desertcI am trying to run svn-buildpackage and it keeps giving me an eror that I am in a working copy of SVN trunk directory.  Anyone have an idea where those acceptable directories are listed?00:03
desertcWell, I've worked on this all day and gotten no where.  Are the SVN tools a messy kludge, or is that just my first impression?00:07
minghuaWell, if you've never used svn before, svn-buildpackage is not going to be easy.00:10
desertc... so, for example, why did the subversion not install a ~/.svn directory?  Seems like it is needed.00:13
minghuaIt's not supposed to be "installed".  And you don't need ~/.svn directory unless all of your home directory is under version control.00:15
minghuaThe configuration directory of subversion is ~/.subversion.00:16
desertcAh, okay.  Hmm, had some weird documentation.00:19
desertcMaybe it is that I need to create a configuration in ./.svn00:21
* StevenK appears from PDX airport00:22
desertcAnyway, feels kludgy.  Be working on it again tomorrow.  Night all.00:22
minghuaAirport codes are so cryptic.00:25
StevenKPortland, Oregon00:26
minghuaStevenK: Thanks, but google helped on that, too. :-)00:26
minghuaBetter than Houston's, at least.00:26
ryanakcaScottK2: no, sponsored into debian, through new, and then sync into Ubuntu... last package I sent to debian, it took 2-3 weeks for steps 1&200:46
ryanakcaScottK2: still need those packages to be tested?00:46
minghuaDebian NEW processing has been reasonably fast these days.00:47
ryanakcaminghua: nice :{00:51
emgentheya *01:04
ScottK2ryanakca: No.  Thanks though.01:04
ryanakcaScottK2: okies :)01:04
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joejaxxanyone know how to apply a bzr diff patch?01:34
joejaxxto a bzr branch01:35
pochupatch -p1 <patch won't work?01:36
joejaxxnope :( it just sits :(01:36
joejaxxi even used --verbose and it just sits01:36
VadiI need to compile a program that uses the zlib.h library. However when I search on packages.ubuntu.com, there's a whole list of programs that comes up: http://packages.ubuntu.com/cgi-bin/search_contents.pl?word=zlib.h&searchmode=searchfiles&case=insensitive&version=gutsy&arch=i386 and I don't know which one to get01:36
VadiCan anyone suggest one? I'm on hardy too (broke my gutsy with the installation of this)01:37
pochujoejaxx: you didn't forget the "<" did you? :)01:37
joejaxxVadi: usr/include/zlib.h    libdevel/zlib1g-dev01:37
joejaxxpochu: :P no i did not forget that :P01:37
blueyedjoejaxx: is it a unified patch / or some bzr bundle that you want to apply?01:38
joejaxxpatch from bzr diff > drop2patch.patch01:38
pochujoejaxx: heh, ok. because it has happened to me that I forgot it and I wondered why nothing was happening ;)01:38
Vadijoejaxx: thanks!01:38
pwnguinis this java stuff on the motu list a new feature i can disable?01:58
ScottK2What java stuff on what MOTU list?02:01
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jdongScottK2: I think pwnguin was talking about the influx of NEW: packages?02:51
jdonga good chunk of which were java related02:51
pwnguinNew: libbeansbinding-java 1.2.1-0ubuntu1 (source)03:14
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: does it make more sense to remove the makefile.in stuff, or to add both files, so they both get made in the makefile.in?03:19
ScottK2jdong: Got it03:32
jdongsure thing03:32
* jdong hunts around for an awake ubuntu-main-sponsor :)03:32
* ScottK2 looks up at Hobbsee03:33
* Hobbsee isn't here03:33
ScottK2Oh.  Sorry.03:33
Hobbseewell, i can try, anyway03:33
jdongHobbsee: so is that a really mean it isn't here, or can I convince you to be here? :)03:34
Hobbseedepends what it's for03:35
jdongHobbsee: just another upstream version of transmission :)03:35
jdongHobbsee: you core-devs stole it from us so now we have to pester to update it :)03:35
jdongbug  18723403:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187234 in transmission "New upstream version: 1.03" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18723403:36
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effie_jayxHobbsee, Aparently no04:11
effie_jayxHobbsee,  getting stuff done on the makefile will replace the postinst stuff04:11
effie_jayxwhich means each time you install a new revision all your high schores will be gone04:12
Hobbseeah right.  yay04:12
effie_jayxHobbsee,  albert23 help me reach that conclusion04:12
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Hobbseeeffie_jayx: uploaded, thanks :)04:13
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: well done!  :)04:13
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: mind sending the patch to debian?04:13
Hobbseethey have a bug open about it already04:13
effie_jayxHobbsee,  not at all, but which one shall I send... the stuf in debian/patch?04:13
* effie_jayx has never sent anything to debian, plain bug reports04:14
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: yeah, and the reasons for why it works that way04:14
Hobbseein particular, the answer to the question that i just asked you04:14
effie_jayxHobbsee,  thank you :D04:15
* Hobbsee assumes persia will want to follow https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gweled/+bug/90499 through04:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 90499 in gweled "gweled on Feisty Herd5 plays annoying sound" [Medium,Confirmed]04:16
effie_jayxHobbsee,  I just write an email with an attachment?04:22
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: yeah, i think so04:23
ScottK2effie_jayx: Yes.  Add the words "Tags: patch" in it04:23
ScottK2If you look at the debian bug it'll give you the address to reply to that bug.04:24
effie_jayxScottK, in the subject line... or body?04:24
ScottK2In the body04:24
effie_jayxScottK,  I have seen it04:24
effie_jayxScottK,  cool04:24
ScottK2effie_jayx: http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting has an example of tags04:25
Alohalintian is complaining about CHANGELOG not being .gz but if i make it .gz it says i changed a binary. how do i solve this problem?04:38
blueyedAloha: are you using dh_installchangelogs?04:39
Alohablueyed, yes04:39
Alohadh_installchangelogs CHANGELOG04:39
Alohait still complains04:39
blueyedmaybe use dh_compress, too?04:39
Alohablueyed, ok thnx04:39
Alohablueyed, should i do it before or after dh_installchangelogs?04:40
blueyedafter, near to the end.. it will compress other files, too.04:40
Alohablueyed, thnx04:41
blueyedAloha: you're welcome :)04:41
Alohablueyed, doh... its already in my debian/rules.... any other ideas?04:41
LucidFoxAloha> yes04:42
LucidFoxperhaps you install CHANGELOG in debian/docs as well?04:42
AlohaLucidFox, howso?04:43
LucidFoxno, I mean... maybe you already do?04:43
LucidFoxyou should remove it from debian/docs04:43
AlohaLucidFox, i have no debian/docs04:46
blueyedAloha: and you don't copy/install the file manually? does it show up zipped and unchanged in the .deb?04:46
Alohablueyed, there is no zipped version in the deb04:47
LucidFoxblueyed, I wanted to ask you something, but I forgot what :(04:47
ScottK2Aloha: Is dh_compress before or after dh_installchangelogs04:48
Alohablueyed, installed in /usr/share/doc/sadms/CHANGELOG  maybe the Makefile puts it there04:49
AlohaScottK, after04:49
ScottK2Aloha: Put it before04:49
AlohaScottK, ok04:49
LucidFoxdh_compress should be after dh_installchangelogs04:51
LucidFoxAloha> just delete the version upstream installs04:51
LucidFoxbefore calling dh_installchangelogs04:51
AlohaLucidFox, in debian/make?04:51
LucidFoxafter make install, call rm -f debian/sadms/usr/share/doc/sadms/CHANGELOG04:52
AlohaLucidFox, k thnx04:53
Alohai put that after $(MAKE) DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/sadms install04:54
effie_jayxshould I mention the bug has been fixed in ubuntu?04:55
LucidFoxyes, that's right04:55
LucidFoxeffie_jayx> what bug?04:56
effie_jayxLucidFox,  LP: #11026804:56
* effie_jayx writes a report to debian... first patch I send04:57
effie_jayxScottK,  should I mention that it was fixed in ubuntu already?04:58
LucidFoxeffie_jayx> yes, I think it's best04:58
LucidFoxto say that it's fixed in Ubuntu, and to link to the Ubuntu bug04:58
* Aloha wishes he had his ipod04:58
Alohastaring at the screen while a package builds gets boring after awhile04:58
LucidFoxAt the risk of starting a flamewar, iPods suck.04:59
AlohaLucidFox, i got it for free04:59
LucidFoxpoor you...05:00
AlohaLucidFox, omg... i'm not even gonna say anything05:00
ScottK2effie_jayx: Sometimes that's good and sometimes it's bad.  It kind of depends on how that DD feels about Debian.05:00
ScottK2effie_jayx: I usually don't because it really isn't relevant to is the patch right or not.  Others worry more about making sure Ubuntu gets credit for giving back.05:01
effie_jayxScottK2,  That's why I asked05:02
effie_jayxScottK,  I am sending it with no ubuntu reference though05:02
ScottK2Your call05:02
Alohawoohoo i beat level one of frozen bubble ;)05:03
jdongAloha: congrats!05:03
effie_jayxScottK,  a reference to ubuntu had been made already05:04
effie_jayxScottK2, some guy making reference to the bug in ubuntu nad posting the URL05:04
Alohawoohoo lintian isn't complaining about CHANGELOG anymore now i just have to learn how to write a decent manpage05:04
effie_jayxHere's a link to an Ubuntu bug, tracking the same problem. Might be05:05
effie_jayxworth to keep an eye on if someone writes a patch.05:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 110268 in gweled "gweled does not record high scores" [Undecided,Fix released]05:05
effie_jayxand we did :D05:05
effie_jayxHobbsee,  done.. thanks a buch05:06
effie_jayxs/buch/bunch... Should you have another interesting bug like that please let me know05:06
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: :)05:06
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: well, you could fix rbot please :)05:06
effie_jayxHobbsee,  well I am off to bed... it past midnight here :D. but tomorrow I could throw some arrows and see05:07
effie_jayxI feel much more confident with tools ... I need a bit of reading cdbs.05:08
effie_jayxbut my basic bash skills do help me05:08
effie_jayxanyway... off to bed... see you guys tomorrow...05:09
Alohaeffie_jayx, night05:11
ScottK2Good night05:11
Alohamuhahahahaha finally after 3 days lintian -i doesn't report any errors05:34
Alohai am victorious05:34
* Fujitsu uploads a new, yet more pedantic, lintian.05:35
ScottK2Fujitsu: Don't forget more obtuse.  That's always fun too.05:43
AlohaI'm getting Error '553 Could not create file.' during ftp transfer of sadms_2.0.12-0ubuntu1.dsc from revu when i try to dput05:45
Alohawoohoo i learned some dcut-fu05:57
HobbseeAloha: dcut doesn't work on revu.05:59
* ScottK2 thinks what Aloha learned is about to be humility05:59
AlohaHobbsee, oh i guess it just cleaned itself then. what a coincidence05:59
ScottK2Aloha: There's a cron job05:59
Alohawhats the time cycle?06:00
Alohai i have to run builder everytime i want to run lintian/linda?06:17
Alohaor can i just debuild it?06:17
AlohaPlease review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=sadms06:18
ScottK2Aloha: if you want to run lintian/linda run lintian -I ....dsc and ....deb06:20
ScottK2i.e. run it against both source and binary06:20
AlohaScottK, i've been running it against the .changes file06:20
ScottKIIRC that works too06:23
FujitsuAs long as it's the binary .changes.06:24
Alohaok cool thnx06:24
Alohalinda complains about using policy 3.7.3 but someone told me to use that06:24
ScottKlinda hasn't been updated06:25
Alohaok. thnx06:26
ScottKI thought you all might enjoy this ... http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_name=47A4A5DA.6050106%40hetnet.nl06:29
FujitsuLoathing Debian. I see. Makes sense.06:31
Alohaswitch to debian!06:33
imbrando1heh someone prefers rpm to deb? nevar!06:33
Alohahe thinks red hat is YUMmy06:34
ScottK2People have opinions for reasons that don't always make sense06:34
imbrando1anyone know what the handheld in this pic is ? ( not the usb device ) http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/electronic/80ce/action/06:37
imbrando1looks nice06:37
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LucidFoxemgent> but... you've been here all along :)08:34
emgentheheh hi LucidFox :)08:34
nixternalimbrando1: that is a Zaurus SL-C1000..you can find them every now and then on Ebay...actually a bit old and crappy for today08:44
nixternalthat one might actually be an older model than the C100008:45
LucidFoxYou know what would be a convenient feature in gnome-terminal?08:55
LucidFox"Open current directory in Nautilus"08:55
TheMusoLucidFox: I vaguely remember seeing something to do that somewhere.09:05
* persia catches up on backscroll09:28
persiaHobbsee: Is background music really improtant to you?09:29
persianixternal: Is there anything since the Zaurus that fits in a pocket and has a usable keyboard?09:30
persiaLucidFox: Either `gnome-open .` or `nautilus .` should work.09:31
LucidFoxah, yes... and "nautilus ." doesn't hold the command line, it's perfect09:31
emgentheya persia09:31
LucidFoxthanks for the tip!09:32
slytherinHi all. Dows anyone know what is exactly the reason for grub FTBFS on powerpc? I have checked the build logs but since I am not a good C developer, I am unable to know the reason.09:58
=== persia changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: Masters of the Universe: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Unmet Deps time! http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/debcheck/ | QA resources from http://qa.ubuntuwire.com | Last REVU Day for 8.04. Last chance for reviews. Let's get the best of the new software into hardy!
