larson999adelie42, a multimedia keyboard?00:00
IndyGunFreakajhtiredwolf: so ar you trying to ovewrite fedora?.00:00
BronxAngelWGGMk: yes i can do it for myself but no the other pcs. it hits the router but ends there00:00
GERD_MDok.. thanks for nada00:00
singlesundanbhfive, lol alright i will do some searching.. thanks00:00
erUSULTaylor: try to boot X either with "startx" or "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start"00:00
adelie42Dr_willis: ok, fine. I want F3 to open gnome-terminal00:00
DASPRiDWGGMk, if u use ext3: there are also 5% of your disk reserved for root only00:00
xompin totem I get a green video screen with the progress bar going along as normal. With Mplayer I get "Cannot use codec" or something of the sorts.00:00
EsxProTaylor, you want to run wine in text mode?00:00
ajhtiredwolfIndyGunFreak: yep yep that is correct00:00
DASPRiD(or was it 1 %)00:00
WGGMkajhtiredwolf: i see, if you boot from the LiveCD it has a program called gparted with it.. which allows you to manipulate your partitions as you'd like. Its located System > Administration > Partition Tools (I think, or GParted)00:00
TaylorNo, I want my normal Ubuntu back. >.<00:00
danbhfive!wireless > singlesun see the pm, and see if that gets ya started00:00
IndyGunFreakajhtiredwolf: are you using the live CD, or hte alternate install CD?00:00
Dr_willisadelie42,  gnome has its own keyboard bindings feature. No idea if it can run arbitary apps on f keys however.00:01
vboxeranyone here got PAM authentication to work with VirtualBox VRDP?00:01
VadiHow can I check if the ndiswrapper module is loaded? For some reason, it's not recognizing my wireless card anymore when I insert it (properly at least).00:01
gilles_quelqu'un parle t il francais?00:01
Gideanwhen I boot up my comp sits ar Running local boot scripts (etc/rc.local) until I hit enter...any advice?00:01
dan__I have a Dell LCD with built-in camera/microphone. Does anybody know of a video chat app?00:01
xomp!fr | gilles_00:01
ubotugilles_: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.00:02
larson999man, i forgot which parms and had to use to get this stupic hp laptop to boot the livecd.00:02
WGGMkDASPRiD: Flannel: so my system is perfectly fine setup with this LVM, this truly is no hidden space/partition that im not seeing? or some mysterious reason I would be missing space?? (im a bit paranoid sometimes lol)00:02
adelie42Dr_willis: hmm...00:02
johnficcahow do I apply a patch to some source code before I compile?00:02
TaylorerUSUL: I'll go try those, hopefully I'll have better luck. >.< Thanks.00:02
spoonhaving issues with my mobility 9700 and ubuntu... can't seem to find a working xorg.conf, or to get it to work with anything other than vesa drivers00:02
rsomHi, sorry but, I would like to know if anyone knew a way to format a fat32 ipod to HFS+ without using wine for itunes. I use linux mint (4.0 I think? newist version).00:02
Dr_willisadelie42,  i alwyas  have a terminal icon on the panel. and a few terminals open. :) so F3 launching a new terminal woulb not be handy for me00:03
=== brynk__ is now known as brynk
BronxAngelDNS handles translation of hostname to ip?00:03
EsxProTaylor, did you change usplash?00:03
tdoggetteI installed Hardy Alpha 3 with update-manager -d. Will the automatic updates get me up to Alpha 4 and beyond, all the way to production?00:03
WGGMkBronxAngel: thats exactly what a DNS does00:04
danbhfivetdoggette: yes, if it doesnt trash your system first00:04
Flanneltdoggette: yes.  And hardy support is in #ubuntu+100:04
Dr_willistdoggette,  they should  :) and its #Ubuntu+1 for that00:04
adelie42Dr_willis: I got the icon too, but it would just be nice to have terminal control from the keyboard, aside from alt-tab to something already open, or Ctrl-Alt-F#00:04
edicodebian has an official forum?00:04
PriceChild!hardy | tdoggette00:04
ubotutdoggette: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu00:04
FlannelWGGMk: No, there isnt.  I know usually theres something like 5% or so setup for filesystem record keeping and stuff.  That could be it.  But no, I don't see anything abnormal.  The LVM partition takes up the rest of the space.  Oh.  I suppose you might have free LVM space.  What does the second to the last line of sudo vgdisplay show?00:04
BronxAngelWGGMk: so it could be that my stupid router is looking for my hostnames based on the dns it gets from my cable modem?00:04
danbhfiveadelie42: System > Preferences > Keyboard Shorcuts    you will find what you are looking for there00:05
Dr_willisadelie42,  im faster at alt-tabing then reaching to hit f3, which may or may not be used in other apps..  :) so  good luck00:05
GamerIkiona, may I PM you?00:05
tdoggetteOh, wow, guys. I'm sorry.00:05
* tdoggette backs away slowly00:05
BronxAngelikonia: you are here?00:05
GamerI need one of the gurus00:05
xompTotem can't play .ogg files (or any file for that matter). Mplayer was installed and it too cannot play .ogg files (or any file for that matter). Can someone please help me? Please?00:05
GamerI have a serious problem00:05
Dr_willisGamer,  its best just to state the problem.00:05
WGGMkFlannel: 0 / 000:05
Gamercould anyone help me with this damn hard problem?00:05
Flanneltdoggette: Its no big deal.  People are overreacting.  Once youhave hardy, you have hardy.  The alpha number only matters for the ISOs themselves.  AFter that, you're riding on the repository00:05
Gamerthats my problem00:06
adelie42danbhfive: how do I create a new action?00:06
Dr_willisGamer,  perhaps summerize it a bit?00:06
FlannelWGGMk: then yeah, you're full.  The 5GB is about 5%, so I imagine thats whats causing it00:06
WGGMkBronxAngel: thats a good question, and you maybe have reached my limits.. are these newly installed machines? forgive me if you answered this already00:06
Gamer3c59x broken with acpi=on00:06
Gamer3c59x fails to connect to a router00:06
Gamerunder Ubuntu00:06
WGGMkFlannel: i really appreciate your help and the time you took to help me00:06
DRebellionbug 1166500:06
BronxAngelWGGMk: yes they are00:07
adelie42danbhfive: ok, found it... but still, is there a way to add new commands?00:07
WGGMkBronxAngel: less then 24 hours new?00:07
danbhfiveadelie42: I don't know00:07
Dr_willisGamer,  you have searched the bug reports/forums for others with similer issues?   The Kernel developers dont hangin here much from what ive seen.00:07
adelie42danbhfive: there sure are a lot of options to not have the ability to add any...00:07
GamerI've searched a lot00:07
OwnerHey, i have a wireless usb adapter and im on windows atm, but i cannot connect to my wireless or the internet for that matter. I cannot get on the inter net under 6.0600:07
=== Owner is now known as belorix
Gamerbut maby not good enough?00:07
BronxAngelyeah, my ubuntu server is00:07
ajhtiredwol1WGGMk: For some reaons it crashed when i tried to pull up the partition editor00:08
Gamerthis bug is 3 years old00:08
BronxAngelhow is that relevent?00:08
Gamercouldnt they fix it already00:08
DRebelliondamn, why doesn't ubotu print out a bug summary when i say bug 11665 in #ubuntu??00:08
GamerI have the newest version00:08
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:08
SlartDr_willis: there are some reports on this module (3c59x).. but they are supposed to be fixed00:08
BronxAngelWGGMk: yeah, my ubuntu server ism how is that relevant?00:08
SlartDr_willis: I tried helping Gamer before.. didn't succeed00:08
GamerSlart, any help?00:08
wormintrude!bug 1166500:08
PriceChildbug 1166500:08
Gameroh ye00:08
WGGMkBronxAngel: your ubuntu server?00:08
Gamerit is you00:08
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
Gamerhehe, sorry00:08
wormintrudenope, not good00:09
PriceChildDRebellion, its turned on per channel. not in here though00:09
WGGMkBronxAngel: can you give me some more detail on your LAN setup00:09
DRebellionbelorix: 1) don't change your nick 2) wireless support is improving all the time so i _strongly_ recommend you upgrade to gutsy00:09
SlartGamer: =)00:09
DRebellionPriceChild: thats just an annoying and pointless imho00:09
Gamerpfffff, I am clueless00:09
belorixi would but i cannot get onto teh internet to get updates00:09
SlartGamer: perhaps you should try the latest hardy...00:09
PriceChildSlart, please don't suggest that00:09
PriceChildGamer, please don't do that00:09
DRebellionbelorix: download the gutsy iso and do a clean install then00:10
WGGMkajhtiredwolf: Im not sure I can help you would if gparted is crashing.. you can  use fdisk which is command line driven but i would recommend you not use that unless you know what partitions are what..00:10
Gamerwhat's it?00:10
danbhfiveadelie42: yeah, I know, it is silly00:10
PriceChild!hardy | Gamer00:10
ubotuGamer: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu00:10
Gamerthat takes some time00:10
BronxAngeli have a WRTP54G 3 pcs connected to it00:10
larson999oh boy.  64bit was soooo bugy, i decided to upgrade gutsy to hardy :)00:10
larson999i'm a moron!00:10
SlartPriceChild: why not? if the hardy live cd works then we'll know it's something in the current ubuntu distro..00:10
adelie42danbhfive: it also doesn't like me using F3, but whatever... compromized. thanks for the help00:11
xompTotem can't play .ogg files (or any file for that matter). Mplayer was installed and it too cannot play .ogg files (or any file for that matter). Can someone please help me? Please?00:11
ajhtiredwol1WGGMk: Well as long as I know which partition that fedora is on then i should just be able to isntall on that one... the weird thing is though .. I see the NTFS file systems but i dont see the LVM systems when it brings up the partition menu00:11
Lokii-Gamer anything worth doing is gonna take time :)00:11
BronxAngelWGGMk: the WRTP54G is the router and i have 3 pcs connected to it. 2 of which have static ips..i just thought of something. bbr00:11
Gameryeah, I'll built a new network card in this pc00:11
larson999i hit the thrift store lotto: a ebookman and internet radio all for $2000:11
Gamertakes too much damn time00:11
GamerI have some more network cards here00:12
adelie42danbhfive: it would be really nice to add keystrokes that would, oh, open a terminal and run ssh with a particular series of options and such... but...00:12
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
PriceChild!worksforme | Slart00:12
ubotuSlart: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/00:12
johnficca NSPlugin Viewer  *** ERROR: libflashplayer.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory00:12
johnficcanspluginwrapper: no appropriate viewer found for libflashplayer.so00:12
johnficcaI keep getting that00:12
adelie42danbhfive: I think it must be that those particular options are bound to the metacity / gnome library00:12
=== osfamero1 is now known as osfameron
DekkharynHi guys, I've been looking around the support forum and wiki all day, I've been trying to find a bootable floppy that will then load ubuntu from usb, I've got Ubuntu installed to USB just as the support stuff says, but can't make the floppy - tried this, http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/wiki/index.php/Boot_Floppies - found via google, but fails when it boots00:12
danbhfiveadelie42: well, there is an option to open a terminal00:12
Dekkharyndoes anyone have a resource handy, like a ubuntu floppy usb-bootstrapper image?00:13
DRebellion!grub | Dekkharyn00:13
ubotuDekkharyn: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:13
adelie42danbhfive: yeah, I found it00:13
danbhfiveadelie42: maybe you can just write a bash script for the other things00:13
DekkharynDRebellion: So if I make a GRUB floppy it'll let me boot off USB?00:13
adelie42danbhfive: got that already ;)00:13
DRebellionDekkharyn: i think...00:13
WGGMkBronxAngel: i need to restart my system, i shall return00:13
larson999i hope this is better.  my wife is PO'd because i upgrade her machine from 32bit feisty to 64bit gutsy.  she was so happy with feisty compared to vista.  hope i don't make her go back :(00:14
DekkharynDRebellion: BIOS doesn't support direct boot from usb, which is why I need something to do that, I'll check it out00:14
SlartPriceChild: shesh.. did you even read what the problem was? current ubuntu doesn't work.. the 3c59x module has had bugs... might still be some left.. why not just boot a hardy live cd? what's so bad about it? it's not like the computer is usable as it is00:14
PriceChildSlart, because hardy is not ready for end users.00:14
PriceChildSlart, you will just cause more problems.00:14
Dekkharynthanks DRebellion00:15
adelie42Dekkharyn: openbios supports it, if that is an option in this case. I know award / phoenix bios generally doesn't support it00:15
maybeway36Maybe use feisty backprots then00:15
xompTotem can't play .ogg files (or any file for that matter). Mplayer was installed and it too cannot play .ogg files (or any file for that matter). Can someone please help me? Please?00:16
adelie42xomp: do you have other media decoders installed... like gstreamer or the such?00:16
spoonxomp: try vlc00:16
=== lymeca_ is now known as lymeca
xompadelie42, not that I know of. This is stock Gutsy install with the exception that I downloaded Mplayer from Synaptic. I've not changed/added anything else.00:17
IndyGunFreakrsom: why are you trying to format your IPOD?00:17
SlartGamer: well.. good luck getting that network card working.. I'm off to bed00:17
Gamergood night00:17
PeloIndyGunFreak, know anything about weird cups setup ?00:17
GamerI'll be off soon too00:17
Gameroh and00:17
GamerI'll replace it00:17
IndyGunFreakPelo: not a thing, i don't own a printer...lol00:17
GamerI think00:17
rsomSo that it can be read on a ibook g400:17
Gamerthis is no go00:17
b4l74z4rwhat is the difference between gksu and gksudo?00:18
* Pelo crosses IndyGunFreak 's name off the 1337 list00:18
IndyGunFreakPelo: lol.00:18
Pelob4l74z4r, same thing00:18
DRebellionb4l74z4r: i think they are the same00:18
IndyGunFreakrsom: oh ok.. id ont' know, iv'e got my IPods working between Linux and XP fine, but Linux aned Mac, i don't know.00:18
DRebellionb4l74z4r: gksudo is a link to /usr/bin/gksu00:18
rsomI just don't want to use wine for itunes. It never works and crashes.00:19
rsomBut I'll try it00:19
rsomThank you00:19
IndyGunFreakrsom: so don't use wine..., use amarok, or gtkpod, or whatever00:19
b4l74z4rcould gksu be more reliable in some cases since it's not a link?00:19
rsomI couldn't find a formatting option in amarok00:19
rsombut I haven't tried gtkpod00:19
=== raving is now known as Sir_Fawnpug
IndyGunFreakrsom: oh ok.. maybe gtkpod?.. i don't know.00:19
rsomok I'll try that then00:20
knopper67b4l74z4r: it doesn't really make any difference00:20
* Pelo is gonna try to get help in #debian, hopefully he'll get out of there alive 00:21
b4l74z4rwhat is the difference between running nautilus in gksudo mode as opposed to sudo mode?00:22
maybeway36gksudo mode uses root's config files instead of breaking your own00:22
maybeway36i had that expierence with kdesudo back when it was broken :(00:22
b4l74z4rso gksudo should always be used for graphical purposes?00:22
IndyGunFreakb4l74z4r: pretty much00:23
TaylorerUSUL: Okay, that didn't work. I got: "xinit: Connection reset by peer (errno 104): unable to connect to X server" and "xinit: No such process (errno 3): Server error"00:23
HipHopFan85who can help me with this?:D00:23
DekkharynDRebellion: Sorry dude, I'm looking at the ubuntu guide for grub, it doesn't say anything about usb? Maybe you just have to specify the right drive name or somethign?00:23
IndyGunFreakHipHopFan85: what is *this*00:23
maybeway36HipHopFan85: with what?00:23
HipHopFan85kernel: losing some ticks chanking if CPU frequency changed00:23
HipHopFan85then complete freeze of system00:23
ajhtiredwol1WGGMk: Ok I got it to work this time and it looks like sdb7 is the current boot partition and the sedb8 is where the fedora install is00:24
HipHopFan85i found that in my /var/log/messages00:24
DekkharynDRebellion: that is to say there's nothing blatantly obvious going "this is how to make it boot from usb"00:24
quitttwhich is the best eMule clone for Ubuntu:00:24
WGGMkajhtiredwol1: glad to hear everything is working for ya00:24
EsxProquittt, mldonkey.?00:24
BronxAngelshould my router be listed under resolve.conf?00:25
knopper67quittt: try amule, it's in the repositories.00:25
ajhtiredwol1WGGMk: so here is my quesiton then, how do I tell it to install the boot loader on sdb7 and overwrite the current grub boot loader and then tell it to install ubuntu on the sdb8?00:25
lordleemoquitt try amule00:25
onexusedI'm trying to mount a share from a Windows 2003 machine.  When I do "sudo mount -t smbfs // /mnt/smb -o credentials=/home/me/.smbpasswd,gid=users", I'm told "cli_negprot: SMB signing is mandatory and we have disabled it. /n 12206: protocol negotiation filed /n SMB connection filed".  What do I need to do to mount the share?00:25
quitttknopper67, I've tried it, but it don't connect to the most of servers00:25
HipHopFan85who can help me with Ubuntu problem??:D00:25
knopper67quitt: ah, alright, what about frostwire?00:25
BronxAngelWGGMk: should my router be listed under resolv.conf?00:26
WGGMkajhtiredwol1: i would imagine you need to setup a custom partition to do that, which really im not good at doing.. but you would use manual install00:26
onexusedHipHopFan85: Don't ask to ask, just ask is the general rule.00:26
HipHopFan85BronxAngel only if its going to be your DNS server00:26
ajhtiredwol1WGGMk: do you know of someone in here who is good at taht?00:26
EsxProTaylor, you goyt any error message after a stratx?00:26
DRebellionDekkharyn: maybe you can do something from the "grub prompt"00:26
WGGMkBronxAngel: i would think not. its not serving DNS is it?00:26
BagelMasterDoes anyone have any experience with MADWIFI?00:26
WGGMkajhtiredwol1: best to just ask in chat mate00:26
DRebellion!anyone | BagelMaster00:27
ubotuBagelMaster: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:27
ajhtiredwol1WGGMk: thanks anyway00:27
DRebellionBagelMaster: you still here ay?00:27
TaylorEsxPro: Yeah, I think it was those ones above. ...or it was the "Fatal server error: no screens found"00:27
BagelMasterDRebellion, yup00:27
DRebellionBagelMaster: heh00:27
BagelMasterMadwifi looks like the best option00:27
HipHopFan85anyone ever had this problem? Kernel: Losing some ticks checking to see if CPU frequency changed00:27
BronxAngelmy desktop has the router in the resolv.conf but my ubuntu server has the cablemodem dns servers there00:27
BagelMasterDRebellion: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=7545100:27
b4l74z4ri understand that alt + f2 is a keyboard shortcut to invoke the run command, but where in the menu is that actual command?00:27
ajhtiredwol1 Is anyone in here good at doing a custom install with ubuntu? I need to specify ubuntu to over write a fedora installation and install the boot loader in a different spot00:27
BronxAngelHipHopFan85: WGGMkmy desktop has the router in the resolv.conf but my ubuntu server has the cablemodem dns servers there00:27
BagelMasterHe refers to my exact wireless card00:27
HipHopFan85point it to ubuntu server?00:28
jribb4l74z4r: it does not exist00:28
onexused(What's the syntax for ubotu?)00:28
DekkharynDRebellion: seems a bit too in depth for me mate. I'll give it a shot though, it's to fix a very very old laptop up with some ubuntu00:28
HipHopFan85BronxAngel: What is it that you have problems with?00:28
jrib!ubotu > onexused (read the private message from ubotu)00:28
Dekkharynstill, I think I'll try it again00:28
b4l74z4rjrib: is it a secret feature, cause i discovered it by chance00:28
WGGMkBronxAngel: how is your LAN setup.. is it Modem >> Server >> Router >> PC's?00:28
onexusedjrib: thanks00:28
bluefoxxok, so my wifi card works fine in linux automatically but theres a lack of tools for detecting wireless networks in range of it to connect to, as far as i can tell00:28
DRebellionDekkharyn: dive in!00:28
BronxAngelHipHopFan85: pcs behind same router can only ping by ip. not host name00:29
lordleemobluefox try wicd00:29
EsxProTaylor, for me it come from xorg.conf00:29
xompwow, guess what? VLC can't play an .ogg file either... I've installed player after player here and none of them seem to be capable of playing a simple .ogg file. If this is to be expected from a base install of Gutsy then I feel badly for the linux community and it's ability to retain new users.....00:29
jribb4l74z4r: not really a secret feature, no.  You can configure the keyboard shortcut in system -> preferences -> keyboard shortcuts00:29
BronxAngelWGGMk: cable modem --> router --> 2 pcs00:29
TaylorEsxPro: What comes from xorg.conf?00:29
nemilarxomp: did you install the ogg codecs? ;)00:29
bluefoxxalso, it seems that if i mess around with network configurations it crashes and refuses to connect unless i reboot[im on my shoddy wired connection right now]00:29
jribxomp: gutsy can play .ogg ootb.  Try /etc/skel/Examples/Experience ubuntu.ogg00:29
HipHopFan85do you maybe need to set your router as default gataway?00:29
bluefoxxanyone have any thoughts00:29
WGGMkBronxAngel: then your server's resolv.conf does not need to be changed, nor does your PC's resolv.conf because everything is going to be using your ISP's DNS to resolve externally00:30
EsxProTaylor, try this sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-org00:30
xompjrib, nemilar I get a green screen with Totem, Blue screen with VLC, and an error message with Mplayer.00:30
|DuReX|is there a website where i can see supported Tapestreamers & SCSI Controllers ?00:30
WGGMkHipHopFan85: BronxAngel: his router should pass this info to the PC's if its serving DHCP00:30
xompnemilar, where would these codecs be?00:30
nemilarxomp: What's the error message?  And, did you install the codecs?00:30
danbhfivebluefoxx: ive had the same problem.  Getting a good signal was the fix for me00:30
knopper67xorp: what is the error mplayer gives you?00:31
jribxomp: ogg is a container format, so you are probably missing the codec it uses.  In any case, try the file I suggested to see if that works first00:31
Kevin`|DuReX| most manufacturers will specifically say it's supported, as it's a server component00:31
xompnemilar, could not open codec in Mplayer00:31
TaylorEsxPro: Tried that, actually, to no avail. It couldn't find it, or something along those lines.00:31
Kevin`(also, most are supported)00:31
BagelMasterWhere can I find bin86 in order to setup madwifi?00:31
HipHopFan85WGGMk: I agree but how is his server set up..thats what confuses me00:31
mikebotIs there a way to add a folder to my main menu so that I can browse through the subfolders and so on?00:31
BronxAngelHipHopFan85: WGGMk: the router serves .100 - .149 for dhcp but all my pcs are .10 - .99. could this be the issue?00:31
bluefoxxdanbhfive: well it refuses to connect period, even though my main connection is a wired ethernet one00:31
DRebellionxomp: hrm that file works ootb for me with only mplayer installed :/00:31
EsxProTaylor, ati gc?00:31
DRebellionBagelMaster: sudo apt-get install bin8600:31
knopper67xomp: did you install any additional codecs after you installed gutsy?00:32
TaylorEsxPro: I tried "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start", too, and it just gave: [ OK ]00:32
jribmikebot: you can edit the menu, just right click on the ubuntu icon and "edit menu".  You can't really do what you asked though afaik00:32
BagelMasterDRebellion: I get00:32
TaylorEsxPro: Integrated video card; 945GM Family, Intel00:32
danbhfivebluefoxx: even the wired doesnt work?00:32
xompknopper67, I've installed 0 codecs. I've simply grabbed Mplayer & VLC from Synaptic today as suggested.00:32
WGGMkBronxAngel: HipHopFan85: if your router is serving DHCP to the PC's and the Server, then it is not a LAN issue.. if your router is just an ACCESS POINT for the PC's to get to the server which is serving DHCP then the problem lye's on your server's DNS records00:32
HipHopFan85BronxAngel: It means your PC's are not being given by DHCP server.Are you sure they are not set to static?00:32
bluefoxxlordleemo: wicd: package does not ecist00:32
mikebotjrib: When I did that I couldn't figure out how to add a folder00:32
BagelMasterDRebellion: I get "Reading package lists... DONE"  "Reading state information... DONE" and "E: Couldn't find package bin86"00:33
bluefoxxdanbhfive: nope, if i reconfigure it at all it drops the connection alltogether00:33
xompknopper67, I've been told continually that .ogg is a natively supported container ootb, but I'm experiencing different :/00:33
jribmikebot: "new menu"00:33
toresnhow do i make xlsfonts recognize the fonts i've installed... i've downloaded a font and put it in my ~/.fonts ... it's recognised by i.e. openoffice00:33
DRebellionBagelMaster: i have bin86 in my repos00:33
najzlijijiwhere can i find boot log?00:33
HipHopFan85WGGmk: Set them static and they wont be in DHCP range.Is your internet working on those machine?00:33
ConstyXIVcan you have ubuntu cleanly unmount your removable drives on standby?00:33
mikebotjrib: RIght, but like, I want to be able to add a folder that has a bunch of stuff, and then browse through that stuff from the main menu.00:33
BagelMasterDRebellion:  So were could I get it?00:33
awmcclainHey all... can I use apt instead of dpkg to install a debian package I built myself?00:34
WGGMkHipHopFan85 wrong person00:34
xompjrib, when trying to open that file in VLC I get: Unable to open '/etc/skel/Examples/Experience'00:34
xompUnable to open 'ubuntu.ogg'00:34
lordleemobluefox get it from sourceforge google wicd00:34
jribmikebot: yes, I don't think you can do that.  You can just add stuff one by one00:34
jribxomp: you need to escape the space00:34
DRebellionBagelMaster: check, system -> administration -> software sources00:34
bluefoxxlordleemo: ok, will try that, ty00:34
knopper67xomp: it's in /usr/share/example-content/00:34
mikebotjrib: And you can't add subfolders and stuff either.00:34
WGGMkBronxAngel: does your server have 2 ethernet adapters? 1 coming in from modem and 1 going out to router? or do you just have the server attached to the router?00:34
DRebellionBagelMaster: its in the main repository00:34
danbhfivebluefoxx: i dunno then, id suggest to at least make sure you are updated00:35
mikebotjrib: Basically I want it like in Windows start menu when you add a folder you can expand the sub-folders and so on.00:35
ajhtiredwol1Is the root file the boot partition?00:35
danand_awmcclain - think you can do - but you have to create a local repository - why not just use dpkg??00:35
BagelMasterDrebellion: I am not connected to the internet on that computer... I am talking to you from a Mac00:35
xompknopper67, that file also plays but nothing but a blue screen in the player. The progress bar goes along merrily.00:35
DRebellion!offline | BagelMaster00:35
ubotuBagelMaster: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.byethost14.com/00:35
b4l74z4ri tried to create a launcher for the filebrowser by putting gksudo in front of natilus in the command line but nothing happens when i click this launcher00:35
jribmikebot: yes, I don't think you can do that00:36
BronxAngelWGGMk: HipHopFan85: i have forced both computers to use a static ip outside of the router's dhcp range. the router has it's own lan ip but the cable modem connected to the router has an ip of 64.4.xx.xxi call the ubuntu server a server but it is not serving anything now. i want to turn it into a file server00:36
mohbanais there a good audio player with a big seek bar beside rhythmbox00:36
EsxProtry this Taylor sudo aptitude install xorg-driver-fglrx00:36
mikebotjrib: Dang, OK, thanks.00:36
bluefoxxdanbhfive: its an brandnew installation i just did today, everyuthing is updated, but i want to get the wifi working for a faster connection before i update00:36
knopper67xorp: if it's a blue sceen, then it's probably a video driver issue or something.00:36
xompknopper67, xorp? hehe00:36
TaylorAlright, thanks EsxPro. I'll be back. >.<00:36
knopper67oh sorry...lol00:36
mohbanaalot of people having issues with nvidia cards, this quiet a big issue00:36
jribb4l74z4r: you really shouldn't need such a thing, but pastebin what you did00:36
xompknopper67, lol np ;) I actually got a chuckle out of that.00:37
bluefoxxdanbhfive: i only get 30kb/s on my "broadband" connection00:37
DRebellionmohbana: complain and they might go open source00:37
knopper67xomp: what video card do you have?00:37
Jack_SparrowEsxPro: What card did he have in that?00:37
mohbanaDRebellion, you think so?00:37
danbhfivebluefoxx: yeah, but what if an update fixes the problem?00:37
xompknopper67, xomp@xomp-laptop:~$ lspci -nn | grep VGA00:37
xomp01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility M7 LW [Radeon Mobility 7500] [1002:4c57]00:37
jribajhtiredwol1: "root file"?  What is the context where you read this term?00:37
atclahow to use console on ubundu ?00:38
WGGMkBronxAngel: power cycle everything in this order.. SHUT DOWN ALL MACHINES..... unplug router.. unplug modem.. count to 45.. power on Modem.. wait for all lights usually ends at "Online" power on router... wait for all lights.. then power up each machine00:38
DRebellionmohbana: we are the people, we have the power00:38
jrib!terminal | atcla00:38
ubotuatcla: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal00:38
mohbanaif there is some sort of pertion i would sign it00:38
EsxProJack_Sparrow, intel00:38
atclajrib: thanx00:38
knopper67xomp: are the drivers for the card installed?00:38
Jack_SparrowEsxPro: Thanks...00:38
bluefoxxdanbhfive: 250 mb of updates on my net takes me about 4 hours -.-00:38
BronxAngelWGGMk: HipHopFan85: brb00:39
xompknopper67, I'm assuming so, I'm capable of running compiz fusion with full effects00:39
kenanCan someone please send me the link where I can download the deb version of OO?00:39
nemilarkenan: OO.o is in repos00:39
WGGMkHipHopFan85: sorry forgot to copy your name in there.. i told him to power cycle everything00:39
kenannemilar: i want to download from the website00:39
knopper67xomp: try disabling compiz fusion and play the ogg file again, see how that works00:39
EsxProJack_Sparrow, intel 945m exactely00:39
=== pan__ is now known as mo0n_sniper
bluefoxxlordleemo: ok, i found the wicd thing, but why isnt it in the repos?00:39
HipHopFan85WGGMk: i think /etc/rc.d/named restart00:39
devils-havenCan any one help me setup my resolution to 1360x768?00:39
HipHopFan85WGGMk: would be better..00:39
danbhfivebluefoxx: I forget, have you tried iwconfig?00:39
xompknopper67, ok00:39
Jack_SparrowEsxPro: I didnt think the fglrx would work on intel.. thought it was ati only00:40
HipHopFan85WGGMk: I still dont understand what he is trying to do :]00:40
WGGMkHipHopFan85: i would agree if it was only 1 system, but he said he's having problems on all systems00:40
lordleemobluefox  deb http://apt.wicd.net feisty extras  it uses its own repo add that00:40
Jack_Sparrow!res > devils-haven00:40
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto00:40
WGGMkHipHopFan85: im not sure either.. if he can ping with ip and not hostname, 9 times out of 10 its DNS00:40
HipHopFan85WGGMk: Works of all systems :D ipconfig /flushdns on other machine00:41
HipHopFan85WGGmk: Does the server even have a name?:D00:41
WGGMkHipHopFan85: but still he router would pass all DHCP info to the server00:41
knopper67xomp: any luck yet?00:41
WGGMkhiphopfan85: it should lol00:41
mkquisthey all, anyone any thoughts, install ubuntu alternate, comp powers down fine, use xubuntu install cd and wont power all the way down, like actually turn off...00:41
lordleemobluefox on the  sourceforge website it shows how to install in ubuntu00:41
xompknopper67, nope, same thing after disabling compiz00:41
bluefoxxdanbhfive: not yet, im still farely new to netowrking period, only time i used wifi b4 was on my laptop[s]and those ran windows[urrg, thats what destroyed my system today]00:41
AngryElfis a SQUASHFS error while trying to boot the live CD basically a screwed up liveCD?00:41
HipHopFan85WGGMk: Helpdesk support learns you a thing or two.. dont trust people :D00:42
najzlijijican somebody help me00:42
HipHopFan85WGGMk: Can you help me with something?00:42
najzlijijii need to enable 5 in 1 card reader00:42
mkquistnajzlijiji: as your question00:42
mkquistnajzlijiji: ask*00:42
WGGMkHipHopFan85: I can try, shoot00:42
bluefoxxlordleemo: yea, i see that now, thanks =300:42
HipHopFan85najzliliji: Sta treba?:D00:42
root_Hey all, how do I stop my console from blanking00:42
root_its like xset or somehting00:42
Jack_Sparrownajzlijiji: If it is one of the built in card readers (especially laptop) not many drivers are available00:42
Davey24hi, does anyone know what the differences are between the dell version of 7.10 shipping on the m1330 is and the version you download from the ubuntu website?00:42
mkquistnajzlijiji: mine just works, what are u using? gutsy?00:42
jribroot_: are you root right now?00:43
najzlijijibut on the boot time it says cannot enable port 8  maybe the USB cable is bad?00:43
satorisI've an issue in compiz ... it's the mouse00:43
knopper67xomp: weird... as for the codec issue ogg is the container format for the actual encoded video. the file you were trying to play before was probably encoded in mpeg but inside and ogg file00:43
satorissometime it got just crazy00:43
root_jrib:  no, this is a joke to get people to tell me DONT IRC AS ROOT00:43
wolfman2323hi.. i was trying to run this cmd in the shell " sudo synce-serial-start" but it wont start..00:43
WGGMkDavey24: I would guess its customized to your hardware00:43
HipHopFan85WGGMk: I put the new Ubuntu cd and it runs fine for few minutes then it freezes.Like totally freez I have to restart it00:43
xompknopper67, funny thing is, I'm not sure if you're familiar with Istanbul, but when you're finished recording a desktop session you are prompted to save the file, in that box you are able to "preview" the screen recording and the video plays a treat in that but not in a standalone player like Mplayer or VLC lol00:43
jribroot_: hilarious... anyway, what do you mean by "blanking"?00:43
Jack_Sparrowjrib: I got a great alsa script from crimsun ,, have ost of it converted to a module already00:43
WGGMkHipHopFan85: define new? Hardy? or Gutsy?00:43
root_jrib:  the screen "blanks" like a screensaver00:43
satoriscan someone help me out? this is unespected... mostly when I play FPS games LoL00:44
root_I used to know the command to stop it00:44
root_butr i have forogtten00:44
Davey24Does anyone know where do download the Dell version then?00:44
HipHopFan85WGGMk: Ubuntu 7.1000:44
jribroot_: well 'man xset' has "noblank" at the top, but I have no idea if that does what you want00:44
mo0n_sniperroot_ anyway why running irc as root is stupid?00:44
bod_and pointless00:44
WGGMkHipHopFan85: so it only freeze's during the LiveCD? you running a laptop or old hardware?00:44
Jack_Sparrowsatoris: Ask in #Compiz... they can help tweak things.. but best to turn compiz off for best performance00:44
knopper67xomp, do you have any  issues with music files as well?00:44
mkquistnajzlijiji: sry cant respond in there apparently right now, but i have a card reading installed and ubuntu just sees it00:45
wolfman2323is it possible to sync imate to ubuntu00:45
satorisI know00:45
HipHopFan85WGGMk: I have the same problem with OpenSUSE it runs fine for few minutes then it freezes00:45
knopper67xomp: *ogg files*00:45
xompknopper67, I've not tried any audio files, but system sounds play fine.00:45
satorisbut it's not about compiz ...00:45
satorissomething is wrong qith the mouse00:45
HipHopFan85WGGMk: Desktop AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 2.0 Ghz00:45
satorisit moves alone sometimes00:45
bod_satoris, what is your problem?00:45
mo0n_sniperit's possesed00:45
najzlijijiok and front side USB reader (hub) is not working also00:45
Jack_Sparrowsatoris: Does it happen with compiz off00:45
knopper67xomp, so, i'm guessing its a video driver issue, but thats only have the story00:45
WGGMkHipHopFan85: you running x86 build or amd64?00:45
najzlijijii think it hase something to do with hardver seting for those pins on motherboard00:46
HipHopFan85WGGMk: onboard graphics card, 512 RAM00:46
satoriswell, I start compiz session by default00:46
najzlijijior something00:46
xompknopper67, yeah, I wouldn't be surprised.00:46
satorisso it's with compiz00:46
HipHopFan85WGGMk: 64bit AMD and Intel computers00:46
gmcastilwhat's the standard locale for US users? ISO-8859-1?00:46
bod_Jack_Sparrow, compiz dioesnt controll the mouse, but i suppose i might be the problem00:46
satorissometimes it moves alone00:46
satoristhe mouse00:46
knopper67xomp: you can keep asking anyone else here, i'll be back in 15 - 20 mins. good luck00:46
bod_satoris, how many mous's have ou got connected to your machine?00:46
satorisjust one00:46
xompthanks for the help knopper67 :)00:46
