DanaGMay I just leave folding running instead of a bash loop?00:01
DanaGYup, still drops out.00:01
DanaG(tested with a DVD-Audio file played to plug:surround51:1 on my Audigy; I'll try again with something less high bitrate.00:01
DanaGplaying login wav to hw:0 (hda-intel) and closing lid gives this:00:02
DanaG underrun!!! (at least 499.975 ms long)00:02
crimsunthat's fine, it eliminates what I need it to.00:02
VadiHow can I check if the ndiswrapper module is loaded?00:04
VadiContinuing with the tradition, now not even ndiswrapper can recognize the card when I insert it.00:05
SeveredCrossVadi: lsmod | grep ndiswrapper00:05
DanaGNote that the dropout does not happen _every_ time I close the lid.00:06
VadiSeveredCross: Thanks. This is so not good then, because it is loaded. Ndiswrapper however reports no card with the same driver.. ack.00:06
SeveredCrossWhich card?00:07
VadiBelkin F5D7010, v7. Realtek 8185 chipset.00:08
crimsunDanaG: yeah, I'm going a bisect00:08
VadiSeveredCross: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54557/00:10
VadiOh! Actually I forgot a step. Momento00:10
VadiSeveredCross: I got it. Had to associate the driver with the card ID. Tricky things...00:12
SeveredCrossNdiswrapper can be a bitch.00:12
* SeveredCross is glad he does not need it.00:12
VadiI shouldn't need it either, the vendor has linux drivers. But I can't compile them, and nobody cares to include them.00:13
VadiUm, one more question. Somehow both of my grub entries are pointing to the same hardy, and I can't boot into gutsy at all. Think you can help me out?00:14
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yao_ziyuanjust installed Hardy 400:22
yao_ziyuanrun Hardy 4 Live CD as a virtual machine. install it to the virtual machine's hard disk. chose Chinese as installation language00:23
yao_ziyuanthe installed Hardy 4 can let me input chinese after pressing Ctrl+Space00:24
yao_ziyuanchinese displaying is perfect00:24
yao_ziyuanbut the login screen has broken chinese characters, displayed as small dots00:24
yao_ziyuanswitched first system language to English. restarted. the login screen is still broken chinese characters. seems to be a problem with kdm.00:25
yao_ziyuanan obvious bug is i can't change screen resolution in System Settings > Monitor & Display00:26
yao_ziyuanthe error message is:00:26
yao_ziyuanThe module 显示器与监视器 could not be loaded.00:26
yao_ziyuanThe diagnostics is:00:26
yao_ziyuanLibrary files for "libpython25.so" not found in paths.00:27
mcquaidI haven't tried hardy yet, but I read about gnome's totem in 2.21.90 having mythtv support, acting as a frontend?00:27
yao_ziyuani think setting the installation language to chinese is a cause00:28
mcquaiddoes hardy's current version of totem have that?00:28
yao_ziyuancan you guys change screen resolution in Hardy Alpha 4?00:29
yao_ziyuanmaybe it's because i set language to Chinese before installation00:29
yao_ziyuanbut zero configuration of chinese fonts and input methods is a big step forward!00:33
gnutshey everyone. Does anyone else have a touchpad with no extra features?00:34
gnutsi've added a server layout section to xorg.conf, to no effect00:36
yao_ziyuanselecting 'chinese' before installation makes many things hard to change00:36
yao_ziyuansuch as the font is a chinese font even if you change system language to english00:38
yao_ziyuansuch as the login screen always has some broken chinese characters even if you change system language to english00:38
SeveredCrossmcquaid: Hardy has gnome 2.21.90, so it should.00:43
yao_ziyuani see hope in kubuntu00:57
yao_ziyuanwhen will be "alpha 5" out?00:57
Dr_williswhen its done. :) heh heh...00:58
yao_ziyuaneverything in System Settings that requires Administrative Mode doesn't work01:11
yao_ziyuani'm downloading all Python packages01:11
yao_ziyuanesp. python-dev, python-dbg01:11
yao_ziyuan'cause the error message is that libpython.x.x.x.so is missing01:11
yao_ziyuan"library files for ... is missing"01:12
yao_ziyuangoogled this msg.01:14
yao_ziyuanfound some clues01:14
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yao_ziyuani logged out in the live cd01:29
yao_ziyuanwhat username/password should i log in with?01:29
donspauldinghey all, I installed NetworkManager 0.7 the other day, now I'm wondering how to get a 0.7 compatible version of the pptp vpn plugin01:32
DanaGSomething made my computer think some key was stuck.01:40
DanaGI think it was either ctrl-c or enter.01:40
DanaGOne time I had that happen to the 'end' key.01:41
DanaGAnd the keys themselves aren't stuck; it's just Xorg being b0rked.01:41
DanaGDAMNIT, now it happened to my 'c' key.01:43
* Dr_willis is still looking for the 'any key'01:51
* donspaulding is still looking for waldo01:58
huhligis there a known bug with libpython and hardy?02:04
* huhlig just tossed on alpha 4 and kde claims that no usable libpython can be found02:04
Dr_willisi have heard others mentioning some issues with python lately.02:04
huhligit makes the kde control panel unuseable02:04
Dr_willisbut im updating now. :) so not experienced it personally02:04
huhligalso, is kde4 compatible yet?02:05
Dr_willis2 min remaining. :)02:05
Dr_willisI wouldent even worry about kde4 yet.02:05
huhligthere seem to be several core libs that are unavailable02:05
huhligwhy so02:05
Dr_willisi found kde4 a bit unuseable.02:05
Dr_willisif you want to play with kde4. check out the livecd's :)02:05
Dr_willis1 min to go on the upgrade.02:06
Dr_willisya know. it would of been faster to do a clean reinstall. :)02:06
DanaGOdd, I can't seem to get pulseaudio tunnel working.02:07
huhligI had a 25 gig partition waiting to reinstall linux on02:07
* huhlig used to be a DD but has been out of it for too long02:07
* huhlig figured he would hop back in02:07
Dr_willisI tend to upgrade to the  release a few weeks/month befor its out.. then  do a clean install once it offiially gets here. heh.02:07
DanaGI have an old laptop set to be discoverable (without authentication required), and I can make that see my "new" laptop, but I can't see in the other direction.02:07
Dr_willisi wonder if X will get my 2 monitors in the proper order now. :) Silly GDM appears on  one tothe right side by default. but the console/grub/bios appears on the one in the Middle.02:10
Dr_willisWeird - somthing just triggered my monitors to go black during the upgrade. - Thought the pc was reb ooting.. But then it came back02:12
Dr_willisWell time to reboot!   Be backin a few... I hope. :P02:14
huhlighey, what is the command line util for configuring x02:14
* huhlig has a 1900x1200 monitor and would like to use more then 800x60002:14
h3sp4wnxrandr --help02:15
Vad1How can I transfer my printer settings from gutsy to hardy? Where are they saved?02:17
h3sp4wnAny time I tried anything other than the raw xrandr (any of the gui stuff it never worked)02:18
huhligcan xrandr do probe?02:25
h3sp4wnIt can do everything - but afaik the driver has to support xrandr 1.2 for the more useful stuff02:27
huhligwell should be the nv or nvidia driver02:28
huhligwhich is currently working better right now02:29
huhlignv or the nvidia blob02:29
h3sp4wnNot sure won't have a box with nvidia and ubuntu until next week02:32
h3sp4wnBut on Solaris you can configure that stuff using nvidia-settings02:32
h3sp4wnand / or nvidia-xconfig (the edid could be wrong etc) have a look at nvnews02:33
Vad1Where are my printer settings saved on Ubuntu?02:33
compwiz18Vad1: /etc/cups ?02:38
DanaGOh hey, the "duplicate" thingy of PulseAudio even works over network.     It's kind of creepy.02:47
DanaGI have the old laptop sitting on the ground in the corner, and I'm playing music to it AND my onboard audio AND my speakers -- and they're all keeping amazingly good time.02:47
DanaGpulseaudio: pulsecore/memblock.c:454: pa_memblock_ref: Assertion `pa_atomic_load(&(b)->_ref) > 0' failed.02:49
dreamnidDanaG : Yeah, it is awesome03:01
dreamnidDanaG: Although I have to figure out how to make it work with Firestarter03:01
mikedep334I'm familar with firestarter03:02
mikedep334what do you need to work with it?03:02
dreamnidmikedep334: oh, I guess I just I have to figure out what ports that PulseAudio uses for the Multicast stuff03:03
DanaGpulseaudio: pulsecore/resampler.c:1334: trivial_resample: Assertion `o_index * fz < pa_memblock_get_length(output->memblock)' failed.03:03
dreamnidI did find a preload rule on the internet which allows the PA daemon to detect other PA daemons on the network03:04
dreamnidbut it still blocks the multicast stuff03:04
dreamnidSo more of a PA issue than Firestarter I think03:04
DanaGPulseAudio uses random ports, by default.03:06
DanaGIf you want a specific port, you have to use manual loading.03:06
DanaGI mean, not just the checkbox.03:06
dreamnidI'm pretty sure it is a multicasting ip issue - like I said, I didn't really look into it03:11
DanaGpulseaudio: modules/module-combine.c:584: sink_process_msg: Assertion `!op->outq_rtpoll_item' failed.03:15
DanaGHow can I play my dvd-audio to my Audigy through PulseAudio, without it resampling to 44100Hz?03:15
h3sp4wnDunno why you would want to sample it to that ever if it runs native at 4800003:16
DanaGAudigy is 48 KHz?03:17
DanaGActually, it's Audigy 2.03:17
DanaGSorry, forgot that.03:17
h3sp4wnThe pci ones are certainly03:17
DanaGMust sleep PC now.03:18
DanaGDinner time.03:18
DanaGWill be back later.03:18
Dr_willisHow do you even know its resampling?03:20
Dr_willisI got an audigy2zs wth  the fancy panel and more gizmos/bells/whistles then i know what to do with. :)03:21
h3sp4wnThe pci ones have it specifically stated that they badly resample everything03:21
h3sp4wn(in hardware) but as far as I can see pulse should just be able to resample it at 48000 (alot better)03:22
h3sp4wnFrom AlsaProject03:23
h3sp4wnJump to: navigation, search03:23
h3sp4wnHardware has only strict 48kHz output (resamples samples to 48kHz).03:23
h3sp4wnjust ment to paste the last line03:23
h3sp4wnHas anyone here recently booted a desktop iso from usb (Alot of the docs is garbage(03:26
yao_ziyuani have run out of ideas03:30
yao_ziyuanhow to change screen resolution in Hardy Alpha 4 anyway?03:30
rsknot possible without hacking xorg.conf for me03:31
rskreally sucks :/03:31
h3sp4wnWith radeon I can set everything with xrandr but it has pretty stupid defaults03:32
ethana3I think I may try to install and do my dual seat thing now03:32
yao_ziyuanrsk: problem is my hacked xorg.conf doesn't work :)03:32
ethana3so hardy alpha 4 will eat files on one's hard drive, right?03:33
ethana3so I need to do a full backup..03:33
ethana3does this include windows?03:33
rskmost likely not03:34
yao_ziyuanrsk: how do i specify "the current mode" in xorg.conf?03:36
IdleOneignore thqat03:37
Vad1compwiz18: Hm.. I copied my /etc/cups from gutsy to hardy, but it doesn't seem to have set it up the same way03:39
