doofy`im confused, say i need to patch a package. I download the current source. Untar it, make the orig, dh_make it, edit the source code as necsarry and then debuild. What do I then do with the source changes? I upload the diff.gz to LP, but what about the actual source changes?00:09
RAOFdoofy`: They're in the diff.gz.  But that's not actually what you want to do.00:10
doofy`so assuming i found a bug that needs fixed in LP what would i do?00:11
RAOFThere it is!00:12
doofy`thats just changing stuff in the decsription under debian/control00:13
doofy`is the same relevant for actual changes of source code?00:13
RAOFdoofy`: Yes.  You generally want to use a patch system, but it's the same process.00:13
doofy`patch system?00:14
RAOFdoofy`: Such as dpatch, quilt, or simple-patch-sys (for CDBS).00:15
doofy`okay thats what I assumed00:15
doofy`where do the patches get uploaded to?00:15
RAOFThey're in the debdiff.00:16
RAOF(The patches end up in debian/patches, generally)00:16
doofy`they arent actually in the diff.gz though are they? I looked through it an saw nothing of that sort00:16
slangasekif they aren't, then something's gone wrong with your source package building00:17
slangasekthat's where all changes to the source are supposed to be placed; the orig.tar.gz is meant to be unmodified from upstream - or at least, unchanging in the archive for any given upstream version00:18
doofy`I can get everything to work with no errors... I just don't really understand what I'm doing and how its relevant to actually going through and fixing a bug. The documentation seems a little lacking in that aspect00:20
doofy`i suppose if i keep working on it ill figure it out, just started today00:20
geserdoofy`: if you want to patch an existing package: "apt-get source pkgname" to get an unpacked source directory, make your changes, add a new changelog entry (with dch -i), debuild -S to get a new source package, debdiff old.dsc new.dsc to get a debdiff00:21
doofy`then upload the debdiff to LP? that was MUCH easier to follow than the doc :) thank you00:23
cyberixI'll get some sleep now. I'll look at the package again after I wake up. Please advocate, unless you find something to complain about. http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=malbolge00:24
cyberixOh, and good night for now00:25
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blueyedWhy does lintian complain "W: jedit: unknown-section universe/editors"?00:56
pochublueyed: it should be "editors"00:59
blueyedpochu: thanks. But wasn't there something where you had to use "universe"?! I remember having to use section "universe/misc" or something similar for uploading to ppa.01:02
pochublueyed: for a ppa, but not for the archive :)01:02
pochublueyed: for ppa it's so it gets build-depends from universe or from whatever you specify in section01:03
pochublueyed: but for the archive the component is handled via overrides AFAIK.01:03
blueyedpochu: I see.. thanks.01:03
blueyedBut that may be "fixed" now for ppa.. IIRC I have not adjusted my latest virtualbox-ose-modules upload for ppa..01:07
Fujitsublueyed: Correct, everything in PPA is now overridden to main.01:24
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fmarierI've got a question regarding the "package removal policy" when the package has not yet been removed from Debian.01:31
fmarierI filed LP#175426 requesting the removal of "gengameng" in hardy since it is now superseded by flatzebra and has only ever been used by the burgerspace game.01:32
fmarierunfortunately, i haven't been able to request the removal from Debian since the new burgerspace hasn't made it into testing.01:33
FujitsuWhy does that stop you removing it from unstable?01:33
FujitsuWon't it stick around in testing until there are no rdepends?01:34
fmarierFujitsu: well, I'm not sure about that one and I'd rather not risk removing burgerspace entirely from Lenny...01:34
fmarierI was thinking about subscribing ubuntu-archive to the bug to try to get it removed from hardy before it gets sorted out in Debian01:37
fmarieraccording to LP#188292, it also fails to build from source, so I guess it wouldn't go into hardy anyways...01:39
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blueyedIf you know (and like) jEdit, please review: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=jedit :)02:06
bddebianHeya gang02:18
bddebianHello ion_02:19
ion_What’s up?02:19
bddebianWatching the SuperBowl, doing year end close for work and looking at some packages.  You? :-)02:24
ion_Superbowl was baseball, right?02:25
ion_I’m just resting and watching some crappy TV show. :-)02:25
bddebianNo superbowl is the "real" football ;-P02:25
ion_Ah, that. :-)02:26
ion_I don’t really know much about that sport, only that they guys are in clown suits and the game starts with one dude bending over, another sniffing his butt and the former throwing the ball to the latter.02:29
RAOF...And that they stop the game for commercial breaks :P02:30
bddebianA LOT :(02:31
RAOFOr because someone dropped the ball.  Or because someone *caught* the ball, or... ;)02:31
ion_Well, you can always fast-forward over the commercial breaks. And in my case, the sports, too. ;-)02:31
pwnguincant fast forward live tv02:32
ion_Put it on pause, let your DVR cache it for ½ hr, then come back and fast-forward over the ads. :-)02:33
protonchriscan't watch it at church either02:33
RAOFI'm not sure a 1/2 hour buffer would be sufficient.02:33
doofy`how does everyone analyze diffs once they are posted to LP? Is there programs that allow you to compare the changes?02:34
RAOFI tend to use "less"02:36
ion_A diff is already in a nice form to analyze. :-)02:36
ion_If it’s an interdiff with -p0, then patch the diff with it and compare with interdiff -p102:37
doofy`the file is huge in this case :o but i suppose it was for a version update of brasero02:38
RAOFYou could filterdiff out anything that's not in debian/02:38
doofy`would you suggest getting a mentor... I'd love to contribute to ubuntu and i'd like to get working as soon as i can02:39
RAOFI didn't have a mentor, but I suppose it depends on how you work.  If you're happy to ask the whole channel questions you probably don't need a mentor.02:40
doofy`i'd prefer to ask the channel questions :) so that answers it02:40
doofy`RAOF, how long did it take you to actually be able to work on things dilligently?02:41
RAOFNot too long, actually.  I started out by finding bugs in packages I wanted to use, finding that upstream had a patch that fixed it, and uploading debdiffs to LP.02:42
eddyMulany advice to tell debuild to not package the emacs backup files (*~) ?02:43
RAOFeddyMul: Remove them before debuilding? :)02:43
eddyMulRAOF: I've been doing that. It gets boring after a while....   :p02:44
doofy`RAOF, finding the bugs through launchpad or what?02:44
RAOFdoofy`: As in "oh, crap.  banshee appends a ", " to the end of all my files".02:44
RAOFdoofy`: Finding things that don't work like you want them to in software that *you* use.02:45
RAOFGetting things that you care about to work is a lovely incentive :)02:45
doofy`then you would just look for upstream versions of that software that had the necesarry modifications or would you actually do the coding?02:45
RAOFThe former; I'd look at the upstream bugzilla, and often someone else would have seen this and fixed it.02:46
RAOFOr I'd report it to the upstream bugzilla, and someone would make a patch which I could then integrate into the Ubuntu package.02:46
doofy`the people that are actually making the patches are the ones who work on specific projects usually, yes?02:48
RAOFIndeed.  And I've done a little work that way, too.02:48
RAOF(Banshee's cd-error-correction hookup code is mine, for example)02:49
RAOFIt was pretty simple, actually, and did something that I wanted.02:51
RAOFHurrah for open-source!02:51
doofy`im trying to figure out what im really interested in haha so i can figure out what to contribute to02:52
RAOFYup.  Start by working out what you're interested in :)02:52
doofy`its amazing to me how all this stays organized03:00
ion_When everyone keeps scratching her own itch, the whole keeps improving. :-)03:01
RAOFThe amazing power of theoretical capitalism :)03:01
bddebiandoofy`: It's far from organized (at least where upstream development is concerned)03:02
doofy`in some ways i feel im better suited working on some upstream project03:03
bddebianYou can certainly do both :-)03:03
bddebianImprove some upstreams build environment ;-)03:03
doofy`work on an upstream project and submit those patches for ubuntu :)03:04
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TheMusoWould a MOTU be so kind as to give liblouis a look over? I'm the uploader, so one ack should be fine: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=liblouis03:25
TheMusoAnd in turn, I shall review packages, starting in a few minutes.03:25
RAOFTheMuso: I'll take a look.03:26
TheMusoRAOF: Thank you very much.03:27
RAOFWhy must licesing suck?03:29
TheMusoRAOF: Yeah I know. I even asked upstream about this, and they said its all GPL v2.03:31
RAOFExcept for the exceptions and additional restriction, obviously.03:32
RAOFUnless they're actually just meant to clarify things which are already implicit in the GPL.03:32
RAOF(In which case it'd be nice for them to say that ;))03:33
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TheMusoWell, Sun's lawyers have to check that its all ok, and the guy who made it work with autotools said the code is fine, but yeah I know, its something I'm not sure of03:37
TheMusoA second opinion would be nice of course.03:37
RAOFIs that what vcs-svn is meant to be used for?  I thought vcs-svn was for when the packaging was in svn?03:38
TheMusoI don't know.03:39
TheMusoHrm maybe you're right.03:39
RAOFI think that https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2007-March/023332.html supports my understanding, but it's not direct.03:40
TheMusoYeah, I'll pull it then.03:41
TheMusoRAOF: If you aren't comfortable with the licesning, I understand. I don't like it much, but I'm told its GPL2, which is why I felt ok uploading it for review.03:44
RAOFTheMuso: If Sun thinks its valid GPL, then I'm happy enough with that.  You can at least say you investigated it to the best of your ability if the archive-admins reject it :)03:46
TheMusoYeah I know03:47
TheMusoI'll wait for a second opinion however, if one is forthcoming.03:47
firefly2442why does pbuilder download packages? http://pastebin.ca/89085603:51
ion_To satisfy dependencies03:52
firefly2442so, it didn't create a .deb file, how do I know what to fix?03:53
firefly2442I'm looking at another package as an example and I'm confused as to what I need to change03:54
imbrando1sun is normaly pretty decient about lic concerns , if they say gplv2 i would trust it imho03:54
firefly2442are there any more detailed instructions for packaging besides those on the wiki?03:55
vorianfirefly2442: http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/03:55
TheMusoimbrando1: Yeah I know. However, you should take a look at it, as there is an "all rights reserved" clause in the license.03:55
TheMusoHrm. ushare wasn't uploaded. Unless someone is doing that now, I'll do so.03:57
RAOFTheMuso: Any checks I can run on the binary?  I'm not really sure what it's meant to do :)03:57
TheMusoRAOF: What do you mean exactly? The binaries are only for testing the library.03:57
RAOFI'll just pass on the binary-testing, then.  You presumably know that they work :)03:58
TheMusoYeah, I was running all of them to see if I could get docs outa them. Doing tests just to make sure they worked was part of it.03:58
LucidFoxYay, got my first package into Debian03:58
TheMusoLucidFox: Cool.03:58
RAOFHm.  Thinking of which, I wonder if StevenK would like to close an ITP for me :)03:59
LucidFoxStevenK is a DD?04:00
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imbrandonLucidFox: correct ( as are alot of ubuntu devs )04:00
imbrandonLucidFox: but i wouldent let him hear you accuse him of being a DD :)04:00
RAOFTheMuso: Thinking of which, want to have another Sydney MOTU dinner sometime in the next couple of weeks?04:01
LucidFoxWell, I have another package on m.d.n needing sponsorship - I was wondering if he could help04:02
imbrandonLucidFox: your better off mailing the mentors ml, StevenK rarely sponsors packages he isnt involved with04:03
imbrandonbut i cant speak for him, just givein you a heads up04:04
ScottKslangasek: lucas took care of the QA upload before I left for the Superbowl part I was at.  Thanks though.04:04
TheMusoRAOF: Sure. You know there was one recently?04:04
TheMusoI didn't attend, but there was oe.04:04
imbrandonScottK: pats lost :(04:04
ScottKimbrandon: Aren't Boston and NYC pretty equidistant from KC?04:05
* imbrandon as a temp pats fan :)04:05
* ion_ misread that and thought imbrandon lost his pants.04:05
AlohaPlease review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=sadms04:09
LucidFoxHmm. Does it make sense to advocate a REVU package if the same software, but packaged by a different person, is waiting in Debian's NEW?04:18
LucidFox(specifically talking about libgee)04:18
RAOFNot really, IMO.04:18
RAOFThat's the second time that's happened recently, though.04:18
TheMusoRAOF: But if you want to ask the others if they're interested, I'd be happy to make the trip down to attend.04:20
RAOFWe might want to suggest more strongly people submitting packages to revu file ITPs, too.04:20
* minghua wonders if the Debian NEW package has an ITP.04:20
RAOFTheMuso: Cool.  I was in Perth for the last one, I now remember.04:20
LucidFoxyup, it does04:20
TheMusoWhere can one find out about how to submit an ITP? I intend to submit my package to Debian also.04:21
minghuawww.debian.org/wnpp I think04:21
TheMusoAnd, if not a maintainer, should I use mentors to host it?04:21
RAOFI use emacs' reportbug, myself.04:21
TheMusominghua: Thanks.04:21
