[reed]anybody that can correct a typo on the alpha4 release notes page around?00:13
slangasek[reed]: I can feed it to the webmaster for fixing later00:14
[reed]slangasek: ok, just check http://ventnorsblog.blogspot.com/2008/02/how-do-i-notes-release.html00:14
[reed]it explains the two issues00:14
[reed]thanks! :)00:14
slangasekwow, er, ok00:15
slangasekthat bug was already in the alpha3 release notes, I wonder why he didn't correct us earlier for misspelling his name :)00:15
[reed]heh, guess he didn't notice00:16
* slangasek chuckles that he corrects us for not including the full title of his blog post, when his blog post doesn't follow correct English capitalization rules for titles ;)00:17
StevenKslangasek: Could you please release mlt++ from binary NEW?00:18
[reed]slangasek: heh, I'll berate him about that :)00:20
andresmujicawhich package generates /etc/environment ? i couldn't find any using dpkg -S00:25
slangasekcurrently, I'm not sure anything does create it reliably00:26
andresmujicai'm triaging some bugs related to that file but cannot find where to put them or which package to assign them00:29
slangasekandresmujica: I think pam is going to end up being responsible for the file creation in Debian, and unless the Ubuntu installer has diverged in ways I'm not familiar with, that means it'll be doing the same in Ubuntu; so I think that's an ok starting point00:34
andresmujicaok thks00:38
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ion_You can solve your problem by hitting the “Caps Lock” key once. The light should turn off.01:35
emgenthelpme, please ask in #ubuntu01:37
helpmei did ask there01:42
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richblhello all... I'm interested in doing some Ubuntu work. I'm a dev, but I'm specifically interested in interface design/development. Can someone recommend a good mailing list?05:28
richblHmmm... looks like I need to move to #ubuntu-motu... byef05:29
pwnguinhidden elitist IRC channel Linus is involved with?06:08
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ScottK2pwnguin: If you knew about it, it wouldn't hidden, right?06:14
pwnguinScottK2: i suppose06:21
pwnguinbut i thought the lmkl was the goto point for conversation06:21
ScottK2I have no idea.  Just saying.06:23
mjg59It's like anything. Sometimes it's easier for people to talk to each other directly.06:23
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pittiGood morning06:38
StevenKMorning pitti06:38
pittiStevenK: hey! back home?06:38
warp10Good morning07:10
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dholbachgood morning07:39
pittihey dholbach07:44
dholbachhey pitti07:45
pitticalc: MainInclusionReportHunspell says that hunspell is the successor of myspell; does that mean that we could get rid of myspell to reduce the *spell duplicate-o-rama a bit?09:15
pitticalc: (aspell, ispell, myspell, hunspell -- that's both a maintenance and user experience hell)09:15
pittiArneGoetje: CC: ^09:15
peciskhi people, I try to debug app under Ubuntu. I am using -dbg packages and gdb. However, when I try to run app - under root - in gdb, it says that it can't execute file, however file has execute flag in permitions. It gives error like this: warning: Unable to find dynamic linker breakpoint function09:18
peciskdid I miss something? What else need to be installed to debug apps?09:19
pitticjwatson_: did your proposed patch in bug 188650 actually work for you? doesn't here (debugging now)09:19
peciskI read docs on wiki, but they don't tell about such scenario as mine09:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188650 in policykit "configuration makes life difficult for root" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18865009:19
pitticjwatson_: (I think the problem is that root usually does not have a ConsoleKit session)09:32
seb128pitti: speaking about hunspell09:34
seb128pitti: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/FeatureDictionary09:34
seb128pitti: there is a mail on ubuntu-devel-discuss about that, fedora and opensuse are switching to hunspell09:36
pittiseb128: oh, great! thanks09:38
seb128pitti: looking at the fedora spec they have quite some patches etc already09:39
