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eddyMulafter dput-ing to my PPA, I kept getting "MD5 sum of uploaded file does not match existing file in archive". Browsing under http://ppa.launchpad.net/eddymul/ubuntu/pool/main/ showed older files. How can I delete these?02:34
jamesheddyMul: you should use different version numbers if you are rebuilding a package02:36
eddyMuljamesh: so I should increment the ppa number?02:36
jamesheddyMul: which file did not match?02:36
eddyMuljamesh: the (debian) diff.gz02:37
eddyMuljamesh: I'll try incrementing the +ppan02:37
jamesheddyMul: Okay.  You should be incrementing the package release number when rolling a new package, yes.02:38
jamesheddyMul: the new build will supersede the existing package, causing it to be removed from the archive after a bit.02:38
eddyMuli c02:39
eddyMuljamesh: thanx. I'll do that02:39
jamesheddyMul: if you were able to upload new packages with the same version number, how would apt know that it needs to install the update?02:39
eddyMuljamesh: If I understand correctly, this time, I don't need to dput the orig.tar.gz. Am I right?02:40
jamesheddyMul: nope.02:40
jameshonly when you are building with a new .orig.tar.gz02:40
eddyMuljamesh: apt: I was hoping to keep changing +ppa1, but I guess that's bad for users other than me....02:40
eddyMulany advice to tell debuild to not package the emacs backup files (*~) ?02:43
mtayloreddyMul: are you using bzr at all? 02:44
mtayloreddyMul: if so, you can use bzr-builddeb and it'll not package up that stuff02:44
mtayloreddyMul: otherwise, you can put something like this:02:45
mtaylorDEBUILD_DPKG_BUILDPACKAGE_OPTS="-i -rfakeroot -ICVS -I.svn -I.bzr -ISCCS"02:45
mtaylorin ~/.devscripts02:45
mtaylorand add an -I*~ or something, I belive02:45
eddyMulmtaylor: thanks for the env. variables. I will try that.02:46
mtayloreddyMul: cool.... it's not an env var, though03:05
eddyMulmtaylor: ah. it's a config file setting. thanx for pointing that out.   :p03:10
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grycIs there any way to tell the ppa build servers to not even bother building my package on the lpia architecture?03:46
RAOFYup.  You can say "i386 amd64" rather than "any" for your arch field.03:47
jameshgryc: why do you care if your package is built for lpia or not?03:48
jameshit shouldn't affect the speed of builds on the other architectures03:48
grycapparently mono isnt available for it03:48
jameshI wonder why not?03:49
grycand I dont want to waste 3-4 minutes on something I know isnt going to build :P03:49
jameshlpia is basically just x86 with different optimisation, iirc03:49
grycoh, oops, looks like a misconfiguration in my rules file on my part >.<;03:51
dharthi. does anyone know if super-projects can be nested? (i.e. a super-project belong to a super-project)03:52
jameshdhart: we don't support that at the moment03:52
dhartok thanks. I'm about to create some projects and just wanted to know. 03:53
mtaylorI've got several things that don't build on lpia04:53
mtaylorI haven't sorted it out yet myself04:53
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victory747Hi.  I was pointing someone to launchpad instead of sourceforge to consider for their project, but he says launchpad is missing things he needs, such as a way of uploading nightly builds, automatically updating a web site, etc.  In fact, it seems launchpad doesn't have mailing lists, forums, or any way to release software except for ppa which is ubuntu specific.06:35
victory747Launchpad doesn't seem to have space for project web pages.06:35
jameshvictory747: we don't currently provide project web space, but it is under consideration.06:36
victory747I think he's hesitant to have his project spread across multiple places (sourceforge and launchpad).06:37
mtaylor|zzzvictory747: launchpad does have a way to release files07:27
mtaylor|zzzvictory747: you can upload files (which can be tarballs if you like)07:27
mtaylor|zzzand attach the to a release07:27
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ccmhey guys08:29
FujitsuHi ccm.08:31
ccmis one of you technically responsible for the ubuntu.com mailservice?08:45
ccmi ran into a minor problem with the mail redirection for ubuntu members08:45
FujitsuThat's not exactly a part of Launchpad, I don't think.08:47
FujitsuWhat's the problem?08:47
ccmwell when redirecting mails via @ubuntu.com spf-checking mail servers might think it is a forged mail08:50
ccmafk for a while08:51
AiSpirithello and good morning09:19
FujitsuHi AiSpirit.09:19
AiSpiritI have a little question about the bug #162394 I started a few times ago :p09:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 162394 in nautilus "Nautilus rights management problem with links" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16239409:19