TheMusoLucidFox: Thanks.04:21
minghuaYeah, that's the correct link. :-P04:22
LucidFoxslomo, perhaps you could look at the diff between your libgee and the one on REVU, and merge them once it passes NEW?04:22
minghuaEmacs's reportbug was bad last time I knew it.04:23
LucidFoxI don't use Emacs or reportbug, I file all bugs by mail04:24
LucidFoxDoes a Debian package need to pass NEW when moving from contrib to main?04:26
minghuaNo AFAIK.04:26
minghuaYou need a sourceful upload for contrib to main transition, unlike Ubuntu's main and universe.04:27
ScottKYou also need FTP masters to take some action on over-rides too, I believe.04:40
ScottKor maybe that's just priority04:40
slangasekyeah, I think it does end up in NEW in Debian04:55
minghuaOh.  Sorry for the misinformation.05:09
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richblhello all... I'm interested in doing some dev work, but specifically interested in user-interface design/development. Can someone recommend a good mailing list to join, or some pointers on where to go/who to contact? Thanks.05:31
RAOFrichbl: It sounds like you may be more interested in upstream development?  Most of the Ubuntu's interface comes straight from GNOME.05:32
richblRAOF: yeah, I've been tracking GNOME dev, and just got on their MLs... is there any UI work done here?05:34
RAOFAlthough there certainly are Ubuntu-only projects; the installer (Ubiquity), displayconfig-gtk, those sort of things.05:34
ScottK2Obsolete library removal bug filed.  Horray!05:34
richblRAOF: I'll take a look at those specifically. Is there a UI "lead" I should contact?05:35
richbl(for Ubuntu, that is)05:35
RAOFNot as far as I'm aware.05:35
RAOFIt's entirely possible that I just haven't been paying attention in the right places, though :)05:35
superm1richbl, if you are interested in improving the UI of ubiquity, pop in #ubuntu-installer and you can talk to evand and cjwatson05:35
ScottK2richbl: Do you have any interest in KDE?05:35
superm1richbl, although there was a share of usability that was discussed at UDS this last october05:36
superm1richbl, so there are pending changes05:36
richblScottK2: that's a good question... personally, I'm more familiar with Gnome and have more of a history there... but I'd be interested in at least following up with folk(s) on the KDE side of things05:36
superm1ScottK2, don't steal him!  he wanted to come to us first :)05:37
richblWhat's the process--in general--for handling UI consistency between us (dev) and designers (them) :)05:37
ScottK2richbl: The reason why I ask is in Kubuntu we've got a no kidding U/I usability expert for KDE doing a fair amount of work with us and so there's actual studies that you can base work off of.05:38
richblFor a quick background... I'm originally a dev from Microsoft (uh... I hope I don't get beaten)... did some dev/UI work on Flight Simulator a while ago (long long ago, it was Word 1.0)05:38
ScottK2Back when Flight Simulator was cool.05:38
ScottK2BTW, I wrote my college thesis with Word 1.005:39
richblI was kinda' responsible for getting FS from char to Windows (at least a good portion of UI)05:39
richblScottK2: cool... I still have an easter egg lurking in Winword 6.0 (pre-Office, IIFC)05:40
TheMusorichbl: ooo nice.05:41
TheMusorichbl: Nice to see you embracing the open source movement.05:41
ScottK2I never used the pre-Office Word on Windows.  Only on Mac.05:41
richblGood to know there's someone on KDE who does UI/consistency stuff... anyone on the Gnome side that does similar?05:41
ScottK2richbl: For KDE, there's some good linkage here: http://weblog.obso1337.org/2008/2007-kde-usability-reports/05:42
ScottK2richbl: If that leads you to ideas, you can certainly join us on #kubuntu-devel.05:42
richblTheMuso: yeah... I still have friends at MS these days, but my personal feeling is that the company just got too big... and it lost the "campus" feel...05:42
TheMusorichbl: For a start, GNOME has the GNOME interface guidelines, although thats not always looked upon favourably by Ubuntu devs.05:43
superm1i may be mistaken, but I thought mpt did usability for GTK stuff?05:43
TheMusosuperm1: afaik he does.05:43
richblScottK2: thanks, I'll check it out...05:43
superm1yeah i remember he sat in on the installer usability session05:43
superm1he also did a usability test on launchpad with me at UDS.05:43
TheMusosuperm1: same.05:43
richblVery cool that folks do usability testing... didn't know that... very cool.05:44
ScottK2Yeah.  Of course he's an LP developer which means he's alsmost certainly unqualified for U/I design IMO.05:44
richblwhat's LP dev?05:44
ScottK2Launchpad developer05:44
richblTheMuso: regarding the Gnome interface guidelines, any reason why they're not followed?05:45
ScottK2Launchpad is Canonical's distribution management system05:45
richblScott: gotcha... still getting my feet wet with tools05:45
ScottK2Ubuntu (no suprise) uses it.05:45
richblevery FOSS project seems to have their own way ;)05:45
ScottK2Yes, well Launchpad isn't a FOSS project (just to be clear).05:46
RAOFWhich is part of what Launchpad is meant to solve.05:46
richblgotcha... I'll take a look and see... I think I've filed bugs through it... if that's the same tool for public bug filing...05:47
RAOFAnd is what's given as the reason it's *not* open-source (yet, apparently).05:47
ScottK2There are lots of reasons given, none of which make a lot of sense to me, but don't worry, I'm not going to do another 4 hour rant on LP should be Free.05:48
richblHA! I think I'll politely step around the issue for the moment...05:49
ScottK2No problem.05:49
* ScottK2 wonders if it's a coincidence that LP is suddenly oopsing on me.05:50
richblSo... to sum... I have some actions to follow-up on the Kubuntu side (another IRC channel) ... anything I can do for follow-up on the Gnome side?05:50
richbl(pardon me if I've missed anything in the scroll)05:50
superm1richbl, i'd say you should try to talk to mpt if you get a chance05:50
superm1he can point you in the right direction05:51
richblah yes... got his page up now05:51
superm1best of luck05:51
RAOFPlease polish my favourite GNOME :)05:52
richblTheMuso, if you're still around... you had mentioned that the Gnome interface guide really doesn't seem to get followed... can you elaborate please? Is it a bad guide, or else?05:52
ScottK2RAOF: Are you familiar with the mesa library packages?05:55
ScottK2tonyyarusso: Are you around?05:56
RAOFScottK2: I've played with building nouveau's DRI?  I'm not particularly familiar with the packaging, though.05:56
ScottK2OK.  I'm trying to understand some transitions to figure out what to do with a merge.05:56
ScottK2I'm gonna ask anyway.  Maybe I'll get lucky05:57
ScottK2xlibmesa-gl-dev xlibmesa-gl xlibmesa-glu are Sarge -> Etch transitional packages, but they don't appear in Ubuntu until Edgy.05:57
ScottK2So I was hoping you'd know if we need to keep depends on those for Hardy or not.  It doesn't seem to me that it'd help Dapper - Hardy.05:59
ScottK2But I've really no idea.05:59
RAOFI don't know either, sorry.05:59
ScottK2Maybe someone else ...05:59
RAOFI've only really been playing around with mesa in Gutsy/Hardy.05:59
tonyyarussoScottK2: I am.06:04
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ScottK2tonyyarusso: I noticed the other day that kompozer is in the top 20 packages not in Debian by popcon.06:13
ScottK2I think it you modified your package for Debian, you'd have an easy time getting sponsored.06:14
tonyyarussoScottK2: Yeah, the "be a good citizen and contribute back to Debian" thing has been smoldering on the to-do list for a long time.  However, since Debian doesn't have as stringent of deadlines to worry about, my personal life is super busy, and I want to make sure I do my research well enough to make sure I do it "the right way", I've been putting it off so far.06:16
tonyyarussoScottK2: However, last spring I did talk with asac and Kaze, and I think we were able to get most if not all non-dfsg stuff removed from it already, so that helps.06:17
RAOFtonyyarusso: While you're here, I don't suppose you follow the gstreamer-devel ML?  Slomo (I think) has just posted a tempo/bpm-finding plugin to it, a week ago or so.06:17
ScottK2tonyyarusso: Debian is getting close to their first soft freeze for the next release, so it's be really good to do it sooner rather than later.06:17
tonyyarussoScottK2: Can you provide me a date offhand?06:18
tonyyarussoRAOF: I don't, although I may have to go check out the archives after today to look for that.  Any idea what stage it was at?06:19
RAOFtonyyarusso: Checked in to cvs & pretty much ready to roll, I think.  I'll check my backlog.06:20
tonyyarussoRAOF: cool!06:20
ScottK2tonyyarusso: Full freeze is sched in July, but things start getting frosty in March.06:20
tonyyarussoScottK2: All right - I have two days off in February, a week in March, and my hecticness-index will drop by about half in early June, so I'll see what I can do.06:21
RAOFtonyyarusso: Yup.  Checked in to gst-plugins-bad cvs, as of the 27th.  As well as a commit to gstpitch, which may make gstreamer a one-stop shop for you :)06:22
tonyyarussomeanwhile, looking at Thunderbird, Wireshark, and Claws to see how I should do the transition for Dapper upgraders06:22
tonyyarussoRAOF: Wow - and with that it could actually be scripted on a command line I would think, right?06:22
RAOFgst-launch is a fine tool, if you don't need the abilities that python-gstreamer gives you :)06:23
ScottK2tonyyarusso: The Claws one is done properly.  I haven't looked at the rest.06:23
ScottK2Good night all.  I'm off to bed.06:23
AlohaScottK, night06:26
tonyyarussoIt seems odd to me that the transition packages have a Depends to pull in the new one, but nothing to actually get rid of the obsolete package other than a not in the description saying "this can be removed afterwards", but they all seem to do it the same way, so I guess I won't argue too much...06:39
tonyyarussoPolicy check: Are we trying to have "Ubuntu MOTU Developers" listed as the maintainer of everything in universe?06:40
StevenKNot everything.06:48
StevenKEverything that has Ubuntu changes06:48
minghuatonyyarusso: If you have a better idea to handle transition packages, by all means let everyone know.06:48
minghuaI think binary packages compiled from directly imported Debian packages also have "Maintainers" field changed these days?06:49
tonyyarussominghua: I'm not sure of the inner workings of the different keywords (Replaces, Conflicts, etc.) - would any of them do something reasonable?  If not, how come nobody's implemented a keyword for this yet?  (it seems to come up a lot)06:50
tonyyarussoStevenK: So if it is a package that is NOT in Debian at all (yet), and thus has a 0ubuntuX version naming, would that fall into that category or not?06:51
minghuatonyyarusso: What function are you proposing a keyword for?  "This package makes package foo obsolete, so you can remove foo after you install this one"?06:52
minghuatonyyarusso: Not important and frequent enough to worth a keyword, IMHO.06:52
tonyyarussominghua: yeah, such that it would automatically remove foo after a successful installation of the replacement.06:52
tonyyarussominghua: fair enough - I don't really know how often it is; just seemed like someone might have tried it for elegance.06:53
minghuaThe "automatically installed" feature already implemented should solve part of this problem anyway.06:53
tonyyarussoDoh.  I'm going to have to submit one of the most trivial bug reports known to mankind.  I just noticed a typo in a Tracker applet notice.06:55
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LucidFox"Conflicts: foo" means "This package will not install if foo is installed"06:55
LucidFox"Replaces: foo" means "foo will be automatically uninstalled prior to installing this"06:55
RAOFLucidFox: That's not true?  Replaces: means "dpkg will not complain when I overwrite files owned by that package"?06:56
tonyyarussoReplaces sounds close, but I'd think it would want to be a "wait and make sure this one installs okay first, then uninstall it" kind of thing.06:56
LucidFoxRAOF, tonyyarusso> Makes sense.06:56
minghuaLucidFox: Not true for Conflicts as well.06:57
LucidFoxSo replaces means "Ignore errors about existing files owned by foo, and uninstall foo after this package is installed"?06:57
RAOFYes to the first, no to the second.  Both packages will be installed, but the files in both packages will now be owned by the most-recently-installed package.06:58
minghuaYou can have versioned Replaces, which makes moving files between packages possible.06:58
LucidFoxRAOF> Ah.06:59
LucidFoxbut if both conflicts and replaces are present, the old package _will_ be uninstalled, right?07:00
ScottK2If two packages provide the same file (no matter the version) in the same namespace, then they either need to conflict or use update-alternatives.07:07
sorenOr "Replaces"07:08
sorenScottK2: ^07:08
tonyyarussoScottK2: btw, where are you getting the data for this "top 20" thing?  I'm not sure where to look.07:09
LucidFoxAre Qt4 packages under GPLv3+ allowed?07:10
LucidFox(I know that Qt3 is)07:10
warp10Good morning07:10
LucidFoxHello, warp1007:11
sorenScottK2: And update-alternatives doesn't fix the namespace issue on its own. Both packages need to provide a differently named file and update-alternatives provides the mechanism for one of them to obtain the "conflicting" name.07:11
warp10heya LucidFox!07:11
sorenScottK2: Maybe you're thinking of dpkg-divert?07:12
tonyyarussoOh yeah, that was the other thing I needed to learn.  How to do changes as a debdiff instead of the whole thing, or however that works.07:12
mikemorrisonhello all. i'm trying to get my program into ubuntu (multiverse perhaps?) but i'm not exactly sure on the procedure .. i've followed the instructions and even tried to upload it to revu(i don't think it worked). now i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do next. can anyone steer me in the right direction?07:12
