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gorlaki have a question, i have a ubuntu 7.10 server setup, headless and i vnc into gnome desktop, is there any way to force a higher resolution? with a monitor installed i get a reasonable 1440x900 (monitor resolution) so i know the card can handle something larger than 800x60003:08
gorlaki have also attempted to edit the xorg.conf file too w/o any success, anyone have any ideas?03:09
davidofHi all08:48
davidofAnybody knows if it's possible to configure cupsd.conf to allow petitions only at the eth1 or eth0, but not both?08:49
davidofI have a computer with two ethx. If both are up, cups doesn't works, but if I ifdown eth1 everything works perfectly08:50
davidofI mean, I'm trying to remote administration from another computer :)08:51
davidofit seems to be a bug08:54
bardyrhey, how can i install gnome on the server without openoffice, games, pidgin, etc. just a clean gnome17:25
ikoniabardyr: the gnome-desktop package will install pretty much the minimum you can get away with17:54
fujinanyone got a tutorial for configuring gfs/gnbd on Ubuntu?21:33

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