PriceChildfinally got a VM working woop00:58
jussi01congrats PriceChild01:33
PriceChildmaybe tomorrow afternoon i'll get a chance to do something with ti01:34
jussi01lol... you could just stay up as long as me...01:34
vorianPriceChild: you should blog it01:34
jussi01(im 2 hours ahead of you remember :P)01:35
PriceChildvorian, you've an obsession with people blogging it now? :)01:35
PriceChildjussi01, meh... viewing 2 houses and playing a hockey game tomorrow *morning*.01:36
vorianPriceChild: first you should write a blog telling people you are going to blog about it, then a day later do the real blog01:36
PriceChildThis will be the most productive morning in some time and I am not going to oversleep 8-)01:36
PriceChildvorian, and blog the blog?01:36
jussi01PriceChild: right...01:36
vorianright before you release the next version of ubuntu01:37
PriceChildall my own work01:37
jussi01either of you into embedded stuff at all?01:38
voriannot really01:42
jussi01well then, with that, Im off to bed01:42
jussi01[03:41] here...01:42
voriannighty night01:43
Crysishay alguien vivo??01:48
Crysisporque nunca hay nadie01:49
Crysisdonde estan los ops de #ubuntu-es01:50
Crysiso_0 bueno chau01:52
Hobbseemikem was causing trouble, it apperas02:52
Picigrr... he should know better.02:54
LjLmikem? know better?02:54
LjLmade my day02:54
PiciI've never had a problem with him in the past.02:54
LjLyou luck bastarxd02:54
LjLme terrible typist02:55
* Hobbsee has seen various02:55
* Hobbsee banfowards02:55
__mikemhey hobbsee, did you just send me an invitation to this channel?03:01
Hobbsee__mikem: yes03:01
Hobbsee__mikem: can i suggest that you actually follow channel topics?03:01
__mikemUm, sure.03:01
Hobbseeand that if others are telling you to, that you don't just ignore them, because they're not ops?03:01
__mikemHobbsee: seveas already repremanded me for that earlier. I was wrong and I admit that.03:02
Hobbseeright.  good.  please don't do it again03:03
Hobbseealso, some of them in there probably *are* ops ;)03:04
__mikemHobbsee, I know, thats why I checked the access list before I made that faux pa ;)03:05
ubotunemilar called the ops in #ubuntu ()07:43
nemilarHey we need in an op in #ubuntu if anyone is around07:46
nemilar Austin_ (n=chatzill@pool-72-75-153-48.atclnj.east.verizon.net) needs a kicking or a banning or just a plain old a-whooping07:48
nemilaror a letter to abuse@verizon.net which has just been delivered :D  nevermind, all07:57
jpatrickLjL: had fun in #u-es last night I see... :-/10:35
jpatrickguys: co_gokil* in #u - possible nick spammer - keeps joining and quitting10:38
* Gary giggles at Seveas 10:43
ubotuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)10:51
Seveas--> incognito (n=ircap8@77.Red-88-11-66.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) has joined #ubuntu10:51
Seveas<incognito> http://bitxarraco.myminicity.es/10:51
AzzmodanSeveas,  What's the deal with banning me for stating that the term facist does not necessarily equate to nazis and/or godwin's law10:52
SeveasAzzmodan, I've said repeatedly in that talk that offtopic talking and second-guessing the ops is not welcome10:52
Seveaseveryone had stopped, then you start it again10:52
jpatrickman, why do they never join #u-es10:52
SeveasI can forward them theree if you want ^_^10:53
AzzmodanI wasn't second guessing your actions and was just talking about the term facist/godwin's law10:53
jpatrickSeveas: he's spanish by the ip :)10:53
AzzmodanSeveas, how about you drop that uncalled for ban you bestowed on me?10:56
SeveasAzzmodan, how about not10:56
Seveasa) it wasn't uncalled for10:56
Seveasb) see a10:56
AzzmodanSeveas, how was it not uncalled for?10:56
SeveasAzzmodan, I've said repeatedly in that talk that offtopic talking and second-guessing the ops is not welcome10:56
Seveaseveryone had stopped, then you start it again10:56
Seveasnow please stop going in circles10:56
nemilarAre we allowed to question op's decisions in here?  (in front of all the ops?)10:57
AzzmodanSeveas, I wasn't second guessing you, but you misused the "godwin's law" term, since this is a quite common term and many people in the ubuntu channel are relativly new to internet lingo that wasn't offtopic for me to attempt to clarify either10:57
nemilarOr are we not allowed to inquire about their actions, anywhere10:57
