ethana3i think this resolution bug is to obvious to be overlooked..00:00
ethana3but i think i'll check just to make sure it has been filed00:00
bardyrwhat resolution bug?00:00
ethana3radeon picks this huge res00:00
ethana3when my monitor can only do 1280x1024, physically00:01
ethana3then radeon ignores my mode settings00:01
bardyrtried the binary driver?00:01
ethana3well wait, do you mean the proprietary one, or just a precompiled radeon?00:02
ethana3i'm not going to mess with proprietary stuff; that's not why i'm here00:02
ethana3yeah, my card has long been forgotten by them00:04
bardyrethana3, but how can you survive without compiz :D00:04
ethana3and that's not the future anyway00:04
ethana3i get compiz00:04
ethana3radeon can do compiz easily00:04
ethana3i also play tremulous and nexuiz and all those00:04
ethana3and it will only get better00:04
bardyron the opensource driver?00:04
ethana3and of course00:04
bardyrwow, i didnt think they had gotten so fare00:05
ethana3oh yeah they have00:05
ethana3specs help a lot00:05
RAOFbardyr: Sufficiently old radeons are *better* supported by the opensource driver than by fglrx00:05
lufisIs it just me or is the hardy alpha *extremely* slow?00:07
lufislike, menus sluggishly opening, video less responsive, etc.?00:07
RAOFIt may be just you, I don't see that.00:07
DanaGMy system definitely seems less responsive.00:08
lufisI wonder if it's the new kernel00:08
DanaGWhen I start Gnome, Pidgin freezes for about 30 seconds simply due to other stuff loading.00:08
ethana3i keep the system monitor in my panel00:08
ethana3so i always see cpu usage...00:08
DanaGI'm sure it is the new kernel -- try booting the old one for comparison.00:08
RAOFI have terrible problems with the -rt kernel, but -generic is OK.00:08
lufisAfter disabling trackerd, seahorse, and whatever else bloat ubuntu has gotten this release it got a bit better00:09
lufisbut it's still not anything like gutsy00:09
DanaGTry the Gutsy kernel!00:09
DanaGThe new "completely fair scheduler" sucks, in my usage.00:09
lufisI tried 2.6.24 on gutsy, actually, and it was very responsive00:10
DanaGWith CFS?00:10
bardyri think hardy is faster, then gutsy00:10
DanaGI wonder what else has changed.00:10
Gninemy 8.04 has all normal features turned on and its all good00:10
DanaGFor me, Hardy with Gutsy kernel is more responsive than Hardy with Hardy kernel.00:10
ethana3most of my issues are always in either my DE or xorg00:10
DanaGI haven't tried Gutsy with Hardy kernel.00:10
lufisi thought maybe it was swapping too much, so i turned swap off... no speedup00:10
ethana3but that may be just because i screw with things so much ;)00:11
Gnineceleron 2.0 - 1gig ram00:11
Gninenever touch swap00:11
ethana3that's for hibernating and running out of ram ;)00:12
* Gnine is on desktop right now.. laptop is even better 00:12
Gninewith the exception of the suspend issues00:13
lufisVideo skips on hardy, something that i have never had happen on this machine00:14
DanaGI'm getting audio dropouts when I close my laptop lid.00:20
DanaGThat only happens with the new kernel, and only when folding@home is running.00:20
ethana3filed bug on radeon00:22
bardyrDanaG, i think the CFS isnt respecting nice values and making folding eat way to much cpu time00:22
ethana3in the world clock, it doesn't give the correct time for other locations00:22
ethana3it just gives you the right analog clock, then the local time and offset00:23
ethana3'You do the math'00:23
DanaGLook at this bug (and a few other bugs related to it):  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/boinc/+bug/17771300:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177713 in boinc "CFS in 2.6.24 kernel needs cpu_share adjustment for "niced" processes" [Medium,Fix released]00:23
SeveredCrossMy issue with Hardy is libeel breaking python-nautilus.00:27
SeveredCrossMakes me :-(00:27
ethana3so who all is awake now, aussies and californians?00:47
JanCbelgians too00:48
ethana3can we set our update thing to check every hour?00:48
JanC(for a little)00:48
JanCI guess it's possible, but why every hour?00:49
ethana3proposed updates enabled on an alpha?00:49
ethana3nevermind; that is a little rediculous00:50
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ubotuLaunchpad bug 188226 in linux "Kernel should use CONFIG_FAIR_CGROUP_SCHED" [Wishlist,New]01:01
Dr_willisOh Joys.. every so often when i am in windows.. i realise WHY i like linux so much better.....01:13
Dr_willisWindows is saying every dvd i have is a blank and wants to format it . even the commercial video dvds01:14
Dr_willisbb in a bit. :)01:15
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ethana3well, when i went to do the actual install, i selected safe graphics mode01:37
ethana3now i have it just configured for radeon01:37
ethana3so adding another mode may just work out better..  i'm going to try that now.01:37
ethana3that didn't work..01:44
