Ubulette[reed], are the patches that you've committed still for b3 or already b4pre ?00:00
[reed]b3 builds will start Monday if everything goes to plan00:03
Ubuletteso the tree is not frozen yet ?00:04
asacUbulette: that patch is pretty simple00:07
Ubulettei've read it, you've added a new key00:08
Ubulettewell, install xulrunner-1.9-dom-inspector and xulrunner-1.9-venkman and see by yourself00:09
asacwhy are they broken in your opinion?00:10
Ubulettethere are listed in the Add-ons UI, worse, I see dom-inspector b2 listed while it's b3pre installed. This b2 thing is only referenced in my profile (like a ghost in extensions.rdf)00:11
Ubulettethey are *not*00:11
asacmost likely its general addons breakage due to AMO support landing?00:12
asacdoesn't sound like its the gre patch00:12
asacwrong version being listed means that it doesn't update info in profile00:12
asacin hardy version its still properly listed as 1.9b3pre00:13
Ubulettei'm using 20080201t115900:14
asaceven in 20080125t0332 ... which is what i am running00:14
asacyeah ... if it has the new AMO support then its most likely that00:14
asacmozilla bug 40402400:14
ubotuMozilla bug 404024 in Extension/Theme Manager "Add AMO integration pane" [Normal,Verified: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40402400:15
asacubotu: wake up00:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wake up - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:15
asacmozilla bug 40811800:16
ubotuMozilla bug 408118 in Extension/Theme Manager "Auto-enable themes on install" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40811800:16
Ubuletteasac, did you try bug 186186 without system cairo ?00:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186186 in xulrunner-1.9 "web page background render errors" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18618600:23
Ubuletteor with my new (still not sponsored) cairo?00:23
asacUbulette: not explicitly, but i think i used in-source for some time and didn't notice any difference00:35
Ubulette= broken too ?00:36
asacthats what i feel to remember (not knowing for sure)00:37
asaci can try tomorrow00:38
Ubulettegive a try to my ppa, it's built with latest cairo00:39
asaci'll do afterwards00:39
[reed]Ubulette: the tree is frozen01:43
[reed]Ubulette: all patches landing now have to get special driver approval01:43
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shirishasac: Ubulette: either of u guys up?06:00
shirishUbulette: you up m8?13:35
shirishok, lemme just get back to GNU/Linux, this is a windows box, bbl in 5 mins, Please don't go anywhere13:36
shirishUbulette: back13:41
shirishUbulette: now how do I make sure that I can downgrade to the Hardy versions for nautilus as well. Should I comment the third-party repos or somehow else?13:42
Ubuletteplease show me: grep sofaraway /etc/apt/sources.list13:43
shirishpastebinned the output at http://pastebin.ca/890098http://pastebin.ca/89009813:45
shirishsorry for double pasting.13:45
shirishso is this ok, for I realize there could be issues with whatever hardy is doing to what stuff I'm taking from u. Apart from FF3, I mean13:46
shirishUbulette: ?13:48
Ubuletteseems good. Everything could work on top of hardy but I lack time to maintain those on my side and hardy is fresh enough at the moment.13:48
shirishUbulette: I understand.13:48
shirishUbulette: its that bug which has got me and really don't know what's causing it.13:48
Ubulettenow, you can downgrade if you want.13:49
Ubulettedpkg -l | grep +bbot13:49
shirishUbulette: Thanx, this is cool.13:52
shirishdpkg -l | grep +bbot > 3rdparty.txt this doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?13:54
Ubulettethis command lists packages from my repos, it doesn't downgrade for you13:55
shirishright, I understood that, I just wanted to put the output of it to a .txt file so I can refer to stuff. Downgrading stuff as we speak :)13:56
Ubulettemaybe you should consider dropping all my minirepos and use my ppa instead, you'll have the mozilla stuff almost as fresh13:56
shirishUbulette: I was wondering about that, how are ppa's different then the minirepos?13:57
Ubuletteppa are maintained manually, my minirepos are totally automatic (and untested)13:57
shirishaha, so the possibility of things going wrong are lesser?13:57
shirishThis is something which somebody has also written, perhaps u have read it.13:58
shirishwhat do u think?13:58
Ubuletteyes and no. any kind of 3rd party repo could be a source of trouble.14:03
shirishthat's true. If it were not for the issue which happened, I was happily using the minirepos.14:04
shirishUbulette: also with the PPA, do u think now that u need the minirepos anymore?14:05
Ubuletteas I said, ppa are manual, it's boring to update on the long term.14:06
Ubulettemanual not by design, i can ask my bot to push packages to my ppa but it's forbidden14:07
