simonylocal, but I had a bind to a remote non-responding server00:01
simonyI tried making a bundle with a remembered location of that server, and then to break lock when that hung, also hung, possibly because I was still bound00:01
abentleylifeless: ping00:05
lifelessabentley: pong00:22
jameshmorning lifeless00:23
lifelesshi jamesh, nice to see you hacking on bzr desktop stuff :)00:23
abentleyI am confused by a comment you added to KnitVersionedFile._get_content_maps.  It's the one that begins with FUTURE00:23
lifelessabentley: paging in00:23
jameshlifeless: I'm about half way through redoing bzr-avahi00:23
lifelessabentley: right, its about avoiding memory pressure and copying00:23
abentleyIt looks like the suggestion has already been done, and was done in the same commit.00:24
abentleyOh, I see.00:24
abentleyIt's about tracking it on a per-component level.00:24
lifelesscompent X may be needed for 400 children00:25
abentleyRather than just having the multiple_versions toggle.00:25
lifelessideally if we extract two texts at once with no common components no component should be copied00:26
lifelessand two texts with X components in common - a Y shape tree - we should not copy any of the X common components, only the single point at which it bifurcates00:26
abentleyOne issue I'm trying to sort out is how to handle memory pressure in iter_files_bytes.00:31
abentleyEven if you get rid of components as soon as you don't need them, you can still wind up with old fulltexts for all the files in memory at once.00:32
jameshlifeless: I don't know if it is relevant to your bzr-dbus plugin, but I got bzr-avahi broadcasting signals over the session bus without a central daemon (other than the session bus itself)01:17
jameshlifeless: maybe you could use something like that to simplify bzr-dbus?01:17
lifelessjamesh: possibly; actually I want to have the central service provide a recent-history list01:18
jameshlifeless: for bzr-avahi, the use case was to notify any interested server processes when changing the "advertised" state of a branch01:19
jameshin which case a simple signal broadcast fit well01:19
lifelessit may be overengineering of course01:21
lifelessabentley: re memory pressure - indeed; this is why I think we may not want to optimise for IO performance over everything else; find a balance.01:21
lifelessabentley: we know how big the components are; so we can say 'up to X MB in memory at once', and plan extractions that only exceed that when they have to (ISO's anyone)01:22
abentleyGood idea.  That should be reasonably easy to achieve.01:24
lifelessspiv: ping01:48
lifelessabentley: its tricky figuring out how much memory is reasonable, I would say 50MB or so of components?01:48
lifelessabentley: or even 10MB is enough to massively reduce round trip latency01:49
abentleyYeah, those numbers are okay.01:50
abentleyI'm planning to start with a version that just assumes infinite memory, and then tune it.01:51
abentleybut 50 MB about the size of the Bazaar repository.01:52
lifelessabentley: I'd like to write a hook for people wanting to do \r\n conversions, and $Id$ conversions02:34
lifelessabentley: Do you think its reasonable for us to have a single API point for writing-to-a-tree-file and reading-from-a-tree-file ?02:35
lifelessabentley: I'm thinking a chain of filters, each of which has an 'in' and 'out' direction, that respectively adds/removes the filters changes.02:36
lifelessabentley: and presumably a reference to $configuration data to determine when to operate02:36
abentleyThat sounds pretty reasonable.02:50
abentleyWe currently have a wacky set of overlapping file read functions.02:52
abentleyTreeTransform does most of the file writing, but I think there are some exceptions, like .bzrignore.02:53
abentleyIt would be nice to avoid invoking the filters for files to which they don't apply.02:55
abentleyRather than having the filters themselves determine that.02:55
abentleyI don't know if there would be significant performance degredation for files that needed no filtering.  Perhaps we wouldn't notice.02:56
lifelessso I am thinking that the default is no filters present03:14
lifelessand tree transform etc would do a single lookup to get the callables/object to use for a given tree, so that will in the case of no filters be identical performance to now03:15
fullermdMight you need some add'l logic in dirstate to properly catch [un]changes?03:16
lifelessavoiding invoking the filters for some files seems like an abstraction violation to me03:16
lifelessfullermd: dirstate will have to work with this yes, in particular it needs to see the filtered version for a given sha1 etc03:16
lifelessfullermd: and turning on a filter for an existing tree needs care03:16
