Ven]nhmm.. i followed this guide http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30413100:23
Ven]nto get fusesmb in thunar00:23
Ven]nand it worked fine00:24
Ven]nbut now when i try to open a shared folder it says connection timed out right away00:24
yannick_lmhi all00:37
yannick_lmI've got a little trouble with Xubuntu. When I maximize my windows,00:38
yannick_lmI loose the decoration in the bottom00:38
mkquisthey all, anyone any thoughts, install ubuntu alternate, comp powers down fine, use xubuntu install cd and wont power all the way down, like actually turn off...00:41
Ven]nso weird00:58
Ven]ni keep getting connection timed out using fusesmb00:58
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lechemkquist, check the boot options, those things need acpi support02:12
lechemaybe xD02:12
mkquistleche any idea where to steer me? like file location? =)02:14
lechemkquist, when booting from cd, press f6 to edit boot options...02:14
mkquistso grub?02:14
lecheall the other options are written down in the grub ini file, /boot/grub/menu.list02:15
lechecheck for options like, noacpi or such02:15
mkquistleche: thanx02:18
lechecould you give me a report if it helped?02:18
arrrghhhhey all, is there any way to have some visual feedback that a program is working on starting?02:35
arrrghhhlike the kinda cheesy bouncing icon in kde02:35
arrrghhhno body?03:03
arrrghhhdamn this room is dead03:03
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RaskahRatIs there a simple way to edit XFCE menu for a newbie? I have googled and all the answers i find seem complicated and involve editing files manually. I followed instructions at http://wiki.xfce.org/faq so that the graphical memu editor would work but this has just made it more confusing.05:00
mkquistits real quiet in here tonight05:02
RaskahRatI dont understand why it would be so complicated to do something as simple as editing the menu.05:14
Crayzieanyone around?05:30
maxamillionCrayzie: i am ... kinda05:30
maxamillionwhat's up?05:30
Crayzieah not much, got 2 questions..05:31
maxamillionfire away05:31
Crayzie1- speed wise, which is faster on old hardware.. xubuntu or opengeu?05:31
Crayzie2- i upgraded a xubuntu box earlier and once i would log in an xfce would start, it would log me right back out05:32
Crayzienot sure why05:32
maxamillionCrayzie: what would you say your level of gnu/linux knowledge is?05:36
Crayziei didnt have much time to investigate what was causing the problem05:37
maxamillionCrayzie: have you ever used debian?05:37
Crayziebut didnt know if it was a common problem or not05:37
Crayzieive contemplated trying it05:38
Crayziebut i havent yet05:38
maxamillionnot that i know of, but as far as speed goes you will get a little performance gain by using debian since the ubuntu-base has become bloated in its quest to support all the worlds hardware "out of the box"05:39
Crayziewould it be worth it speedwise to get the xfce version of debian, or just the standard base?05:40
NinnuaMI wouldn't know, I'm here looking for help as well..05:40
maxamillionCrayzie: xfce version05:41
maxamillionCrayzie: lemme get you a link05:42
maxamillionNinnuaM: what's up?05:42
NinnuaMwell, I'm trying to get xubuntu onto this computer which is an older hp with the intel i810 chipset05:42
NinnuaMI'm using puppy linux right now, and the gui works fine05:43
maxamillionCrayzie: http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/4.0_r2/i386/iso-cd/ <--- at the bottom, the xfce-CD-1 is all you should need for a standard desktop installation05:43
NinnuaMbut when I tried xubuntu, and ubuntu.. it's either "cannot display this video mode" or a bunch of lines whenever I go through and do everything manually05:44
Crayziemaxamillion, thanks05:44
maxamillionCrayzie: anytime05:44
maxamillionNinnuaM: it sounds a bit like ubuntu isn't detecting the video settings correctly05:44
NinnuaMthat's what I was thinking05:45
maxamillionquazimoz: hello05:46
NinnuaMbut I don't really know how to go about fixing it..05:46
quazimozni the main gutsy repositories i couldnt find xmms-flac. then about 2 hours later it was there :/05:46
quazimozin any case, there is no libflac-7 in there so it wont install, any solution other than using fiesty or edgy repositories?05:47
maxamillionquazimoz: you could build it from source ... its kinda strange that its not in the repos05:47
maxamillionuhmmm... brb05:48
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quazimozi got banned from #ubuntu in efnet because they kept telling me to get xmms2... like it is a solution ot the problem05:48
quazimozso i yelled at them05:48
notMaxquazimoz: well the reason they probably said that is because xmms has been abandoned as a project and is therefore depricated05:49
notMaxanyhoo ... brb05:49