cherohola alguien me puede ayudar?00:47
bod_satoris, is it infared or rollerball00:47
satorisand it's a Desktop machine00:47
Jack_Sparrowbod_: I had some odd issues with compiz and fps games and my mouse..00:47
satorisrollerball, PS/200:47
WGGMkHipHopFan85: i think it might be a hardware issue, if its happening on different builds and different distro's.. did you try searching online for similar problems with similar hardware? i really wouldnt no where to start troubleshooting it00:47
HipHopFan85WGGMk: When I did memory test I got three entries in red00:47
bod_Jack_Sparrow, really? cool, like what?00:47
satorisI've just look into the forums00:47
Jack_Sparrowsatoris: logitec trackball here as well...00:47
satorisand there are no replies xD00:47
cherotengo un problema con mi impresoara00:47
Kamaok, I just canned my 64bit installation and went to a 32 bit ubuntu00:47
HipHopFan85WGGMk: Yes I did.. :(00:47
satorisno... this is a generic.. Genius00:47
HipHopFan85Kama why?00:47
Kamahow can I get flash to work?00:47
HipHopFan85on which processor?:D00:47
Jack_Sparrowsatoris: Please be patient here and in COmpiz00:47
bod_satoris, ok, its not a prb with the mouse i dont think, but try cleaning the roller  bars inside the mouse00:47
WGGMkHipHopFan85: possibly corrupt memory sticks... you could try pulling all your RAM out and booting to the LiveCD with 1 Stick at a time in.. to test your RAM00:48
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. Fixes have landed in -proposed for testing, but most most users are advised to wait until packages are approved and released in -updates.00:48
satoriswhat do you meen?00:48
HipHopFan85WGGMk: Works ok on XP am using same computer now00:48
satorissorry I suck at english00:48
Jack_Sparrowsatoris: Start by not using enter so often and be patient00:48
bod_satoris, your maouse has a ball inside it yes?00:48
cherole puse el cartucho nuevo es una hp deskjet 656 c pero no imprime que puedo hacer00:48
WGGMk!enter | satoris00:48
ubotusatoris: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:48
jim-^its as easy as grabbing the tarball from macromedia's website and copying the libflash.so to the firefox/plugins dir00:48
xomp!br | chero00:49
ubotuchero: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:49
satoristhat's rollerball, right?00:49
bod_does anyone no what language chero speaks?00:49
IndyGunFreakbod_: lol, wht if he has an optical?..lol00:49
bluefoxxok, why is it that even though amsn is running the latest version it tells me that its nol longer supported?00:49
Kamawhat is gnash?  and does it, or will it owrk?00:49
Jack_Sparrowjim-^: remember to add ... they may need to create a plugins folder00:49
bod_IndyGunFreak, then his answer would be reflective mousemat00:49
satorischero, tienes que instalar la nueva version de foo2jzs00:49
IndyGunFreakbod_: i just thought that was funny.. thats all..lol00:49
HipHopFan85WGGMk: More help please?00:49
bod_satoris, does your mouse have a ball inside it?00:49
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:49
jim-^i think its in /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/00:49
bod_IndyGunFreak, lol,.,.good old days00:50
cheropero como lo hago00:50
WGGMkHipHopFan85: best I can tell ya to do is try each stick of RAM individually.. other then that im stumped.. ask around in chat see if anyone else is the wiser00:50
IndyGunFreakbod_: indeed00:50
xen_Hey there i cant seem to browse the net with konquerer, but i can with firefox, is there some setting i should be enabling to browse the www with konqurer?00:50
satorischero, anda a #ubuntu-es00:50
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
HipHopFan85WGGMk: Thanks dude.00:50
bod_satoris, you can open up your mouse by looking at the bottom of it, then twist a piece of plastic, then clean the inside00:50
Kamahow do i can the messages about people entering and leaviong?00:50
IndyGunFreakPelo: so did they flame you in #debian00:50
WGGMkHipHopFan85: sorry i couldnt give you more info00:50
PeloIndyGunFreak, worse they ignored me00:50
satorisno, it's not that, I just cleaned it up00:50
cheroporque imprimio una sola vez y si imprimio bien pero ya no quizo volver a imprimir00:50
IndyGunFreakPelo: lmao00:50
Kamasoneone send satoris to a website describing mouses00:51
HipHopFan85WGGmk: I realise its a memory problem, but why is XP running fine :(00:51
Pelo!es | chero00:51
ubotuchero: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:51
elninjaAnyone know how to change the connection order for wireless networks with gnome's Network Manager?00:51
Kamait is near impossible to explain, but easy to see00:51
satorisIt's a issue with compiz... as I've googled00:51
Zikitihello all, I tried to install the microsoft fonts and never completed the installation because of internet restrictions where I am. Nonetheless I tried to uninstall it and can't because it fails on the post install script. Is there a way to force the uninstallation by bypassing that script?00:51
bod_satoris, ok,. now check your connection at the back of the computer00:51
Jack_Sparrowbod_: One of the problems I had, was the cursor would just suddenly slide to the bottom of the screen00:51
satorisok, what do I have to look specifically?00:51
WGGMkHipHopFan85: *shrug* may not be utilizing the memory blocks like Ubuntu or maybe too stupid to realize there is a problem00:51
bod_Jack_Sparrow, ive had that, usually because of shiny mousemats, but i use infared ones,.,. cause im posh!!!   lol00:51
bod_satoris, just unplug the mouse then plug it back in00:52
Aloha__how do i get tubetube to work?00:52
satorisOh, I've tried that one too...00:52
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash - The Flash package is currently BROKEN, see « /msg ubotu FlashIssues »00:52
Pelohow hard can it be to "Setup a spooldirectory without printfilter. Serialport baudrate must be 9600." ?00:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about flashissuess - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:52
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. Fixes have landed in -proposed for testing, but most most users are advised to wait until packages are approved and released in -updates.00:52
Pelobod_, the installer is broken, go to the adobe website and get the tar.gz file00:52
cherook gracias00:52
satorisit happens just like this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49502200:52
bod_satoris, errmm,. well ,. only thing i can think off is compiz00:52
satorisyes... but that's not quite the best thing I can do... don't you think?00:53
Kamawhat version of ubuntu is gutsy gbbon?00:53
bod_Pelo, that was  directed to someone else,. sorry,. and the best place is this link : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=63639700:53
PeloKama, 7.1000:53
jim-^\pluss i highly recommend removeing totem and its mozilla plugin :P i hate totem00:53
Jack_Sparrowsatoris: IF you would at least try the suggestion, it would anser the question00:53
HipHopFan85WGGMk: Hurts me that I cant get it to work fine and stupid Windows work00:53
Kama7.04 is called fawn?00:53
onatsis there a way to login remotely to an ubuntu server and still get a gUI/Desktop from that machine?00:54
Jack_SparrowKama: or Feisty00:54
jim-^feisty fawn00:54
PeloKama,  we like to call it feisty00:54
Aloha__Kama: feisty fawn00:54
satorishmmm, you're right Jack00:54
Kamaok, confused here then.  IF G is the 7th letter, why arent all editions with a 7 gutsy?00:54
Kamaor should I just not think about it00:54
bod_satoris, no one is replying because your not giving them an explanation,. there probably all thinkin,.,. get a better mouse00:54
satorisI'll try right now...00:55
* Pelo will have to realy work at it not to call 8.04 horny hardon 00:55
satoriswell, that's not my thread... thehe00:55
* bod_ thinks Pelo has come up with a better name then Hardy Heron00:55
Kamahehe, he said horney00:55
PeloKama,   7.10 translates as  october 2007 the date or release00:55
Dr_willisKama,  thers no scheming to the cutsy-codenames  that ive seen.. :)00:55
Aloha__so flash doesn't work with the livecd?00:55
Dr_willislike Pelo  said. the version # are just the release dates00:55
Kama7.10 october.  D'OH!00:55
satorisok, I'm at metacity... I just have to wait00:55
xen_Hey there i cant seem to browse the net with konquerer, but i can with firefox, is there some setting i should be enabling to browse the www with konqurer?00:56
KamaI was just looking ro some sorty of rhyme or rythem00:56
bod_Jack_Sparrow, why is he going to matacity?00:56
wolfman2323HELP... how can i synchronize my imate to evolution00:56
Jack_Sparrowbod_: No idea00:56
Gideanwhats the comand to configure xorg?00:56
PeloKama,  do you mean ryhm or reason ?00:56
rootanyone using mysql 5.0.3 on 7.0.400:56
bod_satoris, why are you doing anything with metacity?00:56
BagelMasterCan I have someone help me compile madwifi, the language is confusing for me -  I am a first time user00:56
onatsgidean, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:56
satorisI... don't know what to reply00:57
najzlijijidoes somebody knows why i get this message right after system recognizes USB hub00:57
najzlijijihub 4-0:1.0: over-current change on port 500:57
bod_guys, how do you disable compiz?00:57
=== u^A_ is now known as u^A
satorismetacity --replace?00:57
Pelosatoris, lets try it this way what are you tryi8ng to acheive ?00:57
najzlijijiand then it changes ports  from 5 throug 800:57
edjutrying to set up some drivers for my printer - third party stuff.  it craps out saying i need gtk and gdk - i run kde.  i checked the repos, but i don't know exactly what to dwnload.  i have to print tonight.  anybody save me a trip to kinko's?00:57
PriceChildbod_, system > preferences > appearance > effects00:57
bod_Pelo, disable his compiz plz00:57
bod_PriceChild, oh yer,.,. duh,.,. cheers00:58
Peloedju, libgtk and the related -dev package00:58
bod_satoris,  system > preferences > appearance > effects   then pick the lowest option00:58
satorisI'm at 7.0400:58
bod_as in most basic00:58
jesoAnyone have any problems adjusting input volume on Audacity in Gutsy?00:58
Pelosatoris, rigth click the desktop,  change wallpaper,  last tab  desktop effects, select none or whateverit is00:58
satorisok ok00:59
Aloha__is there a list of things you can and can't do with the live dc?00:59
edjuPelo, "unable to locate package libgtk".00:59
* Pelo thinks bod_ needs a little break00:59
jesoAnyone?  I can't make Audacity's input volume go past 0.400:59
satoristhere's no such thing like "last tab desktop effects"00:59
Peloedju, hold on00:59
* bod_ thinks disablig compiz shouldnt be so damn complicated,.,.lol,.,. im just muckin about Pelo00:59
najzlijijiis there anybody here who can help me with enabling front USB ports?01:00
toresnhow do i make xlsfonts recognize the fonts i've installed... i've downloaded a font and put it in my ~/.fonts ... it's recognized by i.e. openoffice01:00
kubitzjeso it goes right up to 1.0 here01:00
Dr_willisThe last tab on the 'change desktop wallpaper' has settings for disabling compiz here.01:00
Peloedju, sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev should install all the needed dependencies as well01:00
jesoAny ideas how to fix my problem?01:00
toresnwhere does xlsfonts get its listing from?01:00
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satorishere at feisty not01:00
bluefoxxnajzlijiji: are the cords for them pluged in on the inside of the computer?01:00
bod_!pastebin | Joshuaxiong101:01
ubotuJoshuaxiong1: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:01
Pelobod_, you know what I say,  candy rots your teeth, eye candy rots your brain01:01
edjuPelo, Thanks.  gdk as well?01:01
PriceChildbod_, the floodbot did that01:01
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mkquistoops sry wrong channel01:01
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Dr_willisPelo,  Ocular Cavaties01:01
Peloedju, try it lilke that first01:01
kubitzjeso sorry it just worked straight out of the box here so I have no idea what your issue is01:01
bod_Joshuaxiong1, keep it on 1 line01:01
PeloDr_willis, nice one01:01
bod_PriceChild, god bless that little floodbot01:01
* bluefoxx specializes in computer hardware and repairs01:02
bod_Pelo, well i think ur right, but brain rot should be celebrated!!01:02
bluefoxxnajzlijiji: are the cords for them pluged in on the inside of the computer?01:02
Peloedju, sudo apt-get install libgdk-pixbuf-dev01:02
TaylorerUSUL: You still here?01:02
gmcastilwhat locale does ubuntu recommend for US users? UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1?01:02
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satorisnothing happens people, even if I'm at metacity01:02
bod_satoris, what are you doing with matacity???????01:03
Pelosatoris, what do you think metacity is ?01:03
satorisI mean, this issue no longer happens when I supposedly turn of compiz01:03
Pelosatoris, what ever your original issue with compiz was,  the ppl in #compiz can probably help you to fix it better then the ppl here01:03
satoriswell, I discovered that right now01:04
kubitzgmcastil I don't know about Ubuntu but I think UTF-8 is more widely supported generally - a lot more supported01:04
=== kduboi2 is now known as kdu1
satorisbut thanks for your help01:04
Zikitiis there a way to bypass the msttcorefonts porst install script... because i cannot remove that package01:04
satorisIt's always good to receive orientation :). Bye ppl!01:04
satoristhanks bod and pelo!01:04
goodhabitHello. I am looking for gui dvd ripping software with viewable quality. Advice me please.01:04
* Pelo wonders if PriceChild knows how to Setup a spooldirectory without printfilter. Serialport baudrate must be 9600.01:04
bod_PriceChild, ace!01:04
edjuPelo, That did it!  Setup started like a charm.  Thanks again.01:05
Kamahow can I get this program to stop telling me when people enter or leave the room?_01:05
bod_satoris, did you disable compiz?01:05
Peloedju, you are welcome01:05
najzlijijiis there anyone here who can help me with enabling front USB ports?01:05
fleishmanGreetings, I am having trouble finding the package "compizconfig-settings-manager" in Synaptic.  It lists several compiz packages, all of which i have installed, but the settings manager is not listed as an option to install.  i have an Nvidia 8600GTS which i have the drives installed for.  how do i get compizconfig-settings-manager so that i can utilize the 3d effects?01:05
satorisyes, that problem is no longer01:05
PriceChildPelo, I don't even know what I'll be having for breakfast tomorrow.01:05
Pelogoodhabit,  check what is available in add-remove01:05
bod_PriceChild, Kellogs Crunchy Nut KornFlakes?01:05
satorisso it's a compiz one. I'll check it out there. Thank you.... Bye!01:05
bluefoxxnajzlijiji: you there? you wanted to enable front USB ports on your computer correct? well in my expirence as long as the cable is pluged into the motherboard inside and the extra USB is enabled in the BIOS [eg option: enable legacy USB] then ubuntu should utilize them01:05
gmcastilkubitz: ok, thats what it looked like, but for some reason i thought that utf had some problems01:06
kubitzgoodhabit I'm just going to check but i would say DVD Shrink will probably work on Wine01:06
Pelosatoris, if this was about the title bars disapearing when you turn on the effects you just need to enable metacity or emerald to work with compiz01:06
borncrazyhow, do i "install" this iptable script? http://www.hermann-uwe.de/files/fw_laptop01:06
najzlijijii know that but it works like charm in W$ and in 7.10 it's just dead01:06
bod_Pelo,  no it was a screwy mouse he had trouble with01:06
kubitzgmcastil I think it has atheoretical issue inasmuch as it's not a proper standard01:06
kubitzOt something like that01:06
devils-havencan any one help me again? file permission options are grayed out, how can i change file permission then?01:07
gmcastilkubitz: yeah...i knw that there can be problems with man pages regarding that01:07
fleishmananyone?  is there someplace i can get the "compizconfig-settings-manager" package that is not listed in Synaptic?  I'm running ubuntu 7.1001:07
lordleemozikiti try  sudo apt-get --purge remove msttcorefonts01:07
am3itchmysql on feisty, anyone help with post-install issue?01:07
bod_devils-haven, sudo chmod *** /path/to/file/01:07
orbisvicisanyone have any clue about mounting ftp -> folder -> nfs   ?01:07
cosmodadborncrazy: you need to run it after the boot process has nearly finished, e.g., by adding a call into /etc/rc.local. However, if you don't know what this is about, better use something like firestarter.01:08
devils-haven missing operand after01:08
Kamaok, total noob here.  What shold I do to watch youtube videos?  install wine?  play with flash?01:08
bluefoxxnajzlijiji: try lsusb , i think that should list them, as far as i know all my devices have been plug nd play in linux so far except for a joystick and MS serial mouse01:08
Dr_willisorbisvicis,  theres those fuse-ftp filesystem tools. for mounting a ftp server as a local dir.  But i dont knowhow well it plays with nfs01:08
bod_fleishman, you need the correct repo's go into /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment all the lines beginning with deb01:08
PeloKama,  install flash but the installer is curretnly broken, just go to the adobe website and get the tar.gz file01:08
BagelMasterIs anyone familiar with madwifi, enough so that you could aid me in installing it?  I'm new to linux, and the language on the madwifi site is confusing for me :|01:08
fleishmanbod_-thanks, i'll give it a try01:09
borncrazycosmodad, i want to make it autostart01:09
najzlijijifleishman, have u tried to enable sources in 'System>administration > software sources'01:09
borncrazybut how do i install it??01:09
cosmodadborncrazy: and if this is a single user system only, I doubt you find it much more useful than firestarter.01:09
am3itchhow recompile mysql with --old-passwords01:09
devils-havenbob i get  missing operand after01:09
Kamawhat do i do wwith the file once i get it?  I have no idea what a tar is01:09
bod_fleishman, no probs,. then ccsm should be in synaptic01:09
mynymlis there a way to downgrade a package? skype from medibuntu in this case01:09
borncrazyno i want this script01:09
najzlijijilsusb lists 4 busses01:09
cosmodad!startup | borncrazy01:09
ubotuborncrazy: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot01:09
bod_devils-haven, post your exact command01:09
PeloKama, a tar is an archive,   extract it to your desktop , there shold be a read me or install file in it , read that01:10
danandkama tar.gz is a compressed archive - bit like a zip file in windows01:10
devils-havensudo chmod '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'01:10
borncrazyim using kubuntu01:10
devils-haventried witohught the caps, and withought the file name01:10
najzlijijibut neither of them doesnt have ID (all 0000:0000)01:10
kubitzgoodhabit I usually refer to http://www.doom9.net/ for DVD help most of those things seem to work with wine nowadays01:10
bod_sudo chmod 775 /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:10
cosmodadborncrazy: again, be aware you are starting something you don't have a clue about how it works.01:10
Pelodevils-haven, why are you tring to change the permissions to your xorg.conf file ?01:10
borncrazycosmodad, thats my problem, not yours. right?01:10
am3itchhow recompile mysql with --old-passwords (without breaking the apt-get inst version)01:10
devils-havenneed to add 1360x76801:10
bod_devils-haven, sudo chmod 775 /etc/X11/xorg.conf     /// or 755 or 77701:10
fleishmanbod_:  i looked in that directory in File Browser and it is empty01:11
cosmodadborncrazy: absolutely. And it'll likely not be your last.01:11
Pelodevils-haven,  just open the file with gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:11
bod_fleishman, if that file is empty then you should have 0 packages in Synaptic01:11
Pelodevils-haven, that means edit it as root,  never ever ever change the permissions of files in your comfig01:11
orbisvicisi succesfully mount the ftp, but the nfs complains that the ftp dir doesnt exist .... which it really kind of doesnt b/c the dir is controlled by the mount process01:11
orbisvicisany way to get around that01:11
devils-havenhow do i do that?01:11
devils-haveni am nob01:12
Pelodevils-haven,  just open the file with gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:12
borncrazyso how do i make it work?01:12
bod_devils-haven, gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:12
Pelodevils-haven, from the terminaql01:12
devils-havenwhere is gksu gedit?01:12
bod_devils-haven, just run the exact command i typed01:12
bod_devils-haven, copy and paste this command into a terminal       gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:12
atclaguys little help. i installed this http://www.ehow.com/how_2003950_install-counter-strike-server-on-linux.html | now do i run the server ?01:13
Pelodevils-haven,  open a terminal window type  gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf where gksu tell the comp you will run the comand as root, gedit is the text editor and the rest is the path to the file01:13
fleishmanbod_: ah, i'm a moron, i was in the folder sources.list.d01:13
bod_fleishman, haha,,.so you now have uncommented the correct file?01:13
devils-havenok thx01:13
am3itchmysql installed by apt, need to change configured options, need add "--old-passwords"  , tried adding to my.cnf in [mysql] section=nogood01:13
dananddevils-haven 1. open a terminal - applications -> accessories -> terminal 2. type the command01:13
Kamathanks guys01:14
fleishmanbod_: which file do i uncomment?01:14
Kamagot flash working fine now01:14
bod_fleishman, uncomment everything thing that begins with deb01:14
* Pelo beats Kama for not directing his gratitude properly 01:14
devils-havenafter editing do i need to relogon?01:14
* bod_ laughs at Pelo01:14
cosmodadborncrazy: I provided you with the link.01:14
BagelMasterifconfig ath0 down01:14
BagelMasterifconfig wifi0 down01:14
BagelMaster#Repeat these 2 ifconfig lines for every MadWifi device you have01:14
BagelMasterCan someone help me with those commands?01:15
Pelodevils-haven,  you 'll need to restart x , crtl _ alt _ backspace01:15
bod_devils-haven, u need to reboot or rrestart x if changin screen settings yes01:15
Kamamy most eternal and undying thanks to pelo as well, saving the best for last01:15
atclaguys little help. i installed this http://www.ehow.com/how_2003950_install-counter-strike-server-on-linux.html | now do i run this cs server ?01:15
devils-havenok, i'll be back if its still not working, thx01:15
borncrazycosmodad, okay01:15
* Pelo thinks Kama is trying to avoid his wrath01:15
dananddevils-haven - you will need to restart X - save all stuff - logout and press CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE to restart X01:15
* bod_ thinks Kama actually left Pelo for last becase he doesnt like him01:15
fleishmanbod_: i have 5 tabs at the top (Ubuntu software, third party software, updates, authentication, and statistics) i'm not seeing anything that starts with deb01:15
najzlijijii get this message every time system recognizes USB hub http://pastebin.com/m30ef4d55 can somebody tell me what seems to be the problem?01:15
najzlijijiduring the boot time01:16
* Pelo throws bod_ a dirty look and goes looking for his @01:16
Zikitieven with the purge command the package insists onrunning that postinstall script. Is there a way to remove a package manually?01:16
Pelonajzlijiji, patience ,we need to load the link01:16
bod_fleishman, your file should look something like this : http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54563/01:17
Kamaok pelo, now how do I get these ***entered *** left the room to stop coming up?01:17
Pelonajzlijiji, did you change the cable ?01:17
* bod_ Looks at Pelo with a 'Come on then!' look in his eye01:17
najzlijijiit worked fine in W$01:17
TannMy keyboard is having issues. It won't work in KDE, but it will work in GNOME. ans this problem only started a few minutest ago01:17
PeloKama, xchat ?  right click the channel tab ( bottom ) select hide join/part01:17
danandZikiti - take a look at trying to remove the package with dpkg01:17
Kamai am using pidgin01:17
Kamajust re-installed ubuntu 30 min ago01:18
PeloKama, I don't know then01:18
Zikitidpkg/apt-get/synaptics they all run that postinstall script01:18
PeloKama, ask in #pidgin01:18
PriceChildKama, there is a plugin to hide those01:18
BagelMaster"ifconfig ath0 down" "ifconfig wifi0 down" What does those do?01:18
PriceChildKama, ctrl+u, or tools > plugins01:18
danandZikiti - either that or force a reinstall of the package with apt - then try to remove again01:18
fleishmanbod_:got it01:18
StarnestommyBagelMaster: those turn off network interfaces01:18
devils-havensorry i messed up the editing, what was the first word before gedit?01:19
PriceChildKama, then enable irc helper i think01:19
Kamauh. i think ctrl u did it01:19
bod_fleishman, you didnt just copy mine over to yours did you?01:19
dananddevils-haven - gksu01:19
BagelMasterStarnestommy: do I have to specify the network interface?01:19
Zikitiall force install/uninstall options don't work. I am asking if there's a way to manually remove and installed package? And manually remove it from the apt database?01:19
BagelMasterSarnestommy: If so, how do I do that01:19
CrullerSo, what am I missing? I'm trying to get my microphone to work and I keep hitting a brick wall.01:19
Pelodevils-haven, gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf remember that linux is case sensitive and it,s X one one , not X L L01:19
PriceChildKama, oh wait no, there's one below01:19
StarnestommyBagelMaster: ifconfig name down01:19
PriceChildKama, join/part hiding01:19
devils-havenwhat x?01:20
PriceChildKama, you may need to restart pidgin for it to take effect, unsure01:20
bod_devils-haven, and its a big X not a little x01:20
umdoistreshi, i have a question about python..01:20
devils-havenwhat is X?01:20
umdoistresoh, thanks01:20
=== marcin is now known as `Martin`
bod_devils-haven, the folder /etc/X1101:20
devils-haventhe 1360X768?01:20
Pelodevils-haven, that bit in the middle of the path /X11 , is X one one , not X L L01:20
devils-havenohh i just drag the file to terminal01:20
fleishmanb?od_: do i need to reboot to get it to show up in synaptic01:20
bod_Pelo, and big X not little x01:21
PriceChild!xorg | devils-haven01:21
ubotudevils-haven: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:21
epifaniohi, i'm on ubuntu7.10 PPC01:21
bod_fleishman, have you found ccsm?01:21
Pelofleishman, you do not need to reboot in linux01:21
bod_epifanio, thats nice01:21
CodenutI made my son an unprivledged user, yet he can upgrade my system, (I think) What's going on?01:21
=== emgent is now known as dldc
epifanioi'm tring to install openscenegraph01:21
=== dldc is now known as emgent
Peloepifanio, did hyou check in the repos first ? menu > sytem> admin > synaptic package manager01:22
jribCodenut: he shouldn't be able to... Did you logout and back in?01:22
danandCodenut - are you sure you removed your son from the admin group?01:22
epifaniofrom the svn, beacouse on the repo is quite old01:22
devils-havenhow do i copy text from xchat?01:22
CodenutI will check01:22
epifanio1,2 instead of 2.201:22
Pelodevils-haven, just highlight it, it gets copied automaticly01:22
bod_devils-haven, highlight then   ctrl+c01:22
bod_Pelo, really?01:22
Pelobod_, yes01:22
fleishmanbod_: i removed the #'s from all entries that start with "deb".  now when i load synaptic, i get an error about duplicate source.list entry01:23
devils-havenbelive me i tried01:23
epifaniobut i know tha on debian unstasble they have the 2.2 version01:23
bod_Pelo, how groovy01:23
BagelMastermember:identifier:starnestommy: "FATAL: Module wlan_scan_sta is in use" "FATAL: Module wlan is in use." happened after I turned off the devices with the command01:23
devils-havendemn now it works01:23
CodenutWould that be the group ID?01:23
bod_fleishman, pastebin your sources.list file01:23
cry012hi, is there a command to check the status of an installed module?01:23
epifanioit is possible to install the debian version on ubuntu7.10?01:23
bod_fleishman, you made a backup before editing it right?01:23
Pelocry012, lsmod01:23
jribCodenut: just type 'groups your_sons_username_here' in the terminal01:23
Peloepifanio, yes01:24
zura_how can i connect to medan?01:24
epifanioi aqsk thesew beacouse a sorce installation give meerrors in the build01:24
Pelozura_, what is medan ?01:24
kubitzCodenut is this under System Admin Users?01:24
kubitzI'm pretty new but i never noticed a need to look for IDs01:24
Peloepifanio, ubuntu is debian based ,most  deb packages will work on it01:24
fleishmanbod: yes, i made a backup01:24
CodenutGot adbeck cdrom audio01:24
CodenutThink I am OK.01:24
Pelozura_,   /join #medan if it is on this network01:24
generalj__Medan is the capital of the province of North Sumatra, Indonesia01:24
CodenutI really want parental controls on this machine.01:25
epifanioi follow the same step on 7.10 x86 and 7.10 PPC , the ppc fail with these error : http://rafb.net/p/hRWmqy87.html01:25
cry012Pelo; Thing is. I know the module is installed, and it created a link un /dev/dvb/adapter0, but it doesn't work. So I was looking for a way to check if the module was installed correctly?01:25
zura_help me01:25
bod_fleishman, do you know how to pastebin? pastebin your sources.list that you edited01:25
CodenutThat Dans program is where I would like to be.01:25
jribCodenut: did you logout and back in then?01:25
zura_my ubuntu cannot play music01:25
bod_fleishman, gd man for making a backup01:25
zura_how must i do?01:25
kyle__how do i go about resizing icons on my desktop with out using the stretch icon thing when you rightclick?01:25
epifanioPelo:  how can i install the debian package ?01:25
Peloepifanio,  you should try and ask in a channel for the app itself or check their faq or forum on their site01:25
Zofo Does anybody know where i can get the bcm43xx-fwcutter driver so that my laptop cang get internet?01:25
Peloepifanio, if you have it , just dl it ot your desktop and dbl click it01:26
danandepifanio - use dpkg -i pkgname in a terminal01:26
Pelozura_, there is no such channel on this network, you will need to check on google for more info01:26
zura_there are message i have to connect internet01:26
generalj__Zofo: it should be in synaptic01:26
bod_!pastebin  fleishman01:27
bod_!pastebin | fleishman01:27
ubotufleishman: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:27
cry012is anyone aware if there are problems with the nova-s dvb card and kernel ?01:27
fleishmanbod: ok, hang on01:27
=== Frogzoo_ is now known as Frogzoo
bod_fleishman, kk01:28
Zofogeneralj__: its a restricted driver would it be there. the computer i am using has no ethernet port. its an old laptop and it would be nice to have internet01:28
TannMy keyboard is having issues. It won't work in KDE, but it will work in GNOME. ans this problem only started a few minutest ago01:28
fleishmanbod: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54565/01:28
PeloTann, check your keyboard connector01:29
fleishmanbod: that is my restored backup-before i did anything01:29
TannPelo: The keyboard works in GNOME though01:29
danandTann - is your keyboard powered by battery?01:29
TannPelo: It is definately no the keyboard01:29
lilg111111i need help with sound in ubuntu01:29
bod_fleishman, now post the one you edited01:29
fleishmanbod:k, just a sec01:29
PeloTann,  consider that your connector may have moved or that the cable may be damages01:29
Tannbod_: no01:29
cosmodadTann: is it not working at all, or are just some keys or so malfunctioning?01:29
PeloTann, I don't have a clue then01:29
bod_Tann, ???01:30
TannPelo: I have tried and retried several times01:30
PeloTann, usb ?01:30
cosmodadTann: in the latter case, check the layout setting in KDE.01:30
Tanncosmodad: It doesn't work at all in KDE01:30
TannPelo: PS/201:30
kubitzZofo you can download things by http from the repositories - then you could get in onto the laptop01:30
cosmodadTann: eek.01:31
PeloTann, did you try to change the keyboard settings in kde ? you might have accicentaly removed it or someting01:31
fleishmanbod: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54568/01:31
kubitzI'm guessing the issue is you can't get the laptop to access the net to get the driver to access the net?01:31
* Pelo doens't care for kde anyway , he can't realy see the problem 01:31
cosmodadTann: check KDE keyboard settings anyway.01:31
TannPelo: no. It was working one minute, and then i went to get something and when I came back it didn't work01:31
Zofoi need the driver but i cant find a good way to get it to intall01:31
PeloTann,  I assume you tried to reboot ?01:31
TannPelo: yes, several times01:32
danandTann - have you had a look in your log files for any errors - you can do that with mouse :)01:32
CrullerAnyone have any experience using microphones with Ubuntu?01:32
PeloTann, does it work in recovery mode ?01:32
Tanndanand: where are the log files?01:32
Kamahi again01:32
atcla i installed this http://www.ehow.com/how_2003950_install-counter-strike-server-on-linux.html | now do i run this cs server ?01:32
TannPelo: let me see. Just a minute01:33
Kamai am having some problems with the azureus installer01:33
kyle__how do i go about resizing icons on my desktop with out using the stretch icon thing when you rightclick?01:33
PeloCruller,  open a terminal and type  alsamixer check that the captuer periferal settings aer not muted and that the levels are up01:33
CrullerTried that, everything is enabled and maxed out, nothing gets recorded.01:33
KamaI go to add/remove, select it then get a pop up that states list of applications is not available.  I get the option to cancel or reload01:33
Kamaand it just keeps going around in a circle01:34
Zofowhere can i download restricted drivers from01:34
bod_fleishman, copy this one and see if it works : http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54570/01:34
CrullerI get feedback from the mic. (ie. if I blow on it, I can hear the hissing from the speakers)01:34
bruenigKama, sudo apt-get update01:34
KamaI do that then ahen i click it again, i get ehe same pop up01:34
kubitzZofo the issue is discussed here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62773801:34
bruenigKama, sudo apt-get update01:34
kathywhat parameter do I use with rhythmbox to open a music file?  %u ?01:34
Kamait just goea back and forth01:34
PeloKama, menu > system> admin > software sources  1st tab check everything,  3rd tab check backport , relaod and go back to add /remove01:34
CrullerBut nothing seems to get recorded in Sound Recorder atleast.01:34
bruenigkathy, I imagine rhythmbox musicfile01:35
kathybruenig, I'm launching it from the file manager.01:35
CrullerAnd what capture should I use? I have friggin three to choose from =S can they all be turned on without any negative effects?01:35
* bruenig thinks my solution is better than Pelo's01:35
kathybruenig, open with01:35
bruenigkathy, I am not familiar enough with nautilus to say01:35
KamaI have no backport option01:35
kathyThis is enlightenment01:35
* Pelo thinks bruenigs solution does not enable the extra repos01:35
* bod_ thinks you should edit sources.list and uncomment all lines that begin with eb01:36
KamaOhh! something is happening01:36
fleishmanbod: fantastic!  it's listed now01:36
kubitzZofo http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43#b43andb43legacy appears to be a suitable way to get them01:36
bod_fleishman, groovy,.,. dunno wot you did to break it,.,.lol01:36
fleishmanbod: now do i need to install all of the compiz packages to get everything working?01:36
Pelobod_, we are dealing with a noob,  manualy editing important files is not a good idea01:36
bod_Pelo, fair point01:37
KamaOh Ya Baby Pela comes through again!01:37
* Pelo wins01:37
KamaIf he was a president he would be called Aberham PELAkin01:37
bod_fleishman, tbh you should get an update alert in a few mins,.,. but yes you could do01:37
CrullerAnd what about input sources? Can they all be selected to mic? Should only the 'correct' one be mic as some 'guides' I've found suggest?01:37
Pelobruenig,  do you know how to Setup a spooldirectory without printfilter. Serialport baudrate must be 9600.01:37
bruenigPelo, no clue01:37
* bod_ thinks Pelo should let someone else win for a change,.,.lol01:37
niuqhi, how can i test if my video card it's supporting 3d?01:37
* Pelo points out to Kama that his nick is PelO not PelA01:37
* bruenig disagrees with Pelo's assertion of win01:38
PriceChildniuq, glxinfo | grep direct01:38
PriceChildniuq, if you see direct rendering yes, then it is01:38
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
bruenigre-entrenching gui ignorance causes everyone to lose01:38