ethana3and i don't know why..  i'm going to have a look at my xorg log01:45
ethana3i'm adding my /var/log/Xorg.0.log to my bug report via pastebin01:52
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ethana3well, even though i set my modes to include only 800x600 and 1280x1024.. i wonder if it needs a 'virtual' line02:14
dabbillhow do i install kde4 with 8.04? apt-get install kde4-core dont work.02:31
RAOF!doesntwork | dabbill02:31
ubotudabbill: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.02:31
dabbillgives me a big list of unmet dependencies02:32
DanaGArgh, when pulseaudio stutters, sometimes Exaile locks up and eats 100% of (BOTH CORES!) of my CPU.02:33
RAOFThat's probably a temporary problem, and is totally expected at certain times.02:33
RAOFJust try again in a day or so.02:33
DanaGArgh, I'm trying the qprojectm thingy, but it's hella' buggy.02:35
DanaGIt doesn't save preset ratings.02:35
DanaGAnd I get this all the time:  ASSERT: "last >= first" in file kernel/qabstractitemmodel.cpp, line 209502:36
DanaGAborted (core dumped)02:36
DanaGAnyway, that's not a Hardy issue, though.02:36
ethana3Screens and Graphics was intended to be able to do multi-seat, right?02:37
ethana3with better autoconfiguration, I don't see the point of it otherwise02:38
ethana3...but i would /really, really/ love to be able to use it for what I'm trying to do.  That would be amazing02:40
dabbillapt-get install kde4-core gives me Depends: kdebase-kde4 (>= 4:4.0.0) but it is not going to be installed02:42
DanaGI wonder how PulseAudio works with multiseat.02:42
ethana3try this02:42
ethana3oh, i wonder too02:42
DanaGOh, and try aptitude -- it's more useful with dependencies.02:42
RAOFDanaG: Only the active user gets the sound device.02:42
ethana3apt-get install kde4-core kdebase-kde402:42
DanaGBut BOTH are active.02:42
ethana3and there is only one sound device02:42
ethana3but two of everything else of course02:43
RAOFDanaG: You may me thinking of something different to me when I hear "multiseat"02:43
ethana3two simultaneous users02:43
ethana3two monitors, keyboards, mice02:43
RAOFOh, right.02:43
ethana3which is what i have02:43
ethana3but i haven02:43
ethana3't gotten it working correctly as of yet02:44
RAOFThat's an interesting question; probably badly at the moment, I think.02:44
dabbilllooks like aptitude did the trick02:44
ethana3i'm fine with one user just not getting audio for now; it's not essential02:44
ethana3i want one user to get the right channel and one user get the left02:46
DanaGMono?   Ugh.02:49
ethana3well yeah02:50
ethana3unless i get another sound card02:50
DanaGIf the onboard audio device does surround, you could split the front and rear to act as two separate cards.02:50
ethana3oh.. ok02:50
ethana3it just has one little audio jack02:50
ethana3like, the basic headphone kind02:50
ethana3as i said though, that's not a serious problem02:50
DanaGI wonder how expensive a cheap USB sound card would be.02:50
ethana3i'm thinking PCI02:51
ethana3but USB may work too02:51
ethana3most of my USB ports are used02:51
ethana3with the printer, two mice, USB keyboard, thumb drive, and webcam02:51
ethana3the other keyboard is PS/202:51
ethana3the funny thing is that one of those usb ports02:52
ethana3only works under linux02:52
ethana3not windows xp02:52
DanaGPCI sound cards are often better, too.02:53
ethana3oh yeah, and that USB port for the webcam, sometimes i use it for my motorola phone with bitpim ^_^02:54
ethana3well, I have one unused PCI slot..  and another with just a dialup modem02:55
DanaGI do bluetooth with my phone.02:56
ethana3yeah, this machine doesn't have bluetooth..02:56
DanaGOh yeah, multiseat seems rather complicated; why are you setting up such a thing?02:57
ethana3because i have the hardware resources02:57
ethana3and i have the need; being:02:57
ethana3two computers, with close to $0 cost02:57
ethana3splitting half and half, each user gets 1.4GHz and 384MB of RAM i think02:58
ethana3plus their own 3d acceleration, of course02:58
ethana3this doesn't have to be complicated, it just needs software to do it via gui02:58
ethana3..that's not proprietary, like whatever that one thing is..02:59
ethana3CRT's are free these days02:59
DanaGExcept for the power bill, that is.02:59
ethana3and $40 for another computer..02:59
ethana3well yeah, that..02:59
ethana3$20 for the second mouse, $20 for the second keyboard, it gets reimbursed03:00
ethana3i had to fill out this paper about the purchase and what i was going to do with it03:00
ethana3so if nothing else, I've gone way to far to turn back.. and i don't want to, for a variety of other reasons03:00
RAOFDo they each get their own 3d accel?  Open hardware doesn't support DRI on two X servers at this point in time, IIRC.03:01
ethana3there are two gpu's, one intel integrated, one radeon from a previous machine03:01
ethana3nearly equivalent power03:01
RAOFAh, right.  Yup, each seat can get its own 3d.03:02