yao_ziyuani found a way03:45
yao_ziyuancopy a good xorg.conf03:45
h3sp4wnThats not totally fool proof though as alot has changed i.e mergedfb for a start is now removed03:48
Dr_willisi have taken xorg.conf files from live cd's to use in emgerancies. :)03:51
ethana3alright, I'm trying to evacuate my frankenstein install...03:54
ethana3where only KDE4 apps work03:54
ethana3and only in KDE303:54
ethana3...i have the both hard drives connected via IDE03:55
ethana3but only one is likely in my fstab03:55
ethana3the other i hotplugged; didn't show up anywhere...03:55
Dr_willisYou Hotplugged in an IDE drive?03:55
ethana3how do i copy the /home directory of my ..03:55
ethana3yes i did...03:55
ethana3data first, then power03:56
Dr_willisI dont think that works :)   id be scared to even try03:56
ethana3should i reboot then?03:56
Dr_willisIm not even sure hotplugging of sata is 'working' yet.03:56
Dr_willisYes - i would reboot.03:56
Dr_willisHope you dident trash the hd.03:56
ethana3and then will it show up in /media or something?03:56
Dr_willisYou can mount it manually if it dosent.03:56
ethana3oh joy03:56
ethana3well, here goes03:56
ethana3be back soon03:57
h3sp4wnDr_willis: Its definately working with ahci04:01
h3sp4wn(the sata hotplug)04:01
ethana3ok, it sees it04:01
ethana3now i just have to unlock it04:02
ethana3oh wait, i can't do that ;)04:02
ethana3restarting dolphin as root04:02
ethana3oh no04:02
ethana3it won't let me because it can't resolve the host desktop04:03
jfkdsljioo no, o no, o no, O YEA!04:03
jfkdsljiosorry, family guy04:03
ethana3Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 keydolphin: cannot connect to X server :004:03
h3sp4wndon't run graphical stuff as root04:03
ethana3this is like trying to fly the millenium falcon out of the death star04:04
ethana3after setting off its main reactor04:04
ethana3except instead of life at stake, it's just all my files04:04
ethana3so this hard drive i plugged in; i want to copy my /home to it04:04
ethana3and no gnome apps work04:04
ethana3and sudo can't resolve host desktop04:05
ethana3how do i do this?04:05
Dr_willish3sp4wn,  thats good to hear its working. :) One of those big-features that never seemed to actually exist. heh.04:05
ethana3well first i have to mount this thing via terminal04:06
ethana3looking for it in /dev04:06
Dr_willissudo fdisk -l04:07
Dr_willisto see where its at.04:07
ethana3yeah, that doesn't work04:08
ethana3i have to use su04:08
h3sp4wnIt will be sd?04:08
ethana3i don't know...04:08
h3sp4wn? matching a to z04:08
ethana3running fdisk -l04:09
ethana3that's an 'el', right?04:09
ethana3but not cap04:09
ethana3.../that/'s an i04:09
ethana3k, my two hard drives04:10
ethana3/dev/sda and /dev/sdb04:11
ethana3so now i want to mount /dev/sdb1 as /alt04:12
ethana3could someone convert that to bash for me?04:12
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ethana3do i have to go into fstab to create the mount point?04:15
ethana3i said :~$ mount /dev/sdb /alt04:15
ethana3mount: mount point /alt does not exist04:15
Dr_willismake the directory first? :)04:17
Dr_willis fstab defines where it mounts to.04:17
h3sp4wnsdb is the whole disk remember04:17
Dr_willisI think You MIGHT want to be reading a few linux basics/tutorials soon. :)04:18
ethana3well i don't do this particular kind of task often04:18
Dr_willissudo mount /dev/DEVICE /media/MOUNTPOUNT04:18
ethana3i mostly muck around in xorg.conf..04:18
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter04:18
ethana3you reccomend putting the mount in media?04:18
Dr_williswhy not. :)04:19
ethana3i was going to mount it as alt04:19
ethana3but it has to be a directory that exists?04:19
Dr_willisput it whever you want.. but the diretory its going to MUST MUST MUST exist befor you mount it.04:19
ethana3what if it has files in it?04:19
Dr_willisthen i suggest you use a different diretrory. :)04:19
ethana3sounds good04:19
Dr_willisfiles in the dir will be unaccesable untill the mount is unmounted04:19
ethana3root@desktop:/# mount /dev/sdb /altmount: you must specify the filesystem typeroot@desktop:/# mount /dev/sdb1 /alt04:21
ethana3there's a new line between /alt and mount, but i tried to format the text differently04:21
ethana3ok, so now /dev/sdb1 is mounted as /alt04:21
ethana3there are no subdirectories; i must have removed them with rm -r04:22
ethana3sudo mkdir /alt/home && sudo cp -r /home/ethan /alt/home04:22
ethana3that should do what i want, right?04:23
Dr_willisI think you may want to use some other optiuons to cp. to get the .files and  so forth04:23
Dr_willisi cheat and use 'mc'  too much04:23
Dr_willis!info mc04:23
ubotumc (source: mc): midnight commander - a powerful file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:4.6.1-8ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 2059 kB, installed size 5944 kB04:24
Dr_willisshell based file manager. :) a MUST get tool04:24
ethana3well, on our connection04:24
ethana3i'd rather just learn an argument or two..  cp --help04:25
Dr_willisreding the docs/help/manuals - is good. :)04:25
Dr_willismc is still worth learning about.04:26
ethana3it looks like cp -r --copy-contents is what i want..  from the help file for cp04:26
ethana3root@desktop:/alt# cp -r -p --copy-contents /home /alt/home04:28
ethana3it's working now04:28
ethana326GB, may take a while...04:28
ethana3so when i move /home back onto my new hardy install, firefox will have all its bookmarks and such, right?04:29
ethana3oh hey, is the bug with colemak and capslock fixed yet?04:30
ethana3that will drive me nuts if i have to work around that...04:31
underwatercowIs anyone else having trouble running Kate under gnome?04:32
lufisMy screen res is fixed at 1024x768 right now. I want to put it at something higher, but when i do that the screen goes black and nothing short of a reboot helps (not even a reconfigure xserver-xorg, since there's nothing about resolution in the xorg.conf file)04:41
h3sp4wnlufis: Is it a laptop + external screen ?04:43
h3sp4wnIf it is you can just disable the LVDS and it will sort itself out04:44
lufish3sp4wn: nope, crt on a desktop04:44
gQuigstrying to compile linux-source-2.6.24 in hardy04:45
gQuigsmake[1]: *** [scripts/kconfig/lxdialog/checklist.o] Error 104:45
gQuigsmake: *** [menuconfig] Error 204:45
gQuigsoh.. got it misses ncurses04:50
ethana3my /home has been copied04:59
underwatercowis there a reason KDE apps are bringing up errors in GNOME?05:00
jfkdsljioWhats new in 8.04?05:00
jfkdsljioAwww damn, that sucks.05:01
jfkdsljioI guess I'll use gusty, since I was planning on asking if it would break me, and what repo I should use.05:01
tumbleweed__you're better off05:01
tumbleweed__believe you me05:01
jfkdsljioI wasn't going to ask those questions, but, is it really that buggy?05:02
underwatercowjfkdsljio: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Alpha405:02
underwatercowjfkdsljio: It's a tad buggy... nothing too tragic for me so far... just a few nuisances05:02
ethana3and every update squishes another one05:03
jfkdsljioCool, long way till the final, I'll check the wiki.05:03
underwatercowethana3: My mom says she's thinking of voting for Ron Paul... ;-D05:04
tumbleweed__it's just that there's really no reason to use it unless gutsy is truly broken for you (as it is for me)05:04
underwatercowAlpha 4 seems a lot more stable to me than prior though05:04
tumbleweed__alpha 1 was fine for me05:05
underwatercowNautilus is still having some issues though, but I don't think they have finished their work with the new FS05:05
tumbleweed__I don't like nautilus, though05:05
tumbleweed__I wish I could use thunar05:05
underwatercowwhy can't you?05:05
underwatercowwell, this is the first time I've installed from a disc... I tried updating the last few times and it killed everything05:05
tumbleweed__all of gnome's apps launch nautilus by default05:05
underwatercowtumbleweed__: ah05:05
tumbleweed__I have to find a way to switch it to thunar05:05
underwatercowmy desktop is broken05:06
underwatercowmy icons are gone05:06
underwatercowand wallpaper-tray only changes wallpapers on boot now...05:06
underwatercowclicking to change it manually won't work anymore05:06
tumbleweed__try using xfdesktop4 instead05:06
tumbleweed__or compiz05:06
underwatercowlol, it's not a big deal05:06
underwatercowI don't use the desktop for much anyway05:06
tumbleweed__but I don't know if compiz writes to the root window05:06
tumbleweed__same here05:06
underwatercowKDE apps are also not working right05:07
underwatercowlike Kate05:07
tumbleweed__it's just something that looks pretty05:07
tumbleweed__one problem I have is that the font in QT apps is too small05:07
tumbleweed__and pixellated05:07
ethana3underwatercow: we're going to try to get Ron Paul to win in alaska05:07
underwatercowethana3: lol... go for it05:07
ethana3underwatercow: we've stood on street corners and everything05:07
underwatercowoh, and gnome-art has a bug in it05:07
ethana3underwatercow: and alskans are free thinkers ;)05:07
underwatercowdo you know if they will re-merge from debian or whatever?05:07
underwatercowI guess the bug is fixed in debian05:08
ethana3i thought they already froze that05:08
underwatercowbut it's a recent fix05:08
Dr_willisHmm. I noticed that with gnome-terminal the menus are not being shown.05:08
underwatercowmy menus work fine05:08
Dr_williswell the menu items in the menu bar at top is not showing any letters/text.05:08
jfkdsljioWow looks like a lot is going into this new release. It's really amazing that a new one comes out every 6 months.05:09
Dr_willisthe 'menubar'05:09
underwatercowso does anyone know if gnome-art will be fixed from Debian?05:09
underwatercowdo the devs come in here?05:11
Dr_willisthey better not be here. :) they need to be off doing dev stuff. :)05:12
Dr_williswhatever that is..05:12
underwatercowbut I wanna ask about gnome-art!05:12
underwatercowI guess I could file it as a bug05:12
underwatercowI'm just usually too lazy to do that05:12
underwatercowis there a bug report shortcut in gnome? or do I need to go to the site?05:13
Dr_willisnever noticed. Sorry.05:13
Dr_willisfile a bug that there needs to be a easier bug reporting tool? :)05:13
underwatercowjfkdsljio: BTW: that's only what they've done or are working on so far I think... more could be added, not really sure when they stop adding things...05:14
underwatercowDr_willis: lol... excellent05:14
underwatercowMy bug is that my windows install is battling my Ubuntu install for supremacy...05:14
Dr_willisHmm. never had issues with windows and linux fighting..05:15
Dr_willisat leat not lately05:15
underwatercowLinux keeps insisting on using free weapons... like rocks and sticks05:15
underwatercowand windows weapons are too complicated to work correctly... and too heavy to lift properly...05:15
Dr_willisI think your analogy needs work. :)05:18
