superm1toorima, i believe if you put a picture file in the folder it will show up on the front.  if not, then i'm not sure of any other way00:00
toorimasuperm1: thx I'll try that00:00
dakkarwould mythbuntu work with ted http://www.ted.nu/screenshots.php ?  I want to setup a box, no screen, no keyboard, to put in the living room to feed video content downloaded through bittorrent automatically (through TED).00:09
dwf_starbandim still trying to get my schedualling working again, it was working great with schedules direct then just stoped getting the info, here is the output from my mythfilldatabase http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4113/00:18
dwf_starbandI asked in here last week and was told that it was username password issues, I have changed my username/passwords with schedules direct to lowercase w/ no symbols00:20
dwf_starbandfrom what I understand mythfilldatabase sends a request without a name or password which returns the 401 unauthorized error, then it sends with the name and password which should return a 200 OK like in http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=422924300:25
dwf_starbandis this correct?00:25
dwf_starbandim never getting the 200 OK, instead i get No Data Received00:26
dwf_starbandIf browse to http://webservices.schedulesdirect.tmsdatadirect.com/schedulesdirect/tvlistings/xtvdService and enter my name and password it goes to an error page00:38
dwf_starbandHTTP Status 405 - HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL00:38
hansoffatehey, i am trying to setup my firewire with the Cable box.  I am trying out a p2p connection and its hanging . it says "p2p: Testing..." and its just hanging there00:46
dakkarhello, I am to create a box that will automatically fetch programs through TED http://www.ted.nu/index.php  and a bittorrent client (maybe utorrents or azuerus) and make them available to play on my TV.  Once the installation is done, I would want to place the box without monitor or keyboard in the livingroom connected to the tv and be able to navigate the movie files directly from my livingroom TV.  I have a wireless remot01:37
dakkarcame with my windows media center for my laptop.  The box could still be accessed remotely through my home network.  Sorry for the long post.  Thanks!01:37
dakkargreat, got logged off.01:44
dakkaris my question still out there?01:44
dwf_starbandits still on there, but no one has been saying much lately01:45
hansoffatehey, anyone here that may be able to help out with connecting a STB?02:39
hansoffatetgm4883: are you available?03:13
tgm4883hansoffate, for a little while, whats up03:13
hansoffateawesome, thanks.  If when i try to do a p2p connection firewiretest for my STB.  and it gets stuck saying "p2p: Testing..." but never says failed, does that mean the firewire port isn't acttivated?03:15
hansoffateright now im trying to get help from comcast, im on my 7th transfer, trying to get my box activated03:15
tgm4883it's been a while so I may be slow in responding03:16
tgm4883did you runt he test to see which node it was on?03:16
hansoffateyea, if your busy, there is no rush. im pretty sure its not activated03:17
tgm4883what node did it show up as?03:17
tgm4883pastebin the output03:17
hansoffatei did the test though, i am on node 0, adapter 003:17
tgm4883im good for a couple hours.  I'm leaving for a movie that starts in 2 hours and I need to take a shower, so I have a little time03:18
tgm4883what test command are you running03:18
tgm4883and what STB?03:18
hansoffatedch3200 motorola03:19
hansoffateneed to get the serial number for the tech03:19
tgm4883dakkar, sounds like you need to set it up to get shows into the mythvideo dir03:20
tgm4883hansoffate, what command are you running with firewire tester?03:23
tgm4883also, what kind of firewire card do you have?03:23
hansoffatesudo ./firewire_tester -p -P 0 -n 0 -r 503:24
hansoffatei am using the onboard03:24
hansoffatethe tech is asking why i am using a firewire03:24
hansoffateshould i just say its for mythtv?03:24
tgm4883say it's for your media center pc03:25
hansoffateok, thanks.  but yeah, if i do both the p2p test and the broadcast test, both hang at "Testing ..."03:27
hansoffatewouldn't that mean the port isn't activated?03:27
tgm4883do you know what firewire chipset you have?03:27
tgm4883because in all likelyhood, it could be an unsupported chipset03:28
jawilwhy does mythbuntu require so much ram? I have 768MB and watching a movie (MythVideo) causes me to swap and the movie go jittery03:29
tgm4883jawil, are you sure it's the ram?03:29
hansoffatei watch all my movies with xine03:29
jawiltgm4883 not completely sure03:30
tgm4883jawil, machine specs03:30
jawilumm, hold up lemme look em up03:30
hansoffatetgm4883: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E1681313104603:31