ethana3if 3d won't work, fine, we can handle that later03:02
ethana3its a matter of realizing the theoretical via properly coded software03:02
ethana3dual seat happens to be extremely practical for us; i'm in this for the future, because i don't believe we're alone03:03
ethana3so if i can get two seats with no 3d and no sound for the moment, i'm good with it; that's what i need03:03
ethana3or perhaps just 3d on one.. to save on CPU power if nothing else03:04
ethana3the good part is that our community has NDA-free specs for both GPU's03:05
DanaGIntel and old ATI?03:06
ethana3for the sake of this channel's logs and the devs that may read them- my email address: ethana2@gmail.com03:10
hydrogenpublic logging is not allowed on this network without prior notification, so you better hope they are idling here :)03:13
RAOF!logs | hydrogen03:15
ubotuhydrogen: Channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - Logs for LoCo channels are at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/ - See also « /msg ubotu ircstats »03:15
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ethana3i see03:16
ethana3i just realized something in displayconfig-gtk (Screens and Graphics)03:16
ethana3it allows for setting up multiple graphics cards; but you can't use multiple for multi head03:16
ethana3...can you?03:16
ethana3so that would have to be there with the intent of facilitating what I'm doing already right?03:17
RAOFYou can use multiple for multi-head.  Xinerama allows it.03:17
ethana3but wait, /this/ one doesn't even configure one graphics card.. am i imagining memories of it?03:18
ethana3oh, that's cool03:18
hydrogenRAOF: I sure hope that there is a message in the topic or join message about it then03:18
ethana3wait, hydrogen?  were you on #amarok-meeting?03:20
ethana3i think it may have been you, but you never know..  hydrogen /is/ the most common element in the universe..03:21
ethana3if they still need art, i may be able to help them out now03:22
ethana3.. it would be nice if hardy shipped with inkscape installed by default03:22
DanaGstupid **** Xorg.03:30
DanaGMy ctrl key got stuck down.03:30
DanaGAnd it's not a hardware problem.03:30
hydrogenwho'd of guessed that alpha software would have bugz03:31
hydrogenITS MISTERIUS03:31
DanaGThe only way I can fix it is to ctrl-alt-backspace.03:31
chowmeinedhydrogen, two months03:35
chowmeinedhydrogen, two months until the final release for this LTS03:40
hydrogenI'm still not seeing your point03:40
chowmeinedi would hope there wouldnt be so many huge bugs this close to release03:40
hydrogenplease explain how complaining about bugs in alpha software in a channel dedicated to the support for it is at all productive?03:40
chowmeinedcalling it alpha software is an excuse03:41
chowmeineda crutch03:41
hydrogen.. the truth?03:41
chowmeinedi dont care what you call it.. 2 months until release03:41
chowmeinedthats the bottom line03:41
RAOFBefore feature freeze.03:41
hydrogenwhen you have a 5-6 month release cycle that doesn't mean much03:41
chowmeinedbut this one happens to be LTS03:42
hydrogenit doesn't change the starting point03:42
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SeveredCross2 months is a pretty long time.03:45
ethana4this is handy: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/02/04/%23ubuntu+1.html03:49
Andre_Gondimis there someone from planet ubuntuu?04:01
hydrogenitsa bit inethical without notification.. but meh!04:02
ethana4i don't know.. probably04:02
ethana4i don't mind; i don't have anything to hide..04:02
ethana4it just means i don't have to keep track of pidgin's logs myself, because they're out there on someone else's server04:03
chowmeinedethana4, thats a naive argument04:08
ethana4chowmeined: i realize the ramifications of a lack of privacy extend beyond those who 'don't have anything to hide'...04:10
ethana4chowmeined: but in this instance i believe the benefits far outweigh the risks04:10
ethana4chowmeined: sorry, i phrased that weird, but you get what i mean04:12
dazzahi, xorg.conf looks very bare, is the x config managed differently in hardy? i'm looking for a way to get the nvidia drivers running04:18
RAOFdazza: I suggest running nvidia-xconfig.  Xorg is pretty much doing full autodetection now, but it doesn't choose to use the nvidia drivers.04:19
RAOFnvidia-xconfig should set up a basic nvidia-using xorg.conf04:20
dazzaok, thanks :)04:20
dazzahmm no luck yet, i'll poke around on the net04:26
dn4ahh the Hardy Heron04:29
dn4dn4@dn4:/mnt$ wget http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/8.04/alpha-4/hardy-server-i386.iso04:29
dn4Connecting to cdimage.ubuntu.com||:80... connected.04:29
dn46% [==>                                              ] 31,056,381   161.11K/s    ETA 32:2904:29
Chris4585i have a simple question, in hardy are they going to drasticly change the look? or even a little bit.05:04
Chris4585ok, thanks05:05
ethana4Gnine: are you sure?  Now I'm sad05:41