zura_help me01:38
danandniuq - try to run one of the 3D screensaver programs01:38
niuqPriceChild: thank you01:38
* Pelo hits bruenig with his little @01:38
HumbleI have got a problem with partitions, anyone care to help?01:38
zura_my ubuntu can't play music mp301:38
bruenig!anyone | Humble01:38
PeloHumble, we need more details01:38
* bod_ thinks bruenig is more correct then Pelo,.,. terminal ftw01:38
ubotuHumble: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:39
zura_if i want to add application01:39
zura_there are message like this01:39
zura_http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/breezy/Release.gpg: Temporary failure resolving 'archive.ubuntu.com'01:39
Kamathinks pelo is more than helpful01:39
* Pelo thinks there is such athink as a learning curve , start slow then move on to the big things 01:39
bod_!enter | zura_01:39
ubotuzura_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:39
zura_what this01:39
kubitzbruenig as anoob myself I think there are two cogent sides to that argument - but ultimately you have to type sometimes :)01:39
bruenigzura_, are you still using breezy?01:39
atclahow do i run application ??01:39
* gmcastil agrees with pelo01:39
yannick_lmhi all01:39
onexusedI'm trying to connect to an smb share using these instructions: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently.  When I use the mount command for it, I'm told "mount error 20 = Not a directory" How do I fix this?01:39
toresnhow do i make xlsfonts recognize the fonts i've installed... i've downloaded a font and put it in my ~/.fonts ... it's recognized by i.e. openoffice01:39
* bod_ thinks Pelo is correct, but terminal has to be forced upon some ex-windows users01:39
Peloatcla, you can run applications from the menu , or you can type the name of the app in the terminal01:40
gmcastilPelo: i think thats why things seem so helter skelter in here - a lot of people that have never used unix before and want to do a lot of more advanced things01:40
Zofokubitz: thats about as far as i got. i downloded them and put them on the cumputer but thats as far as i got. i hoped that there was a package that would be an easy install01:40
zura_sorry i am newbie01:40
* bruenig thinks sudo apt-get update is a very good place to start as it is something which is easily understood and remembered01:40
yannick_lmWhen I maximized a window with XFCE, I lost the decorations at the bottom. Someone know how to fix that ?01:40
* gmcastil really wishes that people would think about their questions instead of screaming "How do I xxx"01:40
Kamaok. how do i update my system?  ie first thing on a new install01:40
mattgyver83does anyone know of a good dvd authoring program available for linux?01:40
* Pelo thinks all this telepathy is givng him a headache 01:40
cabroni_how can I add a HP Laserjet 1000 series?01:40
kubitzZofo sorry that was all I could find01:40
* bod_ thinks bruenig is correct ONLY if apt-get is explained to the user first01:40
gmcastilKama: have you read the documentation?01:40
bruenigKama, for cmd in update upgrade; do sudo apt-get $option; done01:41
gmcastilbod_: of course...users's don't know what a terminal is01:41
PeloKama,  in the terminal type  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade01:41
* bruenig thinks that answer is a bad one01:41
TannWho ever told me to try to use recovery mode, it didn't work still01:41
danandkama - apt-get update then apt-get upgrade01:41
Kamadocumentation?  Hell no, that is what Pelo is for01:41
bruenigKama, for cmd in update upgrade; do sudo apt-get $cmd; done01:41
jaggz-hola.  How do I control the speed/acceleration of multiple input (pointer) devices?01:41
atclawhats extension in linux of .exe file ?01:41
bod_gmcastil, do you mean ex-windows users? or all users?01:41
HumbleLook, I've got a problem with partitions on my ubuntu install. I tried to install a windows/ubuntu dual boot situation using two seperate partitions and now Windows has gone ahead and deactivated the partition with Ubuntu on it. I need the files on my ubuntu partition and can't just whipe it and start again, so does anyone know a way in which I can just reactivate the partition with Ubuntu on it, even if it means deleting the Windows partition01:41
PeloKama, also , menu > system> admin > update manager01:41
gmcastilKama: you've no idea how annoying it is when people don't do their own reading first01:41
bruenigHumble, fs-driver.org01:41
bod_atcla, there are no .exe files,. but files can be executable01:41
kubitzmattgyver83 i'm assuming http://www.dvdflick.net/download.php will work with wine?01:41
brueniggmcastil, pelo is apparently unbothered so whatever01:42
gmcastilHumble: i'd try the liveCD with the safe option01:42
atclabod_: i installed Counter strike server. how do i run it ??01:42
tom2002when coding in windows ... the windows.h header file is used ... when coding with ubuntu ... what do i put in its place ???01:42
Kamayou have no idea how annoying it is to be an ubuntu noob and not have stuff just work properly01:42
mattgyver83ill look into it, thanks kubitz.01:42
Kamawant to trade places?01:42
Pelobruenig,  I jsut anser question as they come if I can01:42
bruenigif someone said that documentation was unnecessary because he could just bug someone in irc about it, I would think that is a bad thing to say but who am I01:42
gmcastilbruenig: i think that telling people to try google first and reading documentation is helping them - 90% of linux is learning where to find answers01:42
bod_atcla, i have played this game once or twice,. but setting up a server is beyond my knowledge,. explain how you would do it in windows,.,. i might be able to translate01:42
TannPelo: recovery mode didn't work01:42
gmcastilPelo: i do too...but it's hard sometimes, when no one has thought out their questions or done any reading at all01:43
danandHumble - how do you mean - deactivated?01:43
HumbleGmcastll I can't use the live CD, that's the other problem. I installed Ubuntu using unetbootin and don't have any blank DVDs laying around. This fs-driver thing may just work though.01:43
bod_gmcastil, but being told to google it everytime you ask a question is so annoying01:43
cabroni_I have been aded as a new print, but it not respond01:43
PeloKama,  you'll get the hang of it evenutaly,  here aer a few resources to help you get started,   http://www.linuxcommand.org/index.php http://cutlersoftware.com/ubuntuinstall/01:43
mohbanadoes anyone use wxDownload Fast?01:43
tom2002how do i replace the windows.h header file ???01:43
Kamathanks bod01:43
bod_Kama, what did i do?01:43
gmcastilbod_: well, that doesn't happen if its clear that people have already been there01:43
bruenig!find windows.h01:43
Kama"but being told to google it everytime you ask a question is so"01:43
ubotuFile windows.h found in ecos, irssi-dev, libcamel1.2-dev, libdirectfb-dev, libgmime-2.0-2-dev (and 10 others)01:43
Zofokubitz: Well thanks for the help. this is the hardest linux problem i have had01:43
CrullerSo for everyone else the mic thing in ubuntu 'just works'? Is there something I could be missing? Sound Recorder not working? Something?01:43
cabroni_is there a hp laserjet 1000 driver for linux?01:43
tom2002that would produce a windows program ..01:44
bod_gmcastil, but google is useless if the person using it cannot phrase the question correctly,. almost as useless as you telling them to google it01:44
bruenigCruller, check in alsamixer if the volume is up01:44
onexusedCruller: What sound card?01:44
gmcastilbod_: i disagree01:44
PeloTann,  I'm stumped, are both kubuntu and ubuntu on the same hdd ?  try from ubuntu  sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop maybe it will restore files that might be missing01:44
Kamathe thing is GM, I couldnt find jack about how to get flash to install.01:44
bod_Kama, oh,.,. no probs01:44
n08l3J_hello ubuntu people01:44
bod_gmcastil, for what reason?01:44
Kamaso i came here01:44
nancyHey, all - this is techgeek40 --- I'm helping my niece get up on Ubuntu -01:44
n08l3J_I am experiencing this weird problem01:44
tom2002using windows.h would produce a windows program that i would have to run with wine ... right ????01:44
Kamaand while here i tossed out the last remaining questions01:44
bruenig!enter | nancy01:44
Crullereverything is maxed out, it's just the sound chip that comes in the motherboard, intel HDA01:44
gmcastilbod_: not to mention that there is also documentation prominently placed on the Ubuntu website in addition to the forums that address a lot of the problems that come up in here01:44
ubotunancy: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:44
n08l3J_all of sudden my network-manager stops responding and disconnect my wireless01:45
TannPelo: I am running kde on ubuntu01:45
gmcastilbod_: look at some of these: "I am experiencing this wierd problem"01:45
* Pelo is gonna go and buy some brain ( junk ) food 01:45
PeloTann, same answer then01:45
bod_gmcastil, to a new user this can be very daunting,. talking to human beings in real-time is more usefull then 200 pages of gobbldy gook01:45
Pelolater folks01:45
* gmcastil thinks Pelo needs beer01:45
n08l3J_any clues where to find what happen and how to correct this issue i am using ipw3945 driver on dell inspirpn 150501:45
mohbanadoes anyone use wxDownload Fast?01:45
onexusedCruller: I know the mic hasn't been gotten to work for some sound blaster cards.  I'd have to look about Intel HDA.01:46
bruenign08l3J_, does the interface show up in iwconfig01:46
DOOM_NXwhat's the command/program to check the speed of ur hard drive?01:46
Kamanot only 200 pages, but thousands of pages, referring to many distros.  It could be written in chineese for all it helped me01:46
tom2002would using the windows.h file produce a linux program ????01:46
gmcastilbod_: i agree with that...but a lot of the questions come from people that have never used linux before asking about how to configure an apache server or samba or some other thing01:46
atclabod_: ok when u install there should be .exe file which contains server's set up. i need to find that file and run it, problem is i dunno which files are running or not, and how to run files on linux. what command should i use to open\run file01:46
gmcastilbod_: it's clear that the majority of the people in this channel haven't even bothered to read any of the documentation01:46
danandnancy - try to explain what your error is :)01:46
CrullerI ran in to a lot of guides with people seemingly having the same problems, but it was mostly just 'turn your mic settings on in alsamixer"01:46
rainwalkeris PCRE in the repos?01:47
gmcastilKama: I'm referring to Ubuntu specific documentation01:47
Kamadoes that mean you shouldnt help them gm?01:47
nancydandand: need to register with the ubuntu server01:47
bod_gmcastil, but these users are generally used to a click and and  a wizard does everything,. but a huge wiki is worse then a step-by-step from a human in here01:47
gmcastilrainwalker: apt-cache search PCRE01:47
n08l3J_yes bruenig01:47
onexusedCruller: I'm having sound problems on a different linux OS and that's mostly what I get too, lol.01:47
Kamai am referring to ubuntu specific stuff too.  thousands of google pages01:47
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration01:47
bod_atcla, an application can be run by typing the name of the application nto a terminal01:47
kubitzgmcastil to be fair one of the first things most of us newbies need to do is configure Samba as we usually need to carry on sharing with windows.01:47
n08l3J_it is working fine and will work for couple hours01:47
bruenign08l3J_, does it appear to be configured with the essid specified and such?01:47
rainwalkergmcastil: it listed a lot of things, how do I know what to install?01:48
bruenign08l3J_, so try dhclient eth101:48
n08l3J_bruenig: I am running it without any problem right now01:48
bruenigor whatever the interface is01:48
bod_kubitz, ntfs3g    lets you share files with windows partitions,.,. whyyou need samba (which i dont know about) is beyond me01:48
bruenign08l3J_, so you are just complaining about gui failure or do you have a real problem?01:48
gmcastilrainwalker: pastebin the output...why do you need PCRE?01:48
n08l3J_bruenig: no no01:48
atclabod_: can u give me an example01:48
bod_atcla, in a terminal type        totem01:48
rainwalkergmcastil: I'm compiling a plugin for pidgin that says what you're listening to01:48
bod_rainwalker, cool01:49
kubitzbod_ alright that was bad example but you take my point people expect to carry on doing what they were doing with windows01:49
n08l3J_bruenig: It do something after that the system starts responding weirdly  by that i mean, i can not launch any new apsp, sometimes some app works some doesn;t01:49
gmcastilrainwalker: ah...yeah, that'd explain it...and yeah, that is kinda cool :)01:49
runemaste644I think i found a bug in the bug report tool...01:49
gmcastilrainwalker: pastebin your output, and i'll take a look at it01:49
Crullerletsee if it's sound recorder fucking up by installing skype =|01:49
kubitzI have been lucky inasmuch as most of the manuals made sense and I haven't had a real issues so far01:49
n08l3J_bruenig: even when i try to run like find command through cli it just stays there hanged01:49
bod_kubitz, exactly, and a wiki is worse then a human,. this is what im trying to educate gmcasti with01:49
FSWolf_im having trouble setting up ubuntu 7.10 to run two monitors off a dual head ATI card can any one else?01:49
gmcastilrainwalker: is the configure script giving you an error?01:50
mohbanadoes anyone use wxDownload Fast?01:50
Crullerdual monitors are a pain in the ass01:50
bruenign08l3J_, well stop running network-manager if you think that is the problem01:50
rainwalkerbod_ and gmcastil: here's the page for that plugin http://code.google.com/p/musictracker/01:50
bod_!repeat | mohbana01:50
ubotumohbana: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience01:50
gmcastilrainwalker: that's hot....01:50
rainwalkergmcastil: yes01:50
gmcastilrainwalker: what error is ./configure giving you?01:50
bod_rainwalker, i dont use pidgin but are you planning on writing something similiar for xchat?01:50
tom2002any ideas on how to fix my header file issue ?01:50
rainwalker"PCRE library is needed; please make sure you have the PCRE development files installed."01:50
runemaste644When i tried to run it it showed a weird screen with the X11 logo. I got back to my desktop, but i couldnt click and i had to ctrl alt backspace.01:50
CrullerI had a *nix guru mess around with xorg for maybe an hour before he got it working, and even then it was a lot less than perfect01:50
n08l3J_bruenig: How should i connect to wireless then ?01:50
bruenign08l3J_, iwconfig and dhclient01:51
rainwalkerbod_ I would if I knew anything about writing code01:51
gmcastilrainwalker: sudo apt-get install pcregrep01:51
runemaste644Now when i try to login to gnome, i get a tan screen and it does nothing01:51
FrogzooCruller: even nix gurus aren't x gurus01:51
rainwalkergmcastil: ok I saw that in synaptic but wasn't sure that's what I needed, thanks =)01:51
bod_rainwalker, how are you writing one for pidgin without knowing anything about code?01:51
gmcastilrainwalker: that last one is the dealio, i'd imagine - if it has any dependancies, it'l probably resolve automagically01:51
mohbanais there a site dedicated to forcing certain companies to open source there drivers?01:51
gmcastilrainwalker: yup, np01:51
gmcastilmohbana: forcing? hehe01:51
rainwalkerbod_: I'm not writing it, I'm compiling what's already been written01:51
FSWolf_could some one please help me :(01:52
runemaste644i went into KDE and reported the bug i was going to report, but how do i fix Gnome?01:52
bod_rainwalker, ah,.,. my bad,.,. lol01:52
cabroni_how to configure this printer in ubuntu 7.10 !?!!! , it doesnt run , .FUCK!01:52
gmcastilmohbana: "You can't sell your product anymore - we won't allow it!"01:52
gmcastilcabroni_: noob01:52
Dr_willis!ohmy | cabroni_01:52
ubotucabroni_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:52
rainwalker!language > cabroni_01:52
gmcastilmohbana: that company wouldn't be around very long :)01:52
bod_gmcastil, n00b bash once more and il complain on -ops01:52
Dr_willisDepends on the printer  to some degree also.01:52
runemaste644im going to be afk for a sec01:52
Ex-Cybertom2002, Ubuntu doesn't really have an equivalent to windows.h01:52
Crulleror not, now I get some dependency problems trying to install skype x_X01:52
Dr_williscabroni_,  whats the exact printer Kind/type?01:53
mohbanagmcastil, ok how about asking them to release linux drivers01:53
gmcastilrainwalker: did configure pass through it?01:53
gmcastilmohbana: depends on the company01:53
MixyPlixyWould anyone be able to help me get my wacom tablet running smoothly?01:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wacom - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:53
gmcastilmohbana: typically, though, the open source community winds up cranking out there own drivers that are better than the companies anyway01:53
bod_!info wacom01:53
cabroni_HP Laserjet 1000 series01:53
ubotuPackage wacom does not exist in gutsy01:53
gmcastilmohbana: intel, ATI, and nvidia are notable exceptions to that01:53
aconbereI'm having a hard time getting sudo working with my users. I'm used to specifying a group that's able to run commands via sudo so in this case I've specified wheel01:54
aconbere%wheel          ALL=(All) ALL01:54
* Pelo is back with yogourt coverd raisins01:54
Dr_williscabroni_,  some of the hp all in ones, need the hpoj service running. Not sure on your exact model however. Most HP's are very well supported under Linux with CUPS.01:54
aconberebut my user in wheel isn't able to run any commands01:54
astro76aconbere: it's the admin group01:54
gmcastilmohbana: it's not usually that they need to release linux drivers - the trick is gettin them to place them under the GPL, which is harder to do01:54
* bod_ thinks Pelo should share the love01:54
aconbereastro76: it shouldn't matter01:54
* gmcastil has Newcastle01:54
aconbereastro76: it's just a group01:54
kubitzironically the only issue I did have turned out to be a dead wifi adapter. I had always kept it as a spare  and it never occurred to be that it didn't work. So testing the hardware was the last thing I did - dummy that I was.01:54
gmcastilPelo: Beer >>> yogurt covered anything01:55
MixyPlixyI can plug it in and everything works, except for hovering, and being able to configure buttons.01:55
compwiz18cabroni_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20017901:55
aconbereastro76: so if I add a group to the group file, and add my users to the group, they should be able to run commands01:55
cabroni_cups are already run in my computer, but it not have GUI?01:55
compwiz18cabroni_: cups gui is found in system -> adminstration -> printers01:55
Ex-Cybertom2002, windows.h is really a shortcut for a bunch of Windows libraries and constants; on a Linux system, each major library package has its own include file... for example if you are writing a GTK program, you do: #include <gtk/gtk.h>01:55
atclabod_: haha i was like wtf is terminaL :DD now i cc its console :DD ok so i just type in the name and it runs01:55
astro76aconbere: agreed, but it's setup with admin by default in ubuntu01:55
atclaim gonna look for dat filke01:55
Dr_williscabroni_,  i recall there being a nice gui in gnome to set up the printers. Check your system.settings menus?01:56
bod_atcla, if its an executable file then yes,.,.are you a recent convert?01:56
cabroni_i have been added this print, but it not print the sample page01:56
Pelo!cn | yu01:56
atclabod_: yea01:56
ubotuyu: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:56
aconbereastro76: I understand that, but I'm trying to figure out why it's not working like sudo /should/ :-D01:56
atclabod_: barely 2 weeks, trying01:56
kubitzI'm off to bed - goodnight!01:56
ubotuFor Korean help, /join #ubuntu-ko01:57
atclaall kind of OS01:57
bod_atcla, ok,.,. the Terminal is like your old Run-->cmd.exe   program01:57
ubotu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい01:57
aconbereastro76: not to mention that using admin doesn't help :)01:57
atclai started off with gentoo, no luck so i moved to fedora.. and now im in ubuntu01:57
Peloyu, /join #ubuntu-cn01:57
compwiz18!cn | yu01:57
ubotuyu: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:57
astro76aconbere: it should that's how the first user has sudo access01:58
Dr_willisif you are starting with linux.. gentoo was not a good place to begin. :)01:58
cheesypiecesguys, every video on my computer doesn't play... it just shows a pink screen. any ides?01:58
astro76aconbere: and stupid question but you've used visudo to edit?01:58
atclaDr_willis: yea :D but it happned01:58
bod_atcla,  im a 2 month ubuntu user,.,. its not that difficult ,.,. most answers can be found on the forums / google / or here,. so try and run your programme through the terminal,.,. what happens?01:58
Pelocheesypieces, try turning off desktop effects01:58
atclai was stuch with 96 pages on manual and no knowlegde at all01:58
jbw4guys, I have a strange problem. I just tried to install git vc via apt-get. The install failed, and when I re-ran it, it complained about missing /etc/inittab. I checked, and sure enough..../etc/inittab is not there. Now, I haven't used this file in ages...does Gutsy still use an /etc/inittab or does it place it elsewhere?01:58
Dr_willisUbuntu has a staggering amount of forum/docs/guides/help :)01:58
=== ytdtyfu is now known as Ashfire908
Dr_willisof course you can always cheat and look at guides/docs for other disrtos for some parts.01:59
atclabod_: i cant find what to run yet01:59
bod_atcla, lol,.,.ok,.,. il sit here twiddling my thumbs    *twiddles thumbs*01:59
Dr_willisatcla,  i often use the gentoo wiki pages for some  information01:59
atclalike when u install files, is there shortucts or any oither way to access them besides dir01:59
rainwalkergmcastil: it didn't work01:59
aconbereastro76: well I tried that after vim didn't work.01:59
cheesypiecespelo, i still have the same problem with effects turned off01:59
bod_atcla, yer, remember the name, and run from terminal02:00
atclaDr_willis: i have print outs :D i even have linux shorten command list02:00
aconbereastro76: I read that note at the top, and promptly ignored it as quickly as I do the note at the top of crontab02:00
astro76aconbere: I'm not familiar with the consequences of not using visudo, but that could be your problem02:00
Pelocheesypieces, go into synaptic,  search for gstreamer , install every single gstreamer0.10 package you see02:00
aconbereastro76: heh, that would be supremely bollocks :)02:00
atclabod_: win and linux should have diff names of exe files, dont u think02:00
jbw4does ubuntu even use an inittab?02:00
Flannelaconbere: ALL is different than All02:00
Flanneljbw4: no02:00
Pelojbw4, I think it's been phased out02:01
jbw4ah, I see.02:01
rainwalkergmcastil: should I just compile pcre myself?02:01
jbw4ok, thanks. I was scared02:01
Dr_willisjbw4,  ubuntu is using the upstart system. Inittab is not used much by ubuntu I think02:01
aconbereFlannel: Thanks!02:01
PeloFlannel, do you know how to Setup a spooldirectory without printfilter. Serialport baudrate must be 9600.02:01
astro76aconbere: it seems to be just syntax checking and edit locking... at the same time I don't see the sense purposefully not using it02:01
Dr_willis!upstart | jbw402:01
ubotujbw4: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/02:01
aconbereastro76: yeah visudo just locks and what not02:01
FlannelPelo: No02:01
* Pelo can never get any help in this channel 02:01
bod_atcla, linux does not use .exe as a file extension, as you no every thing you do in gui, is just run in command line, where you cant see it,. so we set an appliaction to be execuatable, instead of giving it a .exe extension,.,. this solves are problems02:02
Flannelaconbere: You should *always* use visudo02:02
aconbereFlannel: why?02:02
Flannelaconbere: it saves you from making mistakes that'll render sudo useless.02:02
Dr_willisvisudo error checks befor exiting. :)02:02
astro76aconbere: it's funny you are having unexplained issues and asking why ;)02:02
bod_atcla, thus being able to run anny applicatiion from terminal becomes a simple    programme     instead f   programme.exe02:02
aconbereastro76: clearly it's not smart enough to recognizee mispellings :)02:02
atclabod_: yea u rite02:03
Flannelaconbere: Aliases are arbitrary.02:03
aconbereFlannel: sure02:03
Dr_willistheres no need for a .exe extension, when you have the executable  bit  to tag files as executable.02:03
aragornI have a question about gnome xchat; i know this is a place for questions about ubuntu02:03
aconbereso I just don't see the point02:03
* aconbere shrugs02:03
Flannelaconbere: Having a config that doesn't work is different than having syntax errors.02:03
lordleemoatcla does this help  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=26640302:03
rainwalkeraragorn: normal xchat is better, in my opinion, but what's your question?02:03
Dr_willisYou need the 'vijustdowhatirealymeansudo' editor.02:03
aconbereFlannel: undertsandably02:03
gmcastilHas anyone else had problems getting Openoffice to recognize an installed JRE?02:03
bod_atcla, and were proud of it,.,. theres alot of windows bashers about, so try not to compare things, unless you wanna start an argument02:03
aconbereFlannel: but frankly I'm not concerned about locking of sudoers, so I don't see why I should use visudo02:04
aragornrainwalker: i have heard that before. how do you install normal xchat then?02:04
bod_atcla, but anyway, have you found that file yet???02:04
Pelogmcastil, first time I 've heard of it , maybe in #openoffice.org02:04
Flannelaconbere: Its not a locking issue primarily.  Its a "dont save if you have syntax errors, because that'll make you unhappy" issue.02:04
rainwalkeraragorn: I think you just install it with synaptic; install "xchat" instead of "xchat-gnome"02:04
gmcastilPelo: "javaldx: Could not find a Java Runtime Environment"02:05
aconbereFlannel: which is nice and all, but I'm not sure that would ever make it to "always" for me :P02:05
bod_aragorn, from termnal type     sudo apt-get install xchat02:05
aconbereit's a convient tool, and I might think about using it in the future02:05
atclabod_: i think i did02:05
aconbereit just doesn't seem to warrent the warning :P02:05
Peloaconbere, go in  menu > applications > add remove,  search for xchat , install it , xchat-gnome will get removed02:05
atclai type in "steam" file name02:05
atclaand i says bash "steam" bad command02:05
jack-desktopis there a reason why my compiz fusion cube only goes to 22 and not all the way to 32?02:05
bod_atcla, ok,.,. your not sounding very positive?02:05
aragornbod_: sudo wont help me02:05
aconberePelo: wrong a02:05
bod_aragorn, whats your prob?02:05
Flannelaconbere: If you want to screw up your system, go right ahead.  We won't stop you from being haphazard. But don't come here when you've broken something because you did something that we told you not to.02:05
Peloaragorn, go in  menu > applications > add remove,  search for xchat , install it , xchat-gnome will get removed02:06
gmcastilPelo: i'm pretty sure that i need to configure it inside OO, but it doesn't find it automatically - do you happen to know what particular lib/bin is used for the JRE?02:06
bod_atcla, you have not installed steam?02:06
cheesypiecespelo, i still have the same problem with the videos02:06
aragornpelo: thanks02:06
atclabod_: i did what it said02:06
aconbereFlannel: sounds good02:06
Pelogmcastil, check in synaptic ,  just do a search for java02:06
atclabod_: http://www.ehow.com/how_2003950_install-counter-strike-server-on-linux.html02:06
bod_atcla, what what said? post me the link to the how-to you are using02:06
atclafinished those steps now they say just run the server02:06
belorixHi, I just installed gutsy and my wireless USB adapter isnt working02:06
cheesypiecesthey were fine earlier, not sure whats gone wrong, but now all my videos have purple lines all over them02:06
Pelo!wifi | belorix start here02:07
ubotubelorix start here: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:07
belorixthank you Pelo02:07
Pelocheesypieces, ddi you try something other then totem like vlc or xine or mplayer ?02:07
cheesypiecesyes, same thing02:07
bod_atcla, have you registered with nickserv so you can PM me on here?02:07
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aragornpelo: there is no 'add remove'02:07
belorixPelo, how would i do that when i have no internet at all02:07
Pelocheesypieces, did you mess around with any video settings ?02:07
generalj__anyone use checkinstall?02:08
bod_atcla, lets talk in PM then02:08
Pelobelorix,  you are on the internet right now aren't you  ?02:08
belorixbut that in another part of the house02:08
Peloaragorn,  at the bottom of the application menu02:08
cheesypiecespelo, not that i remember. in fact i had just finished one (which was fine) and then went to another, which was purple. all purple after that02:08
belorixand i have a desktop not laptop02:08
Dr_willislong cable?02:08
aragornpelo: cant find it02:09
Pelobelorix,  try this,  read up on the problem on the computer you are on now, or you can also try using a cable connection on your other comp while you slove the problem02:09
Pelocheesypieces, no idea then02:09
cheesypiecesok pelo, thanks anyway02:09
Peloaragorn,  are you using ubuntu , kubuntu or xubuntu ?02:09
aragornpelo: ubuntu02:09
Pelocheesypieces, borked video card maybe02:09
Peloaragorn, open a terminal , type   sudo apt-get install xchat02:10
aragornpelo: sudo will not help me02:10
aragorni am not a 'sudo'02:10
Flannelaragorn: then you can't install regular xchat, ask your system administrator to do it for you02:10
Peloaragorn, that is why you do not have a add remove in your application menu, you do not have permission to install applications,  you will need to ask the computer's admin02:11
Dr_willisOr get the xchat source and compile it just for yourself.02:11
aragornin that case i have a question about gnome ;)02:11
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* Pelo feels dirty haveing tried to help someone who doesn't even have admin priviledges 02:11
Peloaragorn, just ask02:12
wershow do I get the lucida sans font?02:12
Pelowers, I guess you can dl it online somewhere02:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about msttcore - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:13
Pelo!fonts | wers02:13
ubotuwers: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer02:13
Dr_willisoops. Hmm.. thers a package that installs the ms fonts. Or you can install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package i think it grabs them also02:13
mynymlmy mic isnt working with skype, any tips?02:13
Pelomynyml, it is working elsewhere ?02:13
aragornpelo: well, i disconnected from a channel and now every time i try to reconnect, i cant. uh...i think i accidentally checked 'reconnect on disconnect' or something, but i still dont understand why it wont let me connect02:14
mynymlPelo: yeah; if i talk in it i can hear it on the speakers02:14
aconbereFlannel: I mean for me, I'm more worried about borking an vhost config, or a backup script, than I am with borking my sudoers file (given that I have key'd ssh to my root account)02:14
aragornpelo: i rebooted it two or three times. and it still didnt work.02:14
cheesypieces guys how do i restart my pc from within a terminal?02:15
Pelomynyml, probably a skype issue then ,  try to see if you can'T find the way to specify the mic or the sound device in the skype config menues or smeonting02:15
wersI already have the msttcorefonts and ubuntu restricted packages installed but I still don't have lucida sans02:15
Peloaragorn, you might have been banned from that chanel02:15
cosmodadcheesypieces: sudo reboot02:15
cheesypiecesok thanks cosmodad02:15
mynymlPelo: i can choose the audio stream/card/something like that; tried them all, no difference02:15
aragornno, i was only kicked temporarily02:15
Pelowers, http://www.ubuntu-art.org/content/show.php/6%2C760+Fonts?content=988302:16
aragornpelo: the kick was not even for real. it was a joke02:16
kenalexi want to burn a ubuntu to a disk but have no have no CDs but a couple of DVD+R disks. is it possible to burn a CD image  to a DVD disk.if yes how do i do it ?02:16
Peloaragorn, you may still have been banned02:16
edjuTrying to set up wifi, Atheros AR5007EG, with madwifi.  Failed at a modprobe.  Might someone check http://rafb.net/p/G1pFYV88.html?  Any hints, pointers, whatever?02:16
aragornpelo: i will try to reconnect02:16
gmcastilPelo: yeah, i have the JRE installed, openoffice just doesn't seem to recognize it02:16
Pelokenalex,  I am told you can burn a cd,iso file to a dvd with no problem02:16
wersthis is weird. Whenever I open I link from xchat, it's opened in konqueror. how do I make it firefox? :D02:16
K_Ninekenalex:  You can download the Ubuntu DVD.02:16
Pelogmcastil, try asking in #openoffice.org02:17
gmcastilPelo: i did...no one's home :)02:17
cosmodadwers: you probably need to change the default browser in your KDE/GNOME setting.02:17
Pelowers, FF preferences  first tab I beleive02:17
aragornpelo: i tried to reconnect again. and xchat went out, just like before02:17
Pelogmcastil, did you check in the open office optiosn ?02:17
Peloaragorn, I don't know02:17
gmcastilPelo: yeah, under tools...it lets me add one, but I'm not sure what it's looking for - a lib? an executable?02:18
Pelogmcastil, I would assume a lib02:18
gmcastilPelo:  i'm pretty sure thta its just a configuration issue, but i don't know enough about the JRE to know what it wants02:18
Aloha_D: test02:18
Aloha_D test02:18
werscosmodad and Pelo, my default browser is firefox but the links are opened in konqueror02:18
gmcastilPelo: if i knew what file i was looking for, i could chase it down02:18
Pelogmcastil, openoffice is part of the default install of ubuntu , it should be very stable and fully integrated02:18
aragornpelo: perhaps you could remind me where to find the feature 'reconnect on disconnect' or something similar to that ?02:19
aragornit may solve my problem02:19
Pelowers, check in the xchat parameters then02:19
Peloaragorn, try asking in #xchat02:19
generalj__hmmm is checkinstall the only program of it kind? it seems a little outdated..02:19
belorixwith ndiswrapper do you have to donwload all 3?02:19
wersPelo, it happens in abiword too02:19
gmcastilPelo: uh...yeah, i know - but still, i have to tell it where to find the library it's looking for, and i don't know what its called02:19
Pelowers, menu > system > prefs > default progs or sometring02:20
K_Ninewers: I am using Konversation and there is a place to change the default browser in the settings>Configure Konversation.02:20
wersPelo, in the Preferred Applications dialog, firefox is already set02:20
Pelogmcastil, /usr/lib/jvm/....02:20
runemaste644I think i found a bug in the bug report tool...02:21
K_Ninewers: This is the script it uses firefox '%u'02:21
runemaste644When i tried to run it it showed a weird screen with the X11 logo. I got back to my desktop, but i couldnt click and i had to ctrl alt backspace.02:21
Pelowers, I don't know then,  did you get the lucinda font from the link I gave you ?02:21
runemaste644Now when i try to login to gnome, i get a tan screen and it does nothing02:21
aragorndoes anyone know where i can find that feature that was something to do with reconnecting when disconnected ?02:21
runemaste644i went into KDE and reported the bug i was going to report, but how do i fix Gnome?02:21
wersPelo, I'm downloading the fonts tarball now02:21
wersit's just that, I think, there are so many fonts included. hehe02:21
Pelorunemaste644, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop02:21
K_Ninearagorn:  Which chat program?02:21
gmcastilPelo: it's looking for a specific file..do you know which one?02:21
Vad1Where are my printer settings stored?02:21
aragornK_Nine: gnome xchat02:22
wersK_Nine, what do I do with that script?02:22
runemaste644i have to reinstall gnome??????02:22
Pelogmcastil, no , I was assuming that once you got to the proper folder the selection screen would have narrowed it down for you02:22
runemaste644ill try to login to gnome again02:22
Pelorunemaste644, I 'M just guessing that you removed an important file02:22
runemaste644i didnt remove something02:23
generalj__so anyone use Autodeb ?02:23
gmcastilPelo: it's not really clear what its looking for02:23
K_NineThat is the script that the Konversation Chat uses. I like Konversation because there are so many settings to use.02:23
Pelogmcastil, which java do you have installed on your comp ?02:23
Pelogmcastil, in mine it'S   /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-
