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danrojjpatrick, hi07:11
no0ticdanroj, esta dormiendo, dime07:12
danrojno0tic, no es con el nada personal no0tic es algo de supybot07:13
danrojqbe, hi07:13
danrojnalioth, hi07:14
danrojnalioth,  this?07:15
no0ticdanroj, puedes pedir en #supybot07:15
danrojok no0tic07:15
danrojnalioth, this?07:16
danrojno0tic, nalioth esta?07:16
danrojes para pedirle un favor07:16
effie_jayxbuenos dias12:07
no0ticeffie_jayx, buenos12:07
effie_jayxno0tic,  :O12:08
effie_jayxyou are still up?12:08
no0ticeffie_jayx, right12:08
no0ticeffie_jayx, I destroyed my little poor server12:09
effie_jayxohhh darn12:09
effie_jayxwelll It's a good excuse to get a new one set up ;)12:09
no0ticeffie_jayx, I tried an extremely dangerous upgrade12:09
no0ticeffie_jayx, from etch to gutsy :)12:10
effie_jayxno0tic,  whaaaaaaaaa12:10
no0ticeffie_jayx, and it still cries12:10
effie_jayxdidn't your mama tell you not to try those things...12:10
no0ticeffie_jayx, my mama knows nothing about computers :)12:11
no0ticeffie_jayx, now I'm in desperate need of a blank cd-r12:11
no0ticeffie_jayx, bought one, let's see if I can damage my machine more than this12:55
effie_jayxno0tic,  lol12:55
effie_jayxno0tic,  what are you installing now... tgz from slackware12:56
no0ticeffie_jayx, I felt tempted to install slack 10, indeed12:56
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LjLjpatrick, have a look at the rm rfs in #kubuntu-es19:13
jpatrickLjL: sorry, out at supper19:15
LjLjpatrick: note that mstreetlinux was ok with those jokes - that's why i'm asking you19:16
jpatrick /ar'ed19:16
LjLjpatrick: also, timido is online (albeit away since some hours)19:16
jpatrickLjL: he's been online several times since you sent the memo19:17
LjLjpatrick: eh - i didn't send a memo, i told *you* to send a memo19:17
jpatrickwell, I have sent *several* memos to him19:18
LjLand he never replied?19:18
LjLjpatrick: does he ever look at the channel at all?19:18
jpatrickonly the one time I asked for op-age19:19
jpatrickLjL: nop19:19
LjLok i messaged hinm19:20
jpatrickI tried that too ages ago, same :-/19:21
jpatrickLjL: btw, who has aKe$$ in -es-ops?19:24
jpatrickLjL: heh19:43
jpatrickLjL: he's talking for the first time in #k-es19:43
LjLhe replied to my PM as well19:51
LjLjpatrick: about -es-ops, i haven't the slightest idea, pelicano has this little vice of making channels private19:52
jpatrickcurious how he's just jumped into action :p19:52
jpatrickLjL: I hate it when he does that19:52
jpatrickLjL: now he's /msg-ing me :p20:04
LjLi know20:04
LjLbecause i told him to20:06
LjLremember that you are 49, i.e. you can do pretty much anything, and if there's a risk of him disappearing for a long time, well that's what the alternate contact is for20:09
no0tichello folks20:10
jpatrickLjL: I'm 16..20:10
LjLjpatrick: high access makes people older quickly :P20:11
LjLno0tic: geiasoy20:11
no0ticLjL, que idioma es?20:11
LjLno0tic: ellinika20:11
no0ticjpatrick, I feel like a grand father20:11
jpatrickno0tic: why?20:12
no0ticjpatrick, high access levels :)20:12
erUSULLjL: #ubuntu needs you :)20:12
no0ticjpatrick, I feel like having too many grand children to care of20:13
LjLyeah i noticed20:13
LjLa bit later though20:13
PriceChilderUSUL, pinging people in other channels than where the problem is doesn't help with speed either. If the floodbots aren't handling it call !ops.20:16
jpatrickLjL: ever considered +m on mass join?20:16
LjLjpatrick: what use?20:16
jpatrickshutup the spammers :)20:17
LjLjpatrick: +R isn't enough?20:19
jpatrickwhat's that?20:19
no0ticjpatrick, mutes unregistered20:19
jpatrickah, great20:20
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