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jendajuliux: ping15:39
juliuxjenda, pong15:39
jendajuliux: the other girl doesn't seem too eager to do such a huge number of stickers.15:39
jendajuliux: edit: because she doesn't want to invest the money15:40
jendaso, perhaps I can convince her that if you send money in advance, she'll have them made.15:41
jendaOr, I can just bite my lip and have them made myself...15:41
juliuxdoesn't look like a long term solution:(15:42
jendaI'll ask the printer guy what the lowest number is for a good price15:42
jendaI'm afraid one would have to get 700015:42
juliuxi also can search for a printer in germany15:43
jendaIt's not really that much, but it takes a lot of time to package and send out.15:43
jendajuliux: for comparison, the 7000 would cost €42015:44
juliuxwithout shipping?15:45
jendashipping is max €10 extra15:46
juliuxthanks a lot for your time15:47
juliuxi will check what we can do here15:47
jendahm, the ones that girl makes are just laser-jet printed15:47
jendaokey doke15:47
juliuxlaser-jet printed?????15:47
jendaindeed :D15:47
juliuxnot sure if we want laser-jet printed stickers15:48
jendaany way, what I said above was about the ones I used to send out.15:48
jenda€420/7000 + shipping15:48
juliuxthat is fair15:48
juliuxi will send you a mail in the next week15:48
jendaAnd I suppose I could let you get off with buying half the batch - but would appreciate if other LoCos took up some of the rest :)15:49
jendaYah, looking back, I have already turned down a few requests for a total of about 2000 stickers, so I might be able to put it together.15:55
jendaOne thing to note: the Czech Crown is about 20% stronger compared to the dollar and a bit less to the euro than it was last year, which makes making the stickers here less advantageous.15:56
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YahooguntuWhat is UWN #7522:08
boredandbloggingplease digg: http://digg.com/linux_unix/Ubuntu_Weekly_Newsletter_7622:08
Yahooguntuis it just that paragraph or is there more?22:10
boredandbloggingthere is more if you click on the link22:10
* johnc4510 dugg22:27
johnc4510wasn't dig dug a game of some kind way back when22:28

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