avoid people accidentally posting the same thing twice, I believe.11:11
thekornIf so, why do I get, as I am subscribed to the bug, two notification-emails?11:11
thekornis this a bug?11:11
Hobbseethekorn: what are the X-launchpad-rationale's for each of the bugs?11:11
* thekorn tries to find out how to show the header in evolution11:12
FujitsuYou may have to view the source.11:13
thekornHobbsee, both "Subscriber"11:14
FujitsuOK, it's a bug, then.11:14
thekornok, will report it then,11:15
thekornthanks Hobbsee and Fujitsu 11:15
goobsoftWhy can't I upload packages to my ppa for hardy?11:15
Fujitsugoobsoft: Because that wasn't uploaded to your PPA; you uploaded that to Ubuntu.11:16
goobsoftoh, good call11:16
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IulianIs there any way to remove deactivated OpenPGP keys from LP?13:42
ScottKthekorn: Bug 187346 may be relevant14:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187346 in malone "Multiple bug mails received when both package bug contact and on a team that's contact" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18734614:17
thekornScottK, let me read the bugreport...14:22
thekornScottK, no, I dont think this is related,14:26
thekornthe behaviour I discribed happens also in projects where no bug contact is set,14:27
thekornand also the number of mails I get is equal to the number of same comments I tried to add14:27
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Gunirusseems like i have this problem : 14:31
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RainCTAny LP guy around? :)19:01
ubotuIt's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.19:01
RainCTnot everywhere :P19:03
thumpermorning 20:08
* Moniker42 looks around20:14
thumpermorning Moniker4220:31
FujitsuMorning all.20:32
Moniker42morn.. hey, it's 8:30pm ¬.¬20:32

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