dholbachgood morning07:39
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smagounmoblin-applets in hardy depends on libhildon1>=2.0.1, which isn't in hardy (hardy instead has libhildon-1-0. That dependency isn't explicit in the debian/control file, so presumably a builder did the wrong thing? What's the right way to fix?15:17
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patmFenario, let me know if you get my swap day request, it complained when I submitted it15:46
smagounStevenK: ^^^^^^ it's only 0300 there, why aren't you still at work?? :P16:02
smagounMithrandir: ^^^^ re: moblin-applets16:29
ComradeHazHi gents. I trust I'm right in my belief ubuntu-mobiles not made it onto the HTC tytn II aka Kaiser aka AT&T Tilt16:48
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amitkComradeHaz: you are correct17:34
ComradeHazsucks to be right ;)17:36
d4ri0does a phone stack mostly use AT commands over a serial port?17:57
Mithrandirsmagoun: file a bug; we need to adjust the shlibs and rebuild moblin-applets.18:06
smagounMithrandir: thanks, I'll file a bug. The problem's actually in libhildon's rules file, I guess that's worth a bug too.18:21
ChickenCutlassMithrandir, Do you think it is ok to add an entry in NetworkManager's dbus config to allow the user ume access?18:23
ChickenCutlassMithrandir,  By doing so it fixes the nm-applet bug we talked about last week18:24
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rajitonyespy, you there?18:38
rajitonyespy_, you there?18:40
tonyespy_raji: yes18:40
rajitonyespy_, how did the testing go with marvel v9 driver?18:40
tonyespy_raji: I didn't get much further...  right now I'm trying to get our modified network-manager and nm-applet into the mobile ppa for hardy18:42
rajitonyespy_, I see , then I will test that today..18:42
tonyespy_raji: test the v9 driver?18:43
tonyespy_raji: on gutsy?18:43
rajitonyespy_, yes18:43
tonyespy_raji: OK...  18:44
tonyespy_raji: FYI, we're trying to switch to Hardy this week and it appears the v9 drivers aren't in Hardy.  I just cc'd you on an email to robr and  crew...18:45
rajitonyespy_, Another question, while rootcausing the 'create new network', I see that iw_set_ext in nm_device_802_11_wireless_set_mode is returning error, I used wext driver option for wpa_supplicant, 18:46
tonyespy_raji: with v8 or v9?18:46
rajitonyespy_ with ath_pci18:47
tonyespy_raji: that's the name of the module, not the version18:47
tonyespy_if you're using v8, you have to use the marvell-specific driver module in wpa_supplicant18:48
tonyespy_I'm not sure it's worh testing with v818:48
rajitonyespy_, I am testing with ath_pci on my samsung q1 ,not on our release hardware menlow...18:50
rajitonyesp_, it is ath_pci 0.918:51
tonyespy_raji: Oh...  ath_pci is the low-level module of the madwifi stack.  madwifi has very poor support for adhoc, so you probably won't get too far.18:51
tonyespy_raji: you have to manually switch the mode of the driver from infrastructure to adhoc-demo18:52
tonyespy_raji: even then it may not play with other non-Atheros wifi cards18:52
rajitonyespy_, I changed the wireless interface to use adhoc mode and changed the code to use 'wext' instead of madwifi18:52
tonyespy_raji: you would be *much* better off trying to test using the v9 driver on a crown beach...18:52
tonyespy_raji: I'm pretty sure "adhoc" mode doesn't work, however the separate "adhoc-demo" mode does....18:53
rajitonyespy_, I am not aware of that 'adhoc_demo', is it a mode18:53
tonyespy_raji: I haven't worked with madwifi for awhile... so most of this is from what I recall on the madwifi mailing list.18:54
rajitonyespy_ will try that on crown beach.. 18:55
tonyespy_raji: again, I think you're better off working with the Marvell / Crown beach combination cause that's what our customers will be using.  adhoc is tied very tightly to the driver being used.18:55
tonyespy_raji: keep me posted18:56
rajitonyespy_, another question , networkmanager 0.6.5 dont have ability to configure static ip , is it worth trying to root cause this as it anyway fails in the stage 518:57
tonyespy_raji: right now, there's no plan to do anymore work on nm 0.6.5.  If I were testing adhoc, I'd do so first without NM or wpa_supplicant and just try and use iwconfig/iwpriv, etc...18:59
tonyespy_raji: I'm not even sure adhoc works for *any* drivers in
rajitonyespy_, 0.6.5 doesnt support adhoc with 'any' driver, then I can just make sure if driver supports it or not .  19:02
rajitonyespy_, ok , I will try it on crownbeach and see what happens..I will let you know..19:03
tonyespy_raji: correct.  If the driver doesn't support it, then it's pointless to try it with NM and wpa_supplicant.   Good luck!19:04
d4ri0raji: 'ahdemo' mode is not 802.11 standard so it won't work with other cards unless they support it20:04
d4ri0raji: people like ahdemo (as opposed to ad-hoc) because there are no beacons, and the stations do not need to be associated in order to receive20:05