underwatercowlol... eh... it was spur of the moment05:19
underwatercowhave you seen this?05:19
Dr_willisHmm. saw in a new-gnome feature web site artical the improved gnome system monitor tool... but where is it in the menus.. heh heh05:22
* Dr_willis does a gnome-<tab> in the shell and looks05:23
* jfkdsljio Does a /me command in XChat.05:27
* Dr_willis thinks this is what /me does05:29
Dr_williswell devede    - worked and made a dvd video for me. :)05:30
Dr_willisThats a first for me under linux. making  an actual dvd video - heh.05:30
ethana3did you encrypt it?05:33
underwatercowDr_willis: Are you referring to the system monitor in Administration?05:33
Dr_willisunderwatercow,  lets see :) i found one under gnome-system-monitor05:34
ethana3i'm going to give this a shot now..05:34
ethana3despite that i can't keep caps lock from toggling every time i hit backspace05:34
ethana3a bug has been filed, so I guess i'm just waiting for a fix05:34
underwatercowDr_willis: That's the same one in the Administration menu, lol05:34
Dr_willisthats it.. Hmm.. I got a dualcore cpu. wanting to get 2 graphs to see if both cpus are being used equally. But cant find a tool that does it.05:34
underwatercowDr_willis: the monitor shows dual CPU usage...05:35
Dr_willisIve notiuced inder windows a lot of apps hog 1 or the other cpu. curious as to if linux apps are better done.05:35
Dr_willisI just see 1 graph. let me look again05:35
jfkdsljiobetter done? you can set affinity for single threaded apps if you want to balence them out05:35
Dr_willisits showing 1 graph 1 cpu - in orange05:35
Dr_willisshould it be showing 2 in the resources tab?05:36
underwatercowDr_willis: I have CPU 1 in orange and CPU2 in red05:36
Dr_willisI dont see any in red. :)05:36
jfkdsljioyeah I get two cpu's too05:36
Dr_willismodel name: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 600005:36
underwatercowDr_willis: they actually seem pretty balanced for not doing too much atm... not sure how they will look if I start running intensive apps though05:36
Dr_willisi should be seeing 2 graphs then?05:37
underwatercowCPU2 seems to jump every so often though05:37
underwatercowDr_willis: it's overlayed on the same graph05:37
underwatercowDr_willis: but ues05:37
Dr_willisOk.. heh - i just see one orange box below the cpu history box.  showing the %05:37
underwatercowDr_willis: there should be 205:38
Dr_willisI only got the 105:38
Dr_willislets see how else to check.05:38
underwatercowDr_willis: look at the System tab05:38
underwatercowDr_willis: Mine shows Processor 0 and Processor 1 there05:38
Dr_willisHmm.. Processor - Amd ANnthlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor 6000+05:39
Dr_willisis all i see - right below memory 3gb.05:39
Dr_willisam i seeing a bug here in the kernel then?05:40
underwatercowDr_willis: Couldn't say... maybe?05:42
Dr_willisi did do a upgrade.. perhaps i booted the wrong kernel.05:42
underwatercowDo patches only get committed once a day?05:42
Dr_willis2.6.24-5-386   - is what i am running right now05:43
underwatercowlet me check mine05:43
underwatercowthat's that I'm running05:43
Dr_willisI thought that encodeing that avi to dvd -- took a LOT longer under linux then it did with nero under windows.. :)05:43
Dr_willisthis would explain why05:43
underwatercowDr_willis: lol... because you are only using half of your processor?05:44
Dr_willisLooks like it.. then i noticd the conky cpu graph wasent 2 little bars like id seen befor.05:44
underwatercowDr_willis: You don't happen to use evolution do you?05:44
Dr_willisNot using evolution at all.05:44
underwatercowDr_willis: sad... why not? it's awesome. :-p05:44
Dr_willisi dont need it. :)05:44
Dr_willisi just use gmail for my minimal mail needs05:44
Dr_williswhen ya get 2 emails a month....05:45
underwatercowDr_willis: lol. I find it nice for organizing my mail, calendar, tasks, etc05:45
underwatercowI'm in school, so that task list is coming in handy to keep track of everything coming due05:45
underwatercowThe reason I asked is because it seems slower in hardy05:45
shirishhi guys, anybody knows how can I downgrade to a particular version? I had a third-party repository which might be making problems so now I want to get back to archive.ubuntu.com for a particular set of packages? Any ideas?06:01
h3sp4wnapt-get install foo=version06:20
DanaGYou can also do it with aptitude.06:22
shirishDanaG: hey hi :)06:24
h3sp4wnapt-cache madison is as good as any for getting the available versions06:26
DanaGWho's madison?06:26
shirishDanaG: h3sp4wn: Can u guys look at this pastebin & tell me what I need to do it right http://pastebin.ca/88982206:27
shirishI want to downgrade to the ubuntu version, do I need to comment out the third-party repository, run update again & then try to install the old version.06:29
shirishI do a sudo aptitude autoclean after every upgrade06:29
DanaGYou can just select the version in aptitude.06:29
Gninecut3 n4m306:32
h3sp4wnI would probably use apt-get install foo=2:1.02.08-106:32
Gnine7h3r3'2 n0 7urn1n6 b4ck06:33
hydrogenIt takes more effort to type like that06:34
hydrogenand there is little reward for doing so06:34
h3sp4wnI guess it could be a script06:34
Gnineyah.. but my keyboard is not dvorak.. so i have to06:34
hydrogenleast your twice as cool for doing it06:34
Gninenot for the c0oln3ss .. just cuz i c4n06:35
hydrogenunfortunatly for you06:35
hydrogen#ubuntu+1 is english only06:35
shirishDanaG: aptitude just hangs :(06:35
Gninehow can you read it then.. ? dont give me the english lecture06:36
shirishh3sp4wn: what's wrong here06:36
shirishshirish@Mugglewille:~$ sudo apt-get install libgnomevfs2-0=1:2.20.106:36
shirishReading package lists... Done06:36
shirishBuilding dependency tree06:36
shirishReading state information... Done06:36
shirishE: Version '1:2.20.1' for 'libgnomevfs2-0' was not found06:36
DanaGdon't paste too much.06:36
shirishdid the pasting, sorry for that06:36
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)06:36
DanaGThat's odd that aptitude hangs.  Run it with no parameters, as sudo.06:36
DanaGAnd if that still hangs, try without sudo.06:37
DanaGOr you can use Synaptic and "Force Version".06:37
h3sp4wnshirish: You tell me if that is in the repos and appears in madison (after an update) then should be fine06:37
DanaGWTF is madison?06:37
ethana3hardy is installed and running06:37
h3sp4wnshirish: If it is gone some mirror may or may not be gone06:37
DanaGBesides a town in Wisconsin, or something.06:38
h3sp4wn(i.e the file might still be there)06:38
ethana3is that the name of a build?06:38
shirishh3sp4wn: what is in the repos?06:38
Gninemadison is also a cut3 n4m306:38
h3sp4wnIts an apt-cache command06:38
h3sp4wnshows binaries and source and what produced what etc06:38
DanaGWow, that's a bit obscure.06:39
Gnineyou can figure that and yet you cant regress a version06:39
shirishh3sp4wn: this is what it shows atm http://pastebin.ca/88983106:40
ethana3well, my keyboard doesn't work properly.. the caps and backspace still don't like eachother06:41
h3sp4wnshirish: As easy to just download the deb and dpkg -i it in that case if its just a single deb06:43
shirishh3sp4wn: it might have dependencies which might have to be downgraded as well.06:44
h3sp4wnshirish: Well it might doesn't help either of us find out06:44
h3sp4wnInstall apt-show-versions as well06:45
h3sp4wn(then you can quickly scan for anything that aint from hardy)06:45
shirishDanaG: haven't used aptitude (the menu) before, using it the first time, it shows some broken packages, how do I list the broken packages?06:45
DanaGTry hitting 'e'.06:45
* Gnine rubs forehead06:45
DanaGThat's for "examine recommendations".06:46
DanaGDependency solutions, that is.06:46
FunnyLookinHatIs anyone here running KDE4 on Hardy Alpha 4?06:46
shirishDanaG: thanx, although I'm starting to like aptitude , although don't understand why it didn't show broken packages on the safe-upgrade or full-upgrade on the CLI06:47
DanaGThat does seem odd.06:47
Gninebroken packages are determined afterwards06:48
DanaGAfter what?06:48
Gnineafter you update/upgrade06:48
Gninei guess that's what alpha means06:49
h3sp4wnI don't think that can be true it must some how take into account the broken packages from an earlier point06:49
Gninewhat if the breakage is in the current update?06:50
h3sp4wnOtherwise how does it always choose the sane response06:50
shirishDanaG: usually when one is doing a full-upgrade if there are broken packages (unsatisfied dependencies) it shows up, in aptitude (the GUI) its showing as gnome-terminal having an unsatisfied dependency, I don't understand it :(06:51
DanaGargh, my ctrl key got virtual-stuck.06:52
DanaGi.e. the keyboard is fine, but Xorg thinks it's stuck down.06:52
Gninenice keyboard06:52
Gninethat's when you go into synaptic and recheck , shirish06:54
* Gnine likes gui06:54
* Gnine also likes last update on tk-53 x86_6406:56
* DanaG has merely a Yonah.06:56
ethana3DanaG: be glad your problems are such limited..06:57
ethana3XORG HAS SOME BUGS TO work out yEt.. daNg caGGAHH06:58
shirishsomething that a simple reboot can solve ;)06:58
ethana3not in my case06:58
shirishor should solve06:58
ethana3please ignore erratic capitalization06:58
shirishsimilarly, I have no idea why I'm not getting through in my stuff06:59
DanaGI don't have to reboot for mine; I just have to ctrl-alt-backspace.06:59
ethana3ok, so I want to do a dual seat setup with thiS..06:59
shirishh3sp4wn: I've installed apt-show-versions as well.06:59
shirishDanaG: that true, that one escaped me.06:59
ethana3can both seats use compiz?06:59
* Gnine takes notes06:59
h3sp4wnshirish: Its useful because you can see what isn't from wherever with a simple grep07:00
shirishh3sp4wn: this is the output from apt-show-versions http://pastebin.ca/88984507:01
ethana3i think i'm going to try to fix my keyboard now inSTEAD OF WAITING FOR A FIX07:01
shirishnow, I want to install the version from hardy while I have got the version from sofaraway.org07:01
ethana3is there a Caps off option in Xkb?07:02
ethana3well, that still wouldn't fix that i can't hold backspace down and have it work..07:03
Dr_willisive seen guides on remaping the capslock to be ctrl07:03
ethana3this is colemak07:03
ethana3no custom layout stuff07:03
ethana3that's my backspace07:03
ethana3do you think those may be of help to me?07:04
ethana3i'm going to add my new data to that bug i filed07:04
Dr_willisI dont know what the actual problem is/was to begin with. :)07:04
h3sp4wnI miss the sun unix layout (and a real meta)07:04
ethana3it is that this is my backspace07:05
ethana3but it's also caps now07:05
ethana3and i can't hold it down07:05
h3sp4wndoes ctrl-H work07:05
ethana3if i erase an odd number .. cTRL+h?07:05
Dr_willisbackspace and delete key swapped?07:05
ethana3what's that supposed to do?07:05