persiaIt's REVU Day again.  The last one for Hardy.10:06
persiaWho has a package ready for review?  Who has time for a review?10:06
persiaPeer review is up, so packagers are welcome to review each others packages, to make sure they are in best shape for MOTU Review.10:06
LucidFoxI'd like to have http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=tovid reviewed10:10
LucidFoxas well as http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libgee - the uploader has cleared all my previous objections and I have no new ones10:11
slytherinis it possible to discard a package? I had packaged it as it was suppposed to be dependency of new version of batik. but I didn get enough time to address the comments and these days I have better things to do. ;-)10:14
LucidFoxslytherin> You can ask a REVU admin to archive it10:14
persiaslytherin: Packages can be archived, but if you'd like someone else to take over, you'd do better to unassign yourself from the bug, and leave a comment on REVU saying you'd be happy if someone took over.10:15
LucidFoxI'm interested in getting the new version of batik in10:15
LucidFoxto unbreak FOP builds10:15
* persia cheers collaboration10:15
FujitsuOh I hate some Debian maintainers.10:16
slytherinLucidFox: I think Debain guys are already working on that. That is the main reason I am no more interested in taking my package forward.10:16
FujitsuThey put all the bug numbers on one line, rather than next to their respective changes. Fun.10:16
LucidFoxFujitsu> o_O10:16
geserslytherin: re grub: without checking the source I guess because it contains architecture specific code10:17
LucidFoxslytherin> I really hope they get it ready before FF :)10:17
vemonhttp://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=lashwrap & http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=ghostess10:24
vemonthe latter hasn't been reviewd at all and the first one should be ready for upload (just need someone to do that :D)10:24
Hobbseepersia: no, but getting rid of the bugs on that page is :)  anyway, i like that music10:26
persiaHobbsee: which page?10:26
Hobbseethe bugs for gweled10:26
persiaHobbsee: Ah.  I'll take another look after FF then.10:27
Hobbseeall the "there are no bugs for this package" pages are very good10:29
LucidFoxWhen filing a MOTU re-application, should I re-C the sponsors I CC'd the first time around, or only CC new ones?10:34
persiaLucidFox: I'd recommend re-cc'ing, as not all sponsors are subscribed to that mailing list.10:35
LucidFoxhi RainCT10:47
RainCTisn't the FF the 14th?10:51
lagai think so10:51
Hobbseeoh goody.  the day after i go away10:51
* Hobbsee won't see the great rush to get things in10:52
geserHobbsee: go away?10:52
RainCTwhy is this then the last REVU Day?10:52
rexbronRainCT: So that the archive admins have time to clear the queue before the FF I would think10:52
Hobbseegeser: interstate10:53
RainCTrexbron: ah, that would explain it :)10:55
geserHobbsee: sorry, I still don't understand it where you're going11:01
* Hobbsee is going to another state11:02
* Hobbsee lives in sydney, and is flying to adelaide for a holiday11:02
RainCTis anyone going to update openbox and obconf?11:20
jpatrickRainCT: you?11:20
RainCTjpatrick: I might do it myself later if anyone is working already on it :)11:21
warp10Good morning11:25
rulusCan anyone have a look at gtkvd please (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gtkvd)? Thanks :)11:37
jpatrickwhere can I find Ubuntu packages not in Debian?11:49
geserin the mdt output on qa.ubuntuwire.com11:50
rexbronjpatrick: http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/multidistrotools/11:50
* Fujitsu checks that that's actually still working properly.11:50
* jpatrick gets to work getting the KDE ones into Debian11:51
RainCTstrange.. obconf's debian/copyright was totally wrong :S12:04
pochuMorning folks12:30
DktrKranzhey pochu! :)12:30
pochuhey DktrKranz!12:30
bddebianHeya gang12:40
pochumorning bddebian12:41
bddebianHello pochu12:41
geserHi bddebian13:02
bddebianHeya geser13:03
RainCTis anyone free for checking obconf 2.0.3 before I upload it?13:10
persiaRainCT: how much checking does it need?13:10
LucidFoxRainCT> debian/copyright tends to get neglected after the first upload13:12
LucidFoxF-Spot, for instance, got a _massive_ debian/copyright overhaul when it switched maintainers in Debian13:13
LucidFoxand a potential GPL violation had to be resolved along the way, which wasn't noticed until it was too late13:13
RainCTpersia: well.. any checking is good :)13:15
cyberixI'm looking after first advocate for my package Malbolge. I've fixed all broblems that have been brought up. http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=malbolge13:16
persiaRainCT: Where is it?13:16
RainCTLucidFox: the fun thing here is that it mentioned a Ben Jansens to whom I couldn't find any mention now (but instead contributions from a Dana Jansens dating back to 2003) lol13:17
RainCTpersia: http://rainct.homelinux.net/obconf_2.0.3-0ubuntu1.dsc13:20
effie_jayxmorning all13:21
persiaeffie_jayx: Thanks for fixing the gweled scores issue.  It's been bugging me for years, and somehow it never reached the investigation threshold :)13:22
effie_jayxpersia,  ahhh It was just with a little help from you guys...13:22
persiaRainCT: That server is painfully slow :(13:23
RainCTpersia: that's my PC and, I think I already noticed that :P :(13:25
persiaRainCT: modem?13:25
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RainCTpersia: 3G modem13:26
persiaRainCT: Hrm.  Maybe time to look into downgrading to wireless ISDN to avoid marketing hype.13:26
asbinHi everybody13:29
asbinCan anyone look at my package on REVU ? http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libdlna13:29
RainCTpersia: isn't that bad.. normally it downloads at 200-400kbps, just sometimes it gets slow :(13:29
asbinI'm quite new to REVU/MOTU ...13:29
asbinShould I have to open a bug to launchpad to have a package added ?13:30
RainCTpersia: we also have ADSL (8mb iirc) but it doesn't arrive here, the lines are shit, (althought the IP says that it does :P).. waiting for months now for a technician to come.. :/13:31
persiaasbin: Yes.13:32
RainCTasbin: yes, open a bug with "[needs-packaging] package name" as short summary, and add the "needs-packaging" tag to it13:32
persiaRainCT: Ah.  I thought that part of the world had some fancy fiber mesh installed.  Perhaps it just hasn't reached the edges yet.13:32
RainCTasbin: then write the bug number down in the debian/changelog file, with this syntax:  (LP: #xxxxx)13:32
asbinok thanx !13:33
RainCTpersia: Barcelona probably yes, but not the towns13:33
persiaRainCT: looks relatively sane, except that the menu file doesn't check for the existence of the package.13:33
asbinRainCT: and if someone had time to look at the package and tell me what needs to be fixed, it should be awful13:34
RainCTasbin: I guess you mean awesome? :P13:34
asbinRainCT: yes ! lol (I'm not english-mother-language)13:35
RainCTasbin: I'll look later at it :)13:35
RainCTpersia: hm.. how would it do that? (beside, should there be a menu file if the package isn't installed? :P)13:36
persiaRainCT: ?package(somepackage)13:36
RainCTpersia: ?package(obconf):\13:37
persiaRainCT: Also, you're right, but policy dicates it be tested.13:37
* persia looks harder13:37
persiaRainCT: It looks like I trust lintian too much :)  Perhaps it's the extra blank line at the end?13:38
asbinRainCT: ok great :)13:39
RainCTpersia: ah, I see. I forgot a \ on line 5. thanks :)13:39
asbinRainCT: I have an other package to review : http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=ushare , but this one needs libdlna packages as dependencies ...13:39
RainCTpersia: ok, fixed & uploading :)13:41
tsmithehi, could i get a review of alsa-firmware? it's lintian clean, as far as it can be13:42
tsmithehttp://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=alsa-firmware thanks :)13:42
persiatsmithe: There's a new upstream of mscore, if you haven't already seen it.  Is it worth updating?13:45
tsmitheit is, but i'm trying to persue getting it in debian13:45
persiatsmithe: OK.  Just remember the FeatureFreeze deadline.  Good luck.13:46
tsmithepersia, yeah. it's slow :s13:48
tsmithebut seeing as there's already a package in ubuntu, can't i get new versions in after featurefreeze?13:48
persiatsmithe: It requires a freeze exception to get a new upstream after FeatureFreeze.  It might be possible, but it's certainly a lot harder than now.13:51
tsmitheoh right. i was forgetting the merge of UpstreamVersionFreeze and FeatureFreeze13:52
mok0I just checked the New Queue, and was wondering: how does an app like netcat get in there?13:55
RainCTtsmithe: I doubt that you'll get it through NEW in debian before FF13:56
persiamok0: Possibly new source name, or additional binary package included.13:57
tsmitheRainCT, thank you for that, i'll upload an update for ubuntu then13:57
RainCTasbin: please add a watch file as suggested by persia (see `man uscan`), add the bug number to the changelog and check that upstream's changelog really gets installed (there should be two in the package, debian/changelog and upstream's). ping me once you have a new candidate :)14:00
RainCTpersia: should I send a mail to ubuntu-motu@ for new versions or is that just for REVU?14:00
persiamok0: Checking again, it's the netcat-traditional binary package that is in NEW: the rest of netcat just gets updated normally.14:01
asbinOK, persia = emmet hikory :)14:01
persiaRainCT: Only for for NEW source.  Updates should close bugs though.14:01
mok0persia: I see, so that does not just constitute an update14:01
persiamok0: Well, it's a special sort of update.14:01
pyRunnerI was wondering if ubuntu could use something like the Windows equivalent of WMI? Like OpenPegasus? Any comments?14:02
mok0Is compat level 5 reason for rejecting packages in revu?14:03
persiapyRunner: A better question to ask is: could you use software like that on Ubuntu?  If so, you might consider filing a needs-packaging bug and seeing if someone confirms it.14:03
RainCTmok0: why should it be?14:04
persiamok0: Oughtn't be this close.  On the other hand, anything less than 4 is definitely too old.14:04
mok0Because debhelper is version 6 in hardy14:04
RainCTmok0: and this means that packages should be made incompatible with older versions?14:04
mok0I was told to bump it on xtide-wvs1-data14:04
persiamok0: We've heaps of v4 and v5 stuff around.  As this is the last REVU day, rejections should be for a good reason, rather than to help improve the package.14:05
mok0persia: ok. I was just wondering if I should do anything about it before revu-day14:05
asbinRainCT: OK, I'll try to do the watchfile thing, and I will put another package14:05
DaveMorrisalthough if the package where online they could upgrade it and have it reuploaded in around 20 mins14:05
persiamok0: Umm.  It's already 4 hours into REVU Day :)14:06
mok0Ah, it's monday for you :-) Here it's still sunday...14:06
RainCThere too :)14:06
mok0So actually, revu day is close to 48 hours...14:08
persiamok0: Still Sunday here too.  REVU Day goes from 0:00 UTC+14 to 24:00 UTC-11.14:09
pyRunnerpersia: It is distributed with RedHat Enterprise to interface with HP-OpenView, should make ubuntu more attractive for companies with large installed base of users14:10
persiapyRunner: OK.  I still think that would benefit from a needs-packaging bug rather than discussion here, and further doubt it can be packaged, reviewed, and accepted in time for hardy, as there are only 10 days before the freeze.14:12