LucidFoxmikemorrison> Did you join the Ubuntu contributors team?07:13
LucidFoxmikemorrison> If you did, ask a REVU admin to sync the keyring - after that, you will be able to upload to REVU07:14
ScottK2soren: Yes.  That's true.07:16
ScottK2tonyyarusso: There was some wnpp discussion on (I think) debian-devel ML where it came up recently.07:16
tonyyarussoHmm, I know normally debian/changelog has something like (LP: #180382) after each thing, but I have a bug that was marked as "Fix Released" by a previous version, but this version addresses a concern brought up later in a comment on the old bug.  Should I still reference the bug in the changelog?07:16
tonyyarussoScottK2: presumably there's a fair bit lurking in packaging documentation as well?07:17
tonyyarussonvm me, I can't keep my different questions straight.  ty.07:17
ScottK2soren: I was thinking of alternatives as a way to work around the namespace collision is a softer way than conflicts.07:17
sorenScottK2: Indeed.07:17
ScottK2tonyyarusso: If you aren't fixing the bug that was filed, then I wouldn't mention the bug in the changelog.07:18
mikemorrisonLucidFox: yes, i joined in december. i was able to upload to revu, but the package never showed up.07:18
* ScottK2 really going to bed now.07:19
LucidFoxmikemorrison> Did you upload the changes file?07:19
LucidFoxAnd was it a source package that you were trying to upload?07:20
mikemorrisonyeah it was a changes files, but it was binary only deb.07:21
techno_freakthe diff file says "+    - zoom in/out support (xine-lib)." what is the package for the xine-lib?07:21
Fujitsumikemorrison: It needs to be a _source.changes.07:22
mikemorrisonwell, i haven't released the source code for my program. so how do i get a binary only package uploaded? or is that not possible? i thought that is what multiverse was for...07:24
ScottK2As a rule it's for source packages that have limitations on distribution or modification that preclude Universe.07:25
ScottK2Additionally, I doubt many MOTUs are going to be interested in expending effort on getting binary only packages into the archive.07:26
ScottK2So even if it's legal, it's not easy.07:26
* ScottK2 really really going to bed. Good night again.07:28
mikemorrisonScottK2: thanks for the info.. gnight07:28
LucidFoxmikemorrison> Why don't you release the source?07:32
mikemorrisonamong other reasons, i haven't decided on a license yet, and the code currently isn't really in a state that i wish to make available.07:34
* tonyyarusso never likes that reason07:35
tonyyarussoIsn't that exactly why it would help to make it available?07:36
RAOFAlso, why would it be good enough to be in the Ubuntu archives if the code isn't good enough to release?07:36
mikemorrisonhaha.. i certainly don't mean the code is bad or anything.. i just mean i don't have comments and the coding style isn't necessarily consistent throughout07:38
minghuaYeah, RAOF's seems to be the most important question to me.07:38
* Fujitsu doesn't think we really want to distribute closed, never before heard of software to our poor users.07:39
dholbachgood morning07:39
FujitsuHey dholbach.07:40
warp10heya dholbach07:40
dholbachhey Fujitsu07:40
dholbachheya warp1007:40
dholbachhow's it going?07:40
cyberixGood morning.07:40
dholbachheya cyberix07:41
FujitsuNot bad, dholbach. Yourself?07:41
cyberixI'm looking after first advocate for my package malbolge. I've fixed all broblems that have been brought up. http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=malbolge07:41
dholbachvery good :)07:41
mikemorrisonFujitsu: haha.. yeah i see your point. i've released my program for the maemo platform(nokia n800/n810) and after going through that procedure i just thought it would be neat to have in ubuntu as well.07:42
cyberixmikemorrison: You are right. Multiverse is for binary only packages.07:46
FujitsuNot just for binary-only packages.07:46
RAOFcyberix: Not entirely.  Mplayer is (or was) in multiverse.07:46
minghuaI would even bet on that multiverse contains more source-available packages than binary-only one.07:47
cyberixNo, but "binary only packages" should go into Multiverse.07:47
Alohawho puts packages in multiverse? MOTU?07:47
FujitsuWell, they shouldn't really go into multiverse, but that's the best place they can go within Ubuntu.07:48
minghuaAloha: Yes, MOTU are responsible for both universe and multiverse.07:48
Alohaminghua, thnx07:48
cyberixmikemorrison: The problem is that you need two MOTUs to advocate your package and MOTUs are not really willing to work on such packages as they do not appreciate them.07:48
superm1cyberix, i don't know that you can speak for everyone on that07:49
cyberixmikemorrison: So you need to have powerfull friends as MOTUs or get some powerfull friends from among MOTUs.07:49
LucidFoxmikemorrison> Don't be ashamed of the code07:49
cyberixmikemorrison: On the other hand it will be a lot easier to add those comments to the source, or to just post the source with lacking comments.07:50
LucidFoxYou won't believe how many free software has _really_ bad code07:50
cyberixsuperm1: I'm talking about my own experience about trying to get a binary package into Ubuntu.07:50
LucidFoxand yet its developers don't hesitate to open it - even if they can't prettify it, others will07:50
superm1cyberix, i believe it really depends on the type of binary package07:50
superm1take for example alsa-firmware07:51
superm1that will be multiverse destined07:51
superm1and we were able to push it in and out of revu within today07:51
cyberixYes, if it seems important you may earn diplomacy points.07:51
cyberixI suppose this is not the case.07:51
superm1on the other hand packaging say a windows executable that is wrapped around a wine launcher, that's less likely to gain acceptance after the previous fiasco07:52
cyberixOn the other hands I did manage to get two advocates for a packaged windows binary, while my current public domain, unix software doesn't seem to get any advocay.07:52
superm1ah that was you :)07:52
minghuaWell, it's hard to appreciate binary-only packages, as there needs to be other incentives.  But a blanket statement of "MOTUs are not really willing to work on such packages as they do not appreciate them" is too much IMO.07:53
LucidFoxmikemorrison> As for the license, we can help you choose one, depending on what you want others to be able to do with your code07:53
* Fujitsu wasn't amused with pq.07:53
LucidFoxit's not really that important what license you choose, as long as it's free - as the copyright holder, you can always relicense it07:53
LucidFoxor double-license07:53
cyberixGPLv3 would be the most restrictive?07:56
minghuaThere was a thread on debian-devel about the highest popcon rank packages that are not in the archive, which is an interesting read.  It would be nice if we can view binary-only packages for Ubuntu in a similar way.07:56
Fujitsuminghua: Someone would have to go through and work out which multiverse packages are binary-only...07:57
minghuacyberix: I'd suggest you read the license or talk with someone who understands them before choosing one, instead of asking such general questions.07:57
minghuaFujitsu: Yeah.  What I really meant, though, it that we should have some policy of "no binary-only packages unless there is evidence of a significant user base".07:58
dholbachWOW, we've had some busy reviewers07:59
FujitsuThe official multiverse policy is anything that's distributable, I believe.07:59
superm1dholbach, you missed a fun revu day :)07:59
* dholbach adds all the NEW packages to http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/ReportingPage07:59
minghuaFujitsu: Right.  What about s/policy/recommendation/?08:00
Fujitsuminghua: We don't have one, I don't think.08:01
minghuaIt would be my personal criterion, regardless.  Not that I do much REVU review, of course.08:01
mikemorrisonyeah i am going to spend some time reading up on the licenses ... i already know gpl2/3 fairly well but i'd like to read up on others before i make my decision.08:01
superm1TheMuso, don't forget to upload liblouis.  I didn't see it in NEW yet.08:01
LucidFoxmikemorrison> Whichever license you pick, I'd recommend it to at least be GPL compatible. This rules out CDDL, Creative Commons, and the original BSD (revised BSD is fine).08:04
mikemorrisonLucidFox: is that so contributors can incorporate gpl code into it?08:07
mikemorrisonif any of you wanna try my program out, it's here: http://mike.yi.org/projects/quiver08:07
LucidFoxmikemorrison> So that others can use your code in GPL projects08:08
RAOFHm.  Before I finish this crazy multiarch hack, who here thinks that rewriting the pkgconfig files for some dependencies during the build process is too evil to upload?08:11
FujitsuModiying other packages' files? That sounds quite bad.08:11
RAOFBut only in the build environment, and only to temporary copies.08:12
RAOFBut it is indeed bad.08:12
minghuaStill sounds VERY bad to me.08:13
RAOFAlternatively, ia32-libs-dev could exist and ship pkgconfig files.08:13
RAOFHm.  Or, now that I think of it, I could do a wine and create the symlinks myself...08:13
mok0ScottK2: are you awake?08:14
RAOFI'd still need to copy pkgconfig files to some temporary build directory, but I wouldn't have to feed them through sed first.08:14
RAOFI'll give that a whirl.08:14
Fujitsumok0: He went to bed some time ago.08:18
mok0Fujitsu: I thought he might have :-)08:18
rulusI'd like to have a review of gtkvd (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gtkvd) please. Thanks :)08:43
TheMusosuperm1: I was hoping for a second opinion on the licesning.09:31
DaveMorriswhat happens to the packages which have been upload to revu, need fixing yet haven't been touched for months?09:35
FujitsuDaveMorris: The sit around and rot.09:36
FujitsuAnd generally clutter things.09:36
DaveMorriswould it be wrong to encourage people to finish them off (ie not the people who have abandoned them), since there are always hope-fulls who ask "is there a program I can package?"09:37
isaacuhm, what distribution should I put in debian/changelog for uploads?09:41
Fujitsuisaac: hardy09:41
isaacok, lintian complaints about that09:41
FujitsuPlease get an updated lintian from <yourrelease>-backports.09:42
isaacbut I am using hardy09:42
isaacshouldn't it have an up-to-date lintian?09:43
isaacand the lintian in REVU complained too09:44
slicerI saw my package got uploaded from revu (yaaaay!!!). Is there another step that needs to be done before I can tell people to 'aptitude install mumble'?09:44
DaveMorrisisaac: what package?09:45
siretartslicer: you need to find someone to look at your package and upload it to ubuntu. revu is just a platform to present your package to potential sponsors09:48
slicersiretart: I know :) I've been through revu, got two adovocations, and the last one said "uploading".09:49
isaacDaveMorris: unblock-signals09:49
TheMusowrong tab09:50
persiasuperm1: REVU day isn't even half-over yet (although it will be in about 17 minutes).10:13
persiaDaveMorris: Packages that haven't had a comment or upload in about 3 months get archived.  The rest sit and rot.  If you want one, feel free to poke the previous packager, and take over if they don't mind or don't respond.  Note that there will be a quiet period until the next release.10:14
persiaslicer: Once a package has been uploaded to the NEW queue, it requires the attention of an archive-admin.  There aren't very many archive admins, and they are busy, so this can take quite a while.  If you know there is a bug that needs fixing, prep your changes to apply as soon as the package is accepted into the archive.10:15
mok0The number of packages in REVU is astonishing10:16
persiamok0: In total, or awaiting review?10:16
mok0persia: ... well, both ;-)10:17
TheMusopersia: I'd like your opinion on the licesning of liblouis, which is on REVU. RAOF gave it the ok, but I'm still not 100% sure, although upstream said it is fine.10:17
mok0persia: I counted 47 awaiting review some time ago10:17
dholbachhttp://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/ReportingPage looks really busy this time :)10:17
persiadholbach: Is it just you who updates that?  Perhaps we need to get people from each of the MOTU teams to write up a snippet.  (e.g. Science, Java, Python, Games, QA, REVU, etc.)10:19
dholbachpersia: I announced it a couple of times, but up until now it was mostly me who edited it10:19
persiamok0: That's an improvement over 24 hours ago :)10:19
dholbachI'd appreciate more people adding their news items to it - the MOTU team has a lot of stories to tell10:19
* persia plots and schemes to determine how to get more updates10:20
slicerpersia: Ah, thanks. Is there somewhere I can track it's progress in the new queue?10:21
persiaslicer: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+queue10:21
LucidFoxbeat me to it :)10:22
slicerThanks again :)10:22
persiaLucidFox: OK.  You get the next three :)10:22
* mok0 is impressed at persia's keyboarding skills...10:22
mok0ubotu, ! queue10:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about queue - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:23
mok0ubotu, ignorant as usual10:23
LucidFox!queue is The Ubuntu NEW queue can be found at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+queue10:24
mok0ubotu, ! queue10:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about queue - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:26
mok0ubotu: Lucidfox just told you!10:26
persiamok0: It takes a while for the bot wranglers to moderate new knowledge.10:28
mok0persia: I know, just teasing him10:28
slytherinpersia: Do you have any update on w3c-dtd-xhtml issue?10:42
persiaslytherin: No.  Did I say I was chasing that?  I thought you were uploading a fix to Ubuntu.10:43