K_Ninewers: I just opened Gnu X-Chat and didn't see any setting for that. Try Konversation. There is a tutorial on settng it up. Seach Google for Ubuntu-Classroom.02:25
runemaste644k its fixed now02:25
gmcastilPelo: i have the same thing installed on mine02:25
gmcastilPelo: lemme see if that path works02:25
Pelogmcastil, I mean that is what I see when  check in openoffice02:26
bod_hey guys,. if i have message logging on in xchat, does it make a file where i can read every single word its ever recorded?02:26
runemaste644Should i report this as a bug or is it just a temporary malfunction02:26
Pelorunemaste644, it's not a bug, you messed someting up02:26
gmcastilPelo: when i try to give it that path in the config menu, it says that a JRE doesn't exist in that folder02:26
gmcastilPelo: i wonder if i'm missing some other package here that i don't know about02:26
Pelogmcastil, linux is case sensitive02:27
runemaste644and logging into kde, logging out, and logging into gnome fixed it.02:27
Aggie288i've been trying to make a usb flash boot to install ubuntu, but it doesn't work02:27
Pelogmcastil, try up to the jre folderand the folder one level up02:27
runemaste644I doubt that KDE magically fixed it02:27
gmcastilpelo, yes, i'm aware its case sensitive :)02:27
Pelogmcastil, just running through all the usual suspects here, do not bite my head off02:28
gmcastilPelo: i wasnt02:28
josspykerbod_: hidden in your home dir02:28
Pelogmcastil, I'm warning you, stop contradicting me02:28
gmcastilPelo: I'm not!!!02:28
bod_josspyker, ok il have a look02:28
K_NineAggie288: Here a link to the Ubuntu docs https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick02:28
gmcastilPelo: i have a java 7 installed, too02:28
annienygmahello all!02:28
annienygmahi gmcastil02:28
gmcastilPelo: i wonder if that's the problem02:28
gmcastilannienygma:  /wave02:29
Pelogm 7 is out ?02:29
cheesypiecesguys,  how do i set the start up screen to say ubuntu rather than kubuntu?02:29
gmcastilPelo: java-7-icedtea02:29
Pelo!theme | cheesypieces all the sking stuff is in there02:29
ubotucheesypieces all the sking stuff is in there: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy02:29
annienygmacheesypieces : are you talking about the main startup screen?02:29
annienygmawhen you first boot?02:30
cheesypiecesyes, i am02:30
Pelogmcastil, might want to try and remove it ,and reisntall 6 that might be the issue02:30
annienygmaand you have kubuntu installed, right?02:30
cheesypiecesno, i'm on ubuntu02:30
cheesypiecesalthough i have the kubuntu-desktop installed if thats what you mena02:30
gmcastilPelo: i'm surprised that installing OO didn't install the jre at the same time02:30
WhoNeedszzzHey guys, i'm having trouble with the "X" process after I idle. It just started happening all of a sudden.02:30
annienygmayes, that's what I mean..02:31
K_Ninecheesypieces: Can you log out and log back in to Ubuntu?02:31
Pelogmcastil, did you reinstall OOo ?02:31
gmcastilPelo: no02:31
iNTRONIXHow do i change login screens and bootup themes in Ubuntu?02:31
gmcastilPelo: i added a couple of oo packages, namely calc02:31
cheesypiecesyes, but with the kubuntu start up screen02:31
annienygmaI have noticed that if I want to switch my startup screen, I just use synaptic to install another desktop02:31
Pelo!theme | iNTRONIX02:31
ubotuiNTRONIX: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy02:31
belorixcan anyone walk me through teh madwifi install i dont quit under stand it02:31
WhoNeedszzzthis is a big problem so i need help bad02:31
scguy318iNTRONIX: for changing bootup splash see !usplash02:31
Pelogmcastil, calc is the spreadsheet right ? should have been there by default02:32
iNTRONIXok htx02:32
annienygmafor instance, when I wanted to try xubuntu, I ran sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop... when it installed, I set my login preferences to gnome, but my startup screen still says xubuntu02:32
K_Ninecheesypieces: Do you have the Gnome desktop installed?02:32
cheesypiecesk_nine, yes i do02:32
WhoNeedszzzhas anyone had trouble with the "X" process??02:32
cheesypiecesin fact its what i use02:33
cheesypiecesbut i just can't find the options to change the login page02:33
annienygmaand I have installed xubuntu, but then ran sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop, and it gave me the ubuntu startup screen, but I still had the option of either the gnome or the xubuntu desktop, despite my startup screen changing02:33
Pelobelorix, first put the install cd in the comp,  then try menu > systsm>`admin > restricted driver , if you don'T have a restricted driver for your hardware there,  you'll need to use the windows driver to run your wifi card,  you'll first need to install ndiswrapper from the cd , thenyou can copy the windows wifi dirver on your ubuntu hdd somewhere and tell ndiswrapper where it is02:33
gmcastilPelo: ...by looking at the descriptions, java7 is based on openJDK, java6 is the sun flavor02:33
K_Ninecheesypieces: I have Ubuntu, Kubuntu and XFCE and they all change. I guess I can't help you.02:33
robdigcheesypieces: system->administration->login window02:33
Pelobelorix,  that's as much as I know02:33
annienygmaso whenever I get bored with my startup screen I just change it that way... hope it helps..02:34
Pelogmcastil, remove 7 and reinstall 6 that is my best guess at this time02:34
cheesypiecesrobdig, i've looked there... the option isn't there02:34
PeloWhoNeedszzz, we need a better question02:34
K_NineWhoNeedszzz: Anyone parted. !;)02:34
gmcastilPelo: yup, that was my plan too02:34
WhoNeedszzzPelo, I gave a better question02:35
WhoNeedszzzno one responded02:35
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PeloWhoNeedszzz, try again, this is a busy channel, some questions jsut dont, get noticed02:35
WhoNeedszzzHey guys, i'm having trouble with the "X" process after I idle. It just started happening all of a sudden.02:35
gmcastilPelo: is there anything that i have to do after instaling it? or is that enough?02:35
WhoNeedszzzit shoots up in processor usage02:35
robdigcheesypieces: sure it is, you can change your themes on the local tab02:35
K_NineWhoNeedszzz:  The X process is very difficult. That may be why.02:35
PeloWhoNeedszzz, wht trouble are you having with the X process, what is happening that makes you think you have a problem02:36
WhoNeedszzz99% cpu usage02:36
Pelogmcastil, should be enough02:36
cheesypiecesno really, its not there02:36
PeloWhoNeedszzz, whatvideo card ?02:36
cheesypiecesi must have deleted it when fannying around02:36
belorixhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsLinksys  second one up from the bottum but it doesnt work out of teh box02:36
WhoNeedszzznvidia geforce 8800 gts02:36
PeloWhoNeedszzz, restricted driver or binairy 602:36
TaylorI'm having issues with my bootup; every time I do, I come to a terminal interface rather than a graphical one.02:36
jebuswasmynameAnyone familiar with slapd?02:36
jebuswasmynameand ldap02:36
WhoNeedszzzPelo, binary02:37
PeloWhoNeedszzz, no clue,  try reinstalling the binairy02:37
WhoNeedszzzPelo, just installed the lates02:37
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gmcastilPelo: still doesn't like that path02:37
arrrghhhhey is there any way to get ubuntu to give me some visual feedback on a program running?  like kde's cheesy bouncing icon when you start a program.02:37
PeloWhoNeedszzz, that might be the issue then , if the problem just started,  I'm not realy familiar with nvidia cards, you might want to do a search about this in the forum www.ubuntuforums.org02:37
K_NineWhoNeedszzz: Maybe if you post on the forum if no one here knows.02:37
ZaschHello! I have Russian music on my computer, but when I try to use gtkpod to add it to my ipod, the Cyrillic is rendered as blank spaces (obviously making it impossible to differentiate the songs). What do I do?02:38
WhoNeedszzzPelo, It happened after x server of xorg updated02:38
Pelogmcastil, remove all the java from the comp, reboot and then try reinstalling just java 6 -jre02:38
jebuswasmynameOr is there a way to remove packages on ubuntu back to a base install (or nearly base install)?02:38
gmcastilPelo: does your JRE show up in that window of installed jres?02:39
PeloWhoNeedszzz, you can revert to the previous xserver,  check in synaptic find the packge , right click properties , you should be able to isntall the preivious version ofthe package02:39
arrrghhhWhoNeedszzz, did you install the driver via the restricted driver manager?02:39
Pelogmcastil, in open office ? yes, that is where I got that link from02:39
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WhoNeedszzzarrrghhh, no the nvidia binary02:40
K_NineWhoNeedszzz: Did you try to uninstall the driver and re-install.02:40
arrrghhhWhoNeedszzz, and if X is borked you can always edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change the nvidia driver to vesa02:40
WhoNeedszzzK_Nine, yes, i installed the latest driver02:40
WhoNeedszzzarrrghhh, NO! vesa sucks02:40
K_NineWhoNeedszzz: Did you uninstall first.02:40
WhoNeedszzzarrrghhh, nvidia's driver is great02:40
arrrghhhi'm telling you how to get into a GUI02:41
arrrghhhif need be02:41
compwiz18vesa will work when other stuff won't for the most part02:41
arrrghhhthen install via restricted drivers manager, that's the 'recommended' way.02:41
WhoNeedszzzK_Nine, uninstall what?02:41
gmcastilPelo: i may have found a forum post about this02:41
Pelogmcastil, congrats02:41
WhoNeedszzzarrrghhh, no it isn't. the restricted driver doesn't work properly02:41
K_NineWhoNeedszzz: Uninstall the driver for the nvidia card.02:41
WhoNeedszzzK_Nine, oh, how?02:41
toresnare anyone in here using the proggy font(s) ?02:41
gmcastilPelo: not necessarily...no one figured it out02:42
arrrghhhWhoNeedszzz, ok did you stop the window manager and install the nvidia binary from console?02:42
gmcastilPelo: just a couple of posts about how it worked fine for them - not really helpful :)02:42
toresnit looks terrible in my gnome-terminal (proggy clean)... not at all like it probably should be02:42
WhoNeedszzzK_Nine, the nvidia manager says it is using the latest02:42
Pelogmcastil, you can also try removing OOo and reinastallling that02:42
K_NineWhoNeedszzz: Oh, that's right, you did binary.02:42
WhoNeedszzzK_Nine, yes that is the only way it installs02:42
lordleemojebuswasmyname    try  sudo apt-get purge slapd02:43
K_NineThen go to versa to redo it.02:43
WhoNeedszzzK_Nine, whoops that was directed to arrrghhh02:43
Pelogmcastil, in any case , are you doing this becaue you have functions in OOo that are not working or are you jsut looking for trouble ?02:43
arrrghhhWhoNeedszzz, ok... and then X fails to load when you reboot?02:43
jebuswasmynamethanks lordleemo !!02:43
WhoNeedszzzarrrghhh, if it failed...i wouldn't be here02:43
WhoNeedszzzarrrghhh, that isn't my problem02:43
arrrghhhuh.. ok so what's the problem?  lol02:43
jebuswasmynamelordleemo: invalid operation02:43
WhoNeedszzzu weren't here02:43
WhoNeedszzzmy X process is killing my processor usage02:44
gmcastilPelo: yes...need java, yes...looking for trouble, and also don't like errors when i run programs02:44
devils-havenhelo again i need the help of wise men, logitech mouse back forword button how can i get it to to work02:44
WhoNeedszzzit happens when i idle02:44
arrrghhhxorg is taking all of the processor priority?02:44
WhoNeedszzzno the "X" process02:44
arrrghhhthat one lol02:45
WhoNeedszzznot priority02:45
WhoNeedszzzit is using it02:45
arrrghhhok, in xorg.conf what driver is it actually using?02:45
arrrghhhthat's what i mean... c'mon i'm tryin to help you02:45
rooki hav an internet prblem02:46
WhoNeedszzzit has something about loading the "glx" module02:46
rookcan anyone help?02:46
Flynsarmygos I'm currently remote dekstopping to my windows pc using the "Terminal Server Client". This views my win desktop. Is there a way to get the Windows windows acting as if they were just regular windows on ubuntu?02:46
gmcastilPelo: apparently, some people have had problems if OO isn't installed with a JRE already present02:46
Pelo!enter | rook02:46
uboturook: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:46
arrrghhhWhoNeedszzz, that might be the problem...02:46
WhoNeedszzzarrrghhh, glx module is being loaded02:46
Pelogmcastil, but are YOU having problems ?02:47
WhoNeedszzzGuys, does the nvidia binary use glx?02:47
arrrghhhrook, just ask your question!!!02:47
Pelorook, what is the problem you are having ?02:47
compuwizcould someone help me with an iptables issue?02:47
rookok thanks but can anyone help me with my wirless problem?02:47
Pelocompuwiz, what is the issue02:47
gmcastilPelo: i don't relaly want to remove 300 MB of openoffice02:47
arrrghhhWhoNeedszzz, have you tried the 'nvidia' or the 'nv'?02:47
Pelo!wifi | rook02:47
uboturook: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:47
WhoNeedszzzarrrghhh, i'm using nvidia02:47
Pelogmcastil, you can reinstall it from the cd, you won't have to dl it agin02:47
TaylorI'm having issues with my bootup; every time I do, I come to a terminal interface rather than a graphical one. Anyone have any ideas? I've tried startx, starting gdm, dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg...02:47
passbei have a php upload form, when i submit this form php reports the file has not been uploaded, i have checked apache logs and all seems ok, but when i ls /tmp i do not see the file, does anyone have any ideas ?02:48
lordleemojebuswasmyname try   dpkg --purge slapd02:48
wersI have a problem with my usplash screen. it's too big and it doesn't fit my screen. How can I adjust it?02:48
compuwizi have a script that redirects thigs for a certain poty top another computer, but how would I change it so it would work for another ip with another destination?02:48
PeloTaylor, you've already tried everyting i would have suggested02:48
Pelowers, is this the original one or did you mess with it ?02:49
kououkenGuys, has anyone heard of the "GRUB Loading Stage 1.5 Hang" error?  I don't get a prompt or anything during boot, it just hangs. Most of the information I could google was related to old BIOS problems, but this is a new system.02:49
wersPelo, the original one02:49
TaylorAlright, thanks Pelo02:49
WhoNeedszzzarrrghhh, i'm trying it without the glx thing now02:49
wersI didn't do anything with it02:49
WhoNeedszzzthanks for the help02:49
rookummm  on my networking tools it downt have the wirless thing02:49
Pelowers, is this a new problem or is it recent ?02:49
kououkenNew install on a 500gb SATA hard drive, but it hangs at GRUB Loading Stage 1.502:49
wersPelo, since I installed gutsy02:49
russhi, I'm having an unknown problem with samba accessing winXP machines on my home network and vice versa.  When I select Places->Network I can't see the other computers and they cant see me02:49
Pelowers, check in the forum02:49
arrrghhhkououken, do you get error 17?02:50
Peloruss, #samba02:50
rooki only get wired and modem i dont get wirless02:50
K_Nineruss: Are there firewalls in place?02:50
compuwizPelo, i have a script that redirects thigs for a certain poty top another computer, but how would I change it so it would work for another ip with another destination?02:50
kououkenarrrghhh, nope, no error.  It just hangs at stage 1.5 with cursor (not prompt)02:50
Pelorook,  open the network properties thingy and set roaming mode02:50
iNTRONIXHow do I change Boot screen in Ubuntu?02:50
rookhow pelo?02:50
arrrghhhkououken, well i'd check that menu.lst file...02:51
Pelorook, menu > system> admin > network02:51
arrrghhhmake sure it's pointed at the right drive/partition02:51
Pelocompuwiz, that's a bit over my head02:51
russK_Nine no, there shouldn't be. odd thing is that one of the computers I cannot even successfully ping02:51
rooki come up with woired connection and modem connection02:51
compuwizok, thats what everyone has said02:51
bod_!repo > atcla02:51
Pelorook, dd you read the wifi documentation recommended by ubotu ?02:52
maxownzwhat's an easy to setup and manage ftp server?02:52
rooki looked at it and i wasrally confused02:52
Pelorook,  select wired, and click properties,  set roaming in there02:52
RequinB5where is my sources.list file02:52
gorlaki have a question, i have a headless ubuntu 7.10 server that i have up and working, the only problem being the screen resolution defaults back to 800x600 when no monitor is attacked, (it correctly does 1440x900 w/ monitor) even after editing the xorg.conf and rebooting i still get the low resolution, any ideas on what i could do to force it to a higher resolution?02:52
arrrghhhso does anyone know what i'm taking about with visual feedback after you run a program?  i have a person's computer who is slow... and it's running xubuntu because of it.  kde was not friendly with it at all.02:52
Pelorook,  also check in the forum www.ubuntuforums.org02:52
BronxAngelis there a swat for ftp?02:53
rooki have been02:53
arrrghhhRequinB5, /etc/apt/sources.list02:53
rookand it is set for roaming on wired02:53
russK_Nine and the other one I can connect to and see the directories by file->connect to server and entering the host name directly, yet it does not show up in my "windows network"02:53
arrrghhhRequinB5, there's also a find feature in the terminal - 'man find'02:53
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components02:53
ZaschDoes anyone know how to get Cyrillic to work properly in Ubuntu?02:53
iNTRONIXHow to change Boot screen?02:53
Pelorook,  menu > systm> admin > restricted driver, see if tehre is a driver for your wifi card02:53
ubotuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto02:53
Pelo!theme | iNTRONIX02:53
ubotuiNTRONIX: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy02:53
BronxAngelis there a swat for ftp?02:54
rooku it has atheros hardware acess layers there02:54
iNTRONIXpelo: !theme ? whats that?02:54
Pelorook, install it02:54
arrrghhhiNTRONIX, he gave you a bunch of suggestions thru a bot in the room...02:54
PeloiNTRONIX, it's a trigger for ubotu to give you the links that come right after02:55
rookits enabled alrady and in use pelo02:55
jfkdsljioim running firefox in wine02:55
arrrghhhjfkdsljio, why would you do that...02:55
Pelorook, that's as far as I can get you02:55
jfkdsljiobecause its fun02:55
arrrghhhjfkdsljio, sounds stupid02:55
arrrghhhbut what do i know02:55
bod_atcla_ubuntu, hi02:55
jfkdsljioexactly, what do you know about having fun02:56
K_Nineruss: Here is the doc page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba02:56
ubotuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubotu xfce-themes02:56
rookhow  am i going to fix it then?02:56
atcla_ubuntuif u check my /ctcp atcla_ubuntu version02:56
Peloarrrghhh, the fun part is that you can do stuff like tha in linux, you can't in windows02:56
arrrghhhif that's what you call having fun... you need to go to this place i call 'outside';02:56
BronxAngelis there a swat for ftp?02:56
atcla_ubuntuwill see that im on xchat02:56
sersockerwenas, alguien me exa una mano?02:56
=== Ravi_Shankar is now known as Ravi
bod_atcla_ubuntu, i dunno how to do that,.,. come back to pm02:56
arrrghhhyou can run programs that are native for linux... but are the windows version... in linux.  stupid.02:56
russK_Nine ok, I looked thru it before but will try again02:56
jfkdsljiolol, you miss the point entirely02:57
K_Nineruss: Try turning off the wondoze firewall.02:57
Kamadoes anyone have an opinion of totem media player vs VLC player?02:57
jfkdsljiovlc rocks!!02:57
arrrghhhvlc is my fav02:57
Peloarrrghhh, I think he's just doing it for a laugh02:57
arrrghhhway more powerful02:57
jfkdsljiowhat about kde or gnome, whats better?02:57
arrrghhhplays pretty much everything you throw at it02:57
ttl-today i installed the latest ubuntu to my toshiba tecra s1, everything works well except one thing, during boot the screen is completely blank (black) until gdm loads and then everything is normal again...02:57
arrrghhhthey both have their benefits02:57
arrrghhhi prefer kde02:57
ttl-is there anything i can do about that?02:58
Pelojfkdsljio, it's a matter of personnal prefs,  new linux users tend to prefer gnome it is freindlier02:58
K_Ninejfkdsljio: Gnome has less bloat, KDE has more features.02:58
rainwalkerwhat are we talking about?02:58
arrrghhhbut can anyone help me get xfce or gnome for that matter to produce some visual feedback when i start a program02:58
arrrghhhK_Nine, i don't know about the less bloat part... but there's more options in kde, and gnome *seems* to do things automagically better02:59
arrrghhhlike unbreakable X, the new printer zeroconf thing, that's all 7.10 gnome specific02:59
jfkdsljiowell thanks, i like gnome because it doesnt krash all the time02:59
rainwalkeryou can tweak KDE way more, and with gnome bloat depends on what the OS comes with02:59
arrrghhhKDE doesn't crash on any of my three machines at work02:59
arrrghhhor my two machines at home02:59
K_Ninearrrghhh: I think automagically depends a lot on the distro.02:59
arrrghhhK_Nine, i would agree02:59
Peloarrrghhh, you seem like a real 1337 ,  do you know how to http://www.ubuntu-art.org/content/show.php/6%2C760+Fonts?content=988302:59
Peloarrrghhh, nevermind , wrong link03:00
arrrghhhi am far from leet my friene03:00
jfkdsljiopelo do it again i want to see the right link03:00
Peloarrrghhh, do you know how to Setup a spooldirectory without printfilter. Serialport baudrate must be 9600.03:00
arrrghhhPelo, do i care?03:00
jfkdsljiolol that was funny.03:00
Peloarrrghhh, I'm asking for help03:00
jfkdsljiobaudrate must be 960003:00
jfkdsljioo he's serious, nevermind.03:00
K_Ninearrrghhh: Over the last 7 years I've installed 192 distros and their upgrades.03:00
jfkdsljioyou counted?!03:01
arrrghhhK_Nine, so what's your favorit03:01
Pelojfkdsljio, I have no idea how to do taht bit,  , it's to setup a pen plotter03:01
K_Ninearrrghhh: Right now it close between PCLinuxOS and Linux Mint.03:01
ttl-i also found that using dosbox in native 80x25 modus (pressing alt-enter) gives a distorted screen (screen content vibrates horizontally)03:01
arrrghhhhey Dr_willis i remember you.  you know how to produce visual feedback on programs when they run don'tcha03:01
qaesarey guys, need installing ubuntu from DVD on AMD64, but i have a cd and no cd-rw only dvd at hand03:01
jfkdsljiolinux mint is going debian03:01
jfkdsljiono more full ubuntu repo compatibility03:01
nickrud_Pelo: that must be from some instructions, are they on the web? (I'll bite, the dish seems to be getting a bit stale and shouldn't get thrown out)03:01
rainwalkerK_Nine: what is it people like about PCLinuxOS?03:01
arrrghhhqaesar, uhm... use a usb stick?!?03:02
qaesaryeah i have on03:02
Pelonickrud_, http://openprinting.org/show_printer.cgi?recnum=CalComp-Artisan_1023_penplotter03:02
jfkdsljiopclos is all perty and nooby looking, real friendly03:02
jfkdsljioand feature rich03:02
jfkdsljiokinda slow tho03:02
rainwalkerjfkdsljio: but ubuntu is debian based?03:02
arrrghhhrainwalker, yes03:02
jfkdsljioyes ubuntu is debian based03:02
jfkdsljioand mint linux is ubuntu based03:02
qaesarbut how do i "burn" the iso image on the usb in windows ?03:02
ttl-did anybody experience the same or knows how to fix it?03:02
K_Ninerainwalker: It is easy for Windoze converts because it was set up to  look and act like XP. And, most things are set up to work automagically.03:02
rainwalkerohh ok03:03
arrrghhhqaesar, it's difficult... there's instructions on ubuntuforums i think is where i found 'em03:03
blackace11i haven't been on here in a while... what was command to log onto nickserver?03:03
Peloqaesar, just unpack the iso like it was a zip and copy it to the usb , top level03:03
arrrghhhor the wiki03:03
rainwalkerjfkdsljio: so why wouldn't mint be able to use the ubuntu repos?03:03
wormintrudeblackace11, '/msg nickserv identify <passwd>'03:03
rainwalkerblackace11: it's /msg nickserv <whatever>03:03
Dr_willisrainwalker,  mint can use the ubuntu repos.03:03
BagelMasterNew question: Is there any way I can disable the trackpoint but not the touchpad or an external mouse?03:03
voicecan someone give me some help with the latest ubuntu hardy heron alpha please?03:03
Dr_willisrainwalker,  im using them now :)03:03
jfkdsljioif it were debian based? it would be able to use them, but there wouldnt be a full seemless compatibility03:03
arrrghhhdamnit!  visual feedback of programs that run!03:03
qaesaror how do i use a DVD burning a cd iso, or where is the DVD iso of 7.1003:04
n6hggsudo ssh root@
Dr_willisqaesar,  why bother with the dvd? the cd is a much smaller download.03:04
rainwalkerDr_willis: that's what I mean, jfkdsljio says mint won't be able to because it's going debian, but ubuntu is based on debian, so what's the problem?03:04
arrrghhhqaesar, you can burn a cd iso to a dvd, but you said you didn't have a dvd burner03:04
K_Nineqaesar: Go to Distrowatch.com to find the DVD.03:04
Peloqaesar, you can burn a cd iso to a dvd it should work03:04
n6hggoopz, sorry03:04
arrrghhhn6hgg, you shouln't run ssh as root03:04
cellofellowhey, does anybody know how to scan an IP range for used addresses?03:04
qaesarno, i have one, but i have only DVDRs and no CDs03:05
n6hggyea, oh well03:05
Peloqaesar, and you can find the dvd.iso on the ubuntu.com site, from the dl section jsut select pick a mirror03:05
Dr_willisrainwalker,  last i looked mint was thinking bout going to a debian base.  if it does. then there will be issues.  Of course If it does that - i will stop using Mint.03:05
arrrghhhqaesar, you can burn cd images to dvds...03:05
qaesarand nero wont let me burn the cd iso to a dvd iso03:05
jfkdsljiorainwalker because ubuntu repositories are for ubuntu, not all ubuntu repositories will work right on a regular debian install.03:05
arrrghhhit's just kinda a waste03:05
blackace11can anyone assist me in getting ndiswrapper working on my dell d520? i've been to 2 different walkthroughs and can't get it working03:05
arrrghhhqaesar, if you're in windows use imgburn03:05
Dr_willisrainwalker,  mixing debian and ubuntu repos is the issue :)03:05
rainwalkerDr_willis, jfkdsljio: why would they move to debian?03:05
arrrghhhrainwalker, probably stability03:05
wormintrudeqaesar, if u're in winDOS, just toss the thing03:06
Bonyohi everybody03:06
Dr_willisrainwalker,  go ask the Mint guys why they are talking about moving.  Could be they dont like the 6mo release stuff.03:06
jfkdsljioi'm not sure why, but they already have an alpha version available03:06
arrrghhhi'm goin with stability03:06
Dr_willisrainwalker,  Mint has some neat things.. but really i dont see much point in it, ubuntu releases keep getting better and better and make the spinoffs like mint seem redundant.03:06
arrrghhhso... visual feedback on programs that run?  like the silly bouncing icons in kde?03:06
K_Ninearrrghhh: There was a post in the Mint forum on why but I can't remember now. It was in general announcements.03:07
arrrghhhthat don't always work right and piss me off sometimes03:07
jfkdsljiomint has more of the "just works" flavor03:07
Dr_willismost of the mint 'enhancements' are just toolks they wrote in python. and a few other tweaks.03:07
arrrghhhbut i have a newbie here with xubuntu cuz her machine is slower than molases in january03:07
ubotuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy03:07
jfkdsljiowhen i used krashde, i disabled bouncing icons03:07
rainwalkerDr_willis, jfkdsljio: things have actually always worked better for me with Ubuntu, and if they get the visual refresh right with Hardy, I'll be perfectly happy03:07
blackace11can anyone assist me in getting ndiswrapper working on my dell d520? i've been to 2 different walkthroughs and can't get it working03:07
PeloiNTRONIX, you can also query the bot in private so you don't spam the channel  try typing /msg ubotu !theme03:08
jfkdsljioYou're still using Hardy?03:08
arrrghhhK_Nine, about visual feedback of programs that run?  i don't want to install mint on here...03:08
jfkdsljioAll I can say to that is Wow!03:08
jfkdsljioYou're off the support chart.03:08
arrrghhhjfkdsljio, what the heck are you talking about or two...03:08
rainwalkerjfkdsljio: I'm not using hardy03:08
jfkdsljioarrrghhh, i'm going to run imgburn in wine, for your sake.03:09
arrrghhhjfkdsljio, can you get like quicken to work in wine?03:09
arrrghhhthat would be for my dad's sake03:09
mynymlmy mic doesnt work in skype, any help would be greatly appreciated03:09
blackace11can anyone assist me in getting ndiswrapper working on my dell d520? i've been to 2 different walkthroughs and can't get it working03:09
K_Ninearrrghhh: Kmymoney2 is a pretty good quicken alt.03:09
Pelomynyml, try asking in #skype03:09
nickrud_Pelo: yah, I see that now.03:09
jfkdsljioI actually got photoshop CS2 and Golive CS to work in wine.03:10
arrrghhhK_Nine, i know... but he's real picky.  he hates outlook but uses it for the 'great contact list integration'.  ugh.03:10
mynymlPelo: there is no #skype ...03:10
jfkdsljioimgburn says No Devices Detected!03:10
arrrghhhK_Nine, and i'll have to remember that one... the only other one i've heard of was like gnumoney or something like that03:10
jfkdsljioI guess ill add it to appdb as garbage03:10
arrrghhhgnucash... id unno03:10
Pelonickrud_,  I can probably fget it to work if I can make a spooler to redirest to localhost/ttyS2 or soemting03:10
K_Ninearrrghhh: Gnucash03:10
Pelonickrud_, don't worry about it ,  eventualy someone in #cups will answer me03:11
nickrud_Pelo: frustrating that it's listed as working perfectly but without any reasonable docs03:11
LurkersAHey guys. Would I be correct in thinking that 'VariableName = raw_input("Details")' will store the inputted value as a string?03:11
Pelonickrud_, tell me about it03:11
denetorhi, i have a hard time getting rotten flash 9 to work with sound. I tried alsa-oss and /etc/firefox/firefoxrc's FIREFOX_DSP="aoss" but i dosen't do the trick. Newest shiny updated 6.06 LTS. Any ideas?03:11
=== nickrud_ is now known as nickrud
jfkdsljioI am going to run all my native linux applications in wine if they have a windows version.03:11
sigmaubuntu doesn't seem to recognize my internal bluetooth adapter, what can I do?03:12
jfkdsljioFirst and foremost I must install xchat2 for windows.03:12
Pelodenetor, the instaler for flash is broken,  get the tar.gz from the adobe website03:12
K_Ninejfkdsljio: I use CrossOver Office.03:12
blackace11can anyone assist me in getting ndiswrapper working on my dell d520? i've been to 2 different walkthroughs and can't get it working03:12
* nickrud wishes wine wasn't created, it creates false hopes03:12
gorlaki have a question, anyway to force a higher screen resolution onto a computer that doesnt have a monitor attached?03:12
Pelojfkdsljio, why would you do such a thing ? just for the laughs ?03:12
K_Nineblackace11: I can't, just to give you an answer.03:13
jfkdsljioK_Nine I don't like that app, its too far behind wine .9.5403:13
blackace11k_nine ty lol03:13
jfkdsljioI have cxoffice pro 6.2, and signed up to be an advocate, but they never got back to me03:13
Pelonickrud, I finaly got a decent CAD software thanks to wine , don'T diss it03:13
Dr_willisqcad does all i need for my cad needs. :) but it depends on your needs I guess03:13
jfkdsljioPelo, pretty much yeah, I have a partimage backup that I restore sometimes daily.03:14
* nickrud sniffs, and is not chastened03:14
Kamaanother noob question here.  how do I get pidgin to open a chat on another irc server?03:14
PeloDr_willis, I'm used to autocad,  I'm a bit demanding03:14
jfkdsljioPelo, SystemRescueCD Linux is fawesome.03:14
ubotuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork03:14
blackace11can anyone assist me in getting ndiswrapper working on my dell d520? i've been to 2 different walkthroughs and can't get it working03:14
Dr_willisPelo,  i cant afford autocad. :)03:14
Pelo!botabuse | iNTRONIX03:14
Dr_willisPelo,  im suprised autocad even worked with wine.03:14
ubotuiNTRONIX: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.03:14
K_Ninejfkdsljio: There must be a reason for it. You have to pay for it. It must do something that wine won't.03:14
denetorPelo: I had no luck with a direct install from adobe either.03:14
transporter_iiAnyone use crossover office? I have a quick question...03:14
spoondo changes you make (packages installed on unionfs, kernel modules installed) persist when you install them on the liveCD and then Install to hard drive????03:14
PeloDr_willis, not autocad,  progecad smart03:14
fxdCan someone help me? I'm on the last step of a page to get my wireless working and I can't figure it out.03:14
mkquistKama: set up an account for that server03:15
PeloDr_willis, it's an autocad close, very nice,   www.progesoft.com03:15
jfkdsljioK_Nine it has perfected code for a small range of applications, whereas wine focuses on implementing the full windows API.03:15
blackace11i'm also haveing trouble with wlan on my d52003:15
PeloDr_willis,  there is a free smart! verson for home use03:15
rainwalkerwait whoa just popped back in, what's this about autocad?03:15
iNTRONIXubotu: Just a bot?03:15
sigmaanyone know how to setup bluetooth on a dell inspiron with internal adapter? the system is not picking it up and I've tried the setup that was on the wiki03:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about just a bot? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:15
KamaMK - hmm, i tried that, it seemed like the obvious place to start03:15
K_Ninejfkdsljio: I used it for Photoshop.03:15
PeloiNTRONIX, yes ubotu is a bot ,03:15
Kamaand I do have a keen sence of the obvious03:16
Pelorainwalker, I found a autocad clone that works well on wine,  and there is a free version for home users03:16
meoblast001i have a question to ask and i know the answer will probably be no, but does anyone know if a free linux game similar to ratchet and clank exists.... something thats a shooting game with a plot?03:16
fxdCan someone help installing a driver with ndiswrapper?03:16
jfkdsljioWhat version?03:16
Pelorainwalker, www.progesoft.com,   it's called smarty03:16
jfkdsljioK_Nine what version?03:16
rainwalkerPelo: I hope you realize you totally just made my day03:16
blackace11can anyone help me with my wlan? i can't get ndiswrapper to recognize/install the inf file03:16
Pelorainwalker, and you can make my day if you can help me figure out how to get my pen plotter to work on linux03:17
K_Ninejfkdsljio: It will only go up to 7. I have CS3 extended on the Windoze machine.03:17
rainwalkerpen plotter?03:17
Pelorainwalker, big printer that works by dragging pens across the paper03:17
Arbitraryfxd, what's the problem with ndiswrapper, have you consulted the man page?03:17
K_Ninejfkdsljio: After 7, you need an XP emulator.03:17
jfkdsljioK_Nine if you install wine .9.54 you can install Photoshop CS2.03:18
rainwalkerPelo: oh...I have no idea03:18
jfkdsljioI have it working quite well.03:18
fxdArbitrary: yes i have, i can't get ndiswrapper to install the .inf file03:18
K_Ninejfkdsljio: Neat. I'll have to try that out. thx.03:18
Pelorainwalker,  this is what I need to do Setup a spooldirectory without printfilter. Serialport baudrate must be 9600.03:18
blackace11i'm having same problem as fxd03:18
Pelorainwalker, Dr_willis  , direct link to smart http://www.progesoft.com/compra/index.asp?left=progecad2008smart&lang=eng03:18
meoblast001im guessing that since no one is answering my question, that means most ppl dont know.... which would also mean it probably doesnt exist03:18
jfkdsljioK_Nine yeah, It was listed as "gold" on appdb, but the things reported not working work great for me, on Mint Linux.03:18
blackace11arbitrary: could you assist me with the issue also?03:19
rainwalkerPelo: are you talking about the "trial version"?03:19
Arbitraryfxd, blackacell, make sure you are using a version of the windows driver that ndiswrapper supports03:19
jfkdsljioImage Ready works great too, not sure why I need image ready.03:19
jfkdsljioBut it works great.03:19
Pelorainwalker, not a trial version,  smart is for real,   progecad is the trial one03:19
K_Ninejfk, I have a Rontec Combox Trios that is a switch to any one of three hard drives on my Linux machine. I have mint on one drive. I'll try it.03:19
rainwalkerPelo: oh wow...ok, well I found the download button link haha03:20
lilg111111need help installing flash player 9 in gusty i also do not have sound03:20
Arbitraryfxd, do you get an error message?03:20
fxdarbitrary: i have the driver, have installed ndiswrapper, but it's the command "sudo ndiswrapper -i net8185.inf" that doesn't work03:20
Belorix_Ok i have a Linksys Wusb54gsc adapter and i cannot get it to work anyone hlep please i tryed ndiswraper03:20
Pelorainwalker,  I haven't worked with it yet, just goofed around a bit, but I am very impressed03:20
PeloBelorix_, did you lookup your model in the forum ?  www.ubuntuforums.org03:21
fxdArbitrary: I don't get any message, but when I check to see if it worked with "ndiswrapper -l", nothing shows up03:21