hansoffatenorthbridge Intel 945g south bridge: intel ICH703:31
jawilP4 @ 2.4 Ghz, 768MB Ram, 80Gb main IDE HDD, 320Gb video SATAII HDD03:31
tgm4883jawil, 768 should be plenty of ram03:32
tgm4883what are you watching?03:32
jawil*ahem* sweeny todd03:33
hansoffatesweet, good movie.03:33
tgm4883i mean, dvd, recorded,03:33
jawilaww, it's an avi on a remote share03:34
tgm4883wireless remote?03:34
jawilthe MythBox is wireless so yes03:34
tgm4883wireless b or g?03:34
jawilhowever, I was running mythtv on debian with fluxbox on the same setup and never had any problems03:34
jawilwireless g03:34
tgm4883with the same movie?03:34
jawilnot this movie, but I've tested other movies from the same share (that have worked fine on the old setup) and it was still jittery03:35
tgm4883video card?03:35
jawilonboard intel based03:36
jawilnothing amazing, but like I said, never had a problem on the old setup03:36
jawilsame hardware03:36
tgm4883what did you use to play it in the old setup?03:36
jawilthat's what it's using now too03:37
jawilis there any way to check the connection and ensure it is indeed G?03:37
jawilbecause it's a b/g card and a b/g access point03:37
tgm4883are there other b only devices?03:38
jawiloh never mind, just looked at my AP settings, it's set to G only03:39
jawilI can't get over that it's swapping though03:40
tgm4883is it really swapping?03:40
jawilis there a command to see what's taking up ram/swap03:40
tgm4883cause that doesn't make much sense03:40
jawilyep, according to top03:40
hansoffatetgm4883:  after like an hour on comcast chat .... the last tech finally said that he can see my port is unactivated, but he can't activate, and i have to call them now03:45
tgm4883that would tick me off03:45
hansoffatei hate this bullshit.  anyways, im out.  I am going to go see a friend.  i'll try again either later tonight or tomorrow.03:45
tgm4883did he have you go into the box settings?03:45
hansoffatei wanted to get this working for superbowl.03:45
tgm4883i just remembered that there is a real easy way to see if it is activated03:46
tgm4883it involves hitting like menu right after you power the box on (or is it off)03:46
tgm4883gets you into a box status page03:46
hansoffatethe tech from this morning told me how to get int othe settings, but i forgot the key combination, i thoguht it was like , pressing the cable, power, 1001, ok on the remote.03:46
tgm4883Press the Power button to power off the STB and then quickly press OK/SELECT on the STB remote.03:49
hansoffateoh ... my .... god03:49
hansoffatei think im stupid03:49
hansoffatei had the damn cable box off...03:49
hansoffateit looks like p2p works.03:50
* tgm4883 tries to not fall over laughing03:51
tgm4883yea, looks like it works03:51
hansoffateawesome. i'll continue try to get this set up03:51
hansoffateseriously, that was incredibly stupid.  thanks for the help tgm.03:54
alexvd_hi i have to setup my video directory and I seem to forgot the basics.  I have another empty hard drive mounted in the backend.  I want to set up permission for mythtv and alexvd (user).  I will need to read write to it and be able to copy files from across my lan. I also want to setup a symbolic link to /var/lib/mythtv/videos03:58
alexvd_I setup the harddrive in fstab. I also setup the symbolic link.  I need to setup the permission properly.  I setup permission for mythtv but it lists in the group for mythv not alexvd does that matter?03:59
alexvd_If I want to set /dev/sdc1 to read write for owner mythtv and put in the alexvd group what commands would I issue.  The same thing for the /var/lib/mythtv/videos directory04:05
dwf_starbandhere is what i have done so far, i manually got the programming from schedules direct using the instructions here,  http://forums.schedulesdirect.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=29504:55
dwf_starbandthen I used mythfilldatabase --file 1 -1 test.txt04:55
dwf_starbandwhich manually put that info into the database without downloading04:55
dwf_starbandin my frontend the scheduling appears like it should04:56
dwf_starbandi really dont want to have to do this manually all the time04:56
dwf_starbandalso i dont remember what channel change script i was using, the one I thought i was using is only pressing select twice, not select the channel numbers and select again04:57
levanderI've got like fuzzy reddish diagonal lines that show up in the background, more noticeably when there's a black background on the screen. Anybody know what that is?04:58
dwf_starbandim using the change-channel-lirc.sh from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV_External_Channel_Changer04:58
dwf_starbandanyone around?05:05
galileothis is better suited for hte ivtv room, but no one's answering...  anyone available to help figure out problems with my tv tuner?07:00