AiSpiritI put a comment about it on french ubuntu forum http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1511036#p151103609:20
FujitsuThis isn't a forum for Ubuntu support.09:20
AiSpiritoh oh. but for launchpad, no ?09:20
AiSpiritI mean, I'm wandering weither I have to start a new thread on launchpad or not09:20
AiSpiritabout this bug09:20
AiSpiritso ... wrong channel or not ? :D09:20
FujitsuIf it's a different issue, you need to file a new bug.09:21
AiSpiritbut I don't now if it's a different issue or a "temporary fix release". That's why I'm wandering : forum topic ? 162394 comments ? new bug ?09:22
FujitsuAh, I see, it's fixed upstream, not in Ubuntu.09:22
AiSpiritcause now, I have an error such as "different filesystem => cannot delete"09:22
FujitsuI can't read French, unfortunately.09:22
AiSpiritarf :(09:22
AiSpiritI mean : I m knew in bug declaration, so I don't know if I let this like it s or I fill a new bug09:23
AiSpirit** i'm new ;)09:23
FujitsuIs it the same issue?09:23
mrevellMorning Launchpad09:23
FujitsuHey mrevell.09:23
mrevellhey hey09:24
AiSpiritfor the result : yes : I can't remove link from partion ext3 if the real file is on ext3. but different error (due to the "fix")09:24
AiSpirithey mrevell 09:24
mrevellhi AiSpirit09:24
FujitsuAre you sure it's due to the fix? The fix doesn't seem be in Hardy yet, let alone Gutsdy.09:24
AiSpiritso, I have this comment from Yann Rouillard : 09:29
AiSpiritHowever, as gnome-vfs will be replaced with gvfs, I wonder it it's a good idea to introduce this kind of changes.09:30
AiSpiritmaybe I should let it like this for the moment and wait for gvfs09:30
AiSpirit(though I do not much about them ...)09:31
AiSpiritso,good bye and maybe later. (back to work ...)09:32
No`hi all11:48
No`didn't see it in the Transaltion in Launchpad FAQ... how long does it take (very roughly) for a template to be checked before the translation are available?11:50
ubotuNew bug: #188907 in ubuntu "Lock GNOME upstream translations" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18890712:01
bd_Hi, where can I get a copy of xine-lib version 1.1.9-0ubuntu1? The source links off https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xine-lib/1.1.9-0ubuntu1 are broken, even if I remove /hardy/ from the url. 12:41
Hobbseebd_: which arch?12:42
bd_Hobbsee: sources12:42
Hobbseeoh, yes, of course12:43
Hobbseebd_: you can't.12:43
bd_Ubuntu is required to provide it for GPL compliance.12:43
Hobbseecprov: your workaround doesn't work - that still gives binaries, not sources12:43
bd_for up to three years12:44
Hobbseebd_: i know.  they've been told that before.  unfortunately, the LP guys haven't put it as important enough yet12:44
cprovHobbsee: which workaround ?12:44
Hobbseecprov: for accessing old sources for superceeded package releases12:44
bd_Hobbsee: okay, who should I directly demand sources from until they get annoyed at having to manually provide GPL compliance and fix it? :)12:44
Hobbseebd_: cprov, kiko, stevea.12:45
cprovHobbsee: the code is not there yet12:45
Hobbseebd_: in that order - cprov is likely the one who has to fix it, and kiko and SteveA is in charge.12:45
* bd_ looks at cprov12:45
Hobbseecprov: well, i suggest you fix it asap, because, as bd_ says, it's a gpl violation.  and it's also very annoying.12:45
Hobbseeand it used to work.12:45
bd_it's not a violation if they fulfill requests manually, but it's still very annoying12:46
bd_I'm trying to track down a regression between a just-uploaded package version and the immediate prior one12:46
cprovbug 17902812:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179028 in soyuz "+files doesn't work for removed SPRs" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/179028 - Assigned to Celso Providelo (cprov)12:46
Hobbseeso far, i've not seen them do that either12:46
* Hobbsee adds to the bug.12:47
* bd_ wonders if he knows any copyright holders of GPL code in ubuntu...12:51
Hobbseebd_: no, don't do that.12:51
Hobbseebd_: blog to ubuntu planet about it.12:51
bd_I kid, I kid. But seriously, there needs to at least be a manual procedure to get old sources.12:51
Hobbseebd_: but really, before doing that, i'd suggest making the admin's aware of it.12:51
Hobbseethen, if they don't get it fixed asap, then yell.12:52
bd_the admins being who, exactly?12:52
Hobbseebd_: kiko, stevea12:52
* Hobbsee thought she sadi that above12:53
bd_mhm, if they're not online at the moment, is there an email contact address or something? Or is my best bet to check back later?12:53
Hobbseebd_: they both have emails listed on LP12:53
* bd_ files a 'question' requesting a manual copy of the source12:57