shirishright, I understand, I'm sure at some point there would be some kind of automation for the PPA I guess.14:08
Ubulettethey don't want people to use ppa for daily builds14:09
Ubulettei've recently automated my mozilla updates, yet I don't run that daily14:09
UbuletteI could but I won't14:10
UbuletteI still use my bot for that. I'm just pruning the list of packages a bit.14:12
shirishwhat do u think if I just lay off & just be with whatever hardy provides for some-time. The reason being simply that I need to file bugs when breakage is happening & if it happens from Hardy sources my mind would be clear.14:14
Ubulettejust make sure to never report a bug against a +bbot package (deps included)14:15
shirishUbulette: how do I figure that out?14:16
Ubuletteif you're not sure, you'd better downgrade them now ;)14:16
shirishright, that's the thing.14:18
shirishI just hope with downgrading stuff, my FF profile doesn't get ****** up.14:19
Ubuletteadd my ppa if you still want fresh ff14:20
shirishUbulette: ok cool, on with downgrading, thanx for u'r help14:20
shirishUbulette: the problem with the ppa is it has much more than that, it includes gnome-control-center & other stuff. Not like the minirepos unfortunately.14:21
Ubulettei have a script somewhere to downgrade14:21
Ubulettemy gnome-control-center changes are waiting to be sponsored in hardy (just got stuck in the alpha4 freeze)14:22
Ubulettesame for cairo14:22
Ubuletteand I can nuke libpng, they don't want APNG in hardy :(14:23
shirishUbulette: what's APNG, I know its something to do with .png file format14:23
Ubuletteanimated png used in ff314:23
shirishnow why don't they want APNG to be used in hardy?14:25
shirishthat seems to be stupid or do they have some valid reason?14:26
shirishUbulette: ?14:26
Ubulettebecause it violates the initial goal of the png spec, ie 1 png = 1 still picture only14:26
shirishUbulette: aha, ok but I'm sure it will gather momentum, atleast on the windows platform with FF3 supporting it, wouldn't it?14:27
Ubulettethat's my guess too14:27
shirishUbulette: how do other browsers look at APNG stuff?14:27
shirishfor that would also give a hint as to the adoption of APNG in the WWW world?14:28
shirishthe last should have been a full stop . not a question ? :)14:28
Ubuletteopera supports it too. everything else will only see the 1st frame, it's compatible with standard png14:28
shirishSo enough masala (spice) for a post what do u think?14:28
shirishI'm sure some people have blogged about it.14:29
shirishInteresting, what is MNG?14:33
Ubuletteanother animation format14:33
shirishand JNG is another animation format I'm guessing14:37
Ubuletteyes, based on jpeg14:39
shirishso much duplication of stuff, I wish they could come to some conclusion so authors could start using something or the author. This is just gonna increase confusion or it already had been for a long time.14:41
Ubuletteapng as been there since 200414:41
Ubuletteyet only in 2007 it started to be used14:42
shirishUbulette: hmm.....14:42
shirishUbulette: what do u make out of HTML 5? Do u think many people will go for it?14:43
Ubuletteshirish, http://paste.ubuntu.com/4140/14:43
Ubulettei'm not much into the details of html5 but from what I've read, it looks promising and really wanted14:44
shirishUbulette: I got it, put it in a .txt file, renamed it to .sh file . Now how do I run it, I have to chmod it to 755 & do something more, right?14:47
Ubulettechmod 755 downgrade-bbot.sh ; ./downgrade-bbot.sh14:48
Ubuletteread, if you're happy, paste in your shell the apt-get line (sudo if you're not root)14:49
shirishcool, it basically does a sort of grep & gives u output which files have to be dowgraded, nice script14:52
shirishhow long is the freeze for a4?14:52
Ubulette_damn, my router crashed badly14:56
Ubulette_<shirish> how long is the freeze for a4?14:56
Ubulette_<Ubulette> it's over14:56
shirishso now u can put ur overdue changes in the queque14:57
shirishUbulette_: sorry to hear that, what router have u been using?14:58
Ubulette_yes, but it's the w-e so core dev are not there14:58
Ubulette_a box from my isp14:58
shirishdon't know what's that14:59
shirishUbulette_: ah cool, would check it out.15:00
shirishUbulette_: Would have to go outside for an hr. Hope we can talk a bit more, have some more things to share15:00
shirishshare/ask :)15:01
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Mirvasac: yes, I wouldn't count on new Rosetta features making it on time, Launchpad team is quite loaded. can you import the current Russian and Finnish locale translations from the other ubufox branch? the call for more ubufox translations might be end of this month when the UI freeze is in effect16:54
Mirv...and of course, if there are no ubufox UI changes coming, the earlier the call the better17:11
asacMirv: thanks23:30

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