pyRunnerpersia: Thanks...  I will consider doing that... but let me build it first... :)14:12
pyRunnerpersia: er... package it first14:13
persiapyRunner: Best to open the bug first, to let others know it is maybe wanted.  If you assign yourself the bug, others know you are working on it.  This is one of the ways we avoid duplicate effort.14:14
squentinAnyone wants to review this http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=gmusicbrowser ?14:15
tuxisthave anybody get kde_luks runnable ?14:15
tuxisti got only the dialog14:15
persiasquentin: Grab lintian & linda from backports, and run them against your source and binary changes files.  This should provide you with a list of things to update.14:16
tuxistand nothing happens14:16
persiaFor maximum verbosity, use lintian -iIv and linda -v -f long -t E,I,W,X14:16
asbinRainCT: should I clean the changelog history of libdlna package as suggested by persia ? The package was already distributed privately before ...14:16
squentinpersia: this will be different than the linda and lintian files in http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=gmusicbrowser ?14:17
RainCTasbin: IMO yes. I'd only keep the changelog if it comes from another Debian/Ubuntu-based distribution, not from private repos14:17
persiasquentin: Yes.  Firstly, those don't run with maximum verbosity, and secondly, they don't run against the binary package.  From a quick glance at your debian/control, I can see a couple points lintian would note.14:19
squentinperisa: ok thanks, will do14:20
asbinRainCT: OK, in this case, which version number package to use ? 0ubuntu1 ?14:23
RainCTasbin: yes14:23
mok0Anyone fresh for a quick revu of ssm (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ssm) It's in pretty good shape imho14:25
asbinRainCT: this can't be a problem if I've already uploaded a version "0ubuntu2" in REVU ?14:28
mok0asbin: no14:28
=== doko_ is now known as doko
RainCTmok0: I'm checking it :)14:31
mok0RainCT: cool, thx.14:31
tsmitheRainCT, if you're reviewing, could you check out alsa-firmware?14:40
RainCTtsmithe: ok :)14:43
tsmithethank you very much :)14:43
=== DreamThi1f is now known as DreamThief
RainCTmok0: advocated :)14:46
asbinRainCT: OK, I've uploaded a new version in REVU, can you check it please ? http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libdlna14:46
mok0RainCT: that's great, thanks!14:46
rexbronDo README.debian-source files need to be installed to anywhere?14:57
bddebianI don't think so since they will be in the source package anyway14:58
effie_jayxwhere can I check the logs for this channel15:00
rulusCan someone review my package gtkvd (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gtkvd) please? It should be ready to advocate. Thanks.15:02
dcorderohow can i notify a revision of a bug by a motu for by marked as fixed?15:02
* DaveMorris pokes persia to set my package building before they goto bed15:03
steveireHi. Anyone know how often packages get backported?15:04
LucidFoxsteveire> irregularly, that's all I can say15:05
DaveMorrisDon't you need to request a backport15:05
steveireLucidFox: That's a shame.15:05
shibataeffie_jayx: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/15:06
LucidFoxIndeed. I myself have a couple of backport requests waiting.15:06
LucidFoxFor a long time.15:06
jdong*sigh* I really do need to dedicate one evening to backports processing15:06
jdongand this is my last day before term begins too15:07
steveireWhat's the url for the backlog of those items again?15:07
jdongsteveire: whatever's the bug view for gutsy-backports, feisty-backports, etc in launchpad15:07
LucidFoxjdong> in this case, can I pimp some requests? :)15:07
=== lifeless_ is now known as lifeless
jdongLucidFox: haha, mail but sure :)15:08
LucidFoxyou mean send you the links by mail?15:10
jdongmy first priority for the day has to be figuring out the scheduling for my next term of classes15:11
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
steveirejdong: Is there someone less busy who can do that stuff?15:11
jdongsteveire: look at the members for the ~ubuntu-backporters team and see if anyone else on that list is less busy15:12
squentinok, I uploaded a new version : http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=gmusicbrowser if anyone wants to review it15:12
jdongif you can find any victi^H^H^H^H^H volunteers who are MOTU's interested in joining the backporter team, I'd love to talk to them too :)15:12
steveirehttps://launchpad.net/projects/?text=ubuntu-backporters&x=0&y=0 <<< I'm not seeing it here.15:13
LucidFoxwell, at least jpatrick and imbrandon are active here15:15
rexbronHey everyone, I have a package in desperate need of a review. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=openlibraries15:15
LucidFoxIf my MOTU application passes, I'll immediately join the backports, multimedia and Java teams15:16
jdonglet's hope it does :)15:16
steveirejdong: Does the member need to be an admin? ie you or merdith?15:16
* jpatrick waves at LucidFox 15:16
jdongsteveire: no. All members of the team have the authority to approve a backport15:17
steveirejpatrick: Any chance of approving the backports of libsoprano and libxine?15:17
jpatricksteveire: I thought jdong was on the libxine on15:17
steveirejpatrick: The status is in progress, but I don't know what has to happen for me to get an updated package through the pipes.15:19
LucidFoxsquentin> looking15:19
jdongsteveire: In Progress = waiting for archive admin15:19
jdongi.e. already approved15:19
jpatricksteveire: what jdong said :)15:19
squentinLucidFox; thanks15:20
steveirejdong: That's you or meredith is it?15:20
jpatricksteveire: nop15:20
jpatrickLucidFox, steveire: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54603/15:20
jpatricksteveire: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-archive15:21
jdongsteveire: haha, that would be REALLY cool if I had the archive admin buttons in launchpad :D15:21
jdongbut alas, only in weird nightmares do I posess bionic archive powers (Tm)15:21
steveiremy libxine bug is still marked as new, not in progress.15:22
steveireSo who are the archive admins?15:22
jpatricksteveire: see the LP page15:22
steveireoh, I got alink15:22
steveire* Status 'In Progress' and subscribe ubuntu-archive on backports ready15:25
steveire  to go into the archive.15:25
steveireDoes that mean I have to sub ubuntu-archive?15:25
jdongis ubuntu-archive not subscribed?15:25
steveireThey are not.15:26
LucidFoxsquentin> commented on REVU15:26
steveireThey are on the soprano one15:26
jdongthen please do subscribe them :)15:26
jdonghas the xine one been approved?15:26
steveirejdong: It's still 'New'15:27
steveireand unconfirmed. Don't know if that's relevant.15:27
LucidFoxsteveire> you probably mean Undecided?15:27
jdongsteveire: did you find siretart like I asked earlier?15:27
steveirejdong: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gutsy-backports/+bug/180577 Yes. He commented15:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180577 in gutsy-backports "libxine1-plugins depends on libxine1-gnome" [Undecided,New]15:28
steveireLucidFox: Yes, that's what I meant15:28
jdongsteveire: ok, that's the version that bug 188340 recently filed requests15:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188340 in baltix "backport xine-lib 1.1.10-1 from hardy - there are several security, flash playing and other important fixes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18834015:28
jdonghas any build-tested xine-lib 1.1.10-1?15:29
LucidFoxspeaking of xine...15:29
LucidFoxhow do I stop dh_shlibdeps from auto-including libxine1 in shlib:Depends?15:30
LucidFox(because I want to explicitly depend on libxine1-x | libxine1)15:30
squentinLucidFox: thanks, those things were done by Andy Price, who made the first attempt to package it. (should I reply on REVU) Anyway, I'll fix it15:30
steveirejdong: Do I need to mark one of the bugs as a dup?15:31
LucidFoxsquentin> wait a bit15:31
LucidFoxI missed one very important thing15:31
jdongsteveire: I've already done that15:31
jdongsteveire: bug 188340 should be used for this backport from this point forward, as it's clearer to what we want to do15:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188340 in baltix "backport xine-lib 1.1.10-1 from hardy - there are several security, flash playing and other important fixes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18834015:32
LucidFoxsquentin> added another comment15:32
squentinok, looking15:32
steveirejdong: Really? Maybe I need to give both pages a few mins to update. Neither have changed15:33
asbincan someone review my package at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libdlna please ?15:34
squentinLucidFox: where did you see the debian dir in upstream ? There used to be one but no longer is in the stable version. Maybe I made a mistake when packaging it ? (btw I'm upstream :) )15:34
RainCTasbin: commented15:37
LucidFoxsquentin> ah, fine then15:37
steveirejdong: I don't think ubuntu-archives is subbed to that bug.15:38
LucidFoxAnd I like it when upstreams package their own software.15:39
squentinLucidFox: I'll mention my renewed involvement in the debianization in the copyright. Should the xpm icon be in the debian dir ?15:39
LucidFoxoh wait15:40
LucidFoxyou're upstream!15:40
LucidFoxso you can just as easily add it to the upstream install system :)15:40
LucidFoxOf course, if you feel like making a new release just for that - otherwise, it can go into debian until the next release15:41
squentinyes but I'm not going to release a new stable version for this, I'll do it in the next one15:41
LucidFoxAll right then15:41
LucidFoxthen into debian it goes15:42
squentinok, fixing it, thanks15:43
asbinRainCT: Thanks !15:44
=== jekil2 is now known as jekil
RainCTtsmithe: about alsa-firmware, I just submitted a comment noting 3 minor issues, and I'm checking the binary now. But look for another to review it as I'm afraid that this package surpases me (I've mostly done Python stuff so far) (however, if you get 1 advocate but have problems finding a second one by the end of the day ping me and I'll advocate ;))15:50
tsmitheRainCT, what do i do about (1). it cannot require "make distclean", as the makefiles have not necessarily been configured/built at that point15:52
rexbronhey everyone, I am looking for a review of openfx. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=openfx15:53
RainCTtsmithe: "[ -f Makefile ] && make distclean" or somewhat like that,  lintian --info *.dsc  will tell you15:53
tsmithehmm yes that looks quite nice, thanks15:53
RainCTtsmithe: (F5, lintian had some more complains about the binary)15:54
RainCTtsmithe: yw15:54
tsmitheplus, i don't really wanna consolidate the changelog, as someone upgrading from my PPA will want to have the full caboodle15:54
RainCTtsmithe: well, add a  * Initial upload to Ubuntu.  then15:55
tsmithethe lintian binary errors regarding the firmware files themselves i cannot really do much about (miXart8.elf), but i can fix the error about the Section (left over from using the PPA)15:55
tsmitheRainCT, kk15:56
dcorderoi need some help with fixing a bug. I have send a debdiff for fix the bug but in debian there are a new version of the same package but that dont fix this bug. What should i do? merge-request? sync-request? Send my debdiff and wait for motu answer?15:56
RainCTdcordero: merge it15:57
tsmitheso, RainCT, do i need to bother adding a lintian override for miXart8.elf?15:58
