CIA-23ubiquity: superm1 * r2433 ubiquity/debian/ (ubiquity-frontend-mythbuntu.links changelog): add forgotten links file05:33
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xivuloncjwatson: we used to have some code to disable suspend-to-ram/disk in lupin-support that was moved upstream. Do you happen to remember where to?10:02
xivulonsuspend is quite a labyrinth10:03
cjwatsonxivulon: I put it in powermanagement-interface10:06
cjwatsonxivulon: somebody should check that it's still there in pm-utils (which has largely replaced pmi), though10:07
xivulonI am asking because suspend-to-ram works as expected but suspend-to-disk is still active10:08
xivulonthanks I will have a look10:08
xivulonThe code in pmi/pmi.acpi seems correct, but grepping for fuse and host within pm-utils does not return anything10:24
xivulonstill suspend is disabled on loopinstallations in hardy :?10:25
xivulonsuspend-to-ram that is10:25
cjwatsonthe pmi patch probably needs to be ported over to pm-utils10:27
xivulonthat makes sense, though, as mentioned suspend-to-ram is disabled anyway, not sure why10:28
xivulondo not have a loopinstallation to check that now10:28
xivulonI'll make a note10:28
xivulonbug #18746310:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187463 in wubi "Disable hibernate button" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18746310:34
xivulonI'll attach that to pm-utils as well10:34
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CIA-23ubiquity: cjwatson * r2434 ubiquity/ (configure configure.ac): bump to 1.7.711:24
xivulonevand can you go through https://bugs.launchpad.net/wubi/+bugs?field.tag=wubi again?12:02
stgrabercjwatson: The computer with the oem install problem is at home, I'm trying to reproduce in a VM. Though, why is there a password box if the user will auto-login ? (just for sudo ?)12:03
xivulonI refreshed the list, in particular 188460 is urgent, 140458 and 176112 are there as a reminder to poke other devs12:04
cjwatsonstgraber: that, and I wasn't willing to do as many hacks to make passwordless users work on an installed system as we do on the live CD12:47
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evandxivulon: sure, but I have other things I need to work on today, so I cannot get to it immediately.14:01
xivulonevand 188460 should be a quick (but important) one, it's a couple of line changes as indicated in patch14:13
xivulonit involves replacing the existing if-block in grun-installer line #570 with the one provided14:15
evandxivulon: please use debdiffs for your patches.  Rough estimations of line numbers and only the code going in make it difficult to immediately see what the changes are.14:22
cjwatson_alias diff='diff -u' # if you find it hard to remember ;-)14:23
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evandyou don't have to do it for this particular case, but please remember to do so in the future14:26
evandxivulon: I'd much rather get to the bottom of why grub-install doesn't like loopdevices rather than special case them with the block of code you suggest.14:36
xivulonevand sure, I did like that since had no linux when I submitted the patch14:37
xivulonthe block of code was already there by the way, that is the part that make it skip grub-install for loop devices14:38
xivulonI believe cjwatson added that in gutsy14:38
xivulonmy code simply generates the device.map if one is not present14:38
xivulonif you want to run grub-install on loopdevice, set bootdev=$disc_offered14:42
xivulondisc_offered should be set correctly to /dev/loopX at that point (you might want to run some safety checks).14:44
xivulonnote that in loopinstallation grub-installer/bootdev_directory is set in the preseed and hence the block is always triggered14:47
evandxivulon: ah, indeed.  Have you tested this patch?15:07
xivulonI have tested in that it correctly generates device.map, but did not have time to change my testing rig so that the target is not on (hd0,0)15:10
evandxivulon: were you ever able to get in touch with TheMuso about the accessibility options?15:14
xivulonah no15:14
xivulonon that respect, can you make sure that boot arguments for different categories are accepted?15:15
evandI'd try emailing him.  IRC is going to be difficult given the vast time differences.15:15
xivulonI might pass: accessibility=v1 accessibility=m215:15
evandHis email address is listed on https://launchpad.net/~themuso15:16
xivulonwhat is the role of TheMuso wrt to accessibility?15:16
xivulonshould email henrik as well...15:16
cjwatsonTheMuso wrote most of the scripts you're looking at15:18
evandHe's the contact point for accessibility issues in Ubuntu15:18
