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Kanohmm rtg still missing11:15
KanoBenC: b43legacy is not bcm43xx, you need the first you could disable the 2nd11:16
Kanobtw. ndiswrapper 1.52 is out11:16
Kanob43legacy is loaded via ssb11:16
Kanob43legacy has no direct pci id, this has ssb, so absolutely useless to disable11:17
Kanortg: did you get my pm?15:59
rtgKano: I'm not registered, so I can't reply. (thats on purpose). This is supposed to be an open channel.16:00
Kanodoes not matter, i have pm free for all16:00
Kanoyou should not get any error16:00
Kanowhy did you disable b54legacy and not bcm43xx?16:01
Kanob54legacy is together with b54 triggered by ssb16:01
Kanothats what you can remove16:02
Kanobe sure to use the new fireware -> b54-fwcutter instead of bcm43xx-fwcutter16:03
Kanoalso ndiswrapper 1.52 was updated16:04
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Kanortg_: how about fixing the bcm43xx / b54legacy issue23:15

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