tsmitheor is it ok just to add a not to README.Debian?15:58
RainCTdcordero: and forward your fix to Debian so that it can be synced for Gutsy+115:59
RainCTtsmithe: either would do, but I think an override would be cleaner15:59
dcorderoups my first merge, i'm going to read first16:01
dcorderoRainCT, but i have to wait first until my debdiff are uploaded by a motu?16:07
RainCTdcordero: no, get the source from Debian, replace debian/changelog with that one in Ubuntu (adding the new entries in Debian to the top) and apply the changes from your debdiff16:08
RainCTdcordero: then upload the .diff.gz16:08
RainCTdcordero: and subscribe u-u-s16:08
dcorderoi see i thought that it was an automatically process16:09
dcorderoit's like a simple upstream but with carefully16:09
superm1tsmithe, once your package is in, where did you see it destined for (what component)?  also, what package was going to depend on it?16:10
tsmithealsa-firmware? annoyingly, it will be going to multiverse, but we at Ubuntu Studio want it at least in the archive to enable many professional sound cards to work16:11
tsmithesuperm1, ^16:11
superm1tsmithe, its a shame it can't make it into restricted16:11
tsmitheyes. originally, i was working on including it in l-r-m, as the dvb firmwares, but i realised that would be inappropriate: in no way does alsa-firmware depend on the kernel version, and does not require any kernel sources to build16:12
superm1neither do the dvb firmwares though16:12
superm1i hope you didn't get them booted out :)16:12
tsmitheoh no, i didn't mention it. i just thought it wasn't worth my effort, when it could be much more easily maintained, and more appropriately so, as a standalone package16:13
superm1but it would be most sensible if it could get into restricted, and then either l-u-m or l-r-m could depend on it16:14
superm1after you get it into the archive in some sense, you should try to convince the kernel guys to promote it for that reason16:14
tsmitheyes. i think i might try and get that to happen when the package is uploaded :)16:15
guest22Anyone here use the imagemagick packages? Why is the hardy version so old (6.2.4) compared with the current release (6.3.x)?16:16
tsmithesuperm1, are you able to review the package when i've uploaded the next revision?16:16
superm1i should be able to in a little bit sure16:16
tsmithesuperm1, thanks :)16:18
LucidFoxsuperm1> I assume l-r-m are linux-restricted-modules, but what are l-u-m?16:27
superm1LucidFox, linux-ubuntu-modules16:27
jdongLucidFox: -ubuntu-modules16:27
jdongLucidFox: but your name is better IMO :D16:27
asbinRainCT: new candidate for libdlna package uploaded ! Can you review it please ? :)16:28
RainCTguest22: file a bug about this on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/imagemagick/+filebug?field.tag=upgrade and subscribe me, I might have a look at it16:31
squentinI've made the changes suggested by LucidFox, anyone wants to review my package : http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=gmusicbrowser ?16:31
tsmitheRainCT, superm1, please see http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=mscore for the lastest revision of alsa-firmware, thanks.16:32
DaveMorrissuperm1:  fancy giving opensg another look over for me?16:33
RainCTasbin: did you do any change beside those on my comment?16:35
asbinRainCT: yes, I've made all the changes you suggested16:36
RainCTbtw, sistpoty, I'll send you a diff (for REVU) later :)16:36
sistpotyRainCT: cool, what will it do?16:36
guest22RainCT: Thanks for responding. After a bit more searching, I see there is already a bug report on this (#110178), but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere (the bug was reported in April last year).16:36
RainCTsistpoty: make the comment box bigger :D16:37
sistpotyRainCT: great :)16:37
sistpotyRainCT: oh, iirc the sql field for the comments was always a little bit small to store lengthy comments, maybe we should fix this as well16:38
dcorderoCan someone tell me if is it right? Bug #17744316:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177443 in photoprint "photoprint should recommend or require icc-profiles package" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17744316:38
superm1tsmithe, why is there all this information in the changelog?16:39
superm1debian/changelog that is16:40
tsmithei have distributed the package in my PPA16:40
superm1PPAs don't display changelogs i thought16:40
superm1because their changelogs are not uploaded to changelogs.ubuntu.com16:41
tsmithebut the package has still been downloaded, and i want the information to be there for users when upgrading into ubuntu16:41
RainCTsistpoty: does that require anything beside changing the database?16:41
tsmithesuperm1, even if the changelog isn't shown on c.u.c, it doens't mean the changelog hasn't been distributed16:41
sistpotyRainCT: nope... however it would be great if create_schema.sql would also get updated ;)16:42
RainCTsistpoty: ok, tell me what it should be and I'll add it to the diff16:42
sistpotyRainCT: no idea actually... maybe 4k or s.th.?16:42
RainCTsistpoty: btw, where is the HTML code for the comments? I couldn't find it anywhere.. (the <tr><td>.. stuff)16:42
* sistpoty looks16:43
LucidFoxBy the way16:43
RainCTsistpoty: ok, changed it to 4096 (2x what it was before)16:43
LucidFoxIs it known when the name of Hardy+1 will be announced?16:43
sistpotyRainCT: looks like the <tr><td> stuff is in scripts/Comments.py16:44
RainCTsistpoty: ah, thanks16:45
superm1tsmithe, the problem is that the history doesn't consistently follow a good naming scheme16:46
superm1causing this: Description: Package switches from native to non-native version number.16:46
tsmithesuperm1, so you think, in the circumstances, it would be wiser to collapse it?16:48
DaveMorristsmithe: couldn't you do the one for ubuntu as superm1 suggest.  Then release a update on your ppa that depends on the one in Ubuntu, with the full changelog?16:48
DaveMorrissince it's only your ppa users who will want the full changelog16:48
tsmithei don't think i can depend cross-distribution?16:49
tsmithei really don't think it's too much of a problem, just a nicety for users16:49
superm1tsmithe, actually multiple distributions are supported in debian/changelog entries16:49
superm1tsmithe, I understand that you want to preserve the history, but i agree with DaveMorris's suggestion16:49
tsmitheright, but how do i "release a update on your ppa that depends on the one in Ubuntu"?16:50
superm1well the way i interpreted it was have a package on your ppa with the full changelog16:51
superm1and then the one in ubuntu has the chopped one16:51
tsmitheok, i can do that ;)16:51
DaveMorristhen the ppa one simply has the ubuntu one as the depends16:52
DaveMorrislike a meta package16:52
* DaveMorris suggest you worry about the ppa one later though, and get the one for Ubuntu sorted for the end of revu day16:52
sistpotyisaac: just FYI (because I'm cleaning up revu's incoming queue): revu will accept only source uploads, not binary ones16:52
dcorderoRainCT, have i wait until a motu tell me that the diff.gz is ok before send it to debian bugs?16:53
dcorderoshould i*16:53
sistpotylaga: same info for you: revu will only accept source uploads, not binary ones16:54
RainCTdcordero: I usually did so :)16:54
dcorderook, i dont want laughts for my diff.gz in debian project :)16:55
RainCTdcordero: ah, and you should send a debdiff to Debian, not the diff.gz16:56
RainCTdcordero: (debdiff from their version to the merged one)16:57
dcorderowithout "Modify Maintainer value" i guess16:58
RainCTdcordero: right16:59
lagasistpoty: thanks, was a mistake17:00
sistpotynp, just cleaning up ;)17:00
RainCTsistpoty: hm.. has Comments.py a cache or somewhat?17:04
sistpotyRainCT: no, it doesn't17:04
sistpotyRainCT: sometimes, mod_python doesn't correctly pick up the new files, so maybe an apache2 reload will help?17:05
RainCTsistpoty: worked, thanks :)17:06
tsmitheRainCT, superm1; latest upload has a compacted changelog17:07
sistpotyit get's really funny if firefox also thinks the page needs to get cached... I've seen really, really strange stuff then *g*17:07
superm1tsmithe, i just left you some comments17:07
tsmithesuperm1, thanks17:09
RainCTsistpoty: heh. I also have squid here, but it didn't make problems yet :P17:09
superm1DaveMorris, i've still got an ack on yours from before17:10
superm1i dont see why i should go through it again?17:10
DaveMorrisIMO you should ack your happy with what ever changes I made17:11
DaveMorriswhich lucky for you is just debain/copyright17:11
mohbanahi guys is it possible to get wxDownload Fast in the repo?17:12
DaveMorrismohbana: yes, however it's unlikey to happen for hardy17:12
mohbanaah :(17:13
DaveMorrisas feature freeze is next week17:13
laga11 days left, right?17:13
DaveMorrishowever you could look at the packaging guide (!packaging) and work on it for hardy+117:13
asbinRainCT: did you take some time to review my libdlna package ?17:13
RainCTlaga: yep17:14
mohbanadoes what mean that i can't that program even when hardy is officially released?17:14
superm1mohbana, you can always add things to a PPA17:14
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports17:14
superm1mohbana, but any new packages need to be in before that freeze17:14
RainCTasbin: oops sorry. advocated :)17:14
DaveMorrislaga: yeah 14th17:14
firefly2442how long does it take to review a package?17:14
superm1this isn't to say that the final version needs to be in by then, but you'll need to justify a newer version after the freeze17:15
asbinRainCT: Thank you very much !! (first time for me :p )17:15
superm1firefly2442, depends on how well done the package is :)17:15
asbinRainCT: so I should find an other MOTU to look at it ?17:15
superm1there's some that get in and out in a few hours, and some that take a month or two17:16
DaveMorrisfirefly2442: also on the size17:16
superm1jdong, aren't you supposed to look at tovid?17:16
RainCTasbin: right17:16
firefly2442ok, it's pretty simple, I'm gonna try to figure out this package system this afternoon ;)17:16
superm1from a few nights ago :)17:16
DaveMorrismy package has been on Revu since 5/12/0717:16
asbincan someone please review my package ? http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libdlna17:17
RainCTsistpoty: http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/4969/screenhy7.png17:17
firefly2442if there is no ubuntu source package (new package) what do I do?17:18
DaveMorris!packaging | firefly244217:18
ubotufirefly2442: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports17:18
dcorderoi thought that in ubuntu development there was a lot of people but i am here since january and i think that i just know everyone :)17:18
jdongsuperm1: I started looking at it this morning already17:19
RainCTdcordero: there are more people beside those on #ubuntu-motu, but yes, we need more :)17:19
superm1jdong, just giving you a hard time since i like being the second reviewer on things :)17:19
superm1jdong, btw i finally fixed my touch17:20
jdongsuperm1: sweet17:20
superm1jdong, i went into the apple store with a flash drive, the older firmware, and a usb cable and flashed it when they were busy :)17:20
jdonggpg -d <<EOF17:20
jdongsuperm1: haha, NICE :)17:22
superm1jdong, i was going to upgrade it to 1.1.3 while i was there again, but they used opendns to block the jailbreak website in the store17:23
jdongsuperm1: the iPhone Dev Team really needs to get a client for accessing the iPod via USB :)17:23
