jdongmjg59: ath_pci from madwifi trunk00:00
mjg59Oh, loss00:00
jdongmjg59: after resume the radio appears dead (no scan results, unable to associate)00:00
mjg59Yeah, atheros failure00:00
jdongmjg59: on another suspend related note....00:01
jdongmjg59: after resume on my macbook 3.1, the brightness hotkeys seem to lose function till I restart X00:01
jdongthis didn't seem to happen on Gutsy00:01
mjg59I blame X00:09
FujitsuSpeaking of brightness hotkeys... since a week or so ago, g-p-m can control my backlight. However, since then my backlight brightness will often spontaneously increase to maximum (quickly, not over several minutes like it used to). This is an i915.00:14
* StevenK waves to Fujitsu from Portland00:22
FujitsuStevenK: Portland, Vic?00:23
StevenKFujitsu: Heh, no. Portland, Oregon. :_)00:23
jmI'm trying to create a new version of gst-plugins-base, but for some reason the /debian/control file keeps getting its Build-Depends and Architecture lines changed. If I submit a debdiff with these changes, will it be a problem?00:25
TheMusojm: Does the package have a debian/control.in?00:27
TheMusoModify that.00:28
* StevenK looks forward to being in a country that isn't in the grip of winter.00:28
TheMusoStevenK: I hear ya. London wasn't that cold, but it was nice to get back to summer.00:28
jmMy modifications don't touch control or control.in at all, but they are still changed.00:28
TheMusoah ok00:29
StevenKTheMuso: Portland has been averaging about 3 degrees C, which I think is too cold.00:29
TheMusoStevenK: I'd agree with that assessment.00:29
jmIs it a problem? Whatever's changing control doesn't seem to be under my control.00:30
sladencold is good.00:30
TheMusojm: At this point, all I can say is submit a debdiff, and take things from there.00:30
jmK, will do.00:30
* StevenK does some NBS work to pass the time00:31
TheMusoStevenK: Pass the time until when? :p00:31
StevenKTheMuso: About 5:45pm local00:32
TheMusoah ok00:32
TheMusoStevenK: When do you fly out00:32
StevenKA little after that :-)00:33
TheMusoheh right. Enjoy your flight.00:35
StevenKTheMuso: That's only the first hop from Portland to San Francisco :-/00:36
TheMusoStevenK: Oh even more fun.00:36
StevenKAfter a few more hours in San Francisco airport, then back to Sydney00:37
TheMusoOh fun. The good old 13 hour flight. I had a couple of those recently. :)00:38
mjg59StevenK: Ha. I'm about to head in the opposite direction00:38
StevenKIt hits 14.5 hours back from the US, due to the prevailing wind blowing toward you00:38
StevenKmjg59: Heh00:38
TheMusoStevenK: Well, enjoy.00:39
slangasekStevenK: you found the lounge, then?00:51
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Hobbseeyay, he eventually obeyed the invite, so the forward wasn't necessary.03:04
TheMusoHobbsee: What was that all about?03:09
HobbseeTheMuso: apparently he thought it was valid not to obey channel topics, because there were no ops active in there at the moment, so no one could tell him off03:10
* Hobbsee has since enlightened him.03:10
jdongHobbsee the enlightener :)03:15
Hobbsee!jdong | jdong03:16
ubotujdong: <Hobbsee> jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!03:16
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Riddellbryce: do you know iRon is working on bullet proof X for kdm?10:24
bryceRiddell: is iRon == Eudege Tretyak?10:24
bryceEugene and I have been exchanging emails today about kde and bpx.10:25
Riddellbryce: ah, excellent10:25
Riddellhe is yes10:26
brycehe says he'll be sending me some patches, and I'll review/integrate after that10:27
superm1bryce, have you considered integrating something like xf4vnc into the xorg tree by chance?10:45
brycesuperm1: why?  no I've not considered that10:46
superm1bryce, well realvnc stopped working against xorg 1.410:47
superm1yet xf4vnc is tracking the 1.4 tree actively10:47
superm1and there aren't any other projects that i've heard of that provide libvnc.so (by building in the xorg tree)10:48
superm1additionally upstream has no indication that they will be updating it to work against xorg 1.4, since they are still actively supporting builds against monolithic xfree8610:49
brycehmm, I've not really been involved with support for realvnc, so not sure why I'd have an iron in the fire for xv4vnc..10:51
superm1bryce, wasn't sure if it was you who had a hand in it (since the source package ships with xorg in the package)10:52
superm1well i'll try to leave some comments on the bug at least then for whomever will be responsible for realvnc with the research i've gotten around upstream and my attempts to resolve issues10:54
bryceok cool10:55
warp10Good morning11:25
pittihi warp1011:25
warp10hey pitti!11:25
Hobbseeheya pitti!11:27
* pitti hugs Hobbsee11:36
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tuxisthave anybody get kde_luks runnable under gutsy ?14:13
tuxisti have download source and packaged them14:14
ScottK2tuxist: For packaging new packages, #ubuntu-motu is the best channel.14:14
tuxistso i got only the encrypt dialog and nothing happsa14:14
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pygisiretart, poke15:13
theunixgeekIs there a GTK interface designer that can generate source code for you?16:15
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thegodfather16:21 -!- cjwatson [n=cjwatson@82-69-40-219.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]16:15
thegodfather16:22 -!- DRebellion [n=DRebelli@unaffiliated/drebellion] has quit ["leaving"]16:15
thegodfathermy son got hold of the mouse16:15
zuli hate that when it happens :)16:18
kieran__hi there, has there been any reports of compiz hardlocking computer in hardy?16:18
hungerAnyone working on a fix to aptitude?16:35
superm1!weekend > hunger16:38
siretartpygi: not really around. email is much more likely to reach me17:19
pygisiretart, ah, ok, will bug some other time then17:20
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slangasekhunger: at any rate, it's hard to know what you're referring to when the aptitude bug list shows no open bugs of higher than 'medium' importance18:35
superm1slangasek, if you get a few minutes again today, I made both those changes to those debs in hardy NEW.18:40
slangaseksuperm1: done18:46
superm1thanks a bunch slangasek18:46
slangasekdoko: har, you requested the sync of siege?  (FTBFS on 9 archs in Debian for > 30 days, now FTBFS in Ubuntu on all archs)18:50
jmslomo: I heard you're the guy to go to about GStreamer questions. What are the chances of my patch to bug #188488 getting into Hardy?19:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188488 in gst-plugins-base0.10 "Support embedded cover art in Ogg/Vorbis files" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18848819:03
jdonganyone know if powertop 1.9 is compatible with Gutsy?19:12
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* lamont chuckles at 46375819:14
zokebug 456758 ?19:14
lamontand off to fix Teh Intarwebs.19:14
zokebug 46375819:15
lamont"fdisk doesn't like devices without partition tables'19:15
zokebut ubotu tells me the bug doesn't exist19:15
pochuDebian bug 45675819:15
ubotuDebian bug 456758 in libcucul-dev "Whatis for libcucul-ruby-api.3caca.gz exceeds 2048 bytes" [Minor,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/45675819:15
pochuNot that one :)19:15
lamontdebian bug 46375819:15
ubotuDebian bug 463758 in util-linux "MP3 players: can mount(1) fine, but [cs]fdisk say "unknown partition table"" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/46375819:15
lamontthat one19:15
pochuI misstyped it :/19:16
lamontbasically gnome-volume-manager etc is not recognizing devices without partition tables (see any current-generation mp3 player - thanks guys)19:16
lamontanyway, this guy is out for a few hours, probably bouncing a bit while he messes with upstream connectivity19:17
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