lifelessit will be a tree format bump at a minimum to do this AFAICT03:17
fullermdCould be some trickiness in there too.03:18
fullermdLike if I had an $Id$ in the file, and manually collapsed it.03:18
lifelessfullermd: yes, but if you are insane enough to want $Id$ support, you get what you deserve.03:19
lifelessspiv: ping03:25
pooliespiv, ping :)03:28
pooliespiv, can you make that protocol update doc public somewhere?03:28
spivpoolie: ok, on phone with lifeless atm :)03:30
mlhpoolie: I think your1.2 release rc mail was truncated03:51
poolieit left here ok03:52
poolieoh i see, just the last sentence03:55
mlhTo get them ... out on time?03:57
mlhJust mentioning it in case there was a chunk left off03:57
lifelessjamesh: was my gnome-gpg patch correct?04:07
jameshlifeless: I didn't get round to checking it out last week (busy at LCA).  I'll do so this week though04:08
lifelessno worries04:08
jameshI ran into this bzr bug last week: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/8683804:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 86838 in bzr "locations.conf gets rewritten, dropping necessary quotes" [Undecided,New]04:09
jameshwas a bit puzzling04:09
jameshon mDNS naming conflicts, I was trying to write the new name for the branch from "foo" to "foo #2"04:10
jameshand reading that config value back gave "foo" ...04:10
pooliethat sounds bad, though maybe a configobject bug04:11
jameshthe configuration file does seem to retain the trailing comment though04:11
jameshso on the next loop it rewrote the config to "mdns-name = foo #2#2"04:12
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abentleyspiv: ping05:06
spivabentley: pong05:06
abentleyCould I get your opinion on the Storage API I proposed?  I'd like your opinion on whether it's a reasonable minimum API for remote repositories.05:07
NephyrinAnd that's how you know when you're on freenode.05:08
spivabentley: I'll take a look05:09
PengHmm, what happens if a remote branch gets updated while pulling?05:11
abentleyPeng: You get a correct copy of the branch before it was updated.05:11
PengOh, cool.05:12
PengI think "import bzrlib.lazy_import" imports 30 more things in 1.1 than it did in 0.90 or 1.0 or whatever I had before. How nice. :P07:26
=== mtaylor|zzz is now known as mtaylor
mtaylorPeng: lazy_import does a really good job of confusing editors that are IDE's and parse the code, too :)08:00
jameshhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/188855 <- MemoryTransport.list_dirs() seems busted08:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188855 in bzr "BzrDir.find_branches() goes into an infinite loop on MemoryTransport" [Undecided,New]08:05
ubotuNew bug: #188855 in bzr "BzrDir.find_branches() goes into an infinite loop on MemoryTransport" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18885508:05
Pengmtaylor: Heh, yeah.  It confuses my more basic text editor's auto-indendation too.09:25
PengMercurial's demandimport is better there. It replaces __import__ so it intercepts all imports and you can use the regular import statement.09:27
PengImporting just it also doesn't import half the stdlib. :\09:27
PengNot all modules can be imported lazily, so it has to keep a blacklist though.09:28
PengBut it does save on code, since it doesn't have to parse the string of import statements lazy_import does.09:29
spivHmm, just "import bzrlib.lazy_import" it does seem to import 52 modules.09:42
spivWhich does seem a touch high..09:43
PengThanks to bzrlib.__init__.09:44
PengISTM it imports either 70 or 100 other modules.09:44
spivAnd bzrlib.errors09:44
PengIt only lazy-imports bzrlib.errors.09:45
PengIsn't the email module in stdlib supposed to have a working lazy-importer?09:46
* spiv foods09:46
Peng(It lazy-imports its submodules since they apparently all import each other.)09:47
PengOhh, it does work. It just doesn't prevent the AttributeError the first time one tries to access a submodule.09:47
PengBut it works the second time.09:47
PengThat's not so useful.09:47
Pengemail's LazyImporter is precisely 9 lines long. But if it doesn't work, I guess that doesn't mean much compared to the 200 lines bzr uses and the 50 or 75 lines hg uses.09:51
Peng(Not counting setup code.)09:51
poolie_Peng, hg's approach is reported to cause problems for other programs trying to import it09:56
poolie_there is one idea we could take from email.py, which would be to explicitly know about all submodules, and create their importers in bzrlib at load time09:57
poolie_i'm not sure if this would be very practical09:57
mwhudsonhg's interfere's with hg's own setup.py last i checked :)09:58
* mwhudson zzz09:58
PengBzr is way too large, and still rapidly-evolving, to do that.09:58