superm1yeah i know17:23
jdongof course it's easy for us to sit back and say that :D17:23
superm1it's not as urgent though by them because they can just use itunes libraries to access it on windows and mac i believe17:24
superm1asbin, i've got some comments on the way in a few minutes here17:28
asbinsuperm1: ok thanks !17:28
sistpotyRainCT: nice!17:28
jdongsuperm1: well their hack still only works with iTunes 7.4.217:29
jdongsuperm1: and on firmware 1.1.3 iPHUC panics my iPod17:29
jdongso the tool is nearly useless17:29
MetalMusicAddictHi all. If anyone wants to tackle a little bug please look at bug #188678.17:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188678 in scribus "Menu entry for Scribus does not show icon." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18867817:30
superm1jdong, well i haven't even  loaded any music on mine since restoring.  as long as i can use last.fm, i'm fine17:30
sistpotymok0: just taking a look at ssm... while I'm not familiar with the new debian/copyright format yet, I guess it should be LGPL-2.1+ instead of LGPL-2.1 for the sources (at least according to the headers)17:35
mok0sistpoty: you are right17:36
mok0sistpoty: if you are willing to advocate, can you make that change for me?17:37
sistpotymok0: I'm just taking a final look, one second please ;)17:37
sistpotymok0: ok, others than that looks good! I'd say just make the change yourself and upload to the archive ;)17:38
mok0sistpoty: errr? I can't17:38
sistpotymok0: you aren't a MOTU yet?17:38
mok0sistpoty: nope17:38
sistpotymok0: heh, thought you were *g*17:38
sistpotymok0: sure, will do that17:38
mok0sistpoty: thanks!17:39
mok0sistpoty: I still have some things I want to do before I submit my application for MOTU17:39
firefly2442is there a tool to create a .dsc file?17:41
mok0firefly2442: It is created by dpkg-buildpackage17:42
firefly2442ok thanks, and I run that after my debian folder is setup correctly?17:42
mok0firefly2442: yes17:43
mok0firefly2442: If you add the -S flag17:43
RainCTsistpoty: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4147/ - that's the diff to get what's shown on the screenshot17:45
RainCTsistpoty: I'm planning some more changes to the table that shows the comments but I'm not sure I'll do that this week because of exams17:46
firefly2442is this correct for ubuntu version number for initial new release? (1.0.5-0ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low17:47
james_wfirefly2442: yep.17:47
mok0firefly2442: looks good17:47
* firefly2442 is getting excited ;)17:47
sistpotyRainCT: looks great, thanks a lot!17:47
RainCTsistpoty: np :)17:48
RainCTwho wanted me to review something? :P17:48
ScottK2mok0: Interested in a merge that will excercise your skills?17:49
mok0ScottK2: What is it?17:49
ScottK2mok0: courier17:50
mok0ScottK2: the imap server?17:50
ScottK2mok0: imap, pop, mta, webmail, all of it (except the authlib part)17:50
jdongLucidFox: commented on tovid (cc: superm1)17:50
mok0ScottK2: I can take a look17:50
ScottK2mok0: I'll be glad to sponsor it when you've got a debdiff.17:51
* LucidFox looks17:51
mok0ScottK2: I'll give you a ping, then17:51
LucidFoxyes, I think the mplayer dependency makes sense - tovid is going to end up in multiverse anyway17:52
jdongLucidFox: right17:52
jdongdiverting some of the binaries into a private dir also saves you a lot of manpage work :D17:52
jdongbut shhhh that's not the primary motivation ;-)17:52
LucidFoxI already diverted quite a few scripts to /usr/share/tovid17:53
jdongI did see that17:53
jdongbut I think more needs to be diverted17:53
crimsunthat's a copout, really, and the more stringent sponsors will call you on it.17:53
jdongpostproc, pymakexml both IMO are too generically named to live in the $PATH17:53
nixternalpersia: I haven't seen anything since the Zaurus, at least not that I can think of, that has a decent keyboard and can fit into a pocket..I have seen the newer Sharp Zaurus, is is much nicer and smaller17:53
LucidFoxjdong> sadly, tovidgui generates conversion scripts that rely on them being in PATH17:54
jdongI think to{disc,vid}* for sure should live in path... even like make* I think are  too generically named17:54
jdongLucidFox: yuck :(17:54
jdongLucidFox: they're bash scripts, right? Why don't we source a common file that sets up an expanded PATH for to*17:55
jdongLucidFox: and yikes, tovid uses mplayer extensively, we should make that a Depends:17:56
LucidFoxthat makes sense, I could look into the tovidgui code and see how it generates the scripts17:57
jdongcrimsun: re diverting the helper scripts, what do you recommend doing? Installing a binary called "makexml" into /usr/bin that is specific to generating DVD layouts is a bit unreasonable to me17:58
jdongI agree that it's no excuse to  skip writing manpages, I meant that jokingly :)17:58
LucidFoxso I need a manpage for _every_ script in /usr/share/tovid?17:58
jdongLucidFox: would you expect the average user to need to call any of them?17:59
jdongLucidFox: I think manpages only for the scripts you've already listed in debian/control's long descriptions17:59
jdongregardless of whether we divert them int /usr/share17:59
LucidFoxthe average user _may_, however, use makexml17:59
jdongbecause those are scripts that average users might need17:59
LucidFoxin scripts17:59
LucidFox(if said users don't use the GUI)18:00
LucidFoxHow about renaming them? tovid-makexml, tovid-makedvd...18:00
firefly2442are the postinst and prerm scripts optional?18:01
jdongLucidFox: that's also a good alternative18:01
jdongLucidFox: or $origname.tovid18:01
crimsunjdong: while avoiding namespace pollution is Good, consider whether the script(s) is useful to an unprivileged user /and/ is useful solely from the CLI.18:02
LucidFoxRenaming would require a _lot_ of patching, though :(18:03
tsmithehmm. i want to do something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/4148/ in my debian/rules, but it won't work, because of the way Make executes commands, i suppose. what could i do instead, or to fix it?18:03
tsmithei suppose it is clear what i am trying to achieve18:03
jdongLucidFox: I think diverting + supplementing $PATH is easier for now...18:04
LucidFoxI think if the user is advanced enough to write scripts featuring tovid CLI commands, they might as well slap PATH=/usr/share/tovid:$PATH at the beginning18:04
jdongLucidFox: agreed18:04
jdongLucidFox: this should be mentioned in a README.Debian though18:04
crimsuntsmithe: why do they need to be in /usr/share/alsa/firmware in the first place?  Does using debian/*.install not suffice?18:05
LucidFoxSo, we can divert make*, postproc and pymakexml, and leave the following in /usr/bin: idvid, tovid, tovid-*, todisc, tovidgui, todiscgui, and todraw18:06
LucidFox(I'm not sure if todraw is even needed, frankly)18:06
tsmithecrimsun, they don't need to, but i just want to preserve compatibility, and using symlinks is better than overwriting /usr/share/alsa/firmware/*18:06
tsmithei could just not bother, of course18:06
cyberixI'm looking after first advocate for my package Malbolge. I've fixed all broblems that have been brought up. http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=malbolge18:06
crimsuntsmithe: preserve compatibility with which Ubuntu releases?18:06
tsmithenone :) so i suppose it won't matter; i don't need to fix other people's broken systems18:07
jdongLucidFox: I agree with the diversions; let's leave todraw in there for now. I also feel it's a pretty pointless app but we are the packagers and it's not our job/jurisdiction to decide that :)18:07
crimsuntsmithe: right.  [In any case, it would have been better to use debian/*.links; see dh_link(1).]18:08
sistpotysuperm1: heh, lost update... was just looking at libdlna as well18:09
superm1sistpoty, well the more the merrier i suppose18:09
tsmithecrimsun, ah yes i'd totally forgotten about dh_link; thanks18:09
crimsuntsmithe: np18:09
mohbana1) ok since its not likely that wxDownload Fast is going to be included into hardy can we expect to see it in gusty? 2) how long does actually packing a program take?18:10
sistpotysuperm1: btw.: what do you mean with 4?18:11
superm1sistpoty, dhslibs doesnt catch those dependencies18:11
superm1sistpoty, so thats why he explicitly listed them18:11
sistpotysuperm1: which dependencies?18:12
superm1sistpoty, and i couldnt get it to myself either, i suspect because libtool isn't used by the project18:12
emgentsistpoty, heya18:12
sistpotyhi emgent18:12
superm1sistpoty, the dependencies on libdlna-dev18:12
superm1sistpoty, eg libdlna018:12
sistpotysuperm1: afaik there is no automatic way to get the dependencies for a -dev package18:13
sistpotysuperm1: it cannot be done through the dh_shlibdeps way, and I'm not aware of a different mechanism18:14
superm1sistpoty, i had thought that they would be generated when you had a library*.la?18:14
sistpotysuperm1: from which tool?18:14
superm1well I had thought dh_shlibdeps handled it when it worked on the .la, but i was mistaken i suppose :)18:14
sistpotyit didn't do it some time ago at least... *g*18:15
cyberixWhat are my odds of getting my package reviewed by two reviewers before revu day ends?18:15
crimsuneither it will be reviewed by two, or it won't.18:16
asbinsuperm1: the dh_shlibdeps generate the debian/*.substvars18:16
asbinused in the debian/control file with "${shlibs:Depends}"18:16
asbinbut it's not handle the deps between bin and -dev package18:17
asbin(can't find the man where I've read that ...)18:17
jdongcrimsun: oh btw do you feel like sponsoring yet another transmission release?18:17
superm1okay, so I was mistaken there.  my apologies18:17
nixternalman, the 3rd got here rather quickly...did you attempt to leave some work for me? :)18:18
* sistpoty didn't find anything about libtool stuff in there as well (and actually /me would have put *that* in a different program)18:18
nixternalgotta do my work before the superbowl commercials kick in18:18
superm1nixternal, there's plenty of stuff left for you18:18
superm1worry not18:18
nixternaldang, I was actually hoping for the opposite :p  anything need attention right now, a 2nd "yes", or something that hasn't been hit on yet?18:19
superm1i was gonna look at tovid, but you can take it18:19
=== Lure_ is now known as Lure
yamalAny motu willing to review the latest revision of http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=sabnzbdplus please? thanks.18:20
superm1that and you should queue up opensg to build during the game nixternal18:20
superm1it takes forever to build (which is why no one looks at it i suppose)18:20
nixternalI can build that on my server and not even look at it18:21
tsmithei've uploaded a new upstream release of mscore to revu <http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=mscore> (a previous version is already included in hardy). persia, bddebian, you were the last reviewers, if you're interested in this new upload :) anyone else, feel free!18:21
crimsunjdong: sure; URL?18:21
nixternalsuperm1: tovid already has a "no" response with no new updates, so next then18:22
superm1nixternal, oh sorry.  jdong had looked at it and said something to me, but i didnt click yet, i assumed it was a yes :)18:23
superm1take opensg then i say18:23
nixternallovely, the first comment is "I have a super computer and it take more than 4 hours to build"18:23
jdongcrimsun: bug 18723418:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187234 in transmission "New upstream version: 1.03" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18723418:23