pittiright, shouldn't be too hard09:39
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cjwatsonpitti: it improved matters slightly as long as I passed XDG_SESSION_COOKIE through sudo09:53
cjwatsonpitti: I'm not saying it makes everything magically work on its own - there are still other things to fix - but it gets rid of one of the roadblocks09:53
cjwatsonand like I say it does seem to be a better set of semantics09:54
cjwatsonthe other obvious problem seems to be getting hold of the dbus session bus09:54
pitticjwatson: ah, that was it, thanks; I just wanted to test it before uploading09:55
pitticjwatson: dbus session bus> in earlier g-s-t I had a patch which used the session bus from $SUDO_USER09:55
pitticjwatson: we dropped that patch because it's not necessary by default any more09:55
pittibut if we need it for something, we can revive it09:55
cjwatsonat the moment it makes life easier if you're running over ssh09:56
pitticjwatson: but IIRC it was only time-admin09:56
pittiand only for disabling the screensaver09:56
cjwatsonI sent a mail to Oliver + CK upstream + PK upstream about this09:56
cjwatsonthe problem at the moment is that PK denies everything by default if your CK session is not local09:56
pittiok, policykit uploaded09:56
cjwatsonthe PK configuration I suggested lets you work around this using sudo09:56
cjwatsonyou won't be able to test this yet, though, as the openssh patch to create a CK session lives mainly on my disk ;-)09:57
pittiso the pam module didn't work out in the end? (would be much more elegant)09:57
cjwatsonunfortunately not09:57
pittiI remember the discussion, but I didn't see all of it09:57
cjwatsonsshd opens the pam session way before the request comes from the client to create the pty09:58
cjwatsonthe only way to make a pam module work for this would be to completely reorganise how sshd interacts with pam - again09:58
cjwatsonwhich doesn't really excite me09:58
cjwatsonI did try :)09:58
Companyhm, my weekly dist-upgrade wants to remove epiphany10:21
* Company looks at seb128 10:21
seb128Company: epiphany or epiphany-browser?10:22
Companylemme check10:22
Companyepiphany-browser epiphany-browser-dev epiphany-extensions epiphany-gecko10:22
Companytrying to manually install all the pckages it has kept back to find the culprit10:23
seb128Company: what version do you have installed?10:25
Companyof epiphany-browser10:26
seb128k, that's likely because there is no epiphany-extensions 2.21 yet10:26
seb128either remove this one if you don't need it10:27
seb128or keep using epiphany-browser 2.20.n10:27
Companyjust wanted to make sure you're aware of the issue10:27
seb128and talk to chpe about update those and rolling a new tarball ;-)10:27
seb128right, we are, we are blocked on upstream updating and rolling a new tarball though10:28
* Company goes kicking chpe10:28
Companyunrelated question: are you gonna ship swfdec-gnome?10:29
seb128ship on the default installation you mean? because it's already available in universe10:30
seb128not sure what are the plan about flash support10:30
seb128asac: ^ any idea about this one?10:30
Companyyeah, the question was more about status than availability10:30
geserdholbach: Hi, do you know when a new python-launchpad-bugs will land in hardy?10:31
asacseb128: i think he refers to the plugin finder service (e.g. will it be included in result list)10:31
dholbachgeser: bdmurray wanted to prepare a new upload soon10:31
asacthe answer is definitly "yes"10:31
Companyasac: it's more related to libswfdec being an external dep of gnome now10:32
asacCompany: if there is a software component that requires it, it will automatically be shipped10:32
Companyasac: not the moz plugin10:32
Companyso that's magic at work there :)10:33
asacif you ask if its on CD ... i don't know. if there is anything of gnome on CD that needs it, then we have to consider it10:33
asacCompany: more or less :)10:33
seb128Company: what does swfdec-gnome brings us? we likely want to consider it if it's useful ;-)10:33
Companyseb128: thumbnails and a standalone flash player10:34
asacseb128: i think its some build dependency of some gnome component/app, but Company would know more details10:34
Companyseb128: via swfdec-gnome10:34