Belorix_i didnt find anything helpful03:21
blackace11i've used this same driver before... but when i sudo ndiswrapper -i <location> it just tells me the ndiswrapper info...03:21
Pelolilg111111, get the tar.gz from the adobe website,  the installer in ubuntu is broken03:21
flatsAnyone here familiar with the nvidia 7800 GTX go drivers under ubuntu?  To say i'm frustrated is an understatement03:21
blackace11when i do ndiswrapper -l i get invalidd driver03:21
flatsIs there a list of nvidia cards ubuntu doesn't support?03:21
jfkdsljioflats, it should be easy to install the nvidia drivers with restricted driver manager03:21
rainwalkerPelo: I'm in an autocad dual-credit class at school and we use autodesk software, which isn't available for linux03:21
kououkenAnyone know how to fix the "hangs at Grub Loading stage 1.5" problem? Googling hasn't solved the issue.03:22
PeloBelorix_,  you'll have to come and ask in the chanel again, at different times on different days,  the ppl in here change and there are different skill avaialbe at different time03:22
flatsAs soon as I chose restricted driver, all I can get is standard VGA03:22
jfkdsljiodid you reboot?03:22
Arbitraryfxd, you should be getting a confirmation  I think....have you blacklisted any conflicting native drivers?03:22
rainwalkerflats: I don't know about drivers, but if you're trying to get compiz to work, the command "SKIP_CHECKS=yes" will force it03:22
jfkdsljiogo to terminal and type sudo nvidia-settings03:22
Pelorainwalker, I'M aware,  autodesk made it,s bed with MS,   autocad now runs on .net so it makes it very hard to port03:22
lilg111111how do you install a tar03:22
flatsI've rebooted and followed 3 or 4 different steps to activate it and it was fine immediately after install and not since03:22
jfkdsljiothen you can adjust the resolution and stuff03:22
Marfihey, the monitor im using can handle 1600x1200. but, when i put it to that resolution, it keeps the same 1280x1024, and "slides" the rest of the screen. any ideas?03:22
Pelolilg111111,  it's jsut an archinve,  extract it to your desktop and read the instrucions in side03:23
fxdarbitrary: yeah, I blacklisted the other drivers. actually i'm working on it in another window and i think it may have worked. i'm going to restart and try it out. thanks for taking the time though03:23
rainwalkerPelo: you're joking, it's on .NET?!03:23
DILBeloriz_, There are many smart people here one of which is not me, i used to have a Linksys i changed and got a netgear works right out of the box03:23
flatsI know it works because it worked as soon as I installed.  Haven't been able to get it back however03:23
PeloMarfi, edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and add the extra resolutions you need03:23
Pelorainwalker, since 14 I beleive03:23
rainwalkerPelo: 14 what?03:24
Pelorainwalker, autocad r1403:24
Pelorainwalker,  actualy I think r14 was the last one that didn't work on .net03:24
rainwalkerPelo: um...I don't get what you mean, the autocad we use is just "autocad 2008"03:24
MarfiPelo, they are in there03:24
blackace11arbitrary: any way you can help me get ndiswrapper working? should i do sometype of purge?03:24
Marfiim gonna restart X to see if htat does it03:24
BlueLagunaI have a video card with a VGA port and a DVI port.  Would I be able to setup dual monitors if I plug in one of each?03:25
K_Ninelilg111111: Try this from Tuxfiles http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/softinstall.html03:25
Pelorainwalker, I,ve been using autocad for 20 years ,  I have a history,03:25
Arbitraryblackacell, purge? what did you have in mind?03:25
rainwalkerPelo: hm...well I don't know what r14 is, but as long as this program you told me about works with autodesk's autocad programs, I'm happy03:25
blackace11arbitrary: well it doesn't work... should i delete everything with ndiswrapper and try again?03:25
MarfiPelo,  didn't work03:25
Pelorainwalker, progecad smart makes and read dwg , but it probably doesnT' have all the same commands as autocad 200803:26
flatsIs there a way to just redetect my video drivers as it did during install?  even running the dpkg --reconfigure ... didn't work03:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about background - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:26
Arbitraryblackacell, yes, uninstall any driver you've installed with ndiswrapper03:26
PeloMarfi, what video card ?03:26
K_Ninelilg111111: If you didn't delete your Makefile, you may be able to remove the program by doing a make uninstall03:26
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
blackace11arbitrary: how?03:26
Arbitraryblackacell, then, make sure you've blacklisted any native driver03:26
DILBelorix_, There are many smart people here one of which is not me, i used to have a Linksys i changed and got a netgear works right out of the box03:26
SpookyET Does anyone know how to make pm-utils call s2ram, s2disk?03:26
ubotuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy03:27
Arbitraryblackacell, have you consulted the ndiswrapper man page?03:27
blackace11arbitrary, i've blacklisted the native drver03:27
PeloK_Nine, there is no make file in the flash tar.gz  there is just a couple of fils that you need to copy to some folder03:27
blackace11i went to #ndiswrapper but no one will say anything and i've used a walktrhough ....03:27
jfkdsljiowine froze me03:28
PeloDukan_Studying, what is the problme ?03:28
MarfiPelo, nvidia 7800gt03:28
K_Nineblackace11: Leave it there and set up a system sound to play when someone answers.03:28
robdigPelo: your question got me interested...I found this link which may help you...the example print filter is just a pass through...so maybe it will work for you? http://eloquence.marxmeier.com/sdb/html/1123683643.html03:29
MarfiPelo, i just can't remember where the setting for "extended desktop" is03:29
* Pelo gets the "tools" to drag it out of Dukan_Studying 03:29
blackace11k_nine: what?03:29
PeloMarfi, there is a special way to do this for nvidia cards,   check in the repos for nvidia config or nvidia settings or someting03:29
flatsMarfi: That a laptop?03:29
Marfiflats, nope, desktop + projector03:30
jfkdsljiooh pooh03:30
Pelorobdig, thanks I'll check it out,03:30
blackace11arbitrary has been answering me03:30
flatsMarfi: KK03:30
atcla_ubuntuatc@atc-ubundu:~$ ./hlds_run03:30
atcla_ubuntubash: ./hlds_run: No such file or directory03:30
atcla_ubuntuatc@atc-ubundu:~$ ./steam03:30
atcla_ubuntubash: ./steam: No such file or directory03:30
K_Nineblackace11: I'm using the Konversation IRC chat program and I can set up a sound file to play when someone answers a post on any channel. I usually and on several channels or doing something else. So I find that feature handy.03:30
blackace11k_nine: i'm using xchat and it changes colors ...03:31
kmipa very quick gutsy question: /etc/fstab is empty (??) but I need to add a remote NFS drive; I can mount it from the command line, but how do I enable it to mount at boot?03:31
Pelorobdig, did you check the link with the instructiosn I originaly had to setup my printer ?03:32
=== raving is now known as Sir_Fawnpug
robdigPelo: no, didn't see it03:32
flatsIs there a way to just redetect my video drivers as it did during install?  even running the dpkg --reconfigure ... didn't work03:32
Pelorobdig, here it is,  it does tell me what to do , I just have no idea how  http://openprinting.org/show_printer.cgi?recnum=CalComp-Artisan_1023_penplotter03:32
kmip(and why is /etc/fstab empty?  how can that be? where do you add swap partitions.  I'm really confused)03:32
Dukan_Studyingoh my bugs :'(03:33
Pelokmip, you probably misstyped ,03:33
Arbitraryblackacell, as the man page suggests, use ndiswrapper -r <drivername> to remove the driver03:33
tom2002i have a java question03:33
kmippelo, no, it is very explicitly empty03:33
kmip$ sudo cat /etc/fstab03:34
kmip$ sudo cat /etc/fstab03:34
Pelokmip, wow, how can you possibly be up and running03:34
tom2002everything i;ve read about graphics in java is related to java applets ... how can i do graphics in a stand alone application ???03:34
kmipexactly my question03:34
Pelokmip,  and what does gksu gedit /etc/fstab return ?03:34
kmiphow can it be runnign without /etc/fstab?03:34
kmipsame thing03:34
Tuari_im trying to install somthing and it is asking for mysql devel and im having trouble finding the apt get install for it anyone happen to know it03:34
K_Ninejfkdsljio: I just did a wine --version in a terminal and I have 9.46. So I'll try CS2 tomorrow.03:34
kmip(sudo is oldschool gksu)03:34
=== Templariow is now known as Templario
PeloTuari_, do you have a gui ?03:35
lilg111111no sound in ubuntu03:35
Pelolilg111111, at all or just in flash ?03:35
lilg111111at all03:35
rainwalkerPelo, how do I msg you?03:35
kmipI had that: fetch the latest alsa drivers from their site, install those over top of ubuntu03:35
tom2002is there anyway to make an applet into an application ???03:35
Pelolilg111111, menu > systsm> prefs> sound make sure you have the correct device selected03:35
K_Ninelilg111111: Is the volume muted?03:35
iKaphow do you change firefox's transparency?03:36
AMDfanboyhey guys, i accidentally deleted all my kick ass pictueres off my camera.  there is a photo recovry tool, called testdisk, but it seems to want a drive, it can't access my camera directly.  i dont have a card reader, i just do it through my usb camera.  so i guess i should mount the camera in one of my drives or mount it as another drive?03:36
PeloiKap, ask in #firefox03:36
Tuari_pelo ya03:36
K_Ninelilg111111: Have you tried sudo alsaconf in a terminal to reset?03:36
rainwalkerPelo: apparently pidgin doesn't recognize /notice03:36
Hilikusdoes anyone know how to burn to a certain directory using growisofs?03:36
tom2002how about changing the "public class XXXX extends applet'"03:36
flatsWhats the command to restart X please03:37
PeloTuari_, menu > systm< admin > synaptic pacakge manager,   search for mysql , install the related -dev package03:37
Starnestommyflats: hit ctrl+alt+backspace?03:37
Pelorainwalker, hold on03:37
rainwalkerflats: control + alt + Backspace03:37
Pelorainwalker, go ahead you are now autorized to /msg me03:37
K_NineAMDfanboy: Card readers are only about $10 now.03:37
lilg111111the volume is not muted03:38
AMDfanboyK_Nine, fair enough, if i have to, but i figure i can just mount it?03:38
Pelo!sound | lilg11111103:38
ubotulilg111111: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:38
toresnhow can i joint n number of flac files into 1 ?03:39
K_NineAMDfanboy: Will Digikam detect the camera?03:39
AMDfanboyit does03:39
jfkdsljioHmm someone should add alsaconf to !sound03:39
lilg111111 alsaconf: command not found03:39
rainwalkertoresn: you can mess around with audacity03:39
tom2002is there any way to make a java applet into an application  ?????03:39
AMDfanboybut the pics are deleted03:39
jfkdsljiohmm, odd.03:39
pariahHey everyone03:39
toresnrainwalker, isn't there a better way?03:39
toresna command line tool or something03:39
=== Ash908 is now known as Ashfire908
jfkdsljiohmm no alsaconf in ubuntu, why03:40
rskjfkdsljio: no idea, i want it alsp03:40
rainwalkertoresn: there probably is, but I don't really do stuff with audio, so I wouldn't know of anything else03:40
Arbitraryisn't a java applet just an application somebody randomly decided should be called "applet" instead?03:40
Arbitraryafter all..03:41
K_Ninejfkdsljio: Can it be downloaded?03:41
jfkdsljioops are easy to spot by the way they talk, when they hide their badge03:41
=== Jannitax is now known as Jannita
jfkdsljioK_Nine I dunno I installed alsa on sidux and alsaconf came with it.03:41
rskyou have to compile alsa yourself to get alsaconf03:42
rskin ubuntu03:42
robdigPelo: been a long time since i installed unix printers without a print filter, normally that was done to send raw data to the printer. with cups, i think the way to do that is by setting up a filter which is a pass through, such as the one in the example supplied earlier. don't remember how to set the speed, will look03:42
jfkdsljioif i was ubuntu's wife i would be bitching03:42
pariahno not really heh03:42
tom2002well.... i've been having trouble compiling java application w/ graphics03:42
Pelorobdig, no hurry,  shall I give you my email ? if you get a soluton  , this bit is way over my head03:43
LKCi just installed Emerald on 7.10 how do i turn it on?03:43
robdigPelo: yeah, you can pm it03:43
jfkdsljioemerald --replace03:43
Pelorobdig, I realy appreciate it03:43
IdleOne!language | jfkdsljio03:43
ubotujfkdsljio: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:43
jfkdsljioi will03:43
IdleOnethank you03:43
jfkdsljiovery welcome03:44
dsmith_anyone install ubuntu on a SUN server?03:44
jfkdsljioI have found some of emeralds theme engines to slow things down a little, in comparison to the regular GTK.03:44
Sir_Fawnpugdsmith_, I hae03:44
Pelorobdig,  earlier I figured out it might be similar to what I did to get efax working ,  seting up a newtork printer that was redirected to the modem , in this case a fake spooler that would send to the com1 port for the plotter03:44
Sir_FawnpugI have*03:44
Sir_FawnpugSorry, I'm on a laptop and I'm on pain meds because of my wisdom teeth, I may not type straight03:45
dsmith_Sir_Fawnpug: sorry to hear that hope you get better; which model if I may ask?03:45
Sir_Fawnpugdsmith_, well it was a workstation, but yes, I've installed ubuntu on sun03:46
Ranbeehi, does anyone know the name of the browser which has a similar name to - Kamikaze?03:46
rskRanbee: konqueror?03:46
Sir_Fawnpugdsmith_, a sparcstation 5 if I recall correctly. I know it was an UltraSparc IIi based machine, that was supposed to support PC hardware03:46
Ranbeersk: no, not konqueror. i think it's from japan03:46
robdigPelo: makes sense...and i think this method should do something similar...i hope03:46
dsmith_Sir_Fawnpug: I was looking at sun servers/WS for use03:46
dsmith_sorta old03:47
Sir_Fawnpugdsmith_, you mean you're looking at buying one or that you already have one?03:47
dsmith_buying one03:47
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
K_Ninejfkdsljio:  Here is why they removed alsaconf from ubuntu. https://bugs.launchpad.net/alsa-utils/+bug/2959703:47
Sir_FawnpugOh, I see03:47
dsmith_or buying a used one from ebay *shrug*03:47
Sir_FawnpugWell I got my sparc for less than $7503:47
Sir_FawnpugCheck out government surplus sales, you can often get not too bad hardware for cheap there03:48
K_NineTime to watch Dr. Who.03:48
Sir_FawnpugYou know, I've always wondered how you can have a FAQ if nobody's asked you any questions, haha03:49
RequinB5K_Nine: new episodes?03:49
Ranbeersk: this is it if you want to know - Kazehakase03:49
K_NineNo, reruns. But Torch Wood is new.03:50
dsmith_Sir_Fawnpug: I know about the gov auctions I acquired soo much junk at really cheap $$$, then turned around and sold it for more03:50
fxdAlright! I got my wireless working! But the sound which I just had working is now suddenly not working. Can anyone help me out?03:50
Sir_Fawnpugdsmith_, most of the time the only thing you hae to worry about with gov auctions is the lack of an operating system, but that's really no problem with a good distro around03:51
Sir_FawnpugAlthough I am inheriting an RS6K pretty soon, and I'm not sure if I'd be able to use anything besides AIX on it.03:52
pingucan anyone point me in the direction of a list of compatible printers for ubuntu03:52
Dr_willispingu,  cups.org03:53
Sir_FawnpugDr_willis, you beat me to it.03:53
Dr_willispingu,  ubuntu uses cups. :) so the cups.org site has details on printers.  I would avoid canon, perhaps stick with HP.03:53
Sir_FawnpugPingu, if you're looking at buying a new printer, the HP 1280 works really nice03:54
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:54
Sir_FawnpugIt's a scanner too03:54
jfkdsljiowho's more elitist, gentooers or debianers03:54
dsmith_pingu: get HP03:54
o_told ya I'd be bak03:54
Sir_Fawnpugjfkdsljio, debianers for sure.03:54
kahrytanSir_Fawnpug-> Lexmark seems to have nice support too03:54
dsmith_1020 series03:54
* Dr_willis agrees with Sir_Fawnpug :)03:55
jfkdsljioK thanks.03:55
fragged2jfkdsljio: I wouldnt call gentoo or debian elitist, its just some Ubuntu users give us the shits03:55
Dr_willisLexmark at one time was best used as a doorstop. :)03:55
Sir_FawnpugOf course, I'm biased (I'm a gentooer)03:55
nickrudpingu: http://openprinting.org/printer_list.cgi03:55
fxdcan anyone help me with this? "No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found."03:55
fxdworking on my sound btw03:55
lilg111111does anybody know a progam like object bar for windows03:55
lilg111111that used in linux03:55
nickrudjfkdsljio: they both think highly of themselves03:55
jfkdsljionickrud, Ok i'll keep that in mind.03:56
Sir_Fawnpuglilg111111, what is "object bar"? Do you mean something kind of like gnome applets?03:56
o_tried to use synaptic to dl ktorrent..get an error "E: /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-2.6.20-16-386_2.6.20-16.33_i386.deb: subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 103:56
o_I'm lost ??03:56
nickrudjfkdsljio: but it's better to not think of people by distro, but by their behavior03:56
kahrytanDr_willis->  Perhaps. HP has their doorstops too. I recently moved and I never got around to buying new ink for my hp. Lexmark Z53 has new ink in it so I am using it til I get around to buying ink for hp. Oddly, Ubuntu supports Z53 out of the box while Xp doesnt.03:56
lilg111111its that bar that mac has that you can use to start programs03:56
jfkdsljioI figure a group is a group, and facts related to that group are facts. But each person as an individual deserves a fair chance.03:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about awn - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:57
fragged2agreed with nickrud, there are idiots in every community they just seem more common in certain ones (Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu and other easy distros)03:57
Sir_Fawnpugkahrytan, I've avoided lexmark because of their marketing with their ink03:57
Dr_williskahrytan,  ive had to many 'free' printers included with computers.. that are the cheap doorstop lexmarks. :)03:57
jfkdsljioawn is sorta cool, but nothing is more fun than kiba-dock03:57
Dr_williskahrytan,  i put them on a rummage sale for $10 each - unopened. :P03:57
djznhi, is there a way to "convert a xvid/divx" avi file, into DVD-Video VTS_xx.vob outputs with menus and stuff?????03:57
jfkdsljioand its not KDE stuff, despite the k in the beginning03:57
kahrytanDr_willis->  Wasn't included. It was left behind by previous owners of a condo.03:57
portablejimanybody use campcaster on Gutsy?03:57
Sir_Fawnpugnickrud, do you believe that a community can take on it's own mentality?03:58
nickrudfragged2: now, I wouldn't tar people who are low on the learning curve idiots, I tend to reserve that for people who have little tolerance for the learners03:58
kahrytandjzn->  with menus ... Linux doesnt have a decent dvd menus creator.03:58
fragged2nickrud: mmm maybe I didnt phrase my statement right. There are some out there who have genuine problems and are ready to do a little bit of research - they are the good ones. Problem is the users who refuse to help themselves,03:59
Sir_FawnpugI mean I would almost agree with you, except channels like #debian and #java really do seem, by default, really do seem to have an elitist atmosphere03:59
jfkdsljiofragged2, there it is. the ones who refuse to help themselves are the culprit03:59
Dr_willisdjzn,  there are tools to  create dvd layout/disks - if thats what you mean.  videotrans  qdvdauthor  devede   and others.03:59
kahrytanDr_willis->  not all of those create menus03:59
Dr_williskahrytan,  your mileage may vary :)03:59
mkquistdjzn: def take a look at qdvdauthor, i believe it does04:00
Dr_williskahrytan,  i normally put 1 video per disk. so the kids dont een have to have the remote.04:00
nickrudfragged2: I won't argue about the ones who refuse to help themselves, but I still try to teach them they must. That's the most rewarding success04:00
kahrytanDr_willis->  I tried to find a good dvd author program.04:00
Sir_FawnpugWow, you all have to forgive me. My pain medicine just kicked in and I'm... uh.. not completely there anymore.04:00
kahrytanDr_willis->  you dont do season dvds?04:00
ridge-meisteranyone here use xmame?  when i start up "flying shark" the screen is way too small.  is there a way to adjust that?04:00
Dr_williskahrytan,  deede does menus i belive.04:00
fragged2Sir_Fawnpug: no matter how easy a problem is to solve it, if you go into one of those rooms and state that you have already tried google, rtfm, and many other things, as well as phrasing your question right, you will more often then not get an answer04:00
Pelorobdig, thanks for the trouble, I'm off to bed04:01
Dr_williskahrytan,  i really havent messed with them much.04:01
Pelog'night folks04:01
kahrytanDr_willis-> but crash allot04:01
* nickrud wishes Pelo an aha dream about plotters04:01
Dr_willisridge-meister,  xmame --help  - theres a scale option04:01
dsmith_Sir_Fawnpug: 400Mhz Processo??04:01
Sir_Fawnpugdsmith_, huh? You mean on my sparc?04:01
Sir_FawnpugMy sparc, I believe, was a 233MHz, but I could be wrong04:02
fragged2I actually find the ubuntu community better to have intelligent debates with, such as whether Windows is a stable operating system, which communities are more elitist and the such04:02
dsmith_Sun Ultra 5 Workstation04:02
kahrytandjzn-> Here's a nautilus script to us for converting xvid to mpeg  (vob is mpeg video)04:02
djznbecause you know04:02
kahrytandjzn-> http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/avi+%26+mp4+converter?content=64899 (USE)04:02
dsmith_duh, you said 304:02
Sir_FawnpugI don't hae my sparc next to me at the moment, I'm at my parent's house04:02
djznI get LOST 4, from the avis on the net04:02
nickrudfragged2: fewer geeks, more users with other interests :)04:02
kahrytanDr_willis-> http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/avi+%26+mp4+converter?content=6489904:02
djznand then I use convertxtodvd in windows...04:02
fragged2I just wish there was like a more first line of support room, and then something deeper behind that for the users that actually /KNOW/ what there doing04:02
djznbut then i want to do that in linux04:02
Jangaridoes someone know the syntax for putting an ssh server share on fstab?04:02
Sir_Fawnpugdsmith_, it could very well be 400Mhz04:02
erawfishfragged2: that's not a discussion, in #ubuntu this is OT blabbering. go to a usenet advocacy group for this. they argue this wrt windows since 1985 there. much more experience04:02
Sir_Fawnpugfragged2, I agree that the ubuntu community is amongst the best community in open source04:03
fxdcan anyone help me with sound?04:03
erawfishFaithful: possibly when you installed sshf/fuse04:03
kahrytandjzn->  best tool on windows is gui4ffmpeg to convert videos.04:04
Sir_FawnpugIt's kind of like what Ken Miller says about science. People misunderstand science sometimes because scientists shun public roles.04:04
ryanI installed mplayer last night and now all video playback using any player is scrambled or non-existant04:04
Dr_willisJangari,  i normally use the fuse-ssh tools to mount a ssh server as a local diretory04:05
JangariDr_willis: sshfs?04:05
jfkdsljio"i installed ubuntu and it borked my computers power switch, i think ubuntu devs owe me 15 dollars for that"04:05
kahrytanjfkdsljio->  that is funny04:05
Dr_willisJangari,  somthing like that. I alwyas get the names messed up.04:06
Dr_willis!find sshfs04:06
ubotuFound: sshfs04:06
Dr_willis!info sshfs04:06
ubotusshfs (source: sshfs-fuse): filesystem client based on SSH File Transfer Protocol. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7-2.1 (gutsy), package size 34 kB, installed size 120 kB04:06
fragged2jfkdsljio: ubuntu fanboi's generate a lot of anger on digg... but that website gives MacOS and Windows bad names aswell IMO04:06
ridge-meisterDr_willis: thanks :)04:06
Dr_willisOn the digg forums - everyone is free to rant equally!04:06
ryananyone have similar issues or know a fix?04:06
Sir_Fawnpugfragged2, well truth be told even OSX has its criticisms04:07
Jangarii actually have sshfs, but i find it a bit buggy, says it mounts it, but the mountpoint it empty, then can't unmount it because it says the mountpoint isn't empty04:07
jfkdsljiofragged2 agreed04:07
Jangarithen nautilus can't unmount iit because it isn't on the fstab04:07
=== crypt0 is now known as crypto
Sir_FawnpugI mean not that I think digg is a great community for debate or whatever04:07
jfkdsljioPersonally I don't see what's so great about OSX, It's just a proprietary linux with a dumb-down affect, but what do I know I dont even use it.04:08
L7If you hear me :/04:08
fragged2Sir_Fawnpug: As does linux, windows, bsd, and every other OS in exsistence... The best quote I've seen is 'There is no best OS for every situation' which is probbably one of the most intelligent statements I'd seen for a while on digg04:08
=== crypto is now known as crypt0z
ryanNo idea if its related but my desktop appearance settings and compiz keep reverting back to default normal...04:08
Sir_Fawnpugfragged2, well I suppose that's the point I was trying to make.04:08
Sir_FawnpugEven a two-byte program can have bugs in it.04:09
jfkdsljioIn what case is OSX the best possible OS?04:09
jfkdsljioOnly if you run it in KDE.04:09
Sir_Fawnpugjfkdsljio, from an end-user's perspective it's not bad.04:09
jfkdsljioThat I can agree with.04:09
Sir_FawnpugAs far as best, well, I personally think only a Free operating system can come close to reaching that.04:10
LKCcan awn and emerald be on at the same time?04:10
fragged2jfkdsljio: I've heard a lot of posative talk about it being good for Multimedia development, some video studio tool that only runs on mac apparently craps all over every other piece of software04:10
djznwhy don't we have a foobar2000 like application with those features?04:10
ridge-meisterDr_willis: that helped a lot, it seems the game is moving just a little too fast.  i've looked over the docs for xmame, but don't know how to turn the speed down.  maybe it's just me and i've slowed down :)04:10
fragged2djzn: you mean like xmms?04:10
mkquistOSX  is probably the best if you are using ProTools and the lot04:10
jfkdsljioAh yes those multimedia applications.04:11
djznfragged2: xmms won't masstag, won't calculate replaygain, and won't convert on the fly to other formats.04:11
Sir_Fawnpugfragged2, although I think ubuntu studio could potentially change that. I tried it a while back, and I was very impressed with what came with it out of the box04:11
Sir_FawnpugAnd what worked04:11
jfkdsljioompaul most definitely is not here04:11
mkquist proprietary hadware and all that...04:12
Sir_Fawnpugmkquist, well I think the big problem with the hardware is that it's getting harder and harder to justify paying premium for mac hardware anymore.04:12
=== bmk789 is now known as bmk789_schlafen
Sir_FawnpugYou used to be able to justify it, because you could say, "I'm getting a M68k/PPC/Whatever)04:13
fragged2Agreed about the hardware being expensive, but its what the mac community is targeting, middle to upperclass homes and workplaces that want pretty desktops in pretty, stock cases04:13
Sir_FawnpugAs a hardware geek, that idea almost makes the thought of buying one worth the money04:13
mkquistSir_Fawnpug: I'm not in the industry, but was talking to some who are and he kinda echoed that same thing, considering the cost of powerful hadware is dropping04:13
mkquistSir_Fawnpug: the one thing mac still does nice is the design tho04:14
mkquistp r e t t y .... =P04:14
pariah... to some04:14
Sir_Fawnpugmkquist, oh, don't get me wrong, the design is very pleasing on a mac.04:14
fragged2Apple dont even care about low cost hardware or alternatives, take a look at the iPod range, how little love has the shuffle been getting over the years?04:14
Dr_willisridge-meister,  theres some frontends to xmame. kde has some and so does gnome.04:15
Sir_FawnpugAnd they have always paid special attention to user interface standards.04:15
mkquistno i dont thnk they do,  I kinda thin FSJ has it right, there not for the masses... lol04:15
Tygirwhat is the best prog to use for .rar and .par files?04:15
fragged2Tygir: unrar for rar :D04:15
Dr_willisApple cares about Apple. :) and $$$.  heh.04:15
travisatTygir: pypar2 for par2 imo04:15
jfkdsljioi dont like ipods, there i said it.04:15
Dr_willisIm not sure ive seen any rar tools for messing with .par files under linux but i never looked.04:15
Sir_Fawnpugfragged2, well, for a while, they did, the mac mini is a good example04:16
celiousDr_willis: just like any other business.04:16
Sir_FawnpugAnd I almost bought a mac mini, you know04:16
mkquistjfkdsljio: daring...04:16
LKChow do i turn my new awn dock on?04:16
Dr_williscelious,    some are worse then others.04:16
fragged2Still, Windows took one too many acid trips while designing vista... I cant stand the look of the theme,04:16
Sir_FawnpugBefore I learned that it'd suck trying to extend it04:16
travisatfragged2: it looks better then xps default imo04:16
jfkdsljiothe mac mini, and the imac seem like laptops to me, as far as hardware manipulation is concerned04:16
Sir_Fawnpugfragged2, haha, well you have to admit, the vista theme is a bit better than the "little tykes" theme that ista has04:16
Dr_willisjfkdsljio,  worse then laptops i belive. :)04:17
mkquistwindows at this point is only required for gaming (sigh) and photoshop (sigh more..)04:17
FenyxGood evening everyone.04:17
jfkdsljioI have photoshop CS2 working fine in wine .9.54, but its slower04:17
travisatmkquist: wine is getting pretty good for photoshop I think, I haven't tried it lately as I have gotten used to gimp04:17
yuHelp! Can I install eeexubuntu using SD card?04:17
mkquisttravisat: yea, been trying to get a good handle on gimp04:17
Sir_FawnpugI guess the gaming thing was solved for me a while ago. The only PC game I really play much of anymore is the Sims 2, and that hasn't been in months04:18
ridge-meisterDr_willis: i am using Gnome.  Would the Rute book be a good one to read about Linux administration?04:18
mkquisttravisat: have you had it close on you during work.  seems an ongoing thing, sometimes04:18
travisatmkquist: gimp is vastly underrater04:18
Sir_FawnpugI got a wii for my other games04:18
Sir_Fawnpugtravisat, I agree.04:18
Sir_FawnpugI do almost all of my artwork in the gimp04:18
kebinusanis there a way to have a different background image on each desktop with compiz04:18
yuHelp! Can I install eeexubuntu using SD card?04:19
compwiz18If I put my home folder on a server then mount it using ssh on multiple computers at the same time, are bad things going to happen to me?04:19
Belorix_Trying Again dont respondif you cant help I cant get my Linksys WUSB54GSC network adapter to work04:19
Sir_Fawnpugyu, it depends on the size of the card04:19
yuI have 1G04:19
Sir_Fawnpugcompwiz18, possibly, but it depends on the situation04:19
Sir_Fawnpugyu, that may be a tight fit for xubuntu04:19
Sir_FawnpugBut you could try it04:19
compwiz18Sir_Fawnpug: explain please?04:20
gigamonk`I'm running xubuntu on a asus eee pc. Any ideas how I can see the bottoms of windows that are off the (tiny) screen.04:20
magickhello! I have a few problems.. a) keyboard is a bit laggy and misses keys but windows is fine b) selecting stuff on the desktop is extremely slow but I do have hardware acceleration04:20
gigamonk`I've tried resizing them but I think they're aleady at their minimum size.04:20
Dr_willisridge-meister,  for bools - i find that learning the interface/gui disent need a book. :) get books with lots of words.. not pictures - about sysadmin, and other topics. Not the desktop.04:20
yuto gigamonk. . Alt+Left button, move the mouse04:20
Dr_willisridge-meister,  there is a free ubuntu book out also. in pdf format.04:20
Sir_Fawnpugcompwiz18, it has to do with problems in concurrency, which most of the time the filesystem would take care of.04:21
Tygirfragged2: how do i use unrar? is there a gui?04:21
BodomLawi cant play google videos in firefox whats the deal?04:21
compwiz18Sir_Fawnpug: I'm worried about multiple programs accessing the same settings at the same time...04:21
FenyxDoes anyone know why my permission settings should be for an rsync directory? I keep getting permission denied errors.04:21
travisatTygir: after you install unrar I think file-roller can manage rar files04:21
ridge-meisterDr_willis: do you know what the name of that book is?  i can find it with google04:21
Dr_willisridge-meister,   ubuntu training wiki - found it., :)  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training04:22
Sir_Fawnpugcompwiz18, do you mean the possibility that one program could write while the other programs are reading?04:22
compwiz18Sir_Fawnpug: yeah, bascially04:22
joshual_hi, could anyone tell me what files I would need to download in order to install commercial dvd playback support offline ?04:22
Sir_Fawnpugcompwiz18, well there are filesystems that do enforce filesystem locking in that case04:22
travisatjoshual_: libdvdcss204:22
magick jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjasdfj;'04:22
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:22
travisatjoshual_: check that out04:23
BodomLawyoutube works04:23
joshual_travisat: I need to know what I would have to download including dependencies for a newly installed system that has no internet connection...04:23
Tygirfragged2: yeah, i got it...thanks man!04:23
compwiz18Sir_Fawnpug: All I want is the same settings on multiple computers - is there a better way to do that?04:23
travisatjoshual_: ah well I think just libdvdcss204:24
Sir_Fawnpugcompwiz18, hmm, I guess I don't understand entirely what you want, but you might look into rsync04:24
travisatjoshual_: you can get the deb from the repos at medibuntu04:24
compwiz18Sir_Fawnpug: yeah, I thought of that too, but it seems like a lot of work ;)04:24
Sir_FawnpugIf you want your home directories shared by, let's say NAS, look at something like NFS04:24
joshual_thx travisat04:24
ridge-meisterthanks, Dr_w04:25
Sir_Fawnpugcompwiz18, is this for your home network or for something larger?04:25
Tygirfragged2: what is the best prog to use to watch the .avi?04:25
compwiz18Sir_Fawnpug: home network04:25
Tygirfragged2: im using the standard movie player and all i see is a black screen after installing the codecs04:25
Sir_Fawnpugcompwiz18, well, that's up to you. I thought about implementing NAS on my network, but then again, I do recording04:25
travisatTygir: try to use vlc04:25
fragged2compwiz18: I'm seeting up two computers, I figure I'll use one and configure it the way I want and then just copy the entire hard drive to another box04:26
fragged2Tygir: I'm a fan of mplayer,04:26
travisattotem has some issues with all of the codecs04:26
jfkdsljiowow, My super nice ear buds lost a piece, and I actually remebered where I put the replacements that came with it04:26
ryanAnyone lose dvd playblack after installing mplayer?04:26
LKCi cant seem to get my AWN started does anybody know what i need to do?04:26
Sir_FawnpugTygir, I agree with fragged2 mplayer is good for pr0-- err, totally legitimate art.04:26
Sir_Fawnpugryan,  I don't see why not.04:27
magickanyone know of a solution to a laggy usb keyboard?04:27
BodomLawi cant play google videos in firefox whats the deal?04:27
jfkdsljiotry install adobe flash and mozilla flash plugin04:27
BodomLawi did04:27
jfkdsljiohmm, win32codecs?04:27
BodomLawand i reinstalled04:27
Sir_Fawnpugcompwiz18, now another idea is to use a host key on each of the computers involved and periodically run a cron script to download your settings04:28
magickBodomLaw, does it keep asking you to install flash?04:28
BodomLawthe screen just dissapears where the video should be04:28
FenyxHow do I tell what user a process belongs to?04:29
fragged2BodomLaw: did you also install the other plugin in replacement to flash? I've tried that and other than the issue your seeing and raping my CPU it did very little04:29
BodomLawand actually on utube the volume control overlaps the fulscrean thing04:29
maskoubuntu doesnt work04:29
maskowhat is wrong?04:29
BodomLawwhat other plugin?04:29
fragged2masko: your an epic faliure at computers :D04:29
maskoi loaded up windows04:29
maskoand then run ubuntu04:29
Fenyxmasko: User error.04:29
StarnestommyFenyx: ps -p number?04:29
Sir_FawnpugRidge racer! RIIIIDGE RACER!04:30
Tygirare there codecs i need to install with vlc to play a .avi?04:30
fragged2How do these people find there way onto IRC unless there trolling?04:30
maskobut it says 'illegal operation E09, mem address 0x94DE5EFF04:30
maskowhat does this mean04:30
fragged2masko: maybe you should read in to what Ubuntu / GNU-Linux actually is04:30