Gninesure like am running 8.0405:44
hydrogenall that means is it hasn't been added yet05:46
ethana4we're far from artwork freeze05:46
ethana4and i understand they will make many improvements05:48
ethana4i don't know anyone who thinks 'wow, ubuntu looks pretty!'05:48
blaydei think the default theme is _much_ better than luna... but that's just me05:51
SeveredCrossMy GF thinks it's pretty.05:51
ethana4there are many05:51
SeveredCrossEspecially when styled properly.05:51
ethana4and they all look awesome, imo05:51
ethana4the new ones, i mean05:51
Gninemost people will endup customising whatever default they get05:55
Gnineso it does not matter05:55
hydrogencompletly disagree with that05:57
hydrogenMost people are not going to want to spend the time to customize the look, they are going to use the default05:57
hydrogenand they will decide what they use based on the default they see05:57
hydrogencustomizing the look is an advanced feature05:57
blaydei showed my roommate (who is a noob) gnome-look the other day and he did alright once i showed him where to drag and drop06:01
hydrogenthat still requires them to get there in the first place06:02
blaydeperhaps there should be something in the help about it...06:02
ethana4default is very, very important06:02
ethana4yes, integrated06:02
ethana4like, repos06:02
ethana4for featured looks06:02
hydrogenthats what get hot new stuff is supposed to be about06:02
ethana4but we must have better defaults06:02
Assidemerald is messed up in the last update/alpha406:03
ethana4oh, ok..06:03
hydrogennot sure if gnome hsa gotten around to supporting it yet06:03
hydrogenit's a fdo "standard" now06:03
blaydefar as i can tell, the 'help' button on gutsy is broke in appearance preferences06:04
Gnineyour emerald06:06
Assidgutsy has many issues06:06
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TabenxHello, i currenly have a fairly unique problem. After restarting from setting up things the way i like them, it all seemed normal so i logged in and i see everything starting up but then all i have is a blank white screen. The only other thing i can see is my mouse pointer. Any suggestions?08:34
slytherinIs anyone experiencing frequent pidgin crashes on hardy?08:40
JulesKahnHello. I just accidentally installed Hardy Heron instead of 7.10. I'd like to know the easiest way to get to 7.10 without having to burn a disc08:59
JulesKahnIt was a clean installation over a drive with a burnt out XP install08:59
pwnguinhmm. does shipit still send individual discs?09:02
JulesKahnTo clarify, if it would be overly complicated not to burn a disc, and if I can burn one while running Heron from disc, I would be able to download the correct installation disc right now09:03
JulesKahnAlso, I really don't mind Heron so far, it's just that after I installed it and restarted, I was presented with GRUB and didn't know what to do09:04
pwnguinthat is normal for me09:05
pwnguinexcept i know what to do ;)09:05
JulesKahnDo I just press enter?09:05
JulesKahnI actually didn't try that :P09:05
pwnguinarrow keys and enter09:05
JulesKahnThey told me over in #ubuntu to do that under the assumption that I had installed 7.1009:05
JulesKahnOkay. Any particular arrow keys that I should know about?09:06
pwnguinis the grub menu confusing you?09:06
pwnguinor am i misunderstanding something?09:06
pwnguinthere's probably like three options09:06
JulesKahnYeah. I'm a complete linux noob which is why I chose ubuntu09:06
JulesKahnWell, the grub menu appeared to just be a console09:06
JulesKahnI type help and was presented with a lot more than three options09:07
pwnguinthats bad =(09:07
JulesKahnI'd really like to get to the stable version if there's just some apt-get thing I can do. Or other linux jargon that I can type to get things to normal ubuntuness09:08
pwnguinapt-get can't upgrade09:08
JulesKahnthat makes sense09:09
pwnguinand generally, i dont think the packages support it09:09
JulesKahnIs there an installer I can download while I'm running from cd that won't require me to burn a cd?09:09
pwnguinah, heh09:09
pwnguini see the problem now09:09
JulesKahnheh heh...09:10
pwnguinwell, you can try a USB boot09:10
pwnguinif you have a thumbdrive lying around big enough09:10
JulesKahnYeah.. I had one earlier in the evening but returned it after backing up my files through knoppix09:10
pwnguinbacking them up to what?09:11
JulesKahnexternal hd09:11
JulesKahndurr. i guess i could try booting from there09:11
JulesKahnEh. I'm gonna try rebooting one more time. If I can't get it to work, I'll just wait until tomorrow when I can get another disc and do things right.09:13
JulesKahnThanks a lot09:14
ethana3so if i enable proposed updates on an alpha OS, does my machine explode?09:22
RAOFethana3: No.  There's nothing in there.09:23
ethana3that's like...09:25
ethana3i don't know.. lol09:25