seb128I'm wondering if we have lot of users using flash out of their web browser10:34
seb128I don't10:34
Companyseb128: it's what vuntz called the evil plan to get swfdecinto the desktop ;)10:35
seb128I think that's worth discussing, that's always a balance between cost to support and what it brings10:35
Companyseb128: you might be intersted in https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-desktop-list/2008-January/msg00084.html10:35
asacCompany: in the end having it in universe shouldn't hurt imo (as long as the thumbnail support can be rolled in a plugin like fashion)10:35
seb128Company: thanks10:36
Companyasac: yeah, i wouldn't mind either way10:36
asacCompany: you said on your own that swfdec might not yet be ready given we have a LTS release ... or isn't that true for thumbnails/standalone player?10:36
Companyasac: i think the thumbnails/standalone thing is not as critical, which is why i proposed it for gnome10:37
Companyasac: it doesn't crash your browser if it sucks ;)10:37
Companyalso, it doesn't have as much impact and isn't as hard to implement10:37
seb128well, that's still code which we would need to support for security issues, etc if we promote it to main10:37
awalton__seb128, ping on launchpad bug 188361, this one's pretty serious10:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188361 in nautilus "Nautilus is following symbolic links when emptying trash" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18836110:38
seb128awalton__: I've read the discussion on #nautilus and was about to backport it10:38
awalton__ah right10:38
seb128awalton__: thanks for the ping though10:38
awalton__I didn't see you in there10:38
awalton__must just be early10:38
asacCompany: is the thumbnail support a different tarball? or is it just a matter of packaging?10:40
Companyasac: it's a dfferent tarball10:40
Companyasac: from the moz plugin10:40
seb128asac: swfdec-gnome, it's in universe10:40
Companyasac: there's swfdec, swfdec-gnome and swfdec-mozilla10:40
asacso we already have it ;)10:41
Companyit's just in universe10:41
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psicus78asac: hi10:57
asacpsicus78: ?10:59
psicus78asac: hi asac, I found your nick on the network-manager page on launchpad11:03
psicus78I was wondering if you plan to add support to wired authentication11:04
asacpsicus78: we don't implement features on our own there, but track what network manager releases upstream.11:05
psicus78I know I know...11:05
psicus78the fact is that the feature has been implemented in network manager and also committed to 0.6 branch11:06
psicus78I filed a bug few days ago to ask for packaging11:06
psicus78sorry I wasn't clear11:07
asacpsicus78: then we will get it in hardy :) ... there is discussion to release 0.6.6 i just wanted to see if thats going to happen before cherry-picking more from svn to our package11:07
psicus78ok, cool!11:08
mgunesis there a release of multidistrotools?11:13
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Fujitsumgunes: No.11:16
persiamgunes: No, but there are several branches around.  I recommend http://people.ubuntuwire.com/~fujitsu/bzr/multidistrotools/11:16
mgunesFujitsu, persia, thanks. anyone particular who maintains it? it would be nice to have it in Universe.11:17
Riddelldoko: can you think of any reason why my kde 4 packages have stopped including rpaths in their libraries since last week?11:24
dokoRiddell: no, not really.11:25
Riddelldoko: no, me neither, I can work around it11:26
dokoRiddell: or is this a feature test using the gcc version number?11:27
pittiRiddell: instead of using rpaths (which is slightly ugly IMHO), would it work to put an /etc/ld.so.d/ snippet into some libkdeyouneedme?11:29
pittiRiddell: /etc/ld.so.conf.d/ of course11:29
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Riddellpitti: that's exactly me work around11:33
Riddelldoko: no it's not that, RPATH has disappeared from the .so file (compiling the same source package the same way)11:34
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TheMusoGood night folks.11:37
pittibye TheMuso11:38