slytherinpersia: What I meant to ask was if man-di_ gave any update on this. Sorry for confusion. I think now i should fix it in Ubuntu itself.10:44
persiaslytherin: Better to ping him directly, but you might want to check the status of the relevant Debian packages from packages.qa.debian.org first.10:45
slytherinpersia: No change in the package. Also the bug has no comments added in past week. I will ping man-di_, but I will also ready the fix for Ubuntu10:47
smarterHi everybody10:47
slytherinsmarter: hi10:48
smarterI've updated my kepas(kde4 plasma applet) and extremetuxracer(3D course game) packages, could someone please review them? ;) http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=extremetuxracer and http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=kepas thanks!10:50
smarter(I'm currently uploading the extremetuxracer package)10:50
LucidFoxsmarter> compat 6?10:52
LucidFoxoh, debhelper 6 is out10:52
geserLucidFox: yes, and also already in hardy10:53
LucidFoxyes, I see now :)10:53
=== Kopfgeldjaeger is now known as KGJ|will_nen_eee
lagaKGJ|will_nen_eee: buy one10:55
KGJ|will_nen_eeelaga: cant get one. out of stock. next next shipment in <11:08
KGJ|will_nen_eee>1 months11:08
slytherinWhat does this condition mean found in postinst, if [ ! -s /usr/share/sgml/html/entities/xhtml ]; then11:09
lagaKGJ|will_nen_eee: local stores might have one. our promarkt does, iirc11:09
persiaslytherin: -s means "exists and has size of more than 0 bytes",  ! means not.11:10
slytherinpersia: thanks11:10
persiaslytherin: man test will give you further information on [] tests11:10
slytherinChanges to postinst should show up in debdiff, right?11:21
persiaslytherin: Yes.11:22
CoperCan someone review my new package http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=console-freecell11:29
TheMusoGood night folks.11:37
LucidFoxCoper> commented11:38
CoperLucidFox: okej, will check after work. :) is my mv from usr/bin to usr/games correct?11:42
LucidFoxI assume so11:43
LucidFoxoh, wait!11:43
LucidFoxthen debian/dirs _is_ needed11:43
LucidFoxdisregard that comment11:43
persiaTheMuso: Good night.  I've left a comment on liblouis for you in the morning.  I'm not sure it's DFSG-free :(11:43
=== Igorot_ is now known as Igorot
rexbronCan someone take a look at OpenLibraries and openFX? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=openlibraries http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=openfx11:49
persiavemon: I was just looking at whysynth on REVU, and noticed it didn't have the patches.  I thought upstream got back to you on that.11:53
* Hobbsee waves11:56
effie_jayxMorning all12:05
effie_jayxhey Hobbsee12:05
Hobbseehiya effie_jayx!12:06
Hobbseefixed the world yet?12:06
effie_jayxheheheh I am into fixing something today :D I have time to kill12:06
persiaeffie_jayx: Have you already picked something out?12:14
effie_jayxper I am trying to find something by myselft12:14
effie_jayxpersia,  I got some suggestions on a package update I tried months ago12:15
persiaeffie_jayx: OK.  Good luck.  If you want to work on the last remaining bug on the package you touched recently, I'll owe Hobbsee less :)12:15
effie_jayxpersia,  the sound one?12:15
persiaeffie_jayx: I was thinking of the sound one, but if you've a pending update, it's better to look at that, because of the impending freeze.12:15
Hobbseepersia: you still owe bugfixes to all the bugs in the archive :)12:15
effie_jayxpersia,  right...12:16
persiaHobbsee: Nah.  I only owe you fixes for MIDI and game sound.  The rest are available for anyone to help with.12:16
Hobbseepersia: that can cahgne :)12:17
cyberixaepersia: Going to advocate malbolge?12:21
cyberixaepersia: Maybe someone else would take a look, if it already had one advocate.12:21
persiacyberixae: No.  I don't think it is a service to malbolge users to have it packaged.  It simplifies things too much, and the frustration of not being able to use it once installed doesn't quite make up for that.12:21
* Hobbsee wonders what it is12:22
persiacyberixae: On the other hand, the packaging looks fine.12:22
cyberixaeHobbsee: Interpreter for an esoteric research programming language.12:23
persiaHobbsee: a programming language designed to be difficult to use.12:23
cyberixaeThe point is not that it should be difficult to setup.12:23
persiahttp://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/malbolge-0801211640/malbolge-0.1.1/malbolge.txt is fun reading12:23
cyberixaeI packaged it because I wanted to apt it to try out some programs written in malbolge.12:24
cyberixaeAnd I think other people have done that too.12:24
persiacyberixae: Is the file wrong then?  I thought "So far, no Malbolge programs have been written.  Thus, we cannot give an example." was accurate.  If there are actual programs, it should be updated.12:24
cyberixaeThere are12:25
cyberixaeBut that is the original text file12:25
cyberixaeI don't think it should be modified12:25
Hobbseepersia: that guy is sick.  and the file was written in 9812:25
cyberixaeJust like research papers are not modified12:25
persiaLucidFox: Did you come to a determination on libgee?  Should it be included, or pulled from Debian?12:25
persiaHobbsee: Yes.12:25
* broonie notes that Ubuntu includes two INTERCAL implementations.12:26
cyberixaeThe file does mention that it has been written in 9812:26
persiacyberixae: In that case, I'd recommend adding a debian/README.Debian with updates.12:26
Hobbseepersia: if, God forbid, anyone wishes to write in that, then they deserve to go to the depths of hell.  actually, they wouldn't be running ubutnu anwyay12:26
Hobbseei can see the case where an ubuntu user wants to use a crack compiler to run a crack-filled app, written in it, though12:26
cyberixaepersia: What would README.Debian then contain?12:27
persiaHobbsee: Perhaps you'd like to review it then?12:27
* Fujitsu wonders when libgtk2-malbolge will appear.12:27
lagaFujitsu: lmao12:27
persiacyberixae: Information about the current state, and documentation of the inaccuracies of malbolge.txt that have developed over the past 10 years.12:28
Hobbseepersia: i could just do a [23:22] <persia> cyberixae: On the other hand, the packaging looks fine. <ack>12:28
cyberixaeFujitsu: How about a malbolge interpreter written in malbolge?12:28
persiaHobbsee: If you did that, I'd have to add a rejection comment based on the philosophy, and I've already promised I wouldn't without provocation.12:28
slytherinDoes anyone know why update-maintainer script adds ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com when the package is in main. Shouldn't it be ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com12:28
persiaslytherin: Posting to ubuntu-devel is restricted, so it points to a list that can actually receive mail.12:29
Hobbseepersia: it's not that12:29
LucidFoxpersia> I'd discuss the libgee issue with slomo12:29
Hobbseeslytherin: see the audiences between u-d-d and u-d12:29
Hobbsee[23:22] <persia> cyberixae: On the other hand, the packaging looks fine.12:29
LucidFoxsince he uploaded the Debian package12:29
persiaLucidFox: OK.  I'll ignore the package then.  It was just on my list as you'd indicated it needed attention before.12:29
Hobbsee# https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2006-December/000227.html12:29
Hobbsee# https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelModeration12:29
effie_jayxpersia,  if there is a freeze ... I think there is no good reason for justifying that update12:29
Hobbseethat one12:30
effie_jayxI could do it for the sport12:30
slytherinpersia: Hobbsee: Ok, thanks for info.12:30
persiaeffie_jayx: If there's no good reason to include it for hardy, no real point now.  Next cycle maybe.12:30
effie_jayxpersia,  yes, definetely ... I am fechting for another bug... any suggestions?12:30
persiaeffie_jayx: There's about 800 patches out there that need review and packaging into debdiffs.  Be nice to evaluate them, and either remove the patch flag and leave a comment explaining why the patch doesn't fix the bug or wrap them in a debdiff and submit to the sponsors queue.12:32
persiaeffie_jayx: There's a couple links to useful searches for those from http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/12:32
slytherinpersia: Can you please check if this debdiff for w3c-dtd-xhtml looks fine? http://paste.ubuntu.com/4163/ Please note that package is in main.12:32
effie_jayxpersia,  let me try some12:32
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: fix rbot :)12:33
effie_jayxHobbsee,  rbot?12:33
persiaslytherin: Looks relatively sane to me, but I'm not very familiar with that package, nor the rdepends.12:33
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: it's uninstallable due to ruby - there's a few others as well12:33
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: it needs ruby 1.8 to build, not 1.9, and debian's screwed with it's numbering.12:34
slytherinpersia: I am just adding symlinks, so rdepends should not be affected.12:34
CoperLucidFox: was there no more comments on my package?12:34
effie_jayxHobbsee,  bug link?12:34
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: no idea if tehre is one12:34
persiaslytherin: I'll agree with *should*, but I'm not qualified to be sure :)12:34
* Hobbsee just noticed it become uninstallable, and checked why12:34
slytherinpersia: Ok. I will attach the debdiff and let core devels decide that.12:35
cyberixaeREADME.Debian or README.debian?12:36
effie_jayxHobbsee,  is that the only reason?12:38
LucidFoxCoper> No, I have no other objections12:38
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: i think so12:38
* Hobbsee wonders where her chocolate went12:38
slytherinpersia: Done. Now if it gets accepted within a day we can fix lucene2 by Wednesday.12:40
persiaslytherin: Excellent.  I look forward to that.  Please update the lucene2 bug indicating that progress is underway.12:40
geserHobbsee: LP ate it :)12:48
Hobbseethat's be right.12:48
effie_jayxHobbsee,  Depends: ruby (>= 1.8), ruby (<< 1.9),12:49
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: yeah.  which did work, till debian decided to use strange numbering.12:50
Hobbseethey say why in their bug - but it's still odd.12:50
Hobbseebecause nwo it doesn't correspond to the actual version of ruby12:50
persiashibata: poppler-data commented.  Please update: it'd be great to get this in hardy.12:53
shibatapersia: thank you.12:53
effie_jayxpersia,  I was looking at some bugs.. and some don't even have a patch... they just point to were the new upstream release is...12:55
persiaeffie_jayx: Sometimes the upstream bug has a patch, or a pointer to the commit that fixed the problem.  If it is labeled "patch", and you can't find a fix from the information provided, remove the "patch" information, and leave a comment explaining why.  If you aren't sure, feel free to share your research in this channel to get a second opinion.12:56
effie_jayxpersia,  well I saw this one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kipina/+bug/95842.. I am unsure of what I have to do... they is no patch for me to apply and test12:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 95842 in kipina "kipina crashes on launch" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:59
persiashibata: Just a few notes on kita2: that one looks a lot better.  Thanks for digging that up, and pushing it.12:59
slytherinpersia: Should I log a tracker bug for 'Phase out sun-java5-* packages'. I received no reply to my mail on MOTU list.13:00
effie_jayxHobbsee,  the fix would be to just depend on the 1.8 version only13:00
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: yeah, i suspect so13:01
persiaslytherin: Sure.  Listing the affected packages would make sense.  Also, you might try poking doko to get another opinion.13:01
Hobbseein which case, they just all need changing to it13:01
effie_jayxHobbsee,  the guy must have a pretty good reason for having that there. but he is not responding13:01
persiaeffie_jayx: I don't see a patch there, and don't think it deserves the "patch" tag.  On the other hand, it might benefit from the "upgrade" tag, if kipina still needs to go to 0.2 (or newer), and it might be a good place for you to test your upgrade skills (although that's a feisty bug, so the package may have been updated, in which case the bug can be closed)13:02
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: what do you mean?13:02
effie_jayxHobbsee,  the package maintainer in debian, he is not responding ... he has duplicate bugs and no reply13:03
effie_jayxpersia,  it's like the fifth but I check and it is the same13:03
dokoslytherin: no, please let them stay13:04
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: ah yes, right13:04
cyberixaepersia: I cannot reach my GPG key right now. So, I have to get home to perform an uplaod. Does this -Ã> http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/u/twruottu/README.Debian <- look ok?13:04
persiaeffie_jayx: That's frustrating.  On the other hand, triaging the list to find a good bug is a huge help for everyone.  I'm sure you'll find one soon.  Note that using the other "patch" search on the qa site will result in a completely different set of false positives.13:05
slytherindoko: Do you have any specific reason in mind?13:05
dokoslytherin: did you test that all applications run using sun-java6 that did run with sun-java5?13:06
persiacyberixae: Looks good to me.  Note that often README.Debian contains a signature string at the bottom in a similar format to a changelog entry.13:06
mok0can someone help me take care of #188093 ?13:07
slytherindoko: No. That is the reason I will first work on getting those packages built and run with java6. And when we don't have any hard coded 'Build-Depends' or 'Depends' and java5 packages we can remove them.13:07
mok0bug 18809313:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188093 in xtide-data "[needs-sync] xtide-data-20070318-1 from sid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18809313:07
