[reed]asac: http://ventnorsblog.blogspot.com/2008/02/how-do-i-notes-release.html00:11
[reed]can you get that corrected?00:11
Ubulette[reed], where?06:48
[reed]Ubulette: ?07:44
asac[reed]: i asked ... lets see ;)09:08
asacok, lets redo security uploads :(12:13
alinonis there an easy way to increase the amount of lines used on the mouse scroll wheel?16:55
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Ubuletteasac, the display corruption is gone for me using the debs from my ppa18:37
asacUbulette: cool ... so its cairo?18:57
asacI'll try :)18:57
asachmm .. 1.5.8 has been sponsored already?19:01
Ubulettewell, it's in but once again, not sponsored19:04
Ubulettei explicitly requested a sponsorship, and I expected seb128 to tell me if he was not happy with something, he didn't :(19:06
asacask him if he wants you to do work on libcairo again ... or if he just missed that bug19:07
asacmaybe he has some automated upgrade thing19:07
Ubulettethat's not what I mean.19:07
asaci (still) think its a problem of how launchpads calculates credits (e.g. it doesn't show up in your +packages though it should). for almost everybody having [ Name ] in changelog is definitly as much worth as signing an upload19:10
Ubulettei don't see how lp could infer a lp login from a free form text field19:11
asacby name ... maybe one can add the email to that place?19:12
asaci will talk to launchpad people about this when i get a grib on someone19:14
Ubulettecould you sponsor that: http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/debdiff/gnome-control-center_2.21.90-0ubuntu1--2.21.90-0ubuntu2.debdiff   seb was ok last friday yet it didn't do it today19:15
Ubuletteand he's not there now19:16
Ubuletteeven thursday19:17
asacUbulette: is there a bug?19:19
Ubuletteno, want one ?19:20
asacwould be good to track review .... let me look at the debdiff19:20
asacUbulette: hmm point is we will ship a link soon ... i think then two entries would pop-up there ... so we probably would need to back that out once we do the full transition19:22
Ubuletteyou mean, drop ff2 soon ?19:22
asacyes this week is my plan :)19:22
asac(well waiting for beta3)19:22
Ubulettei'm not sure it's such a good idea. most people depends on extensions... and ff3 is still poor in that regard19:23
Ubulettenot to mention addons are kinda broken right now19:24
Ubuletteand a lof of plugin work is still needed19:24
asacsure ... i would love to just demote firefox to universe and keep both usable at the same time, but i currently don't see how19:24
asacUbulette: well ... totem is done here ... i am waiting for the final transition to upload because it can onl ybe installed either/or19:25
asacthe rest of the plugins i tried worked in both19:25
asacbecause they (wisely) don't use xpcom19:25
asacyo know of any other plugin that breaks?19:25
Ubuletteare they all linked properly now ?19:26
asacwell as long as they work we can even build them against xulrunner 1.8 if they are in universe19:27
asac(not saying that thats my preferred plan)19:27
Ubulettewhat about sun-java5-plugin/sun-java6-plugin, ubufox, listen, ... ?19:27
asaclisten is universe ... i have a patch for that19:28
asacubufox is done locally19:28
asacsun plugins should work (don't they)?19:28
asacand are not in main either19:28
Ubulettethey depend on ff219:28
UbuletteThe following packages will be REMOVED:19:28
Ubulette  firefox firefox-dbg firefox-dom-inspector firefox-gnome-support19:28
Ubulette  firefox-launchpad-plugin firefox-libthai listen sun-java5-plugin19:28
Ubulette  sun-java6-plugin ubufox19:28
asacyes ... for now i care to finish main ... then rebuild all against xulrunner 1.9 and if that doesn't work easily, just build against xulrunner 1.819:29
asac(which should work because debian uses xulrunner 1.8)19:29
asacUbulette: i think for sun plugins its just an Depends += | xulrunner-1.9 and installing it in the right place19:29
asacafaik doko takes care for that19:30
asacpoint is the call for porting went out long time ago ... if MOTUs didn't do their tasks yet they probably need some brokeness to get encouraged :)19:31
asaclisten isn't fair, i know ... thats why i will do the port19:31
asachttp://paste.ubuntu.com/4174/ ... those are the firefox rdepends19:32
Ubulettewe also need the locales...19:33
asaci think those with | in front are recommends or suggests ... they most likely just need a firefox19:33
asacbinary to work well19:33
asacUbulette: yes, someone else is already dealing with that :)19:33
asachis name is carlos and he is confident that we get automatic locale exports from launchpad for firefox and thunderbird this release19:33
asaci think he starts this week to work on that19:34
asacif that doesn't happen we still have a long time before we reach translation freeze19:34
asacbut i want to keep the pressure on him ... uploading locales doesn't contribute to make that happen imo :)19:35
Ubulette[reed], is there a plan to do the gnome-vfs to gio/gvfs transition before ff3 final ?19:35
asacall the extensions will have to go19:35
[reed]Ubulette: no19:35
asacwe have to reconsider which will be shipped and which not19:36
asaci will write a blog entry asking contributors to help figure out if the most popular ones meat our criterias19:36
asacwow ... firefox-3.0 just consumed 1138% of CPU :)19:43