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geserI've a modified Debian package in source NEW (modified to build in Ubuntu) but now there is a fixed package in unstable which could be synced. How to proceed?11:52
Riddellgeser: I can reject if you want, and you can file a sync request in the normal way11:53
geserok, please do11:53
geserhaskell-regex-compat is the package11:53
Riddellgeser: rejected11:54
* Hobbsee waves11:56
* geser waves back to Hobbsee11:56
Hobbseesky fallen in yet?11:57
xivulonslangasek can you please have a look at bug #14045812:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 140458 in wubi "Provide official Ubuntu metalink files on a public webserver" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14045812:12
xivulonneed to add support for that to wubi, and would like to have that ready before beta12:13
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ogracjwatson, the ck implementation behaves a bit strange if i use: sh -c "DISPLAY=$HOST:6.0 <command>" .... see http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54707/12:18
ograaccording to your mail it shoud just leave x11-display alone or did i understand that wrong ?12:19
ogracjwatson, ignore me, just found a bug :)12:20
cjwatsonogra: hmm, looks like you had X11 forwarding on as well ...?12:47
ograseems theer is a bug with ldm not dropping -X in its command12:48
ograjust testing the fix12:48
calcpitti: sounds good to me, assuming it can be a drop in replacement12:56
mantiena-baltixI found strange problem in policykit (I think so)13:07
mantiena-baltixwho is responsible for policykit ?13:07
mantiena-baltixpitti, maybe you ?13:07
mantiena-baltixpitti, could you help me identify if there is a policykit problem ? None of gnome-system-tools works for me, but I have all updates, so this is not bug #18367313:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183673 in policykit "Users-admin unlock not working" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18367313:11
ograogra@ceron:~$ ck-list-sessions |grep x1113:11
ograx11-display = ''13:11
ograx11-display-device = ''13:11
ograogra@ceron:~$ env |grep DISP13:11
ogracjwatson, now it works :)13:11
seb128ogra: I think your gartoon issue is https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/18887413:14
cjwatsonogra: excellent; do the admin tools work in that context?13:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188874 in nautilus "Broken icon theme handling in Nautilus 2.21.90 in Hardy" [Low,New]13:14
ograthe non-local session is still a prob13:14
ograbut i have the sessions listed properly thats a good step forward :)13:15
ograseb128, smells liek it, yes13:15
cjwatsonogra: right; try applying the policykit patch I mentioned in my mail and then using 'sudo env XDG_SESSION_COOKIE="$XDG_SESSION_COOKIE" time-admin' or some such13:15
cjwatson(obviously a grotty hack from hell but)13:15
ograwill do13:15
mantiena-baltixI get this error in console when start network-admin: ** (network-admin:9958): CRITICAL **: Unable to find session for cookie13:16
mantiena-baltixmaybe because of this Unlock button in network-admin is grey ?13:17
cjwatsonmantiena-baltix: how are you logging in?13:17
mantiena-baltixcj, startx13:17
ogrause gdm :)13:17
cjwatsonif you abbreviate my name, then it doesn't highlight in my client. this is not in your best interests13:17
mantiena-baltixcjwatson, sorry, there is xchat problem, I pressed tab and it didn't finished ;)13:18
brooniemantiena-baltix: There is someone else with the shorter nick in the channel.13:18
ograhmm, probably the startx script should see some ck integration as well ... i guess using startx is a quite common case still13:18
mantiena-baltixogra, I can't user gdm - there is very restricted environment (only 500Mb disk space)13:18
ogramantiena-baltix, well, the desktop admin tools nowadays want a consolekit session ... there is nothing in startx that sets this up yet13:19
mantiena-baltixso, how I can fix this problem without installing gdm and libraries, needed for gdm ?13:19
* ogra wonders if the pam module would suffice here13:19
ograthere is a pam module for consolekit, but i dont think anyone has integrated it with startx yet13:20
mantiena-baltixogra, I can start consolekit session manually13:20
mantiena-baltixogra, just tell me how ;)13:20