effie_jayxpersia,  I'll change that bug to update then13:08
dokoslytherin: I disagree. it's not just the packages in the archive13:09
persiaeffie_jayx: May as well update it while you're at it.  FeatureFreeze is soon, and it's easier to do now than once the freeze hits.13:10
effie_jayxpersia,  I can give it a shot and see13:10
persiaeffie_jayx: Good luck.  You've successfully found your own bug to fix :)13:11
slytherindoko: What about kaffe? Do you think it is redundant?13:11
yamalMOTUs, please review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=sabnzbdplus - looking for a second advocate. thanks13:31
isaaclooking for advocates for: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=unblock-signals13:33
LucidFoxslomo_> persia wondered about the libgee package: there is your version in Debian's NEW, and there is another version on REVU13:46
dokoslytherin: do you think that KDE is redundant because we have Gnome? do you want it blacklist for syncing from debian? do you want to regularily merge packages which b-d on kaffe?13:46
slomo_LucidFox: different... mine is the one from pkg-vala's git13:46
LucidFoxDo you think Ubuntu should wait until it passes and then sync, or accept the one on REVU?13:47
slomo_LucidFox: either wait or take the version from git13:48
slomo_otherwise conflicts will probably appear13:48
pochuLucidFox: you can upload the version from NEW with a ~hardy1 suffix, and sync it once it's new'ed13:48
DaveMorrisisaac: reviewed for you13:51
isaacDaveMorris: it's a native package13:53
isaacDaveMorris: I mean, I did it on purpose13:53
DaveMorrisisaac: why can it only be used on Ubuntu?13:54
shibatapersia: I uploaded poppler-data. But I could not understand 4). Should I write "This package is in multiverse." somewhere?13:54
isaacDaveMorris: well, i definitely can be used wherever13:54
isaacDaveMorris: but the only use I see for it is the one I intended for13:54
isaacDaveMorris: we need to workaround a bug in gconf213:54
DaveMorriswhich is?13:54
isaacDaveMorris: eBox, the server configuration web frontend13:54
isaacthat we are trying to get in for Hardy13:55
isaacuses apache2 and gconf as configuration backend13:55
isaacthere is a problem in gconf that is only trigerred when it's launched from apache213:55
isaacbecause apache2 blocks some signals13:55
isaacand gconf doesn't unblock them13:55
isaacwe have submitted a bug to gconf for that13:55
isaacbut it's not likely it will be accepted soon enough for hardy13:55
DaveMorriswell the other points need addressing, best to ask a motu about the native thing, I'd just prefer to see it as non native13:55
DaveMorrisisaac: so this package is simply to be a work around for a bug fix?13:56
isaacDaveMorris: kind of, I mean13:56
isaacit's useful on its own13:56
isaacit just makes a wrapper around exec calls13:57
isaacso signals are unblocked when spawning new processes13:57
isaac* please add a watch file for the package <- if it's native there is no need for it :)13:57
rexbron_Does anyone have a better handle on how to do distro overides in PPAs? Mine get rejected due to the MD5 hashes not match. I belive that I have configured dput correctly13:59
DaveMorrisyep, best bet is to fix the other issues, get it back up there and see what others think, although IMO if it's to fix a bug rather than bringing any benefit on it's own it shouldn't be there.  Instead I'd talk to the packager for gconf to have your bug fixes as a patch for hardy, whilst upstream add it13:59
isaacDaveMorris: done that already13:59
isaacDaveMorris: they say they want to wait for upstream13:59
isaacupstream is very unresponsive14:00
Hobbseerexbron_: is the tarball version already in the ubuntu archive/14:00
isaacbecause gconf is not really maintained14:00
isaacI am fixing the rest of issues in the meantime14:00
rexbron_Hobbsee, by that you mean the main PPA archive, yes14:00
Hobbseewell, either14:01
Hobbseerexbron_: you need to name it differently, usually14:01
Hobbseeor to go off the tarball that's in the ppa already14:01
DaveMorriswell today is the last revu for hardy on new packages, so it might not get in this way either.14:02
rexbron_Hobbsee, IIRC, one of the features in the new LP:PPA service was an automatic override (via dput configurations)14:03
rexbron_If I do a -sa upload, it rejects due to the .orig md5's matching14:04
rexbron_but a straight -S build rejects due to the md5s _not_ matching...14:05
faboLutin: please, check twice before merging package from marillat. I think about mlt/mlt++/kdenlive.14:05
faboLutin: btw, I have uploaded mlt/mlt++ to Debian and kdenlive will follow.14:05
rexbron_Lutin, fabo, the current MLT svn has made some rather large architectural changes that break things (in kdenlive at least) and downstream apps need to migrate14:06
rexbron_that may have already happened in kdenlive though14:06
faborexbron_: atm we have mlt/mlt++ 0.2.4 working kdenlive 0.5. we'll need mlt/mlt++ 0.3.0 (new architecture) with kdenlive 0.6 when they'll be released.14:08
rexbron_fabo, cool14:08
fabodan dennedy is near the end and jb must sync to the changes introduced14:09
rexbron_fabo, I am working on a package that needs MTL/MTL++. Is 0.2.x going to be maintained for a while after 0.3.0 is released?14:09
faboI don't think 0.2.x will be well maintained, better ask dan/charles to confirm.14:11
effie_jayxif the url in debian/copyright is broken... what can one do?14:13
rexbron_Hobbsee, https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart14:13
Hobbseerexbron_: ask in #launchpad14:14
effie_jayxHobbsee,  http://packages.debian.org/source/sid/rbot14:18
effie_jayxthe depends14:18
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: what about it?14:19
effie_jayxno mention of a higher version of ruby14:20
* effie_jayx things it must have been a typo14:20
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: that was in 06, though :)14:21
effie_jayxpersia,  the url in debian/copyright does not work. the package was orphaned in debian and the launchpad bug has a comment that directs to a new sourceforge url ... can I use it?14:23
effie_jayxHobbsee,  I am going to remove the depend... and see what happens14:26
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: cool14:26
effie_jayxthis package uses patchsys-quilt.mk ... how different is it from  simple-patchsys.mk14:29
* effie_jayx is still young with patches14:29
RainCTeffie_jayx: if you are trying to create a new patch, I think it as:   quilt new; (modify the files) quilt add <modified files>; quilt pop;   or something like that14:30
RainCT*quilt new <patchname>, of course14:30
effie_jayxRainCT,  thanks14:31
slytherineffie_jayx: You may want to refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems for a start with quilt14:33
effie_jayxslytherin,  great14:33
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mruizhi all14:40
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effie_jayxI have done it14:45
effie_jayxRainCT  slytherin,  good stuff14:45
effie_jayxHobbsee,  I can't find a but for rbot... shall I open one? I have the fix ready14:59
LucidFoxcan archive admins sync from incoming.debian.org?15:03
LucidFox(probably a stupid question)15:04
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: go ahead15:05
HobbseeLucidFox: i think so15:05
pochuLucidFox: yes, they can from anywhere AFAIK. But packages in incoming.debian.org will dissapear...15:05
effie_jayxHobbsee,  I can only reproduce it on hardy15:07
effie_jayxHobbsee,  funny how in gutsy it has the same dependencies and it doesn't complain15:09
Hobbseeruby has only been synced in hardy15:09
effie_jayxHobbsee, and how does it affect?15:10
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: the ruby version only changed in hardy, from 1.9 to 415:10
geserLucidFox: syncing from incoming.d.o works, but you need an archive admin to do it before it moves out15:17
effie_jayxHobbsee,  this is from the debian BTS, lucas mentions a change in versioning for ruby.15:23
effie_jayxruby switched to a versioning scheme which avoids confusing with the15:23
effie_jayx"real" ruby version. Please Depend on ruby1.8 explicitly if you need15:23
effie_jayxthat specific version.15:23
pochuLucidFox: btw libgee has just been accepted in Debian, FYI.15:24
effie_jayxso my question is ... does that mean I have to use use then only ruby1.815:24
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: i think so15:26
Hobbseefor those ones15:26
paasHi Guys, anybody want to take a shot at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libtuxcap Thanks15:26
effie_jayxHobbsee,  sorry If I have asked too much15:26
LucidFoxpochu> awesome.15:28
Jack_Sparrowcrimsun: I have a quick question when you get a chance... I finished making the python module for upstreamdev from bash alsa-info15:31
bddebianHeya gang15:31
effie_jayxhey bddebian15:31
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: no problem15:31
bddebianHello effie_jayx15:32
pochuhowdy bddebian15:32
bddebianHello pochu15:32
effie_jayxI have problems building a package... it is a patch15:34
effie_jayxNo file to patch.  Skipping patch. 1 out of 1 hunk ignored, Patch remove_dependency.diff does not apply (enforce with -f)15:35
effie_jayxI was sure to add the file15:35
LucidFoxSo, what should I do with the needs-packaging bug for libgee? Change it to a sync request, or set it to invalid and file the sync request as a new bug?15:36
Lutinfabo: what's the problem with mlt{,++}/kdenlive ?15:36
effie_jayxif anyone can help me see the issue. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4169/15:37
effie_jayxmy patch won't get applied to the package15:38
slytherineffie_jayx: Why are you creating a patch for debian/control?15:38
faboLutin: kdenlive contains useless b-d15:38
faboccache, libqt3-mt-dev15:38
Lutinfabo: ah. maybe. I didn't check them that much15:38
effie_jayxslytherin,  I shouldn't?15:39
fabocopyright incomplete15:39
slytherineffie_jayx: No. patches are to be created only for original source files. Rest of the changes you do i.e. everything in debian/ directory should be documented in debian/changelog15:40
effie_jayxslytherin,  perfect thanks ...15:40
Lutinfabo: really ?15:40
faboLutin: i didn't uploaded kdenlive to Debian, does it make sense to have kdenlive-data ?15:41
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faboLutin: i'll be glad you'll sync next packages with Debian instead of debian-multimedia15:41
Lutinfabo: sure. I didn't think it was in debian already, I would have merged from debian otherwise15:42
pochuLucidFox: I'd rename it, but whatever you prefer is ok15:43
Lutinfabo: the -data is ~10Mo while the binary package is < 3, thought it would make sense to split them15:43
faboLutin: but kdenlive without -data is useless no ?15:44
geserHi bddebian15:44
LucidFoxin any case, I think libgee on REVU should be archived15:45
bddebianHeya geser15:45
Lutinfabo: indeed15:45
Lutinthat's why kdenlive depends on it15:45
faboLutin: ok, i'll do the same split. it'll be easier to keep common things15:48
Lutinfabo: btw, I'd like to know what I forgot in copyright :)15:49
pochuLucidFox: If you request a sync, I'll archive it.15:50
faboLutin: i'll send you the link when i'll put kdenlive in kde-extras repos15:50
LucidFoxsync requested, bug #18454015:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184540 in ubuntu "Please sync libgee 0.1.1-1 from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18454015:51
Lutinfabo: okay. thanks15:52
sistpoty|workhi folks15:56
jpatrickhi sistpoty|work15:57
sistpoty|workhi jpatrick15:57
Lutinheya sistpoty|work15:57
sistpoty|workhi Lutin15:57
* pochu waves at sistpoty|work 15:57
sistpoty|workhi pochu15:57
CoperIf there is no more comments to my package how do I then get it into ubuntu?15:57
LucidFoxCoper> You will need to wait for two MOTUs to advocate it on REVU15:57
LucidFoxAnd here comes the resolution to the great mystery of why no debian-multimedia.org packages use CDBS.15:58
LucidFoxMarillat doesn't like it.15:59
jdongwhich ScottK is the real ScottK?15:59
LucidFox(Which didn't stop him from sponsoring my package that does use CDBS, although he ranted about that.)16:00
pochujdong: all of them I believe :)16:00
LucidFoxjdong> ScottK2 posted the most recently, I believe16:00
jdongLucidFox: ok, I'll try that one then :)16:00
pochujdong: both have the ubuntu cloak16:00
hellboy195jdong: both but as they said ScottK2 was more active last time16:00
pochuBut he probably gets hilighted without the 216:01
jdongpochu: I needed to find the right one for a /query :)16:01
pochujdong: oh, query both then :)16:01
jdong /query should take wildcards16:02
pochujdong: /join #ubuntu; /query * spam :)16:02
jdongpochu: yeah staffers might not be too happy about that use of wildcards :D16:02
* jdong looks into what the heck is using 75% of his RAM16:03
LucidFoxSpeaking of debian-multimedia.org...16:03
LucidFoxI'd like to get kplayer from there into Ubuntu, but it's a Qt4 application licensed under GPLv3+16:03
LucidFoxis this allowed?16:04
pochuIsn't Qt4 GPL3?16:04
jpatrickpochu: not yet16:04
LucidFoxwell, Qt3 is at least since Ubuntu got 3.3.8v16:04
LucidFox* 3.3.8b16:04
pochujpatrick: ah, but they plan it to be, right?16:05
mohbana_hi guys what a good latex editor for gnome?16:05
jpatrickmohbana_: vim16:05
pochuor gvim for gnome :)16:06
LucidFoxbut seriously? winefish16:06
LucidFoxthe previous version was Qt3, so I might request that synced until the Qt4 GPLv3 issues are sorted out...16:06
ion_gvim + vim-latexsuite16:07
* LucidFox doesn't use vim. Emacs neither.16:07
LucidFoxpochu, you promised to archive libgee on REVU once I file the sync request ;)16:08
pochuLucidFox: sure, did you file it?16:09
LucidFoxI said it before... Bug #18454016:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184540 in ubuntu "Please sync libgee 0.1.1-1 from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18454016:09