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muszekhi... quick question: in ubuntu gutsy, installing bzr from backports creates a dependency error when user tries to install bzr-gtk (bzr-gtk: Depends: bzr (< 0.91~) but 1.0-1~gutsy1 is to be installed).  should it be filed as a bug or is it rather a "you installed backported stuff - deal with problems yourself" kind of an issue?13:04
Hobbseemuszek: ask jdong 13:04
Hobbseemuszek: usually should be a bug on the product called "ubuntu-backports"13:04
muszekHobbsee: thank you, I found that project and I'll file a report there13:06
Hobbseemuszek: you're welcome13:12
Hobbseemrevell-lunch: please make sure that you update the PPA documentation about orig tarballs on the quickstart - it's wrong, nad it won't be helping with the number of questions you're getting about md5sum mismatches.14:00
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mrevellhi Hobbsee14:00
Hobbseeheya!  :)14:01
* mrevell checks email to see if I've had anything more specific14:01
mrevellHobbsee: I'm sorry there's an error. What have you spotted? "Please make sure you update" is a little vague :)14:02
Hobbseemrevell: s/PPA builds do not have any dependency restrictions,/PPA builds do not have any build dependency restrictions,/14:04
Hobbseeew, we've grown a "pocket" in there too.  no one outside LP actually understands what a pocket is.14:05
Hobbseeand last i checked, you couldn't use anythign but the default pocket (release) in LP anyway.14:05
Hobbseefor ppa14:05
Hobbseemrevell: the part i spotted that was wrong is:  {i} Note: ORIGs are not shared between the primary Ubuntu archive and your PPA. The first time you upload a source package you need to include the ORIG - i.e. build the source package with debuild -S -sa. 14:06
mrevellHobbsee: What's the more common term for "pocket"?14:06
Hobbseethere isn't one14:07
Hobbseemost people think ubuntu is normal, updates goes to the same place as ubuntu, and calling it $distro-updates is a matter of courtesy to the users, and that backports is a black art, independant of LP14:08
Hobbseebut, like i say, i didn't think you could use anything but "release" pocket anyway14:09
Hobbseeworth checkign with cprov 14:09
mrevellHobbsee: I think cprov would have to confirm14:09
mrevellright, yeah14:09
mrevellHobbsee: This ORIG note. You're unhappy with the debuild options specified, right?14:10
Hobbseemrevell: no, actually14:11
Hobbseecprov: well done.  finally critical :)14:11
cprovHobbsee: mrevell: currently, PPAs can re-use ORIGs from PRIMARY archive. That's what should be changed in that comment.14:12
HobbseeDistribution Management and PPA (Soyuz)14:12
Hobbsee  * Personal Package Archives now check the primary Ubuntu archive for14:12
Hobbsee    candidate orig.tar.gz files. (Bug 139619)14:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 139619 in soyuz "Allow orig.tar.gz from distribution repos" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139619 - Assigned to Celso Providelo (cprov)14:12
* Hobbsee had to search for the release notes14:13
mrevellRight, got it. Thanks.14:13
mrevellHobbsee: Slipped through the cracks. Thanks for pointing it out.14:13
Hobbseemrevell: a lot of people are getting tarballs that are the same version as later ubuntu versions of them, giving them a cryptic md5sum error.  this confuses them.14:14
Hobbseebecause they can't see any such package in their ppa14:14
Hobbseeand here's one14:15
rexbron_Hey, I am having a problem with the distro overrides in my PPA. 14:15
Hobbseerexbron_: if your .orig.tar.gz version is the same as *any* ubuntu release version, it'll get rejected as a md5sum mismatch, no matter how you override it.14:15
rexbron_Hobbsee, but it is not14:16
rexbron_Openlibraries is not in the archives14:16
Hobbseethen is probably a LP bug, and i don't konw.  cprov can probably help you14:16
* Hobbsee figured she'd get check for the trap people normally fall into14:17
rexbron_Correct me if I am mistaken, but the override system should allow you to have the same version of a package built and published for different distro14:19
rexbron_Correct me if I am mistaken, but the override system should allow you to have the same version of a package built and published for different distro14:20
Hobbseei didnt' think so, due to the pool structure of the archives14:20
Hobbseethat just lets you override whatever's in debian/changelog14:20
rexbron_and therefore build and publish it in a diferent distro series14:21
ubotuNew bug: #188942 in soyuz "please support uploads to -security pockets for PPA" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18894214:21
rexbron_I suppose what I am after is to have a package built for both gutsy and hardy without having to maintain two source packages14:23
Hobbseerexbron_: i suspect you awnt to look into launchpad.net/autoppa14:24
rexbron_Hobbsee, too bad they do not have a hardy build in their PPA :P14:40