ograyour session manager needs to do that, all subsequently forked processes need to inherit the environment form that wrapper to use ck authentication ...13:21
mantiena-baltixogra, I use openbox, there is an startup script in openbox - /etc/xdg/openbox/autostart.sh13:22
ograyou can surely issue a ck call to dbus or so manually from an xterm and wrap your x session in it i bet13:22
mantiena-baltixI can include needed commands in that script13:22
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ografredesktop.org has the consolekit docs ...13:23
ograand i think there is also a python example how to register a session in the git webtool somewhere13:24
mantiena-baltixaren't there any simpler way to get active Unlock button in network-admin13:26
mantiena-baltixogra, maybe  libpam-ck-connector package could help me ?13:28
ograthast what i meant with "ogra wonders if the pam module would suffice here" above :)13:29
ograno idea though, but i suspect it could help13:29
seb128ogra: that's an icon theme bug13:30
cjwatsonstartx doesn't deal with PAM, AFAIK13:30
ograwell, login does13:30
ograyou likely wont have x11-display set in the ck session though13:31
cjwatsonI don't think inheriting from login is really the right answer here13:31
ograseb128, gah, thats what i suspected13:31
seb128ogra: http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/nautilus/trunk/libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-names.h13:31
seb128ogra: directories use the folder icon now13:31
ograseb128, ah, perfect, thanks !13:32
seb128ogra: you will likely have to symlink some other things too13:32
ograwell, wantd to look into gatoon's successor this week, it probably fixes some of that alread13:32
mantiena-baltixcjwatson, in reality I run startx directly from upstart script13:33
cjwatsonmantiena-baltix: you could possibly cobble a command-line CK registration program together from /usr/lib/consolekit/ck-collect-session-info and dbus-send13:34
mantiena-baltixThere are startx script in /etc/event.d which starts this command:13:34
mantiena-baltixexec /bin/su ubuntu /usr/bin/startx13:34
cjwatsonbut you will have to do some reading13:34
mantiena-baltixcjwatson, currently I don't have a time for this - I should have forking system after 30 min :(13:35
cjwatsonI put the OpenSSH support together in about three or four days of off-and-on work, starting from knowing OpenSSH fairly well but knowing nothing about ConsoleKit13:35
cjwatsonif you don't have time, use gutsy13:35
mantiena-baltixcjwatson, in this situation I can't use gutsy, because it works not so good on lots of notebooks13:36
mantiena-baltixcjwatson, I think best decision today will be to install gnome-system-tools from gutsy13:37
mantiena-baltixbtw, maybe there are some setting in policy kit for allowing running all software in all situations (even when consolekit-session isn't started) ?13:38
mantiena-baltixcjwatson, could you tell me how should I write this setting in /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf ?13:40
cjwatsonI don't think it goes there13:40
cjwatsonyou'll have to change the actual policies13:40
mantiena-baltixcjwatson, how ?13:40
cjwatsonyou will have to do some reading13:40
mantiena-baltixcjwatson, where ?13:41
cjwatsonoh come on13:41
cjwatsonyou're in a developer channel, use your initiative :)13:41
mantiena-baltixcjwatson, I know, but problem is time now :(13:41
cjwatsonone might for instance start with policykit's file list13:41
cjwatsonwhich includes a .policy file, which is in the same directory as lots of others13:42
mantiena-baltixcjwatson, you don't know where to include allow_inactive setting ?13:42
cjwatsonI have given you all the help you need to find it quite quickly13:42
mantiena-baltix/usr/share/PolicyKit/policy ?13:43
cjwatsontry reading some files there13:43
cjwatsonit will be obvious13:43
cjwatsonI do not want to give out canned answers to things that are easy to find, because the result of that is that everyone asks this channel for things that are easy to find for themselves13:44
mantiena-baltixcjwatson, I think I found - /usr/share/PolicyKit/policy/system-tools-backends.policy , right ?13:44