Konstigtcan someone help me with launchpad bug 188869 ? cannot get X starting correctly...09:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188869 in xorg "[hardy] Xorg crashes on startup" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18886909:39
scizzo-Konstigt: you should attach the backtrace also09:46
scizzo-actually its there nevermind09:47
scizzo-Konstigt: it wont start with the failsafe monitor config either?09:48
Konstigtscizzo-: yes it does but in failsafe I cannot use the mouse and I have us keyboard so I modified the failsafe config and changed so that no new xorg.conf.failsafe is generated. thats the file thats attached.09:49
Konstigtwhat ive changed is that ive added my touchpad, changed keyboard and added some options for my ps2 mouse to be able to click/doubleclick correctly.09:50
scizzo-Konstigt: try to use the same config but without the synaptics options09:52
scizzo-just to see what the effect is09:52
scizzo-remove the disable dri row also09:53
DaBigEdhey all09:57
JulesKahnHey.. I accidentally installed Hardy Heron and want to install Gutsy. I can't burn discs right now though. Can I use Qemu to boot the Gutsy ISO from the live cd of Hardy Heron to install gutsy?10:08
slytherinJulesKahn, Did you find the solution yet? if not I hav one for you10:10
Roe1Hi, my gnome-appearance-properties get's a sigsegv after starting up10:11
Roe1running gdb yields:10:11
Roe1Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.10:11
Roe1[Switching to Thread 0x7f670d5ce6e0 (LWP 15704)]10:11
Roe10x0000003b9ac8d601 in ?? () from /lib/libc.so.610:11
Roe1(gdb) bt10:11
Roe1#0  0x0000003b9ac8d601 in ?? () from /lib/libc.so.610:11
Roe1#1  0x0000003a08215c39 in ?? () from /usr/lib/libgnome-desktop-2.so.210:11
Roe1#2  0x0000003a08216e12 in gnome_bg_create_thumbnail ()10:11
slytherinJulesKahn, Check 'CD Image Approach' section at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromWindows10:11
Roe1   from /usr/lib/libgnome-desktop-2.so.210:11
Roe1#3  0x000000000041d2a9 in gnome_wp_item_get_thumbnail ()10:11
Roe1#4  0x00000000004136ef in ?? ()10:11
Roe1#5  0x0000003b9e42a82e in g_hash_table_foreach ()10:11
Roe1   from /usr/lib/libglib-2.0.so.010:11
Roe1#6  0x00000000004139d7 in ?? ()10:11
Roe1#7  0x0000003b9e4373e4 in g_main_context_dispatch ()10:11
Roe1   from /usr/lib/libglib-2.0.so.010:11
Roe1#8  0x0000003b9e43a6f5 in ?? () from /usr/lib/libglib-2.0.so.010:12
Roe1#9  0x0000003b9e43aa15 in g_main_loop_run () from /usr/lib/libglib-2.0.so.010:12
slytherinRoe1, Please don't flood the channel10:12
Roe1#10 0x00000039ef545bd3 in IA__gtk_main ()10:12
Roe1    at /build/buildd/gtk+2.0-2.12.7/gtk/gtkmain.c:116310:12
Roe1#11 0x0000000000417b7d in main ()10:12
Roe1(gdb) quit10:12
Roe1I wasn't thinking10:12
JulesKahnslytherin, no I haven't found one yet10:12
Roe1should have provided a txt file and aa link10:12
JulesKahnI'll look at that link now10:12
JulesKahnBut I don't have Windows installed, just this broken Hardy Heron install now10:12
JulesKahnit works from live cd but won't boot normally as far as I can tell10:13
slytherinJulesKahn, What is broken?10:13
JulesKahnWhen I reboot, GRUB gives me a command prompt with no other options10:14
JulesKahnwhen I type boot, it says the kernel isn't running10:14
JulesKahnand I don't know how to use the kernel command10:14
slytherinJulesKahn, Do you still have old kernel installed? Or did you remove it?10:15
JulesKahnI installed fresh from the hardy heron dvd10:15
JulesKahnI haven't removed anything10:15
slytherinJulesKahn, oops, I thought you upgraded10:15
JulesKahnI don't have any way of burning the 7.10 iso right now, so I was hoping to be able to boot it somehow from the live cd boot of hardy heron10:16
Roe1So, now in a better way. This is my gdb backtrace of gnome-appearance-properties: http://www.deinon.net/~roel/gdb.bt.txt10:16
Roe1any ideas?10:16
ethana3wait,if you can get the .iso10:17
slytherinJulesKahn, If you are brave enough, you can do some tweaking to the method described at that link. And you should be able to install gutsy. You don't really need Windows.10:17
ethana3you can put it on a partition10:17
ethana3i think10:17
ethana3and boot off of that like it was an optical disk10:17
JulesKahnethana, that sounds like what I want to do10:18
ethana3i'll see if i can track down the method10:18
JulesKahnbut I do not know how. I'm really quite a noob at all this, it was a stupid mistake to get heron.10:18
slytherinJulesKahn, put the iso in some drive's root and you will need to edit menu.lst file in existing installation10:18
JulesKahnokay. it's in my external's root right now10:18
slytherinJulesKahn, Won't do I think. It needs to be in internal drive's root. And is it 'Alternate CD' iso file?10:19
JulesKahnIt's not the alternate10:20
ethana3that may be helpful10:20
ethana3although i guess there's always the chance that it may not10:20
slytherinethana3, please use nicknames to specify who you are talking to. :-)10:20
ethana3JulesKahn: that may be Hgahh10:21