Seveasnemilar, that's one of the reasons this channel was created10:57
Hobbseenemilar: you're permitted to here10:57
Seveasok, let's emphasize10:58
nemilarAh.  Yes, it would be offtopic for #u10:58
nemilar:) friendly 10:58
SeveasAzzmodan, I've said repeatedly in that talk that offtopic talking and second-guessing the ops is not welcome10:58
Seveasemphasis enough?10:58
nemilarIs it standard to kick+ban someone on first offense rather than just kick?  I'm just curious, I've only been around for a couple of weeks, I've never seen such drama as tonight10:59
Hobbseenemilar: depends what the offense is10:59
Seveasnemilar, for calling people fascists: yes10:59
AzzmodanSeveas, not only did I only see you mention that once before in this channel before you first stated it, you could also have asked/warned isntead of dropping a ban immediatly10:59
Hobbseenemilar: (and the likelyhood of the user coming back, just to do it again)10:59
nemilarhe called the bot a fascist, not you (not Azzmodan, the other guy)10:59
Seveasfor continuing offtopic talk after all have stopped: not always, but common10:59
nemilarHobbsee: yeah, I definitely get what you're saying 10:59
Seveasnemilar, calling the bot a fascist is calling the people who operate the bot a fascist since they write the texts and make it tell them11:00
AzzmodanAt least that guy actually called an entity a ban instead of trying to clarify a misused term that I was attempting to do11:00
Azzmodan*an entity a facist11:00
nemilarit's a figure of speech, though, as off-topic as it may be11:00
nemilarit's actually a toned-down figure of speech 11:00
Seveasand guess what: DiploCat understood he was out-of-bounds, apologized and was unbanned11:00
Seveasbut you had to continue the mess...11:01
AzzmodanSo you're saying that I deserve to be banned for trying to clarify on a term that you misused, just because you somehow relate this with me second guessing your actions?11:02
nemilarSeveas: I think you will understand if most of the #ubuntu crowd is instinctually weary of any authority's use of power, justified or not 11:02
SeveasAzzmodan, I've now told you thrice why I placed the ban11:02
Hobbseenemilar: this is possibly true.11:03
Hobbseenemilar: as to why, i've no idea11:03
SeveasI'm not going to waste more time on this11:03
nemilarHobbsee: I think (just a hypothesis) it's a libertarian thing11:03
AzzmodanSeveas, I see you repeat the same untrue line over and over yes. Still I don't see how me saying 1 line would somehow require a ban even if it where a single offtopic line as you claim11:03
Hobbseenemilar: possibly.  that tehy're on a free OS, so can say whatever they like, i expect.11:04
nemilarHobbsee: well, they/we/etc can't say _whatever_ we like... but I think as a generalization geeks (especially FOSS ones) have a harder time accepting authority, and are more suspicious of it11:05
AzzmodanI have a problem with authority when it is abused by banning me when I attempted to clarify on a misused term that contained no personal attacks or misinformation or second g uessing any operator's action11:06
essySeveas: did someone respond to you earlier?11:06
Seveasessy, nope, I just pointed out another myminicity spammer11:07
AzzmodanSeveas, repeating the same line is no clarification. You also never issued me a warning and we disagree on wether it was offtopic11:07
nemilaroh, actually, now that there are a bunch of ops here, did anyone see my message about Austin_  (n=chatzill@pool-72-75-153-48.atclnj.east.verizon.net) ?11:07
essySeveas: I see he's gone now though11:08
nemilarI sent a log about him to abuse@verizon.net since there were no ops around at the time, and I was feeling a bit cranky11:08
Hobbseenemilar: this is true11:08
essyI'm actually off to sleep - about 3-4 hours too late, but thought I'd check to see what was going on11:09
essywas leaving a message for pleia too11:09
* essy pokes hobbsee into another window11:12
AzzmodanWhat'd be the best way to get a petty ban revoked when the op that placed it isn't open to conversation?11:12
Seveasessy, hey, leave a bit of Hobbsee in here, will you :)11:12
essySeveas: no way - you get too much of a monopoly as it is11:13
Seveasplease, just a small bit11:13
Seveaspreferably a bit that I can tickle :011:13