Sir_Fawnpugmasko, what did you try to run in windows?04:30
maskoit is a program for windows?04:31
maskoi downloaded it last night04:31
fragged2masko: if I sent you a .exe would you try to run it in windows?04:31
fragged2if you dont know what it is04:31
maskowhat is an exe04:31
fragged2lol you fail at trolling ;-)04:31
travisatTygir: negative if you have already install w32codecs04:31
ryanSir_Fawnpug, i installed mplayer-nogui last night, and now i have no dvd playback on any player, my video files on my hd all playback grey, and compiz keeps turning itself off04:31
FenyxStrnestommy: I don't see where that is listing a username. :(04:31
iNTRONIXHello! Im using Wine, but when i run some win apps I cant see the text in them, like in counter-strike 1.6? how to solve the problem04:31
Sir_Fawnpugryan, are you sure mplayer-nogui is the only thing that you installed last night?04:32
travisatiNTRONIX: look online for info to install steam games on linux, you need to install the font tahoma in your wine c drive04:32
Sir_FawnpugYou may have accidentally remoed a package as well04:32
fragged2Could this be a problem with video out and compiz? I dont actually use it so I wouldnt know04:32
StarnestommyFenyx: try ps -up numver04:32
Tygirtravisat: how do i know if i did?04:32
Tygirtravisat: i try to open an avi in vlc and it just closes04:32
Tygirtravisat: doesnt play anything..04:32
pianomanwhat would cause 6.06 to freeze at "Mounting root file system" when trying to install?04:32
BodomLawi reinstalled from the tar.gz and she works now :D04:32
travisatTygir: I don't I just thought you did, you need to04:32
iNTRONIXtravisat: how do i install the font tahoma in wine?04:32
FenyxThank you Starnestommy!04:33
fragged2iNTRONIX: I hear google has some interesting articles on the subject04:33
Tygirtravisat: how?04:33
protcronthello everybody04:33
travisatiNTRONIX: first you have to get it then you have to put it in your .wine/drive_c/windows/fonts directory04:33
Sir_FawnpugHello protcront04:33
travisatTygir: medibuntu04:33
protcronti used both today ubuntu and kubuntu ? u tell me which one is better ?04:34
Tygirtravisat: whats that? sorry im a newv04:34
GERD_MDHey, Having an issue with ubuntu and sound, there is no sound.04:34
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:34
ryanSir_Fawnpug: Im sure04:34
iNTRONIXok travisat, where to get it?04:34
Sir_Fawnpugprotcront, which do you think was the best?04:34
fragged2protcront: there is no /better/ its prefrence, I prefer xubuntu... there just the same core with a different set of software in particular Window Manager and Desktop Environment04:34
travisatiNTRONIX: I cannot tell you that here04:34
=== osxdude|overhere is now known as osxdude
travisatiNTRONIX: but you can find it via google very easy04:35
iNTRONIXgoogle is my friend04:35
Sir_Fawnpugryan, you might check the bug reports out there04:35
pianomanwhat would cause 6.06 to freeze at "Mounting root file system" when trying to install?04:35
Tygirtravisat: can i add that to my repos?04:35
fragged2pianoman: the ammount of reasons would be very broad04:35
protcrontdont u think that kubuntu has more attractive appearence then ubuntu04:36
fragged2pianoman: drivers, scratched cd, a bug in teh installer, and many many more04:36
travisatTygir: yep just follow the instructions then apt-get install w32codecs04:36
erawfishpianoman: missing driver for your disk controller04:36
nickrudiNTRONIX: http://sourceforge.net/projects/corefonts/04:36
pianomanfragged2: I have a Dell Optiplex with a 6GB drive and 512MB RAM04:36
fragged2protcront: I find all stock environments pretty ugly : /04:36
zouzouhi all,04:36
travisatnickrud: corefonts does not have tahoma in it04:36
nickrudtravisat: no? what a bummer (forgot where I got it last then)04:37
singlesun1protcront, i would say that yes... kubuntu's kde desktop does look better than ubuntus gnome desktop04:37
=== DiceyDays is now known as DiceyDaysx
Sir_Fawnpugprotcront, personally, I don't, but the first thing I did with my xubuntu installation on this laptop was put fluxbox on it04:37
travisatnickrud: I copied it off a windows partition myself04:37
fragged2pianoman: I'm not familiar with that hardware at all04:37
protcrontfragged2: so u think xubuntu is better04:37
zouzoufor some odd reason, when i plug a tvcard (USB) bttv, but bttv is not loaded niether does it exist!04:37
nickrudtravisat: probably did myself (looks again at his UI font04:37
ubotufluxbox is a lightweight and responsive window manager for GNU/Linux. For how to set it up and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fluxbox04:37
fragged2Sir_Fawnpug: xfce can look nice and sleek04:37
singlesun1Sir_Fawnpug, fluxbox eh.... ? you like that better?04:37
pianomanfragged2: neither am I, actually. I just got the PC from a friend, and decided to use that for Ubuntu.04:37
Sir_Fawnpugprotcront, it really depends on which UI is easier for you to use04:37
travisatI suggest fvwm204:38
Sir_Fawnpugsinglesun1, believe it or not, yes.04:38
travisatalthough I use gnome because I am to lazy to fiddle with fvwm for a week to get to where I like it04:38
singlesun1fragged2, i believe damn xubuntu uses xfce...04:38
pianomanfragged2: maybe the type of hard drive has something to do with it?04:38
singlesun1fragged2, oops.. i mean damn small linux as well.. LOL04:38
fragged2pianoman: Welcome to the linux community, if I were you I'd be lazy and go download an Ubuntu 7.04 CD, or wait for 8.x to come out as it may have better support for your hardware (Unless you can figure out your bug)04:39
protcrontRAM is 1GB so i need light and attractive interface from which i can use eclipse04:39
Sir_Fawnpugsinglesun1, IIRC, DSL uses fluxbox04:39
Tygirtravisat: i dont understand...04:39
ryanSir_Fawnpug: wait i installed camorama too04:39
fragged2DSL uses a blackbox based backend I think (Maybe ICEWm etc not sure), and yeah I use xubuntu waiting for gentoo installer to compile stuffs on my second box04:39
travisatTygir: go to the webpage www.medibuntu.org there should be intructions to add to apt sources.list04:39
singlesun1Sir_Fawnpug, this is correct.... ;) im tripping... just got done using like 5 different live cd's today... and dealt with xubuntu on my wifes pc... and ubuntu on mine... lol then bt2 on my laptop04:40
Sir_Fawnpugryan, ahh, well I'm not familiar with camorama, but you might check out if that's part of your problems04:40
fragged2pianoman: its unlikely the hard drive would have much to do with it, provided it was in working order before you installed ubuntu on it... it may be the IDE controller or something but the easyiest sollution is to try another version or distribution04:40
Tygirtravisat: i tried...i dont see it04:40
Sir_Fawnpugsinglesun1, ahh, well that's no problem, I'm on pain medicine right now04:40
travisatTygir: go to this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu scroll down a bit there should be the list of how to install it to your repo04:40
pianomanfragged2: I've used Ubuntu since 5.1 on a much larger system than the Optiplex, just figured I'd try 6.06 on this one (1 GHz PIII)04:40
singlesun1Sir_Fawnpug, haha04:40
fxdhow do you launch a program like amarok from the terminal?04:41
fragged2afaik dell uses intel based chipsets so I'm suprised that its not working correctly, then again I have lots of intel chipsets reporting as IDE instead of SATA and vice versa04:41
Sir_Fawnpugsinglesun1, I just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday. They prescribed me vicodin.04:41
pianomanthat's odd04:41
singlesun1Sir_Fawnpug, ewww... i cant stand vicodin... makes me itchy for a bit and nauseous... then you feel ok04:41
zouzoufor some odd reason, when i plug a tvcard (USB) bttv, but bttv is not loaded niether does it exist! isn't it supposed to be compiled with the kernel in feisty?04:41
ryanSir_Fawnpug: alright thanks, also note that totem is saying none of the codecs or plugins are installed, but they are04:41
Sir_Fawnpugsinglesun1, I didn't say I liked it, haha04:41
Sir_FawnpugI would much rather prefer to drink and smoke cigarettes right now04:42
fragged2pianoman: a more up to date sysytem wont really require /alot/ more guts, but it may help with hardware thats not working04:42
travisatryan: i don't think totem looks for the extra plugins04:42
travisatryan: try xine, mplayer, vlc to name a few04:42
singlesun1Sir_Fawnpug, hopefully you are young and getting them taken out whille you are still young ... i still havent had mine out and im older... lol04:42
Sir_Fawnpugsinglesun1, I'm 2204:42
fxdhow do you launch programs from the terminal?04:42
mkquistfxd just type its name i do believe04:42
Sir_FawnpugBut it didn't hurt when I got them out, I stayed awake during the operation04:42
singlesun1Sir_Fawnpug, i believe that is older than the average... lol... but I still got ya beat... lol04:43
travisatSir_Fawnpug: just hope you don't get a dry socket those suck04:43
ryantravisat: I did, they either dont play it or play it scrambled beyond recognition04:43
fragged2ryan: usually pr0nz are badly encoded anyway04:43
Sir_Fawnpugtravisat, well I'm at my parent's house and left my smokes at my apartment 30 miles away04:43
fxdmkquist: okay, i'm trying to make amarok open when i plug my ipod in instead of rythmbox04:43
Sir_FawnpugSo with any amount of luck, I won't get a dry socket04:43
singlesun1Sir_Fawnpug, haha04:43
travisatSir_Fawnpug: sucks to be you, I just bought 3 packs on my home04:43
Sir_FawnpugOf course, I hear that they're painful if you do get them04:43
pianomanfragged2: shoot..was hoping to free up my 2.6 GHz P4 entirely for Windows, and have a seperate system for Ubuntu04:44
Sir_Fawnpugtravisat, you know what sucks for me is that Mardi Gras is in three days.04:44
mkquistfxd: thats a little different, did you look in preferred applications?04:44
fragged2pianoman: try ubuntu 7.x or 8.x04:44
nickrudfxd: system->prefs->removable media multimedia tab04:44
fragged2or even the alternate installer may help04:44
mkquistfxd: dont have an ipod myself, not sure about using one in linux...04:44
singlesun1who considers themselves to know their way around fdisk rather well04:44
pianomanfragged2: those will run on a P III?04:44
umopI've been playing WoW in wine for ages and it's been fine, but suddenly today it is running really slowly (fps wise), without any updats being applied etc.. How can i troubleshoot this?04:44
Sir_FawnpugHahahah, wtf04:45
Sir_Fawnpug"And that was that she had succeeded in putting tranquilizers in Bill Clinton's milk!"04:45
Sir_FawnpugSome random quote about hillary clinton on FOX (which my dad is watching for some reason)04:45
fxdmkquist: oh, thanks, i'm trying that right now04:45
fragged2pianoman: yes, there is very little overhead increase in newer versions unles something major has been changed, although I do recommend using xubuntu for a P3... The majority of software is designed for older systems04:46
Sir_FawnpugPolitics is getting strange around now.04:46
singlesun1who knows their way around fdisk really well and could give me some help with probally something simple that Im looking over04:46
mkquistfxd: i think nickrud got it for ya04:46
b4l74z4rmy external usb drive keeps disappearing and reappearing in my file browser along with a popup in the lower right corner of the screen that says something about it being unsafe to remove usb drives without unmounting them first, how can i stop this?04:46
pianomanfragged2: thanks, I'll look into xubuntu then04:46
nickrudb4l74z4r: check your physical connection, probably something is loose somewhere04:47
pmratpoisonhello! correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that if you choose "recovery mode" from grub (default installation) you get a # terminal without any password inquiry whatsoever. Isn't that a security issue?04:47
travisatpmratpoison: if somebody has access to your box it really doesn't matter04:47
nickrudpmratpoison: letting anyone have physical access to your machine is a security issue, there are many other ways in besides recovery mode04:48
Flannelpmratpoison: Physical access to a machine is a security issue04:48
fragged2pmratpoison: an attacker that has access to a physical machine means you have more of a problem then just a boot option04:48
dimedohey guys, i somehow managed to remove the shutdown and restart options from my logoff button menu. any idea how i could recover this?04:48
Flannelpmratpoison: If it bothers you, you can ask for a password to get into recovery mode04:48
Tygirtravisat: so i have the w32codecs and it still doesnt play in vlc...should i reboot/04:48
nickrudpmratpoison: bios password with the case locked in a vault.04:48
iNTRONIXUbuntu Freaks! THX! now I can see the text in Counter-strike 1.6. But when I change setings to 1024x768 the game isnt in the middle of hte screen. Can solve it?04:48
zcat_I have an encrypted filesystem .. even if you took the drive out, you couldn't recover my files..04:48
travisatTygir: no don't reboot have you tried mplayer yet?04:48
travisatTygir: it seems you have a really strange avi04:48
nickrudzcat_ wins!04:49
fragged2zcat_: lag much?04:49
zcat_hardly notice04:49
zelrikriandoanybody knows a bit about amsn?04:49
zcat_I expected it to be noticeably slower, but it doesn't seem to be04:50
travisatiNTRONIX: change the game settings to your resolution04:50
pmratpoisonwell, physical access to a laptop is really not something you can avoid at all times... I suppose one could follow Flannel's advice04:50
Tygirtravisat: no i havent tried mplayer...getting it now...04:50
fragged2zcat_: its still probbably too much overhead for an important fileserver04:50
pmratpoisonbut I do I go about it?04:50
travisatTygir: I usually have no problems with vlc, but I think mplayer supports more formats04:50
=== Infurnus is now known as _Infurnus_
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about amsn - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:50
Flannelpmratpoison: You can set a password via GRUB, for those boot options.  Or you can set a root password.  I strongly suggest the former04:50
pirokoHello all. I just installed ubuntu on my thinkpad x31. Everything works perfectly except for the bootsplash (it's just black). What would be the recommended way to debug the problem?04:50
nickrudpmratpoison: I have my bios to boot only from the hard drive, with a bios password so they can't boot with a cd or usb. If they steal it, they can take out the screws, I guess04:50
Sir_Fawnpugwhat is amsn anyway?04:50
zcat_I should probably zero-wipe my swapfs on shutdown too :)04:50
iNTRONIXtravisat: If I change from 800x600 to 1024x768 the game isnt in the middle of the screen.04:51
zelrikriandoit s not for me04:51
travisatpmratpoison: I suggest a security password via bios level if you are really scared04:51
iNTRONIXbut i can game with 800x600 its ok04:51
dhanar10piroko, try modifying your usplash.conf04:51
zelrikriandoI have to help somebody with that tomorrow :)04:51
pirokodhanar10: Haha. You fixed it for me. The resolution is out of bounds :D04:52
travisatiNTRONIX: im not sure what your are saying is it cutting off sides of the game?04:52
pirokodhanar10: Thank you.04:52
nickrudpiroko: /etc/usplash.conf , that is. Set it to your screens native res04:52
dhanar10it is ok. it is also happens with toshiba satellite a???04:52
nickrudI hate the splash screen, anyway04:52
iNTRONIXtravisat: yes, cutting off sides of the game04:52
Tygirtravisat: mplayer isnt working either...04:52
_Infurnus_Simple Question, How can i create symlinks recursively throughout directories. IE index.php needs to be in all directories from ~/Music/*. I would rather create a sym link so i can delete the main index.php if need be. Least amount of effort is goal. Any ideas?04:52
pirokonickrud: Right. I actually switched from debian out of curiosity. I'm impressed so far.04:53
silent_I'm having an issue with rhythmbox crackling/skipping and using almost 100% of my cpu before crashing, any known bugs... infinite loops or something?04:53
Flannelpmratpoison: You'd use the GRUB password option, and then lock on all options you want locked (I believe).  Ubuntu GRUB is identical to any other GRUBs, so any internet howto ought to do it.  I haven't ever done it personally though.04:53
jfkdsljioI wish everyone were forced to use linux.04:53
jfkdsljioThat would be fun.04:53
dhanar10yes. search in google for more details...04:53
rainwalkerjfkdsljio: why?04:53
Cpudan80jfkdsljio: And anti-capitalistic, way to go04:53
zelrikriandorainwalker: because that would be fun04:53
pmratpoisonwell, thnx fot the prompt replies, I'll try to configure my grub I guess04:53
staticwhat is your problem singlesun?04:53
travisatiNTRONIX: well wine normally doesn't adjust your actual resolution just the size of the game on the screen so to see the whole game you would have to change your resolution of x to 1024x76804:53
nickrudpiroko: that's how I ended up here myself. Suddenly I could be lazy, I saved at least 10 hrs a week maintaining unstable04:53
rainwalkerzelrikriando: how so?04:53
zcat__Infurnus_: find . -type d -exec ln -s /path/to/real/index.php {}/index.php \;04:53
travisatTygir: sorry man im out of options codecs can be a pain in the butt even on windows04:54
pirokonickrud: Hehe. Yup. I'm in the experienced-but-lazy linux user category.04:54
pmratpoisonin another note, I have a more immediate problem. when I press alt control F1 through F6 I don't get a tty!04:54
zelrikriandorainwalker: I dont know, ask jfkdsljio for that04:54
pmratpoisonI just get a flashing cursor04:54
iNTRONIXok travisat04:54
fragged2Tygir: maybe install the recommended plugins?04:54
umopI've been playing WoW in wine for ages and it's been fine, but suddenly today it is running really slowly (fps wise), without any updats being applied etc.. How can i troubleshoot this?04:54
rainwalkerzelrikriando: I did haha04:54
nickrudCpudan80: that's nothing to do with capitalism, it's authoritarianism04:54
travisatumop: did you update wine?04:55
jribpmratpoison: bug exists on bugs.ubuntu.com with workarounds.  Let me know if you can't find it04:55
jfkdsljiowell the anticapitalism is a factor but mainly i hate how mainstream applications must keep people at a fourth grade level04:55
Cpudan80nickrud: To force people to use a particular OS isnt good04:55
_Infurnus_zcat_ you rock awesome man thanks for the help04:55
pmratpoisonjrib: thnx04:55
nickrudCpudan80: agreed. But it's not economics, it's politics04:55
umoptravisat, I have just now, after it became slow04:55
Cpudan80nickrud: Maybe "communistic" was a better word04:55
jfkdsljiodictatoriship is best04:55
nickrudCpudan80: no, authoritarian. Economic theory has nothing to do with it04:56
pirokonickrud: For future reference, what is the de-facto place to go to answer my own Ubuntu questions without bugging this channel first?04:56
stowaway2whats the kernel directory in ubuntu?04:56
zelrikriandoCpudan80: wrong04:56
p903making a pvr box, any recomended pci tuner cards?04:56
pirokostowaway2: /boot ?04:56
stowaway2p903 NOT dvico fusion pro04:56
travisatumop: it might be that you updated wine, sometimes older versions work better for a game, you might want to check on winehq for actual faqs on wow in wine or it could just be some system process bogging your system down so you could look for that in your system monitor04:56
zelrikriandoCpudan80: http://www.politicalcompass.org/ for you04:56
stowaway2thanks piroko04:56
jfkdsljiolol i was just making a dumb statement based mostly on, thick head theory04:56
pirokostowaway2: np04:56
nickrudpiroko: pretty much help.ubuntu.com/community , and ubuntuforums.com. The stuff varies wildly in quality. Your best source of info is your debian experience04:56
Tygirfragged2: which are?04:57
Cpudan80zelrikriando: I am familiar with basic politics thanks04:57
pirokonickrud: Excellent. Thanks again for your quick help. I'll come back when I'm less sleepy to pay it forward to others. ^_^04:57
zelrikriandoCpudan80:  I thought you said communism was autoritarian04:57
p903pretty much any Hauppauge will work correct?04:57
pirokoThe help, that is04:57
rpj8So question: Why doesn't when wine get updated in the repos to the latest version when a new one comes out? Is there a specific reason other than the maintainers for ubuntu for the program wine haven't done it yet?04:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mud - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:57
Cpudan80zelrikriando: Well - it kinda is04:57
jfkdsljioAny hauppauge will work? That would be sweet.04:57
stiv2khelp, where on earth did the `s2ram` binary go for the uswsusp package??? its missing04:58
Cpudan80zelrikriando: At any rate - not on topic04:58
pmratpoisonjrib: If it's not too much trouble could you tell me the bug number, I can't seem to find it amid the chaos04:58
travisatrpj8: well I am not complaining the one in gutsy repos actually works better for me then the newest one04:58
jfkdsljioI have a laptop USB tv tuner, but its useless because you have to plug it in and its too big, kinda defeats the laptop idea and makes me stationary04:58
=== dfdgf is now known as CE_eXeMphE_
Flannelrpj8: Ubuntu uses a time based release schedule.  Software is frozen a few months before release, and doesn't change (save for bugfixes) after that.  7.10 will always have the same stuff as the day it was released, for instance.04:58
voicecan anyone help me with my ubuntu 7.10 issue?04:58
voiceit wont boot up04:58
umoptravisat, hmm yeah, i've looked into all of that, the system is running fine, it's just the game that is extremely slow.  It's possibly the new version of wine, but seeing as it was slow, and then i updated it, who knows.04:58
jfkdsljioi'd like a little usb device with an antennea coming out of it04:58
jfkdsljiothat would be a great tv tuner for a laptop04:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nvidi - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:58
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about broadcome - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:58
ubotuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx04:59
jribpmratpoison: k, let me search04:59
* nickrud gets to go home, work is over. bye04:59
jrib!fishing | decay04:59
ubotudecay: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.04:59
dhanar10voice: what's the error message?04:59
rpj8Flannel: Then why do I sometimes see updates for firefox be3ing downloaded with updates? and I've seen wine updated a few times04:59
voiceThere isn't one :S04:59
travisatumop: well unlike windows in linux stuff normally doesn't just break like that either something has gone wrong with your hardware or something was changed that messed it up04:59
voicethats the thing04:59
Sir_FawnpugI should point out that I'm using a BCM 43xx card04:59
Flannelrpj8: winehq maintains an Ubuntu repository, with the most recent wine versions, you can use that if you want the current version04:59
dhanar10voice: what's your computer/laptop?04:59
voiceubuntu goes to boot up, and then freezes at the loading bar04:59
rpj8travisat: I see. You're using the one from the gutsy repos you say?04:59
Flannelrpj8: Those are bugfixes and security updates.04:59
travisatrpj8: yep 4604:59
Sir_FawnpugThe restricted driver manager can manage it with 7.1004:59
jfkdsljioubuntu should add that repo to its sources.list by default04:59
dhanar10voice: what's your computer/laptop?04:59
voicethen i goes into the bootbox (or somehting like that)04:59
voicei can list you the specs of my pc05:00
rpj8Flannel: I see. See I did not know that. Is that what a rolling release refers to? That being the exact opposite?05:00
mkquistvoice - system specs05:00
jribpmratpoison: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+bug/12991005:00
heatmzzrsound works on my vaio but only one channel, is there a fix for it?05:00
umoptravisat, I know this, but you are providing very generic responses05:00
jribpmratpoison: erm, remove "edge" from the url if you need to05:00
voiceintel e2140 proc, abit ip35 mobo (p35 chipset), 2gb ddr2 ram, 250gb harddrive05:00
travisatumop: it can be hard to provide a specific answer to a generic question05:00
zelrikriandowhich depot jfkdsljio?05:00
Flannelrpj8: a rolling release is the exact opposite.  Versions come and go as they are updated upstream.  The benefit (and drawback) is that you're always running new software, and you can't guarantee all the software versions will play nice with one another05:01
pmratpoisonjrib: thnx! :)05:01
silent_does amarok have difficulty loading musical content in kde? it's... I'm not quite sure what it's doing.. it hangs occasionally in gnome05:01
Tygirfragged2: what are the recommened plugins?05:01
rpj8Flannel: I see. So is this identical to 'bleeding edge' ?05:01
umoptravisat, Yes, but I asked where to begin troubleshooting, you helped me with that, now I'm past that point, but lets not argue about that ;)05:02
silent_Flannel: even 'stable' software misbehaves05:02
fragged2silent_: but stable software has been bugtested before it becomes stable05:02
Flannelrpj8: Not necessarily.  Bleeding edge would be one form of a rolling release.  Rolling release can be limited to stable software (such as debian testing, as opposed to unstable)05:02
fragged2Tygir: not entirely sure, I barely use Ubuntu05:02
=== Q_Continuum__ is now known as Q_Continuum
silent_fragged2: what do you use?05:02
pmratpoisonjrib: I'm not using vesa, though, I'm using fglrx... I don't know if that has anything to do with, it I will read on though05:02
rpj8Flannel: I see. ANd bleeding edge is unstable05:03
jribpmratpoison: it's probably the same issue, happens to me on nvidia05:03
fragged2silent_: currently XUbuntu on Desktop / Fileserver and Gentoo on laptop, eventually desktop will be gentoo once I've got everything the way I want it on my laptop05:03
stiv2khelp, where on earth did the `s2ram` binary go for the uswsusp package??? its missing05:03
travisatumop: well to be honest I can't see something messing up like you are saying without some sort of change on your system05:03
Flannelrpj8: exactly05:03
silent_fragged2: why do you prefer gentoo? ...I've never tried it personally05:03
jetscreamerstiv2k: apt-file ?05:03
klndz3So what are peoples favorite Ubuntu performance enhancing tweaks?  I'm new to Ubnutu, and I'm looking for ways to improve the performance of my laptop.05:04
rpj8Flannel: Learn somethin' new every day.05:04
Sir_Fawnpugsilent_, I'm a gentoo user as well, and I can provide a bit of insight on that05:04
umoptravisat, Yep, that's totally understandable.  Just looking for some fresh ideas05:04
silent_klndz3: get rid of compiz-fusion05:04
dhanar10voice: i think ur problem is related to the P35 chipset....05:04
Flannelstiv2k: I don't see it in any packages.05:04
voiceis there anything i can do to fix it?05:04
Sir_FawnpugI use gentoo when I want to get the performance benefits related to setting compile-time options for all of my programs, ubuntu when I want a quick installation05:05
dimedohi again. i have a problem: my System>Quit menu in Gnome doesn't show options for reboot and shutdown anymore. please help me recover that05:05
fragged2silent_: you have to compile everything from sources, which is kind of a pain but it means that you get everything the way you want it, and understand whats going on under the hood of your system more so than most other distributions. The biggest benifit IMO is a better community, there are less stupid people than what there are on other distributions (mostly because you have to /manually/ install your system which many are incapable of doing)05:05
silent_Sir_Fawnpug: I started out CLI in debian... Ubuntu seemed like the next logical step... never really that curious about other distributions, as ubuntu does everything I need, but I might dabble a bit05:05
LKChelp please. im getting a errow when i login to ubuntu saying that gnome power management wasnt installed properly. this happened after trying to make AWN auto start05:05
FenyxI love you guyz.05:05
travisatumop: well I tried, I don't run wow anymore, I am no longer addicted so I don't know the current situation with wine and wow, maybe somebody else can help05:05
umoptravisat, thanks05:05
stiv2kFlannel: it used to be in uswsusp...05:05
stiv2kFlannel: where did it go?05:05
stiv2kFlannel: theres s2both and s2disk... no s2ram05:05
fragged2silent_: Gentoo is interesting, but also a pain at the same time (Most configurations are mere skeletons and you must manually do everything yourself)05:06
silent_fragged2: but even compiling isn't all that difficult05:06
klndz3silent_: Will that really make a significant difference?05:06
dhanar10voice: try reading http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=59725205:06
dimedoi had a disconnect, was there any answer to my question realtion the shutdown/reboot options in my System>Quit menu?05:06
jribsilent_, fragged2, Sir_Fawnpug: mind moving the distro discussion over to #ubuntu-offtopic?05:06
Sir_Fawnpugjrib, sure05:06
fragged2jrib: I dont see the problem, Linux is about choice, discussing other distributions merely gives an insight into genpop05:06
fragged2but I will, just to follow the crowd =)05:07
opteroNwhy is ubuntu better that windows05:07
silent_fragged2: yes, but this is an ubuntu support channel, I'll be in offtopic05:07
jribfragged2: I agree.  But #ubuntu is solely for support because of the large amount of traffic, that's why #ubuntu-offtopic exists for other more "fun" topics05:07
matthew_opteroN:  why's water wet ;)05:07
zelrikriandoopteroN: it s malware (windows?) free05:07
pmratpoisonjrib: so, I just deleted vga=792 from menu.lst05:07
opteroNwaters wet because its a liquid05:07
pmratpoisonjrib: should I replace it with another value?05:07
opteroNnow answer my question05:08
danc3opteroN: trolling hour is over05:08
zelrikriandoopteroN: I did05:08
Flannelstiv2k: It was in uswsusp.  It didn't go anywhere.  It was removed, check the most recent comment: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/u/uswsusp/uswsusp_0.6~cvs20070618-1ubuntu2/changelog05:08
opteroNtrolling ?05:08
opteroNi was asking a question05:08
opteroNget lost you herb05:08
danc3a dumb question, which you know is trolling05:08
silent_danc3: if you feed the troll, the troll wins.05:08
jribpmratpoison: up to you.  I think that if you set it to any value, you'll get the blackscreen, unless you use one of the workarounds where you remove some modules from being blacklisted05:08
opteroNhow is that a dumb question05:08
danc3opteroN: hush05:08
jrib!offtopic | opteroN05:08
ubotuopteroN: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:08
silent_danc3: stop feeding the troll05:09
opteroNthere is no such thing as a dumb question stop starting trouble05:09
silent_oh god it's attacking!!05:09
jribend of discussion05:09
opteroNi was just asking why is ubuntu better that windows05:09
jetscreamervga=normal or vga=0x31805:09
LKCim getting the error "the configuration defults for gnome power manager have not been installed correctly" what should i do??? HeLp please05:09
jribopteroN: not here05:09
matthew_is it possible to launch a video-dvd through nautilus?05:09
opteroNthis is a ubuntu support channel correct ?05:09
silent_opteroN: that's a matter of opinion. Try both and decide for yourself, or are you incapable of independent thought?05:09
danc3opteroN: hush05:09
opteroNdanc3, you hush05:10
silent_... intellectual checkmate?05:10
opteroNyou linux nerds are stuck up05:10
klndz3By marking something in synaptic for removal, when will it be removed?05:10
Khisanthbut not an ubuntu evangelizing channel :)05:10
opteroNi had a honest question05:10
Flannelklndz3: when you hit "apply"05:10
decayin short, what does noapic mean?05:10
zelrikriandoopteroN: it s not a support related question, it s a debate question05:10
jribopteroN: I asked you to move it to #ubuntu-offtopic05:10
LKCopteron u came here looking to start a flame war05:10
silent_jrib has admin, I'm not touching this one with a ten foot pole05:10
travisatdecay: noapic mean no apic, apic is part of the interupt control05:11
voicethanks dhanar10, but there doesn't seem to be anything on there that helps me05:11
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:11
silent_apic = Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller05:11
decaywhen should noapic be used? because its the only way i can boot up my laptop05:12
decayhowever, the wireless driver wont work. ive tried all05:12
matthew_is it possible to launch a video-dvd through nautilus?  for example, I can launch any video files, like divx or h.264 from nautilus.  however, i can not launch dvds from nautilus because they are a "folder" (in the file structure).  is there any way around this?05:12
voicei suppose i could try setting my harddrive to ide, but i dont know how to set acpi=off, and apparently that isn't really a fix anyway05:12
travisatdecay: when its the only way to boot up your laptop :)05:12
silent_acpi =/= apic05:12
dhanar10voice: ok, just be patient for now... wait for next release in april...05:12
silent_!=, even05:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about even - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:12
voicebut i really want to try ubuntu!05:12
voicei tried using the latest alpha of 8.04 too, and that started throwing errors at me05:13
rowdyMy laptop screen is showing white as too much white..i have dell 700m and using gutsy05:13
Hilikusdoes anyone here use DAR?05:13
rowdyhow to adjust it..the brightness doesnt cut it05:13
jfkdsljiotry nvidia-settings05:13
dhanar10voice: based on my experience, linux is always problematic with newer hardware....05:13
silent_voice: you had compatibility issues so you tried an unstable distro...05:13
rowdyit has a intel graphics card05:13
voicei just wanted to see if the issues with my chipset were fixed05:14
rowdyjfkdsljio: was that for you said that?05:14
voicewith the new distro05:14
silent_voice, what chipset?05:14
jfkdsljiohmm I dunno, I had an intel gpu laptop and never had to change the settings05:14
travisatvoice: what is your chipset?05:14
Dr_willisWith my last laptop - it dident work very well.. then the next release it started working great. :)05:14
stiv2kFlannel: reading... but *why* was it removed?!?05:14
silent_hmm.. that's intel, no?05:14
rowdylike i was watching this game and the field is showing up too bright05:14
travisatvoice: in the options change sata settings from ide to raid05:14
silent_voice, how new is that chipset?05:14
travisatvoice: bios options05:14
Flannelstiv2k: I have no idea.  "Because it doesn't make sense in ubuntu".  You'll have to ask the maintainer.05:14
travisatvoice: I am using a p35 chipset05:14
voiceto raid? I thought that was for multiple harddrives?05:15
jfkdsljiorowdy I really don't know what to do on this one05:15
rowdyi tried xgamma -gamma .5 but that doesnt seem to work05:15
rowdyok jfkdsljio05:15
travisatvoice: I know it is, but the raid controller is suppported and will work without raid setup05:15
silent_voice: you have a fellow chip user05:15
voicei'll try that05:15
rowdyjfkdsljio: any idea what i should be looking for05:15
voicethanks travisat05:15
travisatvoice: took me 2 hours to figure it out :p05:15
voicewere you having the same issue then?05:15
travisatvoice: was like while will windows install but linux won't05:16
travisatvoice: I couldn't get a hard drive detected if that was your issue05:16
silent_just out of curiosity, anyone here succeeded in installing linux on an nvidia 680i platform?05:16
zelrikriandorowdy: you cant do it directy with some shortcuts on your laptop?05:16
dhanar10travisat: voice problem is freezing at usplash screen during booting05:17
rowdyzelrikriando: thanks, my laptop has a brightness settings but its only making the screen darker or brighter..the field on the game i am watching still looks washed out05:17
=== Q_Continuum is now known as Q_Contoxicated
zelrikriandomaybe it s just this application then rowdy05:18
travisatdhanar10: ah well if you do nosplash he would probably see it trying to to connect to his hard drive and failing,05:18
rowdyits vlc, i see this when i watch movies too05:18
rowdyxine, totem all show them like that05:18
dhanar10travisat: maybe you should ask voice what error did he get when trying to use hardy alpha...05:19
travisatdhanar10: voice isn't here anymore I don't think05:19
dhanar10travisat: maybe he is rebooting his computer now to try ur advise....05:19
travisatdhanar10: well we will see if it works soon enough05:20
heatmzzrhello all, for some reason I can only get 1 channel of my sound to work on my vaio laptop in ubuntu, any suggestions or is there another program or driver that would work better05:20
dhanar10anyone here has problem with xine and mkv?05:20
travisatdhanar10: and yes I have the same chipset as him and it did stall on the usplash for me, so I tried nosplah on grub, saw it sticking on the hard drives, then I played with the bios settings and got it to work05:20