xivulonok then15:18
xivuloncan some of you remind slangasek of bug #140458 ? I did msg on ubuntu-devel to no effect15:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 140458 in wubi "Provide official Ubuntu metalink files on a public webserver" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14045815:20
xivulonI'd like to implement remote metalink support before beta, so that we can address hardcoded isolist info15:21
cjwatson(a) I already did so end of last week (b) until right at the very end of last week, he was dealing with release management of alpha 4 which was much more important (c) he's not awake yet15:21
cjwatsonplease reduce the frequency of nagging15:21
xivulonnagging == ubotu?15:22
cjwatsonerr ... nagging == reminding people about bugs and asking when they will be fixed15:23
xivulonwell we skipped a few deadlines in the past...15:23
xivulonwold like to avoid last-day-rush this time around15:24
cjwatsonasking somebody about a bug while they are asleep, and then complaining that they haven't replied yet when they are still asleep, is not a very productive way to go about things15:24
cjwatsonit is on Steve's list, and as his manager I will ensure that he is reminded15:25
cjwatsonplease get off his back for a bit15:25
evandxivulon: you tested this in a loopinstall?  In mine it does not produce a mapping for the hard drive when I run grub --batch --device-map="/boot/grub/device.map"16:10
xivulonit has to be grub --batch --device-map="/target/boot/grub/device.map16:11
xivulonand you also want "echo quit | grub ..." or grub shell will stay on16:11
evandxivulon: this is post-install, /target does not exist.  And yes, I left out the echo quit for the sake of brevity.16:12
xivulonhmm $device_map does point to /target16:13
xivulonI am quite sure /target is there at that point16:13
evandthe location that you stick the device map in doesn't matter for the bug that I'm seeing16:15
xivulonyou mean that if you run grub --batch --device-map="mydevmap" and quit you see nothing in mydevmap?16:16
evandI see fd0, but no hd016:18
xivulonmake sure there is no pre-existing device.map16:18
evandthere isn't16:22
xivulon$grub_shell --batch $no_floppy --device-map=$device_map <<EOF >$log_file16:23
xivulonthis is the grub-install command that generates the device map16:24
xivulonmaybe setting --no-floppy makes a difference?16:25
evandnope, but I cannot debug this further right now.16:25
xivulonare you running in chroot mode maybe?16:26
xivulonnot sure if access to /proc & co is required16:26
xivulontry to run the command before even starting ubiquity16:27
xivulonevand I think the problem is that you are not running it as root16:48
xivulonthat of course would not be an issue within grub-installer16:49
evandah, wow.  Sorry about that.16:51
kushalxivulon, ping17:44
kushalxivulon, hi17:58
xivuloncan I help?17:58
kushalxivulon, I just came to know about wubi17:58
xivulongreat stuff isn't it :)17:59
kushalxivulon, yup17:59
kushalxivulon, I want write something like that for Fedora17:59
kushalxivulon, so, need guidance17:59
xivulonin short: the front-end can be used almost as is18:00
xivulonwith some changes to preseeding and menu.lst arguments and branding18:00
kushalxivulon, can you explain me how it works ?18:00
xivulonI plan to clean it up a bit by the way18:00
kushalxivulon, I am starting with zero knowledge18:00
xivulonthe front-end (windows) basically, detects settings, and then decides whether to download an ISO or use an existing ISO/CD18:01
xivulonit then generates bootfiles and preseed using the information gathered18:01
xivulonthen it installs grub4dos and adds a boot option to the windows grub menu18:01
xivulonsuch menu option will in practice chainload to grub4dos which will load up an appropriate menu.lst18:02
xivulonthe menu.lst contains arguments that instruct the installer to use an HD ISO and preseed file18:02
xivulonwhich is similar to do an unattended installation18:03
xivulonthis is it on the windows side18:03
xivulonon the linux side you need to patch a few upstream files so that you can install targeting a loopfile, set grub, bindmount as necessary, boot from a loopfile, shutdown...18:04
xivulonIn ubuntu those patches are now mostly in, so what is left is the windows frontend18:05
kushalxivulon, are the patches sent back to the upstreams ?18:05
xivulonOriginally I had to modify the installer initrd which would in turn patch the installer and the installed system18:06
xivulonas far as ubuntu goes yes, not sure whether debian was receptive so far.18:06
kushalit seems I am going to learn too many new things  :)\18:06
kushalxivulon, is there any step by step wiki kind of thing ?18:07