slytherinWhat is a way to ask for rebuild of a package for a specific arch?16:09
pochuLucidFox: oh, I missed it, sorry. Archiving now.16:09
LucidFoxslytherin> Did it previously fail to build?16:09
jdongslytherin: assuming this is Hardy, poking an archive admin for a give-back16:09
jdongbut make sure the circumstances are legit first :)16:10
jdongon another note, looks like I might get through the backports queue today :)16:10
rulus_Can someone review gtkvd (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gtkvd)? I'd really like to get it in for Hardy.16:10
slytherinjdong: LucidFox: evolution-exchange has FTBFS for powerpc with following error which I believe should be nonexistent now - evolution-dev: Depends: evolution (= 2.21.5-0ubuntu1) but it is not going to be installed16:11
pochusistpoty|work: the new Comment/Reset locations in REVU packages are nice :)16:12
LucidFoxthen ask a buildd admin to restart the build process16:12
sistpoty|workpochu: thank RainCT, it's all from him ;)16:12
LucidFoxpochu> indeed, very HIGish16:12
pochuRainCT: \o/16:13
LucidFox(Hobbsee, hint, hint)16:13
Hobbseemmm?  wha?16:13
pochuLucidFox: archived, btw. with a nice comment ;)16:13
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slytherinLucidFox: Where can I find buildd admins?16:13
LucidFoxslytherin wants build for evolution-exchange on powerpc restarted16:13
LucidFoxin hardy16:13
jdongslytherin: say " Hobbsee: prease give back evolution-exchange on ppc"16:13
slytherinHobbsee: thanks16:14
Hobbseeyou're welcome16:14
* jdong wonders what other shiny buttons Hobbsee's Launchpad has :D16:14
jpatrickHobbsee took something else?16:14
* Hobbsee has a few16:15
* Hobbsee didn't actually have to *visit* LP to do that though16:15
Hobbseejpatrick: buildd-admin, yeah16:16
jpatrickHobbsee: "give-back" joke ;)16:16
shibatapersia: I re-uploaded kita2, thnx.16:16
Hobbseejpatrick: :P16:18
LucidFoxHow do I view the complete edit history for an Ubuntu Wiki page?16:24
rulusLucidFox: 'get info'16:25
LucidFoxah, I see... it's inaccurately named "Help" in the Russian interface :(16:26
rulusheh, that's not very clear indeed16:27
effie_jayxHobbsee,  it installs16:28
effie_jayxbut I can't test it...16:28
* effie_jayx doesn't know anything about rbot or any other bots for IRC16:28
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: stick a debdiff, assign the bug to me, i'll upload it and test it.16:29
effie_jayxI guess I could learn16:29
* slytherin wonders why openoffice has FTBFS on powerpc. Decides to investigate tomorrow.16:29
effie_jayxHobbsee,  great16:29
Hobbseeslytherin: you're just asking for a headache there.16:29
ScottK2mok0: I'm here now.16:29
slytherinHobbsee: is there a better solution?16:29
ScottK2slytherin: OOO almost always FTBFS on ppc.  It's news when it doesn't.16:29
Hobbseeslytherin: ignoring ppc?  :)16:29
slytherinHobbsee: I can't. I use it. :-)16:30
mok0Hi ScottK2, I've made another attempt at the patch, where the .po are not patched16:30
ScottK2slytherin: There's also guilt calc into fixing it since he's the OOO maintainer for Ubuntu16:30
ScottK2mok0: I saw the bug in my bugmail, but haven't had a chance to look at it.16:30
ScottK2I will16:30
slytherinAnyway, time to go home. See you all tomorrow. :-)16:31
mok0ScottK2: The assumption is that all .po files are not change wrt Debian16:31
LucidFoxdholbach> I have some questions about the report page16:34
LucidFoxfirst, since what date is the progress being tracked?16:35
dholbachLucidFox: which date? which progress? :)16:36
dholbachLucidFox: oh that one... since last months 22nd16:37
dholbachthat's the date where we move all collected information to the aggregated one16:37
LucidFoxwhere's the aggregated one?16:38
jdongso what's the stance on interdiffs for new upstream version sponsorship requests? Required? EncourageD? Discouraged?16:38
dholbachgeneral process: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/TeamReporting16:38
dholbachaggregated: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports16:38
LucidFoxsecond question: do new packages synced from Debian count in the NEW list?16:40
dholbachLucidFox: no, but if somebody likes to add them in a "New Stuff we got from Debian" list, that'd be nice16:41
dholbachit's OUR report, so whatever you want to add as news-worthy item is cool16:42
CoperHow do I check out a package from Hardy if I run gutsy?16:42
jdongCoper: probably with prevu16:43
jdongor pbuilder16:43
ubotuprevu is an automated, personal backporting utility. Check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Prevu for more details16:43
dcorderoif someone create a need-packaging but the package is available in debian. Is that a sync request?16:44
effie_jayxHobbsee,  what's your launchpad ID16:44
LucidFoxdcordero> I'd assume so16:44
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: hobbsee16:45
vemonjdong, isn't there an error in the source.list example?16:45
dcorderoeffie_jayx, although the package is not in ubuntu yet?16:45
ScottKdcordero: Check to make sure the package builds in Hardy first, but yes.16:46
LucidFoxI should have discovered the reports page sooner, when there were more newsworthy updates :(16:46
effie_jayxdcordero,  which package?16:46
vemonjdong, it talks about backporting from feisty but example uses gutsy src repo16:46
jdongvemon: no, that is intended16:46
jdongvemon: you need a src repo from a "newer" version of Ubuntu16:46
jdongvemon: otherwise, there's nothing newer to backport16:46
LucidFoxfor example, I could write about the libgpod transition, or ask jdong and/or superm1 to write about the mpeg4ip transition...16:46
alinonis there an easy way to increase the amount of lines the mouse scroll wheel does when I use it?16:47
vemonjdong, then the explanation "To be able to backport packages from Feisty's repository." is wrong. unless it's intended to only apply for the lower bullet16:47
dholbachLucidFox: yeah16:47
jdongvemon: I will revise that16:48
dcorderoeffie_jayx, i dont know now. But i see that situation this afternoon and had this dude16:48
effie_jayxdcordero,  sorry I was not following...16:48
vemonjdong, nice tool btw. i was just wondering if such a tool exists :)16:49
effie_jayxHobbsee,  done... I did my best .. hope it helps16:49
vemonfew days back16:49
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: thanks16:49
effie_jayxHobbsee,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rbot/+bug/18895916:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188959 in rbot "rbot is uninstallable due to dependecy on "ruby" << 1.9" [Undecided,New]16:50
* Hobbsee will look later16:51
jdongvemon: it's indeed a very convenient tool for doing backports for oneself; under the hood it's nothing but a wrapper over pbuilder so it's not "revolutionary" in any way, but certainly a lot easier to set up than a pbuilder :)16:51
ScottK2jdong: Have you looked at pbuilder-dist in ubuntu-dev-tools?16:53
vemonjdong, and also, importantly, makes it "available" to the average user16:53
* effie_jayx moves on to an upgrade16:53
jdongScottK2: yeah, I have16:53
ScottK2jdong: Is prevu significantly easier than that?16:54
jdongScottK2: it's a great improvement over how pbuilder used to have to be set up, but prevu is still easier than that16:54
vemonjdong, i was thinking for a second that a gui for that would be pretty cool... but if someone can't use the console they shouldn't try to backport stuff either :D16:54
jdongScottK2: basically, apt-get install prevu, sudo prevu-init16:54
jdongScottK2: then, prevu lp:firefox-3.016:54
jdongScottK2: apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, and voila16:54
ScottK2OK.  That is easier.16:54
jdongI think for the sole purpose of personal backporting, prevu still takes the cake for ease of use16:54
ScottK2Makes sense.16:55
cyberixpersia: Uploaded.17:01
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cyberixI'm looking after first advocate for my package malbolge. I've fixed all broblems that have been brought up. http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=malbolge17:16
Coperjdong: can I download the latest source from hardy with prevu?17:21
Coperwhen I run apt-get source <package> I get the package from gusty and not hardy17:22
ScottK2Coper: Just change the deb-src lines in your sources.list to hardy17:24
Coperahh okej.17:25
=== mdomsch_ is now known as mdomsch
effie_jayxwhen doing an upgrade, Get an error saying  " This package has a Debian revision number but there does not seem to be an appropriate original tar file or .orig directory in the parent directory; (expected kipina_0.2.2.orig.tar.gz or kipina-0.2.2.orig)"17:47
effie_jayxI made sure I changed the source tar.gz to orig.tar.gz17:47
ScottKWhat's the name of your orig.tar.gz?17:49
effie_jayxScottK,  found the mistake thanks17:49
effie_jayxit was a _ instead of a -17:50
jdongCoper: what scott said. Also, alternatively if you download the .deb for prevu from Hardy, you can just type "prevu lp:name_of_pkg" and prevu will automatically query Launchpad for the latest Hardy release17:54
jdong(yes, it is safe to grab the hardy .deb of prevu from packages.ubuntu.com; it's a python app)17:55
effie_jayxI havea question... the package fails to build. it is missing  checking for GCONF... configure: error: Package requirements (gconf-2.0) were not met, could it be a change in name of the package?17:59
slomo_persia, LucidFox: sooo... now you can simply sync libgee ;)18:01
LucidFoxslomo_> yes, I've already filed a sync request18:02
LucidFoxbug #18454018:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184540 in ubuntu "Please sync libgee 0.1.1-1 from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18454018:03
slomo_LucidFox: great... why do you want/need it btw?18:03
LucidFoxbecause I'm interested in Vala18:04
LucidFoxcurrently writing an application in it18:04
slomo_LucidFox: what application? :)18:04
LucidFoxa music manager for iriver players in UMS mode18:05
LucidFox(because I have one myself and didn't find any such program)18:05
slomo_LucidFox: what do you want it to do? banshee and rhythmbox should probably handle them (i personally use the shell for mine... or sometimes nautilus ;) )18:06
LucidFoxrhythmbox has _very_ incomplete support for it18:06
LucidFoxI want to be able to at least manage playlists and videos in addition to music18:07
=== x-spec-t is now known as Spec
cyberixCould someone please take a look on my package. It should be quite ok.18:09
LucidFoxblueyed, what's the status of batik 1.7?18:11
effie_jayxany suggestions on this situation?  the package fails to build. it is missing  checking for GCONF... configure: error: Package requirements (gconf-2.0) were not met, could it be a change in name of the package?18:15
cyberixIs it always this hard to get a package in?18:16
nxvl_workdcordero: take another look on Bug #177443 i have added some feedback in there18:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177443 in photoprint "photoprint should recommend or require icc-profiles package" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17744318:17
cyberixI've reserved most of the day for fixing potential problems that might remain in my package, but no-one really points out any.18:18
dcorderonxvl, i am waiting for debian maintainer http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=46382618:20
ubotuDebian bug 463826 in photoprint "Merge from ubuntu" [Normal,Open]18:20
lagacyberix: i suppose that people are busy with the upcoming feature freeze etc18:20
cyberixAren't people supposed to advocate packages that doesn't have problems?18:21
lagacyberix: they'll only advocate if they're sure there are no problems18:22
dcorderonxvl_work, , i am waiting for debian maintainer http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=46382618:23
ubotuDebian bug 463826 in photoprint "Merge from ubuntu" [Normal,Open]18:23
cyberixI uploaded my package already during christmass, and fixed most bugs immediately on new years eve when they were pointed out. I did this to make sure the package would be fine in time for Hardy.18:23
cyberixI doubt it is really anyones fault, yet still it disturbs me a bit.18:24
nxvl_workdcordero: on that patch are also somethings missing18:24
lagacyberix: what's your package?18:25
lagajust asking out of interest, i'm not a MOTU18:25
nxvl_workdcordero: you need to explain on the changelog EVERY change yo make18:25
lagacyberix: did you see earlier discussion about malbolge?18:25
nxvl_workdcordero: and i see some changes that aren't on the changelog18:25
cyberixlaga: Yes. I took part.18:25
dcorderonxvl, yes? what changes?18:26
lagathat's all i can offer :)18:26
nxvl_workdcordero: and the 3th entry of your changelog is to inexact18:26
nxvl_workdcordero: it like if i say "i fix some bugs k thnx"18:26
cyberixlaga: Iirc persia said the packaging should be ok now, but he didn't advocate earlier because he didn't know software had been written in malbolge.18:27
dcorderoi dont understand u, i think that all my changes are on changelog :/18:27
blueyedLucidFox: re batik: copyright hell, as usual. I've lying a package around with a get-orig-source for the used fop-0_94, but this includes binary-only libs itself..18:27
nxvl_workdcordero: you need to write your changelog keeping in mind that other developers will look at the changelog to know in which version are the changes they want and it must be as clearest as posible18:27
cyberixlaga: I suppose he might advocate now that I corrected him. But he is gone. :-(18:28
blueyedLucidFox: the debian package for 1.6 was already repacked, but then fop was "easier".18:28
nxvl_workdcordero: on the debian one they are, on the ubuntu they don't18:28
sistpoty|workcyberix: you mean there is software written in malbolge? (as in real software)?18:28
nxvl_workdcordero: also the debian ones are not really clear18:28
cyberixsistpoty|work: hello world18:28
dcorderook, i'll take a look later for the changelog of ubuntu18:29