ethana3JulesKahn: helpful10:21
JulesKahnI'm reading that now10:21
ethana3JulesKahn: k ^_^10:21
ethana3JulesKahn: was your main thing having to download another iso or having to burn another disk?10:22
ethana3JulesKahn: ..cause you're going to need the .iso for the OS version you want10:23
JulesKahnThe main thing was that I only have one drive on this computer10:23
JulesKahnSo I can't actually burn a cd at the moment10:24
ethana3JulesKahn: then i think that link is what you want10:24
JulesKahnI have the iso I need10:24
ethana3i must now sleep; i shall see you all later10:24
JulesKahnI'm reading that now although I am a complete linux noob, so translating it is not really something I feel capable of doing10:24
ethana3somebody please help him10:24
JulesKahnThanks very much for your time and effort though, both of you10:25
JulesKahnI think I might also sleep and do this in a saner way tomorrow with a computer that can burn10:25
ethana3email me if you don't get help in a timely manner10:25
JulesKahnthanks :)10:25
ethana3oh, ok10:25
* ethana3 leaves pidgin in channel to log; will not respond10:25
Roe1anyone on segmentation fault in gnome-appearance-properties? gdb log: http://www.deinon.net/~roel/gdb.bt.txt10:26
* Davo_Dinkum wonders how he's supposed to tell which video is which on http://mirror.linux.org.au/linux.conf.au/2008/10:47
squeHi! Is there anyone familiar with PulseAudio?10:47
Davo_Dinkumoops wrong chan10:47
* Roe1 sighes anxiously waiting a reply10:54
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Roe1Also, the crash data from apport for the gnome-appearance-properties are here http://www.deinon.net/~roel/apport.crash11:00
Dr_WillisAll righty - a clean install of  Hardy - fixed some of my odd.. quirks. from the upgrade i had done. :)13:00
taggieanybody else having really bizarre gtk/gnome issues? metacity seems to be freaking out on me repeatedly. tried re-install to alpha 4 but as soon as i apply updates, back to the same odd behavior13:08
Dr_Willistaggie,  just did a install. and update. Not seeing any issues here.13:17
Dr_Williswhat sort of issue?13:17
taggielockups, where the mouse responds but keyboard doesn't. then suddenly things work again. clicking on apps/places/system doesn't hold the menus open anymore, have to click and drag to get to things in the menus13:23
taggiethe only thing that i did beyond the most basic setup was enable fglrx in the driver manager.13:24
Dr_Willisall seems to be working here.13:24
Dr_Willisusing the nvidia drivers. and just enabled compiz13:24
taggieyeah, no compiz here13:24
avatar_hmmm, just installed ufw (ubuntu firewall) in hardy13:27
avatar_and wondert why all my ssh sessions stopt working13:28
avatar_seems that the default ipv6 policy is block13:28
Roe1@anyone: I cannot run gnome-appearance-properties... it segfaults...13:45
Roe1gdb trace: http://www.deinon.net/~roel/gdb.bt.txt | apport log: http://www.deinon.net/~roel/apport.crash13:45
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HellMin1help => http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4267395#post426739516:26
HellMin1 debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable16:26
HellMin1but is a lie16:26
alinonis there an easy way to increase the amount of lines the scroll wheel does at a time?16:44
pdlnhrdi just tried to to an dist-upgrade and on reboot it is not recognizing my root disk... is there anything i can do to fix this?16:50
pdlnhrdcan anyone help with an issue with hardy heron where the root partition can not be found, it seems that the uuid's are messed up for the partitions17:09
abbiewhats the proper way to upgrade to heron from gutsy - change sources.list or.... other17:16
pdlnhrdabbie:  i just did a sudo update-manager -d  and there was a option to do a dist upgrade17:24
freakyyhi all. im trying to upgrade to hardy, but the cpu frequency scaling doesnt work correctly. my laptop always switches off because the cpu becomes too hot. is there a possibility to stop the frequency scaling from working (tried stopping powernowd but doesnt help) so it keeps running at a low frequency?17:31
freakyyi need to do that on the command line17:32
freakyybecause i can't start KDE/gnome/xfc17:32
coolbhavihey I have a strange problem in hardy now17:33
coolbhavimy /dev/sda3 is linux and /dev/sda1 is xp17:33
=== _Khamael is now known as Khamael
coolbhaviwhen I try to open /dev/sda1 its locked even with root permissions17:34
coolbhaviNow if i reboot it isnt locked17:34
coolbhaviIs it a bug or am I missing something?17:34
coolbhavianyone please17:35
coolbhaviits on kubuntu as well as ubuntu17:36
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Roe1@anyone: I cannot run gnome-appearance-properties... it segfaults...17:44
Roe1gdb trace: http://www.deinon.net/~roel/gdb.bt.txt | apport log: http://www.deinon.net/~roel/apport.crash17:44