Tuv0kjust ask07:01
galileoI've got the HVR-1600 (I know, bad choice, but it's done) and I'm trying to get the beta drivers running.07:01
galileoI'm following instructions at http://ivtvdriver.org/index.php/Cx18 but it gets to the part about copying to the firmware directory, and I'm not sure where that is supposed to be.07:02
galileodmesg info gives me these lines, so I know I don't have it in the right place yet.07:02
galileo[  119.705956] cx18-0: unable to open firmware v4l-cx23418-apu.fw (must be 141200 bytes)07:03
galileo[  119.705970] cx18-0: did you put the firmware in the hotplug firmware directory?07:03
galileo[  119.705976] cx18-0: Retry loading firmware07:03
MilhousePunkRockMorning everyone! What's the best way to have mythwelcome started instead of mythfrontend07:06
superm1edit /etc/mythtv/session-settings07:55
MilhousePunkRocksuperm1: Like you posted on the mailing list a while ago? I was wondering if that applies only for trunk as mentioned there...08:01
MilhousePunkRocksuperm1: OK, it is set to MYTHWELCOME=true already. Problem is, it will not detect a manual start properly to launch mythfrontend directly. If I then quit mythfrontend, it crashes and does not bring up mythwelcome again...08:02
MilhousePunkRocksuperm1: And ignore my post about the mailing list, that was about replacing /usr/bin/mythfrontend08:07
hansoffatehey, anyone hee that could help with setting up an ST08:24
hansoffateI am having issues testing if i set it up correctly it08:25
hansoffate*without the it08:26
hansoffateI just went to tuner status for my STB and it says unavailable08:30
hansoffateif anyone has time - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4130/08:59
hansoffatei need help setting up a STB08:59
[nrx]the shares that mythbuntu sets up, are they in the homedir or the user?15:10
[nrx]i just tried to copy over some music... and it's vanished15:10
adaptrvanished from the share ?15:12
adaptrthat's unlikely15:12
[nrx]well, it was all copying over..15:13
[nrx]and now when i've one to view it, it's not there15:13
adaptrview where ? you're not being very clear15:13
[nrx]okay, the box is sitting on the network.. and it has shares on the network for music/videos/etc15:15
[nrx]I've dragged and dropped an album to the music directory15:15
[nrx]it showed as copying over, from this machine15:15
[nrx]no, when i've gone to view the network share again, from this box, there is nothing there.15:16
[nrx]i've tried to find the location on the MythTV box (via ssh) and the Music directory is empty.15:16
[nrx]now, if i try and copy it again from this machine via the network share, it says the folder already exists15:16
adaptrcheck the actual media locations in mythtv setup15:16
[nrx]do you know offhand what the default location is?15:17
adaptr /var/lib/mythtv/*15:17
[nrx]can you shed any light as to why it's not showing up in network shares?15:18
Rigologood afternoon15:32
RigoloI have a mythbuntu question: Can I do a direct weekly trunk installation directly from the live CD?15:33
Rigolocan I enable the trunk repositories already during the installation? or only afterwards15:34
Lossifam I correct in assuming the lircrc file needs to be setup both for set up for both "mythtv" and "mplayer"?15:48
Lossifwoops... little repetitive there...15:49
superm1Rigolo, as of the next alpha of 8.04, trunk is included15:53
superm1otherwise on gutsy, you have to manually activate it15:53
=== Lossif_ is now known as Lossif
Rigolosuperm1: when do you expect a mythbuntu alpha to appear?16:52
superm1Rigolo, well i wanted it to appear this weekend, but there was a mishap with the ubuntu archive16:52
superm1and the trunk builds aren't in the archive yet16:52
superm1they are sitting in the NEW queue16:52
Rigolosuperm1: okee, so sometime next week then?16:52
superm1Rigolo, we'll have an announcement on the website when we do it16:53
superm1so just subscribe to that RSS feed16:53
superm1additionally we'll announce on the mailing list16:53
Rigolookee, I want to rebuild my backend server with mythbunut, multirec(now in trunc) and sasc-ng16:53
superm1well i'll pretend i didn't hear that last part, but multirec is in the builds yes16:53
RigoloI've got 4 dvb-c cards lined up16:53
Rigolowhy is everybody so paranoid about sasc-ng ... I use it with a completly legal fully paid digital cable subscription16:54
Rigoloyou can legally share a card inside your own lan16:55
superm1i understand that.  the legality of its usage has not been determined though16:55
superm1and so there is no endorsement behind it from upstream (or us for that matter)16:55
Rigolowell ... that makes sense ... it is not your software16:56
superm1the reason people are paranoid about it, they dont want it associated with their software in the event that something legal does go astray16:56