Pengmwhudson: Oh, is that the reason easy_install doesn't work with it?09:58
poolie_i think we add modules rarely enough that having a list in bzrlib/__init__ would be ok09:58
poolie_however, i think it would mean everything had to be referenced through fully-qualified names, which would be tedious09:59
PengWould you list all modules recursively, or just the top-level ones?09:59
poolie_i hadn't got that far09:59
=== poolie_ is now known as poolie
pooliedo you think it could work even for top level mods/09:59
PengAs of 1.1, there are 121 top-level ones and 558 total, not counting the 4 or 5 C ones.10:00
PengThat can't be right.10:01
PengYeah, it is.10:01
spivPeng: Hmm, with a bit of hackery here, I can get the number of imports caused by "import bzrlib.lazy_imports" down to 43.10:04
spivStill not quite as quick on "bzr --no-plugins rocks" as the 0.92 version in my /usr/bin/, though.10:06
PengI was just using it in a random script I hacked together for one module, so that's still about 42 modules more than I'd like. :P10:06
pooliewhat were you calling in bzrlib?10:08
PengI think lazy_import is neat and just wanted to use it. :)10:09
asachey ... if a branch is locked like "locked 176 hours, 7 minutes ago" ... how can i resolve it manually?10:26
asac(doing a push)10:26
quicksilverbzr break-lock, or something10:26
quicksilverI thought there was a hint in that message telling you, actually10:27
asacwhat location to use?10:27
asace.g. Usage:   bzr break-lock [LOCATION]10:28
quicksilverthe location of the branch which has a lock?10:28
asacyep works10:29
zurguttis it documented somewhere what happens if one has several repositories on one work tree?10:57
awilkinsDo you mean nested trees?10:57
zurgutti guess so10:57
awilkinsI have an interest but I've not had time to experiement with it10:58
zurguttcd root;bzr init;cd subdir_under_root;bzr init10:58
datozurgutt: but, are they independent?10:58
zurgutti expected for it to work transparently, meaning the two branches should not get in eachothers ways, but seems that outer branch does not "see" into inner one10:59
datoyou just have to take care of not "adding" inner into outer, and it should work? (that is, they'll be completely independent)11:00
zurguttthat means every file created in inner must be explicitly added, recursion doesnt work11:00
awilkinsAh, so if is issue "bzr add outer", you want it to also imply "bzr add inner"  ?11:01
datowhat I mean is: "if you want outer to know nothing about inner (that is, inner could as very well be somewhere else), that works. if you want for outer to know about inner, that's nested trees, what awilkins said." afaik, anyway.11:02
zurguttbasicly its web tree of a big project, i want to have one repo for "everything" as kind of archive and separate ones for subtrees, for speed and convenience11:02
awilkinszurgutt: You can use the same repository to store a whole bunch of branches and use something to manage how you check them out?11:10
zurguttnot what i look for i think, how do i describe it.. ok very basicly - can one file in a work tree belong to 2 different branches at same time?11:14
johnnydescribe the use case?11:17
zurguttcd /webroot/subsite;bzr init;bzr add;bzr commit   ; cd /webroot;bzr init;bzr add;bzr commit - now if i add a file in /webroot/subsite i would expect cd /webroot;bzr add;bzr commit would include and version that file11:22
zurguttwhat DOES seem to happen is bzr in /webroot does not seem to see any changes in /webroot/subsite anymore11:22
johnnyit shouldn't11:24
lostylostI have a question: What would happen in the scenario where I have created some changes in the working tree of a bound branch, then run update before doing a local commit. What happens to my changes are they overwritten?11:24
zurguttjohnny: what do you mean11:24
johnnyi mean.. it should11:25
johnnythat's expected behaviour atm prolly11:25
datolostylost: no, they will be retained. *maybe* there will be conflicts, at most.11:25
lostylostok cheers11:25
lostylostI figured as much, just wanted to be clear11:25
zurguttjohnny: ok, if i run a test case and pastebin the console log, can you look at it?11:26
johnnyi prolly wouldn't be the best person to answer11:27
johnnybut by looking at what you said, and then looking at the nestedtree doc11:27
johnnyit seems like that is how it should work11:27
zurguttcan you give url to doc you mean, i tried to look it up but ones i found did not have much info11:28
johnnysomebody already did11:28
johnnythey said you have to use configmanager, there is no in bzr support for nested tree11:29
zurguttconfigmanager appears to be tool to deploy files from separate branches into one tree, what i am looking for is the reverse process11:46