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No`same player, try again:  didn't see it in the Transaltion in Launchpad FAQ... how long does it take (very roughly) for a template to be checked before the translation are available?15:10
No`ok, I got my answer: roughly 24 hours.15:31
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alleeI'll want to rebuild some sources available during gutsy development.  But all I get is an ops:  OOPS-765EB111 https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+source/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22/2.6.22-13.33    Are only the sources kept that are released and not the intermediate version of the development cycle?16:45
Hobbseeallee: iz bug.  no solution.  bug cprov more until he finds one.16:47
alleeHobbsee: eh, it's also not in the archive itself :( http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22/16:51
Hobbseeallee: that's an old version, no?16:51
alleeHobbsee: is there an archive that keeps intermediate sources16:51
Hobbseelp used to do it16:51
alleeHobbsee: that's the last version that has unionfs 2.1.   Fix it was reverted FAI (fully automatic installation is broken) and new try in proposed does not fix it :(16:52
Hobbseeoh, what hte hell?16:52
Hobbseewho decided to mangle this page, so it was harder to read?16:52
Hobbseewhere's the damned info that was on it before?16:52
Hobbseeoh, it's because of +gutsy/ in there16:53
Hobbseeallee: it should be from https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22/2.6.22-13.3316:53
Hobbseeallee: the suggestion would be to bug cprov about finding you the source.  claim a gpl violation if you wish, to get it done.16:54
alleeHobbsee: :)16:54
alleeHobbsee: thx a lot!! 16:54
alleeHobbsee: eh, other page, same bug.16:55
Hobbseeallee: yes, i know.  read the next line.16:56
Hobbseeallee: #canonical-sysadmin might be able to find you the sources, too16:59
bd_Unable to identify file openc2e_0.0svn1609.orig.tar.bz2 (games) in changes.17:11
bd_^^^ what does this mean in a PPA rejection?17:11
bd_the dput seemed to succeed17:11
bd_does it not like bz2 or something?>17:11
bd_aha, it was the bz217:17
muszekI created a project on launchpad earlier today and would like to enable bug tracking... but can't find it anywhere... can someone please help me?17:23
muszekI've searched "answers" for launchpad project and didn't find anything17:23
gmbmuszek: If you go to your project's overview page you'll see a menu on the left hand side.17:29
mrevellmuszek: Yes, no problem. You need to visit your project's overview page and then click "Change details" in the Actions menu on the left-hand side of the page.17:29
mrevelloh, gmb has beat me to it :)17:29
gmbmuszek: What mrevell said ;)17:30
mrevellWe should make this easier for people.17:30
mrevellmuszek: Scroll around half way down the "Change project details" page17:30
muszekgmb, mrevell: thank you, I somehow missed that17:30
mrevellmuszek: and you'll see the "Bugs are tracked in..." radio buttons.17:30
mrevellmuszek: no problem17:30
muszekI'm used to trac inteface... in there, whenever I want to create a simple task that's not really a bug (for example: "implement rss feeds for comments" or "change the widget to blue"), I use the same bug reporting interface as if I was reporting a bug... how's it done (properly) in launchpad?)17:34
gmbmuszek: In fact, bugs are treated as analogous to tasks.17:35
muszekgmb: ty17:36
gmbmuszek: So in that case you could create a bug "There should be rss feeds for comments" and use that to track your progress.17:36
gmbmuszek: Alternatively, if it's a bigger piece of work that you feel needs more specification you could use a blueprint http://blueprints.launchpad.net17:36
muszekgmb: thank, I'll play around with these things17:37
gmbmuszek: Cool. Let us know if you have any problems.17:37
ubotuNew bug: #189001 in launchpad "Enabling bug tracker and translations is not obvious" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18900117:51
bd_how long does it take for a PPA build to become queued, usually?18:09
bd_... there it goes18:15
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ubotuNew bug: #189025 in soyuz "Missing tests for binary PAS in the PPA context" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18902519:01
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goobsoftWhat do I need to do in order to not get the following warning when installing packages from my PPA?20:29
goobsoftWARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!20:29
stdinyou can't do anything, the repos aren't signed20:30
goobsoftok, thanks20:31
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ubotuNew bug: #189108 in malone "ability to export all bug data for a project" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18910823:51

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