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JohnCHi all02:28
JohnCcan anyone help me to get started?02:39
JohnCi'm kinda lost atm02:39
Toma-started with what?02:39
JohnCwelll i've joined groups and what not, launchpad, etc02:40
JohnCbut how do i actually get involved with designing artwork?02:40
Toma-design something, add it to the wiki, spam it on the mailing list or in here02:41
Toma-thats one approach02:41
JohnClol ok02:41
Toma-constructive criticism on the mailing list is another good one02:41
Toma-but its alot more productive to actually do some work than point out small problems02:41
JohnCmy wiki won't seem to save personal settings02:41
JohnCits taking 4eva02:41
JohnCyeh i want to do work02:42
JohnCbut i don't know where to start, how to view where the current theme is headed and add to it? Where can i see the most recent artwork?02:43
nothlityeah the personal settings, they're incredibly laggy-- if its not important just leave it alone03:44
troy_sJohnC: What are youlooking for?04:17
JohnCi'm not sure exactly, i just don't know where to look or where to contribute04:17
JohnCor where to see what way the project is headed, is there a color pallette for all to use or anything like that?04:18
troy_sJohnC: there is no contribution.  there never has been really.  occasionally for one reason or another a tidbit gets integrated with random decisiveness.04:18
troy_sJohnC: Nope.  Nothing.04:18
JohnCoh so its sort of just here's a suggestion use it if you want04:18
troy_sJohnC: Not even that.04:18
JohnCwell whats the point of i tall04:18
troy_sJohnC: There isn't one.04:18
JohnCit* all*04:19
troy_sJohnC: It is what it is.04:19
troy_sJohnC: Truth be told, there is _some_ point to it -- occasionally you will bump into an individual or what not that you might spawn some sort of creative relationship with.04:19
JohnCi see04:19
troy_sJohnC: The reality is that it is a highly coveted distribution from the hierarchy at the top of Canonical.  The 'need' isn't exactly there.04:20
troy_sJohnC: And from a community standpoint, there still exists the inability to deal with fundamental design principles and concepts.04:21
troy_sJohnC: All in all, more or less the same state of affairs across FOSS.04:21
JohnCit would just be nice if there was a system where canonical gives out a template of all the things it needs then designers put in a sample and a few are selected to do the artwork for the entire OS or something like that04:22
troy_sJohnC: Canonical is no more enlightened than the bulk of the community when it comes to the complexities of art and design.04:23
troy_sJohnC: It would seem logical that process is a critical element, but to be honest, the current state of affairs would dictate that it falls in around 67th important factor.04:24
troy_sJohnC: With art and design 101 probably falling in first.04:24
troy_sJohnC: Maybe even a precursory high-school study in art and design instead of 101.  ;)04:24
JohnCwell is anyone interested in my work?04:25
troy_sJohnC: I might be.  Link to your work?04:26
JohnCi've only done one thing so far04:26
JohnCi only just got on 2day04:26
JohnCits a draft too04:26
troy_sJohnC: Hrm...04:26
JohnCi didn't try to do anything special i've only just started it as a concept, meh its a waste of time tho right?04:27
JohnCi'm used to doing different stuff tho04:27
troy_sJohnC: Nothing ever is a waste of time.04:27
troy_sJohnC: At the very least, doing leads to learning.04:27
JohnCthis is stuff like i normally do04:28
troy_sJohnC: What are you seeking?04:28
JohnCi just think ubuntu and similar open source OS are great, i just wanted to get involved04:29
JohnCi'm just a student in Nanotechnology who does graphics in his spare time04:29
troy_sJohnC: Interesting.04:30
JohnCwas that graphic any good?04:31
JohnCit would be nice to know if i am any good at design from someone who knows what they are talking about04:32
troy_sJohnC: Well you certainly don't have the right guy if you are looking for someone who knows what they are talking about.04:33
JohnCwell did u like it then?04:33
troy_sJohnC: Which one?04:34
troy_sJohnC: The wallpaper?04:34
troy_sJohnC: I am not a fan of branding.04:35
troy_sJohnC: Both works seem to also suffer from a need for a more carefully considered tonal range or palette.  Some fundamental colour theory might help?04:36
troy_sJohnC: The Ubuntu logo in this case.  Also, compositionally, I believe the works could be elevated with a little more formal knowledge.04:36
JohnCwell i just do it for fun04:37
JohnCi'm not planning to do a course in it or anything04:37
troy_sJohnC: Even a brief look at wikipedia might help with some of the more familiar concepts of classical composition.04:38
troy_sJohnC: Nice chatting with you.04:39
elwo0dhi all11:30
kwwiiok, time to answer emails15:25
kwwiibtw, I pushed some updates to the simplified icons15:25
kwwiiI think that we should go with the simple 2D version for now, perhaps looking into the etched stuff in the future, once we have the basic shapes figured out15:25
kwwiianyway, the simple 2D stuff will match the text which is already on the panel15:26
kwwii_MMA_: you have sponsorship for the next UDS?18:25
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