johnnyit doensn't exist11:47
johnnywait for a few hours and ask again i guess11:47
zurguttthats strange because it would not need any extra functionality whatsoever and just seems to be arbitrarily blocked11:48
johnnyi know many vcs don't support it11:48
johnnyso tha'ts not the case11:48
zurguttsee the example in http://pastebin.ca/891133 , can anyone tell why this happens?11:54
Pengzurgutt: That would be horribly confusing.12:01
Pengzurgutt: Should the higher-up branch version the .bzr directory of the lower one too?12:01
zurgutthow come?12:02
zurguttno of course not, it should not touch . dirs12:02
zurguttevery branch should just see normal file tree under it12:03
PengHow is the lower branch related to the upper one? If you do "bzr log" for the upper one, should it show the lower one's log too?12:05
PengIf you commit a change in the lower one, you'd have to also commit it in the upper one.12:05
zurguttneither branch should not be aware of other one12:06
zurguttso yes, change in sub would need separate commit in sub and the container12:08
PengThat would be horrible.12:09
zurgutti see no problem whatsoever and nice possibilities of granulation12:10
PengYou'd have to remember to commit twice for every change you make, copying and pasting the commit message or rewriting it or something.12:11
PengNow that you mention granulation, something like this would be useful, but I think doing it this way would definitely not be worth it.12:12
zurguttnot necessarily, these repos would not necessarily be committed in sync, in fact in my case idea was to commit the sub often between developers and the containing folder once a day or so, for general archive of whole project.12:13
zurguttvery neat and useful12:13
PengMeh, never mind on the "Why?".12:15
PengHaving a shorter summary could be useful, but going about it this way isn't right.12:16
zurguttCurrently this possibility has been artifically blocked, withou it giving any benefit.12:16
PengThe benefit is lack of confusingness.12:17
PengFWIW, in bzr, when you merge a branch, you have to commit the merge, and you can provide a summary. "bzr log" will show the merged revisions indented.12:17
zurguttThere is no confusion.  It is not the place of bzr to care what tools are used to change the source files right?  So why would it block using bzr itself?12:19
PengFor one thing, that's throwing away history.12:24
* Peng shrugs.12:24
PengI suck at arguing.\12:24
PengI could lose an argument that water is wet.12:24
zurguttexplain? its actually keeping more history it seems to me because both sub and container keep it12:25
zurguttim just trying to see the ligh, not arguing for its sake12:25
PengSure, but why shouldn't container have it too?12:26
Pengzurgutt: I didn't think you were arguing just for argument's sake.12:27
zurguttexactly, but currently it cant becaue access to sub is blocked from it12:27
PengAnd I should s/argue/debate/.12:27
Pengzurgutt: Why do you want to have a separate sub?12:27
zurguttso currently the container loses all history and versioning of the sub12:28
PengI'd prefer container be entirely separate than have a low-fidelity copy of sub's history.12:29
PengNested trees should solve this in some awesome way, when they're done.12:29
awilkinsjelmer: log from win32 test of revision 904 > http://filebin.ca/bgrfkf/log.zip12:29
PengOn another subject, why does my tongue hurt?12:30
muffinresearchSo are nested tree not currently finished? I thought they were available from 0.15?12:30
zurguttwhat _are_ the nested trees? i thought what i was describing was it but apparently not12:31
zurguttcould not find any definition12:31
PengYeah, what you are describing is nested trees.12:31
PengThat page also has links to two pages on what Bazaar's nested tree support will be like.12:32
awilkinsDo a "bzr help join" ; you may find that helpful12:33
PengHas join's help been updated to mention pack-0.92-subtree?12:34
jelmerawilkins: thanks!12:35
awilkinsPeng: Join says "dirstate-with-subtree"12:37
jelmerawilkins: I've committed a fix that should take care of the executable bit errors. This should reduce the number of failures by 18.12:41
muffinresearchI see it's initial support: http://jelmer.vernstok.nl/blog/archives/164-Bazaar-and-Subversion-nested-tree-support.html12:42
jelmermuffinresearch: there is by-reference nested tree support but it is experimental12:44
jelmerIt is probably not a good idea yet to use it in a production environment12:44
awilkinsjelmer: I say that ; the problems are mostly errors in the tests either down to Windows or my particular environment (I get similar results on all three of my win32 machines (XP, XP, Vista)12:45
awilkinsjelmer: *SAW that (your executable bit patch)12:46