pvl1uhm if i have xp already installed, can i vmware it?05:21
=== schlort_ is now known as schlort
Audio_1so i try to seed an item from a windows partition, is this possible to begin with?05:22
Audio_1or am i wasing my time05:23
voiceit worked! :D05:23
klndz3So because I just installed Ubuntu today, if I wanted to watch a youtube or Stage6 video, I wouldn't be able to because of the Adobe Flash thing?05:23
StarnestommyAudio_1: it should be possible05:23
dhanar10Yay!!! say thanks to travisat!!!05:23
voiceof course!05:24
voiceThank you travisat! :D05:24
pvl1can vmware use operating systems already installed on a computer?05:24
dhanar10P35 chipset freeze SOLVED!!!05:24
* voice dances05:25
dhanar10klndz3: try to install adobe flash manually...05:26
Audio_1my problem with seeding a file on the windows partition is that for some reason when i tried to seed it i would ger hash info error and i would not be able to seed ever again05:26
pvl1does anyone know if vmware can use operating systems allready installed on a computer05:27
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
dimedoi there anyone who has an idea why there are no more shutdown/reboot options in my gnome System>Quit menu?05:28
voicealright well thank you very much to all of you who helped me (especially travisat!!) but i must go to bed since it is 5:30 in the morning and i am very tired05:29
JazaI have a question, how windows see my shared folders in linux, or how can I share folders with windows?05:29
spoonHas anyone used Envy??05:29
Flannel!samba | Jaza05:29
ubotuJaza: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.05:29
spoonThere is also a shared folders under Administration that sets up samba for you05:30
Dr_willisspoon,  its best to avoide envy, and automatix, and other tools.05:30
dhanar10dimendo: check ur gconf settings05:30
gigamonk`yu: thanks. However I think I tried that--is that to resize or move? Anyway, I tried them both and I can't make the window any smaller and I can't move it up enough to see the bottom.05:31
gigamonk`Anyway, I'm now reinstalling with stock Ubuntu instead of Xubuntu to see if that makes my file any easier.05:32
spoonDr_willis, I have tried building a package with the prop drivers because even though the Open source ATI drivers on the liveCD work, when I install, my X gets all messed up... I see Starting up... then blackness05:32
Dr_willisgigamonk`,  hold down the alt-key. click in the window and move it up05:32
spoonSo why is it, the live CD can bring up X, but when i install and reboot, I get no X05:33
spoonI have to go to recovery mode05:33
Dr_willisspoon,  so you have used the restricted-manager yet to install the ati drivers from the repos?05:33
Dr_willisthe live cd is proberly using the vesa driver, the install may be using the 'ati' drivers05:33
spoonDr_willis, I have tried that after using the VESA drivers after a dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:33
spoonbut, the liveCD gets 1400x900 resolution05:34
joshualhello, I am trying to get commercial dvd playback support on a machine that does not have internet access, so I need to download whatever is necessary and then install it offline... i have installed libdvdcss2 package from medibuntu, but that was not enough... (btw this is from a fresh hardy install)05:34
spoonand I can't seem to get that with the vesa drivers05:34
spoonjoshual, ubuntu-restricted-extras05:34
dhanar10joshua: install xine from medibuntu05:34
joshualspoon I have read it05:34
joshualdhanar10: ok that should be all?05:35
spoonoh, VLC works too...05:35
joshualjust the xine package?05:35
sixstormVLC works on 99% of any multimedia file05:35
spoonvlc might have least dependencies05:35
dhanar10yes, and its dependencies of course05:35
dhanar10but xine has problem with mkv....05:35
sixstormwish Ubuntu made VLC it's default media player for videos05:36
dhanar10i don't like the vlc interface....05:36
LKChow do i re-install the GNOME power manager configuration defults i seem to have broken them05:36
joshualsee this is why I am asking if anyone can help me figure out what the dependencies are... I have no connection on the machine05:36
Cpudan80sixstorm: you can do that05:36
sixstormyeah i know Cpudan, i was just talking about making it default right out of the box05:36
joshualI have to download these packages on a windows machine and transfer it via cd to the machine with ubuntu on it05:36
Cpudan80sixstorm: Set the multimedia tab in removable devices and media prefs to vlc %m05:37
sixstormthanks cpudan05:37
sixstormhey snake05:37
LKCplease help i have lost all my icons and keep getting an error box coming up about power management05:37
Cpudan80sixstorm: not sure what the %m does..... but it seems to work05:37
snakecan anyone help me about firefox bug?05:38
sixstormwe can sure try05:38
snakeevery time i use firefox to download05:38
spoonDr_willis, the liveCD used the ati open source drivers.  I even tried using the xorg.conf file from the liveCD, while it was live and running, and that didnt work05:38
snakeit make the hole system freeze05:38
=== ShintoNiZ is now known as CHC
dhanar10joshua1: sorry i made a mistake. the xine package is available in packages.ubuntu.com not in medibuntu05:38
sixstormsnake:  reinstall FF?05:38
snakeall i can do is press the reset button05:39
snakeon my PC05:39
joshualdhanar10: ok, do you know what the dependencies needed would be when installing on a fresh install?05:39
spoonxine has less dependencies05:39
sixstormsnake, have you tried reinstalling Firefox?05:39
snakebut i haven't open it yet :P05:39
snakei scare :P05:39
sixstormtry to completely wipe FF off of your system and reinstall it05:40
sixstormuse synaptic05:40
snaketrying it now05:40
sixstormmight have some screwed up libraries or something05:40
sixstormyou never know05:40
sixstormgotta go for now05:40
sixstormgood talking to everyone05:40
rainwalkerwhy doesn't the brightness applet work for my screen, if I can change my brightness settings in my BIOS?05:41
spoonwonder how hard it would be to port one of the n800's ipod-like media player interfaces to ubuntu.... like UKMP or Canola205:41
dhanar10dhanar10: some of the packages are xine-ui, libxine, libxcb*, libxvmc,  and many more... sorry i can't list them all. anyone can?05:42
joshualI dont see how I can download all the dependencies needed for xine05:42
hanasakiRemotehow do I get the flash plugin in firefox to work?  I have ... flash.plugin-nonfree but get the missing plugin for this page ... http://blogs.sun.com/arungupta/entry/screencast_web11_travel_map_another05:42
dhanar10dhanar10: u can download it in packages.ubuntu.com05:42
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash - The Flash package is currently BROKEN, see « /msg ubotu FlashIssues »05:42
spoonapt-cache depends <filename>05:42
jfkdsljiois there a way to make apt download more than one file at a time?05:43
spoonshows dependecies, i dont want to paste here...05:43
jfkdsljioI would kill to have that happen05:43
hanasakiRemotedhanar10:  rainwalker  I already avhe that installed.. that's the problem :(05:43
hanasakiRemoteit don't work05:43
Starnestommyjfkdsljio: apt-get install package1 package2 package3 ...?05:43
Sir_FawnpugStarnestommy, I think he wants them to download in parallel05:44
jfkdsljiothat wouldn't make it download the files simultaneously, it downloads things one at a time05:44
rainwalkerhanasakiRemote: yeah, flash is broken, so you could install it yourself from adobe's site05:44
Marko_VojvodicI need help, people, i am sick of vista crashes, but, still, i need it for blody Adobe, because of work, and i was, amazed by ubuntu beryl,and a question is, is it hard to make dual bot of this two OP?05:45
hanasakiRemotehow do I get the flash plugin to work?  it is installed but firefox shows it needs to have int installed...05:45
rainwalkerMarko_Vojvodic: it's easiest if ubuntu was installed first, but I know there are ways05:45
victor__Mark: i suggest you to install virtualbox05:45
Sir_FawnpugMarko_Vojvodic, Ubuntu dual boots even to vista pretty easily05:45
maxownzMarko_Vojvodic: my roommate dual boots xp and ubuntu gutsy just fine. he just followed tutorials online.05:45
rainwalkerhanasakiRemote: type "about:plugins" in the address bar in firefox, is flash player listed?05:46
cirkitmake a symlink to your firefox plugins directory so that flash plugin points to firefox plugins05:46
Marko_VojvodicYes, but, i am totaly new in linux world, i don't know, how to do it, so, the main thing is, to instal ubuntu first, on empty hard discs?05:46
Sir_FawnpugI have to disagree with rainwalker though, I think it's better to do vista second because windows never usually asks you if you want to leave the boot loader alone and clobbers it05:46
maxownzMarko_Vojvodic: i have another pc with vista on it and it crashes all the time, too. is there anything specific you've pinpointed causing the crashes?05:47
rainwalkerSir_Fawnpug: disagree?05:47
hanasakiRemoterainwalker:  yes... ->   video/flv Flash video flv Yes05:47
Marko_Vojvodic:-)HAH THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE:-)05:47
Sir_Fawnpugrainwalker, about the order in which ubuntu/vista should be installed05:47
rainwalkerSir_Fawnpug: I said ubuntu should be first...05:47
Marko_Vojvodici know why it's crashes, but i need Vista because of Adobe, master collection for work...05:47
spoonSir_Fawnpug, my favorite way is to install vmware-server, then install windows in the virtual machine05:47
Marko_VojvodicUBUNTU FIRST???05:47
Marko_VojvodicIs that last bid:-)05:47
rainwalkerhanasakiRemote: weird...well you could still try installing it from adobe's site05:48
Sir_Fawnpugrainwalker, if ubuntu is first, you'd hae to make a second pass for the installation to reinstall grub05:48
spoonUBUNTU FIRST, then windows in vmware machine05:48
imaginalMy video players close when compizfusion is running. xserver-xgl seems to keep this from happening, but I don't like it. How can I easily toggle xserver-xgl?05:48
rainwalkerSir_Fawnpug: you're just repeating what I said...ubuntu first, vista second05:48
Sir_Fawnpugrainwalker, no I'm not. I was saying ista first.05:48
Sir_FawnpugUbuntu second05:49
cirkitwhy bother with vista? its terrible05:49
spoonno, vista first makes sense, if you dont want to do a second pass, and don't want to use vmware05:49
cirkitjust install Ubuntu05:49
rainwalker(11:50:34 PM) Sir_Fawnpug: I have to disagree with rainwalker though, I think it's better to do vista second because windows never usually asks you if you want to leave the boot loader alone and clobbers it05:49
spoonVista will clobber your bootloader05:49
Sir_Fawnpugrainwalker, hmm, I guess I did say that, I guess you couldn't have known what I meant if I mistyped it. Whoops, sorry.05:49
cirkitit doesn't matter if vista or ubuntu get installed first05:49
cirkitas long as you know which boot loader you're going to be using05:49
rainwalkerSir_Fawnpug: ohh okay that makes A LOT more sense now05:49
spoonor keep it in the VM... and then you can use both at the same time05:50
Unseeni have problem with flash working with opera05:50
Sir_FawnpugRainwalker, you'll have to forgive me, I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday.05:50
spoonoh, vista finds ubuntu with it's bootloader now??05:50
rainwalkerSir_Fawnpug: haha but you're typing?05:50
cirkitwhy would you want to use NT Loader?05:50
cirkituse Grub or something05:50
spoonI wouldnt...05:50
Unseencant seem to load the video05:51
Sir_Fawnpugrainwalker, hey, it's about the only thing I can do.05:51
Jazahow do you edit /etc/fstab ?05:51
Dr_willisJaza,  sudo nano /etc/fstab05:51
Dr_willisis one way05:51
Marko_VojvodicNow i am just more, confused, :-)i work graphics, but :-)....i still don't know to do it:-) ok, now i will format my hard drives, and then, should i boot with vista CD or Ubuntu CD?05:51
rainwalkerdoes ubuntu have access to the bios?05:51
Dr_willis!fstab | Jaza05:51
ubotuJaza: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:51
Sir_Fawnpugrainwalker, it's not so much the fact that my wisdom teeth are out that is making me confusing, but the pain meds I'm on, haha05:52
rainwalkerSir_Fawnpug: it's ok, I'm jacked up on about 4 or 5 different meds haha05:52
tgrisierubotu, quicktime > me05:52
Marko_VojvodicPeople, why do you poison your body with so many meds?:-)05:53
Sir_FawnpugMarko_Vojvodic, hey, mine were prescribed to me, haha05:53
rainwalkerMarko_Vojvodic: because I can't function without them (well I can, but I would be crazy dysfunctional)05:53
Marko_VojvodicYes, but still you need to find a way to get rid of them, unless it's cronical:-)or....:)somthing hard :)05:53
Marko_VojvodicWhat do you have?:-) what condition?:)05:54
heatmzzritunes for linux? want to update my iphone and i run ubuntu.05:54
Sir_Fawnpugheatmzzr, I'm sure about iphone support, but try amarok05:54
rainwalkeraggg "cannot adjust laptop panel brightness"05:54
Sir_Fawnpug Marko_Vojvodic, uh, wow. You like to smile.. a lot.05:54
JazaI'm trying to mount a shared folder and it tells me to do the following "//servername/sharename  /media/mountname  cifs  guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8,codepage=unicode,unicode  0  0" do I type it as is or do I need to replace server name ?05:55
Sir_Fawnpugheatmzzr, I meant I'm not sure.05:55
Marko_VojvodicYes, :-)I i am more, orientated to alternative medicine, tee's and herbs, :)less on meds:-)05:55
Marko_Vojvodicbut i belive, strongest medicine is power of will:)05:55
Sir_FawnpugMarko_Vojvodic, do you mean like homeopathy?05:55
rainwalkerMarko_Vojvodic: give me an herbal thing for ADHD, allergies, and not getting the flu and I'll be glad to take it05:55
Sir_FawnpugHomeopathy is great except it rarely works, haha05:56
Marko_VojvodicSo you are alergic rainwalker?05:56
joshualhi again, I'm still having a hard time figuring out exactly which packages i need to download so that I can install commercial dvd playback support on an OFFLINE computer... if I go to packages.ubuntu.com and track down the xine-gui package it has many dependencies, then each of those dependencies have many dependencies and so on... help?05:56
Marko_Vojvodicdid you try to change your place of living? for few months?05:56
JazaDr_willis, do I need to replace shared names and folder names?05:57
rainwalkerMarko_Vojvodic: no, I've just been snotty lately and sudafed is the only thing that works for me05:57
Sir_Fawnpugjoshual, what about mpeg123?05:57
joshualSir_Fawnpug: what about it? are you saying I need it?05:58
Marko_VojvodicHey, :) it's ok, i am not a doctor, but i am just a woried father:-)you know, meds can devolep adiction, and oper doors for other weeknes:)05:58
Sir_Fawnpugjoshual, you may. IIRC DVDs use mpeg2 encoding05:58
=== eipruhge is now known as Ashfire908
joshual_Sir_Fawnpug: what about it? are you saying I need it? or that it may have less deps? (got disconnected briefly)05:59
Sir_FawnpugOh, I'm saying you may need it05:59
dimedohey there, is there a way of prohibiting window title bars to move under gnome toolbars?05:59
iNTRONIXis it possible to install the ATI linux drivers from ati web?05:59
Sir_FawnpugUbuntu doesn't come with MPEG codecs by default, because they're encumbered by patents05:59
Dr_willisJaza,  i never mount samba shares that way. I use the FuseSMB tools.05:59
joshual_ok, but that doesnt really help me05:59
Sir_FawnpugBut you can optionally install it05:59
Dr_willisJaza,  you do need the correct servername Yes. :)05:59
Sir_Fawnpugjoshual, well you're trying ot do DVD playback right?05:59
boykillsworlduse automatix unless you want to really learn what your doing06:00
joshual_as I said I need to find out everything I need to download in order to be able to install dvd playback support OFFLINE... so I need to download everything first...06:00
joshual_key here is offline06:00
Jazawhat is fuseSMB and is it easier?06:00
iNTRONIX is it possible to install the ATI linux drivers from ati web?06:00
Sir_Fawnpugjoshual_,  well I don't know all of the dependencies, I guess it depends on the software you're using.06:01
Sir_FawnpugBut you can get a list of what the dependencies are from synaptic06:01
Dr_willisJaza,  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FuseSmb06:01
JazaI'm assuming is easier than what I was trying to do?06:02
Sir_FawnpugIf you right click on the package's properties it'll give you the package names it depends on, and their versions06:02
joshual_I have to download all these packages on windows burn it to a cd and transfer it to the ubuntu cd06:02
Hilikusshould i have a cdrom mounted or unmounted before burning with it?06:03
Dr_willisHilikus,  you are burning data to a cdrom?06:05
HilikusDr_willis yes06:05
Dr_willisHilikus,  theres noting to mount on a blank cd. :)06:05
Dr_willisyou cant mount it,06:05
iNTRONIXHey! is it possible to install ATI LINUX drivers from their web site on ubuntu?06:05
Hilikusits not blank06:05
matthew_is it possible to launch a video-dvd through nautilus?  for example, I can launch any video files, like divx or h.264 from nautilus.  however, i can not launch dvds from nautilus because they are a "folder" (in the file structure).  is there any way around this?06:05
Dr_willisiNTRONIX,  yes.. but not reccomdneded06:05
Dr_willisHilikus,  you doing some multisession stuff then?06:06
HilikusDr_willis its multisession06:06
maxownzanyone got any recommendations for a ftp server?06:06
Dr_willisiNTRONIX,  it can break upgrades in the long run and cause issues.06:06
Dr_willisHilikus,  ive never used Multisession. I imagine you DONT mount them06:06
Jazaneed some more help I typed this line "//rec-room/Carlos /media/Winshared cifs guest,uid=1000,iocharset=ut f8,codepage=unicode,unicode 0 0" but it says it's bad??06:08
kapaceim having trouble with enabling desktop-effects06:08
=== Puddle is now known as Pud4
hanasakiRemoterainwalker: problem is with eh flashnonfree.. aptitude install says md5 checksum error06:08
jakei just tried installing ubuntu 7.10 server and the normal version but i keep getting grub loading error 2 on both installs, there are very few threads about it and none of the actually are very helpfull, how should i go about fixing this? install lilo?06:08
kapacereportingsjr: see that.. i just got ignored06:09
jakefedora's looking pretty good and i was going to just try an entire other distro but i would like to try and fix it06:09
Dr_williskapace,  you will need to add some more details to the actual problem to begin with. :)06:09
Dr_williskapace,  like video card, what have you tried and so forth.06:09
kapaceok, no matter what i try in the appearances settings dialog06:09
kapaceit just reverts to none06:09
hanasakiRemoteanyone able to install flashplugin nonfree?  I get an md5 sum error06:09
kapaceand my video card is nvida quadro 206:10
Dr_willishanasakiRemote,  its a known bug.06:10
Dr_willis!flash | hanasakiRemote06:10
ubotuhanasakiRemote: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash - The Flash package is currently BROKEN, see « /msg ubotu FlashIssues »06:10
jakei really dont install xp again on this box, anyone else have this problem and have it fixed?06:10
reportingsjrhanasakiRemote, Read the topic ;)06:10
hanasakiRemoteDr_willis: :(  any workaround?06:10
Dr_williskapace,  and you have installed the actual nvidia drivers?06:10
pvl1im having some really bad ati issues. it was running fine on the live cd though06:10
kapaceyes restricted drivers06:10
Dr_willishanasakiRemote,  the 2nd factoid the bot gives has a thread , and a link to a unofficial deb package that works.06:10
Jazaok got it to work but now I get "ount error: could not find target server. TCP name rec-room/carlos not found06:10
JazaNo ip address specified and hostname not found" any suggestions?06:10
kapacei also installed that compiz manager06:10
kapaceand selected no effects, and it still wouldn't enable06:11
Dr_willisJaza,  you may need to put the ip of that server in the /etc/hosts file. or use its ip in the //#####/share  type entry06:11
Dr_williskapace,  try 'compiz --replace' in a terminal ?06:11
avisjake, ubuntu comes in two versions a gui and a alternate cd i think i've heard of the bug you mention and the only thing that i can think of is change installation medium06:11
KillerCRSOh my goodness06:12
KillerCRSThat's quite the user population06:12
xzasedHiya folks. Im having a problem here, 2 lines of black bars appear on the lower-right corner of my screen after 2 mins. from boot06:12
jakeok, ill check them out06:12
Dr_willisKillerCRS,  where? :) here? this is rather low..06:12
threexkhello.  The Trash icon has disappeared from my desktop.  How can I get it back?06:12
xzasedmy card is an ati xpress20006:12
pvl1im also having bad ati issues06:12
kapaceDr_willis: ok, so it says soemthing about less than 64mb of memory..06:13
kapaceand xgl not being present06:13
mjw--threexk: right click the panel you want it on, click Add to Panel > under desktop & windows you can add the trash can06:14
Dr_williskapace,  sounds to me like you are not using the nvidia drivers yet.06:14
=== Pud4 is now known as Rewdog
kapacebut i am it ssays i have nvidia, and i enabled the nvida-glx driver06:14
Dr_willisor they are not workingproperl for that card.06:14
reportingsjrkapace, go to system>admin>restricted drivers06:14
kapaceChecking for nVidia: present.06:14
LimCorewhy ubuntu is so full of totally broken programs the doesnt work even a bit?06:14
LimCoretoday I tried 2 new applications,  both failed totally06:14
matthew_is it possible to launch a video-dvd through nautilus?  for example, I can launch any video files, like divx or h.264 from nautilus.  however, i can not launch dvds from nautilus because they are a "folder" (in the file structure).  is there any way around this?06:14
LimCoretoday I tried 3 new applications,  100% of them failed,  66% of them failed TOTALLY (application is totally useless)06:15
kapaceyea, its in use06:15
threexkmjw--: thanks.  Is it possible to put it onto the desktop?06:15
jakeis there a install option somewhere to try lilo instead of grub?06:15
kapaceLimCore: agreed :P06:15
reportingsjrLimCore, Maybe you didn't follow the install instructions or something along those lines?06:15
LimCorereportingsjr: I started the program,  and the program doesnt work at all06:15
kapaceDr_willis: i have DRI06:16
reportingsjrLimCore, Bad choice of programs then :p06:16
kapaceor bad choice of OS06:16
mjw--threexk: not that i can see06:16
reportingsjrI've never had any programs that don't work on ubuntu06:16
LimCorereportingsjr: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ktoon/+bug/18852906:16
threexkmjw--: Maybe I am just imagining that it was there before06:16
LimCoreubuntu seems to be bug ridden06:16
reportingsjrLimCore, Of course it is! As is any other application!06:17
LimCorereportingsjr: it frekaing doesn START.  who the ..... let it into repo at all?06:17
LimCoreI'm not using SVN, Im using normal 7.1006:17
xzasedhey lim, which program is it?06:18
LimCorexzased: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ktoon/+bug/188529  for one example06:18
LimCore2 nd program also failed06:18
LimCore3 have broken disaplay06:18
LimCore4th program I tried today worked, surprisingly06:18
reportingsjrLimCore, gotcha06:19
LimCoreprogram asking to select own installation dir... wtf is this, DOS in 1995 or what06:19
sherl0khey does anyone know why xchat-systray is _still_ broken06:19
sherl0kit's been like this since probably 5.0406:20
sherl0kmaybe 5.1006:20
LimCorecan anyone with ubuntu 7.10 amd64 confirm or deny bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ktoon/+bug/188529  plz?06:20
zmanHey everybody.  Is there an OpenOffice help channel on this server by chance?06:20
LimCorezman: I dont think so, but OOo have good mailing list06:20
josh__anyone know of a good database designer besides DIA (unless DIA has a good plugin for it)06:20
zmanLimCore:  Dang :P thanks anyway!06:20
LimCoreprogram Font Forge, have totally fucked up... FONTS!  oh the irony!06:21
LimCoreI can't decide what is my favorite bug of today!06:21
xzasedlim, u will have to check with the 64 users, works with intel06:21
Dr_willisHmm.. I got an xchat systemtray icon...06:21
astro76!language | LimCore06:21
ubotuLimCore: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:21
sherl0kthe systemtray icon is there yes06:21
LimCorexzased: thanks, care to post comment there  that it works on ia64?06:21
sherl0kbut there's an xchat-systray app that adds more functionality06:21
LimCore*with i38606:22
LimCorexzased: it doesn show this stupid wizard?  or is there some default value?06:22
=== pavel_ is now known as pvl1
pvl1whats the command to configure xorg?06:23
bruenigX -configure06:23
kapacehow do i find out how much video memory i have?06:23
LimCoreor edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:23
reportingsjrkapace, Look at the card? :p06:23
LimCorekapace: some utils, perhaps  hwinfo .. but perhaps there are better tools06:23
kapacei can't open the box right now06:24
LimCorecan I report a general bug on Ubuntu project? that ubutntu is bug ridden?06:24
JazaOK I think I'm getting closer now I get this message "Mounting cifs URL not implemented yet. Attempt to mount workgroup/rec-room/Users/Carlos"06:24
reportingsjrkapace, GIYF06:24
kapacewhas that?06:24
chalcedonyis there any way to slow down totem?06:24
astro76LimCore: that would be as helpful as your complaining is in here06:25
Sakkath_I wanna get a bzip2'd copy of /dev/sda onto this external drive (/dev/sdc) but as a file, not rewriting /dev/sdc. like /mnt/sdc/backup.bz2 or .tar.bz2 i donno. can anyone help out? <-- would anything like dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/stdin|bzip2 > /mnt/sdc/backup.bz2 work? please help :(06:25
LimCorechalcedony: dunno totem, but osme players support slowplayback, probably including  vlc, mplayer06:25
chalcedonyLimCore: how do i get it?06:25
LimCoreSakkath_: want to bzip the files od dev/sda, or the binary image?06:25
pvl1bruenig, theres definetly another command06:25
pvl1bruenig, or rather, how do i stop X?06:25
bruenigkillall X would probably do it06:26
LimCorechalcedony: apt-get install mplayer  and same for vlc.   if you live in the land of sand child murder^H freedom bringers, then watch out to not get arrested by RIAA etc when installing codecs06:26
pvl1k thnx06:26
Dr_willisSakkath,  if sdc is mounted somewhere.. you mounted /dev/sdc1 Most likely. Be sure not to get the device wrong  (sdc vs sdc1_06:26
astro76pvl1: switch to virtual console (ctrl-alt-f1) and sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop06:26
LimCorechalcedony: ther should be a factoid about multiverse etc06:26
chalcedonyLimCore: ty06:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mutliverse - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:26
astro76!xconfig | pvl1 then...06:26
ubotupvl1 then...: To reconfigure your X server, open a console and type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg » - To configure only the driver and resolution, type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh » - See also !FixRes06:26
ubotumplayer is a media player. It resides in the mutiverse repository and can easily be installed via applications -> add/remove. For codecs try !codecs06:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about riaa - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:26
kapaceLimCore: what do i grep for my video memory in hwinfo?06:26
LimCorekapace: not sure....  I would probably just check on the card06:27
LimCoreor google the model  (lspci  and look for "video" or someihng)06:27
pvl1astro76, exactly what i wanted, thank you vm06:27
chalcedonyLimCore: you're good, ill try it :)06:27
LimCorekapace: leave it blank perhaps?  kernel/xorg usually autodetects it correctl06:27
kapacewell i just wanna know :P06:27
Sakkath_LimCore: well, it's a raid0 set, and i used acronis true image to make an image of the 'logical' disk, but i wanted to have a raw bzip2 compressed dd of each drive just in case the image doesn't work and i can manually restore both hdd's to it's previous state.06:28
LimCoreSakkath: hmm then I guess.. some dd (or.. cat?) and pipe that to bunzip2.. and output to a file on mounted partition ...06:28
alecw1Is there a program that will make GNOME display a 'window preview' on the taskbar when hovering over the applications? I know compiz does this, but I can't use that due to performance issues.06:28
Sakkath_LimCore: would anything like dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/stdin|bzip2 > /mnt/sdc/backup.bz2 work?06:29
LimCoreSakkath: not sure...06:29
Sakkath_Dr_willis: thanks, by the way. i knew that just giving an example.06:29
LimCoreSakkath: perhaps try it and see? :)  by I dont think of /dev/stdin is ok is it?06:29
xzasedLimCore: it shows the wizard, u just have to choose your installation dir. I chose /usr/share... after that it starts without a prob06:29
kapacehmm only 32mb. prolly can't run compiz06:30
Sakkath_Dr_willis: doing dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb is easy, but i want to put it to a file, and then compress it to make it smaller.06:30
LimCoreSakkath perahps just  cat /dev/sda06:30
Sakkath_LimCore: that will work all right even though it's binary?06:30
jack-desktopwhy do people add a $ infront of code?06:30
LimCorexzased: anyway, do you think this question is freaking stupid?06:30
sixstormjack-desktop:  open up terminal and you'll find out06:31
xzasedLimCore: Half the questions of mankind are stupid06:31
jack-desktopi understand that it has a $ there, but it's a inconvenience to have to remove them when you copy/paste06:31
sixstormjack, true06:31
Sakkath_LimCore: i donno if this will work for bzip2, i think if you use stdin it uses stdout, so will this work?: cat /dev/sda |bzip2 > /mnt/somepath/file.bz206:32
rob1975aunewb here, i need to force a mount. Ubuntu tells how but i need to be in root, how?06:34
travisatrob1975au: place sude before the command06:34
LimCorerob1975au: if you denoobified ubuntu by creating a root account, then just su06:35
boykillsworldsudo -i will also make you root if you get sick of sudo06:35
Aloharob1975au, sudo -s06:35
ackbahrHi there! Is it possible to add a Grub entry that would lead to a non-GUI startup? I'd like to save CPU time as much as possible, and skipping Gnome seems a way to do this, isn't it?06:36
binarymutantis there a way to have a different wallpaper on every virtual desktop?06:36
LimCoreackbahr: I think going into lover init mode... but dunno detals06:36
LimCorebinarymutant: on kde yes, just click on desktop and setup, dunno gnome06:36
Dr_willisbinarymutant,  under kde yes.. under gnome.. not seen it.06:37
binarymutanti'm looking for gnome06:37
ackbahrLimCore: "lover init"? I'll look into it.06:37
ackbahr"lower", ok!06:37
LimCoreI'm sleepy06:37
travis_after running compiz --replace, how do I close the terminal window without closing compiz?06:37
ackbahrLimCore: So am I, but it's 7:37 am here! :)06:37
sixstormtravis:  do alt+f2 and type that06:37
sixstormthat way you won't have a terminal window open at all times06:38
jack-desktopor do compiz --replace &&06:38
jack-desktopone &06:38
pvl1can anyone help me with a radeon card?06:39
Dr_willisuse & and then the exit command is another way06:39
LimCore^--- best bug ever - font forge unusable due to broken... fonts06:39
LimCorecan anyone start up a program  fontforge and say is the font here unreadable?06:40
travis_the & isn't working06:40
Dr_willisdont use the terminals close button. Use the exit command06:41
Zeldahow do I get the other colors on the themes?06:41
rob1975auhow do you change nvidia drivers? I have enabled in the System-Administration-Restricted Drivers...06:41
ZeldaI just installed humanazul, but the window color, and the background are incorrect06:41
travis_Ah... that helped. Thx Dr_willis06:41
sixstormrob1975au  =   go to Ubuntu Forums and look up "Envy"06:42
sixstormeasy app for installing video drivers for nvidia and ati06:42
sixstormworks for the newest gfx cards06:42
WorkingOnWisehas anyone compared Google Desktop to Tracker to be able to fairly decide which they like better?06:42
ubotuenvy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »06:42
akhileshI am reading lkmpg.pdf and in the first hello world module, it does not compile because there is no /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-server/build directory. I am running ubuntu 7.10 server. What can be the problem ?06:42
Zeldahey astro, can you help me again?06:42
sixstormenvy is the only way i can get my 8600GT and 8800GT to work properly06:43
Zeldak, i just installed the humanazul theme.. all the icons are correct, its the workspaces colors are incorrect and the window colors. any ideas?06:44
IndyGunFreaksixstorm: no its not, its just the only way you know how.. a little research would show you the proper way06:44
astro76Zelda: none I've rarely messed with that stuff06:44
IndyGunFreakand envy is a terrible idea in any event06:44
maxownzIndyGunFreak: you from Indianapolis?06:44
akhileshDo I need to create /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-server/build  or should it be present by default ?06:44
Zeldaanyone else? any ideas?06:44
IndyGunFreakmaxownz: yup, beech grove..06:44
Zeldaoh and thanks for the help earlier.06:45
Revned_hello.  I am trying to install ubuntu on a dualboot setup with vista.  I am upto the part to install the grub boot loader. But it shows me (hd0) as the partition to install it but at the beginning the installer detected my drive as sdc, and i installed it in partition 2? what options should I changed hd0 to?06:45
sixstormi could shut down gdm and install drivers that way06:45
ZeldaI figured it out.06:45
sixstormor just run envy and it's done for me06:45
rob1975aurestricted drivers doesnt give the option to change?06:45
maxownzIndyGunFreak: I grew up in Broad Ripple06:45
sixstormi like the easy way sometimes06:45
Dr_willisI just use the package manager :) and its done for me.06:45
IndyGunFreaksixstorm: then when you're system gets borked, and it will, you'll be sorry.06:45
Dr_willisandi dont break things every time a new kernel  update comes out.06:45
IndyGunFreakmaxownz: yeah?... ive got a lot of friends up there.06:45
sixstormno problems here06:45
Dr_willisfor now.06:45
IndyGunFreaksixstorm: how long have you had it installed.06:46
sixstormbut i dont try to game or anything really intense06:46
sixstorm7.10 release06:46
Dr_willisthen you boot up some day and have a black screen.. rember to reinstall your video card drivers06:46
IndyGunFreakDr_willis: they never learn,06:46
Dr_willishad to explain this to a guy at work 3 times.. :)06:47
Alohais flash issue gonna be fixed in hardy?06:47
IndyGunFreakDr_willis: only 3x?06:47
Dr_willisIndyGunFreak,  by the 4th time he learned to rerun his envy tool :)06:47
IndyGunFreakAloha: should be.. but you should be able to get flash installed w/ Gutsy if you want to06:47
IndyGunFreakDr_willis: lol06:47
akhileshCan someone help me with: http://pastebin.ca/88983506:47
AlohaIndyGunFreak, im showing people the livecd06:48
Sakkath_does the install cd have fat32 write?06:48
Sakkath_apparently this external hdd is ntfs06:48
IndyGunFreakAloha: hmm, well, you can try downloading and installign it on the live CD....06:48
sixstormi dont get to use linux too terribly often, school is all about humping Gates' leg06:48
rob1975aui guess with the vid card then im better sticking with the driver i get from Restricted Drivers Manager?06:48
IndyGunFreak!flashissue | Aloha there's a deb file linked on this thread06:48
ubotuAloha there's a deb file linked on this thread: The Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. Fixes have landed in -proposed for testing, but most most users are advised to wait until packages are approved and released in -updates.06:48
IndyGunFreakwell, there was.06:48
AlohaIndyGunFreak, where does ubuntu store installed programs on livecd? RAMdisk?06:49
IndyGunFreakAloha: are you on the live CD now?...06:49
IndyGunFreakAloha: yes, you'd have to reinstall it everytime you boot the live CD06:49
sixstormanybody else in college right now?  if so, do you have a linux lab?06:49
AlohaIndyGunFreak, no, im just trying to start an advocacy campaign using it06:49
AlohaIndyGunFreak, it sucks that it can't go to youtube "out of the box"06:50
IndyGunFreakAloha: i see, well, you can download the source from Adobe.com and install it, its a fairly small program(less than 2mb i do believe), doesn't require compiling, etc...06:50
IndyGunFreakAloha: well, its not ubuntu's fault..06:50
AlohaIndyGunFreak, i know :)06:50
IndyGunFreakbut anyways, it should be fixed in Hardy.. so they say06:50
IndyGunFreakwho knows, they might even see fit to fix it in Gutsy06:51
IndyGunFreaki don't keep live Cds handy, but i'm guessing you could install it from adobe.com w/ little to no effort.06:52