shirishfinally managed to downgrade, after doing that, would comment out the gstreamer third-party repository. Do u guys think that it  (aptitude) will catch stuff from hardy next time gstreamer & other stuff updates?07:05
Dr_willisctrl-h is backspace  :)07:05
h3sp4wnThat works as a backspace for me07:05
ethana3no, it does not work07:06
ethana3ctrl+h does nothing07:06
DanaGWhat IS up with that random caps?07:06
Dr_willisSpilled coke on the keyboard?07:06
ethana3that's a bug..07:06
shirishDanaG: looking for u'r guidance to what I typed above07:06
ethana3liNK.. HERE07:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188308 in ubuntu "colemak is broken" [Undecided,New]07:07
Dr_willis!info colemak07:07
ubotuPackage colemak does not exist in hardy07:07
ethana3it's a keyboard layout07:08
h3sp4wnWell with it being a keyboard layout you almost certainly fix it yourself given enough time07:09
ethana3this is an alpha07:09
ethana3for fixing things before thE RELEASE07:09
ethana3here, go to your us keyboard layout variants in gnome keyboard07:10
ethana3and have a look at it07:10
ethana3then look at caps lock options..07:10
ethana3i guess i'm the only colemak typist here right now..07:11
ethana3any dvorak users?07:11
h3sp4wnOne of my friends uses the neo layout I think its called07:11
ethana3ok, that's the same aim as colemak07:13
underwatercowin hardy, I can't seem to get my Revolution 5.1 to work right... anyone else have the same sound card?07:13
ethana3but for german instead of english07:13
ethana3besides, we have ßüff like that too07:13
underwatercowcolemak? is that a typing style? lol07:15
underwatercowI should learn dvorak some day07:16
ethana3caps is backspace07:16
DanaGOooooooooh, new international keyboard setting: AltGre dead keys.07:16
ethana3no, don't learn dvorak07:16
ethana3ours is better07:16
ethana3and easier to learn07:16
DanaGFinally, I can type cool stuff without breaking my frickin' apostrophes.07:16
underwatercowHow is it easier to learn?07:16
ethana3altgr is awesome07:16
ethana3qwahzxcvbm,. don't move07:16
ethana3from qwerty07:17
h3sp4wnfor dvorak do you get all the shortcuts for such as emacs / vi changed to make sense for that layout07:17
Gnineit is a habit. if you learned dvorak first , qwerty will be teh hassle07:17
underwatercowLOL, I have a friend that uses dvorak and vim and seems to have no trouble07:17
ethana3he probably has vim remapped07:17
h3sp4wnusing hjkl in vi if they are in some non sensible place then do you have to make yur own keymap07:18
ethana3i gotta go for a while; be back soon07:18
Dr_willisHmm One of these days i need to read up on how compiz/emerald and x-window-decorator and gtk-window-decorator interrelate..07:30
Dr_willisit seems that when i login to gnome now.. emerald is getting sta4rted.07:31
Gnineif you have it installed07:31
Dr_willisbut i thought only kde needed emerald.07:31
Dr_willisI cant seem to set gnome to use the gtk-windodeorator by default now.07:31
* Gnine uses emerald on gnome07:32
Gnineremove emerald07:32
Dr_willisunless of course i want to keep emerald on  kde..07:33
h3sp4wnI thought kde4 had its own compositing manager07:35
Dr_willis4 does..07:36
Dr_willisIm just noticing that emerald was getting started by defualt on my Ubuntu system.  instead of the other decorator .07:37
h3sp4wnI think I would prefer the choice of either kde4 or kde3 and them conflicting07:37
h3sp4wnrather than that putting kde4 in a wierd place07:38
* Gnine wiggles07:38
DanaGJust discovered the awesome new keyboard settings thingy..... numpad part.07:39
DanaGTired of hunting for these: ?07:39
DanaG−+ (normal is -+)07:40
DanaG∕  ⋅ (normal is / * )07:40
Dr_willisHmm  Avahi SSH Server Browser  - That looks interesting. :) but i  bet the other machines on the lan need the avahi stuff set up also.07:41
dreamnidyeah... I noticed that too07:49
dreamnidworks pretty well :-P07:50
h3sp4wnSounds like a security risk waiting to happen to me07:50
dreamnida security risk?07:50
DanaGNot if you don't enable announcement.  I'd imagine that'd be disabled by default.07:50
dreamnidwell, w/ the Avahi VNC Browser, I saw both of my Ubuntu servers with VNC enabled07:51
dreamnidand I didn't have to do anything to get that functionality07:51
dreamnidI didn't try the SSH one yet07:51
dreamnidand it isn't really a security risk07:51
dreamnidadmittedly, I'm not sure who would use an SSH/VNC browser07:52
Dr_willisI would for my Mythtv box in the basement. :) everythings on dhcp - so im always haveing to nmap the lan to find its ip07:53
Dr_willisbut the other box is a gutsy install.. what do i have to enable on it?07:53
h3sp4wnCan you not just lock the ip to a mac or just use a name07:53
Dr_willisI could. but i keep getting ips messed up07:54
Dr_willisbeen changeing out too many machines/cards/stuff lately07:54
Dr_willisand all i do is  ssh to it rarely. Its mainly a fileserver07:54
DanaGHow about getting a dd-wrt router and enabling local DNS?07:54
DanaGI do that with my router.07:54
dreamnidDr_willis... like I said, I didn't have to do anything... and the other two clients were gutsy installs07:54
DanaGIt uses dnsmasq.07:54
Dr_willisdreamnid,  i may have avahi disalbed on that machine. Its been hacked on a lot. :)07:54
Dr_willisHmm. what do i put for domain its set to local.07:56
dreamnidwhat was the keyboard setting thingy you were talking about, Dana?07:56
Dr_willisAvahi mDNS/DNS-SD Daemon is running on the gutsy box in the basement.07:57
DanaGI have it set to USA International (AltGr dead keys).07:57
DanaGAnd under "layout options", I have it set to "keypad with additions".07:57
DanaGThen select the layout, then hit 'print' and then 'print preview'.07:58
Dr_willisHmm,, when i am using fusesmb  to mount a fusesmb share.. it always prints out 'test' when its doing it..08:01
Dr_willisAnyone ever noticed why it does that?08:01
Dr_willisfusesmb Network/08:01
Dr_willisThen its mounted. :)08:01
dreamnidprobably the programmer was testing something and forgot to remove it when done08:02
dreamnidor is still working on it08:02
Dr_willisYea. Just a little.. weird. :)08:03
Dr_willissince its seen everytime ya run the tool.08:03
Dr_willisIm working on the  fusesmb wiki. So i figured id research this oddity08:04
dreamnidI never mounted a samba share yet08:04
dreamnidI hate how it takes a long time for me to login08:04
* Gnine dodged temptation from DanaG 08:04
Dr_willisLong time? never noticed. :)08:05
h3sp4wndreamnid: I think if you have a wins server (running on Linux or Windows) then you can reduce that quite significantly (and set directly master browser etc)08:05
dreamnidh3sp4wn: hmm..08:05
h3sp4wnProbably setting samba as a domain controller would be ok also08:06
dreamnidbut it only happens on my laptop08:06
dreamnidand besides, I'm pretty sure I'm not running a WINS server08:06
h3sp4wndoes it map properly08:06
dreamnidnot sure08:08
dreamnidI'll investigate it later08:09
ethana3DanaG: interested in cutting finger movement by 2.2x?08:16
ethana3the mac layout has greek and math stuff08:16
ethana3i find myself wanting those too..  but i'll live08:17
DanaGIt didn't look any different to me under the print preview.08:17
DanaGI mean, no different from the standard.08:17
ethana3then they didn't do it right08:17
ethana3not surprised08:17
ethana3ones main resource for information about it would just be www.colemak.com08:17
ethana3it's not yet properly integrated and all that08:18
ethana3which is part of why i'm here08:18
ethana3it displays properly on mine08:19
ethana3its not like the hardware is different, if that's what you were looking at08:19
ethana3i should start turning this into a dual seat now08:21
ethana3i'm going to copy his xorg.conf and modify it for my hardware08:22
ethana3his gdm.conf-custom as well08:22
ethana3switched to radeon driver08:24
ethana3restarting X..08:24
ethana3radeon gives me a res too big for my CRT.. going to tell it to use 1280x1024..08:26
DanaGUse 1280x960 instead -- it's 4:3.08:26
DanaG1280x1024 is 5:4.08:26
DanaGOr use 1360x1024.08:26
ethana3that's not the aspect ratio of my hardware08:26
DanaGNo CRT is 5:4.08:26
ethana3it's what i always use08:27
DanaGWell, then at least don't stretch it horizontally.08:27
ethana3i don't08:27
ethana3i like squares to be squares08:27
ethana3good old xorg.conf didn't get the axe after all08:27
underwatercowwasn't firefox 3 supposed to be in hardy?08:27
Gninethats 10:9 + alright08:28
ethana3that's what i thought08:28
ethana3it's not there08:28
ethana3i checked08:28
underwatercowyeah. me too08:28
underwatercowmaybe they are planning to... or meant to... or something08:28
ethana3set the mode for desired res, restarting x08:33
underwatercowanyone in here use a Revolution5.1 or have sound problems with hardy?08:34
ethana3...didn't take, examining xorg.conf again..08:34
ethana3normally i don't trust Screens and Graphics.. i'm going to try it anyway..08:35
ethana3it won't let me do anything08:36
ethana3is that an alpha4 caveat?08:36
DarkMageZethana3, yeah. it's known to be broken atm08:37
ethana3while they're at fixing it, that'd be a fine place to insert dual seat configuration08:38
ethana3which would make my life /much/ easier08:38
ethana3in fact08:39
ethana3that's the only place where it really belongs08:39
ethana3from my experience, anything Screens and Graphics cannot undestand08:40
ethana3it will destroy08:40
DarkMageZsomeone needs to come along and rewrite everything related to that from scratch and do it properly.08:42
ethana3powering up second monitor connected to intel integrated...08:42
ethana3i may just switch to it until the radeon bug is fixed08:43
ethana3Screens and Graphics?08:43
ethana3so i switched the driver from radeon to intel08:44
ethana3will it know to switch gpus?08:44
DarkMageZplug and prey =D08:44
ethana3nom nom nom08:45
ethana3saved, restarting x, using second monitor and gpu, hopefully.08:45
ethana3reverting to vesa08:48
dreamnidhmm... I just tried the Avahi SSH browser and it doesn't pick up my Gutsy SSH server08:49
ethana3it's ingnoring my xorg.conf08:52
DarkMageZethana3, i think the busid would be different for the intel chip.08:52
ethana3its hiding its set busid08:52
ethana3i've gone through enough pain with this08:53
ethana3that i know the intel is at 0:02:008:53
ethana3i think08:53
ethana3well, best make sure...08:53
ethana3the mice are wierd08:53
ethana3well, same cursor, two mice08:53
ethana3anyway, it wont click08:53
ethana3it only dragS08:53
Dr_willisdreamnid,  it dont work for me either.08:54
ethana3i do things that bring out every obscure bug there is08:54
ethana3does this mean i'm a good alpha tester?08:54
Dr_willisi also notice that fusesmb seems to not function right either.08:54
ethana300:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel08:55
ethana3yup, had the pci memorized08:55
ethana3i'll use vim instead of gedit08:55
ethana3because of the crazy mice08:55