cyberixsistpoty|work: But persia was asking for proof that the interpreter works.18:29
sistpoty|workcyberix: phew... otherwise it'd be a reason for me to not advocate the package (if then s.o. would want to bring in an application written in malbolge *g*)18:29
blueyedLucidFox: copyright isn't nice lately everywhere in the packages I touch.. :/18:29
shibataeffie_jayx: I think that you should install gconf2 package.18:29
cyberixsistpoty|work: :-D18:29
sistpoty|workcyberix: I'll be on my way home now, but I'll take a look once I'm at home18:30
blueyedbtw: is the copyright ok for http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=jedit (as far as I've done it)?18:30
cyberixsistpoty|work: Great. Thanks a lot. Please contact me when you're working it.18:30
sistpoty|workcyberix: sure, will do18:30
* sistpoty|work heads home18:30
sistpoty|workcya later18:30
blueyedLucidFox: do you want to look into batik? I could give you the package I've done so far..18:31
=== czessi_ is now known as Czessi
blueyedLucidFox: another option might be to just fix the 1.6 package?!18:32
LucidFoxno, I don't feel like it, sorry18:32
blueyedLucidFox: I can do the fixing - it's mainly just the build-depends.. I'll do that.. no need to upgrade from upstream, if Debian hasn't sorted that out yet..18:33
effie_jayxshibata,  the thing is in the depend line there is no reference to gconf218:34
geserblueyed: slytherin looked into batik also and if it were only the build-depends then the package would be fixed already18:34
geserif I don't mix up things a bug in w3c-dtd-xhtml needs to be fixed first18:35
blueyedgeser: I'm quite sure it is.. let me check again..18:35
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
effie_jayxshibata,  does it asume it is installed?18:37
awen_anybody has the link of all the steps to follow when making ubuntu-changes to a debian package?18:38
blueyedjuliank: when did you discuss automated copyright extraction? I'm interested in the logs/outcome..18:39
geserblueyed: please check as that would kill another FTBFS and would allow an other package to build18:39
blueyedgeser: already pbuilding18:40
shibataeffie_jayx: sorry, I'm not sure about it. Your guess may be correct. What is it package?18:40
effie_jayxshibata,  the package fails to build after an upgrade18:41
shibataeffie_jayx: I will confirm from now. But don't expect me. I'm beginner for packaging.18:43
effie_jayxshibata,  so am I. two heads think better than one18:43
awen_just added myself to the contributers-team on launchpad... can anybody resync the keyring for revu?18:49
jcastropersia: was it you that told me Marek Slama is based out of Czech Republic?18:58
=== Pricey is now known as PriceChild
blueyedgeser, LucidFox: yes, batik 1.6 requires e.g. JPEGEncodeParam, which is not yet implemented in icedtea. upstream's 1.7 works, but there's the source issue with the fop-0_94 used by it...19:01
shibataeffie_jayx: I have no problem and build completed, 0.1.1-4 in pbuilder environment.19:02
=== PriceChild is now known as Pricey
* blueyed wonders if it's ok for multiverse to not include the sources of used libs?19:02
effie_jayxshibata,  darn19:03
cyberixblueyed: I'm not sure I understand your question19:03
mruizHi all. I'm preparing a fake sync for mailping (to maintain the version relationship between Debian and Ubuntu). Debian version is 0.0.4-2 and the latest Ubuntu version is 0.0.4ubuntu5. What is a good solution for this case?19:03
=== Pricey is now known as PriceChld
cyberixblueyed: You plan to add a binary library to multiverse?19:04
blueyedcyberix: debian has repacked the batik 1.6 source, because a used lib was not included as source.. however, with 1.6, there's even no-source libs in the lib upstream.19:04
blueyedcyberix: there's a binary lib in a source package, used for building it.19:04
=== PriceChld is now known as PriceChild
geserblueyed: it should be if the lib is redistributable and doesn't conflict with the license19:04
cyberixblueyed: I suppose that would fit in Multiverse.19:05
blueyedgeser: so then using batik 1.7, without repacking the source would do it?19:06
kdub is pbuilder or from scratch the recommended way to package things?19:06
shibataeffie_jayx: According to pbuilder log, kipina does not need gconf2...19:06
geserblueyed: probably as batik is in multiverse19:06
blueyedyay! :)19:07
effie_jayxshibata, I m building an update19:07
effie_jayxshibata,  it must be in a new version19:07
shibatanew version?19:08
kdubwhere can I find a list of apt categories? (the "Section:" in the debian/control)?19:09
effie_jayxshibata,  yes.. I am working on an upgrade. 0.2.219:09
blueyedkdub: somewhere on www.debian.org/devel/ in the policy IIRC19:10
effie_jayxshibata,  ubuntu is in 0.1.4  and the package is orphan in debian19:10
kdubthanks blueyed19:10
shibataeffie_jayx: oh, sorry... I will try new version.19:10
geserblueyed: does the batik license require that we also provide the source code?19:10
effie_jayxshibata,  I did the upgrade19:10
blueyedkdub: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-archive.html#s-subsections19:11
effie_jayxshibata,  there is no new version in ubuntu yet19:11
effie_jayxshibata,  no problem I shall check the mailing list19:11
blueyedgeser: the source for batik is there, even the one for pdf-transcoder/fop, only the one for fop's libs is missing then.19:11
blueyedgeser: for those: http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/xmlgraphics/fop/tags/fop-0_94/lib/19:12
geserblueyed: from a quick look at the license this shouldn't be a problem19:12
geserbtw: is this a different fop as the packaged one?19:13
blueyedgeser: don't ask me.. ;)19:13
blueyedgeser: from the version numbers it seems to be the same.. therefor it's kinda strange that fop itself build-depends on batik, isn't it?19:14
geseryes, looks strange19:16
geserif you want to be sure about the batik source, ask an archive admin19:17
mohbana_hey guys is there anything similar to kile for gnome? i didnt like vim19:20
cyberixpersia: You plan to advocate the package now that example programs exist and I added the readme file?19:21
cyberixpersia: I wanted to ask you before you disappear again.19:22
zulmohbana_: gedit?19:22
cyberixpersia: Sistpoty said he was going to look at it. I don't know yet, if he finds something to complain about.19:22
jeromegjdong: hello19:26
jeromegconcerning the tracker backport19:26
awen_it is only a motu, that can do a keyring sync for revu, right?19:26
shibataeffie_jayx: I could reproduce "Package requirements (gconf-2.0) were not met".19:26
effie_jayxshibata,  could it be the name19:27
shibataeffie_jayx: name?19:27
effie_jayxis gconf-2.0 the nameof the package... I thought it was gconf2 or is it just me being silly19:27
jeromegjdong: some people seem to need to reindex their database because 0.6.3 broke it19:28
shibataeffie_jayx: I think that gconf-2.0 is not package name.19:28
jeromegjdong: for me it went fine without reindexing19:28
jdong jeromeg ok, that's good information to know19:29
jdongjeromeg: I think I'll approve it then the next time I process the queue19:29
shibataeffie_jayx: "gconf-2.0" is module name. In configure.ac, there are "PKG_CHECK_MODULES(GCONF, gconf-2.0)".19:29
jdongwhich hopefully will be soon. I'm trying to be better about that :D19:29
jeromegjdong: yep i've seem your good work this morning ! congrats !19:29
shibataeffie_jayx: In my opinion, gconf2 is package which is provide gconf-2.0 module.19:30
jeromegjdong: i'll try to do more testing when i find some time19:30
jdongjeromeg: that'd be awesome :)19:30
jdongnow... to head off to the gym...19:30
jeromegjdong: i've been running a backport of pidgin for more than a month without any problems19:30
effie_jayxshibata,  I see19:31
* RainCT is happy that pochu likes his REVU changes :)19:31
jdongjeromeg: sounds good, I'll have to take a close look at it then19:32
effie_jayxshibata,  but it should complain then19:32
jeromegjdong: lionel has set up a repo with it to ease testing19:32
effie_jayxshibata,  except if it is not installed19:32
* RainCT is up for 1 review19:44
Jack_Sparrowcrimsun: Are you available?19:45
* jdong looks at above statement and brings up the idea of the REVU dating service again.19:46
jdongSee what it's like when attraction is ignited by debcompat-ibility19:47
Jack_SparrowLike you could actually GET a date.. :)19:47
jpatrickjdong: hahaha19:47
* jdong wouldn't be surprised if he gets a lawsuit in the mail about that tomorrow :D19:48
Jack_SparrowI cant date you.. you are packages all wrong19:48
Jack_Sparrowsorry, feeling punchy today...19:48
jdongJack_Sparrow: incompatible architectures? ;-)19:48
jdonghmm this could REALLY work19:49
ubotu<Hobbsee> jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!19:49
jdongencapsulating a dating service as a debian/control file19:49
Jack_Sparrow   what is the cli command to find the current ALSA module in use.. ?  That is the last thing I need to finish on the upstreamdev log-module for alsa-info19:51
=== luisbg_ is now known as luisbg
shibataeffie_jayx: What happens if add "libgconf2-dev" in control file?19:55
blueyedRainCT: do you want to review jedit? :)20:00
sistpotycyberix: malbolge advocated20:00
RainCTblueyed: looking :)20:01
* cyberix wonders, if persia will show up once more today20:01
cyberixsistpoty: Thanky you.20:02
sistpotycyberix: thanks for your work!20:02
cyberixI'm looking after _second_ advocate for my package malbolge. I've fixed all broblems that have been brought up. http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=malbolge20:03
blueyedRainCT: I know about "Homepage" already.. :)20:04
paasRainCT, Hi thanks for reviewing my package http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libtuxcap. I've fixed the issues you had with it and uploaded a new version20:10
awen_the 'Homepage' field in debian/control, is that official... and from which standards-version?20:10
RainCTawen_: yes, 3.7.320:12
RainCT(or perhaps 3.7.2.*, I'm not sure)20:13
awen_thx... but stil wonders why dpkg-buildpackage still complains20:14
RainCTawen_: get a newer lintian version20:15
blueyedcyberix: advocated.20:15
awen_RainCT: i'm using the one in hardy... shouldn't that one be updated?20:15
ScottK2It is20:15
cyberixblueyed: Thanks!20:16
cyberixNow I can get to bed early20:16
RainCTawen_: Ah, might be that they haven't added it to lintian yet.20:16
blueyedcyberix: you may want to look at the jedit package.. even if you cannot advocate it.. :p20:17
cyberixblueyed: It is written in malbolge?20:17
cyberixpersia: Got the advocates. Thanks a lot for your help too.20:18
awen_RainCT: looks like it... just checked; am using the newest version avaible in hardy20:18
juliankRainCT, awen_: lintian has support for the Homepage field.20:19
julianksince 1.23.3520:19
sistpotyRainCT: did you send the mail to me instead of MC list on error?20:19
RainCTsistpoty: yes, already re-send it to MC (but with the wrong e-mail address, so that it's in the moderation queue -.-)20:20
sistpotyheh, k20:20
awen_juliank: i still get "dpkg-source: warning: unknown information field 'Homepage' in input data in package's section of control info file" and lintian 1.23.42 is installed?20:20
* RainCT really finds this annoying in GMail20:20
RainCTawen_: then it's dpkg-source who complains :)20:21
blueyedcyberix: no, jedit is written in java.20:22
RainCTblueyed: why is priority "extra"?20:22
* RainCT thinks he will leave this sentence somewhere ready for copy-pasting :D20:22
awen_RainCT: ahh... i'll just ignore that then :)20:22
blueyedRainCT: because dh_make put it there..20:23
RainCTblueyed: and you let dh_make decide for your? :P20:24
awen_RainCT: do you have revu-powers (aka. is able to keysync)?20:24
juliankRainCT, awen_: Support for Homepage has been added to dpkg 1.14.16, but hardy has 1.14.15ubuntu1.20:24
blueyedRainCT: no, but paid no attention. Should be optional, right?20:24
RainCTawen_: no, but sistpoty and persia have20:25
RainCTjuliank: ok, thanks20:25
RainCTblueyed: yes, probably20:25
awen_RainCT: okay... thx20:26
RainCTblueyed: unless your PC explodes when you install it :D20:26
RainCTblueyed: I don't like the short description (the "programmer's" part), but I'm not native English speaker so feel free to ignore me :P20:28
blueyedRainCT: taken from the project homepage/their .deb..20:28
* sistpoty syncs keys on revu20:29
RainCTblueyed: Comment[ca]=Editeu fitxers de text   Comment[es]=Modifique archivos de texto       GenericName[ca]=Editor de text per a programadors          GenericName[es]=Editor de textos para programadores20:31
RainCTblueyed: looking at the files in debian/* it looks fine (beside the priority), but I encourage adding an .xpm for debian/menu :)20:33
blueyedRainCT: ok, I had an xpm, but thought that .png would be enough, when it complained that it's not 32x32.. ;) will resize and add one. Thanks for the translations.20:36
blueyedRainCT: what do you think about debian/copyright so far?20:36
RainCTblueyed: looks fine, but I'm not familiar with the machine readable syntax20:37
cyberixblueyed: Have to boot to hardy. I'll take a look.20:38
RainCTpaas: why are there libavogadro0.install, libavogadro0-dev.install and avogadro.install if you don't mention those in debian/control?20:38
paasRainCT: oops, forgot to remove these, will do now20:42
blueyedFor a debian menu file, do you have to specify the full icon path, or does it work as with desktop files?20:46
awen_thx for the sync sistpoty :)20:48
awen_now i can get the package reviewed, if anybody is up for that: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=imapsync20:53
sistpotynp awen_20:55
awen_worked together with the debian maintainer for this version, but sadly he ended up making a last minute change, that prevented the package to build in the buildd's... this is a fix to get the package building20:57
paasRainCT: ok, fixed that21:05
RainCTbtw, OLPC's interface is called Sugar, or?21:07