awilkinsThere are a few things like the path being double-escaped (path looks right apart from the extra backslashes)12:47
jelmerawilkins: Yeah, I'm not sure yet what's causing that12:50
awilkinsLooks like it's in Branch12:51
awilkinsOr just Branch.__repr()__12:52
jelmerit's not just the double escaping though12:52
jelmerit should be using forward slashes12:52
awilkinsIf it was using forward slashes, the double escaping wouldn't be a problem :-)12:53
jelmerit should be using forward slashes now12:58
jelmerthat may also fix some other problems12:58
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* awilkins runs tests13:04
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jelmerawilkins: any luck?13:31
awilkinsStill running13:31
awilkinsWindows filesystem performance sucketh13:32
jelmerit usually takes around 1000s to run the tests here13:32
awilkinsTHe main reason git is so staggeringly fast on Linux is because i) The guy who did the silesystem code in the kernel wrote it and ii) Linux filesystem performance kicks the crap out of win3213:33
awilkinsPlus fork() is really slow on windows as well13:33
awilkins(it not having fork() for starters)13:33
jelmerwhat system are you on exactly?13:33
awilkinsAnd these mahcines are loaded down with a ton of evilware from IT services13:33
jelmerthe tests take a little less than twice as much time on your system13:34
awilkinsWindows XP, P4 D 3.4Ghz13:34
awilkins2GB of RAM13:34
awilkinsIt's about the same on my desktop at home, Vsita, 2.4Ghz dual core13:34
jelmermine is a Core Duo 1.66 Ghz machine13:35
* Debolaz gave up on running git on windows.13:37
jelmerawilkins: thanks. seems we've managed to fix 1 failure and 9 errors13:38
awilkinsJust running those logs through a diff here :-)13:39
DebolazAlthough it's still my main scm on *nix.13:40
awilkinsI do far more windows dev than *nix13:41
awilkinsSomething that integrates nicely with SVN is also a must (git does, but I could never get it working properly)13:41
awilkinsI have some code in Monotone, but it's not ideal13:43
jelmerawilkins: I've fixed a couple more issues13:51
awilkinsDid you get the one in test_convert?13:51
awilkinsI was just going to find it and patch it :-)13:52
awilkinsAnother one of thse "no root on windows" paths things13:52
jelmeryep, committing it now13:54
awilkinsMy fault, by thte looks of it, half patching it in the first place.13:55
* abentley just got his Bazaar T-shirt in the mail13:57
jelmerawilkins: ok, committed. Any chance you can run the test suite again?13:58
jelmerI wonder what the "Can't find parent directory's entry while trying to add ..."13:58
jelmeris being caused by13:58
awilkinsHow do you permanently change the default pull path?13:59
jelmerbzr pull --remember13:59
awilkinsHad it bound to the mirror14:00
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igcnight all14:01
jelmerg'night Ian14:01
jelmerI wonder if it's possible to get launchpad to do simple redirects rather than a full mirror14:02
awilkinsIs that test trying to commit files to a directory that has been created but not committed to the SVN repo yet?14:03
awilkinsNot that that seems to cause a problem : -(14:05
jelmerit's testing the bzr-svn support for working with Subversion working copies14:06
jelmerthat path in the error doesn't indicate any path characters being converted incorrectly14:07
awilkinsIs there a way to stop bzr using a proxy?14:07
awilkinsIt appears to be using my IE proxy setttings in the absence of HTTP_PROXY variable14:08
awilkinswhich is most annoying for repos inside the firewall14:08
abentleyjelmer: I doubt it's possible to get Launchpad to redirects.  Even a reference branch will get turned into a mirror, because uploads are done to a "quarrantine" area, then pulled over into the http area.14:08
awilkinsFreeow, never knew you could go itno an svn WC and do bzr status14:09
abentleyjelmer: btw, I'd be interested what you think of the Storage API I proposed.  Would it be practical to use for bzr-svn?14:10
awilkinsjelmer: Is going into an SVN WC and doing a "bzr status" supposed to work?14:12
zurguttawilkins: thanks for "bzr help join" tip, from help it seems to be what i want, transparent14:16
vilaawilkins: try setting the no_proxy env var instead ;)14:17
awilkinsvila: Aha, is that a common thing, or does it just affect pycurl?14:18
vilapretty common, but the real solution will be to update your IE proxy settings...14:18
zurguttawilkins: i dont seem to see the dirstate-with-subtree that it needs in list of formats tho14:18
awilkinszurgutt: It's hidden ; it should be there in v 1 (or 1.1)14:19
vilaso that you have one place to setup right14:19
zurgutttried --rich-root which makes join crash14:19