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Oli```Roe1: I've been having that for the last few days but just now (when I checked) it works again. Are you syncing with the main repo or are you on a local one closer to you?18:17
halukhi, im using hardy heron and during the yi installation it depends libghc6-regex-compat-dev but i can't find in the repos. Do u have a suggestion?18:47
stdinhaluk: the package ghc6 provides that18:59
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tretlehi i was just wondering if someone could tell me  why xorg.conf 1 and xorg.conf 2 are there and whether they affect the system?19:00
halukstdin, unfortunately it doesnt. ghc6 is installed but it doesn't provide19:00
tretlei understand why xorg.conf and xorg.conf failsafe are there19:01
halukstdin, by the way libghc6-regex-compat-dev is in gutsy repos.19:01
tretleI am one of the guys that had the mouse not working isue and things went badly and ended up replacing xorg.conf with the failsafe one and then deleting xorg1 and 2 and now im trying to replace all of them with the gutsy ones to see if that makes a difference19:02
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stdinhaluk: apt-cache show ghc6 shows "Provides: ghc, haskell-compiler, libghc6-array-dev, libghc6-base-dev, libghc6-bytestring-dev, libghc6-cabal-dev, libghc6-containers-dev, libghc6-directory-dev, libghc6-filepath-dev, libghc6-haskell98-dev, libghc6-hpc-dev, libghc6-old-locale-dev, libghc6-old-time-dev, libghc6-packedstring-dev, libghc6-pretty-dev, libghc6-process-dev, libghc6-random-dev, libghc6-readline-dev, libghc6-rts-dev, libghc6-template-haskell-d19:03
stdinev, libghc6-unix-dev"19:03
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=== PriceChld is now known as PriceChild
ubuntuhi; i'm on a fresh ubuntu hardy aplha4 and i can't install the restricted nvidia driver for my geforce 7600 go; jockey-gtk (system/administration/driver setup) crash when trying to install the driver; can anybody, please, help me? is this a bug? is the nvidia binary module for 2.6.24-5 kernel missing?19:24
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ubun2nobody here can help me?19:29
Roe1@Oli I use a dutch mirror19:37
Roe1@Oli``` I use a dutch mirror19:39
Assidman.. i strongly suggest having the package for controling the brightness on lcd's fixed19:40
Assidit keeps changing the brightness and bugging me more than any crash19:41
ubun2Assid: hi; i spoke to you yesterday; i was on kubuntu; now i'm on ubuntu hardy estralpha4; same thing is happening with nvidia restricted driver; can you, please, help me?19:43
ubun2*ubuntu hardy aplha 419:43
ubun2i'm on a fresh ubuntu hardy aplha4 and i can't install the restricted nvidia driver for my geforce 7600 go; jockey-gtk (system/administration/driver setup) crash when trying to install the driver; can anybody, please, help me? is this a bug? is the nvidia binary module for 2.6.24-5 kernel missing?19:45
bardyr_ubotu, sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new19:46
bardyr_ubun2, ^^19:46
ubun2bardyr_: there is no nvidia-glx-new19:47
ubun2synaptic doesn't show it19:47
Roe1My gnome-appearance-properties is still segfaulting19:47
Roe1nobody any ideas?19:47
bardyr_ubun2, strange, im using atm with your card :)19:47
Roe1it faults in libc while creating a thumbnail.19:48
bardyr_ubun2, have you enabled the multiverse/restricted software sources19:48
Assidubun2: did it install the driver from the driver manager?19:48
Roe1the screen shown shows all thumbnails for themes there except for the Custom theme (I see this screen because I run it in gdb of course)19:49
ubun2bardyr_: sorry, my mistake; in synaptic is not shown but it is installing from the command line :| but this is still very strage - on kubuntu it doesn't install neither from command line nor from adept19:49
ubun2Assid: driver manager crash19:49
Assidcrash ?19:49
Roe1Oli``` also had this problem, but it solved itself for him, wondering how I might do this myself19:49
ubun2Assid: it just sent its report to ubuntu19:49
Assidweird m8.. weird.. i got an nvidia card on my desktop.. it works fine there19:50
Assidalthough i hate the idea it saves the time inUTC19:50
Assiddualbooting causes issues19:50
Assiderr bbiab.. star trek19:50
ubun2Assid: i believe you; but belive me - on kubuntu hardu alpha 4 refuses to install (missing?) from terminal/konsole and it doesn't shoe in adept neither19:51
Assidweird.. report it ?19:51
ubun2Assid: i'll do it19:51
niklasI have problem with audio when am playing a movie. It disappears maybe 10 seconds and is working 45 sec. Then 10 seconds again and so on. I have had this problem before and I did something with ubuntu 7.10. Am currently using 8.04 alpha4. Please advice19:53
Roe1what does top say?19:53
niklasRoe1, you mean me?19:54
Roe1niklas: sorry, yes19:54
niklasRoe1, top says that vlc is using 7% of the cpu. Everything seems normal19:55
nanonyme7% constantly?19:55
Roe1niklas, okay, and are you running tracker by any chance?19:55