Garya toe?11:13
essySeveas: wait a minute - this from the guy that avoids hugs and being tickled himself? hrmph!11:14
ompaulAzzmodan, you don't11:15
ompaulAzzmodan, now where is this ban 11:15
ompaulAzzmodan, with which nick11:15
* essy hugs ompaul 11:15
ompaulmorning essy 11:16
essyhiya ompaul 11:16
* ompaul says that it being 11:15am and no fewd eaten11:16
* jussi01 throws ompaul an apple11:17
ompaulI have read my Daemon Runyon for this morning, and currently listing to black sabbath 11:17
ompaulI have just been informed that I must depart to an eatery for the purpose of a late breakfast11:17
ompauljussi01, thanks I'll grab that when I get back11:18
ompaulAzzmodan, I asked a question 11:18
ompaulif you are not interested in answering it why are you here>?11:18
* Hobbsee beats Seveas11:20
* ompaul tickles Hobbsee 11:20
* Hobbsee beats ompaul too11:20
Hobbseeessy: Seveas likes hugs - at least, australian ones11:20
ompaulHobbsee, there is too much of me to beat11:20
Hobbseeessy: when you get time, ask him about the airport :P11:20
ompaulhow to get lost11:21
ompaulyeap anywayz11:21
* jussi01 hugs Hobbsee 11:21
ompaulSeveas, as I am about to leave I won't remove Azzmodan perhaps you can entice them to explain what they want11:22
* Hobbsee hugs jussi01 back :)11:22
Seveasompaul, basic summary: Azzmodan wants to be unbanned from #ubuntu, I don't want to do that11:23
Seveasbacklog says why11:23
jpatrickSeveas: this !thing of you and me may carry on for some time ;)11:27
Azzmodanompaul, I'm banned with the nick "Azzmodan"11:27
Seveasjpatrick, hm?11:27
Azzmodanompaul, Someone called the bot a facist in regards to seveas using the !u comment, I checked the window sometimes later and saw that Seveas banned him with the note to look up godwin's law. I attempted to clarify that godwin's law is about nazis/hitler specifically and not facist at which point Seveas banned me 11:28
SeveasAzzmodan, you're conveniently leaving out a lot of things there. That's not really appreciated by any ops11:29
AzzmodanThen what am I leaving out?11:29
Seveasthe entire discussion in between in which I warned numerous times that the discussion was offtopic and both offtopicness and second-guessing the ops aren't welcome in there11:30
AzzmodanThis is how the incident occured in my eyes. I tried to ask you why specifically you banned me but you just kept copy pasting the "second guessing / offtopic" line11:30
Seveasand the fact that the discussion ended after the warnings and before the comments that got you banned11:30
AzzmodanI was just attempting to clarify the term that you used, it's common internet lingo but probably unfamiliar to many of the people in the channel11:30
Seveasthat does not change that it's offtopic and that I've warned about that11:31
AzzmodanYou could have just issued a warning, or even have asked me to stop it and I would have disagreed but done that11:31
AzzmodanYou made it ontopic by using the term11:31
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Jack_Sparrow!11:31
ubotuSeveas called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()11:31
Seveascan someone explain this to Azzmodan please? He's not understanding me...11:32
AzzmodanI can understand that you wanted me to drop it, you could have asked or warned. What I do not understand is why you resorted to immediatly banning me11:32
SeveasAzzmodan, I did issue several warnings. And I'm now gonna issue one in here. Stop lying and start reading what I say11:33
Seveasjpatrick, your quit messages have too many quotes :p11:34
AzzmodanYou never issued a warning that I saw, or was directed at me. I did saw you ask people to drop the discussion about the person being banned for calling you a facist11:34
jpatrickSeveas: and the TZ still hasn't updated :P11:35
jpatrickI'm 7 hours behind..11:36
applewyrmSo how does one deal with having a conflict with an op, and then having this op also ban you from this channel. Should I use that irc-council list email?11:52
jussi01applewyrm: I would read !guidelines, and follow the instructions there. 11:59
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines11:59
applewyrmyeah I tried that, but the wiki says that if the outcome of the meeting wasn't successful that then you should email, but there never really was a meeting just the op that I had a problem with banning me claiming that I was lying12:00