awilkinsMy trees all seem to be in that format anyway so I guess it's the default in 1.114:19
awilkinsvila: IT services have a stupid little script which fubars the proxy settings every time we log in14:19
vilaawilkins: ha ! Great ! I love these ones :-(14:20
awilkinsjelmer: Looks like that proxy was causing my Not a Branch errors14:20
vilaawilkins: then you must go the env var route :-/14:20
awilkinsOr I can stick my proxy auth details in a plain textfile in my %appdata% folder14:21
awilkins :_014:21
zurguttis there a way to convert existing repo to new storage format?14:26
awilkinsbzr help upgrade14:27
abentleyawilkins: dirsate-with-subtree will probably never be un-hidden.14:28
awilkinsabentley: What's it being turned into?14:28
zurguttindeed its not in bzr help formats in 1.114:29
abentleyIt's a format that doesn't use packs, and we don't need another of those.14:29
zurguttwhy? is it usable?14:29
abentleyzurgutt: The format itself is fine, but the functionality it enables does not work properly.14:30
zurguttehh.. :P14:30
awilkinsDoes the server repository influence the format the client repository is when it pulls?14:31
awilkinsBecause my copy of bzr-svn is in a dirstate-with-trees repo and I didn't make any effort to say so.14:31
awilkinsAre the features going to be written into a future packed format?14:32
abentleyawilkins: The formats already exist.  rich-root-packs and rich-root.14:35
awilkinsabentley: Excellent.... so nested-tree jsut hasn't caught up to them?14:35
abentleyNested trees hasn't been under active development for almost a year.14:36
awilkinsjelmer: http://filebin.ca/hdpoga/log.zip14:36
awilkinsScratched another 10kb off the log14:36
awilkinsabentley: I figured that from the "0.15" version number on the Progress page :-)14:37
zurguttweird, because there just isnt any development needed for it14:37
abentleyzurgutt: Nested trees is not the same thing as what you were originally asking for.14:37
zurguttah, ok, someone said it was.14:38
abentleyzurgutt: And there is plenty of work remaining to be done.14:38
abentleyzurgutt: You wanted one file to be part of two trees.  That's not supported and is unlikely to be supported.  Nested trees allows whole trees to be contained as part of other trees, so that you can split a large project into pieces.14:39
* awilkins cackles, rubs his hand toghether, and puts bzrsvn through the torture of mirroring a 13,000 revision repository with about 1.5 GB of data in it. Bwahahahaa!14:40
zurgutti tried my setup with "bzr init --rich-root-pack" and "bzr join subsite --reference" in container, which goes ok but after it "bzr add" in container will make it crash. suppose it should be reported?14:40
awilkinsReporting bugs is a contribution to a feature as much as anything else, but I suspect that unless one of the developers need his itch scratching it isn't getting fixed.14:41
awilkinsWhich is a shame because I'd like to see it working too :-)14:41
awilkinsMy Python is as yet undeveloped14:42
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awilkinsjelmer: Well, it ate 13,000 revisions worth of history without too many troubles, now let's see what it does with the actual data ;-)14:46
abentleyzurgutt: Yeah, that should be reported.  "bzr join subsite --reference" should not work at all in a rich-root-pack tree.14:47
jelmerawilkins: woot14:49
abentleyYou need "dirstate-with-subtree" or "pack-0.92-subtree" for that to work.14:49
jelmerawilkins: thanks for the new log14:49
abentleyAnd as I've already said, the --reference functionality doesn't work properly anyhow.14:50
jelmerwhoops, looks like I missed a few lines in my backlog14:51
jelmerabentley: I haven't looked at the Storage API yet - where can I find it?14:52
jelmerawilkins: yes, bzr status in a workign copy should work14:52
jelmerabentley: thanks!14:52
jelmerabentley: It seems a little bit too low-level for the Subversion protocols14:55
abentleyCan you give me an example?14:56
jelmerSo, the way you retrieve the contents of a revision is to ask the subversion server for an update between revision X and Y14:56
jelmer(where X can be 0 for a new checkout)14:56
jelmerand you specify a CommitEditor object which functions get called for all of the changes14:57
jelmeron the protocol level, the server sends a series of commands14:57
jelmer"open root", "create directory", "create file", "change property", "apply delta to file"14:58
awilkinsThose things would make a nice addition.14:58
awilkinsBeing able to ask for deltas (although rather overkill for local storage)14:59
jelmerafaik the fsfs backend does use a per-revision blob but that's only in their storage layer, not exposed14:59
abentleyawilkins: A nice addition to the Storage API?14:59
