Tabe_hi, i've been looking around /alternate00:50
Tabe_and i saw a lot of nice ideas (and also installed the gelatin theme00:51
Tabe_how can i help?00:51
_MMA_Tabe_: Best to jump on the mailing list. And its rather slow in here on the weekends.00:52
troy_s_MMA_: Lol.00:53
Tabe_mailing list? i don't want to decide wich of my mail accounts is the best one to do that :P00:55
Tabe_i should see pr0n instead of ubuntu desktop screenshots00:56
Toma-screenshots are better than pr0n01:00
coz_good day all01:27
coz_apparenlty sending attachments to the mailing list is no acceptable?01:28
coz_I certainly wasnt trying to cause any problems when I sent the sound files  ..I suppose it would be better to have a central place to upload such files for submission02:01
coz_would anyone like to talk with me about the attachemtns I sent that apparenlty has cause some irritations ?11:17
coz_you are welcome to pm me if you like11:17
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