applewyrmI would question the policy that allows the person I had the issue with banning me from this channel but that's for another time12:01
applewyrmThanks for the answer at least jussi01, I have to go now but I'll ask again later.12:03
jussi01Azzmodan ??12:11
ubotuDRebellion called the ops in #ubuntu (ali)13:00
ompauljussi01, most certainly 13:09
jussi01ompaul: yeah, figured... 13:11
ompaulyat yet another troll13:17
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)14:31
jribugh, banlist full14:32
PriceChildthree victims, one forward?14:33
* PriceChild waits to see if it does the rest14:33
PriceChildmonster is on a different nick anyway grr14:33
jribPriceChild: banlist is full14:33
PriceChildi'll clear some of the reaaaaaally old ones14:34
jribI can't log into ban tracker... keeps saying I'm trying to login anonymously when I click ubotu's link14:35
jriband as soon as I say that, it works...14:36
PriceChildSeveas, the read-topic bans are removed automatically now14:37
Jack_Sparrowjrib: I got 90% of crimsuns alsa-info script working in upstreamdev log-modules.. but I may have some questions later on a couple things..14:38
SeveasI'm removing the jan 21st ones to get some room in the banlist14:38
ompauljrib, where?14:39
jribompaul: was in #ubuntu14:39
jribJack_Sparrow: sure14:40
* ompaul larts self I was going to do that 14:40
ompaullast night and instead turned off the computer14:40
PriceChildThat ought to last us a few days.14:43
LjLagh, *now* banlist full...14:44
LjLin about an hour, the floodbots would have started removing obsolete forwards14:44
SeveasLjL, PriceChild and myself played the floodbot game now, emphasis on flood :)14:45
LjLyeah you unbanned some people who are *currently* in -read-topic though :P14:45
ompaulI kind of fell down on what I normally do there14:52
ompaulSeveas, your connection is faster it has to be :)15:08
ompaulI have pmed that last one15:10
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)15:13
ubotuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)15:13
PriceChildIf they're going to do it, why don't they do it in ctcp?15:13
PriceChildI don't see the advantage in doing it in a normal message?15:14
LjLPriceChild: because they're stupid?15:15
ompaulbecause staff can catcjh them15:15
LjLstaff catches them anyway15:15
ompauland they want to let people know they are there and they are trolls of a different sort etc15:15
ompaulthey are l33t trolls :)15:15
PriceChildjpatrick, was the ban needed? :/15:16
ompauland you know what I think of trolls so ehh that has to make for the top 7 ironic statements I am likely to say this year15:16
ompauljpatrick, they drop the proxy most of the time so you get pointless bans15:16
jpatrickompaul: heh, just in case :p15:17
ompauljpatrick, better automation takes care of them15:17
LjLuh? #kubuntu?15:18
LjLthat wasn't a proxy15:18
ompaulahh 15:18
ompaulnot there15:18
LjLthe exploiter in #ubuntu then? i don't see a ban for that one15:18
ompaulLjL, so sue me I assumed something ;-)15:18
LjLif nothing shows up when you google it, then it likely is not a proxy :)15:19
ompaulTiDiaBLoTiN|Busy> comment ca ce fait que sa soit sorti comme ca ? :s || <ompaul> Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais. - however you are using a machine based in the US and that channel speaks english - no further comment from our friend15:35
LjLpauvre petit troll15:38
jpatrickwhat a nick tho15:40
ompauljpatrick, ?16:20
ompaulI don't grok the nick16:21
ompauljpatrick, okay16:24
* ompaul fights with "album" -- I am missing something simple and can't see what16:24
=== no0tic_ is now known as no0tic
PriceChildthe unbans have begun17:54
* ompaul cought18:02
=== no0tic_ is now known as no0tic
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pi - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi18:34
no0ticompaul, pi is 3.1415918:35
Seeker`pi is 418:35
naliothpie are squared18:35
Seeker`mmm...square pie18:35
ompaulPici, you here?18:37
PriceChildits an offtopic specific factoid18:39
ompaulPriceChild, I saw that ;-)19:05
Seveasfractal wrongness19:18