jelmerabentley: The storage layer could be useful to support local Subversion backends without relying on the Subversion libraries, but I'm not sure I want to go there...15:00
zurguttabentley: reported it. One more question and then ill be done for today:)  Situation: one root dir has 2 subdirs that belong to project A and another 2 which belong to project B - how(if) is it possible to create one branch to both projects? Container can just have one branch i think.15:00
ubotuNew bug: #188954 in bzr "add after join --reference crashes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18895415:00
abentleyjelmer: So if you left out iter_raw_items, and just implemented iter_byte_streams, would that work?15:01
jelmerabentley: Only if I would reimplement the Subversion protocols rather than rely on the Subversion libraries15:03
abentleyjelmer: So does bzr-svn implement iter_files_bytes?15:04
jelmerabentley: not at the moment. It could, but such an implementation wouldn't be very efficient15:05
abentleyzurgutt: I wouldn't recommend using one branch for two projects.15:05
jelmerabentley: You can only obtain deltas or fulltexts for a complete tree rather than per file.15:07
zurguttabentley: one branch per project was the idea, problem being that project does not have single container dir, there is several under one15:07
jelmerabentley: Supporting a Storage object in general (or perhaps a subclass of Repository that uses bytestreams?) makes sense to me though15:09
abentleyjelmer: So how does bzr-svn construct a workingtree?15:10
jelmerabentley: a native svn one? It just calls out to the Subversion client library to do that15:12
jelmerabentley: a bzr one is created by simply calling out to bzr15:13
abentleyjelmer: But transform.build_tree uses iter_files_bytes, so bzr-svn must be enabling it somehow.15:27
jelmerabentley: in which code path should it be using that?15:29
jelmerabentley: revert and merge are not supported in subversion working copies15:29
jelmerbecause inventory deltas are hard to apply15:29
zurguttcan bzr be made to work through symlinks?15:31
abentleyFor the scenario of creating a Bazaar checkout from a Subversion branch.  build_tree is used by WorkingTreeFormat.__initialize__, IIRC.15:31
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jelmerabentley: We never use a Bazaar WorkingTree with a Subversion Branch15:55
jelmerSubversion WorkingTree with Bazaar branch15:55
jelmerwe support Subversion WorkingTree with Subversion branch and Bazaar WorkingTree with Bazaar Branch15:56
jelmerthere's no way to construct a bzr wt with a svn branch afaik15:56
zurguttbzr add from symlinked dir also crashes :|15:57
zurguttis there any documentation for configmanager?16:51
zurguttnothing about usage there, nothing about bzr and very scant info on config file. have you used it, got examples?17:01
zurgutti was figuring i could symlink the dirs i want in one repo into some outside dir and invoke bzr there but that does not work either :|17:04
CardinalFangHi all.  I'm interested in the (relatively obscure so far) per-file commit messages, and how I can add the functionality to the built-in text-editor commit.  I think I have a good way of encoding it so it's obvious and minimally disruptive.  I have two questions, though:17:50
CardinalFang1) The text "This line and the following will be ignored" will no longer quite be true.  I think putting the messages inline with the "status" output would be best.  I'd rather have a message that is true for everyone regardless of whether they're ever using per-file-messages or not, and not conditional, and not confusing.  Any suggestions?17:54
CardinalFang1b) Also keep in mind that there may be a "diff" at the end, which should not be touched.17:56
CardinalFang(I realize that I used "message" to mean two different things in that question.  One, warn people not to edit some parts.  Two, what the user inserts.17:59
CardinalFang2) There appears to be a de facto design of two-parts in the text file.  A place for the user to type, delimiter, read-only stuff.  Does anyone know of anything that could break if I extend it to be:  A place for the user to type, delimiter, structured user-editable area, delimiter, read-only area ?18:02
CardinalFangThere are a few parameters in functions in  bzrlib/msgeditor.py  that make it extensible, but seem to enforce the idea of two parts.18:03
abentleyCardinalFang: bzr send can also use the msgeditor functionality, so it could break if you change the API.  Generally, you should avoid changing the API in incompatible ways.18:27
pcc1anyone here know about bzr-builddeb? is leaving the .bzr-builddeb/default.conf file in the diff.gz intentional? thanks18:29