RaskahRatOK, anyone. I install Xubuntu 7.10 and all i want to do is edit the xfce menu......... the menu editor dont show what actually in the menu. So i follow instructions at http://wiki.xfce.org/faq and this shows the applications in the menu editor but they point to empty duplicates in the menu and i still cant change what i want.05:56
RaskahRati have googled my little heart out but i'm not very linux savvy and dont really want to edit obscure config files manbually for each menu entry05:57
NinnuaMwill the i810 chipset only work with certain versions of xubuntu?05:59
friedtofuanyways - i installed wine and i hit starcraft07:20
friedtofuhow do i let starcraft take over the xfce panels?07:20
quazimozOMG FRIEDTOFU07:21
quazimozGOOD IDEA07:21
* quazimoz rushes off to find starcraft cd and stolen keys!07:21
friedtofuok. how do i let starcraft go over the xfce panels in fullscreen mode?07:21
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EpicenterIs there a way to make GRUB boot an ISO image on a partition?07:56
RaskahRatCan anyone please tell me how to make the xfce menu editor actually show my menu items?08:33
RaskahRatit's ridiculous... may7be i'm just a complete idiot but i should have not had to spend so much time trying to do something so simple.08:37
predaeusRaskahRat, did you hit the save button?08:43
RaskahRatpredaeus, I am new to linux. I read in xubuntu docs to edit the menu items to use the menu editor.... but most of the menu items are not there to edit.08:45
RaskahRatI'm not sure where the xml file its actually using is stored.08:45
predaeusRaskahRat, I don't know either, but you can read this http://wiki.xfce.org/faq#menu  might help08:47
RaskahRatpredaeus, yes i have followed those instructions..... but what i end up with is everything else now being in the menu editor (applications, games etc) but they point to empty duplicate fiolders in the menu and i still cant do anything with the menu folders that are actually relevant.08:49
predaeusRaskahRat, I don't remember exactly but I think the system menu, the one you can't change is generated from a series of files somewhere. Each entry has a file. It's probably practical to have it like that so that the menu can be automatically updated when a program is installed. This is likely the most portable solution to change menu entries when installing programs between kde, gnome, xfce.08:49
predaeusRaskahRat, sorry I don't know, for this reason I only added my own starters but left the core menu alone. Keep asking though, maybe somebody else here knows.08:50
RaskahRatpredaeus, yes i knwo where the .desktop files are stored.... and i know how to add a line so they do not show up in the menu.... but i cant write to the files to edit them anyway... and this seems like it would remove them from the kde menu as well for instance08:51
predaeusRaskahRat, btw, did you save the changes in the editor like I asked earlier?08:51
RaskahRatpredaeus, i cant make any relevant changes as the items are simply not there to edit.08:52
RaskahRatpredaeus, but yes i know to save changes.08:52
RaskahRatthe only mentions i can find through google say to manually edit the .desktop files but this seems ridiculous anyway i cant figure out how to make it let me write to tehse files to miodify them08:53
RaskahRatand it seems obvious that if i were to modify the .desktop files to get them out of my xfce menu than they would also dissapear from the menu in kde4 which i am playing around with. I can live with kde 4 proggie links in my xfce menu i just want to change it in some ways08:54
RaskahRatWoot..... i fixed it....... i dont see why the damn menu editor would not automatically load the menu xml that was being used but meh.09:02
EpicenterIs there a way to make GRUB boot an ISO image?10:51
TheSheepEpicenter: you can do it, not necessarily with grub10:52
TheSheepEpicenter: see installing from linux on10:52
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate10:52
Epicenterwell I have Ubuntu installed, but I need to do a BIOS flash. The app is DOS or windows. So I need to install one or the other to do it.10:54
EpicenterThe system has no CDROM, FDD and can't boot USB10:54
EpicenterI'd like to load a disk image via GRUB which I am pretty sure is possible10:55
Epicentercan I write the image to a partition somehow and boot that from grub?10:55
TheSheepEpicenter: yes, that howto tells you how10:55
Epicenterbut I'm not trying to install Ubuntu, it's already installed.10:56
TheSheepEpicenter: then use sme other iso image than the ubuntu one10:56
TheSheepEpicenter: use a part of that howto10:57
TheSheepbe creative ;)10:57
TheSheepEpicenter: there is also a program that lets you boot from usb even when bios deosn't allow that10:58
EpicenterTheSheep: Yeah?10:59
TheSheepalso mentioned on the installation page11:00
EpicenterWhich section?11:00
TheSheepfine, I'll read it for you11:01