Seveas    The state of being wrong at every conceivable scale of resolution. That is, from a distance, a fractally wrong person's worldview is incorrect; and furthermore, if you zoom in on any small part of that person's worldview, that part is just as wrong as the whole worldview.19:18
Seveas    Debating with a person who is fractally wrong leads to infinite regress, as every refutation you make of that person's opinions will lead to a rejoinder, full of half-truths, leaps of logic, and outright lies, that requires just as much refutation to debunk as the first one. It is as impossible to convince a fractally wrong person of anything as it is to walk around the edge of the Mandelbrot set 19:18
Seveasin finite time.19:18
Seveasompaul, ---^ :)19:18
Seveaswe've seen some of those19:18
ompaulSeveas, !troll should return that19:23
ompaulcos they aim to be wrong19:23
* ompaul takes a break 19:23
PriceChildupgraded to hardy... *reboots*20:37
Seeker`PriceChild: everything working ok so far with Hardy?20:44
PriceChildnew kernel dumps me into busybox20:47
PriceChildnautilus is dead20:47
PriceChildtime for a bit of fun :)20:49
SeveasPriceChild, I've had 3 lockups since upgrading earlier this week20:49
Seveasand had to revert back from intel to i810 for video20:49
Seveasand still it's not flaswless20:49
PriceChildmy 945 seems to be working fine...20:49
Seveasgnome-settings-daemon is crashy20:50
Seveaskilling my compose key and touchpad scroll20:50
PriceChildj.dong suggested forcing the memory allocation to max to increase performance20:50
* jdong smacks Seveas 20:51
jdongand PriceChild 20:51
jdongall 3 ping me20:51
PriceChildyou shouldn't have hilights on stuff like that :P20:51
jdongPriceChild: did you search up the balls bug I told you for the Xorg option?20:51
PriceChildjdong, i'm just trying to get nautilus back on its feet first... i don't think it likes generating thumbnails20:52
PriceChildintel performance seems fine20:52
jdongPriceChild: have you turned on compix yet?20:54
PriceChildnotcing lag in compiz scrolling etc.20:55
jdongPriceChild: and firefox scrolling isn't horribly slow?20:55
jdongPriceChild: so it is slow20:55
jdongPriceChild: good, then I'm not crazy20:55
PriceChildhehe yup20:55
PriceChildyay nautilus will stay open20:58
jdong"reopen when ready" XD20:58
PriceChildjdong, get in #launchpad now20:58
jdongI'm not gonna make a fool out of myself in there too :)20:59
PriceChildah having mail-notification installed stopped nautilus upgrading20:59
PriceChildI liked that tray app :(20:59
PriceChildjdong, awww please :(20:59
jdongPriceChild: ROFL20:59
PriceChildjdong, i won't bash it20:59
jdongI already appear insane enough :)21:00
PriceChildok... now to search for that bug... then after I will try and figure out how to start troubleshooting the not-happenning kernel.21:01
PriceChildjdong, lol just read the name of the bug21:01
SeveasPriceChild, in the busybox, look at dmesg and your logs21:04
jdongPriceChild: gotta love Keybuk21:04
PriceChildjdong, wow didn't realise how poor it was until doing that!21:06
PriceChildSeveas, Option "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy" in the device section21:06
jdongPriceChild: isn't it amazing how much faster it is now?21:06
PriceChildjdong, its ridiculous... and all that is doing is taking more memory?21:07
jdongPriceChild: the other alternative is to set accelmethod back to XAA which produces similar gains but also loses XV entirely21:07
jdongPriceChild: I'm not sure exactly what the downside of the greedy option is21:07
jdongPriceChild: but whatever it is, I'm not feeling it :)21:07
SeveasPriceChild, is that with "intel" or "i810" ?21:07
PriceChildSeveas, intel21:07
SeveasPriceChild, that crashes for me, I'll stick to i81021:08
PriceChildjdong, maybe we should look it up.... :)21:08
PriceChildSeveas, ah okies21:08
jdongSeveas: intel still crashes for you?21:08
PriceChild"this options increases performance one hundred fold but shortens hardware lifetime to 2.3 minutes"21:08
jdongPriceChild: haha21:08
jdongPriceChild: that sounds like viagra21:08
Seveas* PriceChild has quit ("Fire")21:08
PriceChildjdong, http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/MigrationHeuristic21:08
SeveasPriceChild, nouveau != intel21:09
PriceChildSeveas, its talking about exa though... i'm pretty sure it still applies21:09
Seveasah yeah21:09
jdongSeveas: the option probably means similar things though21:09