cjwatsoninstead I want to teach people how to find things for themselves13:44
cjwatsonmantiena-baltix: I'm not going to answer further questions of this form; please do the reading13:44
mantiena-baltixcjwatson, I'm very happy for teaching, thank you13:44
mantiena-baltixcjwatson, just one answer - should I restart dbus after modifying that file ?13:45
cjwatsonI don't know offhand, and the way I'd find out would be to try it13:45
mantiena-baltixbtw, maybe someone can tell me which squashfs-tools version I should use for building hardy-based LiveCD ? Should I use 3.2r2-2build1 from Ubuntu Gutsy (Stable) or 3.3-1ubuntu2 from Hardy ?13:55
ogracjwatson, hmm, no XDG_SESSION_COOKIE at all here ... (with -X and session listed in ck-list-sessions)13:58
cjwatsonogra: use ssh -vvv (and ideally run a server on a high port with /usr/sbin/sshd -ddd and connect to that)14:00
cjwatsonmay help14:00
cjwatsonalso check /var/log/auth.log14:00
ivoksumm... anyone from canonical server sysadmins here?14:01
cjwatsonivoks: #canonical-sysadmin14:01
ogra-vvv is a bit tricky ...14:02
* ogra goes to hack up ldm ...14:02
sladenlloydinho_: good heavens, where have you been14:06
sladenlloydinho_: I sent some answers to your initial Thesis draft, but I don't know if you got them14:06
lloydinho_hi sladen! Wow, it's been ages14:06
sladenlloydinho_: for a time aobut six months ago I was popping through Copenhagen on the train once a week14:07
lloydinho_yeh. I just checked. I got a brief note from you about 6 months back14:08
lloydinho_.. but in my hurry back then, I misread it, and thought you'd been through Copenhagen once14:08
lloydinho_not that you kept coming on back through this way.14:09
lloydinho_In any case, you're most welcome to drop by if you're in the neighbourhood some other time.14:09
lloydinho_We have plenty of spare beds as it is14:10
lloydinho_so feel free, sladen :-)14:11
pittimvo: should apt really complain about not being able to auth a package if it installs it from the local apt cache?14:13
pittimvo: if no, shall I file a bug about it? which info do you need?14:13
mvopitti: your local apt cache is a apt-cacher install or a squit? or a file:/// uri?14:14
pittimvo: I mean /var/cache/apt/archives (other than that I just have de.archive.u.c.)14:15
mvopitti: hm, it shouldn't complain about auth failures anymore at all, it should just use the last known good configuration14:19
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sahin_wslangasek: ping15:00
cjwatsonlool: bug 127985 is only an issue for gutsy at this point, not hardy, right?15:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 127985 in libgtk2-perl "gutsy/amd64: ftbfs / autopkgtest failure" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12798515:35
cjwatson(it's in the sponsorship queue)15:35
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mvopitti: is the retracer running again? it looks like I got nothing for bug #18842515:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188425 in update-manager "update-manager crashed with SIGSEGV" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18842515:53
hungerAnyone working on a fix to the aptitude crashes?15:53
pittimvo: yes, it's running15:54
pittimvo: hm, that bug is missing a needs-retracing tag15:54
pittimvo: I don't see anything in the log file about this bug15:55
* pitti adds tag and watches15:55
pittimvo: better now :)15:58
mvopitti: cool, thanks15:58
pittimvo: nicely verbose trace15:58
JanCnew gparted release: http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?group_id=115843&release_id=57386216:24
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Riddellcjwatson: do you expect to get back to seed changes this week now that alpha 4 is out?17:38
=== pedro__ is now known as pedro_
mvopitti: if I set "needs-retracing" will the retracer pick that up automatically?#187944 seems to not have this tag either18:15
pittimvo: 'need-i386-retrace' (or other arch)18:17
pittimvo: weird; might be a bug in p-lp-bugs, or LP itself18:17
mvopitti: thanks, I added it now18:18
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luisbg_anybody fluent in C++ here?18:46
luisbg_I need some help18:46
pipegeekSo.... the version of python-eyed3 in gutsy has this debugging stuff in it18:49