jelmerpcc1: Yes, that is intentional18:30
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piemhi. why is 'bzr bd' sticking .bzr-builddeb/default.conf in the .diff.gz?19:33
jelmerit's part of the bzr branch19:50
pcc1jelmer: is this congruent with any policy?19:52
piemthe builddeb conf has nothing to do in the .diff.gz. there is a 'def remove_bzrbuilddeb_dir', but i'm not sure it's being called in merge mode19:52
jelmerpcc1: not sure19:55
jelmerfeel free to file a bug about it19:57
jelmerafaik it hasn't been discussed before19:57
pcc1is launchpad the canonical (no pun intended) place to report bugs?20:04
PengBzr uses Launchpad for its bug tracker, yes.20:04
datopcc1: bzr or bzr-builddeb?20:04
datopcc1: then I'd use debian's bts, the author is pretty active there20:05
dato(and I'm not sure there is a bzr-builddeb launchpad product)20:05
dato(and I could be wrong, of course)20:05
pcc1dato: https://launchpad.net/bzr-builddeb but both have only 5 or 6 bugs reported20:05
datook, then your pick :)20:05
PengYay, I can pull dirstate-tags into dirstate.20:15
AnMasterPeng, hum?20:19
AnMasterwhy do you want plain dirstate?20:19
PengUpstream is plain dirstate.20:19
AnMasteranyway isn't the new format "pack-0.92" or something like that iirc?20:19
AnMasteror is that repo, and dirstate* is for branches?20:20
PengWell, there's only one name. pack-0.92 uses the same branch format as dirstate-tags.20:20
PengI mean, you only pass one overall name to bzr upgrade or whatever.20:20
* AnMaster uses pack-0.92 for his projects20:20
AnMasteranyway I do use tags quite a bit20:20
PengWell, I use the same format as upstream does.20:21
PengI'd use packs and tags too, but..20:21
AnMasterpacks? isn't it just an internal data format?20:21
PengThe upstream developer uses dirstate and doesn't use tags, so I'm not going to either.20:24
* Peng wanders off.20:31
kjcoleToday's silly question: On a Mac, given the line-end issue, is there any plugin, patch, branch or other intelligent way to view diffs?20:56
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kjcole(was hoping qbzr would handle such things a bit better, although the fix to handle such I expect to be elsewhere.)20:58
mwhudsonkjcole: you still have files with \r line endings?21:01
kjcolemwhudson: Yep, and when I mess with that, it interferes with the program that interprets the scripts.21:01
mwhudsoni think bzrtools adds a --using parameter to the diff command21:03
mwhudsonso if you have a \r-friendly diff tool, you can use that21:03
datomwhudson: it's in core now21:04
dato(since 1.1)21:04
kjcoleI'll check that out. (I'm a Linux guy, not enough of a Mac guy.  The program in question is PsyScope, written for OS 9 (apparently) but modified enough to run natively in OS X.21:04
mwhudsonwell, i'm slightly a mac guy, and i haven't seen a \r line ending file in years :)21:05
datomwhudson: it's in core now21:05
kjcoleThe issue may only be that tweaking the file removes the FileInfo, which I then manually have to set with SetFile.  If I don't PsyScope chokes.)21:06
mwhudsondato: heard you first time :)21:07
kjcoleIt insists on wanting type = "TEXT", though I don't know if it cares at all about creator = "tach".  In any case, it seems silly to change line endings just for a pretty compare.  I'll look into alternate diff apps.21:08
datomwhudson: irc proxy hiccup, sorry21:08
mwhudsonah hah21:08
PengOk, done converting dirstate-tags -> dirstate, but I still have inconsistent and sucky parent references.21:36
ubotuNew bug: #162496 in bzr-svn "bzr svn advertising still a little common" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16249621:46
PengOh yay, only one inconsistent parent.21:46
PengOoh, the bzr+http path issue fix needs a post-1.1 client.21:51
PengUnless the server magically broke.21:51
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Skinkiehi there... is GIT pulling now supported or not?22:39
ubotuNew bug: #174690 in bzr-svn ""pull" should handle removal of bzr:ancestry property" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17469022:45
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spivpoolie: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/185394 is that critical bug23:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185394 in bzr "Generic bzr smart protocol error: bad request '232' when connecting to bzr 1.0 smart server" [Critical,In progress]23:33
mahmoud_Why Bazaar changes the default directory that Windows Command Prompt opens on ?!23:40
rollyIt doesn't do that for me..23:42
mahmoud_rolly : It does that under vista for me23:42
rollyWindows XP here23:42
* rolly tries shell-hooks in the hopes of versioning his DB schema23:44

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