TheSheepthis is the program for booting from usb: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto11:02
TheSheepbut apparently it requires a floppy11:02
TheSheepso no go11:02
EpicenterThis machine has no floppy drive, yeah11:03
EpicenterSo my best bet is this howto on making an ext3 partition, extracting a bootable ISO like a DOS or Windows install CDROM into it, and then setting grub to boot it ?11:03
TheSheepthat was the one I was refering to initially11:04
TheSheepone wonders how they put the system on that computer in the first place, though11:05
EpicenterI took the HDD out, rigged it up to my PC with a USB adapter and then installed11:06
Epicenterswapped the HD to the real machine, and reconfigured the X server11:06
TheSheepcould have been worse11:07
TheSheepwe have some sparks here that have a limit on the size of the kernel they can boot11:08
TheSheepand since they are CISCs, the kernel gets pretty large11:09
Epicenterthis is an extremely minimalistic subnotebook11:09
EpicenterHitachi Flora 210W11:09
Epicenterthe 'eee' is garbage11:09
EpicenterI don't know why it gets so much attention11:09
TheSheepmarketing :)11:10
TheSheepplus, they are calling it a laptop11:10
Epicenterhah, barely.11:10
TheSheepand all the $100 laptop hype11:10
Epicenterit's $300-$500 though11:11
TheSheephonestly, all others call theirs "organizers"11:11
TheSheepi meant the olpc11:11
EpicenterI pray this BIOS update fixes my problem11:12
Epicenterthe x server uses 100% of the CPU all the time11:12
EpicenterI can barely do anything11:12
Epicentereven the mouse is updating just once every 3 seconds11:12
TheSheepwhat were they thinking wehn distributing the update in such a way?11:12
Epicentera BIOS image and a DOS/Windows installer? Well, since windows is the planet's most prevalent OS ..11:13
EpicenterI think it was pretty rational thinking.11:13
EpicenterIs there some way to force the x server to quit? It just keeps restarting11:25
EpicenterIt's using 100% of the CPU all the time, everything is too slow to even draw on the screen. Typing and moving the cursor is an ordeal.11:25
polonioi think you can restart X server hold ctrl+alt+del11:40
polonioor ctrl+alt+backspace11:41
polonioyes maybe backspace :-)11:41
polonioepicenter? are you there?11:42
siggjeni'd «/etc/init.d/gdm stop» to stop X11:44
innertruthwill xfce share same mono based d-bus as next versions of gnome?16:01
TheSheepinnertruth: mono-based d-bus?16:03
TheSheepinnertruth: you mean the d-bus daemon?16:03
TheSheephehe, nice FUD16:06
qwerkushi all16:28
qwerkushow do you set cube top image under compiz-fusion, xubuntu 7.10 ?16:29
totalwormfacecheck ccsm, compizconfig-settingsmanager16:31
totalwormfacei guess there's an option there to set the top image :]16:31
qwerkustotalwormface: that's my prob16:35
qwerkusi cannot find the option16:35
qwerkusquestion is: am i missing some plugin ?16:35
TheSheepqwerkus: there is a separate plugin, cube caps16:36
totalwormfaceqwerkus: what TheSheep says :]16:36
qwerkusthanks guys16:41
TangentBuntuhey, I'm not getting any help in the main channel, I need to ask here17:43
TangentBuntuhow do I fix: WARNING: NNET_OpenSocket: bind: Cannot assign requested address17:43
TheSheepTangentBuntu: maybe your question is too vague?17:43
TangentBuntuwell, I don't know what else to ask17:43
TheSheepTangentBuntu: can you provide some context?17:43
TangentBuntutrying to start a srcds server17:44
TangentBuntuand it won't start because it can't bind the port/address or something17:44
TheSheepTangentBuntu: what is srcds?17:45
TangentBuntusource dedicated server17:45
TangentBuntuit's a valve tool for dedicating a server to source engine games17:45
TheSheepwait, I don't follow, I understand each word separately, but they don't make any sense together to me17:47
TangentBuntuwhat do you mean?17:47
TheSheepwhat's source engine?17:48
TangentBuntugame engine17:48
TangentBuntucounter-strike: source and Team Fortress 217:48
TheSheepTangentBuntu: where do I read about it on the page you gave?17:49
TheSheepit looks like Las Vegas17:49
TangentBuntuthat's just the company site17:49
TangentBuntudon't worry about it17:49
TangentBuntuI just need to know how to allow port binding17:49
TheSheepTangentBuntu: which port are you trying to bind to?17:50
TheSheepok, so the first possibility -- being under 1024 -- is out :)17:50
TheSheepdo you know what library this application is using to bind to that port?17:51
TheSheepwhat is it written in, for example?17:51
PsynoKhi0Hi, anyone here using both xubuntu and puppy?19:15
TheSheep!anynone | PsynoKhi019:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about anynone - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:18
TheSheep!anyone | PsynoKhi019:18
ubotuPsynoKhi0: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?19:18
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: you wanted o comparison?19:19