jdongthe last dsc I posted18:23
nixternalhey, I give him points for at least providing a warning18:23
tsmithealso, superm1, (crimsun?), i've uploaded a new revision of alsa-firmware fixing all previously mentioned issues, if you want to check it out18:24
jdongsuperm1: I thought you'd be interested in looking at my comments and possibly adding to them as the second reviewer :)18:24
tsmithecrimsun, did you get my e-mail regarding the rationale against working on inclusion in l-r-m?18:24
nixternalPossibly more to follow in ~ 4 hours.  <- hahaha persia :)18:24
crimsuntsmithe: no, sorry.  (E-mail is the most unreliable method of reaching me, which is why I don't act as the bug contact on most of the source packages I work on.)18:25
tsmithecrimsun, ah, well, basically, i decided that as it does not depend on kernel sources, nor is it kernel-version specific, i thought maintaining a chunk in l-r-m would not be worth the effort, especially when i had a functioning standalone package already18:26
crimsuntsmithe: sounds sane enough18:26
CoperCan someone review my new package http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=console-freecell18:29
LucidFoxjdong> tovid will have to have a hard dependency on ffmpeg as well - it's used by toyoutube18:32
jdongLucidFox: ok, that's fine too :)18:33
LucidFoxI swear, if this gets into Ubuntu, I'll join upstream to rewrite todiscgui in something less out of the 90s than Tk.18:34
squentinAnyone wants to look at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=gmusicbrowser ?18:35
LucidFoxsquentin> Now that I test-built it, it looks clean to me, but IANAMOTU18:35
squentinLucidFox: ok thanks, any MOTU ?18:36
LucidFoxjdong> What should I do with manpages for diverted scripts?18:37
nixternalopensg in the process of building now18:38
RainCTsquentin: looking :)18:40
tsmithesuperm1, thanks for the advocation of alsa-firmware :) any other motu who wants to do the same would be much appreciated18:44
ScottK2tsmithe: For that one a +1 from crimsun would be a really good thing.18:45
tsmithecrimsun, if you have the time ^ :)18:47
asbinmy package (libdlna) was just been approved, thanks to sistpoty, superm1, and RainCT (thank you very much !!) ... what is ne next step ? Is it long to have it avalaible on the official repository ?18:47
DaveMorrisnixternal, I didn't wanna run it on the cluster at work18:48
sistpotyasbin: usually the last one to approve it will upload it18:48
superm1sistpoty, which i did18:48
asbinsistpoty: yes, superm1did it18:48
sistpotyasbin: then it will need to go through source new18:48
superm1asbin, so you'll just need to hang tight now18:48
superm1asbin, an archive admin has to ack it and put it into the right section18:48
sistpotyasbin: i.e. a archive-admin will need to check again for copyright and other big errors18:48
sistpotyasbin: the it gets built, and will need to go through binary new (usually w.o. much delay)18:49
asbinsistpoty: ok ! good :)18:49
superm1if there are any troubles either asbin or I will get an email, (if i do and asbin doesn't, i'll send you a copy)18:49
sistpotyasbin: then you can install it (unless you use a mirror, which is always one day behind, like I do *g*)18:49
asbinI have an other package to review (ushare), but it depend on libdlna0 and libdlna-dev packages ...18:49
asbinany chances to have it on hardy at time ?18:50
superm1asbin, i'm taking a look at that right now too18:50
nixternalDaveMorris: if this thing needs a cluster for building, I QUIT :D18:50
asbinsuperm1: you're the best18:50
nixternalasbin: I have been telling him that for a while, so we might want to chill a little bit on that so his head doesn't get any bigger :p18:51
nixternalI mean come on, who comes to a LUG even with a laptop that has those rabbit ears, tv antennae, on it? :D18:51
nixternalsuperm1: speaking of which, I was watching TV yesterday and heard your last name on there...talking about a desert of course :)18:54
desertcCan I ask some general terminology questions please?  When someone talks about a package namespace, do they refer to SONAME or the package name?  Or something else?18:55
desertcmaybe it would have been more clear to say, an application's namespace18:56
LucidFoxjdong> reuploaded tovid19:03
=== _stefan_ is now known as sistpoty
sistpotydesertc: sorry, got just disconnected19:13
superm1nixternal, yeah its a liquor19:15
superm1its very good19:15
superm1i've made it in the past19:15
superm1its spelled a little differently though19:15
nixternalahh, didn't know that...but I was like hey! that's Mario's last nmae19:15
superm1limoncello is the liquor19:15
superm1limonciello is the last name19:15
nixternalpronounced the same though?19:15
superm1it comes from the same area that my family comes from19:15
nixternalya, I only heard them say, didn't see how they spelled it19:16
superm1well if you are ever at an event that they have it, be sure to try some19:16
superm1if i can get a hold of some more grappa from my family soon, i'll make it again19:17
RainCTsquentin: commented19:18
superm1when something is sitting at MANUALDEPWAIT, is there a cron job that goes through to check for those depends again, or is that literally manual waiting for someone to touch it?19:19
ScottK2superm1: IIRC it's not really manual.19:19
superm1okay that's good. thanks19:20
hellboy195Hey guys. A config.guess is modified every time ./configure was called right?19:23
mohbana1) ok since its not likely that wxDownload Fast is going to be included into hardy can we expect to see it in gusty? 2) how long does actually packing a program take?19:24
mohbanahey guys are we going to see eclipse 3.3 in hardy?19:25
RainCTyamal: sabnzbdplus advocated :)19:25
RainCThellboy195: I think so19:25
hellboy195RainCT: thx, because I'm doing a merge and the debdiff shows me things I haven't changed at all and all in the config.guess file19:26
RainCTmohbana: 2) depending on the program.. somewhat between 20 minutes to days.. :P19:26
RainCThellboy195: yes, just remove the stuff that you didn't change from the debdiff19:26
hellboy195mohbana: well, eclipse 3.3 isn't even in Sid -.-19:26
ScottK2RainCT: You've done one in 20 minutes?19:26
ScottK21 hour is my best.19:26
RainCTScottK2: no, but I guess that one-script packages, metapackages and such don't need much more :P19:27
jdongScottK2: I guess it's possible with a very clean upstream19:27
hellboy195RainCT: sure?19:27
yamalgreat! thanks, RainCT :)19:27
jdongScottK2: and a lot of trust with them, too :)19:27
* sistpoty is now off again (cooking, enjoying the sunday evening)... cya19:27
jdongmohbana: as I've answered this before, not at this rate unless someone steps up to the job19:27
jdongmohbana: eclipse tends to be very difficult to package19:27
ScottK2I think debian/copyright took me about 30 of the 60 minutes.19:28
hellboy195ScottK: what if I leave the changes in the debdiff? anything wrong with it?19:28
ScottK2hellboy195: Context please?19:29
RainCThellboy195: yes, that the reviewer might not like it19:30
hellboy195ScottK: ah sry. false guy :\19:30
hellboy195RainCT: k, I'll delete the changes. thx :)19:30
jdongjeez deluge takes forever to build19:30
hellboy195RainCT: also the timestamp?19:32
RainCThellboy195: yes19:32
RainCThellboy195: everything that you didn't touch yourself19:32
* jdong is a big confused by backports testers19:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177692 in gutsy-backports "Please backport fftw3 3.1.2-3ubuntu1 from hardy" [Undecided,Incomplete]19:36
jdongBuilt with prevu, installed..everything seems to work fine, even packages that depends from fftw3 (line zynaddsubfx) removed when I'd installed libfftw3-319:36
jdongerr... wait... WHAT was that last part?19:36
jdongobviously we all have different things that we call "fine" :)19:37
pochu"Hey, this backport conflicted with the kernel so I removed it and it installed fine, please backport it kthxbye!"19:37
jdong:D pretty much19:38
jdong"Basically all the reverse deps are uninstallable now, it's working great! please backport"19:38
pochuWho cares about reverse dependencies? ;)19:38
ScottK2fine == as expected maybe?19:39
jdongMaybe. At any rate I set it to incomplete asking for the commenter to elaborate19:40
jdongI hope I'm misunderstanding him19:40
ScottK2BTW, I'm about ready to embark on another round of clamav.  Dapper seems to have gone just fine.19:40
jdongScottK2: fun :)19:40
ScottK2That was the hardest one.19:40
ScottK2Speaking of reverse dependencies.19:41
ScottK2jdong: I think that the process we're using for clamav could be a model for other wanted library backports.19:41
jdongScottK2: what specifically is the process being used?19:42
desertcWhen you build a package from source, it ends up being for your architecture.  Just curious, but how does this package ultimately become available for all other architectures?19:43
superm1desertc, buildd's of each architecture19:43
superm1they each will build the source package19:43
* jdong approves the firefox-3.0 backport pair. Let the crack ensue19:44
asbinsuperm1: nex upload/comments for ushare package19:45
ScottK2jdong: We have a wiki to track test progress.  All needed packages are built against the new lib in a ppa so testers don't have to make there own.  Once we've got full test coverage, then the backport can be executed.19:47
ScottK2jdong: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Clamav and https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clamav/+archive19:47
ScottK2It's not a small effort.19:47
jdongScottK2: that's beautiful, and I believe it can scale well to libraries with an isolated pocket of reverse dependencies AND it's acceptable to break compatibility19:48
jdongScottK2: something like clamav, sure, but for ffmpeg, even if revdeps were rebuilt I still wouldn't like to break libav{format,codec}'s ABI/API for the potential of 3rd party software building on it19:49
ScottK2jdong: Agreed, but right now the policy is "No libraries".  I think we can relax that a bit and use this as a pointer (or for non-library packages with lots of rdpends).19:51
jdongScottK2: The wiki page I believe is looser than no libraries19:53
jdongNew versions of libraries are strongly discouraged:19:53
jdong   1.19:53
jdong      If the new version does not break its API and ABI, then it should be fine.19:53
jdong   2.19:53
jdong      If there is an API/ABI breakage, but it only affects few (1 or 2) packages that can be fixed by rebuilding or backporting, an exception can be made.19:53
ScottK2OK.  Fair enough.19:54
ScottK2So I didn't break the rules when I did clamav.  Darn.19:54
jdongScottK2: the clamav process is more like the way I'd like to see #2 handled for n >> 219:55
nixternalopensg building for 1 hour now19:59
nixternal3 to go? :)19:59
nixternalstay tuned19:59
ScottK2nixternal: You could start a build of pypy and eclipse in parallel if you need to warm up the room.20:00
nixternalmy server fans are in over drive20:00
nixternaland you know how my 64 desktop is acting with scribus20:00
nixternalbut I should try another package and see if it behaves differently20:00
martosshi all,20:00
nixternalactually, I built kdelibs on it this morning just fine20:00
martosswhat should I do if a package want's to create /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/eric4plugins?20:01
ScottK2martoss: Are you messing with eric?20:01
nixternalw00t, eric4!20:01
ScottK2eric 4 is already in the archive20:01
nixternalI hope so, we (I) need Eric 4 badly in the repos20:01
nixternalis it?20:01