pipegeekprint "POINT 1"18:50
pipegeekwhich means that using it results in "POINT 1" and "POINT 2" getting dumped out to stdout18:50
pipegeekWhere should I report this, and is it at all likely that this will be fixed?18:50
pipegeekUgh, and it was reported to debian's bugtracker two years ago, and hasn't been fixed18:52
ScottKpipegeek: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eyed3/+filebug18:52
pipegeekScottK: thanks.18:53
pipegeekWhat is the policy on things like this?  Do they get fixed in the current stable release, or do they end up waiting for the next one?18:53
ScottKpipegeek: Most things wait for the next one.  Here's the policy on stable release updates: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates18:54
pipegeekThank you.18:54
pipegeekDarnit.  The bug submission form intelligently guessed that I was talking about the package eyeD3 when I wasn't, and I didn't notice until after I clicked 'submit'.  Is there any way I can fix it?18:59
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pipegeekThat is, I know the binary package hint is wrong.19:00
ScottK2pipegeek: Yes.  You can edit the affected package19:00
cjwatsonluisbg_: C++ is a big field; I think you will need to provide more detail19:00
pipegeekScottK2: sorry, I'm a doofus19:01
cjwatsonoh dear me, I knew you could declare methods in C++ structs (as opposed to classes), but have never actually seen it done in production code before19:02
ScottK2pipegeek: No problem.  I'm pulling up the bug.  I'll help you get it sorted.19:02
pipegeekThanks a bunch :)19:02
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pipegeekcjwatson: hehe19:03
luisbg_cjwatson, lol, yeah I have a bug I can't squish at work code19:03
luisbg_cjwatson, getting frustrated so I thought I could ask here for some pointers19:03
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luisbg_cjwatson, the problem needs to dive in a little of code between files so #c++ guys probably won't help19:04
luisbg_just asking here for some friend help19:04
luisbg_ompaul, you there ;)19:04
ScottK2pipegeek: What's the problem with the bug?19:04
ompaulluisbg_, not in spirit only in body19:04
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luisbg_ompaul, LOL19:04
pipegeekScottK2: there's no longer a problem.19:05
luisbg_ompaul, fluent in c++? :P19:05
ScottK2pipegeek: OK.19:06
ompaulluisbg_, no :-(19:06
luisbg_ompaul, that's ok19:06
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maeksorry to bother you guys with non dev but I cant seem to find anything. Is there a place to hook a script into the process of starting the network/networkmanger based on profile? I have all these crazy proxy settings I need to do for work and Id like to be able to run the script after I pick the work profile. thanks.20:17
sahin_hslangasek: ping20:28
jdstrandKeybuk: I am sure this is documented somewhere, but a cursory google search didn't find it20:28
jdstrandKeybuk: I use an external usb drive regularly20:29
jdstrandKeybuk: I plug it in and hald automounts it (cool)20:29
jdstrandKeybuk: recently it stopped, and I was like, hmm20:29
jdstrandKeybuk: then it occured to my I hadn't fsck'd it in ages20:29
sahin_hsladen: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim/+bug/13462220:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 134622 in opensync "kitchensync - opensync synchronization crash" [Undecided,Invalid]20:29
sladensahin_h: cya?20:30
jdstrandKeybuk: is there a way for hald to notify the user in this case? (it is clearly deciding not to mount it automatically, so maybe part of the decision could be a notification)20:31
sahin_hsladen: Sorry for my mistake! I sent this message to slangasek.20:31
sladenslangasek: ^^20:32
jdstrandKeybuk: s/part of the decision/part of the process/20:32
jdstrandKeybuk: I should explicitly say that after fsck'ing (with no errors), I was then able to plug it in and it automounted20:34
slangaseksahin_h: sorry, what are you asking me to do with this bug number?20:54
sahin_hslangasek: Riddel uploaded a new package to the gutsy proposed queue (or something)...20:58
sahin_hslangasek: ... and ask me to inform you about it.20:58