PriceChildits talking about "older xorg" so doubt its nouveau specific21:10
ompauljdong, you said "appear insane" hmmmm could you tell us why you used those specific words, scratch that, the specific word I would like explained is "appear" ;-)   {actually dude if you knew what I was doing now you would breaking your heart loling so guess what I ain't saying}21:11
* ompaul goes to read man page for cp21:11
ompauljust cos I can 21:11
* ompaul rofl21:11
* PriceChild reboots to take a look at dmesg21:11
ompaulPriceChild, dmesg has a way to write to syslog - doh he is gone ;-)21:11
jdongompaul: haha you have no idea what pricey wanted me to ask the LP folks to do21:12
jdongompaul: if you knew that, I think you'd question the word "insane" and want a better adjective21:12
ompauljdong, well I actually was installing apache and some other stuff and could not understand why mysql connects were failing - ehh no mysql-server installed might have something to do with it21:14
* ompaul wonders why he has been tired all last week and now knows - he should not touch a keyboard about serious work after 5:30 any day of the week :)21:14
ompaulnow I am happy I will install a second box 21:14
jdongompaul: oh don't worry, I made a far worse slip up, but I think that to see it without pointing it out requires SUCH a twisted mind that it will escape unnoticed"21:15
ompauljdong, next commit can remove the blemish :)21:15
jdongompaul: oh no, it's a LP comment :)21:15
jdonglet's hope people ignore their bug mail21:16
ompauljdong, you has said it here it is traceable :)21:17
* ompaul goes to do some more install stuff21:18
jdongompaul: yes, but nobody with a twisted mind reads this channel :D21:18
ompaultwisted as in python? ;-)21:18
jdongtwisted as in, me.21:18
PriceChildnothing in dmesg that i can see21:21
PriceChildalt+f1'ing goes to "PANIC: Circular dependencies detected. exiting" :P21:21
Seveassigh, that was keyboard/mouse not responding21:27
Seveasgo hardy!21:27
ompaulPriceChild, best every PANIC was -- Kernel panic - returning to cosmic dust21:36
ompaulit was during a failed install 21:36
PriceChildSeveas, nothing in dmesg that i can see. alt+f1'ing gives "PANIC: Circular dependencies detected. Exiting."21:36
PriceChildompaul, hehe21:36
PriceChildI'll think about it tomorrow anyhow.21:39
LjLhi Omar-C22:52
Omar-Cok I ran apt-get install xserver-xorg and it didn't download anything cause Im not connected22:52
LjLso you lock your computer every time you aren't using it?22:52
ompaulyou are not in #ubuntu22:52
ompaulOmar-C, you were invited here22:53
Omar-Cnot my windows one, sorry that was my brother, Im switching between both computers to try and figure out how to fix this problem 22:53
LjLOmar-C: ah, so you know what happened22:53
LjLlook, we get a *lot* of spam in the channel22:53
LjLand every time we do, people claim it was "their brother"22:54
LjLi'm willing to believe it actually was your brother22:54
LjLbut ensure it won't happen again22:54
LjLbecause you won't be believed next time, you understand22:54
LjL!etiquette > Omar-C    (Omar-C, see the private message from Ubotu)22:54
Omar-Cok sorry, Im just switching between both computers real quick 22:55
ompaulOmar-C, see we don't really think that people should tell us things and expect us to be really gullible - cos mostly we are not all that young 22:55
Omar-Canyways back to my problem, I've been working on this problem all day and I still can't figure out what to do, so any help is highly appriciated22:55
LjLOmar-C: your brother spammed the channel with several lines of text, and it would have been many more if an op hadn't stopped him quickly22:55
LjLOmar-C, ask about your problem in #ubuntu, this is #ubuntu-ops22:56
ompaulyou can't get into ops atm22:56
ompaulyou can only get here22:56
LjLopposite actually22:56
ompaulyou can't get into #ubuntu atm22:56
ompaulshould have been what I typed but there ya go22:56
LjLOmar-C: now that's a no-no22:58
LjLif we tell you that you currently "can't join", it doesn't mean that you can put on another nickname and join22:59
LjLit means that we want some feedback from you before letting you join22:59
ompaulOmar-C, just a minor thing for you think about 22:59
ompaulOmar-C, now please conversation22:59
ompaulthat was called ban avoidance23:00