ethana3for those wondering about colemak, q and w are the same as qwerty08:56
ethana3and they're all i use, besides i08:56
ethana3and :08:56
ethana3..in vim08:56
* Gnine shivers08:56
ethana3what's the busid option thing?08:57
ethana3with "0:02.0" after it?08:57
ethana3hope so, that's what i did08:57
ethana3...restarting x again08:58
DanaGOh yeah, I usually just don't use BusIDs.08:59
ethana3the failsafe xorg.conf was angering me so i destroyed it09:01
ethana3my xorg.conf looks good09:01
ethana3restarting x /again/09:02
ethana3it won't switch to my other screen and gpu09:04
ethana3looks like i'll have to use the radeon card for now09:04
ethana3under vesa or something09:05
ethana3why does radeon ignore my mode settings?09:05
ethana3that's horrible09:05
ethana3not guessing right is one thing...09:05
ethana3time to take another whack at that poor xorg.conf in vim09:05
ethana3i guess i should be happy that it can raise itself from the dead09:06
ethana3on the other hand, that's what rescue terminal is for09:07
ethana3and i'm no stranger09:07
ethana3so it kind of steps on my toes09:07
underwatercowThe crash happened in the firmware of the computer ("BIOS"), which cannot be influenced by the operating system.09:07
underwatercownever seen that before09:07
ethana3that sounds like a hypervisor more than a bios09:07
ethana3..this is hopeless, /for now/09:07
underwatercowProblem in usplash09:08
underwatercowhow would my BIOS cause usplash to crash?09:08
ethana3compiz vs. full res, i must choose full res09:08
Dr_willisframebuffer issue?09:08
underwatercowcan't the softward be fixed to still not crash?09:08
arabiannightsopensuse is better than ubuntu09:09
ethana3we're all in this together09:09
ethana3...ssoooo failsafe raped my xorg.conf09:09
ethana3to put it bluntly09:09
underwatercowI tried opensuse... it was ok.. I like Ubuntu more though09:09
ethana3i tried that and fedora09:09
ethana3back when my gpu wasn't supported09:10
arabiannightswhich you like fedora or opensuse?09:10
ethana3and i couldn't even figure out the package management09:10
underwatercowI like the repos in ubuntu/debian more than in opensuse09:10
ethana3yes... those that i never did figure out09:10
ethana3gave up09:10
ethana3yeah that09:10
underwatercownever really figured it out either09:10
ethana3ok, i thought this xorg would be better09:10
ethana3it's horrible for configuration09:10
ethana3keep xorg.conf in all its glory09:11
underwatercowethana3: is it fully upgraded?09:11
ethana3and just give us a working GUI09:11
ethana3i think so09:11
ethana3i'll make sure09:11
ethana3yes it is09:11
ethana3so it won't let me fix it09:12
ethana3and it won't let me let it fix it09:12
kst-is hardy going to break for me? :p09:12
ethana315 minutes and my system is screwed already09:12
ethana3that's a record09:12
ethana3kst-: config/09:12
ethana3dual gpu?09:12
kst-i take this as a "yes" ethana3 :D09:12
ethana3i saved my /home to another hard drive09:13
underwatercowxorg 7.4 or 7.5 is supposed to allow for multiple input devices09:13
kst-nah pentium M, ati x700 mobility (lappy) and so on09:13
ethana3well yeah09:13
ethana3multi touch and such09:13
ethana3but i need native dual seat09:13
ethana3and proper colemak09:13
underwatercowthat is, like, two mice and such too09:13
ethana3and working autoconfiguration09:13
ethana3two of everything09:13
underwatercowor three I guess09:13
kst-so is hardy in a useable state already or still crashing every half an hour? :)09:13
underwatercowit's usable09:13
underwatercowbut a tad buggy09:14
ethana3intel, radeon, two CRT's, two mice, two keyboards09:14
ethana3depends who you are09:14
ethana3it's friendly09:14
ethana3m just not its friend09:14
underwatercowI'm using it right now09:14
ethana3if you can't tell ^_^09:14
underwatercowthe problem with alphas is I keep sitting here wishing they would put out updates09:14
kst-my gutsy system is almost screwed because i installed countless random desktops and stuff :D so i might as well update to hardy before i format :-)09:14
kst-how much disk space do i need for that?09:14
underwatercowfor updating?09:15
ethana3not much09:15
kst-ye updating09:15
underwatercowI think it's about 1 gig of downloads09:15
rsksure but you can remove loads also09:15
ethana3that's bigger than the CD09:15
underwatercowwell, it was like, 1 gig for me...09:15
underwatercowI don't know why09:15
ethana3they need to respin bi-weekly for stable09:15
ethana3but they don't want to give OCD people another..09:16
ethana3spin updates into the disk images09:16
ethana3to save bandwidth09:16
rskall the packages that you installed after you installed lets say 7.1009:16
rskare also updated09:16
rskso that's why its bigger than the cd09:16
underwatercowit also sometimes removes things for no good reason09:16
rskwho needs firefox anyway?09:17
kst-is anyone using kubuntu hardy? kde integration any good? i've used some opensuse 10.3 at uni and i liked it, but when i just added kde-desktop to my gutsy gnome install it was rather buggy and i hated it :(09:17
underwatercowit removed epiphany when I tried updating09:17
underwatercowI haven't heard too much about kde... my friend didn't like dolphin09:17
Ayabara14th february: Upgrade Testing begins. what does this mean?09:17
rskwhat it says Ayabara ?09:18
underwatercowI guess tesing the upgrade09:19
Ayabararsk: hehe. I'm thinking about upgrading to hardy and using it on a daily basis (with the risk of breakage), and that line made me wonder how I should install it :-)09:19
* DanaG uses aptitude.09:19
DanaGIt tells you everything it plans to do, before it does it.09:19
underwatercowfrom personal experience, I would definitely not recommend upgrading09:19
underwatercowthe cd install worked best for me09:19
ethana3this is for the bleeding edge09:19
ethana3of course09:19
ethana3it's the only way to get pidgin 2.3.1 other than source09:20
DanaGOh yeah, about the BusID thingy: for two different video cards, you might not even need them/09:20
underwatercowtrying to do upgrades from gutsy to hardy through update-manager left me with more issues than anything09:20
ethana3i only have it set up for one so far09:20
ethana3i want to keep that working09:20
underwatercowwhat is new in 2.3.1?09:20
ethana3because 0 is not a good number of seats09:20
AyabaraI'm probably ordering a new pc tomorrow, so maybe I should wait until that arrives in 2-3 weeks time09:20
ethana3various bugfixes09:20
ethana3some probably security related09:20
ethana3as well as various... improvements09:20
ethana3better utilization of various IM protocols09:21
ethana3file transfer and such09:21
ethana3i don't remember, they have a changelog09:21
underwatercowwhat exactly does the Ubuntu team do?09:21
ethana3integrates packages09:22
ethana3maintains repos09:22
ethana3forwards bugs09:22
ethana3fixes bugs09:22
ethana3they probably directly contribute to every project out there09:22
underwatercowthat's about what I thought, lol09:22
underwatercowdo they do any original work?09:22
underwatercowor mostly integration work?09:22
ethana3i'd think they make their own gnome stuff09:23
ethana3and start using it before gnome does09:23
underwatercowlike what?09:23
ethana3i thought they actually made Screens and Graphics09:23
ethana3...which, you know09:23
ethana3was a nice thought09:23
underwatercowback to this again?09:23
ethana3...potentially very powerful09:23
ethana3i hope to push its limits09:24
ethana3until hardy is released09:24
ethana3with my bizarre demands on xorg09:24
underwatercowwhat I want to know is why there isn't a way to make your wallpaper randomly in gnome09:24
underwatercowchange randomly*09:24
ethana3with Fyre09:24
ethana3on the fly09:24
ethana3lol, slideshow09:24
underwatercowor to make it so you can have different wallpapers on each workspace09:24
ethana3they're working on that09:24
underwatercowor to make it so you can hide certain drives on the desktop09:24
ethana3KDE4 is laying on the heat09:24
underwatercowKDE allows that09:25
underwatercowbut I hate KDE, so....09:25
ethana3competition is about to get fierce09:25
DanaGWhat I want:09:25
DanaGFedora 8's nice wallpaper changey thingy.09:25
ethana3or Eubuntu09:25
underwatercowwhat is so great about it?09:25
DanaGThe wallpaper changes color smoothly through the day.09:25
ethana3it has something like that too09:25
underwatercowI use wallpaper-tray09:25
ethana3yeah, it's just nifty09:25
DanaGIt gives a sense of sunrise, noon, sunset, and night.09:25
underwatercowchanges every hour I think09:25
ethana3i filmed a bunch of videos09:25
underwatercowthat's neat09:25
ethana3to use as my background09:25
ethana3like, water flowing mostly09:26
DanaGI wish Nautilus supported videos, too.09:26
ethana3so i'm ready to see that feature show up09:26
Ayabarathere's no change in the artwork for hardy yet?09:26
underwatercowyeah, there is09:26
ethana3i hope they axe human09:26
ethana3orange is ugly09:26
ethana3i like green and up on the spectrum09:26
underwatercowThe wallpaper is like, elephany skin or something now09:26
DanaGOh yeah, if you see any videos on dream.wincustomize.com that you want, I can go to Vista and extract the videos, and then put them on my Cal Poly web space.09:26
ethana3and black and white09:26
underwatercowand there is a diff theme09:26
underwatercowmight not be the final though09:26
DanaGI'm using the Nodoka theme with colors toned down to be less OMG-so-bright-I-need-sunglasses blue.09:27
ethana3i turn off nautilus09:27
ethana3and use screensavers as my background09:27
ethana3some of them don't buffer themselves though09:27
underwatercowscreensavers as your background? how does that work09:27
ethana3so it's mainly the 3d ones that don't tear when you move windows09:27
ethana3it's simple09:27
ethana3first, go into gConf09:27
ethana3turn nautilus off09:27
ethana3yes. off.09:27
ethana3then, go to /usr/lib/xscreensaver09:28
ethana3or something like that09:28
DanaGAnother fun thing: I edited the source of the snowglobe thingy for compiz, so I can make the flakes freakishly huge.09:28
ethana3and run the one you want with the -root argument09:28
DanaGNow I have a big fuzzy snowball in the center of my cube.09:28
ethana3some use -r instead09:28
ethana3i also want to be able to just select those09:28
ethana3for my background09:28
underwatercowlol... interesting...09:28
ethana3so i don't have to use the terminal09:28
ethana3they don't work in compiz, i don't think09:28
Ayabarafrom the screenshots I see of nodoka in ubuntu it looks like a blue human theme..09:28
ethana3yet, anyway09:28
underwatercowLinux has come such a long way... and yet there is still so much left to do09:28
ethana3blue is good09:29
ethana3blue is awesome09:29
DanaGI use the colors from some "Jellyfish" theme I found on gnome-look.org.09:29
DanaGThis is the first blue theme I've found that I don't hate.09:29
ethana3i want to be able to add themes through add/remove09:29