kushalxivulon, as most of it went over my head18:07
xivulonhm not really, but if I am around feel free to ask18:07
kushalxivulon, so, just tell me from I should start reading ?18:08
xivulonyou may read about the original lupin project18:08
kushalxivulon, see, my skill set is python and pyqt18:08
xivulonthat was ~ mine when I started18:08
xivulonbut no python (unfortunately)18:08
kushalok :)18:09
kushalxivulon, can you point me to some links?18:09
xivulonto merge things upstream you need the consent of fedora core developers18:09
kushalxivulon, that will not be a problem18:10
xivulonotherwise you will have to use overrides18:10
xivulonbasically have a look at the launchpad projects for wubi (windows side, hardy branch) and lupin (linux side)18:11
kushalxivulon, can you give me any svn co links ?18:11
xivulonin lupin the devel branch is the old one containing overrides, the new one only contains a few hooks and assumes upstream changes18:11
xivulonyou find the code in launchpad18:11
kushalxivulon, I saw the wubi , but don't know how to fetch it18:11
xivulonhttps://launchpad.net/wubi and https://launchpad.net/lupin18:12
xivulonas mentioned there is not much left of lupin since most of the code is upstream18:12
kushalxivulon, ok18:12
xivulonyou need bzr18:12
kushalxivulon, ok, just found that :)18:14
kushalxivulon, let me get the code first18:16
xivulonIn a few days I should have a cleaned up version of wubi, and was planning of moving to scons, any help there is welcome18:17
xivulonI'd also be glad to change the source so that is more "platform" neutral (at least on the windows side)18:18
xivulonIn the sense that it is easier to reuse by other distros18:18
kushalxivulon, :)18:20
xivulonAs for the upstream changes you should look at the launchpad bugs with a wubi tag18:23
kushalxivulon, ok18:24
xivulonPlus partman-auto-loop + lupin + initramfs-tools (look for the loop boot parameter)18:24
kushalxivulon, how big is the wubi code ?18:27
kushalxivulon, bzr is taking too much time18:27
xivulonit contains subprojects, since I have slightly modified version of grub4dos and we do have an embedded downloader18:28
kushalxivulon, ok18:28
kushalxivulon, now I am really confused :D18:28
xivulonplus there were far too many changes which make things heavier18:28
xivulonby what?18:28
xivulonIf you are a python programmer you aren't going to like nsis...18:29
kushalxivulon, by all the things you told me :)18:30
xivulonwell copy the irc log and come back to it... I'll speed up the cleanup to alleviate your pain.18:31
kushalxivulon, :D18:32
kushalxivulon, good night18:51
bdmurrayevand / cjwatson: Could you explain bug 150930 to me?20:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 150930 in ubiquity "Black screen, and bad usplash.conf" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15093020:37
cjwatsonbdmurray: ubiquity copies the live filesystem to the hard disk during installation. Since the live filesystem is generated centrally, anything in it that should depend on the installed system's hardware will be incorrect and ubiquity has to adjust it after it's copied everything over. The bug was that we forgot to do this for usplash, which has a configuration file containing the display size to use.20:42
bdmurraySo a bug where somebody does not see usplash when booting is not a duplicate of that bug.  That bug would appear after installing and then rebooting correct?20:44
bdmurray"when booting off the Live CD" that is20:44
cjwatsonI'm going to post to the bug explaining further20:46
bdmurrayGreat, thanks!  What will / can happen to the Gutsy task?20:47
cjwatsonprobably not much, I don't think a point release is planned right now20:48
cjwatsonI'm leaving it open in case it happens, in which case we'd want to do this20:49
bdmurrayOkay, that makes sense to me now20:49
bdmurrayThanks for clearing that up - I'll be unmarking some duplicates then20:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 150930 in ubiquity "Black screen, and bad usplash.conf" [Medium,In progress]20:52
cjwatsonI've edited the description too for good measure20:55
bdmurraygreat, I added "after installation" to the summary20:57
CIA-23ubiquity: cjwatson * r2435 ubiquity/ (4 files in 4 dirs):21:28
CIA-23ubiquity: * Prevent apt-install from installing packages directly unless21:28
CIA-23ubiquity:  install_extras has been run (previously, it would do so once apt was21:28
CIA-23ubiquity:  configured, which produced some confusing error messages).21:28
CIA-23ubiquity: cjwatson * r2436 ubiquity/bin/ubiquity: small refactoring21:31

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