ompaulhmm 23:00
PriceChildis this nick just about to timeout perhaps?23:01
LjLPriceChild: you win.23:01
PriceChildlooks so23:02
ompaulyou didn't want to do tthat23:02
LjLPriceChild: ping says so.23:02
ompaulthat is called ban avoidance23:02
ompauland that can get you removed from the server23:02
LjLwell, i think it's called not being registered to the network in this case23:02
ompaulUbuntu_Omar, are you reading this?23:02
PriceChildLjL, this one doesn't respond anyway.23:03
ompaulUbuntu_Omar, now don't go running off to change your nick again please we want a word23:03
Ubuntu_OmarI had to change my name cause someone else had it in Ubuntu23:03
ompaul(a) you were invited 23:03
ompaul(B) don't take us for fools23:03
LjLUbuntu_Omar: it was yourself23:03
ompaulI am a an IT professional and have been for years I have been in paid employment for over 25 years 23:04
Ubuntu_OmarWhy are you guys treating me like this? Im here just to fix my problem with my new computer thats all23:04
ompaulso much like LjL I don't like being told 23:04
ompaullittle storys about "my brother" or 23:04
ompaulsomeone else had my nick23:04
LjLUbuntu_Omar: but meanwhile, someone at your computer spammed our channel pretty badly.23:04
LjLso excuse us if we want to clear this up.23:05
ompaulohh and that23:05
PriceChildNo-one can steal your nick while you use it, without us knowing. Each user has the same nick in every channel. You can't steal a nick in just one channel.23:05
Ubuntu_Omarok I tried to join #Ubuntu then it says Omar-C already in use23:06
Ubuntu_Omarso I had to change ti23:06
ompaulthe nick is registered23:06
LjLUbuntu_Omar: it was your own connection.23:06
ompaul* [Omar-C] (n=wolf_sca@bas5-hamilton14-1177898952.dsl.bell.ca): Omar Nassif23:06
ompaul* [Omar-C] #ubuntu-ops #gentoo #suse 23:06
ompaullooksk like you to me23:06
ompaulwhat do you think?23:07
Ubuntu_OmarOk look, Im new to mIRC so I don't really know how to get around here23:07
ompaulso stop messing about 23:07
Ubuntu_OmarIm not I just want to fix my Ubuntu problem, and you guys are making a huge deal out of something I already forgot23:07
Ubuntu_Omarnow can we forget about that?23:08
LjLi'll remind you then23:08
Ubuntu_Omarok now how come I can't join #Ubuntu?23:08
Ubuntu_Omarit says that the address is banned23:08
ompaulyou were asked to join here23:08
ompaulyou did not 23:09
ompaulwe ban forwarded you to here23:09
LjL[23:44:16] <Omar-C> im omar-cp little brother [23:44:21] <Omar-C> not me [23:44:31] <Omar-C> i don't even know how to programs lolz [23:44:34] <Pelo> WGGMk, did you check the theming tutorials ? [23:44:35] <Omar-C> faggs [23:44:42] <Omar-C> s [23:44:42] <Omar-C> s [23:44:43] <Omar-C> s [23:44:44] <Omar-C> s [23:44:45] <Omar-C> s [23:44:45] <Omar-C> s [23:44:46] <Omar-C> s [23:44:48] <Omar-C> s [23:44:49] <Omar-C> s23:09
LjLUbuntu_Omar: is it clear enough without further explanation that the above is utterly, completely and totally unacceptable on an IRC support channel?23:09
ompaulOmar-C, ever one of those > indicates a new line23:09
Ubuntu_OmarWHAT I honestly did not see that much text23:09
ompaulwell your nick on your computer delivered it23:10
Ubuntu_Omarok Im sorry guys 23:10
Ubuntu_Omaryes that was my brother I had to leave the room to get to my other computer23:10
LjLUbuntu_Omar: so you understand that if this even happens again, and you then tell us that it was your brother, next time we will *not* believe that it was your brother, and you will stay banned? this is to say - do lock your computer when it's connected to IRC23:10
LjL!etiquette > Ubuntu_Omar    (Ubuntu_Omar, see the private message from Ubotu)23:11
ompaulcos we can't afford the overhead of spammers23:11
Seveass/when it's connected to IRC/whenever you leave it/23:11
Ubuntu_Omarok can I go into Ubuntu now?23:12
Ubuntu_Omaranyways I have to go now23:12
LjLUbuntu_Omar: yes. i'm assuming from now on that you are aware of the channel rules, which i made Ubotu send you23:12
ompaulpassword protect your account23:12
Ubuntu_Omarok thanks23:13
LjL[00:13:34] <Pelo> howlingmadhowie, technicaly ubuntu can use the debian repos so , add those to the official ubuntu ones23:13
ompaulthat no nice23:14
Seeker`"fractally wrong"?23:14
Seveaskill that pelo23:15

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