RigoloLossif: sasc-ng is software that will "clone" your dvb-x (s.c.t) cards and allows you to use a softcam to decrypt dvb content16:57
Rigoloit is using the sc component from the VDR project16:57
Rigolosuperm1: okee but as long as you use a valid card and only inside your own lan I can see nothing wrong with it.16:58
Rigologot to go ... have to watch the kids making dinner ... before my house burns down :-)16:59
superm1Rigolo, i agree that I would like it to be fine to use on your own lan, but i'm not making the call on it.  so as to avoid conflict we just adopt the view of upstream on it17:00
superm1good luck with that:)17:00
adaptris there a simple explanation why installing mythtv-backend or mythtv-database wants to install an entire GUI desktop ? I just want to run the database and jobs on a server17:24
superm1adaptr, neither does17:24
adaptroh yes it does17:24
superm1they'll install zenity and gksudo17:25
superm1and their dependencies17:25
superm1not a whole desktop17:25
adaptrnope, the entire suite of gnome libraries17:25
adaptr177 packages for -databse, 277 for -backend17:25
superm1don't use aptitude to install it17:25
superm1use apt-get17:25
adaptrsometimes, deep dependency checking sux17:25
* superm1 hates aptitude for that exact reason17:25
adaptrwell, it's great for the desktop, you won't forget anything that way17:25
adaptrI had no idea there were so many differences between apt and aptitude, though17:27
adaptrthis may also explain why it keeps insisting I install Exim when all I want is smartmontools :)17:27
onesojournercan some one help me get vnc set up?18:22
Tar1I can try18:30
Tar1just open up mythbuntu-control-centre and find where you can enable VNC18:30
Tar1that should work18:30
hansoffateHi, anyone here can help me setup my STB?19:11
hansoffatei tried yesterday, but for some reaos it isn't workin19:11
[nrx]anyone from the UK had issues receiving some channels? as though they're encrypted20:20
sshirleyhi all21:05
sshirleyif i install mythbuntu using a vga monitor and i select s-video output for the main output, will that work?21:05
adaptrdo you HAVE an S-Video output ?21:05
adaptrso.. why would this NOT work ?21:07
sshirleyi have an ati card with dual dvi-i ports and a s-video. right now i have my monitor hooked up to my card (because the s-video output before loading in the proprietary ati was crap) and i want to hook up my tv too. upon boot up will it recognize the tv (assuming the monitor is gone)?21:08
adaptrnot likely, but since the S_Video is NOT a separate output (it cannot be and never is), just set your primary screen to the one that will output to the S-Video port21:10
sshirleyin ubuntu or myth?21:11
sshirleyalso, is there a prferred location for video storage? i created /, swap, and /home21:12
sshirleymeaning /home/recordsings or something?21:12
sshirley/ is ext3 and /home is xfs21:13
adaptrthere is a default21:13
adaptryou can set it to wahtever pleases you21:13
adaptrDisplay settings in Ubuntu and MythTV are not separate, since they obviously address the same displays21:14
adaptrbut you can set up Myth to output the interface (and the videos..) to a separate screen from the OS21:14
adaptrthis does mean, however, that you cannot reach ubuntu any longer on that screen21:14
sshirleyif i set the recordings to /home/recordings, will it be accessible to myth (since the main user is sshirley21:14
adaptrwhich for me is a disadvantage21:14
adaptryou haven't read shit all documentation, have you ? :)21:15
sshirley:-)  the docs blow21:15
adaptrlike hell they do21:15
adaptrthey very well explain what you are asking21:15
sshirleywell, here is something that is not explained. in regards to channel freq table, what is the difference between us-cable and us-cable-hrc?21:22
sshirleyalso, i assume i should use AUTO for time offset for XMLTV listings21:23
sshirleyor -0500 for EST21:23
TheOnly1MadHattewhats the easiest way to stream my video from my tv tuner card over the internet21:29
TheOnly1MadHattei also want to be ablt to change the channels21:30
TheOnly1MadHattei know of orb but cant get it to work with my hauppauge wintv go card21:30
sshirleyi'm setting up my pvr-500. it has 2 inputs. should i set up 2 capture cards? /dev/video0 and /dev/video1?21:34
sshirleyif i set up 2, it gives me tuner1 as the default input21:34
sshirleyi'm booting for the first time. but my machine doesn't want to seem to want to go higher than 800x600. i'm using s-video out. to what should i set it to? monitor or lcd? it's a normal tube tv22:01
rhpot1991superm1: might want to check your house recording, mine was only set to record 45mins after the super bowl postgame show22:06
onesojournercould some one help me with vnc?22:13

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