ScottK2Yeah.  I did it last week or the week before.20:02
martossporting the 4.0.4 to 4.1.020:02
nixternalahh so it is still in new then20:02
nixternalScottK2: you are my hero!20:02
martossScottK, so you packaged it already?20:02
ScottK2nixternal: No.  In the archive https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/eric/4.0.4-1ubuntu120:03
ScottK2martoss: I merged 4.0.4 so it worked in Ubuntu20:03
ScottK2It was packaged by Debian.20:03
martossyes, but guidon (the debian maintainer) was asking me if I could do the 4.1.020:04
martosswhich came out  today ;-)20:04
doofy`Theres about 50 different packaging guides... where does everyone suggest I start?20:04
nixternalhrmm, isn't showing up with apt-cache20:04
ScottK2martoss: Give me a link to your .dsc and I'll have a look at it.20:05
martosscan I create a dsc if packaging fails?20:06
ScottK2martoss: debuild -S just makes a source package.20:06
martossah, ok ...20:06
cyberix/me is hoping to get his package malbolge approved before freeze. Please give me any feedback. Advocating would be appreciated too. ;-) http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=malbolge20:07
martossok, uploading it to revu atm.20:12
jdongOk, all Confirmed status gutsy-backports have been processed20:12
martossScottK2, ok is up20:13
dcorderowhen is freezen hardy?20:15
jpatrickdcordero: 14th20:16
vorianafternoon all :)20:17
ScottK2martoss: Where?20:20
martossoh, i used my standard revu dput profile...20:21
ScottK2Ah.  OK.  Leave a comment that it's not up there to try and get uploaded and shouldn't be reviewed.20:21
martossI see...20:22
ScottK2martoss: Got it20:23
doofy`i'm trying to run debuild -S and im getting gpg: [stdin]: clearsign failed: secret key not available at the end... my key is in my environment variables in ~/.bashrc20:26
dcorderodoofy`, do you have .gnupg ?20:26
dcordero~/.gnupg i mean20:27
doofy`yep theres a few things in there20:28
dcorderommm debuild -S asked you by your phrase for your key?20:29
ScottK2slangasek: Would you be up for a qa upload in Debian to clear an RC bug?20:29
doofy`i can paste the whole build output to a pastebin or something if that helps? I'm just trying to learn this stuff so im not really sure what the whole process is doing anyways ;)20:30
dcorderook, great idea :)20:30
doofy`while im doing this im a little confused about a few things... dh_make is just setting up all the necesarry files in debian/ correct?20:32
ScottK2Often many more than necessary20:32
doofy`appears so :)20:32
vemonis it ok to put a package into my ppa when thre are still some problems with the licensing of "recipes" included with the package. i mean if a gpl2 licensed soft synth package doesn't say anything specific about the synth patches shipped with it20:34
vemon(the stuff should be public domain or something similar if licensed)20:35
rexbronHey everyone, I am looking to get two packages reviewed: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=openlibraries and http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=openfx20:35
squentinI've made the changes suggested by RainCT, anyone to review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=gmusicbrowser ?20:35
doofy`im also getting Could not find hello-debhelper_2.1.1.orig.tar.gz20:35
doofy` with dh_make... i can fix that by renaming the tarball to that that I downloaded and extracted, but im a little confused as to whats going on with the orig stuff?20:35
asbinsuperm1: new upload/comment for ushare package :)20:38
dcorderodoko, .orig.tar.gz is create with dh_make if you indicate to dh_make the tar.gz you have, for example: dh_make -e your@email.com -f ../hello.tar.gz20:38
ScottK2dcordero: doofy`, not doko.20:38
doofy`i knew he was talking to me :) I suppose what im confused about is what the orig is used for20:39
doofy`to make diffs?20:39
dcorderomy tab failed :)20:39
doofy`so for example you would download the original, dh_make it... then make necesarry pathches and build it with pdebuild or debuild?20:40
dcorderothe orig.tar.gz alway contain the original fails without the changes that you do for create the package20:40
doofy`just to have as a reference? or is it actually used in the building process?20:41
superm1asbin, only this is use dh_installman instead i'd say20:42
superm1or package.manpages20:42
superm1in the debian/directory20:42
doofy`dcordero, http://pastebin.ca/890536 there is the output of debuild -S20:42
superm1makes it easier to add new pages, and possibly sections20:43
dcorderodoofy`, check character by character that you are using exactly the same name and email that you have in your gpg key20:44
doofy`where is the GPG key kept?20:44
dcorderodo you use gnome?20:45
dcorderoi suggest you "seahorse" for your keys20:46
doofy`dcordero, yes20:46
dcorderoi have to go20:46
doofy`alright ill check the key, thanks a lot20:46
ScottK2martoss: Looks like modDir is set to the wrong place.  Look at the 4.0.4 package for where the plugins should go.20:47
desertcRegarding the proposed Mumble package: I am unsure on what the Ubuntu MOTU Team's position is any more.  My impression was that a new version of Speex was required, so that Mumble would not need it's own embedded libraries.20:47
martossScottK, ok20:48
desertcSo, I have been working with the groups involved to determine what needed to be done to get the latest Speex libraries in place.20:48
doofy`.dsc are just package files? They can be either source or binary correct?20:49
desertcNow however, I get the feeling we are going to move forward with putting the present Mumble into Hardy even with the embedded Speex libraries.  This is because (1) it sounds like Mumble actually needs an unreleased 1.2~beta4, and (2) Mumble package was just approved today in REVU20:50
desertcAll of this change in direction is fine and good, but I wonder if I should be working on the new Speex library packages, or not.20:50
jmspeex1) There's no such thing as 1.2-beta420:50
desertcjmspeex: Exactly20:51
jmspeexand never will be...20:51
jmspeexWhat Mumble depends on is hooks it put to break the abstraction on some features.20:51
desertcWell, replace 'unreleased 1.2~beta4' with  'an unreleased version', I guess20:51
geserdoofy`: .dsc belongs to source packages20:51
jmspeexThe author is trying to convince me to add some of these to libspeexdsp itself, but we'll see20:52
DRebellionCould someone give me a pointer to a guide/faq on how one would go about porting a debian package to ubuntu?20:52
Adri2000doofy`: a debian source package is usually a .orig.tar.gz + a .diff.gz + a .dsc. the orig is the original tarball provided by upstream. the .diff.gz is basically the content of the debian/ directory (actually it's all what is needed for the package), and the .dsc is a text file containing some information about the package20:52
jmspeexdesertc: What I mean is that it's not something that's in the Speex svn/git, but something he did himself20:52
ScottK2jmspeex: It's certainly make distro's lives easier only having to support one copy of speex.20:52
jmspeexScottK: What happens is that Mumble uses a *customized* version of Speex, not just a prerelease.20:53
* Fujitsu prepares the weapons.20:53
doofy`the .diff.gz would contain source changes too?20:53
ScottK2jmspeex: I understand.  I was expressing a hope that the need for those customizations would go away.  I don't know if that's a reasonable hope or not.20:54
doofy`so sudo pbuilder build ../*.dsc builds the binary... what does it do with it once its built?20:55
jmspeexScottK: It's reasonable, but I can't say whether it'll actually happen. We need to find a way to put the features he needs without ending up restricting the implementation20:55
desertcjmspeex: This seems like an opportunity to get Debian/Ubuntu off that developmental and experimental Speex version that seems to have been embraced for the last several years.20:55
jmspeexAnother option is to mark that part of the API as "unstable", but then we'll run into the same kind of problem as before20:56
DRebelliondoofy`: puts it in /var/cache/pbuilder/result/20:56
slicerjmspeex: I can adapt :)20:56
doofy`DRebellion, as a .deb correct?20:57
DRebelliondoofy`: yes20:57
jmspeexslicer: first, is st->ps really useful?20:57
slicerjmspeex: I've done so all through the different 1.1 and lately the SVN releases. I can guarantee that when you release an updated API for Speex, there will be an updated version of Mumble to use it :)20:57
DRebellionCould someone give me a pointer to a guide/faq on how one would go about porting a debian package to ubuntu? Or at least give a newbie some guidance ;)20:57
slicerjmspeex: Perhaps we should move the patch-techincal discussion to #speex?20:57
jmspeexslicer: second, would st->prop be enough for the AEC instead of st->W?20:58
jmspeexslicer: OK20:58
desertcjmspeex: I know I am speaking out of my place here, but maybe it is time to stabilize 1.2 and start on 1.4 ?  Seems like your concerns are whether you can change those exposed APIs that slicer wants.20:59
desertcJust tossing the idea out there.  :-)21:00
doofy`I'm a little confused as to what happens when you want to modify the upstream tarball you downloaded... You download it, extract it, dh_make it so you end up with the orig. Then you would modify it and debuild it. You end up with a .diff.gz and a .dsc. Where do are your source changes found?21:00
ScottK2in the diff.gz21:00
jmspeexdesertc: You're indeed speaking out of your place21:00
doofy`ScottK2, so then what is done with that stuff? Uploaded to bzr? and is just the .diff.gz that is sent?21:02
vemonshouldn't that be attached to a launchpad bug?21:03
vemonthe diff.gz i mean21:03
doofy`ah yes21:03
doofy`im just trying to get a feel for how this whole process works21:04
RainCTDRebellion: nothing :)21:04
DRebellionRainCT: just download the debian source, edit versions, and re-compile for ubuntu? :)21:04
RainCTDRebellion: no, request a sync and an archive admin will copy the sources into Ubuntu (and the binary will be recompiled)21:05
RainCTDRebellion: that is, what you said, but without editing the changelog (version) :)21:05
* DRebellion is slightly confused21:06
doofy`once diffs are uploaded to launchpad are they reviewed and then added to compilation servers or what?21:07
DRebellionRainCT: can you elaborate a bit>21:08
RainCTDRebellion: Ubuntu is using *exactly* the same packages as they are in Debian whenever this is possible, they are just rebuilded but the source is left intact21:08
doofy`err that was confusing... forget that question21:08
DRebellionRainCT: okay, so how can I get a debian package into ubuntu?21:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sync - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:10
RainCTDRebellion: just report a bug on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu with the title "Please sync <package name> <version> from Debian unstable (<main/contrib/nonfree>)", explain in the description what it is and say that it isn't already in Ubuntu (if it isn't) and subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors to it21:12
DRebellionRainCT: ok, thanks21:13
RainCTsquentin: advocated :)21:15
asbincan someone please review my package http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=ushare ? needs 1 more advocating :)21:16
squentinRainCT: great, thanks :), anyone else wants to examine it : http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=gmusicbrowser ?21:16
squentinbtw, I'm surprised we don't get mail when someone comments on our package. Any reason why it is so ?21:18