asac(while shutting down top showed that stat to me)19:43
asacUbulette: is capplets in your archive?19:44
asacok its part of control center:19:45
Ubuletteoh, ok19:46
asacmozilla bug 34481819:48
ubotuMozilla bug 344818 in Build Config "Linking - missing library deps" [Normal,Reopened] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34481819:48
Ubulettestill no answer from vlad :(19:50
Ubulettemozilla bug 390025 is moving again19:51
ubotuMozilla bug 390025 in XP Apps "Move to LoginManager and remove wallet from SeaMonkey" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39002519:51
Ubulettestill far from libxul though19:52
[reed]ok, I just moved mozilla bug 344818 and requested blocking19:53
[reed]I'll poke vlad19:53
ubotuMozilla bug 344818 in Build Config "Linking - missing library deps" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34481819:53
asacUbulette: so does the AMO search not find anything because of our app name? i though it should use the app-id19:53
asacor are there just no ffox 3 compatible extensions yet?19:53
* asac hugs [reed] 19:53
[reed]what's your app name?19:54
[reed]all you Linux people owe me something good19:54
* [reed] isnt paid to work on this like you are!19:54
Ubulettei'm not either19:54
Ubuletteasac, compared to a nighlty from yesterday, showing me only 1 addon, my ppa shows nothing as that addon is installed (viamatic foxpose) so it matches19:57
Ubulettei've patched that appname thing19:57
asacUbulette: you sure its the app name? i mean usually AMO looks at the app-id, which should be the same19:59
Ubulettethe bogus url showed firefox-3.0, changing that to firefox fixed it19:59
Ubulettei've tried that url manually, it's the expected xml chunk20:00
[reed]yeah, that sounds like a personal problem :)20:04
[reed]why did you all change that?20:04
Ubulettebecause we've change %APP%20:05
Ubuletteto have a dedicated profile name20:05
asacyeah ... we will fix it in the end :)20:07
Ubuletteit's just a patch to drop.. but then, what about all the profile dirs ?20:08
asacUbulette: black magic :)20:10
asacUbulette: I will have the solution tomorrow ... today i burned myself too much for security stuff that finally will get released later :/20:13
[reed]asac: for .12?20:13
[reed]yeah, they just pushed to beta channel earlier today20:13
* [reed] looks at his mail20:13
[reed]"Firefox is available on beta channel since 11.26am."20:14
asacyes :) ... well now i am ready with that at least20:15
asacUbulette: addons search still doesn't work for me with your package: greasemonkey is not found (but maybe i am just missing something)20:35
asacbut greasemonkey is 3.0b3 in AMO20:35
asacand works20:35
Ubuletteis it in the recommended list ?20:35
asacfunny thing is that i see "See all search results(14)", but clicking there, doesn't change a thing20:36
asacUbulette: no the recommendation list is empty too20:36
asac"All recommendations are already installed or incompatible"20:36
UbuletteError: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x804b000a [nsIIOService.newURI]"  nsresult: "0x804b000a (<unknown>)"  location: "JS frame :: chrome://global/content/contentAreaUtils.js :: openURL :: line 894"  data: no]20:40
asacUbulette: btw, does ephy still work for with latest xul?20:44
asacneeded a respin or what?20:45
Ubuletteepi from hardy works with my xul/nss20:46
asachmm after a rebuild it appears to work. but maybe that was just my broken installs here20:46
Ubulettedonno for hardy's nss20:46
asacstrange ... ok20:47
asacsometimes it crashes after trying to open an url20:48
asac... but usally just nothing happens20:48
asacUbulette: still get corruption20:50
asacoh wait20:51
Ubulettehm, at work, it stopped immediately after the upgrade, and not a single corruption during the day20:52
asacfor me its easiest to reproduce by editing wiki.ubuntu.com ... then hitting Preview20:52
asacthe preview iframe will be corrupted20:52
asac[reed]: i think i already asked: do you see that ^^20:53
asacoh .. rightg you don't have the right driver20:53
asacsorry for the noise20:53
[reed]I use the proprietary ATI driver20:53
Ubuletteasac, try a nighlty then20:53
asac[reed]: i use it too and see this, but you don't have hardy, right?20:53
[reed]yes, I kinda need my video card to work20:53
[reed]no, gutsy20:53
[reed]I'll take a look in a sec20:54
asacshould be safe to upgrade :)20:54
* asac has no idea, but [reed] doesn't know :)20:54
asacUbulette: nightly of what?20:54
[reed]I might put hardy on my new laptop20:54
asacUbulette: well at least xul from 2 hours ago has the same issue too20:55
Ubulettei have an ATI at work too20:55
Ubuletteusing fglrx20:55
asacno idea if firefox can actually something like this20:55
asac(just xul i assume)20:55
asacUbulette: i have xul from 2 hours and still see it ;) in the latest firefox-3.0 from ~fta20:56
Ubulettehm, strange20:57
asaclet me see what else is waiting in update-manager20:58
Ubuletteepi doesn't quit on "File / Close"21:00
asachmm ... i nevr landed the login manager fix in bzr?21:03
Ubulettexul ? epi ?21:04
asaccurrent ephy in archive has a workaround21:05
asacapparently i forgot ... ok21:05
Ubuletteis it still useful ?21:19
asacuntil the login manager patch is in xul yes21:20
Ubulettecvs is damn slow tonight21:45

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