slangasekthat's the UI, yes21:07
RainCTand wasn't it going to be in Xubuntu?21:09
ScottKIt's in the Hardy repos21:10
RainCTScottK: do you know how it is called?21:14
ScottKNot exactly, but it's got sugar in the name(s) IIRC.21:15
RainCTI can only find sugar-datastore and sugar-presence-service.. :/21:16
TheMusopersia: Thanks, I feared as much.21:16
superm1perhaps the other pieces aren't in yet21:16
RainCTblueyed: ah, I forgot before: I prefer if debian/copyright links to the download page instead of the index of the home page, but this is a just a question of personal thing, so also feel free to disagree here21:18
RainCT(paas: ^ same for you)21:18
ScottKRainCT: There's a PPA for Gutsy.  I thought it was all in the repos for Hardy. Maybe not yet.21:19
RainCTScottK: ah, I'll wait then. Thanks!21:20
effie_jayx<shibata> effie_jayx: What happens if add "libgconf2-dev" in control file? he is not here but for the sport... an app shouldn't depend on dev libraries right?21:27
yamalMOTUs, please review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=sabnzbdplus - looking for a second advocate. thanks21:28
TheMusoGood morning.21:31
blueyedRainCT: I think the download URL may change, therefore I think the main homepage is safer.21:33
blueyedMorning, TheMuso.21:33
RainCTpaas: I'm still pbuilding it but until now it looks good :), just add two lines at the end of the description for libtuxcap-dev (check some other lib to use the same text), sorry for not telling you before21:33
mok0ScottK: Re: courier... Apart from the changelog stuff could you make use of the patch? I did not create it as a debdiff, but rather as an ordinary diff -urN21:33
RainCTblueyed: ah, good point21:34
=== _emgent is now known as emgent
cyberixblueyed: My Hardy is broken and I need to go and sleep soon21:42
paasRainCT: is it ok if I add  "This package contains the development files needed to link against the libtuxcap shared and static libraries." to the end of libtuxcap-dev?21:42
blueyedcyberix: for looking at jedit? No problem.. it was just an "idea" ;) Sleep well.21:42
paasRainCT: and is it ok if I add " This package provides a shared library needed by C++ programs linked with it." to the libtuxcap1 section?21:42
cyberixblueyed: Compiling on gutsy gives me various warnings, but then again it wasn't supposed to work on gutsy21:43
sistpotyslangasek: I'm just looking bug #188868, which is caused by sdl-image1.2 dlopen'ing libjpeg62.so.. what would be the right thing here? have sdl-image link against libjpeg62 so that the dependency will get picked up?21:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188868 in trigger "Missing dependency on libjpeg62" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18886821:43
ScottKmok0: I'm busy today so didn't have a chance to look further.21:43
paasRainCT: Should I also add the Homepage attribute to the control file?21:44
mok0ScottK: np21:44
RainCTpaas: yes, add the Homepage. and I think the texts are also ok :)21:45
slangaseksistpoty: that would IMHO be the correct thing to do21:48
sistpotyslangasek: ok, thanks21:49
slangaseksistpoty: dlopen()ing public libs is a bad idea, because it means you're not actually building against the headers and bypassing any symbol versioning21:49
slangasek(that's two separate problems, fwiw :)21:49
sistpotyas far as I've seen it, dlopen can be disabled (at least for libjpeg62) in sdl-image... I'll fidlle with this :)21:50
paasRainCT: I've uploaded a new version with the fixes :-)22:02
blueyedRainCT: me too :)22:02
RainCTgreat :)22:03
RainCTpaas: I'll advocate once it finished building ;)22:03
RainCTpaas: lintian had some complains about the .deb (see my comment on REVU), but this is now really the last thing I'll complain about :)22:17
RainCTwell, good night all22:19
pochuargh, I just answered effie_jayx question and then received blueyed answer which said the same :)22:20
blueyedpochu: on the mentors list?22:21
pochublueyed: yeah, you are fast ;)22:23
effie_jayxpochu and blueyed ,  thanks for the answer  I am going ahead and test22:24
effie_jayxDo I need to add that in the changelog?22:26
=== rzr is now known as rZr
pochueffie_jayx: yes22:30
pochueffie_jayx: you should add everything you change22:30
effie_jayxpochu,  great22:30
AlohaPlease review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=sadms22:35
crimsunsistpoty: tweaked & uploaded.22:36
sistpotythanks crimsun22:36
crimsun(debian/control -> XSBC-Original-*, etc.)22:37
sistpotycrimsun: ah, right... I guess I'm too used to getting a build failure (which didn't happen this time *g*)22:37
effie_jayxthe build can't find scrollkeeper-config... :S22:39
crimsunis scrollkeeper in the build-depends?22:40
paasHi, how do I fix this lintian error shlib-with-non-pic-code?22:40
RAOFpaas: Ooh, that's a new one on me (but I only build on amd64, so that's a fatal error).  You probably need to fix the upstream build system.22:41
paasI've checked and it's build using -fPIC and I'm using gcc -shared instead of gcc Wl,-shared, any idea?22:43
sistpotypaas: any inline assmebly in the code?22:43
rexbronHey everyone, I am looking for a review of Open Libraries and openFX: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=openlibraries http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=openfx22:44
paassistpoty: yep, just grepped for asm and found  an asm("nop");22:46
sistpotypaas: hm... why would s.o. put a "nop" in there? *g*... I may be wrong, but I don't think only a nop will cause this error22:47
paassistpoty: I'll remove the nop and try again, see what happens22:49
sistpotyhi emgent22:49
emgentsistpoty, have you read security team meeting log ? :)22:49
sistpotyemgent: not yet... thanks for reminding me to do so22:50
emgentsistpoty, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPentest :)22:50
paassistpoty: and what about this one: lintian gives me non-dev-pkg-with-shlib-symlink on my shared library package22:51
emgentand join #ubuntu-hardened,is avaiable bot that post in real time security advisory (CVE,bugtraq etc..)22:51
man-di_is Daniel Hahler here on IRC?22:51
crimsunblueyed: <--22:51
sistpotypaas: the *.so should only go to the -dev package, not to the library package (you'll only need it to via -lsomelib which will pick up libsomelib.so)22:52
crimsunman-di_: sorry.  nick is blueyed.22:52
pochuHow can I assing something to a $variable inside an if statement in a makefile? I've tried with a simple GST_PACKAGE_NAME = "foo" but it errors with "/bin/sh: GST_PACKAGE_NAME: not found"22:53
man-di_blueyed: sorry, but the patch you sent me (xmlgraphics-commons) is crap22:53
geserpochu: try removing the space around =22:53
man-di_blueyed: please see the comment in the bugreport for the reason22:54
pochugeser: trying, thanks22:54
paassistpoty: ok, thanks, I'll fix it tomorrow, cheers22:54
pochugeser: woha, thank you :)22:55
sistpotyemgent: just read parts of the meeting... and of course the pentest wiki page... very nice and great idea!23:00
sistpotyemgent: and big thanks again for hunting down the revu security issues!23:00
blueyedman-di_: looking23:01
* sistpoty needs to go to bed now23:03
sistpotygn8 everyone and cya tomorrow23:04
=== leonel_ is now known as leonel
blueyedman-di_: but isn't this also what you've said in the tagged-pending comment? (which I've not read before)23:05
persiaTheMuso: Given the annoyance of that license, I'd suggest filing an ITP, putting a candidate on mentors, and sending a request for license review to debian-legal@.  If you need it for hardy, ask one of the archive admins to see if they would accept it: regardless of my comments, you've a second ACK.23:08
man-di_blueyed: yeah, I was wrong...I requested rejection from NEW queue and forgot to fix the bug report23:09
man-di_blueyed: I found the problems too late23:09
man-di_blueyed: BTW: No need to write patches for bugs marked pending already, pending normally means the bug is already fixed and not yet uploaded23:10
blueyedman-di_: yes, I see. I've not seen this when submitting it using the submittodebian script.23:10
blueyedman-di_: I'll try using icedtea-java7 then.23:11
man-di_blueyed: scripts are evil *g*23:11
blueyedman-di_: btw, I've also looked into the batik package, which only builds with upstream's 1.7 with icedtea. Have you looked into this (I've seen reports about it)?23:12
man-di_blueyed: Vincent works on it23:13
blueyedman-di_: fop-0_94 contains a libs directory now itself, without source - but I've been told that it would be ok for Ubuntu's multiverse.23:13
man-di_(if you mean batik)23:13
man-di_blueyed: and? (fop)23:14
blueyedman-di_: currently batik's source is repacked to include the fop source, but doing so now pulls in some binary-only libs (for fop).23:15
blueyedI have a get-orig-source for that, I've you're interested23:15
man-di_blueyed: send it to Vincent if its for batik23:16
TheMusopersia: Right. I've let upstream know, and I'm waiting for a response, after I gave them a link to the DFSG.23:16
TheMusoIts not high priority though, so I'm not pushing hard on it.23:16
blueyedman-di_: ok, thanks again.23:17
blueyedman-di_: I've came to xmlgraphics-commons through batik. I was wondering why batik depends on/used fop, and fop itself build-depends on batik. Seems strange.23:19
man-di_blueyed: normal in Java country23:21
pochuAnyone has a clue why the printf will print "" ? GST_PACKAGE_NAME shouldn't be empty23:24
crimsunJack_Sparrow: were your questions for alsa-info answered?23:25
blueyedpochu: tried without the parentheses? or with curly braces?23:27
Jack_Sparrowcrimsun: I got the log-module done...   only one question...  What is the cli command for  ALSA Module in Use ?23:28
blueyedpochu: currently it's a subshell invocation, isn't it?23:28
pochublueyed: it's in a makefile target23:28
pochublueyed: I haven't tried that, let me see23:28
pochublueyed: without parentheses didn't work, still "". What are curly braces?23:29
crimsunJack_Sparrow: do you mean the driver or all the kernel modules?23:30
pochublueyed: when running the makefile, the code is shown as this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4181/plain/23:30
blueyedpochu: use $${VAR}23:31
blueyedman-di_: well, using icedtea results in the same/broken .jar..23:31
blueyedman-di_: at least it was broken like that before in Ubuntu's archived (I've only did a merge).. will file a bug about it.23:31
man-di_blueyed: yes, the needed classes are in not in icetea23:31
crimsunJack_Sparrow: for the former: awk '{print $2}' /proc/asound/modules23:31
crimsunJack_Sparrow: for the latter: lsmod|awk '/^snd/ {print $1}'23:32
blueyedman-di_: too bad that the build does not fail then.23:32
Jack_Sparrowcrimsun: There was one catagory in your output I did not have yet23:32
man-di_blueyed: write a patch23:32
Jack_Sparrowcrimsun: Thanks..23:32
man-di_blueyed: should be pretty trivial23:32
blueyedman-di_: to make the build fail? how would you attack it?23:32
man-di_always compile the tiff stuff, not do this conditionally23:33
jwendellpochu, around?23:37
pochujwendell: yes, sir :)23:39
jwendellpochu, Hi23:39
jwendellpochu, I was thinking if you would want to provide a debdiff for bug #18803323:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188033 in tsclient "tsclient crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance_cast()" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18803323:40
* pochu waits for launchpad to load the page...23:40
* pochu starts to think whether his wifi disconnected or launchpad is down23:41
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore23:41
pochulaunchpad.net could not be found. Please check the name and try again.23:41
pochuIs it just me?23:41
pochuAlright, it worked now23:42
pochujwendell: I can create a debdiff, but I won't be able to test it other than building the package...23:42
jwendellpochu, yes, this is what I mean23:43
jwendellpochu, I just wanted this fix soon in hardy23:43
jwendellpochu, and your name comes first in my mind ;)23:43
pochujwendell: you need to learn how to make debdiffs, it's quite easy ;)23:44
jwendellpochu, I already know how to do this23:44
pochujwendell: I'll try to make one later, but I'm quite busy with gstreamer stuff so I can't promise it23:44
pochujwendell: oh, alright :)23:44
jwendellpochu, I just don't have the time to fix upstream and handle downstream23:45
pochujwendell: that's understandable23:45
jwendellpochu, don't worry, let's just assing it to some right team and ping seb128 tomorrow23:45
pochujwendell: I'll take care of it.23:45
jwendellpochu, ok then, thanks23:46
* pochu is still fighting this makefile...23:46
jwendellpochu, thanks, see you tomorrow23:47
geserpochu: who leads? you or the Makefile?23:48
pochugeser: the makefile atm :/23:50
pochuah! Got it!23:51
* pochu WINS! :-)23:51
blueyedman-di_: well, I would have to hack the build.xml file to set internal-codecs.eff.disabled to false always.. but that feels dirty to me.. ;)23:51
blueyedman-di_: btw debian/watch: opts=dversionmangle=s/\.dfsg(\.\d+)?$ (the .NUMBER is optional really - at least currently)23:52
pochuI ended using an ifeq at the beginning of the makefile, instead of an if inside a target. It seems like inside the target the variable wasn't assigned the correct value. Either that or I messed it entirely23:52
blueyedpochu: have you tried $${var}?23:55
blueyed..because this works in debian/rules: [ "${VERSION}" = "$${version}" ]23:56
blueyedthe first one is a makefile var, the latter being set in the subshell call23:56
pochublueyed: I haven't, but I don't think it would have solved it, as there was an else statement which should have assigned a value to the variable. And it was still empty23:57
pochublueyed: hmm, do you mean in the if [ foo = bar ], or in GST_PACKAGE_NAME="bar" ?23:58
blueyed..well "empty", because you've not called it properly, I think.23:58
blueyedfoo="bar"; echo $${foo} should work23:59

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