smagoun_bfiller__: I pushed a fix to bzr, but it doesn't show up on launchpad yet. Do you know if there's supposed to be a delay before my revision shows up on LP? 20:25
smagoun_StevenK: Please rebuild libhildon for Hardy to fix LP: 18904120:28
bfiller__smagoun_: yes, there will be a slight delay20:30
bfiller__StevenK: please build hildon-desktop as well as the patches are done20:31
smagoun_StevenK: Please rebuild moblin-applets too (LP: 189058)20:32
StevenKsmagoun, bfiller__: The simplest way is to either push the changes to bzr, and then ping me a lot to upload it, or just tell me what I screwed up and let me fix it. I'll fix libhildon, and wait for it to get published, and then rebuild moblin-applets, and then I'll look at hildon-desktop.21:44
smagounStevenK: I pushed the libhildon change to bzr already, it just needs uploading21:46
StevenKsmagoun: I saw that, thanks so much.21:47
StevenKsmagoun: And to answer your implied question about your push not showing up on Launchpad, it does take a little while to appear.21:47
smagounStevenK: I can give you a .dsc or a debdiff for the moblin-applets rebuild. I wasn't sure whether it's easier for you to use one of those or just do the rebuild yourself.21:47
smagounStevenK: thanks. I figured it out after a couple minutes of F5F5F5F5 :)21:48
StevenKsmagoun: To be completly honest, it's very easy to trigger a rebuild (it's only a new changelog entry), so I'll just fix it.21:49
smagounok, that's what I figured21:49
StevenKsmagoun: Maybe we want to think about putting moblin-applets into bzr?21:49
smagounStevenK: we could do that, sure.21:50
StevenKsmagoun: Right, libhildon uploaded. It will take until :04 or so to show up as published, and then another publisher cycle for the binaries. I have to wait until that publisher run is done before uploading moblin-applets or hildon-desktop.21:51
smagounStevenK: thanks much. Our nightly build will pick up the changes automatically at about 0800UTC21:52
StevenKsmagoun: About moblin-applets, let's play wait and see -- see how much stuff we need to change in it, and how much work we have to do together on it.21:52
StevenKsmagoun: At 0800UTC I should have all three (and *hopefully* libosso) sorted out.21:53
smagounok, that works too. We're fine working with patches for now.21:53
* StevenK kicks tomboy.21:54
smagounStevenK: BTW I filed bug 189058 for the moblin-applets rebuild22:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189058 in moblin-applets "Rebuild moblin-applets to fix bad libhildon dependency" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18905822:09
bfiller__StevenK: for some reason, debuild still fails even after fetching fresh hildon-desktop unless I use -i.bzr. What can I do to fix this?22:10
bfiller__StevenK: did I forget to commit something?22:10
StevenKbfiller__: No, the reason it fails is because it can't represent the changes to the files under .bzr22:12
bfiller__StevenK: how do I fix that?22:13
StevenKbfiller__: Export it from bzr as opposed to pulling -- you won't be able to push things into bzr from that one, but you won't have to add -i.bzr22:13
bfiller__StevenK: ok, thanks22:15
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MithrandirChickenCutlass_: no, we should fix it so that when the desktop session starts, pam_foreground knows you're on the console.22:22
StevenKsmagoun: Still around?22:24
smagounStevenK: yup22:24
StevenKsmagoun: Can you check git for m-i-c and see if fsets for m{ccaslin,enlow}-hardy-whatever still mention moblin-chat?22:25
smagounStevenK: Only the mccaslin-lpia and menlow-lpia fsets mention moblin-chat. I think this is correct.22:26
StevenKSounds good to me.22:27
StevenKsmagoun: When did you want to get the new m-i-c into Hardy?22:27
StevenKsmagoun: I have to upload it to fix mccaslin (since I'm a bozo), but if you're ready for the new shiny upstream, we can push that in.22:28
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smagounStevenK: anytime. I expect it might need to be coordinated with Mithrandir; I don't know how the nightly build gets its MIC, and the configs changed incompatibly at some point recently.22:29
smagounnightly build=the Ubuntu nightly; we have our MIC built for gutsy here22:29
smagounStevenK: If you want to push your fix now we can deal with shiny upstream later on. I don't want to lose out on MOTU points though! :)22:30
StevenKsmagoun: Right, I've pushed my fix.22:33
smagounStevenK: OK. What was your fix? do I need to redo the 0.40 package?22:40
StevenKsmagoun: My fix was to take the changes I made for menlow's fsets to the mccaslin fset.22:40
StevenKsmagoun: Which was in the diff I sent you22:40
smagounok, I think I pushed those into all the fsets save the moblin ones for 0.40, so we should be all set.22:41
smagounStevenK: I'm heading home, send me email if you need anything22:44
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