PsynoKhi0I'm curious as to puppy's standard grub options compared to xubuntu, still having issues with my USB on my xubuntu machine, but everything works fine in puppy19:19
TheSheepit's more about kernel build options, I guess19:20
PsynoKhi0at least puppy livecd boot19:20
PsynoKhi0ermm should I expect some performance gains using icewm instead of xfce?19:23
TheSheepyes, icewm should be quicker and use less memory -- because it's simplier19:25
PsynoKhi0ok ty19:28
Kommeris this the channel for help on installing xubuntu?21:39
chrsghoytI'm tying to setup my pcHDTV 5500 tv capture card on 64 bit Gutsy22:20
chrsghoytI installed mythtv and finally got it to scan and add all of the channels22:21
chrsghoytbut when I open the front end I just get a black screen22:21
chrsghoytCan anyone help me22:21
chrsghoytI've been googling for hours22:22
newermindhello, what program do I need in xubuntu to make my "shortcut-keys" on my laptop-keyboard work? (they work in gnome)22:32
PsynoKhi0Hi, I'm trying to get a xubuntu lappy connected to the net, but I can't seem to get any IP address... here are the results from dhclient and ifconfig http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54645/23:12
th0rPsynoKhi0 give me a sec to take a look23:13
PsynoKhi0ok thanks23:13
th0rPsynoKhi0 did you try to configure the card using yast?23:14
PsynoKhi0ermm "yast"? nope never heard about that23:14
th0rPsynoKhi0 oops...wrong os...got to quit running on two machines23:15
th0rPsynoKhi0  here's the deal as I understand it. If you have a card defined in /etc/network/interfaces then it runs at bootup, if it isn't in that file then gnome's network manager comes into play. I personally have had no luck with that network manager...even when running gnome. Give me a sec to pastebin my interfaces for you23:16
th0rPsynoKhi0 is this wireless or ethernet?23:17
th0rok...my best guess then as my server is on a wireless network. hang on23:18
th0rPsynoKhi0 actually...I think it is going to be one line.....iface eth0 inet dhcp23:19
th0rPsynoKhi0 this is my interfaces file....http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54648/23:20
th0rPsynoKhi0 my eth0 is the wifi dongle...I use static addressing so you don't need the address, netmask or gateway lines...and definitely don't need the last two.23:21
PsynoKhi0I'm on dynamic IP addressing23:22
th0rPsynoKhi0 have you tried to bring the network down and back up from the command line to see what kind of error you get?23:22
th0rPsynoKhi0 try this...open two terminals...in one type 'watch ifconfig eth0' then in the other type 'sudo ifdown eth0' then 'sudo ifup eth0'. In the first terminal you should see TX and RX increment as the interface talks to the dhcp server, and in the second terminal you might get some indicaton of the problem23:24
PsynoKhi0I need my network cable to be plugged in the laptop to do that, right?23:25
th0rPsynoKhi0 the problem might be in the cable...I see TX bytes but no RX bytes...you seem to be sending packets out, but nothing is coming back. Even if you didn't get answered...you should see something going by on the network23:25
th0rPsynoKhi0 right...plug in the cable23:25
PsynoKhi0because I'm sharing it among 3 comps... including the one I'm typing on right now23:26
th0rPsynoKhi0 then again...even the TX packets are all errors23:26
th0rPsynoKhi0 you don't have a hub?23:26
th0rPsynoKhi0 oops...misread...the TX packets are ok...there is no RX23:27
PsynoKhi0nope, no hub23:29
th0rPsynoKhi0 going to make it hard to troubleshoot23:29
PsynoKhi0I've been told to try blacklisting the 8139cp module23:29
PsynoKhi0I know heh23:29
th0rPsynoKhi0 did you try blacklisting that module?23:31
PsynoKhi0doing so23:32
th0rPsynoKhi0 for that matter, are you sure the correct module is being loaded for the card?23:32
PsynoKhi08139cp 25088 0 [...] 8139too 27776 0 [...] mii 6528 2 8139cp,8139too23:32
PsynoKhi0that's the result from the lsmod | grep 813923:33
th0rPsynoKhi0 it looks like the dhcpclient is working...that is the 169.254 address you see in eth0:avah. But it doesn't seem like the card can HEAR anything...just transmit23:33
th0rPsynoKhi0 do you know what kind of card you have? or the correct module for the card?23:33
PsynoKhi0the card is a realtek rtl 813923:33
th0rPsynoKhi0 plenty of references in google to that card <smile>23:35
PsynoKhi0a thread here saying I should blacklist the other module23:36
th0rPsynoKhi0 I made a realtek work once quite a while back...still have the bumps on my head23:37
PsynoKhi0I have realteks in all 3 comps I think, the 2 others work w/o a hitch23:38
PsynoKhi0anyway brb23:39
th0rPsynoKhi0 try running 'gksu network-admin'. I installed some gnome stuff after installing xubuntu, so don't know if this is a gnome app or not.23:46

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