shayanHi all, does anyone know how can I double pipe two processes for the stdin of one to be the stdout of the other and vice versa?06:53
Dr_willisshayan,  you mean merge the outputs of 2 processes into the input of a 3rd?  Hmmm....06:53
akhileshshyan: named pipes ?06:53
AlohaIndyGunFreak, yeah its pretty easy. but if im demoing it to a windows user they're like "you have to do THAT just to get to youtube?"06:54
akhileshI mean using fifos ?06:54
talcitejoin #stepmania06:54
IndyGunFreakAloha: well, then they've probably been brainwashed by microsoft anywyas, and wouldn';t try Linux to begin with06:54
spiker611how can I figure out which x display (i.e :1) gdm is using for a user?06:54
shayanDr_willis, no I want two processes to conversat06:54
akhileshshyan: Create two fifos.  proc1 < fifo1 >fifo2        and      proc2 < fifo2 > fifo106:55
sixstormUbuntu needs to work more on the "out of the box" stuff06:55
AlohaIndyGunFreak, thats why i'm targeting them in my advocacy campaign. i'm trying to rebrainwash them with ubuntu06:55
bardyrAloha, flash isnt installed in a default windows install06:55
shayanakhilesh, something like  a| b and b| a06:55
astro76Aloha: I'm pretty sure windows doesn't come with flash by default06:55
akhileshshyan: would that work ?06:55
sixstormwindows does not come with flash installed06:55
Alohathen sweet06:55
astro76Aloha: usually OEMs install it, but so does Dell's Ubuntu machines06:55
IndyGunFreakAloha: this si true, you still have to install flash on Windows, but its made easy by using the plugin installer on Firefox and IE...06:56
shayanakhilesh, no that won't work06:56
IndyGunFreakif adobe hadn't screwed things up, youc ould install it just as easily on Ubuntu06:56
codenameI need some help06:56
akhileshshyan: whats the error ?06:56
codenamehow would i get my desktop looking like this http://opeth115.deviantart.com/art/Linux-Dec-24-7290087906:56
IndyGunFreakcodename: try "/join #psychiatrists"06:56
sixstormAloha:  so i guess you don't use the installer in Firefox to install flash?06:56
spiker611Is there a way to list X displays in use?06:56
shayanakhilesh, when the file is empty the first one reports an EOF06:56
Alohasixstorm, it doesn't work.. or at least it didn't when i tried06:57
sixstormoh ok06:57
=== u^A_ is now known as u^A
kidemportemhey my system is locking up...every now and then...how do i troubleshoot this?06:57
sixstormx64 or x86?06:57
IndyGunFreakcodename: thats just a themed Gnome...06:57
akhileshbut I think, it should get blocked when it reads.06:58
codenameHow would I go about doing that06:58
JxmlT_87Hey my sound isn't working but the soundcard is listed how can i troubeshoot?06:58
IndyGunFreakJxmlT_87: what sound card, and has it worked before?06:58
WorkingOnWisehas anyone compared Google Desktop to Tracker to be able to fairly decide which they like better?06:58
IndyGunFreakcodename: well, you can start at http://www.gnome-look.org06:59
codenameFor the MetaCity stuff how do i install it06:59
akhileshshayan: In my case proc1 blocks till the second process feeds fifo1.06:59
IndyGunFreaktheres instructions all over the place.06:59
shayanHi all, does anyone know how can I double pipe two processes for the stdin of one to be the stdout of the other and vice versa?06:59
IndyGunFreakJxmlT_87: what type of sound device do you have06:59
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
JxmlT_87IndyGun: ATI Technologies Inc SB450 HDA Audio. It worked yesterday for a little bit then I had to an entire reinstall and now its not working.07:00
nano"udevd" is simply responsible for controlling what comes in and out of /dev directorY?07:00
astro76shayan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Named_pipe07:00
nanois that correct?07:00
c0mp13371331337WorkingOnWise - I'm not a fan of Tracker to be honest, seems a little glitchy on my system.  Tells me it found more results than it shows me....  Quirky stuff like that.07:00
=== Nickiniz696 is now known as ReiS
WorkingOnWisec0mp13371331337: what do use for local search?07:02
c0mp13371331337Command line usually works best for me.  If I could figure out what's wrong with tracker, or if google desktop proved to be better, I'd do either of those.  But for now, searching via command line is how I usually do it.07:03
IndyGunFreakwhy not just use Places/Search for Files?07:03
ReiSit didi la saa07:03
ReiSbana diyecegidi varya07:04
underwatercowdoes anyone use pidgin to chat in here? :-p07:04
IndyGunFreakwell, he at least knows some english.07:04
IndyGunFreakunderwatercow: everyone with sense doesn't07:04
astro76underwatercow: it's a horrible irc client07:04
c0mp13371331337underwatercow-  Yup, I do.07:04
WorkingOnWisec0mp13371331337: i lived off GD in Windows, but Tracker has proven to faster to index, and much more accurate with the results....was wondering if I was alone in this experience.07:05
IndyGunFreakc0mp13371331337: why?...07:05
WorkingOnWiseunderwatercow: me too07:05
IndyGunFreakpidgin is a great IM client, but its severely lacking as an IRC clientr07:05
JxmlT_87IndyGun: ATI Technologies Inc SB450 HDA Audio. It worked yesterday for a little bit then I had to an entire reinstall and now its not working.07:05
underwatercowI have never really had a reason to use it as an IRC client, but I thought it would be interesting to ask07:05
IndyGunFreakJxmlT_87: if you're going to address me, prefix your statement with my name, i don't read the channel just waiting for responses....07:05
BruceLeroyWhat's goodie good?07:05
c0mp13371331337IndyGunFreak-  Not for IRC, but I use it for google talk, AIM, and Yahoo IMs.07:05
IndyGunFreakJxmlT_87: i'm not really sure about that sound device.. how does lspci identify it?07:06
underwatercowI guess I wasn't clear, I didn't mean to chat in general, I meant to chat in here specifically07:06
WorkingOnWiseI use Pidgin for everything text chat...07:06
IndyGunFreakc0mp13371331337: like i said, its a great IM client, but its a crappy irc client07:06
underwatercowI wish it would get webcam support07:06
JxmlT_87IndyGunFreak: as my audio device07:07
sixstormi use pidgin for windows07:07
IndyGunFreakJxmlT_87: yes,07:07
IndyGunFreakunderwatercow: well, why can't you get webcam support, there's a few out there that supposedly work(i say supposedly, because i have no experience w/ them)07:07
c0mp13371331337IndyGunFreak-  Yup, sorry, didn't read that you said that til after. :-P07:08
underwatercowIndyGunFreak: I want it in pidgin... aMSN supports it I know...07:08
pvl1can someone help with me with a radeon 2600?07:08
chalcedonyon mplayer i get this and i can't see where it's playing except in the text window. am I missing something? Can't open joystick device /dev/input/js0: No such file or directory07:08
chalcedonyCan't init input joystick07:08
IndyGunFreakeh, now thats pidgin's downfall... but its not really pidgin's fault.07:09
underwatercowIndyGunFreak: lol... I thought they were supposed to be adding it at some point07:09
IndyGunFreak*at some point*... :)07:09
underwatercowIndyGunFreak: key words?07:09
IndyGunFreaki would say so.07:09
IndyGunFreakunderwatercow:  i think a lot of stuff got thrown off track when they were forced to switch from GAIM to pidgin, and dealing with that whole mess07:10
IndyGunFreakthey tried to fight the empire, and in the end, had to give in.07:10
chalcedonyCan't open joystick device /dev/input/js0: do i need to download something else?07:10
codenameanyone can help me 5 bucks paypal07:11
IndyGunFreakcodename: i already told you07:11
Dr_williscodename,  thats... amuseing. :)07:11
codenamey lol is it07:11
IndyGunFreakcodename: you're going to have to find out what themes he's set up, download it, and install it...07:11
c0mp13371331337underwatercow-  That's something I've been waiting for for quite some time now.  Can't wait for webcam support.07:11
EmmerP_pidginlet's try that pidgin irc :)07:11
akhileshI compiled a new kernel, and gave make install modules_install07:11
akhileshBut it does not put initrd in /boot ?07:11
tigranHi. How can I set more AGP memory. Here's my info right now: http://rafb.net/p/OBJkbB10.html07:12
akhileshDid I miss something ?07:12
codenamei got the GTK2 thing07:12
codenameim not sure what Metacity is07:12
codenameand i know the Icons07:12
IndyGunFreakmetacity is gnome.07:12
RantingHumanHow does one adjust the dimensions of a window's title bar? They seemed to have become thinner than usual...07:12
Dr_willislooks like hes using awn and a metacity theme, and tweaked the panels.07:12
Alohacodename, windowmanager07:12
codenamehow do i change the application font07:12
Dr_willismetacity is gnomes window manager.07:12
IndyGunFreakDr_willis: actualy i don't think its awn....07:12
chalcedonyhow should i control mplayer?07:12
IndyGunFreakDr_willis: i think he just resized the lower taskbar, and put icons on it, but i could be wrong07:12
tigrancodename: System->Pref->Apperance->Font07:12
Dr_willisIndyGunFreak,  ive seen some xfce desktops that look similer. gOS  had a similer looking panel also.07:13
codenameand how did he make pidgin black07:13
IndyGunFreakDr_willis: hmm it doesn't look like any awn I've seen, but it could be.. I don't do awn07:13
codenamethanks for everything guys07:13
IndyGunFreakcodename: its a theme, for crying out loud, i feel like i'm speaking a foriegn language07:13
IndyGunFreakto make it look exactly like that, you're going to have to experiment, and figure out what themes he used07:14
Dr_willisIndyGunFreak,  i dont either. :) and i forget what gOS was using.07:14
* tigran lol @ IndyGunFreak07:14
sixstormawn isn't all that great IMO07:14
Dr_willissixstorm,  i agree there.07:14
IndyGunFreakyup, awn is over rated, but i think compiz is to.07:14
sixstormit's nothing like the Mac dock07:14
tigranWhy do we have to copy mac on that?07:14
sixstormcompiz is the shiznit07:15
IndyGunFreaki do like the OSX icon theme,07:15
tigranIndyGunFreak: get it at gnome-look07:15
IndyGunFreaksee, compiz never tricked my trigger.....07:15
chalcedonyIndyGunFreak: some things are better just using what they came with07:15
IndyGunFreaktigran: i have it.. :)07:15
bullgard4What is the file /etc/mtab for?07:15
tigranIndyGunFreak: nice haha07:15
Dr_willisI like the panels.  we got.07:15
tigranIndyGunFreak: Hmm..good with video card stuff?07:16
sixstormcompiz and beryl were one of the biggest reasons to start tinkering with linux, minus server stuff07:16
IndyGunFreakeh.. mediocre, i set up dual screens w/ my Nvidia card pretty easily07:16
c0mp13371331337Compiz is great, I just wish I could use it with my Radeon 9200se and 3200x1200 resolution.07:16
Dr_willisbullgard4,  it keeops track of whts mounted where.. Ive never had tomess with it in all these years. :) you edit the fstab file. dont touch mtab07:16
rochI got epilepsy gotta leave :>07:16
Dr_willisAWn did NOT like my dual monitor layout last i used it.07:16
tigranIndyGunFreak: What about AGP memory, increasing it.07:16
codenameur gonna hate me, but where is the font folder07:17
chalcedonycan someone breifly just tell me what to do to control mplayer ?07:17
codenamelol omg i feel bad07:17
IndyGunFreaktigran: hmm, isn't that something you tweak in the bios?... i hate onboard video memory, and when I build, i'll use a cheap video card, before i use onboard video ram.07:17
akhileshCan anyone help me with ubuntu kernel compilation ?  I compiled and installed kernel, but why is initrd absent in /boot ?07:17
tigranIndyGunFreak: It should be, cept its not more me :S07:17
tigranIndyGunFreak: http://rafb.net/p/OBJkbB10.html07:17
IndyGunFreakhmm, then i have no idea on that one.07:17
chalcedonythe player is running.. but i need to moderate the speed and back up and things07:17
tigranIndyGunFreak: One says 256M (for aperture) then the bottom one 128M07:18
chalcedonygreetings stuporglue07:18
chalcedonyhi friedtofu07:18
Dr_willisakhilesh,  i though tthat was made by the mkinitrd command.07:18
tigranIndyGunFreak: Which is it, is it the same thing even?07:18
Dr_willisakhilesh,  and thats about all i know on the topic. :)07:18
IndyGunFreaktigran: yeah, was just noticing that.. hmm, don't think i've ever saw that here before.07:18
Dr_willis!kernel | akhilesh07:18
ubotuakhilesh: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages07:18
bullgard4Dr_willis: Thank you very much for informing.07:18
Dr_willisbullgard4,  man mtab and man fstab may have more info07:18
tigranIndyGunFreak: Do you mean thats a problem, bug? I'm slow..sorry. :)07:19
IndyGunFreaktigran: no, i mean i don't know if its a problem...., never really saw it before.07:19
tigranIndyGunFreak: Ah..haha, see what I mean, feel like an idiot now07:19
friedtofuhello chalcedony? o.O07:20
tigranIndyGunFreak: Thanks anyway dude07:20
IndyGunFreaknp,.. good luck on thatone07:20
tigranIndyGunFreak: Ill just annoy enough people in here to get the answer :P07:21
chris_is there anywhere i can look up a ubuntu command line tutorial (terminal)07:21
friedtofuanyone use xfce here?07:21
stuporglueI've used it in the past07:21
tigranDr_willis: you must be a professional ;). Would you happen to know about AGP memory stuff. And if a cookie will change you answer...I got plenty :)07:21
sixstormnot a big xfce fan07:22
faslhello, how can I install openssl-devel ?07:22
Austin_I don't know how to kill myself with ubuntu, and I couldn't find it on the man page.07:23
IndyGunFreakAustin_: man suicide07:23
BruceLeroyapt-cache search openssl07:23
c0mp13371331337Chris_ - there are plenty of tutorials to be found using a quick google search: http://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+terminal+tutorial&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:official&client=firefox-a07:23
IndyGunFreakwhat the?:07:23
Austin_please ban.07:23
Austin_I actually am running Windows Vista07:24
Austin_right now.07:24
tigranIndyGunFreak: I actually did man suicide...07:24
IndyGunFreaktigran: lol07:24
Austin_and It's about 500x better than linux07:24
tigranIndyGunFreak: Sometimes I wonder if I have A.D.D.07:24
friedtofuhm. meh07:24
BruceLeroy!apt-cache search openssl07:24
tigranAustin_: Support channel. Not vista is better07:24
IndyGunFreakAustin_: sure it is.07:24
sixstormlol he said "SHIT ASS COOKIES"07:24
alaysAustin_:  lol07:24
Austin_Jesus, am I the freak now?07:25
chris_thanks comp, just checkin07:25
Austin_Anybody here go on 4chan?07:25
c0mp13371331337Austin_-  No, we'd like you to be our new mod. ;-)07:25
Austin_F**KIN WIN!07:25
zetheroohey, how do I change the default app that opens PDF's?07:26
Austin_right click and select "windows please."07:26
tigranI would want to be a mod, I'd ban people left and right. I'm just not on that much. I actually have a life ;)07:26
* WorkingOnWise plonks %P07:26
c0mp13371331337zetheroo-  Right click and Open With... Open with other application.  The one you choose should be the new default.07:26
* Austin_ is so cool running windows vista07:26
* Austin_ deserves to be your new godmod.07:27
* tigran Austin_ gets blue screen of death07:27
zetherooc0mp13371331337: thanks .... btw... thats quite a name you got there...07:27
sixstormvista is funny07:27
* Austin_ does not get BsoD07:27
IndyGunFreaki never even booted vista on my new laptop to test it, never accepted the EULA, etc, first thing i did when I turned it on, check bios, insert gutsy cd, reboot.07:27
* WorkingOnWise plonks: %P07:27
* Austin_ will probably DDOS this channel.07:27
M-Nagatohi, i have a fat32 partition which i store data on. whenever i boot into linux, it changes some filenames that have japanese in them. the files are accessible on linux but are broken for windows. is there any way to stop it from changing the names?07:27
c0mp13371331337zetheroo-  Thanks :)07:27
jmhodgeshey, folks.  if i were to get a laptop, wshould i get the dell xps, the inspiron or something else?07:27
* Austin_ lies like a sack of shit.07:28
alaysAustin_: you will get RSoD :)07:28
tigranjmhodges: If you want smt really really good, top of the line, get alienware07:28
alaysRed Screen of Death, new in vista07:28
IndyGunFreaklol, not very l33t07:28
jmhodgestigran: really? alienware? i've heard about hw issues there07:28
Austin_I hacked it so it's like a frakenOS07:28
jmhodgestigran: hunh07:28
M-Nagatoalays, it was still the bsod when i tried vista07:28
sixstormi had linux on my laptop but linux didn't play real nice until i dished man many hours into it07:28
Austin_I'm DUAL BOOTING!!!!!!!!07:28
tigranjmhodges: I've heard they're good07:29
tigranjmhodges: never actually owned one07:29
Bohallo i have try to burn ubuntu_danish version to a cd rom but it faild every time why???? Anybody got and hit to how i can get it to work?07:29
sixstormim triple booting07:29
jmhodgestigran: ahh, cool07:29
Austin_#xkcd is alot more interesting right now.07:29
IndyGunFreaksixstorm: it worked fine for me out of the box, with the exception of my intelhda sound, but once i got that figured out in about 10min, it worked fine.07:29
tigransixstorm: Damn, you're cool07:29
sixstormintel hda sound is a bitch to get working right07:29
IndyGunFreaksixstorm: some of them are, its actually pretty easy on my laptop....07:29
sixstormdesktop effects on an intel x3100 was rough too07:29
IndyGunFreakBo:  what are you using to burn the CDs?07:30
Bonero was the last i trh07:30
IndyGunFreakok, austin, you were cute for a minute, now i'm putting you on ignore.07:30
Austin_No please07:30
Austin_I will be better07:30
Boand dvd decrypter07:31
Austin_I know my limits07:31
IndyGunFreakbo:  ok... are you burning it as an image?07:31
* tigran how do you scream with writting?07:31
sixstormnever tried gentoo07:31
Borecord---> burn imagen ---> find the file ---> burn07:31
tigranHmm.. So back to my question: First off does this make sense http://rafb.net/p/OBJkbB10.html Ad Second, how can I increase AGP memory (not with BIOS, don't have that option).07:32
IndyGunFreakbo:  what happens when you reboot and have the cd in the drive?07:32
Austin_Gentoo is pretty good.07:32
sixstormi read the installation manual . . .07:32
Austin_infact, I prefer it over what is the newest, fiesty fawn?07:32
Bonothing. nero only burn 10 % of he file07:32
M-Nagatoso, does anyone know how to stop linux from renaming japanese filenames on startup? :?07:33
Austin_I'd rather use my dual boot space on something that runs smoothly and doesn't collapse like a grandmother having a heart attack,07:33
IndyGunFreakBo:  ok, that seems like either a hardware issue, or an issue w/ nero.07:33
sixstormi have XP, Vista and Ubuntu 7.10 on my workstation07:33
Bookay. i will try on my other computer later to day.07:33
shindahey guys, anyone know of any file recovery apps?07:33
sixstormVista on the HTPC and Vista on my laptop07:33
M-Nagatoand i agree that gentoo is good, Austin_, but it was obviously made for a different audience07:33
IndyGunFreakBo:  http://www.petri.co.il/how_to_write_iso_files_to_cd.htm07:34
IndyGunFreakbo:  and remember, burn them SLOW.. 2-4x is best07:34
IndyGunFreakbo:  if that doesn't work, i would probably try another mirror.07:34
maxownzsixstorm: do you have a lot of trouble with vista crashing?07:34
Bookay.  i wil try thx for you time07:34
Austin_That was the funniest thing i;ve read all day.07:34
sixstormmaxownz:  no, not compared to it's release last year and the second chance i gave it last summer07:35
ThJI've got a Ricoh R5C843 memory card reader built into my HP Compaq 8510w laptop but it doesn't work in Ubuntu Gutsy. It is detected and assigned as "mmc0" by the kernel, but no device nodes are created, nor are any cards inserted made visible in /proc/partitions, nor does it work to make device nodes manually, nor does any of the tips I found on Google work. Help?07:35
Austin_I like the older Ubuntu releases better.07:36
sixstormhas anyone ever made a linux email server and used their own domain name?07:36
Austin_the newer ones are far more glitched, and don't have as much support07:36
maxownzsixstorm:  i'm almost ready to give up on it. it'll crash out of nowhere, mostly when i'm trying to dump files on it... it's by far the most frustrating OS i've ever had to deal with07:36
tigranAustin_: Lol...that link. It took me 10 seconds to figure it out.07:36
underwatercowAustin_: I think it only took me about 5-15 mins to network linux and windows together, lol07:36
tigranLinux just picks itup07:36
Austin_I am 13 years old07:36
IndyGunFreakunderwatercow: ?... why so long07:36
tigranAll I did was change the workgroup name.07:36
underwatercowIndyGunFreak: lol, because I had some password issues in samba.07:37
Austin_which makes me the youngest one in here.07:37
sixstormmaxownz:  it used to crash on me like crazy, but now after i update everything it works just fine07:37
IndyGunFreakah ok.07:37
tigranThe guys just an idio...wrong word, MS user07:37
sixstormmaxownz:  gaming on Vista is a different story07:37
underwatercowIndyGunFreak: I can't even remember now what I did... but I had to use smbpasswd for something07:37
maxownzhaha it seems like AFTER i install the updates it becomes unstable. i've almost considered re-installing it AGAIN and just leaving it without any updates07:37
IndyGunFreakmaxownz: having probs w/ vista, or with Ubuntu?07:37
maxownzjust vista (wrong channel i know)07:38
IndyGunFreakoh ok... i've got no experience w/ vista, ut what i read isn't good.07:38
bullgard4Can you recommend a tutorial for 'Tracker Search'?07:38
tigranAGP memory, anyone know how to increase it?07:38
ThJGrah, I hate it when some obscure piece of hardware fails and nobody knows how to make it work.07:38
IndyGunFreaktigran: i'm almost positive thast something in the bios07:38
Austin_I use vista for things like BSOD, and then I use gentoo for being alive and living07:38
yommI didn't realise this was the Vista Channel ...07:38
Kiragood day07:38
sixstormvista is ok, it's a whole hell of a lot better than it was last year07:39
tigranIndyGunFreak: Me too, like 100% sure. But..what if I don't have that in my BIOS, but it does have an AGP and its integrated.07:39
IndyGunFreakyomm: its not. uust about 2-3am, things kidna go on the low cool in here.07:39
sixstormvista will never see the light of day in the business world07:39
KiraI have just installed 7.10 on my self-assembled desktop07:39
n6hggBSOD is like being on the other side07:39
Austin_it's 2;39 here.07:39
underwatercowKira: congrats? ;-D07:39
IndyGunFreaktigran: now that, will have to be a mystery in a riddle, cuz i have no idea on that.07:39
kahrytanIndyGunFreak->  that depends on your time zone :-P 9:30pm here07:39
underwatercow23:39 here07:39
KiraHow do I make it detect the Buffalo LCI5-TXI ethernet card?07:39
IndyGunFreakkahrytan: lol..07:39
Austin_You must be in cali. kahry.07:40
jfkdsljiois there any other app besides gyachi and kopete that supports yahoo protocol and webcam?07:40
tigranIm in Cali07:40
IndyGunFreakhere i thought everyone was on Eastern.. :)07:40
kahrytanAustin_->  umm .. no07:40
Austin_Well get teh fecks out them.07:40
kahrytanAustin_->  HST timezone07:40
IndyGunFreakjfkdsljio: not that i know of.07:40
ThJSo apparently my kernel has the mmc0 device, but how do I access it? Nothing in /dev or anything.07:40
IndyGunFreakjfkdsljio: whats wrong w/ kopete07:40
Austin_somebody say something bash.org worthy.07:40
tigranThis is the most side-convos, offtopic chatter I've seen in here yet.07:40
sixstormpeace out guys, good chatting with all of you07:41
IndyGunFreaktigran: the mods are away, the mice will play. :)07:41
Austin_I am a mouse?07:41
jfkdsljiokopete doesnt support yahoo chat, just direct messaging07:41
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!07:41
tigranI'll mod07:41
IndyGunFreakjfkdsljio: oh ok.07:41
jfkdsljioindygunfreak kopete doesnt support yahoo chat, just instant messaging07:41
jfkdsljiosorry thought you might miss the first one07:42
Austin_Everyone, speak german now.07:42
nemilarAustin_: are you being a troll07:42
Austin_wie gehts ihnen?07:42
tigranIndyGunFreak: Wanna know how slow I am07:42
ThJDu hast ein grosse nase.07:42
jfkdsljiohallo, sprechen sie deutch07:42
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de07:42
jfkdsljioich bin eine mutter ficken ja07:42
tigranIndyGunFreak: I just recently learned the tab function...07:42
ThJMein Deutsch is nicht gut D:07:42
IndyGunFreaktigran: na, thast not slow, everyone does that.....07:42
Austin_OH SHIT!07:42
nemilarI just recently started thinking about calling the ops07:42
tigranThJ: ur stomach hurts?07:42
nemilar!ohmy | Austin_07:42
ubotuAustin_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:42
IndyGunFreaknemilar: i think i have to agree with you..07:43
tigranIndyGunFreak: Oh nice, to know haha07:43
nemilarok that's enough07:43
speeddemon8803heh beat me to it nemilar :)07:43
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Jack_Sparrow!07:43
Austin_I think I have to leave07:43
IndyGunFreakyou were begging to be banned you moron07:43
hansinI just did a minimal/command line only install of 7.10 of a dell laptop.  I did the text-based installer (have done plenty of times).  It identified the network controllers as eth0 (wired) and eth1 (wireless).  I chose to use the eth0/wired interface as default because I need to get the wireless working.07:43
tigranRun mice, run07:43
jack-desktophow do i make my usb drive not read-only?07:43
hansinAnyway, I have no networking after install.07:43
tigranhansin: wireless or wired07:44
Austin_my cousin was at the computer.07:44
hansinI have installed plenty of times, and never seen this before.  Wired.07:44
Austin_and he's a weird person07:44
ThJAs if07:44
kahrytanjack-desktop->  hard drive?07:44
IndyGunFreakAustin_: and i'm guessing you ahvfe multiple personality disorder07:44
jack-desktopkahrytan, ?07:44
tigranIndyGunFreak: haha07:44
hansinI have an eth0 entry in /etc/networks/interfaces.07:44
* ThJ snickers07:44
Austin_I went away to get a glass of milk, and I come back to see what my cousin did, and, my goodness.07:44
kahrytanjack-desktop->  usb external hard drive?07:44
jack-desktopkahrytan, no, it's a usb flash drive, sorry07:45
Austin_and I always tell him enough of the terroristic jokes.07:45
speeddemon8803Austin, please refrain from profanity in this room...no exception...dont care if its you, your cousin, brother...its your pc, please lets be wise and lock screen while were gone :)07:45
ThJAustin: Please turn in your geek card at the exit for not locking your screen while AFK.07:45
IndyGunFreakspeeddemon8803: im guessing in his family, his cousin is his brother07:45
Kiramy lan card is no listed at all when I issue lspci07:45
Kiracrap. :(07:45
ThJAw damn, spedd, I was saying that07:45
ThJYou beat me to it07:45
Austin_My cousin is over for the weekend, and he's a terroristic fellow.07:45
speeddemon8803heh great minds think alike thj07:45
nemilar!offtopic | Austin_07:46
ubotuAustin_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!07:46
ThJterroristic, is that a word?07:46
hansinAny command line utility I can run to set up networking again?  What it is saying when I try to bring up the network, that it doesn't know about eth0.  So it reads my interface file, but can't find eth1 (I screwed up, wired is eth1).07:46
* WorkingOnWise has identified %N plonker: %P.07:46
Austin_and he makes all the jokes and things, and it's just plain terrible.07:46
AmaranthAustin_: Then you should be glad he didn't install Clippy07:46
ThJHas anybody here messed with getting built-in memory card reders to work in Gutsy?07:46
hansinSo eth1 has an entry in interfaces.  Forget I even mention eth0.07:46
Austin_clippy: how may I screw you today?07:46
speeddemon8803yes, thj...mine worked without any configuring07:46
jfkdsljioi did apt-get remove gnome, but then i couldnt log in07:47
ThJIt pops the icons up on the desktop for you?07:47
Austin_Oh wait, gutsy gibbon was the latest correct?07:47
AmaranthThJ: I don't think there is anything to configure07:47
tigranThJ: mine doesn't work either.07:47
tigranThJ: built-in sd card reader07:47
kahrytanAustin_->  Hardy Haron ALpha 307:47
ThJtigran: yes07:47
AmaranthThJ: Either it just works or there isn't a driver available for your reader.07:47
tigranThJ: Mine never worked07:47
nemilaractually alpha4 just came out07:47
Austin_What is with these odd names?07:47
Amaranthkahrytan: Alpha 407:47
ThJtigran: Ricoh07:47
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com07:47
AmaranthAustin_: It's fun07:47
Austin_BRB: screen locked.07:47
kahrytanAmaranth->  they move so fast07:48
Gninefor all intended purposes, alpha 4 is not recommended07:48
ubotuA higher version number does not mean that it's better. Especially with packages such as the linux kernel. The packages in the Ubuntu repositories are stable and will work fine. You should have a better reason than "newer" when considering compiling from source or using 3rd party repos.07:48
ThJAmaranth: Well, the thing is, it's detected.07:48
tigranThJ: Ricoh?07:48
ThJAmaranth: And it says like "mmc0" and stuff in dmesg.07:48
AmaranthThJ: Does it say anything new when you stick a card in?07:48
=== grekkos_ is now known as grekkos
AmaranthThJ: It's possible the driver is broken too07:48
AmaranthThJ: Either way you probably can't fix it07:49
speeddemon8803If you are using a development machine i.e. one you will be using for things such as work..etc...I HIGHLY recommend NOT using Hard Heron right now....07:49
ThJAmaranth: There were some setpci hacks on Google, and tips of loading some extra modules.07:49
Gninehardy heron07:49
ThJAmaranth: Of course, none of them worked. There's also talk that kernel .24 fixes it07:49
AmaranthThJ: That sounds more likely07:49
speeddemon8803Typo gnine thanks :)07:49
IndyGunFreakall right, gotta bounce all.. Have a good evening07:49
speeddemon8803didnt catch it but thanks07:49
hansinDoes anyone know what file your networking interfaces are defined (not /etc/network/interfaces, but where the OS says, hey eth0 = your wireless card and eth1 = wired ethernet)?  Thanks.07:49
AmaranthThJ: Have to wait until April to get 2.6.24 in a supported release07:50
Amaranthhansin: that's in the udev configuration07:50
ThJAmaranth: No new info when inserting a card. There is one problem though, it disables IRQ 19 after a while, same IRQ as the reader has.07:50
* Gnine notes speeddemon8803 07:50
ThJAmaranth: Gives a stack trace and then disables, based on "nobody cares" (it actually says this in dmesg).07:50
hansinAmaranth: Thanks.07:50
Austin_This is boo-rang, and I'm going to XKCD.07:51
Amaranthhansin: I know the filename has 'persistent-net' in it and that it's in /etc/udev.d07:51
tigranThJ: Can you paste it, I wanna see it haha07:51
ThJAmaranth: Is there a way I could compile a "stock" 2.6.24 kernel? I've compiled kernels before but always customized them. How do you compile an Ubuntu-friendly one with the proper config flags?07:51
* Gnine closes door after austin07:51
kahrytanAmaranth->  austin?07:51
ThJtigran: 282.242126] irq 19: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option)07:51
Amaranthkahrytan: yeah07:51
AmaranthThJ: That's actually really hard07:52
* kahrytan gives 3 cheers for Amaranth 07:52
ThJtigran: [  282.242408] Disabling IRQ #1907:52
AmaranthThJ: It'd be easier to just snag the kernel and related packages from hardy07:52
ThJAmaranth: Or switch to Hardy.07:52
AmaranthThJ: That might be a bit much unless you enjoy things not working properly07:52
AmaranthThJ: Like having nautilus crash during a file transfer07:52
speeddemon8803Jeez xubuntu for being small is taking a long time to download :/07:53
AmaranthGnine: We've got gio-enabled nautilus :)07:53
ThJAmaranth: Won't Hardy packages give me problems if I try to install them?07:53
Thurin1speeddemon8803: Xubuntu is not 'small' it is light, the ISO file is the same size as Ubuntu roughly 600 some megs.07:53
Amaranthspeeddemon8803: xubuntu isn't smaller, just different07:53
bod_speeddemon8803, taking your name into account, that statement is ironic in more then 1 way07:53
kahrytanThJ->  Yes, .. there will07:53
AmaranthThJ: The kernel shouldn't. Worst case you just boot the gutsy kernel07:53
Gninehave not noticed yet , Amaranth07:53
kahrytanThJ->  Yes, .. they will07:53
* Gnine got speedy connection07:53
Thurin1Xubuntu is basically Ubuntu with XFCE on top that's the only real difference - everything else is identical, almost.07:54
AmaranthThJ: The only possible problem is nvidia and fglrx drivers07:54
speeddemon8803dang, that comment sure backfired :)07:54
ThJI have had some ugly experiences with it before. As Amaranth says though, the kernel files don't change much between versions.07:54
* speeddemon8803 keeps trap shut next time07:54
Amaranthxubuntu is not any smaller or lighter than ubuntu, except feature-wise07:54
Amaranthit's just Ubuntu with XFCE instead of GNOME07:54
bod_anyone here , using 7.10 gutsy fancy testing some scripts for me?07:54
hansinYou know what I bet happened, install recognized my wireless as eth0 and wired as eth1.  Then since I need to hand install the broadcom driver, it doesn't see it after install as existing, so my wired now becomes eth0!  Now I just need to modify /etc/network/interfaces entry to eth0.  Off to check my hypothesis...  Thanks.07:55
wersis there a gtk substitute for basket notepads07:55
* RedHeron is using 8.04 Hardy, sorry.07:55
Gninekernel is less than 100k bytes07:55
Amaranthbod_: Scripts for what?07:55
singlesunanyone a pro with fdisk? lol07:55
ThJHm, now to locate kernel files from Hardy.07:55
ThJWhere'd I find the .deb's for that?07:55
bod_Amaranth, making a GDM login screen by editing an original theme,. theres a backup/failsafe/revert script that comes with it,. (free of charge,.,.lol)07:56
externhow can I changee the resolution of my screen in a terminal?07:56
AmaranthThJ: you want linux-image-2.6.24-*-generic, linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-*-generic, and (if needed) linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-*-generic07:56
Gninebod_: that should not be an issue07:56
ThJYeah, I know the format of the file names.07:56
AmaranthThJ: Where * is the ABI version, I believe it's at 507:56
EpicenterIs there a way to make GRUB boot an ISO image on a partition?07:56
bod_Gnine, what shouldn?07:56
ThJBut I figure I need a repo07:56
AmaranthThJ: http://packages.ubuntu.com07:56
Hypnus9Hi room. I just added a hard drive to my Linux box. I'm using Ubuntu 7.10. How do I find it?07:56
jack-desktopdoes anyone know how to make my usb flash drive non-readonly?07:57
ThJAmaranth: Thanks :307:57
ArelisI'm on a 1440x900 monitor (and yes, it's set to 1440x900), but everything is so big, and clumsy. How do i get more screen real estate?07:57
AmaranthHypnus9: You probably need to use gparted to set it up, for a start07:57
* Amaranth goes to watch smallville07:57
Hypnus9OK. I just formatted it to ext307:57
externhow can I change the resolution from a terminal?07:57
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions07:57
speeddemon8803I would like to know that as well jack-desktop as ive aparently screwed it up beyond linux recognition07:57
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter07:58
Amarantheww, recursive factoids07:58
AmaranthHypnus9: anyway, those should be a start07:58
bod_Amaranth, fancy testing, or not?07:58
Amaranthbod_: Actually I'm booted into Vista right now07:58
Hypnus9OK. Thanks Amaranth07:58
bod_Amaranth, damn microsoft screwin things up again,.,.lol,.,.ok ty07:59
speeddemon8803microshaft screws up everything ;)07:59
bod_ubotu, say yay if you hate m$07:59
livenicelyi have z-cyber genie ultra capture card. have any one there know which driver is best for it07:59
ubotuGlad you made it! :-)07:59
speeddemon8803why i switched to linux before vista came out..i knew vista would be way too much to deal with07:59
bod_damn,.,. didnt actually say yay08:00
Gninebug 108:00
Gnine!bug 108:00
ubotuFor discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubotu equivalents08:00
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:01
bod_Gnine what did you mean by "that should not be an issue"   ??08:01
livenicelyi have z-cyber genie ultra capture card. have any one there know which driver is best for it08:01
fredlhi, I installed eclipse from the Ubuntu repository and it gives me an error in the Welcome message when starting up08:02
bod_fredl, we need he error message to fix it?08:03
doug_is this room for gutsy?08:03
fredl'Unable to create view: org.eclipse.core.runtime.Plugin08:03
bod_doug_, all ubuntu related questions are welcome08:03
singlesundoug_, its for all of ubuntu08:03
fredland the java stack dump says:08:03
fredljava.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.eclipse.core.runtime.Plugin08:03
fredl   at org.eclipse.osgi.framework.internal.core.BundleLoader.findClass(BundleLoader.java:402)08:03
doug_i need to install a ndisgtk for my wifi08:03
fredlso somehow I guess a dependancy isn't right and org.eclipse.core.runtime.Plugin isn't installed.08:04
fredlbod_: you use eclipse?08:04