DanaGI usually think blue is overused and cliché, but not with this one.09:29
ethana3with the star ratings and all09:29
ethana3straight from gnome-look09:29
ethana3i must take a shower now09:30
ethana3i'll see you all in 1009:30
ethana3and then i must sleep09:30
underwatercowhmmm... ooh... would it be possible to make a script that will install a bunch of things (in rc.local or something) and then delete itself when it was done? That could further automate my backup process... lol09:30
DanaGI'm going to go to bed now.09:30
underwatercowyeah, I'm getting sleepy09:30
DanaGunderwatercow: you can just cron stuff.09:30
DanaGI don't know the details, but there's a daemon that can run stuff at various intervals.09:30
underwatercowDanaG: I'm just always looking for ways to further automate my backups and restores09:30
underwatercowI would only need to run it once obviously09:30
DanaGI've typically used 'faubackup' to back up stuff.09:31
underwatercowI've worked hard to figure out where evolution saves all it's files (three locations) and which files mozilla stores settings in, etc09:31
DanaGIt makes time-marked stuff with hardlinks.09:31
underwatercowI use sbackup09:31
DanaGI think I remember sbackup not working for me.09:31
underwatercowit works spectacularly for me09:31
underwatercowone of the best I've used09:31
underwatercowevery now and again it has an issue restoring, but it's seldom and not really a problem09:32
DanaGDoes it do incremental?09:32
underwatercowand lets you set a schedule on when to delete files09:33
underwatercowafter a cut off09:33
underwatercowor logarithmic09:33
underwatercowyou can also tell it to use either cron, or anocron09:33
* DanaG ponders getting a new external drive and just using "never" for deleting.09:33
underwatercowlol, I have mine set to logarithmic09:34
underwatercowmy full backups are less than a gig09:34
underwatercowyou can choose what to exclude by path, file type, size, and regex09:35
underwatercowI love regex exclusions09:35
underwatercowvery useful09:35
underwatercowfor instance, I tell it not to backup .*\.before_restore_.*09:36
underwatercowalmost essential09:36
DanaGOOh, it DOES look useful.09:36
DanaGWHat's .*\.before_restore_.* ?09:36
underwatercowwhen it restores over a file that already exists09:36
underwatercowit will add a before_restore to it09:36
underwatercowand leave it there with the restore file09:36
underwatercowso if you don't have an exclusion like that09:37
underwatercowyou can get layered backups09:37
underwatercowmake sense?09:37
underwatercowfor instance09:37
underwatercowsay you backup an entire folder09:37
underwatercowwhen you restore it, say that one of the files is there by default09:38
DanaGOh yeah, try deleting stuff in the new gvfs trash.....09:38
DanaGit replicates.09:38
underwatercowI saw that09:38
underwatercowit confused me at first09:38
AlmindorI just read about the new prefetch (ugh, reminds me of vista and all the...), and I got a few questions09:38
Almindor1. hopefully it'll be turn-offable right?09:38
DanaGIt's like those magic bucket-carrying brooms.09:38
underwatercowbut yeah, so say there is a file in the folder you are backing up called alpha.odt, or whatever09:38
DanaGSquash one, you get two.09:39
Almindor2. if it runs, it'll use the disk when low activity, won't that kill power management?09:39
underwatercowyou restore, and you have Alpha.odt and Alpha.odt.before_restore09:39
underwatercowif that backs up09:39
underwatercowand you restore09:39
underwatercowyou would get something like09:39
DanaGDoes that regex match even without trailing underscore?09:39
underwatercowyeah, it would09:40
DanaG.*\.before_restore_.*   ← what about that underscore?09:40
DanaGOh, and get something like? ..09:40
underwatercowit's there... I think there is a time stamp after the last underscore09:40
underwatercowI'm actually not positive, but I'm pretty sure you would get something like...09:40
underwatercowAlpha.odt, Alpha.odt.before_restore, and Alpha.odt.before_restore.before_restore...09:41
DanaGStill missing underscore.09:41
underwatercowyeah, I'm lazy09:41
underwatercowI don't feel like making up a time stamp09:41
DanaGshould say .before_restore_<timestamp1>.before_restore_<timestamp2>09:42
DanaGThat gets the point across.09:42
underwatercownow you're just making it complicated09:42
underwatercoweither way, I'm pretty sure it does that, but even if it only keeps the one before_restore, that's too much for me... I don't ever usually care what the file was that I'm restoring over09:43
underwatercowif I do a restore over .evolution though, I have to delete any of the before_restore files because evolution will see them and get weird and clutterd09:43
DanaGAnyway, time for me to go to bed.09:43
underwatercowyeah... I didn't mean to stay up so late09:44
DanaG1:43 AM Pacific (daylight? beats me.)09:44
DanaGs/beats me/I don't have a frickin' clue/09:44
ethana3done with shOWER09:56
ethana3i must go to bed soon09:57
ethana3the devs read these channel logs, right?09:57
DarkMageZethana3, some of them may be reading now. some may look at parts of it later.09:57
DarkMageZbut it's always best to file bugs & questions on the tracker ?09:58
ethana3well i do that09:59
ethana3but i push the limits so far09:59
ethana3many of my ideas are currently out of scope or impractical09:59
ethana3i must resort to pushing them one09:59
ethana3this time i have two10:00
ubotuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!10:00
ethana3i figure my DE related ones will happen on their own when gnome tries to catch up to KDE 4.110:00
ethana3ok, got it. sorry10:01
ethana3thanks, innertruth10:01
SR71-Blackbirdwhy does the remote desktop viewer accept only 8 digit for passwords?10:02
* SR71-Blackbird goes to see if there are any bug reports on this10:03
dejv_ntbis here somebody, who understands ubuntu's suspend policy?10:36
ubuntulovely colours on irssi :)11:30
=== ubuntu is now known as savvaslive
zombie_monkeyguys, what can I do to supply more information about this bug that I submitted: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-system-tools/+bug/18733511:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187335 in gnome-system-tools "Unlock button throws an error, doesn't authenticate" [Low,Incomplete]11:52
zombie_monkeyI mean I will install again and see if I can reproduce it; it occured only after about five minutes after installation when I made osme minor settings11:55
zombie_monkeybut maybe I should try and find mroe about it first...11:56
yao_ziyuancan anyone solve that libpython.2.5.so ibrary files missing problem?12:10
yao_ziyuancurrently i solved the screen resolution problem by copying a kubuntu 7.10 xorg.conf to Hardy 412:10
mrmondayis it too late to suggest a feature for Hardy? (it's only a few extra words added into the installer that I'm thinking, not a lot of code needed)12:45
=== spr0k3t__ is now known as spr0k3t
yao_ziyuanif i choose "chinese" before installing Hardy Alpha 4,13:36
yao_ziyuanafter installation i can immediately use chinese input methods13:36
yao_ziyuanbut if i choose "english" before installation and manually add language Chinese after installation,13:37
yao_ziyuani don't have chinese input13:37
yao_ziyuananyway, most chinese users would probably choose "chinese" before installation13:38
LoevborgIs it possible, and sensible, to install hardy in a virtual machine for beta testing?13:39
yao_ziyuanLoevborg: i do13:40
yao_ziyuanthe problem is that scim -d failed to start13:40
Loevborgyao_ziyuan: any hints on how to do this easily in virtualbox (host: gutsy)?13:40
yao_ziyuanLoevborg: i use a different vm manager13:40
Loevborgyao_ziyuan: scim doesn't seem like an essential part13:41
yao_ziyuanLoevborg: not talking to you13:41
Loevborgyao_ziyuan: for europeans I mean13:41
yao_ziyuanbut if i exit skim and then scim can start13:41
Loevborgah okay, sorry13:41
yao_ziyuanfound the problem:13:49
yao_ziyuanby adding language Chinese, the system does not install skim-scim-pinyin13:49
yao_ziyuanbut it still isn't everything13:57
muszekI'm on gutsy: gksu update-manager -d #  it doesn't show hardy as a possible upgrade14:36
muszeksudo update-manager -d # it shows hardy...14:36
muszekany idea why?14:37
bardyrhmm, gksu and sudo should be the same thing :/14:37
bardyrmuszek, anyways now is a bad time to upgrade, at least for ubuntu14:38
muszekbardyr: why?14:39
bardyrmuszek, gvfs will eat your files and do nasty thing to you14:39
muszekI'm kinda sick of a ipw3945 driver bug that freezes my laptop every day or two (hard reboot required)14:39
muszekbardyr: even if I'll refrain from using nautilus?14:40
bardyrmuszek, then go for it, just have plenty of backups14:40
muszekbardyr: when do you think it will be safe?14:41
bardyrmuszek, when gnome 2.22 is released, or when they get gvfs running stable14:42
=== DreamThi1f is now known as DreamThief
muszekthanks for your answers, mate14:45
bardyrmuszek, if you just need to fix the ipw3945 issues you could grab the hardy kernel and stay gutsy for the rest14:47
bardyrand hope it works14:47
muszekbardyr: simply downloading kernel, headers and restricted modules and installing them?14:48
muszekgood idea, thank you14:49
h3sp4wnIs gb.archive.ubuntu.com really slow today or is it the crappy connection I am using.14:52
muszekh3sp4wn: I've moved to UK half a year ago and every broadband I've worked with was unreliable and dropping to ~512kbps when people are at home (weekends, 18-24 weekdays)14:56
kristjan_still no kde4 iso for hardy?15:13
h3sp4wnmuszek: I usually get 500KB/s from home or 1100KB/s from my university (being getting like 30-50KB/s15:22
morphirall of the proposed gtk theme mockups will require the pixmap lib. Does anyone know about the progress about the theme?15:37
h3sp4wnThey seem to do a visual refresh every release as far as I can see15:39
morphirh3sp4wn, hmm15:40
morphiras far as I can see, there is nothing too exciting in alpha415:41
morphirh3sp4wn, I'm talking from a pure visual point of view15:43
h3sp4wnmorphir: I am also they always moved things around15:45
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theunixgeekI need good ncurses documentation outside the man pages. Any suggestions?16:00
h3sp4wntheunixgeek: Could try the xopen curses docs (ncurses is a superset)16:03
theunixgeekh3sp4wn: may I have a link please?16:04
h3sp4wnhttp://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/007908799/cursesix.html (maybe you think its just as bad but the docs are accurate and complete which is what I am bothered about)16:05
theunixgeekh3sp4wn: thanks. I was searching for something more tutorial-like, though16:06
h3sp4wnThe first 3 sections are tutorial like (to me anyway)16:06
theunixgeekoh, right. they are. thanks :)16:07