niklasnaa, its now 8.3%. An now 6.0%19:55
niklasidle is on 80-85%19:56
niklasYeah, I do running tracker19:57
niklasIt's currently searching... I think...19:57
Roe1niklas: try running: sudo pkill -9 tracker19:57
Roe1and see if it helps19:57
niklasokay, lets see19:58
niklasOkay. it did not disappeared.19:58
Roe1niklas: and: ps aux | grep tracker    doesn't show tracker running anymore?19:59
niklasRoe1, Yeah, a tracker is running. Killing that one too20:00
Andre_Gondimwhen I starting alpha 4 I have this http://pastebin.ca/891614 and stops in bash, I need to write exit to continuos, what does I need to do?20:00
niklasRoe1, Na, it was not running. confused. hehe. Tracker is not running! I had the same problem with ubuntu 7.10 on this problem. I rerun some configuration and the problem was gone. I think.... ;-)20:01
Roe1niklas: kk, I had the problem with tracker several times, well, it was worth a shot, sorry...20:02
Roe1@anyone: really noone any idea on gnome-appearance-properties segfaulting??20:03
Roe1or at least a confirmation?20:03
bardyr_Roe1, what does the terminal say?20:04
Roe1(gnome-appearance-properties:32091): appearance-properties-WARNING **: Unknown Tag: comment20:04
Roe1(gnome-appearance-properties:32091): appearance-properties-WARNING **: Unknown Tag: comment20:04
Roe1Segmentation fault (core dumped)20:04
Roe1gdb says it segfaults at libc after creating a thumbnail20:05
niklasAm gonna reboot and plug in my soundblaster live! card instead...20:05
Roe1gdb trace: http://www.deinon.net/~roel/gdb.bt.txt | apport log: http://www.deinon.net/~roel/apport.crash20:05
Roe1 echo "print all" | sudo parted -s /dev/sda print all20:10
Roe1replace /dev/sda with /dev/hda20:11
Roe1let's get an idea of your setup first20:11
Roe1bardyr_: any ideas?20:12
Andre_GondimRoe1, http://pastebin.ca/89162420:13
Roe1@Andre_Gondim: so it is checking /dev/hdc1 which does not exist as a partition on any harddrive....20:15
Roe1what does you /etc/fstab say?20:16
Andre_GondimRoe1, but does not have this partition in fstab, how do Ubuntu do this?20:16
Andre_GondimRoe1, sorry I'm wrong, there was, I comented20:17
Roe1@Andre_Gondim: well, reboot, let us know if it works20:18
Roe1I think it will...20:18
Roe1I wonder how it got there....20:18
Andre_GondimRoe1, thanks =]20:18
Roe1ur welcome20:18
Roe1still hoping for anyone to confirm or help me with my gnome-appearance-properties.....20:19
PriceChildRoe1, what is up with it?20:21
Roe1it segfaults20:22
Roe1read my posts around 09:04 PM20:22
Assiderr.. someone should update the ubuntu database to have 8.3 as stable for postgres20:27
=== marko-_-_ is now known as marko-_-
Roe1well if nobody has an idea20:39
Roe1I'll just wait for it to be fixed in a new package version or something...20:39
Roe1anyway thx20:42
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Dr_WillisHowdys all. Day 2 of testing out hardy. - Anyone else notice the default shadow colors for compiz  being like.. err.. Purplish-red?22:51
Dr_WillisDoes the avahi ssh browser work for anyone?  Its not seeing my other 2 linux machines here.23:13
thornsHey everyone!23:24
thornsI want to install kde4-core on a fresh new install of Hardy.23:24
thornsI'm sure you can tell me what's not working, right?23:24
thornsIt's a dependancy issue. It wants to remove kde3 and its software packages, but it doesn't after I accept the solution from aptitude.23:26
thornsOh, it's not installable.23:27
Dr_WillisNot a lot of chatting in here right now. :)23:27
thornsYeah, I don't mind.23:28
thornsAh I think I found the issue. :)23:28
thornsPretty stupid of me, I'm just not that fast minded.23:28
thornskdebase-kde4, -runtime and -workspace are not available23:29
thornsProbably not built yet for Hardy23:29
thornsMore the less for amd6423:30
thornsThen I'll wait.23:30
hmullerEvening all, I've been trying to tackle pulseaudio on the desktop amd64 alpha 4 and not having any luck23:51
hmulleranyone present familiar enough with pulseaudio to provide any pointers?23:52
crimsunsure, what do you need?23:53
hmullerI'm new to pulseaudio, have read pulseaudio on the ubuntu wiki, and pulseaudio's perfectsetup...23:54
hmullerhave tried those methods and additional found using google...23:54
hmullerjust trying to get sound working like it did in Gutsy23:55
crimsunwell, does ALSA work properly?23:55
crimsunin a Terminal:  pasuspender -- aplay /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav23:55
crimsunmeaning:  is that sound audible?23:56
hmullerI'm back in Gutsy ... I'll have to log back in to Hardy to test that23:56
hmullerI've tried aplay /usr/share/sounds/login.wav, which didn't display an error, but didn't play any sound either23:57
crimsunmuch of my live troubleshooting mandates you actually be running the "problematic" install23:57
hmullergo on ...23:57
crimsun(I'm waiting for you to actually reboot into hardy.)23:57
hmullerah... back soon23:58

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