sahin_hslangasek: I'm just a user, so I don't know the exact processes.20:59
sahin_hslangasek: I rebuilt this package on my system, and works great. And I just told to Riddel it would be nice to produce....21:00
sahin_hslangasek: ... a working package to everyone.21:00
cjwatsonthe normal thing we ask testers to do with proposed stable updates is to install the package from gutsy-proposed (not rebuild it on their system - install the actual package) and follow up to the bug saying whether it fixed the problem for them21:02
sahin_hslangasek: The opensync-plugin-kdepim package provide syncronization capability between local korganizer calendar and google calendar.21:02
cjwatsonwithout knowing what Riddell said to you exactly, talking to people on #ubuntu-devel about it isn't *normally* part of the process ...21:02
sahin_hslangasek: So this is a great package and I use a lot.21:02
sahin_hcjwatson: Ok, sorry.21:02
cjwatsonRiddell: ^-- something unusual going on with this bug? :)21:03
TheMusoGood morning.21:31
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Riddellslangasek, cjwatson: sahin_h was asking that it be checked for sanity and let into gutsy-proposed (it's currently in unapproved)22:05
slangasekRiddell: erm?  I thought gutsy-proposed was the unmoderated queue, only gutsy-updates requires processing via unapproved?22:07
slangasekI could be very wrong of course22:07
Riddellslangasek: gutsy-proposed still needs an archive admin to approve it, for main that's pitti only, for universe any admin, but I don't want to approve my own upload22:08
slangasekoh.  then I think I need a pointer to the guidelines I'm supposed to be applying here, for this to be anything more than a rubber stamp22:10
slangasekunless it really is a rubber stamp, in which case I don't see anything wrong with you applying the stamp yourself :-)22:11
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cosmodadis there a reason why CONFIG_NO_HZ (tickless kernel/dynamic ticks) is enabled for Gutsy server kernel images, but not desktop ones?22:20
cosmodadsorry if this chan is not appropriate to ask this question, but I didn't know where else to ask.22:21
ScottKcosmodad: Perhaps #ubuntu-kernel22:22
sistpotyany main sponsor, who'd like to upload the debdiff at bug 188868 for me?22:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188868 in sdl-image1.2 "Missing dependency on libjpeg62" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18886822:23
cosmodadScottK: hmm: "Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY" :(22:23
ScottKcosmodad: Same here.22:23
ScottKcosmodad: Mail to ubuntu-devel-discuss then.22:23
sistpoty(strange enough, I found out that I fiddled with this lib some time ago, when it was still in universe *g*)22:23
cosmodadScottK: well I just figured it might only affect my box. At least, forum postings indicate so. But I'll further investigate, thanks for the hint.22:24
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seb128StevenK: are you usually looking at bluez-utils?22:35
StevenKseb128: I can look at it22:37
seb128StevenK: could you look at the new version which is available? the new gnome-bluetooth has an updated requirement22:38
cjwatsonRiddell: oh, I see, I misunderstood your comment on the bug then23:00
cjwatsonslangasek: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates are the guidelines in question23:00
slangasekah, ok23:01
mathiazslangasek: what do you think about bug 186844 for hardy ?23:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186844 in openssl "Please include support for tls extensions" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18684423:20
slangasekmathiaz: there was discussion on debian-release about not being able to say with 100% certainty that it's not an ABI change; I would suggest coordinating the package change, and subsequent regression testing, with the Debian maintainer23:46
mathiazslangasek: given our time frame for hardy, is there any chance it will get fixed in Debian in due time ?23:48
mathiazslangasek: IIUC it should be done before FF.23:48
slangasekmathiaz: there is some chance; more if you coordinate with the Debian maintainer, I expect :)23:55

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