PriceChildI'm doing a little testing in VM preparing for an upgrade to hardy. Could anyone tell me the state of intel 945 if they're running it? I remember things were bad earlier.16:21
ankurI have installed all the required apps to access bluetooth devices but when I try to connect one using gnome-bluetooth I get Nautilus cannot handle obex: locations.16:21
yao_ziyuani want Hardy to improve its Add Language functionality16:22
yao_ziyuanwhen adding Chinese/Japanese/Korean, the system should set up input methods16:22
yao_ziyuanjust like the system does if the user chooses Chinese/Japanese/Korean before installation of Hardy16:22
h3sp4wnPriceChild: Depends what you need to do16:29
h3sp4wnPriceChild: xrandr 1.2 is still not properly supported by most wm's but single screen should be fine16:30
PriceChildh3sp4wn, i've been told i'm going to need to force full memory allocation for decent performance16:30
PriceChildmeh this is a laptop so not too bothered16:30
=== ankur_ is now known as Ankur_Gupta
tapashi, i am downloading the 64 bit iso of the alpha.. i wonde rhow tough it is to get 32 bit only binaries to work there?16:32
tapase.g. flashplayer.. mplayer codecs etc..16:32
gilnfldi did an upgrade to alpha4 yesterday. I am having some problems with my ATI drivers. can someone help me with fglrx setup16:33
h3sp4wntapas: Its very easy just use the binary firefox form mozilla.org put it into /opt16:35
h3sp4wn(more reliable than nspluginwrapper16:35
h3sp4wn(There is enough of the 32bit stuff to put a 32bit java in /opt as well if you get ia32-libs / ia32-libs-gtk16:36
tapash3sp4wn: 32 bit binary?16:36
tapasand mplayer/kaffeine/gstreamer?16:36
LinAsHgilnfld, did you try the free ati driver? it's quite good nowadays.16:38
gilnfldLinAsH: i cant get free driver to support xgl/16:39
LinAsHgilnfld, why use xgl when you can use AIGLX?16:41
gilnfldLinAsH: how do i do that?16:42
LinAsHgilnfld, what's your ATI card?16:42
gilnfldLinAsH: X30016:44
LinAsHgilnfld, that's my /etc/xorg.conf : http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54625/ backup yours and try16:45
gilnfldok thanks16:46
gilnfldlooking at it now16:46
mnemonic_Does the Firefox 3 beta work for anyone with Pulseaudio on Hardy?17:14
JanCh3sp4wn: 32-bit browser & plugins doesn't work with 64-bit pulseaudio...17:24
JanCmnemonic_: Firefox 3 doesn't use pulseaudio AFAIK ?17:25
zokefirefox 3 has no audio output17:25
zokethe plugins do17:25
JanCand those should work with firefox 3 (if installed for FF3)17:26
JanCexcept for flash which is 32-bit, and there is no 32-bit pulseaudio library AFAIK17:26
JanC(I should try that again some day though)17:27
mnemonic_I have a complete 32-bit machine no 64-bit stuff.17:27
mnemonic_Firefox 2 works like a charm if I hook Pulseaudio to ALSA.17:27
JanCdo you have any audio plugins installed in FF3 ?17:28
mnemonic_Firefox 3 doesn't start without any error message. I see a little CPU load but nothing happens.17:28
mnemonic_JanC, yes, mplayer (but that works as standalone).17:28
mnemonic_Shall I try without?17:28
JanCmplayer-plugin needs to be configured to use pulseaudio maybe?17:29
mnemonic_JanC, I'll check. (may be absent for a couple of minutes)17:29
JanCand make sure it's installed (see about:plugins )17:29
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
mnemonic_Even without any plugins the Firefox 3 beta won't start for me while pulseaudio is running.17:54
crimsunmnemonic_: erm18:03
crimsunmnemonic_: are you using the repo versions of flashplugin-nonfree /and/ libflashsupport?18:04
mnemonic_crimsun, ah yes I do.18:05
crimsunmnemonic_: are you stating that firefox-3.0 from the repo does not start at all with pulseaudio exclusively opening hw:0?18:10
crimsunI have a really difficult time believing that firefox-3.0 cares about alsa period.18:11
mnemonic_crimsun, it seems to me. I'll check with pulseaudio disabled one more time. It could be that some updates (I have a partial gutsy/hardy install) caused this.18:12
mnemonic_crimsun, without pulseaudio, ff3b starts just fine.18:17
crimsunmnemonic_: to be honest, I'm not particularly interested in cross-grades, because they're neither supported nor supportable.18:17
crimsunmnemonic_: if you can reproduce the symptom using an Alpha 4 desktop CD, that's something different altogether.18:18
crimsunmnemonic_: partial cross-grades and dist-upgrades are /incredibly/ difficult to troubleshoot, because there are far too many variables, e.g., toolchain skew, silent ABI change, etc.18:19
mnemonic_crimsun, yup. Maybe I'll try a live cd later.18:19
crimsunmnemonic_: in this case (in the spirit of DIY), mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.bak && pkill firefox-bin ; ps -C pulseaudio ; firefox-3.0&18:21
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WorkingOnWiseIs ked4 stuck in a dependancy hell? I try to install it and am told that  kdebase-runtime is needed but not installable. I try to select  kdebase-runtime and am told that kdebase-runtime-bin-kde4 is needed but wont be installed. I try to install kdebase-runtime-bin-kde4 and am told that kdebase-runtime!!18:42
WorkingOnWisekde4, not ked4....hehe18:43
Assidis something wrong with alpha4?18:56
Assiddamn thing drains my laptop battery faster18:57
zokeAssid, do you have an intel processor ?18:58
zokebecase powertop can help you determine what is going on18:58
zokemy guess is one program is just draining your power, figure out what it is and then bug report it18:59
Assidnah.. im using the same applications i did all this time19:06
Assidjust that i updated to alpha4 and wham.. its lower19:06
Assidalso emerald crashes more often19:08
Assidand if you resume after suspend.. it crashes compiz19:08
zokeAssid, if it is a regression then file a bug for sure.19:09
JanCAssid: seriously, like zoke said, powertop is really useful to find which programme causes your problem19:48
dejv_ntbregarding suspend19:49
dejv_ntbdoes stock suspend work for you?19:49
Assidstock suspend?19:49
dejv_ntbthe one that ships with ubuntu by default19:49
dejv_ntbswsusp I guess19:49
Assidummm.. im using the one that comes with ubuntu19:49
Assidi dont think i installed anything in particular for suspend19:50
JanClibata might wake-up the kernel "too often" because some application is polling something..19:50
* dejv_ntb 's laptop is somewhat enchanted since Feistys final19:50
JanCtry to find which application causes this19:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 123002 in linux-source-2.6.20 "Broken suspend on 2.6.20-16.29" [High,Confirmed]19:51
dejv_ntbwasn't repaired neither in feisty, nor in gutsy, nor in hardy19:52
coz_hey guys  just upgraded to hardy and there is no nautilus   "Nautilus depneds on libeel2-2(>=2.21.90) but 2.20.0-0ubuntu1 is to be installed19:52
dejv_ntbwhile uswsusp works fine19:52
Assidweird.. my suspend works.. but i think the system crashed shortly after19:53
dejv_ntbuswsusp works fine for me19:57
Assidwhats uswsusp ?19:57
Assidim not using that.. i dont thinkso19:57
Assidim using the system's suspend19:57
dejv_ntbI only had to change /usr/lib/hal/scripts/linux/hal-system-power-hibernate-linux to use s2disk instead of the stock mess19:58
dejv_ntband no problems while suspending or hibernating occured19:58
dejv_ntbs2ram, s2disk, s2both19:59
Assidmy compiz goes nutty19:59
Assidwhy cant we have a gui to manage the hibernate settings?19:59
tapashmm, man pages look a bit weird here in terminal on x86_6419:59
Assidim not using uswsusp20:01
Assidam using the default one20:01
Assidpress the power button.. and then suspend20:01
dejv_ntbI'm invoking it the same way20:03
dejv_ntbg-p-m then asks hal to hibernate20:03
dejv_ntband hal runs /usr/lib/hal/scripts/linux/hal-system-power-hibernate-linux20:03
dejv_ntbI replaced this file with simple:20:04
Assidthe entire thing?20:08
Assidi think it works here20:09
dejv_ntbI keep a backup20:09
dejv_ntbjust in case somebody could help me debug it20:09
Assidokay quick question.. my wifi keeps getting cut20:10
Assidand connecting to it at times is a pain20:10
Assidworks fine for my bros mac20:10
Assidanywasy.. brb.. lemme try suspend20:10
Assidokay suspend or hibernate?20:10
JanCwifi ==> check if you don't have neighbours using an overlapping channel...20:11
Assidlemme try hibernate20:11
dejv_ntbhibernate can AFAIK use all three methods20:12
dejv_ntbswsusp, uswsusp, suspend220:12
dejv_ntbthough it was developed for suspend2 primarily20:12
* dejv_ntb never used it20:13
Assidi recovered from hibernate fine..  but the problem of compiz dying still happens20:17
Assidi wonder if having a s2disk would make any difference20:17
Assidokay who was i speaking to who suggested to use that20:17
dejv_ntbis here somebody who develops/maintains suspend-related stuff?20:33
Assiderr pgadmin is old in the hardy packaes20:35
Assidpgadmin 1.8.2 is the current stable20:35
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akhenatonhi; can anybody, please help me? i just installed hardy and couldn't find the restricted drivers manager. thanks21:23
akhenatoni want to install nvidia driver21:24
rskit's called something else now afaik akhenaton21:24
rsklike Driver manager21:25
akhenaton..and last time a had kubuntu installed (gutsy) it was simple to do that21:25
akhenatonrsk: i can't locate any "manager" or something like that; i just don't want to break anythig (installing the nvidia binary driver manualy)21:26
rskfire up synaptic then21:27
rskand install the driver from there21:27
akhenaton*adept; yup, i did that; there is no nvidia-glx; only nvidia-glx-legacy there21:28
akhenaton(i have a geforce 7600 go; toshiba laptop)21:28
akhenatonrsk: any ideea what to do? please help21:29
Assidwouldnt that use the nvidia-new?21:31
akhenatonAssid: that's what i thought, but there isn't any nvidia-new in hardy's repos21:32
Assiderr. im using it!21:32
Assidatleast on my desktop i am21:32
Assidthe restricted manager loaded it up for me21:32
akhenatondo you have hardy alpha 4?21:32
akhenaton(like me)21:32
Assidbut you still had to run some nvidia-settings or something after that to make use of the driver21:33
akhenatonand what's the "manager"'s name?21:33
akhenatoni can't find anything useful in the default install (start/k menu)21:33
akhenaton"proprietary driversfor devices (restricted)" is checked21:34
akhenatonmultiverse enabled too21:35
akhenatoni dunno what to do next :|21:35
Assidsystem > administration > driver setup21:35
akhenatoni managed to install nvidia drivers in gutsy, but in hardy seems not to be present in the repos21:36
Assidweird works here21:37
RAOFakhenaton: They certainly are.  You're looking for "nvidia-glx-new", yes?21:37
akhenatonAssid: "administration"? can you, please, elaborate a little; i don't understand21:37
Assidi got my softmodem on lappy requiring it.. and nvidia requiring it there21:37
akhenatonRAOF: yes21:37
akhenatoni do search just "nvidia" in adept to see all the packages; nvidia-glx-legacy is the only one present21:38