superm1RainCT, might be better telling in the future of the requestsync tool alternatively?21:18
superm1that way to make sure they get *everything* necessary in the bug21:19
RainCTsquentin: because not everybody would like that21:19
ScottK2squentin: There's a ML you can subscribe to where all the comments go21:20
squentinok, I'll take a look21:20
mok0ScottK: bug 18874621:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188746 in ubuntu "[needs-merge] courier_0.58.0.20080127-1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18874621:23
=== Flare is now known as Flare183
mok0ScottK2: ^^^21:23
* ScottK2 looks21:23
ScottK2mok0: It has a lot of .po file cruft in it that'll have to be removed.21:24
mok0ScottK2: There were diffs in a whole bunch of po files21:25
doofy`ScottK, .diff.gz just contains information about the changes correct? Im looking at it and it doesn't contain any source. The source is still kept in its original directory to be uploaded later or what?21:25
mok0doofy`: yes, source is extra21:26
doofy`so when/how does source get commited to ubuntu? and how to people review launchpad bug pathches if the actual source isnt uploaded?21:27
doofy`well to the universe that is21:27
vemonthe motu's download the original sources according to debian/watch or another files in debian/21:27
ScottK2doofy`: We get the source from the archives and then look at your changes.21:27
ScottK2mok0: Yes, but if you look, you'll see that most of them aren't actual changes.21:27
vemon(my answer was for new upstream versions.. :D)21:27
doofy`hmm this is confusing... so if i needed to patch a bug where would i start?21:28
mok0ScottK2: They have changes in the "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To:" field21:29
mok0ScottK2: I must have misunderstood what to do21:29
rexbrondoofy`: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/Debdiff21:30
mok0ScottK2: I just went through the list and resolved the conflicts21:30
vemondoofy`, get the source, build it w/ dpkg-buildpackage (now you have build-tree dir), make your changes to the build tree, check that it builds, make clean, create diff and add it as a patch to debian/patches, modify changelog and build the new source package21:30
ScottK2mok0: Is that's all that's left?21:31
rexbrondoofy`: once you have a debdiff (note that any patches should be using the patchsys of the package if there is one), attach it to the LP bug report and subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsers21:31
mok0ScottK2: yeah21:31
mok0I can see the debdiff contains a bunch of stuff; I don't know why21:31
vemondoofy, that's how i do it. there really isn't one and only way to do it :)21:31
mok0ScottK2: Ah, the debdiff is wrong21:32
doofy`vemon, what do you mean add it as a path to debian/patches21:32
vemondoofy`, if you intend to make changes to the original package then you should create a patch with the diff tool and put it to debian/patches21:33
ScottK2mok0: Courier really messes with the tools.  Get your debdiff to where you understand the why of what's in there.  The "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To:" stuff isn't needed.  That'll get regenerated by LP.21:33
vemoni mean to the original distribution, changes that are made under the debian/ inside the source package are not made into patches in debian/patches dir :D21:34
mok0ScottK2: I see21:34
mok0ScottK2: I have to start over, then21:34
vemondoofy, i'm probably too tired to make any sense at the moment :) you should read the packaging guide. it's not as clear as it could be but pretty much covers fixing bugs21:35
ScottK2mok0: You aren't the first one I've given courier to as a torture test (ask nixternal).21:35
mok0ScottK2: Evil :-)21:35
mok0ScottK2: The file ja.po has som real changes21:35
doofy`vemon, most packages would be uploaded to bzr?21:36
mok0so, nixternal what's the trick?21:36
vemondoofy, well.. if i've patched a package i've just attached it to the launchpad bug which i've fixed21:37
vemonnever tried bzr21:37
vemonmaybe someone could enlighten when to use bzr?21:37
rexbronbzr is more useful for when you are the maintainer of a package21:37
rexbronand team maintenence of a package21:38
ScottK2mok0: There are a couple of those, IIRC.21:38
* rexbron is sad that neither his message to -motu or -devel-discuss re: rpath have had any responces21:39
ScottK2bzr would probably be fine if it weren't yet another VCS that I have to learn just for Ubuntu.21:39
* mok0 knows nothing about the po system :-(21:40
* mok0 doesn't understand how all these diffs come about21:40
vemonuse trial & error. it's pretty effective :D21:40
ScottK2mok0: Go through and delete the ones that aren't meaningful and that's all you need to do with .po's really.21:41
mok0ScottK2: you mean edit the debdiff?21:41
ScottK2mok0: Yes21:43
ScottK2As long as you remove entire chunks of diff it's safe.21:44
ScottK2That or edit just within a single line.21:44
mok0ScottK2: I just don't understand why these chunks appear21:44
mok0ScottK2: because I did not introduce any changes there21:44
ScottK2I wish I had a good answer.  My guess is tool chain differences.21:45
mok0ScottK2: the .po files are the "source" files, right?21:45
ScottK2I think so.  I've got to run out, so maybe someone else can answer.21:46
mok0ScottK2: ok see you later21:46
asbinis there any MOTU here ?22:06
RainCT!ask > asbin22:09
asbinOK :)22:10
asbinI'm quite new here :p sorry22:11
cyberix!ask > cyberix22:11
RAOFThat's OK.  Everyone's new once.22:12
asbinWhen is the "Last REVU Day" ? this sunday ? more days ? ...22:12
RAOFRight now.22:12
asbinbut today in US, Europe, Japan ?22:12
RAOFIf it's Monday, your time, it's revu day.22:13
asbinbecause in Japan it's monday already ...22:13
MetalMusicAddictScottK: Thanx for the Scribus fix.22:14
asbinand when it will end ?22:14
cyberixI hope my package is ok already as I've fixed all the issues I've been told about. How ever, if there is something wrong I'd like to start working on it as soon as possible. Could someone take a look? I'm eager to get it into Hardy as I told the upstream developers I was going to.22:14
RAOFWhen it is no longer Monday anywhere.22:14
asbinRAOF: I see ...22:15
cyberixI'm not sure how many Ubuntu-motus live in Pago Pago. :-D22:15
cyberixMalbolge may sound a complicated topic. How ever the software and the package should be fairly simple.22:20
asbincan someone please review my package http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=ushare ? it already has 1 advocating :)22:20
slangasekScottK2: QA upload> sure22:25
RainCTasbin: I'll look at it tomorrow if it hasn't yet a 2nd advocate22:27
* RainCT is off now, good night22:27
asbinRainCT: thank you !!22:27
nixternal4 hours for opensg is almost complete..I am finally seeing dh_installs22:31
LutinDktrKranz: is it you who added the DaD comment on pd-zexy ?22:31
crimsunnixternal: better hope you don't have --fail-missing22:32
nixternalall I am doing is double checking the build22:32
DktrKranzLutin, probable22:32
LutinDktrKranz: why not asking for a sync instead ?22:34
DktrKranzLutin, basically because it contains the identical fix we have in 2.1-1ubuntu122:35
LutinDktrKranz: indeed. and as this is the only ubuntu change, I don't really see the point22:36
DktrKranzI didn't want to add burden to ubuntu-archive when there is really no need to do22:37
nixternalDaveMorris: you still around?22:43
* RainCT decided that he will have a look at asbin's package today, now that he finished his homework :P22:44
* asbin is happy22:44
nixternalDaveMorris: just so you know, I didn't find any build, install, uninstall, reinstall issues with your package and you have fixed everything persia asked of you...so I will go ahead and upload since superm1 also gave his advocation22:45
blueyedIs it ok to ask for revu with an incomplete debian/copyright file? I have the luck to have it all messy with those (lots of different copyrights, incompatible licenses). But I think to get this finished/cleaned up in the next days.22:46
blueyedI'm packaging jedit and there are so many different copyright, e.g. for different macros included..22:47
=== Amaranth__ is now known as Amaranth
RainCTblueyed: shouldn't be a problem, just leave a comment telling that the copyright file isn't complete and that you are working on it23:00
blueyedFine, so I'll upload it in an hour or so.23:02
blueyedbtw: if there are files e.g. (c)2003 by foo and other (c)2005 by foo, do you have to list them separately, or is the year not so important then?23:02
blueyedi.e. can you group files (c)2001, (c)2003 and (c)2000-2005 with (c)2000-2005?23:05
rexbronblueyed: Are they from the same author and work?23:07
rexbronThen that should be ok23:07
blueyedphew.. at least something..23:08
RainCTasbin: the source looks great but I can't build it.. :(23:08
RainCTis it possible to install arbitrary .deb's with Ā«pbuilder loginĀ»?23:10
RainCTor rather.. how can I get a .deb into the pbuilder environment?23:11
blueyedRainCT: yes, but you should save-after-login. You can also use a local archive (that's what I'm doing). Documented somewhere on the wiki23:12
RainCTblueyed: do you know how I can get the .deb into the pbuilder environment?23:13
blueyedRainCT: upload it to the local archive and then use that in pbuilder's sources.list.. or login with save-after-login and install it.23:14
asabilhi all23:15
asabilreviews ?23:15
RainCTblueyed: ah ok, thanks23:16
slangasekdoes anyone have any insight into why the changelog entry for openldap2.3 2.4.7-4 (e.g., /usr/share/doc/libldap-2.4-2/changelog.Debian.gz) didn't close bug #185257 in LP?23:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185257 in openldap2.3 "E: slapd: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1 - "checkpoint" must occur after "suffix"" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18525723:37
slangasekheh, ^^ ubotu is showing the state of the linked Debian bug, interesting23:38
persiaslangasek: The syntax looks right, but sometimes gets confused.  Did the .changes file have a Launchpad-Bugs-Closed: header?23:42
geserslangasek: I guess it because LP acts on the Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed (or whatever the field is named) in the .changes file and the mail to hardy-changes doesn't show that the field was set23:43
geserhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/hardy-changes/2008-January/005469.html doesn't show it23:43
persiaslangasek: Did you by any chance generate the .changes file on a Debian system?23:44
RainCTasbin: nice :)23:44
slangasekpersia: it was a synced package; the synced .changes would have been generated on drescher...23:45
geserpersia: doesn't the sync script generate a fake .changes file?23:45
slangasekso I guess that's a bug in sync-source23:45
persiaslangasek: In that case, I'd suspect the sync script doesn't parse for LP: #nnnnnn and add the right header.23:45
persiageser: Yes, which would be the issue.23:45
RainCTif I upload a package which build-depends on another packages which was uploaded some hours ago, the build servers will wait for the dependency to be build, right?23:45
slangasekpersia: yeah, looking at the source of sync-source, I can confirm this is the bug, thanks23:46
geserRainCT: they should23:46
RainCTasbin: uploaded :)23:47
RainCTgeser: ok, thx23:48
RainCTgood night23:48
DaveMorrisnixternal: thanks23:51
* StevenK finally gets home, after travelling for ~ 30 hours23:59
FujitsuHi StevenK23:59
* StevenK waves23:59

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