akhenaton(only "glx" one)21:38
Assidakhenaton: run jockey-gtk21:41
akhenatonAssid: my installi is quite fresh; hardy alpha 4, all restricted and multiverse, mediubuntu (and so on) are enabled :|21:41
Assidthats on gnome atleast21:41
Assidakhenaton: afaik .. it should be installed out of the box21:41
akhenatonAssid: maybe; in gutsy was (out of the box); i understand that hardy is not final/stable yet, but i decided to try it21:42
Assidi said this earlier already.. im on hardy and it came here21:42
Assidon 2 machines21:43
ethana3that visual refresh is really good news21:44
ethana3i like those themes.. it would be nice to not have to go out and find them to use them21:44
akhenatonAssid: then.. can you, please, tell me what's the "manager"'s name? (or how to launch the restricted driver installer)21:44
Assid[03:11:12] <Assid> akhenaton: run jockey-gtk21:44
Assid[03:11:18] <Assid> thats on gnome atleast21:44
Assidi said this earlier21:45
akhenatonAssid: are you sure? i have kde here :|21:45
PriceChildloving policykit21:45
Assidakhenaton: look in some option in the menus' it should be there..21:45
Assidelse try running that21:46
Assidi know its there21:47
akhenatonAssid: i allready looked in the menus (everywhere); no option, no nothing; it seems jockey thingie is my last hope21:47
Assidtry sudo jockey-gtk actually21:47
Assidit mgiht need sudo21:47
akhenatonAssid: thanks; i'll try that21:48
ethana3ooh, authentication system updates21:48
ethana3do we have a GUI for choosing between signature, password, facial recognition, and thumbprint yet?21:48
akhenatonAssid: but jockey drags a lot of deps with it21:48
akhenaton(gnome deps)21:49
Assidthats cause your using kde.. i dont have a kde one arond me.. nearest kde installation would be my sisters laptop.. and thats offlimits atm cause the lights are off.. and i dont know where her lappy is21:49
akhenatonAssid: maybe kubuntu team haven't prepared a "jockey" replacement for kde, yet :|21:51
Assidnah.. i know the device manager is there.. i used it for my sisters lappy21:52
Assidand ive used it on gutsy as well21:52
akhenatonon gutsy worked for me too21:52
Assidso its gotta be there on this as well21:52
Assidask around.. there must be someone here who might know21:53
Assidalrite . im off.. its almost 3.30 am21:53
Assidnight folks21:53
akhenatonAssid: good night21:53
akhenatonanybody with kubuntu hardy alpha 4 (2.6.24-5 linux kernel) has sucesfully installed the nvidia restricted (3d/glx) drivers? can anybody help me?21:58
RyanPriorMy USB subsystem keeps dying. Is there some way I can figure out why, and how to prevent it? I am trying to copy a large file to my USB hard drive and my USB keeps dying and killing the operation halfway through.21:58
bardyrRyanPrior, are you using nautilus_22:14
DanaGTo me, Jockey sounds like something about a horse.22:14
DanaGWhat's with the name?22:14
DanaG(I mean, I know a jockey is a horse racer, but what does that have to do with restricted drivers?)22:15
crimsunthink "driver".22:17
akhenatoni think no driver (module) is out (2.6.24-5 kernel) for jockey (to ride on it)22:36
Andre_GondimI am using Hardy Alpha 4, and I have one CMI 8738 sound card, but does not have sound, when I was with Gutsy, I change my sound card and works, is there some way to change de sound card without reboot pc?22:36
akhenatonat least i have no more problems with intel hda (sound)22:36
crimsunAndre_Gondim: no sound with PulseAudio or no sound with ALSA period?22:37
crimsunthose are two distinct symptoms, BTW.22:37
akhenatonAndre_Gondim: rmmod and modprobe?22:37
crimsunmodprobe -r, BTW.22:38
DanaGThat reminds me.... I wish somebody would make a Cardbus or Expresscard C-Media Oxygen-based card.22:38
Andre_Gondimcrimsun, yes, there is the both, if i change, how can i do to do this without reboot pc?22:38
crimsunAndre_Gondim: what are you changing?22:38
Andre_Gondimcrd1b, my sound card, from alsa do pulseaudio, like you said, i have this option22:39
crimsunAndre_Gondim: if it's a usb audio device, sure.22:40
crimsunAndre_Gondim: if it's an isa or pci audio device, no.22:40
Andre_Gondimcrimsun, it's a pci22:40
crimsunAndre_Gondim: it's unclear whether you intend to change a /setting/ or /physical cards/.22:41
Andre_Gondimcrd1b, setting22:41
Andre_Gondimcrd1b, sorry22:41
Andre_Gondimcrimsun, setting22:41
crimsunAndre_Gondim: which setting?22:41
crimsuna parameter to insmod?22:41
crimsununloading's fairly straightforward: sudo /sbin/alsa force-unload22:43
Andre_Gondimcrimsun, so, when I was using gutsy, and my gutsy started without sound, I changed the option in volume control22:44
crimsunreloading is simple, too: sudo modprobe snd_pcm && sudo modprobe snd-cmipci whateverparam=whatevervalue22:44
crimsunAndre_Gondim: meaning you changed which mixer element is controlled, or...?22:45
Andre_Gondimcrimsun, yeah, i changed wich mixer element and works, in gutsy, but in hardy doen't works22:45
crimsunAndre_Gondim: download http://trilug.org/~crimsun/alsa-info.sh and run it.22:46
crimsunAndre_Gondim: then tell me the URL it generates.22:47
Andre_Gondimcrimsun, ok, wait a few22:47
Andre_Gondimcrimsun, http://bulletproof.servebeer.com/alsa/scripts/alsa-info.changelog22:49
crimsunAndre_Gondim: err, no.  The pastebin URL.22:51
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Andre_Gondimcrimsun, sorry, i don't understaian, what i need to do?22:54
PriceChildI'm really liking firefox 3, when downloading files, its so quicker to get its act together22:54
crimsunAndre_Gondim: you need to execute the script from a prompt.22:54
Andre_Gondimcrimsun, i did22:55
crimsunAndre_Gondim: you executed "bash ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh" (presuming you saved the script to your Desktop)?22:55
Andre_Gondim http://pastebin.ca/89066622:56
Andre_Gondimcrimsun,  http://pastebin.ca/89066622:56
crimsunAndre_Gondim: do you want to use your onboard or the cmi?22:56
Andre_Gondimcrimsun, cmi22:57
crimsunAndre_Gondim: it is the default card.22:57
crimsunAndre_Gondim: is this a clean install of Alpha 4?22:57
Andre_Gondimcrimsun, yes, I installed yesterday22:58
crimsunAndre_Gondim: mute & zero all the IEC958 controls (presuming you're not using IEC958).22:59
akhenatoncrimsun: is it normal not to have a master volume? i only got pcm volume :|22:59
crimsunAndre_Gondim: and -- is "pasuspender -- aplay /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav" audible?22:59
crimsunakhenaton: on HDA codecs?  Yes.23:00
crimsunakhenaton: messy but certainly "normal".23:00
akhenatoncrimsun: yes, it's a hda codec (realtek alc861)23:00
Andre_Gondimcrimsun, i do not understain, what I need to do?23:00
akhenatoncrimsun: thanks; i thought it's another odd thing on my sound card23:01
crimsunAndre_Gondim: use alsamixer to mute those controls.  Then run the pasuspender command (all of it between the double quotes)23:01
crimsunAndre_Gondim: I need to go; I have a train to catch.23:01
Andre_Gondimcrimsun, good luck23:01
akhenatonciao, crimsun23:02
crimsunAndre_Gondim: the point of the pasuspender test is to see if you can get any audible output via ALSA direct23:02
akhenatonand thanks again, crimsun23:02
Andre_Gondimcrimsun, is pasuspender a command?23:02
bernierHi, is compiz working in alpha 4?23:05
DanaGOh yeah, how well does the C-Media Oxygen work in Linux?23:07
Dr_willisbernier,  it seems to be working here. :)23:08
bernier<Dr_willis> do I need to compile fglrx or it's in the repo?23:09
Dr_willisI dont use fglrx. i got an nvidia card.23:10
Dr_willisI imagine its in the repos.23:10
underwatercowIs anyone else having trouble running KDE apps like Kate?23:24
underwatercowyes? no? anyone?23:27
Dr_willisnot tried. :)23:28
underwatercowDr_willis: would you mind trying in hardy? lol23:28
underwatercowDr_willis: It's rather annoying23:29
Dr_willisnot on a hardy machine right now. so i cant.23:29
underwatercowDr_willis: sadness...23:29
underwatercowDr_willis: You have failed me for the last time...23:29
LynetAnyone else having trouble with Hardy in Vmware?23:30
underwatercowI'm having trouble with hardy NOT in vmware23:30
bardyri dont have any problems with hardy atm, but im afraid of opening nautilus23:30
underwatercownautilus works fine in general23:31
bardyrunderwatercow, as long as you dont trash anything23:31
underwatercowbardyr: no problems for me there either23:31
underwatercowbardyr: bardyr: Can you run KDE apps with no errors?23:31
bardyrunderwatercow, trash your wine folder and empty your trash23:31
underwatercowbardyr: I would prefer to keep my wine folder, thanks23:32
bardyrthen copy it and trash the copy :)23:32
underwatercowbardyr: can't I delete something else?23:32
bardyrit will begin to delete all your files23:32
underwatercowI have deleted things23:32
underwatercowand emptied the trash23:32
underwatercowand had no problems23:32
underwatercowit freaks if I try to OPEN the trash, but that's no biggie23:33
bardyrunderwatercow, the problem is that trash follows symbolic links23:34
underwatercowbardyr: ahaha... well good thing I don't have very many symlinks, nor do I generally delete them23:34
underwatercowbardyr: So... can you run KDE apps like Kate ok?23:35
bardyri have not heard about any KDE issues, but then again i dont use KDE23:36
LynetAnyone knwo why the clock is messed up (runs way too fast, like 10-100* too fast) when running as a vmware guest?23:37
mohbana__hi guys where is the removal log for synaptic kept?23:45
ethana3can I tell xorg to completely reconfigure itself to the safe graphics settings it had when i installed?23:48
bardyrethana3, rename xorg.conf23:49
bardyrand run X with --configure23:49
ethana3can i just remove xorg.conf?23:51
ethana3i didn't do anything worthwile that worked..23:51
ethana3i'm going to do that..23:51
mohbana__hi can anyone help please23:52
tapashi, where does trackerd store its index files?23:52
ethana3bardyr: how do i run x with --configure when its already running/23:54
bardyrethana3, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop23:54
RAOFtapas: ~/.cache/tracker, IIRC23:54
bardyrethana3, or just restart23:54
ethana3will it do --configure simply because of the absence of xorg.conf?23:54
bardyrno, do the stop cmd and type sudo X -configure23:55
ethana3oh, ok23:55
RAOFbardyr: What does -configure do that just not having an xorg.conf doesn't?23:55
bardyrethana3, you dont need a xorg.conf but i think the restricted-drivers-manager will break without one23:55
bardyrRAOF, -configure writes and xorg23:56
RAOFAh, right.23:56
RAOFAny reason not to use dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?23:56
bardyrX.org is better23:56
bardyrbut they do the same job23:57
* DanaG just uses manual configgeration (yes, misspelled on purpose).23:58
ethana3ok, it put me back on radeon23:59

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